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by Pastime

    This just in

    Jan 15 2021

  • Future Tense / Are governance issues failing the Himalayas?

    The Himalayas are sometime called the earth’s “third pole”. They’re a vital source of water for a large chunk of the world’s population. But the local, national and international systems put in place to protect and manage human development in this vital ecosystem are failing. In this episode, Matt Smith travels to the Himalayas for Future Tense to gauge the size of the problem and possible solutions for safeguarding its future.

  • BBC Minute / 22:00 GMT

    Drop into BBC Minute every half an hour, 24/7, for the biggest news, sport, technology, health, science, social media and business stories; all in 60 seconds

  • The Vergecast / CES 2021 / Samsung’s S21 lineup and Galaxy Buds Pro

    The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Monica Chin, and Chris Welch dive into all of the important announcements from both inside and outside of CES — including Samsung’s new flagship S21 smartphone line, the many new TVs with HDMI 2.1, Mini LED, webOS, and the next laptops with new chips from Intel and AMD.Further reading: Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra first look: polished design (and prices) Samsung’s Galaxy S21 phones come with plenty of features — but not a charger Samsung’s Gal...more

  • Learn German | GermanPod101.com / Video - German Words of the Week #3 - Computer Words

    Get ALL of these Video Lessons at GermanPod101.com! Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account!

  • The New Yorker Radio Hour / Donald Trump’s American Carnage Comes to Washington

    Luke Mogelson and Susan B. Glasser report on the convulsions of Donald Trump’s final days in office, an unprecedented second impeachment of a President, and the threat of insurrectionary violence hovering over the entire nation. And a game designer offers insights on how the fantastical, wholly fictional narrative of QAnon has captivated so many people—to such dangerous effect.

  • Today, Explained / The first global vaccination

    Was distributed by 22 orphans.Transcript at vox.com/todayexplained. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

  • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids / What's A Screaming Hairy Armadillo? How Animals Get Their Names

    Why are whale sharks called whale sharks? Why are guinea pigs called pigs if they're not pigs? Why are eagles called bald eagles if they're not bald? You also ask us lots of questions about why and how animals got their names. So today we're going to introduce you to the concept of taxonomy, or how animals are categorized, and we'll also talk about the difference between scientific and common names. We'll learn about the reasoning behind the names of daddy long legs, killer whales, fox snakes, G...more

  • We Have Concerns / Useful Commutes and Masked Cows

    Hey! If you’re enjoying the show, please take a moment to rate/review it on whatever service you use to listen.Here’s the iTunes link: http://bit.ly/wehaveconcerns And here’s the Stitcher link: http://bit.ly/stitcherwhconcernsJeff on Twitter: http://twitter.com/jeffcannata Anthony on Twitter: http://twitter.com/acarboniToday’s stories: This one: https://theconversation.com/the-commuters-paradox-theres-something-to-gain-in-the-space-between-home-and-work-152887And this one, sent in by Ossington: ...more

  • The Brian Lehrer Show / A Hard Year For 'Dry January'

    Listeners call in to share why they are participating in abstaining from alcohol for the month of January, and how it's going during the pandemic. Are you attempting a "dry" or "dryish" January this year? How's it going? And has your relationship with substances changed in this stressful year? How are you thinking about? Call in: 646 435 7280 — The Brian Lehrer Show and A Daily Politics Podcast (@BrianLehrer) January 15, 2021

  • This Morning With Gordon Deal / This Morning with Gordon Deal January 15, 2021

    President-Elect Joe Biden proposes $1.9 Trillion pandemic relief package, U.S. says Capitol rioters meant to 'capture and assassinate' officials, and how to care for aging parents.

