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This is not a traditional career podcast. It’s a podcast for people who’ve looked at their interests to shape the work they do. A top 10 Apple podcast about work, wellbeing & creativity — with 8 million downloads and counting. What does it mean to be a modern philosopher? How is Big Tech affecting us? How do you combine activism with being the editor of a magazine? Award-winning author Emma Gannon has a gentle line of questioning that starts with work, and ends up wherever the conversations ...more


  • #313 Dan Murray-Serter: On Burnout & Brain Nutrition

    Feb 25 2021

    Dan Murray-Serter is the co-founder of brain health and mental wellness company Heights. He is also the host of the UK's #1 business podcasts Secret Leaders and Braincare, and previously co-founder of Grabble, the UK's top shopping app. He is a thought-leader on topics such as mental health, spirituality & entrepreneurship and also writes about these topics for Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine. It was so great getting to chat to him about these topics - we talk about start-up founder burnout...more

  • #312 Yasmine Cheyenne: Self-Care, Joy & Healing

    Feb 18 2021

    Yasmine Cheyenne is a writer, speaker, author of the poetry book SALVE and self-healing advocate, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She helps people create and strengthen their individual self-care practices by teaching them the tools that empower lasting positive changes in their lives. She hosts self-healing workshops as well as focusing on her writing. She is also the podcast host of The Sugar Jar which is discuss in this episode - it was so wonderful getting to talk to Yasmine about sel...more

  • #311 Georgina Lawton: On Her Book 'Raceless'

    Feb 11 2021

    Georgina Lawton is a twenty-something journalist, weekly Guardian columnist, travel writer and host of Audible's DNA podcast, The Secrets In Us — a series that looks into 'do-it-yourself' DNA testing kits and Georgina follows the stories of those learning to live with the results.  Georgina’s debut book Raceless is out now, a stunning family memoir exploring race, identity and the devastating effect of long-held secrets within a happy family. It is a moving examination of how racial id...more

  • #310 Cate Sevilla: How To Deal With a Bad Boss

    Feb 04 2021

    Cate Sevilla is my guest today, author of How to Work Without Losing Your Mind. She has led and managed editorial teams for some of the world's largest media and tech companies including Google, BuzzFeed and Microsoft. She was a founding member of BuzzFeed UK. She later became editor-in-chief at The Pool, at the helm when the company collapsed (which we talk more about in this episode), and we discuss how Cate is using these difficult experiences in her own career to help others with advice.In t...more

  • #309 Kate Elizabeth Russell: Writing Fiction & Setting Boundaries

    Jan 28 2021

     Kate Elizabeth Russell is a writer, based in Oregon. Her debut novel, My Dark Vanessa, was published in 2020 and has been translated into thirty-five languages. It’s been both a Sunday Times Bestseller and a New York Times Bestseller. Stephen King himself described it as ‘a hard story to read and a harder one to put down … a package of dynamite’. The story alternates between Vanessa’s past and present, juxtaposing memory and trauma - its been described as an era-defining novel that br...more

  • #308 Cathy Heller: Turning Passion Into Profit

    Jan 21 2021

    Cathy Heller is the host of the popular podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, which has had over 16 million downloads - in this episode we talk about her book of the same name Don’t Keep Your Day Job which was released in November 2019 with Macmillan. It reminded me of all the advice I would have benefitted from a few years ago when I first knew I wanted to quit my job and do my own thing. The book goes into detail about how to find the work you’re meant to do, grow your business, and wake up to a li...more

  • #307 Laura Mucha: Love, Relationships & Attachment Theory

    Jan 14 2021

    Welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete! Today’s guest is with the amazing Laura Mucha, an ex-lawyer, author, award-winning poet, and speaker. Her first book, Love Factually / We Need to Talk About Love is the result of ten years of interviews with hundreds of strangers aged 8-95 years old across every continent, and it is fascinating. The Guardian describes her as “a fantastic nosy parker”. She is such a talented writer and researcher and I think you’ll fall in love with her like I did when you hear th...more

  • #306 Ruby Warrington (Replay): Sober Curious: Is Life Better Without Alcohol?

    Jan 07 2021

    This is a replay of a January 2019 episode. Ruby Warrington is a lifestyle writer and former features editor of the UK's Sunday Times Style. In 2013, she created The Numinous, an online magazine that bridges the gap between the mystical and the mainstream.  I wanted to invite Ruby onto the podcast to discuss her bestselling and hugely popular book Sober Curious which has been described as a bold guide to choosing to live hangover-free.Her bestselling book Sober Curious is a r...more

  • #305 Rebecca Seal: Solo Work & Loneliness

    Jan 04 2021

    My guest today is Rebecca Seal, an episode all about working from home. Rebecca is the author of Solo: How to Work Alone (and Not Lose Your Mind) it’s a fantastic book absolutely filled to the brim with wfh advice and tips and anecdotes. It's a science and evidence-based exploration of what working alone does to your brain and well-being, and how to cope with the more difficult aspects of solo work. She doesn’t shy away from talking about her own tough times in her own freelance life which I per...more

  • #304 Gillian Anderson (REPLAY): Playing Margaret Thatcher & Winser Clothing Collection

    Jan 01 2021

    This is reply of my episode with the wonderful Gillian Anderson! You might remember my episode from two years ago when Gillian came on the podcast as a guest with her friend and co-author Jennifer Nadel; they wrote the bestselling book We: The uplifting manual for women seeking happiness.Today, Gillian is back in the Ctrl Alt Delete studio.Stay tuned for the second half of this episode to hear about Gillian in THE CROWN where she will join the cast in season 4 as UK Prime Minister, Margaret...more

  • #303 Adrienne Herbert: Finding Your Power Hour

    Dec 31 2020

    My guest today is Adrienne Herbert: speaker, podcast host of The Power of Hour and trainer at the UK’s leading fitness app Fiit. She delivers talks and workshops to companies such as Adidas, Google and Apple and is passionate about helping people change up their lives. She now an author too, of the book Power Hour: How to Focus on Your Goals and Create a Life You Love, which we dig into in this episode. We discuss finding motivation, reclaiming your time, and lots of helpful bits of advice in th...more

  • #302 Hashi Mohamed: On Luck, Privilege, Talent

    Dec 30 2020

    My guest today is Hashi Mohamed, one of the UK’s leading barristers, a BBC broadcaster and author on social mobility in Britain. His book is out now, called People Like Us. He is one of 12 children, Hashi came to the UK as an unaccompanied child refugee from Kenya in the summer of 1993 when he was just 9 years old. When he arrived he spoke basic English, attended failing school, raised on state benefits in a deprived area of North West London. Today, he is also a published author who attended Ox...more

  • #301 Kenya Hunt: GIRL: Essays on Black Womanhood

    Dec 28 2020

    Today’s guest is Kenya Hunt, Fashion Director of Grazia UK and author of GIRL: Essays on Black womanhood. She has worked at some of the world's most influential women’s titles on both sides of the Atlantic from being an Assistant Editor at Jane, to her years as Deputy Editor of ELLE UK. Today we are discussing her new book which I absolutely loved. It has been described as “a provocative, heartbreaking and frequently hilarious collection of original essays on what it means to be black, a woman, ...more

  • #300: 300th SPECIAL Episode: Answering YOUR Voicenotes!

    Dec 24 2020

    Hello hello it is my 300th episode of Ctrl Alt Delete, so I wanted to do something a little different to celebrate YOU for being here. I answered a selection of listener voicenotes: on advice to my younger self, starting a creative projects, favourite guest moments, building community, how to read for work and leisure, please loads more. I hope you enjoy this one, and if you did let me know because then I'll know to do more! HAPPY HOLIDAYS and I hope 2021 is a brighter year for everyone. All my ...more

  • #299 Selina Barker: End Of Year Exhaustion & Overwhelm

    Dec 17 2020

    Winter lockdown emergency episode! This episode was recorded Live on Zoom with an audience! I chatted to the brilliant life design coach Selina Barker as a sort of emergency winter lockdown episode on self-care, burnout and overwhelm.It's the end of the year, and a lot of us are feeling low on energy, sad, depleted and overwhelmed. In this episode we discuss the importance of acknowledging our anxiety, how to plan when we can't plan, the myth of "the perfect balance", how to switch off when we c...more

  • #298 Rhonda Bryne: Discussing The Greatest Secret

    Dec 04 2020

    Today’s guest is Rhonda Byrne, most famously known for her book and film: The Secret, viewed and read by millions across the world. The Secret was a global bestseller, published in over 50 languages, with 35 million copies sold. We’re here today to discuss her new book The Greatest Secret - a truly fascinating book about our minds and ridding ourselves of negative thoughts. The book reflects Rhonda’s own journey - and is filled with accessible practices for us to end our suffering, revealing the...more

  • #297 Tori Tsui: On Activism & Climate Change

    Dec 03 2020

    Hello and welcome to this episode of Ctrl Alt Delete! This is a branded episode sponsored by VistaPrint, they offer personalised and unique products that are perfect for gifting at this time of year. I love offering personalised gifts at Xmas, as they have a little bit more thought involved. You can get everything from personalised mugs, calendars, photo books, even face coverings. Check out their Christmas confession campaign via the #MyXmasConfessions hashtag for more festive in...more

  • #296 Seth Godin: It's Time To Trust Yourself

    Nov 26 2020

    Welcome back! My guest today is Seth Godin. Seth first came on the podcast in 2017 so it's nice to have a refresher episode! He is the author of 20 books, and his blog, which you’ll find at Seths.blog is one of the most widely read blog on the Internet and he blogs every single day. In his own words: “for more than thirty years, I’ve been trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to level up.” And that is the best way to describe Seth Godin, he helps people find dignity an...more

  • #295 Venetia La Manna: How To Slow Down

    Nov 19 2020

    Venetia La Manna is a broadcaster, slow fashion campaigner and the co-founder of Remember Who Made Them - a six part podcast series, digital campaign and fundraiser that aims to help energise a new solidarity economy in fashion. She is the creator of the brilliant podcast Talking Tastebuds, a series about food, wellbeing and the planet. She is the Sustainability Ambassador for The Body Shop and discusses issues relating to fashion and the climate crisis across all her platforms and on vario...more

  • #294 Patricia Bright: Money Talk

    Nov 12 2020

    Today I'm chatting to wonderful Patricia Bright, a YouTube sensation with a background in financial consulting. Patricia brings much needed entrepreneurial finance conversations to the fore - she offers up her experiences and knowledge across her multi-award winning YouTube channel which has attracted over 4 million subscribers over the last 10 years. This year she launched The Break, an online channel to share tips and classes on business, personal development and personal finance.She also has ...more

  • #293 Dr Emma Hepburn: Dealing With Life Overwhelm

    Nov 05 2020

    Today's guest is the brilliant Dr Emma Hepburn. She is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist with over 15 years experience of working with and treating mental health difficulties. She is also someone I've followed on Instagram for years (@thepsychologymum on Instagram). She uses the platform brilliantly, and recently won a Lovie award, as well as a Peoples’ Choice Lovie for her social media work as well as being shortlisted for the mind Media Awards. This is due to her brillian...more

  • #292 Caitlin Moran: How To Be A Woman, 10 Years On

    Oct 29 2020

    Today's guest is the brilliant Caitlin Moran! Award-winning columnist, author, scriptwriter. She is the eldest of eight children, grew up in Wolverhampton and she published her first novel at the age of 16. She then became a columnist at The Times aged 18 and has gone on to be named Columnist of the Year six times. Her popular novel How to Build a Girl is now a movie with Beanie Feldstein playing her. She is perhaps most known for her multi-award-winning bestseller How to Be ...more

  • #291 Sharon Walters: Art as Therapy

    Oct 26 2020

    Welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete, my guest today is Sharon Walters: a London-based artist, speaker & freelance educator who creates hand-assembled collages celebrating Black women. The series, entitled 'Seeing Ourselves' explores under-representation in many arenas in particular, the arts, magazines and western media. The work encourages us to take up space, be seen and create our own spaces. I first discovered Sharon's art on Instagram and she is someone who has uses the platform brilli...more

  • #290 Jacqueline Wilson: The Joy Of Writing For Young Adults

    Oct 22 2020

    This week’s episode is with one of my biggest writing inspirations: Dame Jacqueline Wilson. Her 111th novel Love Frankie is out now. We talk about her journey into being one of the nation's most loved writers, her writing process, why she's always wanted to discuss deeper issues and themes within her books for children, her trouble with computers and why she loves meeting her readers. It was such a thrill to also record this one in person. A real 'moment' for me and the podcast. Hope you enjoy a...more

  • #288 Dr Pragya Agarwal: How Do You Judge Other People?

    Oct 08 2020

    Today's guest is Dr Pragya Agarwal, a behavioural and data scientist, and the bestselling author of SWAY: Unravelling Unconscious Bias which came out this year. Her writing on bias and prejudice, motherhood, gender and racial inequality and mental health has appeared in The Guardian, Independent, Huffington Post,, Forbes, and many more.Her next book ‘Wish we knew what to say: Talking with children about race’ is a manual for parents, carers and educators of all backgrounds and ethnicit...more

  • #287 Martha Beck: How To Reconnect With Yourself

    Oct 01 2020

    Martha Beck is a Harvard-trained sociologist (she has three degrees from Harvard!) and a world-renowned coach (most famously she's been Oprah's life coach) and New York Times bestselling author. She has published nine non-fiction books, one novel, and more than 200 magazine articles. She has been a monthly contributor for O, The Oprah Magazine for 17 years.I discovered Martha Beck properly during lockdown and have been inhaling everything she's ever written. I really recommend reading Steering b...more

  • #286 Dr Soph: Self-Sabotage & Seeking Safety

    Sep 24 2020

    Welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete! Today's guest is clinical psychologist Dr Soph where we discuss the topic of self-sabotage and how it can be a useful thing that tells us about ourselves and what we want.My new book SABOTAGE is out TODAY and to celebrate I am publishing this conversation with the brilliant Dr Soph about the topic and about her career as a therapist. I recently discovered Dr Soph and her brilliant Instagram presence and am so glad I have. She also contributed some wise nuggets to...more

  • #285 Quieten Your Inner Critic: A Sneak Peek of SABOTAGE (Audiobook)

    Sep 17 2020

    Welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete. I am excited to share a snippet of my SABOTAGE audiobook here for you! (Out on Sept 24th!)I wanted to give you lovely listeners a sneak peak of my SABOTAGE audiobook! SABOTAGE: How to Silence Your Inner Critic and Get Out of Your Own Way is my newest non-fiction book publishing on the 24th September (in both UK and US), available to pre-order now! (Links below!)The book is a personal exploration of my own journey of self-sabotage, and more broadly,...more

  • #284 Seyi Akiwowo: The Rise Of Online Abuse & What We Can Do

    Sep 10 2020

    Today's guest is with the brilliant activist and entrepreneur Seyi Akiwowo: the Founder and Executive Director of Glitch, a young not-for-profit organisation determined to end online abuse. Seyi travels the globe developing practical solutions with Governments, NGOs and companies to protect our online public spaces from hate and abuse. In 2018, she was named Stylist Magazine’s Woman of the Week, she is also Amnesty International’s Human Rights Defender and is part of the #Tox...more

  • #283 Zoe Sugg: Life Online, Offline & in Lockdown

    Sep 03 2020

    My guest today is the brilliant Zoe Sugg: author, entrepreneur, content creator and business owner.Zoe was one of my first ever guests back when I started this podcast in 2016, so I thought it would be really fun to invite her back on to talk all about what she's been up to in that time (aka a lot!). In this episode we talk about life in lockdown, her journey with anxiety, her mental health digital detox campaign with Lush and I Am Whole, why she decided to separate her Zoe Sugg and Zoella chann...more

  • #282 Seth Godin: When Reassurance Doesn't Work (Replay)

    Aug 27 2020

    Hello and welcome back. I'm replaying some old favourite episodes this week while I am on holiday. This episode was recorded in April 2017 (three years ago, WHAT). Seth Godin is a legend. The author of 18 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He is something spreads ideas and writes about marketing, leadership and change. Some of his most well-known books are Linchpin, Tribes, and Purple Cow which I mention on this podca...more

  • #281 June Sarpong: Diversify Your Life (Replay)

    Aug 20 2020

    Hello and welcome back. I'm replaying some old favourite episodes this week while I am on holiday. This episode with the wonderful guest June Sarpong was recorded in November 2017.We discuss her new book Diversify backstage at Stylist Live. I've wanted to meet June for ages, so this was a VERY exciting episode! June has enjoyed a 20-year career which has already seen her become one of the most recognisable faces of British television, as well as being one of the UK’s most intelligent a...more

  • #280 Greta Gerwig: On Choosing Not To Be On Social Media (Replay)

    Aug 13 2020

    Hello and welcome back. I'm replaying some old favourite episodes this week while I am on holiday. This episode was recorded in February 2018. I met Greta in the Soho Hotel for the interview to talk about the release of her film Ladybird. Since then, of course she's gone on to make the incredible masterpiece that is her own version of Little Women that she wrote and directed. The film received six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, and it also receiv...more

  • #279 Jameela Jamil: 'I Weigh' & Cancel Culture (Replay)

    Aug 06 2020

    Hello and welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete! I'm replaying some old favourite episodes this week while I am on holiday. This episode was recorded in March 2019. Since then Jameela's 'i Weigh' movement has blossomed and grown - it originally started as a hashtag and has now turned into a media company with her own podcast called i weigh which I highly recommend listening to, plus a website and newsletter. You may know Jameela from her 2008 days as co-host of Channel 4’s Freshly ...more

  • #278 Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey: Breaking The Harvey Weinstein Story

    Jul 30 2020

    Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey are the Pulitzer Prize winning journalists who broke the Harvey Weinstein story. They are also the bestselling authors of She Said, the book all about how they did it.I managed to catch up with them before their flight back to New York before lockdown when they were in the UK to promote the book. It was so incredible to meet them. On 5 October 2017, the New York Times published an article by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey that helped change the...more

  • #277 OLIVE series: Natalie Lee on Motherhood & Me Time (#4)

    Jul 23 2020

    Hello and welcome to this special OLIVE mini series — all around the topic of my debut novel OLIVE which is out TODAY! In lieu of a launch party, I’ve decided to release this 4-part series on 4 different women’s varying experiences and attitudes towards motherhood, based on the topics within the book.The novel centres around Olive and her three best friends, Bea, Cecily and Isla. Bea is a mum of 3 who loves her busy chaotic home, Cecily is newly pregnant feeling apprehensive and excited, Isla is...more

  • #276 OLIVE series: Clover Stroud's Wild & Sleepless Nights (#3)

    Jul 23 2020

    Hello and welcome to this special OLIVE mini series — all around the topic of my debut novel OLIVE which is out TODAY! In lieu of a launch party, I’ve decided to release this 4-part series on 4 different women’s varying experiences and attitudes towards motherhood, based on the topics within the book.The novel centres around Olive and her three best friends, Bea, Cecily and Isla. Bea is a mum of 3 who loves her busy chaotic home, Cecily is newly pregnant feeling apprehensive and excited, Isla is...more

  • #275 OLIVE series: Jessica Hepburn on Life After IVF (#2)

    Jul 23 2020

    Hello and welcome to this special OLIVE mini series — all around the topic of my debut novel OLIVE which is out TODAY! In lieu of a launch party, I’ve decided to release this 4-part series on 4 different women’s varying experiences and attitudes towards motherhood, based on the topics within the book.The novel centres around Olive and her three best friends, Bea, Cecily and Isla. Bea is a mum of 3 who loves her busy chaotic home, Cecily is newly pregnant feeling apprehensive and excited, Isla is...more

  • #274 OLIVE series: Emma Sexton on Being Child Free By Choice (#1)

    Jul 23 2020

    Hello and welcome to this special OLIVE mini series — all around the topic of my debut novel OLIVE which is out TODAY! In lieu of a launch party, I’ve decided to release this 4-part series on 4 different women’s varying experiences and attitudes towards motherhood, based on the topics within the book.The novel centres around Olive and her three best friends, Bea, Cecily and Isla. Bea is a mum of 3 who loves her busy chaotic home, Cecily is newly pregnant feeling apprehensive and excited, Isla is...more

  • #273 Sophie Heawood: The Book Single Mothers Have Been Waiting For

    Jul 16 2020

    My guest today is the brilliant Sophie Heawood. I've followed Sophie's work for years, I've loved her columns in the Guardian, VICE and her brilliant newsletter.Sophie has written for many publications including The Times, Guardian, Observer and Vogue and writes the most incredible profiles of A-Listers — she doesn't just interview celebrities she tells incredibly stories while doing so, and crafts features in such a compelling interesting way that makes you feel like you are...more

  • #272 (BONUS EPISODE) Sophie Butler: Self-Love In Lockdown

    Jul 10 2020

    My guest today is one of the British Gymshark athletes, the wonderful fitness influencer Sophie Butler — someone I thoroughly enjoy following on Instagram and find extremely inspiring on every level. I jumped at this chance to collaborate with her for the podcast. (Apologies in advance for the patchy audio — lockdown issues!)*This episode is brought to you by Gymshark.* Gymshark is a sportwear brand who focuses on fitness and conditioning. T...more

  • #271 Ann Friedman: What Is 'Big Friendship'?

