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Tech and Biz Buffet

The Tech and Biz Buffet channel contains relevant podcast episodes on technology and business. Look for selections from great podcasts like a16z, Startup, Planet Money, Marketplace, and How I Built This.

by Pastime

    Tech and Biz Buffet

    Nov 14 2019

  • Future Tense - ABC RN / Depression, anxiety and social media

    What is the relationship between depression and digital technology?

  • Download This Show - ABC RN / The WeWork debacle explained

    Why does a company that rents office space need a side business making artificial waves? Plus, Netflix famously don’t give out viewing numbers but suddenly with the rise of new streaming services like Apple and Disney, they're about to change their tune. Guests: Claire Reilly, CNET @reillystyley and Ben Grubb Homepage Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald @bengrubb

  • The Podcast Engineering Show / PES 156: An Editing Distinction and Chris's Goody Bag

    First Ralph M. Rivera and I discuss an interesting distinction and the relationship between content/story and audio editing/production. Then I overview recent Daily Goody's (from Sep. 13 - Sep. 25). Here's the link to view all those blog posts. And don't forget that you can sign up to receive the Daily Goody in your email every day or once per week. Sign up here. Announcement: The start date for the next PES will be January 14, 2020 Did you learn anything from this episode? Let me know by commen...more

  • ZigZag / S4 EP19: The Guy Who Quit Planes for Good

    For millions of us, air travel comes with the job. NASA physicist Peter Kalmus was no different; he frequently flew to prestigious conferences around the globe to present his research. But then, on a routine flight in 2012, Kalmus had a personal reckoning. Disgusted at how his travel contributed to global warming, he decided to quit airplanes, switch careers, and start an online community for people who’ve changed their flying habits. On this episode, Kalmus shares how he handles invitations to ...more

  • Ctrl Alt Delete / #229 Jamie Bartlett: The Missing Cryptoqueen

    Jamie Bartlett is the bestselling author of The Dark Net, Radicals Chasing Utopia and People vs Tech. He is the Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think-tank Demos. His Ted Talk on the Dark Net is fascinating and definitely worth a watch. He also writes on technology for the Spectator, the Telegraph and for several other publications on how the Internet is changing politics and society. In 2017, Jamie presented the two-part BBC Two documentary series The Secrets of Si...more

  • 60-Second Science / Famously Fickle Felines Are, In Fact, Clingy

    Cats are clingier to their human owners than their reputation would suggest. Karen Hopkin reports. 

  • BrainStuff / BrainStuff Classics: Why Is Bacon Considered A Breakfast Food?

    Sure, everyone knows that bacon and eggs are a traditional breakfast - but why? Listen in to learn how Freud's nephew invented PR and changed the way America eats breakfast. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

  • Clockwise / Clockwise 320: Why Not Both?

    Tech innovations we've come to appreciate, our thoughts on 5G, how Apple decided to improve its MacBook keyboard, and our latest internet rabbit holes. This episode of Clockwise is sponsored by: TextExpander, from Smile: Unlock your productivity with TextExpander. Get 20% off with your first year. Linode: High performance SSD Linux servers for all of your infrastructure needs. Get a $20 credit. Guest Starring: Shelly Brisbin and Daniel Bader Links and Show Notes: Support Clockwise with a...more

  • Radio Survivor Podcast / Podcast #219 – The Next Chance To Get an FM Station License; a College Station 60th; All-Digital AM

    In April 2020 the FCC will open up the next auction for FM radio licenses. This is the next, and only currently scheduled opportunity to build a new radio station in the U.S. Jennifer, Eric and Paul discuss this news, along with celebrating the 60th birthday of KFJC-FM at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA. We reflect on how KFJC and other college stations were trailblazers in programming and service, functioning a lot like public radio in the years before National Public Radio...more

  • TED Talks Daily / How can we support the emotional well-being of teachers? | Sydney Jensen

    Teachers emotionally support our kids -- but who's supporting teachers? In this eye-opening talk, educator Sydney Jensen explores how teachers are at risk of "secondary trauma" -- the idea that they absorb the emotional weight of their students' experiences -- and shows how schools can get creative in supporting everyone's mental health and wellness.

