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Tech and Biz Buffet

The Tech and Biz Buffet channel contains relevant podcast episodes on technology and business. Look for selections from great podcasts like a16z, Startup, Planet Money, Marketplace, and How I Built This.

by Pastime

    Tech and Biz Buffet

    Feb 26 2021

  • Future Tense / Wellbeing and COVID; the problem with Wikipedia; and the future of policing

    Early in 2020 we looked at New Zealand’s Wellbeing Budget initiative. That was just as the world was going into COVID lockdown. So how did the initiative handle the economic stresses caused by the pandemic. We get an update from Christoph Schumacher. We also look at some of the attribution problems faced by Wikipedia; and Elisabeth Braw from the American Enterprise Institute explains why she thinks the future of policing lies in following a model laid down by Napoleon.

  • Tech News Weekly (Audio) / TNW 172: Net Neutrality Returns! - Facebook and Australia, Android vs iOS Updates, Twitter's Super Follow

    Facebook and Australia, Android vs iOS updates, Twitter's Super Follow. Alex Kantrowitz from Big Technology Podcast talks about how Facebook and Australia have made amends in the News Feed dust-up. Karl Bode wrote for VICE about the changes that are imminent in the California courts to bring Net Neutrality back into the limelight. Jason and Mikah discuss some changes hitting Android and how updates differ between iOS and Android. Mikah details Twitter's breaking news of a paid subscription mode...more

  • The Energy Gang / Watt It Takes: Executive Producer Stephen Lacey

    This week, we have a bonus episode of Watt It Takes featuring Stephen Lacey, our founding host and executive producer.Back in December, Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch interviewed Stephen for a holiday edition of Watt It Takes. They talked in front of an audience about his career in journalism, how the world of podcasting has evolved, and his entrepreneurial journey launching a production company. And great news! Watt It Takes is now a standalone series. You can subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Goo...more

  • a16z Live / It's Time to Heal #2

    On this episode of the new a16z Bio Clubhouse Show "It's Time to Heal", a16z general partners Vineeta Agarwala, Jorge Conde, Vijay Pande, talk to guest Dr. Gaurav Singal about the future of digital diagnostics: what are they, who stands to benefit from them, and critically, who pays.

  • This Week in Startups - Audio / Reid Hoffman on the Joby Aviation SPAC, lessons from early Airbnb & Facebook bets, passing on Stripe & SpaceX, investment thesis & more | Angel S5 E6

    The post Reid Hoffman on the Joby Aviation SPAC, lessons from early Airbnb & Facebook bets, passing on Stripe & SpaceX, investment thesis & more | Angel S5 E6 appeared first on This Week In Startups.

  • The Giant Beastcast / The Giant Beastcast: Episode 301

    Alex introduces us to Fights in Tight Spaces, we visit The Room 4, and Bakalar is getting busy in Teardown. We've also got this week's news and even news we'll have to get to next week! Join us!

  • Accidental Tech Podcast / 419: This Week’s Gasp

    Pre-show diversions: Posting the bootleg Casey’s [hopefully useLiss] worries Marco’s ball situation Sonos Move Casey’s Compulsory Icebreaker Requisite link Follow-up: Jef e’s doubts about SMART tools Contacts API updates Better Trust Through Better Privacy Autofill Everywhere Google’s astrophotography mode Magnets and MagSafe (via Ante Söderholm) More on Supervised iPhones (via Marc Wickens) Support document More on Clubhouse Upgrade #340: Secre...more

  • 16 Minutes News by a16z / When Christie's Meets Crypto — The NFT Moment

    In this week’s episode of 16 Minutes — where we talk about tech trends in the news, what’s hype/ what’s real, and where we are on the long arc of innovation — the topic is NFTs ("non-fungible tokens"); specifically, the news that Christie’s has become the first major auction house to offer a purely digital artwork tied to an NFT or “non-fungible token." We’ll go more into NFTs (as well as whether this is really a big deal or not) in this episode, but here’s the news context: The work of art be...more

  • 60-Second Science / Machine Learning Pwns Old-School Atari Games

    You can call it the ‘revenge of the computer scientist.’ An algorithm that made headlines for mastering the notoriously difficult Atari 2600 game Montezuma’s Revenge, can now beat more games, achieving near perfect scores, and help robots explore real-world environments. Pakinam Amer reports.

