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    That's funny

    Feb 19 2018

  • No Murder. Yes Pork Chops. Says Comic Negin Farsad

    The Iranian-American Muslim comedian says everything is negotiable -- even religious law. "I feel like Allah would be like, 'Get the pork chop but don't kill anybody,'" she says. Plus, the former policy advisor uses her lamb kebab to school us on campaign finance reform.Today's sponsors: Go to to explore their huge range of products and recipes. Go to and use offer code SPORKFUL to save 10% on your first purchase. Go to

  • #195 Craig Bierko

    Tony-nominated actor and singer (and friend of GGACP) Craig Bierko returns to weigh in on a wide range of topics, including: the lost era of "Clubhouse TV," the importance of a showbiz "hook," the generosity of Alan Alda and Carol Burnett and the similarities between Yiddish theatre and "Guys & Dolls." Also, Jack Paar gets intimate, Steve Martin plays to the cheap seats, Richard Dreyfuss "inhabits" Spencer Tracy and Ted&nb...more

  • Tez Talks plus interview

    Tez Ilyas returns for a second series of TEZ Talks and joins Sindhu Vee for a chat about his Tezifesto, his comedy inspirations and his role in the BBC Three show Man Like Mobeen. In this first episode Tez talks about moving back home to Blackburn and discusses class differences and social mobility before announcing his candidacy for Prime Minister. Written and performed by... Tez Ilyas Produced by... Carl Cooper This is a BBC Studios Production.

  • #243: Clerks

    The lads go deep in discussing their inspiration from Kevin Smith, from "Tough Sh*t" to "Clerks" and how much effect Kevin Smith indirectly had on the launching of LSG Media. It goes heavy at times, but most of the time is spent laughing about the hilarious, and often too real, characters that Smith was able to put to paper. The lads consider Smith's perspective (and dare we say, "wisdom") at such a young age and how much more introspective he was as compared to them at the same age. As with mos...more

  • Jason and Randy Sklar

    The Sklar Brothers return to the show to talk about their new documentary Poop Talk for which they interviewed a number of comedians and experts. They did not interview Alison even though she has so much to say about poop and one feels this is a grave oversight. (She's been promised a spot in Poop Talk Number Two.) We also talk about parenting, Randy's surprising knowledge of Jennifer Aniston's love life, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Grey's Anatomy, individuating, their initial reluctance to ...more

  • Comic Dalek

    Good sleep is no joke, but sometimes all you can laugh at the silly Daleks and their attempts to eliminate comic books from our world. Rest easy, Rose and The Doctor are on it.   Thanks to all the listeners who barter pizzas and coffees for a month a good sleep by becoming patrons @   Commission a Song from Jonathan Mann @   Help support Second Story Women’s Centre at

  • #101: Straws

    Everyone’s falling over themselves to stop using plastic straws. GOOD! Will this bring an end to the scourge of ocean plastic and save the ugly fish? Or will shunning straws be the beginning and end of efforts to kick our collective plastic habit? What if hating on straws distracts people from even worse environmental inhofery? Also this week, why no-one with a brain should be pleased about ‘talking’ orcas, and how the Babble saved ALL the elephants. Sustainababble is your frie...more

  • Bonus Bugle – Late love and Live

    Some classic Valentines bits from Andy and John, and some Satirist For Hire from Aldershot and Dublin

  • Radio Free Skaro #623 – A Pinch of Minchin

    The Three Who Rule return for another episode from Gallifrey One in Los Angeles, where they’ve been blown away by the top-notch insights and hilarity of the guests in attendance, from outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat’s take no prisoners Q&As to Camille Coduri’s hilarious response to “what’s your favorite sonic screwdriver?” But there’s still comic book news, effects updates and the debut of Britbox Canada to consider, along with an interview with series producer Brian Minchin! Allons and indeed...more

  • The Trouble with Shannon Cason Preview

    Type "The Trouble" to subscribe... Trouble — we've all been in it. Some more than others. Some worse than others. Award-winning storyteller Shannon Cason has faced a few problems of his own. Now he talks with others about getting in, and out, of trouble of all stripes.

