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by Pastime

    Curated Culture

    Apr 23 2018

  • Party With The Lost Bayou Ramblers, Swinging Cajun-Style

    Louisiana-based Lost Bayou Ramblers are a swinging punkass party band who mix Cajun melodies on fiddle, accordion, guitars, and some electric sounds. They just won a regional roots Grammy for their record, Kalenda, but they’ve also done an original score for ROUS, a film about Nutria Rats and Louisiana’s coastal land loss, and contributed to the score for Beasts of the Southern Wild. Fresh from the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans, the Lost Bayou Ramblers join us in the studio. Watch the f...more

  • Ep. 72, "Mentally Strong"

    This week on YBO... We start the show with Milwaukee News and discuss a Milwaukee police office pulling a teen out of a car and Milwaukee day. If you listen via iTunes, don’t forget to subscribe and leave a 5 star rating and review. If you listen via SoundCloud, don’t forget to repost and leave us comments as you listen. We’re also available on Stitcher and Google Play! Visit for more info about us, photos, and merch! Don’t forget to check us out every Tuesday at 8pm cst on Riv...more

  • Portrait Of: Jorge Ramos

    On August 25, 2015, an encounter with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump at a press conference in Iowa changed the life of anchor and journalist Jorge Ramos. The incident altered his ideas about the role of journalism, and set him on a path that led him to create a documentary about hate in America, and now, a book. It's titled, Stranger: The Challenge of a Latino Immigrant in the Trump Era. Maria Hinojosa talks to the Emmy Award-winning journalist about his life, his new book and what it'...more

  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: It’s Still Unaccountable

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is still a bureaucracy that is not accountable to Congress, and largely unaccountable to the President. Mick Mulvaney made that point before Congress. Cato's Diego Zuluaga discusses Mulvaney's appearance.

  • Extensive Reading in German for Beginners #3 - How I Get Food

    Lesson Audio Download MP3 Dialog Download MP3

  • Extensive Reading in Korean for Beginners #3 - How I Get Food

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  • Extensive Reading in Thai for Beginners #3 - How I Get Food

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  • Must-Know Cantonese Slang Words & Phrases #22 - Idiomatic Expressions Used as Adjectives, Part 1

    Learn Cantonese Slang with! Using slang is a great way to sound more natural when you’re speaking Cantonese. With this series, you’ll learn slang you can use in a whole host of everyday situations in Hong Kong! In this lesson, you will learn how to use Idiomatic Expressions Used as Adjectives, Part 1. Visit us [...]

  • Extensive Reading in Hebrew for Beginners #3 - How I Get Food

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  • Zero Dead Ends - Why Complaining Can Hold You Back

    If you've ever known a small child, then you've probably noticed that when they get hurt, they react by running to an adult for consolation. We'd like to think that we grow out of this as adults, but we need to be taught to manage a situation. Today, we're talking about the concept of being a tattletale and knowing when it's helpful and when it's hurtful. Get in touch If you have questions about today's episode, want to start a conversation about today's topic or just want to let us know if y...more

  • #256 Rob interviews Matthew Syed: Huge Author of Black Box Thinking, Bounce & You Are Awesome

    Matthew Syed talks with Rob about the importance of consistent practice, setbacks along the journey and why to embrace failure. How to overcome your fears and do what you want to do, and the best and worst advice he ever been given.

  • 229: How to MAKE A LIVING Doing What You LOVE with Cathy Heller

      A few months ago, I had the honor of being a guest on Cathy Heller’s podcast, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, and I am thrilled that I get to have her on mine. Not only could I talk to her for hours and hours, but she has an incredible story that I know so many of you will resonate with.  From early on, Cathy knew she was meant for more and sought to find her purpose in the world (she admits there were multiple attempts). She changed her major to World Religions to truly find out if there was “more,”...more

  • Anjali Pinto — What Grieving Teaches Us About the Human Story

    Anjali Pinto is a professional photographer, artist, and writer who met her husband, Jacob, when she was young. They fell in love and shared their beautiful story consistently on Instagram. Jacob died suddenly at age 30 — out of the blue and with no warning. In her grief, Anjali didn’t turn inward. She turned to Instagram. Over the course of the past year and a half, those Instagram posts—one a day, every day—have become a kind of documentary project: a tribute to Jacob and an unfolding of Pinto...more

  • Katie didn't finish... There's a surprise

    A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.

  • Demis Hassabis: A.I. Mastermind

    Artificial Intelligence is already changing the course of society, and it’s only in its infancy. Hear one of the most innovative and successful thinkers in the field describe the coming revolutions A.I. is bringing about in medicine and in environmental science. Demis Hassabis, a neuroscientist and former game developer, describes how his company, Deep Mind, is developing technologies that can extend the power of the human brain, in order to solve some of the biggest problems facing mankind. ...more

  • Apparent Teacher Conflicts

    John Corcoran grew up in New Mexico in the US during the 1940s and 50s. He graduated from high school, went on to university, and became a teacher in the 1960s - a job he held for 17 years. But, he hid an extraordinary secret. He had never learned to read. In this episode we learn that Jeff and Anthony thought illiterate meant a dog couldn't have puppies. GET BONUS EPISODES, VIDEO HANGOUTS AND MORE. VISIT: Get all your sweet We Have Concerns merch by swinging ...more

  • The app-i-fication of friendship

    Like dating apps, people are experimenting with finding friendships through their phones. But is it worth the hype? Amanda Palleschi goes to a potluck with a bunch of strangers to find out.Read Amanda's story.Find Amanda Palleschi (@APalleschi) on Twitter.Hosted by Emilie Friedlander (@AdHocEmilie).Produced by James T. Green (@_jamestgreen).Send us your feedback at @OutlineDispatch.And if you love us, rate us five stars in Apple Podcasts, and tell a special life person about us.

  • Shaquille O'Neal talks NBA Playoffs with BJ Armstrong, plus Detective Shaq on Starbucks, Shaq learns to yodel, King Shaq, and tons of great audio - The Big Podcast with Shaq - Episode 151

    Shaquille O'Neal dives into controversy surrounding Starbucks right off the bat this week, and he thinks that it was a management issue, not a Starbucks issue. It only became a racial issue when white folks were allowed to use the bathroom while the black folks were denied, and Shaq defends the Schultz family and Starbucks because he knows them personally. Plus Shaq talks about the first round action from the NBA Playoffs, with NBA great BJ Armstrong who has a new Podcast here on Podcast One Spo...more

  • Love Is Not A Black Hole

    These are famous love poems where Paul talks about nature and love in a Christian vocabulary. A lot of love poems from weddings begin right here in this teaching. Paul didn’t write for people getting married, but he actually wrote it to bring local community members together who were riddled with moral compromise. He wanted to give us an idea of what human existence and love was all about, and it manifested into this poem.