    Jul 09 2020

    Today's guest is Ann Friedman, one half of the popular podcast Call Your Girlfriend and now author of the forthcoming book Big Friendship, out this month (July 2020). It is a friendship bible on how to keep each other close.This book is authored by both Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, (Aminatou has also been a guest on Ctrl Alt Delete, episode number #183 if you fancy going back and listening) and Big Friendship is a the story of their own ten-year, complex, loving friendship. They share the...more

  • #270 Julia Cameron: Creativity, Criticism & The Artist's Way

    Jul 01 2020

    Julia Cameron is the bestselling author of The Artists' Way. She is a poet, playwright, fiction writer and essayist, she also has extensive credits in film, television and theatre, and is an award-winning journalist. Her groundbreaking books on creativity have become international bestsellers.In this episode we talk about The Artist's Way which has a new revamped cover which is very exciting. The book first came out in the early 90s and provides a twelve-week course that guides you through ...more

  • #269 Glennon Doyle: Envy & Jealousy Are Useful Emotions

    Jun 25 2020

    Glennon Doyle is someone I've wanted to have on the podcast for years, ever since I read her book LOVE WARRIOR (which was an Oprah Book Club selection), as well as her New York Times bestseller CARRY ON, WARRIOR. An activist and thought leader, Glennon is the founder and president of Together Rising, an all-women led nonprofit organisation that has revolutionised grassroots philanthropy – raising over $25 million for women, families, and children in crisis. She lives in Florida with her wife and...more

  • #268 Renay Richardson: Equality in Audio & Broccoli Content

    Jun 18 2020

    Renay Richardson is the founder and CEO of Broccoli Content, a company she founded in 2018.Broccoli is a new multi-genre podcasting joint venture between Renay and Sony Music and is focused on the development and distribution of original programming. Renay is a producer who has previously worked for podcast platforms including Acast & Audible and a successful independent podcast creator in her own right - her credits including About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge and The Receipts on 1xtra fr...more

  • #267 Candice Brathwaite: Motherhood, Business & Taking Up Space

    Jun 11 2020

    My guest today is the brilliant Candice Brathwaite, Sunday Times Bestselling author of I Am Not Your Baby Mother. The book has been called 'an urgent part-memoir, part-manifesto about Black British motherhood' in Red magazine. When Candice fell pregnant and stepped into the motherhood playing field, she found her experience bore little resemblance to the photos of women in glossy magazines and Mumsnet and she found herself wondering: "Where are all the black mothers?".Candice...more

  • #266 Layla F Saad: Doing The Anti-Racism Work

    Jun 04 2020

    Today's guest is Layla F. Saad, #1 bestselling author of Me And White Supremacy and globally respected writer, speaker and host of the Good Ancestor Podcast. She speaks on the topics of race, identity, leadership, personal transformation and social change. As an East African, Arab, British, Black, Muslim woman who was born and grew up in the West, and lives in Middle East, Layla has always sat at a unique intersection of identities from which she is able to draw rich and intriguing perspectives....more

  • #265 Julia Ebner: Going Undercover On The Internet

    May 28 2020

    Today's guest is Julia Ebner, bestselling author and Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, where she leads projects on online extremism, disinformation and hate speech. She has acted as a consultant for the UN, NATO, and the World Bank. Her journalism has appeared in the Guardian, Independent, Prospect and Newsweek, and she was a key contributor to a documentary for ITV on militant responses to Brexit, and a Radio 4 piece on women in the far right. Her...more

  • #264 Jess Evans: Classism In Journalism

    May 21 2020

    Hello! Today's guest is journalist and consultant Jessica Evans. She has previously written for the likes of Stylist, Refinery29, Elle and all the top magazines. She is also the founder and CEO of The Freelance Sessions, which is an indie organisation that helps both aspiring writers become freelance journalists and established journalists in their career. The heart behind the one-to-one sessions is to help more northern, working class women break into the elitist world of journalism. I cam...more

  • #263 Emma Jane Unsworth: From Novel To Screenplay

    May 14 2020

    My guest today is Emma Jane Unsworth - the award-winning novelist and screenwriter. Her latest novel, ADULTS, a comedy about a thirty-something woman whose life is falling apart and has been described as a "witty" and "virtuoso" satire by The Guardian and "sharp and funny" by The Times. Her previous novel, ANIMALS, was adapted into a film, for which Unsworth wrote the screenplay. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2019 and Unsworth won the award for Best Debut Screenwriter at the Briti...more

  • #262 Kate Hamilton: What Do We Now Expect From Brands?

    May 11 2020

    Kate Hamilton is my guest today. For five years she worked at SUITCASE magazine and for two of those years she held the position of Editor-in-Chief. She is also Co-Founder and Content Director at Sonder & Tell, a new agency that helps brands find their voice and express themselves. Their practice involves bringing an editorial approach to brand content, applying storytelling techniques to creates work that cuts through the noise. I've worked with Sonder & Tell in the past on the boo...more

  • #261 How AI is Changing The Whisky Industry

    May 07 2020

    Today's guest is Angela D’Orazio, master blender and chief nose officer at Mackmyra – a multi-award-winning Swedish whisky distillery, and the producer of the world’s first AI-created whisky. Really excited to bring you a special bonus episode in partnership with Microsoft all about how AI is changing the whisky industry. I loved hearing about how us humans can work with AI to achieve a different kind of creativity. We spoke about how she got into her job as a master blender; AI adds a new ...more

  • #260 Laura Dockrill On Postpartum Psychosis

    May 04 2020

    Laura Dockrill is an award-winning author and illustrator. What Have I Done? is Laura's first book for adults. I have loved Laura's fiction and poems for years, and now this. I can already say it's one of the best memoirs I've ever read on mental health. It's about postpartum psychosis. It's moving, incredibly vivid and well written. Laura made me feel like I was standing in the corner of the hospital room with her when giving birth and then in her living room afterwards as she embarke...more

  • #259 Christine Armstrong: The Truth About Work & Parenting

    Apr 30 2020

    Christine Armstrong is an author, researcher and speaker on the future of work. She is a contributing editor of Management Today, She is known to 'blow up the bullshit about working parenting and dig into the truth about what works. And what really doesn’t.' You might have read her piece in the Times that went viral called 'why working mums are being sold an impossible dream about work/life balance — and how to set the record straight' a piece promoting the publication of her brilliant book ...more

  • #258 Dani Dyer: Work, Life & Social Media

    Apr 27 2020

    [This episode was recorded in January 2020.) My guest today is the lovely Dani Dyer who won ITV2’s Love Island with a landslide 80% of the vote and captured the hearts of the nation. Trained as an actor, Dani has appeared in a number of films, as well as making her stage debut in Nativity! The Musical in 2018. Since leaving Love Island, Dani has raised money for Comic Relief, launched her own successful record-breaking fashion range and and has starred in her own hit rea...more

  • #257 Gemma Milne: Are We Being Fooled Online & How Do We Spot It?

    Apr 23 2020

    My guest today is Gemma Milne, the science/tech writer and author of Smoke & Mirrors: How Hype Obscures the Future and How to See Past It . Her works have been featured in the BBC, The Times and she is the co-founder of Science: Disrupt – a media outlet covering advances in science startups, research processes and industries such as space, energy, health and advanced computing. She works with the World Economic Forum as one of their Global Shapers, and is also an advisor ...more

  • #256 Vex King: How To Have Good Vibes

    Apr 20 2020

    Vex King is an author, mind coach and entrepreneur. He experienced many challenges when he was growing up and we talk about this within this episode; his father died when he was just a baby, his family were often homeless and he grew up in troubled neighbourhoods. Vex talks about how he has turned his life around through his popular Instagram account (@vexking) which has become a source of inspiration for thousands of young people. His book Good Vibes Good Life has been on the Sunday T...more

  • #255 Sophie Walker: Let's Change the World Ourselves

    Apr 16 2020

    Sophie Walker is a feminist activist, founding leader of the Women’s Equality Party, and recently-appointed chief executive of Young Women’s Trust, the charity representing and supporting women who are living on no or low pay. She is passionate about rebuilding society for and with (extra)ordinary women. You can follow her on Twitter under @sophierunning.Today I'm chatting to Sophie about her new book 'Five Rules for Rebellion' which is an inspiring, five-step journ...more

  • #254 Holly Bourne on Writing Teen & Adult Novels

    Apr 09 2020

    My guest today is the brilliant author Holly Bourne who started her writing career as a news journalist, where she was nominated for Best Print Journalist of the Year. She then spent six years working as an editor, a relationship advisor, and general 'agony aunt' for a youth charity - helping young people with their relationships and mental health. (TW: This episode discusses rape and sexual assault.)Inspired by what she saw helping young people, she started writing teen fiction, including the b...more

  • #253 Selina Barker: How To Stay Sane When Working From Home

    Apr 06 2020

    This episode is dedicated to all things Working From Home with the brilliant life coach Selina Barker. Selina is a life design and career change coach, writer, podcast host, co-founder of Project Love and creator of the Goodbye Hello journal. She is someone who gives very practical advice around designing your day and avoiding burn out so I thought she'd be the perfect guest for this week. She saved the day.Right now she is working on her first book - all about how to break out of the burnout cy...more

  • #252 Anna Mathur on Reframing Our Anxiety

    Apr 01 2020

    My guest today is with psychotherapist and anxiety expert Anna Mathur. I wanted to do a special episode on how to deal with anxiety and anxious feelings, especially circumstantially around what is happening right now with Covid-19 and our daily lives looking very different right now.Anna is passionate about taking therapy out of the therapy room and into general accessible spaces, empowering people to use simple techniques that will help them reframe the way that they think on a daily ...more

  • #251: Samantha Clarke: Life As A Happiness Consultant

    Mar 25 2020

    *Please note this episode was recorded in early March.* My guest today is Samatha Clarke, an author and Happiness Consultant. She is a teacher of Guardian Masterclasses and lecturer at The School of Life and expert on work happiness, culture and relationships.Whenever I speak to Sam, she always says something that makes me reflect on my work life. She has given me amazing advice in the past on setting better boundaries which has therefore grown my business in turn because I'm less...more

  • #250 Sophia Amoruso: On The Evolution Of The #Girlboss Brand

    Mar 19 2020

    *Just a little note that this episode was recorded back in January 2020*Sophia Amoruso is the Founder and CEO of Girlboss, a professional network for ambitious women. Her 2014 New York Times Bestseller #GIRLBOSS, chronicled her early life as well as her experience as the founder of fashion empire Nasty Gal — and it was also adapted into a scripted TV series that premiered on Netflix in 2017. Sophia is also the author of Nasty Galaxy and the Girlboss Workbook. She has been featured on the Fortune...more

  • #249 Sharon Horgan: On Writing, Producing & Acting

    Mar 12 2020

    Today’s guest is the brilliant Sharon Horgan. She is a BAFTA award-winning Irish actress, co-founder of Merman, writer, producer and director, and perhaps best known for her multiple award-winning sitcom Catastrophe, which she co-writes and stars in with Rob Delaney. She was nominated for two BAFTA Awards and won two British Comedy Awards for her BBC show Pulling which she co-wrote and starred in. Sharon co-founded the independent production company Merman which shot the...more

  • #248 BONUS: How To Make a Self-Care Podcast (with Forever35)

    Mar 08 2020

    Welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete! When I was in LA earlier this year, I did a little podcast swap with one of my favourite podcasts across the pond called Forever 35 at Kate's house in sunny California. It’s hosted by friends and writers Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer who dive into the self-care practices that we all text our friends about — from which serums they’re using right now to finding a great therapist, navigating the challenges of friendship, and what they’re making for dinner. No topic...more

  • #246 Frankie Bridge: An Open Book

    Feb 27 2020

    My guest today is Frankie Bridge, best known as one fifth of 'The Saturdays'. Frankie has been really open about her mental health issues over the years and has been an ambassador for MIND after opening up about her experiences of anxiety, depression and panic attacks, following her hospitalisation in May 2012. Having initially dealt with these issues in silence, Frankie has been keen to support MIND in making sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. Recently, she's been a key play...more

  • #245 Rana Foroohar: The Rise of Big Tech

    Feb 20 2020

    Rana Foroohar is an author, Financial Times columnist and CNN analyst, writing and investigating into how today’s biggest tech companies are hijacking our data, our livelihoods, and our minds. I really wanted to do an episode on Big Tech - aka FANG - Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google). How tech has changed and how it's changed us. Her book Don't be Evil looks into how big tech has lost it's way over the past two decades. Through her skilled reporting and unparalleled acc...more

  • #244 Ann Napolitano: From 80 Rejections To A Global Bestseller

    Feb 13 2020

    Today's guest is New York Times Bestselling novelist Ann Napolitano. In this episode we are discussing her new novel Dear Edward. Unlike a lot of big new titles publishing in 2020, this isn’t the big debut push. Dear Edward is Ann Napolitano’s third book, her first novel was rejected 80 times, and her second novel hardly sold. And yet Dear Edward is set to be one of 2020’s biggest new novels. I absolutely loved this book. Here's the blurb: one summer morning, a flight ta...more

  • #243 Ruby Warrington: What Does It Mean To Be "Sober Curious"?

    Feb 06 2020

    Ruby Warrington is a lifestyle writer and former features editor of the UK's Sunday Times Style. In 2013, she created The Numinous, an online magazine that bridges the gap between the mystical and the mainstream. I wanted to invite Ruby onto the podcast to discuss her bestselling and hugely popular book Sober Curious which has been described as a bold guide to choosing to live hangover-free.Drawing on research, expert interviews, and personal narrative, Sober Curious is a rad...more

  • #242 Kiley Reid: When Fiction Does What A Thinkpiece Cannot

    Jan 30 2020

    CORRECTION: In the intro I said Kiley Reid has written 'a number of novels and stories'. Such A Fun Age is actually her DEBUT novel. Apologies for this error.Kiley Reid is a New York Times Bestselling writer, earning her MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, where she won a fellowship award and taught undergraduate creative writing workshops with a focus on race and class. Kiley has written a book of short stories but her DEBUT novel Such a Fun Age is a very big book for 2020....more

  • #241 Gillian Anderson: TV, Time Out & Trying New Things

    Jan 22 2020

    My guest today is the wonderful Gillian Anderson. You might remember my episode from two years ago when Gillian came on the podcas as a guest with her friend and co-author Jennifer Nadel; they wrote the bestselling book We: The uplifting manual for women seeking happiness.Today, Gillian is back in the Ctrl Alt Delete studio. She doesn't really need an introduction but I will do it anyway! She is the award-winning film, television and theatre actor who achieved international recognition for ...more

  • #240 Sarah Ellis (Part 2): Confidence Gremlins & Squiggly Motherhood

    Jan 16 2020

    Today's guest is Sarah Ellis who spent the first part of her career working in Marketing & Corporate Responsibility for brands including Boots, Barclays and Sainsbury's. She co-founded Amazing If - as a side-hustle - with her friend Helen Tupper. They describe their path as being accidental entrepreneurs and they recognise that the world of linear and predictable career ladders are disappearing. Instead, careers are now much more 'squiggly', where changing roles, industries and careers frequ...more

  • #239 Sarah Ellis (Part 1): Embrace The Squiggly Career

    Jan 09 2020

    Today's guest is Sarah Ellis who spent the first part of her career working in Marketing & Corporate Responsibility for brands including Boots, Barclays and Sainsbury's. She co-founded Amazing If - as a side-hustle - with her friend Helen Tupper. They describe their path as being accidental entrepreneurs and they recognise that the world of linear and predictable career ladders are disappearing. Instead, careers are now much more 'squiggly', where changing roles, industries and careers frequ...more

  • #238 Lucy Sheridan: The Comparison Cure: Be Less ‘Them’, More You

    Jan 02 2020

    Today's guest is with Lucy Sheridan, the world's first and only comparison coach. She has helped thousands of people go from compare and despair to #ComparisonFree, and now she has condensed all of that insight and knowledge into her new book The Comparison Cure. Lucy came on Ctrl Alt Delete a few years back to talk about her passion in breaking down comparison triggers and it was so great to catch up again and to promote her brilliant book. The book is for anyone who has struggled wit...more

  • #237 Emma Forrest: Writing & Transcendental Meditation

    Dec 26 2019

    Today's guest is with Emma Forrest, one of my favourite writers of all time. She has published three novels, an essay collection and the memoir Your Voice In My Head, one of my favourite memoirs on mental health ever. She also recently wrote and directed her feature debut, Untogether. Today we're here to discuss Emma's new novel ROYALS which out now - which was a Radio 2 Book Club Pick and A Grazia Book of the Year.Royals has been described as devasta...more

