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Tech and Biz Buffet

The Tech and Biz Buffet channel contains relevant podcast episodes on technology and business. Look for selections from great podcasts like a16z, Startup, Planet Money, Marketplace, and How I Built This.

by Pastime

    Tech and Biz Buffet

    Nov 26 2020

  • Future Tense / Plastic past, plastic present, plastic future

    Over the past two decades we’ve become increasingly sensitive to the overuse of plastic and more concerned about its environmental impact – but to what effect? According to the World Wildlife Fund, we’ve actually used more plastic since the year 2000 than in all the decades leading up to that date. And previous estimates for the amount of plastic in our oceans now appear far too conservative. Feel-good campaigns aside, the signs for the future are far from promising. As part of Radio National's ...more

  • TED Talks Daily / What happens in your brain when you taste food | Camilla Arndal Andersen

    With fascinating research and hilarious anecdotes, neuroscientist Camilla Arndal Andersen takes us into the lab where she studies people's sense of taste via brain scans. She reveals surprising insights about the way our brains subconsciously experience food -- and shows how this data could help us eat healthier without sacrificing taste.

  • Nerdette / Happy Zoomsgiving From Nerdette To You

    And from you to Nerdette!Despite [insert disaster of your choice], we’re still thankful for a lot of things in 2020. Like baked goods and game shows and the people we can still visit over the internet. We asked you to tell us about the stuff you’re grateful for right now and, obviously, you did not disappoint. Press play to listen.Us? We’re thankful for you. So hang in there, stay safe and have a happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Nerdette.

  • The CultCast / Our M1 MacBook Air review, plus stereo HomePod minis bring the BOOM! - #468

    This week: Here’s our one week review of the M1 MacBook Air! TDLR; it's ridiculous. Then: how do the new M1 Macs perform with 8GB vs 16GB of RAM? The differences are surprising! Plus: Apple’s about to do their best Black Friday sale yet, we discuss. And we’ll wrap up with a hands-on review of Stereo HomePod minis. CultCast is now listener supported! If you 💖 what we do, & if want to see more content with the same CultCast gusto, please join us. Supporters get CultCast: Off Topic!, a new variety...more

  • Ctrl Alt Delete / #296 Seth Godin: It's Time To Trust Yourself

    Welcome back! My guest today is Seth Godin. Seth first came on the podcast in 2017 so it's nice to have a refresher episode! He is the author of 20 books, and his blog, which you’ll find at Seths.blog is one of the most widely read blog on the Internet and he blogs every single day. In his own words: “for more than thirty years, I’ve been trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to level up.” And that is the best way to describe Seth Godin, he helps people find dignity an...more

  • This Week in Startups - Audio / Best of This Week in Startups: Week of November 23rd, 2020

    The post Best of This Week in Startups: Week of November 23rd, 2020 appeared first on This Week In Startups.

  • Download This Show / Fitbit for pets and can Maru stop online bullying?

    Fitness trackers for pooches - has your pet reached their step count? Across the world more than half of all girls have been harassed or abused online. Can ‘Maru’, an anti-harassment chatbot help? Plus, Twitter has unleashed its latest new feature and in a surprise to precisely no one, lots of people are complaining. Guests: Jocelyn Brewer, psychologist, cyberpsychology consultant @diginutrition + Nic Healey, breakfast presenter ABC Western Plains @dr_nic

  • Core Intuition / Episode 444: Say You Like The Peanut Butter

    Manton and Daniel talk about the rumors of newly designed Macs coming next year, and compare notes on our regrets or satisfaction with having purchased Intel-based MacBook Pros recently. They also talk about Apple’s PR blitz in the aftermath of announcing 15% App Store commissions for “small businesses.” https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_444.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 37 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: Organize your inbox (and never waste tim...more

  • The raywenderlich.com Podcast: For App Developers and Gamers / Season 11 Kickoff – Podcast S11 E00

    Welcome back to our Season 11 Kickoff. Dru has got a quick episode where he calls up our new co-host for you to meet and talks about some of the things you don’t want to miss this season. New Co-Host, Nishant Srivistava Living by the Code! Great Guests Livecasts for WWDC AND Google I/O … and much much more! [Subscribe in iTunes] [Listen in Spotify] [RSS Feed] Interested in sponsoring a podcast episode? Email here to find out how! Contact Us Dru Freeman on Twitter Nishant Srivis...more

  • Clockwise / 374: Wow, What A Deal Wednesday!

