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Music for the masses

This channel provides an introduction to a handful of great podcasts that focus on music.

by Pastime

    Music for the masses

    Jan 24 2020

  • Drink Champs / Episode 195 w/ Bizarre

    N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. On today’s episode The Champs chop it up with Bizarre. Best known for being part of the legendary group D12; Bizarre shares classic stories from his come up in the Detroit Hip-Hop music scene.From being part of the early battles at The Hip Hop Shop that featured everyone from Eminem, D12, Royce Da 5’9” to Fat Joe. Bizarre shares how The Hip-Hop Shop provided Detroit MC’s a place to showcase their skills and even attracted MC’s from out of town as well....more

  • Today's Top Tune / Dojo Cuts: “Rome” featuring Roxie Ray

    The latest tasty morsel from Aussie-based Dojo Cuts is an intoxicating and soulful mix, graced by Roxie Ray's vocals. "Rome" feels timeless, but took less than a day to put together!

  • Sound Opinions / #739 Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Opinions on Drive-By Truckers & Torres

    Motown Records helped create the soundtrack for a generation. And no group at that famous label was more iconic than The Supremes, both for their sound, and for their groundbreaking glamour. This week, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk to Mary Wilson of The Supremes about her days at Motown, and how the group became international ambassadors representing an entire community. Jim and Greg also review new records from the Southern rock band Drive-By Truckers and indie singer-songwriter Torres....more


    Tim Hardin was an extremely talented songwriter and performer who spent decades struggling with heroin addiction.

  • Pop Culture Happy Hour / Cheer, Dare Me, And What's Making Us Happy

    Competitive cheerleading is on a pop culture roll. Netflix recently dropped the documentary series Cheer, about a highly successful Texas squad. And USA is midway through the series Dare Me. Based on Megan Abbott's book of the same name, Dare Me is a moody thriller about a charismatic cheer coach and the best friends who are at odds over her influence.

  • All Songs Considered / Pinegrove, Pinenuts And Pinetabs: A Conversation with Evan Stephens Hall

    The Pinegrove singer talks about the band's latest album and how fans have interpreted the new songs, using chord tablature the band provided for fans online.

  • Whole Lotta Talk - Interviews that rock! / Robin Zander / Cheap Trick

    Talking to Robin Zander about Rock Meets Classic and future plans with Cheap Trick Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend Robin Zander from Cheap Trick talked to us about the upcoming Rock Meets Classic tour through Germany, where he is going to perform with Alice Cooper, Mother's Finest, Thunder and more amazing artists and bands. And of course Robin is busy with Cheap Trick, too - he revealed a possible release date and let us know about their plans for a European tour in 2020!

  • Soundcheck / The Eloquent Musical Interplay of the Anat Cohen Tentet

    Tel Aviv-born, New York-based Anat Cohen is a multiple Grammy-nominated clarinetist, composer, and bandleader whose Anat Cohen Tentet ranges from chamber-funk to large and sensuous orchestral jazz, from Brazilian music to African grooves, vintage swing to tango, boogaloo to ballads. Their latest album, Triple Helix, has been nominated for a Grammy and is built around a three part clarinet concerto, co-commissioned by Carnegie Hall and Chicago’s Symphony Center,and written by Anat’s longtime musi...more

  • Tiny Desk Concerts - Audio / Max Richter

    The eclectic composer joins members of the ACME ensemble for some of his most affecting music, which moves the audience to tears.

  • Afropop Worldwide / Cape Verde Sounds - Heard And Unheard

    On a 2018 return visit to the archipelago of Cape Verde, we find all sorts of fresh musical activity, global and local. We hear some spectacular young female vocalists in this program, including Fatou Diakite, descended from a Malian family, but raised in Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau, and a master of styles from morna to gumbe. We also meet Lucibela, now based in Lisbon, and one of the most talked about Cape Verdean singers today. And we hear new work from Nancy Vieira, Jenifer Solidade and Elid...more

  • Talkhouse Podcast / Juliana Harkavy with Ryan Hurst

    On the latest episode of the Talkhouse Podcast, we feature the second of our talks recorded live at last year’s LA Comic Con. Though the pairing of actors Juliana Harkavy (aka Black Canary on Arrow) and Ryan Hurst (best known as Opie on Sons of Anarchy) came together at the last minute, the two clicked instantly, helped by their joint love of dogs (Ryan has 12 and is a dog trainer!) and the fact that both of them have acted on The Walking Dead. As well as swapping stories about eating lunch with...more

