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    Enjoyable History

    Dec 19 2018

  • The Thomas Jefferson Hour / #1317 Madison's Letters

    "Jefferson yielded to Madison's stronger concern. He needed him and he trusted him." — Clay S. Jenkinson Clay and David discuss a number of letters between Thomas Jefferson and James Madison that reveal their working relationship, their friendship, and how Madison protected Jefferson politically. Find this episode, along with recommended reading, on the blog. Support the show by joining the 1776 Club or by donating to the Thomas Jefferson Hour, Inc. You can learn more about our Cultural Tours & ...more

  • The Brian Lehrer Show / Making Reparations and 'Reknitting' Our Communities

    Lara Bazelon, associate professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, where she is the director of its Criminal Juvenile Justice and Racial Justice Clinics, and the author of Rectify: The Power of Restorative Justice After Wrongful Conviction (Beacon Press, 2018), tells stories of what life is like AFTER exoneration, how it’s almost impossible to get back any kind of normalcy and how restorative justice can help.

  • Dan Snow's History Hit / The British in India with David Gilmour

    In this episode, Dan talks to David Gilmour about the British in India. David Gilmour's new book is a vast exploration of the social history of India. David Gilmour is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.Producer: Natt TapleyAudio: Peter Curry

  • The Jerry Springer Podcast / On The Southern Border - EP. 192

    We're all excited about Jerry's new judge gig. He'll be judicious, but he'll be the funniest damn judge show ever.We had some phone issues tonight. First we've got Jene getting a call about term life insurance. Not cool for a professional broadcaster. Then, we call "Ask A Lifeguard" to find out about his new venture, only to have a missed call, call back, dead air on the line. Jerry reminds the lifeguard that you actually have to put the phone up to your ear to hear others.Jerry's Rant is about ...more

  • SpyCast / Masters of Mayhem: A Conversation with James Stejskal

    SPY Historian Vince Houghton sat down with former Green Beret and CIA Operations Officer James Stejskal to discuss the legacy of TE Lawrence and Stejskal’s newest book, Masters of Mayhem: Lawrence of Arabia and the British Military Mission to the Hejaz.

  • The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds / 357 - The Piedras Negras Jail Break

    Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds examine the Piedras Negras jail break. SOURCES TOUR DATES REDBUBBLE OFFICIAL MERCH

  • OTR Detective – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio / EP2698: Stand by for Crime The Black Hand

    A man tries to give Chuck an anonymous tip on a gangland shooting but the situation is complicated when his daughter is kidnapped. Original Air Date: 1952 Support the show monthly at... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

  • Most Notorious! A True Crime History Podcast / Marjorie Congdon and the Glensheen Murders w/ Sharon Darby Hendry - A True Crime History Podcast

    In this special interview episode from the files of Where Blood Runs Cold, I interview Sharon Henry Darby, author of Glensheen's Daughter,  about the notorious Minnesota murderer and arsonist Marjorie Congdon, who besides allegedly conspiring to murder her mother Elizabeth Congdon at the famous Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, also left a trail of fire and death for the next three decades across the country. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • Ancient Warfare Podcast / The power of Poseidon

    'The first decades of the Hellenistic era are famous for the ever-growing warships of the Ptolemies, but naval warfare wasn't just about who had the biggest ships.' We're discussing Ancient Warfare Magazine XII.4. Taking part in this episode is Jasper Oorthuys, Lindsay, Mark McCaffery, Marc DeSantis and Murray Dahm.

  • The Hook Up / Dating when you're a widow in your 20s

    Dating after a break up can be hard as it is, but imagine dating when you’re single because your partner had passed away. Many young people have experienced losing a friend or family member, but it’s rare to be a widow in your 20s. Find out the challenges faced and how to overcome them.

  • Once Upon A Crime | True Crime / Episode 115: The Darlie Routier Case with Guest Co-Host Yolanda from Not Perfect or Functional Podcast

    As a special holiday episode Yolanda from Not Perfect or Functional Podcast aka my little sister returns! This time we discuss the ever-debated Darlie Routier case.   Yolanda's Podcast: or look for it under "Not Perfect or Functional" on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts.  Resources:  Book: A Killer in My House: The Darlie Routier Story by David Kennedy Link to DNA results:  Choose "accept" on main page and t...more

  • Mark Driscoll Audio / Malachi #4 - Learn to Persevere

    When tough times come into your relationships, are you the kind of person who is more likely to hang in there or hang it up? In every relationship, there are times when we want to give in and give up. This is especially true with family members, including our spouse. But, when we learn to persevere through hard times with God, family, and friends, the long-term blessings outweigh the short-term burdens.

  • Witness / China and Japan at War

    Japanese troops reached the Chinese city of Nanjing in December 1937. The violence that followed marked one of the darkest moments in a struggle that continued throughout WW2. Rebecca Kesby has been speaking to former General Huang Shih Chung, who survived the slaughter in Nanjing as a boy and then fought in China's war of resistance against the Japanese. Photo: Huang Shih-Chung as a young soldier.

  • Futility Closet / 229-The Stone of Destiny

      In 1950, four patriotic Scots broke in to Westminster Abbey to steal the Stone of Scone, a symbol of Scottish independence that had lain there for 600 years. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll follow the memorable events of that evening and their meaning for the participants, their nation, and the United Kingdom. We'll also evade a death ray and puzzle over Santa's correspondence. Intro: In the 1920s Massachusetts mechanical engineer Elis Stenman fashioned a house out ...more

  • Revolutions / 9.18- The Fall of Huerta

    In the summer of 1914, the armies of Obregón, Villa, and Zapata drove Huerta into exile. 

  • Emperors of Rome / Episode CIX - Saturnalia

    Saturnalia was the biggest festival on the Roman calendar - that special time in December when you gathered all your loved ones close, made a sacrifice to Saturn, and celebrated the festive season. Guest: Dr Rhiannon Evans (Senior Lecturer, Classics and Ancient History, La Trobe University).

  • The Vanished Podcast / Kathleen Mohn

    48-year-old Kathleen Mohn was last seen at her home in the Gulph Mills section of Upper Merion Township, Pennsylvania on the evening of December 3, 1999. Kathleen had intended on spending the weekend in Levittown, Pennsylvania, just about a 40 minute drive from her home. At this time in her life, Kathleen was living with her husband, Thomas Mohn. After over 20 years of marriage, the two had become estranged and had begun openly seeing other people, but they still remained living under one r...more

  • True Crime Historian / The Basement Butcher Of Prospect Place

    AN EYE FOR AN EYE -- A special edition of Yesterday’s News exploring the criminal justice system at its most extreme: Inflicting the Death Penalty... The Brownell-Bennett Dismemberments Episode 300 recounts a grisly pair of murders that are uncovered when New York City residents begin finding stray body parts around Brooklyn. The reporting isn’t terribly graphic, but there are a few ghastly descriptions. There’s your trigger warning. Culled from the historic pages of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, t...more

  • The History of England / 265 Live Still to Die

    After Mary's victory, Jane Grey was imprisoned comfortably in the Tower, and spent her time studying - and had a reasonable expectation of long, if a little dull, life. Until in 1554 Thomas Wyatt and her father Henry Grey, raised rebellion.