#48 How to talk 'ceasefire' in Hebrew

from  Streetwise Hebrew

Jul 28, 2014

Everyone's talking about the hafsakat-esh, or 'ceasefire.' Let’s meet hafsaka ('break') and its family: all the words of the 'P.S.K' root. In Hebrew, it's worth getting to know the whole family of a root, not just isolated words in a long list. Words and expressions discussed: Hafsaka - הַפְסָקָה Hafsakat-esh – הַפְסַקַת-אֵש Hafsakat-esh humanitarit –הַפְסַקַת-אֵש הוּמָנִיטָרִית Maga’im intensiviyim le-hafsakat esh, ach ha-esh lo poseket – מַגָּעִים אִינטֵנסִיבִיים לְהַפְסַקַת-אֵש, אַךְ הָ...more

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