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Enjoyable History

Some people love history, and some find it a terrible bore. This channel will draw you in with great fascinating tales and wonderful narration.

by Pastime

    Enjoyable History

    Dec 08 2021

  • History Extra podcast / How US-Russian relations fractured in the 1990s

    Mary Sarotte tells Spencer Mizen about her new book Not One Inch, which reveals how diplomatic missteps after the fall of the Berlin Wall soured US-Russian relations and fuelled the rise of Vladimir Putin.(Ad) Mary Sarotte is the author of Not One Inch: America, Russia and the Making of Post-Cold War Stalemate (Yale University Press, 2022). Buy it now from Amazon:​​https://www.amazon.co.uk/Not-One-Inch-Post-Cold-Stalemate/dp/030025993X/?tag=bbchistory045-21&ascsubtag=hist...more

  • Spirits / 261: Poseidon

    This episode is as wild and stormy as the god we talk about; there’s talking horses, there’s hot wives who love sea monsters, and he’s got a lot of great titles. What more could you want out of a god?   Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about or mentions of sexual assault/rape, drowning, natural disasters/earthquakes, incest, cults, child endagerment/abandonment, violence against women, murder, cannibalism, and animal death.   Housekeeping - MERCH! Get the Mothman Crewneck at ...more

  • Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill / Life After Guantánamo: “It Doesn’t Leave You”

    On Tuesday, with 39 men remaining at Guantánamo Bay, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on closing the infamous military prison. This week on Intercepted: Intercept photo editor Elise Swain breaks down the horrifying story of one Yemeni man after being released from Guantánamo. After 20 years in arbitrary detention, former Guantánamo detainee Abdulqadir al Madhfari was released from a United Arab Emirates prison to his family’s care in Yemen. His freedom lasted less than a week. Suffe...more

  • Witness History / Spies or plane-spotters?

    In November 2001 a group of British aircraft enthusiasts were arrested and put on trial in Greece. Unfamiliar with their hobby, the Greek authorities had assumed they must be spies. The plane-spotters were initially jailed but later released after their case turned into a diplomatic incident. In 2011, Chloe Hadjimatheou talked to Paul Coppin, who was one of the group. PHOTO: The plane-spotters returning to the UK (PA)

  • White Horse Inn / O Holy Night

    How do the angelic announcements of Mary’s conception and of the birth of Christ relate to the Old Testament promises concerning the coming messiah, and what do they reveal about Christ’s forthcoming mission and work? On this program, the hosts take a closer look at the Annunciation (originally aired 12-10-17). __________ Sign up for our Free Account and gain access to the 12 most recent extended-length episodes of the White Horse Inn as well as other free content. Just head over to whitehorsein...more

  • Slow Burn / S6 Ep. 5: The System

    A year after they were caught on tape beating Rodney King, four LAPD officers went on trial. None were convicted. How did the prosecution make its case against the cops? How did the officers hold up under questioning? And what happened when the verdict was announced? Season 6 of Slow Burn is produced by Joel Anderson, Jayson De Leon, Ethan Brooks, Sophie Summergrad, and Jasmine Ellis. Mixing by Merritt Jacob.To listen to these interviews in full, learn more about the making of this season, skip ...more

  • Myths and Legends / 249-Italian Folklore: Unbearable

    Two stories from Giambattista Basile, Neapolitan writer, of angry sisters, busted Mario pipes, and she-bears that are only mad if you try to force them into marriage. The creature is the wiffenpoof, who only wants to eat fancy cheeses and not get your chewing tobacco in his eyes. -- Sponsors: Indeed! Get started right now with a $75 sponsored job credit to upgrade your job post at http://indeed.com/legends Bombas! Get 20% off any purchase during their big holiday sale by going to http://bom...more

  • Dan Snow's History Hit / Inside North Korea

    With closed borders, a totalitarian regime, electricity blackouts and widespread poverty, North Korea is a brutal place to survive; even looking at a foreign media outlet can get a North Korean citizen sent to a concentration camp. So why, in 2011 did leader Kim Jong Il allow Jean Lee, a celebrated American journalist to set up a news bureau in Pyongyang?In today's episode, Jean is Dan's guide to North Korea. She tells him about her extraordinary experiences living and working in North Kore...more

  • Gastropod / The Most Interesting Oil in the World

    Here’s a little riddle for you: What’s all around you, but can’t be seen, smelled, or tasted? Hint: It’s in your Oreos, Nutella, instant noodles, dish soap, shampoo, lipstick, potato chips, pizza dough, packaged bread, chocolate bars, ice-cream, and biodiesel. The answer is ... palm oil, the hidden ingredient on just about every aisle of the grocery store. It's the most ubiquitous, most important, most interesting oil that most of us don't really know. But palm oil wasn’t always so big, or so an...more

