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by Pastime

    Curated Culture

    Feb 19 2018

  • E54: “Dr. Death” - Harold Shipman

    What happens when a doctor, someone we should trust, becomes a killer? Harold Shipman, later known as Dr. Death, terrorized Britain for 25 years, killing over 200 of his patients. We look into Shipman’s life to learn how someone who went through years of medical training could become a killer hidden in plain sight. Sponsors! YogaGlo - Get your first two weeks of YogaGlo free when you sign up on CBS, The Good Fight - Visit for your free trial of ...more

  • Five years on: Why Margaret Thatcher (d. April 2013) was a victor. @DanHenninger

    AUTHOR. (Photo: Margaret Thatcher bids farewell after a visit to the United States. Date 2 March 1981 Source Author Williams, U.S. Military Permission (Reusing this file)  PD) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Five years on: Why Margaret Thatcher (d. April 2013) was a victor. @DanHenninger

  • Night Beat: The Bomb On Flight 63

    Randy receives a tip that there’s a bomb on a plane to Denver. Original Air Date: September 4, 1952 Support the show monthly at [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

  • No Murder. Yes Pork Chops. Says Comic Negin Farsad

    The Iranian-American Muslim comedian says everything is negotiable -- even religious law. "I feel like Allah would be like, 'Get the pork chop but don't kill anybody,'" she says. Plus, the former policy advisor uses her lamb kebab to school us on campaign finance reform.Today's sponsors: Go to to explore their huge range of products and recipes. Go to and use offer code SPORKFUL to save 10% on your first purchase. Go to

  • Carl Lentz: A New Generation of Spiritual Seekers

    Carl Lentz is a lead pastor at Hillsong Church in New York City and is the dynamic force behind one of the most talked-about new congregations in American Christianity. His come-as-you-are approach to faith appeals to a new generation of spiritual seekers, including pop singers, young Hollywood and NBA players. Pastor Lentz says, "Our soul is who we are without the InstaFilter and without the hair and makeup." 

  • Designing Books with Sandy Cull and Imogen Stubbs

    Our Magic Hour (design by Imogen Stubbs, bottom centre) and Resurrection Bay (design by Sandy Cull, top centre) As much as we're doing ebooks, it's still very much about the object. Imogen Stubbs For this episode we brought two of Australia's best book designers together for a podcast-only conversation about their careers, their craft and how it all comes together. Sandy Cull is a freelance book designer and a member of the Australian Book Design Hall of Fame, while Imogen Stubbs is an eme...more

  • TCF Ep. 409 - Jeffery Saddoris

    Jeffery Saddoris is endlessly curious – about people, about creativity, about line and shape and color – and his personal and professional pursuits are driven by learning, discovering, imagining, listening, celebrating, and making. Years of practicing and teaching photography led Jeffery to realize that few people were talking about the why of creativity – the motivations and inspirations that fuel the work of photographers and other visual artists. He began the website Faded & Blurred as a way ...more

  • An economist's OIA request

    New Zealand Initiative's Sam Warburton questions about whether Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ends meetings with "meeting arderned."

  • 7.27- The Flight of the Pope

    In November 1848, the Pope took flight.  

  • Ep66 - Wayne Adam Ford

    Wayne Adam Ford was a man that was battling a great deal of anger. This anger stemmed from what he saw as being abandoned by those in his life. Ford knew that he had some homicidal impulses in his head and checked himself into mental health facilities on multiple occasions. But he would not follow through with treatment and would ultimately descend into the darkness, becoming a serial killer.Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the circumstances around the serial killer Wayne Adam Ford. What was ...more

  • Tales from the 'backies' of Dundee

    As a child, Gary Todd testified against his father in court to save his mother's life

  • #237 Rob Interviews Business Buying, Seller, Flipper, Jonathan Jay

    Jonathan Jay talks about business flipping. What is a perfect business to buy, when to buy it and how to save time and avoid difficulties. The difference between a business operator and a business owner. The 4F model, how to find, negotiate and do deals. 

  • John #7 - Successful People Need Jesus

    This is a face-melting sermon about the repentance of sin, humility in ministry, Kingdom of God as the only alternative to the dumpster fire that is culture, and the wrath of God which is meted out by Jesus Christ as the King of both Heaven and Hell!

  • 542: Wait—Do You Have The Map?

    Stories about people feeling lost and trying to figure out how to move ahead: two brothers take a doomed road trip through Mexico and a couple from radically different backgrounds draw up a contract for their unlikely romance.

  • Disability and family violence, envy and friendship, dealing with tragedy, Indigenous entrepreneurship

    Women, disability and domestic violence. Envy among friends. Life in 500 Words: losing my baby. Podcast on Indigenous Australian approaches to entrepreneurship.

  • Carrie Culberson - 271 - Generation Why

    Carrie Culberson. August 28, 1996. Blanchester, Ohio. 22 year old Carrie Culberson arrived at her home very late in the evening after playing volleyball. Then she and her car just vanished. Or seemed to, anyway. A neighbor said that she witnessed the young woman's boyfriend, Vincent Doan, hitting her and heard him say, 'I told you if you ever tried to leave me I'd kill you'. Carrie's family tried their best to search for her, but the most promising lead developed when two dogs both alerted by a ...more

  • 125 Noam: The Unorthodox Jew

    The tale of Noam Osband, a rebellious boy raised in an Orthodox Jewish community who questions everything through poetry and song lyrics. The Mortified Podcast is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX. Listen and binge @ Watch us too! The Mortified Guide tv series is now available on Netflix and Amazon.    

  • The Trouble with Shannon Cason Preview

    Type "The Trouble" to subscribe... Trouble — we've all been in it. Some more than others. Some worse than others. Award-winning storyteller Shannon Cason has faced a few problems of his own. Now he talks with others about getting in, and out, of trouble of all stripes.

  • Episode 108

    When Jane Bashara was found strangled to death in the back of her SUV nobody knew what to make of it.  Things like this simply didn't happen in  Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, a wealthy community of million-dollar homes.  The Bashara's, now empty nesters in their mid 50's, also were not the type of people who were found murdered in a parking lot.  They were the type of people who volunteered for charity when they weren't hanging out at the country club.No one suspected that th...more

  • Fashion that celebrates African strength and spirit | Walé Oyéjidé

    "To be African is to be inspired by culture and to be filled with undying hope for the future," says designer and TED Fellow Walé Oyéjidé. With his label Ikiré Jones (you'll see their work in Marvel's "Black Panther"), he uses classic design to showcase the elegance and grace of often-marginalized groups, in beautifully cut clothing that tells a story.