Core Intuition

A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.


  • Episode 369: Little Steps In The Right Direction

    Apr 19 2019

    Daniel and Manton react to a 9to5Mac article detailing purported changes coming in iOS 13. They weigh the significance of multi-window support on the iPad, and what it means for Marzipan and the future of the Mac. Daniel anticipates using his unopened Amazon Echo, getting the two off on a discussion about Siri’s continuing shortcomings, and whether WWDC will bring any major new updates to the technology. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_369.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 42 minutes)...more

  • Episode 368: Everybody Has A Story

    Apr 11 2019

    Manton and Daniel catch up after Manton’s road trip to the Peers Conference in New Orleans, and his simultaneous launch of a major new video upload and hosting service for Micro.blog. Daniel talks about his efforts so far to balance the time demands of his indie software development with his new full-ish time job. The two motivate each other, and everybody listening to blog more, and finally they talk about the rumors of iTunes being broken up, and apparent impact Marzipan will have on App...more

  • Episode 367: This Is Impossible

    Apr 07 2019

    Daniel and Manton talk about Apple’s cancellation of AirPower as a rare example of Apple failing to deliver on a high profile product. They compare with more fraudulent examples of vaporware such as the medical products promised by Theranos. Manton hints at a new feature coming to Micro.blog that will require simultaneous updates to all his apps at once. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_367.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 41 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsors this week: TextExpand...more

  • Episode 366: We Kind Of Weren’t Surprised

    Mar 27 2019

    Manton and Daniel react to Apple’s March Special Event. They question the merit of Apple Card with it’s higher-than-expected interest rates. They weigh the benefits of a closed system like Apple News versus the completely free web. They talk about Apple Arcade, how it will impact existing game developers, and whether it will take precedence over the current Games category. Finally, they wonder whether Apple’s wide range of subscription offerings will finally push the company to offer...more

  • Episode 365: A Pretty Big Update

    Mar 21 2019

    Daniel talks to Manton about shipping a substantial MarsEdit update in the wake of being busy at his new job. They talk a little bit about one of the Micro.blog features MarsEdit now supports, and how MarsEdit still needs to support a jumble of loosely related blogging APIs. Manton talks about shipping Sunlit 2.4 with a redesigned posting interface. They reacted to Apple’s “week of product announcements”, and talk about the merit of remaining frugal even when you suddenly have ...more

  • Episode 364: The Normal Job Part Of It

    Mar 14 2019

    Manton catches up on Daniel’s impressions after working the first few days at his new job, which is a “perfect fit” in many ways. They react to Spotify’s “Time to Play Fair” public challenge to Apple, and question how Apple might react to it. They touch on other public trends against Big Tech, including Elizabeth Warren’s suggestion that Apple and other companies should be broken up. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_364.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 37 minute...more

  • Episode 363: An Edge Case On An Edge Case

    Mar 09 2019

    Daniel reveals to Manton that he’s (on the verge of) taking a part-time job. They assess the likely impact on Red Sweater, and how it might affect Daniel’s self image as an “independent developer.” Manton talks about updates he’s making to Micro.blog’s billing infrastructure, and how small improvements can lead to recurring increases in revenues. Finally, Daniel reviews his plans for the upcoming 4.3 release, and questions whether having less time to work on R...more

  • Episode 362: Existential Business Crisis

    Mar 03 2019

    Manton and Daniel talk about how IndieWebCamp Austin went, and reflect on the virtues of the diverse “open web” community. They react to a debate between Jeff Atwood & David Heinemeier Hansson about their purportedly different approaches to business. Finally, they talk about Daniel’s increasingly glum feelings about his business, Daniel makes some self-assessment of shortcomings, and the two of them talk about making small, productive tweaks to increase revenues. http://t...more

