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    Tech and Biz Buffet

    Jun 17 2019

  • The Bitcoin Podcast Network / The Bitcoin Podcast #262

    This week the 3 Amigos of Crypto have on a guest! It's been a while since interviews were on TBP, but they figured it'd be a great time to bring them back! Lolli is the guest, they promise any GPP the opportunity to get some Bitcoin for shopping at leading retailers online. If your Momma shops at Walmeezy, then she can earn some bitcoin...easy! The crew hit a litany of topics this week: Facebook, Adoption, Price, and Transparency in one's holdings. It's a helluva show this week and we're happy t...more

  • Soundcheck / Australian Bass Virtuoso Tal Wilkenfeld Shines a Light

    Australian-born Tal Wilkenfeld has made her sizable reputation by playing bass for some of the music world’s biggest stars – Prince, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, the Allman Brothers. In March she released her first album of her own singing and songwriting, Love Remains, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it went right to the top of Billboard’s Heatseekers chart. Tal Wilkenfeld joins us in-studio with her band to play some of these tunes in-studio. Set list: Killing Me Love Remains Corner Painter Watch the...more

  • The Totally Football Show with James Richardson / The secret sauce

    RUNNING ORDER: • PART 1: A new challenge for Pogba? (01m 40s)• PART 2a: Sarri in at Juve, Frank in at Chelsea? (08m 40s) • PART 2b: Woodgate at Boro, Bilic at WBA and other managerial moves - with Nick Miller (17m 40s)  • PART 3a: In which we open some Panini stickers (25m 40s)• PART 3b: Jack Lang on the start of the Copa America (28m 40s)  • PART 3c: A word on The Offside Rule: Women’s World Cup Edition - only on Spotify (35m 20s) • PART 3d: The Euro U21s - with Daniel Storey (37m 00s)• PART 4...more

  • TechStuff / The Early Days of AMD

    Listener Stephen asked that I cover AMD a long time ago, and so this is the start of that company's history. We explore the founding of the company through its early years. Learn more about your ad-choices at

  • Developer Tea / The Connection Between Imagination, Confidence and Performance

    How do you see yourself and what do you expect from yourself? In today's episode we're talking about perceptions and expectations of ourselves. So much of our motivation is impacted by how we and those around us perceive ourselves. Today's Episode is Brought To you by:​ ​– a digital space for bot developers and enthusiasts of all skill levels to learn from one another, share stories, and move the bot conversation forward. Want to learn more about building bots? Get s...more

  • The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch / 20VC: Why Historical Loss Ratios Are Simply Too High, Why Data Is The #1 Most Important Piece When Evaluating Effective Reserve Allocation & Why Nothing Is Truly Defensible Today with Jonathan Hsu, Co-Founder and General Partner @ Tribe Capital

    Jonathan Hsu is Co-Founder & General Partner @ Tribe Capital, one of Silicon Valley's newest funds on the block being founded by Jonathan, Arjun Sethi and Ted Maidenberg. To date, Tribe has invested in the likes of Carta, Cover, Mode Analytics, Prodigy and SFOX. As for Jonathan, before founding Tribe he was a Partner @ Social Capital where he utilized data and technology to augment sourcing, evaluation of investment opportunities and the management and value add for portfolio companies. Before t...more

  • MacMost - Mac, iPhone and iPad How-To Videos / Using Dropbox Smart Sync For Remote Storage (MacMost #1939)

    View in HD at . A new feature added to Dropbox is the ability to set files or folders to be Online-only. The ideal use for this would seem to be archiving your old files to Dropbox instead of vulnerable local hard drives. While it works for that, the process is rather clunkly, forcing you to set and reset an archive folder to be Online-only and also minding your settings on all of your devices as you add files to Dropbox.

