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The Tech and Biz Buffet channel contains relevant podcast episodes on technology and business. Look for selections from great podcasts like a16z, Startup, Planet Money, Marketplace, and How I Built This.

by Pastime

    Tech and Biz Buffet #4

    Feb 13 2017

  • Note to Self: What your phone knows about you

    What does your phone know about you? And what can you do about it? In this episode, we hear from renowned security technologist and cryptographer Bruce Schneier. He’ll take us on a guided tour of our phones and the metadata they’re sharing.     To get details on the day's action step, sign up for the 5-day newsletter here. If you want to check out the secure messaging app Signal that Bruce and Manoush talk about, that's online here.

  • Planet Money: Blockchain Gang

    Charlie Shrem went to prison. While he was there, he thought up a better way to move money behind bars. Now he's out and trying to sell his idea to international investors.

  • Broadmic Startup Shortcuts: Know What Business You Are In

    How could buying a pair of shoes in Paris lead to launching a global fashion technology business? Olga Vidisheva, founder of Shoptiques, a YC graduate and former Goldman Sachs analyst, did this very thing. Vidisheva, an immigrant from the Soviet Union, did not set out to be an entrepreneur but got the bit in her mouth after discovering a big gap in the retail marketplace while traveling abroad. Vidisheva sat down with BroadMic host, Erica Duignan Minnihan, to share her unique and compelling foun...more

  • a16z: Cars and Cities, the Autonomy Edition

    Thanks to freeways, cities became something to get through instead of something to get to. Now, as the next transportation revolution -- from rivers to trains to cars to autonomous cars -- promises to change the face of our cities, what happens to car culture, infrastructure, and more? Who owns what, who pays? And what about the design -- and product management -- challenges, whether it's designing for user trust, city adoption, or an ever-moving target thanks to constantly evolving tech? This e...more

  • Tech and Biz Buffet #2

    Jan 27 2017

  • Exponent: Snakes and Ladders

    Stratechery's Ben Thompson and James Allworth discuss the rise of Snapchat, and why Instagram Stories was such a brilliant move.

  • 20 minute VC: Biggest Takeaways From Working With Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston

    20VC: Biggest Takeaways From Working With Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston, Why You Should Put Off Hiring For As Long As Possible & Why Seed Stage Investing Is All About Optimising The Top Of The Funnel with Harj Taggar, Founder & CEO @ Triplebyte

  • a16z: Reinventing Insurance

    Your homeowner’s insurance didn’t anticipate Airbnb. Your car insurance certainly didn’t see Lyft and Uber coming. And when your car drives itself, it’s anyone’s guess how the insurance industry will wrap its collective head around that one. a16z’s Frank Chen and Mike Paulus talk insurance on this segment of the pod. Yes, insurance. Insurance may not be the sexiest part of your life (hopefully), but because of the changes in how we move through the world -- literally and figuratively -- insuranc...more

  • Accidental Tech Podcast: People Don't Use the Weird Parts (of Swift)

    Swift creator Chris Lattner talks developer tools and career after recent jump from Apple to Tesla

  • Startup: The Story Behind American Apparel's downfall

    Season 4 of StartUp continues with the story of a well-known entrepreneur who built a widely recognized business, lost it all, and is now starting over—from scratch. Over the next several episodes, we’ll hear as this founder makes his second attempt at success, and creates an entirely new company in the shadow of his controversial past.

  • Tech and Biz Buffet #1

    Oct 04 2016

  • Planet Money: The Wild West Of The Internet

    Have you ever thought to yourself "If I had bought that domain I would have made it big!" In this episode, learn about the slough of new domains that flooded the market in 2014 (including: .xyz, .app, .job, .link): how it happened, and what some prospectors tried to do as a result.

  • Startup Podcast: How not to pitch a Billionaire

    From the podcast that launched a company, this is the first episode of a great series. The protagonist, Alex Blumberg, departed Planet Money to start his own podcasting company, and this podcast tells that story. It's really great, check it out!

  • How I Built this: Clif Bar

    How I built this is a new podcast where the host Guy Raz interviews founders about the nerve-wracking early days of their businesses. In this case, he interviews Gary Erickson, founder of Clif Bar about his inspiration for the idea, and how he succeeded in spite of great odds against him.

  • A16Z: Software Programs the World

    One of my favorite podcasts is from A16Z (short for Andreesen Horowitz, a top shelf silicon valley VC firm). They put out a really great podcast that delves into the details of the latest tech and business trends, offering unique perspectives on the ever-changing tech landscape, and sometimes you get sneak peaks into what your future looks like.

    In this episode, founders Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz chat with the wonderful host Sonal Chokshi about the increasing programmability of...more