Welcome to the Disruptors Podcast. This podcast features the most disruptive individuals on the planet no matter what niche or industry they are in, if you want thought provoking conversation with some of the most successful & controversial people alive then the disruptors podcast is a must listen to. Your host Rob Moore is a best selling author, holds 3 world records for public speaking, entrepreneur, property investor, and property educator. Author of the global bestsellers “Life Lev...more


  • Kevin Pietersen: The Most Controversial Cricket Player of All Time

    Aug 15 2022

    With Rob today on the show is the very disruptive superstar, cricket legend and controversial, Kevin Pietersen. Kevin exclusively reveals to Rob… The shocking truth that he actually hated playing cricket for much of his career. The controversial money side of the game and what HE believes the players should earn His face offs with the cricket powers that be over the gruelling routine they forced players into The bittersweet reality that cricket played today is all he ever wanted from the ...more

  • How to Deal With & Overcome Trauma with Ryan Pinnick

    Aug 12 2022

    Ryan Pinnick joins Rob in this episode to discuss his past trauma as well as his beliefs and philosophies. This is an experimental episode of Disruptors, full of raw, philosophical and authentic content, not to be missed! Ryan is the CEO of SuperGenius and has a tremendous passion for applying Superconsciousness in Life Mastery and Entrepreneurship.   Born in Cape Town, South Africa he moved to London in 2000 as an electrical engineer. Having had a traumatic childhood as a result of his abusiv...more

  • Ronnie O'Sullivan: The Greatest Snooker Player of All Time

    Aug 08 2022

    Rob is joined in this episode by possibly the most misunderstood snooker player, Ronnie O’Sullivan. Ronnie has won 7 world titles and has stayed the eternal student for his game, learning from players before him and continuing to learn from new and emerging players too. He talks to Rob all about why he is misunderstood, the importance of mindset, the highs and lows of his career and who is the real Ronnie O’Sullivan is! Rob.team bit.ly/Robsupporter   KEY TAKEAWAYS If you don’t put your ...more

  • WARNING: The Banks Are Stealing Your Money! Learn How to Protect Yourself Financially Now!

    Aug 05 2022

    This is a warning from Rob, the process has started for banks to steal your money! Listen into this episode where Rob reveals the things you can do to protect yourself and why now, more than ever, is the essential time to educate yourself on money; how to manage it, how to make it and how to truly master it! Rob.team bit.ly/Robsupporter     KEY TAKEAWAYS Local banks have started freezing bank accounts, they are scared of a bank run. This frequently happens at this stage in the financial ...more

  • Tony Fadell: The Inventor of The iPod & iPhone Reveals How to Master at Design & Innovation

    Aug 01 2022

    Rob is joined by entrepreneur, consultant and author Tony Fadell. Tony opens up about his time at Apple, his thoughts on Steve Jobs and what he was like to work with and how he pitched the idea of the iPod to him! Tony managed to retire at 40 after 20+ years in Silicon Valley through designing the nest learning thermostat. He explains how this was all possible and also talks about the importance of needing others, how anything worth creating and making requires a powerful team and his passion f...more

  • How to Build a Disruptive Valuable Brand

    Jul 29 2022

    Would you rather have 1 million pounds cash in hand or 1 million social media followers? Join Rob as he talks about this question, alongside building a valuable and disruptive brand with underground methods. Many of these methods Rob has learnt from the biggest brands and successful people in the world as well as a vast amount of business owners, entrepreneurs and of course his own invaluable experience. KEY TAKEAWAYS Attention and interest create awareness that will either turn into reach o...more

  • Gazza! Paul Gascoigne: The Rise & Fall of Depression, Alcohol, Fame & Money

    Jul 25 2022

    Rob is joined by the Infamous Paul Gascoigne aka Gazza in this open and revealing episode. Everyone knows Gazza, but not many people know Paul Gascoigne and in this interview Paul talks all things personal including how he dealt with the pressure being one of the top footballers in the world, addiction and the death of his father. He also talks about his biggest achievements in life as well as the changing face of football and his biggest regrets. KEY TAKEAWAYS Gazza was told by his dad to ...more

  • Starbucks For Sale Brutal Lessons To Learn

    Jul 22 2022

    Is it true that some companies and brands are too big to fail? It's rumoured that Starbucks is going to go on sale in the UK! Rob discusses why Starbucks are struggling right now, the power of learning from the mistakes of others and why you must always evolve and adapt in this ever changing world. KEY TAKEAWAYS   It’s far best to learn vicariously the mistakes and challenges from other businesses and brands than failing yourself.   Starbucks is failing because of the high cost of li...more

  • Matt Hancock: The Truth about Boris, Taxes and the Pandemic

    Jul 18 2022

    Rob is joined by the former secretary of state for health and social care, MP Matt Hancock. They talk about Matt’s thoughts on taxes, what the masses misunderstand about politics and the role of small businesses in both the economy and government. Rob also talks to Matt about the handling of the pandemic and doesn’t hold back on quizzing him about all things Boris including ‘partygate’! KEY TAKEAWAYS   Matt believes Boris got the handling of three things very right: Brexit, the Pandemic an...more

  • 9 Rules of Entrepreneurship

    Jul 15 2022

    Now is probably the biggest opportunity you will get to be an entrepreneur, create a business or scale a business in your lifetime. Listen into this episode to hear Rob outline 9 rules of Entrepreneurship he has learnt in his 16 years of experience, to help you on your entrepreneurial journey and to take advantage of these unprecedented times.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Value must always come first. You must understand what value is and how to give it to your client. The purpose of entrepreneursh...more

  • Russell Kane: Comedian & Writer on Woke Comedy & Cancel Culture

    Jul 11 2022

    I Is comedy under threat from woke culture? Join Rob as he talks to comedian and writer Russell Kane all about cancel culture, comedy and business. They also delve deep into the difficulties of masculinity in the modern world and the role of social media in comedy and mental health.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Russell Kane doesn’t think that there is a war on comedy. Some of the most popular comedians of today say very controversial things such as Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Carr.   More things c...more

  • Never Tell People These 4 Secrets

    Jul 08 2022

    It’s popular and trendy at the moment to share all, to be open and accept vulnerability, but Rob wants to warn you about the four things you should never share about yourself. Listen in to hear what they are and why it’s important you always keep these things to yourself! KEY TAKEAWAYS   Your goals. It’s great to share your vision, purpose and cause because it’s general and meaningful. But your specific goals should not be shared as most people don’t want you to succeed! What you like and ...more

  • Caitlyn Jenner: The Most Influential Transgender Woman

    Jul 04 2022

    “I’m getting so tired of this woke world!” Listen in to this episode of Disruptors with Rob Moore as he interviews one of the most well-known trans women in the modern world, Caitlyn Jenner. In this provocative interview, Caitlyn Jenner opens-up about why she is sick and tired of ‘this woke world’ and offers more of her unique perspectives on the world today. No topic is off limits as they discuss politics, gender, family and delve deep into Caitlyn’s philosophies on life including how everyo...more

  • The New Rules of Money (Crash Coming)

    Jul 01 2022

    There’s no denying it, a crash is coming. Listen in to this episode with Rob to learn how to plan and prepare for the worst and help you not just survive, but thrive in the upcoming correction recession.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Cash is now trash, or at least up for recycling! Your cash has gone down at least 20-25% in terms of spending power. People Evangelise Bitcoin because it can’t be manipulated in the same way as the monetary system we are currently in. You can’t save your way out of th...more

  • Martyn Ford: The Scariest Man on the Planet!

    Jun 27 2022

    Misunderstood, scary and tattooed are all words associated with the powerhouse Martyn Ford. He is known as a fitness guru, social media star, bodybuilder, fighter and actor too but who is the real Martyn Ford and what is he about? Join Rob in this episode as he tries to find out about the man behind the words and rumours, including what is behind Martyn’s success in life, the power of mindset and even his battle with an eating disorder. They also discuss Martyn’s confrontation with the Iranian ...more

  • No One Cares How Hard You Work

    Jun 24 2022

    No one actually cares about how hard you work, this isn’t what your pay is based on, all they care about is simply the end result. Listen in to understand what three top line ways you can work, to make big and real money. KEY TAKEAWAYS  If your pay was based on your hard work, then you would be paid to according to how hard you work. This isn’t true, demonstrated by how little labourers are paid. You are paid for production, value and service. People care about what they get, not what you...more

  • Lizzie Cundy: The Most Connected Women in Show Business

    Jun 19 2022

    Rob is joined in this episode by the original WAG, Lizzie Cundy! They talk all about media, networking and the highs and lows of being in the public eye. Lizzie also delves deep into her thoughts on the ‘Wagatha Christie’ debacle, the Depp –vs- Heard case and why she thinks the Harry and Megan interview was disrespectful and wrong. KEY TAKEAWAYS Being a WAG was aspirational and attainable, this is why WAG’s sold papers. They became stars in their own right and people...more

  • Why Working From Home is Career Suicide

    Jun 16 2022

    Work from home is career suicide! Rob knows this isn’t a popular opinion, but felt it was about time he was honest about his thoughts and opinions around working from home. Join him in this episode to learn about the real cost to working from home and why everyone needs to wake up in the UK and get back to the office! KEY TAKEAWAYS Working from home was a good solution for lockdowns because otherwise there wouldn’t have been people working. But we are getting back to ‘normal’ now and we nee...more

  • Matt Le Tissier: Premier League Great to Freedom of Speech Pioneer

    Jun 12 2022

    Rob is in good company in this episode where he and ex-premier league footballer Matt talk openly and honestly about some very controversial topics. They talk about what was behind Matt losing his job at Sky, Covid, why free speech is in danger from cancel culture and corruption as well as Matt’s career and how the world of football has changed. KEY TAKEAWAYS Matt worked with Sky for 15 years after retiring from football. He was ‘let go’ and wasn’t given a definitive ...more

  • The Great Reset (Conspiracy or Reality?)

    Jun 09 2022

    The great reset, is this theory or reality? Join Rob in this provocative and interesting episode where he discusses this question, the opportunities that can be found as well as what you can do to prepare to the changes that might be coming! Rob.team KEY TAKEAWAYS The concept of ‘the great reset’ was formed from the World Economic Forum 2 years ago in Davos 2020. These proposals were then coined into the ‘The Great Reset’. Regardless of whether the concept is a vag...more

  • The 6 Millionaire Income Streams (NOT work)

    Jun 07 2022

    There are six main income streams that millionaires and billionaires leverage to make themselves rich. Listen into this episode with Rob as he shares these streams as well as some great tips and tricks to building your wealth. Join Rob.team to learn in detail, the six main income streams of millionaires and billionaires KEY TAKEAWAYS Interest Income. Either from savings or becoming a lender. Profits Income. Either from buying and selling assets or making profits from owning a company. &nb...more

  • John Caudwell: Billionaire Phones 4u Founder on How to Go From Zero to £Billions£

    Jun 05 2022

    John Caudwell is a British billionaire businessman who founded Phones4u. In this episode, Rob and John delve deep into the worlds inequality, what are the causes and what we can do about it as a society. They also talk about the impact of Covid both economically and societally as well as the inevitable environmental disaster approaching us. KEY TAKEAWAYS There has always been inequality in the world but John believes all wealthy people should be part of the solution to inequality. Unfortunat...more

  • 5 Ways to Beat Inflation

    Jun 02 2022

    Inflation is as high as it's been for decades and your spending power is the lowest it's been since the second world war! Join Rob as he explores and shares five ways you can beat inflation and try and beat the cost of living crisis. Turn cash into income. Take money from savings and into assists to create income. You need minimal cash and maximum income You need Assets over cash.  It's good to keep financial security but not in cash. Get into digital assets. Get your taxes down. ...more

  • 7 Ways To Get INSPIRED

    May 31 2022

    Are you looking for inspiration? People often tell Rob that they struggle for ideas and inspiration and so in this episode he shares how he continually manages to find inspiration and how you can too. KEY TAKEAWAYS Follow thought leaders in your space. Don’t just focus on those that inspire you but those that also challenge you. Think about your struggles and reverse engineer how you managed to deal with them. Discussions with like-minded and inspiring people. Long walks. Listen to...more

  • Dominic Frisby: Is Tax Legal Theft?

    May 29 2022

    Is taxation a form of theft or is it a price we pay for a civilised society? Listen into this episode where Rob interviews Dominic Frisby all about the history of taxation, his thoughts on how we tax now and what he thinks would be better solutions for society. KEY TAKEAWAYS The evidence is that tax is as old as civilisation itself. There has been examples of voluntary taxation, such as Ancient Greece. But in the modern world it is forced. Privatisation of state services isn’t a solut...more

  • The Evolution & Revolution of Your Personal Brand

    May 26 2022

    If you see your content as an asset and as digital real estate, then your mindset around it will completely change. Listen into this episode to hear Rob talk all about the evolution and revolution of your personal brand and why it’s an essential element to success in the modern world. KEY TAKEAWAYS Produce more content. To build your brand you need to be producing a lot of content! Whatever is stopping you from creating more content you need to tackle and overcome asap. Start with the...more

  • RANT: The Government are Taking Your Money

    May 24 2022

    You need to know that the government are taking your money so you can then start to protect yourself against it. Listen in to this episode where Rob talks you through some strategies and tactics, to help you in this challenging time financially and protect your wealth. Join rob.team to gain access to Rob’s how to invest course  KEY TAKEAWAYS Inflation is in double digits. It’s ruining your spending power and it’s a form of your money being taken from you, as it’...more

  • Suzanne Shaw: Brutal Honest on Hear'Say, Fame & Money

    May 21 2022

    Join Rob as he talks all about Hear’Say, Fame and Money with Suzanne Shaw. She delves deep into how Hear’Say was both the best and worst thing to happen to her, what have been the highlights of her career since, the many sides of social media and her personal journey to living a happier and more fulfilling life.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Hear’Say was the best and worst thing for Suzanne's career. She recognises the privilege she had and the opportunities it gave her but...more

  • An Open Discussion on Motivation & Embracing Risk

    May 19 2022

    Money, motivation and embracing risk are the three things that Rob talks about in this engaging and enlightening episode. He talks all about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, what you need to do to create motivation, learn to love yourself, manage risk and do what it takes to build and live the life you want.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   There are things you don’t need motivation for. Things you are intrinsically motivated to do. Pinpoint what these are and harness them. ...more

  • RANT: Is Debt Really Bad?

