Can I Pet Your Dog?

Can I Pet Your Dog? is a show for unapologetic dog lovers. Every Tuesday, hosts Renee and Alexis tell you about dogs they've met, dogs in the news, and any other dog they can think of. If they see a dog, they're going to pet it.


  • CIPYD 192: Dog Scanning and Jordan Duffy Returns

    Jun 18 2019

    Hello everyone!   We did it! We have another episode for you! This week Jordan Duffy RETURNS to give us an update on her life as Tug's roommate and her current thoughts on owning her own dog. We also have some COOL dog scanning Dog Tech! Crumb went to the dog park for the first time AND we have an update from Allegra!   Lay with a Labrador and tune in!  

  • CIPYD 191: Paul Gilmartin and Crumb Fails

    Jun 11 2019

    Hi everyone!   Father's day is approaching are you ready? We aren't either! BUT we do have the world's kindest person PAUL GILMARTIN (Mental Illness Happy Hour) with us this week! Paul tells us all about falling in love with his new dog and the importance of dogs in our lives. We also have some brand new Crumb fails to talk about plus an adorable My Mutt Minute!   Stop reading this and tune in!

  • CIPYD 190: Greg Behrendt and Cute Agression

    Jun 04 2019

    Hello friends! Welcome back! Thank you for tuning in! This week we have the very funny Greg Behrendt (He's Just Not That Into You) to tell us about his pups and his family's dog show! We have some important Dog News about a dog friendly movie theater! We also have Dog Science about why we want to squeeze cute things! Plus, dog updates and a fabulous My Mutt Minute from Sam and Webster. What are you waiting for? Tune in!

  • CIPYD 189: Welcome to Season Two!

    May 28 2019

    Hi hi hi!!! We’re BACK for season two! Hope you all have your permission slips signed and picked a buddy because we are going on a field trip to see DOGS! A Science Tail at the California Science Center.  But first, leaping labradors we missed you guys! We have so much to tell you! Crumb and Tugboat met for a photoshoot and we don’t want to say BEST FRIEND MODELS, but someone should. Next, we have a call from our Austin correspondent Legs Ringo with some investigative reporting on whether or not...more

  • CIPYD 188: A Salute to Allegra and a Hello to Crumb

    Apr 30 2019

    Hi friends!   Get ready for a roller coaster of an episode. First of all, we ALL have dog updates! Alexis fills us in on Crumb and his newest adventures. Renee tells us the inside scoop on Tug as an office dog. Plus, Allegra has started a new trainer with Pistachio. Then of course we have our GIANT salute to Allegra. Of course there is laughter and of course there is crying. Thank you everyone for reaching out with your sweet words!

  • CIPYD 187 : New Pups and a Fond Farewell

    Apr 23 2019

    Today’s show begins with a bit of an announcement...Our sweet Legs is leaving the show. Next week will be her last episode with us, which gives us one week to let her know how much a love and adore her! Please send your 10 second audio recording of your favorite Legs quotes, episodes and memories to ReneeColvert@gmail.com. BUT!!! We’ve also got some really exciting news! Alexis is going to be the new co-host of of CIPYD and possibly has a new pup herself! Tune in to hear the full scoop!

  • CIPYD 186: Renegade Crafts and Dog Sleepovers

    Apr 16 2019

    Hi there! This week we've got a spectacular episode for you! Renee needs some etiquette help with Tug after visiting a craft fair! Got any tips? We have some dog science on sleepovers! Plus, we have a little dog debate on the happiness levels of pet owners!    Tune in!

  • CIPYD 185: Dog Taxes and Alison Agosti

    Apr 09 2019

    Well hello there! This week we've got a spectacular episode for ya! Renee met a dog petter who will drop anything to pet a good pup. We've got some possible suggestions for dog based tax write offs (Reminder - We are not accountants)! Plus, the very funny Alison Agosti (Brooklyn 99, Late Nite with Seth Meyers) joins us to talk all about her sweet pup!   Squeeze a shaggy dog and tune in!

  • CIPYD 184: Dog Sitting and Science Tails

    Apr 02 2019

    Hi! First of all, THANK YOU for your support through the MaxFun Drive! We love you! This week we've got some very fun news about the California Science Center! We don't want to give too much away, but start packing your bags because it's worth a trip! Alexis tells us all about dog sitting sweet Lou! Plus, we have a great Facebook Thread and a My Mutt Minute!   Shake a Schnauzer and tune in!

  • CIPYD 183: Maximum Updates and Travis McElroy Returns!

    Mar 26 2019

    Welcome to week two of Max Fun Drive! We are so grateful for your support, we genuinely have the best listeners in the world. If you would like to become a member head on over to maximumfun.org/donate. Treat yourself to some Bonus Content!   This week we've brought back the Produfus himself, Travis McElroy! Travis is here to update us on all things Buttercup AND tell us all about his new dog Lily! You definitely don't want to miss it! We've also got some fun pupdates and a great My Mutt Minute! ...more

  • CIPYD 182: MaxFun Drive and Jackie Kashian

    Mar 19 2019

    Happy Max Fun Drive! That's right! Now is the time for you to show your support for the shows you LOVE! We can't thank you enough! If you want to donate please visit maximumfun.org/donate.  On top of the drive we have the BEST guest this week! Jackie Kashian, brilliant stand up and co-host of The Jackie and Laurie show is here to tell us all about her pups and some fantastic dog-movie reviews. We also have a hilarious Facebook thread and a My Mutt Minute!    Donate! Listen! Enjoy!

  • CIPYD 181: Pupdates and Pup-Debates

    Mar 12 2019

    Hello! We've sprung forward in time and we're having a good time! This week we've got some updates about the workdogs in our lives from Renee and Allegra. We have some very exciting dog news! Plus, we have a dog debate - do YOUR dog's paws smell good?   Reach for a Retriever and tune in!

  • CIPYD 180: Mardi Gras Dogs and Pet Sitting Stories

    Mar 05 2019

    Hello dog wanters and hello dog havers!  Happy Mardi Gras! This week we're going through all the themes of the Mardi Gras Dog parade through the years! We also share YOUR pet sitting Dog Victories and Dogsasters! Plus, we have a new Listener of the month, could it be you? Find out!   Stop reading this and tune in!

  • CIPYD 179: Alie Ward and Dog Mode

    Feb 26 2019

    Hello friends!    All three of us are back from vacation with a stellar episode for you! We've got a very cool Dog Tech about some new cars with a a dog friendly function! We also have a fantastic My Mutt Minute, perhaps our new favorite? Last but not least, ALIE WARD IS HERE! She's the host of the science-comedy podcast Ologies, so get ready to fall in love with a WONDERFUL dog wanter!   Grab a Goldendoodle and tune in!

  • CIPYD 178: Presidential Dogs and Bummer & Lazarus

    Feb 19 2019

    Happy Presidents Day week! This week Allegra has some very cool Dog History all about Bummer & Lazarus, two famous dogs from San Francisco. We brush up on our Presidential Pups when Renee brings in a fun game about the names of President's dogs. Plus, Alexis visited some radical Monster Mutts this week!   Find a furry friend and tune in!

  • CIPYD 177: Janet Varney and Dog Love

    Feb 12 2019

    Hello Valentines! Did you get a cute heart shaped treat for your favorite pup yet? Don't worry, you've got plenty of time!  This week we are joined by the very talented and very funny Janet Varney (JV Club) where she lays out the honest truth about dealing with a new puppy! Allegra and Renee learn how Pistachio and Tugboat show their love. Plus, Alexis tells us about a dog she experienced at the park!   Smooch a Schnauzer and tune in!

  • CIPYD 176: Scoopin' Heroes and Sniffin' Heroes

    Feb 05 2019

    Hi friends!  This week Renee and Alexis are asking the hard hitting questions! Why do people look like their dogs? Are turtles dogs? Are you a scooper or a dodger? Is this a very dog?  Wow! Are you dying to know the answers? Then stop reading this and tune in!   If you look like your dog, please send us photos! To send in your own My Mutt Minute email us at canipetyourdogpodcast@gmail.com Thank you!

  • CIPYD 175: Puppy Bowls and Dog Cookies

    Jan 29 2019

    Hello there! Are you ready to RUMBLE? Do you have your sports jersey ready? Because this weekend, as you know, is the Puppy Bowl AND the Dog Bowl. IS IT A WONDERFUL THING? YES! Might we still sue because we are not directly involved? Find out!  Renee also has an exciting update from Wags and Walks, we all talk about dog themed cookies, plus we have a My Mutt Minute and a Listener of the Month! Could it be you?    Grab a greyhound and tune in!

  • CIPYD 174: New York News and Drinking Dogs

    Jan 22 2019

    Take a deep breath everyone! New Years resolutions can be given up, we're well into 2019, and we've got a great show for you!   This week, Renee has uncovered the perfect recipe to make tug the best pub dog in town! We have some VERY exciting news for all the dog and art lovers in New York! Plus, we talk about using the KonMari on your dog's toys!   Scoop up a Shih Tzu and listen in!

  • CIPYD 173: Cute Head Tilts and Dog Meeting Etiquette

    Jan 15 2019

    Hi friends! Have you gotten used to writing 2019 instead of 2018 yet? Us neither!   This week, Alexis meets a dog in a revolutionary way that is sure to boost confidence among dog-meeters. We have some GREAT dog news about pet stores! Allegra puts on her lab coat and gives us the latest Dog Science on why dogs do that cute tilt with their heads! Plus more!   You don't want to miss it! Grab a Golden-Doodle and listen!

  • CIPYD 172: New Year, New Lawsuits, and New Dog Tech

    Jan 08 2019

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to 2019! We're kicking the year off strong with plenty of dogs!   This week, we get to hear all about a new dog-petter Renee and Tug met all while she was holding chicken! Alexis's family dog Rabbit is getting old and LOVING it, find out why! We've got breaking news about dog ears AND some future dog tech we can't wait to order!    All that and more! Tune in with a Terrier!

  • CIPYD 171: Scooting Around and Holiday Dogs

    Dec 18 2018

    Well hey there all you spooky cats!   Happy holidays! This week Allegra tells us all about a new dog at work and Alexis is MAD! Find out why! Renee solves an interesting scooting problem with Tug. Plus, we have a Dog Hero and a very charming My Mutt Minute!   Tune in!

  • CIPYD 170: Pupdates and Austin Dogs

    Dec 11 2018

    Hello! Hello! Don't worry! Allegra is back this week! That's right, the band is back together and Stella's groove has returned!  This week, Allegra tells us all about the dogs she met in her trip to Austin! Renee met ANOTHER very excited dog petter and we have some exciting pupdates to some of our older segments!  Plus, we have a Listener of the Month and a hilarious My Mutt Minute.    Get cozy and tune in!

  • CIPYD 169: Dogs are Doctors and Jordan Duffy

    Dec 04 2018

    Hello! Happy December!    We've got a Tugboat heavy episode, so buckle up! First, Renee and Tugboat have a a little bone to pick in a segment titled "Unleashed! What are you doing to me!?" We have a Dog Science in which we learn that dogs are basically doctors now. Plus, special guest Jordan Duffy is here who is not only an Audio Engineer at Earwolf and great person, but is also Renee's roommate! We get the inside scoop on living with Tugboat.    Stop reading this and tune in!

  • CIPYD 168: Renee & Alexis Cut Loose

    Nov 27 2018

    Happy Late Thanksgiving! We hope you had a lovely time.  This week Allegra is gone so Alexis and Renee are forced to fend for themselves! First, Renee met Mayor Max, the Dog-Mayor of Idyll Wild! That's right, we've talked about him before but at long last Renee has met this political pup. Plus, sneaky Allegra once again proves she is the best friend in the world. We also have a silly game about your dogs "True Name." Then, Alexis has a bone to pick with the new dogs at the National Dog Show.   ...more

  • CIPYD 167: Nervous Leashes and Dog Sniffing

    Nov 13 2018

    Hi everyone! Happy cinnamon-broom season! This week Allegra tells us about Pistachio's new leash and that's making dog walks easier for everyone! Renee explains why she things she is a Bad Dog Mom (not true) and prepares to meet Mayor Max! Plus, we have some very interesting Dog Science about dog's sniffing and more!   Tune in!   Email YOUR My Mutt Minute to canipetyourdogpodcast@gmail.com

  • CIPYD 166: Dog Politics and New Legal Battles

    Nov 06 2018

    Hold on! Pause the show! Did you vote? Yes? Okay, click play.    Hi! Welcome to another fantastic episode! This week Alexis tells us all about the dogs she met in New York, and Allegra tells us about the dogs at Strut Your Mutt. Then, things get edgy, when we take The New York Times to court! Renee tells us all about the latest Dog News and we are outraged. Then, we discuss dog poop and where to put it! An age old debate.   Plus we have a My Mutt Minute and a Listener of the Month!   Cuddle a C...more

  • CIPYD 165: Tricks, Treats, and Spooky Listener Stories

    Oct 30 2018

    OOOOooo! Welcome to the world's SPOOKIEST dog podcast! That's right, this episode is all halloween, and all spooky dogs!   Alexis starts this chilling show with a game about tricky dogs! Will Renee and Allegra be able to determine the truth? Will Renee cheat? There's only one way to find out!   Allegra tells us all about the bone rattling tale of the Black Dog! A classic folklore figure with a fascinating history.    Plus, we've got YOUR spooky dog experiences to share! Thank you to everyone who...more

  • 164: One Good Mother and Movie Mutts

    Oct 23 2018

    This is NOT the halloween episode we SWEAR! We're just excited! This is the ALMOST halloween episode which is a big difference.    This week, Renee met a dog Petter! That's right, someone as excited to pet Tug as we usually are to meet other dogs!  Allegra steps up to the plate to determine if she is a good or bad dog mother! (Spoiler alert, she's great!)  Plus, we find out Alexis is psychic, hear about some Movie Mutts, and more!   Tune in, be brave, carve a pumpkin!

