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That's funny

Podcasts that are guaranteed to get you chuckling, if not belly laughing.

by Pastime

    That's funny

    Sep 28 2020

  • The World of Phil Hendrie / Episode #1833 The New Phil Hendrie Show

    Ted Bell hosts the “Chef Carl Chodillia Hour” from Ted’s of Beverly Hills. Chef prepares a salmon dish for Phil. Sign up for a Backstage Pass and enjoy a 30,000 plus hour archive, Phil's new podcast, Classic podcasts, Bobbie Dooley's podcasts, special live streaming events and shows, Saturday Cinema, Friday night chat, and oh so very much more… Sign up now at PhilHendrieShow.com!

  • Monday Morning Podcast / Monday Morning Podcast 9-28-20

    Bill rambles about getting answers, physicist groupies, and bad information.

  • My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark / MFM Minisode 194

    This week’s hometowns include a serial killer connection and a phone pervert.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • Late Night with Seth Meyers Podcast / Late Night Lit: Meena Harris & Karen Russell

    On today's episode of Late Night Lit, Late Night supervising producer Sarah Jenks-Daly speaks with Meena Harris, an entrepreneur, lawyer, founder of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign and author of "Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea," a children's book about her aunt Kamala Harris and her mother Maya Harris.Then, she speaks with Karen Russell, a Pulitzer finalist and author of the novella "Sleep Donation." Plus, hear some book recommendations from members of the Late Night staff.Mentioned in thi...more

  • Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast / Joe Mantegna

    Gilbert and Frank talk to Tony-winning actor Joe Mantegna about paying dues, working with primates, portraying Dean Martin, his admiration for Errol Flynn and his long association with Pulitzer-winning playwright David Mamet. Also, Don Ameche busts a gut, Eli Wallach rides the subway, Ben Kingsley takes in a Chicago concert and Joe lands a role in the Italian "Star Wars." PLUS: Super Sugar Crisp! In praise of Tony Bennett! The courage of Lenny Bruce! The genius of Shel Silverstein! And Joe voice...more

  • Anna Faris Is Unqualified / Adam DeVine

    Adam DeVine [Workaholics, Modern Family, Righteous Gemstones, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates] joins Anna to talk about the dangers of filming his new show Bad Ideas, the art of hacky sack, how getting hit by a cement truck can make high school easier, Reagan Burris, tall people, wedding drama and more. Later, Anna is joined by online dating expert Mark Brooks to answer questions about online dating.ALLBIRDS Allbirds, feel confident knowing you’re wearing a product that’s doing right by your fe...more

  • WTF with Marc Maron Podcast / Episode 1161 - Cecily Strong

    The adage “you can never go home again” didn’t apply to Cecily Strong. She did, and it’s what got her on Saturday Night Live. Cecily tells Marc why she didn’t stick around in Los Angeles after studying acting at CalArts, a move that people told her was a mistake. They also talk about why she got kicked out of her high school, how she battles her depression, what it was like to perform for the Obamas, and why she was in a Chinese opera with Alison Brie. See omny...more

  • Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig / Michelle Akin - Life Coach and Writer (Ep 273)

    Recorded: September 16, 2020   The one and only Michelle Akin joins me this week! We talk about the origins of our legendary friendship after meeting in a college comedy class, how she found her way into life-coaching, writing Harry Potter fanfiction, and her experience with a natural birth and motherhood!   Follow Michelle:   www.twitter.com/michelleakin www.instagram.com/michelleakin21 michelleakin.com Check out our website: www.nottoodeep.comSee omnystudio.com/list...more

  • The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast / Ep. 253: Leibniz on the Problem of Evil (Part One)

    On Gottfried Leibniz’s Theodicy (1710). Why does God allow so many bad things to happen? Leibniz thought that by the definition of God, whatever He created must be the best of all possible worlds, and his theodicy presents numerous arguments to try to make that not so counter-intuitive given how less-than-perfect the world seems to us. Part two of this episode is only going to be available to you if you sign up at partiallyexaminedlife.com/support. Get it now or listen to a preview. Sponsor: Ope...more

  • Fat Man Beyond / 299: WandaVision! Fury! Supergirl! FMB LIVE - 09/27/2020

    Kevin and Marc return to the clear divider at the Scum & Villainy Cantina to talk to Ryan Liebowitz from Golden Apple Comics about Give Comics Hope, as well as talk about WandaVision, Fury on Disney +, The CW's Supergirl, the Suicide Squad Prequel on HBO Max and MORE! Help your local comic shops at https://givecomicshope.org/

