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    The Podcast Broadcast

    Jun 29 2016

  • The Personality Myth

    A few weeks ago my Chicago Podcast Brunch Club got together for an NPR Listening Party around the launch of the second season of Invisibilia. It was a great way to kick off the season. This episode explores the possibility that personality is not constant, as most of us believe. How does this affect relationships when the one thing you think you know about your partner is their personality? How does this affect a woman who decides to work with an inmate who is in prison for rape? What exactly is...more

  • The man inside: Four months as a prison guard

    What happens behind locked doors? This is an intense story about a journalist who goes undercover at a private prison in Louisiana. There were points in this episode where I felt my heart beating in my throat. I won’t lie – it was uncomfortable at times, but it is a truly spectacular piece about something that most of us will (hopefully) never experience.

  • #50: Before Hillary: Women Who Fought for the White House

    Did you know that more than 35 women have run for President of the United States? Did you know that the first of them ran in 1872? Or that in 1972 a black woman ran? I did not know any of these things and this episode was equally inspirational and infuriating. Why, in 2016, 144 years after the first woman ran for president, is gender even up for discussion when it comes to the ability to rule this country?

  • Jo & Fayaz

    This summer, Strangers is doing a series called “Summer of Love” in which they talk to various people about their relationships. This episode tells the story of Jo and Fayaz, a German woman and an Indian Muslim man, who decided to get married after knowing each other for one week. There is a true sweetness to their story despite the many hurdles they had to overcome including family, geography, and government.

  • Inside Planned Parenthood

    Anna Sale heads to Planned Parenthood to interview willing participants in the clinic's waiting room. Anna’s disarming interview style allows the listener to get an intimate look at the experiences people are currently having inside Planned Parenthood, as well as their history with the organization.

  • The Podcast Broadcast

    Jun 16 2016

  • 215- H-Day

    A few years ago I spent two weeks in Ireland driving on the left and very wrong feeling side of the road. I eventually got used to it but that first day was probably the most tense and alert I’ve ever been. This new episode of 99% Invisible details how this feeling was multiplied millions of times over on September 3, 1967, when Sweden somehow successfully switched their entire driving infrastructure from driving on the left to driving on the right. All Swedes know this as H-day, short for Höger...more

  • Why Does Everyone Hate Flying? And Other Questions Only a Pilot Can Answer

    This episode of Freakonomics gives you the chance to hear an experienced commercial airline pilot answer all the questions we all have about flying. Like have you ever seen a UFO? Or what do pilots even do now that so much is automated? (Hint: do not ask this to a pilot). And how safe is flying, really? The take away reminds me of Louis CK’s famous “Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy” bit. Modern flight is getting more and more efficient, is much safer than it used to be, and is overall a p...more

  • #548 Bob Dylan at 75 – From Protest to Plugging In

    As a huge music fan, I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’ve never understood what the big deal was with Bob Dylan. That’s why when I saw that Sound Opinions was doing a two part series celebrating his career at the still productive age of 75, I had to see what I’ve been missing out on. Well, thanks to two passionate music critics from Chicago, I finally get it! Sometimes you just need to hear the story around why something is popular to start appreciating it. It turns out I really dig Dylan's fi...more

  • #549 Bob Dylan at 75 – *Blonde on Blonde* to Modern Times

    As a huge music fan, I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’ve never understood what the big deal was with Bob Dylan. That’s why when I saw that Sound Opinions was doing a two part series celebrating his career at the still productive age of 75, I had to see what I’ve been missing out on. Well, thanks to two passionate music critics from Chicago, I finally get it! Sometimes you just need to hear the story around why something is popular to start appreciating it. It turns out I really dig Dylan's fi...more

  • Held Hostage in Syria

    Hear from an Italian aid worker, a French journalist, a Danish freelance photographer, and a French blogger on their experience being separately captured by ISIS and their eventual 12 months time spent together in captivity. They were part of a group of 19 at it’s largest and this interview is the first time they’ve all been together since their release. This whole episode easily fits into the “puts things into perspective” category that makes you not worry about petty everyday concerns. The hig...more

  • The Podcast Broadcast

    Jun 09 2016

  • Episode 1: At A Loss For Words

    The first episode of Love Me, 'At a Loss For Words', is the best 22 minutes of audio I’ve heard in a while. The introductory piece – a story about the uncertain, complicated melancholy of ending phone calls home – resonated with me on a level that was almost a little too personal. The segment about interesting/untranslatable words in other languages was so poetic that I almost transcribed it just so that I could read it over again.