  • Kinda Funny Games Daily / Best Selling Video Games of 2020 - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.15.21

    Support Carolyn's work at https://twitter.com/carolynmichelle and https://medium.com/@carolynpetit . 00:00:00 - Start 00:07:00 - Housekeeping Kinda Funny Podcast with WWE Superstar Xavier Woods -- AKA UpUpDownDown’s Austin Creed -- is live right now. youtube.com/kindafunny Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Black Jack! The Roper Report - 00:10:00 - NPD for December 2020 is in! Jeffy Grubb Grubb @ GamesBeat 00:19:00 - Do you think the stockholders and business partners will see these numbers...more

  • The Ringer NBA Show / What Are the Ripple Effects of the Nets' James Harden Trade? | The Answer

    Chris Ryan is joined by The Ringer’s Rob Mahoney to discuss how James Harden will impact Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and the rest of the Nets roster. Later, Chris is joined by 'Greatest Of All Talk’ cohost Andrew Sharp to discuss key figures around the league affected by the trade, including the city of Houston, Ben Simmons, and more (20:00).Host: Chris RyanGuests: Rob Mahoney and Andrew Sharp

  • Men In Blazers / Men in Blazers 01/15/21: WGFOP: The Bald

    Rog takes listener questions on WGFOP: The Bald. Today, a preview of the weekend's league leader-deciding matchup between Liverpool and Manchester United, a whole slew of other big Premier League matchups, and more.

  • Garage Logic / 1/15/21 Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Minneapolis City Council is still trying to get rid of the police department

    The National Guard is in town but the mayor has yet to discover their whereabouts. Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Minneapolis City Council is still trying to get rid of the police department. Reusse makes his weekly stop.

  • Alt.Latino / Tiny Desk Artist Profile: Sofia Rei

    The Argentine vocalist mixes tradition and various contemporary genres in her Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST performance.

  • Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 / The News Quiz - 15th January 2021

    This week Andy's guests are Nish Kumar, Felicity Ward, Lucy Porter and Gavin Webster. A titanic clash between Team Lock em Up and Team Lock em Down. In an attempt to distract from the globe's currently lower than average performance, this week's programme features some "future news". Written by Andy Zaltzman with additional material from Max Davis, Alice Fraser, Simon Alcock and Celya AB. Producer: Richard Morris A BBC Studios Production

  • Motley Fool Money / Hot IPOs, Big Banks, and Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson

    JPMorgan Chase reports big earnings. Citigroup surprises. Wells Fargo disappoints. Online clothing reseller Poshmark and fintech company Affirm have big Wall Street debuts. Petco rises on its IPO. Zoom Video and Lemonade issue secondary offerings. Visa and Plaid call things off. Beyond Meat rises on a deal with Taco Bell. Intel gets a new CEO. And Ben & Jerry’s launches frozen dog treats. Motley Fool analysts Emily Flippen and Jason Moser discuss those stories and share two stocks on their radar...more

  • Skip and Shannon: Undisputed / Best Of (Lil Wayne on Packers/Rams, Nets' chemistry, Orlando Scandrick on Bucs/Saints, Robert Saleh + Urban Meyer)

    00:00 Lil Wayne joins the show to preview the Packers’ matchup with the Rams. 12:07 Will the new-look Nets have any major chemistry issues this season?26:55 Orlando Scandrick joins to preview the Bucs/Saints game.37:03 Skip & Shannon discuss the Jets hiring Robert Saleh & Jags hiring Urban Meyer.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

  • The Last Word with Matt Cooper / BBC Comedy Back To Life Takes Netflix By Storm

    The BBC's black comedy Back to Life tells the story of a woman who has just been released from prison after an 18-year sentence. Although critics loved it when it originally aired in 2019, it didn't attract high viewing figures. However, the show has enjoyed a new lease of life on Netflix, making its way into the Top Ten since landing on the streaming platform two weeks ago. As a result, there may be a second season on the way. Joe O'Shea and Jennifer Gannon joined us for our weekly TV slot to d...more

  • Eater's Digest / Korean-Inspired Chicken Controversy, Viennetta Returns, and the Next Wave of PPP

    Social media master Adam Moussa joins us to give us the latest on the Viennetta's return and why Taco Bell is bringing back potatoes. Chef Jae Lee of Nowon NYC breaks down the Shake Shack KFC mess. Eater NY's Ryan Sutton explains how the latest round of stimulus and PPP will effect the food industry.Get in touch with the hosts:Amanda Kludt (@kludt), Editor in Chief, EaterDaniel Geneen (@danielgeneen), Producer, Eaterdigest@eater.comMore to explore:Check out more great reporting from the Eater n...more

  • Intelligence Squared / Populista! The Rise of Latin America's Strongman, with Will Grant and Mark Mardell

