Music for the masses

This channel provides an introduction to a handful of great podcasts that focus on music.

by Pastime

    Music for the masses #4

    Mar 08 2017

  • Song Exploder: Moonlight

    The film Moonlight tells the story of its main character, Chiron, in three chapters: when Chiron is a young boy, nicknamed Little, when he's a teenager, and when he's an adult, nicknamed Black. For each chapter of the film, composer Nicholas Britell created a theme, and in this episode, Nicholas takes those themes apart. The score for Moonlight was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe, and the film itself won the Golden Globe for Best Drama.

  • Song Exploder: Bonobo feat Rhye

    Simon Green is a producer and DJ who’s been making music under the name Bonobo since 2000. In January 2017 he released his sixth studio album, Migration. For the song “Break Apart," he enlisted Rhye to add vocals, and in this episode, the two of them tell the story of how the track came together.

  • 20k hertz: Audio Descriptions

    Did you know there might be a track of audio on your favorite movies and television shows that describe all of the actions on screen? This technology was designed for the visually impaired, but it could be used for the masses. It’s still not as widely provided as some would hope. Meet the consumers and activists fighting for a better-described tomorrow. Featuring Tommy Edison, Robert Kingett, and Colleen Connor. MUSIC FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE Washedway by Evolv Unspoken by Am ArchitectJoining H...more

  • 20k hertz: Cars

    Some car sounds are more obvious like the horn or engine... but what about the not-obvious-until-you-point-them-out sounds like the hollow thud of a trunk or the click of a latch? The sounds a car makes are so closely associated with quality, so how, exactly, do car makers handle this aspect of the driving experience? Featuring Car Enthusiast & Sound Mixer Brian Garfield, David Zenlea from Road & Track, and Tom Teknos from Ford. MUSIC FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE "A Million Years" by Awake or Sle...more

  • Music for the masses #3

    Feb 13 2017

  • Song Exploder: Solange - Cranes in the Sky

    Solange Knowles released her first album in 2002, at the age of 16. Her third album, A Seat at the Table, came out in September 2016, and debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. It’s gotten widespread critical acclaim, including being named album of the year by Pitchfork and by Vibe. In this episode, Solange takes apart the song "Cranes in the Sky," which began back in 2008.

  • Twenty Thousand Hertz: From Analog to Digital

    Did we lose anything when we transitioned from analog to digital? Learn about the Jedi skills old radio DJs had to have to spin vinyl on the radio, and meet a man who’s found himself trapped in a digital world and learn what he does to escape. Featuring Rick Adams and Craig Crane. For more information and show notes, visit

  • Something about the Beatles: George and Paul

    Within the Beatles, there were any number of complex inter-personal dynamics. Those between the group’s lead guitarist and bassist were among the most convoluted: the Pisces fish vs. Gemini twin. In this episode, Richard and Robert discuss, examine and otherwise attempt to interpret this most volatile relationship as it evolved over time. Songs include “Don’t Ever Change, “I Me Mine” and “All Things Must Pass.”  Find Robert’s books here. Find R...more

  • Switched on Pop: Zayn, Taylor Swift, and the Grammys

    "I Don't Wanna Live Forever," the new track from Zayn and Taylor Swift, finds two members of the pop pantheon joining forces with producer Jack Antonoff to craft an inexorable hit song. But this duet—between a former One Direction heartthrob aiming to avert the sophomore slump and a megastar returning to the limelight—is far from triumphant. Instead, "Forever" delves into themes of loss and separation—emotions in turn embedded in the very structure and melody of this most unusual duet. Also, Cha...more

  • Music for the masses #2

    Jan 24 2017

  • 20k: The Voice of Siri

    When Siri launched in 2011, she permanently changed the way people interacted with their technology. What was it like to be the voice behind that voice? And how did they make that voice come to life? Featuring the original voice of Siri, voice actor Susan Bennett, and Director of Speech to Text Technology for Nuance, Dr. Andrew Breen.

  • Music for the masses #1

    Oct 12 2016

  • Song Exploder: The Commander Thinks Aloud

    In Song Exploder, host Hrishikesh Hirway interviews artists about their creative process and how a particular song took shape. It's super entertaining!

    In this episode: On February 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart while reentering the earth's atmosphere. John Roderick, singer and songwriter of The Long Winters, wrote "The Commander Thinks Aloud" about that fateful moment. This episode was made from an interview I did with John Roderick in front of a live audience in Se...more

  • András Schiff Beethoven Lectures

    András Schiff gave a series of lectures in 2006 on Beethoven, in which he deconstructs Beethoven's sonatas, piece by piece, offering historical context and musical inspiration. It's truly amazing to behold someone with such intimate knowledge of the subject, not mention his brilliant off-the-cuff recitals of the various pieces. Here we start with the segment on Appassionata, however the whole series is well worth the time.

  • Mic Check: Ali Shaheed Muhummad

    Hosts Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Frannie Kelley deliver detailed, no-nonsense interviews with some of hip-hop’s biggest names. In this episode: "We put our legendary co-host in the hot seat and he spoke on how he evaluates music, how his faith influences his work ethic and how much he cares about getting credit. And that's just the first half."

  • Switched on Pop: Searching for Max Martin

    The most omnipresent figure in pop music is also the most elusive: Karl Sandberg, AKA Max Martin, the mad Swedish genius who’s ruled the charts for 20 years. With the help of New Yorker writer John Seabrook, author of The Song Machine, and comedian Chris Duffy, they track Martin's pervasive influence on the pop music scene. Switched on Pop is a podcast that explores the making and meaning of popular music.

  • All Songs Considered: Takeover

    Los Angeles folk duo The Milk Carton Kids commandeer the mic and take over this week's show with an aspirational playlist. All Songs Considered is a long-running radio-show (now podcast) in which hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton spin new music from emerging bands and musical icons.