Core Intuition

A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.


  • Episode 525: Another Litmus Test

    Aug 12 2022

    Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s decision to cancel his Blinksale account, after 16 years of service. They weigh the relative value of the thousands of dollars paid as a fraction of the overall business conducted. They talk about Stripe’s increasing dominance in the world of financial services, and how they even offer a comparable invoicing product as a built-in feature. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_525.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 40 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor ...more

  • Episode 524: It Did Start To Bug Me

    Aug 03 2022

    Manton tells Daniel more about his experience with Blinksale, how they raised his monthly fee to account for features that he didn’t receive. They talk about our collective tendency as customers to lose track of the amount we are paying for subscription services that raise their prices regularly over time. Daniel explains that he shipped MarsEdit 4.6 but that it doesn’t include all the updates he hoped for, and they elaborate on the challenge of continuing to ship updates while perpe...more

  • Episode 523: A Secret Futurist

    Jul 27 2022

    Daniel and Manton talk about plans for MarsEdit 5, requiring a later version of macOS, and even employing SwiftUI in the new version. When is it the right time to drop support for older OSes because of the lure of newer features? Then they talk about when a major upgrade is “paid upgrade-worthy” and which platforms Daniel should invest in for MarsEdit’s future. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_523.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 39 minutes) Many thanks to our spon...more

  • Episode 522: I’m Sure You’re Happy

    Jul 23 2022

    Manton and Daniel talk about the latest stage of FogBugz’s corporate ownership, the reaction among its few remaining users, and how happy Daniel is to have gotten out when he did. They ponder how important it is for any company to continually update their apps, as long as they continue to fulfill their primary purpose, and Manton makes a discovery about a long-time service he’d assumed was not receiving regular updates. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_522.mp3 Download Audio (M...more

  • Episode 521: Some Dumb Mistake

    Jul 15 2022

    Daniel and Manton react to Elon Musk’s attempt to back out of acquiring Twitter. They talk about whether Twitter should even try to force him to follow through, or whether that is ultimately worse for the company. Is Twitter still a diamond in the rough, and could a leader with vision and enthusiasm make the company more valuable than Musk’s offer? https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_521.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 39 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: Re...more

  • Episode 520: Do Weird Things

    Jul 08 2022

    Manton and Daniel talk about Panic’s Playdate game system, the audaciousness of building a novel hardware device, and whether or not “What Would Panic Do” should still apply to most of us. They celebrate the thrill and joy of pursuing “weird” ambitions when you want to. Finally, they talk about their own tendencies to work on multiple projects of personal interest, and how much they should strive to avoid spreading themselves too thin. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_520.mp3...more

  • Episode 519: It’s A Gift

    Jun 26 2022

    Daniel talks to Manton about his continuing work to transition MarsEdit away from legacy WebView, the difficulty of doing so, and the thrill of becoming a “tangential expert” in web development. They react to a small rift in the WordPress community involving Matt Mullenweg and Go Daddy, and compare thoughts on what obligations, if any, consumers of open source software have to the creators. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_519.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 38 minutes)...more

  • Episode 518: Rubbing Salt In The Wound

    Jun 17 2022

    Manton asks Daniel about hints he’s dropped regarding an upcoming MarsEdit 5 release. Daniel talks about how another 5 years has crept up on him and that he now feels another update is overdue. They talk about embracing relatively old Apple frameworks that are nonetheless new to us, and focusing on shipping updates with features that add value, even if they don’t fulfill every “magical” nuance you hoped they might. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_518.mp3 Download Audi...more

  • Episode 517: When You Have A Hammer

    Jun 09 2022

    Daniel and Manton react to announcements at WWDC, and share pessimistic and optimistic takes about what the future of the in-person conference might be. Daniel celebrates the new WeatherKit API and its “generous” pricing, while Manton remains somewhat dismayed by Apple’s continued focus on earning money off of developers. Finally, they talk about Swift Charts as a possible blueprint for future SwiftUI frameworks, and Passkeys as the future of authentication on the web. https:...more

  • Episode 516: On A More Positive Note

    Jun 03 2022

    Daniel and Manton talk about expectations for next week’s WWDC, the way the Apple Design Awards have changed over the years, WWDC’s Digital Lounges, and hopes for Xcode debugging improvements. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_516.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 32 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: TextExpander: Communicate Smarter. Listeners get 20% off their first year. Links: WWDC ADA finalists – Apple’s web page previewing finalists f...more

