#83 Give the people what they want

from  Streetwise Hebrew

May 12, 2015

How do we give in Hebrew? 'Latet' is to give, but in some structures it could also mean other things. And what is 'latet barosh' - 'to give in the head'? Let’s find out.   New words & expressions Natati la chayay – I gave her my life – נתתי לה חיי Past: Natati, natata, natat, natan, natna, natanu, natatem, natnu – נתתי, נתת, נתת, נתן, נתנה, נתנו, נתתם, נתנו Present: Noten, notenet, notnim, notnot – נותן, נותנת, נותנים, נותנות Imperative: Ten, tni, tnu – תן, תני, תנו Ten li daka, tni li da...more

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