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The inside line on Brexit. Interviews with top politicians and commentators, analysis from the Telegraph’s Westminster team -- and the occasional musical interlude. Presented by Christopher Hope. Every Friday.


  • What is your Brexit resolution?

    Apr 19 2019

    Easter is round the corner, Lenten resolutions are soon to be broken and Chopper is away on holiday. So this week The Telegraph’s Brexit Commissioning Editor, Asa Bennett takes the host’s chair to ask Trade Correspondent, Anna Isaac and Brexit Correspondent, James Rothwell to explain where the EU withdrawal process stands with Parliament in Easter recess, and to commit to their own Brexit resolutions. Expect punchy analysis, dodgy analogies and predictions aplenty. Get 30 days free access to The...more

  • Event horizon

    Apr 12 2019

    For some, taking part in the European elections is the point of no return. Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman is one politician who won’t be standing again on principle. He joins Chopper for a no-holds-barred chat about about why he’s packed up his Brussels office - and who he’ll be voting for this time instead. Also on the podcast: Labour MP Chris Bryant, Johnny Heald from ORB polling, Simon Boyd from the CBI’s Manufacturing Council and The Telegraph's political correspondent, Anna Mikhailova. R...more

  • Chopper LIVE

    Apr 08 2019

    In this bonus episode recorded at Podcast Live, Christopher Hope is joined by The Telegraph’s Associate Editor Camilla Tominey, Director of the Open Europe think tank Henry Newman, Co-founder of Our Future Our Choice Lara Spirit and Vice-Chair of Students for Brexit Ellie Varley. Get 30 days free access to The Telegraph online: www.telegraph.co.uk/chopper Sign up to The Telegraph’s daily Brexit newsletter: www.telegraph.co.uk/brexitbulletin Email: choppersbrexitpodcast@telegraph.co.uk Twitter: @...more

  • Inside the Cabinet, with Matt Hancock

    Apr 04 2019

    With rumours of clashes among the most senior Tories, we asked the Health Secretary to join us in the Red Lion to shed some light. Will the Tories unite on Brexit? Can cross-party talks break the impasse? And is the chaos taking his focus off the NHS?   Also on the show: Labour MP Caroline Flint, Director General of the CBI Carolyn Fairbairn, former Brexit minister Lord Bridges and The Telegraph’s Deputy Political Editor Steven Swinford.    Come and see a live recording of the show in London on ...more

  • Brexistential crisis

    Mar 28 2019

    Theresa May has said she'll step down as PM if her deal goes through, the 29th of March is nigh, and it's the 100th episode of the podcast. It's almost as if we planned it this way.  Joining Christopher Hope for this special edition are three MPs trying to rally colleagues behind three different Brexit plans: Chairman of the ERG, Jacob Rees-Mogg, fellow Tory MP John Baron and Labour’s Peter Kyle. Plus The Telegraph’s Gordon Rayner places his bets on who could be the next Conservative leader. Com...more

  • Polls, postponement and a poodle

    Mar 21 2019

    As things stand, Brexit is but one week away. Will the Prime Minister succeed in extending Article 50? Will the EU ever reopen the Withdrawal Agreement? And is the Government making a dog’s dinner of Brexit? This week Christopher Hope drafted in Government minister, Jake Berry (and his poodle, Lola) to provide some answers. Also on the podcast: DUP Brexit spokesperson Sammy Wilson, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs Mark Littlewood and the podcast’s favourite pollster, Martin ...more

  • Parliament in standstill, May still standing

    Mar 14 2019

    After days of chaos in the Commons, the outcome of Brexit is as hazy as ever. But we’re here as ever to shed some light on the state of negotiations — and of Theresa May’s premiership. Joining Christopher in the Red Lion pub this week: Brexit minister Robin Walker, former Brexit minister David Jones, co-president of Our Future Our Choice  Lara Spirit and comedian and political podcasting royalty Matt Forde. Plus The Telegraph’s Associate Editor Camilla Tominey with the inside track on what on ea...more

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg on delaying Brexit, the Tory Party and his biggest regret

    Mar 08 2019

    It’s been an almost surreally quiet week on planet Brexit. Parliament is waiting to vote. Theresa May is still trying to persuade MPs that her deal is the one. Tumbleweeds have been reportedly seen rolling through the Lobby. But rather than follow their example, we have been hard at work to bring you this extended interview with one of the best-known figures in the leave camp, Jacob Rees-Mogg. Does he think Brexit will ever actually happen? What does he make of the current state of the Tory part...more

  • Three journalists, two MPs and a communist walk into a bar

    Mar 01 2019

    With the clock ticking down until March 29th, Chopper is joined in the Red Lion pub by Tory rising star, Johnny Mercer to find out why Brexit isn’t all doom and gloom for the Conservative party, Labour MP John Mann who has some disquieting words for Jeremy Corbyn and Will Podmore of the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), who reveals he has more in common with Jacob Rees-Mogg than you might think when it comes to Brexit… Plus The Telegraph’s Camilla Tominey and the New York Times’ Ell...more

  • Whatever next? With Heidi Allen, Sir Vince Cable and Marcus Fysh

    Feb 22 2019

    With rumours swirling that more MPs are set to quit their parties and join the Independent Group, Chopper’s Brexit Podcast dials into one of their number: former Tory MP, Heidi Allen. She tells guest host Asa Bennett who’s welcome — and who’s not. Also on the podcast: leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Vince Cable weighs in on how the two centrist parties could work together, Conservative MP Marcus Fysh sings the praises of the ‘Malthouse’ alternative Irish backstop arrangement and The Telegra...more

  • Bonus episode: What do Tory defections mean?

    Feb 20 2019

    For this emergency extra edition of Chopper’s Brexit Podcast, The Telegraph’s Brexit Commissioning Editor Asa Bennett, Front Bench Editor Daniel Capurro and Assistant Comment Editor Madeline Grant give their expert analysis on the defection of three Tory MPs and eight Labour MPs to the new 'Independent Group’. Will more MPs follow suit? Does this spell trouble for the LibDems? And, crucially, will the new group be able to agree on a plan? Chopper’s Brexit Podcast has the answers. Get 30 days fre...more

  • A new Brexit jam

    Feb 15 2019

    Is the Government making progress behind closed doors? Is it time to take a tougher line with Brussels? And do Cabinet ministers simply scrape the mould off their jam to prevent food waste, as the Prime Minister advised earlier this week? Chopper's Brexit Podcast reveals all. Joining Christopher Hope today: Transport Secretary Chris Grayling answers questions on that deal with the ferry company with no ferries, former Cabinet minister Priti Patel why the Government needs to stand up to the EU an...more

  • What would happen in a snap General Election?

