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Tech and Biz Buffet

The Tech and Biz Buffet channel contains relevant podcast episodes on technology and business. Look for selections from great podcasts like a16z, Startup, Planet Money, Marketplace, and How I Built This.

by Pastime

    Tech and Biz Buffet

    Jan 16 2021

  • Future Tense / Are governance issues failing the Himalayas?

    The Himalayas are sometime called the earth’s “third pole”. They’re a vital source of water for a large chunk of the world’s population. But the local, national and international systems put in place to protect and manage human development in this vital ecosystem are failing. In this episode, Matt Smith travels to the Himalayas for Future Tense to gauge the size of the problem and possible solutions for safeguarding its future.

  • The Vergecast / CES 2021 / Samsung’s S21 lineup and Galaxy Buds Pro

    The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Monica Chin, and Chris Welch dive into all of the important announcements from both inside and outside of CES — including Samsung’s new flagship S21 smartphone line, the many new TVs with HDMI 2.1, Mini LED, webOS, and the next laptops with new chips from Intel and AMD.Further reading: Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra first look: polished design (and prices) Samsung’s Galaxy S21 phones come with plenty of features — but not a charger Samsung’s Gal...more

  • Data Skeptic / Even Cooperative Chess is Hard

    Asside from victory questions like “can black force a checkmate on white in 5 moves?” many novel questions can be asked about a game of chess. Some questions are trivial (e.g. “How many pieces does white have?") while more computationally challenging questions can contribute interesting results in computational complexity theory. In this episode, Josh Brunner joins us to discuss his recent paper Complexity of Retrograde and Helpmate Chess Problems: Even Cooperative Chess is Hard.

  • This Week in Startups - Audio / “Early-stage startups we love right now” with Indie Hackers’ Courtland Allen & Pioneer’s Daniel Gross | E1162

    The post “Early-stage startups we love right now” with Indie Hackers’ Courtland Allen & Pioneer’s Daniel Gross | E1162 appeared first on This Week In Startups.

  • Tech.eu / What's up with EIC Fund, newly announced European IPOs, funding rounds big and small, and more

    And here are the notes and links for this week’s episode:💰 Israel-born fintech company Rapyd lands $300 million in financing, doubles valuation to $2.5 billion3️⃣ Checkout.com nearly triples value to $15 billion after funding🚚 Berlin-based digital freight forwarder Sennder bags $160 million at a $1 billion+ valuation💳 Curve seals $95 million equity round👩‍💼 French startup iziwork snags $43 million to help temporary workers find jobs and security🍅 Italian e-grocery startup Cortilia raises €...more

  • TechStuff / TechStuff Classic: Why Y2K Didn't End the World

    Despite all the Y2K hype, the world kept turning on January 1, 2000. Did we have nothing to fear to begin with, or did we narrowly avoid technological Armageddon? We explore how the Year 2000 Problem worked. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

  • Pivot / Impeachment number 2, Airbnb cancels DC reservations, and rebranding America

    Kara and Scott talk about the second impeachment of Donald Trump. They also discuss a roundup of more businesses and platforms banning Trump his alt-right supporters. Airbnb is cancelling its DC area reservations ahead of next week's inauguration. In listener mail, Kara and Scott answer how to save America's brand. And a prediction on the consumer economy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

  • eCommerce Fuel / Launching Overlander.com

    Are you searching for a way to explore remote and untouched areas? Overlanding is essentially a vehicle-based exploration in travel, a fusion of off-roading and camping, and something I have been incredibly interested in. Today I will be walking you through a website that I spent the last six months of 2020 working on, Overlander.com, and I’ll explain the lessons I learned while spearheading this project. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: https://bit.ly/2LQnZU4  Int...more

  • MacMost - Mac, iPhone and iPad How-To Videos / Using Photos Memories On Your Mac (MacMost #2353)

    View in HD at . Your Photos app on your Mac will occasionally suggest groups of photos to view as Memories. You can view the photos in the Memory, or watch it as a slideshow. You can also save Memories and let Photos know if you'd like to see fewer memories like the one you are viewing.

  • Nerdette / The 13th Month Of 2020

    Everything keeps getting more intense! So we ask journalists Tricia Bobeda and Kristina Lopez how they're managing their news intake.Then, we talk to Glennon Doyle, author of several books, including Untamed, about why resolutions are not for her.And finally, we hear from some of you about what you've resolved to bring into 2021. Join us!

