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That's funny

Podcasts that are guaranteed to get you chuckling, if not belly laughing.

by Pastime

    That's funny

    Apr 01 2020

  • The Sports Junkies / 4/1 Hour 4- Junkies Binge Belt, Bret Oliverio, Ordering food

      2:00 Junkies Binge Belt 14:00 Former producer and Sup Dogs owner Bret Oliverio 34:00 Ordering Takeout

  • The World of Phil Hendrie / Episode #1682 The New Phil Hendrie Show

    “Catscapes” with host Shadow and sidekicks Smokey and Thunder. They interview Baby, a cat in Chicago that saved a family from a fireSign up for a Backstage Pass and enjoy a 30,000 plus hour archive, Phil's new podcast, Classic podcasts, Bobbie Dooley's podcasts, special live streaming events and shows, Saturday Cinema, Friday night chat, and oh so very much more… Sign up now at PhilHendrieShow.com!

  • Spirits / 174: Gargoyles

    Sure, we talk about mythology all the time, but what if we talked about mythology AND architecture AND science? So we’re diving deep on gargoyles to find out how they went from architectural necessities to living creatures in folklore! Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about or mentions of age-inappropriate crushes, religious influence, murder, fire/burning, sexual assault, and incarceration.   Housekeeping - Recommendation: This week, Amanda recommends Rebecca Solnit’s Recoll...more

  • wellRED podcast / #163 - Quarantinin' While Single W/ Brent Black + Diffies Dead. Don't Hit

    Y'all continue to stay your ass inside and wash your hands please. We love you. Sorry the quality is a little weird we gotta use zoom cause of the corona and ihell it just is what it is. Nothing hits 

  • This Is Why You're Single / Relationship Maintenance

    This week we talk about how to maintain your relationship. When you have a good thing, you have to take care of it: check ins, couples therapy and date nights! In dating news we discuss podcasts you should listen to based on your zodiac sign & a guide to couples therapy. Then we answer your listener questions including one listener who is worried a message she sent scared off her crush and one crazy dating profile we had to share. Laura and Angela share their crazy recent health stories!This...more

  • You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes / Nina Fefferman

    Nina Fefferman (Professor or Ecology and Evolutionary Biology And Professor of Mathematics at University of Tennessee Knoxville! Associate Director of the One Health Initiative!) makes it weird!

  • Film Junk Podcast / Recommended Reeding: Episode 1

    Unfortunately, due to on-going issues with Frank's internet connection, it looks like we will be unable to record new Film Junk episodes for the next little while. In the meantime, Reed Farrington has offered to start hosting a brand new weekly podcast about books that he has been reading. Enjoy!

  • Steve Allen - A Little Bit Extra / Laugh and the world laughs with you!

    A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.

  • RHLSTP with Richard Herring / RHLSTP 269 - Olga Koch

    #269 Talking Koch - Richard is at the Cambridge Corn Exchange and starts with a joke he first did in this venue 25 years ago. His guest is standup and daughter of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Olga Koch. They talk about St Petersburgh and (inevitably) Rasputin and his cock, having sex with a sea creature, making bad man seem slightly better via stand up, how Richard hopes his penis might survive him (again), a confectionery tribute to an ex, how Chelsea Clinton is probably get...more

  • The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds / West Virginia Textbook War

    Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds examine the West Virginia Textbook WarSourcesTour DatesRedbubble Merch

  • @Betches / Tiger King Is The Only Thing Keeping Us Sane

    On this week’s @Betches our hosts Sean Kilby, Dylan Hafer, and Sara Levine talk about the recent backlash to celebrity culture during quarantine and discuss whether or not the hate will last when things go back to normal. Plus, they share some of the most egregious celebrity posts and ask why the vitriol has gotten so much stronger this week. Then it’s time for the latest edition of Betchflix with a reaction to the show everyone is talking about, Tiger King. They rank the worst villains on the s...more