  • Episode 361: This Is An Opportunity

    Feb 20 2019

    Daniel and Manton talk about this weekend’s Austin IndieWebCamp, and new rumors about Apple’s plans to support a single binary format for apps to run on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. They explore the possible impact such plans would have on Micro.blog for Mac, and on Daniel’s iOS aspirations. Meanwhile, Daniel bemoans the ongoing challenge of figuring out what to focus on when nobody’s forcing him to focus on one thing. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_361.mp3 Download Aud...more

  • Episode 360: That’s Not Really The Business

    Feb 17 2019

    Manton and Daniel react to MacRumors’s discovery that WWDC will likely be held on June 3. They talk about the increasing price of hotels in San Jose, some options for more affordable accommodations, and the impact of high cost on the diversity of attendance. Manton prepares for IndieWebCamp Austin, while Daniel comes to term with the possibility of dropping support for Blogger, and thinking about ways to expand the appeal of MarsEdit. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_360.mp3 Do...more

  • Episode 359: Quote-unquote Free

    Feb 10 2019

    Daniel returns from Paris and Manton shares his plans for WWDC 2019 accommodations. They talk about Spotify’s acquisition of Gimlet and Anchor, and the possible implications for the diversity of podcasting ecosystem. Finally, they react to Angela Ahrendt’s departure from Apple, and what it means for the future of Apple Stores. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_359.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 58 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsors this week: PDFpen: Edit PDFs with ease! Lin...more

  • Episode 358: Accidental Dark Mode

    Jan 26 2019

    Manton finishes Dark Mode support for the Mac Micro.blog app. He and Daniel discuss the merits of supporting bleeding edge features, and the difficulty in gauging demand for features that people want but are not complaining about. They speculate about when Dark Mode will come to iOS, talk about the Release Notes conference coming to Mexico, and Daniel’s last-minute preparation for dotSwift in Paris. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_358.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 39 minutes) Many...more

  • Episode 357: It Was Actually Kinda Fun

    Jan 20 2019

    Manton’s premature release of Micro.blog for Mac with Dark Mode enabled release spurs him to work on an official update that supports it. DuckDuckGo announces they are now using MapKit JS for their maps, reminding us that Apple offers a web-based mapping service. Finally, Daniel and Manton start to look forward to WWDC 2019 and the greatness that may await. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_357.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 31 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: Linode: ...more

  • Episode 356: Reach For The Stars

    Jan 10 2019

    Manton and Daniel talk briefly about Apple’s revenue shortfall, and then more extensively about Apple’s announced deals with Samsung and other television makers to bundle iTunes and AirPlay 2 functionality. They talk about the company’s shift towards being a media conglomerate and how their so-called core values will be reflected in that area. Finally, Daniel catches Manton up with his progress on the iOS version of Black Ink, and reacts to a listener tweet criticizing his alle...more

  • Episode 355: Stupidly Confident

    Jan 05 2019

    Daniel and Manton greet the New Year with a vague sense of optimism, as Daniel moves closer to serious iOS development, and Manton remains confident and focused on Micro.blog. They talk about finding a balance between optimistic enthusiasm and realism about chance of failure. Finally, Daniel talks about his shifting plans for Black Ink 2 and the possibility of co-launching it with an iOS version. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_355.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 56 minutes) Many thanks t...more

  • Episode 354: Undeveloped Piece Of Land

    Dec 22 2018

    Manton and Daniel discuss the expansion plans of Amazon, Apple, and Google, as they add office space in cities around the United States. Following up on last week’s rundown of Riverfold Software’s product lineup, Manton takes Daniel on a talk-through of his current lineup of apps. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_354.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 59 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: Linode: Cloud Hosting for You. Links: New Campus in Austin – Apple press...more

  • Episode 353: It Had A Lot Of Potential

    Dec 14 2018

    Daniel regales Manton with tales of his latest “waste of time,” as he spends days trying to put the finishing touches on a FastScripts feature 12 years in the making. They talk about the balance of time invested in actual development vs. fighting to get code working in the context of a closed system. Manton explains his decision to shut down his Tweet Marker service, and Daniel asks Manton to reflect on the many indie software products that Manton has developed in the past. http://...more