  • CIPYD 163: Easing into Halloween with Tricks & Treats

    Oct 16 2018

    Well hello there!   Happy Middle of October! This week, Renee is bringing some tricks! Dog Tricks that is. She breaks down an easy way to teach your dog to roll over!  We go over some fun dog costume ideas for dogs that hate wearing costumes! Plus, Renee teaches us all how to cheat (and win) at a costume contest and Alexis brings a simple halloween treat recipe for your pup!   Grab a pumpkin (or pup) and tune in!

  • CIPYD 162: Can I Pet Your TURTLE?

    Oct 09 2018

    We're talking the most exotic breed of dog yet -- baby turtles! Renee tells us all about the most adorable vacation EVER!  If that's not cute enough, we may have found the most expressive dog instagram yet - @dunkinandkirby (and boy is Renee jealous).   Plus, a great My Mutt Minute from Ariel and Tadders!   Listen in!

  • CIPYD 161: Sean Bennett and Dogtober Begins

    Oct 02 2018

    Boo! Happy October! We've got a great episode to get you started for the fall season! Don't worry, we get straight into some easy costume ideas for your dog! We also have Sean Bennet to tell us all about his brand new dating app for dog lovers, Doggy Date. Plus, we've got a wonderful My Mutt Minute and we announce the Listener of the Month! Don't be scared! Tune in! Don't forget to sign up for Doggy Date with the promo code doggydate for a chance to win some cool prizes!

  • CIPYD 160: New Jobs, New Vacations, and New Alexis

    Sep 25 2018

    We've got a wild h*ck of an epsiode with a ton of updates!   First, Surprise - Alexis is on mic now! That's right, we let the cat lady on the dog show!  Next, Allegra got a job! A dog related dog! A writing job! Everyone praise her! What is job you may ask? Allegra explains it all! If that wasn't enough, Renee is going on vacation! She tells us all about her plans for meeting dogs in Mexico.   We've also got an incredibly sweet My Mutt Minute from Dan & Bud, and a Listener of the Month announcem...more

  • CIPYD 159: Pet Parents Oversharing and Tugboat's Rise to Fame

    Sep 18 2018

    We were gone! We were back! Now we are ready for a great show! Kaity Reagle and Andrea Shapiro pop in to tell us all about dogs and their new podcast, Pet Parents, Oversharing. We also finally answer the age old question, "Dogs, do they go on or off the table?" Plus, more updates and a wonderful My Mutt Minute from Andrea, who will be keeping her home! Grab a Goldendoodle and tune in!

  • CIPYD 158: Tugtastrophes and Lying Small Dogs

    Sep 04 2018

    Hello! How's it going?   This week we're back in the saddle with a fresh hot copy of Tugboat Tribune. That's right, folks! Tug's managed to have another Tugtastrophe and Renee tells us all about it. We've got a My Mutt Minute from Down Under which is sure to make you smile! Plus, some fascinating dog science about everyone's favorite subject - Pee!   Tune in!

  • CIPYD 157: Tugboat's Ready for his Closeup

    Aug 28 2018

    Welcome welcome welcome!   Start calling your agents and alerting the press because Tugboat is about to be the King of Hollwood! Hear all about Tug's upcoming rise to fame in Tugboat Tribune. This week Allegra has some CAT news, which may be breaking the laws of this podcast! We also have a great My Mutt Minute and some amazing Dog Tech that's saving lives!   Don't wait! Call a Corgi and tune in!

  • CIPYD 156: Julie Dixon Jackson and Dog Genes

    Aug 21 2018

    Hi! Hello! How the h*ck are ya?    Get out your science books out because we're talking dog science this week. We've got Julie Dixon Jackson (host of Cut off Genes) to teach us all about dog DNA and tell us about her own dogs! We hear all about Duggy the greyhound in our first international My Mutt Minute. Plus, Allegra tells us all about the two GIANT dogs she sat this week.    Grab a Great Dane and tune in!

  • CIPYD 155: Nicole Georges and Secret Menus

    Aug 14 2018

    Hi everyone! Great to have you here!    This week we're back with another fresh Tugboat Tribune and Pistachio Post! We have the wonderful Nicole Georges with her adorable dog Ponyo to tell us all about her dogs and incredible book, Fetch. Plus, a My Mutt Minute and more! Don't miss it!   Hug a hound and tune in!

  • CIPYD 154: Ben Blacker and Gotcha Day

    Aug 07 2018

    Hey there friends! Buckle up because this episode is FUN! We've got the wonderful Ben Blacker (Thrilling Adventure Hour, Hex Wives) to not only tell us about his dogs, but also a fantastic dog hero story of his own! Tug's first Gotcha Day is right around the corner so we discuss all things Gotcha. Plus, a My Mutt Minute AND a NEW listener of the month!   Squeeze a Schnauzer and tune in!

  • CIPYD 153: Tugboat Tribune and Pistachio Post

    Jul 31 2018

    *Insert Trumpet Sound* Welcome one and all! We're back again this week to bring you the best in dog business. We get serious in Lawyer Lounge, where an actual Lawyer answers some of our questions about dog registration from last week! We've got some local dog news hot off the press in Pistachio Post and Tugboat Tribune, our newest segment. Plus, a great My Mutt Minute from Jack and some Dog Science on dog ears!   Hug a hound and tune in!

  • CIPYD 152: Blast 'Em & Serve 'Em and Cap'n Crunch

    Jul 24 2018

    Welcome friends! Great to have you!   We've got a great episode for you this week! Renee's back into rhyming again this week with Dogs We VET This Week, Renee brings Tug in for his yearly check up and Allegra figures out if Pistachio is a fugitive of the Dog Law. Plus, we have a Mystery My Mutt Minute call in, a Dog Hero, and even a listener question!    What're you waiting for? Hit Play and tune in with a furry friend!

  • CIPYD 151: Jennifer Golbeck and Warm Hearts

    Jul 17 2018

    Hello sweet friends! This week we may have done it! We may have recorded the most heartwarming episode we've ever had.  We're joined by the lovely Jennifer Golbeck to tell us all about her FIVE Golden Retrievers and how she manages them all. Renee tells us all about her gambling's with dogs in a shocking new segment, Dogs We BET This Week. Plus an adorable My Mutt Minute from Denise and Meeko.   Snuggle up and tune in!   Be sure to follow Jennifer @thegoldenratio4 for more Golden Retriever updat...more

  • CIPYD 150: Listener of the Month and Sean Clements & Grace Kallis

    Jul 03 2018

    Hello! Happy Fourth of July Week! Don't forget to keep your pups safe!   We've got a great show for your ears this week! Allegra tells us all about a dog she met AND got good photos of, plus some profound relationship advice. We hear all about Katie's dog Little Fish in My Mutt Minute. Sean Clements (Hollywood Handbook) and Grace Kellis tell us all about their pets and wonderful dog! Last, but not least, we announce our first listener of the month!    Don't wait! Tune in now!

  • CIPYD 149: Jordan Morris and Unapologetic Dog Complainers

    Jun 26 2018

    Hi there!   We've got a fully loaded episode for ya this week! We've got a Dogs We Met this Week that doubles as a Tugsaster! Whoa! We have a charming My Mutt Minute from Emma & Luke about their dog Ellie. Plus, Jordan Morris (Jordan, Jesse, Go!) joined us on a fun field trip to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation and joins us to tell you all about it and his brand new podcast, Bubble!    Don't wait! Grab a Greyhound and zoom in here!   Got a My Mutt Minute of your own? Call 323 250 3315 or send us a...more

  • CIPYD 148: Ned Kenney and Jurassic Tug

    Jun 19 2018

    Well howdy! Good to see ya!   This week Allegra tells us all about dog-sitting Tilly, the Chihuahua mix that lives up what seems like 10,000 stairs. We have a very charming My Mutt Minute from Suzanne all about her dog Kiki! Tug has a  wild week full of disasters, including spitting like a dinosaur. Plus, the dog-loving creator of Laughable, Ned Kenney, joins us to tell us all about his great app and his co-worker Golden Retriever, Cooper!   Hug a hound and tune in!   Got a My Mutt Minute of you...more

  • CIPYD 147: Travis Returns and Sadie Rose

    Jun 12 2018

    Holy Smokes friends! Things are crazy this week! Our lovely Produfus is BACK! Travis McElroy is here as our guest host plus Alexis is on mic while Allegra is out. We've got a Double Dog's We Met This Week from Alexis and Travis. We have an adorable My Mutt Minute all about Sadie Rose. Plus, a brand new segment Renee has titled "Pineapple For Dogs" you're going to love it!   Cuddle a Corgi and listen in!

  • CIPYD 146: Lisa Lippman and Teddy the Great Pyrenees

    Jun 05 2018

    Hurry up and get your ears in here! We've got an extra adorable episode for you this week! Lisa Lippman from Pets and Punchlines joins us to tell us all about her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chloe. We have what is absolutely the cutest My Mutt Minute from Lily all about her dog Teddy. Allera tells us all about the HUGE Great Danes she sat in Dogs We Met This week. Plus, some cool dog tech!   Hug a hound and tune in!

  • CIPYD 145: Payman Benz and the Crocodile Collie

    May 29 2018

    Welcome everyone!   We've got a fantastic episode this week for you! First, Allegra tells us all about her new Neighbor-Dog that she met A LOT in Dogs We Met This Week. Then, Rachel tells us all about her Crocodile Collie, Tucker, in My Mutt Minute! Last, but certainly not least, Payman Benz (Brooklyn 99, Last Man on Earth) joins us to tell us all about the dogs he loves and his journey into getting a new dog!   Bring a Beagle and tune in!

  • CIPYD 144: Alexis is a Hero and Seven the Dog

    May 22 2018

    Hello everyone!   This week Renee met TWO dogs in Dogs We Met This Week and faced an ethical dilemma! We have our first ever MY Mutt Minute from Amanda who tells us all about her dog, Seven! Renee tells us all about how Alexis saved the day and avoided a dogsaster! She is a hero! Send her money! (She's also is the one writing this!) Plus, some dog news about an important dog with an official job!   Grab a Great Dane and tune in!

  • CIPYD 143: My Mutt Minute and Tug's New Leash on Life

    May 15 2018

    Strap the heck in listeners, we've got a crazy show for you! To ease you in we have a classic Dog's We Met This Week where Allegra tells us about the EXCITED dog she met at the vet! Then, we've got a brand new segment in lieu of Mutt Minute. Plus, Tug's got a new leash and he want everyone to know about it!   Buckle in your Basset and tune in!   To leave YOUR Mutt Minute leave us a voicemail at (323) 250 - 3315 or email us at canipetyourdogpodcast@gmail.com    THANK YOU!

  • CIPYD 142: Melissa Munoz and the Maremma Sheepdog

    May 08 2018

    Hi there! We're so glad you're here! This week we learn the truth of Tug's past! That's right! The Wisdom Panel results are in and we finally learn what kind of dog Tug is. Renee and Allegra both met dogs "a little" in Dogs We Met This Week. We have a Mutt minute on the Maremma Sheepdog and some summer news about Mutt Minute. Plus, the very smart and very helpful Melissa Munoz (pawsitiveperspective.net) is here! She's an incredible dog trainer who's here to give us some tips and help us understa...more

  • CIPYD 141: Bill Corbett and the Field Spaniel

    May 01 2018

    Well hello there!   We've got a fantastic episode for you this week! Bill Corbett (Mystery Science Theater 3000) returns to the show to tell us all about his NEW dog! Renee takes over Dogs We Met This week and tells us all about a dog she met "a lot!" We learn all about the adorable Field Spaniel in Mutt Minute. Plus, Allegra has some dog news that may sound sad at first, but don't worry, it's funny!   Hug a hound and tune in!