  • The Podcast Broadcast

    Mar 29 2016

  • #59 Good Job, Alex

    Domain name investigation and the return of email debt forgiveness day from Reply All.

  • 87 Hours (Quality Time)

    See you at the board meeting, Dad. I love the idea of implementing business-y concepts to improve your personal life (see: annual reviews). Where There’s Smoke explores the idea of planning ‘board meeting’ retreats with those around you - particularly of the parent-child variety - and talks about the importance of quality time vs. quantity time. Put your phones away, focus on the people in front of you.

  • Other People's Food Pt. 1: White Chef, Mexican Food

    One giant block of kimchi, please. The Sporkful on what happens why people get upset when white-guy Rick Bayless cooks Mexican cuisine and the awkwardness of having a lunch box full of foreign food. That and more in a two-part series about food around the world, and the right way to learn about other food cultures while being culturally sensitive.

  • Searching for Amnesia

    “I typed amnesia into a search engine on the World Wide Web". Journalism in the 90’s, y’all. Scott Carrier revisits an old TAL story (incl. vintage Ira Glass) about a search for people with amnesia (spoiler: hard to find) on Home of the Brave. (Searching for Amnesia, 19 minutes)

  • Sexy Sexy Sex Sex

    Pop Rocket talks about the movies that introduced them to ideas about sex and romance.

  • Alan Yang, Master of Lots

    Alan Yang, co-creator of Master of None, is super charming on the Mash Up Americans.

  • 32. American Oxygen

    Collaborating with Rihanna without actually meeting Rihanna for American Oxygen on Switched on Pop.

  • Minipod: Time Travel

    Flash Forward does a recap of past episodes (past futures?) and calls it time travel.

  • The Man Who Cured Everything

    Only Human convinces me to stop eating (for like, an hour).

  • Caffeine: The World’s Most Popular Drug

    Caffeine addiction on Gastropod.

  • 13 - Patient #13-A-3 (Chloe)

    Drama and intrigue from The Bright Sessions.

  • Things I'm Afraid to Say

    A story of friendship and music I can't get out of my head from Scene on Radio.

  • The Podcast Broadcast

    Feb 13 2016

  • 4: On the Chopping Block

    I've loved The Intern podcast since it began, but episode 4 is the best episode yet. Our host, Allison, takes us behind the scenes on the betaworks start-up life and talks about what it's like to try to find meaning in your work.

  • The Podcast Broadcast

    Feb 09 2016

  • TPD 77 - Roman Mars from 99% Invisible and Radiotopia

    The Podcast Digest talks to Roman Mars about his show and his brilliant team and his beautiful new website.

  • Episode 2: Mercury, the Roasted Planet

    TIME debuts a new show about space called It’s Your Universe, talks a lot about Mercury.

  • Promise

    ARRVLS debuts their new season!

  • S02 Episode 06: 5 O'Clock Shadow

    If you stopped listening to Serial, you might want to tune back in. Confession: I stopped listening to the second season of Serial after the first few episodes. Apparently, that was a mistake! There’s a lot going on – including a mini-series revisiting the first season and following the controversial retrial of Adnan – and meanwhile, the storyline of the second season is becoming more personal, more compelling, and their lengthened episode timeline allows for cool new features and in-depth repor...more

  • #53 In The Desert

    Speaking of cell towers, Reply All does some hands-on investigative reporting on a house that is the Bermuda triangle of lost cell phones. I love everything about the way they tell this story.

  • ‘An Interlude Of Clarity’ | Modern Love 4

    On Modern Love‘s podcast, Judd Apatow reads an essay about near-death experiences and semi-naked hospital visits on dates.

  • HBM056: It Works Better in Movies [EXPLICIT]

    Here Be Monsters dives into a real-life A Walk to Remember, but a less true version. This episode made me feel uncomfortable – if I lied about having a terminal illness to get boys to like me, I think I would probably not make a podcast about it – but that’s what makes it so compelling.

  • The Case for Infomagical

    INFOMAGICAL! If you missed Note to Self‘s weeklong digital literacy/information overload series, you can sign up for it again this week, or next week, or any week

  • All Songs +1: Andrew Bird Gets Personal

    All Songs +1 talks to Andrew Bird.

  • #12 When Would We Get Married?

    Millennial talks marriage and commitment, and records conversations with her parents and her boyfriend that are maybe more honest than any actual conversations I have had in real life; then she investigates pumpkin parties in New Hampshire for Outside/In.