  • #236 Rachel DeLoache Williams: My Friend Anna, The Scammer

    Dec 19 2019

    My guest today is Rachel DeLoache Williams,Vanity Fair photography editor and now author of My Friend Anna: The True Story Of The Fake Heiress Of New York City. One of TIME magazine's must-read books of 2019.This book is the true story of Anna Delvey through her friend Rachel's eyes -- someone you might have read about in the news, the fake heiress whose deceit and elaborate con-artistry deceived the Soho New York scene before her lies were dramatically exposed. This is Rachel's s...more

  • #235 Ayesha Hazarika: on Online Tribalism & Multi-Hyphening

    Dec 16 2019

    Ayesha Hazarika is a columnist, journalist, comedian and broadcaster who is known for her insightful and witty opinions and observations on current affairs and politics. Having started her career as a stand-up comedian in comedy basements across the country, she then took what she thought was a natural diversion into politics as a Special Adviser for the Labour Party, helping politicians on their speeches, media and policy as well as heading up initiatives on topics such as Women and Equality.&n...more

  • #234 Emily Weiss: On Building Glossier

    Dec 13 2019

    My guest today is the wonderful Emily Weiss, founder of Glossier, who, after cultivating a passionate community on her website Into The Gloss, saw an opportunity to create a new beauty experience that celebrates and speaks to the customer directly. Founded in 2014, Glossier is a digital-first beauty company with a mission to give voice through beauty. Glossier has a "skin first, makeup second" philosophy, Glossier creates modern essentials (...more

  • #233 Eva Chen: On Building A Brand On Instagram

    Dec 09 2019

    Today's guest is one of my most requested — it's Eva Chen! Instagram’s head of fashion partnerships. She's an avid user of Instagram herself with over 1 million followers and works closely with representatives from across the fashion industry to strategise different ways of storytelling on a platform that is becoming absolutely key for fashion labels and retailers.In this episode I chat to Eva about The Instagram Edit pop up shop at Selfridges in London which is open now - I went along afte...more

  • #232 BONUS: How Do We Make Work Better? (with Investors In People)

    Dec 04 2019

    My guest today is Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People. Paul Devoy has been heading up Investors in People since 2011. Paul led the buyout of the organisation from UK Government ownership into it becoming a Community Interest Company in 2017. In a previous life Paul was Head of Organisational Development at the Scottish Prison Service and during his time there all prisons in Scotland were awarded Investors in People accreditation. This podcast is all about finding a career you love and making ...more

  • #231 Elaine Welteroth: On Quitting Your Job & Carving Out A New Path

    Nov 25 2019

    Elaine Welteroth is an award-winning journalist, author, judge on the new Project Runway TV show and now author of memoir More Than Enough. I quoted her in my book The Multi-Hyphen Method because she is a thriving multi-hyphenate who I often looked to as an inspiration along the way. She was most recently held the iconic position of editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue -- where she in 2017 became the youngest person ever appointed editor-in-chief and in 2012 had been the first Afric...more

  • #230 Jennifer Pastiloff: On Hearing Loss & Listening For A Living

    Nov 21 2019

    Jennifer Pastiloff travels the world with her unique workshop On Being Human which now also a self-help memoir published by Penguin Random House. Her workshops are a hybrid of yoga-related movement, writing, sharing aloud, tears, and the occasional dance party. She has been featured on Good Morning America, New York Magazine, Health Magazine, CBS News, and others for her unique style of teaching. She has taught thousands of women in sold-out workshops all over the world and recently lead a sold-...more

  • #229 Jamie Bartlett: The Missing Cryptoqueen

    Nov 14 2019

    Jamie Bartlett is the bestselling author of The Dark Net, Radicals Chasing Utopia and People vs Tech. He is the Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think-tank Demos. His Ted Talk on the Dark Net is fascinating and definitely worth a watch. He also writes on technology for the Spectator, the Telegraph and for several other publications on how the Internet is changing politics and society. In 2017, Jamie presented the two-part BBC Two documentary series The Secrets of Si...more

  • #228 Marie Le Conte: Gossip, Power & Politics

    Nov 11 2019

    Marie Le Conte is a journalist living in London. She was previously the Evening Standard's political diarist, BuzzFeeds' media and politics correspondent and went freelance in June 2017. Since then, she has written for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines and has also appeared on the Today programme, Newsnight, Chatham House, and the House of Commons.She was named one of MHP's 30 To Watch, and Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018. Her first book is out now called H...more

  • #227 Dawn O'Porter: Is Anyone's Life As Perfect As It Looks?

    Nov 07 2019

    It's been a Dawn O'Porter themed week! I hosted Q&A event with Dawn at Foyles which was so fun, we then recorded the podcast, and then her launch party!Dawn is the author of 6 books including the award-winning YA books Paper Aeroplanes and Goose, her first adult novel The Cows was a Sunday Times Bestseller and her latest book "SO LUCKY" is totally fantastic. The novel is about three women and how life really isn't as perfect as it looks. Ruby is feeling like she's failing as a moth...more

  • #226 Scarlett Curtis: It's OK To Feel Blue

    Nov 03 2019

    Scarlett Curtis is a 23 year old English writer, journalist, and blogger. She is the curator of the Sunday Times Bestseller and National Book Award winning Feminists Don’t Wear Pink & other lies; a collection of essays by 52 women on what feminism means to them, published by Penguin in 2018. She is contributing editor at The Sunday Times Style and has had work published in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, Vogue and more. In 2017 Scarlett co-founded The Pink Protest; a feminist activis...more

  • #225 Leandra Medine Cohen: Love, Life & Turning 30

    Oct 31 2019

    Leandra Medine Cohen is my guest today! The author and founder of Man Repeller, a fashion website with a unique voice and concept. Manrepeller's whole thing is about trends that women love and men hate, but it's also the way Leandra combines fashion with humour.I have been following Leandra and her work since 2013 (when she released her first book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls) so I am thrilled to have sat down with her all these years later. I went to the Man Repeller HQ in New ...more

  • #224 Helen Whitaker: How To Find The Time To Write When You're Busy AF

    Oct 24 2019

    Helen Whitaker is a journalist and author living in London. She was formerly the Entertainment Director of British Glamour. Her day job now is currently Deputy Editor of High Life magazine and she writes books in her spare lunch hours, evenings and any free time she has around parenting. We discuss finding the time to write (or work on any side project) when you just feel like you have NO time. We also chat about her brilliantly observational and funny debut novel The School Run which ...more

  • #223 Marie Forleo: Figuring Stuff Out & Dealing With Trolls

    Oct 16 2019

    Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur, writer and online coach. She has been named by Oprah as 'a thought leader for the next generation'. I first discovered Marie's work via her award-winning online show, Marie TV and podcast where she interviews inspiring creatives such as Brene Brown. She is the founder of B-School, an online business school and she has mentored young business owners at the Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship. MarieForleo.com is one of Forbes magazin...more

  • #222 Jess Phillips MP: Truth To Power

    Oct 10 2019

    Jess Phillips is a Labour Party politician and MP for Birmingham Yardley since 2015. An alumna of the University of Leeds and the University of Birmingham. Prior to becoming an MP, Jess worked within the charity and community sectors and was selected to be the Victims’ Champion for Birmingham, working with police and support groups. Her new book Truth To Power is out NOW. Her previous works include Everywoman: One Woman’s Truth About Speaking the Truth which was shortlisted for Th...more

  • #221 Susan Wokoma: Life On and Off Stage

    Oct 03 2019

    Today's guest is the brilliant Susan Wokoma, an actor and writer. Best known for comedies such as Crazyhead on Netflix, Year of the Rabbit and Chewing Gum, Susan can be seen next year in both the feature film Enola Holmes (starring alongside Millie Bobbie Brown, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter and Fiona Shaw) and the new Amazon comedy Truth Seekers also starring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. Susan is also a seasoned stage actress having work in theatres such as the Royal Court, Bush Theatre...more

  • #220 JP Watson: The Art of Crowdfunding A Book

    Sep 26 2019

    PRE-ORDER SABOTAGE HERE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poundproject/the-pound-project-part-six-emma-gannon/descriptionMy guest is JP Watson, a writer, editor and the founder of The Pound Project, an independent publisher based in Birmingham. I've been following The Pound Project since pledging for previous books launched on the platform: including Jordan Stephens, Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. JP started the company from a simple premise: is a good story worth something? I a...more

  • #219 Emma Barnett: The Politics of Periods

    Sep 23 2019

    Emma Barnett is an award-winning broadcaster and journalist. By day, she presents The Emma Barnett Show on BBC Radio 5 Live in which she interviews key figures shaping our times, from the Prime Minister to those who would very much like to be. By night, she presents the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight, on BBC Two and hosts Late Night Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4. Emma was named Radio Broadcaster of the Year by The Broadcasting Press Guild for her agenda-set...more

  • #218 Lotte Jeffs: The Art of Soft Power In A Harsh World

    Sep 19 2019

    My guest today is Lotte Jeffs - author, journalist and previous acting Editor of ELLE magazine. She writes for a wide variety of publications including The Times, The Telegraph and The Guardian covering topics from fashion and style to sexuality and gender to social trends, memoir, and observational humour pieces. As well as writing award-winning columns, she writes colourful and newsworthy celebrity interviews and has in the past two years written cover profiles of Kristen Stewart, Karlie Kloss...more

  • #217 Alain de Botton: Life As A Process

    Sep 15 2019

    Today's guest is Alain de Botton, which is very exciting, I've been a huge fan of this work for years.He is a writer of essayistic books that have been described as a ‘philosophy of everyday life.’ He’s written on love, travel, architecture and literature. His books have been bestsellers in 30 countries. He started writing at a young age. His first book, Essays in Love  was published when he was twenty-three and went on to sell millions of copies.He is also the co-founder of the b...more

  • #216 Rhik Samadder: Life Writing & Truth Telling

    Sep 12 2019

    Today's guest is Rhik Samadder: a writer, actor and broadcaster. He has a regular column with The Guardian and created their cult ‘Inspect a Gadget ’ feature. He has written for The Observer, Men’s Health and Prospect magazine, as well as being a guest, presenter and host on various radio shows. Rhik studied acting at Drama Centre London and appeared on HBO, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 (credits including Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Doctors) as well as a ...more

  • #215 Chelsea Kwakye: On Taking Up Space

    Sep 05 2019

    Chelsea Kwakye is the author of the book Taking Up Space co-authored with author and friend Ore Ogunbiyi. She is also a history graduate from Cambridge University and Taking Up Space tackle issues of accessibility, unrepresentative curriculums, race and discrimination within university spaces. This is the second title from #Merky Books, a partnership between Penguin and Stormzy, who has also announced that he is funding two Cambridge scholarships for black stud...more

  • #214 Sofie Hagen: Comedy + Boundaries

    Aug 29 2019

    Today's episode is with Sofie Hagen, a voice you many recognise from many of your fave podcasts, including The Guilty Feminist when it first launched. She also hosts her own brilliant podcasts Made of Human, Secret Dinosaur Cult and Comedians Telling Stuff. First and foremost though, she is an award-winning stand-up comedian, author of the book Happy Fat, a fat activist and a blogger. She has been named one of British comedy's most exciting talen...more

  • #213 Leah Hazard: Burnout In The NHS

    Aug 22 2019

    Today's guest is Leah Hazard, bestselling author and a NHS midwife. We recorded this episode on a sunny day in Edinburgh, in a lovely brand new suite in the Market Street Hotel - so a huge thank you to them for kindly letting us use it to record!Leah studied at Harvard and then left a career in television to pursue her lifelong interest in women’s health after the birth of her first daughter. She soon began working as a doula, supporting women in pregnancy and attending ...more

  • #212 Lauren Mahon: The Story Of Girl Vs Cancer

    Aug 15 2019

    Lauren Mahon ​is a b​roadcaster, presenter, writer, influencer​,​ charity campaigner​ and founder of Girl vs Cancer. She is a co-host ​of the​ number one iTunes podcast You Me & The Big ​C, a podcast all about ​​'kicking cancer’s arse​'​ on BBC 5Live​ with Deborah James. Lauren won this year’s Inspirational Founder Of The Year award at the Stylist LIVE Retail Awards and the Triumph Award at the Inaugural Stylist Remarkable Women Awards 2019​.​In the last tw...more

  • #211 Otegha Uwagba & Polly MacKenzie on Self-Employment, Managing Your Money & Mental Health (Recorded LIVE with NatWest)

    Aug 08 2019

    Welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete. This episode is a special live recording in partnership with Natwest (#ad). I recently featured in a video with NatWest and Refinery29 looking at the challenges the modern workforce faces, with a spotlight on finances. We discussed mental health, late payments and how to prepare to quit your job. So this time I wanted to ask two very knowledgeable people their thoughts on these topics. Recorded Live with Natwest at RocketSpace in London, Polly, Otegha and I discu...more

  • #210 Liz Ward: Do You Want To PIVOT?

    Jul 31 2019

    Liz Ward is a personal/business coach with over 12 years experience developing and mentoring high performing individuals, from entrepreneurs in the start up world to people in corporate management roles. With a background in brand, digital and business development, her career history includes the rebrand of the Millennium Dome to The O2, then London 2012 Opening Ceremony campaigns and global digital strategy for spirits giant, Bacardi-Martini. After a case of severe burn...more

  • #209 Jehane Noujaim: On Her Netflix Exposé of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

    Jul 25 2019

    This week's guest is Oscar-nominated filmmaker Jehane Noujaim, who alongside her husband Karim Amer, directed the new Netflix documentary THE GREAT HACK which premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. It's out now, and the Guardian has already given it five stars.The documentary uncovers the dark world of data exploitation online. It follows the personal stories of some key players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal. Carole Cadwalladr from the Guard...more

  • #208 From The Archives! Lucy Sheridan: On Social Media Comparison

    Jul 11 2019

    While I am on a very short podcast hiatus, I hope you don't mind that I will be re-posting some of my favourite episodes from over the three years. (I'm back with a bang in August!) This episode was a popular one, with Lucy Sheridan: the world’s first and only Comparison Coach.Lucy is an author and life coach who specialises in her helping her clients get over the ~compare and despair~ that can be heightened via social media (*cough* Instagram)She has a new book coming out called the Compar...more

  • #207 From The Archives! Will Young: On Setting Boundaries

    Jul 04 2019

    While I am on a very short podcast hiatus, I hope you don't mind that I will be re-posting some of my favourite episodes from over the three years. Here is my episode with the brilliant Will Young. We all know Will from this Pop Idol success back in the noughties -- I was a fan then and I am now too -- but now for a different reason: his new podcast with his friend Chris Sweeney called HOMO SAPIENS. They describe it as “two gay guys talking to people we think are interesting” and were heavi...more

  • #206 Elizabeth Gilbert: The Weather Forecast In Our Minds

    Jun 28 2019

    My guest today is the incredible Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my biggest inspirations​ of all time​. I turn to her work whenever feeling a bit lost. She is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love, Big Magic and The Signature of All Things (plus many others). Big Magic is the book I recommen​d​ to anyone struggling with a creative project. It is really practical, fun and helps creatives understand how to work alongside fear.Elizabeth's NEW book is already a #1 bestselle...more

  • #205 Dame Stephanie 'Steve' Shirley: How To Let It Go

    Jun 20 2019

    Dame Stephanie Shirley ​is tech pioneer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She also goes by the name "Steve" which she used to sign business letters to potential clients when they were not responding to her.​ If you haven't already, go and watch her Ted Talk it is funny and moving and super interesting to hear what it was like being a woman in tech during the 60s.In 1939 ​Steve arrived in ​B​ritain unaccompanied​, a​s child refugee during the war, and​ when she was 2...more

  • #204 Scott Harrison: From Nightclubs To Social Entrepreneurialism

    Jun 13 2019

    *Please go to charitywateruk.org/emma*My guest today is Scott Harrison, founder of Charity Water, and New York Times Bestselling Author of Thirst.Really excited for you to hear Scott's story behind setting up this incredible charity that has now raised more than 360 million dollars, provided over 9.5 million people with clean, safe drinking water.and funded over 35,000 water projects in 27 countries.Scott set up Charity Water in 2006, having seen the effects of dirty water firsthand. The organis...more

  • #203 Dustin Lance Black: On Storytelling & Building Bridges

    Jun 06 2019

    Dustin Lance Black is my guest today! Lance has been named as one of the 50 most powerful LGBTQ+ people in America for the last decade. He is an Academy Award® winning filmmaker, writer, and social activist. He won the Oscar and two WGA Awards for his screenplay MILK, the biopic of activist Harvey Milk starring Sean Penn. He was also a founding board member of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which successfully led the federal cases for marriage equality in California and Virginia....more

  • #202 Jess Pan: Living As An Extrovert For A Year

    May 30 2019

    My guest today is Jessica Pan, author of Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come: An Introvert’s Year of Living Dangerously. This is an incredibly funny and frank book all about how Jess decided to drastically change her life for a whole year. An introvert by nature, she decides to live like an extrovert for a year with the help of some experts and mentors along the way. She embraces some horrors. She takes on a series of challenges: improv, a solo holiday, public speaking and talking to strangers...more

  • #201 Emma Dabiri: Don't Touch My Hair

    May 23 2019

    Emma Dabiri is a presenter, social historian and writer. She has been listed as one of the BBC’s broadcasting stars of the future, and one of The Observer's 2019 rising stars. ​​She is also a columnist for The Dublin Inquirer and is one of the BBC's Expert Voices. She has also had work published in a number of academic journals and newspapers​ and her​ work crosses African Studies, art, sociology and history. She is​ also​ a teaching fellow in the Africa department ...more

  • #200 Poorna Bell: In Search Of Silence, Not Self-Help

    May 16 2019

    Poorna Bell is award-winning journalist of 15 years and a digital expert having worked as UK Exec Editor and Global Lifestyle Head for Huffington Post. She currently writes for Grazia, The iPaper, The Guardian, Red magazine, and Stylist. She was recently named one of Balance magazine’s top 100 wellness personalities, a Stylist magazine Rising Star, a judge for the Mind Media Awards and British Book Awards, plus so much more.Her debut non-fiction book Chase The Rainbow (Simon & Schuster) came...more

  • #199: Philippa Perry: The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read

    May 09 2019

    Philippa Perry is an author, psychotherapist, factual presenter for radio and television and someone I've been a fan of ever since I read her book called How to Stay Sane back in 2012. After volunteering with the Samaritans, Philippa trained as a psychotherapist and worked in the mental health field for several years before writing her graphic novel, Couch Fiction which lays bare the process of psychotherapy, published in 2010. Philippa is also an agony aunt for Red Magazine and contri...more

  • #198 Rachel Cargle: Instagram, Activism & White Privilege

    May 02 2019

    My guest today is the hugely inspiring activist, writer, and lecturer Rachel Cargle. I recorded this episode at The Wing in New York, which was fun. I first came across Rachel's work on Instagram. She was recently on Red Table Talk a US roundtable show streamed on Facebook and hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith and Rachel's clip on white privilege went viral, and I really wanted to spread her message on this podcast. Her activist and academic work are rooted in providing intellectual discourse, ...more