  • CIPYD 140: Gilli Nissim and the Saluki

    Apr 24 2018

    Salutations friends! We've got a h*cking good episode for ya! Allegra is back in business with TWO dogs she met this week. We've got a Mutt Minute on the Saluki - which (in the opinion of Alexis) look fancy and sad. Renee brings in a new segment all about Tug's Report Cards! Plus, Gili Nissim (We're Gross) is here to tell us all about the great dogs in her life! She's really great, so don't miss it!   Snuggle a Schnauzer and listen in!

  • CIPYD 139: Martha Kelly and the Estrela Mountain Dog

    Apr 17 2018

    Hello sweet listeners!   We have such a fun show for you this week! Allegra tells us all about an incredible sled dog she met this week. Allegra also tells us all about the Estrela Mountain dog in Mutt Minute. The very funny Martha Kelly (Baskets) is here to tell us all about her wonderful rescue dog Rosie. Plus, we've got a very cute facebook post that will melt your heart! The Maximum Fun Drive was a huge success and we can't thank you enough! We have the worlds best listeners!   Tune in!

  • CIPYD 138: John Levenstein and the Eurasier

    Apr 09 2018

    Hi friends! HAPPY SECOND WEEK OF MAX FUN DRIVE!   We're coming out a day early to give you extra time to participate in the drive! Just head over to maximumfun.org/donate THANK YOU SO MUCH!   This week we've got the hilarious and dog lovin' - John Levenstein who you know from shows such as Baskets and Arrested Development! We also have a Mutt Minute on the Eurasier! Plus, some important Dachshund dog news!    Pet a poodle and tune in!

  • CIPYD 137 - Elizabeth Hackett and the Drever

    Apr 03 2018

    HELLO! HAPPY MAX FUN DRIVE!    This week we have the wonderful writer Elizabeth Hackett in the studio with her perfect dog Chance. We also have a Mutt Minute on the Drever! Spoiler: Very short legs, very cute! Plus, Renee tells us about some great dogs she met this week.    FINALLY! It's the MAX FUN DRIVE! Now is the BEST time to support the podcasts you love so head on over to maximumfun.org/donate! Thank you! We have the best listeners in the world!   Cuddle a Collie and tune in!

  • CIPYD 136: Wedding Pups and the Danish-Swedish Farmdog

    Mar 27 2018

    Happy Max Fun Drive Eve! We have our air horns and trumpets and we’re ready to celebrate! But not yet. We still have one week to go. This week Renee tells ya all about being a dog wrangler in a wedding, plus she’s got some fun info on the Danish-Swedish farmdog in today’s Mutt Minute. Allegra has some really cool dog news/science. And both Renee and Allegra have shaming dogsasters.   Grab an air horn and an Ariedale and tune in!

  • CIPYD 135: Alison Bennett and the Cane Corso

    Mar 20 2018

    This week, Allegra triumphs AGAIN by remembering to write down the dog she met this week. We have an exciting Italian Mutt Minute on the Cane Corso. We also have some puzzling potentially cool Dog Tech. Plus, the very funny and talented, Alison Bennet is here to tell us all about her dog Rhoda!   Sit on a sofa with a Spaniel and tune in!

  • CIPYD 134: Anne Wheaton and Dogs in Food

    Mar 13 2018

    Hello and welcome! We have a very exciting show for you today. Allegra tells us about a very enthusiastic pair of dogs she met. Renee has a Mutt Minute about the Caucasian Shepherd (spoiler: they're gigantic). Allegra introduces a new segment to tell us about Dogs in Food, the best Instagram ever. Plus, our friend Anne Wheaton is back to tell us about her adorable new children's book, Piggy and Pug.   Put your dog in some food and tune in!

  • CIPYD 133: David Huntsberger Returns and the Brittany

    Mar 06 2018

    Hello and welcome to another episode of CIPYD! Tugboat is bringing home sticks with absolutely no help or encouragement from Renee. Legs has everything you need to know on the Britney in today’s Mutt Minute. Barbra Streisand cloned her dead dog...twice. AND favorite guest David Huntsberger is back as a DOG HAVER! Grab a stick and a dog to hold that stick and ENJOY!

  • CIPYD 132: Helpful Collies and the Barbet

    Feb 27 2018

    Hello there! We hope you're enjoying your February and hope you got the full amount of dog pets in despite it being a short month. This week, Allegra tells us all about two dogs she met and remembers BOTH of their names. Renee tells us all about the Barbet in Mutt Minute. Plus! We have some very good Dog News about Border Collies saving the world.   Hug a hound and tune in!

  • CIPYD 131: The CIPYD Call-In Episode

    Feb 20 2018

    Hello and welcome to a very special episode! We took YOUR calls and got to hear all about your dogs. Tune in! Thank you to everyone who called us!

  • CIPYD 130: Valentine's Day with Jenny Jaffe & Mike Levine

    Feb 13 2018

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVE! Will you be our Valentine? (And while we're at it, will you also be cool when we can only remember the name of ONE of the dogs we met this week? Awesome. You're the best.) We have the Affenpinscher for this week's mutt minute. AND! We have power couple Jenny Jaffe and Mike Levine here to tell us all about their amazing pup Spoof, who is truly a contender for the world's cutest dog. Grab your dog/valentine and tune in!    Plus, don't forget to mark your calendars: we're...more

  • CIPYD 129: Pupdates and The Swedish Lapphund

    Feb 06 2018

    Hi there! Thanks for tuning in! This week we’ve got not single, but DOUBLE dog news! So get ready to get informed. We also have a mutt minute on the Swedish Lapphund! SPOILER: It’s very cute. Last but not least, Renee gives us the latest updates on Tugboat. Plus, don't forget to mark your calendars: we're taking your calls for our call-in show on February 17th at 2pm PST! Call us at 323-250-3315 to tell us all about your dogs!

  • CIPYD 128: Puppy Bowl XIV and the Chinook

    Jan 30 2018

    Hello! We hope you're having a great day! In this week's episode, we have lots of antidotes to the late winter blues. We have an inspiring story about Pancho the gorgeous fat Chihuahua, and a Mutt Minute about the rare Chinook. Renee wonders about how to have an uncomfortable talk with Tugboat, and we discuss the lineup of the upcoming Puppy Bowl AND its brand new counterpart, the Dog Bowl. Grab a Great Dane and tune in!   Plus, don't forget to mark your calendars: we're taking your calls for ou...more

  • CIPYD 127: Small Victories and the Pumi

    Jan 23 2018

    Hello! And welcome to another episode of CIPYD. Listen, it's after the holidays, statistically things *should* be blue, but not in CIPYD land where we have pups galore to keep morale tip top. Renee met (and Tugboat hopped over) an Australian Shepard in Dogs We Met This Week. We discuss the Pumi in Mutt Minute which was surprisingly was suggested by Renee's childhood buddy, Jenna. Legs has a fantastic dog victory with Pistachio. And, the CIPYD facebook page takes over the world in today's Dog New...more

  • CIPYD 126: Lauren Reeves and the Azawakh

    Jan 16 2018

    Hello there! How are you? Is that a new shirt? It looks great! This week Renee tells us all about the dog/bear she met at the dog park and reveals some shocking thoughts on cats! Allegra tells us all about the elegant Azawakh in Mutt Minute. Plus, get ready to fall in love with the hilarious Lauren Reeves as we hear all about her perfect dog.   Boop a beagle and tune in!

  • CIPYD 125: Travis McElroy and The Borzoi

    Jan 09 2018

    Hello and welcome to a very special episode of CIPYD! Our old prodoofus is back, and we forced him to produce this episode as well as guest on it. Travis and Allegra both have excellent dogs they met this week, and Renee has a Mutt Minute on the Borzoi. Allegra reports on the holiday dogsaster that Renee saved her from, and Renee tells us about Tugboat and Pistachio's budding "friendship." And of course, we get a Buttercupdate from Travis, who fills us in on the latest between Buttercup and her ...more

  • CIPYD 124: Ben Harrison and the Dandie Dinmont Terrier

    Jan 02 2018

    Happy New Year! We're ringing in 2018 with an episode that's only slightly off the rails. Legs met not one but two dogs that she thinks Renee will really like. Will Renee like them? You must tune in to find out. Plus, we have a Mutt Minute on the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and New Year's resolutions for our dogs. Last but not least, guest Ben Harrison from the podcast The Greatest Generation is here to tell us about his dog Darwin! Grab a New Year's Newfoundland and tune in!

  • CIPYD 123: Rottweilers and Doggie Day Care

    Dec 19 2017

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Dog-mas! We're so happy to have you home for the holidays! Take your coat off and stay awhile as we tell you all about the Rottweiler in today's mutt minute. Renee's got an update on Tugboat's new paradise doggie daycare, and Allegra gives us the dish on the CIPYD facebook group's Secret Santa game. Spoiler: it is sweet as h*ck! Pour some nog, grab a dog and snuggle on in!

  • CIPYD 122: Brussels Griffon and Blake the Dog

    Dec 12 2017

    Hi there friend! Have you finished your holiday shopping? Did you remember to get something for your dog? Your favorite crazy aunts are here to help you through the crazy holiday season! This episode, we learn all about the Brussels Griffon in Mutt Minute. Allegra tells us all about the cool new dog she met named Blake! Plus, some very important dog science on the intelligence of cats and dogs. Grab a Griffon and tune in!

  • CIPYD 121: Tom Clark and the Curly Coated Retriever

    Dec 05 2017

    Happy howlidays! It's officially December, and we're getting excited. We have some dog updates from Allegra's neighborhood, plus some very significant humans that Tug met this week. Renee has a Mutt Minute on the Curly Coated Retriever, and Allegra welcomes the holiday season with her favorite topic: holiday dogsasters from our listeners. Plus, we have guest Tom Clark, a comedian and Bulldog lover who has a new special coming out December 8th. Grab a Christmas canine and tune in!   Order Tom's s...more

  • CIPYD 120: Keeshonds and Ear Tufts

    Nov 28 2017

    Well hello! And welcome to another episode of Can I Pet Your Dog? We've got a humdinger for ya. Legs is covering the Keeshond in today's mutt minute. The dog park detectives are on the case of Tugboat and his mysterious ears tuffs. And Renee has a few dog heroes that are fun, but definitely don't outshine Allegra's annual dog hero story last week. Cuddle up with a cup of coco, extra marshmallows and a malamute!

  • CIPYD 119: The Finnish Spitz and the Annual Retelling of Kelsey the Dog Hero

    Nov 21 2017

    Hello and happy almost-Thanksgiving! We’re getting into the holiday spirit, and frankly, things are getting wild. Allegra met a puppy who she thinks she can use to her benefit, and Tugboat has pulled a new con on Renee. Plus, we have a Mutt Minute on the Finnish Spitz, and Allegra has a dog hero that she may or may not have talked about before, but if she did, it’s only because it’s our annual holiday retelling of it, so don’t tweet at her. Grab a holiday hound and tune in!

  • CIPYD 118: Portuguese Podengos and Doree Shafrir

    Nov 14 2017

    Hi there friends! Thanks for tuning in! This week, we’ve got the wonderful Doree Shafrir (Matt & Doree’s Eggcellent Adventure) to talk about all her pup Beau! Renee tells us about Tug’s first sleepover and his new friend! Plus, a Mutt Minute on the Portuguese Podengo a dog that is both alliterative and excellent.   Snuggle a Setter and listen! Don’t forget to check out www.cipyd.com for more dog related fun!

  • Live at the Moroccan Lounge with Janine Brito

    Nov 07 2017

    *Heads up: this episode contains adult language!*   Welcome to a very special CIPYD, live at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles! We have a really fun- and non-family-friendly - show for you. We're talking to guest Janine Brito about her three dogs, Miller, William, and Lucy, and her dream living situation. We also cover the worst dog gifts this holiday season, plus we force Janine to answer the impossible question: "which dog is better?"   Follow along with the visuals here: http://bit.ly/CIPYDs...more

  • CIPYD 117: Stevie Nelson and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

    Oct 31 2017

    Welcome to a SPOOOOOOKY episode of Can I miss Pet Your Dog? Happy Halloween!!! Tugboat and Pistachio want you to know those terrifying plastic rat decorations are 100% real. Allegra reports her haunted time at Marnie’s 16th birthday in Dogs we met this week. (Kidding. It was fun and there were awesome dogs there.) Renee has the frightful Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in Dogs We Met This Week. (Also kidding. They’re adorable.) And the truly delightful Stevie Nelson from Nickelodeon’s Crashle...more

  • CIPYD 116: Daniel Van Kirk and The Westie

    Oct 24 2017

    Hello and welcome! We're broadcasting from glorious Eagle Rock, California, where Renee is dogsitting Tug's best friend Finn. Renee and Allegra tell us all about being judges for the Pitties in the Park costume contest in San Diego. Allegra has a Mutt Minute on the Westie, and we have a cool dog app update. Last but not least, we have guest Daniel Van Kirk, who hosts the podcast Hindsight and cohosts the podcast Dumb People Town with the Sklar brothers. Grab a Goldendoodle and his favorite dog t...more

  • CIPYD 115: David Huntsberger and Icelandic Sheepdogs

    Oct 17 2017

    Hey there! What a fun show we have for you! Allegra tells us all about a friendly terrier she met. Renee has a Mutt Minute on the Icelandic sheepdog which *spoiler alert* looks sort of like a chubby fox! Allegra also catches us up on the latest news regarding dogs and affordable yet stylish furniture for your pet! Last but not least, we have the incredibly funny David Huntsberger with loads of incredible dog stories you're going to love! Snuggle a Spaniel and tune in!