  • Recode Decode / Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy (Live at Code 2019)

    Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon's cloud computing service AWS, talks with Recode's Kara Swisher at the 2019 Code Conference.In this episode: How Jassy came to work at Amazon 22 years ago; how Jeff Bezos has changed in that time; how AWS differentiates itself from the competition; could it be disrupted by a small business?; facial recognition, sensor creep, and trust; alleged misuse of Amazon’s facial recognition tech by law enforcement; its work with the government, and employee objections to that...more

  • You Need A Budget (YNAB) / A Report on Manual Entry

    A follow up to episode to 365 on manually entering transactions. Sign up for a free 34-day trial of YNAB at

  • The Bad Crypto Podcast / IEOs 101 with Lionel Iruk

    Old McToshi had a startup, EIEIO. And for that startup he needed cash, EIEIO. With a crowdfund here and a crowdfund there, here a block, there a chain, everywhere a blockchain. Yes, Old McToshi needed cash, but how to raise you know? In the past we’ve discussed ICOs and STOs, but today we enter the realm of the IEO, the Initial Exchange Offering. And we’re joined by Lionel Iruk, Managing Partner at Empire Global Partners, to help make sense of this latest form of crypto crowdfunding...more

  • The Tech Guy (MP3) / Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1601

    Power adapters for traveling, backing up your data correctly, reinstalling bad drivers, computer vulnerability, smaller cell carriers using their own networks, repairing vs replacing your camera and more of your calls! Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Sam Abuelsamid and Chris Marquardt Download or subscribe to this show at For detailed show notes, visit

  • a16z / a16z Podcast: The Politics of Technology

    with Tony Blair (@InstituteGC), Scott Kupor (@skupor), and Sonal Chokshi (@smc90) If the current pace of tech change is the 21st-century equivalent of the 19th-century Industrial Revolution — with its tremendous economic growth and lifestyle change — it means that even though it’s fundamentally empowering and enabling, there’s also lots of fears and misconceptions as well. That’s why, argues former U.K. prime minister Tony Blair (who now has an eponymous Institute for Global Change), we need to...more

  • 60-Second Science / How Millipedes Avoid Interspecies Sexual Slips

    Millipedes, often blind, have come up with clever physical signals to ward off sexual advances from members of wrong species.

  • Internet History Podcast / 198. Inventor of the Hashtag, Chris Messina

    Well, as we say in this episode, he’ll always be known as the inventor of the hashtag, but Chris Messina has been central to so many things in tech over the last 20 years or so. Helped Mozilla launch Firefox. Founded BarCamp where so much Web 2.0 goodness happened and was launched. Cofounded the first co-working space in San Francisco. Helped Google try to grok social with Google+. Oh, and that hashtag business.

  • Future Tense - ABC RN / The elusive edge of Innovation

    Are entrepreneurs the great innovators we’re told they are? What if the ideal of the lone genius is simply a myth? Innovation is a buzz term that’s become so over-used as to be almost meaningless. It’s time to be more innovative in our understanding of innovation.

  • Data Skeptic / Under Resourced Languages

    Priyanka Biswas joins us in this episode to discuss natural language processing for languages that do not have as many resources as those that are more commonly studied such as English.  Successful NLP projects benefit from the availability of like large corpora, well-annotated corpora, software libraries, and pre-trained models.  For languages that researchers have not paid as much attention to, these tools are not always available.

  • The Vergecast / Introducing Nice Try! Utopian

    Nice Try! is a new podcast from Curbed and the Vox Media Podcast Network that explores stories of people who have tried to design a better world, and what happens when those designs don't go according to plan. Season one, Utopian, follows Avery Trufelman on her quest to understand the perpetual search for the perfect place. Enjoy this special preview of the first episode, Jamestown: Utopian for Whom, and subscribe to Nice Try! for free in your favorite podcast app.

  • The Information's 411 / The Information's 411 — Sailing Under the Radar

    Kevin discussed why the AI hiring frenzy has slowed and how Larry Ellison is more involved in Oracle's product development. Alfred talks about how Uber CEO was protected from a drop in its stock price.

  • The Changelog / The state of CSS in 2019

    We’re talking with Sacha Greif to discuss the State of CSS survey and results. CSS is evolving faster than ever. And, coming off the heels of their annual State of JavaScript survey, they’ve decided to take on the world of styles and selectors to help identify the latests patterns and trends in CSS. We talk through the history and motivations of this survey, the methodology of their data collection, the tooling involved to build and run the survey, and of course we dig deep into the survey resul...more