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by Pastime

    This just in

    Aug 04 2020

  • Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin / Alec Dives into "The Dating Market"

    Writers Kaitlyn Tiffany and Ashley Fetters may be the country’s most astute observers of modern romance.  Fetters even wrote the definitive history of Tinder.  Alec discovered their jointly written article, The ‘Dating Market’ Is Getting Worse, published in February, 2020, and knew he had to talk to them.  The writers talked to historians and sociologists to analyze the use of concepts like “market value” and “supply and demand” in thinking about romance.  They conclude that our sense that we ca...more

  • Soundcheck / Remembering Leon Fleisher, An American Original

    On Sunday, pianist Leon Fleisher passed away at the age of 92. In the 1950s and early 60s, Fleisher was one of those classical musicians who was genuinely famous beyond classical music circles. Then disaster struck, and Fleisher was forced to reinvent himself – at least twice. His story is one for music fans (and possibly sports fans, of which Fleisher was one) of all stripes, and he told it over a couple of visits to the Soundcheck studio.  Celebrate an American original with this special memor...more

  • TheThinkingAtheist / Leah Remini, Tom Cruise, and the "Space Opera" of Scientology (with guest Tony Ortega)

    Australia's Channel 7 produced a 10-part series called "Scientology: Black Ops" starting Leah Remini and Paul Haggis. Strangely, they cancelled the broadcast on the day it was scheduled to air. Did Tom Cruise - the world's most famous Scientologist - use his (significant) influence to silence criticisms of his religion? We speak to Scientology expert Tony Ortega about the story.The Guardian article on "Scientology: Black Ops:" https://bit.ly/2DdE0z9Tony Ortega's article on Tom Cruise: https://bi...more

  • Focus on Parenting Podcast / Tips for Gospel Conversations

    You don't need to be a theologian to teach your kids about God. John and Danny share how to explain the gospel to younger children. Featuring Courtney DeFeo. Find us online at focusonthefamily.com/parentingpodcast or call 1-800-A-FAMILY.

  • Focus on Marriage Podcast / Making Intimacy a Priority

    Meaningful connection with your spouse can be very special, but finding it takes intentional effort from both spouses. It can also be easy to let those moments slip away during busy seasons. Greg, Erin and John offer some helpful ideas on making time for your spouse during busy times. Featuring Pastor Craig Groeschel. Find us online at focusonthefamily.com/marriagepodcast or call 1-800-A-FAMILY

  • BBC Minute / 10:00 GMT

    Drop into BBC Minute every half an hour, 24/7, for the biggest news, sport, technology, health, science, social media and business stories; all in 60 seconds

  • Learn German | GermanPod101.com / Video - German Words of the Week #3 - Computer Words

    Get ALL of these Video Lessons at GermanPod101.com! Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account!

  • The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds / 441 - The Promise Keepers

    Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds examine Bill McCartney and The Promise KeepersSourcesTour DatesRedBubble Merch

  • All Songs Considered / NPR Music's No. 1 Albums And Songs Of July

    The musical tastes of the NPR Music crew are a delightful jumble. On this edition of All Songs Considered, we pick our favorite music from July 2020, featuring Madeline Kenney, Nubya Garcia and Taylor Swift.

  • The Chris LoCurto Show / 378: Growing Up in the Social Media Age

    This week we have a special guest on the show to talk to us about what it was like to grow up in the social media age! We have our very own team member, Steph Hansen on the show this week to discuss her life as she grew up discovering social media! She and I dive into what she experienced as a young teenager, how her parents handled the new generation and where she stands now at 21 years old looking back on her teen years in social media!

  • Locked Up Abroad / Somali Pirate Hostage - 1

    South African couple Debbie Calitz and Bruno Pelizzari decided to follow their dreams and sail the world. After a stop in Tanzania and getting robbed of all their money and supplies, they accept an offer from a wealthy businessman that they hope will get them home. What follows is 20 months of imprisonment, and the ultimate test of endurance and their love.

