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by Pastime-Old

    Politically Active #5

    Feb 13 2017

  • The Daily: On Stephen Miller

    Where did Stephen Miller come from, and how will his views on immigration influence the presidency? Also, farmers torn between support for President Trump and fear that he might deport their employees. Guests: Glenn Thrush, White House correspondent for The New York Times; Caitlin Dickerson, a reporter for The Times; and Jeff Marchini, a radicchio farmer in California. For more information on today’s episode, visit

  • Intercepted: Trumps Cabinet of Killers and Why Orange is the new Anti-Black

    This week, investigative reporter Allan Nairn breaks down Trump's relationship with the CIA and the killer assembly of neocons and right-wing conspiracists running the U.S. war machine. Princeton professor Keeanga Yamahtta-Taylor dismantles Obama's problematic legacy and offers strategic advice for resisting Trump. The Intercept's own distinguished alt-historian, Jon Schwarz, offers a lesson on the origins of presidential executive orders. And Kimya Dawson gives a raw performance of a new song a...more

  • The Moment: Evan McMullin fights for our democracy

    This conversation really began in December of last year when Brian posed a question to Evan McMullin on Twitter. Now Brian and Evan sit down to continue it. Evan McMullin, who ran as an independent in the 2016 presidential election and secured 21% of the vote in Utah, shares why he ran for president, about how his time as a CIA operative and his years of mission work inform his political views, and lays out what Americans can really do under this new administration. McMullin actively speaks out ...more

  • Pod Save America (live) Takes Brooklyn

    Jon, Jon and Tommy pierce their liberal bubble by traveling to Brooklyn for a live podcast. They're joined by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Alex Wagner of CBS News.

  • Politically Active #4

    Feb 07 2017

  • The Daily: 2/1/2017 A Goldman Sachs villain, Lone Wolf Terrorists

    What single figure connects the 2008 financial crisis, the creation of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, the Tea Party movement, Donald J. Trump’s election and, now, the potential dismantling of the biggest safeguard against America’s economic ruin? His name is Gary D. Cohn. Also, a Times investigation goes inside the world of the Islamic State and finds that terrorists no longer have to cross borders to carry out their attacks.

  • Planet Money: The thing about that border tax

    Over the next few months, we're going to explain President Trump's economic plans. Today: a totally new idea for corporate taxes. What's the plan, what's the theory behind it, and does it work?

  • Pod Save America: A moment of silence for Bowling Green

    Behind the scenes of Trump's first weeks, his attacks on the judiciary, and his not-so-populist revolution. Then Neera Tanden joins Jon, Jon and Tommy to discuss the fight to save ACA.

  • Politically Active #3

    Feb 01 2017

  • Pod Save the World: Secret Iran Talks with Jake Sullivan

    Tommy is joined by former top Clinton aide and former Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. They discuss Jake’s experience leading the secret Iran deal negotiations, Russian hacking, Trump’s attacks on the intelligence community, Benghazi and more.

  • Pod Save America: Protest is the New Brunch

    Jon, Jon and Tommy discuss Trump's unconscionable Muslim ban and the politicization of national security. They're joined by The Guardian's Sabrina Siddiqui to discuss the global reaction to the EO, and then later by former White House lawyer Danielle Gray to discuss the EOs and Trump's impending Supreme Court pick.

  • The Daily: Feb 1, 2017

    In a ceremony made for prime-time television, President Trump announced his Supreme Court nominee: Neil M. Gorsuch, a conservative judge with a sterling résumé. We spent the night at The New York Times talking with some of our most insightful colleagues about what the nomination means. We also get on the phone with the chief executive of Hobby Lobby, a company at the center of one of Judge Gorsuch’s most important cases.

  • Politically Active #2

    Jan 28 2017

  • Slate's Trumpcast: The President's Executive Disorder

    Virginia Heffernan talks to David Miliband, the President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), about the effects of President Trump's executive order on refugees worldwide.

  • Talking Politics: Jill Lepore

    We speak with New Yorker writer and historian Jill Lepore about Trump, the Tea Party and the constitution. She tells us how they go together, and how they don't. This conversation was recorded on the day of Trump's inauguration and we also have some voices and sounds from the event in Washington. Plus we try to make sense of what the Supreme Court verdict about Article 50 means for the sovereignty of the UK parliament, and what it means for Ireland and Scotland.

  • Understanding Mike Pence, Hugh Hewitt on Trump

    Today, Vice President Mike Pence will be attending the March for Life, becoming the highest ranking official to ever speak in person there. Maureen Groppe, a reporter for The Indianapolis Star's Washington bureau, interviewed Vice President Pence earlier this month. We speak with Groppe about Mike Pence's role as the face of conservative social values in the Trump White House, and the influence he can be expected to have within the administration. Over the course of the presidential campaign, co...more

  • Politically Active #1

    Jan 27 2017

  • NPR Politics: Covering 2016 as a Muslim

    Reporter Asma Khalid reflects on covering the 2016 election as a Muslim woman.

  • Slate's Political Gabfest

    David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson discuss the actions President Trump has taken already in his first week, what projects may become priorities for the nation's infrastructure and lying- what significance do lies have to the new administration and its future?

  • FiveThirtyEight: The Beginning Of The Trump Presidency

    Donald Trump's first few days as president were marked by executive orders, "alternative facts" and mass protests. Julia Azari and Erica Chenoweth help make sense of it.

  • Vox's The Weeds: Gag Order and Infrastructure

    Sarah, Ezra, and Matt talk about widely-misunderstood Trump administration efforts to shut up career civil servants, talk about infrastructure, and ask journalism's most pressing question: What's up with eggs?

  • Pod Save America: "What the hell are alternative facts?"

    Former Obama WH staffers discussing, in this instance, Trump's disturbing first week in office, including his Executive Orders, ABC interview, and voter fraud lies. Then they're joined by DNC Chair candidate Tom Perez to talk about the future of the Democratic Party.