    May 17 2022

    We are in a cost of living crisis, inflation is high and spending power is low, more and more people are getting into debt. This is the reality, so is there anything you can do and is all debt really bad?   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Rob doesn’t believe all debt is bad. It’s not always a bad idea, you just need to learn which debt is dumb and which debt is smart.   Inflation is 10%+ so don’t keep your cash in the bank, use it for leverage for good debt such as p...more

  • 4 Millionaires Debate The Meaning of Life & Entrepreneurship

    May 15 2022

    Join Rob, Shaa Wasmund, Phil Graham, and Jay Alderton as they discuss the big questions in life and entrepreneurship. An episode full of wisdom, heated discussion and a bit of philosophy too!   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Anyone who has become a millionaire has done so with support and help. The definition of self-made can be argued as no one ever truly does anything alone. People see the end result of a lot of the work from entrepreneurs. But it’s like an iceberg, they don’t re...more

  • Entrepreneur Has Changed | The New World of Entrepreneurship

    May 12 2022

    Rob shares a session with his rob.team subscribers all about entrepreneurship and how it has changed. He discusses what has changed in the world of entrepreneurship, how it can be navigated and why you need to have a love affair with money.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   ‘Back in the day’ there was no such thing as a digital asset or a digital creator. This has changed completely. Anyone who puts content online is a creator and it’s one of the best ways to make a living. Th...more

  • LIVE Q&A With My Millionaire Inner Circle

    May 10 2022

    A varied and informative episode, where Rob is joined by his millionaire inner circle including Michael Jacksons bodyguard Matt Fiddes and Ryan in a live Q&A Session.     KEY TAKEAWAYS   Matt says you can franchise any type of business. If you have something tangible that works for you, with social proof and brand power, then you can franchise it successfully. The comeback for Matt after a very dark period of his life, Is what sky rocketed the business for him. He bega...more

  • Matt Fiddes: Michael Jackson's Bodyguard Reveals The Truth About MJ Life & Death

    May 08 2022

    Matt Fiddes is multi-skilled, multi-faceted entrepreneur, often first known for being Michael Jackson's bodyguard, he is a very successful businessman in his own right and created the biggest martial arts franchise in the world!   Join Rob and Matt as they talk about all things business, discuss the many rumours around Matt’s life and of course Michael Jackson!   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Michael Jackson was brainwashed as a child, he was taught to not be open emotionally, esp...more

  • Ukraine Conflict ‘Could Last Years’ NATO Warns | How This Impacts You

    May 05 2022

    The deputy of NATO has just said that the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine could last for year. Listen into Rob has he talks about the latest update on this conflict and how it could impact you and me.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Biden has just requested 33 billion dollars to help the defence of Ukraine, including 20 million for military intervention. This just shouldn’t be happening, we are supposed to have evolved past this as human beings, as a species. Rob thinks we are d...more

  • Michael Jackson Exposed?

    May 03 2022

    Ross Kemp has just ‘exposed’ Michael Jackson in a documentary about the treatment of animals in the zoo in the Neverland Ranch, Rob thinks it’s the most pointless documentary ever! Listen in to hear his thoughts and why we need more balance on media too!   KEY TAKEAWAYS   What is the point of doing an expose on Michael Jackson when he died 15 years ago. Ross Kemp is arguably a credible documentarian, why is he spending his time on something which is ancient hist...more

  • Barry Hearn: Infamous Promoter & Old School Entrepreneur | 800th Podcast Special

    May 01 2022

    The biggest sports promoter in the world, the legend, that is Barry Hearn talks with Rob and takes questions in this live Q&A episode Barry shares some shrewd observations about life, business and sport and explains how everyone is brilliant at something but many don’t ever find out what it is  because of time, opportunity or entrepreneurial risk-taking He explains why you must have complete belief in yourself if you want others to believe in you and how you can win if you treat...more

  • Who Should Pay for the First Date?

    Apr 28 2022

    Who do you think should pay for the first date? There’s a viral TikTok at the moment causing a bit of a stir, all about this very question.  Listen in to this episode to hear Rob’s thoughts! Tiny.cc/robsubs KEY TAKEAWAYS  According to the American Lawyer on TikTok, the first date is a great way to test whether someone is marriage material for you. She believes the man should at least offer to pay for the first date and pay attention to the way a woman responds to this....more

  • Warning: Prices Soaring Fastest for 30 Years

    Apr 26 2022

    The war, covid and lockdowns are all having huge impacts on our income and quality of life. Your spending power as a consumer is the lowest it has been in 40 years. In this episode, Rob talks about why this is and more importantly, the solution to not just survive in this crisis, but thrive. Tiny.cc/robsubs KEY TAKEAWAYS  Prices are increasing at a rate not seen for over 30 years across the board, from fuel to real estate and travel. Inflation in the UK is over 10%. Make sure you get ...more

  • Greg Hoffman: Former Nike CMO Reveals The Perfect Branding & Marketing Strategies

    Apr 25 2022

    An insightful debate and conversation on this episode of Disruptors as Rob talks to one of the leading experts in branding, Greg Hoffman. They talk about all about creativity, why the art of branding is becoming lost and what it took for Greg to move through the ranks from an intern to becoming the CMO of one of the biggest fashion and sport brands in the world. Tiny.cc/robsubs KEY TAKEAWAYS  A brand is more than a product. It’s something that has power and leaves a lasting impre...more

  • The 3 Areas to Increase Your Income

    Apr 21 2022

    There are three key areas you can focus on to increase your income, fair, value and care. In this episode, Rob talks through each of these and why they can be your next step to increasing your income! Tiny.cc/robsubs KEY TAKEAWAYS  Value: Are you offering value? Think about what is in It for the client/eomployer. Are you providing value for them? Fair: This Is all about having fair exchange between you and your customer or client. Are you making the right amount of money and do they f...more

  • You are Paid for 3 Things (None are ‘Work’)

    Apr 19 2022

    People don’t actually care how much you ‘work’. Your employer and customer aren’t paying for how much you work, what they are paying for are three things, value, production and service. Listen in to this episode to hear more! Tiny.cc/robsubs KEY TAKEAWAYS  When you buy a product, you don’t generally care how long it took to make, what you care about is its value. You can increase your value to be paid more without working more. You just have to think abou...more

  • James Reed: Reed Recruitment CEO on How to Hire The Perfect Team (REWIND)

    Apr 17 2022

    Rob is joined by James Reed, CEO of Reed, Britain’s biggest recruitment brand and worth over a billion pounds today. James describes how he started out in business, how Reed started and how it grew into the business and brand that it is today. If you’re looking to gain insights and advice from one of the most influential entrepreneurs and business owners, don’t miss out on this in-depth interview today. Tune in to discover how to start, grow and scale your business, how to stra...more

  • The 4 Steps to Wealth

    Apr 14 2022

    Listen in to hear the four steps for sustainable, scalable wealth that has been proven by Rob himself. They are simple but they aren’t easy. Tiny.cc/robsubs KEY TAKEAWAYS  Never spend more than you earn. Even if you save just 1% of your earnings that will compound over time. You should never end the month in debt. Save a set percentage of your income every month. You can’t save your way to wealth but you can use savings to buy assets to give you income. Make a plan, take...more

  • RANT: The Honest Truth About Gambling

    Apr 12 2022

    Media, advertisers and even top sports do not want you to see Gambling as the negative thing that it truly is. Rob calls Gambling the ‘hidden money killer’, listen in to this episode to find out why! KEY TAKEAWAYS  You cannot win in Gambling. If you could, it wouldn’t be the big business that it is. 2.5 million people in the UK are official gambling addicts. It breaks marriages, it breaks homes and it ruins lives. It also costs the government and therefore the tax pay...more

  • Jordan Belfort: The Wolf of Wall Street (Rewind)

    Apr 10 2022

    Have you ever watched a movie based on a true story and wondered how much of that is actually true? Well on an exciting episode of today's podcast Rob is joined by Jordan Belfort, the real-life Wolf Of Wall Street. They discuss the similarities and differences between real life and what was shown in the movie, as well as how learning from your mistakes can enable a successful comeback. KEY TAKEAWAYS Everybody makes mistakes and everybody does great things. You are going to make mistakes in l...more

  • Why Elon Musk Become Twitter's Biggest Shareholder

    Apr 07 2022

    Big breaking news! Elon musk has just bought a very large stake in Twitter. Listen in to this episode to hear Rob’s thoughts on this and why it matters. KEY TAKEAWAYS  The news of Elon buying a large share of Twitter has increased the share price significantly, Elon has reportedly already made 1.2million from buying his stake. Elon uses Twitter a lot, most recently asking whether he should pay more tax and he listened to this. He then went on to pay the biggest tax bill in the wo...more

  • Donald Trump’s Truth Social App ‘a Disaster’

    Apr 05 2022

    When Donald Trump announced he was creating a social media app to disrupt big-tech, Rob had mixed feelings but he believed that many companies and the centralisation of media did and still does need to be disrupted. Listen in to this episode to hear why he had these thoughts and how the app is doing now. KEY TAKEAWAYS The app has been branded a failure because there is a waiting list of over a million and it doesn’t even work on android, among various other issues. De-platforming and...more

  • Dan Gregory: The New World Order

    Apr 03 2022

    Join Rob in an interesting, reflective and emotive episode where he speaks with entrepreneur and content creator Dan Gregory. Nothing is off limits in this thought-provoking episode and they discuss many topics including the controversial world of politics right now, whether we are on the brink of world war three and the serious implications of social media on society today. KEY TAKEAWAYS With everything happening in the world right now both Rob and Dan agree we are closer to world war three...more

  • Epic FAIL Trying to Make a Living

    Mar 31 2022

    Rob wants to share an epic fail he has seen a lot when people are trying to make a living. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur or simply trying to get ahead listen to this episode to make sure you are NOT still doing this EPIC fail in 2022! KEY TAKEAWAYS Unfortunately there is a lot of homelessness in Rob’s hometown but often he is unable to help as he doesn’t have cash to give them. In the same way, a flower stall he wanted to buy flowers from, didn’t take payme...more

  • Police to Issue Government Lockdown Party Fines?

    Mar 29 2022

    It has been suggested that the government are going to be issued fines for the parties they had during UK lockdowns. Listen in to this episode to hear why Rob is pleasantly surprised that this may happen now as well as how he thinks it will play out.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Rob has sympathy for the fact that this government has had to deal with a pandemic and wars other governments haven’t, however, if you lock the country down then you have to follow your own rules. You can’t have...more

  • Joe Vitale: Master The Law of Attraction & Why Money Isn’t Evil

    Mar 27 2022

    Rob talks again with Dr Joe Vitale for a rare second interview. This time focusing on Money, understanding it and how you can attract more of it to you. Joe shares stories and advice from his 40+ year career as an expert in the laws of attraction and discusses his rules for money, the right attitudes to grow wealth, and, his most recent breakthrough breaking down his concept of the ‘esoteric internet’ the 4th dimension, that, when understood and help make anything possible. Packed wi...more

  • Hypocrisy in Leaked P&O Ferries Memo

    Mar 25 2022

    Rob believes it’s time to stand up and speak out! It’s recently been discovered that the government were tipped off about P&O ferries mass-zoom firing in advance, yet the government lambasted them publically and offered no help. Listen in to this episode to find out more as well as Rob’s own thoughts on the whole situation.   KEY TAKEAWAYS A pre-recorded zoom was perhaps not the best way to deliver the news. However, it was kept short, to the point and simple whic...more

  • Elon Musk ‘Embarrasses Putin’ (Again)

    Mar 23 2022

    Elon Musk has embarrassed Putin again! Elon’s Starlink app has become the most downloaded app in the Ukraine. Listen in to why Rob agrees with this headline and why he believes Elon musk is not only doing good for those in the Ukraine but in the business world too. KEY TAKEAWAYS The Starlink app allows people to access the internet via satellite. Elon Musk made this technology available to the Ukraine after a plea from the Ukraine advice PM. There are a lot of people out there who are...more

  • Andy Harrington: How to Be Great Public Speaker & Leader

    Mar 21 2022

    Rob and Andy have been friends for over 15 years and in this episode, they talk about leadership, self-development and business. They also delve deep into public speaking including what makes a great speaker, what translates off stage and the power of language.   Discover The 'Secret Formula' For A Presentation That Attracts Clients And Gets You www.AndyHarrington.com/story KEY TAKEAWAYS You can be naturally talented at speaking but that doesn’t make it a skill. It takes time a...more

  • Corrupt Putin-Oligarch Hypocrisy?