    Feb 08 2019

    In these uncertain times, the threat of a snap election is never far away. Christopher Hope sits down with pollster, Martin Baxter to find out what might happen if one was called - and it’s not straightforward. Also on the podcast: Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell on how Nicola Sturgeon is using Brexit chaos for her own gain, and Ellie Varley of Students for Brexit on why she feels ostracised in university classrooms as a young Leave supporter. Get 30 days free access to The Telegr...more

  • A new political party for Brexit?

    Feb 01 2019

    The newly-founded ‘Brexit Party’ wants shake things up in May’s European Parliament elections. Christopher Hope sits down with its founder, Catherine Blaiklock to find out how. Plus Justice Secretary, David Gauke sheds some light on the Government’s next move and comedian, Ahir Shah on why he finds Brexit a useful tool for stand-up. Get 30 days free access to The Telegraph online: www.telegraph.co.uk/chopper Sign up to The Telegraph’s daily Brexit newsletter: www.telegraph.co.uk/brexitbulletin E...more

  • Nigel Farage vs. Andrew Adonis: Rumble in the Red Lion

    Jan 25 2019

    With barely sixty days to go until March 29th, we invited two opposing Brexit heavyweights to square off on what they think has gone wrong, and what should happen next.  Watch the full Rumble in the Red Lion: www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/01/25/big-firms-want-stay-eu-crush-ordinary-people-says-nigel-farage/ Get 30 days free access to The Telegraph online: www.telegraph.co.uk/chopper Email: choppersbrexitpodcast@telegraph.co.uk Twitter: @brexitbroadcast

  • Brexican standoff, with Esther McVey, Sir Vince Cable and Robert Halfon

    Jan 18 2019

    One week, two historic votes in the Commons, and three MPs to weigh in on it all. Christopher Hope is joined by former cabinet minister Esther McVey, leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Vince Cable and Conservative MP Robert Halfon. They each voted against the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, but for different reasons. We find out why. Also, Steven Swinford and Camilla Tominey give the inside line on one of the paper’s biggest scoops this week: the leaked conference call in which Philip Hammond tol...more

  • Parliament returns, with Nicky Morgan, Kwasi Kwarteng and Suella Braverman

    Jan 11 2019

    It’s crunch time ahead of Parliament’s vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal next week -- and Christopher 'Chopper' Hope is joined by three Conservative MPs who’ll have a say. Former Cabinet minister Nicky Morgan, Brexit minister Kwasi Kwarteng and former Brexit minister Suella Braverman give us their take on whether the deal will be approved, and what will happen if not. And Chopper asks the question on everyone’s lips: is the Government appealing to Labour MPs to help get the deal through? Email: ...more

  • 2019: The Year of Brexit

    Jan 04 2019

    Chopper is taking a well-earned holiday, but Brexit goes on -- and we have three of The Telegraph’s finest political minds in the hot-seat to make sense of the crucial year ahead. Brexit Correspondent James Rothwell, Political Editor Gordon Rayner and Political Correspondent Anna Mikhailova channel Mystic Meg and run us through what could be in store in 2019. Spoiler alert: one member of the panel thinks we’ll have a new Prime Minister by Brexit day. Email: choppersbrexitpodcast@telegraph.co.uk ...more

  • 2018: That was the year that was

    Dec 28 2018

    The last turkey sandwich has been eaten, the stockings have gone back in the cupboard, and the in-laws have gone home -- but we’ve one final present to deliver. We offer you a selection of some of our biggest - and most entertaining - interviews of 2018. Highlights include Boris Johnson being heckled by a Telegraph reader over his “no deal - no problem” bonhomie, Esther Rantzen sending hearts aflutter in the studio, a Brexit showdown between Nigel Farage and Andrew Adonis, and stand-up comics G...more

  • Festive special: No deal preparations, robo-government, and the world’s worst Brexit jokes

    Dec 20 2018

    MPs might be heading off on their holidays this week, but work never stops at the coalface of political podcasting. For this festive special, we’re joined by Robert Jenrick, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury - who seems considerably less afraid of a no-deal Brexit than his boss, Philip Hammond, is. We ask him to explain his thinking. Also on the show: Andy Zaltzman, host of the Bugle podcast, tells us why he thinks virtual reality may be the solution to Brexit; Alok Sharma, Work and Pensions m...more

  • What do young people make of all this?

    Dec 14 2018

    On another tumultuous week in Brexminster, we gathered a group of teenagers to grill their political representatives about the state of politics in 2018. In the hot seat: Liz Truss MP, Bim Afolami MP and Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield. Also, The Telegraph’s Associate Editor, Camilla Tominey, on the fallout from Tuesday night’s no confidence vote - and why she thinks Theresa May’s premiership is fatally wounded. Email: choppersbrexitpodcast@telegraph.co.uk Twitter: @brexitbroadcast Artic...more

  • The week before the vote, with Dominic Raab and Sir Keir Starmer

    Dec 07 2018

    It’s crunch time ahead of Parliament’s vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal next week -- and Christopher 'Chopper' Hope is joined by a pair of political heavyweights to discuss what will happen if MPs approve the deal - and if they don’t. In the Red Lion this week are former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer, both of whom have some disquieting words for the PM. Plus, one of the Telegraph’s star cartoonists tells us how he manages to find the humour in Brexit...more

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg: Expect a general election if May's deal goes through

    Nov 28 2018

    When did Jacob Rees-Mogg decide he no longer had faith in Theresa May’s leadership? What will happen if the DUP withdraws support for the Conservative party? What preparation has the Government been doing in case of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit? And what does the Prime Minister have in common with Pythagoras? Telegraph Chief Political Correspondent Christopher Hope returns to The Red Lion pub to put these questions and more to a host of political maestros at the forefront of the Brexit debate. On the podc...more

  • One week closer, with Gina Miller, Lord Lilley and Nigel Dodds MP

    Nov 22 2018

    The UK has a draft Brexit deal, and as the news broke Christopher “Chopper” Hope sat down with a host of those in the know to make sense of it. What will it mean for the Irish border? Will it mend schisms formed during the referendum? And will it even pass through Parliament? Joining us in the Red Lion pub with their expert analysis: Remain campaigner Gina Miller, Former Tory Cabinet minister Lord Lilley and DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds plus The Telegraph’s Brexit Commissioning Editor, Asa...more