  • The Thomas Jefferson Hour / #1472 November Losses with Joseph Ellis

    This show was recorded on November 22, 2021 with special guest, author Joseph Ellis. We speak about the significance of the date. Then, we answer listener questions about why the British didn’t finish off the Continental Army at the beginning of the American Revolution, and King George’s legacy through British eyes. Rest in Peace, Phoebe. You can order Clay's new book at Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble, or by contacting your independent bookstore. The Language of Cottonwoods is out now through ...more

  • Intelligence Squared / The Genetic Lottery: DNA demystified with Kathryn Paige Harden

    The subject of genetic inheritance provokes passionate debate but behavioural geneticist Kathryn Paige Harden believes both sides are getting it wrong. It’s possible, she argues, to reclaim the science of genetics while avoiding the trap of categorising traits as superior or inferior. Drawing from her new book, The Genetic Lottery, Harden shares her research uncovered as head of the Developmental Behavior Genetics lab at University Texas with Helen Lewis, staff writer at The Atlantic. Learn more...more

  • SpyCast / My Global Career as a Female FBI Agent” – with Kathy Stearman

    Beijing. New Delhi. Kathmandu. “Hang on, I thought the title said FBI, not CIA?” Well, it did. Kathy Stearman was an FBI Legat who lived and worked in all of those capital cities. “Well, I’ve heard of the Ambassador and the Station Chief, but not the Legat?” Well, that’s why you need to listen to this week’s SpyCast! Kathy Stearman is a retired FBI Special Agent and author of It’s Not About the Gun: Lessons From my Global Career as a Female FBI Agent (I know the title sounds like Lance Armstro...more

  • On the Media / Log On For OTM Trivia Tonight!

    Tonight at 7pm ET, join Brooke, the OTM staff, and other listeners from around the country for our first ever Zoom trivia night! Flex your knowledge of the show for a chance to win some sweet prizes including hats hand-crocheted by Brooke herself. All you gotta do to participate is become a sustaining member. Click this link. Or, text the letters O T M to 70101. That’s the money that powers our journalism and keeps the show pumping through your speakers each week.  If you're already a sustaining...more

  • Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine / Tis the Season for Weird Medical Questions

    We're warming the December chill with another Sawbones Q+A, answering all the weird medical questions that can only be answered publicly, on a podcast. Questions about milk and lost limbs, mole hair, spontaneous UTIs, dead germs, where does the vaccine go, and sexy sneezing.

  • The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe / 229: A Symphony of Balls with John Rich

    Mike talks to John Rich about what led to their viral smash, Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job, and a whole lot more, including an outrageous phone call to Donald Trump, that led to the title of this episode.

  • Switched on Pop / Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Raise The Roof

    Robert Plant is in his own words “cold” and “prickly” while speaking about his new album with Alison Krauss, Raise The Roof. First thing upon joining the Zoom call from London, Plant jovially launches into the much misattributed quote “talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” But he is neither callous, nor coy. For Plant the music is ineffable, a joyous celebration of friendship, and a kindred love of song that he shares with Krauss and producer T-Bone Burnett. Their album follow...more

  • Cold Case Files / License To Kill

    In 1997, a couple moves into a brand new home in rural Ontario. During renovations, they discover a buried clue that is the key to solving a brutal double murder. Check out our great sponsors! SimpliSafe: Take 40% off at SimpliSafe.com/coldcase today!  Canva: Go to Canva.me/coldcase to get your FREE 45-day extended trial! StoryWorth: Go to StoryWorth.com/ccf and save $10 on your first purchase! LifeLock: Join now and save up to 25% off your first year at LifeLock.com/coldcase  F...more

  • Skeptoid / Skeptoid #809: The Avro Arrow Conspiracies

    Conspiracy theories surround the cancellation of this advanced Canadian aircraft from the 1950s.

  • The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds / 510 - John Sutter (live)

    Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds examine California legend John Sutter. Recorded live in Sacramento, California. ONLINE SHOW DECEMBER 16SourcesTour DatesRedbubble MerchSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

  • The Next Picture Show / #306: Model Males, Pt. 1 — Deliverance

    Jane Campion’s new POWER OF THE DOG includes a tense passage involving a banjo that plays as a nod to the 1972 John Boorman classic DELIVERANCE, but the two films’ shared thematic concerns go much deeper than banjo duels. Chief among those is the theme of toxic masculinity and its myriad manifestations, which we explore this week via DELIVERANCE’s four male archetypes and their misbegotten river adventure. Plus, we’re still getting feedback about LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, which means we’re still talki...more