  • CIPYD 114: Matt Kirshen and Scottish Deerhounds

    Oct 10 2017

    Happy second week of Dogtober! We have a super fun show for you! Renee tells us about the dogs she met when she took Tugboat to his first week of school. Allegra has a Mutt Minute on the Scottish Deerhound, plus some Dog Science about how dogs process memory! Last but not least, we have guest Matt Kirshen, who's a comic, a writer for The Jim Jefferies Show, and cohost of the podcast Probably Science. Cuddle a Corgi and tune in! Also, join us at our live show with We Got This on November 5th in L...more

  • CIPYD 113: Pharaoh Hounds and Dogtober

    Oct 03 2017

    Oh h*ck! It’s Dogtober! The best month of the year! In Dogs We Met This Week, we’re raving over a perfectly behaved podcast pup (Hint, it’s NOT Tugboat.) Renee’s covers the controversial history of the Pharaoh Hound in today’s Mutt Minute. We gab about what YOUR dogs costume’s are  going be this Halloween. (Oh boy they are cuuuuute!) And, Renee goes a bit off the rails complaining about her vet experience. Grab a pumpkin, grab a pup, boop the snoot and cuddle up!

  • CIPYD 112: Air Bud and the Return of Amy Spalding

    Sep 26 2017

    Hello there! Upon first assessment according to us, this episode is wild. Legs has a dog she DIDN'T meet this week, plus a Mutt Minute on Air Bud (you read that right). We have our first return guest, Amy Spalding, who gives us important life updates regarding dogs. Plus, Tug has his weekly tugsaster. Grab a tiny Chihuahua and a big Chihuahua and tune in!   Check out our new website: www.cipyd.com   Check out Amy Spalding's work: https://www.theamyspalding.com/

  • CIPYD 111: American Water Spaniels and Tug's Dogsaster

    Sep 19 2017

    Hello! We've waiting at the door for ya! Welcome to another episode of Can I Pet Your Dog? In Dogs We Met This Week our beloved producer Alexis has a new pup at work. Renee's got a Mutt Minute on the American Water Spaniel. Legs had some cool dog science about sneezing pups. And, Tugboat has his worst/most public dogsaster to date. Also! We have a new website with YOUR dogsasters! Grab a bowl of treats and check it out! www.cipyd.com

  • CIPYD 110: Irish Setters and Tug’s Breakup

    Sep 12 2017

    Well hello there! Happy September! This week, Renee’s new pup Tugboat has his first breakup and Renee gives us the juicy gossip. Gossip Spoiler: There’s pizza involved. Allegra and Renee both have dogs they met this week - one on each side of the country! Plus, we learn all about the Irish Setter. Finally, we have a BRAND NEW WEBSITE! Check out www.cipyd.com for all things dog related. Snag a Spaniel and get in here!

  • CIPYD 109: Rose Eveleth and The Scottish Terrier

    Sep 05 2017

    Happy day after Labor Day! We’re talking to Rose Eveleth, host of the podcast Flash Forward, about her awesome dog Moro, who has two different colored eyes and a winning personality. Plus, some happy news about an escaped dog, and of course some awesome dogs we met this week. Grab a tiny terrier and tune in!

  • CIPYD 108: Doughboys and the Mysterious Mongolian Ridgeback

    Aug 29 2017

    Alexis is out of town and we're going wild with a non-family-friendly episode! That's right, we're swearing up a storm in this one. We welcome Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell, hosts of Doughboys, the podcast about chain restaurants. They argue about whether dogs or cats are better, and we take advantage of their taste-testing skills to determine the best dog-themed booze. Plus, Renee is running from the law, and Allegra gets duped on her Mutt Minute. Grab the least disgusting dog-themed booze you c...more

  • CIPYD 107: Katelyn Hempstead and German Shorthaired Pointers

    Aug 22 2017

    Welcome to can I pet your dog! We're officially a two dog hosting team and we cannot be stopped! This week we've we're joined by the wonderful and hilarious Katelyn Hempstead (host of Lizard People) to tell us about her experiences with big and small dogs. Renee gives us an incredible 60 seconds on the German Shorthaired Pointer. PLUS we have some breaking dog news! And of course some updates on Tugboat.    Pull up a poodle and tune in!

  • CIPYD 106: Renee's New Dog Tugboat and Border Collies

    Aug 15 2017

    BREAKING NEWS: THERE IS NO LONGER A DOG WANTER IN THE HOUSE. Renee adopted a dog! He's a 10 month old border collie/pitbull mix, and you guys hilariously named him Tugboat. Once Renee stops crying about how supportive and wonderful the listeners have been she dishes about her first 12 hours with Tug' (spoiler: her first dogsaster.) Allegra swoops in with helpful advice and antidotes, and we thematically have a mutt minute on border collies. Circle around a few times for a good spot and snuggle i...more

  • CIPYD 105: Mel Stephens and Shih Tzus

    Aug 08 2017

    HELLO! EVERYONE! RENEE GOT A DOG! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Be sure to head over to the Facebook group and help her name him!   While you're looking at photos of Renee's new dog, tune in! We've got Mel Stephens, host of Fear Based Life, to chat all about her dog and her past fear of dogs. We (finally) have a Mutt Minute on the Shih Tzu! Plus, some thrilling dog news about a missing woman!   Grab a dog with cute ear tufts and listen!

  • CIPYD 104: Two-Year Anniversary Special: Rachel Hastings and the Xolo

    Aug 01 2017

    It’s CIPYD’s two year anniversary, and we can’t believe it! We’re celebrating with guest Rachel Hastings of Bob’s Burgers and a Mutt Minute on the Xoloitzcuintli. And of course, we’re talking all things anniversary, and Renee dogsat a very special puppy. Grab a celebratory pupcake and tune in! Thanks for hanging out with us for two years!

  • CIPYD 103: Travis McElroy and Bloodhounds

    Jul 25 2017

    Hello friends! This week we are joined by our beloved prodoofus Travis McElroy! He gives us the latest on having a great dog and a great baby! Allegra tells us all about Bonnie the puppy - spoiler alert - she’s cute. Plus, Renee does a VERY difficult mutt minute on the Bloodhound. Pick up a poodle and tune in!

  • CIPYD 102: Brea Grant and the Mudi

    Jul 18 2017

    It's episode 102 and we're having a wild time! Renee not only has some fantastic dogs she met this week, she also has a story about dogs she got in trouble with this week, much to Allegra's delight. Allegra has a Mutt Minute on the Mudi, and we have guest Brea Grant, cohost of new Max Fun podcast Reading Glasses! Plus, we have some supremely stupid dog tech. Grab a handful of your favorite dog food and tune in!

  • CIPYD 101: 101 Dalmatians

    Jul 11 2017

    As the great Great Dane Danny from 101 Dalmatians once said, "The humans have tried everything. Now it's up to us dogs." It's our 101st episode and we're celebrating with a 101 Dalmations salute! We're talking 101 Dalmatians trivia, favorite scenes, and beloved quotes. Plus! Real life Dalmatian fun facts, and dogsasters. You don't want to miss this spotted spectacular honoring maybe the best dog movie out there, and celebrating our 101st episode. 

  • CIPYD 100: Violet Charles, Australian Terriers and A Salute to 4th of July

    Jul 04 2017

    Cue “Stars and Stripes Forever,” it’s 4th of July! We salute Renee’s favorite holiday with a story about Mayor Max and an update on Renee’s dog plans. We also have a Mutt Minute about the Australian Terrier, and some cool dog tech. Grab the most patriotic pup you can find and settle in!

  • CIPYD 99: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Dogsasters

    Jun 27 2017

    Hello, humans and dogs (NO BOTS)! We have a really fun episode for you. Renee met a dog with the best name of all time, and Allegra has a Mutt Minute on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Plus, we have listener dogsasters and a dog victory! Grab your favorite squeaky toy and tune in!

  • CIPYD 98: Amanda Brooke Perrin and Samoyeds

    Jun 20 2017

    Well hello there! This week we've got some very adorable Dog News about a dog that wasn't quite tough enough to enforce the law. The very talented writer and comedian Amanda Brooke Perrin joins us to tell us about her own Dogsaster. Plus, Renee tells us all about Samoyeds! Hug a hound and tune in!

  • CIPYD 97: Miniature Schnauzers and An All-Dog Game Show

    Jun 13 2017

    Hello! We have lots to tell you this week! Renee and Alexis tell Allegra about an all-dog game show taping, and Allegra tells them about an inspiring dog named Moose. Allegra gives us a Mutt Minute on the Miniature Schnauzer, and both Renee and Allegra have important life updates to fill you in on - including a brand new pet podcast.    Grab the smallest Schnauzer you can find and tune in!

  • CIPYD 96: Mandell Maughan and Black Russian Terriers

    Jun 06 2017

    Hello! We're so excited you're here! In dogs we met this week, Renee went to the mountains for a birthday bonanza, but don't worry! She met all the dogs in Big Bear. We gab about the Black Russian terriers in this week's Mutt Minute. And Mandell Maughan of Bajillion Dollar Properties on Seeso tells us all about her amazing pug Bella. She's perfect and we can barely handle it. Snuggle on in and enjoy!

  • CIPYD 95: Jackie Johnson and Belgin Malinois

    May 30 2017

    Hello, everyone! We have a dogtastic episode that we’re excited to share with you. We have a Mutt Minute on the Belgin Malinois, and we look into why dogs like to watch us undress. But best of all, we have guest Jackie Johnson, host of the new podcast Natch Beaut and mother to The Chooch, the chillest dog in Hollywood. Get the h*ck in here and tune in!

  • CIPYD 94: Mike Primavera and Formosan Mountain Dogs

    May 23 2017

    Hello everyone! We made it! We're back from Portland and we're revving and ready to tell ya about all the dogs we met on our own personal Oregon trail. Renee's got Formosan Mountain dogs in this week's Mutt Minute. Plus, we have the hilarious Mike Primavera of Twitter fame and The Chive telling us how he'll hop a fence to pet a dog!  Grab a Golden Retriever and tune in!

  • CIPYD Live at Bridgetown with Janeane Garofolo, Karen Kilgariff, and Drew Lynch

    May 16 2017

    Whoa! We have an extra special episode for you! This is our first-ever live episode, recorded at the Bossanova Ballroom in Portland during the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. We talk Portland dog businesses and Oregon dog heroes, then we talk about pretty much every dog subject we can think of with guests Janeane Garofolo, Karen Kilgariff, and Drew Lynch!   Warning: this episode contains strong language and strong political opinions, and might not be suitable for everyone!   Enjoy!

  • CIPYD 93: Bill Corbett and Norwegian Elkhounds

    May 09 2017

    OH BOY! Welcome! Did we have a FANTASTIC time at Bridgetown Comedy Festival? You better believe we did! We’re still resting our vocal chords from yelling “Look! Another dog!” but rest assured, we can’t wait to share our live show with you. Don’t fret though, while you wait we’ve got a great h*cking episode for you! Bill Corbett (Mystery Science Theater 3000, Rifftrax) joins us to talk about his dog Rudy! We’ve got a Mutt Minute on the Norwegian Elkhound and a very silly Pinned Post full of dogsa...more

  • CIPYD 92: Abby and Dave Shumka and Weimaraners

    May 02 2017

    Happy Bridgetown Comedy Festival week! We're excited, the dogs are excited, the bridges are probably excited... everyone's excited! We have a double dose of dogs we met this week, former guest Briana Hansen has another new pup, and Allegra is a full blown dog-reuniting hero, (despite her resistance to the title.) Weimaraners are today's mutt minute, and Legs has dog tech. For the grand finale we have beloved and hilarious Max Fun super couple Abby and Dave Shumka telling us all about their (most...more

  • CIPYD 91: MARNIE THE DOG and Chihuahuas 2.0

    Apr 25 2017

    HELLLOOO! WELCOME!   We've got to cut right to the chase and tell you we've got our biggest celebrity guest EVER. MARNIE THE DOG IS HERE! You know her, you love her tongue, now hear her cute bark! Marnie's mom Shirley Braha joins us to tell us all about her adventures with one of the cutest dogs on the planet!   We also have a fantastic mystery Dogs We Met This Week. Plus! We've got Mutt Minute on the Chihuahua! Have we done Chihuahuas before? Yes. Did we find a way to do it again, but BETTER? T...more

  • CIPYD 90: Brandie Posey and Springer Spaniels

    Apr 18 2017

    Hello and welcome to episode 90! We have guest Brandie Posey, comedian, writer, producer and cohost of Lady to Lady. Plus, Renee reports on Springer Spaniels, and Legs has some stupid, weird, and occasionally ingenious dog stories from our Facebook group.   Come see us at Bridgetown and at Max Fun Con East, and preorder one of our new CIPYD shirts!   https://topatoco.com/collections/maximum-fun/products/maxf-cipyd-logo-shirt

  • CIPYD 89: Jarret & Rachel Palmer and the Soft Coated Wheaten

    Apr 11 2017

    Hello there! This week’s episode is only mildly off the rails! We have a Dog Update in place of Dogs We Met This Week. Allegra tells Renee all about the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, HER FUTURE DOG?! Only time will tell. Plus, we learn about Barry and the Saint Bernard Rescue Dogs, and talk to Jarret and Rachel Palmer about their dogs Norma and Gizmo! Grab the nearest terrier and tune in!