  • #197 Elizabeth Day: The Myth Of Shiny Success

    Apr 25 2019

    Elizabeth Day is an author, journalist and broadcaster. She has written 4 critically aclaimed novels, including The Party which was a Richard and Judy bookclub pick. Elizabeth is a currently columnist for You magazine on the Mail on Sunday and a feature writer for numerous publications in the UK and US including The Telegraph, The Times, the Guardian, New York Magazine, the Observer, Vogue, Grazia, Elle, The Pool and Vanity Fair. Her chart-topping podcast, How To Fail With Elizabe...more

  • #196: Candice Carty-Williams On Writing and Promoting "Queenie"

    Apr 18 2019

    Candice Carty-Williams is an author, culture writer and journalist based in London. Her book Queenie came out recently in the UK and US, about a 25-year-old Jamaican British woman living in London called Queenie Jenkins, straddling two cultures and slotting neatly into neither. Oprah has called it 'brazenly hilarious" and it's been called The Black Bridget Jones. She writes regularly to i-D, Refinery29, BEAT Magazine, and more, and her pieces, especially those about blackness, sex...more

  • #195 Anna Newton: How To Streamline Your Life (LIVE in Brighton)

    Apr 11 2019

    My guest today is the brilliant Anna Newton (aka @TheAnnaEdit) who is an award-winning online content creator and author. Her first book, the life organisation manual ‘An Edited Life’, was published in January 2019. She is the Millennial Marie Kondo in my eyes. She resides by the sea in Brighton, and this episode was recorded at the Komedia as part of Brighton's First Podcast Festival. It was really fun to record with a live audience with a local Brighton resident! She has fronted her blog and Y...more

  • #194 Mrs Hinch: How To Hinch Yourself Happy

    Apr 03 2019

    Today's guest is Mrs Hinch (real name Sophie Hinchliffe) who became an overnight sensation by sharing her cleaning tips and tricks on Instagram last year, growing from 1k to 1m followers in six months. She's now at 2 million with no sign of slowing down. Her witty and entertaining Instagram Stories are part advice, part entertainment and absolutely brilliant.  Sophie coined the term 'Hinching' making cleaning genuinely a lot of fun, and she'...more

  • #193 Sarah Thompson: Taking On The Male-Dominated Skate World (California Innovation Tour #6)

    Apr 01 2019

    My guest today is a slightly different one. It’s with Sarah Thompson, a 21 year pro-skater in Huntington Beach who I interviewed on International Women’s Day 2019. She campaigns for helmet safety and raises awareness of head injury after two serious consecutive concussions in 2017. No one had warned her about it or told her what to do if it happened. In the male-dominated skate community it's not "cool" to wear a helmet so Sarah wants more people to make sure they wear one. A few weeks befo...more

  • #192 Caroline Kepnes: On Writing 'YOU' (California Innovation Tour #5)

    Apr 01 2019

    My guest today is bestselling author Caroline Kepnes. I first met the amazing @carolinekepnes in 2016 when I first interviewed her about her books YOU and Hidden Boddies aka "the Joe books". In 2017 we met up again and the casting had began for YOU to be a TV show on Lifetime! Then, Netflix wanted it too and now 40 million people have now watched it. I chatted to her about this crazy year, her books, her career and her life in LA.You might know by now if you’ve listened to the other episodes tha...more

  • #191 Erica Williams Simon: How To Avoid Activist Burnout (California Innovation Tour #4)

    Apr 01 2019

    Today's interview is with Erica Williams Simon (we recorded it at The Mondrian hotel in West Hollywood). She is the host of one of my favourite interview podcasts The Call, hosted currently on the Man Repeller website. She is a full blown multi-hyphenate: head of the Creator’s Lab at Snapchat, podcast host, author of the forthcoming book You Deserve the Truth, published in May, which unpicks the lies we are constantly told. Prior to that, she worked in politics in Washington, leading Genera...more

  • #190 Taylor Jenkins Reid: A Hollywood Special (California Innovation Tour #3)

    Apr 01 2019

    This episode is with Taylor Jenkins Reid, recorded at the Mondrian hotel in West Hollywood, all about her new book Daisy And The Six (one of the most hotly anticipated book for 2019). It's a novel all about the rock-scene in California in the 70s. Excitingly, Reese Witherspoon's company @hellosunshine is turning it into an Amazon TV show. We talk about her love for Los Angeles and the Hollywood Hills, how she defines success, how she writes a book a year, how she went from casting assistant...more

  • #189: Dr Megan Jones-Bell: How To Invest In Yourself (California Innovation Tour #2)

    Apr 01 2019

    This episode is with Dr Megan Jones Bell, the Chief Science Officer at Headspace. I went to go to the Headspace HQ in Santa Monica and it was just as cool as I’d imagined. Megan's work is all about making mental healthcare more effective, more affordable, and more accessible while changing the culture around mental health and wellness. This conversation is about why she moved to California and all the exciting stuff Headspace is going, plus tips on welcoming more mindfulness into your life.This ...more

  • #188 Ruth Whippman: What *Actually* Makes Us Happy? (California Innovation Tour #1)

    Apr 01 2019

    I am thrilled to have partnered with Visit California for this special mini-series for Ctrl Alt Delete. I first started working with Visit California a few years ago, and they’re doing some incredible things in the tourism landscape and it’s been really exciting to work with them on this podcast mini-series which we’ve called ‘The California Innovation Tour.”There is something about the place that keeps drawing me back: the positive mind-set of the people who live there, the laid-back lifestyle,...more

  • #186 Steve Bartlett: Business, Brands & Burn-Out

    Mar 14 2019

    Steve Bartlett is the 26-year-old CEO of Social Chain Group - a global, social-first marketing agency and production house. He first built his business from his bedroom in Manchester after dropping out of university and he now runs the group’s two flagship companies - Social Chain and Media Chain which continue to grow, now with an office space of almost 300 people.​ He is also as a speaker, investor and hosts the podcast 'Diary Of A Ceo'.We chat about the influencer world,​ how marketing c...more

  • #185: WIRED's Vicki Turk: On Digital Etiquette

    Mar 07 2019

    Vicki Turk is a senior editor at WIRED magazine, working across print and digital. She has just written a book called Digital Etiquette all about modern manners. It's described as 'an indispensable guide to minding our manners in a brave new online world.' In this episode we discuss how to email better; how our friendships have changed and the future of technology. Digital Etiquette is out now, published by Penguin, in all good bookshops.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out ...more

  • #184: Aminatou Sow (Part 2) Shine Theory And Why Do Men Not Listen To Female Podcasts?

    Mar 02 2019

    This episode with brilliant Aminatou Sow was recorded live with an audience at WNYC's The Greenespace event space in New York. This episode includes the recorded audience Q&A in which Aminatou explains what 'Shine Theory' is (and how she came up with it); why men don't seem to consume female podcast content, and why reading the Harvard Business Review is a feminist move. ICYMI: make sure you check out part one (episode #183) which is the FULL interview! <3  See acast.com/privacy...more

  • #183 Aminatou Sow: On The Future Of Tech & Imposter Syndrome (LIVE from The Greenespace in New York)

    Feb 26 2019

    Thrilled to bring you today's guest, one of my favourite New York-based podcasters, Aminatou Sow! She is a true multi-hyphenate: a digital strategist, writer, influencer, co-host of wildly popular podcast 'Call Your Girlfriend' and co-founder of Tech LadyMafia. She was recently named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in tech. This episode was recorded live at WNYC's The Greenespace in New York City! Huge thank you to the team at WNYC for making this happen: Clemency Burton-Hill, Cameron Thompkins, Chas...more

  • #182 Sara Tasker: On Building A Six-Figure Business At Home

    Feb 23 2019

    My guest today is Sara Tasker. Photographer, writer, business coach and author. She left her NHS day job six years ago to take a leap into the unknown to turn her passion for the Internet into a business. Now, three years on, she's been awarded runner up for Natwest’s Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and won Content of the Year in the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards in April 2018. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, The Independent, Buzzfeed, Stylist Magazine, Mother & Baby an...more

  • #181 Felicity Jones: On Playing Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Feb 19 2019

    Today's guest is the brilliant actor Felicity Jones, known for her previous roles in The Worst Witch, Spiderman 2, Rogue One and The Theory Of Everything which won her an Oscar nomination. Her newest role is playing the "Notorious RBG" Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in On The Basis Of Sex which is out now.As the Guardian said recently on RBG: "At 85, she remains one of the few progressive hopes on what’s set to become an increasingly Trumpian supreme court and after the documentary RB...more

  • #180 Ellen Page: On Speaking Out & Standing Up For Yourself

    Feb 13 2019

    Today's guest is the brilliant actor and activist Ellen Page. She first acted age ten, and at 17, she was cast in the 2005 movie Hardy Candy. It won praise for "one of the most complex, disturbing and haunting performances of the year." She has appeared in X-Men, the 2007 film Juno (in which she was nominated for an Oscar), Inception, and the amazing LGBT movie Freeheld, starring alongside Oscar-winner Julianne Moore, and many other films. Ellen is now starring in the Netflix Original ...more

  • #179: Dolly Alderton: On A Very Busy And Exciting Whirlwind Year

    Feb 10 2019

    Dolly Alderton returns to Ctrl Alt Delete, again! 2018 was quite the year for Dolly with the release of Everything I Know About Love, which stayed in the Sunday Times bestseller chart for 32 weeks. She also won the Specsavers National Book Award Autobiography of the Year Award was one of six authors shortlisted for the Waterstones Book of the Year Award. Her book is out in paperback today (go buy it!), and she is celebrating the opening night of the launch with book...more

  • #178 Sarah Knight: How To Give Less Of A F*ck

    Feb 03 2019

    My guest today is Sarah Knight, the New York Times Bestselling author of the "No Fucks Given Guides". Before writing and releasing her own books, she spent 15 years as a top editor, working with authors such as Gillian Flynn and Jessica Knoll. In her books, she gives tough love and honest advice on setting goals, boundaries, mental health, making big decisions, and getting organised. Her book was called The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck, then Get Your Shit Together, the...more

  • #177 Richard E Grant: On His Career, Spice World & The Oscars

    Jan 31 2019

    Today's episode is with the brilliant Oscar-nominated actor Richard E. Grant. He is best known for his roles in Gosford Park (2001), Withnail & I (1987) and Hudson Hawk (1991) and my personal FAVE Spice World: The Movie (1997). He has worked with some of America's greatest directors, such as Robert Altman, Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese.He will appear in Star Wars in 2019 in a currently undisclosed part. In this episode, we chat about Richard's part in the fantastic film Can You Ev...more

  • #176 Poppy Jamie: On Being Happy, Not Perfect

    Jan 29 2019

    My guest today is the brilliant Poppy Jamie, a wellbeing entrepreneur, TED speaker and founder of two popular brands Happy Not Perfect and Pop & Suki. This episode was recorded LIVE in London as part of #HereForYouLive with Twinings to celebrate the Twinings SUPERBLENDS range. I’m so pleased to be partnering with Twinings, my favourite tea brand! Thank you to everyone who attended the live event #HereForYou LIVE on 21st Jan in London’s Marylebone, and for contributin...more

  • #175 Bella Mackie: Why You Should Jog On

    Jan 22 2019

    ​Bella is a freelance journalist from London. She has written for The Guardian, VICE and Vogue among other publications. In 2017, she wrote a brilliant piece on being happy being single at the age of 30 for Vogue. This year, she wrote the hit bestseller "Jog On: How Running Saved My Life" and she married BBC breakfast host Greg James.In Jog On, Bella explains with hilarious and unfiltered honesty how she used running to battle crippling anxiety and depression, without having to sacrifice h...more

  • #174 Rachel Khoo on Cooking & Confidence

    Jan 17 2019

    My guest today is the lovely Rachel Khoo - chef, food writer, broadcaster and founder of Khoollect which she describes as "a creative studio based in London and online community celebrating inspiration found in unlikely places".At 26, Rachel left her London job working in PR to move to Paris and learn to bake and follow her gut (and heart). According to The Times, she contacted Penguin with the idea for the Little Paris Kitchen cookbook in 2012, which has since...more

  • #173: Caroline O'Donoghue on Reclaiming The Word 'Chick-Lit'

    Jan 09 2019

    Caroline O’Donoghue is an Irish author, musician and podcaster living in South London. In this episode we chat about her brilliant novel Promising Young Women. She is a Contributing Editor for The-Pool.com where she has also worked previously as a writer and social media editor, and is now a columnist for The Times Ireland, and has written for Glamour, Grazia and Buzzfeed, among others. She also co-hosts the podcast School for Dumb Women and her new podcast called Sentimental Garbage which is a ...more

  • #172: Joanne McNally: On Comedy, Political Correctness & Storytelling

    Jan 01 2019

    The comedian Joanne McNally is one of my favourite new discoveries from the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She burst onto the Irish comedy scene in 2014 and in less than a year became the co-host on RTÉ 2’s flagship comedy show Republic of Telly, co-wrote and starred in the stage show Separated At Birth a comedy about her adoption and performed sold out solo stand up shows all over Dublin. She's been nominated for multiple Dublin Fringe Festival awards including Best Performer and Best Pro...more

  • #171 Bruce Daisley: How To Fall Back In Love With Your Job Again

    Dec 26 2018

    Bruce Daisley is the European Vice-President at Twitter and host of the business podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat.  He has been one of the Evening Standard’s 1,000 Most Influential Londoners for four years and is one of Debrett’s 500 Most Influential People in Britain. according to Campaign magazine Bruce is ‘one of the most talented people in media’. He's just written a book 'The Joy Of Work: 30 Ways to Fix Your Work Culture and Fall in Love with Your Job Again' ...more

  • #170: Deborah James: F**k You, Cancer.

    Dec 19 2018

    The amazing Deborah James is a campaigner and co-presenter of the top-charting podcast You, Me and the Big C, which takes listeners through every twist and turn, showing how you can still live your life and be yourself with cancer.Deborah was a deputy head teacher before at the age of 35, being diagnosed with bowel cancer and her life with her young children and husband was thrown upside down. She’s had 4 major operations including bowel and lung resections and multiple rounds of chemo – an...more

  • #169 Selina Barker: Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

    Dec 14 2018

    My guest today is the brilliant Selina Barker who is a life design coach, author of the Goodbye Journal, and co-founder of Project Love - a mission to help busy women to create lives and relationships they love.Over the past 12 years she has coached the brightest minds and talent from Google, Apple, UN Women and MySpace, A-list musicians and leaders in the creative and music industries, helping them to create lives, careers and businesses that they can thrive in.Over the past 5 years her focus h...more

  • #168: Alex Loizou (Cofounder, Trouva) On Shopping Small

    Dec 09 2018

    Today's episode is with the brilliant Alex Loizou, co-founder of Trouva. Trouva is one of my absolute favourite online sites that helps you to shop independently and access a huge range of brilliant shops all over the UK. Trouva helps independent fashion retailers find online customers and drive them to physical stores. Thank you to iZettle for sponsoring this episode!With Black Friday having just happened and Christmas just around the corner, I thought it was a good time to celebrate indep...more

  • #167 Daniele Fiandaca: On Masculinity, Diversity & Creativity (Dropbox Series Part 4)

    Dec 03 2018

    I am very excited to bring to you a mini series of four episodes in partnership with Dropbox around the topics of creativity and collaboration. As you know on this podcast I interview interesting creatives about the internet, their work, and how to get more done in less time. Dropbox is a collaborative platform for teams, enabling creativity through their product suite of tools which helps team's all over the world stay in flow and move work forward.In these four special episodes, I interview th...more

  • #166 Mark Earls: How Creativity Can Solve Difficult Problems (Dropbox Series Part 3)

    Dec 03 2018

    I am very excited to bring to you a mini series of four episodes in partnership with Dropbox around the topics of creativity and collaboration. As you know on this podcast I interview interesting creatives about the internet, their work, and how to get more done in less time. Dropbox is a collaborative platform for teams, enabling creativity through their product suite of tools which helps team's all over the world stay in flow and move work forward.In these four special episodes, I interview th...more

  • #165: Scott Morrison: How To Lose The Ego And Make Great Things (Dropbox Series Part 2)

    Dec 03 2018

    I am very excited to bring to you a mini series of four episodes in partnership with Dropbox around the topics of creativity and collaboration. As you know on this podcast I interview interesting creatives about the internet, their work, and how to get more done in less time. Dropbox is a collaborative platform for teams, enabling creativity through their product suite of tools which helps team's all over the world stay in flow and move work forward.In these four special episodes, I interview th...more

  • #164 Laura Jordan Bambach: How To Get Those Lightbulb Moments (Dropbox Series Part 1)

    Dec 03 2018

    (Dropbox Series Part 1) I am very excited to bring to you a mini series of four episodes in partnership with Dropbox around the topics of creativity and collaboration. As you know on this podcast I interview interesting creatives about the internet, their work, and how to get more done in less time. Dropbox is a collaborative platform for teams, enabling creativity through their product suite of tools which helps team's all over the world stay in flow and move work forward.In these four special ...more

  • #163 Naomi Alderman: How To Tell If You Have A Great Idea

    Nov 29 2018

    Welcome to Ctrl Alt Delete! My guest today is one of my favourite authors, the incredibly inspiring force of nature that is Naomi Alderman! She is the multi-award-winning novelist of Disobedience and The Power. Disobedience has been adapted into a film directed by Sebastián Lelio, based on the novel of the same name by Naomi and stars both Rachael McAdams and Rachel Weiz. It is out in cinemas now. And The Power is one of Obama's favourite books! No big dea...more

  • #162: Hari Nef: How To Survive The Dark Side Of The Internet

    Nov 26 2018

    My guest today is the wonderful Hari Nef: model, actress, activist and first trans woman signed to IMG Worldwide​​, one of the biggest model management firm​s in the world. ​She has grace​d​ the cover​s ​​​of​ publications such as Elle UK, Love Magazine and Interview, and has appeared in editorials in Vogue and Wonderland Magazine, among others. She may be currently best known for her ​role ​in the  Emmy award-winning series TRANSPARENT.&nbs...more

  • #161 Pandora Sykes: On Choosing What To Share

    Nov 19 2018

    Pandora Sykes is a journalist and co-host of The High Low podcast. Pandora is a former colleague of mine; we were part of the launch team of the now defunct website The Debrief back in 2014. She was the fashion editor, I was the social media editor. She then went on to hold the iconic position of Fashion Features Editor and Wardrobe Mistress columnist of The Sunday Times Style magazine.Now, Pandora is now doing many different things; she is a journalist, brand consultant, podcast co-host and spe...more

  • #160: E.Lockhart on How To Write A Novel

    Nov 13 2018

    E. Lockhart is a New York Times bestselling author of ten novels, including We Were Liars, which was a New York Times bestseller and Zoella Book Club pick, and the novel Genuine Fraud, soon to be a film produced by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner of HBO series Girls.In this episode we talk about writing, writing writing! The art of writing novels, how to keep your momentum when writing, how to study the books you love and how to manage your ego and ignor...more

  • #159 Scott Harrison & Joshua Coombes: On How To Do Good

    Nov 06 2018

    This episode is with Scott Harrison, founder of Charity:Water and Joshua Coombes, founder of Do Something For Nothing. I had the best time getting to know two amazing entrepreneurs last week when I hosted a master class called "Passion to Purpose" at the WeWork Creator Awards in London. Scott has the most interesting story and has helped millions get access to clean water. Joshua is probably best known for the haircuts he offers to homeless people all over the world and ...more

  • #158 Estée Lalonde: Catching Up On Life

    Nov 02 2018

    Estée Lalonde is a returning guest! Estée is a U.K.-based lifestyle vlogger, author and fellow podcaster, who shares her beauty and fashion expertise with more than 1.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel every week. She has served as a brand ambassador for the likes of Lancôme, Garnier, and Adidas, and last year, she launched a podcast called The Heart Of It, in which she explores subjects that close to her heart — including feminism, travel, and tattoos — alongside g...more

  • #157: Jodi Picoult: A Spark Of Light

    Oct 27 2018

    Jodi Picoult ​is the bestselling author​ of 25 novels.​​ Her books have sold over 15 million copies worldwide, and have been translated into​ almost 50 languages.​In this episode -- (recorded live at Foyles Charing Cross as part of Jodi's UK tour) -- we discuss her newest book A Spark Of Light, which centres around women, choice and abortion rights in America​. It unravels backwards, with characters held hostage in an abortion centre in Mississippi. As the novel goes on, you start...more

  • #156 BONUS Episode: Should We Be Able To Vote Online?