  • Episode 515: In The Actor’s Studio

    May 29 2022

    Daniel talks to Manton about his experience debugging an AppKit issue in Micro.blog, and his satisfaction with AppKit’s debugging ease. They compare the relative debuggability of SwiftUI, AppKit and JavaScript web frameworks. Daniel talks about diving into a long-postponed effort to migrate away from legacy WebView framework to the newer WKWebView design. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_515.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 35 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: Reve...more

  • Episode 514: Feeling Less Enthusiastic

    May 20 2022

    Manton and Daniel share the results of their applications to attend Apple’s live WWDC 22 event, and talk more about whether they will or won’t end up making the trip to California. They react to a recent 37signals podcast about selling the byproducts of one’s work, and wonder about the more abstract benefits of promoting one’s general philosophies about software as a kind of “byproduct.” https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_514.mp3 Download Au...more

  • Episode 513: Probably Not For Us

    May 14 2022

    Daniel and Manton follow up on their applications to participate in the WWDC 2022 special event at Apple Park. They talk about the slightly expanded details about the event, justifications for and against attending, and ultimately share whether they think they will go or not. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_513.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 36 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: RevenueCat: In-app subscriptions made easy. Also check out the Sub Club Podcast! Li...more

  • Episode 512: The Slow Trickle Of News

    May 08 2022

    Manton and Daniel talk about the WWDC screening event and whether Apple should even be moving forward in light of Covid-19. They compare notes about whether they’re planning to apply to attend or not, and what the relative chances of them actually going is. Finally they talk about the challenge Apple faces in managing an unpredictable attendance count, and whether the event will be indoors, outdoors, or a mixture. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_512.mp3 Download Audio...more

  • Episode 511: A Quick Fix For Attention

    May 01 2022

    In the midst of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s long history with Twitter, starting with enthusiasm, continuing to active development for the platform, and ending with disgust. They psychoanalyze Elon Musk and his propensity for seeking adulation on Twitter, and compare him to Jack Dorsey. In the second half of the show they follow up on Help Scout and talk about the service’s statistics reporting on customer service performance. Finally, Man...more

  • Episode 510: You Are Holding Button Wrong

    Apr 20 2022

    Daniel and Manton follow up on button sizing in SwiftUI. They compare SwiftUI and React Native in terms of maturity and how much you can expand the frameworks on your own to fill missing gaps. Then, they discuss why all previous cross-platform development approaches have “failed” with respect to matching expectations of the native platform, and what native apps can provide in addition to web counterparts. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_510.mp3 Download Audio (MP...more

  • Episode 509: This One Stupid Thing

    Apr 17 2022

    Daniel talks to Manton about Setapp’s efforts to support the war in Ukraine by offering developers the option of donating a percentage of proceeds. They talk about how Setapp is doing in general, and explain a bit about the compensation scheme for developers. Manton talks about the release of a React Native version of Epilogue for Android, and how satisfied he is with the approach. Daniel wonders whether web frameworks are leapfrogging native ones, and what Apple could or should do about i...more

  • Episode 508: I Hate This, Basically

    Apr 08 2022

    Manton and Daniel react to Apple’s announcement of WWDC 2022, ponder the merits of the modest in-person viewing opportunity, and wonder about what Apple thinks is in it for them. They struggle to must excitement, wondering whether Apple can still surprise us, but hold out hope for being … well … surprised! https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_508.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 35 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: TextExpander: Communicate Smarter. List...more

  • Episode 507: Same Rules, Different Dictionary

    Apr 01 2022

    Daniel and Manton follow up the claim from previous episode that crosswords are “mostly an English-language thing.” Daniel shares more about his experience implementing a custom calendar picker for macOS, and how the AppKit version he emulated differs from Apple’s separate SwiftUI implementation. Manton talks about his positive experience using using React Native, and how SwiftUI would be a tough sell given his desire to target Android. Finally, they speculate briefly about whe...more

  • Episode 506: So Many Edge Cases

    Mar 28 2022

    Manton reacts to Daniel going on an unexpected diversion and implementing a calendar view for Black Ink. Manton talks about the new Micro.blog bookmarks features. They acknowledge the marketing benefits of making minor changes to existing features to draw new attention to them. Finally, they talk about taking pride in the things that matter in work, and not getting bogged down by fear of judgement from others. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_506.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 33 ...more