  • Deal or no deal? With Brandon Lewis, Mark Francois and John Mills

    Nov 15 2018

    In one of the most dramatic days of the Brexit saga since the referendum itself, with resignations piling up and the threat to Theresa May’s leadership mounting, our team of political editors hunkered down at the Red Lion pub to make sense of it all. Joining us for reaction and analysis were Brandon Lewis MP, Chairman of the Conservative Party; senior Tory Brexiteer MP Mark Francois; Henry Newman, Director of the Open Europe think tank; and John Mills, Labour’s biggest private donor. And to cap ...more

  • David Davis says a no-deal Brexit is ‘not intimidating or frightening’

    Nov 09 2018

    Leaving the European Union without a deal in March doesn't scare former Brexit Secretary, David Davis. He tells Christopher Hope on this week's Chopper's Brexit Podcast, “I don’t find ‘no deal’ intimidating at all – it is not the best outcome but I don’t find it frightening. But the Government and the European Union do.” He admits “there will be a bumpy first year” after a no-deal Brexit but the UK will be able to keep the £39 billion ‘Brexit bill’, adding: “That’s a lot of hospitals and schools...more

  • March 29th is only the start of the Brexit process, say Tory MPs leading the Brexit Delivery Group

    Nov 02 2018

    Conservative MPs Simon Hart and Andrew Percy join Christopher Hope to bust some Brexit myths on this week’s podcast. First up: the idea that the UK’s relationship with the EU is fixed after Brexit day. In their view, Brexit "is a process and not an event” -- and their Brexit Delivery Group of Tory MPs plays a role in that process. Also on the podcast: Professor Matthew Goodwin from Kent University on public opinion on Brexit, and Telegraph columnist Juliet Samuel takes a deep breath and sums up ...more

  • Philip Hammond's economic forecasts on Brexit don't work, says former minister

    Oct 26 2018

    Conservative MP and former Brexit minister Steve Baker wants to check the Chancellor’s maths ahead of his Budget on Monday. He thinks the Treasury’s economic predictions for a no-deal Brexit are too gloomy, and wants Philip Hammond to publish his “workings out”. He tells listeners there’s nothing to be afraid of saying: “People think these forecasts are scripture once they come out of the Government – but they're not." Also joining Christopher Hope on this week’s podcast are former Labour Cabine...more

  • Esther Rantzen: How I stop Brexit ‘civil wars’ breaking out among family and friends

    Oct 19 2018

    Brexit - or “the B word” - is a topic which is banned when friends and family visit Esther Rantzen at her home.  She tells Chopper’s Brexit Podcast that Brexit "civil wars" are breaking out "in bathrooms, sitting rooms and pubs" across the UK and she orders visitors to her home to leave their views on Brexit at the door. But she is happy to discuss it for this week’s podcast with Christopher Hope in the Red Lion pub ahead of this weekend’s 250,000-strong march for a “People’s Vote” in London. Da...more

  • The Irish border “problem” isn’t a problem, says former Government Chief Whip

    Oct 12 2018

    Mark Harper MP thinks a hard border is easily avoidable and, fresh from his walking holiday in Northern Ireland, he tells Christopher Hope that solving the issue merely requires goodwill on both sides. Also on the podcast: Chris Bryant MP, former Labour Europe Minister; Chris Skidmore MP, Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Policy Commission; Martin Baxter, expert pollster from Electoral Calculus; Mark Mason, author of ‘The Book of Seconds’ and Kate McCann, The Telegraph’s Senior Political Corresp...more

  • Tory Conference special, with Jacob Rees-Mogg and Gavin Williamson

    Oct 02 2018

    Chopper concludes his run of conference season specials with this dispatch from Birmingham, where the Tory party faithful have been gathering - and arguing - this week.  On today's edition, recorded in front of a live audience, Jacob Rees-Mogg suggests a way in which the Conservatives ought to follow Labour's lead; and Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Defence, reveals how he'd vote in a second referendum. 

  • Labour Party conference special, featuring Sir Keir Starmer MP

    Sep 26 2018

    Christopher Hope packs his bags and heads up to Liverpool for a special Labour Party conference edition of the podcast. Unsurprisingly, one question looms above all others on the conference floor: Will Labour back a second Brexit referendum? Never one to shy from a challenge, Hope lines up a stellar cast of Labour big-hitters to shed light on the issue - with comment from Sir Kier Starmer, shadow Brexit secretary; Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General of the CBI; Dave Prentis, General Secretary of...more

  • Brexit supporters are being hounded out of work, say British entrepreneurs

    Sep 21 2018

    Small business owners are scared to speak up about supporting Leave because of the toxicity of the debate, according to the newly-formed Alliance of British Entrepreneurs.  Founders Tom Bohills and Ed Harden join Christopher Hope to discuss why some companies are threatening to fire Brexit-backing employees - and whether the Prime Minister’s Chequers plan delivers for their members. Also on the podcast: Sir Bill Cash MP, chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee; Sir Mike Penning MP, the forme...more

  • LibDems could change their name to attract 18 MPs from other parties, says Sir Vince Cable

    Sep 14 2018

    It’s easy to know where the Liberal Democrats stand on Brexit: they didn’t want it to happen and now they’re backing a second referendum. But why have they failed to galvanise support - and would leader, Sir Vince Cable consider founding a whole new movement to push the cause? He joins Chopper to discuss. Also on the podcast: Treasury minister, John Glen MP on the Government’s no-deal planning; General Secretary of train drivers’ union, Aslef, Mick Whelan on why the TUC is wrong to want a second...more

  • Remainers are staging the first coup against the British people, says former Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party

    Sep 07 2018

    The Conservatives are under more pressure than ever before over Brexit and this week Christopher Hope is joined by Tory voices from the grassroots to the leadership to discuss the future of the party - and of the country. Among them, former Conservative Deputy Chairman Robert Halfon MP forecasts turmoil if Remainers continue to fight Brexit. He tells us how the UK’s relationship with democracy has changed, and explains his own journey from Remain voter to Brexiteer. Mr Halfon, a former minister,...more

  • Brexit: Two years in 26 minutes

    Aug 31 2018

    Even people who are involved in Brexit often find themselves coming back to the same basic questions. What happened?  What is going on? Where are we headed? For this special episode, Christopher Hope sits down with the Telegraph’s Political Editor, Gordon Rayner, and its Europe Editor, Peter Foster, to make sense of the past two years - and to share their own experiences of reporting on an era-defining period in British politics.