  • Episode 352: It Could Be Useful For People

    Dec 09 2018

    Manton and Daniel respond to listener feedback about focusing more on marketing and self-promotion of our apps rather than ourselves, and compare the virtues of the two types of promotion. Daniel talks about his decision to do more public speaking, and promotional benefits of that. They talk about whether the lack of journalistic coverage of Mac software is contributing to marketing challenges. Finally, they talk about WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg, and their hope that the dramatic changes might send...more

  • Episode 351: Here’s The Downside

    Nov 23 2018

    Daniel and Manton talk about Panic’s release of Transmit for the Mac App Store, and the gradual evolution of Apple’s stance on sandboxing. Daniel talks about his dubious prioritization of quieting deprecation warnings. They both take stock of progress on MarsEdit 4 and Micro.blog around one year after their release. Finally, they muse about the relative profitability of certain software products and whether some apps are inherently bad ideas from a business point of view. http://tr...more

  • Episode 350: Inspired To Look At This

    Nov 15 2018

    Manton reports back to Daniel about the first week after adding Mastodon integration to Micro.blog. They talk about the merit and necessity of spending time marketing after all the coding work we do. Daniel talks about his recent struggle implementing support for Google’s OAuth2, and finally they talk about Apple’s new Hardened Runtime and the associated app notarization service Mac apps that are distributed outside the Mac App Store. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_350.m...more

  • Episode 349: Too Ambitious And Crazy

    Nov 09 2018

    Daniel catches Manton up on his experience at Swift by Northwest, and about his positive outlook on public speaking after participating in the show. They talk about accepting their role as the increasingly “old guard” in a community that is always gaining new developers. Manton announces Mastodon integration for Micro.blog and describes his unique approach to integrating Micro.blog without literally being a Mastodon instance. Finally, they react to the October 2018 Apple Special Even...more

  • Episode 348: A Surprising Amount Of Success

    Oct 19 2018

    Manton and Daniel check in on the eve of Daniel’s Swift by Northwest speaking engagement. They talk about the challenge of biting off topics for speaking, articles, books, etc., that sound good but turn out to be harder to pull off than expected. Manton catches us up on the challenges of finding time to finish his newest features for Micro.blog, and the two talk each other down from stressing out too much about the relatively low-severity things they’re worrying about. http://traff...more

  • Episode 347: One Of Those Time Warps

    Oct 12 2018

    Daniel and Manton talk about Daniel’s recent blogging series on Dark Mode. They encourage each other not to get too bogged down worrying about the impact of doing the work we want, whether that’s blogging, developing software, or whatever. Daniel frets lightly about his upcoming talk, and they compare notes about coming up with a better strategy for both being prepared to give talks and ensuring you’re giving them to the right audience. Finally, Manton announces his decision to help ...more

  • Episode 346: Doing The Best I Can

    Oct 06 2018

    Manton and Daniel talk about coming to terms with the challenge of juggling too many things, making our indie businesses more efficient, and the tough question of how to cut projects and commitments that are stealing time from the main focus. They also touch on the challenge of taking criticism for focusing on what you do well, while others wish you did something else. Finally, they talk about Apple’s new requirement that all App Store submissions link to a Privacy Policy, and how that has...more

  • Episode 345: I Can Haz Blog?

    Sep 29 2018

    macOS Mojave is out! Daniel and Manton talk about the ephemeral nature of App Store features, and the wisdom of not investing too much stock in being featured, or any other external recognition. They catch up on the state of the Mac App Store and wonder about the expected App Store versions of BBEdit and Transmit. Finally, they talk about their own continuing plans for supporting Mojave, particular with respect to Dark Mode. http://traffic.libsyn.com/coreint/CoreInt_345.mp3 Download Audio (MP...more

