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Enjoyable History

Some people love history, and some find it a terrible bore. This channel will draw you in with great fascinating tales and wonderful narration.

by Pastime

    Enjoyable History

    Jan 16 2021

  • Intelligence Squared / Populista! The Rise of Latin America's Strongman, with Will Grant and Mark Mardell

    For more than six decades, Fidel Castro's words have echoed through the politics of Latin America. His towering political influence still looms over the region today.The swing to the Left in Latin America, known as the 'Pink Tide', was the most important political movement in the Western Hemisphere in the 21st century. Yet today, this wave of populism has left the Americas in the hands of some of the most authoritarian and dangerous leaders since the military dictatorshi...more

  • Fishko Files from WNYC / MLK: 2 Films

    Today, the new documentary film MLK/FBI is available to screen. As WNYC's Sara Fishko tells us, it's a dark and revealing update to civil rights movement history. That, and an older Dr. King film, are the subjects of this edition of Fishko Files. MLK/FBI is out today in select theatres and on VOD. King: A Filmed Record...Montgomery to Memphis is available to rent or buy.

  • Dan Snow's History Hit / Lockdown Learning: The Tudors

    We're very pleased to bring you this special 'Lockdown Learning' episode of the podcast, featuring the brilliant Dr Anna Whitelock on the Tudor period. Anna is Director of the London Centre for Public History and Heritage and head of history at Royal Holloway, she's written extensively on the Tudors and in this episode she gives us a general view right across the period.Thank you also to Simon Beale, a history teacher in our community, who has put together the accompanying worksheet, you can dow...more

  • History Extra podcast / Hitler and Stalin: tyrants at war

    Laurence Rees compares the actions of the two dictators over the course of the Second World War Historian, author and broadcaster Laurence Rees discusses his new book, Hitler and Stalin, which compares the actions of the two dictators over the course of the Second World War.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio / EP3349: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Malcom Wish, MD Matter

    Johnny goes to San Francisco to investigate the disappearance of an insured missing physician. Original Air Date: June 20, 1951 When making your travel plans, remember http://johnnydollarair.com Read... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

  • Filmspotting: Reviews & Top 5s / #809: News of the World / Wonder Woman 1984

    For the first proper show of the new year, the Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips joins Josh for reviews of a couple of late-2020 releases: the Tom Hanks western NEWS OF THE WORLD and Patty Jenkins' WONDER WOMAN 1984. While Josh and Michael agree that neither film quite fulfills its potential, they both prove to be great fodder for debate.0:00 - Billboard1:27 - Review: "News of the World"The Previews, "Money For Nothing"34:28 - Next Week/Notes44:01 - Review: "Wonder Woman 1984"54:40 - Outro  Lea...more

  • Most Notorious! A True Crime History Podcast / 1876 Texas's England Family Massacre w/ Glen Sample Ely - A True Crime History Podcast

    In late August of 1876, an eighty-two-year-old Methodist minister, William England, his wife Selena, and two of their children were slaughtered on their North Texas farm. Selena, on her deathbed, insisted that one of the murderers was their neighbor, Ben Krebs, with whom they had suffered some ongoing troubles. But was he the actual killer, or did someone else, with another motive, murder the England family that hot summer night? My guest is Glen Sample Ely, and in his book, "Murder in Montagu...more

  • Ancient Warfare Podcast / AW133 - Coups, successes and failures

    In this episode the Ancient Warfare team are between issues of the magazine, so Mark suggested they discuss coups in the ancient world. For those who are not already patrons of the podcast, we've updated the tiers. We've added subscription to the magazine. You can find out more at patreon.com/ancientwarfarepodcast.

  • In Our Time / The Great Gatsby

    Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss F Scott Fitzgerald’s finest novel, published in 1925, one of the great American novels of the twentieth century. It is told by Nick Carraway, neighbour and friend of the mysteriously wealthy Jay Gatsby. In the age of jazz and prohibition, Gatsby hosts lavish parties at his opulent home across the bay from Daisy Buchanan, in the hope she’ll attend one of them and they can be reunited. They were lovers as teenagers but she had given him up for a richer man who she...more

  • Tides of History / Agriculture and Complex Societies in the Americas, 4000-1500 BC

    Agriculture was invented in no fewer than three, and probably four, places in the Americas. It went along with sedentary living and complex societies, but in complicated ways: fishing villages along the Andean coast grew into the cities of Norte Chico, but hunter-gatherers produced the first great mound complexes of the American southeast. How did farming change, and not change, the diverse societies of the Americas?Listen to new episodes 1 week early, to exclusive seasons 1 and 2, and to all ep...more

  • Skeptoid / I Know Dino podcast preview

    A preview of I Know Dino, the big dinosaur podcast!

