#67 Don't let your 'sucker' index get out of control

from  Streetwise Hebrew

Dec 30, 2014

There is one thing we Israelis dread above all: Being a 'fraier' - a 'sucker.' That’s why we have to stand firm, drive a hard bargain, suspect anyone who offers super cheap prices, and never take things for granted. Guy Sharett teaches us about this crucial term, and we learn what the 'fraieriyoot' index is.   Words and expressions discussed: Fraier – פְרָאיֵיר Lihyot fraier – לִהיוֹת פְרָאיֵיר Ata choshev she'ani fraier – אָתָה חוֹשֵׁב שֶׁאָנִי פְרָאיֵיר Yatsata faier – יָצָאתָ פְרָאיֵיר...more

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