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Some people love history, and some find it a terrible bore. This channel will draw you in with great fascinating tales and wonderful narration.

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    Enjoyable History

    Oct 22 2018

  • The Brian Lehrer Show / Pussy Riot's Rules for Revolution

    Nadya Tolokonnikova a founding member of Pussy Riot, the punk/art protest group, draws on her life of activism, including time in jail for a protest performance in Moscow, in her book Read & Riot: A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism (HarperOne, 2018), and offers her ten "rules for revolution" -- starting with one: be a pirate. Listening to @BrianLehrer say “Pussy Riot” over and over on @WNYC and it’s making me laugh and appreciate him all over again. (Also it’s pledge week at WNYC, donate now!) ...more

  • New Books in Intellectual History / Kiara M. Vigil, “Indigenous Intellectuals: Sovereignty, Citizenship, and the American Imagination, 1880-1930” (Cambridge UP, 2018)

    In the United States of America today, debates among, between, and within Indian nations continue to focus on how to determine and define the boundaries of Indian ethnic identity and tribal citizenship. From the 1880s and into the 1930s, many Native people participated in similar debates as they confronted white...

  • Lore / Episode 99: Out For Blood

    Each of us holds inside ourselves a precious cargo. It is the key to life, and a worthy sacrifice when important things are on the line. And yet it also sits at the center of some of our greatest fears. After all, if something’s precious, there’s always someone who wants to steal it. * * * This episode of Lore was sponsored by: Fracture: Fracture is changing the way you print photos. Fractures are beautiful, minimal pictures printed on glass and ready to hang on your wall. Enjoy special discount...more

  • The Hook Up / Being a good wingman/wingwoman

    Sometimes you need a bit of help getting in with someone new at a party or the club. Well that’s what friends are for. So how’s your wingman game? You’ll hear from sex and relationships therapist Amanda Lambros on what the best way to approach is.

  • OTR Detective – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio / Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons: The Case of Murdered Detective

    A police detective friend of Keen and Clancy is murdered while investigating a charity theft. Original Air Date: April 6, 1950 Support the show monthly at Support the show... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

  • Futility Closet / 221-The Mystery Man of Essex County

    In 1882, a mysterious man using a false name married and murdered a well-to-do widow in Essex County, New York. While awaiting the gallows he composed poems, an autobiography, and six enigmatic cryptograms that have never been solved. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll examine the strange case of Henry Debosnys, whose true identity remains a mystery. We'll also consider children's food choices and puzzle over a surprising footrace. Intro: In 1972 two Canadian scientists...more

  • True Crime Historian / The Ragged Stranger

    AN EYE FOR AN EYE: A special edition of Yesterday’s News exploring the criminal justice system at its most extreme: Inflicting the Death Penalty... The Heinous Crime Of Carl Wanderer Episode 286 relates one of the most reprehensible double murders we’ve yet to encounter. They’re all reprehensible, but there’s no question that the act of Carl Wanderer was spawned by truly evil intent. Culled from the historic pages of the Chicago Tribune and other newspapers of the era. *** A creation Of Pulpula...more

  • Useless Information Podcast / UI #116 - The Walking Murphys

    Long forgotten headline story about a family who lost everything in the Great Kansas flood of 1951. Yet, all was not as it seemed...  Also learn about what a Lucy Stoner is, a man who used handcuffs to hitchhike, twins who were hitchhiking around the world, and a father and son who were reunited through hitchhiking. Retrosponsor: Mahdeen Shampoo.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • Earth Ancients / Darrell Miklos: Part 2: An Unexplained Discovery Beneath the Bermuda Triangle

    Darrell Miklos hails from a family of treasure hunters who engaged in several successful underwater historical shipwreck recoveries in the 1960's & 1970's. Darrell became interested in treasure hunting at a very young age while recovering spent booster rockets for NASA's Apollo Program with his father. Beginning in the 1970's through the 1990's Darrell worked on excavating several shipwreck sites off the Florida coast, and later explored areas of the Bahamas and the Caribbean. In 1978 Darrell's ...more