  • Nigel Farage vs Andrew Adonis in a Battle for Brexit special

    Aug 24 2018

    Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to rumble? Today on Chopper's Brexit Podcast we present a Brexit grapple-thon. In the red corner, we have 'Mr Brexit' himself, Nigel Farage and in the blue corner, it's none other than 'Mr Re-main man', Andrew Adonis.  The gloves are off as the two thrash it out over the key issues facing the UK as it leaves the European Union. Expect customs union clashes and Irish border blows. Seconds out - round one! Also on the podcast: Chopper quizzes Brexit Secretary, D...more

  • EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Leave campaign to relaunch to ensure UK quits EU in new 'Battle for Britain' this Autumn

    Aug 17 2018

    The leave campaign, backed by new donations from Conservative donors, is to be relaunched in a new 'Battle for Britain' amid concern the UK won't leave the European Union as planned next March. Speaking to this week's Chopper's Brexit Podcast property millionaire Richard Tice and former British Chambers of Commerce director general John Longworth reveal they're restarting the Leave Means Leave campaign in a bid to 'save Brexit'. Also on the guest-list are Stewart Jackson, former Chief of Staff t...more

  • We can harden Brexit after we leave the European Union, says Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party

    Aug 10 2018

    James Cleverly says trade deals which contradict the EU common rulebook aren't out of the question after Brexit day. He tells Chopper’s Brexit Podcast: “If at some point we got a trade deal proposal which contradicts elements of the common rulebook then we can do that judgement. You can make and unmake treaties. Treaties can be unmade.” The same can't be said, of course, for Boris Johnson's controversial comments on the burka in his recent Telegraph column. The Deputy Chairman of the Conservativ...more

  • Brexit could be good for the NHS, says health minister

    Aug 03 2018

    Stephen Barclay, Minister of State at the Department of Health and Social Care, sees the opportunities outweighing the obstacles for a post-Brexit NHS, but are any lives at risk? He joins Chopper to discuss. Also in the episode, we ask think tank director Henry Newman to explain the ways in which the EU and the UK could reach a deal this autumn, take the temperature of grassroots tories with Conservative Home’s Josh Lambkin, talk post-Brexit booze with Brigid Simmons, Chief Executive of the Brit...more

  • “Audiences are bored of Brexit-themed comedy”

    Jul 27 2018

    So say Geoff Norcott and Ayesha Hazarika, two stand-up comedians who voted on opposing sides of the E.U. referendum - and who join Chopper for this special edition of the podcast. Politics looms large for both of them: Norcott counts himself as the only outwardly Conservative voter on the British comedy circuit; and until a few years ago, Hazarika served as a political adviser to senior Labour Party figures including Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband. In a lively, wide-ranging conversation, they di...more

  • Former Brexit minister Steve Baker: We’re on course for a ‘half-in, half-out wrecked Brexit’

    Jul 20 2018

    Another madcap week on planet Brexit has left many people wondering if we’ll ever actually leave the EU. Step into the Red Lion pub with our crack team of political analysts and insiders to make sense of the maelstrom. Questions under consideration this week: could the Chequers deal lead to the rise of extremist parties in the UK? Is the solution to our problems a new, three-way Brexit referendum? Just how perilous is Theresa May’s position as Prime Minister? How can we get a Canada-plus trade d...more

  • Steve Bannon Special

    Jul 13 2018

    In the midst of Donald Trump’s headline-crazed visit to the UK, Steve Bannon - the man who arguably won Trump the Presidency - sat down with us for this exclusive podcast interview. On the agenda: Bannon's predictions for Brexit, why he believes that the moment is ripe for Boris Johnson to make a move against Theresa May, revelations about the private advice that the U.S. President gave to the Prime Minister on how to handle negotiations with the EU -- and the key role that Margaret Thatcher pla...more

  • Theresa May can only get Chequers deal through Parliament with Labour MPs’ support, says ex-Brexit minister

    Jul 11 2018

    What on Earth is going on in Westminster? Will more ministers follow Boris Johnson and David Davis in walking out on the Government? Is a 'no-deal' scenario now looking more likely? Will Theresa May need Labour MPs to get her Chequers deal through Parliament? Would a bad Brexit be beneficial to Labour? And can you say that sentence three times, fast? In the wake of one of the most extraordinary 72-hour periods in modern British political history, Chopper’s Brexit Podcast dons its oxygen tanks, p...more

  • "No more Mr Nice Guy if Brexit goes wrong", says Nigel Farage

    Jul 06 2018

    Is Nigel Farage planning on talking Brexit with his friend, Donald Trump when he visits London? Will Cabinet ministers become former Cabinet ministers at this weekend's meeting at Chequers? Who are the 'Releavers'? And how do people on the streets think the negotiations are going? Listen to Chopper's Brexit Podcast for full enlightenment. Joining us this week: Nigel Farage MEP; Chair of the Conservative Policy Commission, Chris Skidmore MP; Owen Paterson MP, and polling whiz Tom Clarkson of Brit...more

  • Don't worry, David Davis has a titanium-plated spine, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

    Jun 29 2018

    Is Theresa May en route to a 'soft Brexit'? Will Big Ben bong to mark the big day? Are more ministers going to resign over Britain leaving the EU? And what does negotiating Britain's withdrawal have in common with a game of chess? Chopper's Brexit Podcast has the answers. Joining us today: Andrea Leadsom MP, Leader of the House of Commons who helped take the EU Withdrawal Bill through Parliament; Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, prominent Brexiteer and leader of the European Research Group, Lord Adonis, the ...more

  • I will restart donating to the Conservatives when Theresa May has resigned, says City millionaire

    Jun 22 2018

    Will the Conservatives’ biggest ever donor give to the party again? Is Brexit a modern version of the Suez Crisis? What’s it like to put at risk a 20-year friendship with the Prime Minister? And what can a South Georgian rat problem teach us about leaving the European Union?  Chopper’s Brexit Podcast has the answers.  On the guest list today: Stuart Wheeler, City financier and political activist; Phillip Lee MP, who resigned from the Government last week; Charlie Mullins, the Pimlico Plumbers f...more

  • Theresa May is an ‘increased figure’ after week of Brexit chaos says former minister David Jones

