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by Pastime

    Curated Culture

    Feb 20 2019

  • Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations / Byron Katie: Set Yourself Free

    Best-selling author, speaker and teacher Byron Katie shares how she believes we can end our own suffering forever. Katie, as she is known, guides us through her powerful process of inquiry she calls “The Work.” She says we can radically shift our stressful beliefs about our lives, other people and ourselves. Katie explains that all the problems in the world originate in our thinking and gives us the tools to open our minds and set ourselves free. Based on her own experience of how suffering is c...more

  • Cato Daily Podcast / When Sweetheart Economic Development Deals Fail

    Between the pullback of FoxConn's commitments to Wisconsin and Amazon's HQ2 withdrawal from New York, it's worth examining taxpayer-provided incentives for economic development. John Mozena is president of the Center for Economic Accountability.

  • The John Batchelor Show / Tales of the New Cold War: 1 of 2: The Sovietization of American Institutions. Stephen F. Cohen, @NYU @Princeton

    PhotoNina Khrushcheva, Mamie Eisenhower, Khrushchev, and Dwight Eisenhower at a state dinner in 1959 National Archives and Records Administration - Dwight Eisenhower, Nikita Khrushchev, and their wives at state dinner 1959 From left to right: Nina Khrushcheva (Khrushchev's wife) Mamie Eisenhower (Eisenhower's wife) Nikita Khrushchev President Dwight Eisenhower Permission details copyright statement at

  • RNZ: The Panel / Perks we do and don't want

    Workplace perks include things like a well-stocked beer fridge, gym memberships, free snacks and meditation rooms. Companies have them mostly, in the name of staff retention. But how much do people actually want or value these things?

  • The One You Feed / 267: Susan David, Ph.D. - Emotional Agility

    Susan David is a psychologist on faculty at Harvard Medical School. She’s also the co-founder and co-director of The Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital and is CEO of Evidence-Based Psychology. Her book is, Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life. Have you ever gotten hooked by a difficult emotion? In other words, have you ever felt compelled to act on a strong feeling without having any space to think about your action first? If so, you will fi...more

  • Aspen Ideas to Go / Colson Whitehead: “The Underground Railroad”

    Nearly two decades ago, author Colson Whitehead began thinking about writing about the Underground Railroad. “I remembered when I was a kid, I first heard those words…I thought it was a literal train beneath the earth,” he says. He put pen to paper and the result was the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Underground Railroad. In it, the historic secret network of safehouses for runaway slaves becomes a make-believe set of tracks and tunnels beneath southern cities and towns. The book tells the st...more

  • The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe / Episode 125: On The Importance of Staying Grounded

    How many near misses can one guy take - and still remain grounded.   Sponsored by

  • Conversations / From the Shetlands, to Vera: the life of Ann Cleeves

    Award-winning novelist Ann Cleeves lived many lives before her career as an author took off (R)

  • The Secret Room | True Stories / 81. Despicable Houseguest

    Would you tell an over-the-top obnoxious and drunk house guest to get out?  What if he was your best friend's husband?  You will not believe what happened to Roxy. TEAM Production support: Susie Lark  Street Secrets: Bobbi Jo Valdez Digital Marketing: Tassja Cadoch  The Sound Engineer: Chet   PICTURES See Roxy at her wedding.  Maude, her best friend and bridesmaid stands behind her.   Also, the the bathroom that got soaked in vomit on that hapless night now restored to its original splendor.  Se...more

  • All The Best / #1903 My Main Squeeze

    We still don’t get time off for Valentines Day. But that doesn’t get in the way of us facing our fears or forking out, for a connection. — Swipe Right, Think Twice by Hongnan Guo Can dating apps help with social anxiety and the search for true love? Special thanks to Gretchen Miller and Tina Matolov for production guidance and feedback. Additional production support by Allison Chan. Music: ‘Am-trans’ by Podington Bear, ‘Classic Rose’ by Vibe Mountain, ‘Start as you ...more

  • Stay Tuned with Preet / CAFE Insider: Andy McCabe's National Emergency

    In this clip from the CAFE Insider podcast, Preet and his co-host Anne Milgram discuss the revelations in former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s interview on “60 Minutes.”To listen to the full episode, become a member of CAFE Insider at and supplemental materials:Preet’s tweet about pleaded v. pled; and see Mueller’s sentencing submission for Manafort, where prosecutors write “pled,” NOT pleaded.  Andrew McCabe’s 60 Minutes&...more

