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  • 495: Five Points for Smell

    Aug 11 2022

    Follow-up: Android totally copying Java was fair use (via Rob Sayre) Oracle’s S3 clone Branded tires (via TK & Sam Abuelsamid) Ford demands Goodyear remove Wrangler branding John’s TV updates Geoff C’s theory NTP Justin Winchester’s theory Bravia Core Cable Matters Plug & Play USB Ethernet Adapter (USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet to USB, Ethernet Adapter for Laptop) Supporting 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Network in Black Reddit tip RTFU: ...more

  • 494: Ultra-Wideband Park Bench

    Aug 04 2022

    Pre-show: Geometry Dash Number Munchers Number Munchers on Classic Reload Number Munchers on the App Store Unity Unity CEO’s colorful opinions The Talk Show #353: Shop Different Playdate Pulp VVVVVV FromSoftware Follow-up: John on M1 MacBook Air vs. M2 MacBook Air speakers You can set up Fastmail to have a catch-all Casey’s referral code Find My on vacation Steps via Steve J. Stutz Open Find My Tap Devices Tap on the device you want to silence Scroll down and under No...more

  • 493: Downstairs Downstairs

    Jul 31 2022

    Pre-show: Last two weeks updates The Talk Show #352: “I’ve Kissed that Mouse” Reconcilable Differences #102: Preparing the Way DFU Restore Billy Joel and his helicopter concert commute Jones Beach Night 1 Night 2 Follow-up: Custom 🇦🇺 emails (via Mark Vos & Brendan Ragan) .id.au Rules Casey’s Fastmail Referral Code BMW subscriptions (via Chris Church) BBC Coverage Amazon Remote-Deletes 1984 from Kindles Calibre Steve Stutz tells us you can get the moph...more

  • 492: Umbrella Hammer Toadstool

    Jul 20 2022

    Pre-show: Air conditioners, memories, and house veins Mini-split Follow-up: M2 MacBook Air [also] thermal throttles Jason’s review You should probably subscribe to 6C, too The Verge Gruber’s review Ars Technica’s review John’s Mac Studio safety straps M2 has Ultra-Wideband Chip? Default destination for Messages Apple Jann Gobble IPSec is not mandatory for IPv6 (via Brian Petersen) Wikipedia Squozen AirPlay & Touch Bar network problems Mnpn Writeup...more

  • 491: Salmon and SwiftUI

    Jul 14 2022

    Casey and Marco have 99 problems, and SwiftUI is every. damn. one. of. them. Casey’s problems PhotosPicker FB10491818 FB10566546 presentationDetents() FB10636765 ImageRenderer FB10393458 Under the Radar #246: Hard Forks UIStackView UIViewRepresentable UIHostingController Pointer Follow-up: Alternative pi-hole fix BLOCK_ICLOUD_PR=false in pihole-FTL.conf Switching bbetween SwiftUI’s HStack & VStack Updating the .if() modifier objc.io explainer WWDC 2021: Dem...more

  • 490: Tiny Pictures of Knobs

    Jul 07 2022

    Pre-show: Some thoughts on who should have agency over womens’ bodies Roe v. Wade In-vitro fertilization Ectopic pregnancy Evidence-based medicine Trigger law Follow-up: Using a M1 Mac mini as a Plex server Other video transcoding M2 MacBook Air available to order Friday at 8 AM OTTZ Quick Pi-hole tip from Tod Weitzel Advantages for Apple getting into Buy Now, Pay Later A possible motive for bitcode deprecation LLVM Why passkeys will be simpler and more secure than passwords Ja...more

  • 489: Very Inappropriate Thoughts About This Computer

    Jun 30 2022

    Pre-show: Marco flirts with his past Follow-up: Bitcode has been deprecated Previously, on ATP #205 (Overcast timestamp link) (Transcript) New big HomePod rumor Ricky on Passkey syncing YubiKey Very important Caffè Macs follow-up BNPL Planet Money The 256GB 13” M2 MacBook Pro has crummy SSD performance 15” MacBook… something? #askatp What makes WWDC ‘22 different than the before times? (via Elijah Yap) Are we living in the gilded age for Mac professionals? ...more

  • 488: Pebbles on the Scale

    Jun 23 2022

    Pre-show: Marco’s HomePod journey continues HomePod mini USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter Follow-up: iPad Pro (2018) has 4GB or 6GB RAM The offending party has been sacked Apple educational discounts & software bundles Pro Apps Bundle for Education Education Store Macintosh SE/30 Your beloved hosts have a violent reaction to the 13” MacBook Pro Bart Reardon’s System Preferences experiment AMFI Launch Constraints Copy/Paste adjustments in Photos macOS Vent...more

  • 487: Mid-Life Rally

    Jun 16 2022

    Pre-show: 🎂 HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, Marco! 🎂 Congratulations, Alex! iCloud Shared Photo Library Jason on storage allocation Copy/paste edits in Photos Eric deRuiter on Safety Check Personal Safety User Guide Passkeys Can be shared via AirDrop (See 6m14s into the video) How do you recover them? About the Security of Passkeys Set Up an Account Recovery Contact Semi Analysis on the M2 The MacBook Air has color-matched MagSafe cables It is also 500 nits Desk View clarifications Messa...more

  • 486: Field Day at Apple Park

    Jun 07 2022

    Pre-show: Marco is [always on vacation] in California! 😎🌴 Jason & Dan’s view of the stage WWDC 2022 Keynote iOS 16 MDM Parcel Hypercritical #9: No iLife is an Island Jacqui Cheng’s tweet and article Eric Welander’s YouTube channel John’s CarPlay tweet MacBook Air macOS Ventura Ace Ventura Jesse “The Body” Ventura Moom WebKit updates Camo iPadOS Running Up That Hill _ on WeatherKit pricing SubEthaEdit Paging Post-show: The food Sponsored...more

  • 485: This Is Casey Actual

    Jun 02 2022

    Pre-show: Streaming changes Audio Hijack Our Twitch channel for live streams Follow-up: Fastmail The Price is Right is available for free on Pluto TV Regarding filming workout videos Amulet Hotkey DXZ4 X Windows Display Postscript WWDC in-person info/schedule (via Paul Hudson) John’s Mac Studio report WWDC Hopes and Predictions CSS1 spec (1996) Flexbox Rediscovering the Mac by Federico Viticci Casey’s review of the MacBook Adorable The Talk Show Live from WWDC 2022 Post-...more

  • 484: Hot-Spare Price is Right

    May 26 2022

    Pre-show: Sick-kid TV Channels Paramount+ AppleTV Channels Follow-up: Warnings about PoE splitters from Matias Korhonen Pro-fiber propaganda Adam Papamarcos’ OM4 fiber cable Assmann Group Ad-blockers on desktops (via Ryan) “Sign in with X” (via Brian Donovan) A concert-related Apple Music tip from Jonathan Dechko Amber gives us feedback on the Apple Fitness+ control room Apple, Google, and Microsoft commit to expanded support of FIDO standard Apple press release WWD...more

  • 483: The Faceless Knob

    May 19 2022

    Pre-show: Two is one, one is none. Zoom F3 USBPre2 MixPre-3 Follow-up: Cleaning apps and “launch services” launchd Launch Control A hint more on Casey’s frivoLiss ethernet project Many recommendations for Monoprice slim 6A patch cables Jonathan Litt reminds us about fire stops PoE “medusa” cables exist, for USB-C and barrel plugs Why bother with ethernet at all? (via Andrew Larson) Millimeter-wave IPv6 Pi-Hole NAT On USB-C KVMs and the Studio Display ...more

  • 482: I Should Probably Get Reading Glasses

    May 12 2022

    Follow-up: A little more on Bartosz Ciechanowski’s explainers Mechanical Watch Explainer GPS Naval Architecture Patreon Apple’s New Developer Center More from Parker Ortolani John’s multi-factor authentication college account update An aside about password managers Protobuf John’s Microsoft Precision Mouse Casey’s Ethernet Project Cat 6A cable types Playdate impressions Panic Podcast Playdate Podcast Altered Beast Super Mario 64 Total Annihilation...more

  • 481: Accidentally Made It Too Good

    May 06 2022

    Follow-up: Follow-out: Clockwise #449: It’s Still Working, I’m So Sad T-Shirt Results (THANK YOU!) Marco’s tech woes USBPre 2 Zoom F3 On Double-Clicking the lock button for Wallet Open the wallet app → double-click the side button (via Trevor Kay) Andrew notes this still works even if double-click is disabled globally Control Center Just hold the phone next to the terminal WWDC 2022 Apple Park Special Event MacRumors on the Developer Center Jason Snell on Apple ...more

  • 480: Three Wise Admins

    Apr 28 2022

    The ATP Store is live until 30 April at 8PM New York time. Order now, or Casey will haunt your dreams! 👻 Frame Game Explainer post Fastest solve: 12 seconds Follow-up: Apple Studio Display camera update Snell’s coverage Snell’s video Comparison with iMac Pro by James Thomson Sonos Roam power button (via Brilliant Things) What is up with iPhone lock buttons these days, anyway? (via Patrick Niemeyer) Apple’s Self-Service Repair site is now up Stephen’s write-up...more

  • 479: Never Mind, I'm Out

    Apr 18 2022

    The ATP Store is live until 30 April at 8PM New York time. Order now, or Casey will haunt your dreams! 👻 Pre-show: Marco has HomePod problems Pop Hits: {year} (1955–2021) Rock Hits: {year} (1965–2021) Hard to Handle by Otis Redding Hard to Handle by The Black Crowes Creep by Radiohead AirPlay 2-Enabled Speakers Follow-up: Hilariously, a third consecutive week of news about Original Gravity, this time via Jared Kole Which ethernet controller does the CalDigit TS4 use? Intel I225 PCIe Et...more

  • 478: No Bum Cores

    Apr 12 2022

    The ATP Store is live until 30 April at 8 PM New York time. Order now, or Casey will haunt your dreams! 👻 Pre-show: Marco has questionable media choices Severance The Dropout WeCrashed Silicon Valley Antitrust Pirates of Silicon Valley Follow-up: Tragic Original Gravity news (via Ari Badgers) Good Karma The etymology of “decibel” (via Matt Rigby) Don’t forget the iPhone 12/13 mini (via Carl Rozas) An aside about House of Prime Rib Anthony Bourdain’s experience...more

  • 477: In the Metal

    Apr 06 2022

    Pre-show: Marco played himself Would there be a “Studio Display Max” within two years? 22” Cinema Display 23” Cinema Display 27” Cinema Display 27” Thunderbolt Display Marco’s Studio Display impressions NuShelf Dual Mount for Mac mini New Peripherals Black Keyboard Black Trackpad Squat TouchID Keyboard Lenovo Go Wireless Split Keyboard Fingerprint security Stephen Hackett on Apple color mark-up Follow-up: Marc Edwards from Bjango has a follo...more

  • 476: Plausibly Viable

    Mar 31 2022

    Follow-up: Resolution independence 10.4 Tiger 10.5 Leopard 10.7 Lion Steve Jobs’s Retina Diagram Retina Display announcement Joe Lion explains why silicon wafers are round Video Explanation Jonathan Ragan-Kelley explains EMIB and LSI Regarding Mac Studio fan noise The fans cool the power supply too notes Phil Stollery Twitter thread from “OnlyMe” Graph Feedback from acoustician Andrew Wade Apple’s official noise ratings (via Renfred) Mac Pro: 11dB Mac Stud...more

  • 475: Shove It Out the Back

    Mar 24 2022

    Pre-show: We’ve got 99 problems and Apple Music is… most of them. On the Mac Studio’s extra SSD slot 512 Pixels Ars Technica Hector Martin Asahi Linux John’s heart shatters into a million pieces (Mac Studio cooling and 😱 fan noise 😱) Jason Snell’s review Max Tech’s Teardown Max Tech’s Thermal Throttling TG Pro Quinn Nelson’s thoughts QuietMac Why 5K? Casey’s 2021 Retina Monitor Sitrep Casey’s 2017 Retina Monitor Sitrep Ap...more

  • 474: That's Where the Magic Happens

    Mar 17 2022

    Follow-up: iPad Air does have stereo speakers Mac Studio HDMI is still 2.0 HDMI 2.1 27” Studio Display Pro coming soon? “Five-head” Origins The Flop House #94: Conan the Barbarian @ 29:46 Victor Borge’s Inflationary Language 20 Fenchurch Street The A7III does have animal eye detection (via Alec Pulianas) Base Mac Pro gets a spec bump MaskerAid Updates Photo library access Method Swizzling ARM Mac Pro worst-case scenarios Max Tech: Apple M2 Duo? Patent: Syst...more

  • 473: Fanboats and Coattails

    Mar 10 2022

    Apple’s “Peek Performance” Event New Apple Watch band collection Beanie Babies 🇺🇦 Tim Cook 🇺🇦 Apple TV+ Luck (TV Series) Luck (Film) Apple + Baseball Jason’s recap An aside about transportation woes Gibbs Aquada Duck Boat Fan/Air boat iPhone SE 3 iPad Air Clockwise #441: Talk Talk Music M1 Ultra Gurman’s original article (18 May 2021) John’s diagram (21 May 2021) John’s warning in ATP #453 @ 32:34 (Overcast timestamp link) Hector ...more

  • 472: File a Casey Radar

    Mar 03 2022

    Pre-show: 🇺🇦 ATP Stands with Ukraine 🇺🇦 Washington Post coverage Jason Snell on Apple vs. 🇷🇺 & 🇨🇳 Follow-up: There definitely is not a “cure” for celiac disease Conquering shared contacts with a shared iCloud account Several fascinating pieces of accessibility-related feedback Casey’s new app, MaskerAid Announcement blog post Analog(ue) #199: A Little Bit of Personal News Example image SF Symbols Apple’s Spring Event predictions Post-show: Marco Chr...more

  • 471: My Fiber Situation Is Fine

    Feb 24 2022

    Pre-show: Casey messes with Marco during his very difficult day Celiac Important follow-up: in short, actual celiac disease cannot be cured, so the people in question most likely had other forms of gluten intolerance Colostrum (the pills Marco got — ask a doctor, YMMV) Thera Cane Reconcilable Differences #176: The Curse of Convenience It’s All Too Much NIMBY Follow-up: Getting an older car to always play Maps’ directions over Bluetooth (via Paul Violante) Settings → Maps →...more

  • 470: Computers Can Do Things

    Feb 17 2022

    Follow-up: Jump-starting an ICE using a Tesla (via Jesper Weltz) Another video (via Jameson) James May’s Model S’s catastrohpic failure Porsche Taycan Mercedes-Benz EQS AirTags anti-tracking update The Downeaster “Alexa” Amsterdam’s transformation from car-centric to people-centric Paris’s car-free zone announced for 2024 John has thoughts on streaming apps Channels does a victory lap TV Everywhere XBMC/Kodi Dilbert Strip (yes, Scott Adams sucks...more

  • 469: Tiny Toastie

    Feb 10 2022

    Pre-show: The newest member of Marco’s family The originating member Siracusa’s history Siracusa’s thoughts The new member Prior experiences with the new member of the family Follow-up: Casey replaces his FiOS set-top box Casey’s new UPS TechSee AlDente Casey’s Email Woes Gmail “funnel solution” Google Workspace Email Storage (via Ashish Gandhi) Running your own mail server (via Daniel Nelson) Recommended solution Fastmail’s referral ...more

  • 468: You Got Your Non-Money's Worth

    Feb 03 2022

    Pre-show: Marco enters winter luxury Marco’s “Slippers” John’s Slippers Marco’s Rug Marco’s Rug Heater Reminder: Celsius is stupid for ambient air temperatures Robot or Not: Sundays Follow-up: Google ships tapback parsing Regarding “Screeners” Xbox Game Pass PC Game Pass Game Pass Ultimate Xbox Cloud Gaming Stratechery Interview with Phil Spencer Apple and the Netherlands New beta bits Face ID unlock and glasses from Ryan Booker Notes on...more

  • 467: The Strain Provider

    Jan 28 2022

    Pre-show: Marco’s Baking Hangover Follow-up: Casey’s Desk Update Casey’s Thunderbolt 4 Hub / “Breakout Box” Simon Webster on QD-OLED and Blue LEDs Jon Mason on how big Sony is Xbox Gamepass and Series S Neil Young & Spotify Horse Armor Scorched Earth iMessage and SMS (via Olivier Ruoy) Adium Piracy, Warez, and The Scene (via Colin Weir) Widevine Netherlands Tells Apple “lol nope” Macrumors Coverage ACM’s Statement Dropbox and...more

  • 466: There's Probably a Wizard for It

    Jan 20 2022

    Pre-show: Windows woes and the challenges of loading modern trucks TPM yt-dlp DeCSS SGX FairPlay Pirated movie release types Follow-up: Printer Murder Rooms John Tsombakos Richard Smith LG UltraFine 5K Repair Video (via Brian Almeida) Microsoft to Acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion Wall Street Journal Activision Blizzard’s abhorrent culture Prior acquisitions (via Jon Erlichman) Activision Blizzard: $68.7b LinkedIn: $26.2b Nuance: $19.7b Skype: $8.5b ZeniMax: $7.5...more

  • 465: Lasers Are Great

    Jan 13 2022

    Follow-up: Fi dog-collar pronunciation Discount code ATP100 for $100 off (not a sponsor) New Ford Mustangs will be available in 2023–2024 Sony did show PSVR2 controllers Mirrorless advantages and the longevity of Canon DSLRs (from Justin Krohn) TV technology WRGB OLEDs do have white backlights QD-OLEDs have RGB “filters”/diffusers Samsung’s 2019 $11 billion investment in QD-OLED Micro-LED On “Weird & Complicated” Analog TV (via Moe Rubenzahl) Techn...more

  • 464: Monks at Drafting Tables

    Jan 06 2022

    Follow-up: Stuart Hay on chroma sub-sampling, 4:2:2, 4:1:1, 4:2:0 Hyper Thunderbolt 4 Dock Hyper USB-C Media Hub A not-too-short aside about iPad connectivity and expandability Loopback David Smith’s tweet Audio Hijack Audiobus Drafting table Xcode and setting up for Apple Watch development (via Andy Norman) Slideshow App Recommendations Fotomagico Adobe Premiere Rush Canon’s flagship DSLR line will end… eventually. Single-lens reflex CES: QD-OLED TVs from Sony ...more

  • 463: No Indication of Progress

    Dec 30 2021

    Pre-show: Marco’s desk situation Casey’s desk situation VESA stand …an uglier one …yet uglier still …stand and arm Follow-up: Jonathan Dietz Comes Through Glenwing’s page and calculator and forum post Chroma Subsampling USB4/TB4 bandwidth (via Dimitri Bouniol) Marco’s Christmas-movie Adventure iLife iDVD Gang of Four UXKit discoveryd and mDNSResponder Holiday tech we love Casey joins 2019 and gets AirPods Pro HiFiMAN HE-6 Beyerdynami...more

  • 462: Xcode X

    Dec 22 2021

    Pre-show: “Web3” Follow-up: Thank you, ATP members Casey has changed up his setup yet again Ian Fuchs at Cult of Mac Alogic Thunderbolt 4 Blaze Hub OWC Thunderbolt Hub CalDigit Element Hub CalDigit TS3+ Team Arment on Twitch Elgato HD60 S+ C13 plug “☝️ Well, actually ☝️”s on Marco’s Synology J-series Synology devices cannot use btrfs (via Squozen) 64TB maximum limit (via Matt Sullivan) Marco’s jugs Capillary action Apple Silicon in forthcoming...more

  • 461: Re-tend That Garden

    Dec 16 2021

    Pre-show: Why would one deliberately launch TextEdit‽ The flood 😱 Cable Matters 2.5” drive enclosure Synology DS1813+ Synology 620Slim Synology DS420j RAID 0 Backblaze B2 Follow-up: Andrew shares a Consumer Reports link regarding lithium batteries in smoke detectors LG Screen Manager (App Store Link) now supports M1 Macs (via Dave Stachowiak) Casey’s LG UltraFine adventures continue LG non-UltraFine 4K and 60Hz HDMI 24UD58-B 24” IPS Monitor with Freesync, Black Me...more

  • 460: Desktop Laptop

    Dec 09 2021

    Pre-show: Christmas Conundrums Charlie Brown Tree Follow-up: Ubiquiti’s breach was from the inside Casey’s UltraFine 5K seems to be UltraDead Idan Warsawski’s explanation & more Casey’s borrowed monitor Casey’s blog post about Apple’s monitor situation John’s snarky quote-tweet Some wish-casting and predictions about the Mac lineup in 2022 Apple Announces Self-Service Repair Louis Rossmann’s video #askatp: How come the TouchBar ...more

  • 459: The Bluetooth Adds Warmth

    Dec 02 2021

    Shocking revelations: Marco’s wrist Casey’s desk The myth of digital audio producing stair-step sound waves Casey’s Double Density appearance Xiph explainer video DAC Nyquist level Apple’s monitor-pricing conundrum Luna Display updates Follow-up: Junior vs. Senior Developers (via Nick Matsakis) Peter principle Mac Mini rumors and renderings #askatp: Which company would we love to see Apple buy & integrate? (via Ryan) The Talk Show #330: ‘He...more

  • 458: This Is Not Your First Plane Crash

    Nov 22 2021

    Pre-show: Energizer lithium AA batteries and 9V for smoke alarms Marco’s utterly bananas password-managers setup The ATP on-demand store is back! Follow-up: Meta/Facebook In the Enterprise workplace.com An aside about scrolljacking Parallax Scrolling Hardware prowess Gaming Wearing VR headsets Apple TV+ on the web HomePod problems abound (via Joe Mesterhazy) YouTube video describing the problem Plex and two-zone playback ebernet’s explanation Infuse Bullstrap l...more

  • 457: The World's Greatest Conference Call

    Nov 16 2021

    Pre-show: Watching shows on Apple Some ATP membership bookkeeping Follow-up: Xcode build times (via Abel Demoz) defaults write com.apple.dt.Xcode ShowBuildOperationDuration YES Monterey’s Mouse Pointer Memory Leak Bug Marco has [Original] HomePod Problems Belkin Soundform Connect Marco replaces Weather Line with Carrot Weather Weather Line acquisition App Store feature on Brian Mueller of Carrot Weather Weather Strip Seller risks on eBay Swappa Facebook and Meta Stratec...more

  • 456: The Monitor Situation

    Nov 11 2021

    The ATP Store IS BACK! Grab your fancy new M1 Pro or Max shirts, winter hats, or classic merch until the end of the day THIS FRIDAY! Remember, ATP Members get 15% off on time-limited sales like this one! Follow-up: iMessage in iCloud Security Overview Apple’s T2 Macs and Monterey Avoiding the notch using RDM (via Roberto Jung Drebes) Casey’s MacBook Pro Updates Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad for Mac models with Apple silicon - US English ($180) Magic Keyboar...more

  • 455: Your Yanking Force

    Nov 04 2021

    The ATP Store IS BACK! Grab your fancy new M1 Pro or Max shirts, winter hats, or classic merch until the end of the day on 12 November! Remember, ATP Members get 15% off on time-limited sales like this one! Pre-show: Setup Woes Audition Homebrew Bundle Casey’s Post on Homebrew Bundle Casey’s bundle file Follow-up: What does Marco use for a Thunderbolt dock? (via César Cavazos) OWC Thunderbolt Dock Caldigit TS3+ Hub Caldigit Element Hub John’s AirPods 3 updates Mo...more

  • 454: The Notch is Young

    Oct 28 2021

    The ATP Store IS BACK! Grab your fancy new M1 Pro or Max shirts, winter hats, or classic merch until the end of the day on 12 November! Remember, ATP Members get 15% off on time-limited sales like this one! Pre-show: Marco’s acquisition adventure IceMule Cooler Backpack (size Xlarge) Veblen good Follow-up: APFS fast directory sizing Chris’ answer on StackExchange APFS File System Reference INODE_MAINTAIN_DIR_STATS Anandtech on the M1 Pro & Max performance Dom’...more

  • 453: As the Prophecy Foretold

    Oct 21 2021

    Apple’s “Unleashed.” Event Start Up John’s Tweet Apple ✔️s (scroll way down) Monterey quick hits Monday, 25 October Tabs that look like tabs!! Snell’s coverage M1 Pro & M1 Max John’s “City of Chips” tweet John’s Self-FU John’s “City of Chips” diagram Anandtech’s Coverage M1 floorplan comparisons M1 Pro Floorplan M1 Max floorplan WildCrack’s tweet Mike Goldsmith’s tweet Six Colors’...more

  • 452: It's Totally Leashed

    Oct 14 2021

    Pre-show: Apple Watch preorders Follow-up: Dutch watchdog finds Apple App Store payment rules anti-competitive Microsoft store to allow third-party app stores Matryoshka doll-720p-RiP.mkv Yo dawg MTV’s Pimp My Ride Thomas Q Brady’s adventures with his iPhone 13 Pro Man + River IP Code Regarding bugs in your pasta (It’s not about the pasta!) (via Sharon Linne Faulk) What bugs/larvae/eggs can you eat? Apple’s “Unleashed.” Event Joz’s tweet ...more

  • 451: A Series of Terrible Magic Tricks

    Oct 07 2021

    Pre-show: Facebook’s outage BGP is a thing. Who knew? (John did.) Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet Explanation from Facebook Thank you to Hsiang-Ling Jennifer Lin’s parents! We’ve opened an on-demand ATP store! Quinn Nelson’s YouTube channel Follow-up: Anandtech on the A15 MacRumors’ summary On RAW data rates (via Brian Petersen) Understanding ProRAW John’s motion sickness and gaming Marco’s updates Kühl pant...more

  • 450: Distending My Wardrobe

    Sep 30 2021

    Please donate to St. Jude. Cancer sucks, and childhood cancer sucks a lot. Please donate any amount of money, if you can. Crypto donations — Absolve yourself of guilt for destroying the planet by helping destroy cancer instead! Pre-show: Some navel-gazing (much like Episode 400) Sporkful’s Cascatelli Flying Spaghetti Monster Follow-up: Returns John Halter returns Surface Pros Bernd Kilga returns an Elite Series 2 controller Damian Shaw returns Surface Headphones Christophe...more

  • 449: An Unclean Mouse

    Sep 23 2021

    Please donate to St. Jude. Cancer sucks, and childhood cancer sucks a lot. Please donate any amount of money, if you can. Crypto donations — Absolve yourself of guilt for destroying the planet by helping destroy cancer instead! Pre-show: A little bit more about Electron and 1Password 8 Tauri Garmin InReach Iridium satellites iPhone “Thick iPhone is thicc” 🤣 Ryan Jones’ camera bump chart An aside about how optics works John’s “Portrait Mode̶...more

  • 448: Next Year, Which Is Now

    Sep 15 2021

    Please donate to St. Jude. Cancer sucks, and childhood cancer sucks a lot. Please donate any amount of money, if you can. Crypto donations — Absolve yourself of guilt for destroying the planet by helping destroy cancer instead! Apple Event Apple TV+ iPad iPad Mini Apple Watch Series 7 Ressence Oil-Filled Watches Marco’s Sinn CSS error iPhone 13 Thinner but taller notch? Rack focus iPhone 13 Pro Unsane Red Cameras Post-show: iPhone 12 exit interview Sponsored by: L...more

  • 447: Lunchbox on Your Face

    Sep 09 2021

    Please donate to St. Jude. Cancer sucks, and childhood cancer sucks a lot. Please donate any amount of money, if you can. Pre-show: Casey’s very big day Robert E. Lee Statue removed from Richmond’s Monument Avenue What is a Hokie? Teaching Marco geography Fire Island Follow-up: Australians: Get your shot! More arguing about geography Long Island Boroughs of New York City Apple delays CSAM protection features HomeKit camera TV PiP can be enabled/disabled per camera H...more

  • 446: Dead From Fraud

    Sep 02 2021

    Please donate to St. Jude. Cancer sucks, and childhood cancer sucks a lot. Please donate any amount of money, if you can. Follow-up: Wirecutter moves behind a paywall Neven’s tweet Best blender is not a wasteland… sometimes. Cryptographic hashes vs. Apple’s CSAM Neural Hash What happens if governments get involved with CSAM detection? Reflections on Trusting Trust (PDF link) More Apple PR own-goals: Apple bans a pay equity Slack channel Music metadata MusicBrainzR...more

  • 445: Best Blender Is a Wasteland

    Aug 26 2021

    Please donate to St. Jude. Cancer sucks, and childhood cancer sucks a lot. Please donate any amount of money, if you can. Follow-up: Follow-up from Hypercritical #31 on 24 August 2011 (via Philip Spedding) Overcast timestamp link Casey apologizes to Collin Donnell Brent Simmons’ blog post Regarding 1Password and Electron What about the dependencies? (via KingOlegOne) is-odd Roustem Karimov’s response Craft CSAM Neural Hash algorithm extracted? Example collision 1 More e...more

  • 444: It Should Definitely Bother Apple

    Aug 17 2021

    Follow-up: Disney PhotoPass (via Ryan D) Bug bounties (via Dan Chandler) Cryptocurrency and failed monetary systems CSAM Security Threat Model Rview of Apple’s Child Safety Features Joanna Stern’s interview with Craig Federighi Patriot Act Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1Password 8: The Story So Far Electron iCloud for Windows Dave Teare’s Medium Post Casey’s Twitter rant Mac-assed Mac Apps 1Password’s funding On cross-platform UI frameworks Rust Snell...more

  • 443: A Storm of Asterisks

    Aug 12 2021

    Pre-show: Marco files a verbal Radar for Apple Music God Shuffled His Feet A Worm’s Life The Joshua Tree Illusion is Now Follow-up: Why is there no weather/Calculator iPad app? (via Tatsuhiko Miyagawa) AMD W6xxx video cards are “workstation” cards Why Apple can’t pay bananas bug bounties (via Adrian) Apple’s New Child Safety Features Apple’s FAQ Gruber’s explanation Matt Panzarino’s interview with Apple’s Head of Privacy Decoder wit...more

  • 442: Bob’s Barbecue

    Aug 05 2021

    Pre-show: Phish is back. Yay? (Yay. -ed.) Days of the New’s new album Travis Meeks Days of the New II Follow-up: Apple Music Everyone (including Andrew Bement) pointed Casey to SongShift (App Store link) There are lots of third-party music players, which Marc Barrowclift reviewed Photos Regarding concert pairing WWDC 2018 keynote, 29m25s (via Benjamin) See also KBase Deleting all your photos from Google Photos is… the worst. Photo editing tips from Henrik See als...more

  • 441: Meals at Home

    Jul 30 2021

    Pre-show: LivePhish.com Playdate Collin Donnell Status Board Tamagotchi Follow-up: Everyone, but especially Americans, please get vaccinated! More Safari Updates Stroke around window widgets on macOS iPadOS Updates iOS Updates Sam Gross’ HIG observation Live Text will be available on Intel Macs too! TextSniper “Scorch marks” on Lightning connectors Electrical contact cleaner MagSafe “Soap Dish” Elective repairs for cosmetic damage at Apple sto...more

  • 440: The Reality of Magnets

    Jul 20 2021

    Pre-show: Marco’s accident DJI Mavic 2 Follow-up: There are dozens of people who like compact Safari (via Anthony Lee) Perhaps wonky Safari is a nod to an AR future? (via Dan Blondell) Round Rects Are Everywhere! Mac Safari’s tab-close UI (via Guy English) Other multi-UI apps (via Daniel Jalkut) NetNewsWire Photos Extensions Darkroom flag & reject workflow (via Ben Gollmer) Write-up (on Medium 🙄) Raw Power (via Kyle McMahon) Introductory video Caveats OpenDo...more

  • 439: Eventually Converge on Correctness

    Jul 15 2021

    Pre-show: Casey’s macOS Bug Report Math Emporium Power Mac G4 Cube Crystal Garden Follow-up: New Safari tab interface in Monterey beta 3 Toppy Tabs Ribbon Word 6 Screenshot Elective AppleCare+ Repairs Photo Ingest Photo Mechanic Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader “Made for Apple Photos”? The Aeron was revised in 2017 (via Alexander) Differences Casey’s Shocking News Post-show bonus #askatp: Does Adam still wear his Apple Watch? (via Andrew Blomquist) ...more

  • 438: Some Amount of Futzing

    Jul 08 2021

    Pre-show: Case-Liss Casey Liss ZZQ Q Barbeque Casey’s Shattered Windshield John’s iPhone case Follow-up: HomeKit and Bonjour/zeroconf Lutron Caseta Matter Thread Quinn’s Video HSTS and Safari (via Jakob) DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption Thoughts on Safari from Scott Sutton Safari Technology Preview (“Purple Safari”) Eye-tracking Memoji? (via Daniel Yount) Executive images John mousepad update Managing Digital Documents (via Jason Abreu) 1Password f...more

  • 437: The Right Side of the Mouse Pad

    Jul 01 2021

    Pre-show: Nostalgia for compulsory technology Toshiba e740 Microdrive Volvo XC90 Being old in a college town Top of the Stairs Follow-up: Safari reload update in Monterey beta 2 HTTP Strict Transport Security hstspreload.org Report for hypercritical.co iOS 15 can adjust more than just text size Settings → Accessibility → Per-App Settings On the need for Apple to defend in-app purchase revenue (via Abel Demoz) The Art of the Possible John’s Mouse Pad Woes SwitchGla...more

  • 436: Eddy Cue Shows Up at Your Door

    Jun 24 2021

    Pre-show: FAA’s TRUST program FAA Part 107 DJI Mini 2 Follow-up: Safari page reloading Pull-to-refresh John’s extension Finn Voorhees’ experiment Safari on iOS 15 & Monterey automatically upgrades HTTP → HTTPS… kinda iCloud Private Relay Rauli Rikama’s observations What about embedded browsers? (via Maarten Hazewinkel) Private Relay is always used for known trackers (via Renaud Lienhart) FLoC You monsters that use unnatural scrolling Scroll Rever...more

  • 435: A Strong Number Four

    Jun 17 2021

    Pre-show: Freaks and Geeks Follow-up: Universal Control & device arrangement (via Andreas Beyer Bowden) More from Viticci Center Stage Object Capture quality Matt Waller’s Baby Yoda Mikko Haapoja’s pineapple macOS Monterey Live Text (OCR) works with captchas too! App Library in the dock is optional Safari 15 and Reload Button Instructions to restore old-style Safari tab bar Feature flag Many macOS Monterey features are Apple Silicon-only Apple’s fine prin...more

  • 434: A Squirmy Soup of Rectangles

    Jun 08 2021

    Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 TextSniper iPad Multitasking Video iPad Menu Screenshots iPad Menu Video Mosaic NSUserActivity DUNS Number Synergy Fitt’s Law USDZ Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Post-show: Original Prince video What happened? Remastered version in which the outcome is more visible Todd Vaziri Sponsored by: Mack Weldon: Reinventing men’s basics with smart design, premium fabrics, and simple shopping. Get 20% off your first order with code...more

