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That's funny

Podcasts that are guaranteed to get you chuckling, if not belly laughing.

by Pastime

    That's funny

    Dec 07 2019

  • wellRED podcast / #146 - The Past Dont Hit or (Why Can't We {The Democratic Party} Be Friends

    First and foremost sorry for the delay. We had to record late because we spent our normal recording time filming a brand new sketch for y'all with our friends at Comedy Central!   This week Drew fills us in on his recent basketball shenanigans, we discuss what hits and dont hit about waiters not writing your order down, we talk about how much the past sucks, and we round it out by trying to figure out why the Democratic party seems hell bent on cutting off their nose to spite their face   hawtho...more

  • Fat Man Beyond / 268: Blackman Beyond: Watchmen, The Mandalorian, and Phil LaMarr

    Phil LaMarr joins Marc to talk about geeky goodness from the past week. - Happy Birthdays! - Watchmen - The Mandalorian - Treadstone - Supergirl - DC’s Superman Confusion - The Fugitive Returns - Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall - D.C. Fontana - Q&A

  • TBTL - Too Beautiful To Live / #3048 B-B-Blockin' Out The Skaters!

    An anonymous roller rink insider calls in, and Luke and Andrew discuss Hillary Clinton's Stern Show interview. . . . Today's show is sponsored by HelloFresh. Visit HelloFresh.com/TBTL80 and enter the code TBTL80 to get $80 off your first month.

  • Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine / Sawbones: Taint Tanning and Heliotherapy

    Listen, we're not gonna sit here all fancy and act like we didn't just record an entire episode about people sunning their buttholes. That's what happened, nothing can change that. If you don't listen, it was for nothing. Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

  • The Bugle / Bugle 4132 - Breadgate

    Nish joins Andy and Alice to break down what actually happened in Breadgate. Plus Trump tantrum news and the latest from the British election. Also, snuck in at the end, a major announcement from Alice. More to follow.

  • The Joe Rogan Experience / #1394 - Matt Farah

    Matt Farah is a car enthusiast and the host of “The Smoking Tire” seen on YouTube and also a podcast available on Apple Podcasts.

  • Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 / The Now Show - Series 55 Episode 7

    Download the best satirical comedy from Radio 4, every Friday.

  • The Sports Junkies / 12/6 Hour 4- JP's cocktail and results, Secret Santa, Bruce the Hugger

      2:33 JP's mudslide 12:26 Results for the Junkies Cocktail Hour 19:02 Secret Santa gift exchange 35:00 Final breathalyzers and Bruce the Hugger

  • Late Night with Seth Meyers Podcast / Rep. Ro Khanna | The Check In: Trump’s Unqualified Federal Judge Appointments

    Seth takes a break from breaking news to check in on Trump appointing unqualified federal judges to serve lifetime appointments.Then, Representative Ro Khanna talks about the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, Congress regulating big tech and supporting Bernie Sanders. He also takes a few more questions backstage at Studio 8G.

  • Ask Me Another / Paula Cole: Where Have All The Puzzles Gone?

    Singer-songwriter and activist Paula Cole shares how jazz inspired her to find her own Grammy-winning sound, and plays games that show off her anatomical and ornithological knowledge. Then, contestants play an audio quiz that reminds them why they should always turn off their cell phones before a show.

  • For F1's Sake / FF1S.19.21 - Sainz, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Sixth - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    This is how the season ends. Not with a bang, but with a deathly boring procession around Yas Marina, livened only by a DRS failure and Lando Norris crying. Still, it eases us into the off season, eh? Cheeka, Phill and Terry gather around the microphones to discuss the snoozefest that was the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and we give our nominations for the FF1S Sports Personality Of The Year Of the Match of Driving Of The Year. 2019.

  • The Political Party / SHOW 132 - Sian Berry (Election Special #20)

    The co-leader of the Green Party joins Matt for a brilliant chat about the opportunities and risks for the Greens at this election as well as a great conversation about how they influence the powerful and the public in general. Are they being squeezed by Jeremy Corbyn? How do they differ in their approach to Extinction Rebellion? How can you find out about what information the police have on you? Is Matt in trouble for drinking from a single use plastic bottle? There's only one way to find out.....more

  • No Such Thing As A Fish / Episode 298: No Such Thing As An Emotional Support Amoeba

    Live from New York, Dan, James, Anna and Andrew discuss Hornigold the pirate, support animals for other animals, and why the French can't decide on what to call a pencil.

  • The Partially Examined Life / (sub)Text: A Discussion of Todd Phillips' Film "Joker"

    Wes Alwan and William Sharp (psychoanalyst and professor at Northeastern) discuss the film at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis.  Why has this film done so well? It offers no spectacle, and good doesn't triumph. It is psychologically true and expertly performed. The audience can enjoy tragedy and identify deeply with a social outcast and villain. The film successfully exploits the relationship between humor and violence, and comedy and tragedy. Listen to more (sub)Text.

  • VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash / Does Size Matter?

    The guys talk about a man who had sex with 20,000 people, Jason exposes David's magic tricks and David hates his Christmas tree. Plus, Natalie recaps her birthday weekend, Scott talks about losing a ton of money on tour, and the guys discuss whether size matters.

  • Eater's Digest / Inside the Christmas Bar Phenomenon

    It feels like Christmas bars are taking over. These unabashedly kitschy, tinsel-and-ribbon adorned yuletide popups are slinging good cheer and plenty of booze all over the country, and we wanted to know why people love them so much. So we called up Beth McKibben of Eater Atlanta, where at least 12 different Christmas bars are attracting massive crowds, and Greg Boehm the founder of Miracle, the popup making it all happen.Then, we get into the biggest stories of the week, from McDonald's attempt ...more

  • The World of Phil Hendrie / Episode #1582: The New Phil Hendrie Show

    We had video maintenance tonight and could not turn on our cameras. Tom Dovka, Radio Consultant has been hearing bad things about Hendrie’s show. So he dances trough the first part of the show to demonstrate what works. Sign up for a Backstage Pass and enjoy a 30,000 plus hour archive, Phil's new podcast, Classic podcasts, Bobbie Dooley's podcasts, special live streaming events and shows, Saturday Cinema, Friday night chat, and oh so very much more… Sign up now at PhilHendrieShow.com!

  • Steve Allen - A Little Bit Extra / Eating McDonald's with a knife and fork!

    A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.

  • The Officially Street Podcast / EP.224 – Aye Dios Mio

    Aye Dios Mio! It's #CherryAndJay day again this week since Syer wasn't able to make it to the studio due to inclement weather, but we held it down as usual!- Weekly Recap (2:38)- What's Dwight been up to this week? (27:08)- Parents: How do you deal with stress in regards to parenting? (33:25)- Were you a "bad" kid growing up? (37:42)- #OFFICIALORUNOFFICAL [Yung Ro, Snoop Dogg, Matt Knowles, Aaliyah, The Black Widow, and Desus & Mero] (51:49) - #CherrysBookoftheMonth [The Compound Effect ...more

  • RHLSTP with Richard Herring / RHLSTP 238 - Ian McMillan

    #238 Degree! Degree! - Richard is at the City Hall in steel obsessed Sheffield and his guest is proudly professional Yorkshireman and poet, Ian McMillan.The conversation dances through Tupperware drum sets, performing with Luke Goss, Ian’s parents’ love story, being crushed to death by a grave stone, the best chemist in Darfield, being a poet in resident for a football club, cartoon dogging, where poetry comes from and whether sentimentality is a bad thing and how living in the same place helps ...more