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  • #1902 On Your Marks

    Feb 12 2019

    Marks on our bodies and horses going around the performance ring, have got us on our marks. Get ready to go with us. The Birthmark Club by Madeline Goldberger You could have one on your face, your leg or your back.Birthmarks are visible but there’s also more than meets the eye. We delve into what is seen and unseen about these marks on our bodies. Supervising Producer: Allison Chan Music: ‘AhDah – Cephelopod‘ by Kevin MacLeod, ‘Folk Round‘ by Kevin MacLeod, &#...more

  • #1901 Back To School

    Feb 06 2019

    We’ve got new dreams, new hopes and a new backpack. Grab your game face and embrace your adolescent fears. There are important lessons to be learnt, both inside and outside the classroom. The Eyebrow Incident by Alyssa Bermudez The popular girls, increased body hair and mortal embarrassment — these are the necessary elements for a preteen drama.   Sound Recordist: Michael Brydon This story was recorded at Read To Me Hobart, which was organised by Joshua Santospirito. Read To Me is a ...more

  • #1844 Mixed Words

    Dec 05 2018

    These are our final words for 2018. But don’t go away. We have to first sit an English exam. We’ll also be testing you on the lyrics of your first album. To wrap up, we’ll find out how hearing, silence and sign language come together. — Language Test by Daniel Semo What happens when highly educated English speakers have to take an exam that they have every reason to think should be easy? Music: ‘El Rapido’’ by Daniel Semo, ‘High Wire’ by 126ers, &#...more

  • #1843 Buried History

    Nov 28 2018

    We’re digging for the deep cultural roots of magick, and burrowing through the rubbish history of a Sydney suburb. — Tempe Tip by Shelby Traynor A garbage tip once engulfed a Sydney suburb that is now transformed. But there are still remnants of the past — buried beneath walking tracks and ponds. Now an oasis close to the city, Tempe residents still remember their time at the tip.  Music: ‘Adventure Island (Theme)’, ‘Adventures of Superman (Theme)’ Supe...more

  • #1842 Thinking On Your Feet

    Nov 21 2018

    Being on your feet could mean throwing another human in the air. It could also mean finding love while dancing five nights a week. But, one way or another, you’ll eventually have to step up. Into adulthood. — All Star by Romy Sher Cheerleaders are often seen on the sidelines, dancing around or supporting a team, but what does it look like when the cheerleaders are centre stage? Music: ‘Chill Soft’ by S Hope, B Poe, J Mobley, ‘Headhunted’ by D Rhymes, ‘Pop Dreams’ by CA Salyer, ‘Tyme’...more

  • #1841 Coming and Going

    Nov 14 2018

    It’s Spring and some of us find a certain wanderlust in the air. We explore our comings and goings from the places we love. We’ll also be asking ourselves why we come and go in the first place. — Love Letter to a City by Eugenia Zoubtchenko Have you ever fallen in love with a city? Eugenia explores the relationships between people and place: from the rush of first love, to the mess of making it work, and even a desire to leave. Music: ‘Lumbaya Püf De’ by Galata Express Supervi...more

  • #1840 Man Versus

    Nov 07 2018

    Humanity takes on the challenge of swimming, the gobble of a turkey and the bite of a crocodile. These are three stories about earth, fire (maybe), wind, water and a lot of heart. — Chip off the Old Croc by Lee Robinson Pippa, the terrier, has no hesitation taking on a 3.5 metre saltwater crocodile. Their owner, Kai Hanson, lives on Goat Island amongst the crocodile-infested Adelaide River in the Northern Territory. Music: ‘Australians’ by Means, ‘Sci Fi’ by Ben Sound, ‘Desperate wanting f...more

  • #1839 The Right Thing

    Oct 30 2018

    We’re looking for the right thing. Join us as we go for lols, put on clothes, live in a new city, look for a job and discover memories of a photograph from the archives. — I Don’t Know Much About Graphic Design by Alistair Baldwin There’s a joke about the Qantas kangaroo and the Puma puma. Alistair shares his lessons from improv and the WA Tourism Board’s plans to beckon him back to Perth. Sound Recordist: Jordan Fennell This piece was originally written for the Sun...more