  • Episode 505: I Was Kind Of Zoned Out

    Mar 19 2022

    Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s trip to Portland, Oregon for the Micro Camp meetup, and celebrate Manton’s completion of the final draft for his Indie Microblogging book. They talk about Daniel’s latest update to FastScripts, including regular expression utilities, and how Manton has employed them for his book authoring workflow. Finally they touch on how to decide between including features for free vs. making them part of a premium upgrade purchase. https://traffic.li...more

  • Episode 504: It’s Called Authenticity

    Mar 11 2022

    Manton and Daniel compare notes after Apple’s March, 2022 special event. Manton isn’t super-excited, but Daniel celebrates that “The Mac Company” is back. Manton talks about his trip to Portland for Micro Camp, and announces that he is publishing the complete DRAFT of his Indie Microblogging book. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_504.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 22 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: TextExpander: Communicate Smarter. Listeners get 20% o...more

  • Episode 503: I’m Not Complaining Exactly

    Mar 03 2022

    Daniel tells Manton about finally leaving FogBugz and going deep on Help Scout and GitHub Issues. Meanwhile Manton has also finished his migration to Help Scout! They talk about their mutual satisfaction with Help Scout and about how to best manage GitHub Issues. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_503.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 39 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: RevenueCat: In-app subscriptions made easy. Also check out the Sub Club Podcast! Links: Help Scout ...more

  • Episode 502: A Fancy Email Client

    Feb 20 2022

    Manton talks to Daniel about his decision to switch from Zendesk to Help Scout, and gets Daniel excited about the prospect of finally switching away from FogBugz for his own work. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_502.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 35 minutes) No sponsor this week! Please consider sponsoring us, or asking your employer to do so. Links: FogBugz: Daniel’s current help desk and issue tracking system. Zendesk: Manton’s current help desk system. Freshdes...more

  • Episode 501: We Are Going Down With Apple

    Feb 13 2022

    Daniel and Manton talk about the specifics of Apple’s attempted compliance with the Netherlands’s new dating app requirements. They express their continuing disappointment with Apple’s apparent disdain for developers, and their surprise at the poor management of the situation on the PR front. Daniel talks about finally moving from Mercurial to Git and the advantages of standardizing on technologies that have “clearly won.” https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint...more

  • Episode 500: All The Things We Could Have Done

    Feb 06 2022

    Manton and Daniel celebrate their 500th episode by looking back at several arbitrarily chosen episodes spanning the history of the show. They remark about the things that have changed, the things that have stayed the same, and their surprise that certain events happened when they did. They wrap up the episode with a discussion about their satisfaction with going full-time as indie developers, and unlikelihood that they will go back to “real jobs” any time soon. https://traffic.libsy...more

  • Episode 499: The Drill Was A Good Idea

    Jan 27 2022

    Daniel declares to Manton that he is finally starting to feel comfortable as an iOS developer, and looking forward to shipping Black Ink for iOS. Manton, meanwhile, is getting more interested in ReactNative as a means to possibly porting Epilogue to Android. They talk about the virtue of venturing into unfamiliar technologies, waiting to get over the learning curve, and adapting what you like about other technologies back to your favorite platforms. Finally, they talk about the value of embracin...more

  • Episode 498: I Agree It’s Preposterous

    Jan 23 2022

    Manton and Daniel talk about Apple’s response to South Korea’s legal requirement that they support 3rd party payment processing in the App Store, and whether Apple’s insistence that it continue to be paid a cut is realistic. They also talk about what has changed since the early days of the App Store with respect to Apple’s sense of entitlement to a share of all revenue earned on its platforms. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_498.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 34...more

  • Episode 497: My New Mission In Life

    Jan 14 2022

    Daniel and Manton talk about the persistent allure of finding a better bank, weighed against the daunting tedium of successfully shutting down an existing account. Then they talk about Apple’s AirTags, the growing controversy about how “bad guys” are using them, and whether Apple should discontinue the product or mitigate the risks of continuing to sell them. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_497.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 45 minutes) Many thanks to our spons...more

  • Episode 496: Settle For More

    Jan 08 2022

    Manton and Daniel open the new year with more talk about increasing productivity and focusing on the tasks that are most important to us. They talk about the merits of “settling for good enough” as a valuable thing both in life and, more pertinently, in shipping software or completing any creative works. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_496.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 32 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: TextExpander: Communicate Smarter. Listeners ge...more

  • Episode 495: I Can See The Inspiration There

    Dec 31 2021

    Daniel and Manton take a light look forward to 2022, veer off into a discussion about their respective math skills, and end up talking philosophically about the limits of time and how we need to choose to spend our time on the things that matter most to us. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_495.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 32 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsor this week: Linode: Instantly deploy and manage an SSD server in the Linode Cloud. New accounts get a $100 credit. Lin...more