    Oct 24 2018

    This episode is with Areeq Chowdhury, founder and chief executive of the voluntary, youth-led, think tank WebRoots Democracy. I wanted to do an episode of Ctrl Alt Delete all about online voting. Can it happen? Will it happen? When will it happen?Other countries are already experimenting with online voting and we do everything with our phones, so I wanted to explore the pros and cons for this conversation. We discuss the benefits (research says online voting would make more people more like...more

  • #155 Katherine Ormerod (Part Two): Is Social Media Ruining Your Life? (Recorded Live At Waterstones)

    Oct 23 2018

    This is the second part of this interview, recorded live, which focuses on the audience Q&A! Katherine Ormerod is a journalist, influencer and author. She has worked as a journalist for over a decade, starting her career as a fashion assistant at Sunday Times Style, moving to Grazia to become Senior Fashion News & Features Editor then on to Glamour where she was Fashion Features Editor at Large. Prior to her career, she graduated with a MA(Hons) in History from the University of Edinburg...more

  • #154 Katherine Ormerod (Part One): Is Social Media Ruining Your Life? (Recorded Live At Waterstones)

    Oct 20 2018

    Katherine Ormerod is a journalist, influencer and author. She has worked as a journalist for over a decade, starting her career as a fashion assistant at Sunday Times Style, moving to Grazia to become Senior Fashion News & Features Editor then on to Glamour where she was Fashion Features Editor at Large. Prior to her career, she graduated with a MA(Hons) in History from the University of Edinburgh and went on to get a Master's in Fashion History & Theory from the London College of Fashio...more

  • #153: BONUS Episode: Let's Talk About Periods

    Oct 18 2018

    This is a special live recording of Ctrl Alt Delete focused on​ all things​ periods, from cramps to menstrual mishaps, bloody good anecdotes, mind-boggling facts and incredible stories as we delve into a raw discussion about all aspects periods around the world.This was recorded at Hoxton Square Bar & Grill in collaboration with Project Period, a campaign bringing together activists to maximise momentum on efforts to put period poverty onto the global agenda.On the panel were three bril...more

  • #152 Amy Thomson: Why It's Okay To Be Moody

    Oct 11 2018

    My guest today is the incredible entrepreneur Amy Thomson​. She was the founder of SEEN, a global marketing agency working with brands such as Nike, Microsoft and RBS. She is also the co-founder of a business school for future female leaders called Future Girl Corp (alongside Sharmadean Reid, another Ctrl Alt DElete guest), which has a simple mission to inspire the new generation of female leaders. Now, she, alongside her team, has ​launched the Moody Month App. ​The mis...more

  • #151 Helena Morrissey: How To Invest In Your Future

    Oct 05 2018

    Helena Morrissey who is one of the best-known women in the City.She handles billions of pounds worth of assets for many years and is now Head of Personal Investing at Legal and General Management, a new role aimed at engaging the nation to save and invest more.In 2010, Helena founded the 30% Club, a cross-business initiative to achieve better gender-balanced UK company boards. She wrote a book earlier this year called A Good Time to be a Girl: Don’t Lean In, Change the System. The Ft said about ...more

  • #150: Chloe Milligan: How Do You Become An Online Florist?

    Oct 01 2018

    Chloe Milligan runs a florist company called MUD Urban Flowers. Unlike a traditional florist, MUD operates solely online and this innovative, contemporary take on the trade soon became a great success. MUD Urban Flowers has now expanded into Edinburgh and has plans to continue growing UK wide via franchises from early 2019.In a landmark year celebrating 100 years since women were granted the vote, I teamed up with Royal Bank of Scotland to bring together Scotland’s most inspiring,...more

  • #149: Farrah Storr: Find Your Discomfort Zone

    Sep 27 2018

    Farrah Storr is the award-winning editor-in-chief of the UK's Cosmopolitan magazine. She took over the brand in 2015 where she was tasked with reimagining it for the millennial woman. The October issue of Cosmo magazine has model and body-positivity advocate Tess Holliday on the cover. It was celebrated across the internet by many who lauded the magazine for championing body positivity and embracing larger bodies but it was also battled out on Good Morning Britain (by Piers Morgan...more

  • #148: BONUS episode: How Connected Will We Be In The Future?

    Sep 24 2018

    This episode of Ctrl Alt Delete is in collaboration with CityFibre, talking all about connectivity and the future of tech. I wanted to do an episode on the future of work, tech, modern cities and Internet connection. Chatting to me on these topics is Laura Osborne who works with CityFibre. Laura’s background is in public affairs, government communications and more recently consumer campaigning. She was Which?’s first Head of Corporate Affairs, working with businesses to impro...more

  • #147 Fearne Cotton: On Motherhood & Her Multihyphenate Career

    Sep 15 2018

    Fearne Cotton is a TV presenter, podcast host and author. Fearne has been presenting live TV since the age of 15 when she was spotted by ITV’s ‘Disney Club’ Her warmth, natural interview skills and ability to make presenting live TV seem effortless and has given her the opportunity to present a variety of shows over the years.In 2005 she joined Radio 1 where she spent 10 incredible years, initially co-hosting morning shows with Reggie Yates and then moving onto the UK Top 40 show before taking o...more

  • #146 Yasmin Khan: When Passion Leads To Burn-out

    Sep 10 2018

    Yasmin Khan is an award-winning author, campaigner and cook.In 2013, after suffering a debilitating burnout and having to step back from her human rights work, Yasmin switched careers and turned to food as a tool through which to share people’s stories. She ran a Kickstarter to write a book that would offer a window into Iran, the result of which is her best-selling debut book The Saffron Tales: Recipes From the Persian Kitchen (Bloomsbury, 2016). The book was chosen by the New Yo...more

  • #144 Justin Myers (The Guyliner): From Anonymous Blog To Book Deal

    Aug 27 2018

    Justin Myers is a journalist who for a long time wrote under his pseudonym The Guyliner.​ I first started reading his hilarious writing back in 2012 when his blog posts started getting published on the Huffington Post.​ He has written for Gay Times, GQ and the Guardian. His first novel, The Last Romeo, was published by Little, Brown in Spring this year. We talk about writing non fiction and how his fiction has some similarities to his journalistic career.His book The Last Romeo te...more

  • #143 Sharmadean Reid: On Productivity & Distraction

    Aug 16 2018

    Sharmadean Reid founded WAH Nails as a side project in 2009 – now it is a huge global well-known business.In this episode I chat to Sharmadean about productivity and distraction. She has a brilliant Guardian column called Bossing It where she answers modern work questions.She wrote two WAH nails books, delivered global pop up nail salons for 100s of brands, created a product line with Walgreen Boots Alliance and was awarded an MBE for services to Beauty.So now she is building a new way to book b...more

  • #141 Charly Cox: On Poetry, Success and Mental Health

    Aug 02 2018

    Charly Cox is a 22-year-old writer, producer, poet and author of She Must Be Mad.Her writing focuses on destigmatizing mental health and the coming-of-age of a young woman surviving the modern world. In January 2017, she published her first poem on Instagram, showing her internet followers her poetry for the first time; since then she’s been asked to be Virgin Radio’s poet in residence, she’s been published on Refinery29, hosted poetry nights to raise money and awareness for MQ Mental Healt...more

  • #140 Gemma Arterton: On Escaping And Creating

    Jul 23 2018

    My guest today is the actress Gemma Arterton.We spoke about the new film she's in called The Escape, which she also executive produced. Her breakthrough role was in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace (2008), playing Bond Girl Strawberry Fields, which won her an Empire Award for Best Newcomer. She played the lead role in the film Their Finest (2017). She was the title star of the film The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009). She is known for her roles in the fantasy films Clash of the Titans (...more

  • #139 Rose Cartwright: On Turning Her Book On OCD Into A TV Series

    Jul 17 2018

    ​So excited to interview ​Rose, a writer & creative director and author of PURE.​This episode was recorded at the BFI Southbank for my live mini series there called ​From Book to Screen.I first came across Rose’s work in 2014 when I pledged for the book on Unbound called PURE – about Pure ‘O’ a type of OCD – in Rose’s case she would get intrusive sexual thoughts.Pure is the true story of her life with intrusive sexual thoughts – a rampant but little-known symptom of the d...more

  • #138: Yomi Adegoke & Elizabeth Uviebinené​: How to SLAY IN YOUR LANE

    Jul 10 2018

    My guests today are authors and best friends Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené​.​ They are the authors of SLAY IN YOUR LANE.SLAY IN YOUR LANE is the long-awaited, inspirational guide to life for a generation of black British women inspired to make lemonade out of lemons, and find success in every area of their lives.It was​ included in top Elle’s 12 addictive books of 2018, Metro’s best new books in 2018 and BBC’s hotly anticipated debut authors for 2018.Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth ...more

  • #137 Amika George: On Being A Teen Activist

    Jul 03 2018

    Amika George is an 18-year-old student from North London. She started the #FreePeriods campaign, which calls on the government to give free menstrual products to children from low-income families​.This episode was recorded at #SheInspiresMe Live, a feminist festival put on by Women For Women International. Sorry that it's a bit echoey, it was a really large room and the mics sadly weren't perfect for podcasting.Women for Women International are a charity passionate about empowering the world’s m...more

  • #136: The Queen's Young Leaders Ft. Nicola Adams OBE & Caspar Lee

    Jun 27 2018

    Welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete Podcast – this is a very special one! I got to record a very special episode at the Queen’s Young Leaders Ceremony from Buckingham Palace…(and I got meet the Queen!)I was there to celebrate the Queen’s Young Leaders Award. It’s a real honour to be there for the final ever Queen’s Young Leader Award ceremony and celebrate the amazing work these young people are doing all over the Commonwealth. Collectively, they’re tackling a huge range of issues, from climate...more

  • #135 Adam Kay: This Is What Being A Junior Doctor Is Like

    Jun 22 2018

    Adam Kay is a best-selling and award-winning author, script writer and performer.We recorded this episode as part of Independent Book Shop Week in Lutyens & Rubenstein in Notting Hill to a live audience, thanks to everyone who came along!He writes extensively for TV and film. He is author of the number one bestselling and multi-award-winning book "This is Going to Hurt", about his former career as a junior doctor, which was an instant Sunday Times number one bestseller, topping the char...more

  • #134 Esther Perel: On Being A Therapist and Modern Relationships

    Jun 20 2018

    My guest today is Esther Perel, a psychotherapist of 35 years, and New York Times bestselling author.Esther Perel is recognised as one of today’s most insightful and original voices on modern relationships. Fluent in nine languages, she has a therapy practice in New York City and is an consultant for Fortune 500 companies around the world. Her celebrated TED talks have garnered more than 20 million views and her international bestseller Mating in Captivity which became a glob...more

  • #133: The Slumflower and Louise Troen: On Carving Your Own Path

    Jun 14 2018

    This is a special live episode recording live at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road as part of my Multi-Hyphen Method book tour.I spoke to the amazing Chidera Eggerue aka The Slumflower, author of WHAT A TIME TO BE ALONE, viral sensation and inspirational speaker who makes the Internet a better place. We were also joined by Louise Troen, VP of International marketing at Bumble (one of the sponsors of my UK book tour!) In this episode, I discuss topics from my book The Multi-Hyphen Method -&nb...more

  • #132 Abbie Bergstrom: I Ask My Literary Agent About Her Side Hustles

    Jun 02 2018

    What's your side-hustle? I chat to my literary agent Abbie Bergstrom (head of Gleam Titles) about her side hustles. I ask Abbie her thoughts on each section of my new book The Multi-Hyphen Method (success, motivation, money, life) as a bonus episode of the podcast. Abbie worked at the publisher Simon & Schuster for 5 years before launching an exciting literary agency called Gleam Titles. Normal author/guest interviews resume next week! The Multi-Hyphen Method is available to buy now. &n...more

  • #131 Emma Gannon (me!) On My New Book, The Multi-Hyphen Method

    May 28 2018

    A special one-off episode where I AM THE GUEST on my own podcast! I am interviewed in this episode by my literary agent and head of Gleam Titles, Abigail Bergstrom, about my new book.We talk about my brand new book The Multi-Hyphen Method: Work less, create more and design your own career.The first question on the back of my book is: world of work is changing – so how do you keep up?In this episode we talk about multi-hyphenate careers, the new definitions of success, flexible wor...more

  • #130 Sam Conniff Allende: Why We Need To Rewrite The Rules

    May 18 2018

    Sam Conniff Allende is a multi award-winning serial social entrepreneur, acclaimed public speaker, consultant and author of Be More Pirate.Be More Pirate (or How To Take On The World and Win) is out now by Penguin Random House and is a manifesto for radical action and change based on the true and untold strategy and success of the Golden Age of Pirates as agents of change, leadership and social innovation. Sam is a brilliant public speaker on a range of topics and has worked with ...more

  • #129 Louise O'Neill: A Feminist Reimagining Of The Little Mermaid

    May 13 2018

    ​This episode is with Louise O'Neill, the award-winning Irish novelist. Louise has written a​ feminist retelling of The Little Mermaid​ which has ​just been​ published by Scholastic​. ​A spokesperson for ​the​ publisher said ofThe Surface Breaks: “Christian Andersen’s dark, original fairy tale is reimagined through a searing feminist lens, with the stunning, scalpel-sharp writing that has won Louise her legions of devoted fans.”​ In the Disney version of The Little Mermaid, A...more

  • #128 Holly McGlynn: How To Be A Photographer

    May 04 2018

    Holly McGlynn is an award-winning fashion photographer.Her clients include Chanel, Mulberry, Louis Vuitton and she's been shortlisted for Irish Fashion Photographer of the Year twice and won a gold medal in the Prix de la Photographie Paris 2015. We talk about how photography is a competitive industry, how to get into it, how it is a male-dominated industry still, the intimacy of the job and taking someone's picture. There's also lots of honesty in this episode about having a baby and going...more

  • #127 BONUS Dolly Alderton Q&A: On Therapy, Success & Hen Dos

    May 01 2018

    Here is a bonus episode! After the main interview with author Dolly Alderton, the audience asked some questions. Tune in to listen to Dolly answer questions on therapy, success, hen dos and friendship.Thanks to everyone for coming along, to Rosie for organising the logistics at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road (and for providing the amazing Dolly cocktail) and Shola for producing.Dolly Alderton's glorious memoir, Everything I Know About Love, has been in the top 5 Sunday Times bestseller ch...more

  • #126 Dolly Alderton LIVE: On Friendship, Writing & People Pleasing

    Apr 30 2018

    In this very special live episode of Ctrl Alt Delete, I interviewed the brilliant bestselling author Dolly Alderton on writing, friendship, saying no to people-pleasing and in general we had a GOOD OL' NATTER. Thanks to everyone for coming along, to Rosie for organising the logistics at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road (and for providing the amazing Dolly cocktail) and Shola for producing.Dolly Alderton's glorious memoir, Everything I Know About Love, has been in the top 5 Sunday Times best...more

  • #125: Harriet Hall: On Getting A Book Commissioned vs Pitching

    Apr 25 2018

    Today's guest is Harriet Hall is Stylist's Head of Digital Features and Author of SHE: A Celebration of Renegade Women.Harri specialises in fashion and feminism, and edits the Stylist Ask a Feminist column. Her book SHE: A Celebration of Renegade Women is available on Amazon and all good books shops. SHE is a love letter to all the women who have thrown out the rulebook and threatened the status quo. It's a toast to the brave, bold and brilliant women who make us proud.We tal...more

  • #124: Reni Eddo-Lodge (Live at Waterstones) On Boundaries & Owning Your Creative Output

    Apr 13 2018

    Reni Eddo-Lodge is an award winning journalist, author, and podcaster.Her debut non-fiction book, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race was published in summer 2017 to critical acclaim.She also has a new podcast out which you can find on iTunes! You can listen to it now, it’s called About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge and launched in March 2018.Her book instantly became a Sunday Times bestseller and won the 2018 Jhalak Prize. It has also been shortlisted for a British Book Award in th...more

  • #123 Clover Stroud: On Love, Loss & Memoir

    Apr 08 2018

    Clover Stroud is a journalist and award-winning author.We chatted a lot before the episode, I felt like I'd met Clover before. I think that's what happens when you read so much about someone's life in a book. We met at Hodder (our shared publisher) and we really did just jump straight into it from the minute I pressed record. Clover is such an articulate, warm, brilliant person in person. Her unique and beautiful voice shines all the way through her memoir.Clover’s book The Wild Other is my favo...more

  • #122 Stacey Dooley: On Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Mar 30 2018

    Stacey Dooley is one of Britain’s most loved documentary presenters. In her series Stacey Dooley Investigates she has looked at a variety of topics from sex trafficking and underage sex slavery and the dark side of tourism in Thailand and Kenya – all of which have had amazing reviews. In 2015 Stacey presented a BBC3 documentary looking at domestic abuse in the UK in Beaten By My Boyfriend and prime time, three-part series for BBC3 lifting the lid on the global war on drugs cu...more

  • #121 BONUS episode: Discussing The First Ever Contraceptive App

    Mar 27 2018

    Today's guest is Elina Berglund, a particle physicist and app entrepreneur.She was part of the Nobel Prize-winning team that discovered Higgs Boson particle, an amazing achievement. After that, she left her job to co-found and develop the NaturalCycles algorithm and app - a prototype she had already been using herself.I've been quite intrigued by Natural Cycles "the first ever contraceptive app" and wanted to interview Elina for the podcast all inventing an algorithm and also being a scientist. ...more