  • The Minimalists Podcast / 246 | The Lacking

    Joshua and Ryan discuss the fear of missing out (FOMO), the joy of missing out (JOMO), and how to be content in the midst of uncertainty with author, theologian, and philosopher Peter Rollins, and they answer the following questions: What is ‘the lack’? (03:51) What is the difference between freedom and determinism? (04:58) What are hypothetical and categorical imperatives? (06:27) Can too much freedom cause anxiety? (11:52) How do I find satisfaction with my current situation rather than consta...more

  • Witness History / The internment of Japanese Americans

    Thousands of Japanese Americans were sent to prison camps after the USA entered World War Two following the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Whole families found themselves housed in barracks behind barbed wire fences. Former Star Trek actor, George Takei, was just a child when he was locked up in one of the camps. In 2010 he spoke to Lucy Williamson about his experiences there. This programme is a rebroadcast. Photo: Japanese American children on their way to internment camps. Credit: Dorothea Lang...more

  • The Office of Rabbi Sacks / The Covenant and the Love (Eikev 5780)

    Here is the audio recording of Rabbi Sacks' Covenant & Conversation commentary essay on this week's double Torah portion of Eikev 5780. You can download a PDF of this commentary, as well as an accompanying Family Edition, from rabbisacks.org/eikev-5780/

  • The Ringer NBA Show / Shake’s Big Shot, Zion Bounces Back, and the Jimmy Butler Mystery | The Mismatch

    Verno and KOC react to Shake Milton’s clutch game-winner against the Spurs (0:43), the fight for the 8-seed (13:26), the micro-ball Rockets (23:40), the defending champion Toronto Raptors (41:21), the bizarre Jimmy Butler story (50:06), and more.Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor

  • 6 Minute Grammar / Adverbs of frequency

    Learn how to use words like 'always', 'never' and 'sometimes'.

  • Unchained / Why The Travel Rule Is One Of The Most Significant Regulations In Crypto - Ep.184

    Dave Jevans, CEO of CipherTrace, and Siân Jones, Senior Partner at XReg Consulting, give the lowdown on the Financial Action Task Force’s travel rule and how it applies to businesses in the crypto space. They discuss: their background and journey into crypto what the travel rule is the consequences for countries that are not compliant whether the regulation will apply to staking providers in the future the type of companies and transactions that will be covered under the travel rule the type of...more

  • Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai / 30, Flirty and HATING IT (with Sasheer Zamata)

    Hitchhiking dogs, banned emus, and diving deep into a decade of Matt's top accomplishments. Because Matt's turning 30, B*TCH! After that, comedian Sasheer Zamata joins us on the pod to talk about pole dancing, ice cream, and her podcast Best Friends, which she cohosts with her IRL best friend Nicole Byer. For this week's Do Better White People, we're sending postcards to Colorado officials through Culture Greetings to demand justice for Elijah McClain. It’s been a year since Elijah was killed du...more

  • Motley Fool Money / Making Solomon’s Paradox Work for You

    Solomon’s Paradox, the ability to think more sensibly about other people’s problems than our own, is common. In her book Weird: The Power of Being an Outsider in an Insider World, Olga Khazan shares how people can use Solomon’s Paradox to their own advantage.

  • Earn Your Happy / 568. How to be a ninja problem solver

    In This Episode You Will Learn About: Going through problems instead of navigating around them The importance of problem-solving How to see solutions to problems How to become a better problem solver   Resources: fastfoundations.com   Show Notes: Being a master problem solver is a superpower like no other. You can spend all of your time trying to avoid problems, but when they inevitably come up that ability to choose the best solution is what’s going to make or break your life and your busin...more

  • Savage Lovecast / Savage Love Episode 719

    Our opening covid-19 "sexcess" story is extra special this week. You will never think of Tollhouse cookies the same way again. Don't you hate it when your brother-in-law steals your underpants, and uses them to jack off? This little sordid story only gets worse. On the Magnum, meet the dominatrix who commands her clients to read Black feminist theory. Mistress Velvet and Dan discuss performative wokeness, allies vs. accomplices, and the transformative power of S&M among many other things. Mistre...more

  • The English We Speak / Cancelled

    Learn the new meaning of the word 'cancelled'.