  • Witness History / Landing on Titan

    The story of the remarkable mission to land on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. The large mysterious moon has a thick orange atmosphere. No-one had ever seen the surface. In the late 1990s, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft was sent on a 7 year, 3.5 billion km journey through space to explore Saturn and Titan. Alex Last spoke to Prof. Emeritus John Zarnecki of the Open University who worked on the mission. Photo: A flattened (Mercator) projection of the Huygens probe's view of Titan. Taken by t...more

  • Useless Information Podcast / Introducing Business Movers

    In Wondery’s newest series, Business Movers, host Lindsay Graham dives deep into the inner workings of some of the most successful companies of all time. From the origin stories of their famed leaders to the million dollar idea that catapulted them to success, how exactly did these companies grow from an idea and a dream to multi-billion dollar corporations? Hear the landmark decisions, the scandals, and the stunning triumphs that made them who they are. First up: Walt Disney. Listen at wondery....more

  • The British History Podcast / 363 – Treason!

    Piece by piece, the board was being set for a... For a full transcript, go to thebritishhistorypodcast.com

  • Stuff You Missed in History Class / Unearthed! Year-end 2020, Part 2

    In this second part of the year-end Unearthed! for 2020, topics include art, music, edibles and potables, and exhumations and repatriations, and potpourri. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

  • Spirits / 214: Your Urban Legends XLIV - Pets & Animals!

    Humans aren’t the only supernatural beings and spirits out there - it’s time to feature the pets and animals in our creepy lives! Featuring a cat’s unfinished business, how to create a plant ghost, a horse antichrist, and a ghostly game of fetch. Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about or mentions of animal death, mental health issues, anxiety, cultural appropriation, sexual innuendo, sacrilegious implications, and suicidal ideation.    Housekeeping - Recommendation: This week...more

  • White Horse Inn / Gospel-Focused

    There is a lot of talk these days about “living the gospel” or “being the gospel,” as if we ourselves are the good news. Some even say that the church is an extension of Christ’s incarnation, as if Jesus came to provide the moral example or template for us to complete. There is only one redeemer and head of the church. To him alone all authority is given in heaven and on earth. On this program, the hosts encourage us to put the focus back on Christ and his gospel as they continue their new year ...more

  • Radiolab / Sight Unseen

    As the attacks were unfolding on the Capitol, a steady stream of images poured onto our screens. Photo editor Kainaz Amaria tells us what she was looking for--and seeing--that afternoon. And she runs into a dilemma we've talked about before. In December of 2009, photojournalist Lynsey Addario, in was embedded with a medevac team in Afghanistan. After days of waiting, one night they got the call - a marine was gravely wounded. What happened next happens all the time. But this time it was captured...more

  • Myths and Legends / 210-Russian Legends: Dragons, Dragons Everywhere

    The story of Dobrynya the dragon slayer from Russian folklore is the tale of a young man finding his heroic destiny, from magical hats to skinny dipping and dancing with baby dragons. Sorry, did I say dancing *with* baby dragons? I meant dancing *on* baby dragons.The creature is the lavellan a plague-ridden mouse! Because we need more of that right now!The store: https://myths.link/storeThe membership: https://www.mythpodcast.com/membership--Bombas: Give a pair when you buy a pair, and get 20 pe...more

  • The Thomas Jefferson Hour / #1425 The Transition

    The events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 dominated the thoughts of most citizens last week. Clay Jenkinson offers his own thoughts and historical perspective along with comments from Jefferson Hour contributors Beau Wright, David Nicandri and Joseph Ellis. Find this episode, along with recommended reading, on the blog. Support the show by joining the 1776 Club or by donating to the Thomas Jefferson Hour, Inc. You can learn more about Clay's cultural tours and retreats at jeffersonhour.c...more