  • Comedy of the Week / Phil Ellis Is Trying

    When Phil and Johnny discover golden sachets in their Cup A Soup packets, they embark on a fantastical tour of the Cup A Soup factory hosted by reclusive owner Billy Bonker, who is opening the gates for the first time in 40 years. Phil cannot believe his luck. He's desperate to meet Billy Bonker and enter his magical world where, they say, the taps run minestrone. If only the other people on the tour weren't so intent on getting themselves killed. Meanwhile, Polly has enlisted Ellie to go on a d...more

  • Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend / Your Calls and Daniel's Kewl Beanz

    As mentioned on last week's Thursday show, Daniel's been eating a lot of beans lately and has opinions which he's going to share in a series of reviews we're calling Daniel's Kewl Beanz. The first installment is featured in this episode and it's a DOOZY! Also we take your calls, take about early voting, 50 Nifty, my experience playing handbells in 8th grade, Daniel's diet, an update to the Quantz method for sleep, nuts, Quabi, kids and more! Check us out on Patreon: http://patreon.com/alisonrose...more

  • The Totally Football Show with James Richardson / The Suarez future

    Leicester stay top with a stunning 5-2 win at the Etihad. Is Jamie Vardy underrated in terms of his football intelligence? And to what extent do City failings boil down to poor recruitment?Chelsea and Manchester United avoid a similar fate despite shipping goals aplenty. Does Lampard have enough time to blend these new signings into a cohesive unit? And are United mis-using Pogba?We’re reaching handball crisis point. The panel discuss why we can and should change the rules. Plus Alvaro Romeo tel...more

  • Power Trippin / Episode 169 - If I Ain't Gotta Touch The Work

    We welcome our newest Power Trippin member in only a way we can. Tory Lanez dropped an album explaining his side of the story. How many of your facebook friends do you know in real life? Koron tells us about his happy ending. We talk about used condoms being found in Vietnam. Fan mail asked us about the most unprofessional thing we’ve done at a job. And Ced lays out a challenge to the listeners. For the new listeners, we also get the story of Mac throwing Ranch dressing on a fast food worker. A...more

  • wellRED podcast / Evening Skews - Week of September 22, 2020

    Hoo wee boy howdy what a doozy this week was. Everything from the fallout of RBG's death, to the results of the Breonna Taylor case, to Trump heavily implying he may just be emperor forever....nothing hit this week y'all. What else is new. But me and Smart Mark try to make it entertaining to listen to at least. Love y'all. 

  • Plumbing the Death Star / How Would You Use the Remote Control From the Famous Motion Picture Click?

    Sign up to our newsletter here. Join our facebook group here.You can now physically send us stuff to PO BOX 7127, Reservoir East, Victoria, 3073.Want to help support the show?Sanspants+ | Shop | TeesWant to get in contact with us? Email | Twitter | Website | Facebook | RedditOr individually at;Jackson | Duscher | ZammitTheme music by the wonderfully talented Benny Davis! You can find all his stuff at his website or check out his YouTube channel.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and o...more

  • Tell Em Steve-Dave / #455: Potpourri of TESD

    Q is elected minister of defense. Bry wants a muscle car. What music would you play for aliens?

  • Worst Idea Of All Time Podcast / 07: Persona non grata

    Guy and Tim have watched Emmanuelle 7 (1993) and it is a terrifyingly accurate portrait of the future OR of movies about the future (The Matrix, 1999). This movie has it all; VR, sex, othering people who aren't white. Tim is convinced one of the male stars of this film is New Zealand's own Antony Starr. He also firmly believes a Christopher Reeves lookalike has been cast. Meanwhile, Guy has trouble eating a delicious mushroom sandwich while being voyeuristic. Sylvia Kristel returns in a nonsexua...more

  • Rebel FM / Rebel FM Episode 472 - 09/25/2020

    This week we're consumed by NEWS — Bethesda, Microsoft, PlayStation, storage and other things! It was a week and we get straight into it.  This week's music: Emma Ruth Rundle - Fever Dreams

  • Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! / Jonna Mendez

    Jonna Mendez, former Chief of Disguise at the CIA, joins us along with panelists Alonzo Bodden, Dulcé Sloan, and Joel Kim Booster.