  • Episode 344: No Time For Betas

    Sep 21 2018

    Manton and Daniel follow-up on their scrutiny of Apple’s new Watch-based EKG feature, and try to evaluate whether the hype surrounding it is warranted or not. Manton reports back after finally installing iOS 12, and Daniel talks about putting the finishing touches on MarsEdit 4.2 in time for macOS Mojave’s public release. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_344.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 44 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: Linode: Cloud Hosting for You. Links: De Novo...more

  • Episode 343: I Am Now An Expert

    Sep 13 2018

    Daniel and Manton react to Apple’s September 2018 event, announcing the Apple Watch Series 4 and new iPhones. They compare notes about appreciating the new products but feeling relatively unpressured to upgrade. Finally, they talk about the incentives for developers to adopt new OS features and aim to release updates to coincide with OS updates. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_343.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 51 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: Linode: Cloud Hosting for You...more

  • Episode 342: Complaining For Ten Years

    Sep 07 2018

    Manton and Daniel catch up after a couple weeks off. They talk about Manton’s release of Sunlit 2.2, and return to inevitable complaints about App Store Review uncertainties. They compare notes on their mutual lack of interest in developing for Android, and the extent to which an unliked programming language can affect interest in platforms. Finally, they talk about the leaked details of the forthcoming iPhone and Apple Watch. Does it hurt Apple, and should we care if it does? http://aud...more

  • Episode 341: This Went Pretty Viral

    Aug 20 2018

    Daniel and Manton follow up on RapidWeaver 8 shipping without Mac App Store support. Daniel talks about his recent work on FastScripts, and they talk about the sometimes surprising value of “less successful” apps. They react to Marco Arment’s announcement that Overcast will support podcasts embedding a “payment” tag in show notes, and indulge in a little analysis of Twitter’s handling of the fiasco around Alex Jones. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_341.mp3 ...more

  • Episode 340: Going Back To Blogging

    Aug 12 2018

    Manton and Daniel react to sandboxes woes for RapidWeaver 8 on the Mac, and speculate about changes coming in Mojave that might have enticed Panic and Bare Bones to return to the Mac App Store. They talk about Twitter’s continued support for Alex Jones, and the resulting backlash that is driving some users to Micro.blog and to MarsEdit. Finally, they make a philosophical analysis of the state of social networks, and evaluate their feelings about Twitter’s struggle to maintain community sta...more

  • Episode 339: Now’s The Time To Do It

    Aug 03 2018

    Daniel and Manton react to Apple’s latest earnings announcement, on the eve of the company reaching a $1 trillion valuation. They assess the company’s rising services revenues, and how it relates to Apple’s 30% App Store cut, and stingy pricing for consumer-facing cloud services. Daniel reports on his resumption of iOS development and the feelings of being a relative newbie on the platform. Finally, they talk about the importance of focusing on a smaller number of features that...more

  • Episode 338: I’ll Try Not To Do That

    Jul 28 2018

    Manton and Daniel talk about the new MacBook Pro, and how it affects Manton’s purchasing plans for his daughters’ college computers. Daniel talks about his experience with macOS Mojave, the increasing stability of the OS, and the improvements to dragging from Photos.app. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_338.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 41 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsors this week: Linode: Cloud Hosting for You. Links: Apple Updates MacBook Pro – Official PR from Apple a...more

  • Episode 337: A Quote Unquote Blog

    Jul 19 2018

    Daniel and Manton react to rumors that Apple has site-licensed 1Password to its entire workforce, and what such a move might mean for the future of Apple’s own Keychain features. They talk about the recent uptick in Lime and Bird-style scooter and bike sharing, and how bigger players like Lyft and Uber are starting to get involved. Finally they brainstorms ideas for Manton to market upcoming changes to Sunlit … on a budget. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_337.mp3 Download Audio (...more

  • Episode 336: Bringing Webrings Back

    Jul 13 2018

    Manton and Daniel talk about migrating Manton.org to run on Micro.blog. They reflect on the nostalgia and inspiration of old web conventions like webrings and blogrolls. Finally, they talk about macOS Mojave’s forthcoming AppleEvent sandboxing and the effect it has on a wide variety of apps. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_336.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 47 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsors this week: Jamf Now: Set up, manage and protect Apple devices in minutes. Linode: Cloud Hostin...more