  • The Joe Rogan Experience / #1383 - Malcolm Gladwell

    Malcolm Gladwell is a journalist, author, and public speaker. He is the host of the popular podcast "Revisionist History" and his new book "Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know" is available now.

  • Nature Podcast / 14 November 2019: A rapid, multi-material 3D printer, and a bacterium’s role in alcoholic hepatitis

    This week, a new 3D printer allows quick shifting between many materials, and understanding the link between gut microbes and liver disease.00:46 A new dimension for 3D printersA new nozzle lets a 3D printer switch between materials at a rapid rate, opening the door to a range of applications. Research Article: Skylar-Scott et al.; News and Views: How to print multi-material devices in one go08:07 Research HighlightsThe slippery secrets of ice, and cells wrapping up their nuc...more

  • Accidental Tech Podcast / 352: No One Else Had Calipers

    ATP HOLIDAY SHIRTS available until Sunday, November 17 Follow-up: Mac Pro available "December" Mac Pros appearing in the wild iOS 13.2.2 Casey's Catalina Catastrophe 16-inch MacBook Pro: Initial Impressions Marco's blog post Chiclet Keyboard PCjr Macintosh Portable Sponsored by: Mack Weldon: Reinventing men’s basics with smart design, premium fabrics, and simple shopping. Get 20% off your first order with code ATP. Hello Fresh: A meal kit delivery service so you can just cook, eat, and...more

  • Tech.eu / EU's concerns over Apple and Google, Huawei's future in Europe, how to do a newsletter, interview with Lunar's Ken Villum Klausen

    This week, Natalie Novick and Andrii Degeler talk about the concerns of the European Commission regarding Apple's possibly anticompetitive practices and Google's acquisition of Fitbit, the future of Huawei in Europe, best practices of running a newsletter, and much more. The featured interview of the week is a conversation with Ken Villum Klausen, founder and CEO of the challenger bank Lunar.Check out the full show notes on Tech.eu: https://tech.eu/news/podcast-142-apple-google-huawei-lunar-ken-...more

  • MacMost - Mac, iPhone and iPad How-To Videos / Choosing the Right MacBook For You (MacMost #2052)

    View in HD at . Apple announced the new 16-Inch MacBook Pro today. This replaces the 15-Inch model. You can now choose between the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13-Inch and MacBook Pro 16-Inch. For most people the choice will be clear with the MacBook Air being the cheapest and lightest, the 16-inch MacBook Pro being large and expensive but much more powerful, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro filling lots of needs in between. Watch as I break down the differences between these models.

  • TechStuff / Media in the Stream

    Over the last decade, we've seen a gradual shift from hard copy media to streaming media. In this episode, we look at the history and tech behind devices designed to stream entertainment. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

  • Developer Tea / Different Behaviors with the Same Values - Practicing Modes

    Hopefully the last episode about modifier functions and behaviors helped spark and idea of how you might change small behaviors and cascade that into bigger behaviors. Like leaving your phone outside of your room before you go to bed, leading to better sleep and during the day, better focus. In today's episode, we're taking the ideas of changing small behaviors and zooming out to look at the roles we play in our lives and how we can evaluate the roles we play to lead to positive daily behaviors...more

  • Data Skeptic / Indigenous American Language Research

    Manuel Mager joins us to discuss natural language processing for low and under-resourced languages.  We discuss current work in this area and the Naki Project which aggregates research on NLP for native and indigenous languages of the American continent.

  • Recode Decode / Alexis Ohanian: All parents, including dads, should have six months of paid family leave

    Reddit co-founder and Initialized Capital managing partner Alexis Ohanian talks with Recode's Kara Swisher about how he became a "dadvocate" for paid paternity leave. Ohanian explains how the medical complications faced by his wife, tennis star Serena Williams, woke him up to the problem, and how time off for fathers can help mothers, as well as female coworkers. He also discusses the problem with how working men glorify their self-destructive schedules online, which he calls "hustle porn"; why ...more