  • #1838 Getting Culture

    Oct 23 2018

    We’re on a search for culture. We’ll be taking epic voyages on ferries, leaving theatres with a new appreciation for musicals, and finding our tribe on the internet. — Secret Theatre Secret by Sapphire Sheedy There’s nothing like seeing musical theatre live, right before your eyes. There’s also nothing like seeing musical theatre for the very first time, especially if you’ve grown up avoiding cow patties. This story was recorded at a live visual storytelling n...more

  • #1837 No Clue

    Oct 17 2018

    Put on your detective hats and eyeglasses, and join us as we investigate two cases of strange signs in public places. — ‘The Elusive Equinox of Eveleigh’ by Lili Occhiuto A poster taped to a telegraph pole sent Lili on a journey of uncertainty, suspicion and weirdness. This detective-in-training investigated the thread between the precession of the Equinox, inner city Sydney and someone called Snowflake. Voice Overs: Reginald Harris and Thomas Husband Supervising Producer: Alli...more

  • #1836 Flesh And Bone

    Oct 10 2018

    Our bodies hold our stories. We’ve got a medical mystery, a late night tale about addiction and a yarn told in the flesh. — ‘A Collection of Small Plastic Containers’ by Seranna Shutt Seranna Shutt always wanted to be a mother. However, there came a time where she had to let go of her dreams. This is a story about how our bodies hold love, grief, motivation and anticipation. It was first told at a SPUN event in Palmerston during 2017.   Story Producer: Jess Ong SPUN is a ...more

  • #1835 Where Are You From

    Oct 03 2018

    Asking ‘where are you from?’ can be loaded. It can cast doubt on whether or not someone belongs to where they are now. But so many Australians were born in another country. And their journey to becoming Australian has had both highs and lows. — ‘Pedal To The Metal’ by Allison Chan Dean grew up in Croatia, when it was part of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It’s an area that witnessed war and ethnic tensions. It was also home to a small band of metal l...more

  • #1834 Behind The Sound

    Sep 26 2018

    We’re pulling back the curtain. We’re lifting the lid. We’re showing you how we make an All The Best story. — ‘How We Do What We Do’ by Allison Chan and Danni Stewart All The Best is a training ground for producers to learn how to make narrative audio documentaries. We want to be transparent about what we do because we want you to be involved, regardless of your experience. Danni Stewart kindly, and honestly, shared about what it was like to make her first sto...more

  • #1833 Let It B

    Sep 19 2018

    To make this episode an actual episode, we needed a theme to tie our stories together. We decided to call on a backup: a Plan B. It’s that letter that comes after A. — ‘Iron Mistress’ by Romy Sher If you drive out of the small town of Traverse City in Michigan and into the State Forest, you’ll find Black Rock Forge. Dan Nickels, the expert blacksmith, shares his experience and work ethic that’s kept in the field for over 30 years.  This piece was originally produced...more

  • #1832 Work In Progress

    Sep 12 2018

    As we get to work, you’ll hear about our previous work experience and our ability to remain calm under pressure in a fast-paced environment. — ‘Dodgy Jobs’ by Angela Moran When Sarah arrived in Melbourne from Belgium on a working holiday visa she was told it would be easy to find a good part time job. Instead she found a thriving environment of underpaying cash-in-hand jobs with little to no security. Lucky she’s got a good sense of humour and was willing to share a few s...more

  • #1831 Neighbourhood Vibe

    Sep 05 2018

    Some neighbourhoods have backwards road signs, while others are known for their cul de sacs. Join us as we travel into the small enclaves of Australia where people have whole lives and whole communities. — ‘The Glebe Community Op Shop’ by Karishma Tanvi In the inner city suburb of Glebe, there’s an op shop run by volunteers that’s more than just a shop for second-hand goods. Supervising Producer: Allison Chan Music: ‘People Everywhere (Still Alive)’ by Khruangbin, ‘...more

  • #1830 Reality Check

    Aug 29 2018

    Sometimes internal differences lead to changes in political leadership in Australia. And sometimes we just need to escape from the banter and find our escape in books, films and fan clubs. — ‘Bibliotherapy’ by Sarath Chandra Sarath isn’t into reading anymore and decides to talk to two authors to rekindle his love of books. He also stumbles into bibliotherapy as well.  Supervising Producer: Mike Williams Music: ‘End of the night’ by Phony Ppl , ‘Too late’...more