  • 433: Before We Leave the Dump

    Jun 03 2021

    Follow-up: Casey’s HDMI HOMI Update HDMI cable types Wi-Fi 6 Back to Work Thread Dolby Vision and raised blacks (via Kai Kontio) iMac Fans Jonathan Dietz’s Apple Silicon cost-estimate spreadsheet Apple Podcasts issues: Broken show notes? Apple Podcasts subscriptions delayed 🤮 Apple’s Self-Serving Puff Piece 🤮 Thoughts on Flash On Apple’s Piss-Poor Documentation vDSP Functions WWDC 2021 Predictions Tick-tock WIMP Image map Casey’s WWDC 2021 Wishes F...more

  • 432: I Shouldn't Need to Wiggle

    May 27 2021

    Pre-show: Compacted sugar Fun Dip SweetTarts Candy Cigarette Big League Chew Follow-up: John’s Jade/M1X Twitter thread High resolution image Chiplet AMD Discussing X3d Die stacking Keeping Up Moore’s Law with Chiplets Chiplet vs. Monolithic Some speculation about the next Mac Pro Base-model 24” iMacs have only one fan MacBook Air’s rumored “ski feet” Lord Matthew’s theory Apple support document clarifies lossless streaming details John Voor...more

  • 431: City of Chips

    May 20 2021

    ALL of ATP is “maxinated”! The vaccination train keeps a’chuggin’! Toot toot! 🚂💉 Thank you, ATP Store purchasers! Follow-up: Third-party menu bar items (via Daniel Jalkut) NSStatusItemBehaviorRemovalAllowed in NSStatusItem.h Spatial Audio from Gui Rambo CMHeadphoneMotionManager 24” iMac Reviews, including Jason Snell’s Matching cords, accessories, desktop backgrounds, stickers, highlight colors, “hello” intro movie Highlight colors via...more

  • 430: Apple Did Not Eat That Food

    May 13 2021

    THE ATP STORE IS BACK!! Make your purchases until Friday, May 14. Pre-show: ⅔ of ATP is “maxinated”! The vaccination train keeps a’chuggin’! Toot toot! 🚂💉 Colonial Pipeline How long does gas last? Follow-up: Overpriced AirTag mounts AirTag Leather Key Ring AirTag Leather Loop Belkin Secure Holder with Key Ring for AirTag Marco’s recommended solution Unattended restart with FileVault enabled sudo fdesetup authrestart Or, optionally, sudo fdesetup ...more

  • 429: Digital Speedo

    May 06 2021

    THE ATP STORE IS BACK!! Make your purchases until Friday, May 14. (Don’t forget, members get 15% off!) Pre-show: ⅓ of ATP is “maxinated”! The vaccination train keeps a’chuggin’! Toot toot! 🚂💉 Follow-up: Some notes about the ATP store support@cottonbureau.com Casey’s fans (the spinny kind) Bond Bridge Purchases last week AirTag quick impressions Spree Whistle FileVault performance About encrypted storage on your new Mac FileVault and remote ma...more

  • 428: A Series of Rectangles

    Apr 29 2021

    THE ATP STORE IS BACK!! Make your purchases until Friday, May 14. Pre-show: ⅔ of ATP has completed their journey on the vaccination train! Toot toot! 🚂💉 “Fully vaccinated” Joanna Stern’s C-Fed Interview CEO question timestamp link Spring 2021 Apple Event Apple TV Calibration Remote Design & Pricing No Acceleromter nor Gyroscope Apple TV pricing Apple TV / iTV High-frame-rate HDR compatibility? AppleCare+ for Apple TV Extended AppleCare+ for Macs iMac Power ...more

  • 427: The Apology Remote

    Apr 22 2021

    Pre-show: ⅓ of ATP has completed their journey on the vaccination train! Toot toot! 🚂💉 Spring 2021 Apple Event Apple Card Family Apple Podcasts App Updates & Subscriptions RSS Feed Access Podcast Index Robot or Not #141: Podcasting User-Agent string ALAC AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag Gui Rambo’s discovered battery replacement video Press release What to do if you find an AirTag or get an alert that an AirTag is with you AppleTV Ted Lasso Season 2 Trailer Siri Remote Image Thre...more

  • 426: Loaded Baked Potato

    Apr 15 2021

    Pre-show: [Hopefully not] Burning Down the House All of ATP is on the vaccination train! Toot toot! 🚂💉 Thanks, Paul Follow-up: Smart outlet update Reconcilable Differences For eero: Settings → Troubleshooting → My device won't connect → My device won't connect to my network → Temporarily pause 5 GHz Electrical resistive heating Technology Connections: Heat Pumps Technology Connections: The Future of Heat Pumps is Underground Casey has a CarPlay apostrophe epiphany Charging the...more

  • 425: Hey Billionaire

    Apr 08 2021

    Pre-show: ⅔ of ATP is on the vaccination train! Toot toot! 🚂💉 Fork Hands FU: Why two doses? Reverse Engineering the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Follow-up: How is John replacing a router with a switch? Ubiquiti Flex Mini Handoff vs. AirPlay 2 Zach’s point about WWDC announcement date Yep, Apple uses Webex Microsoft Teams Perhaps it’s too many UDP packets? Heating your house via cryptomining? Technology Connections: Heat Pumps Technology Connections: The Future ...more

  • 424: Ethernet Squid

    Apr 01 2021

    Pre-show: Read-only Tweetbot WatchConnectivity applicationContext userInfo messages Follow-up: [More] Tesla wheels of shame Belvedere, CA via Alistair Logie AirPods Max warranty repairs (via Harrison Krebs) WWDC 2021 Announced NSRunningApplication Radar Numbers 48190148 25521354 22088473 18980463 21253274 18890642 New Siri Default Voices Sample Recording Another Sample Recording Ubiquiti Breach An aside about cryptocurrency CDO Bitcoin summary But how does Bitcoin act...more

  • 423: Fort of HomePods

    Mar 25 2021

    What would it take to get Marco into a concert? LivePhish Do By Friday #232: Panatee Reconcilable Differences #152: Warnings of Gales in Trafalgar Follow-up: Tesla Wheel of Shame Hong Kong (via Cilver Aullet) DC (via TG Cid) Houston (via Aaron Farnham) App Store Pricing Policing (via Tim) Games and Notarization On Apple’s Piss-Poor Documentation HomePod follow-up Google Home Max was also discontinued Echo Studio Nexus Q Some Membership Housekeeping Refunds for a very sma...more

  • 422: Sell a Third Box

    Mar 17 2021

    Neutral: The Wheel(s) of Shame™ ProClip USA MagSafe holder Tesla Model Y vs. Ford Mach-E Tesla Model Y Ford Mach-E Follow-up: Clubhouse no longer requires contacts access Apple/ARM/TSMC Long writeup (via Marc Kagan) Fabricators RISC vs. CISC Family photo sharing clarifications Shared Albums Shared Album Limits 1Password for Families Grosse Point Blank Moving your data around privacy.apple.com (via Ezekiel Elin) Data Transfer Project (via Igor Makarov) Adapters Verge write-up Got...more

  • 421: The First Miniboss

    Mar 11 2021

    Pre-show: Marco is happy, though he shouldn’t be. ☯️ The iMac Pro is retired Gruber’s post Follow-up: One reason to choose Audi Kiss Guy is real! Interview Swift “header” views (via Ben Packard) ⌃⌘↑ and ⌃⌘↓ or Navigate → Jump to Next/Previous Counterpart Logging into vaccinate.virginia.gov Families: how do they work? No iLife is an Island Apple Launches Service for Transferring iCloud Photos and Videos to Google Photos Google Takeout Twitter Archive ATP...more

  • 420: I Have No Urge to Speak

    Mar 04 2021

    Follow-up: VPNs and Supervised devices Nickname preferences (via Julian Torres) Skydio’s absolutely bananas talk on autonomous drone obstacle avoidance The Talk Show #309: Pinkies on the Semicolon More on Clubhouse Chat room Gui Rambo’s investigations 🧵 “Ephemeral” Clubhouse Steve Jobs Stories Clubhouse is recording you John “tried” Twitter Spaces Super Follows Twitter “Communities” Overcast 2021.1 Watch Connectivity WatchKit UIApp...more

  • 419: This Week’s Gasp

    Feb 25 2021

    Pre-show diversions: Posting the bootleg Casey’s [hopefully useLiss] worries Marco’s ball situation Sonos Move Casey’s Compulsory Icebreaker Requisite link Follow-up: Jef e’s doubts about SMART tools Contacts API updates Better Trust Through Better Privacy Autofill Everywhere Google’s astrophotography mode Magnets and MagSafe (via Ante Söderholm) More on Supervised iPhones (via Marc Wickens) Support document More on Clubhouse Upgrade #340: Secre...more

  • 418: Dangerously Close to Being on a Phone Call

    Feb 18 2021

    Pre-show: Join us in our Clubhouse! (That’s a joke; not happening. —Ed.) Chatroulette Party line Newton’s cradle Should Apple remove the Contacts framework? Follow-up: Living outside the east coast… or America. The UK explained The Concert for Charlottesville was posted Should timers sync? (via Richard Harris) What can Mobile Device Management really do? (via Chris Harper) Support article Helpful PDF An alternate way to think about RAM vs. SSD-wear tradeoffs (...more

  • 417: Sand and Water Interface

    Feb 11 2021

    Pre-show: RIP, Call Recorder On re-installing or transferring macOS Launch Control launchd Pixelmator Pro If we had to leave the eastern seaboard, where would we move? Follow-up: DTKs are worth more now! iOS 14.5 Watch unlock Trying to ls ~/.Trash (via Mike Vosseller) SSD traffic Two month old SSD smartmontools smartctl --all /dev/disk0 Casey’s computations Casey’s data John’s data Marco accidentally invents Docker Docker on M1 Macs VMWare Fusion on M1 Macs T...more

  • 416: I Will Take Away Those Kudos

    Feb 04 2021

    Pre-show: Strong corporate affinities Neutral #12: Vomit Ruins Everything — Marco & Casey’s BMW European Delivery experience Neutral Special: Please Lose Control of Your Car Now — Marco, Casey, and Underscore’s BMW Driving School experience Follow-up: Tesla Model S/X round steering wheel Touch controlls are force-touch? Elon says “no more stalks” NHTSA Limiting Siri’s Messages Announcements Telling Siri to 🤫 Developer Transition Kit return...more

  • 415: Sent Without Pants

    Jan 28 2021

    Follow-up: Marco’s new computer (This is not a joke. —Ed) T568A vs. T568B myths busted Reminiscing about the PowerBook G4’s ethernet port (via Travis Pouarz) The 30” Apple Cinema Display and print design (via Ted Barnes) Audio accommodations (via Christpher Klein) Mimi (App Store link) Dan Riccio goes into a bunker Creative Selection More Mac laptop rumors Bloomberg Patently Apple #askatp How much do macOS and iOS cost? (via Brenden Becherer) Do we care about th...more

  • 414: Promoted Onto the Roof

    Jan 21 2021

    Pre-show: John’s pecking order Follow-up: Curved screens to solve off-axis viewing (via Nathaniel Cohen) AirPods Max headband removal Quinn’s video Blind men and an elephant Waterfield Designs AirPods Max Case Brighter whites OxiClean /System/Applications/Utilities/Digital Color Meter Wiring Gigabit Ethernet T-568A vs. T-568B RJ11 vs. RJ45 PhoneNet Feedbacks, Casey’s Bug, and Chris Hayes’ tweet Attaching a sysdiagnose on iOS applefeedback:// Open the feed...more

  • 413: Suddenly I'm the Marco

    Jan 14 2021

    Follow-up: Casey makes John reminisce about Atlanta[’s food] Waffle House Taco Bell CocoaLove Steak ‘n Shake Denny’s Perkins Follow-up: “Is it bigger than a breadbox?” The Feedback app will automatically run a sysdiagnose John’s bug (as mentioned on Twitter): FB8711530 Casey’s bugs are still broken, even though Apple tried to 🤬 close them FB8893003 FB8952395 The shocking conclusion to Marco’s Thunderbolt ethernet situation OWC Thund...more

  • 412: Love Batteries

    Jan 07 2021

    Follow-up: Accommodating hearing loss (via “Phredd Phlinstone”) Settings → Accessibility → Audio/Visual → Headphone Accommodations → Audiogram Example app from Maciej Big Sur Update Apple guidance on SMC reset via Tom Bridge How to do a SMC reset Apple T2 BridgeOS Nintendo Famicom had a microphone built into the second controller Video of Pols Voice & the microphone PS5 controller weight and “following” games Tip from terence The galaxy’s largest...more

  • 411: Are My Instructions Not Clear?

    Dec 30 2020

    Follow-up: Casey’s MMS problems and Apple’s bug-reporting black hole (FB8893003, FB8952395) sysdiagnose Settings → Privacy → Analytics & Improvements → Analytics Data More on Fitness+ HDR photos Settings → Photos → View Full HDR Screen brightness iPhone 12: 625 nits typically / 1200 nits max iPhone 12 Pro: 800 / 1200 displaymate.com indicates 825 nits in full-white image iCloud Photo Downloader (via Matthew Smith) OWC Thunderbolt Hub requires Big Sur 11.1 Big Sur ...more

  • 410: The Comfort Is Killing Me

    Dec 22 2020

    Pre-show: Living the M1 lifestyle Follow-up: AirPods Max Battery situation (via Barney) Snazzy Labs video Smart Case ∆s 9to5mac Apple Support Turns out, like the Pro Display XDR, the LG UltraFine 5K does have a fan. (via Joseph Duffy) Also, it has been revised in the past. Tinus’s tweet Chrome bug report and comments Jonathan Dietz continues to school us on chip packaging …and Thunderbolt hubs/controllers OWC Thunderbolt Hub OWC Thunderbolt Dock OWC interview about ...more

  • 409: Midrange Snob

    Dec 17 2020

    Follow-up: Group MMS issues persist, and Casey is over. it. (FB8893003) AirPods Max and its competitors Beoplay H95 Marco’s Closed Headphones Mega-Review AirPods Max button and varying modes Passive (powerLiss operation) Marco’s Computing Situation LG UltraFine 5K Marc Edwards on External Displays CalDigit Thunderbolt Dock Pro Display XDR Marco’s AirPods Max review Planar Magnetic / Orthodynamic Headphones ANC Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable Competitors Sony...more

  • 408: Feature Headphones

    Dec 10 2020

    Pre-show: Casey’s great news! Mix Pre3-ii Call Recorder for Skype Audio Hijack IRC Marco’s Slightly Unpopular Opinion RealPlayer Marco’s new “experience” Follow-up: Is Apple-Silicon-Ready? brew and Rosetta Duplicating Terminal.app brew using arch Chiplets & Multi-chip Modules (via Adrian Sampson) Multi-Chip Module High Bandwidth Memory Extracting images from a Google Doc In the defense of Apple News AirPods Max Press Release Sony WH-1000XM...more

  • 407: It Isn't a Big Grapefruit

    Dec 03 2020

    Pre-show: You heard it here first: Marco is really starting to justify a new Mac. Follow-up: You can restore stuff from iCloud here (via Ryan Fegley) Accelerated TensorFlow for macOS probably just uses the GPU Neural Engine can be used as well, though. (via @hishnash) Apple did make an ECC RAM controller in the past (via Max Lein) Lots of info about scaling the M1 via Jonathan Dietz Die size spreadsheet Cerebras, the big-die ML accelerator (via Andrew Bunner) Memory bus thoughts from W...more

  • 406: A Bomb on Your Home Screen

    Nov 25 2020

    Follow-up: Fast resolution switching on M1 Macs Apple engineer weighs in Demo video What about external monitors? Mac-optimized TensorFlow 2.4 fork makes things fly M1 Mac 8K render test Running iOS apps with IPAs iOS App Store Package CrossOver runs Windows apps/games on M1 Macs — including 32-bit games! Cult of Mac coverage WINE VMWare Fusion Parallels Boot Camp Jeremy White’s explainer Brendan Shanks’s thoughts iOS 14.3 no longer opens the shortcuts app whe...more

  • 405: The Benevolence of the Powerful

    Nov 19 2020

    Pre-show: Why are we recording early? Follow-up: Casey’s watch band youtube-dl is back on Github Github works with ICE, which is gross and should stop Feel free to tell Github this is gross Github’s statement about youtube-dl EFF’s counterargument to the RIAA’s claim Donate to the EFF M1 chip name predictions (Overcast link) (via Cameron Deardorff) ARM Macs and Touch macOS 11.1 is in Beta McGurk effect Explainer Video Text-based TikTok (via Erik Berlin)...more

  • 404: With Four Hands Tied Behind Its Back

    Nov 12 2020

    Pre-show: THE ATP STORE IS BACK, BABY. Until the 14th. Act now! Remember that members get 15% off! iPhone 12 Mini, Max press reviews are out Gruber’s review MKBHD’s review Nilay’s tweet Panzer on the OIS Panzer on ISO range Halide Casey had an oops Apple Event M1 Name Apple motion coprocessors BMW M1 BMW 1 Series M Coupé System on a Chip [Soc] Unified Memory Architecture RAM on-package Anandtech die shot article Sky Shadow Die Schwott “Buzz Off” ...more

  • 403: A VCR for the Internet

    Nov 05 2020

    The ATP Store is back until 14 November! Follow-up: Casey is aware of the National Radio Quiet Zone Verizon map AT&T map Apple leather case covers the bottom, which chaps John’s bottom Moving 2-Factor Authentication to new phones Google Authenticator’s changes (via Michael Koziarski) Reminders and Big Sur “Alexa” and “Siri” and using new hail words (via David Kenny) Saoirse Ronan John’s 2x-camera usage iPhones and USB-C speeds over Light...more

  • 402: Flat-Side Promoter

    Oct 29 2020

    Pre-show: Please, please, please vote. The ATP Store returns on 1 November until 14 November… in theory. Follow-up: Peter Pan: Arms akimbo 5G upload speeds Verizon’s 5G lead Photos-related updates Apple Photos file management options Image Capture can import HEIC files if you change a setting on your phone: Settings → Photos → Transfer to Mac or PC → Keep originals Google Photos Marco is aware of the Sonos Move HomePod tip: disable “Hey Siri” on all other de...more

  • 401: Sandwich-Closing Force

    Oct 22 2020

    Pre-show: Dreaming in code Grand refactorings HomePod, HomePod Mini, and Sonos One (oh my!) Follow-up: Apple’s Magnetic Connectors Patent Accessory Design Guidelines for Apple Devices (PDF) (via Michael Bettiol) Periscope lenses don’t have moving elements (via Timo Grün) iPhone 12 Pricing T-Mobile joins the $30 off club Chargers & earphones & old phones Official battery specs for Apple products (via Roland Månsson) Start here …which links here… …...more

  • 400: Reach Is the Next Frontier

    Oct 15 2020

    Apple Event overview Have you heard the good word about Verizon’s 5G? MVNO HomePod Mini Apple S5 Echo Dot ($50) Echo ($100) Echo Studio ($150) No, but really. Have you heard the good word about Verizon’s 5G? MMX iPhone 12 and 12 Mini Steve Troughton-Smith on resolutions A14 iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR ProRAW Size differences Grab Bag “Environmental” changes USB-C cable ↔ Lightning Power Adapter ($20) $30 surcharge? MagSafe Leather Wallet Ship Dates Leather...more

  • 399: Off the Pouch Lifestyle

    Oct 08 2020

    Pre-show: Marco’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. Follow-up: Facebook vs. Apple Apple is not taking the 30% cut after all Merchants have been allowed to add surcharges for credit card transactions since January 2013 (via Jordan Ryan Moore) Adam’s watch battery update Cell tower “trees” (via Nathaniel) Examples “Monopalms” eFUSE Baby Monitors Eufy SpaceView Wirecutter Previous recommnedation: Infant Optics DXR-8 iPhone 11 Exit Inter...more

  • 398: The State of Your Baby

    Oct 01 2020

    Thank you for all your donations to St. Jude! 💙 Pre-show: Desk Reconstruction Day Uplift Desk V2 C-frame with magnetic cable channel and mountable surge strip Follow-up: John’s Headphone Update Correct pad replacements EDT 1770D Sony’s digital vs. plastic-disc profits Apple now allows returning only Watch bands Google’s Carbon-Free Plans Unity’s IPO filing shows the threat of app stores Actual filing Wall Street Journal calls for Apple’s cut to be halve...more

  • 397: We Can't Wait To See What You Do To It

    Sep 24 2020

    Please join ATP in donating to St. Jude Podcastathon 2020 Video Casey’s appearance Siracusa’s appearance Pre-show: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, 250Ω Light color temperatures LED corn bulb The Stalman Podcast #95: Time Flies Apple Event Video Casey’s electric meter lamp Follow-up: PlayStation 5 Digital Edition pricing John’s savior Xbox One X sales up 747% at Amazon Solo Loop inversion Gruber’s mapping onto traditional sports bands Apollo Robbins...more

  • 396: The World of Moving

    Sep 17 2020

    Please join ATP in donating to St. Jude Pre-show: Sleepy Shirts Headphone cups Sony MDR-7506 John’s new pads Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, 250-ohm Beyerdynamic EDT 1770D pads Follow-up: PlayStation 5 pricing and availability PlayStation 5 sizes Apple Event: Time Flies Apple Watch Series 6 U1 & Ultra-wideband Measuring Your Blood Oxygen Technology Connections: How pulse oximeters work Casey’s pulse oximeter Bands Sport Band Link Bracelet Solo Loop Sizing PDF Br...more

  • 395: Receive Their Honking

    Sep 10 2020

    Please join ATP in donating to St. Jude Pre-show: A heartfelt “thank you” from Casey Sand running Sorry, California Follow-up: GUI method for deleting APFS snapshots Boot Camp Assistant tmutil listlocalsnapshots / Carbon Copy Cloner Xbox Elite Series 2 trigger adjustment PS4 back-button attachment Deer apparently are “opportunistic omnivores” (via Matt Harmon) Casey’s flashlight mini-review Casey’s photos of his trip Blue Ridge Tunnel Mac Pros...more

  • 394: The Price of an ATP Sticker

    Sep 03 2020

    Please join us in donating to St. Jude Follow-up: John’s Mac Pro Reviving a data-only volume bridgeOS updates Other Mac Pro Woes John Sandilands Paul Colton Job Non-Mac-Pro Woes Hagen Terschüren Leeward Roland Månsson on Mac hardware tests ⌥D and then ⌘E Apple support article SilentKnight /usr/libexec/remotectl dumpstate (via Paul Galow) Recycling cables Apple recycling programs Best Buy recycling Fortnite “Accidentally” Enables Cross-Play (via DJ Ghostmare) ...more

  • 393: We’re the Bit Company

    Aug 27 2020

    Black. Lives. Matter. Follow-up: Bump starts and heel/toe Design resources for developers /r/UI_Design Refactoring UI Fortnite/Epic “Seasons”, and Chapter 2 Season 4 Tim Sweeney’s tweet Cross-play won’t work anymore (via The Verge) Corporate Relationship Management Microsoft on Cross-Play Sony on Cross-Play Microsoft weighs in Judge’s ruling Sarah Jeong’s tweet thread John Gruber’s take The Verge’s coverage Apple’s gross a...more

  • 392: Corporate Relationship Counselor

    Aug 20 2020

    Pre-show: Marco spends Casey’s money Marco’s headphones Marco’s flashlight Video review by “SensiblePrepper” Follow-up: John’s 🦗s Apple’s fall-event-dates rumor is already wrong Correction about Siracusa’s “Aristotle” quote (Twitter thread) Apology 30b 2-4 interpretation Big Sur touch screen gestures on Lenovo X250 Big Sur menu bar icon spacing John’s mouse woes continue Epic and Apple are still tusslin’ Motion...more

  • 391: Worse in Stupid Ways

    Aug 14 2020

    Follow-up: Tim Cook does play both sides of the campaign-donation game Big Sur Beta 4 tweaks “Wallpaper Tinting in Windows” Energy Saver Slider Single-shot Disabling Live Photos (via James Cocker) Preparing Your App to be the Default Browser or Email Client Phil Schiller advances to Apple Fellow ATP Appearance Ode to the App Review team Apple Fellows New iMacs Jason Snell’s take Epic declares war on Apple Apple boots Fortnite off the App Store Nineteen Eighty-Fo...more

  • 390: I Invented This Anti-Pattern

    Aug 03 2020

    Pre-show: Zip ties vs. Velcro cable ties Monoprice 106463 cable ties Follow-up: Apple’s Public Policy Advocacy (via Kyles the Gray) macOS Catalina 10.15.6 can read Big Sur APFS volumes (via Ole Begemann) Would we distribute our iOS apps outside the App Store? (via Wade Tregaskis) HEY #askatp How do we move data between computers? (Yes, again.) (via Jon Aumann) Casey on Homebrew bundle Will iPhone-only apps be rotated appropriately for usage on macOS/iPad OS? (via John Demco) Ho...more

  • 389: One Branch Leads to Yes

    Jul 30 2020

    Pre-show: Working on Stuff that Doesn’t Matter CMMI Waterfall Dithering Follow-up: Mac waking up for Reminders Intel is… not in a good place. Tech CEO Testimony to Congress Peter Steinberger on app entitlements Amazon Prime Video deal email Rumored Apple product-launch dates Big Sur’s New Look Active Window Dark Mode Active Window Active Window With Toolbar Active Window Active Window Separated System 6 Active Window System 7 Active Window Mac OS 9 Active Window Sli...more

  • 388: Riding the Autocomplete

    Jul 23 2020

    ATP Membership Update!! Please consider joining, but we’re still cool if you don’t. 💙 Pre-show: Seltzer: 1, Tiff: 0, Marco: 0 PV=nRT Channellock Follow-up: T2 and TouchBar from Gui Rambo Apple’s priorities for 🔋/🏋️‍♀️ for Apple Silicon TDP Apple News “Podcast” Marc Jacobs The Daily Techmeme Ride Home SoftBank is selling ARM to Nvidia? x86-64 Itanium RISC-V Dark Sky Apple To Be 100% Carbon Neutral for Supply Chain & Products by 2030 Lisa Jackson...more

  • 387: It Might Not Be as Cool as You Think

    Jul 16 2020

    ATP Membership Update! Please consider joining, but we’re still cool if you don’t. 💙 Bootleg feed is live!! Some details: We may @$*&%ng swear No ads, chapters, or audio quality Show notes appear for each bootleg once the episode is published Pre-show: Is FaceID working better with 😷? Beta stability Follow-up: 🚨 ATP Mugs are not dishwasher safe! 🚨 Pencil holder USB4 vs. Thunderbolt 4 Summary on Wikipedia ARM Mac rumors An iPad Pro is an ARM Mac, right? Cas...more

  • 386: No More Holes in My House

    Jul 09 2020

    ATP MEMBERSHIP IS LIVE!! Please consider joining, but we’re still cool if you don’t. 💙 Pre-show: Phisherman Relieph Phund Fishman Donut Marco’s masks Hamilton is good. Turns out™. Follow-up: No Target Disk Mode on ARM Macs But Mac Sharing Mode will replace it WidgetKit and Third-Party Watch Faces _clockHandRotationEffect Unified Memory Architecture & the Mac Pro Cache Coherent Interconnect for Accelerators Heterogeneous System Architecture We’re ge...more

  • 385: Temporal Smear

    Jul 02 2020

    Pre-show: hey_z_ree Bootleg-feed update ATP MEMBERSHIP IS LIVE!! Please consider joining, but we’re still cool if you don’t. 💙 Audio Hijack Fraunhofer MP3 Licensing NetNewsWire Overcast, Swift, and SwiftUI Follow-up: DTK update Benchmarks Steve Troughton-Smith’s Take Pentium 4 DTK John ports to ARM Windows on ARM Macs Rosetta WWDC 2020 Big Sur and APFS Daniel Jalkut’s tweet Big Sur release notes Messages in Big Sur Starting screen sharing via ⌘K /Sys...more

  • 384: Equal Emphasis

    Jun 23 2020

    WWDC 2020 iOS 14 Widgets James Thomson Vidgets (App Store link) App Library Compact Siri/Call UIs/Picture-in-Picture Translation Google Translate Messages Maps Home Pushover CarPlay & CarKey U1 Safari 1Password Have I Been Pwned? Ghostery App Clips Emoji 🔍 Scribble Color Picker Pastel StoreKit Testing! 🥳 Stripe Brent Simmons’ take on IAP Speed Round iPadOS watchOS Watchsmith CARROT Weather Under the Radar AirPods macOS Big Sur New Look Dialog box ...more

  • 383: Demand-Paged Outrage

    Jun 18 2020

    Pre-show: Guilt, self-care, and Boom Boom Sauce Follow-up: ATP MEMBERSHIP IS LIVE!! Please consider joining, but we’re still cool if you don’t. 💙 ARM Mac dev kits Xbox 360 “Dev Kit” Apple T2 Pitching an ARM MacBook Air versus an Intel MacBook Pro Tim Cook announces Racial Equity and Justice Initiative …oh, P.S., Apple’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion left Casey’s new MacBook Pro Casey on Homebrew bundle BetterTouchTool A New Breed of Macs ...more

  • 382: Static Ad Removal

    Jun 12 2020

    Reactions to last week’s show Follow-up: Race/racism book list Original listicle So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo Waking Up White, and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates On writing into web forms SMART Board Nero Burning ROM Jaz Drive XJACK WASTE Justin Frankel Personal site Icecast SHOUTcast Audio Hijack Coc...more

  • 381: Uncomfortable Truths

    Jun 04 2020

    Black Lives Matter 11 Things You Can Do to Help Black Lives Matter End Police Violence How to Safely and Ethically Film Police Misconduct How to Be an Activist When You’re Unable to Attend Protests How to Protest Safely in the Age of Surveillance Books About Race & Racism Podcasts that Talk About Racism Research-Based Solutions to Stop Police Violence by Samuel Sinyangwe Trevor Noah’s Take Obama’s list of resources and and ways to take action Tim Cook’s statement Equal Justice Initiative ...more

  • 380: Wires Are Great

    May 28 2020

    THE ATP STORE IS BACK!! Make your purchases until June 7th. Pre-show: Live-stream icecast saga New old-style websites Flexbox Ebay port scanning Publish by John Sundell How do we trust clipboard managers‽ Little Snitch Sonnet Fusion Flex J3i Casey’s DNS Diversion Disabling Chrome’s async DNS resolver HBO ditches Apple TV Channels Follow-up: Joe Rogan himself Let’s buy Casey a 13” MacBook Pro Microsoft’s Fluid Office “document” OpenDoc Object...more

  • 379: The Everything’s OK Alarm

    May 21 2020

    THE ATP STORE IS BACK!! Make your purchases until June 7th. Pre-show: ATP has a new website. (Neutral too!) John talks about Flatland on Sophomore Lit Follow-up: MiniDV import details HandBrakeCLI exiftool Causes for soliciting promo codes Lime-a-Rita Destiny & Cursors iOS 13.4 adds Shared iPad for Business (via Sir Cathy) Are Casey’s Raspberry Pis hardened? John’s smoke detector story from Hypercritical Joe Rogan takes his show to Spotify NetNewsWire #askatp ...more

  • 378: Whale Quench

    May 14 2020

    Pre-show: Dave Matthews Band was live Totally unrelated: youtube-dl Follow-up: Casey's Garage Project Instagram Story Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Synology Cloud Sync & Dropbox RSI and voice control Writing Perl by voice by Emily Shea (via Tatsuhiko Miyagawa) Hand free computing via Philip Brocoum Phonetic Alphabet Craig Federighi on AppStories #162 Cursor control Coyote time (code example) and other game developer tricks Celeste platforming mechanics design Playing for Fun #2: ...more

  • 377: $10 Worth of Headaches

    May 07 2020

    Pre-show: Getting financial information from Apple AppFigures Changing App Store company names LLC DBA Follow-up: Casey's Garage Project Instagram Story Raspberry Pi Zero W Raspberry Pi 4 Debugging memory problems in Xcode ARM Predictions (via Colin McKellar) ATP #285 @ 3m48s ATP #306 @ 1h36m The Talk Show #227 Installing an OS on a computer without a monitor Etcher WWDC date announced Hats Fedora Cowboy hat Flat cap New 13" MacBook Pro!🎉 GOODBYE BUTTERFLY KEYBOARD! 🎉 Six Colors...more

  • 376: Monogamous Gaming Lifestyle

    Apr 30 2020

    Pre-show: Casey makes his life [more] difficult for himself Dropping Dropbox Synology Drive Transmit Follow-up: John's new video card It's big Mac Pro Wheels & Feet Measurement iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Dangerous keyboard use Car alternators do generate AC Really really use an unpainted post when jump-starting a car COVID-19 Contact Tracing Exposure Notification NSHipster's Overview iOS 13.5 Improvements Google Making its own Chips ARM chips in Macs Sponsored by: ExpressVPN: The f...more

  • 375: Wobbly Goblin

    Apr 24 2020

    Pre-show: Homeowners associations Lien Law of large pull requests Follow-up: Mac Pro wheel stability W5700X is a decent deal after all iPad Pro Magic Keyboard impressions #askatp Is it a bad idea to prevent hard drives from sleeping? (via Andreas Beyer Bowden) What was it like for old dudes to graduate from college? (via Nate J) SOAP WSDL The Guerilla Guide to Interviewing (Joel on Software) Fizz Buzz Apple's IS&T PHP is nuked from orbit. The world rejoices. What does Marco do? (via A...more

  • 374: Screwdriver Testing Harness

    Apr 16 2020

    Pre-show: Modern PHP PHP: A Fractal of Bad Design Apple Push Notification Service: Token Authentication ECDSA JWT Marco's resulting APNS-JWT PHP function Follow-up: Retro Gaming OpenEmu Provenance MiSTer (via James Thomson) Light guns and CRTs 360° audio (via Ibrahim Al-Alali) nugs.net Completing the Mac Pro Rollout Mac Pro feet/wheels Radeon Pro W5700X iPad Pro Magic Keyboard now available for ordering Screens Dr. Drang's keyboard-weight speculation New iPhone SE #askatp How do w...more

  • 373: This Jerk, Right Here

    Apr 09 2020

    Pre-show: Search Engines before Google WebTV BNC connector Follow-up: Synology RAID rebuild time Getting progresscat /proc/mdstat lvm Dark Sky acquisition & location data Weather data consolidation Dark Sky's data sources Trump continues to fill the swamp Casey's Computer Corner BBEdit Arq Backup New PS5 controller Hypercritical #49: Pinching the Harmonica xScope Force Touch Raspberry Pi Pi-Hole Installation instructions that Casey used CanaKit — the kit Casey bought Raspbian ...more

  • 372: Things Are Degraded

    Apr 02 2020

    Pre-show: Retro-gaming next week Homework for listeners: play with RetroPie and a retro gamepad Follow-up: A12Z is the A12X with all GPU cores working properly Chip binning All 2020 iPad Pros have 6 GB RAM Part-name theories Casey's Synology Catastrophe DS1813+ S.M.A.R.T. Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2019 Apple Acquires Dark Sky CARROT Weather Weather Line You can buy/rent video from the Amazon iOS app without using in-app purchase Breakpoints Post-show follow-up: The Road to PS...more