  • Can I Pet Your Dog? / CIPYD 248: James Arthur M and Vision Board Dogs

    HAPPY LAST WEEK OF MAX FUN DRIVE! Ya did it! Ya made it! And we love, love, love LOVE ya for it. This week in Crumboat Crumb goes to his first drive-in movie and Tug is bullying Earthquakes. We've got a top choice My Mutt Minute from Keeper and Abby! And then everyone's favorite James Authur M. is here to delight us to no end. LAST WEEK TO BECOME A MAX FUN DRIVE MEMBER!!! Go to Maximumfun.org/join.Do yourself a favor and follow James Arthur M. EVERYWHERE! Do yourself a favor and follow James Art...more

  • Hack / Removing problematic tattoos

    Tattoo removal companies are helping people get rid of racist and hate-based tattoos that no longer match their beliefs. We'll take you inside one of the clinics answering the call. Plus, Australia's first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard on that misogyny speech going Tik Tok viral and the ongoing political debate around climate change action. And, how we can keep ourselves mentally healthy amidst such a heavy year.

  • The World and Everything In It / 8.4.20 Cash shortages, regulating Big Tech, and Classic Book of the Month

    Anna Johansen reports on what’s causing nationwide cash shortages; Jason Thacker explains why lawmakers think Big Tech has gotten too big; and Emily Whitten recommends two reading resources for families in Classic Book of the Month. Plus: commentary from Andrée Seu Peterson, Mickey Mouse tax refunds, and the Tuesday morning news. Support The World and Everything in It today at wng.org/donate. Additional support comes from The Bible Speaks Today, the best-selling commentary series now within a ...more

  • Pod Save the People / Go Where The Love Is (with Zo Orchingwa and Emma Gray)

    DeRay, De'Ara, Kaya, and Sam dive into recent overlooked news including teachers' unions, police discipline records, election delays, and facial recognition. Johnetta Elzie joins again to update us about developments around the current protests. Then, DeRay sits down with representatives from Ameelio; the nonprofit that allows families to communicate with incarcerated populations.DerayDe'AraKayaSamAmeelio

  • ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show / 610: HONOR YOUR SPOUSE

    When you choose to honor your spouse you change how you see them. You change how they see themselves. You change how others see them. | "If you think well of others, you will also speak well of others AND to others. From the abundance of your heart, the mouth speaks. If your heart is full of love you will speak of love." —Mother TheresaYou CAN feel like you did when you first met…We’ve uncovered a ‘Marriage Secret ‘ that almost nobody will talk about… That has the ability to transform your marri...more

  • Stuff To Blow Your Mind / The Spotlight Effect

    Ever feel like everyone in the Zoom call is looking at you? Ever astonished to find your contribution to a project goes unrecognized, or that your latest faux pas didn’t destroy you? Perhaps you’re not the central character in this narrative after all. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Joe explore the spotlight effect and what it teaches us about our own perception of reality and those around us. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertiser...more

  • Bullseye with Jesse Thorn / 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino

    This week, we're re-listening to Jesse's interview with the great Amy Sherman Palladino. She's the creator of the hit television show "The Gilmore Girls" as well as the critically-acclaimed series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel." Her signature writing style is beautifully verbose with characters often expressing themselves with clever "blink and you'll miss them" - style zingers that reward those willing to pay extra attention to the dialogue. Her work on Maisel includes all of the above as well as ...more

  • It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders / Code Switch: What's In A 'Karen'?

    "Karen" is not just a name. It's also a persona, an attitude, a label for a certain type of white woman determined to get what she wants—especially at the expense of Black people. Karens are part of a long lineage going back at least a couple centuries. This week we share an episode from Code Switch about the origins of "Karen" as an archetype, who her ancestors were, and why such a label even exists.