    Jun 15 2018

    A leadership challenge against Theresa May is “very unlikely” according to former Brexit minister David Jones.   Mr Jones, who was sacked by Mrs May in January’s Cabinet reshuffle, told Chopper’s Brexit Podcast the Prime Minister had come out from this week’s votes as “an increased figure”.   He said: “It is very unlikely – I don’t see any reason why there should be. The fact is we should all now be focused on getting the best deal for the country as we go through the Brexit process.   “We have ...more

  • Archbishop of Canterbury plan for more taxes will hit living standards and push wage growth into reverse, says Treasury minister Robert Jenrick

    Jun 08 2018

    Increasing taxes to fund a cash boost for hospitals could hit living standards and push wages’ growth into reverse, a Treasury minister Robert Jenrick has said in a rebuff to the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Most Rev Justin Welby said Theresa May’s Government should find its “nerve” and "courage" to raise taxes to fund public services like the National Health Service. There is a live debate in Whitehall over whether Mrs May should increase taxes to fund a £4billion cash injection for the NHS, a...more

  • At least one Remainer Cabinet minister to resign over Brexit by the Autumn, says peer

    Jun 01 2018

    There will be at least one resignation in the Cabinet when we see the terms of the Brexit deal in the Autumn, and it could be as many as four or five, a peer and former Labour minister says today. Lord Adonis, a keen Remainer, forecasts a “crisis” in Parliament when MPs are presented with the Brexit treaty. He tells today’s Chopper’s Brexit Podcast talk of at least one resignation is the “common gossip in Westminster”. Lord Adonis says: “I think it’s very unlikely to be someone from the right - ...more

  • Theresa May needs to quit as Prime Minister over 'Greek tragedy' Brexit talks, says major Conservative party donor

    May 25 2018

    Theresa May needs to be quit as Prime Minister to because the Brexit talks "resemble a Greek tragedy and it only ends when everyone is dead", a leading Tory party donor says today. Jeremy Hosking, a City financier who has donated £375,000 to the party since 2015, says the Government’s strategy to exit the European Union had to change. Mr Hosking is the first major donor to speak about against Mrs May and her Brexit talks. He tells today’s Chopper’s Brexit Podcast that it is time to take decisive...more

  • Theresa May should walk away with no deal from Brexit talks instead of showing ‘weakness’, DUP says

    May 18 2018

    Theresa May should walk away from the EU without a deal instead of showing "weakness" by tying Britain to the Customs Union beyond 2021, the Democratic Unionist Party, has warned.   Sammy Wilson, the DUP’s Brexit spokesman, also criticised “geriatric” members of the House of Lords for trying to weaken Government legislation to take Britain out of the European Union with 15 amendments.   Mr Wilson was speaking after The Daily Telegraph disclosed that the Government will tell Brussels it is prepar...more

  • Britain’s ‘governing class is ashamed of Englishness’, says former Tory minister - Chopper’s Brexit Podcast Episode 49

    May 11 2018

    Britain’s governing classes are “ashamed” of being English, former Tory minister Nick Boles has said. Mr Boles, a former Planning minister, called for ministers to be bolder about promoting Englishness in public life to mirror the pride felt by the Scots and Welsh. A squeamishness about being Englishness - because of an association with the Far Right - had meant that young English people from a black or minority ethnic background were more comfortable describing themselves as British because it ...more

  • Margaret Thatcher would not have voted for Brexit, says her former Downing Street aide

    May 04 2018

    Margaret Thatcher would not have voted for Brexit, her former private secretary has said. Caroline Slocock, who worked for the former Tory Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street from 1989 to 1991, said she would have preferred to stay in the European Union and fight to reform it. Leave supporters have sometimes used Baroness Thatcher’s euroscepticism in the later years of her premiership and in her retirement to suggest she would have voted to leave the European Union. However, speaking to Chopper’...more

  • Theresa May has to put a ‘no deal’ option on the table to keep UK out of customs union, says former Brexit minister: Chopper’s Brexit Podcast Ep 47

    Apr 27 2018

    Theresa May should put a “no deal option on the table” because none of her ideas to leave the customs union “inspire confidence”, a former Brexit minister has said.   David Jones MP, who was Exiting the European Union minister from 2016 to 2017, said he thought Britain would be better off quitting the EU and trading on “World Trade Organisation terms”.   The Prime Minister and her Cabinet Brexit sub-committee are due to decide next week on  whether to collect tariffs for the EU after Brexit or u...more

  • Let's embalm Nigel Farage and put him in the new ‘Museum of Brexit’, says Cabinet minister Liz Truss

    Apr 20 2018

    Nigel Farage “can be embalmed like those Soviet leaders” and put into a new Museum of Brexit, Chief secretary of the Treasury Liz Truss tells Chopper’s Brexit Podcast today. The former Ukip leader – along with the famous Vote Leave bus with its claim that Brexit will deliver £350million a week for the NHS – are Ms Truss’s recommendations for inclusion in the new museum. Ms Truss says: "What you are asking me is a bit like Room 101 -what would you put in it. There are a few things from the campai...more

  • Will we ever leave the EU? Telegraph experts predict the future

    Apr 13 2018

    This week's Chopper's Brexit Podcast comes from the Telegraph's newsroom where Christopher Hope, the Telegraph's Chief Political Correspondent, peers into the future and asks the simple question: will we ever leave the European Union? Joining him in the studio are: Kate McCann, the Telegraph's senior political correspondent; Jeremy Warner, the Telegraph's assistant editor and columnist; and Peter Foster, the Telegraph's Europe editor.

  • It is 'perfectly possible' to sign a free trade deal with the EU by the end of 2020, says top Brexit expert

    Apr 06 2018

    It’s been a quiet week in Brexit, with Theresa May and her Cabinet away on their Easter holidays, but Chopper’s Brexit Podcast never stops work. Joining Christopher Hope, the Telegraph's chief political correspondent, this week on Chopper's Brexit Podcast our guests are Shanker Singham, the director of the Institute for Economic Affairs’ International Trade and Competition Unit, Matt Warman, Tory MP for Boston and Skegness and a Parliamentary aide to Northern Ireland secretary Karen Bradley, and...more

  • Andrea Leadsom defies David Lidington and John Bercow to say Big Ben must bong on Brexit Day 2019

    Mar 30 2018

    Brexit day in 12 months' time should be marked by “huge celebrations” and the sounding of Big Ben, a leading Eurosceptic Cabinet minister says today. The remarks by Andrea Leadsom, the Leader of the House of Commons, put her at odds with John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons and David Lidington, Theresa May's effective deputy, who have both ruled that Big Ben will not sound when Britain leaves the EU in March next year.  

