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    Curated Culture

    Aug 19 2019

  • Learn German | / Extensive Reading in German for Intermediate Learners #11 - Holidays

    Learn German with GermanPod101! Don't forget to stop by for more great German Language Learning Resources! -------Lesson Dialog------- ----Formal German---- Feiertage auf der ganzen Welt FEIERN! Auf der ganzen Welt feiern die Menschen Feiertage. Jeder Feiertag hat eine spezielle Bedeutung und spezielle Arten zu feiern. Freunde und Familie versammeln sich an Feiertagen. Essen, Spiele, Geschenke, Gebete, Singen und Geschichten erzählen können zur Feier dazugehören. ...more

  • Learn Cantonese | / Extensive Reading in Cantonese for Intermediate Learners #11 - Holidays

    Learn Cantonese with CantoneseClass101! Don't forget to stop by for more great Cantonese Language Learning Resources! -------Lesson Dialog------- ----Traditional Cantonese---- 世界各地的節日 喜慶! 世界各地都慶祝不同的節日。 每個節日都有特殊的意義和特殊的慶祝方式。 朋友和家人於節日聚集在一起。 食物,遊戲,禮物,祈禱,唱歌和講故事都可能是慶祝活動的一部分。 農曆新年 農曆新年慶祝春節。 這個節日的許多傳統都是為了在新一年帶來好運。 人人在家中擺放添好運的揮春。 確保家裡非常乾淨。 紅色和橙色是農曆新年的顏色。 穿戴這些顏色趕走厄運。 年輕人會收到紅包。 一些特別食品,例如橙,被認為會帶來好運。 灑紅節 灑紅節是印度教的節日。 慶祝冬季結束和春季開始。 灑紅節充滿歡樂。 人們在這個節日搭建營火。 營火的灰被認...more

  • Learn Korean | / Culture Class: Essential Korean Vocabulary S3 #16 - Korean Actresses

    Learn Korean with KoreanClass101! Don't forget to stop by for more great Korean Language Learning Resources! -------Lesson Dialog------- ----Korean---- 한국에서 유명한 여자 배우 다섯은 누구인가요? 전지현 송혜교 김태희 공효진 박신혜 ----English---- What are five famous Korean actresses? Jun Ji-hyun Song Hye-kyo Kim Tae-hee Gong Hyo-jin Park Shin-hye ----Romanization---- Hangugeseo yumyeonghan yeoja baeu daseoseun nuguingayo? Jeon Jihyeon Song Hyegyo Gim Taehui Gong H...more

  • Marriage and Martinis / "Your Kid's Gonna Be Okay," Author and Executive Functions Coach Michael Delman

    Back to school can be such a stressful time for parents and kids when motivation is a struggle and there's enormous pressure in school and extracurriculars. Homework, catching the bus on time, study skills and organization are all things we discuss in this helpful and insightful episode. Fortunately, humans continue developing executive function skills far into their twenties, so there's hope and time for us to keep teaching and building on helpful techniques. This episode is a must listen for a...more

  • Developer Tea / Beating Boredom in Your Career

    In today's episode we're talking about boredom. We can't avoid it in our day-to-day but we can provide ways to address boredom when it occurs. Get in touch If you have questions about today's episode, want to start a conversation about today's topic or just want to let us know if you found this episode valuable I encourage you to join the conversation or start your own on our community platform 🧡 Leave a Review If you're enjoying the show and want to su...more

  • Lore / Episode 121: Uninvited Guest

    Some threats to our safety and well-being are obvious and easy to spot from a mile away. Over the course of history, people have become very skilled at looking for danger and avoiding it. But some threats are more difficult to spot—and once they strike, the results can be deadly.* * *This episode of Lore was sponsored by:Casper: Discover Casper’s new Hybrid mattress, which combines the pressure relief of their award-winning foam with durable-yet-gentle springs. Try it for 100 nights—risk-free—in...more

  • Earn Your Happy / 409: How to ask for help, support yourself and other women on the path to your dreams with Natalya + Naomi

    In This Episode You Will Learn About: Chris and Lori’s Become Aligned course How Natalya and Naomi deal with their very busy schedules How going to the gym with her mom is helping Natalya deal with the loss of her father How Natalya and Naomi make time for their families How having children fits into a wrestling career Natalya and Naomi’s next steps How it took Natalya five years to get into WWE How Natalya and Naomi support each other and their fellow competitors    Resources: Instagram: @_w...more

  • The Vanished Podcast / Amy Sher

    On Monday, October 14, 2002, Amy Sher left her job at the Lahey Clinic earlier than usual. On Tuesday and Wednesday she called in sick to work. And then on Thursday, October 17, her husband Robert Desmond called in sick for her and told Amy’s employer that she would not be returning to work. He called back on Friday to ask for Amy’s supervisor’s email address, stating that she was not able to send an email herself. Later, when asked by police where his wife had gone, Robert Desmond told them tha...more

  • The Hook Up / Why do we make noise during sex?