    Smart home automations, creativity in the time of pandemic, our Black Friday habits, and the impact of the latest improvements to Shortcuts. This episode of Clockwise is sponsored by: Linode: Cloud Hosting & Linux Servers. Get a $100 in free credit. Woven: The calendar with the most powerful scheduling tools. Try it free for 21 days. Guest Starring: Kathy Campbell and Matthew Cassinelli Links and Show Notes: Support Clockwise with a Relay FM Membership

  • The Joe Rogan Experience / #1570 - Willie D & Mike Judge

    Rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur Willie D is a founding member of the classic hip hop group Geto Boys. In addition to his music career, he has been a candidate for public office, written for a widely-read advice column, and is a former Golden Gloves champion boxer. Mike Judge is a writer, director, actor, and filmmaker. He's the creator of Beavis & Butthead, co-creator of King of the Hill & also Silicon Valley, and director of movies such as "Office Space" & "Idiocracy."

  • Accidental Tech Podcast / 406: A Bomb on Your Home Screen

    Follow-up: Fast resolution switching on M1 Macs Apple engineer weighs in Demo video What about external monitors? Mac-optimized TensorFlow 2.4 fork makes things fly M1 Mac 8K render test Running iOS apps with IPAs iOS App Store Package CrossOver runs Windows apps/games on M1 Macs — including 32-bit games! Cult of Mac coverage WINE VMWare Fusion Parallels Boot Camp Jeremy White’s explainer Brendan Shanks’s thoughts iOS 14.3 no longer opens the shortcuts app whe...more

  • Nature Podcast / Neutrinos give insights into the workings of the Sun’s core

    Scientists have finally confirmed the existence of a CNO cycle fusion reaction in the Sun, and why women’s contraception research needs a reboot.In this episode:00:47 Detection of CNO neutrinosSince the 1930s it has been theorised that stars have a specific fusion reaction known as the CNO cycle, but proof has been elusive. Now, a collaboration in Italy report detection of neutrinos that show that the CNO cycle exists.Research article: The Borexino CollaborationNews and Views: Neutrino detection...more

  • The Cloudcast / Great Data Models Need Great Features

    Mike Del Balso (@mikedelbalso, CEO at @TectonAI) talks about lessons learned from Uber’s Michelangelo ML platform, enabling DevOps for ML data, and how Tecton enables features for data models.  SHOW: 477SHOW SPONSOR LINKS:Learn more about Fauna: https://www.fauna.com/serverlessTry FaunaDB for Free: https://dashboard.fauna.com/accounts/registerCloudAcademy -Build hands-on technical skills. Get measurable results. Get 50% of the monthly price of CloudAcademy by using code CLOUDCASTDatado...more

  • TechStuff / Ubisoft Grows Up

    After emerging from one potential hostile takeover, Ubisoft would find itself in another. And then in 2020, the company was rocked with scandal. In this episode, we learn what happened from 2011 to 2020 at the video game company. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

  • Developer Tea / Building Products w/ Keith Pitt (part 2)

    Have you ever thought about building something because you assumed the product already existed? In this part two of our interview with Keith,  we dig into the difference between being a CTO vs. CEO and why Keith chose to be the CTO at Buildkite.  🌎 Keith On The WebTwitter @keithpitt GithubBuildkite ✨ Sponsor: New RelicThank you to  New Relic for sponsoring today's episode!Make managing and analysis of complex digital architectures work for you. Check them out at  NewRelic.com to become a full a...more

  • MacMost - Mac, iPhone and iPad How-To Videos / Mac Basics: How To Use Split View (MacMost #2312)

    View in HD at . Split View allows you to place two application windows side-by-side on your Mac with no other windows or elements. You can use this as an alternative to arranging windows on your desktop or using a single window in Full Screen mode.

  • Hollywood Babble-On / 376: Caped Commentaries 14!

    This week Ralph and Kevin fire up the Bat Computer and watch episodes 27 and 28 of BATMAN. In this episode, the first appearance of KING TUT!

  • Security Now (Audio) / SN 794: Cicada - Ongoing WordPress Attack, RCS Gets End-to-End Encryption

    Ongoing WordPress attack, RCS gets End-to-end encryption. Chrome moves to release 87. Explicit Publication of Privacy Practices. Firefox 83 gets HTTPS-only Mode. Mozilla seeks consultation on implementing DNS-over-HTTPS. The comical announcement strategy of the Egregor Ransomware. Large-scale attacks targeting Epsilon Framework Themes in WordPress. Cybercrime gang installs hidden e-commerce stores on WordPress sites. 245,000 Windows systems still vulnerable to BlueKeep RDP bug. Google's Rich Co...more

  • Radio Survivor Podcast / Podcast #273: Thanksgiving and Radio Traditions with Alice Brock of “Alice’s Restaurant”

    On this most unusual of Thanksgiving weeks, we are honored to speak with Alice Brock, the woman who provided much inspiration for Arlo Guthrie’s inadvertent Thanksgiving Day radio staple, “Alice’s Restaurant.” Brock shares with us not only some insight into the 18-minute anti-war epic; but also stories about her life and holiday traditions. For 2020, Brock was inspired to create a special introductory message for radio stations to play in advance of “Al...more