  • Chopper's Brexit Podcast Episode 42: Michael Gove should resign for selling fishermen down the river over transition deal

    Mar 23 2018

    This week's Chopper's Brexit Podcast comes from a trawler on the River Thames where Christopher Hope, the Telegraph's Chief Political Correspondent, chugs towards the Parliament with a group of fishermen who are furious about a transition deal which they say could halve Britain's fishing fleet. Guests on board the trawler include former Ukip leader Nigel Farage, Tory MP Ross Thomson and Fishing for Leave's Aaron Brown, Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg on dry land as well as Brexit Minister Suella Fernand...more

  • Chopper's Brexit Podcast Episode 41: There is a 50/50 chance of another referendum to stop Brexit, says LibDem leader Sir Vince Cable

    Mar 16 2018

    This week's Chopper's Brexit Podcast celebrates its first birthday, with cake, streamers and party hats at the Red Lion pub on Whitehall.   Over the past year - since its launch in March 2017 - the podcasts' episodes have been listened to 682,000 times - 352,000 downloads and 330,000 streams on the Telegraph's site, Apple and Android.   This week's guests include Brandon Lewis, the Conservative party chairman, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable, and Elizabeth Campbell, leader of Kensington...more

  • Chopper's Brexit Podcast Episode 40: Leaving without a deal should hold 'no terrors' says Boris Johnson

    Mar 09 2018

  • Bonus Episode! What have we learned from Theresa May's 'Road To Brexit' speech?

    Mar 02 2018

    EMERGENCY EXTRA ADDITION of Chopper's Brexit Podcast as Chris is joined by The Telegraph's Europe Editor Peter Foster, Brexit Editor Dia Chakravarty, Brexit Commissioning Editor Asa Bennett and Leader Writer Tim Stanley as the panel cram into the podcast studio to give their expert analysis of the Prime Minister's biggest Brexit speech since Florence. 

  • Chopper's Brexit Podcast Episode 39: DUP challenges Sinn Fein MPs to come to Westminster and vote down Brexit

    Mar 02 2018

    In this week's podcast: The DUP’s Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson said the nationalist party’s seven MPs should break with convention and vote against the Government on Brexit – because it would ensure that 'remainer' Conservative MPs would be unlikely to join the rebellion. The prospect of Sinn Fein voting to keep the UK in the customs union would cut the Government’s majority to just six, meaning just over a handful of Tory MPs could defeat the Government. The Republican party has always refused...more

  • Chopper's Brexit Podcast Episode 38: Britain is on course for a ‘Goldilocks Brexit’ says Michael Gove, as he raises prospect of plastic straw ban

    Feb 23 2018

    In this week's episode of Chopper's Brexit Podcast, we take a break from the Red Lion to visit the NFU conference in Birmingham. Here, we talk to Environment Secretary Michael Gove as well as farmers about how Brexit will affect agriculture - and ultimately the prices we pay for food in our shops.

  • Chopper's Brexit Podcast Episode 37: George Soros’s campaign to stop UK leaving EU will succeed because Brexiteers are ‘dying off’ says Lord Malloch-Brown

    Feb 16 2018

    A George Soros-backed campaign to stop Britain to leave the European Union will succeed because Brexiteers are “dying off”, its chairman said. Lord Malloch-Brown, a former Government minister, said a “reasonable outcome” of Mr Soros's Best for Britain campaign would be Theresa May resigning as Prime Minister. In an interview with Chopper’s Brexit Podcast, on the Telegraph’s website today, Lord Malloch-Brown said he had a 40 per cent change of stopping Brexit. The Best for Britain campaign has so...more

  • Episode 36: The CBI is wrong on Brexit because it is listening too much to big business, says Digby Jones

    Jan 25 2018

    The Confederation of British Industry is wrong on the European Union because it is ignoring small manufacturers and listening too much to multi-national conglomerates, a former head of the business lobby group has said.In an interview with today’s Chopper’s Brexit Podcast, Lord Jones said: “I don’t agree with it [the CBI position]

  • Episode 35: Theresa May should be prepared to create 200 more peers to force Brexit Bill through Parliament, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

    Jan 19 2018

    Theresa May should be prepared to create as many as 200 new peers to force the Brexit Bill through the House of Lords, the new leader of the Conservative group of Eurosceptic MPs has said.   Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, the new chairman of the influential European Reform Group, warned that the House of Lords would not want to be left "in the position of peers against the people" because "the people always win".

  • Episode 34: ’We're going to hell in a handcart. We need another referendum' - Labour's Chris Bryant demands a U-turn on Brexit

    Jan 12 2018

    Labour MP and former Shadow Leader of the Commons Chris Bryant has told the Telegraph's Chris Hope that he wants to stop Brexit, even though that would be against the wishes of the voters who elected him. Speaking on Chopper's Brexit Podcast, he said, "We're going to hell in a handcart. I kind of want to stop it really. I know that's not what probably the voters in my constituency want, and I think we could only do that if we another referendum." Discussing the prospect of a binding vote on a Br...more

  • Episode 33: 'Our odds of a deal on trade just dramatically improved' - Brexit Minister, Steve Baker

    Dec 22 2017

    Brexit minister Steve Baker has told Chopper's Brexit Podcast that the UK's odds of succeeding in trade talks with the EU have 'dramatically improved' following Wednesday's joint report from negotiators. The draft negotiating guidelines for the second phase of talks have been set out and Mr Baker told The Telegraph's Chief Political Correspondent Christopher Hope that they indicated the EU was open to agreeing a 'good quality, deep and special partnership' after Brexit. Any transition period sho...more

  • Episode 32: 'We are not going to fall out over this' one of the 11 mutinous Tory MPs tells Theresa May

    Dec 15 2017

    In this episode of Chopper's Brexit Podcast, Tory mutineer MP Bob Neill says Theresa May should drop her bid to fix a legal date and time for Britain’s exit from the European Union. David Jones MP, a former Exiting the EU minister, told the podcast that the change was "unnecessary and frankly just symbolic".

  • Chopper's Brexit Podcast bonus: Analysis of the Brexit deal

    Dec 08 2017

    Chief Political Correspondent Christoper 'Chopper' Hope analyses Theresa May's Brexit deal with the Telegraph's Europe Editor Peter Foster.