    Mar 18 2022

    Rob is questioning the hypocrisy happening right now surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Listen in to hear Rob’s thoughts on what is happening, what he thinks is behind it and how he doesn’t defend corruption at all but that it is important to call out hypocrisy. KEY TAKEAWAYS Sanctions are better than sending in tanks, troops etc. However, are the people they are targeting right and in some cases, why has it taken so long? In some cases the corruption has been known ab...more

  • US Warns China Against Helping Putin

    Mar 16 2022

    The US has said that China will face harsh consequences if they are found to be helping Russia. Listen in to this episode to hear Rob’s thoughts on this and what he feels the wider implications, warnings and lessons are from this statement. KEY TAKEAWAYS The wider implications of US stating this worries Rob. He believes this means that support from China to Russia could ultimately end up causing World War 3. Anyone who knows Rob, knows that he isn’t a scaremonger. He is optimis...more

  • Gerald Ratner: Losing £500MILLION During One Failed Speech

    Mar 14 2022

    In this episode, Rob speaks to former CEO of Ratner’s Jewellery, previously the UK’s largest jewellery chain, speaker, entrepreneur and author Gerald Ratner. They talk about his infamous speech and discuss and debate Money; what it is, how it’s changing and why it’s important. To hear Rob’s very first interview with Gerald, go to episode 16 on the Disruptors Podcast, he was one of the first people Rob interviewed when he first began podcasting! KEY TAKEAWAYS ...more

  • 7 Stages to Scale Your Business & Bank Balance

    Mar 11 2022

    Listen into this episode where Rob outlines why, after all his experience as an entrepreneur, he believes there are 7 key stages to business. He talks about what they are and how recognising them and focusing on the right things in each stage can help you with the success of your business; from start-up to exit! KEY TAKEAWAYS Ideation Stage: The idea stage. There’s a big difference between a desire and an idea. This is the stage where you actually create a firm idea of what your busine...more

  • How WE can Support UKRAINE

    Mar 10 2022

    How can we all make a difference and support Ukraine? Rob has researched the best charities and fundraisers to support, listen in to find out how best to make your donations count. https://donation.dec.org.uk/ukraine-humanitarian-appeal KEY TAKEAWAYS The disasters emergency committee are running a Ukraine humanitarian appeal, they are providing food, medicine and shelter for those displaced in Ukraine. The UK government have also agreed to match donations, making an even bigger impact from ...more

  • Your ONE Solution to ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

    Mar 09 2022

    Are you distressed about what is happening in the world right now? It’s normal to feel this way but Rob says we must remember to focus on what we can control. Listen into this episode to find out what things you can do to help the world right now and also how the decision to become financially free will not only benefit you, but the world around you too. Recurring Income Summit: ris.live KEY TAKEAWAYS When worrying about the state of the world, try and think of something you can actua...more

  • Simon Squibb Heated Debate: is 'Free' Better Than 'Paid'?

    Mar 07 2022

    Simon joins Rob in this episode where they talk about whether free content, information and services are better than paid. Simon believes free has more value but Rob disagrees. Listen in to find out why! KEY TAKEAWAYS Many businesses have been built on something ‘free’ such as Facebook and Instagram. But Rob quite rightly points out that someone always has to pay for free, using FB as the example, it wasn’t free to create and now it’s users are advertised to. Rob bel...more

  • Ask Me Anything: Ukraine War Crisis, The Truth About Branding & Pineapple on Pizza

    Mar 04 2022

    Listen in to an intimate session with Rob with an Ask Me Anything! Rob talks honestly about the Ukraine War crisis, branding, marketing and even what he would do with a free weekend! An episode not to be missed. KEY TAKEAWAYS Allowing your self specific time (e.g a morning or even a whole weekend) to create your digital content can be a great way to kick start your online marketing. Joining industry-related FB groups is both and easy and free way to really up your marketing game. You can le...more

  • Elon Musk Gives Ukraine Emergency Internet

    Mar 03 2022

    Elon has given the Ukraine a ‘back-up’ internet. This is an amazing story, listen in to Rob’s thoughts on this news story as well as the negative rhetoric that is often surrounding Elon Musk. KEY TAKEAWAYS A government official tweeted Elon Musk highlighting what was happening in the Ukraine and asking for starlink service – within 10 hours Elon had provided this. Elon musk has had a lot of criticism in recent times but who else could have provided a back up internet...more

  • Prince Andrew Lawsuit - a Tax Write-Off?

    Mar 02 2022

    Could the current Prince Andrew lawsuit be a tax write off? Inflation, cost of living and taxes are all going up at historic rates, is it right that the people should be paying for this? Rob discusses both these questions and more in this episode. KEY TAKEAWAYS All taxes are going up. If this lawsuit is paid for by the state then it will be public money paying for it. Rob personally believes this shouldn’t happen, it simply isn’t fair. Rob isn’t against the royals, he beli...more

  • Kieran Richardson: Former Manchester United Premier League Winner & England Footballer

    Feb 28 2022

    In this second part of a 2-part series, Rob speaks to Kieran as he opens up about what many people only ever dream about; being in the England premier league and his Manchester United football career. KEY TAKEAWAYS Kieran retired at 33. He found that the high pressured environment, particularly the politics off the field, took away his passion and love for the game. Luckily, Kieran had a supportive and guiding father who helped him make good investment choices when he started making big m...more

  • Are Apprenticeships ‘Better’ Than Universities?

    Feb 25 2022

    A question that often gets floated around the entrepreneurship, business and parental circles is whether apprenticeships, that is practical experience alongside learning, is better than going to university. In this episode, Rob explores this opinion, what people mean when they say ‘better’ and what things need to be considered before someone decides one way or the other. KEY TAKEAWAYS When apprentice Joshua Mims was interviewed for national apprenticeship week, he said he valued ...more

  • The Bid to BAN Censorship on Big Tech Social Media

    Feb 23 2022

    Big tech now control the narrative. There has been a bid for a proposed bill that would BAN censorship across social media and Rob thinks this is an incredible idea that needs to be driven forward. Listen in to find out why he thinks the current state of big tech control is dangerous and why banning censorship would be good for us all. KEY TAKEAWAYS Big Tech can impact politics in a big way, they can decide what is shown and what is censored giving them ultimate control on the narrative. Thi...more

  • Kieran Richardson: Former Premier League Footballer Reveals How to Invest in Watches

    Feb 21 2022

    Rob has such a passion for watches and gets asked a lot of questions about them too, especially in terms of investment, so he thought who better to bring on the podcast than his own friend and watch advisor Kieran. Kieran is a former premier league footballer but now owns the watch broker Broadwalk Group, he joins Rob today with his colleague Harry, listen in to find out all you need to know about watches and why they are such a unique and enjoyable investment option. Broadwalkgroup.com KEY TA...more

  • NFTs Seize The Opportunity

    Feb 19 2022

    Rob is going to teach you the fundamentals of NFTs and tell you why it’s about time you seized the opportunity and got involved! Rob feels responsible to let you know about new opportunities as an entrepreneur and to understand pioneering new technologies which is why he wants to educate and inspire you to start your NFT journey! Listen in to find out how you can and why you should start now. Robmoore.com/nft KEY TAKEAWAYS It’s a very new industry, and with new industries there ...more

  • McDonalds in the Metaverse

    Feb 18 2022

    McDonald’s have just filed 10 trademarks to be in the metaverse – this is huge news! It legitimises the concept and the future of the metaverse. Many of us are either confused or don’t believe the metaverse is the future, listen in to this episode with Rob to find out more about the metaverse and what this news really means. Robmoore.com/nft KEY TAKEAWAYS  We need to watch this very closely. There’s no point of just saying you’re not interested, you need t...more

  • The Government Can Now STEAL Your Money! (WARNING)

    Feb 16 2022

    In this highly timely episode, Rob talks about a concerning government ruling that has just been enacted in Canada, that may require an extra level of diligence on our part when it comes to our finances. This ruling, giving banks the power to freeze funds without a court order, in a bid to choke off protest funding. It only takes a single spark to ignite a powder keg, and other countries may soon see similar draconian rulings come into force before long. As Rob explains, we must do all we can to...more

  • Are NFTs Legit?

    Feb 16 2022

    Ever since learning about NFTs Rob has been intrigued; he loves the revolution and evolution of art and business. As a former artist, NFT’s have really captured Rob as they are a merge between art and entrepreneurship. However, he has had many questions and doubts and in this episode, he explores the legitimacy of NFTs and why he believes they have value. Robmoore.com/nft KEY TAKEAWAYS  One way to escape the risk of ‘pump and dump’ is to look for an NFT that has utili...more

  • Jake Paul: The Problem Child Reveals All

    Feb 14 2022

    In this episode, Rob interviews the renowned Jake Paul. They discuss his incredible career and life, what it takes to be truly successful in the world as well as a list of all the people he would fight! KEY TAKEAWAYS  How did Jake Paul, a school dropout from Ohio, get to where he is today? He puts it down to hard work, dedication and a willingness to learn. He said he made the choice to not remain the drop out kid from Ohio and did the work needed that put him where he is now. Part of ...more

  • Cracking the Code on Entrepreneurship! Rob is interviewed by Ryan Staley on The Scale Up Podcast

    Feb 12 2022

    Do you want to create a lifestyle business, a performance business or an empire? How do you scale to an exit without losing your freedom? In this episode, Rob is interviewed by Ryan Staley of the ‘Scale Up Show’ Podcast! They have a great conversation all about education, business, entrepreneurship and how to crack the code on repeatable revenue growth, leadership, lifestyle freedom and mindset!   KEY TAKEAWAYS The formal education system is lacking in terms of trainin...more

  • NFTs in 5 simple steps

    Feb 11 2022

    It's easy to find the world of NFT's confusing; what are they, how do they work are they a scam? Listen in to this episode to learn the ABC’s of NFTs, where Rob gives the lowdown on the tech, asset, art, attributes and the utility of NFTs. robmoore.com/nft KEY TAKEAWAYS  The Tech Behind NFTs: What is it used for, where is it hosted, what is the purpose of it? Blockchain is the main tech, it’s essentially an online ledger. There are also platforms that allow you to ‘mi...more

  • The Censorship War: What You Need To Know

    Feb 10 2022

    Rob is campaigning for your right to express your opinions! There’s been a lot of stories recently around censorship, cancel culture and misinformation. Most recently the controversy involving Joe Rogan; the responses from other creators, celebrities and tech companies speaks volumes of the current situation and general feeling around these issues. We are at a pivotal moment in the creator, media and information space, deciding what it will look like in the future and that includes the ro...more

  • RANT: This Could Save Someone’s Life

    Feb 09 2022

      This message is very important, this could save someone you know…Tannoy spam is going! Something Rob is very relieved about, the sheer amount of messages he, and many others, have had to sit through when all he is trying to do is get from A to B! KEY TAKEAWAYS  You can get on a train and there will no longer be 20 minutes of announcements! Please share this with everyone you know. BEST MOMENTS   “I thought I was the only person who felt this and experi...more

  • I Stand by Joe Rogan (Make YOUR Choice)

    Feb 08 2022

      “Fear screams the loudest when its dying”   Mainstream media is dying. Prime time TV gives you a few hundred thousand views when a decade plus ago it was at least ten times this. Rob believes this is why there has been such a ‘smear’ campaign against Joe Rogan. Listen into this bonus episode of Disruptors to find out why he thinks the timing of this stinks and asks you, what do you stand for? KEY TAKEAWAYS  The reason Rob stands for Joe Rogan and S...more

  • Marc Randolph: Netflix Co-Founder Reveals The Secret to Netflix Success

    Feb 07 2022

    If you don’t disrupt yourself, someone else will. Netflix opened up the world of the subscription business model and in this episode, Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph speaks to Rob all about them! He discusses the beginnings of Netflix, why they chose a subscription-based business, how they found success and how you can too!   A valuable episode full of ideas, tips and wisdom on how to master entrepreneurship and build your own successful subscription-based business. KEY TAKEAWAYS&...more

  • Misinformation WAR on Joe Rogan & Spotify

    Feb 04 2022

    There’s a big misinformation war going on! It raises some interesting conversations around what misinformation is, what platforms responsibilities and roles are around free speech and how much control they should be allowed to have. In this episode, Rob joins the discussion and gives his take on the current scenario with Joe Rogan, Spotify and the likes of Neil young as well as his thoughts on the wider implications. KEY TAKEAWAYS  This scenario and similar situations, raise many ...more

  • RANT: Is This a Sign of 'Snowflake' Society?