  • CIPYD 88: Bichon Frises

    Apr 04 2017

    Awe, BUDDY! Hello and welcome to another episode of CIPYD! Get on here and make yourself cozy, but be obvious about it, Allegra is easily startled. We can't help ya if you're looking for a pledge drive, but if you want to hear all about Alexis's workplace dogs, boy, is this the place for you. Renee's got a mutt minute on Bichon Frise (spoiler: they're terribly misspelled according to her.) Allegra tells us how her sister might have had the coolest dog job ever. And, we kick off the brand new seg...more

  • CIPYD Minisode 03

    Mar 30 2017

    Hey there! We're back! It's time for a minisode! We read and listen to YOUR emails and voicemails about your own Dog Victories and Dogsasters! Got a great story to tell us? Leave us a voicemail at (323) 250 - 3315 or shoot us an email at canipetyourdogpodcast@gmail.com   THANKS FOR TUNING IN!

  • CIPYD 87: Eliza Skinner and Labrador Retrievers!

    Mar 28 2017

    HAPPY WEEK TWO OF MAX FUN DRIVE!  CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW WELL IT’S GOING? We really can’t thank you enough!  This week we’ve got another jackpot guest, the very funny Eliza Skinner joins us to talk about dogs and her dog-like cat, Casper! We also have a very important Mutt Minute on the classic Labrador Retriever! Allegra sets Renee up for a dog date in Dogs We Met This week. Plus, we’ve got a Double Dose of Dog News! Tune in! Keep donating! WE APPRECIATE YOU!  Can I Pet Your dog is supported almos...more

  • CIPYD 86: Kate Shindle and Alaskan Malamutes

    Mar 21 2017

    HAPPY MAX FUN DRIVE, FRIENDS!   We’ve got a fully loaded episode for you to enjoy for this very special MaxFun Drive week! A great week needs a great guest, and we really hit the jackpot! Kate Shindle current star of “Fun Home” and past star of pretty much everything joins us in the studio to talk about her dogs and her experience working with rescue dogs! We also have a Mutt Minute on the Alaskan Malamute, which thankfully Renee did not skip. We’ve got some thrilling Dog Tech and Dog News. Plus...more

  • CIPYD 85: Corgis

    Mar 14 2017

    Hello there! We’ve got a great new episode for you on this warm (in Los Angeles anyway) March day! First we’ve got a BIG Dogs We Met This Week because Renee and Allegra went to the dog park and met ALL the dogs! We have some very fun dog news about a corss country team that will definitely warm your heart. We have an important Mutt Minute on the Corgi, turns out they do more than just have cute butts! Plus, some great dog tech! Grab a terrier and tune in! Leave us a voicemail with your Dog Victo...more

  • CIPYD 84: Molly McAleer and Jack Russell Terriers

    Mar 07 2017

    HELLO THERE! Welcome! We’ve got a great episode this week! First, we’ve got a Double-Dogs We Met This Week, because both Renee and Allegra couldn’t wait to talk about these great dogs. We have a Mutt Minute on the Jack Russel Terrier (Or Parsons Terrier if you prefer) which we can’t believe we haven’t done yet! The absolutely hilarious Molly McAleer (Plz Advise, EBPsychos) joins us to tell us all about her dog Wagandstuff, who may be the most handsome dog we’ve had described on the show.  Grab a...more

  • CIPYD 83: Kayla Cagan and Pomeranians

    Feb 28 2017

    Hey there, friend!  First off, how are ya? Great? Good to hear! This week, we’ve got the very kind and talented Kayla Cagan here to talk about her dog Banjo and her brand new book Piper Perish! For the love of God, we’re finally doing a Mutt Minute on the Pomeranian! We’ve also got a bone chilling Dog Hero story, but don’t worry, it’ll leave your heart warm.   Thank you for listening! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!  Leave us a voicemail with your Dog Victories and Dogsasers at (323...more

  • CIPYD 82: Matt Nelson and Tibetan Spaniels

    Feb 21 2017

    Hello Sweet Listeners!  We’re so glad to have you here! Back by popular demand we’ve got very special guest Matt Nelson from WeRateDogs to catch us up on his dog filled life! We’ve also got a Mutt Minute on the Tibetan Spaniel that you won’t want to miss. Oh, and did we mention we met a PUG PUPPY in the office?! Charlie the pug pops in with his papa Daniel and we gush over his impossibly cute face. We also have some great Dog Tech and a Pinned Post!   Hook your phone into some speakers and tune...more

  • CIPYD 81: Travis and Teresa McElroy Return!

    Feb 14 2017

    Uh oh? Do you hear that? It’s a brand new very special Valentine’s Day episode!  Who better to talk about love than our very favorite couple Travis and Teresa McElroy! Did we lay the foundation for the best new dog franchise film? Find out! We’ve got a shocking Dogs We Met This Week where Allegra met a dog in a truly unexpected place! We have a Mutt Minute on the Finnish Hound and a special Valentine’s Day segment about what to get your dog for this romantic holiday! Also, we may mention once o...more

  • CIPYD 80: Siobhan Thompson and the Old English Sheepdog

    Feb 07 2017

      Hey there friends! We’ve got a great episode for you this week with all your favorite segments!   Renee tells us all about a Chocolate Labradoodle she met in Dogs We Met This Week. She also takes a look inward and contemplates her dog snobbery. We’ve got a Mutt Minute on the Old English Sheepdog! They’re big, fluffy, and whole lot of work! We have special guest Siobhan Thompson with us to talk about the dogs of her childhood! We’ve got some dog “tech” that’s honestly just a very fun way to use...more

  • CIPYD 79: Dave Holmes and Owney

    Jan 31 2017

    Well hi there! We’ve got a premium episode for you with a platinum guest! Allegra and Renee tell us about Marty, the French Bulldog with a permanent blep, in Dogs We Met This Week! We’ve got a great Mutt Minute on Owney the mail dog! The absolutely delightful Dave Holmes (International Waters, Party of one) is here with his dog Finn! We’ve also got some important Dog News about the popularity of dogs on the Internet! Thank you a million times to everyone who sent us holiday gifts! We have the be...more

  • CIPYD Minisode 02

    Jan 26 2017

    Hi there! Did ya miss us? Don’t worry, we’re here! It’s our second minisode! We read and listen to YOUR emails and voicemails about your own Dog Victories and Dogsasters!   Got a great story to tell us? Leave us a voicemail at (323) 250 – 3315!   Too much pressure leaving a voicemail? We get it. Send us an email instead at canipetyourdogpodcast@gmail.com   Grab a mutt and tune in!

  • CIPYD 78: Andy Wood and Judy

    Jan 17 2017

    SALUTATIONS FRIENDS! We’ve got a fresh episode hot from the oven ready for your ears! Renee tells us about Sally the Basset Hound in Dogs We Met This Week. We also talk about our individual petting techniques, something we can’t believe we haven’t talked about before! We have a special Mutt Minute on Judy the POW dog that you won’t want to miss! Andy Wood from the great podcast Probably Science joins us to chat about the dogs of his childhood. Plus, we’ve got a Pinned Post of the week about dog ...more

  • CIPYD 77: Andrea Silenzi and French Bulldogs

    Jan 10 2017

    Hi there, pal! This week Renee tells us about a mighty French Bulldog in Dogs We Met This Week. Appropriately, we also have a Mutt Minute on the French Bulldog! Andrea Silenzi, host of the great podcast “Why Oh Why,” joins us to talk about her dog Mable and what it’s like to date as a dog owner. We also have some Dog News about the Puppy Bowl! Please, share with a friend and enjoy!  Leave us a voicemail with your Dog Victories and Dogsasers at (323) 250 - 3315! Too much pressure leaving a voicem...more

  • CIPYD 76: Black Mouth Cur

    Jan 03 2017

    Welcome! How’s it going? A fresh new episode is ready for the fresh new year! We’ve got a Dogs We Met This Week with a dog in the room! Captain hangs out while we chat about him and contemplate whether or not dogs dig wearing sunglasses! We’ve got a Mutt Minute on the Black Mouth Cur and, SPOILER, that’s Old Yeller! We have a special Hero Dog segment about Diabetic Alert Dogs, a friend and a hero all in one! We have a tribute to Carrie Fisher and chat about her wonderful dog Gary. Plus, We’ve go...more

  • CIPYD 75: Siberian Huskies and Dog Resolutions

    Dec 27 2016

    Hey there, buddies! We hope your holidays were full of dog victories! This week Allegra tells us all about not one, but TWO dogs she met in Dogs We Met This Week. We have a Mutt Minute on the Siberian Husky, a dog that is both strong and cuddly! With just days left in the year, we discuss out Dog New Years Resolutions both what we want for them and what we suspect their resolutions actually are. Plus, stick around, because we’ve got a Pinned Post about dogsasters! Enjoy and don’t forget to share...more

  • CIPYD Minisode 01

    Dec 23 2016

    It’s the first ever CIPYD Minisode! We listen to the voicemails you left us about your own Dog Victories and Dogsasters! Got a great story to tell us? Call us at (323) 250 – 3315! Too much pressure leaving a voicemail? We get it. Send us an email instead at canipetyourdogpodcast@gmail.com! Thanks for tuning in!

  • CIPYD 74: Portuguese Water Dogs

    Dec 20 2016

    Hello there! Happy Howlidays!   We’ve got a great episode to keep your ears warm this chilly week! Renee tells us about a dogsaster she experienced in Dogs We Met This Week. Will she question everything she holds to be true? Find out! Then, we’ve got a Mutt Minute on the Portuguese Water Dog! *Spoiler* That’s the Obama’s dog. We’ve also got some great last minute gift ideas for the dog lovers in your life. Plus, we’ve got some Dog News about the most Popular dog names of 2016! Is your dog on the...more

  • CIPYD 73: Doug Kreeger and Plott Hounds

    Dec 13 2016

    Well hello there! Happy Marshmallow-World-Month! This week we've got a Double Dogs We Met This Week, because Allegra and Renee both met fantastic dogs, Leon and Fry! We've got a Mutt Minute on the Plott Hound which you won't want to skip! The fantastic Doug Kreeger joins us with his adorable dog Max (Steven Tyler Jr) to chat about Doug's Dogs and the origin of Max. We also have a Dog Hero this week, Princess Buttercup saved her family with her incredible nose! As you wish, Buttercup! Lastly, we'...more

  • CIPYD 72: John Ross Bowie and Airedale Terriers

    Dec 06 2016

    Hey buddies! Happy Howlidays! We've got an episode you're really going to enjoy this week. John Ross Bowie (Speechless, The Big Bang theory) joins us to talk about his lovely dog Sunny!Renee tells us all about the Airedale Terrier in Mutt Minute! Alexis delivers a very special Dogs We Met This Week. Plus, we talk about having dogs during the holiday season!  Grab some hot cocoa and tune in!   Leave us a voicemail with your Dog Victories and Dogsasers at (323) 250 - 3315! Wanna get in touch? Emai...more

  • CIPYD 71: Travis McElroy Returns!

