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Curated Culture

A sampling of some of the best modern culture podcasts out there.

by Pastime

    Curated Culture

    Aug 13 2020

  • Future Tense / Offshore architecture and marine urban sprawl

    There’s a new emphasis on land reclamation and building floating structures for everything from accommodation to marine farming to energy generation. Re-defining the use of the ocean is part of the emerging “blue economy” – one that can be both economically beneficial and environmentally responsible. How well can these often contradictory goals be reconciled?

  • The Joe Rogan Experience / #1524 - Ron Funches

    Ron Funches is a comedian, actor and writer. His podcast "Gettin' Better" is available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify. On September 5 , his live stand up event "Awakening" will be streaming on YouTube and tickets are now available here: eventbrite.com/e/ron-funches-awakening-tickets-113410704470

  • Learn German | GermanPod101.com / Video - German Words of the Week #3 - Computer Words

    Get ALL of these Video Lessons at GermanPod101.com! Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account!

  • On Being with Krista Tippett / Dario Robleto — Sculptor of Time and Loss

    Dario Robleto has been called a sculptural artist, a philosopher, and a “materialist poet.” He works with unconventional materials — from dinosaur fossils and meteorites to pulverized vintage records — and has been a creative partner to an eclectic range of projects. At the heart of his work is a fascination with human survival and the creative response to loss.Dario Robleto is an artist-at-large at the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University. His work has been displayed at ga...more

  • Mom and Dad Are Fighting | Slate's parenting show / Radical Rabbit Hole

    On this week’s episode: Jamilah and Elizabeth are joined by Denene Millner. Denene is an award-winning journalist, New York Times best-selling author, founder and editor of the parenting website MyBrownBaby.com, runs the inprint Denene Millner Books, and hosts two shows: Speakeasy with Denene and A Seat at the Table. We have two listener questions this week. One is from a mother who is concerned about her teenage son’s rather conservative media consumption. They’ll also answer a question about h...more

  • Skip and Shannon: Undisputed / Best Of (Dak + Cowboys, College football updates, Damian Lillard)

    00:00 Are you buying there’s no bad blood between Dak and Dallas despite long-term deal for Prescott?11:07 Increasing support in college football world pushes to play 2020 season.22:36 Will an improved defense make the Cowboys NFC East favorites?32:35 Has Damian Lillard’s hot streak this week officially cemented him as a superstar? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • Parenting on Moncrieff / Parenting: My Daughter wont stop eating paper

    Joanna Fortune, Psychotherapist specialising in child and adult psychotherapy joined Sean for her weekly slot, answering parents dilemmas.

  • Code Switch / Kamala, Joe, And The Fissures In The Base

    Black voters are the Democrats' most reliable and influential voting bloc. But this election has underscored the tensions between those Black voters, along generational and ideological lines — which could have major consequences on turnout this fall.

  • The United States of Anxiety / Revisiting Caught: 'You Just Sit There and Wait for the Next Day to Come'

    Incarcerated youth do what it takes to survive in prison everyday, in the hopes of making it back home someday. In this final installment of our presentation of Caught, reporter Jared Marcelle finds Z behind bars again - following a misstep while on parole - and chronicles how solitary confinement and years of uncertainty have changed his life. Caught: The Lives of Juvenile Justice is hosted by Kai Wright and supported, in part, by the Anne Levy Fund, Margaret Neubart Foundation, the John and Gw...more

  • The Film Programme / Cruel Summer

    With Ben Bailey Smith With no blockbusters and several heatwaves, it's been a cruel summer for our cinemas. The Uckfield Picture House in Sussex is feeling the heat. With only dozens of customers each day, owner Kevin Markwick was relying on two films to bring audiences back to his family business. One of them, Mulan, is now being released for streaming only. Kevin tells us his plans for survival with temperatures in the 30s and only one blockbuster being released at the end of August. As an a...more

  • Stuff They Don't Want You To Know / Listener Mail: 5G, COVID-19 as Bioweapon, Standardized Testing as the Genuine Conspiracy

    Does a viral infection spread through radio towers? Was COVID-19 somehow designed as the world's most cartoonishly ineffective bioweapon? What are 'standardized' tests actually measuring, and why should we care? Tune in for all this and more in this week's edition of listener mail. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

  • The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast / PEL Presents (sub)Text: Marital Economics in Jane Austen’s "Pride and Prejudice"

    An advantageous marriage is Elizabeth Bennet’s only potential escape from a foolish mother, a disinterested father, three very silly sisters, and a house that’s entailed away to her idiotic cousin Mr. Collins. But she turns down fabulously wealthy Mr. Darcy because he’s prideful—and maybe a little prejudiced. But then, so is she. How do we know if two people are well-suited to each other? What makes a successful match? Is Mr. Collins actually the perfect man? Wes and Erin discuss Jane Austen’s P...more

  • Liveline / Racist abuse

    Ade described to Joe what happened when she was the victim of racial abuse in Galway.

  • Gravy / Punchin' the Dough: Singing about Food Labor

    From Punchin' the Dough to Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia, music has long included songs about labor. Scott Barretta, who once served as editor of Living Blues magazine, shares songs about food labor in folk, blues, and country music traditions.

  • Reply All / #53 In The Desert

    Strangers keep coming to Mike and Christina’s house looking for their stolen cell phones. Nobody knows why. We travel to Atlanta to find out what’s going on, in our thorniest Super Tech Support yet.This story originally aired in February 2016.Further ReadingKashmir Hill's story about Mike and Christina.

  • Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel / When I'm Manic I Cheat

    Bipolar, infidelity, open relationships: they're stuck in a world of loaded words. Her friends are convinced she should leave, but she doesn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps.Programming note: This conversation was recorded before the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • Developer Tea / The Unique Advantages of Being a Beginner

    🙏 Today's Episode is Brought To you by: Command Line HeroesCommand Line Heroes is an original podcast from Red Hat about the people who transform technology from the command line up.A new season was released on July 14th,  in which Author Clive Thompson joins host Saron Yitbarek to share his insights from over 200 interviews with coders for his latest book.This 3-episode mini-season will cover: the many paths to a coding career, where coders work, and what coders expect from each other.Head on ...more

  • Tides of History / New Insights on the First Americans: Interview with Professor Jennifer Raff

    Our understanding of the past is constantly in flux, and there's no field where that's clearer than with the early settlement of the Americas. I'm joined by Professor Jennifer Raff of the University of Kansas, an anthropological geneticist, to discuss the game-changing (or not?) recent work pushing back the date of first settlement to 30,000 years ago or more.Support us by supporting our sponsors! Masterworks - Skip the waitlist when you visit masterworks.io and use promo code TIDES. NetSuite - ...more

  • Stuff You Should Know / Olympic Torches: Remember Those?

    Back in the pre-pandemic days we had a sporting event called The Olympic Games. And at those games there was an opening ceremony that featured the lighting of a cauldron from a torch. Let's chat about that, eh? Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

  • Irish and Celtic Music Podcast / Her Mantle So Green #472

    Don your green mantle. Then sing and dance with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Cady Finlayson, An Lar, Orla Fallon, The Homespun Ceilidh Band, Erin Ruth, The Irish Rovers, Dustin Cooper, St Stephen's Green, Highland Reign, Harmundi, Wolf Loescher, Hot Griselda, Trip McCool, Black 47, Celia Ramsay & Shay Black I hope you enjoyed this week's show. If you did, please share the show with ONE friend. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is here to build our community and help the incredible artists wh...more