    Feb 02 2022

    Have you seen and heard the Molly Mae backlash ‘breaking the internet’? Rob wasn’t going to give his take when the drama first emerged but he can’t hold back any longer, listen in to this episode to hear his thoughts and opinions on what she said, ‘woke culture’ and how easily people seem to be offended in the world right now. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Molly Mae was on a podcast and said that you are given one life, that it’s up to you what you do with it,...more

  • Carole Baskin: Tiger King Netflix Super Star Reveals All

    Jan 31 2022

    Hey all you cool cats and kittens! In this episode, Rob interviews none other than Netflix Show Tiger Kings Carole Baskin! Rob and Carole explore many different topics including the world of animal conservation, how she coped with the fame that came along with the Netflix show, her thoughts on Louis Theroux. Carole also responds to the many myths and lies surrounding her life including her money and her husband’s disappearance. KEY TAKEAWAYS  The fame the Netflix show brought to C...more

  • An Honest Discussion Why I Shut My Brand Down

    Jan 29 2022

    800 episodes, 200 guests and 6 years in Rob decided to end The Disruptive Entrepreneur brand! Join Rob and his team Thom, Kieron and Harry whilst they discuss the reasons behind The Disruptive Entrepreneur brand change. They give behind the scenes reveals on what it takes to create a strong brand of six years and why now was the perfect time to change. Go to MANSCAPED.com and use promo code ROBM20 for 20% OFF your order, plus free shipping KEY TAKEAWAYS  The podcast has come a long way...more

  • 9 Online Recurring Revenue Streams

    Jan 28 2022

    Stop wasting your time earning 20-50 dollars an hour and having to so over and over again. You can never be fully liberated unless you create recurring revenue streams: where you set something up once but you continue to earn on it for weeks, months or even years! Listen in to this episode where Rob outlines 9 online ways you can create recurring revenue.   KEY TAKEAWAYS If you’re going to exchange your time make sure you create an asset so that you can earn on that asset on an ...more

  • RANT: 4 Day Bank Holiday for Queen B’day OMG

    Jan 26 2022

    There will be a 4-day bank holiday weekend in June this year for the Queens Jubilee. In this episode, Rob talks about the impact of public holidays on business, especially whilst trying to recover from the pandemic restrictions. Go to MANSCAPED.com and use promo code ROBM20 for 20% OFF your order, plus free shipping KEY TAKEAWAYS  Many businesses are already struggling to survive after the impact of the pandemic, tax increases, Brexit and more. It’s been a turbulent couple of yea...more

  • Peter Schiff: Millionaire Investor Reveals Stock Market Hacks, Talks Trump, Bitcoin & The Pandemic

    Jan 24 2022

    In one of the first interview episodes under the Disruptors re-brand, Rob speaks to investor, CEO and millionaire Peter Schiff about covid, economics, money, billionaires and bitcoin! Peter also talks honestly thoroughout the episode about his thoughts on the US government and how they have been harming the economy, every day US citizens and the impact this has had on the rest of the globe. Go to MANSCAPED.com and use promo code ROBM20 for 20% OFF your order, plus free shipping KEY TAKEAWAYS&n...more

  • The Disgraceful Lack of Financial Education

    Jan 22 2022

    The roles are reversed as Rob is interviewed by Jessen James of the Mind Over Money Podcast! James is a fellow business owner, entrepreneur educator and as Rob has so often spoken about, we are now living in a world of collaboration not competition and in this spirit James has taken over the Podcast as part of a social media take over! Rob and James discuss entrepreneurship, all things money and how important discomfort and disruption is to seek success in life.  KEY TAKEAWAYS  A f...more

  • Multi-Millionaire at 10 $140k in First Month!

    Jan 21 2022

    Did you leverage lockdowns? In this episode, Rob tells a story about an amazing girl in Australia who made 140 thousand Australian dollars in her first month of starting her company. There are great lessons to be learned throughout so listen in to hear how she did it and Rob’s thoughts on her strategy and success. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Pixie Curtis is just ten years old, now known as the pint-sized entrepreneur and if she keeps this success could retire by age 15! Pixie leveraged trends...more

  • RANT: Pandemic Has Made The Rich Even Richer (Trigger Warning)

    Jan 19 2022

    According to Oxfam, the worlds 10 richest peoples’ wealth has more than doubled during the pandemic. Of course, Oxfam are striving for wealth equality in the world but Rob isn’t quite sure they understand the financial systems we are living under and in this episode, talks about why that is and the other side to the story. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Rob is a champion of small business, entrepreneurship and true capitalism. He recognises that he doesn’t agree with socialism or comm...more

  • Nigel Farage: Britain's Most Controversial Politician

    Jan 17 2022

    An incredibly exciting and thought-provoking episode with arguably one of Rob’s most Disruptive guests to date, broadcaster and former politician Nigel Farage! Nigel has never been shy in saying what he thinks and backing those thoughts up with actions. Listen in to this episode to hear Nigel’s honest thoughts on Coronavirus, UK politics, the world order and what being a Disruptor really means. Get 20% OFF + Free internationalshipping @manscaped with promo code ROBM20 atManscaped.co...more

  • 10 Main Fears of Being an Entrepreneur

    Jan 14 2022

    Rob has been a business owner and entrepreneur for quite some time, some things have stayed the same and many things have changed but he still remembers the difficulties he found at the beginning. He likes to remind himself of the struggles new entrepreneurs are facing now and more importantly wants to help. Listen in to this episode to hear the 10 main fears he has found new entrepreneurs have and how to combat them. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Imposter Syndrome – There is no such thing, most...more

  • RANT: Elon Musk to Pay $11bn in Tax

    Jan 12 2022

    Elon Musk has just announced that he is going to be paying $11bn in tax the next year, but is this right? There’s been a lot of politicised discussion around the taxes billionaires pay and many people believe they simply don’t pay enough income tax, but this is just part of the story. Listen in to this episode to hear Rob’s thoughts on this and why he thinks it’s an ‘absolute travesty’. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Many people will be saying that ‘it’s ...more

  • 3 Big Business Income Trends for 2022

    Jan 10 2022

    The world is in a very disruptive place at the moment and this is both scary and exciting. In this episode Rob talks about the trends he expects to see in 2022 in business in entrepreneurship. He talks about the things he think will help you grow your wealth and success in 2022 and how they fit alongside this fast paced, ever-changing world we are living in. KEY TAKEAWAYS  The three main trends Rob predicts for 2022 are Decentralisation, The Creator Economy and Recurring Income/Subscrip...more

  • Why I’m Quitting. Enough is Enough!

    Jan 09 2022

    Time changes, the world changes and people change. Rob is quitting something he has invested 6 years of his time in, his brand, The Disruptive Entrepreneur. Listen in to this bonus episode to find out why Rob has made this decision and why change is good and necessary for all of us. KEY TAKEAWAYS  We should all be bolder and braver and make decisive changes to our lives. Rob will be creating a new brand out of ‘The Disruptive Entrepreneur’ called ‘Disruptors’ s...more

  • The New, Big Movement of 2022 (Get in)

    Jan 08 2022

    We are now in the age of decentralisation, you can either benefit from this greatly, by leveraging the right tools and gaining the much-needed knowledge or you can risk being left behind! Join Rob today to find out what you can do to find success in these changing times and to learn even MORE simply go to rob.team! KEY TAKEAWAYS  Decentralisation is the breaking up of power from big media, big tech and big corporations to the entrepreneur, the start-ups and the scale-ups, i.e YOU! 20 y...more

  • The Great FREEDOM Movement of 2022

    Jan 07 2022

    Many of us are starting to worry about the amount of restrictions that are being applied to our freedoms, we have especially learnt in the past couple of years that a lot of our freedoms are in the hands of the government, large companies and big-tech. Rob says we need to focus on what we can control and shares what he believes the anti-movement to all of this globalisation is in this energising episode! Free Gifts to Help Protect Yourself: robmoore.com/pod KEY TAKEAWAYS  There is now...more

  • 6 Social Media Growth Hacks for 2022

    Jan 06 2022

    In this bonus episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur, Rob outlines 6 social media growth hacks that he has used. Listen in to hear these great tips that have tried and tested results! KEY TAKEAWAYS  Commenting on other influencers content Subscription and Monetisation Tools: Do you have all the monetisation tools switched on for all your platforms? Multi-stream lives: You would have to be a full time creator to do lives everywhere. Run lives on multiple platforms at the same time and ...more

  • RANT: Does Entrepreneurship Mix With Alcohol?

    Jan 05 2022

    Rob stopped drinking and it changed everything for him, he doesn’t believe that entrepreneurship and alcohol mix. If you want to be the best entrepreneur you can be and have the most success possible then you can’t drink copious amounts. Listen in to this rant to find out Rob’s reasoning behind this! KEY TAKEAWAYS  Rob gets up at 5am every day, this gets him ahead on work and he would be unable to do this if he had a few drinks the night before. Even one drink affects...more

  • 8 Ways to Master Communication

    Jan 03 2022

    We all know that communication is important yet many of us still don’t put enough emphasis on it in our lives, both personal and business. Listen in to this episode to hear 8 different ways you can master communication and let it aid you in mastering your life.   KEY TAKEAWAYS  Managing your emotions and triggers – Take Time before you respond to things Energy Transfer – Language is a very small part of communication, pay attention to everything else you are tra...more

  • 8 Ways to Dominate Your Niche

    Dec 31 2021

    You can be great but if no one knows you then you don’t exist. We are in a world where everyone is fighting for attention and that attention is currency. Listen in to this episode to hear 8 ways you can dominate your niche and learn how to apply them to your industry. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Omnipresence – You used to be able to master just one platform. This is not the case anymore. You need to be on more than one platform in a meaningful way. Opinions – To grow a great brand...more

  • RANT: Boris Johnson Announces Plan B Restrictions to Combat Spread of Omicron Variant

    Dec 29 2021

    There have been more recent changes to the covid restrictions in the UK and Rob believes that now is the time we all stood together and voiced our opinions on how and why this will impact us. Listen in to this episode to hear Rob’s thoughts and start discussing what we think should be done and what we think the real solutions to all this could be. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Businesses can’t survive restriction, upon restriction and the uncertainty that comes with it. We need new soluti...more

  • 9 Rules of Entrepreneurship

    Dec 27 2021

    Even if money wasn’t part of the equation Rob would still want to be an entrepreneur, it’s what he is great at and it fulfils him. Rob believes entrepreneurship is creating meaningful products and services that the world wants and needs, and in this episode, he shares 9 rules of entrepreneurship he has learnt in the past 15 years.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Value first – You have to give value first, the world is a mirror whatever you give out will come back...more

  • How to Banish Overwhelm & Procrastination

    Dec 24 2021

    We are in a pandemic of overwhelm! There is so much information out there that people are suffering under the paradox of choice. Listen in to this episode to hear Rob’s tips on how to both prevent and stop overwhelm and procrastination. Bit.ly/cashrm KEY TAKEAWAYS  Accountability: Create accountability in yourself by investing in yourself. Implementation: Create ‘downsides’ for not implementing what you learn. Community: Work and learn with other like-minded people,...more

  • RANT: Mum Pays Kid £4.50 to do Chores Right or Wrong?

    Dec 22 2021

    Something that has both concerned and challenged Rob as a parent is how to manage pocket money and chores for his two children. He wants his children to be raised with an entrepreneurial spirit and with an understanding of hard work and money. Listen in to this episode to hear his thoughts on the subject! KEY TAKEAWAYS  Mum pays her daughter of 9 to do chores and for good behaviour. Some people disagree but if it works and teaches her about the world of work what is the issue? Perhaps ...more

  • The New Rules of Business

    Dec 20 2021

    Rob is issuing a warning, the world of business, money, finance and income is dramatically changing. If you can get on the right side of the biggest changes since 2008, you can win. However, if you get it wrong it can drastically impact you and your livelihood. Listen into this episode where Rob talks about the old rules of money, what has changed and the new rules you need to be paying attention to! KEY TAKEAWAYS  Rob was told that you needed patience, time and to become a success. Thi...more

  • Facts Tell but Stories Sell

    Dec 17 2021

    Stories are so impactful in gaining sales for your product, no matter what it is. In this episode, Rob explores what he believes to be the best way to sell, via results based case studies. Listen in to hear how to get great case studies and then use them to improve and grow your sales. KEY TAKEAWAYS  The ideal type of case study is a customer who already has results. Each case study should overcome one objection.  Ask your client what they were on the fence about or what would hav...more

  • RANT: Omicron Variant Hitting Travel & Leisure Hard

    Dec 15 2021

    We must stand together and support businesses and the economy. In this episode, Rob talks about the impact the new restrictions and changes are having, especially for smaller businesses and wants to know what can be done to help. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Travel giants like TUI and Best Western are struggling, so how do we think smaller businesses are coping? Rob supported the furlough scheme and other smaller schemes in previous restrictions. But what are the government doing now to help? Are th...more

  • Social Media 0-100k Followers on TikTok & YouTube: The Dirty Lessons Part 2

    Dec 13 2021

    Listen in to part 2 of Rob’s Dirty Secrets to becoming viral! In this second part, Rob talks about engaging in comments, entertaining as well as informing, his 70/20/10 rule, how to leverage influencers, monetising, hashtags and much more! If you missed part one, go back to episode 746! These lessons are tactical and practical tips you can use to leverage your social media. If Rob was to have him time again, these are the things that would get him to 100k the fastest. KEY TAKEAWAYS ...more

  • CEO Fires 900 Staff on a Zoom!

