#51 Beauty kings and queens

from  Streetwise Hebrew

Sep 9, 2014


Yaffe means 'beautiful,' but the noun yofi - 'beauty' - is used in Modern Hebrew to mean 'Great!' You’ve probably heard your Hebrew teacher saying it when you get an answer right in class. Let’s see how it's used in everyday Hebrew; how do you say ‘beauty queen,’ for instance? Words and expressions discussed: Ha-ra’ita eize yofi – הֲרָאִית אֵיזֶה יוֹפִי Eize yofi - אֵיזֶה יוֹפִי Yofi gavri – יוֹפִי גַּבְרִי Yofi nashi – יוֹפִי נָשִׁי At hachi yafa ba’olam, malkat ha-yofi sheli – אַת הָכִי יָ...more

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