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Pastime's Night Listening channel features a episodes curated by podcast superfan Carol covering a wide range of topics, from relationships to mysteries, to humor and more.

by Pastime-Old

    Night Listening #4

    Feb 13 2017

  • Modern Love: The Boy Who Makes Waves

    Mykelti Williamson of the Oscar-nominated film "Fences" reads an essay about a father's complicated love for his son.

  • Revisionist History: Generous Orthodoxy

    A 98-year-old minister takes on his church over the subject of gay marriage—and teaches the rest of us what it means to stand up in protest.  If you're looking to go deeper into the subjects on Revisionist History, visit Malcolm's collection on iBooks at -- iBooks will update the page every week with new recommendations.  To learn more about the topics covered in this episode, visit

  • Stories Teachers Share: The Coach

    This is an installment of the Stories Teachers Share podcast. Listen above or on iTunes to hear how the story unfolds. Classroom teachers feel a lot of top down pressure to help their students achieve academically. Most understand that in order to do that they must have strong relationships with students, but the realities of some schools and schedules can make it very difficult for teachers to get to know students as much as they would like. That’s why some of the most influential teacher...more

  • Strangers: Jo and Fayaz

    Fayaz asked Jo to marry him after they’d spent just one week in the same place. Here’s how that worked out. This story is the second installment in our Summer of Love series, but as it unfolds it becomes about more than just love.

  • Strangers: Eleven Up

    Today’s story is about two families trying to become one family. One set of parents is white, one is black, one lives in Portland, OR, the other in Miami, FL, one is Canadian/American, the other is Haitian/American. So, geographically, demographically, and socio-economically they live in very different worlds, but when we started following them more … Continue reading Eleven Up →

  • Carol's Night Listening #3

    Jan 24 2017

  • Snap Judgment: Home Stories, The Struggle is Real

    In this one-hour special, "Homemade Stories: The Struggle is Real," award-winning storyteller Shannon Cason takes us on a journey that finds hope in struggle. From navigating Detroit’s overwhelmed criminal justice system, to searching for work and finding closed doors, to being a father after failing in marriage, to finding anchors in a sea of uncertainty, Shannon's stories are heartfelt, heartbreaking and hilarious all at once.

  • Lore: Under Construction

    Humans have always loved to build things, but we occasionally have to make adjustments to our plans. City ordinances, building codes, and property disputes all get in the way. Sometimes, though, the reason we change our plans is much more interesting than that. Official Website Novels by Aaron Mahnke

  • Criminal: In Plain Sight

    In 1849, abolitionist and attorney Wendell Phillips wrote: "We should look in vain through the most trying times of our revolutionary history for an incident of courage and noble daring to equal that of the escape of William and Ellen Craft; and future historians and poets would tell this story as one of the most thrilling in the nation's annals, and millions would read it, with admiration of the hero and heroine of the story." Unfortunately, almost 170 years later, William and Ellen Craft aren'...more

  • The Story Behind American Apparel's downfall

    Season 4 of StartUp continues with the story of a well-known entrepreneur who built a widely recognized business, lost it all, and is now starting over—from scratch. Over the next several episodes, we’ll hear as this founder makes his second attempt at success, and creates an entirely new company in the shadow of his controversial past. Our Sponsors Amazon - Visit to support a startup The Black Tux – Visit to experience a new way to rent suits and...more

  • The Message

    The NSA has tasked the Cypher Group with decoding a verified alien message that has plaguedcodebreakers for decades. In this episode, Nicky introduces the members of the Cypher Group and “TheMessage” to the world in her podcast Cyphercast. [ep1 | 1min 03sec]

  • Carol's Night Listening #2

    Oct 14 2016

  • Sleepyhead: "Maybe I have problems..."

    Ariana (@Aardvarsk) was a professional lullabyist who let me into her bed to talk about innocence, dangerous curiosity, and our creepy life choices.

  • Outside In

    There's a popular idea out there that you can change from the outside in. Power posing. Fake it 'til you make it. If you just assume the pose, inner transformation will follow. We examine to what extent this is true, by following the first all-female debate team in Rwanda, a country that has legislated gender equality. We also see how an app reshaped the relationship of twin sisters. And we end our season at the beach, with a man whose life was transformed by a seagull named Mac Daddy.

  • Rapid Fire: Should I Stay Or Go?

    The Sugars bring you another "Rapid Fire" episode, where they give brief answers to a handful of letters that are all centered around a theme. The theme for this episode is "stay or go" -- people who have a voice in their head telling them to leave their relationship, but who aren't sure it's the right move.

  • It's Spelled A-m-i-n-a-t-o-u

    Aminatou Sow, co-host of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend, tells us about seeking political asylum in the U.S. and why Justin Bieber is her Mash-Up spirit animal.

  • I Killed Someone. Now I Have 3 Kids.

    From Death, Sex & Money: Lawrence Bartley watched his youngest son's first steps in a visiting room at Sing Sing Correctional Facility. He is an inmate. On Christmas night, 1990, he killed a 15 year-old bystander during a shoot-out in a movie theater. Bartley was 17 at the time.

    Now, he is a father of three. He's married to his middle school sweetheart. He has a master's degree. His daughter, born just after he was arrested, is now a grown woman. And he's had a lot of time to think a...more

  • Carol's Night Listening #1

    Oct 05 2016

  • You Must Remember This: Blacklist Part 1, Prehistory

    This episode will trace the roots of both communism and anti-communism in Hollywood, through the Depression, union struggles and scandals, and World War II. The major characters of the series will be introduced, including members of the Hollywood Ten like Dalton Trumbo and Edward Dmytryk, two Party members who collaborated on a film called Tender Comrade, which starred one of Hollywood's proudest Conservatives, Ginger Rogers. Tender Comrade epitomizes the political evolution that made the Blackl...more

  • Snap Judgment: Crash and Burn

    Riveting stories from people who pushed it to the limit. Snap Judgment, storytelling with a BEAT.

  • Criminal: Money Tree

    When Axton Betz-Hamilton was 11 years old, her parents' identities were stolen. At that time, in the early 90s, consumer protection services for identity theft victims were basically non-existent. So the family dealt with the consequences as best they could. But then when Axton got to college, she realized that her identity had been stolen as well. Her credit score was in the lowest 2%. As she was working to restore her credit, she inadvertently discovered who had stolen the family's identity. ...more

  • Attaboy Clarence: Murder by Gaslight

    To celebrate Episode 55, how about we find out which movie was the highest grossing of 1955. The answer may surprise you... There's Popsicles, okaysicle? Sookie returns at the behest of of a listener! The Question Pot throws up some very interesting posers! And reviews this week include a movie that badly wanted to be a Hitchcock film, and an incredibly dark British thriller from 1940 that MGM tried their best to destroy! Radio entertainment this week comes courtesy of the Lux Radio Theatre, and...more

  • Lore: When the bow breaks

    The cities and buildings where tragedy has concentrated over the years always seem to hold stories. Stories of loss, of pain, and of things that refuse to move on. That quality, though, isn’t unique to places on land.