  • BackStory / To be a Citizen? The History of Becoming American

    Around three quarters of a million people applied to be American Citizens in 2017. But what does citizenship actually mean? The way Americans have defined citizenship has changed over time and many have found their citizenship challenged, undermined, resisted and even revoked. On this episode of BackStory, Brian, Nathan and Joanne discover the path to citizenship has never been easy.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • The Thomas Jefferson Hour / Ancient Rome's Influence

    "If you study this, you'll know what can go wrong, and maybe you'll be able to prevent it" — Clay S. Jenkinson portraying Thomas Jefferson Find this episode, along with recommended reading, on the blog. Support the show by joining the 1776 Club or by donating to the Thomas Jefferson Hour, Inc. You can learn more about our Cultural Tours & Retreats with Clay S. Jenkinson at Thomas Jefferson is interpreted by Clay S. Jenkinson.

  • Dan Snow's HISTORY HIT / Danny Boyle on Pages of the Sea with 14-18Now

    Dan speaks to Danny Boyle about his new artwork, Pages of the Sea, which can be seen on beaches around the country on 11th November. Created in association with 1418Now, the arts and culture organisation responsible for artworks commemorating the centenary of the First World War, it's a moving tribute to those who left from the beaches a century ago.Producer: Natt TapleyAudio: Pete Dennis

  • The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds / 348 - George Lazenby (Reverse Dollop)

    Comedians Gareth Reynolds and Dave Anthony examine Australian actor George Lazenby. SOURCES OFFICIAL MERCH TOUR DATES

  • Witness / When Belgium Banned Coca-Cola

    In 1999 Belgian teenagers started to become ill after drinking Coca-Cola. Many ended up in hospital and the government banned the sale of all Coca-Cola products. But the fizzy drink was given the all-clear so what was making the children sick? Claire Bowes has been speaking to Belgian toxicologist, Benoit Nemery, about a country in crisis. (Photo: A poster saying 'out of order' is stuck on a Coca Cola vending machine in Mouscron, Belgium in 1999. Credit: Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images).

  • Sound Opinions / #673 Film & T.V. Music Supervisor Susan Jacobs, Opinions on Prince & Sam Phillips

    This week, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk with Emmy-winning music supervisor Susan Jacobs. Over her 30 year career, she's worked with directors like Spike Lee, David O. Russell and Robert Altman on placing music within movies. Most recently, she made the jump to television with HBO's Sharp Objects and Big Little Lies. Jim and Greg talk to Susan about the effects of great music on screen and how she convinced Led Zeppelin to let her expertly use the band's music in Sharp Objects. They'll a...more

  • Thinking Sideways Podcast / Part II of The American Beauty Murder Mystery

    In Part II of our collaboration with Minds of Madness podcast, we identify a suspect in the strange death of Greg de Villers.

  • Most Notorious! A True Crime History Podcast / Silent Sisters and a Sinister Secret Part 1, from Minnesota's Most Notorious: Where Blood Runs Cold

    I'm pulling a switcheroo this week - in blatant shameless effort to get listeners to try my new podcast, Minnesota's Most Notorious: Where Blood Runs Cold, I'm putting part one of the first episode from that show up here, a mystery surrounding the murder of Louis Arbogast in 1909 St. Paul, and putting a brand new interview (about Duluth's Glensheen murders) on the new podcast. Part two of the Arbogast story is there too, by the way, should you care to finish the tale. Back to the...more

  • In Our Time / Is Shakespeare History? The Romans

    In the second of two programmes marking In Our Time's 20th anniversary on 15th October, Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Shakespeare's versions of history, continuing with the Roman plays. Rome was the setting for Titus Andronicus, Julius Caesar, Coriolanus and parts of Antony and Cleopatra and these plays gave Shakespeare the chance to explore ideas too controversial for English histories. How was Shakespeare reimagining Roman history, and what impact has that had on how we see Rome today? T...more

  • Spirits / Episode 99: The History of Horror Films

    What are you most afraid of? Chances are there’s a horror movie about it! That’s why we’re diving headlong into the history of horror films, from their inception in 1890 all the way to our present! Featuring decapitations, yelling about ‘genre’, and a surprise special guest! FLASKS! TEES! NEW SPIRITS MERCH! Check it out at   Sponsor - Honeybook is a purpose-built business management platform for creative small businesses. Get 50% off your first hear on with...more