    Dec 10 2021

    CEO of mortgage company better.com, Vishal Garg, called a zoom meeting of 900 staff, which was 15% of his workforce and then he fired them all! In one go! There are a lot of criticisms around the situation, including the moral implications, but Rob has seen the zoom word for word so wants to give you the ‘lowdown’ in this TDE episode. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Rob had to deal with a similar dilemma in the first UK lockdown. It was one of the hardest things he had to do in his career, t...more

  • RANT: The 3 Types of People to AVOID

    Dec 08 2021

    To hear wise and balanced advice on who you should avoid in life as well as those you do need to keep around, listen to Rob in this episode. He shares the three people you need to avoid in life but also talks about the three types of people you should keep around too! KEY TAKEAWAYS  Avoid people who want to pull you down, this is probably down to their own insecurities or the fact they have a superiority complex. Avoid those who don’t care about you but are just using you. Avoid...more

  • Social Media 0-100k Followers on TikTok & YouTube: The Dirty Lessons Part 1

    Dec 06 2021

    Listen in to part 1 of Rob’s Dirty Secrets to becoming viral! By following the steps in part 1 you can go from 0-100k followers, using the years of knowledge and expertise Rob has gained from becoming an expert in social media. These lessons are tactical and practical tips you can use to leverage your social media. If Rob was to have him time again, these are the things that would get him to 100k the fastest. For more dirty secrets of social media, look out for part 2 where Rob talks abou...more

  • How To Win BIG In The Post COVID World

    Dec 03 2021

    The world is in chaos and Rob doesn’t see it ending any time soon. If you aren’t adaptable and changeable then you will suffer. Listen in to this episode where Rob outlines what you can do to not just survive post lockdown, but thrive. KEY TAKEAWAYS  You need premium and bespoke products. The low end and medium markets are too challenging right now. The way you don’t just survive, but thrive, post lockdown is by having products and services that attract people where pr...more

  • RANT: Why People Hate (You)

    Dec 01 2021

    Rob Moore is changing the world one hater at a time! The fear of ridicule, hate and judgement stops most people scaling or even starting a business. These things can stop people pushing themselves forward and fulfilling their true goals and dreams. In this episode, Rob explores what hate is, why people hate and how if you can accept hate, it will enable you to reach your potential. KEY TAKEAWAYS  There are four main reasons people hate you: they hate themselves, they failed where you&r...more

  • How To Generate Subscription Based Income A Mini-Masterclass

    Nov 29 2021

    Subscription is the business model of the future, it’s something more and more businesses are doing and is being leveraged in new and innovative ways. Listen in to this episode for Rob’s 7 step process in creating your own subscription service. It’s not easy but it is simple, you do not need any money or followers to start this, just choose something you love to talk about then follow these simple steps. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Pick something you love to talk about. Choose cont...more

  • Digital Real Estate: How to Build Assets From Zero

    Nov 26 2021

    How do you build digital real estate from zero? If you are impatient or you can’t wait decades for investments to mature and grow, what can you do instead? Listen in to this episode as Rob explores why building your digital real estate is the fastest way for return on investment and the ways you can do it. KEY TAKEAWAYS  It’s much quicker to get a return on an investment on digital real estate because it takes no time to set up social media or a webpage and you can reach the...more

  • MASSIVE RANT: It's Now Illegal For Bosses to Text Workers After Hours

    Nov 24 2021

    We have had the biggest world-wide event since the second world war, the impact is widespread and devastating to the economy. Yet, Portugal have now made it illegal for bosses to text or contact workers outside of work hours. Listen in to why Rob believes this is a massive mistake. KEY TAKEAWAYS  In Portugal, if bosses contact their employees outside of office hours then they can be fined. Rob is worried about this coming to the UK, how would it work for emergencies and flexible workin...more

  • Timur Turlov: 33 Year Old Russian Billionaire Entrepreneur & Investor

    Nov 22 2021

    There aren’t many companies that double their size every year and in this episode, Rob speaks to young billionaire Timus Turlov who has done just that with his business Freedom Finance. They talk about his story to success at such a young age, why company culture is so key in business and why he feels he has tremedous responsibility to his investors, his employees and his customers. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Timur started his business in 2008, before he had even finished studying! Freedom F...more

  • Building a Brand Using an Underground Channel

    Nov 20 2021

    In this bonus episode, Rob speaks to Kane over on The Podcasters Podcast! Rob delivers a true masterclass about the power of podcasting, how it can serve your brand and your business, how to monetise your podcast, why consistency matters, and how to leverage your content in order to maximise your reach. KEY TAKEAWAYS Many use different social media channels in order to build their brand and grow their reach, but many forget that podcasting is a viable, powerful channel in itself. Monetisat...more

  • Amazon Banning VISA Payments

    Nov 20 2021

    In this bonus episode, Rob shares his views and thoughts on the ban amazon have proposed for visa credit card payments and talks about what the lessons we can all learn from this breaking news. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Amazon are proposing to ban all visa credit card payments from the 19th of January. They have said the move is due to high transaction fees. This could cost visa billions of pounds. This shows why we can’t rely on just one big retailer. Payments should be getting quicker, e...more

  • The COST & Sacrifice of Entrepreneurship (Reality)

    Nov 19 2021

    What is the real cost of entrepreneurship? Being an entrepreneur is not an easy and comfortable life, there are sacrifices that have to be made along the way. But, there are still great positives to being an Entrepreneur, listen in to this episode where Rob opens up about the real costs of being an entrepreneur, including the positive upsides! KEY TAKEAWAYS  Comfort is one of the main costs to being an entrepreneur, but the lifestyle comes with great growth. Security is another cost to...more

  • Do You Have to be Ruthless to be Successful?

    Nov 17 2021

    A lot of people perceive successful people and entrepreneurs to be ruthless and a question Rob gets asked a lot is do you have to be ruthless to win in business and in life? Rob believes that no, you do not and explores this in this short but impactful episode. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Rob is naturally a people pleaser and avoids conflict, a lot of people are like this but unfortunately this doesn’t allow you to win in business. Some sense of ruthlessness had to be learnt by Rob to be succe...more

  • John Fury: Former Bare-Knuckle Fighter Talks Fury Legacy & Being Dad To The Gypsy King Tyson Fury

    Nov 15 2021

    In this authentic, genuine and honest episode, Rob speaks to fighter and father of Tyson Fury, John Fury! They talk about John’s childhood, his journey into fighting, his role as a father and of course his sons. Listen in to this episode to hear about generational strength, mental health and the boxing world; past, present and future. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Fighting has been in John’s family for generations. He began fighting to survive. Survival was in his and his brother’s D...more

  • 10 Ways to Scale Your Self Belief

    Nov 12 2021

    No one is better than anyone else, we are all on the same level and in this episode Rob gives you 10 ways to scale your own self-belief. When you believe in yourself it shows and has immeasurable impact on all aspects in your life and this is why Rob wants you to learn how to gain this belief and then scale it! KEY TAKEAWAYS  Belief in Humanity If anyone can I can If I can learn anything then I can learn confidence Every master was a disaster and every winner was once a beginner Eve...more

  • Rant: My 3 Biggest Business Regrets Exposed

    Nov 10 2021

    Rob doesn’t want you to make the same mistakes he did, which is why in this episode, he is sharing his biggest business regrets! He has thought long and hard about his history and many difficulties and challenges to find the three biggest regrets to deconstruct with you in this episode. Subsidised Ticket to Recurring Income Summit: Robmoore.events KEY TAKEAWAYS  Not Starting Early Enough: You’re never fully ready for anything, human beings are wildly resourceful if you allo...more

  • TikTok Masterclass: NEW TikTok Secrets How to Maximise Your Reach & Brand

    Nov 08 2021

    Tik Tok is the BIGGEST virality Rob has ever had! In this episode, he talks about how he has leveraged the platform, the tips he has learnt along the way INCLUDING EXCLUSIVE SECRETS from his own brand manager! Listen in today to learn how you can use his knowledge to maximise your reach and brand. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of...more

  • Dramatic Changes to YOUR Business & Income

    Nov 05 2021

    In this episode, Rob shares some drastic changes you can make to transform your business, your marketing and your money. So many people don’t measure the things they should and simply do not focus on what matters in their business. Listen in today to discover how a few small changes in how you operate will create big changes in your business and your life. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really l...more

  • RANT: My Biggest Personal Regret

    Nov 03 2021

    Something that Rob finds difficult to share but that he has been asked a lot, is what has been his biggest regret. He has thought about it a lot and it has caused the way he has treated everyone in his life. Listen in to find out what it is, how it has impacted his life and how he is making big changes. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from found...more

  • David Icke: Conspiracy Theorist Reveals Who Controls The World

    Nov 01 2021

    In this episode Rob speaks to David Icke for a second time! The conversation does not disappoint and David focuses on the money system of the world, who he believes really controls everything and how they achieve it! Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com This podcast ...more

  • There is a Financial Revolution Coming

    Oct 28 2021

    You need to be ready, the financial revolution is coming! Lockdowns are over, the government will be needing to claw money back, cryptocurrencies are threatening the status quo – big changes are coming and Rob wants to not only warn you but give you multiple solutions to the revolution ahead.   Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from fo...more

  • I Was a Coward, But Now This Must Be Said About The System

    Oct 26 2021

     “The only way we change the world is grass roots education” Rob has struggled recently to be upfront on his full and honest views of our education system. But, he has now had enough and in this episode, he doesn’t hold back as he explores how outdated and broken our education system really is in the UK and what needs to change. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be ...more

  • Rafe Offer: Marketing Expert For Coca-Cola & Walt Disney

    Oct 24 2021

    An enlightening and inspiring episode where Rob speaks to Rafe, an expert in marketing, including working for Coca Cola and Disney! They talk all things marketing, branding and delve into some of Rafe’s key learnings over his impressive marketing career. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malo...more

  • Donald Trump to Launch New Social Media Network Called ‘Truth Social’

    Oct 22 2021

    Breaking news! Donald Trump is launching his own brand new social media platform called ‘Truth’ next month. Listen into this bonus episode to find out more and hear why we could all learn a lot from Trump! Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com KEY TAKEAWAY...more

  • Shocking Retirement/Pensions Statistics: Mainstream Media BS

    Oct 21 2021

    You would think that the mainstream media would understand the cost of living and what you would need to retire: but Rob believes they have got it completely wrong! Listen in to this episode to find out why and what you actually need in order to retire. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Sla...more

  • RANT: STOP Using Filters on Social Media...Seriously!

    Oct 19 2021

    Rob has never used a filter. He thinks we are in a ‘filter pandemic’ where it’s too easy to change how you look to please others and have an unrealistic expectation of what you look like. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com KEY TAKEAWAYS  W...more

  • My Therapist Shamed Me, Lessons Exposed

    Oct 17 2021

    Rob doesn’t ordinarily share the content of his therapy sessions on his podcasts, but he feels like some of the feedback he has been getting from his therapist would be beneficial for other entrepreneurs out there to hear. Listen in to this episode to learn how and why you are already good enough, regardless of what you do or don’t achieve. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be ...more

  • How to Go Viral on Social Media From Zero

    Oct 14 2021

    Rob wants to share with you all how to hack virality without being a massive influencer already. Listen in today to find out some tactics and tips to going viral without already having millions of followers! Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com KEY TAKEAWAYS  ...more

  • RANT: Is a Four-Day Week the Future of Work?

    Oct 12 2021

    According to national Scotland, they will be trialling a four-day work week! Rob has a lot to say on this subject, so tune into this episode to hear what he thinks and why it’s not going to work in the ways they may expect! Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com ...more

  • Key Business Metrics For Fast Growth (WARNING)

    Oct 10 2021

    “You cannot master what you do not measure” In this episode, Rob is warning you to ensure you are measuring all the key metrics in your personal finances and in your business. There are certain metrics that are essential in growing both your personal and business finance and if you are not tracking these well, it could lead to failure. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a to...more

  • 10 Ways to Disrupt Your Personal Brand

    Oct 07 2021

    Listen into this episode as Rob tells you how to maximise your reach, how the world of personal brand has changed and the 10 things YOU can do to build, scale and disrupt your personal brand. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com KEY TAKEAWAYS  You need to be ...more

  • Trigger Warning: Why ‘Be the Best’ is Wrong (Proof)

    Oct 05 2021

    “If you want to be successful you’ve got to be the best” – In the modern world Rob does not believe this has to be true. The world has changed, listen in to this episode to find out why this is and what you should be focusing on instead to bring you success! Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like M...more

  • The Perfect Strategy For Create Recurring Assets & Passive Income

    Oct 03 2021

    Now more than ever you need recurring income. In these trying times, of the pandemic, of the economic crisis, there has never been a more crucial time to have multiple streams of recurring income. You need to start creating assets that will continue to help you earn no matter what happens. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startu...more

  • From 32 to 11,000 Clients in ONE YEAR | Kim Walsh Phillips

    Oct 01 2021

    Can anyone run and create a course? In this bonus episode, Rob speaks to entrepreneur and coaching business owner Kim Phillips about how she brought in 11,000 clients in just one year! They also discuss marketing, social media and the power of data. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack,...more

  • Best Way to Monetise Your Message Now

    Sep 30 2021

    The BEST way to monetise your message is not what or how most people think! It’s via a way of communicating, old school, through audio. Start to use YOUR VOICE and create an asset and a following based on your voice, whether that’s via a podcast or on a platform such as clubhouse. Listen in to this quick-fire episode to learn more how and why you should use your voice to monetise your message. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leade...more

  • RANT: Billionaires & Huge Corps DO Pay Taxes (Facts)...

    Sep 28 2021

    People are selling their dreams by complaining about others. Rob has had an influx of comments recently saying that big corps do not pay tax, but this simply isn’t true! Listen in to this episode to hear why people need to stop whining about billionaires and millionaires are start to look closer to home! Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there fr...more

  • RANT: Billionaires & Huge Corps DO Pay Taxes (Facts).