  • 371: Four-Letter Technologies

    Mar 26 2020

    Special guest Chris Lattner! High Output Management TensorFlow Caffe TPU Python PyTorch Swift for TensorFlow Swift TensorFlow tutorials Fortran Swift for TensorFlow Clang Jupyter Python interop workbook Dynamic Callable Dynamic Member Lookup NumPy MLIR: Multi-Level Intermediate Representation SIL: Swift Intermediate Language SiFive ASIC: Application-specific integrated circuit RISC-V BSD PA-RISC Mach KHTML WWDC Status of Swift's world domination Brisk Self-hosting Swift's future Swi...more

  • 370: Ghost Finger

    Mar 19 2020

    WWDC 2020 will be online-only Press release Original Gravity ("the beer-and-sausage place") Follow-up: Rebinding Xcode commands via Incoherent Toots Apple Style Guide New Apple Hardware Mac mini (not really new) MacBook Air iPad Pro LiDAR Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio iPad Pro Cursor with Craig Federighi Post-show: Consoles The Test Drivers #3: Xbox Series X Exclusive, and the Z Flip Gang Xbox Series X Hands On, Gameplay & Controller! The Road to PS5 Sponsore...more

  • 369: Brown Big Bear

    Mar 13 2020

    Pre-show: Marco's Problem Marco's image-retention test Apple Cinema Display HD Follow-up: The "coronavirus" virus itself is named SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19 is the disease it causes (formerly called "2019 novel coronavirus" or "2019-nCoV" in some places). Recommended info sources on COVID-19: Flatten the Curve CDC: COVID-19 (continuously updated) Video: Exponential Growth and Epidemics WWDC still not canceled Santa Clara County bans gatherings of 1000+ John's internal storage situation Mac shor...more

  • 368: A Jacket and Some Pins

    Mar 05 2020

    Follow-up: Feedback & Radar Casey's Catalina Catastrophe Pegasus J2i Mountain Certificate revocation Ben Thompson and nvALT Just Enough Grammar How does one back up a Synology? Backblaze B2 Amazon Glacier Arq WWDC cancellation? Under the Radar #186: Replacing WWDC An Event Apart #askatp What are some of our favorite macOS keyboard shortcuts? ⌘ K for VNC/SMB ⇧ ⌘ A for Applications ⇧ ⌘ 4 for screenshot ⌥ ⇧ ⌘ V for Paste and Match Style Plain Text app for iOS ⎋ during drag Drag onto ...more

  • 367: Antitrust Relief Valve

    Feb 27 2020

    Follow-up: SwitchGlass desktop-image update Apple Music high-quality streamingSettings → Music → Cellular Data → High Quality Streaming Swift and static analysis Overcast and UI state restoration Microsoft Defender ATP Coming for iOS Safari and long-lived HTTPS certificates Let's Encrypt Apple considering allowing users switch default apps Spotify's Time to Play Fair Things #askatp How do we handle the business side of the App Store? (via Stephen Gerstacker) Do we shop TVs based on prim...more

  • 366: There’s Nothing You Can Fix in a Day

    Feb 20 2020

    Pre-show: Catalina. 🙄 × ∞ Machine-gun trackpad Marco on OS upgrades Casey's Radar Follow-up: Grasshopper Logo Butterfly keyboards and ergonomics Finder toolbar bug... defeated? Mac malware getting worse? What does Apple need to make most? iOS 13.4 Mail toolbar fixes Cabel's take #askatp What one trivial bug would you fix if you could? (via Louie Mantia) Casey's answer How should one partition an onboard SSD? (via James Irwin) Would you narrate your favorite author's audiobook? (via ...more

  • 365: Day-One Cowboy

    Feb 14 2020

    Follow-up: SwiftUI previews of UIKit Gualtiero Frigerio NSHipster Folder aliases in the Dock Snow Leopard Review Radar #59289423 Shell scripts Jan Vitturi Richard Kanson John's new app (‼️) Keyboard Maestro Pastebot Taika Waititi on Apple Keyboards IBM Model M Marco's Best Laptop Ever Made Swift Playgrounds on macOS #askatp What's the situation with macOS security? (via Anthony Scardapane) Gatekeeper What does Marco do to avoid recursive Voice Boost? (via Chris Wright) How do we...more

  • 364: A Casey Settings Screen

    Feb 06 2020

    Pre-show: Docks Follow-up: Pro Display XDR reference modes Mac Pro internal disk options iPad Multitasking and recent apps Casey's new app (‼️) Detecting Guided Access SwiftUI Knife Switch Google Photos Privacy Breach #askatp What do we think about homebrew? (via Stephan Jacobs) MacPorts What's the difference between ⇧/⌘/⌥ keys? Origin of the ⌘ key tin Save for Web Claws What do we name our Wi-Fi networks? (via Jesse in South Dakota) Silence Of The LANS Post-show: Auto-joining Wi-...more

  • 363: The Floor is Lava

    Jan 30 2020

    Casey's Complaints about his Co-Hosts Corner Marco's replaced BMW link The actual link Reconcilable Differences #121: Impotent Hydra Wegmans Update on Marco's iMac Pro fan issues SMC reset Pro Display XDR reference modes Rack-mount Mac Pro videos from Neil Parfitt Unboxing Fan noise A pro's thoughts on TrueTone ISO 12646 Xcode layout advice Video demo Localization warnings Marco's Overcast Bug-Finding Mission Technical Q&A QA1606 kAudioUnitProperty_MaximumFramesPerSlice AVAudioSes...more

  • 362: Xcode in Anger

    Jan 24 2020

    Follow-up: That's the Microsoft logo, you fools Redesigning the Windows Logo Removing the Dropbox Finder extension System Preferences → Extensions → Dropbox → Finder Extension Pro Display XDR display profiles Aerial screensaver Logitech G305 mouse review Pacifist Jonathan Mann on his post-WWDC song Front and Center update Marco's iMac Pro update Apple acquiesces to the FBI regarding encrypted iCloud backups? Gruber's initial reaction Gruber on Tim Cook on Der Spiegel Apple on end-to-e...more

  • 361: A Button in the Thumb Shelf

    Jan 16 2020

    AirPods vs. AirPlanes neverssl.com & alwayshttp.com Follow-up: Camera ergonomics (via Henrik Helmers) PopSockets Jumpy mice (via Scott Simpson) USB 3.0 Radio Frequency Interference Impact on 2.4 GHz Wireless Devices Photo sharing Mario Panighetti Andrew Elliott Jared Counts Using a PS4 controller wirelessly with a PC/Mac DUALSHOCK 4 USB wireless adapter, Japanese version MFi The rack-mount Mac Pro is now available Pro Display XDR TrueTone Mac Pro Ethernet wonkiness iMac Pro Ethe...more

  • 360: Big Hole in the Middle

    Jan 09 2020

    Intro: Casey was not consulted CGP Grey Follow-up: Boot camp on external drives WinToUSB Rufus (via Alexei) Was the boot restriction issue the one from the start? (via Brad) Dual-booting with Bluetooth (via Robert Watkins) 2019 Mac Pro speaker module cable Removing the Mac Pro case while it's running Asian ladybeetle Full-resolution iCloud photo sharing KBase article (via Kyles the Gray) Great summary photos Swift is a 🍆 Type erasure in Swift Method swizzling Class clusters John's ne...more

  • 359: I Could Live in There

    Jan 01 2020

    John's Computer Situation State of Catalina Audiophiles are bananas Monoprice equivalent Follow-up: MagSafe connectors John's Mac Pro setup experience Storage/RAM effects Cable-free internals Time Machine Boot Camp ideas—none of which work as described 1, 2, 3, 4 Don't forget about this, too! Peripherals Microsoft Precision Mouse Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Quinn Nelson's (Snazzy Labs) video and observation #askatp Is iCloud photo sharing really this much of a mess? (via Dzmitry Tabake...more

  • 358: Emotional-Support Mac Pro

    Dec 23 2019

    John's Computer Situation Reconcilable Differences #120: Where the Packages Sleep Mac Pro tidbits and follow-up: Mac Pro feet are removable 580X has two HDMI ports on the back 3dfx Voodoo Sound Blaster Blackmagic eGPUs and Pro Display XDR Teardown Thunderbolt 3 Add-in Card Virtual Link Half-Life: Alyx Razer Blade 15 Nvidia GeForce RTX Max-Q Deep Dive Connecting a Cinema Display to the new Mac Pro USB-C → Mini DisplayPort Rat tails and monitors Apple Display Connector Watchmen Doug...more

  • 357: A Giant Green Field

    Dec 18 2019

    Pre-show: John continues preparing the way Mice Logitech MX Revolution Follow-up: Thank you, listeners! Casey iMac !Pro offers Casey's Catalina Conundrum Marco's lamp update (thanks, Dan Engler!) First-generation Apple products Casey's iMac Pro tweet Downgrades from the old Mac Pro GPU options for the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR GPU in the Belkin image Apple Display Connector Mac Pro RAM options Mac Pro Thermodynamics LG UltraFine 5K is maybe not "fine" Expandable Macs and the history...more

  • 356: With a Heavy Heart

    Dec 12 2019

    Follow-up: Casey's Computer Corner Footnote Bendy extended keyboards Destiny on Stadia iPad Remote Control & Apple Classroom The Mac Pro Configurator Mac Pro Components Belkin AUX Power Cable Kit Install and replace parts in your Mac Pro (2019) GPU Upgrade Video RAM Upgrade Video Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Cleaning the nano-texture glass New York Form ST-121.3 Sponsored by: Eero: The Wi-Fi your home deserves. Get free overnight shipping with code ATP. Linode: Instantly dep...more

  • 355: The Way Corn Grows

    Dec 05 2019

    Pre-show: Marco's artificial ☀️ Casey's garage light Dyson sphere Xledia bulbs (thanks, Marina Epelman) Seasonal affective disorder Casey's Computer Corner Conclusion Casey's busted Mojave installer due to an expired certificate? Apple Trade-In Evaluator Marco travels with the 16" MBP Turbo Boost Switcher Pro TripMode Low Power Mode on the Mac Casey's other new toy Casey's error message Plex installation guide Rtings calibration guide John tries Google Stadia GeForce Now Synergy John ...more

  • 354: Casey's Computer Corner

    Nov 26 2019

    Pre-show: BBEdit to the rescue Casey's Computer Corner Apple Holiday Return Policy Casey's theoretical monitor NUC Marco's Office Lighting Follow-out IKEA !lamp John's lamp MS Office and Catalina Follow-up: Amazon's customer support "phone tree" Hopscotch GetHuman #askatp Is AppleScript dead? (via @askdrtuna) Scratch How do we keep our computers in sync? (via Chris Kast) Hazel TextExpander Keyboard Maestro BetterTouchTool Should we enable iMessage read receipts? (via Ryan Morey) Pos...more

  • 353: Modern-Day Dialup

    Nov 21 2019

    Neutral: The inevitable death of the stick Casey's Bumper Paperlike 2 (note: order from Kickstarter to get Paperlike 2; their website is currently only selling the first-gen) 16-inch MacBook Pro follow-up: Pricing What did Marco buy? Phil Schiller on a 14" MacBook Pro Keyboard repairability iFixIt Demo Incremental improvement for Macs Low Power Mode on the Mac Lakefield SoC and cellular laptops Motorola Razr Returns Original Razr StarTAC Casey's Catalina Catastrophe Casey's Computing...more

  • 352: No One Else Had Calipers

    Nov 13 2019

    ATP HOLIDAY SHIRTS available until Sunday, November 17 Follow-up: Mac Pro available "December" Mac Pros appearing in the wild iOS 13.2.2 Casey's Catalina Catastrophe 16-inch MacBook Pro: Initial Impressions Marco's blog post Chiclet Keyboard PCjr Macintosh Portable Sponsored by: Mack Weldon: Reinventing men’s basics with smart design, premium fabrics, and simple shopping. Get 20% off your first order with code ATP. Hello Fresh: A meal kit delivery service so you can just cook, eat, and...more

  • 351: The Floor Is High

    Nov 07 2019

    Pre-show: 🐛💇🏻‍♂️ ATP HOLIDAY SHIRTS available until Sunday, November 17 Marco's AirPods Pro Review Follow-up: AirPods Pro use a button-cell battery AirPods Pro charging light AirPods Pro case-jiggle click "Hey Siri, Be Quiet" FDA clears way for over-the-counter hearing aids TI-84 Hearing aids are actually pretty fancy 16" MacBook Pro speculation: Is there more space between 16" MacBook Pro keys? More inverted-T fire? An aside about MacBook Pro wishes and dreams An aside about migrating M...more

  • 350: Wax Buddies

    Oct 31 2019

    Accidental Sports Podcast Robot or Not ATP HOLIDAY SHIRTS available until Sunday, November 17 16" Key Layout Leak? iOS 13.2 issues Samsung's new foldable flip-phone Airpods Pro Press release Mac Pros in stores? FCC approval #askatp Should I wait to buy a new Mac until they're on ARM? (via James Shield) Why hasn't Time Machine been updated to use symbolic links? (via Adam Spelbring) ATP's recap on the APFS WWDC session How does one get started with Letterbox D? (via Andrew Myers) Welcome...more

  • 349: Formative Tech Dystopia

    Oct 22 2019

    Pre-show: Star Wars Episode X.10.1 Follow-up: Pi-hole Workflow/Shortcut SwiftUI app Microsoft progress-indicator graph Swift's New Diagnostic Architecture Overview No Overview Available Methodology Folklore.org No October event? Image of 16" MBP in 10.15.1 beta? Animated GIF comparing old to new New Google Stuff #askatp How can I tell if I would benefit most from higher single core or multicore performance? (via Tom Zosh) Is wired CarPlay crummy? (via Kenny Long) BMW 3 Series Gran Turi...more

  • 348: Panic Shutdown

    Oct 17 2019

    Pre-show: El Camino Jesse Pinkman's character bio Follow-up: Opting out of TiVo pre-roll ads Oxo Chef's Knife Siri opt-in & grading Optimus Player Casey's Docker adventures Pi-Hole Inspiration Jeff Atwood's article Homebridge Marco's networking adventures Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite (previous router) Security Gateway Pro 4 (new router) UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 (runs management software) UniFi 250W PoE Switch UniFi nanoHD Wi-Fi APs Folding phones Connected #265: What Are You, a Dictionary...more

  • 347: Not Enough Carrot to Take the Stick

    Oct 10 2019

    Pre-show: Casey's computer and 👽 Follow-up: Where is FaceTime attention correction? "Coming this Spring" October expectations Noise-canceling AirPods Disposable AirPods "Battery service" 99% Invisible: National Sword Catalina Homebrew Bundle Go64 An aside about Apple's [lack of] API documentation of late #askatp Why can't we family share contacts? (via Dan Stanton) Hypercritical #9: No iLife is an Island Why don't Casey and John join the iPhone Upgrade Program? (via Cameron) What no...more

  • 346: Go Back and Pop Myself

    Oct 03 2019

    Follow-up: Casey's broken iMac Casey's broken Apple Watch Improved battery life Apple software quality iPhone X/XS → 11 Pro Transfer XDR Display Tech in iPads and MacBook Pros? Mac Pros + Avid + Chrome = 💀 System Integrity Protection The Infinite Version Update from the Chrome team TiVo shows commercials before DVR recordings New Microsoft hardware Surface Neo Surface Duo Post-show: Marco's UISearchController woes Sponsored by: Eero: The Wi-Fi your home deserves. Get free overnight s...more

  • 345: Unapologetically Digital

    Sep 27 2019

    Last chance for September donations to St. Jude Analog(ue) #166 (to be released Sunday, 29 September) Podcastathon video Pre-show: The fine art of literature, and staying young. Recursion Follow-up: AppleCare+ refunds/enrollment details Apple repair cost Casey's poor phone Brand new iPhone drop iPhone 11 battery/RAM details iFixIt iPhone 11 Pro Max A13 is 🍌 fast Casey's iMac Update Apple Watch Series 5 impressions Casey's battery life, more, more still iPhone 11 Pro impressions Pos...more

  • 344: Peace in the Battery Kingdom

    Sep 18 2019

    Donate to St. Jude Running campaign total Follow-up: Bank of America and ShopSafe Gruber's theory on Apple presenter names Midnight Green: Not a China thing SixColors on the U1 and UWB chips More iPhone 11 details iPhone thickness over time Alleged specs Note: 6GB has been mostly debunked after this tweet was posted TechCrunch review Two-way charging hardware is there but disabled? Apple software-releases matrix AppleCare+ goes subscription iPhone 11 press reviews John Gruber Gruber's ...more

  • 343: The Stand Is Your Hand

    Sep 12 2019

    Please donate to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital After you donate, check out the march to Relay's $75k goal Apple September Event New York Times Op-Ed Halo at MacWorld 1999 Opening Video Perspective Designed by Apple in California See Trailer Upgrade #262: The Skyskrapers of Camera Bump City Dear Apple: Face to Face — Apple Watch New Apple Health Studies Apple Watch Series 4 Unboxing QuickTake WiFi 6 Ben Thompson's take, including cost Sponsored by: Squarespace: Make your next move...more

  • 342: The Opposite of Con

    Sep 04 2019

    Casey, DMB, and Sirius XM Follow-up: Drawbacks to Apple using opt-in privacy Apple card activation videos ≤ iPhone X ≥ iPhone XS/XR Credit cards advertising based on the weight of the cards Kerf bespoke Apple Card cases (via The Kavalier) dbrand Skin Apple September Event Old Apple Wallpapers Motorola Razr Volkswagen Spektrum Anchoring Under the Radar #170: Spending Dan Riccio's Battery Surplus Post-show: The Summer of Marco Sponsored by: Away: Because this season, everyone wants to g...more

  • 341: John Is My Default

    Aug 29 2019

    Pre-show: Marco ran out of dog food at the beach He is well-aware that his temporary food is not perfect and has not been reviewed by a vet or dog nutritionist, and will resume using "real" dog food when he gets home in 3 days Marco's breakfast story-highlight on Instagram Follow-up: Disabling auto-boot on keypress: sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Melamine foam John's Apple Card Apple Card care & feeding instructions Global entry card & sleeve (The card is sitting u...more

  • 340: You Are a Computer Athlete

    Aug 19 2019

    Follow-up: Store-brand Velveeta WalMart store brand Kroger store brand KeyboardCleanTool PlayStation 5 hardware Xbox One S Xbox One X Xbox One S All-Digital Forager Stardew Valley Sega Saturn Sega Dreamcast Apple Rainbow Apple Logo Returning? Think different #askatp: What are some techniques to avoid RSI? (via Mark Bramhill) Welcome to Macintosh Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard Dynaflex Gyro Hand Exerciser Pragmatic #50: Accidental Clicking Repetitive Strain Injury: A Computer User's Guide Fun...more

  • 339: Ketchup Momentum

    Aug 15 2019

    John's cheese-grater update NiCad battery NiCad battery example Hunt's 100% Natural Tomato Ketchup Heinz Ketchups More on Apple Card Opting out of arbitration for Apple Card Apple Card has no web interface Follow-up: JSON streaming Length-prefixed JSON Line-delimited JSON Upgrade bets on Marco and John buying the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Overcast timestamp link Apple at Black Hat Announcement summary Apple laptops can turn on by any key or track pad press New LG UltraFine 5K Disp...more

  • 338: Double Chunking

    Aug 08 2019

    Overcast beta and sync changes ETag JSON Protocol buffers SAX parser Chunking Vignette duplicate-image-detection update WWDC 2019 #222 Casey's current algorithm as suggested by Craig Hockenberry XOR A quick aside about SwiftUI DSL Casey on complexity John Sundell's web DSL Swift by Sundell #53: "The Swift Apple" with Brent Simmons Inessential by Brent Simmons Swift by Sundell #52: "Diving into Combine" with Casey Liss Follow-up: Mimeo Photos and watermarking Sony cameras α6400 α7R IV α7...more

  • 337: Sea Conditions Are Calm

    Aug 02 2019

    Pre-show: John's vacation wrap-up Chunnel Auto Train Follow-up: John's Apple sticker on his Civic Shallow water blackout Thunder in Paradise Dropbox alternatives Synology Drive Resilio Growl Port forwarding information The Talk Show #258 with discussion about iCloud Drive wonkiness The Talk Show #259 with Marco How does the Overcast recommendation algorithm avoid promoting awful people, unlike YouTube's algorithm? (via Justin Cardinal) This Video Will Make You Angry Casey needs some ...more

  • 336: Your Face Is Not Your Face

    Jul 24 2019

    Pre-show: Nutrition is hard when you're in high school. Top Four #19: Cereals From a Van WSJ Grape-Nuts article Follow-up: iOS 13 optimized-battery-charging specifics Apple TV remote's influence on product box size Time Machine reliability when hosted on a NAS RAID "Dropbox" on the Synology? Big WWDC Marco's AR glasses John's suggested glasses for Marco Overcast State of the Union AR glasses cancelled? Steve Troughton-Smith says "not so fast my friend" FaceTime Attention Correction H...more

  • 335: Withhold the Fun

    Jul 18 2019

    Relay FM 5th Anniversary Show iOS 13 charging optimization Follow-up: APFS volumes for photos instead of sparse disk images Dave Nanian tweets: 1 2 SuperDuper Fun Fact on the root group being named wheel shall/should/may/can iPhone SE & headphones Powerbeats Pro Beats Studio Apple Bankrolling Original Podcasts? Dropbox pulls some forking bullshirt More from Marco Dropbox vs. Twitter #askatp: Do our cars or our iPads have more stickers? (via Josh Lewis) Do we fill up our 256 GB phon...more

  • 334: Mechanical Disadvantage

    Jul 11 2019

    Pre-show: Must vs. Shall RFC 2119 FAA: What's the only word that means mandatory? Follow-up: John's cheese grater broke Casey's shaming OXO current model John's model Casey's pitched option 99% Invisible: Built on Sand Deviation from the Ive design philosophy Marco's "new" iPhone and Apple Watch Apple's new (and "new") laptops MacStories summary Cheaper SSDs Sparse image man tmutil #askatp: Naming computers (via Ron Olson) Catalina's move from bash to zsh? (via Pedro Estarque) fish shel...more

  • 333: Pesky Human Issues

    Jul 04 2019

    Follow-up: Expansion Slot Utility PCI Express Jony Ive leaves Apple Clockwise #301: My Vulcan Mind Ben Thompson's piece ATP #120: One Magical Wire Wall Street Journal on Ive's Departure Jony Ive's Christmas Tree The Talk Show #256: 'A Bit Too Thin', with Special Guest Ben Thompson Dieter Rams Gruber last week and this week Evans Hankey & Alan Dye May-Li Khoe's tweet Love, Death, & Robots ("Zima Blue" is the episode mentioned) #askatp: How does the Overcast recommendation engine w...more

  • 332: Fuzzy Muppet Felt

    Jun 27 2019

    Pre-show: Marco's new beach toy Follow-up: Ricky Mondello on Sign In with Apple macOS app-removal bets: #287: Open-Faced Compliment Sandwich (Overcast timestamp link) Marco's spirit walk AirPods {Fit in The case} Airpods Earpods Covers Compatible with airpods 2&1 Anti-Slip Silicone Soft Sport Covers Accessories Apple AirPods Earbud 2 Pairs (White) Powerbeats Pro Tavern puzzle Sony WH1000XM3 Rumored 16" MacBook Pro #askatp: Would Apple re-implement Target Display Mode on the 5K iMac? (v...more

  • 331: The Technical Burden of Users

    Jun 20 2019

    Follow-up: Mac Pro vent design New Yorker article Apple Reverses Course on MDM & Parental Control Apps Apple tightens up rules for enterprise app certificates iOS 13 Bluetooth permission dialogs Marco's tweets 1 2 3 Benjamin Herrin's findings application(_:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:) UIDevice Mac Pro FPGA The Talk Show #254: Live from WWDC 2019 Mac Power Users #485: WWDC and Interview with the Mac Pro Product Manager Pro Display XDR Sign in With Apple An aside about Overcast an...more

  • 330: A Rotation You Can't Complete

    Jun 13 2019

    Pre-show: root's wheel group (more) Marco comes to terms with Swift John's preposterous Safari Extension Follow-up: ASCII art apps Mac: Monodraw Web: ASCII Flow Blending stump is a lasso tool "Sim" game series Transport Tycoon 100 WWDC features that may have gone unnoticed WWDC favorites a week on Combine Framework SwiftUI UICollectionView Compositional Layout Mac Pro APFS and Catalina Casey's SSD Mac Pro Pegasus enclosures Tim/Jony hole/lattice design conversation G4 Cube Usersp...more

  • 329: Mac Pro Day

    Jun 04 2019

    Our live show from WWDC 2019! Sponsored by: Boosted: Vehicle-grade electric skateboards and scooters to solve your transportation woes. Use code ATP at checkout to get $75 off your vehicle. Mack Weldon: Reinventing men’s basics with smart design, premium fabrics, and simple shopping. Get 20% off your first order with code ATP. Linode: Instantly deploy and manage an SSD server in the Linode Cloud. Get a $20 credit with code atp2019. Cards Against Humanity: A party game for horrible people. Balmu...more

  • 328: The Pixel Stump

    May 30 2019

    Follow-up: Explaining Code using ASCII Art iFixit's New MBP Teardown Apple Watch Independence _'s Watch Usage Chart Apple Watch Designer Anna-Katrina Shedletsky Decrypted: Conversation with Phillip Shoemaker Previously about Shoemaker: Apple's App Store Director Sells His Own Fart Apps macOS 10.15's System Partition System Integrity Protection New iPod touch Guilherme Rambo's Screenshot Leaks iOS 13 Blending Stump macOS 10.15 Apple Pro Display Pontificating about the Mac Pro ...oh ...more

  • 327: Better Late Than Wrong

    May 23 2019

    Follow-up: "Interactive version control" comic "Preview for video" Videoloupe (via Matthew Schaffer) LumaFX Perfect Horizon (via Jan Östlund) Telestream Switch+ Vignette (App Store Link) Analog(ue) #157: I Just Want People to Like My Stuff MacStories Cult of Mac 9to5Mac TechCrunch GIFWrapped Independence Marco's AirPlay 2 "Greycation" AVSampleBufferRenderSynchronizer Castro Playdate Firewatch Untitled Goose Game Cabel Sasser's XOXO 2013 talk Teenage Engineering OP-1 Apple's Refreshe...more

  • 326: Blow Your Redo Stack

    May 16 2019

    Pre-show: Bug-out bags and disaster planning Casey's Go Pack Northeast blackout of 2003 Casey's fantasy generator Follow-up: THANK YOU for buying T-Shirts! John's "Frame Game" Apple's fix for the new ZombieLoad Intel CPU exploit HeartBleed Steve T-S on macOS 10.15 house-cleaning Ink IINA Booting in 64-bit only mode #askatp: Are comments in code a "code smell"? (via Alex White) SE-0004: Remove ++ and -- operators How does John rate movies? (via Dan Provost) John's Letterboxd What's o...more

  • 325: Relive Your Calculator-Watch Dreams

    May 09 2019

    The ATP store is back with brand new designs! Only available until May 12! Order now! Our thanks to The Iconfactory for helping us out with the T-Shirt designs this year. Follow-up: MDM parental-control conspiracy theory Jury-duty technology iPod Nano 5th-gen had a video camera Nintendo Play-Yan Bloomberg's WWDC round-up AvantGo Gboard (App Store link) Due The Law of Leaky Abstractions BestPhotos California dial Nomos Club Campus Panerai Radiomir California #askatp: What do we listen to...more

  • 324: Automatic Kicking Machine

    May 03 2019

    The ATP store is back with brand new designs! Only available until May 12! Order now! Our thanks to The Iconfactory for helping us out with the T-Shirt designs this year. Follow-up: Australia Post's website link guidelines (via Robb McAlavey) How could one leverage copyright to block podcasts in clients? Clip sharing with Overcast AVAssetExportSession animationTool Overcast for macOS Three-column version marzipanify Steve's blog posts New York Times on Apple "cracking down" on MDM apps Ap...more

  • 323: A Slightly Smaller Thumb

    Apr 25 2019

    The ATP store is back with new designs! Only available through May 12! Order now! Our thanks to The Iconfactory for helping us out with the T-Shirt designs this year. Pre-show: Amazing refrigerator episode of Reconcilable Differences ATP Store Iconfactory Patreon Iconfactory apps Follow-up on Intel exiting the cellular-modem business: Thoughts from anonymous Intel tipsters Thoughts from an IP lawyer Luminary's missteps The Pen Addict More from Gui Rambo Apple Watch auth beyond just comput...more

  • 322: Morale-Sucking Maple Syrup Fires

    Apr 18 2019

    Pre-show: Casey and John file Overcast bugs Follow-up: More AirPower follow-up. (Really!) Netflix, AirPlay, and screen rights AirPlay quality loss AirPod fidget spinner Of course Katie Bouman should get the credit How to Understand the Image of a Black Hole Apple and Qualcomm settle and then Intel exits 5G business Apple press release John on patents 1, 2, 3 iOS 13: Dark Mode, Volume HUD, multi-windows/"cards" on iPad PanelKit Kai's Power Tools Unified Find My iPhone & Find My Frien...more

  • 321: Dumbed Down, Locked Down, and Locked Out

    Apr 12 2019

    Pre-show: Casey's #snelltalk submission John's appearance on Upgrade Follow-up: Last week's PowerByProxy-AirPower story is disputed Game of Thrones and modern television Apple News on John's Mac is still broken Apple Cinema Display LED Netflix No Longer Supports AirPlay Clarification from Netflix Demotivators: Meetings The Great iTunes Break-Up The Monkey's Paw QuickTime 7 SoundJam MP Cardhop MusicKit #askatp: Is it bad to use high-wattage chargers even though the devices get warm? (v...more

  • 320: Here Comes the Big But

    Apr 04 2019

    Follow-up: AirPods 2 hinge is different iFixIt Teardown People use GSuite! Dozens of us! Workaround that uses Charles Proxy Probably a Google issue? AirPower cancelled Studio Neat Material Dock Google Stadia Previously on ATP OnLive Playstation Now GeForce Now Google Public DNS Kali #askatp: Have any tips on booking a Disney World vacation? (via Stephen Kim) David's Vacation Club Rentals 50's Prime Time Café Disney's Hollywood Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter What do we use t...more

  • 319: We Should Probably Get to the Apple Event

    Mar 28 2019

    ATP Live at WWDC 2019 Tickets are $29 and go on sale Friday, March 29 Hammer Theatre, Monday June 3, 6:00 PM Follow-up: "Pro" iPad Mini Studio Neat Canopy AMD vs. NVIDIA iMacs with spinning disks Marco and HDMI-CEC Joe and Scott's tip Ivan's tip Joanna Stern on the butterfly keyboards Casey's Mail.app gets broken in 10.14.4 MacRumors thread Review of the new AirPods Apple March 25 Event Craig Hockenberry & Iconfactory's Patreon Apple News+ Steve Troughton-Smith UIMenuController Jo...more

  • 318: Not a Casino I Want to Play In

    Mar 21 2019

    Follow-up: Hierarchy of Needs is satisfied... by a ThinkPad? Searching for things in Settings.app Nvidia and Apple CUDA Apple's wild and crazy week Monday: New iPads! iPad Mini!!! iPad Air Jessie Char's revised lineup Tuesday: New iMacs! Upgrade #237: New iMacs, iPads, and the 2019 March Event Draft Colleen Novielli Connected #235: Stephen's Hellish Nightmare of Dates iMac Pro bumps Wednesday: New AirPods March 25th Apple event #askatp: Why doesn't Marco lease iPhones? (via Jacob Fo...more

  • 317: We’re Customers Too

    Mar 16 2019

    A special extended WWDC segment Macworld New York 1999 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Lamborghini Miura McLaren F1 Jaguar XKSS Bugatti Type 57 Atalante Porsche 550 Live ATP "Save the Date": evening of June 3 Apple and Spotify Spotify's website and video Apple's response Manton Reece's take #askatp: Is Perl dead? (via Gustavo Poscidonio) Can using AirPods in loud environments cause hearing damage? Post-show: Casey's rejiggered priorities Analog(ue) #151: Super Simple? Thank You Very Much YouTu...more

  • 316: MacBook Hierarchy of Needs

    Mar 06 2019

    Follow-up: Two-hand Springboard rearrangement Ask Tog Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda Finding 32-bit apps Corning is working on flexible glass Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Thunderbolt 3 → USB4 Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Apple vs. NVIDIA System Integrity Protection CUDA (not Cuda) End of configurable Macs? Gruber's $0.02 MacBook Hierarchy of Needs Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs #askatp: How much will John spend on a new Mac Pro? (via Matt Corkum) Are we really professional podca...more

  • 315: 1.0 Was Just Speed

    Feb 28 2019

    Follow-up: 16" laptops Bus-powered Thunderbolt 3 hubs Elgato CalDigit Monoprice StarTech (2 USB ports! But $183.) USB 3.2 standard names Foldable phones from Samsung and Huawei Upgrade #234: The Ideological Folding Wars Hypercritical #86: Naked Robotic Core A giant battery with a phone in it Panasonic Toughbook Apple's Rumored March Event and gaming subscription service Lisa Jackson #askatp: How do you purge many old apps at once? (via Mark Heeler) Does John still want a spatial finde...more

  • 314: Kernel Panic in the Night

    Feb 21 2019

    Follow-up: Hosting a podcast for free on Anchor or SoundCloud Contacts syncing limits Mojave stability Possible T2 Mac audio glitching bug Rumor explosion from Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman 16-inch MacBook Pro iBook G4 31.6" 6K3K display with Mini-LED-like backlight Apple Mulling Preview of New Modular Mac Pro at WWDC in June Marzipan rumors Overton window #askatp: Could the next Apple TV be wireless? (via Ed Cormany) Is wireless CarPlay a deal-breaker? (via Eddie Lee) How is season 3 ...more

  • 313: The Residue of Seven People

    Feb 12 2019

    Pre-show: Casey is surfing the 'net at lightning speeds Marco's 👂🏻💦 Eustachian tube Scott O'Reilly Spider Strategies The Dash Apple's security bug bounties Apple compensates FaceTime bug kid Some information on Deirdre O'Brien Ryan's tweet Business Insider profile Apple Joint Venture The changing role and training of an Apple Genius Spotify also bought Anchor Stratechery & Exponent LibSyn John on e-books Amazon buying Eero Ring video doorbell Eero Plus subscription Ubiquiti ...more

  • 312: Fashion Phase

    Feb 07 2019

    Pre-show: Marco's hideous audio code Accelerate vDSP framework Follow-up: Google's enterprise certificate was revoked Facebook's was reinstated Apple apologizes for FaceTime bug and takes a field trip John's "MagSafe" MacBook Air Marco's USB-C light-up cable Marco's iPad screen protector Angela Ahrendts leaving Apple Today at Apple Dr. Drang's take Vogue Profile About her family #askatp What external drives do we recommend? (via Steve Lowe) Backblaze's Hard Drive Stats IBM "Deathstar" I...more

