#75 Be your own weatherman

from  Streetwise Hebrew

Mar 3, 2015


We might not be as polite as the Brits, but we still enjoy talking about the weather while waiting for our favorite Tel Avivi bus.  Host Guy Sharett shares some useful structures and words you can use with the really nice old lady with the red coat and funny hat that speaks to you relentlessly.   Words and expressions discussed: Mezeg avir – מֶזֶג אָוִויר Mezeg – מֶזֶג Avir – אָוִויר Mezeg ha-avir – מֶזֶג הָאָוִויר Mizug avir – מִיזוּג אָוִויר Tachazit mezeg ha’avir –תַּחֲזִית מֶזֶג הָאָ...more

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