    Nov 29 2016

    Hello there! How's it goin'? This week Travis McElroy our wonderful former producer returns to the show! Travis updates us about his life with a new baby and (more importantly) how Buttercup is handling the change. We also have a Mutt Minute on the Pekingese! If that's not enough for you in Dogs We Met This Week Allegra tells us about Doug the Pug! That's right, that's a dog name that rhymes with it's breed. Of course, we also have a Facebook Thread of the Week!  So, crank it to 11 and tune in! ...more

  • CIPYD 70: Dana Wickens and Leonbergers

    Nov 22 2016

    Hi there buddy! Thanks for popping in! In Dogs We Met This Week, Allegra tells us all about Rufus, a large dog whom she met on a cozy blanket! Then we've got a Mutt Minute on the Leonberger, turns out - they look like lions on purpose! The wonderful Dana Wickens joins us, you may know her as the producer from some great podcasts (Hard Nation, Rock Bottom), but more importantly she is a Corgi expert! For example, did you know corgi butts are also referred to as "Momos?" Neither did we! We've got ...more

  • CIPYD 69: Aparna Nancherla and Dogue de Bordeaux

    Nov 15 2016

    Hello sweet friends! We're so happy and grateful to be here! We've got a fresh new episode hot and ready to go! In Dogs We Met This Week Renee tells us about her trip to Rosie's Dog Beach! We've got a Mutt Minute on the Dogue de Bordeaux, these are some big buddies! The super talented and hilarious Aparna Nancherla joins us to talk about dogs in New York and together we try to figure out where people keep their big dogs. We've got some special Dog News involving the ever-wonderful David Tennant!...more

  • CIPYD 68: Mayor Max and Geoffrey Golden

    Nov 08 2016

      Hello wonderful friends! We've got a tremendous episode for you on this election week! Allegra gets political in Dogs We Met This Week and tells us all about Mayor Max, the Dog Mayor of Idyll Wild! We've got a delightful Mutt Minute on the Boston Terrier *SPOILER: They're very cute! Then, best selling author Geoffrey Golden from Devastator Press joins us to review the movie Space Buddies! Is it full of cute puppies? Yes. Will it win an Oscar? Find out what the experts say! Tune in and don't fo...more

  • CIPYD 67: Akitas and Our Favorite Things

    Nov 01 2016

    Hi everyone! Hope you're doing great! We've got a brand new episode whipped up and ready to go! Renee tells us all about Biju in Dogs We Met This Week, a surprisingly small dog for Renee enjoy. Then, we've got a Mutt Minute on the Akita which includes a very touching story. We've got an update on our Bone to Pick with Animal Planet and some exciting new Dog Tech! Plus, a new segment entitled Our Favorite Things where we talk about some of our current favorite things!  Enjoy and don't forget to s...more

  • CIPYD 66: Demi Adejuyigbe and Shar Peis

    Oct 25 2016

    Hello there friend! I like your scarf! Dogtober continues as Renee and Allegra discuss more dog costumes they've come across and LOOK OUT because they are CUTE! In Dogs We Met This Week, Renee tells us about Bobo - a kind friend who was able to help her in a time of need. Demi Adejuyigbe from the podcast Gilmore Guys is here to talk about all the dogs in his life! Plus, We have a great Mutt Minute on the Shar Pei, and yes they are wrinkley and yes it is adorable.  So grab a mug of something warm...more

  • CIPYD 65: Adria Hash and the Puli

    Oct 18 2016

    What time is it? It's time for Can I Pet Your Dog! This week we have a special Human I Met This Week, but don't worry it all revolves around a spectacular dog. We have a Mutt Minute on the Puli. If you don't know, they're the ones that look like mops and it turns out they're great with teamwork! We have a very special Ask an Expert with Adria Hash from Dog Vacay, where we learn all about Dog Vacay and how to start your own little business hanging out with dogs! Plus, we have a great Facebook thr...more

  • CIPYD 64: Hamilton Hounds and DOGtober

    Oct 11 2016

    BOO! Ha! Gotcha! Hi there! It's just us, don't be scared! This week we're getting into the spirit of DOGtober*! Have you been wondering if there are any stories about dogs and Dolly Parton? There are! Hear all about it in Dogs We Met This Week! We've got a very interesting Mutt Minute on the Hamilton Hound. Of course, we've got DOGtober where we talk about the best dog costumes for dogs of all sizes. Plus, we've got some updates and a Facebook thread of the week! No tricks, just treats this week...more

  • CIPYD 63: A Bone to Pick with Animal Planet

    Oct 04 2016

    Hi Friends! We've got a wonderful episode for you! We have a great Dogs We Met This Week where we contemplate why all dogs aren't named Hamilton. We've got a Mutt Minute on the Shiba Inu where we contemplate whether or not they are half cat. Finally, we've got an important message to Animal Planet. Help us get on Puppy Bowl! Please let us know your ideas for our hashtag! Frankly, we're shocked they haven't asked us already. Thanks for listening!

  • CIPYD62: Jeff May and Australian Shepherds

    Sep 27 2016

    Hi everyone! Thanks for tuning in! Today on the show we've got Dog's We Met This Week with our wonderful producer Alexis B Preston. You'll also hear a very interesting Mutt Minute about the Australian Shepherd (spoiler: They're not from Australia!). We've got a fabulous Facebook Thread of the Week.  Plus, comedian Jeff May joins us to talk about feeding dogs meat from your purse and his deep love for the Shiba Inu! Then, stick around, because we've got some adorable Dog News!  So, grab a friend,...more

  • CIPYD 61: Briana Hansen and Bonnie

    Sep 20 2016

    Hi friends, it's so good to have you back!  This week we've got a Co-Dogs We Met This Week featuring two dogs and a cat! We've got a fascinating Mutt Minute on the German Shepherd and it's unusual creator! We have our first ever Dog Intervention with Matt Monroe and his girlfriend Diana, where we help give Diana the courage to pet the dog she passes by every day. And of course, we've got the wonderful Briana Hansen and her Aussiepoo puppy, Bonnie! It's truly the most adorable thing to ever enter...more

  • CIPYD 60: Jeph Jacques and Canadian Eskimo Dogs

    Sep 13 2016

    Wow! Hi! Is that a new shirt? It looks great! We've got a fantastic episode for you this week! Renee tells us all about Lil' Smokey in Dogs We Met This Week and also contemplates if she has fully become a crazy neighbor. You'll learn all about the very strong Canadian Eskimo Dog in Mutt Minute! PLUS we have the very cool JEPH JACQUES on the show to tell us all about his even cooler Great Pyrenees, Shelby! And Hey! Don't stop listening there, because we have some great Dog Tech to help dogs get a...more

  • CIPYD 59: Hayley Marie Norman and Collies

    Sep 06 2016

    Well hello there! Good to see you! We've got a real treat of an episode for you this week! Renee catches us up on all of the great pups she met in Colorado! We have a great Mutt Minute on the Collie, another classic! We also have some very exciting Dog News about just how smart our four legged friends really are! Plus, our very special guest Hayley Marie Norman joins the show to talk about her awesome dog Iggy and her very cool dog dress that we cannot get enough of! Thanks for tuning in and don...more

  • CIPYD 58: Alexis B. Preston and Golden Retrievers

    Aug 30 2016

    Hello wonderful friends! This week we would like to introduce you to our NEW PRODUCER ALEXIS! Like a dog's favorite tennis ball, she is quite a CATCH. We think you're going to really like her. Also she wrote that bad catch joke, not us. This week's Mutt Minute features a classic pooch: the Golden Retriever! Allegra brings us some great Dog News about "Audience dogs." Plus, Renee gives an exciting update about the Goldendoodles in her life in Dogs We Met! Enjoy!

  • CIPYD 57: Kirby Howell-Baptiste and a Farewell to Travis

    Aug 23 2016

    Well friends, the time has come to say farewell to our Produfus Travis! But don't worry, we send him off with an incredible episode! Maybe our best one yet! In Dogs We Met This Week, Bonnie the AussiePoo puppy! This week's Mutt Minute is all about the Standard Poodle! Don't let the name fool you, there's nothing ordinary about it! We are so excited to be joined by Kirby Howell-Baptiste and hear about the dog movie, dog tvshow and all the other animal related projects that she is working on! We a...more

  • CIPYD 56: Jonathan Van Ness and Operation Getadog

    Aug 16 2016

    Extra, extra! Read all about it! We have a great episode for you, friends! Also, enjoy Travis's newsie voice! In Dogs We Met This Week, hear all about Cherub the Guide Dog in Training! In this week's Mutt Minute (with a special new jingle from Jill and Paul!) you're gonna learn all about the snake fighting dog, the Thai Ridgeback. We have HUGE NEWS, in our brand new segment: Operation Getadog! We are so excited to be joined by the wonderfully charming, incredibly bombastic Jonathan Van Ness! And...more

  • CIPYD 55: Carrie Poppy and PBGV

    Aug 09 2016

    Hello Champions! Today, we are all gold medal winners just for listening to this episode! You get a gold medal and you get a gold medal! (Just to be clear, it's a metaphorical gold medal, nobody actually gets anything.) On this week's Dogs We Met This Week, a very special Dogs My Boyfriend Met This Week! We have a Mutt Minute all about the very hard to pronounce PBGV breed! We are so excited to have very special guest Carrie Poppy (mother of Ella and co-host of Oh No Ross and Carrie). We're also...more

  • CIPYD 54: Shadi Petosky and Alpine Mastiffs

    Aug 02 2016

    Oh, hi there! Come in, come in! Don't just stand there letting all the air conditioning out!  Our morale is way up and we have a real bang-up episode for you! First, some presents from the PO Box. Then, in Dogs We Met This Week, Finn the Winking Wonder Dog! Renee tells us all about the extinct Alpine Mastiff in this week's Mutt Minute. A brand new segment this week: Drool School! Allegra shares some insight with first time dog owners. We're so excited to be joined this week by television/animati...more

  • CIPYD 53: Joan Ford and Wool Dogs

    Jul 26 2016

    Hoo boy! It sure is hot out there folks! Don't worry, we're not gonna let that stop us from bringing you another great episode! In Dogs We Met This Week, hear all about Cici the Dog! Bonus, you can learn about Renee's hypothetical brain dog! In Mutt Minute, learn about the extinct Salish Wool Dog! We're joined this week by comedian and writer Joan Ford! We also have a whole bunch of Personal Dog News! We're joined once again by official CIPYD Photographer Becca Murray! So, sit back, cool off and...more

  • CIPYD 52: Anniversary Special

    Jul 19 2016

    My goodness friends, where does the time go?! It seems like just yesterday we started doing this show, but here we are already at a year! We have a lot of really great stuff jam-packed in this episode and we hope you like it! Let's start off by trying to remember our favorite "reminiscing songs" and discussing a little thing called brunch. In Dogs We Met This Week, 5 brunch dogs, a game night dog and a stroller dog OH MY! Learn all about Rhodesian Ridgebacks! In Cool Dog Tech, Pokemon GO could h...more

  • CIPYD 51: J. Elvis Weinstein and Yorkies

    Jul 12 2016

    Hello Friends! It's the week after July 4th and it's time for "Firework Reactions"! Also, a whole new awesome episode! In Dogs We Met This Week (AKA The Dogs of Our Lives) Renee tells us all about the dog she's sitting named Mocha and the dog she met named Chase! In Mutt Minute, learn all about the Yorkshire Terrier! Renee has a "Pupdate" on Corgi Beach Day 2016! We're joined this week by the hilarious J. Elvis Weinstein (one of the founders of MST3k!) to discuss his dogs Lucky and Clyde! This i...more

  • CIPYD 50: Hank and Peggy

    Jul 05 2016

    Hello there and welcome to a VERY SPECIAL 50th episode! What makes it so special? The fact that YOU'RE here and YOU are great! In Dogs We Met This Week, we have a lot of dogs! Renee met Katie-Grace the Bulldog and Finn the Golden Doodle and Travis met Drak and Titan the Great Danes! Learn all about the Great Pyrenees in this week's Mutt Minute! We are very excited to be joined by Renee's parents Hank and Peggy! They give us a Puppy Blaze and Bailey update! In Dog News this week, Twinkie the Jack...more

  • CIPYD 49: Jenna Kim Jones and Whippets

    Jun 28 2016

    Hey there friends! The heat may have gotten to us in this episode. We start by telling stories of our heat-induced road rage. In Dogs We Met This Week, it's a Wilbur Watch 2016 update! Mutt Minute is all about the Whippet! We're joined this week by the hilarious Jenna Kim Jones! She tells us all about her childhood and family dogs! It's a real fun time and we're so glad to share it with you! Be sure to share it with someone you love!