    For more than six decades, Fidel Castro's words have echoed through the politics of Latin America. His towering political influence still looms over the region today.The swing to the Left in Latin America, known as the 'Pink Tide', was the most important political movement in the Western Hemisphere in the 21st century. Yet today, this wave of populism has left the Americas in the hands of some of the most authoritarian and dangerous leaders since the military dictatorshi...more

  • Data Skeptic / Even Cooperative Chess is Hard

    Asside from victory questions like “can black force a checkmate on white in 5 moves?” many novel questions can be asked about a game of chess. Some questions are trivial (e.g. “How many pieces does white have?") while more computationally challenging questions can contribute interesting results in computational complexity theory. In this episode, Josh Brunner joins us to discuss his recent paper Complexity of Retrograde and Helpmate Chess Problems: Even Cooperative Chess is Hard.

  • hr2 Der Tag / Viren auf dem Sprung – Menschen, Tiere, Pandemien

    Diese Pandemie wird nicht die Letzte sein, darüber sind sich Forscher ziemlich einig. Die Gefahr, dass Viren zwischen Mensch und Wildtier übertragen werden, ist sehr hoch, weil die Menschheit sich stark vermehrt und sich immer mehr Lebensräume erobert. Tiere verlieren dadurch ihre Rückzugsgebiete. Dazu kommt, dass die wachsende Weltbevölkerung auch Nahrung braucht und der Handel mit Wildtieren in vielen Regionen der Erde völlig normal ist. Auf so einem Wildtiermarkt könnte auch das SARS-Cov2- V...more

  • Science Friday / How The COVID-19 Vaccine Was Developed And Is Being Distributed. Jan 15, 2021, Part 1

    How Did A Vaccine Get Developed In Less Than A Year? From the first discovery of a strange new respiratory virus in Wuhan, China, in January of 2020, it took less than a year to get a vaccine into the arms of frontline healthcare workers. More than two dozen vaccine candidates have made it from basic safety trials to Phase 3, where efficacy against COVID-19 is tested. That’s particularly remarkable as before the pandemic, it was rare for a vaccine to take fewer than 5 years from start to finish....more

  • The Book Review / James Comey and Truth in Government

    James Comey’s “Saving Justice,” arrives three years after his first book, “A Higher Loyalty.” Joe Klein reviews it for us, and visits the podcast this week to discuss, among other subjects, how the new book is different from the first.“It doesn’t differ very much at all, actually,” Klein says, “except for one thing: He rehearses all of the confrontations he had with Donald Trump in both books, but in the second book he places that in the context of the need for truth and transparency in governme...more

  • Duncan Trussell Family Hour / 419: Raghu Markus

    Raghu Markus, friend of Ram Dass, president of the Love Serve Remember Foundation and all-around brilliant, beautiful, and philosophical being of love re-joins the DTFH to calm us down after a rough week!Visit the Love Serve Remember Foundation's website for more information, and be sure to check out the new Ram Dass book, Being Ram Dass, on sale now!Original music by Aaron Michael Goldberg.This episode is brought to you by: TRU Niagen - Visit truniagen.com/duncan and use promo code DUNCAN at...more

  • KSR / 2021-01-15- KSR - Hour 2

    Ryan, Drew, and Shannon are joined by Jack Pilgrim to talk UK vs. Auburn and grade the UK basketball team on the season so far.

  • Dan Snow's History Hit / Lockdown Learning: The Tudors

    We're very pleased to bring you this special 'Lockdown Learning' episode of the podcast, featuring the brilliant Dr Anna Whitelock on the Tudor period. Anna is Director of the London Centre for Public History and Heritage and head of history at Royal Holloway, she's written extensively on the Tudors and in this episode she gives us a general view right across the period.Thank you also to Simon Beale, a history teacher in our community, who has put together the accompanying worksheet, you can dow...more

  • Fishko Files from WNYC / MLK: 2 Films

    Today, the new documentary film MLK/FBI is available to screen. As WNYC's Sara Fishko tells us, it's a dark and revealing update to civil rights movement history. That, and an older Dr. King film, are the subjects of this edition of Fishko Files. MLK/FBI is out today in select theatres and on VOD. King: A Filmed Record...Montgomery to Memphis is available to rent or buy.

  • The Takeaway / Politics with Amy Walter: What Happens to President Trump's Grip on the GOP Following Two Impeachments?