    Sep 28 2021

    Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com VALUABLE RESOURCEShttps://robmoore.com/ bit.ly/Robsupporter https://robmoore.com/podbooks ABOUT THE HOST Rob Moore is an author of 9 business books, 5 UK bestsellers, holds 3 world records for public speaking, entrepreneur, pro...more

  • How to Find, Action & Master The Greatest Opportunities (LIVE)

    Sep 26 2021

    There are a lot of people online who are really upset at the moment; at Rob and at the world in general. Rob believes that these people don’t understand the power of the opportunities out there, it’s almost too much to focus on. Listen into this episode to hear Rob talk about why this is and what you can do to avoid the overwhelm and make the most of this new world we live in. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Le...more

  • You Do NOT Have to Get Up at 5am!

    Sep 23 2021

    You don't have to get at 5am to be a successful person! Many people that say they do this don’t actually do it or make the most of the extra time. Listen in to this quick episode to hear Rob bust this myth and why getting up at 5am isn’t the answer, routine is. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, Bre...more

  • Recurring Income: The More You Unlearn The More You Earn

    Sep 21 2021

    Join Rob today as he talks about how to create sustainable recurring income. Including, how to break bad habits, what rules to ignore and what ones to follow and how to appreciate wealth in terms of your wellbeing as well as finance! Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.c...more

  • The NEW NORMAL- Social Media De-Centralisation

    Sep 19 2021

    We are now in the age of decentralisation of social media, just  5-7 years ago there were just a handful of big social media platforms we all used. Now there are more challengers emerging, such as tiktok and clubhouse. Listen in to this podcast with Rob to hear all about this in detail and how you can actually use it to leverage your social media game. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like ...more

  • How to get Anything for Free & even get Paid for it

    Sep 16 2021

    Sounds too good to be true, but this time it isn’t! In this episode, Rob tells you how to leverage consumerism in the right way and how investing in the right brans can actually make you money! Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com KEY TAKEAWAYS  There a...more

  • Post Lockdown C****d Opportunity f*** the System!

    Sep 14 2021

    It’s time to turn the corner and see the opportunities post the covid lockdown. Join Rob as he talks through the five things you need to be doing to find and utilise the opportunities for yourself. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com KEY TAKEAWAYS  You...more

  • Ollie Ollerton: Former Special Forces SBS Solider Talks The Business of War & Master Your Mindset

    Sep 12 2021

    A brave and thought-provoking episode where Rob speaks to Ollie Ollerton at breakpoint HQ. They discuss what’s changed since they first met, dealing with trauma, mindset and of course business. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com KEY TAKEAWAYS  You ca...more

  • How to Capture People's Attention on Social Media

    Sep 09 2021

    What do you stand for and against? Do you worry about putting yourself out there on social media? In this episode Rob delves deep into how to capture people and followers on social media whilst remaining true to yourself. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com   ...more

  • RANT: “Is COVID Over?” (WARNING)

    Sep 07 2021

    DESCRIPTION Is Covid over? Rob has had enough, the news goes from one extreme to the other; either it’s over or it’s out of control! Rob is fed up of the media rhetoric and the message he wants to give you is that you must act like covid is not over to protect yourself and your business.  Join Rob’s FREE Personal Brand Revolution Training: www.robmoore.com/pbr KEY TAKEAWAYS  If you relax and think things will go back to normal then you are making yourself vulne...more

  • How to Manage (& Hack) Social Media The Most Effective Way

    Sep 05 2021

    Do you need to turn your overwhelm into income and omnipresence? Listen in today as Rob goes in depth on how to manage your time to ensure you get the best results on managing the rest of your life, including your social media! Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founders of startups like Monzo, BrewDog, Jo Malone, Slack, and Lastminute.com Jo...more

  • Will The Female Leaders Please Stand Up!

    Sep 02 2021

    There are women who are stepping up with Rhianna a billionairess with a 1.7 billion dollar net worth and Reece Witherspoon recently selling her media company for 900 million dollars. They have leveraged their following and their influence and turned it into billion-dollar organisations and so can you. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from founder...more

  • WARNING! The Financial Revolution is Coming.

    Aug 31 2021

    The financial revolution is coming! We’re out of lockdown, taxes will be due and loans will need to be paid back… the financial disruption is on its way in forms of tax changes, cryptocurrency and more, listen in today to learn how you can ride this disruption and not just survive, but thrive. Secret Leaders Podcast Listen Now https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/secret-leaders/id1229438369Learn what it’s really like to be a top entrepreneur and how to get there from fo...more

  • Joe Vitale: Best Selling Author & Star of The Secret

    Aug 29 2021

    Rob has been a fan of Joe Vitale for over 15 years and in this episode he gets to speak on philosophy, making peace with money and much, much more! A truly motivational, enlightening and engaging episode full of inspiration that we can all live by.   KEY TAKEAWAYS  Joe was in Thailand at a speaking event and went into a book shop, it was here he saw and bought Rob’s Moore’s book Money! He loved it and even bought another copy when he got back to the US. Rob and Joe ag...more

  • Rihanna is now officially a billionaire!

    Aug 26 2021

    It’s official Rihanna is now worth 1.2 billion! Why should you care? Because if people understood the tactics and mindsets of billionaires they would actually end up being able to create more value for the world. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Rob doesn’t believe people understand how to create sustainable money and how to create sustainable income. If they did, there would be more billionaires in the world creating a better place to live in. Rhianna has commercialised and monetised her pe...more

  • RANT: A Levels DO NOT Matter!

    Aug 24 2021

    At the time, exam results feel like the most important measure of whether you, or your children, are and will continue to be successful in life. But Rob says this is the wrong attitude to have! KEY TAKEAWAYS  If you want to be an entrepreneur, be creative, be your own boss and leader, then GCSE’s and A-levels do not matter. They were created for an industrial age and are out of date. There are so many skills you will need to learn after school to be successful, and tons of things...more

  • 6 Ways to LEVERAGE BIG & Get More Done in Less Time & Scale Fast

    Aug 22 2021

    Rob wrote one of the best-selling business books in the UK called ‘Life Leverage’ so has a lot to say on the matter! Listen in to today’s episode for some non-conventional wisdom where Rob tells you not just one, but SIX ways you can get more done in less time; giving yourself more freedom to do what you want to do. KEY TAKEAWAYS  You can’t get big, in business and in life, on your own, you need to learn to leverage. You can’t cheat time but you can lever...more

  • BREAKING NEWS - AstraZeneca CEO Most Paid Exec. on FTSE 100

    Aug 20 2021

    The AstraZeneca CEO is officially the highest paid executive in the UK. He earned 15.5 million pounds in the last year. Is this right or wrong? Rob discusses. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Is it right or fair that in a pandemic where so many people have suffered, financially and medically, for someone to be paid that much? However, Astra Zeneca claim they aren’t making a profit on selling the vaccine. Good entrepreneurs thrive with problems. Solving problems is an entrepreneurs job, the bigger ...more

  • Our Most Disruptive Moments! Reflecting on 700 Episodes

    Aug 19 2021

    TDE has reached its 700th episode! What an incredible milestone. Listen in to this very special episode full of some of the very best moments of the past 699 shows, including Rob’s fresh take on some of these moments and his thoughts now on what was discussed. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Rob has been told time and time again that billionaires didn’t set out to make lots of money. But Rob doesn’t believe this can be entirely true, you can’t become that successful and that rich...more

  • South Parks $900 Million Dollar Deal!

    Aug 17 2021

    South Park have just announced they are doing a 7-season deal including movies, but why should you care about this? Rob talks about why you should and how it is only a positive thing! KEY TAKEAWAYS  It’s positive and empowering to think that you can be creative, be disruptive and there is no limit to what can be achieved. Rob is sure that the creators of south park never expected to do a billion-dollar deal for creating art, using their passion and humour and simply doing what th...more

  • JP Sears: How to Build a Brand & Social Media Empire

    Aug 15 2021

    Lifecoach, internet sensation and hilariously funny comedian, JP Sears joins the show again today to talk about how the pandemic has impacted him and his comedic career.  Together, they discuss the importance of using your brand for good, why multiple streams of income offer both security and opportunity and why the goodness of humanity is the strongest force of nature. KEY TAKEAWAYS If your brand is not changing that means it is not growing. Use your brand as a force for good. As the ...more

  • How To Create Great Content (7 Ways)

    Aug 12 2021

    Over the last seven years, during which he has become a decamillionaire, Rob has spent considerable amounts of time in the social media arena and created thousands of videos, lives and pieces of content. He knows exactly what works developing and adapting the best types of content to get a shareable response to go viral. In this episode he shares a brilliant model of content that gets great engagement every time, generates interest and creates leverage   KEY TAKEAWAYS The model &lsqu...more

  • RANT: Is Free Speech Dead?

    Aug 10 2021

    This week YouTube has banned Sky News Australia from creating new content, they say this is due to misinformation being spread about Covid. Is this limiting free speech? It brings up all sorts of moral dilemmas and questions and this is what Rob wants to RANT about in this episode! KEY TAKEAWAYS  The question is often what gives platforms the authority to decide who is allowed to say what and when? But similarly, what gives individuals the right to say whatever they like wherever they l...more

  • Loren Ridinger: E-Commerce Mogul, SHOP.COM Founder, $1 Billion in Sales

    Aug 08 2021

    A motivating, energetic and inspiring episode, Rob speaks to ‘one of the coolest people he has met on clubhouse’ Loren Ridinger. They talk all about Loren’s billion dollars a year in sales e-commerce business, her journey from the start as well as her mindset and attitude towards life. KEY TAKEAWAYS  When Loren first started her e-commerce company with her siblings back in 1992 she really struggled. There wasn’t a strong belief in internet sales and the role of c...more

  • How to Merge Your Passion Into Your Profession

    Aug 05 2021

    This is an enlightening and energetic episode where Rob talks about how you can merge your passion into making you money! Including tips on how to strike the balance between your passion, your values and profit, whilst providing for and serving your customers.   KEY TAKEAWAYS  There are four M’s to getting the balance right in your business so you can make money without selling out. They are: Market, Message, Mission and Money. Make sure there is a market, merge your passio...more

  • RANT: Pingdemic Our Country is Being Ruined

    Aug 03 2021

    This ‘pingdemic’ is ruining our country. Rob can’t just sit still and stay quiet, he needs a rant and to tell you WHY the current Covid strategy is killing businesses.   KEY TAKEAWAYS    No one knows what they are doing, people are confused and scared. It is not working. Half of Rob’s staff are getting pinged but none of them are testing positive. How can a company get back to normal if half their staff are off. Rob understands the impact of Covid an...more

  • Barry Hearn: Legendary Matchroom Found & Sports Promoter Talks Legacy & Building an Empire From Zero

    Aug 01 2021

    The first time Rob interviewed Barry Hearn is arguably one of the best TDE episodes ever! So, Rob is back again at matchroom headquarters where he interviews Barry for the second time all about his legacy. They discuss sport, business and the attributes and attitudes you need to have to be successful in life.     KEY TAKEAWAYS When Barry first started to make good money in his early days, his mum thought he was a gangster! Barry says his mum always wanted more for her children...more

  • Should I Focus on My Personal or Business Brand?

    Jul 29 2021

    In this short but insightful episode Rob answers in detail one of the most common questions he gets asked. Should you focus on your business or your personal brand?   KEY TAKEAWAYS You should be tactical about focusing on one brand at a time, there are usually three, the product brand, the personal brand and the business brand. The great thing about having a personal brand is you can promote both business and products brands with flexibility, autonomy and still live your own values...more

  • RANT! More Stupid Things People Say About Money

    Jul 28 2021

    In today's episode, Rob talks about people and Entrepreneurs having dated or (dare he say it) stupid outlooks on money and busting myths around money “Money doesn’t buy happiness” as the saying goes, but Rob argues this is naive Listen in as rob discusses the “other side” of misconstrued sayings.   “You cannot save your way to wealth”   "The pounds take care of themselves when you invest in assets... Save the Pennies, invest the pou...more

  • Roger Saul: Mulberry Founder Reveals How to Grow a Global Brand & Pivot Recessions

    Jul 25 2021

    In this episode Rob brings the co-founder of Mulberry, and sustainability pioneer Roger Saul to the podcast. We previously heard from Roger at the young entrepreneurs summit and he had so much wisdom to share Rob wanted to go more in depth with him on all things entrepreneurship! An inspiring and educational conversation full of value for both the young and established entrepreneur alike.     KEY TAKEAWAYS Roger’s first job was as a boutique assistant when he was studyin...more

  • 11 Ways to scale your Business ONLINE

    Jul 22 2021

    Rob outlines 11 ways you can scale your business online, including top tips, how tos and actual demonstrations! If you want to scale your business, effectively and for today’s world, then you need to learn these 11 ways of doing so.   KEY TAKEAWAYS    Go where the virality is Create and reverse engineer your ideal client profile Leverage the audio influencer space Content Repurposing Creating good organic content and turning it into an ad Create multiple streams o...more

  • RANT - STUPID Things People Say (Believe) About Money

    Jul 20 2021

      There are lots of sayings about money out there. We all learn a great deal from the media, our upbringing and friends, but so many of these things we are told are STUPID and are killing people’s ability to build wealth. Listen in to what Rob has to say and protect yourself from these dangerous myths. KEY TAKEAWAYS    Money is the root of all evil: So many people say this or that the love of money is evil. Both are wrong. The root of all evil is humanity, money as a ...more