  • Worst Idea Of All Time Podcast / REVIEW: Christmas Nightmare Edition

    This was originally a pay-walled episode available only to Patreon supporters. Please consider if you can #PayTheBoiz at patreon.com/join/TWIOAT.You maniacs couldn't decide on which Christmas-themed movie we should watch so WE WATCHED BOTH! Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas & Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa. Saving Christmas is Kirk's earnest and Christian attempt a convince his even more earnest and even more Christian co-star, named Christian, that modern Christmas is an earnest...more

  • The Joe Rogan Experience / #1450 - Brian Redban

    Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also look for him on “Kill Tony” available on Apple Podcasts & YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwzCMiicL-hBUzyjWiJaseg

  • TBTL - Too Beautiful To Live / #3130 Drops Of Stupider

    A new bit of knowledge makes Luke feel betrayed by the producers of Tiger King. Plus, he and Andrew review some of the audio drops that are competing in the great TBTL Drop-Off, now officially entitled, "Drops of Stupider." Vote here for your favs! . . . Today's show is sponsored by Grove Collaborative. Visit Grove.co/tbtl to get a free $30 Mrs. Meyer's gift set with your first order.

  • Luke's ENGLISH Podcast - Learn British English with Luke Thompson / 656. British Comedy: Karl Pilkington’s Monkey News / The Ricky Gervais Show

    656. British Comedy: Karl Pilkington’s Monkey News / The Ricky Gervais Show Listen to a funny story told in a Manchester accent, and learn various bits of English in the process including vocabulary and pronunciation. Improve your understanding of regional British accents. Story transcript & vocabulary notes available. Episode page https://wp.me/p4IuUx-aW3 italki offer https://www.teacherluke.co.uk/talk  LEP Premium https://www.teacherluke.co.uk/premium 

  • The James Altucher Show / 568 - You Don't Have to Be Qualified to Go After Your Dream with Dan Carlin Host of "Hardcore History"

    Dan Carlin hosts the #1 history podcast, “Hardcore History.” It has a cult following. For a lot of reasons: 1. Dan has an incredible voice. 2. his research is so weird and extensive and detailed. And 3. Dan is known for breaking rules. He went around the standard path. And decided that he didn’t need to have a history degree or some pre-approved "credentials" to create the best history show out there. He just went ahead and did it. So I have him on today to find out how he gave...more


    Adam enjoys a remote ramble with British actor and writer Daisy Haggard.Thanks to Séamus Murphy-Mitchell for production support and to Matt Lamont for additional editing.RELATED LINKSSIGNED LIMITED EDITION PODCAST POSTERDR BUCKLES' LOCKDOWN RELAXORIUM PLAYLIST (SPOTIFY)BACK TO LIFE (BBC IPLAYER)TIM KEY'S LATE NIGHT POETRY PROGRAMME ADAM BUXTON READS REVIEWS FOR THE PERSUASIONISTSGUARDIAN INTERVIEW WITH DAISY (2019)'BUSTLE' INTERVIEW WITH DAISY (2019) For information regarding your data pri...more

  • The Read / Never Liked You

    Bitch better have my bells...

  • Late Night with Seth Meyers Podcast / Sen. Bernie Sanders | Trump Brags About His Ratings During Coronavirus Pandemic: A Closer Look

    Seth takes a closer look at the president bragging about his TV ratings during the coronavirus pandemic, suggesting states were lying about how many ventilators they need and blaming health care workers for the lack of protective masks.Then, via Zoom, he interviews Senator Bernie Sanders.

  • Podcasts – The SomethingSomethingCast / Free-For-All: Isolation Edition

    Have you checked out Livestream For The Cure yet? You should. It’s the fifth week of the month – so you know what that means? Do you? If you do, please … tell us… For us, it meant that we went live on Twitch on St. Paddy’s Day and talked about how we’re dealing with the world we’re living in at the moment. From the shows we’re enjoying, the games we’re playing, and honestly how we’re keeping sane… it’s a Fre...more