  • CIPYD 48: Emily Axford and Bedlington Terriers

    Jun 21 2016

    Hello friends! It's a hot one out there today, but we're trying to have a positive attitude in Q3! So let's stay positive and tell you what you are in for! In Dogs We Met This Week, hear about big dog Rocky! Learn all about the Bedlington Terrier in Mutt Minute! We're joined this week by the incredibly funny and wonderful Emily Axford! She tells us about her dream dog and an amazing slide show she made in college! In Stupid Dog Tech, a truly stupid dog painting app! All this, and more! Listen, e...more

  • CIPYD 47: Utkarsh Ambudkar and Becca Murray

    Jun 14 2016

    Hey there friends! Are you having a good day? It's about to get a whole lot gooder! We've got a whole lot of amazing episode for you! We have a Dogs We Met This Week update on Teddy and Arwen, the Window Dogs! In Mutt Minute, learn all about the Chesapeake Bay Retrievers! We're joined by dog photographer and awesome person Becca Murray to get some tips on getting the best photos of your dog! We've got a twofer Dog News with the touching story of a boy who can't help but sneak a hug from a dog an...more

  • CIPYD 46: Andrew WK and Jesse Thorn

    Jun 07 2016

    Oh my goodness! Are you ever in for a treat this week! First, we are joined by special guest host Jesse Thorn. Or, as we like to call him, THE KING. In Dogs We Met This Week, Allegra met some mystery window dogs and Jesse met some mystery flea market dogs! You're gonna learn all about Rat Terriers in this week's Mutt Minute! Plus, a bonus discussion all about children's books! In Dog News this week, a dog-centric senior prank that is somehow both harmless and funny! We are joined this week by pr...more

  • CIPYD 45: Matt Braunger and Chinese Crested

    May 31 2016

    Hello friends! Welcome to another episode! First, Travis has a couple big announcements! Travis and Allegra both have Dogs We Met This Week and Travis shares some of his pet pet peeves! Allegra tells us all about the Chinese Crested in Mutt Minute! We're joined by hilarious comic and podcaster Matt Braunger to hear about his loud neighbor (and their illegal dog hotel) and his childhood dog Copper! Finally, hear from Renee the Temporary Dog Owner Pt. 3: The Final Countdown. Thanks for stopping by...more

  • CIPYD 44: We Got This Crossover Special

    May 24 2016

    Hello friends and welcome to a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE!!! We're joined by our twin MaximumFun podcast We Got This! (And we joined them on their episode this week, go listen!) Hal and Mark are super Super Guests and join us for the WHOLE EPISODE! In Dogs We Met This Week, hear about Warlock the baby Corgi, a dog in a Bjorn, and a dog in a vortex named Judy! In Mutt Minute, learn all about the wonderfully named Bouvier des Flandres! Then  we get right down to it and Mark and Hall tell us their dog li...more

  • CIPYD 43: Bat Dog

    May 17 2016

    Hello there friends! Guest producer Rob Pera is sitting in for Travis this week, and things are getting crazy around CIPYD HQ. Allegra tells us about Blue Heelers, Renee tells us about being a temporary dog owner as she dogsits Norma and Gizmo, and there's a new Bat Dog at the plate for a College Baseball team in Savannah! Enjoy the chaos that happens when Renee and Allegra are left unsupervised! Don't forget to share and tell all your friends to check us out! 

  • CIPYD 42: Alison Becker and Newfoundlands

    May 10 2016

    Well, hey there! Thanks for stopping in! We're so excited to share today's episode with you! You'll get to hear about Duchess the coffee shop dog and Remy the French Bulldog in Dogs We Met This Week! Learn all about Newfoundlands and their amazing swimming/couch sitting abilities in Mutt Minute! We are so excited to be joined by amazing actor and enthusiastic dog lover Alison Becker! She tells us all about her dog Dignan and we couldn't be happier to hear it! This is a good one folks! Enjoy and ...more

  • CIPYD 41: Julie Klausner and Bull Terriers

    May 03 2016

    Hey there everyone! Welcome to another great episode! In Dogs We Met This Week, it's been a great big-dog week for the Colvert family! A big Noodle and a new Great Dane! In Mutt Minute, learn all about Bull Terriers and the "original party animal"! We'rejoined this week by the incredible Julie Klausner! She's an actor,show creator and most importantly: A Basset Hound fan! Also, we have some very exciting news regarding pet shop dogs! We're so glad you joined us for another good one! Enjoy and be...more

  • CIPYD 40: Sanden Totten and Dog Noses

    Apr 26 2016

    Hello Friends! Welcome back to another great episode! We are so happy to see you! Hugs all around! We went on a field trip and visited the Dog Cafe and we'll tell you all about it in Dogs We Met This Week! Also, as a bonus, some really nice humans we met this week! In Mutt Minute, you get to learn all about Buttercup (Border Terriers)! We're joined this week by science reporter and podcaster Sanden Totten (another bonus, you also get to here from his awesome fiancee Kathy!) Sanden not only tells...more

  • CIPYD 39: Hank Green and Dog Butts

    Apr 19 2016

    Oh goodness, this is a good one folks! We are so excited for you to hear it! Once Allegra and Renee put their Great Dane Kiss" feud aside, we really get into some great stuff! Allegra tells you all about the dog butts she met this week! Spoiler, we say butts A LOT! Learn all about Basenjis in this week's Mutt Minute! We're joined this week by internet royalty! Vlogger, podcaster and awesome guy Hank Green joins us to tell all about his adventures with owning animals! Listen, enjoy and don't forg...more

  • CIPYD 38: Amy Spalding and Ball Dog

    Apr 12 2016

    Welcome to another episode of Can I Pet Your Dog! Now, listen to us talk about amusement parks for 10 minutes! OK, back to dogs! In Dogs We Met This Week, Cassidy protects Travis from (fake) Murder! Renee gives you a more-or-less 60 second Miniature Pinscher rundown in Mutt Minute! We've got an interview with YA author Amy Spalding mostly about her dog Violet. In Dog News, the US's first Dog Cafe and dogs used as pro tennis ball retrievers! Enjoy!

  • CIPYD 37: Lisa Hanawalt and Adam Conover

    Apr 05 2016

    Hello friends! No new episode this week... APRIL FOOLS! And just like all April Fool jokes, that wasn't funny! We also talk a little about taxes, another thing that is no fun! But you know what is fun? A Town Crier! Learn all about Clyde the Shop Dog in Dogs We Met This Week! Get the scoop on Greyhounds in Mutt Minute! We're joined this week by Lisa Hanawalt and Adam Conover to talk about their dog Indy WHO ALSO JOINS US! What an exciting episode!

  • CIPYD 36: Evan Sinclair and Pugs

    Mar 29 2016

    It's time once again for another great episode! As you know, Easter is right around the corner... from when we recorded this on Saturday. Have you painted and hid your Easter Dog Bones? If so, then let's get on with the episode! Allegra may have just fallen in love with a new (old!) fuzzy friend in Dogs We Met This Week! Renee tells us all about Pugs and we make wild speculation about possible porcine ancestry in Mutt Minute! We are so excited to be joined by Evan Sinclair ( a writer on Mutt and...more

  • CIPYD 35: Veronica Belmont and Jesse Thorn

    Mar 22 2016

    Hello friends! It's Week 2 of MaxFunDrive and oh boy are we happy to see you! We have put together an AMAZING show for you this week! First, hear Renee's harrowing babysitting tale in Dogs We Met (BABYSAT!) This Week! (Warning, it gets a little gross!) Then, learn a lot about Beagles and a little 'bout Snoopy in this week's Mutt Minute! We have an INCREDIBLE interview with internet superstar Veronica Belmont! She tells us all about her amazing dog Bodega and surprises us with her incredible and ...more

  • CIPYD 34: John Roberts and GPS Collars

    Mar 15 2016

    EVERYONE! We are so excited! It's our first MaxFunDrive! The internet is all abuzz with energy and anticipation! We have a very special episode to celebrate our first MFD! In Dogs We Met This Week... A BABY BULLDOG! Learn all about Tibetan Mastiffs in Mutt Minute! We are the most excited that our guest this week is John Roberts from Bob's Burgers and his hit Youtube videos! Hear all about John's adorable dogs! Then, Renee has some amazing Dog Tech in the form of some of the most advanced dog col...more

  • CIPYD 33: Paige Weldon and TSA Dogs

    Mar 08 2016

    Hello dog lovers/wanters! Thanks for joining us once again! This week, hear about Calvin the neighbor dog in Dogs We Met This Week! And we talk about the dog we want to meet, new MaxFun office dog George! Learn all about Bull Mastiffs in Mutt Minute! We redesign "Beware of Dog" signs to make them more accurate! Comic, artist and our designer Paige Weldon joins us to tell us all about her timely named childhood dogs! In Dog News, we learn all about TSA dogs AND their trading cards! This is a fun ...more

  • CIPYD 32: Julie Falatko and Chihuahua Air Lift

    Mar 01 2016

    It's a beautiful day here in Los Angeles, but more importantly... WE MET FOUR DOGS THIS WEEK! FOUR! And we're gonna tell you all about them in Dogs We Met This Week. We'll also tell you all the info about Pomeranians we can fit in 60 seconds (and a little more) in Mutt Minute! We are so excited to be joined by author Julie Falatko to learn about her dog WHO WE'VE TALKED ABOUT BEFORE! Finally, learn all about a program helping find homes for Chihuahua across the country!

  • CIPYD 31: Amy Paffrath and Dog Dancing

    Feb 23 2016

    Hey there friends! It's time once again! Time for a whole 50ish minute conversation all about dogs! Learn about Dogs We Me This Week and the fact that Travis believes all Basset Hounds are old! Allegra gets TWO MINUTES in this week's Mutt Minute to tell us all about Pit Bulls, or should we say "Gooble Terriers"? We are so excited to be joined by the amazing Amy Paffrath to hear all about her dogs and be blown away by her dog naming skills! Finally, Allegra has only recently been made aware of Do...more

  • CIPYD 30: Cora Wittekind and Fetch

    Feb 16 2016

    Well, let's start off by saying: THIS IS RENEE'S FAVORITE VALENTINE'S EVER! Listen and find out why. When you listen, you'll find out about Renee's new friend Tyson in Dogs We Met This Week. Also, find out all about Afghan Hounds in this week's Mutt Minute. We're so excited to talk to our guest, the amazing dog trainer Cora Wittekind. Want to learn about Pistachio's DNA test? You will! Finally, learn about the new hit app Fetch in Cool Dog Tech! There sure is a lot of learnin' in in this episode...more

  • CIPYD 29: Theresa Thorn and You Are Dog Now

    Feb 09 2016

    Well friends, another Puppy Bowl is in the books! Of course, we pre-recorded this so we have no idea who won... ANYWAY! What we do know is that we have a great episode for you this week! In Dogs We Met This Week, Travis sort of met a mysterious museum dog! Allegra tells us all about Dalmations in this week's Mutt Minute. We are so excited to be joined by the amazing Theresa Thorn to hear all about her two amazing dogs and the time they scared the living crap out of her! Allegra walks us through ...more

  • CIPYD 28: Alison Rosen and the Puppy Bowl

    Feb 02 2016

    Oh friends, have we got an episode for you! First, in Dogs We Meet This Week, we met a WHOLE LOT OF DOGS! The first ever CIPYD dog meet up was a huge success and we can't wait to tell you all about it! In Mutt Minute, learn all about the super-scruffy, super adorable Glen Amal Terrier!We are so excited to be joined this week by podcaster/awesome person Alison Rosen! Finally, it's that time of year again: THE PUPPY BOWL! There's a lot riding on this one folks!

  • CIPYD 27: Dog v. Cat with Jordan Morris

    Jan 26 2016

    It's a very special CIPYD friends and we're so glad you were able to join us! First, hear about the mystery dog (possibly a ghost) that Allegra met! Then, learn about Boxers in Mutt Minute. We are so excited to be joined this week by MaximumFun all-star Jordan Morris! Now, here's the catch folks: JORDAN'S A CAT PERSON! So, join us for our first ever CIPYD Debate! It's Dog Owners versus Cat Owners! The good news is, no matter what, everyone wins!

  • CIPYD 26: Nicole Cliffe and Screen Cleaning Apps

    Jan 19 2016

    Hello everyone! Welcome to another smash episode of CIPYD! First, we have a minor hair-related injury to report. Then, a Scooby Doo fact and a Travis retraction! In Dogs We Met, get your daily does of Ziggy! Let Renee teach you all about Schipperkes in this week's Mutt Minute. We are so excited to be joined this week b Nicole Cliffe (co-founder of the-toast.net). She has recently added a puppy to her home and combined with her human children, the cuteness is overwhelming. Finally, Allegra shares...more

  • CIPYD 25: Dog Pants

    Jan 12 2016

    Oh hello! You've caught us in the middle of a very important philosophical discussion: What's the deal with the Scooby Gang?! In Dogs We Met This Week, we fought through the El Nino to meet a dog IN GALOSHES!!! We've also got the Mutt Minute of Allegra's life: Chihuahuas! Did you see the meme making the rounds about "dog pants"? Seems there's a company out there that took the idea and ran with it! In a very personal Dog News, Allegra got a lot of really awesome dog themed gifts for her birthday!...more

  • CIPYD 24: Tess Barker and Little Penguin Dogs

    Jan 05 2016

    Happy New Year friends! 2016 is off to a rip roaring start so we thought we'd celebrate with another great episode! Allegra and Renee tempted some dogs with purse food in Dogs We Met. In Mutt Minute, Renee tells us all about the Dachshund and some incredible Wiener Dog Facts! Tess Barker (Author, Comedian, Host of Lady to Lady) joins us to tell us about her dogs and her amazing match-making skills! Finally, Allegra tells us all about some amazing dogs protecting some amazing Penguins! And did we...more

  • CIPYD 23: New Year's Resolutions

    Dec 29 2015

    Well friends, things are a little rough health-wise over here at CIPYD HQ! Don't worry, we didn't let it stop us from bringing you a brand new episode! On this episode, Renee tells us about a very special dog she met over the holidays. Allegra teaches us about Giant Schnauzers in this week's Mutt Minute. Renee, Allegra and Travis share their dogs' New Year's Resolutions! Finally, Allegra tells us about a brand new "dog collecting" game in Dog Tech! Don't mind the coughing, enjoy the episode!