  • Ask Me Anything on Business, Haters & My Best Ever Deal

    Jul 18 2021

      This episode is the host to Rob’s ever first LIVE ask me anything!   Nothing is off limits, listen in whilst Rob answers questions ranging from how he deals with haters to why entrepreneurship is a peoples game.   KEY TAKEAWAYS    There’s lots of different ways to deal with haters. If you can prove they have caused loss of business then you can even go to a lawyer –but this can be complicated and expensive. It can be worth trying to contact t...more

  • Viral Growth: Content Repurposing 3.0

    Jul 15 2021

    This is BRAND NEW content taken from Rob’s brand and marketing mastermind on content repurposing! If you have been listening and following Rob for a while you will have heard him talking about omnipresence and content repurposing, but he has never gone into depth on the layers and structures of it – learn all about this, including hacks and tips to get you started in this episode!   KEY TAKEAWAYS    Omnipresence is creating the illusion that you are posting uniqu...more

  • RANT: Stupid Things Entrepreneurs Say

    Jul 13 2021

    What do you think are the stupidest things Entrepreneurs say? In this episode, Rob digs further into his theories on stupid things entrepreneurs say, listen in to hear a unique perspective on statements we all hear in the business world and learn what you could be missing by listening to them!   KEY TAKEAWAYS    “I get most of my business from referrals”:Is it a good thing you get a lot of business from your referrals? Yes, it is, it means you have a good product...more

  • How to Generate Leads on Free and Organic Platforms

    Jul 11 2021

      Generating  leads can take a lot of time, effort and money. But what if there was an easier way? Listen in today to hear Rob’s top hacks for you to generate leads on free and organic platforms! Go to www.rob.team to download a FREE document with multiple tips, hacks and examples of the strategies talked about in this podcast, as well as multiple other benefits! KEY TAKEAWAYS  It’s good to mix your strategy when it comes to generating leads. A great hack is to t...more

  • How to Balance FREE Content vs PAID ads

    Jul 08 2021

    Listen in today to hear Rob’s hack on how you can balance free content –vs- paid for ads, fast and with low risk. Go to www.rob.team a decentralised platform Rob has created for exclusive content, offers and more! KEY TAKEAWAYS  Posting on social media correctly can generate leads, using paid ads correctly can do the same. But it’s easy to get either of these things wrong and waste your time and money. The first thing you need to do is find out your ideal client prof...more

  • Naveen Jain: Billionaire Entrepreneur Reveals The Greatest Opportunities

    Jul 04 2021

    In this inspiring, motivating and enlightening episode, Rob speaks to Naveen Jain. Naveen is a billionaire entrepreneur with a large catalogue of past and current successful businesses. Rob and Naveen delve deep into many different topics including the changes they think we will see in business, what new opportunities are out there and how to build an entrepreneurial mindset.   KEY TAKEAWAYS  All industries change. The important thing is to always stay focused on solving people&rs...more

  • 11x Results in 1/11th of the Time (Tactic)

    Jul 01 2021

    How can you get 11 times the results in the time it takes to do something once? This one practical tip will help your work smarter, not harder! KEY TAKEAWAYS  Learn to replicate, not duplicate, your tasks and your time. This is the key to getting great results in the time it takes for you to do one task! Are you overwhelmed of omnipresent? Those who are doing well on social media are doing so by being omnipresent. They are avoiding overwhelm and fully leveraging by using one piece of c...more

  • RANT: The Stupidest Things Entrepreneurs Say

    Jun 29 2021

    What do you think are the stupidest things Entrepreneurs say? In this episode, Rob divulges his top two statements that he hears from entrepreneurs that he thinks are stupid, contrarian and lack common sense!   KEY TAKEAWAYS    The product sells itself.Nothing sells itself! There may be items you believe sell themselves, such as the i-phone, but remember apple has been round for decades and has had billions upon billions of investment. You need to work for your product to se...more

  • Lady Colin: Princess Diana's Biographer Talks Royal Family Controversies

    Jun 27 2021

      In this episode, Rob talks to Lady C; author, TV personality, entrepreneur, socialite and so much more.   They discuss her writing, her persona and of course, The Royal Family!   KEY TAKEAWAYS    Lady C is often said to be controversial but she doesn’t believe this to be case. She believes that because she did many things first, and in some forms a bit of a maverick, this is why she was and is seen as controversial, but she is actually very measured as a...more

  • The NEW Social Media Craze (Exponential)

    Jun 26 2021

    We are at the start of an accelerations of a brand new social media craze – Audio! It’s by no means a new medium, but the way it is being used at the moment and the uptake on it changes the landscape of audio platforms, both new and pre-existing. In this episode Rob explores the reasons why! Go to www.robmoore.live to join Rob’s FREE Audio Influencer and Podcaster online zoom masterclass! KEY TAKEAWAYS    Audio is convenient. You can consume content whilst doing...more

  • Conversation With Robs Successful Clients: Fiona Crossley

    Jun 25 2021

    There are more millionaires made in times of financial crisis than at any other time and today Rob interviews the impressive Fi Crossley, who secured 26 properties over lockdown, testament to how knowledge, hard work and leverage can bring you success no matter what situation you find yourself in.   If you think your story should be shared on a TDE Successful Saturdays episode or you want to work with Rob then email Rob – rob@robmoore.com   KEY TAKEAWAYS    Fi f...more

  • How to Gain More Referrals For Your Business

    Jun 24 2021

    In this episode, Rob shares invaluable knowledge from a consultation call he had with a client. He talks about how you can gain more referrals for your business, so you can build, scale and ultimately get more sales!     KEY TAKEAWAYS   Be strategic about having a programme, or a vertical all about your product or service. An ambassador programme can be a great way for your existing customers to recommend you. They are incentivised so will want to recommend you as much as ...more

  • RANT - The Hippy BS of 'It's All About The Journey Not The Destination'

    Jun 22 2021

    There’s a lot of extreme nonsense around this saying and in this episode Rob want’s to tell you why it’s wrong and can actually have a detrimental impact on your path to success!       KEY TAKEAWAYS   Many of us will has wrestled with this concept. It can be a ---- as you are trying to strive towards a goal whilst equally telling yourself you are already enough.   Exercise is a great example to counter this saying. Most people don’t...more

  • Ronnie O'Sullivan: The Greatest Snooker Champion of All Time

    Jun 20 2021

    In this episode Rob speaks to the greatest snooker champion of all time, Ronnie O’Sullivan. They have an in depth, authentic and honest discussion around Ronnie’s life; his career, his lows and his many highs too.     Join Rob’s supporter programme for just £5/$5 a month by going to www.rob.team   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Ronnie is known for disrupting the snooker world in his own unique and dynamic ways but he is interested in a lot more things than ...more

  • Conversation With Robs Successful Clients: Michael Kalisperas [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jun 18 2021

    “It’s a great thing to give people exposure who are doing amazing thing but aren’t necessarily globally famous”.   Today Rob speaks to both client and friend, Michael Kalisperas. Michael has an incredibly inspiring, powerful and motivating journey which he uses as a driving force in everything he does including his businesses. He shares his story, strength and success in this episode.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   A serial entrepreneur, Michael’s career background was originally in marketing and grap...more

  • 6 Ways to go Viral [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jun 17 2021

    In this episode Rob shares six ways you can make yourself go viral. He also discusses what ‘virality’ actually is and how important relativity is.   To join Rob’s one-off masterclass on omnipresence and content repurposing then go to www.rob.team to join it for FREE!   KEY TAKEAWAYS Your content needs to be interesting not vanilla. Sitting on the fence does not make you viral! Interview someone people want to listen to. You can partner and/or leverage someone else’s audience. Ask for p...more

  • RANT: 'He Who Works All Day Has NO Time to Make Money!' [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jun 15 2021

    More of a warning than a rant but today Rob talks about how entrepreneurs and business owners need to spend their time wisely to make the most money they can. Listen in today to find out what you NEED to be doing to work smarter, not harder!   To join Rob’s  "Omni-Presence & Content Repurposing Masterclass" FOR FREE!  Go to www.rob.team !   KEY TAKEAWAYS You can work as hard as physically possible but this will still stop you making money. Think about how to work smarter, not harder....more

  • NEW - The BEST Social Media Growth Hack [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jun 14 2021

    What is the best social media growth hack? What is the one thing you can do above anything else? Listen in to this quick fire episode as Rob talks about what it is you can do to be successful across all social media platforms.   KEY TAKEAWAYS The single most important thing you can do is content repurposing, by having an omnipresence across platforms. It’s key to use the same piece of content but not in a copy & paste way as this will have the opposite effect to what you want. You nee...more

  • Roger Saul - Founder of Mulberry on The Business of Fashion & Building an Empire [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jun 13 2021

    In this episode Rob speaks to the co-founder of Mulberry, and sustainability pioneer Roger Saul. They discuss entrepreneurship, adaptability and of course fashion! An inspiring and educational conversation full of value for both the young and established entrepreneur alike.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Fashion has changed tremendously in the past few decades. When Roger first entered the world of fashion in the early 70s it was very exciting, everything was new and fashion was centre stage in the same ...more

  • For Empire Building, Scale up Entrepreneurs Only [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jun 10 2021

    This episode is for Scale up Entrepreneurs and Empire Builders only! Rob shares business strategies and tactics to scale up and build your empire including distribution, marketing, income, admin and how to manage your emotions.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Too many entrepreneurs are spending too much time IN their business, not ON their business. It’s important to focus on tasks that will create an impact and find ways for almost everything else to get done by someone else. To grow your business you...more

  • RANT: Why You Must Pi$$ People Off (FFS LOL) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jun 08 2021

    This episode is for all of the people pleasers out there, for those of you who are scared to put yourself out there, the introverts and those in hiding. You absolutely MUST start to piss people off!   KEY TAKEAWAYS Rob himself built people pleasing and conflict avoiding strategies when he was younger. It was how he coped and survived for so long. In 2006 he got into business and realised that he would get crushed if he kept this up so he had to learn to piss people off! People will hate y...more

  • Alan Barratt: Grenade Founder Gives Vital Advice for Entrepreneurs [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jun 06 2021

    In this inspiring and energising episode, Rob interviews Alan Barratt, entrepreneur and founder of one of the fastest growing weight management, energy and lifestyle brands in the world, Grenade. They talk about Alan’s entrepreneurship journey, his many successes and what advice he would give to entrepreneurs, particularly those who are young or are just starting out.   KEY TAKEAWAYS People who start up amazing brands probably don’t initially start with this in mind, they just did what th...more

  • Floyd Mayweather: Exclusive Interview on Logan Paul, Money Secrets & Next Boxing Fights [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jun 04 2021

    Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather joins The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast LIVE to discuss his mindset and motivation to achieve success throughout his undefeated boxing career and smart money investments. Rob and Floyd dive into the value of self-preservation, the need for continuous growth and why the comeback is always bigger than the setback. Listen in to another exciting episode with the greatest boxer of all time who has an estimated net worth of half-billion dollars!   KEY TAKEAWAYS Floyd ...more

  • Why ‘Content’ is NOT ‘King’ (& What Really is) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jun 03 2021

    Does creating content make you feel inspired or overwhelmed? Rob doesn’t believe content is king, marketing is. Marketing is the single most important aspect in ANY business.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Repurposing is the queen. If you aren’t already repurposing your content then you are wasting time! Converting is key. If you aren’t converting sales, are you doing quality marketing and are you doing enough of it?   Content can only be king if you are using it as part of your marketing strategy...more

  • RANT: STOP Avoiding This ONE Most Important Thing [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jun 01 2021

    Rob needs to tell you how it is. Marketing is THE single most important thing in your business, stop avoiding it!   KEY TAKEAWAYS So many people busy themselves with so many things in their business that these tasks actually get in that way of the most important task of all, marketing. If your marketing is good then your sales won’t need too much work as it will be mostly order taking. BEST MOMENTS “You are wasting time, you are actively procrastinating”   “Never let the menial g...more

  • Mark Victor Hansen: How Entrepreneurs Can Inspire & Change The World [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 30 2021

    “If everyone learnt how to be an entrepreneur young they could be rich forever” Today Rob speaks to Mark Hansen, an entrepreneur, author and speaker. They talk about the importance of entrepreneurism, it’s role in society and how they can inspire the next generation to move the world to a better place.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Mark is great at networking and connecting with people on a real level. Mark is also an incredible speaker, goal setter and author. Rob has been helped and inspired by him ...more

  • 7 EPIC Business Fails That Kill Your Growth [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 27 2021

    In this episode Rob lists 7 mistakes you can make in business and the impact these have on your ability to grow and scale.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Mistake no1 - Not doing enough partnerships or collaborations, you aren't then exercising leverage and you are attempting to do everything alone. You see everyone as competition rather than working with people in the same space as you. Mistake no2 -Not building a team is a sure way to fail to scale! You need talented people around you to help build you...more

  • RANT: Why ‘Focus on ONE Thing to be Successful’ is Wrong. Do this instead.. [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 25 2021

    In any one moment you can only do one thing, which is the reasoning behind ‘focus on one task’ but you should never just focus on one business model!   In this episode Rob explores the idea of diversifying your business and why ‘focus on one thing’ is out of date advice and can actually be dangerous.   If you want to scale your business quicker, faster and sign up to Rob's FREE zoom masterclass where he goes into depth on how to go from being a 7 figure company to and 8 figure company: www.r...more

  • Glenn Jacobs: WWE Legend Kane on How to Become a Great Leader [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 23 2021

