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Curated Culture

A sampling of some of the best modern culture podcasts out there.

by Pastime

    Curated Culture

    Dec 08 2021

  • Learn German | GermanPod101.com / Video - German Words of the Week #3 - Computer Words

    Get ALL of these Video Lessons at GermanPod101.com! Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account!

  • Skip and Shannon: Undisputed / Full Show (Lakers/Celtics, Bill Belichick, Ezekiel Elliott, Bucs vs. Patriots Super Bowl?)

    Listen & subscribe to more FOX Sports podcasts: http://sprtspod.fox/cn3tvxrg00:00 Lakers/Celtics21:46 Bill Belichick44:06 Ezekiel Elliott56:42 LeBron James1:08:17 Cowboys’ offensive struggles1:19:12 Luka Dončić1:29:00 Steve Kerr: “Steph… is like Michael Jordan.”1:39:48 Barkley’s comments on the Lakers’ age1:49:15 Bucs vs. Patriots Super Bowl?1:53:20 Zion Williamson Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • hr2 Der Tag / Bedingt krisentauglich? Die Demokratie in der Pandemie

    Was für eine Woche! Bundeswehrsoldaten trompeten zu Nina Hagen, Twitters SPD-Liebling wird zum Gesundheitsminister, der Koalitionsvertrag ist unterzeichnet. Es läuft doch geradezu spitzenmäßig für die Demokratie, oder? Ja, wäre da nicht die kritische Bevölkerung. Völlig unbeeindruckt von Glanz und Gloria der letzten Tage und Wochen sind sie, so scheint es. Jedenfalls halten weniger als die Hälfte der Befragten einer aktuellen Umfrage die Demokratie f...more

  • Arts & Ideas / The TV Debate

    James Graham’s play exploring the encounters between the American political commentators Gore Vidal and William F Buckley Jr, opens at the Young Vic in London this week. We also have Germaine Greer v Norman Mailer at New York's Town Hall, April 1971 which was filmed as a documentary Town Bloody Hall. More recent Presidential debates have become part of the British political landscape during our elections - and there's the weekly politics show Question Time with viewers now on zoom and twitter. A...more

  • Parenting on Moncrieff / Parenting: My 13 year old refuses to go to school

    Joanna Fortune, psychotherapist specialising in Child & Adult Psychotherapy, answers your questions...

  • The Breakdown with Shaun King / Ep. 546 - The Wealth Gap of the Middle Class

    I have to be out this week, so the staff is going to replay some of their favorite episodes from throughout the podcast network we have developed here at The North Star. Here's an episode from The Momentum Advisors from the end of summer that breaks down the wealth gap of the middle class. A very important topic of our times.  [From The Momentum Advisors] Keeping liquid savings on hand in case of an emergency is one area where Americans of all income brackets are falling short--especially the "...more

  • Ear Hustle / Tray, Tumbler, Spork

    Earlier this year, some of the Ear Hustle team spent a month living under a specific set of constraints informed by the daily routines of our inside colleagues, changing the way we ate, got dressed, and exercised. The goal wasn’t to replicate prison life, but to see how constraint shapes the way we experience the world. We report back on what was hard, what was surprising, and what we discovered along the way. You can learn more about the Ear Hustle Challenge here and about Tehching Hsieh’s per...more

  • Startup Stories - Mixergy / #2164 Making product decisions at scale

    I remember Noah Kagan telling me that he would get on Skype to get feedback from early customers. That idea stuck with me but even then it didn’t seem scalable. Well, today’s guest agrees with that. So he created a platform that can deliver customers insights at scale. I invited him here to find out how he did it. Dan Leahy is the founder of MakerSights,  the product decision platform. Dan Leahy is the founder of MakerSights,  the product decision platform. Sponsored byGusto – ...more

  • Liveline / Operations - Kindnesss in the Community

    On today's show, Elizabeth who was knocked over by a dog and Brendan updated Joe on his cataract op.