  • #120 Trinny Woodall: Fashion, Instagram & Career Chapters

    Mar 25 2018

    My guest today is Trinny Woodall, author, fashion advisor and beauty entrepreneur.You may know her from the hugely popular Trinny and Susannah makeover days. Her and Susannah met in 1994 and wrote a weekly fashion column for The Daily Telegraph. This led to the launch of their own fashion-advice business and first book.They were then commissioned by the BBC to host What Not to Wear in 2001. The following year they released their second book with the same name as the show What Not to Wear. In tot...more

  • #119: Charly Cox, Serena Guen, Lucia Wood: How To Survive & Thrive In The Creative Industry (Recorded Live in Jigsaw's Piccadilly Store)

    Mar 23 2018

    This is a live recorded one-off episode, hosted in Jigsaw's London Piccadilly store, all about working in the creativity industries from the perspectives of three generations of creative women. I invited Charly Cox (poet, Gen Z), Serena Guen (founder of Suitcase, Millennial) and Lucia White (Head of design at Jigsaw, Gen X) to talk abut the highs, lows and lessons of getting paid to be creative.This month, Jigsaw is launching their “creativity doesn’t discriminate” campaign, to champion women le...more

  • #118: Ava Duvernay: It's Never Too Late To Change Career

    Mar 18 2018

    Ava Duvernay is an Oscar-nominated film director. Ava made her feature film debut with the documentary This in the Life (2008), a history on the hip hop movement in Los Angeles in the 1990's. This was followed by series of television music documentaries and her first narrative feature film, I Will Follow (2010), secured her the African-American Film Critics Association award for best screenplay. Her follow-up, Middle of Nowhere (2012) won the Best Director Prize at the 2012 Sundance film festiva...more

  • #117: Jerico Mandybur: On Working At Girlboss Media, Imposter Syndrome & Astrology

    Mar 10 2018

    Jerico Mandybur is the editorial director at GIRLBOSS MEDIA. We recorded it in LA in the GIRLBOSS offices. You might have read the book GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso (the original founder of Nasty Gal) which was a New York Times bestseller in 2014. Jerico is currently the editorial director of Girlboss media.I had the best time in LA! thank you to Air New Zealand for my flight and Visit California for the most amazing trip. There's lots of content going on my site in the next few weeks.So back to G...more

  • #116 Dawn O'Porter: On Not Following The Herd

    Mar 03 2018

    Dawn O'Porter is a novelist, columnist and broadcaster who lives in Los Angeles with her husband Chris, two songs, cat Lilu and dog Potato. She has made numerous documentaries about all sorts of things: polygamy, childbirth, Geisha, body image, breast cancer and even the movie Dirty Dancing. She is the critically acclaimed author of Paper Aeroplanes and Goose and The Sunday Times Bestseller The Cows.Dawn helped launch ‘Help Refugees’ in 2015, a charity that sends urgent care to refugees across E...more

  • #114 Gina Martin: On Changing The Law On Upskirting

    Feb 24 2018

    Gina Martin is a writer and activist in London and currently campaigning to change the law around "upskirting", the act of someone taking a photo up someone's skirt.Gina recently partnered with Refinery 29 UK and created the hashtag #stopskirtingtheissue. In a nutshell, Gina was watching The Killers perform at a music festival last summer, when two guys kept hitting on her and wouldn't take no for an answer. After this happened and after she told the police, she later learned that...more

  • #113: Greta Gerwig: On Being a Multi-Hyphenate

    Feb 15 2018

    I know I say “exciting episode” every week but this really is. I’ve been a huge fan of Greta Gerwig for years. I fell in love with her in the film Frances Ha, 20th Century Women, Mistress America and her brilliant supporting role in Jackie. Now she's nominated for an Oscar for her amazing directorial debut called Ladybird. I saw Ladybird last year at a special press screening and cried and laughed and loved it. Universal then asked if I wanted to interview Greta for my podcast and honestly, I ne...more

  • #112 Emily Hill: Anti-Valentine's Episode: On Being Single & Crowdfunding

    Feb 09 2018

    Emily Hill is journalist and author of Bad Romance. In 2016, she was the commissioning editor at The Spectator. Last August, she was responsible for the magazine’s first ever all-female cover. She has written comment for The Guardian, books reviews for the New Statesman and features for the Mail on Sunday, as well as gathering gossip for the Evening Standard and profiling cult figures for Dazed & Confused. Emily is also a collage artist and she gave me a beautiful collage when we met to reco...more

  • #111 Kate Leaver: Moving Cities & Moving On (LIVE Episode at Soho Hotel)

    Feb 05 2018

    Welcome to a bonus episode of Ctrl Alt Delete, recorded live at the Soho Hotel after a screening of Home Again, a film with the amazing Reese Witherspoon playing the main character Alice Kinney. Recently separated from her husband, (played by Michael Sheen), Alice decides to start over by moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles with her two young daughters. During a night out on her 40th birthday, Alice meets three aspiring filmmakers who happen to be in need of a place to live. Alice agrees ...more

  • #110 Jayne Hardy: Self-Care, Depression & Recovery

    Feb 02 2018

    Jayne Hardy is the Founder and CEO of The Blurt Foundation – a Social Enterprise dedicated to helping those affected by depression. She lost most of her twenties to depression. At the height of her illness she was unable to work, leave the house or even undertake the most basic acts of self-care – in her book she talks about how she lost a tooth because she didn’t feel worthy enough to clean them. She has spoken, and written, about her experiences of depression and self-care, on BBC Radio 2, at ...more

  • #109: Jojo Moyes: How To Respond To Failure and Feedback

    Jan 25 2018

    Jojo Moyes is a novelist, best known for her bestselling book Me Before You. Jojo has been a full time novelist since 2002, before that she was a journalist for 10 years. Her first book Sheltering Rain was published in 2002 Since then she has written a further eleven novels, all of which have been widely critically acclaimed. Jojo has won the Romantic Novelist’s Award twice, and Me Before You has been nominated for Book of the Year at the UK Galaxy Book Awards. Me Before You has since gone on to...more

  • #108 Anna Hart: On Travel, Writing & Self-Discovery

    Jan 10 2018

    This episode of Ctrl Alt Delete is all about travel and self-discovery. Anna Hart is my guest today, who is one of my favourite travel writers, and she has just written a book called Departures. Anna Hart writes for The Telegraph, Grazia, GQ, The Guardian and Conde Nast Traveller, Sunday Times Travel and is contributing travel editor of Stylist magazine. Her book Departures, is published by Little Brown this year exploring the world as a traveller, drawing on 10 years experience of travel w...more

  • #107: Lucy Sheridan: How To Stop Comparing And Despairing Online

    Dec 22 2017

    Lucy Sheridan is the World's first and only "Comparison Coach". She came on the podcast last year to talk about a book she co-authored with fellow lifecoach Jo Westwood. This time, we discuss the dreaded act on social media comparison in all it's ugliness.Lucy is a Hay House author and life coach who specialises in her helping her clients get over the compare and despair that can be heightened via social media. She uses the #comparisonfree hashtag online spreading awareness of how to find the to...more

  • #105: Tom Chatfield: How To Spot Bullsh*t

    Dec 02 2017

    Tom Chatfield is a leading writer, thinker and speak on technology and digital culture. We sat on a panel together a few years back and I loved what he had to say. He’s consulted for firms ranging from Google, Coca Cola to Time Out, he is interested in improving our experiences of digital culture, with a special interest in A.I., the psychology of human-machine interactions and the ethics of tech.He’s a TED Global speaker (with ver 1 million of his talk “7 Ways Games Reward the Brain”) and ...more

  • #104 Lauren Laverne: On The Joy & Intimacy Of Audio

    Nov 23 2017

    So excited to have Lauren Laverne on the podcast today! Lauren Laverne is a radio DJ, television presenter, author and co-founder of the award-winning digital platform The Pool. She has presented TV shows including 10 O'Clock Live for Channel 4, and The Culture Show and coverage of the Glastonbury Festival for the BBC. She currently presents a radio show on BBC Radio 6 Music and also Late Night Woman's Hour. We discuss the fact that Late Night Woman's Hour podcast has it's own dedicated pod...more

  • #103 Why Is Talking About Money So Awkward? (Live Podcast at Starling Bank)

    Nov 15 2017

    I did a live podcast recording of Ctrl Alt Delete at Starling Bank offices where we spoke about the awkwardness of money and the taboo that surrounds it. How often do you check your bank account? What keeps you up at night? Why don't we talk about these things?It's a weird, emotional, vulnerable topic. We all have our own personal relationship with money and we all keep a lot hidden in the depths of our own minds. For this very special one-off live recording of Ctrl Alt Delete, hosted at Starlin...more

  • #102 June Sarpong: How To Diversify Your Life

    Nov 12 2017

    Welcome to my exciting episode with the incredible June Sarpong. We discuss her new book Diversify backstage at Stylist Live. I've wanted to meet June for ages, so this is a VERY exciting episode! June has enjoyed a 20-year career which has already seen her become one of the most recognisable faces of British television, as well as being one of the UK’s most intelligent and dynamic young hosts. June has also taken on the world’s most challenging live audiences, hosting 2005’s major Make Poverty ...more

  • #101 Hannah Jewell: A Nasty Woman Special

    Nov 06 2017

    Hannah Jewell is a pop culture host at The Washington Post, and a former senior writer at BuzzFeed, where she became known for her humour writing - she presented BuzzFeed's live 2016 election night show, which was watched by nearly 7 million people.She has also now written a book called 100 Nasty Women of History. All about brilliant, badass and completely fearless women everyone should know.The book is about women in history who were deemed too nasty for their times. When you learn about (the v...more

  • #100: A Special 100th Episode Rewind

    Oct 29 2017

    Today my 100th episode has gone live! That’s 100 guests, 100 locations, 100 different topics, over 1 million downloads and whole load of listening, from me as the host, and listeners all around the world. I think this calls for a digital celebration and some trip-down-memory-lane reflection. I wasn’t really going to do anything for my 100th episode, until I realised that no-one is responsible for shouting about anything for you – it’s up to you! If you want to say “WOO HOO” about something then ...more

  • #99 Will Storr: Selfies, Self-esteem & Our Environment

    Oct 21 2017

    This episode is with Will Storr, journalist and author of many books including his most recent work of non-fiction called SELFIE. We talk about his new book Selfie: how we became so self-obsessed and what it’s doing to us. He unpicks our society’s longing for self-esteem and where this came from – and how we are products of our own environment. Why do we have to be confident extroverts to be successful? Truth is, we don’t. He writes that the perfect self is propaganda and doesn’t actually exist....more

  • #98 Anne Boden: Money Isn't A Taboo Subject

    Oct 14 2017

    Today’s episode is with Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank. I’m proud to have partnered with Starling to talk more about money, a topic I don't think we talk enough about. Starling is a mobile-only bank, and they believe everyone should be able to enjoy a healthy financial life. I love that Starling is spear-headed by a woman and Anne’s passion for helping me manage their money better. I feel its important we talk about money more, especially when pay gaps still exist and money is such an emotiona...more

  • #97 Viv Groskop: Even Tolstoy Got Trolled

    Oct 06 2017

    Viv Groskop is a writer, broadcaster and stand-up comedian. Viv’s brand new 2017 show ANCHORWOMAN: WHEN THE NEWS GETS TOO MUCH was performed at Edinburgh Fringe this year and featured on: BBC R2 and BBC R4. We chat about Viv’s new book, acquired by Penguin The Anna Karenina Fix: Life Lessons from Russian Literature. Viv is also a Columnist and agony aunt called Dear Viv at The Pool. She reviews TV for the Guardian and is the author of “stand-up meets mid-life crisis memoir” I Laughed, I Cried. A...more

  • #96 Rae Earl: "Snowflake" Is A Bullsh*t Word

    Sep 27 2017

    Rae Earl is a brilliant author. Her books My Mad Fat Diary & My Madder Fatter Diary have been made into a TV show that is shown in over 50 countries worldwide including the USA, Brazil, South Korea & Morocco. My Mad Fat Diary has been nominated for 2 BAFTAS, 2 RTS awards, an international Emmy award and has won 2 MIND Media awards. Her mental heath guide It’s All in Your Head is out now – and it is a hug in a book. Rae has written articles for The Guardian, Marie Claire, Elle, Elle Austr...more

  • #95 Joe Lycett: Comedy, Sexuality and Hecklers

    Sep 11 2017

    Joe Lycett is a comedian and author. He has appeared on TV shows including Live At The Apollo, Taskmaster, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 8 Out of 10 Cats and many many more. Recently Joe has made several guest appearances on "Sunday Brunch" in the absence of one of the regular hosts. Next year he is going on a brand new tour next year called I'M ABOUT TO LOSE CONTROL AND I THINK JOE LYCETT. He’ll be performing his show in most cities around the UK and to buy tickets and find out more go to joelycett...more

  • #94 Giovanna Fletcher: Motherhood & The Internet

    Sep 05 2017

    Giovanna Fletcher is a Sunday Times bestselling author, actress and vlogger.Her first book, Billy and Me was released in May 2013, and a year later she returned with a second title, You’re the One That I Want, in 2014. Then another book in 2015, and another one in 2016! I was so excited to talk to Giovanna about her writing and creative processes and where she gets all her ideas from. We also chatted about friendship, motherhood and living life online as a parent in the public eye...more

  • #93 Will Young: On Boundaries & Redefining Success

    Aug 20 2017

    I’m so excited to bring you this episode with Will Young. Obviously I know Will from his Pop Idol success back in the noughties - I was a fan then and I am now too, but for a different reason: his new podcast with his friend Chris Sweeney called HOMO SAPIENS is brilliant. They describe it as “two gay guys talking to people we think are interesting” and were heavily inspired by BBC's Woman's Hour. Episode 1 was released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the start of decriminalisation of ho...more

  • #92 Rebecca Holman: Are you an Alpha or a Beta?

    Aug 11 2017

    Rebecca Holman is the editor of The Debrief and the author of BETA: Quiet Girls Can Run The World. Rebecca was also my boss when I worked at The Debrief years ago, and so it was nice to catch up with her, especially as she also featured me in her book (which you should all read). Rebecca’s book BETA is published on 24th August '17 and takes a look at the two stereotypes of women in the workplace: the Alpha boss, or the Beta secretary or assistant. Rebecca is self-defined as a straight up Be...more

  • #91 Michelle Kennedy: On Friendship & Motherhood

    Jul 31 2017

    Michelle Kennedy is the CEO and co-founder of Peanut, an app for Mums who want to make new friends. She started Peanut after struggling to meet other mums she could relate to while also working. After finding herself trawling blogs for baby advice at 2am while her friends were still hanging out in clubs, she decided to create a product to make being a mum a little less lonely. Michelle started her career as a lawyer at leading international law firm, she later joined dating app, Badoo, where she...more

  • #90 Lily Cole & Henry Holland: The Problem With Plastic

    Jul 24 2017

    This is a slightly different episode. I interview artist and activist Lily Cole and British fashion designer Henry Holland and a handful of other people who are all behind BRITA’S #SWAPFORGOOD campaign. This campaign is to raise awareness of the 7.7 billion single-use plastic water bottles that end up in seas and landfill every year and the fact that by 2050 there is a good chance there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Pretty horrifying stats. Henry Holland and BRITA have teamed up t...more

  • #89 Cathy Rentzenbrink: How To Deal With Heartache

    Jul 22 2017

    Cathy Rentzenbrink is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling memoir The Last Act of Love. She was born in Cornwall, grew up in Yorkshire and she now lives in London, where she works as a writer and journalist. She is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling memoir The Last Act of Love, which was shortlisted for the Wellcome Book Prize and one of my personal favourite memoirs of last year. It tells the story of Cathy and her family coming to terms with a horrific accident involving her youn...more

  • #88 Lucy Vine: Hot Messes vs Cool Girls vs Bridgets Joneses

    Jul 12 2017

    Lucy Vine is a freelance journalist based in London, who regularly writes and edits for the likes of Grazia, Heat, Cosmo, Stylist and Marie Claire. She also writes a weekly newsy column for Grazia Daily. She was fed up of seeing the happily-ever-afters in films, so she decided to write her own story and her debut Hot Mess is the result. Hot Mess has been described as the hilarious laugh-out-loud Bridget Jones for a new generation. We talk about female friendship, "Cool Girls", being single, exte...more

  • #87 Matt Haig: Twitter, Time and Mental Health

    Jul 09 2017

    Matt Haig is a brilliant author who writes for both children and adults. His memoir Reasons to Stay Alive was a number one bestseller last year, staying in the British top ten for 46 weeks. His children's book A Boy Called Christmas was a huge hit recently, translated in over 25 languages and being made into a film by Studio Canal. The Guardian called it an 'instant classic' and his fans include Neil Gaiman. His novels for adults include the award-winning The Radleys and The Humans. His newest b...more

  • #86 Tavi Gevinson: Our Past Online Selves

    Jun 24 2017

    Excited to bring you today’s episode with the amazing Tavi Gevinson. I’ve followed her career for years, her fashion blog Style Rookie was one of the first blogs I ever read which she founded when she was 11. I also really enjoyed her TED talk she did back in 2012 all about being a teen and figuring stuff out. Tavi Gevinson is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the Rookie Magazine shifting her focus to pop culture and feminist discussion - it broke one-million page views within five days of laun...more

  • #85 Otegha Uwagba: How To Build Your Own Brand

    Jun 15 2017

    Otegha Uwagba is the author of The Little Black Book and founder of Women Who.Women Who is a London-based platform she created to connect, support and and inspire creative working women. Besides running Women Who, she is also a freelance writer for places like ELLE and an occasional brand consultant, having spent years working at Vice and huge creative agencies.So in this episode we talk about her first book, Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women which I re...more

  • #84 Chloe Brotheridge: Let's Talk About Anxiety

    Jun 12 2017

    Chloe Brotheridge is a fully qualified hypnotherapist, nutritionist and the author of The Anxiety Solution, which was published by Penguin earlier this year. She likes to help people with anxiety, confidence, public speaking, stress and sleep issues, and her hypnotherapy sessions helping make changes to people’s thoughts, feelings, habits or behaviours. She aims to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time, using around 3-5 sessions. In this episode, we discuss how anxiety is on th...more

  • #83 Vanessa Van Edwards (Behavioural Investigator): On First Impressions & How To Be Memorable

    Jun 09 2017

    Vanessa Van Edwards is an author, Huffington Post columnist and behavioural investigator. Sheconsults Fortune 500 companies and is a professional people watcher—speaking, researching and cracking the code of interesting human behaviour for audiences around the world. Vanessa’s groundbreaking workshops and courses teach individuals how to succeed in business and life by understanding the hidden dynamics of people. She has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, the Today Show, CNN, Fast Company...more

