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    This week in News & Politics

    Oct 22 2019

  • BBC Minute / 12:30 GMT

    Drop into BBC Minute every half an hour, 24/7, for the biggest news, sport, technology, health, science, social media and business stories; all in 60 seconds

  • Economist Radio / The course of Trudeau love: Canada’s election

    Justin Trudeau will remain prime minister, but will lead a minority government. He will probably be able to continue with his progressive push, but his halo is a bit tarnished. It’s ten years this month since Greece’s financial implosion; we look back on a decade spent balancing the books. And, the surprising success of fun stock-ticker symbols. For full access to print, digital and audio editions of The Economist, subscribe here For information regarding your ...more

  • The New Yorker Radio Hour / Roomful of Teeth Redefines Vocal Music for the Future

    For a new music ensemble, Roomful of Teeth has made an extraordinary impression in a short time. Caroline Shaw, one of its vocalists, received the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for “Partita for 8 Voices,” which was written for the group. Then, in 2014, the vocal octet’s début album won a Grammy. Their sound is often otherworldly: apart from the singers’ expertise in classical technique, they have incorporated other musical traditions into their sound, including Tuvan throat singing, Korean pansori, yodell...more

  • Pod Save the People / Take A Break But Don't Quit (with Alphonso David)

    Deray, Brittany, Clint, and Sam discuss Puerto Rico's indefinitely delayed financial relief, environmental effects of urban living, genetic mutations worth testing for, and the LAPD's use of undue force against the homeless. DeRay talks to Alphonso David, who is the first person of color to lead the Human Rights Campaign.

  • Steve Allen - A Little Bit Extra / We tied elastic to her once

    A little bit extra, every weekday morning, from LBC's longest-serving presenter.

  • The World and Everything In It / 10.22.19 Neighborhood revitalization, and shipping traffic control

    Sarah Schweinsberg reports on how more salaried workers are about to be eligible for overtime pay; Michelle Schlavin reports on the way Christians have brought new life to old neighborhoods in Chicago; and Bonnie Pritchett visits a Coast Guard Lieutenant helping control traffic in and out of one of the nation's busiest port. Plus: commentary from Kim Henderson. Support The World and Everything in It today at

  • The Rachel Maddow Show / Trump wields DOJ as Russia, media reprise 2016 roles for 2020

    9:00 Trump wields DOJ as Russia, media reprise 2016 roles for 2020 9:32 State Dept witnesses make case clear in Trump impeachment inquiry9:41 New bragging points for several 2020 Democrats since last debate9:46 Klobuchar takes in $2 million building on strong debate showing9:53 Klobuchar touts advantages of public option built on ACA9:59 Trump impeachment committees begin scheduling weekend depositions Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • MSNBC Rachel Maddow (video) / MSNBC Rachel Maddow (video) - 10-21-2019-222409

    Through her unique approach to storytelling, Rachel Maddow provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders. Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Maddow also conducts thoughtful interviews with individuals at the center of current news sto...more

  • The Gist / Cracking Trump’s Code

    On The Gist, Trump is no George Washington.In the interview, Stephen Martin and Joseph Marks are here to discuss their new book Messengers: Who We Listen To, Who We Don’t, and Why. They talk about why the expert isn’t always the best vessel for information, the power dynamics involved, and why famous people often end up with that job.In the Spiel, the indirect language of Trump. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • Stay Tuned with Preet / CAFE Insider 10/21: Mick Mulvaney's Mess

    In this clip from the CAFE Insider podcast, "Mick Mulvaney's Mess," co-hosts Preet Bharara and Anne Milgram break down Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s walk-back of his quid pro quo Ukraine comments made at a press conference last week.Listen to the full episode with a free 2-week trial of the CAFE Insider membership.REFERENCES & SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALSMULVANEY’S PRESS CONFERENCEActing Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s press conference (video and&nb...more

  • PBS NewsHour - Segments / Facing weaker GOP support, Trump urges allies to rally against impeachment

    President Trump on Monday again denied any improper conduct with Ukraine, and lashed out at Democrats over the impeachment inquiry. Last week, acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney acknowledged the president withheld military aid to Ukraine in part to force a probe into the 2016 election. Now growing cracks have appeared in Trump's GOP support. Yamiche Alcindor joins Judy Woodruff.

  • Cato Daily Podcast / A Case Study in Whistleblowing

    Cato's Patrick Eddington details the adventure he and his wife Robin undertook that ended with startling revelations about what came to be known as Gulf War Syndrome.

  • Today, Explained / Where are the troops going?

    President Trump is pulling out of Syria while sending more troops to Iraq and Saudi Arabia. (Transcript here.)

  • Pod Save America / “Pierre Delecto, Welcome to the Resistance.”

    Trump cancels his plan to host the G7 at his struggling hotel amid growing Republican criticism on everything from Ukraine to Syria, Pete Buttigieg is making moves in Iowa, and AOC endorses Bernie. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes joins as a guest co-host, and then Susan Rice chats with Tommy and Ben about her new book, Tough Love.

  • FiveThirtyEight Politics / Medicare For Fall

    The podcast crew discusses the politics of Medicare for All in the Democratic primary. They also look at the latest impeachment polling.

  • The NPR Politics Podcast / Trump Drops Plan To Host G-7 Summit At His Miami Resort Following GOP Pushback

    President Trump announced that he's dropping his plan to host next year's G-7 meeting of the leaders of the world's biggest economies at his Miami-area golf club. This episode: political correspondent Scott Detrow, White House reporter Ayehsa Rascoe, and national political correspondent Mara Liasson. Email the show at Find and support your local public radio station at

  • The Last Word with Matt Cooper / What Went Wrong For Ireland Against The All Blacks?

    Ireland are out of the Rugby World Cup after a disappointing 46-14 defeat to New Zealand. It also marks the end of Joe Schmidt's time in charge. Was it inevitable, given how poorly Ireland have performed in 2019? And is there a lot of rebuilding now required? Fiona Steed, Matt Williams and Neil Francis joined us on Friday to look ahead to the game, and they returned to The Last Word to reflect on what went wrong. Listen to the interview in full by pressing the play button on this page.

  • The Second Captains Podcast / Ep 1602: Another RWC, Another Disaster - Horgan And Reddan On Another Quarter-Final Exit - 21/10/19

    Why always us? It’s been another horrendous Rugby World Cup campaign for Ireland, and we are left with the same old questions. Eoin Reddan and Shane Horgan are both on the show today to try and make sense of our 46-14 mauling at the hands of New Zealand on Saturday. There’s a fair bit of blame to go around, and we apportion it as judiciously as possible. Eoin tries to rank and rate our World Cup humiliations (where does 2019 come in?), there’s tenured rugby players, and Eddie Jones’ fin...more

  • The Brian Lehrer Show / The Education of Samantha Power

    Samantha Power, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and author of The Education of an Idealist: A Memoir (Dey Street Books, 2019), traces her journey from activist outsider to government insider, and the challenge of navigating the halls of power while trying to put her ideals into practice.