Comedy of the Week

Brighten your week with the latest BBC Radio 4 comedy, introduced by Darren Harriott.


  • Women Talking About Cars - Dawn French

    Aug 10 2020

    Victoria Coren Mitchell interviews Dawn French in the first of a new series in which famous women look at their lives from the perspective of the cars they have known, the journeys they've been on and the things they keep in their boot for emergencies. Hear what Dawn wrote on the back of her first car; find out which comedian totalled her beloved Cortina; and discover the advantages of the refrigerated glove compartment. Car descriptions read by Josette Simon. A BBC Studios production.

  • Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

    Aug 03 2020

    This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Krishnan checks in with Fi and Jane after an early morning hosting 5live Breakfast. He talks them through a morning news meeting, confesses why he wouldn't make a good doctor and is subject to a bit of Glover-Tracing. After chatting to Krishnan, Fi and Jane head out to take in the city. They learn about Swedish laundry and there's even a chance encounter with the head of the global 'Up Yours, Coron...more

  • Things My Mother Never Told Me (... About Lockdown)

    Jul 27 2020

    In the first episode of a new series, comedian Sindhu Vee invites guests to talk about their mothers. Guest across the series include Mae Martin, Guz Khan, Tom Allen and Jayde Adams. Lockdown is making us think a lot more about family, and for many people the parent-child relationship has been flipped. With the older generation more vulnerable to Coronavirus, middle-aged children are now worrying about where their parents are, and if they're behaving responsibly. We're telling them not to stay o...more

  • Relativity

    Jul 20 2020

    Drawing on his own family, the third series of Richard Herring’s comedy drama builds on the warm, lively characters and sharply observed family dynamics of previous series. His affectionate observation of inter generational misunderstanding, sibling sparring and the ties that bind will resonate with anyone who has ever tried to show their dad which remote turns the television on. Amid the comedy, Richard broaches some more serious highs and lows of family life. In this series, he focuses on th...more

  • ReincarNathan

    Jul 13 2020

    Nathan Blakely was a popstar. But he was useless, died, and was reincarnated. The comedy about Nathan’s adventures in the afterlife returns for a second series with Daniel Rigby and Diane Morgan, and guest-starring Vicki Pepperdine and Amy-Beth Hayes. In the first episode of the new series, Nathan is brought back to life as a pet cat. But there’s a catch - he has to live in the home of his actual granny. Nathan was a terrible grandson when he was a human. But now he’s a cat, will he learn how t...more