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    This week in News & Politics

    Feb 19 2018

  • Five years on: Why Margaret Thatcher (d. April 2013) was a victor. @DanHenninger

    AUTHOR. (Photo: Margaret Thatcher bids farewell after a visit to the United States. Date 2 March 1981 Source Author Williams, U.S. Military Permission (Reusing this file)  PD) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Five years on: Why Margaret Thatcher (d. April 2013) was a victor. @DanHenninger

  • NPR News: 02-19-2018 1AM ET

    NPR News: 02-19-2018 1AM ET

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    Drop into BBC Minute every half an hour, 24/7, for the biggest news, sport, technology, health, science, social media and business stories; all in 60 seconds

  • Designing Books with Sandy Cull and Imogen Stubbs

    Our Magic Hour (design by Imogen Stubbs, bottom centre) and Resurrection Bay (design by Sandy Cull, top centre) As much as we're doing ebooks, it's still very much about the object. Imogen Stubbs For this episode we brought two of Australia's best book designers together for a podcast-only conversation about their careers, their craft and how it all comes together. Sandy Cull is a freelance book designer and a member of the Australian Book Design Hall of Fame, while Imogen Stubbs is an eme...more

  • Former mayor of El Hatillo, Venezuela - David Smolansky

    HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur speaks to David Smolansky, anti-regime activist who was the mayor of a district in Caracas until he fled the country to escape a jail term for aiding last year’s street protests. There was a time last year when it seemed President Maduro's grip on power in Venezuela was loosening. Yet here we are two months away from a presidential election with Maduro oozing confidence and his opponents seemingly in disarray. Why does Venezuela's opposition so consistently promise more...more

  • TWiT 654: Bye, Bye Mr. Ajit Pai

    News publishers violated copyright by embedding a tweet. Are video games to blame for the Florida school shooting? A drone causes a helicopter to crash. Are we seeing the end of Facebook? Apple isn't making as much money on the HomePod compared to other products. The controversial Snapchat update. What to expect from Mobile World Congress. An amazing $300M deal for a showrunner at Netflix, and more. Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Owen JJ Stone, Christina Warren, and Iain Thomson Download or subscr...more

  • Sunday, February 18, 2018

    In an interview with CBS's Margaret Brennan -- Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says military action is possible -- if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad continues to use chlorine gas against his own people. Last year -- Oprah Winfrey held a focus group with people who did and did not vote for Donald Trump. A year into his presidency -- the group has reunited. Hear their thoughts on this week's "60 Minutes." 

  • Ep66 - Wayne Adam Ford

    Wayne Adam Ford was a man that was battling a great deal of anger. This anger stemmed from what he saw as being abandoned by those in his life. Ford knew that he had some homicidal impulses in his head and checked himself into mental health facilities on multiple occasions. But he would not follow through with treatment and would ultimately descend into the darkness, becoming a serial killer.Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the circumstances around the serial killer Wayne Adam Ford. What was ...more

  • "You Sicken Me" - Florida Survivor's Message to President Trump

    Students from Florida shooting are preparing a national march. The event called March for Our Lives will take place next month in Washington. Also: Kurdish fighters in Syria say they've agreed to team up with Syrian government forces to repel the Turkish troops from Afrin and we find out who the winners are from the BAFTA ceremony in London.

  • #237 Rob Interviews Business Buying, Seller, Flipper, Jonathan Jay

    Jonathan Jay talks about business flipping. What is a perfect business to buy, when to buy it and how to save time and avoid difficulties. The difference between a business operator and a business owner. The 4F model, how to find, negotiate and do deals. 

  • #101: Straws

    Everyone’s falling over themselves to stop using plastic straws. GOOD! Will this bring an end to the scourge of ocean plastic and save the ugly fish? Or will shunning straws be the beginning and end of efforts to kick our collective plastic habit? What if hating on straws distracts people from even worse environmental inhofery? Also this week, why no-one with a brain should be pleased about ‘talking’ orcas, and how the Babble saved ALL the elephants. Sustainababble is your frie...more

  • 542: Wait—Do You Have The Map?

    Stories about people feeling lost and trying to figure out how to move ahead: two brothers take a doomed road trip through Mexico and a couple from radically different backgrounds draw up a contract for their unlikely romance.

  • Episode 108

    When Jane Bashara was found strangled to death in the back of her SUV nobody knew what to make of it.  Things like this simply didn't happen in  Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, a wealthy community of million-dollar homes.  The Bashara's, now empty nesters in their mid 50's, also were not the type of people who were found murdered in a parking lot.  They were the type of people who volunteered for charity when they weren't hanging out at the country club.No one suspected that th...more

  • Fashion that celebrates African strength and spirit | Walé Oyéjidé

    "To be African is to be inspired by culture and to be filled with undying hope for the future," says designer and TED Fellow Walé Oyéjidé. With his label Ikiré Jones (you'll see their work in Marvel's "Black Panther"), he uses classic design to showcase the elegance and grace of often-marginalized groups, in beautifully cut clothing that tells a story.

  • Working Animals: How Does a Guide Dog Work?

    Jacob Brogan sits down with Albert Elia and his guide dog Cheech as part of our continuing series on animals with jobs. they discuss how dogs like Cheech learn to become guide dogs, what their day-to-day responsibilities are, and the special relationships guide dogs have to their human companions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • Not In Your Front Yard: Why ‘For Sale’ Signs Are Banned In Oak Park

    The village insists a decades-old rule to fight blockbusting continues to protect a precious suburban commodity: diversity.

  • After Words with Ira Shapiro

    Former U.S. trade negotiator and senior Senate staffer Ira Shapiro argues that the U.S. Senate has lost its political center. He is interviewed by former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

  • Todd Renard

    28-year-old Todd Renard has been missing from Bellingham, WA since February 22, 2017. He had spoken to his mom the day before and promised to call her the following morning but that call never came. Todd’s friend claims that he just ran off into the woods and never came back out. Weeks after his disappearance, his belongings started showing up around town. There are many terrible rumors about what may have happened to Todd but none of them have led to finding him.If you have any inform...more

  • Policing The Police

    Baltimore has a problem with cops and robbers — some of the cops are robbers, too. The latest scandal exposed officers acting like a gang, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from citizens and keeping the cash. Former Baltimore police officer Michael Wood joins the conversation to talk crime and corruption in Charm City. | Want to support 1A? Subscribe to our podcast and give to your local public radio station at Email the show at