  • The CultCast / This one simple trick makes AirPods Max sound 10X better (CC #475)

    This week: the one small change will make your AirPods Max sound 10X better! Plus: Apple TV+ packs in even more content, but is it actually worth paying for? And Apple is introducing powerful new features to your Find My app, we’ll fill you in! Get 3 episodes of CultCast Off Topic each and every week for just $6! Off Topic is a new weekly variety show hosted by Erfon Elijah and friends, decidated to tech, gaming, culture, and more. Join Cult Support, good friend! This episode supported by Easily...more

  • Spark from CBC Radio / 496: Disruption in the classroom (and beyond)

    When genuine disruption happens, it can create chaos, but it eventually becomes the new normal. What does the pandemic have to teach us about tech and education? And, understanding the long-term trajectory of disruption.

  • TED Radio Hour / Breathe

    Breathing is essential to life. And lately, the safety of the air we inhale, or the need to pause and take a deep breath, is on our minds a lot. This hour, TED speakers explore the power of breath. Guests include former world champion freediver Tanya Streeter, journalist Beth Gardiner, activist Yvette Arellano, paleontologist Emma Schachner, scent historian Caro Verbeek, and mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe.

  • Tech News Weekly (Audio) / TNW 166: Visa Won't Wear Plaid - Trump's Social Media Options, CES 2021 Recap, Apple's Racial Justice Initiative

    Trump's social media options, CES 2021 recap, Apple's racial justice initiative. Visa won't be buying plaid after all. Will Trump snap back at social media now or is it too late? CES 2021 is done. Was it as effective in its digital form? Apple's major racial equity and justice initiative is detailed. And Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S 21 series. Hosts: Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent Guests: Alex Wilhelm, Emily Birnbaum, and Jason Hiner Download or subscribe to this show at https://twit.tv/sh...more

  • Software Engineering Radio - The Podcast for Professional Software Developers / Episode 442: Arin Bhowmick on UX Design for Enterprise Applications

    Arin Bhowmick, Global Vice President and Chief Design Officer at IBM, discusses why and how UX design for enterprise applications is different than for consumer applications.

  • The Giant Beastcast / The Giant Beastcast: Episode 295

    As we near our Game of the Year talks we've got some more thoughts on games like Ghost of Tsushima, 13 Sentinels, and Assassin's Creed Valhalla. We've also got our CES news with Jeff Bakalar, more movie talk, and emails!

  • The Energy Gang / Watt It Takes: BlocPower CEO Donnel Baird

    BlocPower CEO Donnel Baird is on a mission to clean up old, inefficient buildings in America’s cities -- and help people who are exposed to the worst pollution. BlocPower was founded in 2012. It’s raised venture capital from Kapor Capital and Andreesen Horowitz. But that process was not easy for a company with a mostly non-white leadership team. As a black founder, Donnel was turned down 200 times before any venture firms were willing to back his vision.“It was really difficult for us raisi...more

  • Indie Hackers / #188 – Fame, Focus, and Billions of Pageviews with Evan Britton of Famous Birthdays

    Evan Britton (@Evan_Britton) runs a massive website focused on digital celebrities called Famous Birthdays. It gets multiple billions of pageviews a year, has dozens of employees, and he bootstrapped it to profitability without raising a dime from investors. They key to Evan's approach is his laser focus. He says no to almost everything, including the most obvious of opportunities. Instead he prefers to "stay in his lane." He'd rather make one thing great than do a mediocre job at 4 or 5 differe...more

  • Nature Podcast / Coronapod: The rise of RNA vaccines

    Benjamin Thompson, Noah Baker and Elie Dolgin discuss RNA vaccines.In this episode: 01:16 How RNA vaccines came to prominenceIn less than a year, two RNA vaccines against COVID-19 were designed, tested and rolled out across the world. We discuss these vaccines’ pros and cons, how RNA technology lends itself to rapid vaccine development, and what this means for the fight against other diseases.News feature: How COVID unlocked the power of RNA vaccines09:20 The hurdles for trialling new COVID...more

  • Accidental Tech Podcast / 413: Suddenly I'm the Marco

    Follow-up: Casey makes John reminisce about Atlanta[’s food] Waffle House Taco Bell CocoaLove Steak ‘n Shake Denny’s Perkins Follow-up: “Is it bigger than a breadbox?” The Feedback app will automatically run a sysdiagnose John’s bug (as mentioned on Twitter): FB8711530 Casey’s bugs are still broken, even though Apple tried to 🤬 close them FB8893003 FB8952395 The shocking conclusion to Marco’s Thunderbolt ethernet situation OWC Thund...more