  • #82 Reni Eddo-Lodge: Books, Privilege, Feminism & Structural Racism

    Jun 05 2017

    Reni Eddo-Lodge is an award winning writer and author of the forthcoming Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race. Her new book Why I'm published by Bloomsbury Books in the UK, Australia & New Zealand on 1st June 2017, and the United States on 5th December 2017. 2015 Man Booker Prize-winner Marlon James writing that it was 'essential'. Her book explores issues from eradicated black history to the political purpose of white dominance, whitewashed feminism to the inextricable link ...more

  • #81 Juno Dawson: The Gender Games

    Jun 01 2017

    Juno Dawson is the multi award-winning author of ten books. In 2014 Juno became a School Role Model for the charity STONEWALL. In 2016, she authored the best-selling World Book Day title: SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. Her latest novel is the beautiful and emotive MARGOT & ME (which came out in January in 2017) and her memoir THE GENDER GAMES is out now. In 2015, Juno announced her intention to undergo gender transition and live as a woman. On the cover of The Gender Games it says "the problem with me...more

  • #80 Sali Hughes: Saying No & Keeping Your Integrity

    May 27 2017

    Sali Hughes is an author, broadcaster, Guardian columnist and founder of the award-winning salihughesbeauty.com. She is a former magazine editor, has written extensively for Grazia, The Observer, Elle, Stylist, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and is Contributing Editor at Red magazine. She has also written a beauty column for The Guardian for many years. Sali has appeared frequently on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, Sky News, BBC2’s Newsnight and This Morning and Lorraine. Her YouTube series of...more

  • #79 Jen Sincero: Let's Talk About MONEY

    May 24 2017

    Jen Sincero is a #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, life coach and motivational speaker. She has helped countless people transform their personal and professional lives via her seminars, public appearances and books. Before this, Jen Sincero worked at CBS Records. In her words she “played in several failed rockbands, she had a string of loser boyfriends and never any money in her bank account.” Then she decided something had to change. Jen’s book YOU ARE A BADASS was a No.1 New York Times bestselle...more

  • #78 Deborah Frances-White: Guilty Feminists! Include Yourself

    May 16 2017

    Deborah Frances-White is the host of podcast The Guilty Feminist, a founding member of The Spontaneity Shop, co-author of The Improv Handbook, stand-up comedian, screenwriter, corporate speaker and executive coach and is passionate about helping women in business to unlock their personal power. On May 22nd Deborah is running a Guilty Feminist ‘Include Yourself’ leadership day at Kings Place, where she’ll be encouraging women to learn how to be more visible and audible and have less apology and s...more

  • #77 Emily Reynolds: The Internet & Mental Health

    May 12 2017

    Recorded live at Waterstones, London on May 11th, 2017. Emily Reynolds is a writer and author, based in London, specialising in features and opinion on mental health, tech, science and gender. She has bylines at NY Mag, the Guardian, Times Literary Supplement, New Statesman, BBC and many more. She has appeared on Newstalk, the FiveThirtyEight podcast, Radio 4's Today Programme and Woman's Hour. Her first book, A Beginner's Guide To Losing Your Mind, was released in February 2017. In 2016 she co-...more

  • #76 Daisy Buchanan Q&A [BONUS]: Femvertising, Freelancing & Feminism

    May 03 2017

    I interviewed Daisy Buchanan for episode #71 and we also did a Twitter Q&A around her book How To Be A Grown-Up which is out NOW. So, enjoy this bonus extra episode from that interview! We talk about the phrase "real women", femvertising, activism as a trend, male feminism, freelancing advice and more. Daisy Buchanan is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author. Last year she won the Words by Women Lifestyle Journalist award and Dating Journalist of the Year at the UK Dating Awards...more

  • #75 Gemma Cairney (Recorded With Live Audience): Toxic Friends & Heartache

    Apr 24 2017

    This episode was audio produced by Shola Aleje and Marcus Hessenberg. In this episode, I sat with Gemma Cairney in the basement of Tottenham Court Road Waterstones and we talked about the ups and downs of *life* and all the important themes in Gemma's new book. We discuss how to deal with toxic friendships, how to work professionally with friends, how to deal with life and work "overwhelm", how to create boundaries, GIRL POWER, period leaks, heart-ache and heartbreak, mental health, empathy, ang...more

  • #74 Seth Godin: Educating Yourself & False Fear

    Apr 17 2017

    Seth Godin is a legend. The author of 18 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He is something spreads ideas and writes about marketing, leadership and change. Some of his most well-known books are Linchpin, Tribes, and Purple Cow which I mention on this podcast in conversation. It's a book that has really inspired me - it's all about how to be remarkable and stand out. His blog (which you can find by typing "seth" into Google) is...more

  • #73 Lilly Singh: How To Be A BAWSE

    Apr 14 2017

    Lilly Singh is an extremely popular and talented entertainer who has found worldwide fame through her YouTube channel which currently has over 11 million subscribers. She has interviewed everyone from Michelle Obama to Bill Gates and makes amazing weekly videos. She was featured in Forbes' 2016 30 Under 30 and in 2016 was named the top earning female YouTuber in the world. Lilly’s book teaches readers how to be their own bawse, a person who exudes confidence and reaches goals. Inspired by hilari...more

  • #72 Victoria Magrath (In The Frow): Getting a PHD, Brands & YouTube

    Apr 09 2017

    Victoria is one of the top bloggers and YouTubers in the luxury fashion space - her blog In The Frow is an award-winning blog which has a huge global audience. Victoria has a PHD in fashion, started her career as a Fashion Marketing Lecturer at the University of Manchester and is now a L’Oreal Paris hair ambassador. She was also in a huge Princes Trust L’Oreal campaign alongside people such as Helen Mirren, Katie Piper and Cheryl Cole. In 2016, Victoria was also nominated for a Glamour Woman of ...more

  • #71 Daisy Buchanan (Author): How To Be A Grown-Up (Or At Least Try)

    Apr 05 2017

    Daisy Buchanan is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author. Last year she won the Words by Women Lifestyle Journalist award and Dating Journalist of the Year at the UK Dating Awards. She was Grazia's agony aunt and is the author of How To Be A Grown Up which is out now with Headline. She writes regularly for the Debrief, Esquire, the Guardian, the Sunday Times and The Telegraph. We talk about book writing, jealousy, creating boundaries, why quitting can be a good thing and whether or ...more

  • #70 Melissa Hemsley: On Home-Cooking + Meditation

    Mar 29 2017

    Melissa is a food lover and one half of the Hemsley+Hemsley sisters. She is a cookbook author with a London cafe ‘HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY at Selfridges’ and a Channel 4 TV series that celebrates great ingredients and easy home cooking. Melissa’s new book ‘EAT HAPPY: 30 minute Feelgood Food’ is out Jan 2018 and she is committed to bold, simple, healthy food based around accessible ingredients and innovative recipes that everyone can cook. Melissa is passionate about cutting down on food waste, trans...more

  • #69 Bryony Gordon: Mental Health & Marathons

    Mar 23 2017

    Bryony Gordon is a writer and columnist at the Telegraph and a Sunday Times bestselling author of two memoirs, The Wrong Knickers and Mad Girl. The Wrong Knickers came out in 2014, a memoir of "hedonistic antics" during her single life and Mad Girl picked in the most recent Richard and Judy Book Club is an honest account of life living a mental illness specifically OCD. Last year, Bryony founded Mental Health Mates a regular meet-up for people with mental health issues, where they could walk and...more

  • #68 with Lena Dunham: Dealing With Life Online & Offline

    Mar 20 2017

    I met Lena Dunham in 2014 when I interviewed her for an online magazine about her book and since then we’ve kept in touch. She has been a huge supportive influence, also having generously given me a quote for my book. She needs no introduction really but here it is. It is safe to say she is one of the most successful women in the biz right now. Lena Dunham is a Golden Globe winner, best known for writing, directing, producing and acting in Girls HBO. Her first big break was in 2010, when her fil...more

  • #67 Alice Lowe (Filmmaker) - Recorded at The BFI with a live audience

    Mar 17 2017

    Alice Lowe is a director, actress and writer, mainly in comedy. She is best known for her roles in the Garth Marenghi series and as the lead and co-writer of the 2012 film Sightseers. Her new film is out NOW (in UK and now America) called Prevenge, a comedy-slasher film about a pregnant woman seeking revenge. Alice appeared in the action comedy film Hot Fuzz, and took a lead role in the 2012 film Sightseers, the third production from director Ben Wheatley. Sightseers was written by Alice with St...more

  • #66 Imrie Morgan: Building A Platform For Black British Millennials

    Mar 12 2017

    Imrie Morgan is the Co-Founder and CEO of the ShoutOut Network and the Co-host of the Melanin Millennials podcast. This podcast is one of the first UK podcasts to be made by and for black British women - it’s been covered by places like The Debrief and Refinery 29 and is expanding into live events and sponsorship with big brands. All the podcasts on the Shout Out next work are hosted by people from underrepresented backgrounds - it now has 5 podcasts on the roster, covering pop-culture, history,...more

  • #65 Gillian Anderson & Jennifer Nadel: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere

    Mar 10 2017

    Today's episode is with Gilllian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel. Gillian is an actress, activist and writer, probably best known for her iconic roles in the X Files and The Fall. Jennifer is a qualified barrister who, after reporting for the BBC and Channel 4 News, became ITN’s Home Affairs Editor. She has also written a non-fiction book which was made into a channel 4 documentary and a novel called Pretty Thing. They’ve together written a book called WE: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere. Gillian a...more

  • #64 Elan Mastai: Dystopian Worlds & Winging It

    Mar 04 2017

    Elan has worked in the film industry for years and is best known for writing the award-winning screenplay for What If? starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver. All Our Wrong Todays is Elan’s debut novel and the film rights for the adaptation have been secured by Paramount and producer Amy Pascal (who produced the female Ghostbusters). Elan is currently writing the screenplay for film development. So the premise of the book? It’s 2016 and in Tom’s world, technology has solved all of ...more

  • #63 Liv Purvis (Bonus Episode): Comparing and Despairing

    Feb 27 2017

    Liv is a popular YouTuber, blogger, Instagrammer and is currently nominated for a GLAMOUR Woman Of The Year Award. Her blog ‘What Olivia Did’ has grown into an outlet for everything from personal style, travel, food, music and beauty, as well as interviews with inspiring women who she admires. Mixing ethereal photography with her instinctive style and beautiful attention to detail. Olivia has recently collaborated with Lancôme at the Bafta’s, Boden, Miss Selfridge, Kate Spade, Estee Lauder to na...more

  • #61 Tiffanie Darke: Generation X vs Millennials

    Feb 22 2017

    Tiffanie Darke is someone I've admired for years. She was the editor of Sunday Times Style for 12 years, then the creative content director at News UK. She has a new book that has just come out called "This is 40: whatever happened to Generation X", where she has interviewed some of the most iconic Gen X’ers such as Pearl Lowe, Richard Reed and Blur’s bassist Alex James to look at how Gen X live their life in between being young and old. She's also written two novels - her first novel, MARROW, w...more

  • #60 Grace Victory: On Building Confidence & Staying In Your Own Lane

    Feb 20 2017

    Grace Victory is an award-winning blogger, YouTuber and TV presenter and soon to be author. She was voted best YouTuber for Cosmopolitan Magazine and was awarded Most Inspiring Role Model by InStyle Magazine. Grace is an inspiration to thousands of young people around the world and hailed as the “most inspiring person on the net” and the “Internet's Big Sister”, being one of the only mainstream fashion and beauty bloggers to cover mental health issues. Last year Grace made her BBC 3 documentary ...more

  • #58 Sophie Kinsella - A Not So Perfect Life

    Jan 22 2017

    Sophie Kinsella is an international bestselling author - she has sold 7 million copies of her books worldwide and is a household name after finding fame with her hugely popular Shopaholic series in 2000. Her novels have been translated into 30 languages and her Shopaholic novels were made into films starring Isla Fisher. Last year, she made her first foray into the YA world with Finding Audrey - which was chosen by Zoella in her WHSmith 2017 book club. Her new book, My Not So Perfect Life is abo...more

  • #57 Scarlett Curtis - Collaboration, Campaigning & Taking Action

    Jan 18 2017

    We talk about campaigning, collaboration and the influence of having parents who are very active in the charity space - the filmmaker Richard Curtis and script-writer Emma Freud - they play a big role in not-for-profit organisations such as Project Everyone and the Global Goals. Although they are many dark corners of the Intenet, we talk about the positives: how communities you create via Internet and blogging can help save your life. Scarlett has launched an initiative recently called Un-Idle ...more

  • #56 Dolly Alderton (Sunday Times Columnist) - On Women We Admire & Not Believing Your Own Hype

    Jan 16 2017

    Dolly is an award-winning journalist who has written for The Sunday Times, The Sunday Times Style, The Telegraph, GQ, Red, Marie Claire and many *many* more. ​ Since January 2015, she has been the dating columnist for The Sunday Times Style. Dolly also writes and directs for TV. She was the story producer for Made In Chelsea and was script assistant on the final series of E4’s Fresh Meat. In 2015, her first short film Anna, Island was accepted to The London Short Film Festival. The film, about a...more

  • #55 Bridget Minamore (Poet & Journalist) - How Much Would It Cost To Delete Your Twitter Account?

    Jan 09 2017

    Bridget Minamore is a writer. She has written for the Guardian, The Pool, The Debrief, Pitchfork and others. She writes about pop culture, race, and feminism – and the intersections between them. She is part of the creative team behind Brainchild Festival and works with the charity My Body Back, a project to empower women who have experienced sexual violence. She also a poet and runs poetry workshops – mostly for young people – around the UK. Her poetry book called ‘Titanic‘ came out last year. ...more

  • #54 Laura Dockrill (Poet & Author) - You Don’t Have To Be One Thing

    Jan 02 2017

    Laura Dockrill is a performance poet, author, illustrator and short story writer. She is the author of the Darcy Burdock series and a YA novel, Lorali with a follow up book coming out this year. She has also written a number of adult poetry collections. "My Mum is a Grown Down" is her first poetry collection for children about a wild, hysterical and hilarious Mum, which is coming in July this year. The Independent calls her “A poet for the iPod generation” and Red magazine's “literary girl crush...more

  • #53 Alice Tams (Illustrator) - Birds, Hats & Potential Copycats

    Dec 19 2016

    Alice Tams is a full-time illustrator, running her own business from a studio in London. She is the creator of a popular series of illustrations of birds wearing a variety of hats (#BirdsInHats)- which I have hanging on my bedroom wall, given to me as a present from my boyfriend. You can find her products online at her stop alicetams.com - or in the Etsy shop - and physically at one of her stockists. In December 2013, Alice drew a penguin in a christmas hat and jumper and had used it on a Christ...more

  • #52 Estée Lalonde (YouTuber & Author) - Dealing With Stress & Practicing Self-Care

    Dec 12 2016

    Estée is a blogger, author and founder of a very successful YouTube channel with over a million subscribers. I enjoy watching her channel for her series FemTalk where she discusses stuff from periods, to sex, to how to stand up for yourself but I also follow her for her beauty expertise. (I’m obsessed with face masks.) Estée has worked with a huge range of brands from Burberry to the Body Shop to Adidas. She recently won InStyle UK's Best Beauty Reviewer Award and was nominated last year for a G...more

  • #49 Zanna Van Dijk (Fitness Blogger & Author): Business, Body Confidence & Bullying

    Nov 29 2016

    Zanna is a blogger, fitness model and author with over 130,000 followers on Instagram. She has walked in London Fashion Week and has starred as the face of the Tommy Hilfiger sports capsule collection and the face of the most recent Adidas series of workout videos. She also has her own line of activewear which is available in places like Sports Philosophy and Active in Style. She is the co-founder of the Girl Gains movement a community which brings together hundreds of women at huge events and e...more

  • #48 Nimko Ali - On Protecting & Empowering Girls and Young Women

    Nov 21 2016

    Nimko is the co-founder of Daughters of Eve - alongside Leyla Hussein - a non profit organisation, that works to advance and protect the physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health rights of young people from female genital mutilation practising communities. They recognise that (FGM) is a form of gender-based violence. Daughters of Eve believe that young people need to be supported holistically and work with women and girls and give them specialist support. In 2014, Daughters Of Eve receive...more

  • #47 Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood (Life Coaches): Talking About Modern Day Spirituality

    Nov 21 2016

    Lucy Sheridan is the world's first and only 'Comparison Coach' focused on helping millennials go comparison free. She’s appeared on Oprah’s lifeclass to discuss comparison and her work has been featured in Grazia, the Daily Mail, Stella magazine and the Evening Standard and more. Jo Westwood goes by the name The Spirit DJ and she coaches 30-something creatives and change makers who have successful 6 figure+ careers on how to invest in financial, energetic and emotional happiness. Her work has be...more

  • #46 Catherine Allen & Cherry Healey - Has Social Media Killed Good Conversation?

    Nov 16 2016

    Today’s guests are Catherine Allen, the CEO of Lyristic and executive producer of No Small Talk and Cherry Healey, TV presenter and documentary maker. No Small Talk is a new kind of virtual reality talk show commissioned by the BBC for millennial women, co-produced by two leading independent VR companies Lyristic and VR City and produced by Dorothea Gibbs and directed by Darren Emerson. This 10 minute episode is designed for viewing on Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. The first episode has ...more

  • #45 Lliana Bird (Founder of Help Refugees): Social Media And The Refugee Crisis

    Nov 10 2016

    I interviewed Lliana Bird at Cheltenham Literature Festival in October about her new book alongside Ella Mills (Deliciously Ella) so it was nice to catch up again and chat more about what she's up to. Lliana Bird is a radio presenter, writer, actress and co-founder of Help Refugees, currently presenting the Friday and Saturday evening shows on Radio X. She has also previously contributed to Capital Radio, Virgin Radio, and the BBC Local Radio service. Lliana also presents a weekly podcast entitl...more

  • #44 Anna Whitehouse (Founder of Mother Pukka) - How To Parent The Sh*t Out Of Life

    Nov 04 2016

    Anna Whitehouse is a journalist, editor and founder of the brilliant Mother Pukka empire. MotherPukka.co.uk is a blog for ‘people who happen to be parents’. Her Instagram feed has grown to 50,000 followers in a year. She’s previously worked at Stylist magazine, and at Time Out Amsterdam before writing for fashion labels such as Tommy Hilfiger. We talk about starting your own business, flexible working, sponsored content, the parenting Instagram community and the importance of looking after yours...more

  • #43 The Step Up Club - Discussing Work Life Balance & Mentorship

    Nov 01 2016

    Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine are the driving force behind Step Up Club; the platform championing the success of career women and have now published a book with Ebury called Step Up, full of practical advice for stepping it up in your career. Alice Olins spent a decade at The Times as its Senior Fashion Writer, then Marie Claire’s Fashion Features Director. Today, Alice is the Fashion Features Director-at-Large at Red magazine, and continues to write on a freelance basis for publications ...more

  • #42 Miranda Sawyer (Journalist & Music Critic): What's A Modern Midlife Crisis?