  • Terrible, Thanks For Asking / 62: The Bride Price

    Every wedding has a at least a little bit of drama. For Mai Neng Moua and her mother, Yer Vu, their mother/daughter wedding drama was about who they were, and who they wanted to be. You can catch up with TTFA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using @ttfapodcast. Nora's Instagram is @noraborealis. You can pre-order Nora's new book - No Happy Endings - from her website at TTFA is public media. Which means we are supported by you. You can join us with a contribution at tt...more

  • Arts & Ideas / Patti Lupone

    How loud should you be? Italian American performer Patti Lupone talks to Philip Dodd about why she doesn’t consider herself an American, her politics, unsuccessful auditions, backbiting, corporate entertainment, #Me Too. Her career has taken her from a Broadway debut in a Chekhov play in 1973 to performances in the original productions of plays by David Mamet and musicals including Evita on Broadway and Les Misérables and Sunset Boulevard in London’s West End. She won a Tony award for her role a...more

  • Let's Know Things / Superheavy Elements

    This week we talk about the Periodic Table, the Large Hadron Collider, and the Higgs boson. We also discuss extreme chemistry, particle physics, and Dmitri Mendeleev. I'm on tour: Become a patron on Patreon: For more information about this podcast and to view the show notes, visit You can find a list of the books I've written at My newest project is called Some Thoughts About Living

  • Today, Explained / A little privacy, please

    The Verge's Casey Newton says a California privacy law to protect your online data might finally push federal legislators to come up with one set of rules for the entire country. Recode's Kara Swisher says it's high time big tech gets its act together. (Transcript here.)

  • Best of the Left - The best of progressive and liberal talk / #1158 What America refuses to remember about Martin Luther King Jr. (Repost)

    Air Date: 1/16/2018 Today we take a look at the legacy of Martin Luther King that some people prefer to forget and most people never learned about. In fact, it is likely his forgotten opinions that got him killed rather than his calls for racial equality.  Be part of the show! Leave a message at 202-999-3991   Show Notes Ch. 1: Opening Theme: A Fond Farewell - From a Basement On the Hill Ch. 2: Act 1: MLK What They Won't Teach In School Part 1 - News Beat (@USNewsBeat) - Air Date 1-8-18 Ch. 3: S...more

  • The Brian Lehrer Show / Oscar Docs 2019: Of Fathers and Sons

    Syrian-born director Talal Derki talks about his new documentary, “Of Fathers and Sons,” which provides rare insight into what it means to grow up in an Islamic Caliphate. In the film Derki returns to Syria where he embeds with a radical Islamist family, gaining their trust and sharing their daily life for over two years. 

  • Vox's The Weeds / Collusion and the Mueller endgame

    Andrew Prokop joins Dara and Matt to explain what we've learned from the latest developments in the Russia investigation.Andrew's article on Jerome Corsi's unreliable bookArticle on the redacted Manafort transcriptMarcy Wheeler articleSpecial counsel regulation textTrump Tower Moscow explainer

  • Radio Cherry Bombe / The Future of Food: Chicago

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Chicago last year as part of its Future of Food Tour for a live episode at The St. Jane Hotel. Chrishon Lampley of Love Cork Screw and journalist Maggie Hennessy speak about their vision for the future of food. They are followed by a panel featuring Ellen King, co-founder and head baker of Hewn Bread in Evanston; Chef Beverly Kim of Parachute; Adrienne Lo, co-owner of Fat Rice; Christine Cikowski, co-founder of Honey Butter Fried Chicken; and Radio Cherry Bombe hos...more

  • Bullseye with Jesse Thorn / Director Debra Granik of "Leave No Trace" and "Winter's Bone"

    Happy Tuesday! This time, we're listening back to our 2018 conversation with filmmaker Debra Granik. In 2010, she wrote and directed "Winter's Bone," the acclaimed drama that launched Jennifer Lawrence's career and was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. Now, the long awaited follow-up is available to stream on Amazon. It's called "Leave No Trace" and it's been met with similar acclaim. She and Jesse talk about the new film, about the pitfalls of calling an artist a "genius" and her first ever p...more