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Enjoyable History

Some people love history, and some find it a terrible bore. This channel will draw you in with great fascinating tales and wonderful narration.

by Pastime

    Enjoyable History

    Sep 23 2021

  • In Our Time / Herodotus

    Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the Greek writer known as the father of histories, dubbed by his detractors as the father of lies. Herodotus (c484 to 425 BC or later) was raised in Halicarnassus in modern Turkey when it was part of the Persian empire and, in the years after the Persian Wars, set about an inquiry into the deep background to those wars. He also aimed to preserve what he called the great and marvellous deeds of Greeks and non-Greeks, seeking out the best evidence for past events an...more

  • Witness History / James Bond on screen

    As the 25th James Bond film hits cinema screens we look at the lasting appeal of the franchise. The original author, Ian Fleming, died in the 1960s but other writers took on the challenge of keeping Britain's most famous secret agent alive. Photo:Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time To Die. Credit: Nicola Dove/PA Wire.

  • Tides of History / When Did Things Happen in the Ancient World? Interview with Professor Sturt Manning

    We can’t understand the past without understanding when things happened, because if we can’t place them in some sort of chronological order, we can’t understand the relationship between them. But how do we know when things happened in the distant past? Professor Sturt Manning of Cornell University is an expert on chronology, using tree-rings, radiocarbon, and historical sources to date events and archaeological sites from many thousands of years ago. Patrick's book is now availabl...more

  • Dan Snow's History Hit / Child Survivors of the Holocaust

    The Holocaust was perhaps the most infamous and traumatic event of the Twentieth century and it seared itself into the consciousness of the world but some survivors find themselves in the strange position of having no memory of the events which they lived through. As the years pass, our connection with the Holocaust fades with the passing of each survivor. Indeed many of the surviving witnesses to the Holocaust were children many of whom were too young to remember or understand what went on. Thi...more

  • Earth Ancients / Destiny: Ann Gadd, Sex and the Enneagram

    Understanding your approach to dating, relationships, and sex through the lens of your Enneagram personality type• Explains the relationship and sexual differences in the 9 Enneagram personality types for both genders• Examines how we can create greater intimacy with our partners and what blocks our sexual enjoyment• Looks at each type’s fantasies and investigates how our behavior in relationships alters according to how emotionally integrated or disintegrated we are• Explores the three types of...more

  • Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine / Weird Medical Questions Strike Back

    Is there evidence that sugary drinks cause worse hangovers? Does green snot mean there’s an infection? We’re answering more of your weird medical questions. Well, to be fair, Dr. Sydnee is answering your medical queries about sticky lip germs, C.diff, and the hot debate about that thing on your back.

  • On the Media / From Birtherism to Election Theft

    In their new book "Peril," Bob Woodward and Robert Costa released a previously unpublished memo by a man named John Eastman, who served as an attorney advising President Trump during the 2020 election. That memo outlined an anti-democratic six-step plan for Vice President Pence to overturn the election results — stealing the election in favor of Trump — by refusing to tally votes from states with "multiple slates of electors," throwing the final decision to the House of Representatives. It was p...more

  • History Extra podcast / India’s Suffragettes

    Between 1917 and 1947, a group of Indian women fought for their right to vote. Sumita Mukherjee discusses their campaign, and reveals how Suffragettes were connected both to India’s wider struggle for independence, and women’s suffrage movements across the world. (Ad) Sumita Mukherjee is the author of Indian Suffragettes: Female Identities and Transnational Networks(Oxford University Press, 2018). Buy it now from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Indian-Suffragettes-Identities-Tran...more

  • Spirits / 250: The Magic of Home (with Sarah Hollowell)

    There’s something magical about the magic of home, and Sarah Hollowell wrote a whole book about it. We talk about spending time in the elementary school forest, being raised nerdy, and writing books for your high school self.    Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about or mentions of gore, abuse, child endangerment, queerphobia, mental illness, racism, fatphobia, bugs, and anger issues.    Guest Sarah Hollowell is a queer fat Hoosier writer aiming to up the magic quotient of In...more

  • White Horse Inn / The Justice & Mercy of God

    WHI Classic • Let’s face it, we all long for justice. But this longing of ours, if we’re honest, is typically focused on the really big sins of other people. It’s the evil we witness on the nightly news, not the evil lurking in the dark recesses of our own fallen hearts that we’re really concerned about. Sure, military leaders need to be tried for their war crimes, but if God is truly just, then he needs to hold all of us accountable for lying, greed, covetousness, sexual impurity, and pride. Th...more