  • #1829 This Much I Know

    Aug 22 2018

    A lot of the lessons we learn in childhood stay with us. Like riding a bike. Or if you’re one of the talented ones, whistling. On this episode, we’re talking about the things we learned at a young age, and what that means when you’re grown up. — Like Mother, Like Daughter by Honor Marino Lively chatter around the dinner table was an important part of growing up in Honor’s family. Now that she’s an adult, there’s nothing she loves more than getting lost in conversation. But it wasn’t until ...more

  • #1828 Past Tense

    Aug 15 2018

    We have two stories from people recapturing moments that made a mark. The first story deals with issues of consent and may be triggering for some listeners. There is also some strong language. — ‘Humbug’ by Sidney Shaw Trying to blend in with the scenery at a bar is difficult when you’re easily the youngest person there. Factor in a short lifetime of deep-seated insecurity, excessive alcohol consumption and being noticed by a predatory older man, and watch as things quickly spi...more

  • #1827 School Of Thought

    Aug 08 2018

    We’re handing over the mic to a Year 8 class from Bossley Park High School, a school in the Western suburbs of Sydney. We’ll be hearing their interviews with family members and their English teacher, Angie Sari. The first two stories were produced and edited by Lucia and Adam. Aldana, Aymen, Jonathan, Kaylene, Ronin also contributed interviews. Additional editing and sound design was by Allison Chan. All of today’s stories were produced as part of the Stories of Strength partnership betwe...more

  • #1826 Listen To Me

    Aug 01 2018

    We have a feature episode of creative audio responses: people making a different kind of noise in response to gendered violence in Australia. Sydney composer and vocalist, Andrée Greenwell, invited lyric contributions from a number of female Australian writers: Donna Abela, Eunice Andrada, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Alison Croggon, and Candy Royalle. With five other vocalists and eleven musicians, these lyrics evolved into sonic pieces. There is mention of violence and sexual assault in this episode. ...more

  • #1825 Perfection

    Jul 25 2018

    Perfection comes in different shapes, forms and sizes. — ‘Biohacking’ by Steph Doole Smart drugs, saunas and supplements. These are some of the techniques biohackers use to try to perfect their mind and body. Supervising Producer: Bec Fary Music: ‘Steppin’ In’ by Podington Bear  — ‘The Future is Meow’ by Josie Hess Meet Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow. He’s a biohacker who’s gone to court in Australia’s first cyborg rights case.  ...more

  • #1824 The Bridge

    Jul 18 2018

    Bridges can close the gap between people who disagree, or between the past and the future. You can cross a bridge, burn a bridge, be a bridge. — ‘The West Gate’ by Rijn Collins Up to 200 000 cars travel over the West Gate bridge every day – going between Melbourne’s CBD and the Western suburbs. The West Gate bridge is the third longest bridge in Australia. There are ten lanes of cars on the bridge. Some of those lanes have a complicated history. Original music, field re...more

  • #1823 Because Of Her, We Can

    Jul 11 2018

    The theme of NAIDOC Week this year is ‘Because Of Her, We Can’. We’ll be hearing from two influential storytellers, both Aboriginal women, who share about how Indigenous Australians have understood the mysterious workings of the land and the sky for tens of thousands of years. We first meet Kirsten Banks, a proud Wiradjuri woman and astronomer. D’harawal Dreaming Stories Aunty Fran Bodkin is from the Bidigal clan of the D’harawal people in Sydney’s Southern b...more

  • #1822 Thrifty

    Jul 04 2018

    You might have started thinking about your tax return but there’s still a pinch in a lot of our pockets. In this episode, we’re thinking about the different ways people get thrifty. We’re talking side hustles and sticky situations that come with being short on cash.  — ‘The Art of the Side Hustle’ by Yvonne Lam More and more people in workforce are turning to side hustles. But if you needed some extra cash, would you let strangers draw you naked?  Music: ‘Proud Mary...more

  • #1821 Making Perfect

    Jun 27 2018

    We’re looking for something that’s perfect. Hear stories about a precise brew of coffee, breeding for perfection, the ideal planet and perfect skin.   — Coffee Science by Jenina Ibañez Melbourne’s coffee connoisseurs are always searching for the perfect cup. With technical precision, Rocky the barista is quickly making a name for himself in the coffee-making scene. He mastered the algorithm for the perfect cup of coffee, but does he have the heart for it? Supervising Produ...more