    President Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives just one week after encouraging his supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol and disrupt Congress as they tallied Joe Biden’s Electoral College win. He is the first president to be impeached twice. Privately, many Republican members said that while they supported impeachment, they were worried about their physical safety and the political fallout from denouncing a president who remains popular among the base. Only ten Republicans joined ...more

  • The NPR Politics Podcast / Interview: Kamala Harris on Capitol Riot, Stimulus Package

    Vice President-elect Kamala Harris talks to NPR's Scott Detrow about how she felt after the attack on the Capitol and the administration's new $1.9 trillion relief package proposal.This episode: White House correspondent Tamara Keith and White House correspondent Scott Detrow.Connect:Subscribe to the NPR Politics Podcast here.Email the show at nprpolitics@npr.org.Join the NPR Politics Podcast Facebook Group.Listen to our playlist The NPR Politics Daily Workout.Subscribe to the NPR Politics Newsl...more

  • This Week in Startups - Audio / “Early-stage startups we love right now” with Indie Hackers’ Courtland Allen & Pioneer’s Daniel Gross | E1162

    The post “Early-stage startups we love right now” with Indie Hackers’ Courtland Allen & Pioneer’s Daniel Gross | E1162 appeared first on This Week In Startups.

  • The World of Phil Hendrie / Episode #1927 The New Phil Hendrie Show

    Please note we have no videocast today for technical reasons. We also present a Rory Replay! Dean Wheelers Celebrity Rehab featuring the big names from our show wrestling with their addictions. Sign up for a Backstage Pass and enjoy a 30,000 plus hour archive, Phil's new podcast, Classic podcasts, Bobbie Dooley's podcasts, special live streaming events and shows, Saturday Cinema, Friday night chat, and oh so very much more… Sign up now at PhilHendrieShow.com!

  • Global News Podcast / Uganda elections: President Museveni takes early lead

    President's main challenger Bobi Wine alleges vote-rigging on huge scale. Mr. Museveni has been in power for 35 years and is hoping for 6th term. Also, North Korea unveils new ballistic missile which state media describes as 'the world’s most powerful weapon', and we mark 100th anniversary of one of the greatest ever feats of stage magic.

  • The Weeds / The Next Four Years: Fighting tech monopolies

    Matt is joined by antitrust and competition policy expert Charlotte Slaiman to discuss the ongoing antitrust cases against Google and Facebook, the basics of antitrust litigation, and their outlook for the future of regulatory efforts to rein in the power of Big Tech through pro-competition policy.Resources:"Only Regulation Can Jumpstart Competition in Big Tech" by Gene Kimmelman and Charlotte Slaiman, Fortune (July 16, 2019)"FTC Sues Facebook for Illegal Monopolization" (December 9, 2020)"Color...more

  • Ask Me Another / The Daily Show & What The Constitution Means To Me: Kids In America

    Daily Show correspondents Ronny Chieng and Michael Kosta play a game about Elvis and The Lord of the Rings. Heidi Schreck talks about her play What the Constitution Means to Me and audits the cutest civics class ever, where kids read the Constitution. Plus, comedians Danielle Perez and Madison Shepard win the "good sport" award in a quiz about mascots. This episode originally aired on October 23, 2020.

  • Kermode and Mayo's Film Review / Ralph Fiennes, Stardust, MLK/FBI, Blithe Spirit and Dear Comrades!

    Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo review the week's movies, including Stardust, MLK/FBI, Blithe Spirit and Dear Comrades! Plus Ralph Fiennes talks about his new film, The Dig. Also on the programme, interviews with key figures from the world of cinema, as well as your emails, and the latest Box Office top ten. 00:22:37 Virtual American road trip films 00:29:28 Rotating charts 00:31:21 Pieces of a Woman correspondence 00:32:43 Top 10 Digital Downloads 00:39:06 Blithe Spirit review 00:42:25 Archive...more

  • Stuff They Don't Want You To Know / Child Soldiers: A Hidden Horror

    War is an ugly, abhorrent thing--and it's been with humanity since the dawn of our species. While the practice itself is chock-full of conspiracy, corruption and horror, one aspect of war is often ignored: the practice of forcing children to participate. In today's episode, the guys dive into the disturbing stories of children forced into conflict--how the children are taken, how they are indoctrinated, and what happens afterward. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podc...more