  • Episode 335: Kind Of A Challenge For Newcomers

    Jul 06 2018

    Daniel and Manton catch up after traveling to Chicago and Portland, respectively. Manton reflects on the IndieWeb Summit and the inspiration he took away from that event. They talk about learning to balance “business emergencies” with other obligations, and other indie business skills. Finally, they respond to Apple’s new Maps announcements, and whether Apple’s stance on privacy is an excuse for poor user experiences. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_335.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 67 minu...more

  • Episode 334: Manton Reece Misses You

    Jun 29 2018

    Manton and Daniel talk about the upcoming Dark Mode in macOS Mojave, and the challenges and joys of accommodating it as a developer. They bemoan Skype’s emotionally intrusive notifications, and reflect on other overly-touchy-feely interface designs. And Manton shares his experience booting up an older 2008 Mac Pro and taking it for a spin. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_334.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 40 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsors this week: Udacity: Become an iOS Developer Linode:...more

  • Episode 333: I Will Be Speaking Briefly

    Jun 22 2018

    Daniel and Manton talk about upcoming travel plans, and the challenge of carving out time for work during the summer. Daniel shares his experience hacking on macOS Mojave’s new “Marzipan” support for iOS apps. They both talk about the deprecation of WebView and their respective plans for migrating code to WebKit2’s WKWebView. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_333.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 49 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsors this week: OmniFocus 3 for iOS: Accomplis...more

  • Episode 332: We Should Be Slapping Our Foreheads

    Jun 15 2018

    Manton and Daniel talk about Daniel’s latest MarsEdit updates and the speed record of one’s App Store review. Daniel talks about a quick fix he made to a crashing bug, and whether using Swift would have prevented it. They reflect on Dominik Wagner’s criticism of Swift, but carefully avoid a full-on Swift debate. They follow up about the shortcuts of Siri Shortcuts and hope for similar, but slightly different long-term improvements. Finally, they talk about a new open source IAPKit from Bla...more

  • Episode 331: No Complaints Really

    Jun 07 2018

    Daniel and Manton catch up on WWDC announcements. They weigh the likely impact of UIKit on macOS, try to get a handle on the extent of SiriKit improvements, and appreciate Apple’s renewed emphasis on iOS automation. Next they talk about Apple’s purportedly new support for App Store trials. Finally, they wrap up with reflections on WWDC week so far, and Manton appreciates the enthusiastic attendance at his Micro.blog meet-up. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_331.mp3 Download Audio ...more

  • Episode 330: It’s A Big Fun Surprise

    Jun 01 2018

    Manton and Daniel check in just before WWDC to talk about expectations from the conference, and strategies for saving money on the trip. They indulge in a bit more Siri criticism, hope that Apple will announce new MacBook Pros, and question whether Apple will dare to poke fun at Google’s Duplex technology during the keynote. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_330.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 55 minutes) Links: WWDC – Apple’s official site. Budgeting for WWDC – Manton docum...more

  • Episode 329: Have All The Things Be Better

    May 24 2018

    Daniel and Manton talk about Twitter’s latest API updates and the impact on 3rd party developers. They follow-up on Ghost’s lack of an API, and Samuel Goodwin’s offer to build one for them. Daniel shares news of MarsEdit 4.1’s support for direct drags from Photos.app and why that is such a hassle. Finally, they talk about the newly formed Developer’s Union for organizing Apple developers around common causes. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_329.mp3 Download Audio (MP3...more

  • Episode 328: It Wasn’t My Job

    May 17 2018

    Manton and Daniel talk about the upcoming GDPR regulations from the EU and what the implications may be for indie software companies. They react to the Pocket Casts acquisition by NPR and partners, assess the financial incentives that may be involved, and appreciate how it contrasts with Marco Arment’s open prioritization of privacy and openness with Overcast. Finally, they talk about Ghost’s 5 year review, evaluate their success, and maybe gripe a teensy bit about their lack of an API. http:/...more