  • Episode 31: Iain Duncan Smith: The British people want Theresa May to tell the EU, 'Enough is enough'

    Dec 08 2017

    In this episode of Chopper's Brexit Podcast, former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith warns Theresa May should not quit as Prime Minister over the stalled Brexit talks and instead “stick it out". Meanwhile, The Telegraph's Europe Editor Peter Foster looks at the latest developments in negotiations in Brussels. Chopper also speaks to former Environment secretary Owen Paterson, who says Mrs May should threaten to walk away from talks and start negotiations to trade on World Trade Organisation rules af...more

  • Episode 30: 'I don't want to pay for an unknown road in Romania', Tory MP attacks £50bn EU Brexit bill

    Nov 30 2017

    In this week's Chopper's Brexit Podcast we get reaction to the Telegraph's exclusive report that British and EU negotiators have reached a deal over the so-called Brexit bill, landing on a figure somewhere between €45bn and €55bn. Craig Mackinlay, a Conservative member of the Commons’ Brexit committee, tells our Chief Political Correspondent Christopher Hope: “I can just about stomach £20billion but beyond that I have some personal difficulties. “You can’t extend that into ‘hope to spend in 10 y...more

  • Episode 29: Nigel Dodds: ‘The European Union is acting like an adversary in the Brexit talks - and Theresa May must be prepared to walk away’

    Nov 24 2017

  • Episode 28: Dominic Grieve 'Mutineer-In-Chief? Not at all - I'm just trying to help'

    Nov 17 2017

    In this week's episode of Chopper's Brexit Podcast senior Conservative MP and former Attorney-General Dominic Grieve speaks out after being labelled 'Mutineer-In-Chief' for leading a Tory rebellion against Theresa May's plan to enshrine the date the UK leaves the EU into law.    Mr Grieve tells The Telegraph's Chief Political Correspondent Chris Hope that now as many as 27 Conservative MPs are willing to vote against the Prime Minister's amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill.    Also on the show, ...more

  • Episode 27: 500 days until Brexit: Australia 'will be key for Britain's success'

    Nov 10 2017

    After another turbulent week for the Government, Christopher 'Chopper' Hope is joined in the Telegraph newsroom to mark 500 days until Brexit.  Chopper is joined by James Crisp, the Telegraph's Brussels correspondent, who gives us the latest news on Brexit and how the talks are going as the sixth round gets underway. Also on the show is James McGory from the pro-Remain Open Britain campaign group and Jonathan Isaby from Brexit Central. Our Brexit correspondent James Rothwell tell us the latest ...more

  • Episode 26: '12 MPs to resign over sex scandal' say campaigning MPs who helped expose it

    Nov 03 2017

    ​After a week of allegations, revelations and resignations in the Westminster sex scandal, Christopher Hope is joined in the Red Lion pub​ by Laura Hughes, the journalist who first discovered the story, and two campaigning MPs who helped expose it - Jess Phillips and John Mann.   Also on the podcast, Lord Kerslake, the former head of the Civil Service, discusses whether David Davis’s plans to hire 8,000 civil servants by the end of next year to deliver Brexit is even possible, and the Telegraph'...more

  • Episode 25: ’95% chance of No Deal’ says former Minister for Europe

    Oct 20 2017

    As Theresa May faces growing pressure to lay down the law when she meets EU officials in Brussels, Chopper's Brexit Podcast hosts a 'No Deal' special.  Christopher Hope is joined in the Red Lion pub by Charlie Elphicke, the treasurer of the influential European Research Group of Conservative MPs, and Chris Bryant, Labour's former Minister of State for Europe, to debate whether Britain can thrive leaving the European Union without any deal. And economist Andrew Lillico discusses the possibility o...more

  • Episode 24: Northern Powerhouse Minister: 'Stop this London-centric whingeing and make Brexit a success'

    Oct 13 2017

    Listen to the Telegraph's weekly Brexit podcast, hosted by Chief Political Correspondent Christopher 'Chopper' Hope and recorded at the historic Red Lion pub, a stone's throw from the Houses of Parliament.  Conservative MPs should stop their "London-centric whingeing and back-biting" in order to focus on Brexit, according to the Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry.  Talking to Chopper's Brexit Podcast on Thursday, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State claimed that northern constituents...more

  • Tory Party Conference: Michael Fallon insists "nobody is unsackable" in slap down to Boris Johnson

    Oct 02 2017

    Sir Michael Fallon delivers a blow to Boris Johnson in conversation with Chopper's Brexit Podcast in a special live recording at the Conservative Party Conference.   The Defence Secretary insisted "the Prime Minister has the right and the ability and the authority to change any member of her cabinet", as the Conservative Party gathered for what many expect will be a 'beauty parade' of ministers making their bid for the party leadership.   This episode also features Iain Duncan Smith who defends ...more

  • Episode 23: ‘Make Jacob Rees-Mogg party chairman to help Conservatives rediscover their voice'

    Sep 29 2017

    In this bumper episode, Chopper's Brexit Podcast is at the Labour Party Conference where Christopher Hope speaks to Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, about Labour's elusive Brexit policy. He also catches up with some of the finest minds on Fleet Street for their analysis of the conference highlights. Back in the studio, the podcast is joined by a pair of true-blue think tanks and a senior grass roots Conservative for a look ahead to the Conservative Party Conference. Senior Political Co...more

  • Episode 22: 'Boris Johnson can still be Prime Minister' despite his worst week ever

    Sep 22 2017

    In the 22nd episode, Chopper's Brexit Podcast is aboard 'May Force One' as the Prime Minister travels to the US and Canada. But Theresa May's schedule was overpowered this week by Boris Johnson's explosive article in The Telegraph and his subsequent threats of resignation.    Following the Foreign Secretary's "worst week ever" Chopper's Brexit Podcast discusses the fallout with journalists aboard Theresa May's aircraft, including John Pienaar and Robert Peston on their impromptu press conference...more

  • Episode 21: Theresa May 'can win the next general election - as long as she delivers a clean Brexit'

    Sep 15 2017

    In the second episode of the new season, Chopper's Brexit Podcast hears from Nick Tyrone, author of "Apocalypse Delayed" on how a clean Brexit will help the Tories win the next general election. Also the Liberal Democrats' Brexit spokesman Tom Brake and Tory Brexiteer Michael Tomlinson debate the usefulness of a second referendum, and Solicitor General Robert Buckland, the Government minister who has to steer the EU Withdrawal Bill through Parliament, discusses whether 19,000 EU regulations can ...more

  • Episode 20: 'Britain is most likely to leave EU without a trade deal - and that's 'just fine'

    Sep 08 2017

    The first episode in the second series of Chopper's Brexit Podcast hears from Dominic Grieve and John Redwood, two former Tory Cabinet ministers, as they discuss whether Theresa May's plans to use Henry VIII powers to move EU regs into British law is undemocratic; also Liam Halligan, author of "Clean Brexit - Why Leaving the EU Still Makes Sense" as well as The Telegraph's new Brexit editor Dia Chakravarty on why it is not racist to support Brexit. 