  • 311: Mutually Assured Destruction

    Jan 31 2019

    Follow-up: 👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻 screwed up "finsta" Debate over the prevalence of the stage lighting problem Silence of Siri and other IoT info Wireless Accessory Config Does anyone doubt that Facebook is straight garbage? TechCrunch summary ReCode recaps Apple's response Confirmation of all internal apps failing Google wanted in on the snooping action too Apple's FaceTime bug Video evidence sent to Apple Other documentation sent to Apple Contact Apple About Security Issues Bloomberg/Gurman iPhon...more

  • 310: Apple Playstore

    Jan 24 2019

    SLACCIDENTAL TECH PODCAST SHIRTS!!Order right now or you'll miss it! Orders stop 8 PM Monday evening Follow-up: The Terminator saga continues "Apple One" feedback Instagram, friendstagrams, and spam accounts Google+ Circles John's Internet of Things Smart Outlet² Belkin Wemo Kasa Casey's [Broader] Internet of Things Blog post Docker Homebridge MacBook Pro "stage light" fault and iterative development American Original #askatp What happens to projects like homebrew if the ARM transitio...more

  • 309: Do Not Expect Five Nines From My Plex

    Jan 18 2019

    Pre-show: Affluent bezelles (Overcast: bezelle, correction) Follow-up: Casey's WAF-F20 waffle maker 🤤 John's Terminator woes Apple's universal subscription-management URL Movies Anywhere iPhone Smart Battery Cases XS, XS Max, XR iPhone X compatibility Studio Neat Material Dock John's pouch Apple's 2019: what do we want, and what will affect Apple the most? iPad Mini and/or iPod Touch? iPhone Upgrade Program #askatp Why didn't John buy a 2013 Mac Pro? (via Wojtek Pietrusiewicz) Do we all ...more

  • 308: Left-Handed Streaming Service

    Jan 10 2019

    Pre-show: What is a jam band, mannnnn? Follow-up: Unshaky China is an equal-opportunity financial disappointment for everyone iPhone quarterly growth John's graph Samsung warns of 30% dive also via Horace China smartphone shipments down LG sees 80% 4th quarter drop via Charles Arthur Upgrade #227: Twenty Nine TeeVee Ben Thompson: Apple's Errors Firefox is still a thing Apple is putting iTunes and/or AirPlay 2 in various TVs Samsung Vizio and LG Sony Myke's tweet and follow-up Upgrade #222...more

  • 307: Casey Apple Pencil

    Jan 04 2019

    Happy new year! John reviews the Tesla Model 3 John reviews Casey's Volvo XC90 John reviews Casey's iPad Pro Casey's sticker situation Casey reviews his Apple Pencil SketchParty TV Marco reviews Linea Linea blog post Screen protector update Apple's financial news Gruber's take Ben Thompson's warning in 2017 Is falling stock price going to cause a retention problem? Gruber on retention in 2013 RSU #askatp What does John think about the Nintendo Switch controller? (via Josh A.) Reconcil...more

  • 306: My Watch Has Ended

    Dec 26 2018

    Follow-up: Casey gets medium very upset about Medium Did Google really cripple Edge's YouTube performance? John's 2018 Butterfly Keyboard Watch Paul and Storm tweet Clean your Mac at a 75º angle Marco's fingerprinty iPad solution Paperlike John's LEGO and the instructions John Giannandrea appointed to Apple executive team Pragmatic #38: Watch This Time and Space (Overcast timestamp where smartwatch power-consumption analysis begins) iPad Pros can ship bent... 🤷🏻‍♂️ Dan Riccio's comm...more

  • 305: An Uneasy Peace

    Dec 18 2018

    Follow-up: Tesla update Wired article Why DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have a 30-minute video limit GarageBand as an example of why not to use Dropbox for everything Bundle Shortcuts JS Behind the scenes Examples CAML Apple Music sunsets Connect Microsoft Edge is coming to macOS ATP #8: Hold Me! Hacker News post NPR's Remote Audio Data (RAD) spec RAD FAQ RAD (film) Wheels: An Inline Story NPR One Apple podcast analytics HTTP ETag #askatp What's important for a new TV? (via Kapila ...more

  • 304: Island of Shortcuts

    Dec 13 2018

    Marco's lost video Casey reviews a product that Marco loves Patagonia Micro-Puff Hoody Accidental Trunk Podcast An update on Marco's Tesla problems What is the mystery box in the trunk? i3 frunk is not weather-sealed Casey's superior cars Porsche Panamera Audi A7 BMW 3-series GT Porsche Taycan The power of macOS Virtual output device for simultaneous multi-Bluetooth-headphone listening via Audio MIDI Setup Descent and Thrustmaster Joysticks QWOP Colony Walkthrough video 1 & video 2 ...more

  • 303: Your Mahogany World

    Dec 06 2018

    Follow-up: Another iSH and youtube-dl update Unknown encoder 'copy' Github issue Maybe 8K is all about @3x? PenTile More theories on Apple price increases Comparing modern devices against their premiere versions What about tariffs? (via Andy Hansen) Is Apple's prioritization of profit over marketshare the right approach? Upgrade #222: That's Not a Plan Marco flies next to a Microsoft commercial Apple's other operating system #askatp Do we have opinions about endianness? (via Matt Ch...more

  • 302: Paint This Square

    Nov 28 2018

    Follow-up: Another iSH and youtube-dl update Google Photos Disk images and filesystems — oh my! Tips for transitioning careers for employees and hiring managers Fizz Buzz Test What happened to 5K displays? LG Ultrafine Display Planar IX2790 Dell UP2715K Bjango/Marc Edwards' post Dell UP3218K Apple Entrepreneur Camp David Smith's tweet Jessie Char on Layers How much does it cost to get a Mac that performs as well as an iPad Pro? Steve Troughton-Smith Tweet John's Google sheet Banktivity ...more

  • 301: I Cut Them Up in the Air

    Nov 20 2018

    Essential's "audiophile" headphone-bump dongle Follow-up: Total ATP length so far The Surface Go is more interesting than we thought An update on youtube-dl and iSH Google Photos has let Casey down #askatp How would we quarterback a x86 → ARM transition? (via Cameron Kerr) Rosetta Can one switch careers into development in one's late-30s? How do we slice bagels? (via Dave Altizer) Bagel guillotine Bread knife Post show: ATP Thanksgiving Top Four #22: Thanksgiving Side Dishes Map of region...more

  • 300: First of All, It's Easy

    Nov 15 2018

    🎉 300th Episode Spectacular! 🎉 ATP #96: The Windows of Siracusa County ATP #225: A Conversation with Siri Hypercritical #15: The Bridges of Siracusa County Follow-up: Retina MacBook Air battery replacements are easier iFixIt Command Strips command.com Control Strip Mac Pro Pontification Ars Technica's Samuel Axon with Anand Shimpi and Phil Schiller Apple T2 Thunderbolt 3 Royalty Free iPad Pro impressions Marco's video review Working Copy Screens youtube-dl iSH Cygwin Jason Snell's r...more

  • 299: Headphone Bump

    Nov 08 2018

    The ATP Store is back!! Place your orders until 15 November! Follow-up: The Good News Podcast #201 with Jeremy Burge iPad Pro and Apple Pencil compatibility Some Macs' microphones are disconnected by hardware Our website is now dark-mode enabled! Thanks, Spencer Wohlers! iPad Pro impressions #askatp How has being a programmer changed our world view? (via Jonathan Bowling) VIC-20 Why do high-end iOS devices need so much less RAM than Macs? (via Benedikt Beckmann) Post-show: More iPad thoug...more

  • 298: Protective Sandwich

    Nov 01 2018

    ATP T-shirts and pins are back! Apple October 2018 event MacRumors on the MacBook Air's low-power CPU AnandTech confirms with more info Intel's ARK product sheet Relay FM Membership USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter USB-C to SD Card Reader USB-C 1m charge cable USB-C to Apple Watch cable USB-C to Lightning cable Post-show: Hobnobbing with the Apple executives Sponsored by: Casper: Get $50 off select mattresses with code ATP. Terms and conditions apply. Eero: Finally, Wi-Fi that works....more

  • 297: It Also Deserves to Die

    Oct 25 2018

    Instagram stories and the dynamimcs of retweets Independence #37: Evolution of an App Follow-up: Marco's lookahead limiter iOS and memory swapping Wear leveling John's last Apple Photos book The iPhone XR The Stalman Podcast #36: "Just" Creators and Hands-On with the XR Gruber's review Example of OLED "smearing" The forthcoming iPad event #askatp Apple chip naming (via Cameron Deardorff) BMW M1 What's the last Apple product in each category that had no regressions? (via Michael) What...more

  • 296: Giant Buffers of Floats

    Oct 18 2018

    Pre-show: Marco's look-ahead limiter Accelerate framework objc_msgSend() Let's build objc_msgSend Apple fixes bagel emoji Follow-up: Screen Time issues abound Emergency bypass Casey's blog post Apple iCloud contacts sync limits Apple printer compatibility list Palm Phone Photoshop CC on iPad Virtual memory Paging The Verge's review #askatp How do we stay informed about non-tech news? (via Jake) Overton window Did we have a senior project in school? (via Stephen Kim) FLAC Which D...more

  • 295: Outlets That Suck

    Oct 11 2018

    Watch pontification Panerai watches Trading in with Apple GiveBack Follow-up: ARMv8.3 improves JavaScript benchmarks Minecraft left Apple TV Screen Time Quitter iCloud Family accounts Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Intercom systems and central vacuums Bloomberg's story on Chinese spy chips Upgrade #214: Nobody Seems to Know Anything Joe Fitzpatrick on his interview with Bloomberg #askatp Storyboards for iOS development? (via Bastian Inuk) CompactConstraint Visual Format Lanuage IBDesignabl...more

  • 294: The Intersection of Liberal Arts and Whatever

    Oct 04 2018

    The abomination that is Apple's take on the bagel emoji Apple PR post iOS 12.1 wrap-up Lender's bagels iPhone 🎾 charging times Follow-up: The A12 has a lot of cache (via Henrik Wannheden) Chris Lattner weighs in on 64-bit watches and excuses Apple Watch fall detection is only on by default for people at least 65 years old Critiquing others' work Ken Kocienda's original tweet Linda Dong's reply thread (first post) Mojave ATP #280: Extinction-Level Event Hazeover Steve Troughton-Smith's ta...more

  • 293: You Know My Pouches

    Sep 27 2018

    Please give some money to St. Jude. It literally helps save lives. Follow-up: Apple Watch making-of fire/water faces video Apple Watch 64-bit compilation magic Steve Troughton-Smith Chris Lattner interview iPhone 🎾 is fast The iPhone 🎾 camera is good Our Marco & John's new toys John's pouch John's toasters Tiff in portrait mode Casey's watch try-on Upgrade #212: The Chocolate Phone is No Good Carrot Weather Marco's Utility watch face Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda Relay B-Sides ...more

  • 292: Start a Rotate Chicken Nuggets Timer

    Sep 20 2018

    Please give some money to St. Jude. It literally helps save lives. Follow-up: Ben Bajarin on A-fib detection Dead man's switch 50% faster tessellation... maybe? Works on contingency. No money down. Underplayed improvements to iPhone XR/XS camera and Watch Series 4 Gruber's iPhone review Gruber's Watch review No landscape home screens on XR/XS Max What did we order? John is clairvoyant Nomos Minimatik Testing HomePod's multiple named timers Overcast 5 Under the Radar #141: Implementing...more

  • 291: John's Special Day

    Sep 13 2018

    Follow-up: Nokia phone with five cameras We're doing five blades Phil: "muhmoji" Apple's September Event Leaked names Tim's tweet Apple Watch Casey's wrist Ben Bajarin's picture Another side-by-side Thinner... ish? Side view Apple's image Dear Apple video 64-bit with 32-bit pointers? iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Todd's tweet Steve Troughton-Smith's tweet AirPower? HomePod & tvOS Post-show: John's special day Sponsored by: Molekule: The only air purifier that actually destroys pollu...more

  • 290: A Weird Sandwich

    Sep 06 2018

    Follow-up: AirPrint on old printers handyPrint Printopia Printer Pro Eero competitors and privacy iPhone preorder PSA iPhone "XS" marketing image found ATP #1: iPhone Plus Naked Robotic Core Apple Watch "Series 4" marketing image found #askatp: Getting started with backups (via JD Lewin) Pre-ordering an unlocked iPhone (via the very handsome Stephen Kim) What's the "cheapest" Apple product? Programmer's switch Post-show Neutral: Casey's walk of shame... but also pride. Sponsored by: ...more

  • 289: Everybody's in the Alliance

    Aug 30 2018

    Follow-up: MoCA and MoCA Bridge Hades Canyon NUCs Engadget Video Review Snell's NUC article Anandtech The AirPort Express lives! Snell's iPod Hi-Fi Sonos Connect The End of AirPort DD-WRT Tomato WRT54G Phil Schiller flies Panzer's tweet iPhone mockups preview iPhone SE 2? Upgrade #208: The Villain of the Macintosh #askatp: Why run both Plex and Infuse? (via Adam Porter) Why are Apple's ARM chips so much faster than their competitors? (via Will Faught) What's your home printer setup? (...more

  • 288: Rich Person's Raspberry Pi

    Aug 23 2018

    Follow-up: Photo books → PDF (File → Export → Export Book as PDF → ☑️ Production PDF) Active vs. Passive Thunderbolt 3 cables Graphing Calculator vs. Grapher This American Life Low-end Mac rumors Intel NUC Mac Mini ports Plex Infuse Gruber's take on the MacBook Air #askatp: Long-distance Wi-Fi OLED TVs Marco's TV Jaguar i-Pace (via Wayne Robinson) Top Gear's overview Porsche Taycan Small electric cars: Chevy Bolt Volkswagen e-Golf Kia Soul EV Prius Prime Nissan Leaf Post-show: Joh...more

  • 287: Open-Faced Compliment Sandwich

    Aug 16 2018

    Follow-up: Model 3 software update for the right jog wheel Finding the settings Printing PDFs from Photos by ⌥-clicking the Buy Book button Backblaze Data retention Backing up a NAS using AutoMounter Dock auto-hide delay defaults write com.apple.dock autohide-time-modifier -int 0 defaults write com.apple.dock autohide-delay -int 0 Marco reviews his 2018 13" MacBook Pro Disabling Turbo Boost Cortex #72: Adulting Complete Playing for Fun Startech DKT30CSDHPDStarTech.com USB-C Multiport Ad...more

  • 286: I Respect a Good Crust

    Aug 09 2018

    Pre-show: John's pie-filled vacation John's seemingly impossible picture Follow-up: CrashPlan, John, and Java java mx java mx {newNumber}m SpiderOak BackBlaze BackBlaze B2 Arq John's Photo books DiskInventoryX DaisyDisk Photo printer's extension AMD and TSMC and 7nm DigitalFoundry on the Intel Core i9 9900K Some Neutral FU about the Golf R Apple removes Infowars propoganda from its podcast directory Marco started it Gruber investigates @jack's tweetstorm Compulsory xkcd comic #askatp:...more

  • 285: Do Not Drill Holes in This House

    Jul 30 2018

    Follow-up: The law is complicated Intel 10nm is allegedly coming at the end of NEXT year On an infinite timescale, when does Apple move away from Intel? RISC-V Die What happened to Apple's whimsy? Michael Tsai's summary Marco's comment #askatp: Overflowing portable drives (via Bronwyn Erb) Casey's Synology primer When do we replace our computers? (via Chris Tucker Mear) MacRumors Buyer's Guide Swift and Copland 2010 (via Rob Mathers) Copland 2010 revisited How is the new Dave Matth...more

  • 284: Hotel California Keyboard

    Jul 26 2018

    Follow-up: Easier keycap replacement on the 2018 keyboard Membranes are for ingress prevention More from MacRumors "Subsequent remedial measures" iFixit particle experiment Intel giveth and Intel taketh away The mythical USB-C hub Sad recent history of Intel CPUs Corrections on the throttling discussion from last week AltiVec TDP RIP hyper-threading VRM-throttling theory Apple's official throttling fix Macworld's tests Intel Power Gadget Removed, and then reappears Intel and the Dan...more

  • 283: Just Lower Your Standards

    Jul 19 2018

    Pre-show: Videolog(ue) iJustine & MKBHD unbox a sealed, 18-year-old iBook G3 Casey Neistat and MKBHD review a Lamborghini DeMuro's botched video Follow-up: Patenting the perpetual motion machine Pre-2018 MacBook keyboard repairs won't get the 2018 keyboard "Beware the Core i9" Reddit thread Marco's tweet Thermal design power Notebook Check tests the 13" CPU data sheets: 13": 2017, 2018 15": 2017, 2018 Apple ends photo printing operation #askatp: Is a dedicated picture machine useful...more

  • 282: Not Unreliable Enough

    Jul 15 2018

    Follow-up: Distributing Marzipan Apps Siri is multilingual... until it isn't. Window air-conditioner hacks New MacBook Pros The Verge's review iFixIt reveals key-protecting membranes Apple's Patent Keyboard Service Program Apple T2 Apple A10 Geekbench Marco's tweet Leather sleeve High-end versus luxury #askatp: Capturing out-of-warranty hardware (via Ali Shah) How do I use a 34" monitor? (via Andrew Troup) Lost picture troubleshooting for Brian Sturm Post-show: Let's talk about Europe...more

  • 281: My Private Siri

    Jul 02 2018

    Home repairs: Window air conditioners Frigidaire Gallery quiet window air conditioner Computer repairs Casey repairs Erin's MacBook Air... maybe. Local snapshots maybe? Marco's iMac wants to be like Casey's Follow-up: Reporters got to talk to Google Duplex A A A A Very Good Song lives on? Duplicate-file managers: Gemini 2, also on the App Store (via Gualtiero Frigerio) Photo Sweeper Mojave LaunchServices can launch flat-style app bundles Google Home impresses John Apple Maps is gettin...more

  • 280: Extinction-Level Event

    Jun 28 2018

    Follow-up: Safari's Allow Unsigned Extensions is not a panacea after all Adobe is rethinking things Many people have written their own de-dupe apps One example of many The long national Music.app default first-alphabetic song nightmare is over A a a a a Very Good Song Apple launches butterfly-keyboard repair program Casey's repair strategy Marco's new 🏖️💻 Looking good, buddy. Marzipan Carbon vs. Cocoa Gus Mueller's take Becky Hansmeyer asks and then answers what makes a Mac app a Ma...more

  • 279: You’ll Hate What I’m Actually Doing

    Jun 21 2018

    Accidental Test Kitchen: Induction cooktops International cellular-data options AT&T International Day Pass Verizon TravelPass Follow-up: Simulator cloning is fast because of APFS cloning cp -c Notarized apps and signing Marco's 🏖️ setup Carrying case John's reload extension lives thanks to Isaac Halvorson ATP appears in WWDC Session 501: Introducing Podcast Analytics! (~11 minutes) Forecast MP3 ID3v2 Chapters spec More on WWDC Memoji are gender neutral Password improvements and ...more

  • 278: Best Worst Influence

    Jun 14 2018

    Follow-up: WWDC Intro Video It was Stephen Fry channeling David Attenborough A perspective from Jen Simmons Feminist Frequency It's Road Trip! RIP, other chat networks in Messages.app (via Sam Gross) APFS snapshotting and iOS Simulator parallel testing (via Renaud Leinhart) How's the iOS 12 beta? Stereo HomePod pair review Jeff Foxworthy Paradigm Atom Zac Hall provides RTFU 1 2 More on iOS 12 MeasureKit FaceID & "Alternative Appearance" macOS 10.14 Mojave: Possibly The John Siracusa...more

  • 277: You're Not a Mac App Yet

    Jun 05 2018

    We're live from WWDC 2018! iOS 12 ARKit 2 Siri Shortcuts Activity reports and App Limits Notification management Memoji watchOS 5 macOS Mojave John's "pile" metaphor UIKit apps on Mac Neutral: The electric-scooter invasion Sponsored by: Audible Careers: Join the company that is changing the world, one listener at a time. AfterShokz: Headphones powered by bone-conduction technology. Get $30 off the weightless, wireless Trekz Air with code atp30. Microsoft Azure: Build intelligent iOS apps ...more

  • 276: Observing a Black Hole

    May 31 2018

    App Camp for Girls fundraiser: Live Near WWDC iOS 11.4 Messages in the Cloud: Settings → {Your Name} → iCloud → Messages WWDC No OS filter Upgrade #195: The WWDC Keynote Draft 2018 Marco's 🏖️💻 problem Lavolta Carrying Case for iMac #askatp What is the best way to "accidentally" stalk find us at WWDC? (via CW Bennett) Social Policy Original Gravity Public House Layers How do we maintain multiple development environments? (via Pat Murphy) Post-show Neutral: Casey is a sad panda Spons...more

  • 275: It's Difficult When You’re a Billionaire

    May 24 2018

    Follow-up: People can change their minds, and that's okay. Right, old Marco? Your logical fallacy is... How old are your ears? Some Analog(ue) #132 follow-out Cortex #69: Minimum Viable Tesla and Elon Musk Grimes, Elon's girlfriend Top Gear kerfuffle Elon announces "Pravda" United Automobile Workers Who would buy Tesla? Wheel Bearings #68: Quirky Subarus & Driver Monitors Magna Geely Jaaaaaaaaag-you-are I-Pace Marco is dabbling with Swift (‼️) WWDC 2015 #408 – Protocol-Oriented Pr...more

  • 274: Not the Teddy Bear's Fault

    May 17 2018

    Yanny vs. Laurel New York Times article Follow-up: Raise to listen in 🇨🇳 Google Duplex Bob Burrough's summary Matt Drance 1 & 2 Duplex will identify as non-human First-hand story from retail Amazon and executive diversity 🤬 Twitter. Sean Heber Craig Hockenberry Connected #193: They Belong to the World Now Hell banning Google I/O Continued conversation Linux on Chromebooks Apple Keyboard class action lawsuit Online petition Microsoft Surface Hub 2 #askatp What's Apple's focus?...more

  • 273: Playing You Like a Video Game

    May 10 2018

    Follow-up: Disabling "Raise to Listen" on iPhone X You should go to Layers Jony Ive interviewed by Hodinkee Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products Google Duplex Keynote video The Verge's 14-minute summary Ihnatko's take 20 years of USB iMac Retrospective SCSI IRQ DMA Sound Blaster ADB Jason Snell's Macworld article #askatp How do we have Finder configured? (via Kymer) What do we think about Volvo adopting Google products for their infotainment? (via Andreas Ekegren) Cartrid...more

  • 272: 60% Satisfied

    May 01 2018

    ATP MERCHANDISE!! Get your clothing by May 7 @ 9 PM ATP time Get your pins NOW! They're about to sell out! Follow-up: More on 32-bit deprecation Raise to Listen and phantom audio messages on iPhone X What about Apple Pay and Siri? (via Andrew Milham) More about Marzipan What is left for WWDC? Apple's rumored AR glasses Overcast 4.2: The privacy update htmLawed Content Security Policy NSURLProtocol More at NSHipster #askatp Apple IDs at work (via Alex Faber) Camera paranoia (via Ryan T...more

  • 271: Voting With Your Virtual Feet

    Apr 26 2018

    ATP MERCHANDISE!! Get your clothing by May 7, 9 PM ATP time Get your pins ASAP! They will sell out! Sorry, no flamethrowers. Follow-up: Would Bitcode make an Intel → ARM transition easier? ATP Interview with Chris Lattner Marco's backpack woes Tom Bihn Synapse 25 Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L Marco's Facebook Groups conclusion NOT A TOUCH SCREEN Turns out™, Siri sucks iPhone X Mid-Cycle Performance Review Safari dark mode? #askatp What does Apple gain by ending 32-bit support? (via ...more

  • 270: Three Major Zippers

    Apr 18 2018

    Backpacks: Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L Tom Bihn Synapse 25 Chase Reeves on YouTube and on the web Tom Bihn Cache Tom Bihn Cadet & Casey's review HomePod sales look bad CloudFlare goes ARM When was Apple's heyday? The best laptop ever made Top Four Robot or Not #128: The Midwest iPod Nano, 1st Generation #askatp What if the Apple Mac CPU is neither ARM nor x86? (via Colin McKellar) Instruction set architecture (ISA) IBM System/360 SIMD instructions Cribbing cooling from the iMac ...more

  • 269: Cooled by Jellyfish

    Apr 13 2018

    Follow-up: iPhone throttling notification macOS 10.13.4 32-bit warnings Learn More... ProClip mounts (via Sean Harding) Casey's bloody car rags are called "hucks" and are available on Amazon Lyft subscriptions? (via Zac Bir) San Jose isn't as small as your hosts think it is. Or so we're told. 🤷🏻‍♂️ The Mac Pro and Apple's Pro Workflow Team The Homer The Case for a True Mac Pro Successor Passively cooled PC tower #askatp Coffee gear (via Bosie Mon Crieff and Doggo Boii) Hand grinders: t...more

  • 268: A Tarnished Brass Age

    Apr 05 2018

    Follow-up: HAM radio and GMRS licenses New iOS onboarding screens are indeed about GDPR Education feedback Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Pulsating help prompts iCloud's free storage Classroom for Mac: What does it mean? Inductive charging is great. Who knew‽ Mophie base Casey's car charger ProClip (Marco's fancy mount) Qi charging bad for batteries? Apple to use its own CPUs in Macs? ATPTipster: "bug multiplier" Rocket app #askatp Lyft at WWDC? (via ohples) Should we use the new CloudFl...more

  • 267: I Slowly Ate the Crystals

    Mar 31 2018

    Pre-show: Marco's road trip Sudden Coffee Underscore David Smith's travel coffee kit Follow-up: Breath of the Wild and the Wii U Space Gray accessories are available to everyone Keyboard Mouse Trackpad ATP Live at WWDC Walkie talkies for tandem road trips Apple's education event Joe Cieplinksi on Twitter The new 9.7" iPad Logitech Crayon #askatp Best bang-for-your-buck Apple products (via Chris Ovrebo) Musical ATP hosts (via Anson Jablinski) Backpacks for 15" MBP (via "The Italian Sta...more

  • 266: Text Adventure Mode

    Mar 23 2018

    Follow-up: Compound commands in cylinders You shut down your computer because of a problem... GDPR Personal data PCI HIPAA This keyboard feels so real, mannnnnn... Apple is developing its own display tech MicroLED Marco's image retention test Hide in this closet! Microdrive #askatp What's the deal with gaming consoles and "bits"? (via Simon Ejsing) SIMD FLOPS Cell processor The Last of Us nVidia Tegra X1 Nintendo survey What's the deal with sports? (via Johnny O) What's the deal with In...more

  • 265: Simon Says Volume Five

    Mar 15 2018

    Follow-up: Onboarding and GDPR GDPR for web developers Slack 💔 IRC Alexa can solicit follow-up Siri drama at The Information Daring Fireball writeup Crumb-proof keyboards MacBook Air refresh? The Talk Show #219: Podcast Amnesia MacBook fantasies Casey's USB-C → SD Card Reader Anker USB-C charger WWDC 2018 announced ATP Live Relay FM Live AltConf Layers John's tweet Apple acquires Texture Zinio #askatp Migrations between Macs (via Matt Wallin) Polite language in user interfaces (v...more

  • 264: Every Building Has Bugs

    Mar 07 2018

    Follow-up: Laptop arrow keys Dell's abomination Erin and Alexa Onboard all the things What's New in Clock Cambrian explosion Telestrator Apple Park is hazardous #askatp Automotive windowing strategies (via Vamsi) Slack on Mac vs. IRC (via Peter Gosling) Connecting to Slack via IRC Colloquy Textual The Halting Problem (via Juan Pablo Rodríguez) John's original tweet Fork bomb Post-show Neutral: What car would we pick for our other hosts? Sponsored by: Betterment: Rethink what your ...more

  • 263: Old Potato

    Mar 01 2018

    Follow-up: John is on NoMAD Active Directory Jamf's blog post Casey adopts a new child Timber Fireball AnyList Nexia AOL Instant Messenger handles ICQ Vulkan is coming to macOS More from AnandTech Metal Apple's dual-display patent ATP #193: The Escape Zone #asktiff Nintendo Switch Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Alto's Odyssey iMac Pro Shadow Complex Pusheen Box #askatp Max out ❤️ or 🍩? (via Jimmy Bosse) 👾 nostalgia (via Brian Middleton) Skee-Ball Street Fighter II Cruis'n U...more

  • 262: A Clear Path to Okayness

    Feb 24 2018

    Casey's new career of missing obvious programming solutions Analog(ue) #126: I Love You So Much; This is Infuriating GIFwrapped Slopes Siri all up in Daniel Jalkut's business Sonos and wood Who has a HomePod? Echo Spot Google Home Mini Doubting Apple "No wireless. Less space than a Nomad. Lame." Creative Nomad Siri The Talk Show #215: The "Press Real Hard" Era Apple pumps the brakes Six Colors 2017 report card Steven Sinofsky tweets: 28, 31, 32, End #askatp Modular Mac Pro saves the ...more

  • 261: Seven-Dollar Plastic Garbage

    Feb 16 2018

    Pre-show: Shake Shack, Five Guys, and Cookout Follow-up: Battery feedback: 1, 2, 3 Casey's boneheaded mistake Marco's grocery-list apps Clear HomePods put a ring on it Apple: Cleaning and taking care of HomePod Welcome to Macintosh #18: If It's Broke, Don't Fix It Reddit audiophile review David Pogue's blind test Waze CarPlay Valentine 1 #askatp Are advanced safety features in cars comparable across marques? What's the deal with Leica cameras? Marco's M9 review Post-show: Parenting ...more

  • 260: The Todoyist Problem

    Feb 09 2018

    Follow-up: Is throttling old phones really better? Does anyone other than tech bloggers give a 💩 about smart speakers? Raspberri Pi music player update Plastic Player Mini NES Console Apple's emoji is theirs and you can't have it. Connected #179: The Tiny Head Pandemic Sam Eckert gets a phone call from App Review Bittracker later gets approved with emoji Marco's to-do app spirit walk Taskpaper Due AnyList Clear Todoist Omnifocus Things Fantastical Calculator Construction Set #askatp Do...more

  • 259: I Hired Myself

    Feb 01 2018

    Who ordered a HomePod? Query #23: Hands-on with the HomePod iPod Hi-Fi iMore HomePod FAQ Casey orders an Ethernet adapter USB-C Ethernet Adapter USB-C HDMI Dongle Amazon Locker Forthcoming replacement Casey's Mac "app" Casey's photo management workflow Dr. Drang's photo scripts Casey's scripts OperationQueue Marco's secret project ATP #231: I Am Not a Salad Power User Arduino Raspberry Pi Raspbian MPD HiFiBerry Turn Touch netcat #askatp Long-term file storage M-Disc AAA games for iO...more

  • 258: Non-Beta Data

    Jan 25 2018

    Follow up: Battery replacement reticence iOS 11.3 battery health messaging macOS Spectre and Meltdown fixes go back to El Capitan HomePod preorders and ship date announced Some interaction tidbits iOS 11.3 preview Bohemian Rhapsody Animoji Karaoke Jason Snell's wishful thinking tvOS 11.3 macOS 10.13.4 and the end of 32-bit #askatp Unifying 3D Touch and long presses (via Todd Vaziri) What is AirPlay 2? (via Alex) WWDC 2017 Session John's spines (via Andrew Lymn-Penning) Post-show: BMW ar...more

  • 257: Smell the Wind

    Jan 18 2018

    Casey and Erin had a baby! John's first and second dad comics Casey's photo management workflow Follow-up: Europe's black Mac PCalc About screen, revver of fans ARM Windows PCs Windows RT MacBook "Adorable" Upgrade #168: Hail Hydrant Marco's observational tweet about iPads TripMode MessagePad Windows 10 Sets MDI Copland 2010 Apple Bionic Google Fushcia Old school error numbers #askatp Non-Pro iMac upgrade cadence (via Erik Berlin) John's 🧀 grater (via Andy Hume) Messages in iCloud (via K...more

  • 256: A Heroic Threshold for Pain

    Jan 11 2018

    Apple's Meltdown/Spectre statement How it affects WebKit Raspberry Pi's writeup Measuring performance ∆ iMac Pro peripherals on eBay Full set: $1080 Trackpad: $310+ Magic Mouse: $295+ Macintosh TV Follow-up: Arctic Silver Follow-up: Battery replacements and solving customer problems Follow-up: iPhone X screen burn-in Marco's iMac Pro, one week in Sony α7R III review DP Review on the α7R III Canon 5D Mark IV #askatp Would apple delay the Mac Pro for a new CPU architecture? (via Clint) What...more

  • 255: The Thermal Paste Lottery

    Jan 04 2018

    Apple's battery slowdown PR Accelerated rollout The Talk Show #210: Australian Battery Scam Phone throttling isn't always the issue iMac Pro thermal throttling Marco's iMac Pro Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard Intel CPU exploit Speculative execution Exploits seem to have marketing pages now macOS fix Google's simplified summary Michael Tsai's summary Wired summary ARM's statement Fortune's summary Heartbleed #askatp What if we had to use iOS? (via Aaron Bushnell) What if we had to use Windows? (...more

  • 254: Hot Box With Knobs

    Dec 26 2017

    Follow up: Secure Boot KBase Article Cabel's screenshot Women car journalists From last week: Cars from a Woman's Perspective #askatp Attention detection and Apple Watch (via Scott Lougheed) RAID and SSDs and Thunderbolt (via Max Velasco Knott) Tiff's OWC ThunderBay 4 Mini Noctua quiet fan Soundproofing in our in-home studios (via Joshua Rogers) Casey's acoustic panels Marco's SoundTrax Pro acoustic foam and tape Marco's Podcasting Microphones Mega-Review Casey's [past] blanket Micro...more

  • 253: I Think I Ordered One

    Dec 20 2017

    Follow up: Jeep Wranglers iMac Pro RAM upgrades iMac Pro input devices Mac Pro will be "upgradeable" iMac Pro orders #askatp Entry-level open-backed headphones (via JD Lewin) Schiit Fulla 2 Grado SR60e: $80, but uncomfortable Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro: $225, for treble lovers (250-ohm recommended) Sennheiser HD 650: $300, for treble haters Car magazines for kids (via Jeremy Nachman) Motor Trend on YouTube Car and Driver John's observational tweet Cars from a Woman's Perspective Do we rea...more

  • 252: Any Day Could Be Mac Pro Day

    Dec 14 2017

    Pre-show Neutral: Casey has car problems Follow up: Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad is apparently bendy #askatp Holiday gift ideas Mophie Qi charger Casey's 2015 ideas Casey's 2016 ideas Fenix LD22 flashlight Grovemade Qi charger Briggs & Riley backpack Zojirushi SM-YAE48 travel mug ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4 Casey's Go Pack Code nostalgia A not-so-brief interlude about Overcast and feed redirects sudo John's black screen of death ATP #96: The Windows of Siracusa County iMac Pro MKB...more

  • 251: Uninstall Your Water Reminder App!