  • #1820 Gotta Go

    Jun 20 2018

    We’re talking about the urgency that comes from within. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Talking Bodies by Faith Chaza Faith Chaza tells a story about finding clothes and spaces where your body fits. Music: ‘Sad Marimba Planet’ by Lee Rosevere, ‘Lumber Down’ by Blue Dot Sessions, ‘Idle Ways’ by Blue Dot Sessions, ‘The Molerat’ by Blue Dot Sessions Supervising Producer: Allison Chan This fiction piece was originally written for an event by the Fini...more

  • #1819 Hometowns

    Jun 13 2018

    Some of us have stayed in our hometown, while others have left. We visit our memories of hometowns around Australia and the world.  — Hometowns Across The Globe Thinking back to toasting nuts with sugar at 3am in Buenos Aires and running around until midnight in Norway because the sun is still up. Ambika, Daren, Jules, and Sybilla transport us to the sounds, sights and smells of where they grew up. Music: ‘Lakeside Path’ by Blue Dot Sessions — Navigating the Shire by Roh...more

  • #1818 To Laugh and To Learn

    Jun 06 2018

    We find out how comedy and education shape the history of multiculturalism in Australia. Sarath Chandra talks to two comedians about how their backgrounds inform their material. Sheila Pham talks to Dung Dinh who came to Australia as an international student when the White Australia Policy was still in place. — Funny Voices by Sarath Chandra It’s a really interesting time in Australian comedy. Sarath Chandra speaks with two comedians, Lizzy Hoo and Suren Jayemanne, about being the minority...more

  • #1817 On My Own

    May 30 2018

    We’re flying solo. A poet goes on a solitary road trip through the American southwest and a self-confessed extrovert takes on the challenge of being by himself. — Only Child by Tom Joyner Only children can have the reputation of being selfish, entitled and bratty – like Little Emperors. Tom Joyner gives us his take on that assumption. Supervising Producer: Selena Shannon — Alonestar by Jordan Fennell Josh is an extrovert and loves being around people. But he’s spent the ...more

  • #1816 Postcard From A City

    May 23 2018

    We share our memories and impressions of growing up and living in Sydney. — Tourist In Your Own City by Martyn Reyes If you had family or friends visiting your home city from overseas, which places would you show off to ultimately impress them? Martyn Reyes didn’t know either, which is why he embarked on a 3 hour walking tour around Sydney to remind himself what makes his city special. Supervising Producer: Selena Shannon Music: ‘French Waltz’ by Sam Bikov, ‘Nah’ by Ryan Anderson, ‘O...more

  • #1815 Say My Name

    May 16 2018

    Everyone has a name. But sometimes we find ourselves wanting to change our names. It’s a tricky process. And it’s even more complicated when an entire country’s name is in question. — ‘Name Change’ by Daniel Semo Our names are one of the most basic portals into who we are. They help to define us legally, socially and culturally. But what happens when our names start to cause us problems? And what if trying to change your name becomes the actual problem? Music:...more

  • #1814 Ghosting

    May 09 2018

    Three tales about ghosting: hauntings in the nation’s capital, an abandoned smoothie shop and unanswered text messages. — ‘Running The Show’ by Nina Enever Everyone remembers their first part time job: dirty work, nasty customers, an overbearing boss. But what if your boss disappeared and everything was left up to you? That’s what happened at an upmarket smoothie bar in Melbourne. Music: ‘Blue Highway’ by Podington Bear, ‘M08 and Moog’ by Podington Bear, ‘Smooth Actor’ by...more

  • #1813 Word Travels Fast: Gosford Speaks Up

    May 02 2018

    We travel to Gosford on the NSW Central Coast with our friends from Word Travels Fast. In search of the city’s best spoken word poets, we meet Brooke Scobie, Elham Hafiz, Max Liberto and Lewis Janter. These wordsmiths cover topics that range from racism to fast food. There is a poem that deals with sexual abuse and suicide. If you or anyone you know needs support, you can call Lifeline or the Suicide Call Back Service anytime. This episode was made by Tegan Nicholls, with additional editor...more

  • #1812 Family Ties

    Apr 25 2018

    We’ve got three stories about understanding your family in ways that you didn’t realise. A comic book artist asks questions about grief at different ages of his life. And a lawyer in the Northern Territory discovers a truth about her family history. — ‘Migrant Mums: Far From Ordinary’ by Heidi Tai Growing up, Heidi always thought that her mum was ordinary. She never finished high school, never went to university, and held the same job in the same industry for over 30 year...more