  • History Extra podcast / How US-Russian relations fractured in the 1990s

    Mary Sarotte tells Spencer Mizen about her new book Not One Inch, which reveals how diplomatic missteps after the fall of the Berlin Wall soured US-Russian relations and fuelled the rise of Vladimir Putin.(Ad) Mary Sarotte is the author of Not One Inch: America, Russia and the Making of Post-Cold War Stalemate (Yale University Press, 2022). Buy it now from Amazon:​​https://www.amazon.co.uk/Not-One-Inch-Post-Cold-Stalemate/dp/030025993X/?tag=bbchistory045-21&ascsubtag=hist...more

  • Gravy / New Orleans Street Vendors, Then and Now

    In "New Orleans Street Vendors, Old and New," Gravy explores the history of street food vendors in New Orleans, from Mr. Okra to the pralinière, or praline vendor. A conversation with urbanist Amy Stelly, who grew up in Tremé and remembers when street vendors populated her neighborhood, reveals that there is a fraught line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. What is the legacy of street vendors today?

  • Aubrey Marcus Podcast / The Revolution of Reunion W/ Charles Eisenstein #339

    We are in the midst of powerful and unprecedented times. In this epic sequel to my favorite podcast of all time, Charles and I map out how to embody the revolution of reunion that we are currently undergoing. A reunion of people with each other, their culture, their governments, and the Earth. But sometimes before things get better, the old structures must dissolve. One of the highlights of this episode was the discussion about the first moment that Americans lost trust in our government, and ho...more

  • The Project Life Mastery Podcast / PLM 909 : How To Profit From Crypto Going DOWN | Dan Hollings

    I feel privileged to be interviewing Dan Hollings from The Plan, who has been responsible for my introduction to explore the world of crypto bots. Learning his tried and tested methods of how to profit from crypto by setting up crypto bots has no doubt enabled me to fast-track my understanding and success. If you're serious about this new passive income stream method using cryptocurrency, then you need to hear what Dan has to say.After originally losing money by buying cryptocurrency, Dan wa...more

  • Slow Burn / S6 Ep. 5: The System

    A year after they were caught on tape beating Rodney King, four LAPD officers went on trial. None were convicted. How did the prosecution make its case against the cops? How did the officers hold up under questioning? And what happened when the verdict was announced? Season 6 of Slow Burn is produced by Joel Anderson, Jayson De Leon, Ethan Brooks, Sophie Summergrad, and Jasmine Ellis. Mixing by Merritt Jacob.To listen to these interviews in full, learn more about the making of this season, skip ...more

  • Code Switch / A Glimpse At 'How The Other Half Eats'

    How do race and class affect the way we eat? What makes dollar store junk food different from organic junk food? And when did Whole Foods become such a polarizing grocery store? We're getting into all those questions and more with Priya Fielding-Singh, author of the new book, How the Other Half Eats.

  • 5 Minutes in Church History with Stephen Nichols / Genesis 6:16

    In Genesis 6:16, God instructs Noah to build the roof of the ark over its three decks. On this episode of 5 Minutes in Church History, Dr. Stephen Nichols records from the roof of the full-scale Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, a testament to the truth and authority of the Bible. Read the transcript: https://www.5minutesinchurchhistory.com/genesis-616/ A donor-supported outreach of Ligonier Ministries. Donate: https://www.5minutesinchurchhistory.com/donate/

  • The Audio Long Read / From the archive: Who murdered Giulio Regeni? – podcast

    We are raiding the Audio Long Read archives to bring you some classic pieces from years past, with new introductions from the authors. This week, from 2016: When the battered body of a Cambridge PhD student was found outside Cairo, Egyptian police claimed he had been hit by a car. Then they said he was the victim of a robbery. Then they blamed a conspiracy against Egypt. But in a digital age, it’s harder than ever to get away with murder. By Alexander Stille. Help support our independent journal...more

  • The Panel / The Panel With Ed Amon and Cindy Mitchener (Part 2)

    Panellists Ed Amon and Cindy Mitchener discuss National Excellence in Teaching Awards winners, congestion charges, and cheese myths.

  • The John Batchelor Show / #NewWorldReport: Chile faces a close election. Senadora Maria Fernanda Cabal. @MariaFdaCabal (on leave) Joseph Humire @JMHumire @SecureFreeSoc

    Photo: Chile - Presidential elections, 1938 #NewWorldReport: Chile faces a close election.  Senadora Maria Fernanda Cabal. @MariaFdaCabal (on leave) Joseph Humire @JMHumire @SecureFreeSoc  https://www.securefreesociety.org https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/leftist-chile-presidential-candidate-leads-new-poll-dec-19-vote-looms-2021-11-29/