  • Episode 327: Only The Rich Can Have Robots

    May 10 2018

    Daniel and Manton talk about Google’s recently announced Duplex AI for telephone conversations, and Microsoft’s announcement that it will share a larger percentage of revenues with its app store developers. They consider the merits of each announcement and whether they might spark a competitive response in Apple. Daniel talks about how a small bug request turned into a major overhaul of image handling in MarsEdit, and how the investment may pay off if he ever ports to iOS. http://a...more

  • Episode 326: Ready To Drop Some Nerd Wisdom

    May 04 2018

    Manton and Daniel catch up after Manton’s speaking experience at Peers Conference. They talk about preparation techniques for public speaking, and how to adapt your talk to the audience at hand. Next they discuss the latest rumors about Apple’s forthcoming declarative UI framework, and ponder how Apple would put such a framework through its paces internally without revealing it in shipping apps. They talk about whether Apple’s leadership can be trusted to drive the company to t...more

  • Episode 325: If I Acquired Tumblr

    Apr 27 2018

    Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s surprise speaking gig at Peers Conf in Austin. They discuss the challenge and allure of finding niche markets for indie software, and wrap up with reflections on SmugMug’s acquisition of Flickr and what it might mean for the future of Tumblr. http://audio.coreint.org/CoreInt_325.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 58 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: Inside OmniFocus: Find out what’s coming in OmniFocus 3. Links: PeersConf Austin –...more

  • Episode 324: Definitely A Business Mistake

    Apr 18 2018

    Manton and Daniel talk about the public reaction to the Wavelength launch, and about Micro.blog’s new user onboarding experience, and the challenge in general of making product pages more inviting. They react to reports that HomePod sales have been disappointing, and about the ways in which it fails to exceed user expectations. Finally, they revisit their aesthetic preferences with semantic versioning, and talk about using the limited number of bug-fix version numbers as motivation to deve...more

  • Episode 323: That’s What The Web Is About

    Apr 13 2018

    Daniel and Manton talk about Daniel’s somewhat-impulsive Black Ink beta release, and the merits of maintaining a diverse lineup of apps to provide varying technical challenges. They talk about the increasing challenge of attracting attention to indie software and other pursuits. Manton introduces Wavelength, a new Micro.blog app for creating micro-podcasts on iOS. Finally, Daniel talks about his recent rant about not being featured in the blogging section of the Mac App Store, and where th...more

  • Episode 322: I Think You’re Wrong, For The Record

    Apr 05 2018

    Manton and Daniel react to Apple’s news release about expectations for the Mac Pro coming in 2019. They speculate about what could explain such a long delay, and Daniel devises a theory, or pipe dream, that the Mac Pro may be ARM-based. They also discuss Apple’s disclosure of a Pro Workflow Team comprised of creative professionals, and compare it to Apple’s apparent study of the needs of education professionals. Finally, an update from Daniel about MacBook Pro keyboard repairs,...more

  • Episode 321: Those Cheeseburger Moments

    Mar 30 2018

    Daniel and Manton talk about Apple’s Chicago education event, and Apple’s challenge in breaking into the education market so dominated by Google. They scrutinize whether the special event was “event-worthy” or not. Daniel talks about his motivation problems with shipping MarsEdit updates, and complains again about App Store Review uncertainty. Finally, they talk about the challenge of knowing whether a product with lackluster success is on the brink of something great, or should be moved o...more

  • Episode 320: Go Past The Cows

    Mar 23 2018

    Manton and Daniel talk about Daniel’s plans to speak at Swift by Northwest in October, and weighing the appropriateness of speaking at one type of conference or other. They explore the idea of buying ads or sponsorships for their own apps, and consider the relatively lower risk of sponsoring smaller podcasts/blogs/conferences. They stumble on some clarity of inspiration in appreciating two aspects of marketing a product: making the product great, and getting the attention of pertinent cust...more