    Dec 07 2017

    Casey argues for day/month/year instead of year/month/day (ISO 8601) Celsius is stupid for ambient air temperature Follow up: Root bug post was in the dev forums, not the support forums. Reporting to product-security@apple.com XProtect and Xplorer Shell script iOS keyboard woes and Gboard John's Touch Bar switch DragThing Jony Ive hears your feedback #askatp Should we get rid of paper books? (via Josh Keegan) Will Apple ever make backlit desktop keyboards? (via Craig) How does dynamic p...more

  • 250: We're Doing a Show

    Nov 30 2017

    Keyboard imprints on laptop screens Butterfly keyboard Video of Casey's old ThinkPad 701 Steganography Marco is no longer case-liss Jamie Clawson leather skins Apple Leather Case dbrand skins Follow-up: Fingerprint gloves 1 2 Thanksgiving follow-up: What about the Nintendo Switch? Casey has fun at work #askatp Thoughts on Super Mario Odyssey (via Starsasumi) Robotic vacuum cleaners (via Maroš Žofčin) Marco's editing approach (via Erik Neu) High Sierra "root" security issue Patrick Wardl...more

  • 249: Beehives Full of Bees

    Nov 21 2017

    Follow up: iPhone X multitasking gesture Requesting refunds on AppleCare (via John Himm) Fake fingerprint stickers iCloud restores during iPhone X setup HomePod gets delayed Upgrade #168: Hail Hydrant Welcome to Macintosh #14: Hey Siri Regarding conspiracy theories (#caseywasright) Jonathan's near-RTFU Neutral #1: Big, Fat, and Bloated #askatp Qi chargers and battery health Apple's tips AppleTV remote for AirPower Apple is both brilliant and... inept? Jenkins Tech Thanksgiving Marco...more

  • 248: Chili Cookoff

    Nov 16 2017

    Follow up: Tradespeople and Face ID Multitasking gesture wonkiness on the home screen "I got this phone for $50 and it's fine" Pro-rated AppleCare+ MacBook key repairs OLED and burn-in Kbase article (👋🏻, Stephen) iOS' commentary iPhone X camera Joe Rosensteel has thoughts about portrait mode Casey notices some failures too Focos #askatp GeForce Now (via Kim Ahlberg) OnLive VPNs (via MarcMV) Encrypt.me AirPower for Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard What does "close to the metal" mean? (...more

  • 247: A Place to Stick Your Gum

    Nov 10 2017

    Follow up: Apple TV 11.2ß makes John happy Time Machine local snapshots App Camp for Girls fundraiser #askatp iPhone X cases (via Nathan Walls) Apple Leather Case (Casey bought black) Impact of Siri's ineptitude (via Kapila Wimalaratne) Sony A7R III (via Ananda) Canon 5D Mark IV iPhone X: The ATP Review iStockNow FaceID Security Guide Post-show: Casey's odd in-flight activities Sponsored by: Squarespace: Make your next move. Use code ATP for 10% off your first order. Warby Parker: B...more

  • 246: I Just Want My Stories

    Nov 02 2017

    Follow up: F1 flappy paddles iPhone X preorder results Recent performance of the rumor mill Marco's iMac returns MacBook Pro keyboard repair cost Apple TV output formats New "WWDC" video New Apple TV beta The Verge's take #askatp Mac antivirus software? Would we use Apple OSes on any other hardware if they were theoretically compatible? Retro ThinkPad Back to Work #346 Apple fires engineer involved in iPhone X leak (via Tim Walker) Casey's Instagram post iPhone X reviews, and the PR str...more

  • 245: Senior-Citizen Advantage

    Oct 26 2017

    Follow up: The right to chair arms #askatp Bitcoin The Talk Show #74: Glenn Fleishmann explains Bitcoin iPhone SE... X? Macintosh SE/30 How to catch Phish A Live One Live Phish It's preorder time Casey's tips What are the iPhone X's biggest risks? The Mac Mini is... still a thing? Riccardo Mori's 3 options Post-show: Casey's still a car journalist Wheel Bearings Parking garage clip ZF 8HP transmission Ars Technica Sponsored by: Squarespace: Make your next move. Use code ATP for ...more

  • 244: The Mac Renaissance

    Oct 19 2017

    Pre-show: ATP 243 notes Follow up: Sky platform exclusivity John's chair Torx John's alternative chair Apple Express Replacement Service Example image Apple Watch and proxied notifications Due weighs in #askatp Running Plex with no logged-in user Strong-ARMed Mac Pro Marco's Many iMac Pros Marco's MacBook Pro MacBook keyboard failures Somehow Casey got backed into a ton of Mac Pro talk (🙄 –Ed.) Special ending theme by Jonathan Mann! Support Jonathan's work: YouTube channel Patreon Hi...more

  • 243: Knew About the Dollar Signs

    Oct 12 2017

    Pre-show: macOS upgrades vs. clean installs Follow up: Google Pixel preorders (via Hannes Hauer) Google customer service strategy Casey has received his first AT&T bill with his Apple Watch Sonos and Google sitting in a tree... Anker and Amazon are K-I-S-S-I-N-G Speaker fragmentation Google Home Max and Mini Casey's 👋🏻⛰️ FOMO #askatp Browser choices (from Kyle) Accord thoughts (from Sebastian) Command line (from Comay) Git Tower tcsh Perforce fish Apple Phone → Watch notifications...more

  • 242: These Arms Are Coming Off

    Oct 06 2017

    Pre-show: iPhone X New Google Pixels Follow up: John received his Apple TV 4K #askatp iOS error-logging frameworks Qi chargers Mike Bolton proposes a typing challenge St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Brady Center to prevent gun violence Hispanic Federation for Puerto Rico relief New Amazon Echo announcements Verge Summary New Echo Echo Connect Echo Plus Fire TV 4K Sonos One Echo Spot Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: John buys a chair Wirecutter Steelcase Gesture Herman Mill...more

  • 241: Jazzercise Boot Camp

    Sep 29 2017

    Pre-show: Jazzercise 1982 video compilation Follow up: St. Jude Fundraiser Update Apple TV 4K has a fan 😭 Teardown Downloading 4K iTunes movies Boot Camp and cheesy Apple videos Sam Abuelsamid of Wheel Bearings clarifies TLX DCT #askatp Being good beta citizens and not making @tapbot_paul angry APFS and Fusion drives Apple Watch Series 3 review Marco's post about APIs Under the Radar #99: Effecting Change Upgrade #160: A Helipad on Your Table Connected #161: A Handbag? Face Cream? A Chai...more

  • 240: Undefined Wait Period

    Sep 21 2017

    Stephen Hackett's St. Jude's Fundraiser Follow up: iPhone X screen size John Siracusa, Dongletown, USA Bigger OWC dock John's forthcoming OWC dock Elgato dock Window management Apple Watch LTE pricing: Data is substitutive, not additive (via Oliver Thomas) More on Apple TV 4K Whether it has a fan or supports 24 Hz output 32 vs. 64 GB Craig Federighi's Face ID apology tour The Talk Show #200 Confirmation of John's prediction about face swipe timing Running Mac betas No APFS for Fusion Dr...more

  • 239: Set This Money on Fire

    Sep 14 2017

    Apple Special Event, September 2017 Dan Frommer's photo essay Today at Apple Apple Watch intro video Featuring Kyles the Gray! Louis CK: Everything is Amazing & Nobody is Happy Overcast and Apple Watch offline playback Watch Dots Qi charging standard ATP #172: iPhone X Five Years of OS X iPhone X in the HIG Disappearing scroll thumb Jokey notch scrolling Rolodex Light L16 camera Back to Work #341: Rich Boy Phone iPhone Folio Case Inside Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Marco fig...more

  • 238: Begging for the Hub

    Sep 07 2017

    Follow-Up: Isn't iCloud close to full-machine backup? Do you really need to spend $1000 on a camera? Printing photos Photo resolution #askatp iPhone-buying strategies Casey's lessons learned Is 4K worth it? Steve Yedlin on 4K Viewing distance calculator Why & how we use Plex Casey's Plex Primer Don Melton's scripts ffmpeg John's 2017 MacBook Pro impressions Apple LED Cinema Display Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad Logitech Optical USB Mouse ATP #96: The Windows of Siracusa Coun...more

  • 237: You Are Not a Datacenter

    Sep 01 2017

    Follow-Up: Marco's tukhus, sit bones, and cushioned saddles Backing up /Applications Casey's new-Mac strategy CrashPlan native client may not be for small business CrashPlan migrations over 5 TB Arq and macOS metadata Michael Tsai: What Backblaze Doesn't Back Up Backblaze's 30 day retention Peer-to-peer NAS backups Synology C2 backup Dan Moren: iCloud Backup for Mac? Casey's MacBook keyboard woes Apple KnowledgeBase article (👋🏻, @ismh) #askatp Photo storage between generations Camera...more

  • 236: Irresponsible Use of Infinite Terabytes

    Aug 24 2017

    Pre-show: Baby Clocks Casey has news iZotope RX Follow-Up: iTunes U → Apple Podcasts Joel on Software: Things You Should Never Do, Part 1 Panic Omni BBEdit Marco's hindquarters #askatp OLED vs. LCD Mall of Marco Gazelle Mac Me an Offer Have we had RSI issues? Microsoft Natural Keyboard Casey's Bad News Google Photos Uploader The new M5 CrashPlan sunsets consumer backups Official announcement Backblaze on NAS business model Backblaze B2 Pricing Casey justifies using a NAS iSCSI...more

  • 235: Notch-Savvy

    Aug 18 2017

    Pre-show: Always on vacation in... New York? Follow-Up: Mighty, the Spotify "iPod Shuffle" Audio bit depth 24/192 Music Downloads... and why they make no sense Monty's explainer video "iPhone Pro" notch What happens in landscape? Why bother with a notch? Android notch 1Password backpedals a bit A a a a a Very Good Song #askatp How do you sync your home directories? Old tech that's still in use? 🙄 Destiny 🙄 Google's diversity "memo" Yonatan Zunger, ex-Googler Suzanne Sadedin, Ph.D. ...more

  • 234: Everybody Has Asterisks

    Aug 11 2017

    Toasters Toaster reviews Do By Friday Cameras O-MD E-M10 Zoom lens Sony α7R II Sony α6300 Ad Blockers 1Blocker Better A/V FLAC Pono Tidal Brace styles Dolphin emulator behind the scenes Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Sponsored by: Betterment: Investing made better. Warby Parker: Boutique-quality, vintage-inspired glasses at a revolutionary price. Try up to five pairs at home for free. Squarespace: Make your next move with a beautiful website. Use code ATP for 10% off your first order...more

  • 233: Nobody Cares But Me, But I Do Care

    Aug 06 2017

    Follow-Up: TSMC 10nm vs. Intel 10nm Naming of process nodes Intel's claimed three-year advantage Intel set to lose process leadership after 2018? Home audio & subwoofers HiFiMan HE-6 Christmas Island crabs Neutral Coast? Isla Pronunciation video Woom Derailleur gears Priority Coast Huffy and Wal-Mart A Christmas Story quote corrected by @ATPReferences The HomePod firmware leak Steve Troughton-Smith His Patreon Guilherme Rambo Allen Pike's take Max Rudberg's take "Ferrari" RIP ...more

  • 232: You've Exceeded Some Limit

    Jul 25 2017

    Send us questions! Tweet with the hashtag #askatp! The A10X is 10nm as per AnandTech Source & Drain Larrabee Netflix credits skipping John's original complaint Community management Disney may have wanted to buy Twitter... a long time ago Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Odd Overcast crash Post-show: Mongoose Californian Alternative image Storming Mortal #15: Apple Kool-Aid and the Mongoose (dated 18 June 2014) John realizes his full potential Pee Wee's bike Huffy White Heat Sponsored...more

  • 231: I Am Not a Salad Power User

    Jul 20 2017

    Follow-up: Calibrating a TV Rtings TV Settings Chopt or SaladWorks Smart Signage Samsung Frame TV THX Tune-Up app Lightning Digital AV Adapter Panic's surprise Sony / 7669 Marco's discontinued small speaker amp: NuForce Dia. Some alternatives Marco has considered (but not tested!): Grace Digital GDI-BTAR513, $110 SMSL Q5, $140 NuForce DDA-120, $300 Teac AI-301DA, $350 NAD D 3020, $400 Type-C Personality OLED image retention Marco's image retention test Apple's silence on Net Neutrality ...more

  • 230: Auto, Dynamic, Fresh, Dank

    Jul 14 2017

    Follow-up: Windows Hello Demo video Telling Twins Apart Rubber-hose cyptanalysis Relevant xkcd Comic Apollo Robbins mDNSResponder Never re-write software Vint Cerf Zero-config mDNSResponder source Siracusa on Rendezvous On rewriting dyld Mac IIfx F/X Movie Magic Marco's latest impulse buy LG 2017 4K OLED Series Worse Products Through Software Canonical Bagel Flavors Aerial screensaver Paradigm Atom Harman Kardon Soundsticks G4 Cube Speakers Ending theme by Jonathan Mann (a brief retur...more

  • 229: Just Smush the Screen Somewhere

    Jul 06 2017

    Follow-up: DragonDrop replacement: Yoink (App Store) Mac stuff for 👵🏻👴🏻 (including Stephen Hackett) dyld vs. dyldd vs. closured App launch time thanks to dyld Relevant WWDC 2016 talk Encoding/decoding new formats on old hardware Sorenson WebRTC and Opus WebKit announcement Codec requirements Acid2 Test iOS 11 Multitasking Connected with Federico Viticci, Myke Hurley, Stephen Hackett Canvas with Fraser Speirs and Federico Viticci Cortex with CGP Grey and Myke Hurley Upgrade with Jaso...more

  • 228: I Never Cancel a Drag

    Jun 29 2017

    Follow-up: MacBook Adorable Example multi-use hub Casey's Review Keyboard "shim kit" USB-C hubs Belkin hub HomePod's "screen" Marco's favorite follow-up ever in Analog(ue) #10 Echo Show iOS Drag and Drop Dr. Wave DragonDrop dyld 3 App Startup Time: Past, Present, Future Marco gets his VBR wish Original ATP discussion (Overcast timestamp link) This episode, for example: Official CBR version, 80 MB VBR version, 56 MB Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: PC Convertible Spaaaaac...more

  • 227: Typing on Pillows

    Jun 22 2017

    Follow-up: Serenity Caldwell on the new iPad Body size comparison Screen size comparison Typing to Siri Ryan Jones makes some observations New lock & power off behavior "Offload"ing unused apps Springboard treatment Steve Troughton-Smith makes some observations Spaces persistence Spatial Finder Document-based apps' launch UI FaceTime capture of Live Photos ADAs and default apps HEIF is good! is good 32-bit support "sunset" in macOS Non-fragile ivars High Sierra Format CD caddy ...more

  • 226: Smooth Scrolling Is For Suckers

    Jun 15 2017

    Pre-show: Lots of Follow Up John's ancient, slow, Mac Pro APFS WWDC session and file name encoding Norm forms Compression vs. HFS+ iOS 11 Dots vs. Bars for signal strength Drop of third party service integration Perhaps the APIs were removed? Many touch options for iOS 11 home screens on non-Force Touch devices Log your friends into your WiFi Multiple file uploads → Mobile Safari Tidbits from The Talk Show #193: Crack Marketing Team tvOS iCloud storage: 1TB → 2TB Sonnet eGFX Apple Wireles...more

  • 225: A Conversation with Siri

    Jun 06 2017

    Our WWDC 2017 live show! Sponsored by: Squarespace: Build it beautiful. Use code ATP for 10% off your first order. Audible.com: With Audible, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Get a free 30-day trial. Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Get 10% of your first order. Become a member!

  • 224: Yearning for Reflection

    Jun 01 2017

    Follow up: Multiple versions of photos Quietly improving MacBook Pro keyboards Pre-WWDC hopes and dreams Upgrade #143: The WWDC Keynote Draft 2017 What If the iPad Smart Keyboard Had a Trackpad? Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Sponsored by: Jet: A shopping site that makes it easy to save money on the stuff you buy all the time. Use code ATP at checkout for 20% off your first 2 orders over $35 (terms and conditions apply). Casper: An obsessively engineered mattress at a shockingly fair price...more

  • 223: Throw the Fork Away

    May 25 2017

    Follow up: Those ✂️️🔑 What do Apple Geniuses do? Official procedure Sketchy keycap removal procedure Regrets from home repair More on box lunches! Denise Young Smith: VP, HR → VP, Inclusion & Diversity Denise Young Smith Lisa Jackson The Talk Show #188: Apple VP Lisa Jackson Thunderbolt to become royalty-free (Intel press release) Apple Siri-speaker-with-screen Google I/O Keynote Google Photos improvements Hypercritical #9: No iLife is an Island Kotlin Compared to Swift Ending th...more

  • 222: As Thin as Humans Will Tolerate

    May 18 2017

    Follow up: Revisiting the quiz from last episode MP3 is dead; long live MP3 Fraunhofer's announcement Cookies LAME encoder Audacity 💔 MP3 Spotify uses Ogg Vorbis Opus codec DivX codec DIVX disc format iPad Mini is dead? MacBooks and MacBook Pros are alive? Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Apple Park MIT Stata Center Sponsored by: Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Audible: With Audible, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Get a free 30-day trial. Bette...more

  • 221: Personal Body Chemistry

    May 11 2017

    Follow up: The politics in the last episode Rear Touch ID and prototypes Dirty laptop fabric Alcantara Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Oleophobic coating Are people being backed into liking touchscreen laptops? WikiTribune ...is based on Wordpress and not maintained by Wikimedia ...already has a competitor called Wikinews Amazon Echo Show Previous rumor Marco was enamored with Hunt for Red October You Should Use DuckDuckGo 3Com Audrey Brief Quiz Dropping Dropbox Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Pos...more

  • 220: Executive Box Lunch

    May 04 2017

    Follow up: Moscone food research by Daniel Jalkut More on the potential rear Touch ID Samsung Galaxy S8 Assistive Touch Turning off Haptics:Settings → Sounds & Haptics → System Haptics WikiTribune Basic humanity Jimmy Kimmel's story Casey's tweet recap Associated episode of Analog(ue) Amazon Echo Look Download #1: Wardrobe Philosophy Microsoft Surface Laptop Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Casey really loves his new copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario Kart over LAN Sponsored...more

  • 219: Million Dollar Lunch

    Apr 28 2017

    ATP WWDC Live at AltConf! Monday, 5 June at 5 PM PDT. Get tickets here, and hurry in case they sell out! Follow up: APFS compression? WWDC lunches are probably about $40 each (via David Carlton) Connected #139 where Casey discusses Plex Touch ID moving to the back? Revisiting the iPhone 7 Taptic home button Touch ID is capacitive Overcast improvements M4A chapter support Forecast Watch support 1 & 2 Apple Design Awards Uber is über-gross IOKit UIDevice Ending theme by Jonathan Mann ...more

  • 218: MagSafe Cups of Water

    Apr 19 2017

    Follow up: APFS iOS app updates hit the app store Marco's Overcast hacks Podlove Simple Chapters APFS free space Nvidia coming back to the Mac Kieran Healy's thoughts regarding Marco's comments about schedules Clips gets special treatment in the app store T-Shirts! will be available until April 26. We know what the site says. Trust us. Jet Black considerations Example Jet Black Inverted Jenny Apple USB-C MagSafe patent Xbox breakaway cable Beginning of the end for iTunes? John's eval...more

  • 217: Apology Mac Pro

    Apr 12 2017

    Follow up: Mac Pro transcript posted Workflow on ice APFS and free space T-Shirt Update Clips Mac Pro OSNews rumors Lance Ulanoff Gruber iMac Pro Rumor NVIDIA Titan Xp Apple moves away from Imagination Technologies GPUs Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Marco convinces himself Casey owes him $5 Managing Mac Pro expectations Apple speed bumps MacRumors Buyer's Guide Sponsored by: Squarespace: Build it beautiful. Use code ATP for 10% off your first order. Audible: With Audible, you...more

  • 216: Thermal Corner

    Apr 05 2017

    Follow up: APFS file name encoding WWDC sitrep RIP Jason Seifer The Mac Pro Gruber's take Panzarino's take The Case for a True Mac Pro Successor The new iMac... Pro? Project Ara Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: We adjudicate a bet T-Shirts are for sale! until 26 April Sponsored by: Casper: An obsessively engineered mattress at a shockingly fair price. Use code ATP for $50 toward your mattress. Betterment: Investing made better. Indochino: Finely crafted, exceptionally priced m...more

  • 215: Pots Are Made to Be Broken

    Mar 30 2017

    Follow up: APFS on iOS Settings → General → Storage & iCloud Usage → Manage Storage Oddities with file names Ahoy, Telephone! Naked-er Robotic Core Marco eats waffles Aerial MacBook One vs. MacBook Adorable Hello Internet, Cortex WWDC Under the Radar #73: WWDC Event Planning Layers (Casey's 2016 Review) Beyond WWDC Code of Conduct & Childcare Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Tiff joins us to talk Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fable First Look video Mario Kart 8 Splatoon 2 ...more

  • 214: Christmas Phone

    Mar 23 2017

    Follow-up: Wii U display lag from Steven Impson Zelda heads-up-display woes Intel X99 high-end desktop options Reasons for delaying the Mac Pro Americans are cheap jerks Marco needs a new pair of shoelaces Analog(ue) #9: My Shoes Are a Bit Dusty Úll Apple executive diversity shareholder vote Apple buys Workflow Workflow on the App Store Workflow removes Chrome Workflow change log (see 1.7.3) x-callback-url New Apple products Red iPhone 7 Six Colors Branding in China New iPhone SE storag...more

  • 213: Siri in a Can

    Mar 16 2017

    Pre-show: A friendly bet for January 1, 2018 Follow up: Windows on iPad (for example, Blackboard) Steve Troughton-Smith's Floating Keyboard Playground Writeup from 9to5mac Apple in Education Apple's HomeKit Promo Website & Video Scott McNulty's Tweet YouTube TV (Verge Writeup) Intel goes 14nm again AMD Ryzen Xeon Gold Tim Cook's tease at the shareholders meeting Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Initital thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Sponsored by: Eero: Finally, Wi-Fi, that...more

  • 212: Meatspace Windows

    Mar 09 2017

    Follow-up: USB-C iPhone 8 Ming-Chi Kuo pours cold water on Apple USB-C notions Anker bricks Questionable USB-C-to-A adapter Chromebox for Meetings MacBook Boost case Windowing on iOS Steve Troughton-Smith writes Finder-like app for iOS Apple does not see the humor This is why iPad can't have nice things Cabel Sasser of Panic weighs in PanelKit Accidental programmers Cortex Macintosh Toolbox HyperCard Apple's decline in the education market Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Sponsored by: A...more

  • 211: Hardware Mind Virus

    Mar 02 2017

    Pre-show: Xeon Gold Follow up: Booting APFS Tesla harassment suit Uber, generic trademarks, Lyft, and alternatives Uber is Quietly Terrible for Women & Black People New Business Model, Same Racist Cab Drivers Uber CEO argues with driver Overcast Ads iPhones with USB-C? Lightning connector Studio Neat Material Dock Nintendo Switch cartridges have bitter taste Mavala Stop nail polish Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Decoding Tim Cook's shareholder-meeting remarks MKBHD: Dear A...more

  • 210: My Stupid Thumb

    Feb 24 2017

    Pre-show: Noses, Sinuses, and Snot Do By Friday Follow up: Control Center and AirPods Stagehand Backwards Bike Online chat latency Booting macOS from case-insensitive APFS Recipe parts 1 & 2 Overcast 3 Under the Radar #68: Overcast 3 The Talk Show #182: AAA Podcast iOS Human Interface Guidelines WordStar Ad Sales Uber is a total cesspool Men don't care Uber departures SJW WWDC 2017 in San Jose announced Apple Park Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Gaming on the Apple ...more

  • 209: Making Sausage-Making Glamorous

    Feb 16 2017

    AirPods, a couple of months in Follow up: Compelling users to upgrade their iPhones Biometrics ✌️ ✋ Chromebooks vs. ARM Macs OXO's story Case sensitive HFS+ Twitterrific for the Mac Origin of "tweet" Planet of the Apps MacMan Shark Tank Cabel Sasser's take Caavo Verge video John on the omnivorous box Hypercritical #1: Dream Crusher Original GoogleTV remote Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: John's Mac Casey doesn't want a WRX You can get a good deal on a Golf R Sponsored by...more

  • 208: Your Face Is Your Face

    Feb 09 2017

    Follow up: What could ARM coprocessors in Macs do? Windows Hello face recognition More on iPads vs. Macs Upgrade #127 Connected #128 Marco's blog post David Sparks on iPad hardware longevity Crazy locked-down ARM-Mac rumor Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Casey learns the fine art of waffling Sponsored by: Setapp: The best collection of Mac software at your fingertips for one low monthly price. Squarespace: Build it beautiful. Use code ATP for 10% off your first order. Betterment...more

  • 207: Selling Hot Dogs on a Stick

    Feb 02 2017

    iPhone 7 long-term review, waffling about sizes Marco's review of spam-call blockers Nomorobo, the one you should get Follow up: Casey is un-American Upgrading your iOS device from HFS+ to APFS Will APFS be open-source? Apple earnings results What's up with iPad sales? The Future of Computing PC use dies on the weekends (via @asymco) Upgrade #126: Spinny Propellery Guy Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: ARM chip doing more in future MacBooks Sponsored by: Away: Travel smarter with...more

  • 206: All You Need Is Five Nerds

    Jan 26 2017

    Pre-show: Casey needs his morning coffee Follow up: Consumer Reports does an about-face Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Apple Magic Keyboard WebKit's new Garbage Collector: Riptide APFS is in iOS 10.3 Developers will be able to respond to App Store reviews Under the Radar #64 Craig Hockenberry asks for this in 2009 Apps can change their own icons Steve Troughton-Smith's digging App change dialog Sample project Floating iPad keyboard ...that isn't...more

  • 205: People Don't Use the Weird Parts

    Jan 18 2017

    Transcript of this episode Follow up: MacRumors talks with Lattner LLVM LLVM Bytecode vs. LLVM Bitcode Bitcode Slicing Clang OpenGL Swift ARC Swift Open Source Casey's love letter to Swift enums Swift Evolution "Commonly Rejected Changes" list asm.js, WebAssembly & TypeScript RxSwift Casey's primer series Garbage collection vs. ARC libauto Singularity Finalizer Go's garbage collection Java Native Interface Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show Neutral Sponsored by: Audible: With A...more

  • 204: You’re Only Stable When You’re Dead

    Jan 13 2017

    Follow up: Marco and AirDrop Mac Progress Quandary 1 2 3 Tripmode.Helvetica Consumer Reports test results Chris Lattner leaves Apple for Tesla LLVM, GCC, Clang Apple → Tesla defections Chris' woodworking (and making of) Benevolent dictator for life Self-driving car challenges and techniques Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Blog CMS languages Regular expression Denial of Service Sponsored by: Betterment: Investing made better. HelloFresh: Delicious ingredients you'll love to eat....more

  • 203: Screaming At Us From The Future

    Jan 05 2017

    Naked robotic MacBook Pro core MacRumors post (Hands-on video from after we recorded that answers some of our questions) VGA passthrough coupler Powerbook G5 Faux Mockup On pros leaving the Mac Sam Abuelsamid of Wheel Bearings on CarPlay Mac users are grumpy Apple's 2016 Year in Review Chris Adamson buys a Mac Pro he didn't want Finding an Alternative to macOS John's tweet John's Google Home Dan Moren's early impressions Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Marco goes for a drive...more

  • 202: Something Has Gone Wrong

    Dec 29 2016

    Pre-show: Back Channel Follow up: Ryan Jones on the AirPods charging port Gurman on Mac Malaise Q&A Siracusa toaster reviews Dovenote Weather Line Casey's photo management workflow Casey's standing desk and mat Casey's laptop bag Sponsored by: CocoaConf: A technical conference for Apple developers and designers. Get 15% off tickets for Yosemite (March 20–23) and Chicago (April 21–22) with code ATP. Casper: An obsessively engineered mattress at a shockingly fair price. Use code ATP for $...more

  • 201: Volume Micromanager

    Dec 22 2016

    Windows and Tabs of Siracusa County (Overcast) 10.1 tabs 10.2 tabs 1 2 3 4 10.3 tabs 10.3 nested tabs Follow up: Android Battery burn-down chart Our reviews of Super Mario Run launches Updated numbers Angry reviewers Apple extends accessory discount LG UltraFine 5K Display Our reviews of AirPods Replacement singles iFixit Teardown Tim Cook's comment on Mac desktops Marco makes the case for a Mac Pro Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Marco discovers gasoline A new member of t...more

  • 200: I Had a Dream About the Mac Pro

    Dec 15 2016

    Our 200th-episode spectacular! 🎉 Pre-show: PC 99 standard Holiday clip show: ATP 174: A Ding in the Room (Overcast) ATP 96: The Windows of Siracusa County (Overcast) Follow up: LG 4K HDR monitor Machining crankshafts Amazon Go AirPods are now for sale Casey's Aftershokz Trekz Titanium bone-conducting headphones Marco's discontinued Sennheiser PX 210 BT, succeeded by the MM 400-X Marco tried a Surface Studio Super Mario Run is online-only Connected #121: Software Update Therapy macOS 10...more

  • 199: 10,000 Hours of Coughing

    Dec 08 2016

    Coughing and machining Video: Machining a crankshaft (thanks, Greg Koenig of Luma Labs) Fisherman's Friend cough drops Follow-up: The future of the Nintendo 3DS John's Keychain woes John's headphone woes Amazon Go Humans Need Not Apply Clockwise #166: Walk-In Vending Machine Windows on ARM Upgrade #118: Missed That by 100% (Relevant section Overcast link) Apple's Machine Learning Summary by Oliver Cameron Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Not complaining about the Apple TV Aerial...more

  • 198: Puppy Game Boy

    Dec 01 2016

    Casey learns Scala and Akka Shouty Visual Studio Programming language genealogy Follow up: John's EarPods The Grand Tour downloads Episode 2 mini-review Netflix allowing downloads New MacBook Pro power bricks Apple USB-C Charge Cable Anker USB-C Charge Cable 87W USB-C Power Adapter Apple Power Adapter Extension Cable People love Apple's Wi-Fi routers Nintendo Switch First Look video End of Desert Golfing Playstation 4 Pro Project Scorpio Uncharted 4 Sonic Spinball Ending theme by Jona...more

  • 197: Life by a Thousand Hugs

    Nov 25 2016

    John's Energy Star sticker "Trust, but verify" Hypercritical: Trust, but Verify Casey and John visit an Apple Store Stephen Hackett's keyboard sound comparison video Marco buys a thing gfxCardStatus iStat Menus Griffin BreakSafe Power Cable Designed by Apple in California with Actual Products John's new phone Jack size comparisons Comparing color gamuts (via @auniverseaway) Jony Ive on used iPhones Penny Arcade and the Surface Studio Microsoft to enable x86 emulation on ARM64 Jason Snel...more

  • 196: Roasting Your Own Beans

    Nov 17 2016

    John's 4K display And also this Casey's work monitor HDCP Marc Edwards on monitor DPI ranges by size Invisibly wide colors Sample images Hockenberry's post Follow-up on Windows: Jordan's tweets 1 2 3 4 5 Marco and laptops Apple's new art book, Designed by Apple in California Press release Release video Jony Ive interview at Wallpaper Iconic book Appledesign book Humanity and whimsy Microsoft Surface Studio Intro video Wacom Cintiq Reebok Pump Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Sal...more

  • 195: The Show Must Go On

    Nov 10 2016

    Follow up: Iris Pro and Skylake Touch Bar and touch sensitivity TouchBar app with iPad viewer Control Strip Marco's Mac Pro post Empathy for the Machine External monitors in Cupertino Dell 5K display DisplayPort and Thunderbolt capabilities MacBook Pro as the Naked Robotic Core Apple discounts USB-C peripherals and dongles LG UltraFine 5K Display Thunderbolt 3 and Macs ARM on Macs? MacBook Escape vs. iPhone 7 benchmarks ATP #35: Sea-Level Executives Mac clones? Apple's Lenovo John's...more

  • 194: Dark Night of the Soul

    Nov 03 2016

    Baseball "MacBook Escape" iFixit Teardown Millenials External Thunderbolt GPUs BizonBOX Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar Is Apple out of the standalone display business? Pushback on new MacBook Pros 16 GB RAM limit Email from Schiller Deep dive Andrew Cunningham's MacBook Escape review Stephen Frank's tweet John's keybord tweets (1 2 3) Mac startup chime is dead Restoration instructions Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: A silver lining for Macs? Brett Victor Sponsore...more

  • 193: The Escape Zone

    Oct 28 2016

    October 27th Apple Event Apple TV Accessibility Siracusa on halo cars and Mac Pros Many MacBooks Mac product roadmap? John's 2010 Macworld article about a hybrid iOS/macOS Mac Touch Bar Shimmy Punch the Monkey Snake Touch Bar in the HIG gfxCardStatus Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: John's home mouse John's work mouse Sponsored by: Squarespace: Build it beautiful. Use code ATP for 10% off your first order. CleanMyMac 3 by MacPaw: Keep your Mac clean, maintained, and healthy, now w...more

  • 192: Hello Again Again

    Oct 21 2016

    Follow-up on camera dust: Tips from the Top Floor #748: Bust the Dust (Overcast link) How big does dust have to be? How big do scratches have to be? Lenses aren't sealed October 27th Apple Event "Hello, again" Dell 24" 4K Monitor LG 24" 4K Monitor E-Ink Keyboard Rumor Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Marco's camera may affect his laptop choices Prompt Sponsored by: Automatic: Your smart driving assistant. See the new Automatic Lite, their most affordable connected car adapter ye...more

  • 191: The Failure Mode of a Train

    Oct 13 2016

    Dealing with DNS trouble Hover outage DDoS Follow-up: Steve Troughton-Smith poll on iCloud files Casey's headphones update Motorola S305 Plantronics Backbeat Fit Kinivo BTH260 LG Tone Pro HBS-750 Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Jaybird X2 Greg Koenig on the ceramic iPhone Apple and Dash developer-account termination Michael Tsai's summary, part 1 and part 2 Bogdan Popescu's post and draft post submitted to Apple iMore: Solving for Dash iMore: Bogdan Popescu's full story Dropbox shenanigans Dr...more

  • 190: The Girl Who Never Came Over

    Oct 06 2016

    Follow-up: Casey and John's bet Compu-blur and Stephen Hackett's brother Ceramic iPhone 8?? Ceramic Apple Watch Edition booklet Redesigned iPhone 7 Video Interchangeable-lens camera contamination Which Bluetooth headphones to buy? Casey's long-lived headphones Casey's short-lived headphones Marco's podcast headphones AirPods BeatsX Google Pixel phones Motion Stills Unlimited photo storage Daydream View Home automation hubs Amazon Echo Google Home Apple rumors Ending theme by Jonathan ...more

