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    That's funny

    Dec 19 2018

  • Betch Slapped / #117 Vanderpump Rules Is An HR Nightmare

    Sami and Jordana are back with the second to last episode of 2018. They start by talking about Pete Davidson’s troubling instagram post. They both feel like it’s a cry for help stemming, possibly, from Ariana Grande’s fans rabidly bullying him on social media. At 6:30 they talk about the utter chaos breaking out on celebrity twitter with Kanye West going on an unhinged rampage. At 10:40 they talk about the drama unfolding on “Vanderpump Rules”. They feel it might finally be time to recognize tha...more

  • Invasion Of Privacy / Phoenix Rising

    Kate talks about the hard time she's been having, and how to navigate through really dark times. We all stumble, but without self-love and forgiveness it becomes almost impossible to move forward. She also discusses Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, and how we need to speak up for the animals more. She also gets into the Paris Riots, Trump's stupid fucking border wall, Cyntoia Brown, and lots more. Laugh Pass: Code: INVASION Twitter ...more

  • The Jerry Springer Podcast / On The Southern Border - EP. 192

    We're all excited about Jerry's new judge gig. He'll be judicious, but he'll be the funniest damn judge show ever.We had some phone issues tonight. First we've got Jene getting a call about term life insurance. Not cool for a professional broadcaster. Then, we call "Ask A Lifeguard" to find out about his new venture, only to have a missed call, call back, dead air on the line. Jerry reminds the lifeguard that you actually have to put the phone up to your ear to hear others.Jerry's Rant is about ...more

  • Good Stuff Kids / Episode #173 – The Nik Naks

    The Nik Naks originally caught my eye on Instagram. I saw that they were working on a book and plush toy to go along with one of their songs. I’m always curious about the direction that music takes people, so I reached out. We exchanged a few emails and set up a time to talk. Sam and JF are incredible musicians who are making it work on the Las Vegas scene. I love Las Vegas and it was interesting to hear from Sam and JF about what their lives as working musicians was like. Of course, I also had ...more

  • TBTL - Too Beautiful To Live / #2795 Where The Red Fern Groans

    Kiki Lolo joins the show to offer some advice to gift-givers this holiday season. Plus, Luke set up a camera in his kitchen to catch a sneaky, four-legged prowler. He and Andrew keep an eye on the video feed from Seattle. . . . Today's show is sponsored by Everlane. Visit to get free shipping on your first order.

  • Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro / Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 18

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 18.

  • The Totally Football Show with James Richardson / Heaven knowns Mou’s miserable now

    The deed has been done - Manchester United have sacked Jose Mourinho. Has he become an angry self-parody living in the past? And what’s next for the once-Special One and, indeed, United? Jimbo, Rory Smith, Tom Williams, Ian Irving, Carl Anka and Iain Macintosh give their thoughts RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: The latest from Carrington - with Ian Irving (01m 40s) • PART 1b: Was Mou the problem or the scapegoat? (04m 40s) • PART 1c: How good should United’s squad be Champions League Last 16 (23m...more

  • The Sports Junkies / 12-17-18 Hour 4- Ovie still crushing it, Sekou Smith, Christmas Eve Heart Attacks

    00:00- Alex Ovechkin is on fire this year 4:11- Should Josh Johnson be back next year? 15:15- Sekou Smith, NBA TV 34:35- Getting up early is good for you 38:35- Christmas Eve Heart Attacks

  • The World of Phil Hendrie / Episode #1313: The New Phil Hendrie Show

    Today's encore show is from December 2017. Phil reveals a whole new live stream for subscribers after last night's "baby’s." Phil interviews David G Hall on licking the halls of FCC commissioners, Ted Bell on being Ted Bell and Bobbie Dooley with more on her elf dance & lip syncing Andy Williams. The BSP Classic Hour is from November 22, 1999. Paper Clips and Rubber Bands. While attempting to discuss the topic of the hour, Phil's old engineer Mike Crozier begins flicking paper clips and rubber ...more

  • La Camara de los Balones / La Cámara de los Balones (18/12/2018)

    La actualidad deportiva, tratada con humor. de 13:45 a 14:00

  • Friendlyjordies Podcast / Victorian Elections and Brazilian Misogyny

    bonus Pods are available to all patrons. Support friendlyjimmiespodcast for exclusive content.

  • Anna Faris Is Unqualified / ep 153: Elizabeth Reaser

    This week’s guest, Elizabeth Reaser (True Detective, The Haunting of Hill House) perfectly complements Anna’s comedic repertoire as the pair discuss... Juilliard, acting, and pussy with joy Oyster farmers, crime scene cleaners, and party clowns the Tit Look App and tits around the world You don’t want to miss this week’s calls as Anna generously opens up about her personal life while her, Sim, and Elizabeth help to unpack some intense situations for two dear listeners... Olivia, 21, is callin...more

  • Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai / The Grumpy Awards (with Michael Zegen)

    E. coliflower, beaver massacres, and diving deep into the worst things about 2018. That's right, the most highly anticipated award ceremony is BACK! Matt is hosting The 2018 Grumpy Awards aka The Grumpies aka A Real Award Show where Matt hands out prizes to the worst people, places and events of the year. And finally, we've got actor Michael Zegen in the studio for an interview and game. Michael plays Mr. Joel Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and while his ice cream opinions may be tras...more

  • Savage Lovecast / Savage Love Episode 634

    Dear Australia, Hi! This is the Savage Lovecast. Listen. Do you guys refer to the very common sexual position where a man enters a woman from behind while she is on all fours as ..."Doggity Style?" No? We didn't think so. (Both Dan and Nancy are gobsmacked by this call.) A man's friend has been accused of sexual assault from when they were both in a pseudo-Christian cult. The caller believes the women, but also wants to support his friend and help him to become a better person. How? Strap-ons......more

  • Podcasts – The SomethingSomethingCast / The End #4 – Breaking Bad

    With one week til Christmas, we celebrate with one of the greatest gifts given to television in the last decade… so gather round the fire and only smoke the crystal blue, let’s discuss the THE END of Breaking Bad. Full Episode

  • The Dork Forest / Holiday Horror with Matt Weinhold - Ep. 498

    Matt Weinhold @mattweinhold loves all things monsters and it’s the HOLIDAYS. Let’s get into it. And we do. He has a podcast called Monster Party which is on all the itunesy things and facebook and IG. So great. He's awesome. AD: New Yorker  12 issues for $6 (half off the regular first timer discount!!) DO NOT Donate to The Dork Forest in November or December. FIND A FOOD BANK. Search “food bank” with the name of your city. It will work. My current album “I Am Not the Hero...more

  • The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds / 357 - The Piedras Negras Jail Break

    Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds examine the Piedras Negras jail break. SOURCES TOUR DATES REDBUBBLE OFFICIAL MERCH

  • Steve Allen - A Little Bit Extra / Of course they're putting it on!

    A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.

  • Can I Pet Your Dog? / CIPYD 171: Scooting Around and Holiday Dogs

    Well hey there all you spooky cats!   Happy holidays! This week Allegra tells us all about a new dog at work and Alexis is MAD! Find out why! Renee solves an interesting scooting problem with Tug. Plus, we have a Dog Hero and a very charming My Mutt Minute!   Tune in!

  • Hollywood Handbook / Sam Richardson, Our Close Friend

    The Boys help SAM RICHARDSON #SaveVeep. This episode is sponsored by NHTSA, Harry's (, Quip (, and Robinhood (