  • Episode 494: No Serious Commitments

    Dec 25 2021

    Manton follows up with Daniel about his alleged accidental Catalyst port, and how it inspired Manton to look into the possibility of a Catalyst port of his Epilogue app. They take a look at the landscape of Mac and iOS apps for Micro.blog, including some iOS apps that run natively on Apple Silicon Macs. Daniel talks more about KeyboardKit, the inevitable edge cases he’s run into, and how he ended up contributing to the project. Finally, they talk about their never-ending ambition to get be...more

  • Episode 493: Someone Did All This Work

    Dec 19 2021

    Daniel tells Manton about his return to work on Black Ink for iOS, and his experience with accidentally building a version for Catalyst. They talk about the joy of coming upon new framework features when you assume things are as hard as they were “in the old days”. Finally, they talk about deciding when to use a 3rd-party library vs. when it is more likely to be problematic. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_493.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 46 minutes) Many thanks to...more

  • Episode 492: The Jenga Tower Collapsed

    Dec 10 2021

    Manton tells Daniel about Micro.blog’s new email newsletter feature. Daniel examines his self-consciousness about needing to ship two bug-fix updates to FastScripts in quick succession. They talk about the benefits of surreptitiously fixing things in web software without too much attention, and the downside that without release notes it can be hard to focus users on improvements. Finally, they talk about their efforts to wind down work obligations as they head into the holidays, and look f...more

  • Episode 491: Elephants Have Wrinkles

    Dec 02 2021

    Daniel and Manton catch up after Thanksgiving, and appreciate that it might be the most universally embraced American holiday. They compare notes about the amount they choose to work on holidays and how it reflects their work being something they love to do. Manton questions how much to share about a new feature he’s developing, and they talk about scenarios where sharing too much takes away from the broader impact of the feature. Finally, they talk about the resignation of Twitter’s CEO, ...more

  • Episode 490: Everybody Is Rage-typing

    Nov 25 2021

    Manton checks in with Daniel after returning home from LA. Daniel asks again about the status of the Indie Microblogging book, and if Manton has a plan for how he’ll get the job done. They celebrate Epilogue for Micro.blog finally getting approved, and also celebrate the thrill of being able to deploy web apps and direct-download apps immediately without anybody’s approval. Finally, they talk about the great variety of web technologies and how Manton decides how to choose among the many op...more

  • Episode 489: I Broke The Curse

    Nov 18 2021

    Daniel catches up with Manton midway through Manton’s train trip adventure to Los Angeles. Manton gives a progress update on the micro-blogging book, and his new optimism after making progress on it. Manton shares impressions of LA’s famous traffic and culture in general, as he takes in a whirlwind tour of the area before heading to catch the train home. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_489.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 38 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsors this we...more

  • Episode 488: That’s Not Gonna Fly

    Nov 12 2021

    Manton and Daniel talk about the successful launch of FastScripts 3.0! Manton talks about frustrating problems with App Store review for his latest Micro.blog app, Epilogue. They talk about the latest news in Apple & Google’s respective legal challenges regarding in app purchases. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_488.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 44 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsors this week: Linode: Instantly deploy and manage an SSD server in the Linode Cloud. ...more

  • Episode 487: I Spent A Week On It

    Nov 04 2021

    Daniel talks to Manton about his recent development work on Micro.blog, including the debut of Epilogue, his new app for books. They talk about balancing the urge to add new features with the demand from existing customers to fix pet peeves. Manton talks more about his recent ventures in to the web development and Android worlds. Daniel reports back after attending one of Apple’s virtual Tech Talk events, and catches us up on the status of the repeatedly postponed FastScripts 3 release. ...more

  • Episode 486: It’s Mostly My Fault

    Oct 30 2021

    Manton talks to Daniel about the change of plans in his MacBook Pro ordering, and how he ended up getting one earlier than expected. Manton shared his experience with updating to macOS Monterey, and they compare notes about what is new in the update. Finally, they talk about cross-platform development in the context of Micro.blog and beyond. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_486.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 53 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsors this week: RevenueCat: In-app s...more