  • 189: The Museum of Pristine Apple Hardware

    Sep 29 2016

    Follow-up: OWC iMac RAM update Headphone jack remote issue: solved! Assistive Touch in East Asia iCloud backups on iOS 10 now include passwords? Bluetooth and volume control (PDF) AVRCP Why are there three audio chips in the iPhone 7? (You won't believe what we found! The full story at 11.) McLaren, technology, F1, and the F1 John is hypercritical, but is he a hypocrite? macOS Sierra Dropbox Project Infinite Jason Snell's review Jumpcut Pastebot iPhone 7 Plus "Fauxkeh" Portrait Mode Lex...more

  • 188: $850 Fidget Cube

    Sep 22 2016

    Follow-up: "Far East" → "East Asia" The Casey/John Bet Luke Brewster Henrik Cednert Assistive Touch and East Asia Scott O'Reilly discovers a Lightning → Headphone adapter quirk Demonstration video Fix is forthcoming There is a DAC in the headphone adapter Three amplifiers in the iPhones 7? Jet Black iPhone 7 John on worn iPhones looking like the Millennium Falcon Worn original iPhone Designed Deterioration Fingerprints Poor Christina Warren 😢 John on designing electronics for wear and te...more

  • 187: Putting Plastic on Your Couches

    Sep 15 2016

    Home button habits New iOS 10 home button behavior Settings → General → Accessibility → Home Button Widespread home-button conservation The iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is larger than the 6's Apple iPhone 7 Leather Case's side buttons Are the Lightning EarPods digital? DAC Lightning → Headphone Jack Adapter AirPods Controls AirPods use Bluetooth Bluetooth, codecs, and audio quality MP3 AAC FLAC AptX A2DP ALAC How would Steve Jobs pitch the AirPods? iPhones 7 Cameras Matthew Panzarino's...more

  • 186: Jony Ive Has a Lot of White Pants

    Sep 08 2016

    Apple's September 2016 Event Tim Cook & James Corden do Carpool Karaoke Pharrell Williams WWDC 2015 intro Design video iWork Updates Mario Run (App Store Link) Shigeru Miyamoto Only one IAP Apple Watch Series 2 Series 1 Apple Watch Edition Interactive Gallery Ceramic watches Space Black Stainless Steel with Link Bracelet Slim d'Hermès Apple Watch Nike+ Apple Watch Hermès iPhone 7 Apple's Footnote dbrand skins Apple makes replacing screens cheaper John Gruber's Periscope "Blackbook" Na...more

  • 185: The Delaware of Europe

    Sep 03 2016

    Pre-show: 🌊 The beach 🏖 Casey's Instant Canopy Marco's beach umbrella Ready Player One Fire Island Laptop sizes and relative weight savings (Marco's tweet) Casey's iMac RAM update Hello Internet's vinyl episode Apple 1984 commercial StuffIt Expander OS/2 Warp Windows vs. OS X Feedback on Marco's Boot Camp woes Inside is on the PS4 now John, Tiff, and others talk about Inside on The Incomparable App Store Improvements Review guidelines update Review guidelines diffs Talk Show Live, WW...more

  • 184: Procedural Marriage Mistakes

    Aug 24 2016

    Twitter quality filter for everyone John buys a camera Sony Alpha α6300 Sony E 50mm f/1.8 OSS Lens Sony E 20mm F2.8 Prime Fixed Lens Canon 40mm Pancake Sony 35mm FE 2.8 (Almost-)Pancake John's toaster reviews Tiff tries to play Inside using Boot Camp Ridiculous habits of the youths of Britain iPhone 7 rumors Battery life: Apple's solving for x Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Casey and John share a private moment Incoming call with knock-knock disabled Call quality prompt Sponsor...more

  • 183: I Filed a Radar

    Aug 17 2016

    QNX and generally crappy car computing hardware Audio sync, drift, and quartz crystals Marco files a Radar MLLT Audiocogs CORS Libsyn's podcast with global stats ATP's audience podcast-app stats from a recent episode John and Wi-Fi calling (Settings → Phone → Wi-Fi Calling) Verizon Wi-Fi calling FAQ Google and Facebook also do charity matches on bug bounties Casey iMac Update TiVo "lifetime" service ends for the Series 1 Brianna Wu's verification experience What is an appropriate amount of ...more

  • 182: I Had to Reboot My Car Today

    Aug 10 2016

    John's camera hunt continues The tradeoffs of zoom lenses Sony Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm lens Sony RX10 III superzoom that John probably should get, but won't Fuji X-T2 Sony A7R II, Marco's camera iFixit teardown Sony A7 II, the cheaper, older one Differences between A7 II and A7R II Olympus OM-D E-M10, Casey's camera Panasonic Summilux 25mm f/1.4 Micro 4/3 lens, Casey's 50mm-equivalent The mediocrity of car infotainment systems QNX powers BMW iDrive Worse Products Through Software The ...more

  • 181: Eat Your Vegetables

    Aug 04 2016

    John rents a camera for his Long Island vacation Lens Rentals Sony α7R II John's rentals Sony Alpha α6300 (at LensRentals) Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ OSS Sony E 18-105mm f/4 G PZ OSS Sony E 50mm f/1.8 OSS Sony RX10 Casey's setup ATP: The Fully Verified Podcast™ Temporarily-single dad life Casey pretends _'s Tesla is his Casey samples the frunk Apple hires Dan Dodge, co-creator of QNX QNX Operating System Real-time operating system Swift 4 Rovi buys TiVo Macrovision Rambus Set Top Box p...more

  • 180: Don't Cry for John, Argentina

    Jul 27 2016

    Follow-up: Pokémon Free-to-Play Dogs The Sweet Home Looking at the bright side of Apple's ancient Mac lineup Twitter Verification Attacks on Leslie Jones Federico Viticci of MacStories Twitter accounts: Marco John Casey ATP Overcast Verified Analog(ue) #85: Truly Terrible Human Beings Marco's podcast post-production app Under the Radar #36: Should You Release Every App? Bugshot Quitter Piracy-reduction techniques Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: More on passwords and piracy p...more

  • 179: Free-to-Play Dogs

    Jul 21 2016

    Follow-up: Casey's iMac Feedback Pushover Pokémon Go Science Museum of Virginia's Pokémon announcement Maymont Park's exclusive event Rent-a-dog SoftBank to buy ARM Recode's take Gorilla Glass Apple hardware stagnation Stephen Hackett's laptop reviews How does Marco's Sidetrack work? Fast Fourier transform Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: What's appropriate to talk about on ATP? Erasure Randy Pausch's Last Lecture Sponsored by: Indochino: Finely crafted, exceptionally pr...more

  • 178: Mama Needs That Pokémon

    Jul 14 2016

    Follow-up: Hackintoshes work sometimes Charles Perry's Mac Mini Story Contour Design RollerMouse Pro2 Casey's 5K iMac (Late 2015, 4GHz i7) Woes WindowServer: GPU Driver appears to be hung (over 5 continous seconds of unreadiness) Later RTFU tweet Planet of the Apps Clockwise #145: I've Always Wanted to Have a French Accent Original New York Times article from March Indie Game: The Movie Phil Fish Prospect Productions' Works Pokémon Go Ingress Niantic Ramp Champ Ending theme by Jonatha...more

  • 177: Paying for Someone to Blame

    Jul 07 2016

    Follow-up: Dave Nanian of SuperDuper fame on HDMI CEC Ripping Blu-rays for Apple TV: MakeMKV Subler Plex Infuse DS Video Don Melton's video-transcoding scripts The TV Database The Movie Database Follow-up on Marco's HDMI CEC woes Follow-up: Matt Bischoff on ice cream ingredients Edy's vs. Dreyer's vs. Breyer's iCloud Drive vs. Dropbox for file syncing Scrivener Sync macOS Sierra and the case of the missing files Dropbox Infinite Hackintoshes still exist, apparently Marco's joke RT Old Wor...more

  • 176: Yellow Sock Time

    Jun 30 2016

    Follow-up: Linus Torvalds on HFS+ See also IntegrityChecker chkbit PAR2 and Parchive Protecting against bit rot Mac Toolbox More on APFS Space sharing Time Machine and file/directory clones FSEvents Hard links Atomic clones TeachText Snapshots BackupLoupe Surprise HDMI CEC follow-up Logitech Harmony xkcd on standards "Screen time" for kids Transport Tycoon Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Parent involvement with TV for preschoolers Ending theme by Jonathan...more

  • 175: Dance Palace

    Jun 27 2016

    Marco trying to parallelize the LAME MP3 encoder macOS Sierra and John's comically old Mac Pro /System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist The Talk Show Live Marco's Pictures Deleting system apps on iOS 10 Search ads using names of other apps Apple Photos and controller search Example success List of strings for Photos search Thunderbolt Display has been discontinued Apple File System WWDC Video Btrfs Andrew File System Unicode Joel Spolsky on Unicode ASCII UTF-16 UTF-8 Latin small...more

  • 174: A Ding in the Room

    Jun 14 2016

    Recorded live from Marco's hotel room at WWDC Apple WWDC reactions Keynote video watchOS Preview tvOS Preview The Talk Show #146 macOS Preview John's tweet about storage optimization 🛎 New filesystem! 🛎 Platforms State of the Union session video (ding around at 1:00:00) Introducing Apple File System session video Intel AES iOS Preview Home button change in behavior SiriKit app category support Mail error message Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Sponsored by: Pingdom: Uptime and perform...more

  • 173: A Series of Heartbreaking Rejections

    Jun 10 2016

    Follow-up: No 5K Monitor at WWDC iPhone "7" & SE: Third Time's a Charm macOS in official documentation? Photo evidence App Store changes announced this week Apple's official pages: Subscription changes Search ads Example image Press interviews with Phil Schiller: Daring Fireball The Verge The Loop The Telegraph Under the Radar #31: Today's App Store Announcements Brent Simmons' request for clarification People can't see ads Casey's take on DuckDuckGo Covariance & contravarianc...more

  • 172: iPhone X

    Jun 02 2016

    Last call for ATP Shirts! Sale ends on Friday ATP-time! John's attic K56Flex vs. X2 Hayes command set Modem sounds More on the rumored new MBPs USB Power Delivery External Retina Display Thunderbolt Display Apple opening Siri iPhone 7 "tick"? Apple considered buying Time Warner Eddy Cue at the Warriors game Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: New Top Gear Chris Evans Sabine Schmitz Simon Pegg Grand Tour Extra Gear Chris Harris Fifth Gear Sponsored by: Eero: Finally, Wi-Fi, that...more

  • 171: WWDC Is Not Santa Claus

    May 26 2016

    Pre-show: ATP Shirts! BMW M Marco's illustration Follow-up: App Store review times The Talk Show #154 - Facebook on Your Face Force quitting apps on Android & iOS Rumored new MacBook Pro MacRumors Buying Guide Optimus Keyboard Clockwise #138 – You Know What You're Signing Up For Windows SideShow Cortex #29 - Dvorak Magic Keyboard IBM Model M PowerBook G4 Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Apple Extended Aluminum Keyboard Apple Extended II Apple Opening Siri & Developing Echo Ri...more

  • 170: Casey Beats John, 29–29

    May 20 2016

    Buy ATP 2016 T-shirts by June 3! Follow-up: Foodgate 2016 Yale/Harvard Bing bans "tech support" ads Debunking an Apple/podcasting conspiracy theory App Store approval times Under the Radar #27 Cabel's tweet Drinking bird Google I/O Keynote Google Home Weebles Google Allo Ello Font size interaction demo Google Duo & Knock Knock Android N Vulkan OpenGL ES Apple Metal AMD Mantle JIT compilation Multitasking Instant Apps OpenDoc Android Wear 2.0 Graffiti Ending theme by Jona...more

  • 169: My Fingers Are Still Moving

    May 13 2016

    Casey's iPhone battery woes John's drug days in Reconcilable Differences #25: Zarro Droogs Tesla's In-Car Purchase BMW N55 AccessPort BMW Performance Power Kit Follow-up: Mere-exposure effect New York Times article on Apple meeting with podcasters Marco's response Federico's response Upgrade #88: Happy Apple Watch Users Overcast link to relevant segment Viv & Hound The difference between Siri and Viv Knowledge Navigator Apple ATG Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: New Insta...more

  • 168: Coffee Stops Working

    May 06 2016

    Pre-show: Our lack of T-shirts Casey's "Doppelgänger" Casey's "Doppelgänger's" Twin Brother Follow-up: No more WWDC failed-charge issues Volvo trashes Tesla SAE Automated Driving Levels Ejecting volumes in Windows Overcast quicksync Unit testing is a Good Thing™ CloudKit JS CloudKit pros and cons Quitter Automatic Social Discipline RescueTime Apple is doomed Apple's Organizational Crossroads Jason Snell on Apple financing original content Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Joh...more

  • 167: They’ve Opened the Door to Streakers

    Apr 25 2016

    John was on vacation in California Alcatraz Cable cars Lombard Street WWDC 2016 tickets and considerations Under the Radar #24 Transfer Policy Layers Conference Expenses Follow-up on EV charging stations ChargePoint.com MacBook One update MKBHD pokes fun at himself Original video More on ad bumper sounds WWDC 2016 changes Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Craig Hockenberry's tweet WWDC Bash Johnny on the Spot Bill Graham vs. Billy Graham Live streaming John buys new hardware iPad Silic...more

  • 166: Fitness Turd

    Apr 20 2016

    Tesla facelift Neutral #3: A Bra Phase Follow-up: Superchargers vs. gas stations SAE's automated driving levels Amazon Echo, Dash Button, and Siri outside the U.S. Siri feature availability Networking gear Ubiquiti's 8-port PoE switch Marco's big HP 1810G-24 switch Ubiquiti IP camera Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key instead of installing Java More on TextExpander changes Bleeps and Bloops Hello Internet Ending theme plus more bleeps and bloops Core Intuition Neutral Reconcilable Differences Pav...more

  • 165: Time Was…

    Apr 12 2016

    Follow-up: Tesla model naming Today's Tesla Autopilot, tomorrow's self-driving cars? _David Smith's Tesla Review Self-driving truck convoy completes journey across Europe Tesla Superchargers Marco's surveillance camera Ubiquiti ERLite-3 router UniFi 802.11ac long-range access point HP switch Trivision IP camera Netgear Powerline network bridge Power-over-Ethernet mini injector Synology Surveillance Station Recalling our early Apple memories as Apple turns 40 Oregon Trail BASIC Inside Out ...more

  • 164: Waiting for the Bla-Bloop

    Apr 08 2016

    Flash drives for car music Samsung Flash Drive Fit Marco's modification Follow-up: Apple and renewable energy Purple Safari 1Password stable override 1Password beta TextExpander 6's controversial move to subscription pricing MJ Tsai's summary 1Password for Teams 1Password for Families Marco's adventures in home automation Amazon Echo Amazon Dash Button node-dash-button Chamberlain MyQ Raspberry Pi Belkin WeMo Lifx HomeKit Connected #85: Pokédex of iMacs Hound Apache Mesos Amazon Tap...more

  • 163: Wet Right Thumb

    Apr 01 2016

    Pre-show: Theories on seasonal allergies Follow-up: Walmart is slightly less evil than we thought, at least in renewable energy Sustainability Walmart's Approach to Renewable Energy (PDF) Will we ever see USB ports on the iPad Pro? Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter Ubuntu on Windows Destiny and a dimming/hiding HUD NPM's recent disaster NPM NuGet CocoaPods CPAN Camel's dependencies CoffeeScript Typescript Safari Technology Preview Announcement blog post Intel ends Tick/Tock, introduces ...more

  • 162: iPhone Sorry Erin

    Mar 25 2016

    Follow-up: How many iPad and Mac users also carry iPhones? Why not use CloudKit or BackBlaze B2 for Overcast file uploads? Car break-ins via keyless entry amplifiers Apple's "Loop You In" Event Sad times for the Mac Intel Skylake Oculus founder's comments 40 Years in 40 Seconds Recap FBI stops hassling Apple (for now) Apple and the Environment Lisa Jackson Diversity reports Angela Ahrendts ResearchKit & CareKit Connected #83: It Looked Like a Liam Apple Watch bands Carrot Weather Fa...more

  • 161: Dark Mode Is Your Hat

    Mar 18 2016

    Why don't we have cellular MacBooks? NSURLSession allowsCellularAccess TripMode Unreleased cellular MacBook Pro prototype Could Photos.app's "UXKit" become AppKit's successor on the Mac? Jason Snell Brent Simmons Chameleon Marco might be a Mac developer shortly Rescue Time Chaos Monkey TaskPaper Overcast 2.5 released Amazon S3 Calculator Construction Set Apple Event on March 21 Intel Skylake Black plastic MacBook NATO-style watch straps (real NATO) Deployant clasps Post-show: John s...more

  • 160: Be Careful Out There

    Mar 10 2016

    Follow-up: SQL Server on Linux TV Mounts Dynamic Mounting Mantel Mount Marco's surprising product review Marketing the next 9.7-inch iPad Transmission's ransomware infection Gatekeeper The future of Mac OS X Steve Troughton-Smith's WWDC Wish List Omni Group Textmate Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: John doesn't go to Las Vegas. Sponsored by: Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Use promo code ATP10 for 10% off your first order. Squarespace: Build it beaut...more

  • 159: A Typo On Your Brake Pads

    Mar 03 2016

    Pre-show: The Ferrari Siracusa (really) Ruf Dinan BMW 1M Cobb Follow-up: Mono vs. Xamarin Apple's self-blacklisted ethernet driver Disk Utility typos Disk Utility and SuperDuper John can't resist a history lesson about filesystems (🛎) MFS HFS HFS+ btrfs John's quest for disc-less BluRay movies Plex Casey's reasons to use Plex Casey's Plex tips MakeMKV Don Melton's scripts Raspberry Pi nVidia Shield 24 fps test video - Be sure to download the original file. (Look for the arrow icon at the top ...more

  • 158: You Can't Outlaw Math

    Feb 25 2016

    Pre-show: Driving John's cold over to Craig's house The Talk Show interview with Craig Federighi and Eddy Cue Follow-up: Figma is in the browser Comic Sans was created for Microsoft Bob Microsoft Buys Xamarin Project Islandwood Ximian Apple and the FBI Statement from Apple Follow-up FAQ Justice Department wants more phones Apple Interview on ABC News Technical analysis by Jonathan Zdziarski More from Jonathan Idiocracy The Dead Zone Reactions/Useful Links Kieran Healy James Allworth Ben Thompso...more

  • 157: As Many People in the Sandbox as Possible

    Feb 17 2016

    Follow-up: iPad signatures My Briefcase Microsoft Bob Maniac Mansion Bluetooth-headphone video latency Casey's headphones John's tweet Possible explanation from Myles M. Potential Apple Car ECU Wind River Wind River in space Adobe bug deletes Backblaze folder Creative Cloud Sandboxing on the Mac Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi on The Talk Show Craig Federighi's prior appearance Phil Schiller's appearance Mossberg article on Apple's app quality Figma's Vector Networks Ending theme by Jonathan Mann ...more

  • 156: A Mac on Fire

    Feb 12 2016

    Follow-up: Previous-episode feedback and constructive criticism Einstein's quote Photos.app crop/aspect behavior theories Keyboard shortcuts Bluetoot (©MerlinCo 2011) headphone dongle concept TDK Boombox AGPtek Bluetooth to headphone converter Modern equivalent Sennheiser MM 400-X, Marco's pick for portable Bluetooth podcast listening Arctic P311, Casey's pick for inexpensive Bluetooth headphones Casey's new job The Life, by John Gruber Memberwise Initialization in Swift Casey briefly tries usi...more

  • 155: Edit, Crop, Aspect, Original

    Feb 05 2016

    Follow-up: Serial numbers on serviced Mac logic boards Long-distance wireless charging Artemis Shared iPad developer guidelines Walt Mossberg discovers the functional high ground Jim Dalrymple weighs in John Gruber weighs in Apple app design Marco's piece from last year Photos.app UI design Microsoft Word toolbars Apple TV UI design Hockey-puck mouse Rene Ritchie on fixing the remote Operation Why are we so critical of Apple? Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post show: The state of Apple hardware ...more

  • 154: A Rich Toddler’s Toy

    Jan 29 2016

    Follow-up: Audiobus used MIDI SysEx, not loopback networking Inter-App Audio on iOS offers Audio Unit extensibility Could Apple make a universal Lightning-headphone replacement cable? John's Destiny Heads-Up Display HDR Panasonic P55VT60 Pirate Eye Patches Quirks & Quarks Podcast Red lights & astronomy VESA mount iMac serial numbers Apple Earnings More graphs from Kieran Healy iPod graph Trucks vs. Cars El Camino Subaru Baja Subaru Brat All-product-lines performance graph (Posted after ...more

  • 153: Larger, Less Portable Pastures

    Jan 22 2016

    Pre-Show: Winter weather The Long Dark Memory barrier Pirate eye patches Follow-up: Protocol extensions Testing NSURLSession with Swift Studies on blue light and sleep quality National Center for Biotechnology Information (via @technorav) Harvard The shade of blue Casey's iMac Where is the iMac Serial Number? Casey's desk DragThing John on the Dock (redux) iAd App Network Discontinued Overview from Michael Tsai Under the Radar New Apple music apps Garage Band update Music Memos Serenity Caldwel...more

  • 152: Daddy Didn't Want the Good Graphics Card

    Jan 14 2016

    Casey bought an iMac... and you won't believe what happened next. Plex vs. Infuse Mac Power Users on Plex Casey's blog post Follow-up: Swift and default final Mocks C#'s treatment (via @neilcronin) Objective-C's equivalent hack Rust vs. Swift vs. Go MagSafe vs. USB-C UpThere Little Snitch's tweet Crashlytics adds a theory UpThere's Confirmation Apple TV Tech Talk iOS 9.3 WiFi Assist Update f.lux Night Shift PNAS study (PDF) iPads in the classroom Connected with Fraser Speirs Post-show: Wheel o...more

  • 151: The Opposite of Final

    Jan 08 2016

    Follow-up: UpThere AWS Little Snitch Upthere's response EC2 iPhone 7 Headphone Jack New USB-C peripherals for the MacBook One Griffin "MagSafe" Hyper USB-C Hub CES E3 Swift Code of Conduct linux-kernel mailing list Randi Harper (FreeBSDGirl)'s post Swift proposal for default final Method swizzling Jordan Rose What does Swift mean for Go and Rust? Post-show grab bag: RIP WebObjects? Chevy Bolt Faraday FFZero1 Mechanical "Apple Watch" Space Black Milanese Tag Heuer Connected Flip camera FitBit Bl...more

  • 150: A Mac Pro in Every Pot

    Dec 31 2015

    Follow-up: Foliage in Apple stores Casey gets a new Apple TV Plex Harmy's Despecialized Editions Casey gets a new RetinaPad Mini Apple SIM Steven Troughton-Smith making windows on iOS Cintiq What plausible/realistic things are we hoping for in 2016? Marco — Apple TV: get better Nilay Patel's piece at The Verge O'Reilly Polar Bear Book Guy English Casey — App Store: get better John — Mac Pro: get newer ...and a new 5K Cinema Display Marco — Finish the Retina transition Casey — Swift on the serve...more

  • 149: Everyone's on Vacation

    Dec 24 2015

    Casey's reconciled differences Three truths and a lie Marco experiments with his website Second Crack CentOS Under the Radar Chrome vs. Safari on the desktop Phil Schiller takes over the App Store Ben Thompson's take (Stratechery members only) Apache Mesos Les Moonves CBS/60 Minutes feature on Apple Riccio's quote John Gruber and Phil Schiller on The Talk Show Upthere Bertrand Serlet Cloud to Butt Post-show: Neutral: Marco has ordered a Tesla The great bagel dispute Sponsored by: Linode: Ge...more

  • 148: Your Feelings Are Real

    Dec 18 2015

    Follow-up: Green shifting (see also) Continuous release schedules Jeff Atwood's Infinite Version iPhone 7 battery theories 4-inch iPhone 6S predictions Marco's SOLEMEMO battery case Marco's slim battery brick Negativity about Apple Apple TV App Store challenges Ctrl-Walt-Delete: A Cycle of Despair BMW X6M Swift Open Sourcing The Talk Show #139 Chris Lattner's tongue-in-cheek tweet First non-Lattner commit Lattner's reply Apache 2 License patent grant Package manager Code owners Homebrew Max How...more

  • 147: Here I Am, I'm a Battery

    Dec 11 2015

    Follow-up: The iPhone Lightning Dock exists Benefits of Lightning headphones USB Type C supports analog audio Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader Remote.app for iOS now works with the new Apple TV Swift/Foundation bridging Apple iPhone 6S battery case Porsche Panamera Joanna Stern's Review Anker Ultra Slim Apple "No" video Marco's preferred battery brick "Flower" iMac G4 Chin-less battery case Casey's Lenmar battery case Apple updated all of their OSes State of our Watch usage What the future m...more

  • 146: Control + Money + Smallness

    Dec 05 2015

    Follow-up: iMacs and IR ports mDNSResponder gets fixed by a phone call to Tim Cook German video Vint Cerf DARPA TCP/IP IETF Stuart Cheshire iPhone 7 rumored to drop the headphone jack Existing Lightning-equipped headphones Slimmed-down headphone jack Lightning Digital AV Adapter Casey's Bluetooth headphones Marco's Bluetooth headphones Swift goes open-source Copland 2010 LLVM Clang Apple on Github Traditional Apple open source Swift commit graph First Swift commit Material #23 with Matías Duart...more

  • 145: Lasers and Pew-Pew and Space Aliens

    Nov 24 2015

    Pre-show / Follow-out‡: John Siracusa Paper Doll John riding on Merlin's back John on top of Hypercritical Mountain Marco's version of John... plus a bowtie Top Four on Take-Out Food Roanoke Colony Extracurriculars: Reconcilable Differences Top Four Robot or Not The Incomparable Casey's guest spot Analog(ue) Follow-up: iPad Pro and wide-gamut displays iMac insomnia What 2015 tech are we thankful for? John gets hypercritical about Thanksgiving mDNSResponder (not discoveryd) Functional High Groun...more

  • 144: Digital Schmear

    Nov 21 2015

    Follow-up: Apple TV vs. game consoles Mac App Store certificate problems Apple's Apology Sparkle Michael Tsai: No One Minding The Store Space Gremlin Daisy Disk Twitterrific iPad Pro, featuring special guest Tiffany Arment Smart Cover Pencil Back to Work #247 Tiff's Signature Adobe Sketch Procreate Tayasui Sketches DisplayMate on iPad display quality USB3 speeds in the Lightning connector Post-show: Mrs. Siracusa's new iMac 5K Sponsored by: Automatic: Your smart driving assistant. Get $20 o...more

  • 143: Capital F, Capital C

    Nov 13 2015

    Follow-up: Menu button snap-back on the Apple TV remote John's children react to the remote Marco and Apple TV gaming Badland Limbo World of Goo Provenance f.lux iPad Pro Steve Streza's latency video Matt Panzarino's no-latency video Microsoft touch latency demo video WWDC session Andy Ihnatko's dream Multitasking UI paradigms OpenDoc Post-show: Neutral Casey's fender damage Sponsored by: MailRoute: Hosted spam and virus protection for email. Use this link for 10% off for the life of your a...more

  • 142: Hateful Game of Frogger

    Nov 05 2015

    Follow-out*: Marco and _David Smith's new show, Under the Radar Follow-up: Facebook's ineptitude Spotlight indexing for NAS drives Why do Google Play Music and Stitcher re-host podcasts? CPM Apple TV S/PDIF The Talk Show #134 Upgrade #61 Konami Code John's Wii U Setup Woes Gaming Crossy Road Alto's Adventure Zaxxon Steelseries Nimbus Polygon on Apple TV games Oceanhorn Provenance Plex Post show: Follow-up on TV audio and sound bars Casey reads the manual for Marco's car Sponsored by: Cards ...more

  • 141: Chain-Link-Fenced Garden

    Oct 29 2015

    Apple TV and home theater Apple's guide to choosing a capacity Optical splitter from HDMI Marco doesn't know what a "sound bar" is Follow-up: 5400 RPM benchmarks, charts Mac GPUs, heat, and noise 2015 5K iMac overheats? Dynamic range compression in the new AppleTV? Monitor height and VESA-mounting Facebook statement on app battery usage John's Star Wars tickets Apple's earnings call Benedict Evans' chart: iPad vs. laptops Large-storage needs at home: NAS, Drobo, or external hard drives? Upgrade...more

  • 140: Harpooned a Turtle

    Oct 22 2015

    John tries to buy Star Wars tickets Follow-up: Chipworks on the A9s (PDF) Consumer Reports on battery life Fusion Drives Magic Trackpad to augment rather than replace Is the Magic Trackpad 2 too expensive? Xbox One Elite iMac revisited Then and Now Accessories without Bluetooth Apple's balance of priorities: use vs. looks vs. profit Elevation Stand Leander Kahney's Ive book 20th Anniversary Mac Facebook battery usage Post-show: Perl 6 Sponsored by: Automatic: Your smart driving assistant. G...more

  • 139: I've Seen This Train Before

    Oct 15 2015

    Pre-show: Where is the updated 15" MacBook Pro? Follow-up: TSMC vs. Samsung A9 battery life Overcast 2 File formats are fun Bugs Facebook KVOController FCModel What's next Authenticated feeds? Business model Vesper Marco's XOXO talk Marco sees a medium Post-show: New iMacs Increased gamut 1 & 2 Fusion drive down to 24 GB of flash New keyboard, trackpad, and mouse Key travel comparison Sponsored by: lynda.com: Learn at your own pace from expert-taught video tutorials. Free 10-day trial. ...more

  • 138: Only Microsoft

    Oct 08 2015

    Follow-up: Boxee Box and oddly-shaped TV dinguses TiVo Bolt feature upgrades for Roamios Top Gear redux begins (Clarkson's tweet) A tale of two A9s Extra battery life? (more at Engadget) Geekbench results: 1 2 Test App Released after we recorded, Apple's statement The phenomenal ATP artwork by Mindaugas Rudokas Get his app, Disco Timer Full-resolution version Microsoft Surface Book Odd iMac colors More from Stephen Hackett Jack Dorsey is back at Twitter Tweetbot 4 Post-show: P85D vs. 458 Spon...more

  • 137: Feature Photos

    Oct 01 2015

    Follow-up: Endowment effect VFX and Wacom tablets Dr. Wave, iPad Pros, and Pixar Ad-blocker penetration Ruggedized phones Apple Music trial ends for day-one adopters Who renewed? What's to like? What's not to like? Getting rid of "loves" iPhone 6s 3D Touch Web 3D Touch support (via @bzamayo) Taptic Engine Live Photos Siri and the M9 Daniel Jalkut on haptic feedback Daniel Jalkut on Siri's headphone tax Inventory A9 manufactured by TSMC and Samsung El Capitan R.I.P., John's reviews Post-show TiV...more

  • 136: War and Peace

    Sep 25 2015

    Follow-up: Requirements that Find My iPhone and passcodes are disabled for iPhone repairs iPhone 6s Live Photos Gruber's review watchOS/2 and colored activity rings Peace Removal Keeping the Peace WWDC: Content Blockers Parakeet The Loop's list of content blockers Ghostery's announcement Loss aversion Sponsored by: Igloo: An intranet you'll actually like. MailRoute: Hosted spam and virus protection for email. Use this link for 10% off for the life of your account. Squarespace: Start here, g...more

  • 135: Uncomfortable in My Pants

    Sep 18 2015

    Pre-show: Top Four Follow-up: CEC Unicorns _David Smith's 16 GB iPhone Research Damocles iPhone 6/6S battery numbers Naked robotic core Casey's Lenmar battery case Mophie Juice Pack Reserve Anker's very similar battery case Casey's crescent moon and Genius Bar policies Purchases Apple TV Development hardware lottery Apology mouse Plex for Apple TV Clicks vs. taps 24p TV Calibration THX Tune Up app MFI Games Can Apple TV require a controller? Apple documentation Screenshot of prior Apple docume...more

  • 134: Who Did It Firster?