    You read the words 'sex noises' and you're instantly imagining moans, screams, pants and groans. Right? But have you ever thought about why we make so much noise when we're getting down and dirty? In this episode, Nat finds out if our sex noises come from our animal ancestors, how much of an impact porn has on our volume, and how to deal if your partner's noises are turning you off.

  • OTR Detective – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio / Sherlock Holmes: The Solitary Cyclist (Host’s Choice/Wild Card)

    A charming young governess is haunted by a mysterious bearded bicyclist. Original Air Date: February 27, 1955 Support the show monthly at Support the show on a one-time... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

  • Let's Speak Italian! / Lesson #076, Monday

    felice = happy triste = sad freddo = cold (temperature) caldo = hot arrabbiato = angry, mad contento = content sonno = sleep sete = thrist paura = fear febbre = fever tosse = cough

  • Steve Allen - A Little Bit Extra / Past it at 25? What does that say about me?!

    A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.

  • RNZ: The Panel / Don't lick the sexy lichen

    Newsroom's Farah Hancock last week highlighted, with wry humour, the dangers of unconventional treatments for erectile disfunction.

  • The Candid Frame: Conversations on Photography / TCF Ep. 480 - Jérôme Brunet

    Jérôme Brunet was born in southern France and raised in Ontario, Canada. His passion for music began at the age of four, when he started studying as a classical cellist for eight years before moving on to the guitar. He continues to play guitar to this day. Jérôme displayed an early talent in the visual arts, studying the discipline in high school before completing a formal education in photography at the prestigious E.F.E.T. School of Photography in Paris, France. Jérôme’s award-winning photogr...more

  • UFO Buster Radio Network / UFO Buster Radio News – 250 : FRBs Still A Mystery To Science Since 2007

    Radio signals from space just reached Earth: Proof of alien life or is it something else? Link: ASTRONOMERS in Canada have just encountered mysterious radio signals coming from deep space – could they be proof of alien life or is it something else entirely? The mysterious radio signals are so-called Fast Radio Bursts or FRBs from some unknown source in the cosmos. Tha...more

  • Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend / Bill Corbett Is Smarter and Nicer Than You

    Bill Corbett (Mystery Science Theater 3000, RiffTrax, Bill Corbett's Funhouse) stops by to talk about living in Minnesota, puppetry, his feelings about the MST3K reboot, fatherhood, theater, his dog (also named Wendy), Yale, what films work best for riffing, his podcast, working with Tony Thaxton, Eddie Murphy, his writing garret and so much more. We also took your questions.   Check us out on Patreon:   Buy Alison's Book: Tropical Attire Encouraged (and O...more

  • Arts & Ideas / Revisit Slavery Stories, William Melvyn Kelley & Esi Edugyan

    New research on slavery with historians Christienna Fryar, Kevin Waite, and Andrea Livesey. A Different Drummer was the debut novel of Kelley - first published when he was 24. Compared to William Faulkner and James Baldwin, it was forgotten until an article about it led to republication. Kelley died aged 79 in 2017. His story imagines the day the black population of a Southern US town decide to get up and all go. Canadian writer Esi Edugyan has imagined a black slave becoming a scientist in her...more

  • Cardigans & Conversation - Podcast / Episode #95 - In Betwixt

    Colleen and Denise discuss the complexities of having a seat at the table - inspired by Jay-Z# recent meeting with Goodell#,#ColinKaepernick

  • The Mortified Podcast / 171: Band Geeks Rule!

    Celebrate the majesty and musicality of self-proclaimed band geeks. The Mortified Podcast is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX. Listen to all eps @ Find Sasami Ashworth’s music at

  • Sword and Scale / Episode 144

    When ‘Megan Wants A Millionaire’ is suspended from airing after only three episodes, a former Reality TV ‘star’ rises to infamy after a brutal murder, and international manhunt.