  • 198- The Ice King

    99% Invisible talks about literally frozen assets and the ice trade.

  • 28. WLTM part I

    The Allusionist has people read their online dating profiles.

  • Episode 11A: The Full-blood Patriarchy

    If you like Harry Potter and also feminism, Witch, Please is my new favorite show right now (recommended from a newsletter reader – thanks, Heather!). The show is hosted by two super-smart women who have backgrounds in media studies and are well-versed in feminism and other topics. This show is so much more than ‘two ladies chatting about Harry Potter.’ It analyzes the events of the series in ways that I’ve never thought of before. Things you’ll hear about if you listen: the full-blood patriarch...more

  • Diegetic Plots: Chapter 1

    Relatively Prime gets really poetic about math.

  • The Podcast Broadcast

    Jan 20 2016

  • #69 Kids Ask Chris Gethard Unanswerable Questions

    Since The Longest Shortest Time showed up in my feed - with a promise of weekly episodes! Does host Hillary Frank's move from WNYC to Earwolf means a transition from parenting tales to comedy takes? Or maybe Earwolf just saw the connection that was already there: that parenting, and kids, are funny. (#69: Kids Ask Chris Gethard Unanswerable Questions, 41 minutes; #70: There's Something About Andy, 44 minutes)

  • When FOMO Meets JOMO

    Living in a time zone that's 12 hours ahead of the East Coast is a weird experience. I wake up to a day's worth of emails in my inbox, and my daytime news feed is quiet. For a while, I felt like I was missing out on what was happening around the world, but now I sort of enjoy missing out. According to Note to Self, I have JOMO. (19 minutes)

  • Episode 38: Let Black Girls Be Funny (with Janelle James)

    Another Round had a perfect analysis of Maine's nonsense governor on their segment "White Devil's Advocate" this week. (Sigh. Apologies on behalf of Maine.)

  • S1E1 - 'The Job Interview'

    And then imagine that you got together with your friends and read poorly-written erotic novel out loud. And your friends are comedians. And the novel was written by your friend's dad. That's the premise behind My Dad Wrote a Porno. It's weird and it makes me uncomfortable but it's also hilarious. H/T to Brett from Where There's Smoke for recommending this one (p.s., check out his interview on Podcast Digest this week!) (Episode 1: Belinda Blinked, 27 minutes)

  • The Podcast Broadcast

    Jan 16 2016

  • Escape!

    Learned: dolphins sleep with one eye open. Literally, they sleep with half a brain at a time, and they switch hemispheres throughout the night. WHAT. Sometimes, when you've had a rough week, you just need to listen to something a little lighter. (And if you're a human person living on earth, it's likely that you'd had a sort of rough week). How To Do Everything enlists the help of a five-year-old to convince a four-year old that he does, indeed, sleep at night. Then they look up how much it woul...more

  • The Podcast Broadcast

    Jan 13 2016

  • Courtney Barnett - Depreston

    Courtney Barnett breaks down her song ‘Depreston’ on Song Exploder.

  • 16 Number One Songs From Our First 16 Years

    If your music taste is stuck in the 2000’s, All Songs counts down the number one songs from the last sixteen years, aka all of the music years I can remember.

  • #50 The Cathedral

    Sad: Reply All and Radiolab both aired the story of two parents who created a video game about their son’s battle with cancer.

  • HBM054: Flaming Sword of Truth

    Spooky: Here Be Monsters explores the magic of psychic and “good witch” Patti Negri.

  • #11 Facebook, Mexico & Peter Pan

    Surprised: Millennial launches season 2 with a story about whether millennials who move to different countries are just running away from something in their ‘real lives.’

  • George Washington: The man, the myth, the legend

    There are 44 weeks until election day. There have been 44 presidents. The Washington Post is taking advantage of this coincidence in their new podcast, Presidential - each week, they’re analyzing the accomplishments, leadership styles, and legacies of each U.S. president. The promo feels like it came from the production studios of Gimlet or WNYC - a little quirky, full of pull-quotes, some fun music. Cool move, WaPo!

  • 001 | Declutter

    Joshua and Ryan, creators of, are writers and TED talk-ers and documentary-makers; now, they’re podcasters. I hadn’t heard of them, but judging by their Twitter following, they’re very popular on the internet. Honestly, I didn’t think I would like this one - the ‘two guys talking about stuff’ format isn’t my favorite - but I ended up listening to the entire hour-long episode. Listen to this one if you think you have too much stuff.