    Sep 10 2015

    Pre-show: Casey, Plex, his Synology, and transcoding Don Melton's scripts DLNA DS214Play TouchID and "S" iPhones iPhone crescent moon Safari pinned tabs markup W3 mailing list Apple September Event Apple Watch [New watch metals and bands] watchOS 2, custom complications, apps, and Overcast Is the Apple Watch doomed? iPad Pro Paper Paper Pencil Surface Keyboard Cover Wacom Cintiq Apple TV CEC TV Specs HIG Steelseries Nimbus Requiring game controllers Thomas Was Alone The Goodfellas podcast Paral...more

  • 133: You Have to Walk the Dog

    Sep 02 2015

    Follow-up: Why not use push notifications for the iPhone 6 Plus iSight replacement program Apple, attitude, "cool", and change Songs of Innocence iPod Hi-Fi Force Touch and Taptic Engine in the iPhone 6S Upgrade #51 New York Times on Amazon's stressful culture Jeff Bezos' rebuttal Ballmer Peak Creativity, Inc. Dustin Moskovitz on 40-hour work weeks Work-life balance and workaholism What's necessary for a successful startup? Post-show: John's well-honed capacity for doing nothing Addiction to co...more

  • 132: Digital Hearth

    Aug 26 2015

    Pre-show: Casey's Tom Bihn Cadet review Follow-up: John's 802.11ac device (via @_adamluther) John's Wi-Fi Routers AirPort Extreme Teardown Noctua fan What computer should Casey buy? Mouse design Apple Mouse Apology Mouse Apple Pro Mouse Logitech MX Revolution Low Men in Yellow Coats Apple Mouse History John's home mouse John's work mouse Magic Mouse, "Fixed" Wirecutter review with grip pictures Overcast upgrades at Linode John's adventures with Safari pinned tab icons Alternate markup Illustrat...more

  • 131: Finding Your Way Back In

    Aug 21 2015

    Pre-show: Microphones and Electronics Schiit Wyrd Shure SM7B Shure Beta 58A Shure Beta 87A Neodymium magnet Cardioid microphone Follow-up: How Intel Skylake is faster ECC RAM Failures (PDF) Bit error likelihood DRAM errors in the wild (PDF) Encrypted backups and password management strategies Mat Honan's hacking story Jason Snell on Alphabet on Upgrade (Overcast link) Overcast playlist modification from the web iPhone rumor time! Pink iPhones? Pink Razr New materials? iPhone 6 crescent-moon fla...more

  • 130: Technical Countermeasures

    Aug 14 2015

    Follow-up: IBM's TrackPoint study More on [self-proclaimed] Tap-to-Click Wizards Apple SIM Apple's documentation Lady Whimsy's summary 1 2 3 4 Carrier Performance Feedback from Chris 1 2 Carrier plans Derek's theory Ben's theory Jeffrey's theory Links from Aaron E FCC on early termination fees Mobile carriers stand by cancellation fees More on the FCC Notebook Xeons G is for Google Ad-Blocking Ethics Safari is the new IE Gruber on iMore Rene Ritchie on content blockers Ghostery Disconnect Ad B...more

  • 129: Tap-to-Click Wizard

    Aug 06 2015

    Skylake desktop CPUs launch Casey joins 2012 "Change your apps name. Not that big of a deal." TrackPoint TrackPoint Mouse Leap Motion 2015 iPhone predictions Naked robotic core It's Ramifications! Carrier subsidies and pricing games AT&T Next Post-show: Repairing iPads Hot water heaters Marco's new camera Sony A7R II Sony FE 35mm f/2.8 Sony FE 55mm f/1.8 Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 macro Canon 5D Mark II Nikon D750 Casey's camera setup Sponsored by: Cards Against Humanity: A free party game for ...more

  • 128: Blue Ring Stud

    Jul 29 2015

    Pre-show: Invisible formatting Chapter markers and Germany Follow-up: Satya Nadella on Microsoft's iMac Samsung SSDs and TRIM MacNN SSD testing Marco's cellular-option dilemma Reddit Reddit is no longer owned by Condé Nast John slacked off for 46 days What makes Twitter marginally less crummy? Q&A about policies El Capitan's Rootless Mode WWDC Session 706 – Security and Your Apps Audio Hijack Paths in the Grass Mac App Store... still stinks. Coda Craig Hockenberry on the Mac App Store Post-...more

  • 127: Not a Cactus in Sight

    Jul 22 2015

    Pre-follow-up: Streaming over cellular and UI dilemmas in Overcast 2.0 Follow-up: Original Half Life is available on the Mac (via @Kristian) On-demand resources API and NSProgress (via @Hunter) Marco tries to deny he likes playing games Desert Golfing Alto's Adventure Prison Architect Theme Hospital OpenTTD, the rewritten and expanded Transport Tycoon Intel's tick-tock seems to be over Reddit kerfuffle CGP Grey's video: What is Reddit? Hello Internet #43 Rocket #26 and #27 Laurie Voss's two twe...more

  • 126: The Web Kind of Happens to You

    Jul 16 2015

    Pre-show: John being particular about his particular renovations Follow-up: Web apps versus native apps in the enterprise/government Browser choice on iOS Font safety TRIM versus over-provisioning Half Life is available for the Mac Counterstrike Team Fortress 2 Markov generator New iPod Touch Steve Troughton-Smith notes it's iPod7,1 Matthew Panzarino's speed tests Metal App thinning & slicing iPod Nano Gruber's take iPod Shuffle Post-show: FCModel Optimistic locking SQLite PRAGMAs Sponsor...more

  • 125: A Better Future for Everybody

    Jul 10 2015

    Follow-up: Do SSDs understand the data that they write? Honda Fit cameras BMW Top View camera Classical music on Apple Music Origins of "on an infinite timescale", thanks to official show historian _David Smith Discussion from last episode First usage from #83 Concept's introduction Copland 2010 American radio sucks Safari is the new IE Nolan's Follow-Up W3C canvas Code Hard or Go Home CSS4 Selector Test Current results CSS Spinner Test Current results Microsoft eviscerates their phone business...more

  • 124: The Tyranny of Radio

    Jul 03 2015

    Follow-up: Bitcode and portability Dan Gohman's mailing list post Google PNaCL Chris Lattner weighs in: 1 & 2 10.10.4 and TRIM support Overview Ars comment thread Cheap vs. Good vs. Commercial pricing and build qualities Apple's use of Samsung SSDs The comedy of updating hard drive firmware Apple Music Beats 1 Serenity Caldwell on Apple Music vs. iTunes Match Paul Haddad on how to turn off auto-renewal MUTEMATH article Casey found Fury Road Post-show: The Apple TV ad that mentions CONFIG.S...more

  • 123: Imperfect Signaling Mechanism

    Jun 24 2015

    Follow-up: Bitcode is specific to its originally targeted CPU architecture Bruce Hoult tweet 1, tweet 2 C data types Endianness Data structure alignment Steve Troughton-Smith S1 analysis by Chipworks The (un)likelihood of ARM Macs Apple's transition from PowerPC to Intel CPUs Intel Skylake Swift 2 and compiler self-hosting Mono's compiler history Oculus as "the Palm Pilot of VR" John, his watch, and his nose Myke was right again Myke was originally right about the iPhone 6 Plus Safari Content B...more

  • 122: My Results Were Inconclusive

    Jun 19 2015

    Follow-up: John loses leaves his wallet John on losing his wallet on ATP #121 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Casey's discontinued Yubi Wallet Marco's Slimmy Wallet Notes.app runs on CloudKit The MacBook One and Photos iOS 9 and QuickType Casey on iOS 9 Picture-In-Picture Bitcode Platforms State of the Union Change in session description (at the bottom) John's Swift article John's tweet about ARM Macs LLVM Bitcode file format LLVM IR encoding LLVM assembly language Marco on app signing crashes...more

  • 121: Admitted No Wrongdoing

    Jun 09 2015

    Our WWDC 2015 special, live in person from a hotel room in San Francisco: The keynote presentation Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan Natural-language search Window management iOS 9 iPad enhancements: Keyboard navigation gestures Side-by-side apps Will these revive iPad sales growth? New Notes app Folding Text is the app Marco couldn't remember the name of Apple Instant Articles News app Publisher FAQ Swift going open-source watchOS 2.0 Third-party complications Initial thoughts on the native API Post-...more

  • 120: One Magical Wire

    Jun 05 2015

    Pre-show: Weebles Wobble Casey's temporary setup to mess with John John starts two new podcasts: Reconcilable Differences with Merlin Mann Robot or Not with Jason Snell Follow-up: Apple Watch distance & step count accuracy Apple Support Document Jony Ive's promotion Collateralized debt obligation John Gruber at Daring Fireball Chris Bangle Jeff Williams is Senior Vice President, Operations Google Photos Connected Russell Ivanovic's interesting search results Canon 5D Mark II Samsung Galaxy ...more

  • 119: Promoretired

    May 29 2015

    This week we're joined by friend of the show Christina Warren (@film_girl). Christina writes for Mashable and hosts Rocket and Overtired. As a part of this podcast exchange program, John joined Rocket for this week's episode. Pre-show: Casey's new mug thanks to @_DavidSmith Follow-Up: Showbot woes Heroku's pricing changes Erin's MacBook Air AppleCare+ Synology DS1813+ Apple Watch accuracy whilst running Acquiring media Sonarr Plex Popcorntime Keeping up with the Kardashians HBO Now versus HBO...more

  • 118: A Fistful of Apple Watches

    May 22 2015

    Follow-up: Running with Apple Watch – what if you hurt yourself? Major Indian retailer Flipkart is going app-only (via @voldyman) When do apps make sense? When does the web? Apple Store EasyPay Cosmodrome by Brianna Wu RSS vs. blog Twitter accounts Hypercritical Marco.org Liss is More WatchOS 1.0.1 WWDC App Camp for Girls Happy Hour – meet us there! Release Notes #105 Layers altConf Hotels Parc55 Pickwick Mosser New Retina MacBook Pro Barefeats benchmark Battery life specs Details Mistake ...more

  • 117: You Don't Have the Antibodies

    May 14 2015

    Follow-up: Inclusivity Twitter Accounts Everyday Sexism Brianna Wu Leigh Alexander Feminist Frequency Christina Warren Podcasts Rocket Vector iMore Podcast Clockwise Plex and Network Attached Storage iPhoto and Time Machine Watches replacing phones Mac App Store Sam Soffes' blog post App sandboxing Tyranny of the handbag Apple Watch accuracy during exercise without iPhone Garmin GPS Watches Pedometer++ Google Maps Pedometer Casey gets an Apple Watch Facebook Instant Articles Ben Thompson Speed ...more

  • 116: Women Aren't a Minority

    May 08 2015

    Pre-show: Marco defends his backyard duck from raccoons Follow-up: HFS+ and Network Attached Storage The Synology we use is the DS1813+, but the DS1815+ is the modern version DS214play Photos.app Saving and transferring edits between photo apps Flickr gives 1 TB free (via @VJGoh) Disabling iCloud Photo Library 1 & 2 LaunchControl for managing launchd jobs Microsoft, iOS, Swift (via @esusatyo) Swift is being worked on Presentation video Marco versus the raccoons, illustrated How do we encour...more

  • 115: Empathy for the Machine

    May 01 2015

    ATP Shirt: Last chance, buy now! Available until Wednesday, 6 May. Pre-show: Neko Atsume ("the cat game") Follow-up: Bad Seagate hard drives How Hard Disks Work (page 7) The MacBook Air survives... for now! launchd launchd plist generator Lingon cron Photos Background processes iStat Menus Hard links John on symbolic and hard links in his Leopard review Shared album photo limit (via Lance Hildebrand) Performance Mucho Spanish Will Hains Deleted photos Restoring from backups Deletion instruction...more

  • 114: So Far, So OK

    Apr 24 2015

    ATP T-Shirts available until Wednesday, 6 May! Follow-up: Natural disasters, Thailand, and hard drives Synology hard drive redundancy strategies Synology Hybrid Raid Synology DS1814+ (our Synology) New MacBook battery life under load AnandTech Marco on "battery outliers" TDP Ridiculous Apple Watch case Journey soundtrack is now on vinyl and as predicted Marco is upset about it. WWDC Tickets @swilliams' awful experience New Photos app for Mac Casey's workflow Picturelife Filing script Geotagging...more

  • 113: Get Your Ears Ready to Hear Me Complain

    Apr 16 2015

    Donate to the EFF as a thanks for invalidating key claims of the "podcasting patent" Follow-up: There is no air gap in at least "most models" of the Apple Watch (via Jeremy Heberlein) What watches did we order? Apple Store App (iTunes Link) Marco's Blog Post Casey's Blog Post Joel Housman's Blog Post Dr. Drang challenges Marco ATP is selling T-shirts again! Be sure to order before Wednesday, 6 May! Visit voiceover artist and clothier Matt Alexander's awesome company, Need. WWDC AltConf New tick...more

  • 112: The Problem Is You

    Apr 09 2015

    Follow-up: There are some nice people on Twitter MacBook Pros and external displays Specs page Grandma's Boy's seat/display setup Scrubbing streaming video Koenigsegg "One to One" PowerPC Macs with x86 hardware compatibility, PC users, and the power button Meta-discussion about the show format In-N-Out Secret Menu Upgrade #30 Scroll hijacking and modern web design The Verge Apple Watch Review iMac with Retina 5K display splash page Myst Apple Watch reviews Nilay Patel at The Verge Joanna Stern ...more

  • 111: That Big Ring Underground Somewhere in Europe

    Apr 04 2015

    Follow-up: Pork food safety F-16 and F/A-18 control sticks External displays and the current MacBook Pro "This never would have happened if Steve was alive" Comparing past actions versus intentions The Macalope's take Marco is sleepy and Casey is envious Siracusa's reference Fabrication of DRAM versus SRAM X-ray lithography Moore's Law AnandTech on 32mm and SRAM Process size chart (via @GordonMcGregor) ARM Macs and roadmap rumors Surface RT Microsoft Build MacBook Geekbench benchmark Simon Whit...more

  • 110: And on That Bombshell…

    Mar 27 2015

    Follow-up: Pronunciation of Marques Brownlee Has Intel Skylake been delayed? Reasons for MacBook limitations 16 GB RAM 1 USB port RAM and silicon process sizes Apple apps updated to use Force Touch trackpad New MacBook missing 3-finger drag? Tim Cook's model-lineup philosophy Intel SkyLake and the wireless PC WiDi WiGig Nintendo and DeNA Partnership Kotaku Pokémon could be bad Post-show about the presumed demise of Top Gear: BBC statement on Jeremy Clarkson Casey's blog post The Incomparable on...more

  • 109: Bigger in the Pocket

    Mar 21 2015

    Follow-up: Tipster's compatriot Nintendo World Championships Stadium Events - The rare Nintendo cartridge that starts with an "s." McLaren F1 resale Bluetooth headphones Casey's headphones Marco's Bluetooth headphones (discontinued) AptX codec VoiceOver (via @lioncourt) Watch Edition pricing Gold video MacBook Faster flash John knows about the existing spacebars Mockup by @damnweather Ports MKBHD prediction Jony Ive on design Naysayer notions Thin PCs Asus Zenbook UX305 Official specs Lenovo ad...more

  • 108: Zero is Better Than One

    Mar 12 2015

    Pre-Show: Last Exile Follow-Up: More on Crossy Road Previously on ATP 94, 95, 96 Previous interview with Crossy Road creators Anonymous tips from last episode Casey's tweet recap USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter USB-C VGA Mulitport Adapter Monday's Apple Event New MacBook Performance is on par with a 2012 MacBook Air Handbrake Broadwell Robert Thomas' tweet USB-C to USB Adapter Jason Snell on the keyboard Keyboard comparison GIF Internals 13-inch nearly-borderless Dell laptop Will Apple k...more

  • 107: We Get the Most Boring Tips

    Mar 05 2015

    Pre-show: How Marco and John approach owning nice things Analog(ue) Ferrari 488 GTB 488 Seat controls Follow-up: Tesla margins (as brought up by William Fairaday) Being enthusiastic about your "team" Tesla vs. Top Gear Tesla vs. The New York Times Heathrow's self-driving pods (via Michael Luís Brown) West Virginia University's PRT – more on Wikipedia One ship pollutes as much as 50M cars (also via Michael Luís Brown) TED Talk – start at 8:00 (via Nick Thain) The Guardian on ships' pol...more

  • 106: That’s Slightly Right

    Feb 27 2015

    Follow-up: Tesla and "customer sat" Tweet from Elon Musk Apple's Minivan Apple Columbus iPhone prototypes BMW X7 testing BMW i3 Apple/Tesla poaching 9to5Mac staff details 9to5Mac on hiring of Mercedes Benz head of R&D What is Apple building? Jason Snell at Six Colors Fortune Sugar water explained Triumph of the Nerds John Sculley recounts getting hired Steve Jobs on Microsoft Auto parts suppliers ZF Bosch Harman Retina MacBook Pro image-retention test Tesla Roadster & Lotus Magna Steyr ...more

  • 105: Do You Want to Sell Sugar Phones for the Rest of Your Life?

    Feb 20 2015

    Follow-up: Where does Apple use iCloud Core Data Sync? Trailers App? Keyboard Shortcuts? React in the objc.io interview with Andy Matuschak Apple making a car? Neutral CarPlay 9to5 Mac on hiring Mercedes-Benz R&D Wall Street Journal Tesla GM EV1 Nissan Leaf Mr. Fusion Flux Capacitor Neutral on car UIs BMW iDrive Saab Saturn Mitsubishi Volkswagen Service Bus Volkswagen R32 MyFord Touch Ford Sync Post-show: What shape would an Apple car take? Tesla Model X Ford Crown Victoria Smart car Jony I...more

  • 104: Minutiæ

    Feb 12 2015

    Follow-up Email to the show's feedback form What's a toaster oven? The canonical "Breville" J'SON Photos.app does exist! Jason Snell's Preview Jason Snell's Q&A, including info on hard links The Verge's FAQ Learning to Love Photo Management Casey's script Dr. Drang's script Aperture Lightroom Bridge UXKit Also in Xcode? Guy English New UI Frameworks & Paradigms Async Display Kit SMP React Native Josh Abernathy's Reaction Deep dive video Reveal, the Sherlocked exploded-views app John's j...more

  • 103: An Atheist or a Howard Stern Fan

    Feb 06 2015

    Using Safari's Inspector into the iOS Simulator Follow-up: Handwriting recognition @dansherson Will Hains' Video Jumanji Inkwell John's OS X 10.2 Review Marco hates everyone and their email FCC and Net Neutrality Title II Tom Wheeler Apple sensor cars Running Overcast Linode Rackspace Digital Ocean Kryptos Vips ImageMagick libgd Family Sharing woes Family Sharing in John's Yosemite review Post-show: More Destiny woes John's Destiny TV UI issues John teases Marco John's retweet Toaster judging c...more

  • 102: Marco Is Not a Platform

    Jan 30 2015

    Follow-up: Handwriting recognition with non-Roman languages (via @dansherson) Marco's possibly-hypocritical (but not hypercritical) thoughts on Apple developer relations The Talk Show #107: Now It's All Floppy Overcast earnings Hello Internet #6: Delete, Flag, Delete, Reply Analog(ue) #16: I Don't Trust Systems Back to Work How do you learn a new language? Casey's blog post Tour of Go Stack Overflow NSHipster Apple's earnings Brewster's Millions Debug #60: Shipping Software The Talk Show #108: ...more

  • 101: Big Plastic Finger

    Jan 23 2015

    Follow-up: 12" MacBook Air Efficient use of PCI Express lanes may be the reason for only one USB 3.1 port. RIP Thunderbolt? Sessile Thunderbolt Display Duo Dock Belkin Thunderbolt Dock How do you power it? WiTricity Demo video Artemis/pCell ATP #61 ATP #62 Back to the Future 2 Reliability Probability Dr. Drang Kieran Healy Network Effect iPad Pro with an optional stylus? Paper Pencil Cosmonaut CES Wirecutter highlights UHD Alliance CES: Worse Products Through Software Audio Hijack 3 Screenshot ...more

  • 100: MacBook Shuffle

    Jan 16 2015

    Pre-show: 🎉 Episode 100 🎉 Hypercritical Build and Analyze Roderick on the Line: A Minimum of Eels Showbot woes (again) Camel updates marked markdown-it Showbot issue screencap Follow-up: Anecdotal evidence of USB usage Context of the 12" Air discussion Keynote Thinness Jason Becker reminds us of Hypercritical John's post on thinness Hypercritical #91 Solving for x Powering a 12" Air Troy Gaul's first theory Troy Gaul's second theory Does the 12" Air compete with Chromebooks? Molar Stampede fo...more

  • 99: Pop-Up Headlights

    Jan 09 2015

    Follow-Up: SSL In schools & corporations Gogo actually issues their own certificates to intercept SSL SOCKS Using C# outside Windows (via Frank A. Krueger) Marco's Go feed poller update IDE Eclipse Rust Communicating sequential processes Apple's Software Quality Marco's post Marco's retrospective Mention on CNBC Hypercritical #55 Casey's response to Marco Glenn Fleishman's list How to write for understanding Marco laments about software quality in the past Rumored 12" MacBook Air PlugBug C...more

  • 98: Landmines, Pitfalls, and Bottomless Pits

    Jan 03 2015

    Follow-up: More on John's windowing strategy Application Switcher Menu (the developer's site is down) DragThing Why one would run SSL on "read-only" sites Marco (mostly) hates new things again Node Go Python Generics C Macros Operator overloading Rails John's thought on Twitter AnyEvent libev libevent Shifty Jelly & Pocket Casts Core Intuition on Swift Garbage Collection in Objective-C Apple Java Bridge CodeWarrior Apple's Marketing Survey (via Joe Sieger) App Store Review Guidelines, speci...more

  • 97: You Have to Know When to Stop

    Dec 26 2014

    Follow-Up: Google giving SSL Sites search ranking boost (via (@thesupermikey) Let's Encrypt plans to give free SSL certs Google Authenticator and handling web forms appropriately Marco expands his horizons POODLE attack cURL SSL/TLS Node.js supervisord beanstalkd curl-multi camo Heroku memcached nginx JavaScript prototypes Pentium Pro V8 Engine setTimeout() Go NSURLSession MacMiniColo Linode Zend Framework Hack HHVM CloudKit Holidays as the family tech support expert Fill Your TV DiskWarrio...more

  • 96: The Windows of Siracusa County

    Dec 19 2014

    Casey upgrades his podcasting setup after an awkward Apple store experience Follow-up: App Store Woes Panic's Transmit woes reversed DragonDrop Timebar Launcher Crossy Road financials PS4 DLNA support is coming (via @asendra_) Plex has announced PS4 support (via @returnedlast) However, rollout will be staggered Sleazy Twitter app scans Nick Arnott corrects Marco Christmas comes early for John, perhaps because of Romain Moisescot Pastebot (RIP) Microsoft Acquires Hockey App Azure Mobile Services...more

  • 95: The Bear Wakes Up and Bites You

    Dec 11 2014

    Follow-Up: Ad income isn't included in Top Grossing (Joe F.) Crossy Road added a coin doubler (Steve Lubitz) and developer response Daniel Jalkut's idea for Push Notification Traps This week's App Store drama The phone call to Launcher's developer Apple's questionable decisions recently Friction within Apple? Stratechery: App Store Anguish, Old Apple's Last Stand, Time for a Change? (membership required) Obligations to maintain your apps Why Casey discontinued Fast Text Open-source time commitm...more

  • 94: Spirited Defense of Pong

    Dec 05 2014

    Follow-Up: Casey clears up his car intentions Golf R Wagon/Estate Apple using push notifications for an advertisement App Store Rule 5.6 Paul Haddad's Idea Drafts' Today Widget fiasco Tweets from Greg Pierce, author of Drafts One, two, three, four PCalc's Today Widget brouhaha Should one create an app for creating podcasts? Are niche professional apps worth creating? Well, maybe... Final Draft John August's Scripnotes Podcast Quark XPress Logic Pro X Hindenburg (Why the name "Hindenburg"?) Fog ...more

  • 93: I'm Not Running a Boarding House Here

    Nov 26 2014

    Follow-up: Correction on battery increases year over year Hypercritical #74 Apple's priorities and engineering tradeoffs The Prompt (succeeded by Connected) Palm V IIS on !Windows Kestrel libuv nginx Scott Hanselman's summary Casey can't manufacture that thing like Apple does Homescreens Some people like them empty Group homescreen shaming #Homescreen and the top apps John Marco Casey Why there isn't an Overcast Mac app (yet?) Tumblr Backup Chameleon Overcast iPad Core Intuition Pod Wrangler Ma...more

  • 92: You Don't Know My Pants

    Nov 19 2014

    Follow-up: Inside info on why iWork seems so screwed up More on open source .NET, from @Scionwest 1 2 3 4 Discourse (source) Germany's equivalent of Consumer Reports tests the bendiness of the new iPhones (link in German) Nokia's new tablet features the USB Type C connector WatchKit _DavidSmith's Predictions _DavidSmith's Initial Impressions GEOS Craig Hockenberry on UI consistency Pete Burtis expands on the idea Post-show: John's iPhone activation woes SIM removal tool John critiques c...more

  • 91: Press Agree to Drive

    Nov 14 2014

    Twitter's absurd mission strategy statement Demotivational Poster Should we use a carousel? Follow-up: More on app bundles Does iWork help Apple sell hardware? RiMac GPUs are throttled? It's possible to get hot even in OS X Gaming benchmarks More from Ars iStat Menus Why TRIM isn't widely supported on OS X iPhone 6 vs. 6 Plus sales (via @_ryanbrodie) More from Localytics Overcast 1.1 CarPlay Marco's testing setup Pioneer SPH-DA120 MPPlayableContentManager We covered in-car user interfaces b...more

  • 90: Speculative Abandonware

    Nov 07 2014

    Follow-up: Declan night one It's Andy Samberg that is part of Lonely Island, not "Adam Sandberg". Many of the videos below contain explicit lyrics. Saturday Night Live Brooklyn Nine-Nine "Lazy Sunday" "On a Boat" "[Cheney] in a Box" T-Pain Autotune "Semicolon" App store prevents too-expensive bundle purchases (via @walruscp) TRIM support and John's SSD Trim Enabler and a related Yosemite FAQ AHCI Ars on the rise of SSDs SandForce Source list opacity in Yosemite (1 2) This was also covered on J...more

  • 89: DeLorean + McLaren

    Nov 02 2014

    Casey's new arrival Some background The Jackal Follow-Up: Marco's Retina iMacs may be on a boat The Talk Show FU: the new iMac displays are laminated FCC sues AT&T for heavy throttling of their "unlimited" plan ECC RAM is actually worth it Marco's intentions for his Mac Pro iFixIt's Teardown of the iMac with Retina 5K Display _David Smith's screenshot of Xcode and iOS Simulator Fan noise thoughts and recording Casey has used Apple Pay More on App Store bundles as upgrade pricing Unread'...more

  • 88: Standing on Opposite Sides of the Gym

    Oct 24 2014

    Follow-up: SMS Relay doesn't require Bluetooth Low Energy (Tweet by @Jury) Is a grandfathered AT&T unlimited-data plan worth keeping? Dropbox versus iCloud Drive versus OneDrive Dropbox document picker Bluetooth mesh networking Twitter's developer conference Twitter Digits Marco on developers trusting Twitter Dave Winer's response Verge article Yosemite Review recap, one week on. Does anyone really care about the Mac anymore? iMore's iOS 8 Review Yosemite first thoughts Casey uses GitHub's ...more

  • 87: Not an Accurate Representation of My Mousing Skills

    Oct 18 2014

    Follow-up: GameCube controllers only work with Super Smash Brothers Apple's event: Yosemite, iPad Air 2, Retina iMac Unfunny funny skits Retconned Retina iPad Mini The A5 lives on for another year or two Apple's ASP strategy tax (John, previously) The new iPads John's iOS device plans Authy two-factor auth app iMac Retina 5K Marco on 5K iMac vs. Mac Pro Developing Perspective John's Review Buy the iBook! Buy the Kindle eBook Buy Ars Premier to get all the things About John's review xScope Lattn...more

  • 86: Moving the Party to the Bar Down the Block

    Oct 08 2014

    Trends in social networks App.net Broadcast Ello (@marcoarment, @caseyliss, @johnsiracusa, @atpfm) Cupcake The Talk Show #74: Glenn Fleishmann explains Bitcoin Follow-up: iPhone 6 Plus Scaling (mostly thanks to Hendrik's research) Dev Forums Hendrik's video Test pattern Source of the image-of-text from last week Forum post about scaling adding detail More on the bendy iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Consumer Reports Uri Gellar Continued iPhone 6 impressions Grips Apple Leather Case Apple Silicone Case Vale...more

  • 85: The Unexpected Hard Part

    Oct 03 2014

    Follow-Up: John defends his derision about the load-bearing finger Thumb commercial Accidental Build and Analyze about iOS 8 size classes and adaptive UI Write-up by Justin Williams (the "???" square in the grid is the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape) iPad resizable-apps video by Steven Troughton-Smith Designing Applications Vesper Unread Continued Follow-Up: NFC around the world iPhone 6+ scaling Original tweet Source John on Mac resolution swapping Bendy iPhones 6 Consumer Reports bends phones Ane...more

  • 84: The Load-Bearing Finger

    Sep 26 2014

    Follow-Up: Jason Snell on iPhone 6 CPUs Upgradeable Apple Watches Apple S1 How do you sell a $10,000+ watch in an Apple Store? Apple Watch Edition's special box Apple Pay and banking The hidden meanings of Apple "tv"/"WATCH" text styling Trade names and the NFL If Steve were alive... Ben Thompson's take Tim Cook's Charlie Rose interview Part 1 Part 2 Apple's diversity report iPhone 6/6+ impressions Apple iPhone 6 leather case Hello, Internet #21 Virginia Roberts Stephen Hackett 17" MacBook Pro ...more

  • 83: Entering the iTouch Phase of My Life

    Sep 18 2014

    Pre-Show: Inexpensive tablets Follow-up: More on Retina displays for the Mac Thunderbolt 2, Thunderbolt 3, and Skylake iPhones 6 and 6 Plus Optical image stabilization Matt Panzarino's awesome iPhones review Barefeats benchmark Marco teaches Casey about photography Android Wear versus Galaxy Gear Apple's and Google's rates on payments Quora article Financial Times Whether we're blind to Android doing things first ATP #1 Apple Watch's potential pricing Solid gold cases Veblen goods Gruber's ana...more

  • 82: The Flash Storage Is Adequate

    Sep 11 2014

    Follow-up: Marco and John get excited about a monitor Sexism epiphanies TiVo Mega SnapStream Kaleidescape Disc Vault Macworld layoffs Jason Snell iPhone 6/Apple Watch Event iPhone 6 & 6+ Ill-informed stream theories Samsung's cheesy S4 intro @forgottentowel on iPhone design priorities Printable iPhone 6/6+ templates (or this alternate) ATP #1 Special guest appearance by Tiffany Arment Apple Watch EVT Leak "Antacid Tablet" Printable Apple Watch templates Apple PR Announcement A high-end-watc...more

  • 81: You Left Your Money in a Bank

    Sep 05 2014

    Follow-up: TiVo service charges and OTA channels Frayed Lightning Cables on Tumblr Google allegedly dropped out of buying Twitch Anand Shimpi retires from AnandTech to work for Apple Anand's announcement Tom's Hardware Guide and the 1133 MHz Pentium III Hackers steal photos from celebrities, apparently by phishing their iCloud accounts or answering security questions Possibly similar to Mat Honan's hack Find My iPhone was missing rate-limiting Apple says the rate-limiting flaw wasn't involved B...more

  • 80: Tangled in Version Numbers

    Aug 29 2014

    Follow-up: iTunes on Windows uses Objective-C Lightning cables Advice from Geniuses at the Apple Bar When to ask for a replacement Strain relief design USB icon on the cable There's still a Mac with an optical drive CD-ROM nostalgia CD caddy Math co-processor Kenwood TrueX 72x CD-ROM with 7 laser beams When will Apple let spinning hard drives die? What size drives do iMacs use? Verizon "SpeedMatch" Merlin Mann asks about the new TiVo Roamio OTA Version Numbering The Infinite Version Do people c...more

  • 79: Tip Ring Ring Sleeve

    Aug 21 2014

    Pre-show: Relay FM and Casey's new show about feelings Follow-up: Rumored Lightning cable with reversible USB end, too Lightning cables breaking at the strain-delay cuff PVC Apple's official cable Amazon's knockoffs Monoprice's knockoffs Cables' Springy Bits TRRS connector Non-spammy Verizon DNS Console sales How do you pronounce "Haxe"? Twitter continues to try to ruin itself Being a completionist versus following Glenn Fleishman Twitterrific with unified timelines and Tweetbot without Build a...more

  • 78: Fleece the Whales

    Aug 15 2014

    Pre-Show: Casey's New Podcast Follow-Up: USB Type-C connector finalized Peter Bright's comment xkcd ARM Macs Summly WIMP _DavidSmith's Version Stats More on Jared Sinclair and the App Store economy Jared's new job Release Notes #65 _DavidSmith's Developing Perspective #192 Early Instapaper screenshots "App Rot" Capo TiVo Premiere UI update TiVo ditches Flash Haxe (həvər) Account-free Overcast Jalkut theory on App Store review Post-show: Casey sells his soul for symmetric internet via Za...more

  • 77: Full-Stack Businessperson

    Aug 08 2014

    Casey wants to be the pre-show DJ Journey Soundtrack Transport Tycoon TT Original MIDI Music TT Remastered MP3 Music OpenTTD Follow-up: Mavericks, Gmail, and Mail.app Apple and IBM John's review status Synergy Overcast status Mixing server roles for burst capacity nice Weighing feedback Macs with ARMs (in contrast to bubbles with feet) Jean-Louis Gassée's article MVNO MacBook Air Specs iPad Air Specs MacBook Air Geekbench iPad Air Geekbench Mac Power Users Making money in the App Store Jared Si...more

  • 76: Not Suitable for Any Purpose

    Jul 30 2014

    Follow-up on Overcast: Debug Downloads, accounts, conversions, server load Pixar and Ed Catmull get involved in wage-fixing Previously on ATP The Incomparable Top Gear Series 3 Episode 4 Sega Saturn Yosemite Public Beta IMAP VPN woes of the past Radar SuperDuper OS/2 Warp After-show: Marco rents crazy headphones from The Cable Company Marco's original post HE-6 headphones (the crazy way that planar-magnetic drivers work) The massive EF-6 amp and its crazy audiophile volume knob (top center) — i...more

  • 75: You Had Your Moment

    Jul 24 2014

    Pre-Show: John visits Six Flags Follow-up: Overcast week one update Server side vs. local feed crawling XML wonkiness XPath XSLT UI Changes in 1.0.1 What should the rewind and fast-forward buttons do in a podcast app? Episode 1 of the Debug Epic with Nitin Ganatra More on priority podcasts Sapphire iPhone 6 Second Marques Brownlee Video Mohs Hardness Scale Gorilla Glass Apple & IBM Partner in the Enterprise Post-show: Keeping devices & sceens pristine Mac SE/30 Mac Plus Used cars, kids,...more

  • 74: One Of Us Shipped Something

    Jul 18 2014

    Follow-up: Showbot status and pull requests Older phones still being bought today, like the iPhone 4S Long-term device limitations and upgradeability, RAM, spinning disks, and Mac/iOS purchasing strategies Vindictive but self-defeating defections Screen size, small hands, and pants/trousers/jeans/khakis/whatevertheyrecalled. Silver Screen Queens Podcast CGP Grey 4K Plasma TVs, as pointed out by Awax, which lists for $500K Overcast has shipped! Planning for server load and timing a release in th...more

  • 73: Notifications Duck

    Jul 10 2014

    Follow-up: Why would someone switch from iOS to Android? Is it because of software updates? Framily Google I/O Inclusiveness Penny-farthing bicycle RAW editing in iPhoto Alarm fatigue and how it relates to notifications on our phones More on health monitoring by Ben Griffel Control Plane The death of plasma The challenges of making a 4K plasma TV Are 4K TVs worth it? Crutchfield Netflix Shows 4K Leaked "iPhone 6" "Sapphire" Display Video Post-show: Overcast and Content Security Policy Github ro...more

  • 72: Take Your Co-Host To Work Day

    Jul 03 2014

    Pre-Show: Showbot is back, and it has Zarro Boogs. Follow-up: Don Lodsky points us to a sample of Google's new web design for desktop A brief meta-discussion about what we cover, how we cover it, and what being an "expert" is Feedback on potential wearables from Ben Griffel, biomedical engineer, and Per Östergren, MD Aperture and iPhoto's brands were sunset Zoomed Photos UI screenshot Apple tells Ars Technica of "plans for professional-grade features such as image search, editing, effects, and ...more

  • 71: Security By Guilt

    Jun 27 2014

    Pre-show: Million Dollar Homepage (more on Wikipedia) Alex Tew's Twitter Account and new venture Casey's Showbot returns. SPOILER ALERT: The Gist Casey mentioned Casey breaks Marco's brain with consulting terminology Is "!s" pronounced "bang-S" or "exclamation-point-S"? Hat colors Google I/O Overview Material Design Design Reel video Android Auto Moto 360 Watch Panerai Watches Lock-in by visual affordances Gmail API The API doesn't replace IMAP Marco's prediction about IMAP support ART Runtime ...more

  • 70: The Endgame Is Omnipotence

    Jun 20 2014

    Follow-up on app bundles as upgrade pricing. Whether games are more like apps or movies. Amazon's Fire Phone Who's it for? Mayday tech-support feature vs. Apple's retail stores Apple stores vs. U.S. population density Amazon and Apple doing what they're respectively, exclusively good at. Continuity and Handoff in Yosemite and iOS 8 Only Apple (John Gruber) John's opinion of iMessage. Casey's further adventures developing a small web app in a hostile environment. OWASP top 10 web vulnerabilities...more

  • 69: Welcome to the Web, Casey

    Jun 13 2014

    Follow-up: It's OK if you got two T-shirts. Keep them both. Marco was wrong about CloudKit limits. Casey's broken Showbot. Abusing new App Bundles and Complete This Bundle to achieve upgrade pricing in the App Store. The WWDC NDA is mostly gone. WWDC 2014 videos Marco's likely filesystem corruption and restore. SuperDuper Bionic HFS+ Bit Rot Apple's new Metal graphics API. Debug Might the next Apple TV become a game console? How Apple TV Might Disrupt Microsoft and Sony (Ben Thompson) TV "pucks...more

  • 68: Siracusa Waited Impatiently For This

    Jun 03 2014

    Our initial WWDC reactions. Recorded live at Macworld's podcast studio. Thanks, Jason Snell! Sponsored by: Squarespace: Everything you need to create an exceptional website. Use code ATP for 10% off. Igloo: The intranet you'll actually like. And it's about to get even better. Warby Parker: Boutique-quality, vintage-inspired eyewear at a revolutionary price. Become a member!