    Oct 25 2016

    Miranda is a writer and broadcaster. She writes regularly for The Observer and The Mirror. Her first writing job was at Smash Hits, in 1988. Then Select magazine, where she won a PPA award for Writer of the Year. During the 90s, she had a column in Time Out and she wrote for The Face. She makes documentaries for Radio 4 and interview musicians and artists for The Culture Show. She wrote a book called Park and Ride, about Britain’s relationships with its suburbs and her most recent book is called...more

  • #41 Lisa Owens (Author): So What Do You Do?

    Oct 22 2016

    Lisa Owens is a writer who quit her job as an editor at independent publisher Profile Books to study creative writing at the University of East Anglia. Her debut novel Not Working was published last year by Picador about a girl called Claire who quits her job to “find herself”. We talk about her writing process, the importance of writing down your observations, how to self-edit and how to go about getting your first book published. We also talk about the potential narcissism of only reading non-...more

  • #40 Laura Bates (Founder of Everyday Sexism) - Do We Need An Internet Police?

    Oct 11 2016

    I interviewed the amazing author and The Everyday Sexism Project founder Laura Bates at Cheltenham Literature Festival on 9th October 2016 for a very special live episode of this podcast. Laura's new book GIRL UP tackles body image, relationships and social media pressures. It's a no-nonsense survival guide to growing up as a 21st century, empowered girl. We talk about sex education, body image, social media, feminist societies, educating boys and the power of speaking up. For this episode we ar...more

  • #39 Megan Gilbride (Blogger) - The Business of Blogging, Brands & Body Image

    Oct 07 2016

    Meg is my friend and the founder of the Wonderful You blog and YouTube channel where she aims to change the traditional blogging industry with her unique art direction. She covers topics such as fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and travel, not afraid of speaking out on issues such as body and self confidence. She’s worked with loads of brands including Levi's, ASOS, Clinique, Wonderbra and Selfridges and she was one of The Media Eye’s - Rising Stars in June this year and is represented by Milk Manage...more

  • #38 Cindy Gallop - Why You Should Work For Yourself & The Future Of Sex

    Sep 26 2016

    Cindy Gallop is an advertising consultant, founder and former chair of the US branch of advertising firm BBH . She is the founder of the IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn. Cindy’s TEDTalk "Make Love Not Porn" was one of the "most talked about presentations" at the 2009 TED conference and has been watched over one and a half million times. We talk about the future of sex, what “social sex” means, her company Make Love Not Porn, why people (women especially) should work for themselves and why we...more

  • #36 Mara Wilson - On Growing Up & Accidental Fame

    Sep 13 2016

    I’ve been a fan of Mara Wilson since I was 7 years old. She is the star of my favourite film from when I was little, the 1996 film "Matilda" based on the book by Roald Dahl. She’s also known for her roles in Mrs. Doubtfire and the 1994 remake of Miracle on 34th Street. Nowadays, she’s an author, a playwright and occasional actress. I caught up her with her to talk about her new book, out TODAY (13th SEPTEMBER) called “Where Am I Now? True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame.” I loved this co...more

  • #35 Heather Havrilesky (Columnist "Ask Polly") - On Writing, Giving Advice & Not Being A “Guru”

    Sep 04 2016

    She is the sweary big sister of the Internet who gives brilliant and thought-provoking weekly advice via her column “Ask Polly” for New York Magazines “The Cut”. She answers all sorts of questions from “How do I dump my crappy best friend?” to “I’m broke and I hate my job” to “My sister has cancer and I can’t go on.” It’s my favourite weekly column and every week I’m excited to read it. I always learn something important. She has a book that’s just come out called “How To Be a Person In The Worl...more

  • #33 Hannah Witton (YouTuber) - On Sex Education & Contraception

    Aug 30 2016

    Hannah Witton has popular YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers and likes to spread positive messages about sex, relationships, body image, gender & sexuality and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s worked with the likes of MTV & Durex – In 2013 she was shortlisted for Young Person of the Year at the Sexual Health Awards and Her short film on the History of Homosexuality was a finalist in the Guardian and Oxford University Press’ Very Short Film Competition in 2013. in 2014 she ...more

  • #32 Cariad Lloyd (Performer & Actress) - The Power of Improv

    Aug 25 2016

    Cariad Lloyd is an award-winning actor, improviser, comedian and writer. She has appeared in Peep Show, Have I Got News For You and Qi. She has been improvising for ten years and is one of the creators of Austentatious: The Improvised Jane Austen Novel, who have had four sell-out Edinburgh Festivals. Visit austentatiousimpro.com for all the upcoming tour dates.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • #30 Lucy Lendrem (Gleam) - On Managing The UK's Biggest Social Talent

    Aug 16 2016

    Lucy Lendrem started off as an account manager at Gleam Digital in 2013 which created social strategies for brands like Chanel and Unilever - it later turned into Gleam Futures (a social talent agency that manages the most influential social talent in the world.) She now heads up the UK talent as a group talent manager. She was recently on The Drum’s 50 under 30 which highlighted 50 of the most impressive digital pioneers shaking up the industry. We discuss what it's like behind the scenes worki...more

  • #29 Gemma Cairney (Radio Presenter) - On Being Yourself And The Joy Of A Zig-Zag Career

    Aug 12 2016

    Gemma Cairney is a radio presenter who currently presents The Surgery on Wednesday evenings at 9.00pm on BBC Radio 1. In January 2015, Gemma started a production company called Boom Shakalaka Productions. The company produces various types of content, including podcasts and theatre. Boom Shakalaka produced a show about depression at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 called 'My Beautiful Black Dog'. Since 2008 Gemma has presented the BBC’s Glastonbury festival coverage and in 2015 she co-host...more

  • #28 Sheri Scott (Blogger) - On Sponsored Content & Running Your Own Business

    Aug 10 2016

    Sheri Scott runs the blog Forever Yours Betty which started as a pop-up vintage shop and went on to becoming one of Scotland’s most well respected Fashion & Lifestyle blogs. She’s worked with brands like Boden, Topshop, GAP, Radley and Accessorize and was shortlisted for UK’s Top Stylist voted by Stylist Magazine. She also runs her own creative PR and events company specialising within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. We talk personal branding, sponsored content, standing out fr...more

  • #27 Rosalind Jana (Model & Author) - Talking Fashion, Body Image & Teenage Advice

    Aug 07 2016

    Roz Jana runs the blog Clothes, Cameras and Coffee which she started in 2009 as outlet to express her writing and style - talking literature, body image, fashion and photography. She recently graduated from Oxford University and released her debut book Notes On Being Teenage in June this year. Her work has been featured in publications including The Observer, Evening Standard, Sunday Times Style, Teen Tatler, Grazia, TeenVogue, Vogue.co.uk and Guardian.co.uk. She won the Vogue Talent Contest for...more

  • #26 June Eric-Udorie - On Writing Creative Essays & Why We Need Less Talk, More Action

    Aug 05 2016

    June is an 18 year old writer and campaigner. She has been published in the Telegraph, The Guardian, The Pool, and a regular blogger for New Statesman. She was recently nominated for the Smart Women of the year award by Red magazine. She is the young press officer for Integrate Bristol, a charity that works towards equality and integration. She got 50,000 signatures on a petition that made feminism a part of A-level politics curriculum for students. She has recently earned a place on Penguin ...more

  • #25 Laurie Penny - On Freelancing, Online Life & The Power of Reading

    Aug 01 2016

    Laurie Penny is a journalist, feminist and author of five books including Unspeakable Things (Bloomsbury 2014), Cybersexism (Bloomsbury 2013) and Meat Market (Zer0 2011). She is a contributing Editor at New Statesman and writes and speaks on social justice, pop culture, gender issues and digital politics for The Guardian, The New York Times, Vice, Salon, The Nation, The New Inquiry and many more. She is also on the judging panel for the 2016 Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction. We talk about readi...more

  • #24 Caroline Kepnes (Fiction Author) - On Writing Crime Fiction, Technology Addiction & Friendships

    Jul 25 2016

    Caroline Kepnes is an author of YOU & Hidden Bodies. She's also a journalist, having covered pop culture for Entertainment Weekly, Tiger Beat, Teen Machine, E! Online, and Yahoo! TV. She has also written for the television shows and lives in Los Angeles. We talk about Internet addiction, obsession, writing crime fiction, how to be "authentic" and controlling friendships.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • #22 Luisa Omielan (Comedian) - Why Art & Comedy Can Save You

    Jul 16 2016

    Luisa Omielan is a comedian based in London. In 2012 Omielan performed her debut stand up solo show, What Would Beyoncé Do?! as part of the free fringe at the Edinburgh Festival. The show has since had seven sell out runs at London's Soho Theatre, it then continued to have a week run in the London West End at the Leicester Square Theatre. A 4-minute clip where Omielan discuses the ‘Thigh Gap’ went viral and has since amassed over 35 million views on Facebook. Her follow up show Am I Right Ladies...more

  • #21 Ryan Holiday - Ego, Idols & The Dangers Of Workaholism

    Jul 11 2016

    He is a media strategist, the former Director of Marketing for American Apparel and a media columnist and editor-at-large for the New York Observer. Holiday has also written for Forbes, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, The Columbia Journalism Review, ThoughtCatalog, Medium.com and the New York Observer, where he is the media columnist. In July 2012, Holiday's first book Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator was released by Portfolio/Penguin. It debuted on the Wall Street Jo...more

  • #20 Melissa Broder (@sosadtoday) - Is Social Media Like Drugs?

    Jul 09 2016

    Melissa Broder is the author of four poetry collections. She is also the author of the new essay collection, SO SAD TODAY (Scribe 2016). The book is of the same name as the extremely popular account @sosadtoday which has amassed nearly 400,000 followers to date, including celebrity fans such as Sky Ferreira, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. In May 2015 Broder went public as the creator of the account in Rolling Stone magazine (so rock and roll). Her book, So Sad Today speaks about her former addictio...more

  • #19 Bella Younger (Deliciously Stella) - From Instagram to Book Deal

    Jul 04 2016

    I first discovered Deliciously Stella on Instagram last year and over the past year she’s attracted fans such as Davina McCall and getting mainstream attention in Grazia, the Daily Mail, The Times, Buzzfeed and interviewed by the BBC. Deliciously Stella is a parody account created by comedian Bella Younger that gently mocks the #EatClean movement. She now has 125,000 followers on Instagram and growing - some magazines have called her the Instagram “Anti Hero”. She now has a book deal, a TV pilot...more

  • #17 Louise O'Neill - How To Hustle For Success While Looking After Your Own Wellbeing

    Jun 26 2016

    Louise O'Neill is one of the most inspiring generous people who I've befriended on Twitter. She is an Irish author and columnist, with a strong focus on feminism in her writing. Her first book, Only Ever Yours was published in 2014 and earned the title "Newcomer of the Year" of the Irish Book Awards and was the winner of the inaugural YA Book Prize in 2015. Her second book, Asking For It, was named Irish Times Book of the Month in September 2015. Rights of both books have been sold - film and TV...more

  • #16 Anne T Donahue - On Being A Writer & Not Caring What People Think

    Jun 15 2016

    Anne T Donahue is one of my favourite funny writers. She is also my email pen pal after becoming pals on Twitter. She is a columnist for MTV, writes for Buzzfeed, The Guardian, Canadian Living, Hello Giggles, Refinery29, Thought Catalog and so many more - and her newsletter "That's What She Said" is my one of my all-time favourite weekly reads. We talk about our Ghosts Of Our Teenage Past, how to become a writer and build a contact list and that moment Anne learned she No Longer Gave A Fuck when...more

  • #15 Olivia Purvis - Talking Social Media Comparison & The Evolution of Blogging

    Jun 12 2016

    My pal Liv! We are slightly hyper in places, this one was so much fun to record. And she is a wise owl for her young age of 23. Olivia Purvis is a lovely online soul who is always delivering useful and aesthetically pleasing nuggets of advice and recommendations on her blog "What Olivia Did". She has recently signed to STORM models (HELLO!!) all starting from her blog which has grown into an outlet for everything from style, travel, food, beauty lifestyle and music - as well as interviews with i...more

  • #14 Jessica Valenti - Talking Feminism & How To Deal With Online Abuse

    Jun 09 2016

    Jessica Valenti is an awesome woman. She has been called one of the Top 100 Inspiring Women in the world by the Guardian and is a daily columnist there. She is the author of six books on feminism, most recently Sex Object: A Memoir (2016) which came out this month. She founded Feministing.com in 2004, Her writing has appeared inThe New York Times, The Washington Post, Ms. magazine, Salon = and she has won many awards for her work. We talk about feminism, writing an honest memoir and how to deal ...more

  • #13 Amanda De Cadenet - On Using Your Voice & Supporting Young Girls Online

    Jun 02 2016

    Amanda De Cadenet is a photographer, actress and talk show host (and a huge inspiration to me). We talk about the incentive behind Amanda’s popular interview series TheConversation (theconversation.tv) - she’s interviewed amazing women - from Gwyneth Paltrow to Sarah Silverman to Hillary Clinton. She has recently launched the #GirlGaze project looking for the next generation female photographers. The project is backed by Amanda, the editor of Teen Vogue, Sam Taylor Johnson and so many other cool...more

  • #12 Stevie Martin - On Writing Comedy, Taking Risks & Getting Noticed

    May 30 2016

    Stevie Martin is a very very funny lady and my friend. She writes for women's publications such as Broadly, The Debrief, Refinery29 and others. She's also an actress and comedian (both writing and performing) and one third of the hilarious sketch group Massive Dad, represented by United Agents. We speak about creative careers, how to label yourself at work, improvisation, the competitiveness nature of the comedy and TV industry, and working in a writer's room.  See acast.com/privacy fo...more

  • #11 Sarah Powell (Heat Radio Presenter) - Talking Radio Careers, Cheese &

    May 25 2016

    Sarah Powell is a ray of golden sunshine and her chirpy friendly voice will be your new best friend. She's a radio and TV presenter who hosts her own on heat radio every weekday 4-7PM, chatting and interviewing schlebs. She has appeared on This Morning on ITV with silver fox Schofe, singing, cackling and generally just entertaining the nation. She has a weekly podcast with her friend Jules called Jules and Sarah The Podcast. Check out her writing in heat magazine and online for Standard Issue. H...more

  • #10 Tyler Ford - On Being Agender & Protecting Yourself Online

    May 21 2016

    Tyler Ford is a writer, activist and model living in NYC. In Tyler’s own words: “being Agender means not being confined by expectations or by labels”. They have written for New York Times, Rookie, the Guardian, MTV - as well as being one of Dazed’s 100 visionary talents in 2016. Tyler has also worked with Miley Cyrus on the Happy Hippie Foundation and gives constant advice and support to the LGBTQA youth community. We discuss Tyler's experiences being trans and queer, how to protect yourself onl...more

  • #9 Paulette Perhach - Talking Money & What It's Like To Go Viral

    May 17 2016

    An essay went viral earlier this year: a moving story about a woman and the money she may need at any given moment to escape from a job, a sleazy colleague or an abusive partner - it was called A Story Of The Fuck Off Fund. Did you read it? You probably did. It was published on the Billfold, it got retweeted and picked up by Jezebel, Stylist, Refinery 29, the Observer and Salon - some publications even wrote Think Pieces in response, questioning it, praising it, you name it. You know something h...more

  • #8 Julia White - Working at Twitter HQ & Getting The Most Out Of The Platform

    May 08 2016

    Julia is a very cool lady in tech. She studied at the Uni of Birmingham before starting out at the Express Newspapers, before being the deputy online editor of OK magazine, then the editor Yahoo’s celebrity channel. She now heads up the media partnerships at Twitter HQ, helping magazines such as ELLE, GLAMOUR, RED magazine to use Twitter in the most interesting way.. We talk about Twitter (0bvs), emojis, tweeting from Space, online journalism and the power of social media.  See acast.c...more

  • #7 Cheryl Strayed - On Writing, Quotes & Online Tribes

    May 01 2016

    This is a very exciting episode for me. A bit about Cheryl: her first book Torch in 2006, her second book, the memoir Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail was published in 2012, and has been translated into more than 40 languages. It debuted at number 7 on the New York Times Best Seller list and was chosen by Oprah as her first selection for Oprah's Book Club 2.0. Reese Witherspoon plays Cheryl and Laura Dern as Cheryl's mother, Bobbi in the amazing film adaptation of WILD. The fi...more

  • #5 Dawn O’Porter - Launching A Business & A Charity Using Social Media

    Apr 23 2016

    Dawn O’Porter has been my career crush for YEARS. I loved her first non-fiction book Diaries Of An Internet Lover back in 2006, and in 2007 I fell in love with her TV series (Super Slim Me and then Dawn Gets Naked, Dawn Gets A Baby and lots of others). Since then Dawn’s career has really evolved in many ways, with her best-selling novels: Paper Aeroplanes and Goose and now an adult novel series published by Harper Collins. Last year she also launched BOB a vintage clothing line, and has been a h...more

  • #4 Rowan Blanchard - Talking Social Media Etiquette & Finding Creative Hobbies

    Apr 17 2016

    Rowan Blanchard is one cool 14-year-old. She plays Riley Matthews in the hit Disney Channel series Girl Meets World, is an outspoken feminist and activist and has written for the likes of Rookie Magazine. We chatted about escapism via acting, our favourite movies, the empowering music we listen to and how our creative hobbies can be like free therapy. We also discussed how it’s great thing to enjoy your own company & being happy with yourself. Rowan recently called out cat-calling in a recen...more

  • #3 Ashley C Ford - Talking Permission, Productivity & Asking For More

    Apr 14 2016

    Ashley C Ford is one of my favourite people to follow on Twitter. You might recognise her voice from a very popular episode discussing Friendship on Lena Dunham's podcast 'Women Of The Hour'. She left her job at Buzzfeed a year ago to work on multiple different projects. She’s writer, editor, speaker, and professor at The New School in New York. She is currently writing a memoir (among other things), and co-editing the anthology Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture with the author of Bad ...more

  • #2 Zoella - Talking Internet Fame & Being Your Own Boss

    Apr 09 2016

    Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella is one of the most famous YouTubers on the Internet. She is a fascinating 26-year-old #girlboss running her own online empire pretty much from her bedroom. She launched her YouTube channel back in 2009 and started connecting with other people and uploading "hauls" for anyone who might want to watch it. Fast-forward seven years later and she has over 10 million subscribers, two best-selling books under her belt and her own range of beauty products in Superdrug, sung on the Ban...more

  • #1 Elizabeth Gilbert - Talking Creativity & Finding Your Voice

    Apr 05 2016

    We spoke about the 10th anniversary of Eat Pray Love and what that journey would have been like if Liz had an Instagram account at the time(!). We discuss the new book from Riverhead books called "Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It". Also how to switch off from social media and how your own online community can help you come up with new ideas and feed your curiosity. We spoke about finding the courage to work on new projects and leaving old ones behind; how to write in our different voices and how the ...more