  • Myths and Legends / 240A-German Fairy Tales: Man of Glass

    A German fairy tale about striving, falling short, and then seeking help from dangerous mythological creatures to help you pick up the slack. The creature is Azrail, the giant who is terrible at fighting. -- Sponsors: Butcherbox: Get free ground beef for life! Sign up at http://butcherbox.com/myths and get two pounds of ground beef free in every order for the life of your membership. Grubhub: check them out online (http://grubhub.com) or through the app! Audible: Go to http://audible.com/d...more

  • the memory palace / Episode 186: Shining

    The Memory Palace is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX. Radiotopia is a collective of independently owned and operated podcasts that’s a part of PRX, a not-for-profit public media company. If you’d like to directly support this show and independent media, you can make a donation at Radiotopia.fm/donate. A note on notes: We’d much rather you just went into each episode of The Memory Palace cold. And just let the story take you where it well. So, we don’t suggest looking into the show notes f...more

  • Emperors of Rome / Episode CLXXIV - Boudicca

    In 60CE Rome came close to losing the province of Britannia in an uprising led by the warrior queen Boudicca, who united the tribes in the area, destroyed several Roman settlements and defeated part of a Roman legion. She has become an icon of British resistance, highlighting the difficulty Rome had in controlling the distant provinces. Part III of ‘Enemies of Rome’ Guest: Associate Professor Rhiannon Evans (Head of Department of Languages and Linguistics, La Trobe University) When in Rome s...more

  • ROCK AND/OR ROLL / The Real Me: Trailer

    “The Real Me,” a new production from Pantheon Podcasts premiering Tuesday, Oct. 5, follows the emotionally powerful stories of young songwriters and performers with cancer who found hope, healing and connection through music.Presented by Teen Cancer America (TCA), the national non-profit founded by rock icons Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who, “The Real Me” highlights the moving experiences of cancer patients in TCA’s Play It Back program, which matches them with music professionals to...more

  • The Thomas Jefferson Hour / #1461 Circular to the Heads of Departments

    We speak with President Jefferson about his "Circular to the Heads of Departments," a memo he wrote dated November 6, 1801 which provides insight into Jefferson's governing style. He refers to his cabinet as one of the most harmonious in history, and he closes his letter by writing, "If I had the Universe to choose from, I could not change one of my associates to my better satisfaction." You can order Clay's new book at Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble, or by contacting your independent bookstor...more

  • Intelligence Squared / Should Black Americans Move to the South?

    In this week's episode Charles Blow speaks to journalist Dele Olojede about the arguments in his new book The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto. He argued that if enough African-Americans move south, the demographic balance in the Southern States will be tipped in favour of Black voters and politicians. His new home state of Georgia – he practises what he preaches and left Brooklyn for Atlanta – recently voted for a Democrat presidential candidate and two Democratic Senate candidates,...more

  • The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe / Episode 218: The Human Calculator is on a Mission

    The Human Calculator, Scott Flansburg stops by to demonstrate his Guinness world-record abilities, introduce Mike to a better calendar, and explain why he is determined to uncover the real story of how basketball was invented. 

  • SpyCast / “One of CIA’s Most Decorated Field Officers” – A Conversation with Marc Polymeropoulos

    What do you get if you cross a Greek Orthodox guy from Athens and a Jewish girl from Long Island; and then mix in two Ivy League degrees and a 26-year career in the Central Intelligence Agency? If you haven’t worked out that this refers to Marc, given that he is mentioned in the episode title, you can probably forget ever having a career in intelligence. Mark is brimming with vitality, chock full of stories, and can talk baseball and wings as well as the finer points of Algerian politics or US g...more

  • Switched on Pop / Deja Vu: Why Olivia Rodrigo keeps giving up songwriting credits

    In the last few years music copyright claims have skyrocketed. More and more artists are giving songwriting credits away. Frequently, credits are given retroactively to avoid the cost of long jury trials like when Sam Smith credited Tom Petty. Smith’s melody for “Stay With Me” clearly drew from Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.” On rare occasions these cases go to court, where music litigation is at an all time high. In the last ten years there have been 190 public cases, up over 350% from the prior d...more

  • Skeptoid / Skeptoid #798: Tracking the Wild Big Cats of Britain

    For centuries, large black predatory cats have been said to prowl the countryside of Britain, even though no such species is known to exist there. Are the big cats of Britain just a tall tale, or might there be some truth to it?