  • Irish and Celtic Music Podcast / Jaunting Car #444

    Climb aboard a jaunting car with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Bonnie Rideout, ChildsPlay, Heather Dale, Syncopaths, Terry Griffith, Ballinloch, The Rogues, Ella Roberts, The Gatehouse Well, The Selkie Girls, Lothlorien, The Ennis Sisters, Syr, The Changing Room I hope you enjoyed this week's show. If you did, please share the show with ONE friend. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is here to build our community and help the incredible artists who so generously share their music with you. If ...more

  • Wonderful! / Wonderful! 117: This is Bras

    Rachel's favorite new Americana musician! Griffin's favorite folk game! Rachel's favorite communal self-care! Griffin's favorite sky cookie! Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus - https://open.spotify.com/album/7n6zRzTrGPIHt0kRvmWoya

  • Twenty Thousand Hertz / #86 | 4′33″

    John Cage was a respected composer when, in 1952, he created his “silent piece”, 4’33’’ - a piece that would have the music world scratching their heads. This episode asks whether 4’33’’ is really “silent”, and we explore the history of a piece musicians still talk about today - and speak to the man who campaigned to get it to the top the British charts in 2010. Featuring composers Kyle Gann and Nahre Sol, and artist Dave Hilliard.Twenty Thousand Hertz is produced out of the studios of Defacto S...more

  • Slate Culture / Culture Gabfest: Half for Me, Half for You

    This week on the Culture Gabfest, Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner dive into Honeyland, Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov’s Academy Award-nominated documentary following a beekeeper in Macedonia. Next, they chat about Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time. Finally, Slate’s Laura Miller joins the panel to discuss Jia Tolentino’s Trick Mirror and the role—and critiques—of the modern female essayist.On the Slate Plus segment this week, the panel discusses Oscar nominations.  Podcast...more

  • Rolling Stone Music Now / The Life and Music of Neil Peart

    In 2015 interview audio, Rush's late drummer and lyricist reflects on the pains and pleasures of his work. Plus, Hank Shteamer and Andy Greene join host Brian Hiatt to look back on Peart's legacy

  • Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin / Kantor and Twohey: The Reporters Who Broke the Harvey Weinstein Story

    Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey are the New York Times reporters who broke the Harvey Weinstein story.  For five months -- perpetually in danger of losing the scoop -- they cultivated and cajoled sources ranging from the Weinsteins’ accountant to Ashley Judd.  The article that emerged on October 5th, 2017, was a level-headed and impeccably sourced exposé, whose effects continue to be felt around the world.  Their conversation with Alec covers their reporting process, and moves on to a joint wrestli...more

  • The Anfield Wrap / Free Special: The Athletic's Post-Manchester United 'Red Agenda' Podcast

    After the Manchester United win which saw Anfield announce the title would be Liverpool's, Neil Atkinson made a rare appearance on The Athletic's podcast. 'The Red Agenda' is hosted by Steve Hothersall and features James Pearce as a guest, and we enjoyed reliving it so much we have it here for all our listeners. So sit back, enjoy, and if you do, you can subscribe to future editions by clicking here.

  • Switched on Pop / Hopes and Fears of Mac Miller, Future, Drake, and Billie Eilish

    Mac Miller, Future and Billie Eilish all have good and bad news to share. On Miller’s posthumous album, Circles, he exposes personal struggles with fame, addiction, and mental illness — sobering topics given his unintentional drug overdose last year. Yet at the same time we hear him searching for “good news,” practicing self care and accepting that “there's a whole lot more” waiting. Future & Drake’s celebration of material excess also finds them “working on the weekend” just to keep up appe...more

  • Good Stuff Kids / #239 – Again Again

    Again Again (Anne Montone and Jennifer Cook) have created an album of really really good music that your family will love. It’s thoughtful, fun, funny, deep, musically sophisticated… I mean, what else do you need? Make sure to check out ‘The Kids Are Here (First Day Of School)’ to get a taste of the way Again Again rock!