  • Episode 485: Everybody’s Dying On That Hill

    Oct 23 2021

    Daniel and Manton talk about Apple’s just-announced Tech Talks, and whether this is a clue to the future of WWDC. They celebrate the announcement of new Apple Silicon based MacBook Pros, and compare notes on their buying plans. Finally, they take stock of the state of macOS as Monterey is about to be released, and revisit their ongoing grief over Apple’s strategy with respect to SwiftUI, Catalyst and AppKit. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_485.mp3 Download Audio (M...more

  • Episode 484: Midnight Blue Dungarees

    Oct 15 2021

    Manton and Daniel talk about the expected MacBook Pro announcements coming on Monday, and whether they’re likely to buy one if announced. Manton shares some details about the new Micro.blog Subscriptions feature he teased, and Daniel asks him to consider whether the word Subscription has unwanted connotations. Finally, they talk about Manton’s switch of mobile providers and the various ways to avoid overage charges with data tethering. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/Core...more

  • Episode 483: Clean Up The Mess

    Oct 09 2021

    Daniel and Manton revisit the etymology of the word “engineer”, discovering that it runs much deeper than trains. They talk about Paddle’s new iOS in-app purchase offering and whether Apple will allow it or not. Finally, they talk about Daniel’s lost momentum with his index-card motivation, and his plans to get back on track. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_483.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 27 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsors this week: TextExpander...more

  • Episode 482: Accidental Train Podcast

    Oct 01 2021

    Manton catches us up on whether he ended up splurging to trade up to the iPad Mini. They talk more about Manton’s upcoming train trip, and about the little-known fact that Manton once released a train-oriented podcast episode! They talk about the allure of trains and other technical systems to computer programmers, and how nerds have always had to find their interests in the realm of what was possible at the time. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_482.mp3 Download Audio...more

  • Episode 481: No Wi-fi On This Train

    Sep 26 2021

    Daniel ends up buying an iPhone 13, while Manton holds off. Meanwhile, Manton considers buying a “real” camera instead, and also shares his plans to hop on a cross-country train to see a basketball game, take in the scenery, and to finish his book. They talk about the relative risks and rewards of investing so much intention into dedicated effort, and how Manton will feel if he does or does not achieve his goal. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_481.mp3 Download A...more

  • Episode 480: Comparably Greater Joy

    Sep 16 2021

    Manton and Daniel react to Apple’s September 13 event, talking about the increasing satisfaction they have with their existing phones now that the products have matured in features and performance. Manton talks about the new Sunlit update with changes that were partly inspired by Glass, and Daniel commits to a new index card goal. Finally, Manton talks about migrating his Discourse server to a hosted solution, which leads to a discussion about the relative merits of paying for specialized ...more

  • Episode 479: This Is Living

    Sep 10 2021

    Daniel and Manton look forward to Apple’s September 14 event, where the next major update to the iPhone is expected to be announced. They talk about their respective likelihood of upgrading and the extent to which iPhones hold their value for an increasingly long time. Daniel talks about his next priority for the “index card directive,” and Manton shares his strategy of using Basecamp’s Monday reminder emails to set high level goals for the week. https://traffic.libsyn....more

  • Episode 478: I Think It’s Gonna Be A Mess

    Sep 04 2021

    Daniel ships MarsEdit 4.5, and talks with Manton about the moderate success of aiming for a specific goal with “the index card directive.” Discussion of the various legal settlements and policy clarifications Apple has been sharing with respect to the App Store. Speculation about Apple’s strategy for controlling the user experience when allowing links to external subscription info. Manton talks briefly about his plan to incorporate Apple’s accommodation of an external link into...more

  • Episode 477: AppKit Is The Only Way

    Aug 28 2021

    Daniel and Manton talk about 1Password’s decision to use Electron for its next major update, and what that says about Apple’s confusing and conflicting platform frameworks. They talk about the continuing role of AppKit as a the only way to achieve many expected macOS behaviors, and wonder if the next-generation standard for desktop apps might actually be a “web technology.” Finally, Manton presses Daniel about his alleged ambition to “focus on shipping MarsEdit 4.5.” https://...more

  • Episode 476: It Was A Lot Of Work

    Aug 23 2021

    Manton and Daniel review how Micro Camp went, and how Manton might refine the format in the future. Manton asks Daniel why he decided to ship an update to Touché when he’s allegedly focused on MarsEdit 4.5. Finally, they talk about Manton’s update to Micro.blog to support the new Glass photo-sharing service. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/coreint/CoreInt_476.mp3 Download Audio (MP3, 38 minutes) Many thanks to our sponsors this week: MacStadium: Private clouds on Mac hard...more