  • Side Hustle School / #1312 - College Student Starts Million Dollar Design Biz

    A college student uses her artistic skills to make personalized gifts for family and friends, growing it into a million dollar business. Side Hustle School features a new episode EVERY DAY, featuring detailed case studies of people who earn extra money without quitting their job. This year, the show includes free guided lessons and listener Q&A several days each week. Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeau Learn more about your ad choices. Visit meg...more

  • Zero Blog Thirty / ZBT #287: The Marine AAV Accident + Navy SEAL Museum Dog Attack

    Another great episode to get your week started. -FeltmansofConeyIsland.com 10% off for military and first responders with ID.me- -3chi.com promo code "Zero" for 5%- Round 1: The Space Force is Semper Supra goofin to infinity and beyond and because of one airman who doesn’t sound like a big ole nerd boy at all. He’s a laser tag referee and a possible future boyfriend for Kate because he’s also a magician! Do you guys know what a Marine Magician says? Round 2: The Navy SEAL Museum is in hot ...more

  • The New Yorker Radio Hour / Jeffrey Toobin Explores Donald Trump’s “True Crimes and Misdemeanors”

    The Mueller Report documented enough crimes and scandals in Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign and in his Administration to sink the career of any President before him. But Trump called the whole thing a win. What’s more, he is now running for reëlection—something no impeached President has ever done before. How did that happen? And why? David Remnick discusses these questions with The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin, whose new book, “True Crimes and Misdemeanors,” is an account of the investigati...more

  • The Dork Forest / Looking for Adventure w Alex Edelman – EP 582

    Alex Edelman (@thealexedelman on IG & @alexedelman on twitter) wants to crawl and climb around a SLOT canyon. Yes, I know. It’s a possibly dangerous, super fun to him, way to discover and enjoy one of nature’s results of water flow. He got all kinds of tips and reveals as to great places to hike. He also has his FIRST ALBUM out NOW!! Called “Until Now” …get in on it. Everywhere you get comedy albums. Cuz he’s great. Donate to The Dork Forest if you like the show. There’s paypal links and venmo m...more

  • Today's Top Tune / Margo Price: ‘Letting Me Down’

    Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Margo Price recorded her new album in Los Angeles and she enlisted fellow music adventurer Sturgill Simpson as producer. Sturgill’s psych-country touch is felt on the jam “Letting Me Down.” 

  • The James Altucher Show / 615 - Tucker Max - S*** is going to get CRAZY

    Initially, I called up my good friend, Tucker Max to talk about publishing books and the industry. BUT, we got derailed right from the beginning, and started talking about all the insanity! I "Why are you being gaslit?" he asked me. I asked Tucker what he thought was going on in the world. An hour later we finished Part one of the podcast.  I write about all my podcasts! Check out the full post and learn what I learned at jamesaltucher.com/podcast. Thanks so much for listening...more

  • Flash Forward / It's The End Of The World As We Know It

    Today we travel to a future where there is no future, because today we’re considering how the universe ends. Plus: how to cope with feeling freaked out by the end of the world, and what the last party ever should be like. Guests: Dr. Katie Mack — astrophysicist and author of The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking) (also very good on Twitter!)  Dr. Jana Sadler — clinical psychologist based in Southern California Jessie Char — conference organizer & party planner  → → → Further rea...more

  • SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders / Closet.Tools 1 Man Show, $250k Profits, $360k in Revenue, Wow!

    Born and raised in rural western NY. Went to engineering school and worked as an electrical engineer for 7 years. Started Closet Tools as a way to pay down student loans, and transitioned to full-time founder when it made more than double what I made at my day job.

  • Dunc'd On Basketball NBA Podcast / Philly Shakes Off a Loss, Porter’s Career High, Ja vs. Zion II

    Philly withstands a huge 43-point 4th quarter from San Antonio to secure a crucial win and deny the hot-shooting Spurs and Derrick White. Michael Porter Jr. looks like the guy who was once the number one prospect in the 2018 draft, and Jokic continues to dominate the Thunder. Is Zion Williamson starting to find his groove?  And why did Ja Morant go 5-21 from the field in the loss to the Pels.  What does the lower end of the West playoff picture look like? Plus a quick wrap on the re...more