  • 67: Tim Said, Man

    May 28 2014

    We'll be guests on the WWDC live episode of The Talk Show: Tuesday, June 3, 6–9 PM. Get tickets here ASAP! John will be taking a plane... for you. Follow-up: Which is faster: installing Showbot or reimplementing it? Casey's open-source Node version PHP isn't faster than Javascript, voiding Marco's accidental argument in the last episode. Node.js uses CommonJS, not AMD. ECMAScript also adds formal module support, which es6-module-transpiler lets you use today. To the great surprise of nobody exc...more

  • 66: Boiling A Pretty Big Lake

    May 22 2014

    The modern Apple-store experience Follow-up: Marco reneges on his recent praise of Beats headphones, then receives the saddest real-time follow-up ever Headphones mentioned: B&O BeoPlay H6: Great comfort, but not sound. Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro (32-ohm version; Casey's headphones) for very good sound at a great value (when the price drops to $175). Sennheiser PX 200-II i: Marco's favorite portable set. Great portability, clicker, and value, but poor sound and durability. More picks from Marc...more

  • 65: The Year Of Casey

    May 18 2014

    Casey's big news! (Much better than The Year of Luigi.) Casey and John discuss Monument Valley, the Escher-inspired puzzle game. (Marco didn't do his homework.) Apple and Google agree to... something "Fight the real enemy" Apple might be buying Beats: why, and what they'd probably do with it. WebKit optimizes Javascript with LLVM Wat The Birth & Death of JavaScript "Full-stack developers" keeping up with the crazy world of Javascript frameworks. Using third-party code. Sponsored by: PDF...more

  • 64: It Never Died Because It Never Lived

    May 08 2014

    Hurry if you want an ATP T-Shirt! Just $19, and the sale may be over by the time you read this! Follow-up: Who plays video games vs. self-identified "gamers" ComiXology Is Apple's 30% cut of in-app purchases the same as net neutrality? Vihart Video Internet2 Who should blink, Apple or ComiXology? AppLinks App.net sunsets its employees Brianna Wu's Post Tent Chrome experiments with removing URLs from the omnibox Casey open-sourced his Camel blog engine After-show: Casey's flower boxes John's cod...more

  • 63: I Hold My Children To A Higher Standard

    May 02 2014

    ATP T-Shirts: $19 each, available for only 1 week! Follow-up: Average age of gamers (more here and here from the Entertainment Software Association) Your favorite game genres going out of fashion Apps and games Mentioned: Metal Gear Solid Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Flight Control (iTunes) The Incident Letterpress Tiny Wings Ramp Champ Threes Total Annihilation Supreme Commander Facebook App Links MacStories Rene Ritchie ComiXology removes in-app purchase Back to Work Office for iPad/iPhon...more

  • 62: Journey Would Be Wasted On You

    Apr 24 2014

    Follow-up on pCell and database scaling, including horizontal sharding schemes, tiered data layers, and taking a stand against the "premature optimization" tautology. When and why do developers learn something new, and why does Marco keep using PHP for everything? Second Crack Fast Text John's blog OS X Beta Program for End Users What's coming on June 2nd? Casey and Marco make John proud (spoiler) New third-generation Thunderbolt details MagSafe vs. MagSafe 2 Overcast update Are iPad sales leve...more

  • 61: Perfectly Neutral

    Apr 18 2014

    Follow-up on Photo Stream Web Sites Follow-up on vinyl, including how Marc Edwards thinks it's evil, and the difference between pleasing and accurate sound. (Marco's open and closed headphones, amp, and DAC) The Apple insight attained by way of documents released in the Samsung trial Creativity, Inc., the book about Pixar by Ed Catmull Is Greg Christie's departure a contentious story or not? This, too, relates to Pixar Ken Ferry on getting ideas approved at Apple, as heard on Debug #33 Artemis ...more

  • 60: The Great Odwalla Flavor Change of 2013

    Apr 11 2014

    Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em while you sunset Dance Jam WWDC How to make a lottery work, like Shmoocon does How to write a live blogging system for keynotes Our winnings and losses in the WWDC Don't-Call-it-a-Lottery Levels of randomness and Apple's discretionary pool of tickets What's the right way to distribute tickets? Is today's WWDC really tenable? What could be done? AltConf and "CDWW" Heartbleed Dropbox's Announcements Condoleezza Rice joins their board Carousel, a new photo sharing ap...more

  • 59: The Little Puck That Could

    Apr 04 2014

    Follow-up on vocabulary and Michael Abrash joining Oculus. Amazon Fire TV — no fan! USB-IF's renderings of their proposed new connector The giant anti-poaching collusion between Google, Apple, and dozens of other companies (Facebook apparently refused) Google checking with Steve Jobs first before making a hiring decision After-show: We tried to predict WWDC dates, not knowing that Apple would announce them 12 hours later, then discussed ticket lotteries and how Apple probably wouldn't build one...more

  • 58: Always On Vacation In California

    Mar 28 2014

    Follow-up on discussing sexism in technology, Anil's experiment, empathy, ad hominem tu quoque, and cultural rigidity. Facebook buying Oculus: Outrage from Oculus' Kickstarter backers, including from Minecraft creator Notch, and the expectations that Kickstarter creates in "backers". Why did Oculus sell? How far into the future did Oculus' "vision" extend, and what will happen to its vision now? Why did Facebook buy? Does Mark Zuckerberg have a clear vision for Facebook's future? Facebook's Hac...more

  • 57: Smorgasbord of Pronunciation

    Mar 21 2014

    Follow-up on the complexity of computer science versus other fields: quotes and videos from MIT's SICP class (9:00–10:45). The death of the iPad 2, the use of sapphire in Apple devices, sapphire versus Gorilla Glass, and the flexible LG phone. Haunted Empire, the Jony Ive book, the Jony Ive interview, access to Apple, and hiring hacks for tech stories. Sony's Project Morpheus VR headset and initial impressions The Oculus Rift Michael Abrash's blog posts: Two Possible Paths into the Future of We...more

  • 56: The Woodpecker

    Mar 14 2014

    Follow-up on software complexity: The Mythical Man-Month, No Silver Bullet, the original Agile manifesto, and what Agile has become. What we found most useful from our computer-science educations. Marco's impressions of his new Mac Pro. External disks, PCI-Express SSDs, and cable management. John buys a home-theater AV receiver. (The newer version he didn't need) Stereo vs. surround speakers, and integrated vs. external subwoofers. (Marco's tiny, buggy amp and great speakers). After-show: Pono,...more

  • 55: Dave, Who Stinks!

    Mar 06 2014

    Follow-up on Final Draft and treating warnings as exceptions in production. Software methodologies. For real this time. Why don’t software development methodologies work? Evidence-based scheduling. Marco plugs FCModel, Casey plugs his Debug appearance, and John plugs bleeps and boops. After-show: CarPlay, and £1,600 audiophile Ethernet cables (via Dalton). Sponsored by: In Flux: A new music album that explores the interplay between video games, music, and nostalgia. Squarespace: Everything ...more

  • 54: goto fail;

    Feb 28 2014

    Wolfram Language. The "goto fail" SSL bug and the chances that it was nefariously introduced by an NSA effort, possibly as part of their $250 million annual budget for such operations. Apple's warrant canary. Casey's and Marco's hard-to-find bugs and language misfeatures. (Perl protects John from writing bugs.) Whether language-interpreter warnings should be treated as errors in production. The Scriptnotes episode with the Final Draft CEO, the follow-up in the next episode, and Kent Tessman's r...more

  • 53: There's Gonna Be Some Flapping

    Feb 21 2014

    Follow-up on why Flappy Bird was successful. Kieran Healy's excellent article with science. John Gruber and Merlin Mann at SXSW '09. Goofball Jones' anonymous criticism of John's "shtick", and John's defense including many links: An explanation of John's "schtick" Some podcasts where John talks about things he likes: Goodfellas I Like My Coffee Like My Evil Sith Lords Death Star University Darth Vader's Office is Really Weird Jedi Weekend Wind is the Enemy Skywalker's Eleven Also Known as Endor...more

  • 52: Necessary But Not Sufficient

    Feb 14 2014

    Facebook Paper's gesture usability, in-app tutorial videos, and the design challenge of gestural interface. RootMetrics testing real-world wireless speeds. Despite constant effort to improve usability, what if computers just aren't for everyone? (There's a similar long-standing debate with programming. See 4GL.) The Flappy Bird saga: Whether it's a good game and why the developer pulled it. (See also: Super Hexagon.) Is free-with-in-app-purchase ruining the game industry?. Comcast buying Time W...more

  • 51: Maybe We're Just Dinosaurs

    Feb 07 2014

    The FiOS net-neutrality non-story and last summer's YouTube-throttling story. More FU on iPads going pro, giant-tablet-desk ergonomics, trying to understand John's theory again, and a train analogy from Casey. New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Bill Gates' new wildcard role, and Microsoft's likely future direction. (Marco's post, John Gruber's post, Brent Simmons' post) Paper, Paper, Paper, Fifty Three, and Figure 53. Responsibly naming things by first searching for trademark conflicts and potent...more

  • 50: Disk Light Observer Effect

    Jan 31 2014

    Follow-up on why an iPad "Pro" needs to be larger and why iOS is "better for people". Can iOS add more power-user functionality without harming its simplicity or usability? Whether Macs should ship with ARM CPUs, how such a transition would be challenging today, and whether Casey should just buy another power adapter. The 30th anniversary of the Macintosh and the experience of using its power switch (photo from iFixit's awesome teardown). Disk-ejecting usability. Using iStat Menus to monitor yo...more

  • 49: Roamio and Siracusiet

    Jan 24 2014

    Follow-up: Genius Bar employee reports of how most people deal with iCloud backups, photo backups, and storage limits, iExplorer for exporting iMessages. iOS' storage model is a leaky abstraction. Google may have wanted Nest for its smart-home project as well as the more obvious reasons. TiVo may be exiting the hardware business, or maybe not. Nintendo continues to hurt. Why was the first Wii really successful, and what really held back its long-term usage? Matt Drance, Fred Wilson, and Nilay P...more

  • 48: Marco Bought Four

    Jan 17 2014

    Follow-up: whether iMessage problems are widespread, reasons behind flattening the Mac Mini, and HDR TVs. The storage costs of Casey's emoji. Google buying Nest for $3.2 billion. Ben Thompson on Google's business model. Nest has over 200 employees, including many ex-Apple employees. The Target-pregnant story. Marco's critical reading of Nest's statements. Maintaining a skeptical but pragmatic relationship with Google. Stephen Hackett's pants and regrets. Modern expectations of privacy. Potentia...more

  • 47: Better Pixels

    Jan 10 2014

    Follow-up: IBM AS/400 (aka System i) and single-level store. Marco's Retina theory. PS4 and Xbone sales. Trying to care about CES. Who "needs" the Mac Pro? Justifying toys and improving quality of life with smart purchases. Panasonic’s new LCD TVs compared to great TVs of the past. 4K on Fox Sports, 4K's color space, and the chances of 4K catching on quickly. A Steam Box (its controller) as a replacement for a gaming PC. Three old men reminiscing about their teenage gaming years: Null-modem cab...more

  • 46: A Compromised Machine

    Jan 03 2014

    Mac Pro follow-up: socketed CPUs and potential upgrades, and the benefits of only using stock Apple parts. Scoring Apple's performance on John's 2013 to-do list. Concerns about Apple's recent Mac apps, including iWork '13 and Messages/iMessage. AnandTech's Mac Pro review. The Mac Pro's 4K/Retina monitor situation. The iMac vs. the Mac Pro, and the hardware needs of developers. Why do John and Marco care so much about Retina? What the next big computer-hardware shift may be. After-show: our futu...more

  • 45: Give Up On The Retina Dream

    Dec 26 2013

    Explaining our podcast artwork. Facebook Likes in the App Store and ad-banner blindness. Dual-input displays and how they enable the 5120x2880 display that John and Marco want. Turbo Boost and the Mac Pro's CPU options. Using a laptop on a stand with an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The benefits of desktops and ECC. Mac Pro configurations for best value and future-proofing. Building separate gaming PCs, switching to iMacs, or trying to wedge PC gaming into Mac Pros. Mac Pro price strat...more

  • 44: A Plague With Very Minor Effects

    Dec 18 2013

    What if the new USB connector is too similar to Lightning? (John Gruber on Lightning) Potential for 5120-wide Retina displays to overcome Thunderbolt bandwidth limits by using "dual-input displays"? John's "quick" tips for TV calibration. (THX TV-calibration app) "Rate This App" dialogs: The Talk Show's excellent discussion. Marco's post. Underscore David Smith on App Store quality standards. How Apple could process "report as inappropriate" at scale. The effects of web popularity on Casey and ...more

  • 43: Brilliance Enhancer

    Dec 13 2013

    Accidental Fountain Screenplay: The Case of Liss by Joe Steel. (And Bionic.) Desktop 4K/Retina resolutions hitting bandwidth limitations of Thunderbolt 2 and DisplayPort 1.2, and the Sharp/Apple non-news. John's Squarespace-reseller idea already exists. Why aren't iOS App Store purchases available for purchasing and management in the App Store app on the Mac? John's new TV: Technological progression from CRT to plasma and LCD, and the many hacky tricks used by modern TVs to overcome limitations...more

  • 42: The Ultimate Vanity Search

    Dec 06 2013

    FU on PrimeSense. Apple's acquisition of Topsy and speculation on why. Apple's possible difficulty in getting and keeping enough engineering talent, and how they might make bigger strides in web services. Which group wears the pants in a company? Marco's embarrassing FiOS support calls. How Apple's release and marketing schedule affects their web services. Methodologies and vocabularies. USB spec group will add a reversible connector, the history of terrible USB connectors (see also: Hypercriti...more

  • 41: Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

    Nov 29 2013

    David Chartier's clarification on Photo Stream limits. Space Monkey, Transporter, Box, and Xdrive. Results of John's Disk Utility repair survey. (John on Debug) Xbox One launch sales. Apple buys PrimeSense. Apple's potential expansion into the TV business. Penny Arcade's job posting, Marco's reaction, and the outgoing employee's description. Extended after-show: how we deal with criticism, trolls, and our own flaws when facing our audience. Sponsored by: Warby Parker: Boutique-quality, vint...more

  • 40: The Compliance Shark

    Nov 22 2013

    Follow-up on Cisco VPNs on Mavericks and [photo backups] to SkyDrive on Windows Mobile Phone Series Metro Not-Metro Phone Windows. Why enterprise software is so hard, and the barriers to entry for small companies targeting the enterprise market. Game-console sales by generation, Nintendo In Crisis, and AnandTech's Xbox One and PS4 mini-review. Casey's new Retina iPad Mini, Marco's accidentally popular image-retention test, DisplayMate quality analysis, free data with a T-Mobile SIM, and choosin...more

  • 39: Desperation Mode

    Nov 15 2013

    John's new Museum of Mediocre Reading Devices. The confusing Photo Stream limits, and all of these links in the show notes. Stephen Elop's If-I-Were-CEO Plan. A story about enterprise software. The four big assumptions about using enterprise software, why it's usually so terrible, and why big companies buy it. Sponsored by: Transporter: A private cloud storage drive that you own and control. Use code ATP for 10% off any Transporter. Hover: High-quality, no-hassle domain registration. Use pr...more

  • 38: Auto-Update My Parents

    Nov 08 2013

    Thanks to Jim Pierce for extending John's dog. (Also mentioned: AntiCrop, Glide) Everpix's failure and impending shutdown: The Verge's profile of the failure Shutdown FAQ Staff tweet about compression and average usage Staff tweet about "3x userbase" needed Somewhat similar services: Loom, Picturelife, Adobe Revel Everpix's critical strategic error, and how tech business and funding strategies should resemble Puerto Rico game strategies). Revisiting the challenges of online photo storage and wh...more

  • 37: A 3,000-Word Digression

    Nov 01 2013

    Some light Mac Pro waffling and the red one. iOS 7.0.3's new crossfade animations in "Reduce Motion" mode. Little tidbits and windows into the life of John Siracusa buried in his OS X Mavericks review. Noodling John with random questions. Dragon Drop and Cocoapods don't suck. The big potential section of the Mavericks review that John omitted. Choosing high-level and low-level details to include in the review. Tags and the filesystem. Publishing the review ebooks, and relative sales between iBo...more

  • 36: A Weird One

    Oct 24 2013

    The John Siracusa Mavericks review is up! Apple's event, the presenters' pacing and enthusiasm, Casey's bag of hearts, and yet another showing of the dots video. The Retina MacBook Pro update. The Mac Pro base price, CPU options, and speculation on SSD pricing. The iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini, iPad 2 (LOL), and iPod Classic. Apple's prod of free software. John's high-level summary of Mavericks and recommendation on upgrading. Listener homework: Read the review before next week's episode. Spons...more

  • 35: Sea-Level Executives

    Oct 18 2013

    Ebook-publishing woes and trying to coordinate a specific release date. Apple hiring the CEO of Burberry to head their retail division, and the Louis Vuitton logo. The challenges of retail leadership. Touch ID impressions after a weekend of heavy use, and whether you should keep your phone secure for other people's benefit. How Touch ID could be used in Macs, and whether ARM MacBooks would be worth the transition costs. Speculation on next week's product announcements. Where a potential 12" Ret...more

  • 34: Made The Dot Smaller

    Oct 10 2013

    Siri expectations and unreliability in popular culture. Can Apple ever dramatically improve their web services, and how much pressure do they feel to do so? The sorry state of online payment processing before Stripe, and improving the current sorry state of money transfers (especially in the U.S.) with services such as Dwolla and Square Cash. The Mavericks GM. Drawbacks of a Readability-like model for paying podcast producers in Overcast, and Instacast's 2012 rejection for Flattr integration. D...more

  • 33: A 30-Minute Skip Button

    Oct 04 2013

    When we expected the Mavericks GM (recorded two hours before this). Apparent new E5-1680 Mac Pro in Geekbench and what CPU tradeoffs to expect in the new Mac Pro. Speculating on the new Mac Pro's fan noise, rotating cable management, and intended desk location. FU on John's podcast-scrubber idea. (Spoiler: he knows about the vertical speed-scaling that's been in Apple's scrubber for years, and it's not what he wants.) Experimenting with new UI controls and behaviors: some end up being cool and ...more

  • 32: It Doesn't Bother Me

    Sep 27 2013

    Casey's exclusive new iPhone 5S. Low stock levels of the gold 5S and Apple's potential motivations. How good the iPhone 5 (and therefore the 5C) still is today. John's review of iOS 7. Locking your kitchen. Marco's upcoming podcast app, Overcast, as announced at XOXO 2013, and why he preannounced it. The parallels between Portland and the Hofbräuhaus. John's logarithmic-scrubber idea. (and Marco's logarithmic calendar) Dr. Drang on parallax. Post-show Neutral: the F80 M3/M4 specs. Sponsored b...more

  • 31: Swimming In 16 GB Gold

    Sep 19 2013

    Casey goes to an Apple Store. FU on SnappyCam, Synology and ZFS, and the likelihood of a new Mac filesystem. The 16/32/64 GB iPhone capacities may be overstaying their welcome. Each host's planned iPhone upgrades. How to get an iPhone on launch day. Long Island Lexus trim. Who's fabbing the A7? Intel? Probably not. iOS 7 adoption stats so far from Mixpanel and _DavidSmith. Sponsored by: MailRoute: Hosted spam and virus protection for email. Use promo code ATP for 10% off for the life of you...more

  • 30: Full Frontal Thumb

    Sep 13 2013

    iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. The possible Sherlocking of SnappyCam and the 5s' two-tone flash in practice. AnandTech's Touch ID hands-on video. Economics of iPhone cases. 64-bit in practice. Speculation on what the M7 does and its potential. White iOS devices. Apple secrecy. After-show: "non" vs. "hon" and the Micro-USB 3.0 connector. Sponsored by: Squarespace: Everything you need to create an exceptional website. Use coupon code ATP9 for 20% off in September! MailRoute: Hosted spam and virus p...more

  • 29: Computerized Garden Gnome

    Sep 06 2013

    John's Mavericks review progress. iPhone event predictions. Design and security tradeoffs of a theoretical iPhone fingerprint lock. iPhone 5S colors. Will the 5C be the mainstream, best-selling model? Cell towers near rich people. The Apple TV shipment rumor. Tim Cook's "new product categories" statement earlier this year: What might that be that could plausibly come this fall "and into 2014"? Our Synology experiences and disk-layout strategies so far. The OmniKeyMaster Mac App Store saga. Micr...more

  • 28: The Pit Of Irrelevance

    Aug 30 2013

    Follow-up: Time Capsule vs. Siracusa. Casey was right! The state of Microsoft: How much was Ballmer's fault? Ben Thompson on Steve Ballmer. Microsoft's enterprise business. Should Microsoft pull an IBM and/or spin off its consumer business? What could Microsoft do to regain momentum and marketshare in phones and tablets? John on the Nintendo 2DS announcement. (Side-by-side with 3DS, 3DS XL, the Kid Icarus: Uprising stand). After-show: Jeff Atwood's CODE Keyboard, Truly-Ergonomic, and Marco's in...more

  • 27: Overflow Gallery In The Bathroom

    Aug 23 2013

    Querying Florida. Photo storage follow-up: whether people even want long-term photo storage anymore, using web services as backups, and Ogg-encoded tinfoil hattery. The Time Capsule's tough sell. Casey's helpful fans. IFTTT and Twitter. The gold/"champagne" iPhone, not getting a larger iPhone this year, and the future of the Lightning connector. The new TiVo. After-show: John's ebook-testing setup, the awful Kindle Previewer, and technical ebook woes. (See also: Serenity Caldwell at Cingleton 2...more

  • 26: Three Phones Ago

    Aug 15 2013

    Instapaper's web redesign beta. Rewriting a codebase from scratch. Understandable code and writing for maintainability. The balance between easy-to-write but unimpressive apps and implementing cutting-edge features that require messy hacks. The horrible mess of smartphone photo management and backup. How much should Apple protect people from hardware failures or carelessness? (See also: John's old two-hard-drives article.) Technical and economic challenges of Apple automatically backing up all ...more

  • 25: Thrustmaster Joystick

    Aug 09 2013

    Marco's new-new-new app for aligning double-ender podcast tracks. Economic considerations and options for releasing an app that's extremely helpful to a very small number of people. Why Marco has been procrastinating from the big app by making small apps. Good app names as motivation. Desktop Twitter distraction and measuring desktop productivity with RescueTime. Casey's sales of Fast Text since last week's promotion, Marco's sales of Bugshot, and the potential economic upside of promotion for ...more

  • 24: Double Meta

    Aug 01 2013

    Non-developers might want to skip the first 35 minutes: a technical discussion of FMDB, SQLite, and implementing your own generic "model" class. Plus: Casey finally gets to talk about .NET. (Note from Marco: The day after recording, I rewrote my model class to rely on KVC instead of runtime tricks and reflection. Please email Casey.) The types of programmers who can and should write their own low-level classes. Casey's app, Fast Text, and why he wrote it in 2010. John's unfulfilled app idea and...more

  • 23: The X Or The X

    Jul 25 2013

    FU: iSCSI and network Time Machine. iFixit teardown of the new AirPort Extreme. Apple's extended Developer Center downtime. (Note: we recorded this before we knew why it was down.) _DavidSmith on Logic X's pricing and what this might indicate for future App Store upgrades. Whether upgrade pricing is best for consumers, and the upgrade-pricing train. iOS developers acting like the RIAA in 2002. The complexity of modern software business models. The Wal-Martization of app pricing and how Marble M...more

  • 22: Full Brichter

    Jul 18 2013

    Marco's new-new app, Bugshot, and some of its design decisions. Cutting features from 1.0 and trying to keep Bugshot from taking too much time. Bugshot gets the John Siracusa treatment. Exploring NAS options and initial impressions of the Synology DS1813+. Economics of FreeNAS or Mac Mini alternatives. iSCSI on Macs: the free $89 globalSAN initiator and the $195 ATTO initiator, which comes recommended by storage expert Dave Nanian. NAS backup options, since Backblaze doesn't do network drives: ...more

  • 21: The Transitive Property of Nerdiness

    Jul 12 2013

    iWatch follow-up. Alex Eckermann on Bluetooth Low Energy and iWatch. Eric Welander's thoughts on Siri for iWatch. iWatch as a means of identity. How regular people use iOS devices, as witnessed by John. Multitasking-switcher implications in iOS 7. iCloud's priority within Apple. Dropbox Datastore API, including its JavaScript API. Does the Datastore API obviate the need for a web service? Nerd-targeted products. Sponsored by: Transporter: Private cloud storage. Use coupon code atp for 10% o...more

  • 20: A Box and a Strap

    Jul 05 2013

    Apple's Yves Saint Laurent hire and the difficulty in predicting an "iWatch". Technological Conservatism. Panic's Lightning-to-HDMI-cable discovery. Chris Harris on iOS 7 icons. "Free-to-play" games. Coding for practice, and learning new APIs or languages. Overly specialized apps. Glympse (Casey's road-trip-tracking app). Feed Wrangler by _DavidSmith as a Google Reader replacement that's compatible with Reeder for iPhone. Lex Friedman's RSS-sync roundup. ReadKit for Mac as a potential NetNewsW...more

  • 19: Designed by App in Cal

    Jun 27 2013

    John's review progress and show-duration predictors. The WWDC 2013 intro video. (Siri's WWDC 2012 intro) Apple's "Making a Difference, One App at a Time" video. "Designed by Apple in California". "Jobs" (Ashton Kutcher) trailer. Why developers should (or shouldn't) require iOS 7 this fall. "The Transporter" series. iOS 7 Calendar app UI. Cool-looking vs. well-designed. Our iTunes reviews. "Better" and "worse" programming languages. Sponsored by: Audible: Download a free audiobook and start ...more

  • 18: Aluminum-Colored Aluminum

    Jun 20 2013

    Casey's fans at WWDC. Mac Pro followup. (John's halo-car post) The Xbox 180. Revisiting the potential for a larger-screen iPhone after having seen iOS 7. Predicting iOS 7 adoption. Neven Mrgan on iOS 7's icon grid and a rebuttal. New Mac Pro appears in Geekbench parallelize.c/xargs parallel processing Sponsored by: Squarespace: The all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create your own website. Use coupon code ATP6 for 10% off. An Event Apart: The design conference for people who make we...more

  • 17: Can't Innovate Anymore

    Jun 11 2013

    Special early WWDC episode this week: Reactions to the keynote. New Mac Pro Initial iOS 7 design impressions. Sponsored by: Backblaze: Easy, unlimited online backup for just $5 per month. Windows Azure Mobile Services: Build a cloud-connected iOS app faster and easier. Become a member!

  • 16: John, We Don't Play Games

    Jun 07 2013

    Opening theme by Larry King (@laking). The case for a modernized AppKit in OS X 10.9 a la Chameleon/TwUI. The lack of official Apple Objective-C wrappers around old C APIs such as Keychain and Address Book. Springboard #10 SMOP Underscore Should Apple add type inference to Objective-C? Haswell Retina MacBook Pro predictions and the possibility of having only the integrated GPU in the 15". gfxCardStatus The only 15" with integrated-only GPU The first unibody 15" with high-res, matte LCD Haswe...more

  • 15: Cat, Modifier Cat

    May 31 2013

    Why Marco sold The Magazine. Teasing apps before they're out, building hype, and Pit Pass. Tim Cook at AllThingsD. Cook's presence and speaking style. What Cook implicitly said about future Apple products. WWDC predictions for OS X. Sponsored by: Oxygene for Cocoa: Use coupon code ATP13 for 20% off. Soulver: The essential calculator-spreadsheet-notepad hybrid. Become a member!

  • 14: Pouring Champagne Onto Rap Stars

    May 24 2013

    Marco visits Siracusa's house and the car-assaulting tree. Transcendental Money. Square Cash. B2W 120 on financial "safety nets". Tumblr, Yahoo, and not screwing it up. Cloud hosting and moving up the stack. The modern game console's role. the Xbox One's hardware design, and the messy world of TV-connected boxes. Sponsored by: Squarespace: Use coupon code ATP5 for 10% off. Windows Azure Mobile Services: Get started today for free. Become a member!

  • 13: Animated Kale

    May 17 2013

    Our theme song by Jonathan Mann -- follow his Song A Day on YouTube, and check out his site if you or your company would like a catchy, fun song. Thanks for the ATP theme song, Jonathan! Casey and Marco get deluged with to-do app recommendations. The difficulty in getting people to change to a new app, but conversely, the potential success for slightly differentiated apps in an otherwise crowded market. Google I/O keynote reactions. Localizing apps to different languages. The sad state of iTune...more

  • 12: Accidental Server Hardware

    May 10 2013

    FU on Apple's tick-tock pattern. Marco's PHP framework and sponsor-tracking web app, and why both exist. Usability and security implications of passwordless login systems. The Mac Mini's seemingly accidental success. Podcasters who hate the word "podcast", its quality connotation, efforts to invent alternative names, and barriers to entry. Brent Simmons' 30 Minutes To Sync proposal. Building web services on Apple's infrastructure. Sponsored by: Mac Mini Vault: Colocate or rent your own Mac ...more

  • 11: A Particularly Exuberant Adolescence

    May 03 2013

    The WWDC ticket lottery and potential solutions, or a merit system. Why Marco sold Instapaper. (See also.) Prospects for replacing Instapaper's income. Speculating on today's app market. The Magazine's app and Newsstand quality. Motivation, development, and homework. iOS 7's rumored visual overhaul and other speculation. The transition away from Steve Jobs' influence. What's left for iOS 7 to add? Sponsored by Squarespace: Use discount code ATP5 at checkout for 10% off. Become a member!

  • 10: Gradual Ramp Up To Nothing

    Apr 26 2013

    Laptops in school. Getting a tech job with and without a college degree. Running mail servers in today's spam environment. Steve Jobs' unauthorized talking points. The WWDC announcement and trying to get tickets. Going to WWDC vs. a ticketless trip vs. watching the videos at home. Apple's Q2 earnings and hints dropped during the call. The tech industry's holding pattern with bored consumers. Marco's mom buys her first smartphone, ignoring Marco's advice. Which one did she get? Sponsored by Ma...more

  • 9: Fish Bicycle Scenario

    Apr 19 2013

    Why are PC sales down? Why and when people have bought new PCs in the past. Forgoing or neglecting PCs today. PCs in businesses. Apple and IT departments. Last decade's Tablet PCs. The outlook for Windows 8 tablets in businesses. What will change if Microsoft Office is released for iOS? What AirPrint and black CD-Rs have in common. Still using (and abusing) Jonathan Mann's awesome ending song. Follow him and check out his other songs on YouTube. Sponsored by Squarespace: Use code ATP4 at chec...more

  • 8: Hold Me!

    Apr 12 2013

    Giving Dave Morin the benefit of the doubt on that Vanity Fair trainwreck. Who Facebook Home is for and why Facebook made it. Whether Facebook, Amazon, Samsung, etc. could or should make their own OS or maintain completely diverged Android forks. Google forking WebKit, Chrome vs. Safari, and the fork's likely implications for Apple and web developers. Debug #11: Don Melton and Safari WebKit contributors by company Panic's new Status Board app (and IAP reaction). We included Jonathan Mann's endi...more

  • 7: The Forecast For iCloud

    Mar 29 2013

    Summly's acquisition by Yahoo, and what could have justified its price. (Marco, WSJ) The quality of speech recognition. Challenges of big tech companies such as Apple hiring and retaining great talent. Why iCloud sync works so badly for developers and whether it's fixable. Why developers shouldn't use iCloud even if it worked. Jonathan Mann's ATP Ending Theme Song and the More Bleeps version. Sponsored by Squarespace: Use code ATP3 at checkout for 10% off. Become a member!

  • 6: Live Like Other People

    Mar 22 2013

    How Marco buys a TV (unlike how John does). Regular people noticing and caring about high-DPI screens. The amazing Mac lineup that few care about. Which Mac would we tell people to buy? Marco revisits the Microsoft Store. The Surface Pro's uniqueness. Why GarageBand's adoption of Audiobus is so interesting. How exposed filesystems and iCloud's document model both fail users. Sponsored by Squarespace: Use code ATP3 at checkout for 10% off. Become a member!

  • 5: Negativity, Skepticism, and Doubt

    Mar 15 2013

    The upcoming Google Reader shutdown. The market for RSS today, and the way forward. Client-side vs. server-side feed crawling. Addressing excessive demand for WWDC and Google I/O tickets. Apple pessimism is at an all-time high, even in the mainstream. What could Apple do to turn the pessimism around? Apple and web services. The Apple TV's interesting new A5. Diversifying the iPhone line. Become a member!

  • 4: The Bridges

    Mar 11 2013

    The role of the Mac Pro today. How Apple might manage the launch of a bigger iPhone. App design and auto-layout if the iPhone moves to multiple sizes and resolutions. Visual Studio's learning curve vs. Xcode and Interface Builder. The future of Objective C and the challenge of migrating a platform's API to a new language. Become a member!

  • 3: Conditions Led To Freecell

    Mar 09 2013

    The Nifty MiniDrive The challenges of small-camera design Sony RX1 and Sony's camera-business revival Apple in the gaming market and the evolution of casual gaming Solitaire, Minesweeper, and the first time anyone has mentioned FreeCell in 2013 The bad old days of Game Boys, lead-acid "portable" computers, and mouse-pointer trails iOS' refusal to let you pick default browser, email client, calendar app, etc. Mini-web-browsers inside of iOS apps How iOS could adopt Contracts or Intents, and the ...more

  • 2: The 7th Guest

    Feb 28 2013

    The PS4 announcement, the Xbox 1, old LAN gaming, Transport Tycoon, early CD-ROM adventure games, dumping old games onto iOS, dial-up modems, and the annoyance of gaming occasionally on a modern console. Become a member!

  • 1: iPhone Plus

    Feb 07 2013

    Speculation on what a bigger iPhone's screen might be and why. Become a member!