#58 How do YOU like it?

from  Streetwise Hebrew

Oct 28, 2014

Le, לְ, is how we say 'to' or 'for' in Hebrew. Guy Sharett teaches some cool expressions, and shows how we say stuff like ‘for you’ and ‘to her.’ Plus a bonus tip: How to do the most Israeli ‘ch’ sound! Words and expressions discussed: Li – לִי Lecha – לְךָ Lach – לָךְ Lo – לוֹ La – לָה Lanoo – לָנוּ Lachem, Lachen – לָכֵם, לָכֵן Lahem, Lahen –לָהֵם, לָהֵן Yesh li cheder misheli – יֵש לִי חֶדֶר מִשֶּלִי Yesh li kelev – יֵש לִי כֶּלֶב Ma yesh lachem ha-yom – מַה יֵש לָכֵם הַיּוֹם M...more

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