  • 234 - Arabella Weir

    Her writing and performance in The Fast Show made her one of the most influential women in British sketch comedy; now Arabella Weir reflects on her work and the balance of power underpinning the five-man, most-often-one-woman sketch team.  We discuss the tension and friction of making comedy; whether a happy person still has the same hunger to perform; and learn the awful truth about the genesis of her character "Girl Who Boys Can't Hear"... Follow Arabella on twitter: @arabellaweir  ...more

  • Which Alien Invasion Would Be The Worst... For the Alien? (Feat. Damien Power)

    In which our heroes are joined by good friend Damien Power to ask the hard hitting question; Which alien invasion would be the worst... for the alien?Join our brand new facebook group here; Check out our upcoming lives shows right here; Want to help support the show?Sanspants+: sanspantsplus.comPatreon: sanspantsradio.podkeep.comUSB Tapes: audiobooksontape.comMerch: teepublic.c...more

  • S5:E3 - Is There Life On Bruno Mars?

    Matt Walsh (Veep) and Brian Huskey (The X-Files) join Horatio Sanz at Bro Bro Studio. Horatio reveals he tried on a suit that belonged to Don Rickles and the story launches a long form improvisation. Or does it? Sink in.Produced by Chad Krueger

  • 203: Kool Aid House on a River of Guns

    Jon speaks highly of Black Panther. What type of flu do you have? Should a kid with rumpled hair and pants too small for him raise red flags? The Olympics feature the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Leslie Jones's Olympics twitter coverage is the thrill of victory. McSweeney's asks that you please not get murdered at school today. Our thanks to for sponsoring this episode. With more than 7,000 women’s and men’s fragrances, it's the perfect place to get a Valentine's ...more

  • David Duchovny

    David Duchovny, actor, joins us along with panelists Faith Salie, Mo Rocca, and Liz Miele.

  • #1807: Scotch and Diesel

    This week on The Best of Car Talk, Rick's diesel Rabbit ran out of fuel and the only liquid Rick had on hand was a bottle of scotch. Could he have poured the scotch into the tank or would Rick have been better off drinking it and waiting for the tow truck? Elsewhere, a tree fell on Murli's Corolla (we think it made a sound), and he doesn't know whether to replace the roof or have it straightened; Sally's steering column is sending smoke signals; and Kerry needs help navigating the "Pit of Despai...more

  • LeBron/Rippon

    Mueller drops more indictments. Republicans block immigration reform. Another deadly school shooting elicits thoughts and prayers. The Obama portraits scramble some brains. And Laura Ingraham blows a dog whistle wrong because we all can hear it. Roxane Gay, Solomon Georgio, and Amani Al-Khatahtbeh join Jon to break down the week’s news. Plus, we’re soliciting submissions for the official Trump portrait at

  • RD 134 - Fantastic Fig

    Adam and Mark open this week's episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about how times have changed in terms of what kind of language is acceptable to use in society. Then Adam tells a story of getting one of his vehicles towed in LA and having to spend the entire day trying to get it back. After that, Mark talks about the most recent updates in the FBI/Russia Investigation in which Robert Mueller hands down indictments to 13 individuals. For the rest of the show, Adam and Mark talk more in depth ab...more

  • Rebel FM Episode 364 -- 02/16/2018

    Matt, James, and Anthony streamed a live show, answering your questions and talking about games like Subnautica, Steamworld: Heist and more!

  • Why Are You Crying?

    We can cry out of sadness, fear, frustration, anger, or even joy. But why do streams of liquid leave our eyes? The truth is no one really knows for sure. In a scientific sense, we’re the only organisms who tear up due to our emotions. Other creatures do so merely to remove irritants from their eyes. Another interesting find is that tears formed from different emotions actually contain different chemical makeups. Jeff and Anthony have a candid discussion about this phenomenon they have no first h...more