  • CIPYD 22: Matt Nelson and Dog Mayor

    Dec 22 2015

    Happy Holidays everyone! We've brought a sack full of presents for you! First, enjoy this very special and personal Dog We Met This Week! In Mutt Minute, unwrap some Cairn Terrier knowledge! We've got a box full of interview with Matt Nelson of @Dog_Rates fame! And what's that behind the couch? It's the special present of a newly elected dog mayor! Feel free to return anything that doesn't fit right!

  • CIPYD 21: Noël Wells and Sleeping Dogs

    Dec 15 2015

    A chill is in the air, but it's warm in the studio! Travis is back this week and we welcome him with a brand new title! In Dogs We Met, Renee encountered two pugs or perhaps we should say "puglets"? Have you noticed less and less Cocker Spaniels around? Could there be a reason?! Learn all about them in Mutt Minute! We are joined this week by the amazing Noël Wells (SNL, Master of None). Not only is she an amazing guest, she just might have the pitch for the dog movie hit of the summer! In Dog Ne...more

  • CIPYD 20: Emily Heller and PALS

    Dec 08 2015

    What an extra special episode this week! First, we've got an extra special producer this week! Former guest and friend of the show Teresa McElroy is working the sound board this week! In Dogs We Met, three very special dogs! In Mutt Minute, the very rare (and very special!) Stabyhoun! We've got a very special guest this week, the hilarious Emily Heller joins us to share stories of her childhood dogs!  Meals on Wheels has a very special branch called PALS that helps care for their clients pets! A...more

  • CIPYD 19: Will Weldon and Dog Video

    Dec 01 2015

    Have we got a special deal for you! It's a special twofer episode! We have two, I repeat TWO dogs we met this week. Allegra met a fat Chihuahua at the dog park and Travis met the puppiest puppy at an appliance store. We're joined by comedian and podcaster Will Weldon about his incredibly quirky dog Lenny! Will sticks around so Allegra can give us a Mutt Minute on Basset Hounds. Renee has not one, but TWO pieces of Cool Dog Tech! Someone had the genius idea to film their weeding using their dog a...more

  • CIPYD Ep. 18: Stacy Rumaker and State Dogs

    Nov 24 2015

    It's that very special time of year once again! Happy two days before Thanksgiving! In very special Dogs We Met This Week, has Renee met a possible love interest? Or just another weirdo pretending they have a dog? We may never know! In Mutt  Minute, learn all about the Catahoula Leopard Dog! Also, learn all about the fascinating world of official State Dogs! We are so excited to be joined this week by comedian, actress and awesome person Stacy Rumaker! She tells us all about her time as a dog si...more

  • CIPYD 17: Jeff Wysaski and Otto the Skateboarding Dog

    Nov 17 2015

    We're so happy you're here! Welcome once again to the show! We start this one off with Dereck the Chubby Puggle in Dogs We Met This Week.  Have you heard about the Bernese Mountain Dog? Well, you'll hear all about it in Mutt Minute! Every so often, we talk about humans on this show. Come, hear the ball of Mr. Dogtruckman in Human Hero! We're so excited to be joined this week by Jeff Wysaski from http://www.pleated-jeans.com/ as he tells us all about Boomer and Freebie! And finally, Otto the dog ...more

  • CIPYD 16: Margaret Willison and Sgt. Stubby

    Nov 10 2015

    What an episode! We've got so much great stuff for you! We've got a pretty epic Dog We Met This Week two-fer! And yes, the ladies DO embarrass themselves! In Mutt Minute, a split-nosed non-barking dog! We're joined this week by Margaret Willison of NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, Two Bossy Dames and Appointment TV! Spoiler alert, she is aaaaaaa-dorable! She has a long distance dog dedication that'll win your heart! Finally, be ready to have your heart won once again when you learn about a Hero Dog...more

  • CIPYD 15: Asterios Kokkinos and Puglet

    Nov 03 2015

    Welcome, welcome, welcome all! We're joined this week by super-guest Asterios Kokkinos for the whole episode! You probably know him from a bunch of things including writing for MaxFun's own International Waters! And he brought PRESENTS! Also on this episode, a new segment called "Paws Cause" and this week it's all about wine! In Dogs We Met This Week, Buttercup proves to be a terrible wing-dog! This week's Mutt Minute is all about the Tibetan Mastiff (and it's puppies)! Have you guys heard abou ...more

  • CIPYD 14: Teresa McElroy and Last Minute Costumes

    Oct 27 2015

    This week we are getting spooky! But first, here all about the working dog we met this week! Spoiler alert, it involves Renee embarrassing herself! In Mutt Minute, learn all about the amazing Otter Hound! We're joined by Teresa McElroy to discuss being a professional dog walker (and also Travis's wife and Buttercup's owner!) We've got some spooky stories of doggy destruction. We wrap it all up with some last minute doggy costume ideas! Have fun this Howl-oween!

  • CIPYD 13: Molly Bloomfield and Dogspotting

    Oct 20 2015

    Oh boy! Have we got a real humdinger for you this week! We have a very special Dog We Met This Week! You want to know about Great Danes? We're talking about them in Mutt Minute! We are so happy to welcome Molly Bloomfield to the show! She's an admin for the popular Facebook group/hobby Dogspotting! We've got some very Cool Dog News this week all about a Domestic Shelter opening a dog park! We also announce this week's TBT dog photo winner! I told you it was a humdinger!

  • CIPYD 12: Lesli Margherita and Pit Bull Month

    Oct 13 2015

    We did it! Another episode in the books! In Dogs We Met, Allegra is denied a meeting and we all get angry on her behalf! We also discuss the leash code! In Mutt Minute, the controversial breed... type? Breed? The Mountain Feist! Two big pieces of dog news: It's Pit Bull Awareness Month! Also, Amtrak has made some small changes to it's policy on allowing dog passengers! We are so excited to be joined this week by Broadway superstar Lesli Margherita! You're going to be excited too! We also have ou...more

  • CIPYD 11: Janine Kahn and Dogfriend Club

    Oct 06 2015

    Have you ever seen a dog-a-day calendar? We would definitely need to own it if you have one. Maybe we'll make one using pictures you send us! October will, of course, be all dogs in costume! Renee tells us the harrowing tale of meeting Zion the Great Dane! Allegra educates us all about show favorite Vizslas in Mutt Minute! In Cool Dog News, welcome to the DogFriends Club (on Tumblr) and bask in the glory of BeeDogs! We're joined by Janine Kahn to learn all about Dogster.com and her dog Mister Mo...more

  • CIPYD Ep. 10: Anne Wheaton and The Dog Train

    Sep 29 2015

    Wow, ten episodes and they said it couldn't be done! Actually, no one said that, but we're still really excited! We start off with a look back at 10 episodes of memories and the toys we lost along the way. Then, Renee has her most successful mutt minute yet! We're joined by writer, philanthropist and all-around awesome person Anne Wheaton! Anne tells us all about her dogs and dog-related activities! Finally, we tell you all about a human hero and his dog train dream-made-real! Enjoy!

  • CIPYD Ep. 9: Nicole Byer and St. Bernard Island

    Sep 22 2015

    On this episode, the dog we met this week IS IN THE STUDIO WITH US!!! Is such a thing even possible?!?! ...yes. Renee has found an island in Canada that represents her idea of paradise. In this week's Mutt Minute, the Irish Wolfhound! We have an interview with actress, writer and funny person Nicole Byer! Then, learn all about a record setting soccer dog! Finally, an update on Norbert the Dog and our new favorite dog Vine! What a week!

  • Ep. 8: Chelsey Crisp and Norbert the Dog

    Sep 15 2015

    It's time once again friends! We met two amazing dogs this week! A Pomeranian in Vegas and Buzz in the desert, WHAT A WEEK! Renee tells up all about the New Guinea Singing Dog in this week's Mutt Minute! Be prepared to be overwhelmed by cuteness when we tell you about Norbert the Hero Dog! We're joined by Chelsey Crisp (Fresh Off The Boat) so she can tell us all about her dog history! Finally, a new segment filled with all the things we thought we should mention! The Rock, Tom Hardy and Jesse Th...more

  • Ep. 7: Dog Debate

    Sep 08 2015

    Sit right down and enjoy another episode of Can I Pet Your Dog! On this episode, Travis tells us all about a dog he met while on the road! Renee and Allegra both did some dog-sitting this week! We finally get into a heated debate about big dogs, small dogs and medium dogs! Which team are you on? we also have another installment of Mutt Minute! And finally, Allegra tells us all about a new app in Stupid Dog Tech! Join us, won't you?

  • Ep. 6: Halloween and Corporal Smoky

    Sep 01 2015

    Welcome to another episode of Can I Pet Your Dog! On this episode, Renee talks about a dog she has not met but desperately wants to! Have any ideas for costumes for your dog this Halloween? Be sure to share them and any photos you have of your dog dressed up with us! We've got some exciting dog news in Dog Victories this week! Allegra has something to admit in this week's Mutt Minute! Finally, hear all about the heroic tale of WW2 hero Smoky: The Yorkie Doodle Dandy! Don't forget to share your d...more

  • Ep. 5: National Dog Day and Ask a Trainer

    Aug 25 2015

    Happy National Dog Day Eve everyone! Do you have big plans for NDD? How about listening to our show and sharing it with your friends and family! We have lots of other suggestions for how to celebrate in this very special episode! Allegra tells Renee and Travis about a "Dog-saster" she experienced. In Mutt Minute this week, we learn all about the Lancashire Heeler. We're joined by trainer Melissa Munoz of Pawsitive Perspective Animal Training! Not only is she full of helpful training tips, she te...more

  • Ep. 4: Mutt Minute and Julie Ann Emery

    Aug 18 2015

    Hello and welcome once again to another episode! As always, we're ready to talk about the dog's we met this week, but first we consider a drastic name change in order to sound more like a morning radio show! We play a brand new game that we're calling "Name That Dog!" and have an extensive conversation on imaginary dogs! Actress Julie Ann Emery (Better Call Saul, Fargo) tells us all about her late dog Baxter (Spoiler: he was a pretty great dog!) Another brand new segment this week that we're cal...more

  • Ep. 03: Ask a Groomer and My Talking Dog

    Aug 11 2015

    Hello again friends! This week, we talk with Jess Rona a professional dog groomer, and she answers all your questions! Well, all the ones we had time for! We talk about two dogs Allegra met this week. We tell you all about another weird dog app sweeping the nation! Travis gives us all the details on Meysi, the world's (possibly) smallest dog. All that and now that Renee has had some time to think, she would like to share her thoughts on whether or not she should get a dog! Don't forget to send u...more

  • Ep. 2: Corgi Beach Day

    Aug 04 2015

    We're back with episode two and we've got lots of updates for you! We learned all about guide dogs and what might cause a career change. Renee has lots to tell you about dog-sitting Pistachio! What dogs did we meet this week? Your dogs! We've received a ton of pictures of your dogs and we couldn't be happier! The big news this week: Renee and Allegra went to Corgi Beach Day! Not only was it awesome, they heard the greatest dog song ever. Also, allow us to introduce you to Maisy, the world's (pos...more

  • Ep. 1: Tindog and Lin-Manuel Miranda

    Jul 29 2015

    Welcome to the first episode! We jam-packed this one full of goodies just for you. Hear all about Renee's lovely encounter with a failed therapy dog. We'll tell you all about the newest dating app FOR DOGS! Our producer and resident dog training expert Travis McElroy chimes in with some training tips! We're very excited to have Lin-Manuel Miranda on the show! Lin is a Tony award winner, the writer of the smash hit musical "Hamilton" and (more importantly) owner of the adorable Tobi the dog! Don'...more

  • Episode 00: Hello!

    Jun 30 2015

    Hello and welcome to CIPYD! What's CIPYD? Can I Pet Your Dog is the podcast for unashamed dog lovers! Every Monday, your hosts Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo will tell you about dogs they've met, dogs in the news and any other dog they can think of! They'll even have guests! Whether you're a dog owner, a dog enthusiast or just someone who likes great podcast, this is the show for you!