  • Episode 19: 'Any member of Cabinet who is not working to make Britain a better place after Brexit should be removed'

    Jul 21 2017

    In this final episode of the current series of Chopper's Brexit Podcast, we hear from the International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox on the many opportunities for Britain outside the EU, former Cabinet minister Owen Paterson about his speech in German to the Germans, the Telegraph's Assistant Political Editor Ben Riley-Smith on the ongoing infighting in the Cabinet, and former head of the British Chambers of Commerce John Longworth on the European red tape he can't wait to get rid of.

  • Episode 18: 'Labour plotting with 15 rebel Tories for Norway-style Brexit deal'

    Jul 14 2017

    This week on Chopper's Brexit Podcast, Labour Remain MP Stephen Kinnock takes on veteran Brexiteer Sir Bill Cash, trade expert Victoria Hewson on the prospects of a new UK/US deal and Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley discusses the Tory party's toxic image.

  • Episode 17: 'Labour's looking both ways on Brexit and it helped us in the election'

    Jul 07 2017

    This week on Chopper's Brexit Podcast, Labour Remain MP Rupa Huq debates colleague (and Leave supporter) Kelvin Hopkins, new Brexit minister Steve Baker on why we must leave the single market and customs union, and the Telegraph's new Brussels correspondent on Monty Python and 'ridiculous' MEPs.

  • Episode 16: 'Sturgeon made a rare mistake and boxed herself in on Scottish independence'

    Jun 30 2017

    This week on Chopper's Brexit Podcast, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Tommy Sheppard debate Nicola Sturgeon's independence climbdown, Michael Deacon calls for a more brutal, honest politics and MP Sheryll Murray reveals the extent of public abuse she gets.

  • Episode 15: Revealed - Lib Dems' secret talks with Tory Remainers to force soft Brexit

    Jun 23 2017

    This week on Chopper's Brexit Podcast, Chris hears former minister David Jones and prospective Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable argue over the need for a second referendum, hard v soft Brexit  and how MPs from rival parties are now plotting together to get the result they want.

  • Episode 14: 'It'll be pretty disastrous for the Tories to go on for two years with a leader they all know is on the way out'

    Jun 16 2017

    This week on Chopper's Brexit Podcast, Tory MPs Bob Neill and Suella Fernandes, former spokesperson for Theresa May Joey Jones, the Telegraph's Phil Johnston and Gordon Brown's pollster Deborah Mattinson discuss soft vs hard Brexit, the Prime Minister's leadership and the unforeseen Labour surge.

  • Episode 13: Election special - 'Election disaster means Theresa May's going to have to go soft on Brexit'

    Jun 09 2017

    In this special election day episode, Christopher Hope is on College Green outside the Houses of Parliament as the results come in. He's joined by politicians on both sides of the political divide to discuss what this election disaster means for Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and, importantly, for Brexit.

  • Prime Minister Theresa May Interview Special: Vote today to show that 'democracy will not be deterred by terrorists'

    Jun 07 2017

    Prime Minister Theresa May says our democracy will not be deterred by terrorists as she joins Chief Political Correspondent Christopher "Chopper" Hope for a bonus edition of his Election Podcast.

  • Episode 12: 'Failure is less than 80' - a warning to Theresa May

    Jun 02 2017

    This week on Chopper's Election Podcast, Chief Political Correspondent Christopher 'Chopper' Hope hosts a round table with Telegraph columnists Fraser Nelson, Janet Daley and Harry De Quetteville to discuss policies, personalities and the polls.

  • Episode 11: Punters are betting thousands of pounds that Corbyn will be the next PM

    May 26 2017

    This week on Chopper's Election Podcast, Chief Political Correspondent Christopher 'Chopper' Hope talks to experts about how the Manchester terror attack could impact on the election, and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's recent rise in the polls.

  • Episode 10: Corbyn as Prime Minister would damage special relationship with US, says Trump ally​

    May 19 2017

    This week, podcast host and Chief Political Correspondent Christopher 'Chopper' Hope hits the road to interview the Governor of Mississippi and key Trump ally Phil Bryant in London, chase down the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron in Portsmouth, and attend the unveiling of the Tory party manifesto in Halifax.

  • Episode 9: Jean-Claude Juncker is trying to get me the sack, says Brexit secretary David Davis

    May 12 2017

    This week on Chopper's Election Podcast, Chief Political Correspondent Christopher 'Chopper' Hope visits Brexit Country with Tory Cabinet Minister David Davis to talk EU interference in the election, a possible deal for UK expats and Jeremy Corbyn's car crash campaign.

  • Episode 8: 'I want Diane Abbott in the Treasury, just for the jokes' - why cartoonist Matt is hoping for a Coalition of Chaos

    May 05 2017

    This week on Chopper's Election Podcast listen to the Telegraph's Matt Pritchett, pollster Matthew Goodwin, former Labour election strategist Kevin Craig and Europe Editor Peter Foster on political pratfalls, Brexit briefings and the devious art of campaign posters.

  • Episode 7: 'The most feeble of Tory manifestos' - Thatcher's economists savage May's tax plans

    Apr 28 2017

    This week on Chopper's Election Podcast, Mark Littlewood of the IEA, YouGov's Joe Twyman, Tory MP Gerald Howarth, Open Europe's James McGrory, former Tory spin doctor Giles Kenningham and the Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard discuss mugwumps, manifestos and more.

  • Episode 6: 'Britain will get a coalition of crisis if Jeremy Corbyn wins the election'

    Apr 21 2017

    Following Theresa May's decision to call a snap election on June 8, Chopper's Brexit Podcast has been temporarily rebranded Chopper's Election Podcast. To celebrate the Prime Minister's bold move, this week's episode is a bumper edition featuring lively debate between Lord Howard of Lympne and Barry Gardiner MP - as well as election analysis from Professor Matthew Goodwin, former EU Commissioner Lord Hill, the Telegraph's own Philip Johnston and pollster Johnny Heald.