  • TechStuff / Tech News: Military Coups and Net Neutrality

    We've learned more about how the military in Myanmar locked down communications in the wake of a coup. California's net neutrality law survives a legal challenge from cable companies. And Sony has plans for VR with the PS5. Plus more tech news! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

  • TED Talks Daily / The value of your humanity in an automated future | Kevin Roose

    To futureproof your job against robots and AI, you should learn how to code, brush up on your math skills and crack open an engineering textbook, right? Wrong. In this surprisingly comforting talk, tech journalist Kevin Roose makes the case that rather than trying to compete with the machines, we should instead focus on what makes us uniquely human.

  • Reply All / A Message from the Staff of Reply All

    An update on the future of The Test Kitchen series and PJ Vogt and Sruthi Pinnamaneni's departure.

  • MacMost - Mac, iPhone and iPad How-To Videos / 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Mac Safari (MacMost #2382)

    View in HD at . There is a lot of hidden functionality in the Safari browser on your Mac. Here are ten things (actually 13!) that you may not know you can do that will help you when browsing the web.

  • The Podcast Engineering Show / PES 211: Jeremy Enns

    My guest is Jeremy Enns - Podcast Producer and Storyteller In Chief at Counterweight Creative. And here are the resources Jeremy mentioned including a free mini-course "Grow Your Audience Through Podcast Guesting" - find everything HERE. We discussed SO MUCH, including: KRK V6 monitors Sony noise cancelling headphones ATR2100 Shure SM7b - uses a Gorilla tripod to hold the mic when traveling Zoom H4n - with preamp gain maxed out Macbook Pro Pro Tools - And all his subcontractors use Pro Too...more

  • Ctrl Alt Delete / #313 Dan Murray-Serter: On Burnout & Brain Nutrition

    Dan Murray-Serter is the co-founder of brain health and mental wellness company Heights. He is also the host of the UK's #1 business podcasts Secret Leaders and Braincare, and previously co-founder of Grabble, the UK's top shopping app. He is a thought-leader on topics such as mental health, spirituality & entrepreneurship and also writes about these topics for Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine. It was so great getting to chat to him about these topics - we talk about start-up founder burnout...more

  • Download This Show / So who just won? Australia or Facebook?

    It was only a week ago when Facebook and the Australian government locked horns over the proposed media bargaining laws and now Facebook has backflipped saying they’ll walk back its block on Australian users sharing news on its site. So is there a winner in this battle? And NASA Perseverance rover landed on Mars – we got to see its descent and landing in amazing detail and hear audio recorded on the surface for the first time. So what can we learn from this feat of science? Plus, Clubhouse has...more

  • Clockwise / 387: My Bell is Just Out of Reach

    Apps that need some reinvention, our wake-up/bedtime smartphone habits, the appeal (or not) of hi-fi music, and what we've added to our emergency kits. This episode of Clockwise is sponsored by: Pingdom: Start monitoring your website performance and availability today, and get instant alerts when an outage occurs or a site transaction fails. Use offer code CLOCKWISE to get 30% off. Offer expires on January 31, 2022, and can be used only once. Guest Starring: Jean MacDonald and Lex Friedma...more

  • Nature Podcast / The quark of the matter: what's really inside a proton?

    The surprising structure of protons, and a method for growing small intestines for transplantation.In this episode:00:45 Probing the proton’s interiorAlthough studied for decades, the internal structure of the proton is still throwing up surprises for physicists. This week, a team of researchers report an unexpected imbalance in the antimatter particles that make up the proton.Research Article: Dove et al.News and Views: Antimatter in the proton is more down than up07:08 Research HighlightsHow a...more

  • The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch / 20VC: The Snapchat Memo: Lightspeed's Jeremy Liew on The 4 Key Elements To Consider When Evaluating A Consumer Social Product, What is Good/Great/World Class For Retention, Usage and Downloads in Consumer Social Today & The Core Insight Development of Eva

    Jeremy Liew is a Partner @ Lightspeed Venture Partners, one of the leading firms of the last decade with a portfolio including the likes of Affirm, Snapchat (Snap), Mulesoft, Epic Games, Carta and more amazing companies. As for Jeremy, in the past he has led deals and sat on the boards of Snap, Affirm, Blockchain.com and The Honest Company to name a few. Before Lightspeed, Jeremy was with AOL, first as SVP of corporate development and chief of staff to the CEO, and then as general manager of Ne...more

  • Developer Tea / Quincy Larson, Founder of freeCodeCamp - Part Two

    Quincy Larson might be responsible for at least one very important part of your career: the beginning. That's because Quincy is the founder of freeCodeCamp, a non-profit teaching millions of people to code.In this and the last episode we talk all about what it means to be a beginner.✨ Sponsor: SquareSquare's Terminal API makes payments easy, whether in person, in-app, or both. Process payments on every platform imaginable. Get started today at https://developertea.com/square📮 Ask a QuestionIf y...more