    In this episode Rob speaks to Glen Jacobs, entrepreneur and WWE legend, on how to become a great leader and how failure is a big part of success. Listen in today to hear all about why we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and endure our failures to go onto be successful.   KEY TAKEAWAYS The most important thing we can do to raise entrepreneurial kids is to encourage them to dream. To give them the comfort to step outside their comfort zone and to learn and discover what they e...more

  • You’re NOT Alone (they ALL say it, but...) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 20 2021

    There are a lot of people out there kindly saying you are not alone, but when you actually feel alone this rarely helps. In this episode Rob shares some practical ways you can help yourself when you are struggling with your mental health.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, you don’t have management or a boss to rely on or support you. There isn’t anyone you can reliably turn to, nothing really prepares you for that feeling. Successful people still have doubts. Everyone is...more

  • RANT: STOP Doing Everything Yourself FFS [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 18 2021

    Why are you still doing low value, waste of your time, somebody else’s problem tasks?!   In this episode Rob tells you why it is not only a complete waste of your time, but also your expertise, to be doing these kind of tasks and what you should be spending your time on instead. Listen in today to liberate both your time and yourself.   KEY TAKEAWAYS There’s a hard work lie being pushed out there that you have to work 10-12 hour days, 365 days a year, for a decade to be successful. This ...more

  • David McCourt: Billionaire's Greatest Advice For Entrepreneurs [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 16 2021

    In this episode Rob speaks to one of the most curious men he has ever met, David McCourt. David is an entrepreneur, thought leader and author. He likes to ask those questions that make you analyse and reassess the big questions in life. David talks about the advice he has received in the past, gives great insight into his entrepreneurial journey and shares some intuitive and perceptive tips for those entrepreneurs just starting out.   KEY TAKEAWAYS When you first start out you don’t know ...more

  • Faster Business Growth (12 Tactics) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 13 2021

    Listen in today for a tactical masterclass of faster business growth from Rob! He discusses ways you can accelerate growth in your business, how to do it simply and efficiently as well as how to utilise and use content, market effectively and get more money!   KEY TAKEAWAYS On social media platforms you will be getting comments and messages from your ideal clients across the board. Ensure you are engaging with them and you respond instead of brushing it off as too much hard work. The solu...more

  • RANT- Meditation, Mindfulness; You DON'T Need it. Do This Instead [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 11 2021

    In this episode Rob acknowledges that mindfulness and meditation are the current trends but you DON’T need either! Instead he gives alternative tips to get you hyper focused on what you actually need to get the results and success you want.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Rob isn’t saying that meditation is a bad thing. It works incredibly well for some people and it may work for you in the future. But he points out the pressure to mediate and to do these various acts of mindfulness can actually add press...more

  • Grant Cardone: The Greatest Advice For Young Entrepreneurs [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 09 2021

    In today’s exciting episode Rob speaks to Grant Cardone about entrepreneurship and crucially, asks him what his advice would be for young entrepreneurs today!   After suffering the loss of his Dad and older brother at a young age Grant has always felt like he is in a bit of a rush in life. He also lost parts of his life to drugs and so understands more than most that none of us know how much time we have on this earth, we need to make the most of what we can.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Grant is see...more

  • Scaling From 6 to 7 Figures (13 Ways) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 07 2021

    Listen in to this Bonus episode of TDE as Rob gives a mini-master class on scaling from 6 to 7 figures in business. He shares proven tips and strategies on what you can do to make that next leap!   KEY TAKEAWAYS Master one business/vertical and then grow out across your other ideas. Rob calls this cross-stream leverage. When you want to branch out and have multiple businesses try and choose ones that are related. If you have multiple businesses in multiple sectors you will be spread far t...more

  • Omni-Presence & Vast Audience Building (Tactical) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 06 2021

    Social media has taken the world by storm and it is becoming increasingly challenging to be present on each platform, all of the time. Join Rob as he explains how you can create omnipresence on your platforms to help build your audience. Discover how to create your own social media funnel, the importance of collaborations with other influencers, and how to repurpose your content to create the illusion of omnipresence.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Omnipresence is the perception that you are everywhere a...more

  • RANT! The Massive MYTH of Free Content [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 04 2021

    What you have been told is no longer true! You used to be told that you have to give out free content every day for years and then you might find success, this has been the narrative for so long. But the world has changed, listen in today to find out why and what you should be doing instead.   KEY TAKEAWAYS We are now in the dawn of the creator, the big old media powerhouses no longer have the immense power they did. Print, TV and radio used to control the narrative and choose what we co...more

  • Naveen Jain: How to Turn Your Passion into Billions [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    May 02 2021

    Entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of Moon Express, Naveen Jain joins Rob today to discuss how you can turn your passion into profits. Listen in to discover the important role mistakes play in making you who you are today, how to get comfortable within your own skin and why helping others will change humanity for the better.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Every single mistake that you have made has made you exactly who you are today. It doesn’t matter where you are in life or how many mistakes you ...more

  • Is Traditional Mainstream Media Dead? [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 29 2021

    Is traditional media dead? Join Rob today as he discusses the vast shift in the way we consume media and how you need to adapt if you want your business to survive. Rob talks about the vast opportunities you can have as an individual creator, the global audience you can reach and the rise of creator currency.   KEY TAKEAWAYS We are in Darwinian times, if you are a bricks-and-mortar business, you need to adapt or else you risk failure. With the pandemic and all the increase in taxes and loa...more

  • RANT: Hire on Attitude not Skill: Utter BS! [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 27 2021

    We have all heard it, hire on attitude not skill, skills can be taught and attitude can't. In this episode Rob challenges that notion and calls BS!   KEY TAKEAWAYS People who say that attitude can't be taught aren't teaching attitude. Attitude is culture, passion and energy. It's your responsibility to create this as an employer, you need to cultivate the right environment. Often great talent knows they are great and so they come with a bit of a chip on their shoulder. They may have some ...more

  • How to Find the Greatest Business Opportunities [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 25 2021

    As lockdown restrictions ease and ‘normal’ life slowly starts to resume, businesses and entrepreneurs are going to feel the pinch, as furlough ends and taxes rise. Rob is joined by Jessen James serial entrepreneur, author and business mentor as they discuss how to take full advantage of post lockdown opportunities and how you can avoid your business being hit hard. They discuss the importance of valuing yourself, how to live a fulfilled life and why those who stuck with their business models dur...more

  • 7 Figure Activities (not $7 ones) 21 of them [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 22 2021

    Do you ever feel like you are working so hard, but your profits are not reflective of that? Join Rob today as he tells you what small income generating tasks you need to STOP doing, and what to focus your time on to ensure you’re making big profits. Discover the importance of creating new business partnerships, how to find the new trends and why creating recurring income can allow you to take your profits even higher.   KEY TAKEAWAYS So many people end up distracting themselves from doing ...more

  • RANT: STOP ‘Trusting Your Intuition’! [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 20 2021

    Have you ever been unsure about something and decided to just follow your instincts? Rob is here to tell you why you shouldn't do this and what you can do instead. Rob discusses how following your intuition is sometimes lazy, how your gut feelings toward people differ from your gut feelings in business and why only after decades of experience in an industry can you safely trust your gut.   KEY TAKEAWAYS The saying ‘go with your intuition’ is lazy. The people that follow this rule are missi...more

  • Chatri Sityodtong: Billion Dollar MMA Promoter, Asian Business Tycoon and Muay Thai Master [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 18 2021

    Rob is joined by Asia's 2nd Most Powerful Person in Sports, CEO of ONE championship and martial artist, Chatri Sityodtong. Together they discuss how the meaning of life is about the love you share and impact you have, how to embrace the pandemic and see it as an opportunity and why to be disruptive means you need to break the rules that no longer make sense in today's society.   KEY TAKEAWAYS The meaning of life is the love you share and the impact you make. Nothing else matters. Our purpos...more

  • Ask me Anything LIVE! [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 15 2021

    Today Rob opens up the floor to you, in a very rare ‘ask me anything’ episode Rob answers all your burning questions from social media to personal branding, nothing is off-limits. Discover the impact Clubhouse can have on your personal brand, how to overcome your fears of rejection and how finding a brilliant workforce, can help you feel liberated.   KEY TAKEAWAYS If 2020 has taught us anything it is to be agile, think fast, decide fast and act fast. Start now and get perfect later. These ...more

  • RANT: The MYTH of Impostor Syndrome v2.0 [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 13 2021

    Have you ever felt like you are your own imposter? Join Rob as he discusses why imposter syndrome is a myth. Discover why when you label yourself with imposter syndrome you make out something is wrong with you, how imposter syndrome is just emotions reacting to your new environment and why just because you have failed at something, does not mean you are a failure.   KEY TAKEAWAYS When you label yourself with imposter syndrome you make out that there is something wrong with you. The feeling...more

  • Marisa Peer: Expert Therapist on Sex, Orgasms & Building Self Confidence [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 11 2021

    World renowned speaker, transformational therapist and best selling author Marisa Peer joins Rob today to discuss everything from the importance of a healthy sex life to having a success mindset. Discover the importance that sex plays in living a healthy and fulfilled life, how building your personal brand requires you to be brave and why the whole world needs to be disrupted.   KEY TAKEAWAYS If you have a healthy sex life then you will have a more fulfilled life. Sex has been proven to he...more

  • The Traits of Great Entrepreneurs [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 08 2021

    Discover today the many great traits that entrepreneurs all over the world possess. Join Rob as he discloses all the wonderful attributes millionaires, billionaires and successful people have which got them to where they are today. Rob discusses how curiosity, disruptive energy and self-belief are just some of the many traits a great entrepreneur has.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Curiosity is a trait of many entrepreneurs, especially billionaires. When you have conversations with millionaires or billio...more

  • RANT: TWO Words That Ruin Your Life (& Three That Change it) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 06 2021

    There are two words that will ruin your life and Rob is here to tell you what they are. Don’t miss today's podcast to find out how you can stop blocking all opportunity and growth from your life and how to open up your mindset to an infinite amount of success. Rob discusses how many entrepreneurs continuously block out solutions, how there is a misconception that the more successful you are the less problems you may have and to always remember that every winner was once a beginner. KEY TAKEAWAY...more

  • John Assaraf: Mindset & Behaviour Expert, Star of The Secret [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 04 2021

    Everybody knows the benefit that exercise has on the human body, but what about innersise and the life-changing effects that strengthening your mind can have on your life? Today Rob is joined by best selling author, entrepreneur and CEO of NeuroGym John Assaraf, who discusses the importance of working on your cognitive behaviour in order to lead the successful life you desire. John talks through the act of ‘cognitive priming’, the science behind success and how being disruptive is not accepting ...more

  • Post Lockdown Opportunity (1 Year on) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Apr 01 2021

    In today’s brief episode, Rob reflects on the anniversary of the first lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic and asks his listeners how it’s been for them? What are your plans moving forward and do you see this as an opportunity? Rob makes his recommendations on great opportunities for your post lockdown. Also, hear about Rob’s latest book  ‘Opportunity – Seize the Day, Win at Life’ and be sure to pre-order your copy.   KEY TAKEAWAYS The property market shows no signs of slowing down, it’s ...more

  • RANT: 3 Steps to More Sales (Blunt) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 30 2021

    In today’s episode, Rob shares with you a simple, three step process to urgently increase your sales fast. So whether you’re coming out of lockdown, pivoting or just need and want more revenue then listen in! But you MUST implement what Rob is sharing or it won’t work. Rob discusses the importance of collating your own list of leads, asking for their feedback and how to ask for referrals.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Before you even start the process, collate a list of leads and clients; people who may ...more

  • Caprice Bourret: Supermodel, Entrepreneur & TV Star [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 28 2021

    Award-winning model, businesswoman and philanthropist Caprice joins Rob and details how she went from the worlds sexiest woman to one of the businesses most successful female entrepreneurs. They discuss the power of silence, the importance of having a strong community of friends around you and how to identify your target market for your product or service.    KEY TAKEAWAYS  You have to put your ego in your back pocket. You have to always think of a ‘plan B’, that is the smart thing to do. A...more

  • 11 Post Lockdown Opportunities (Warning) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 28 2021

    Tune into today’s bonus episode of The Disruptive Entrepreneur to hear Rob’s take on post-lockdown and the opportunities he envisions being out there for you to take advantage of. It’s going to be a new world, with new opportunities, you need to be ahead of the game, so take note and prepare to build your future in what could be the most important year of your life!   KEY TAKEAWAYS 1 in 3 retail units in the Rob’s city are empty, the biggest department store in his city of Peterborough, Jo...more

  • Turning Problems into Possibilities [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 26 2021

    In this episode, Rob talks with Matt Fiddes about what opportunities there are post-lockdown and what you need to do to make the most of them. They also discuss Rob's new book Opportunity: Seize The Day. Win At Life and what Rob's motivation was behind the book and his entrepreneurial journey.   KEY TAKEAWAYS The whole world has been shut down for 12 months, if you have the right mindset then you can look around and see what opportunities there are available to you. You have to seize the op...more

  • The Biggest Business Opportunities in 2021 [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 25 2021

    In this episode, Rob is interviewed by Nick James of The Empire Builders Podcast. They discuss the infinite and abundant opportunities available in every nanosecond and how we just have open our minds to bring them into reality. There are opportunities you should delay and those to delegate along with those you should be pursuing and implementing. This is a great opportunity to hear about Rob’s approach to opportunities, what will be the biggest opportunities in 2021 and the ones you should be ...more

  • How to Take More Opportunities (Tables Turned) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 24 2021

    Do you ever look at the super successful millionaires and billionaires in the world and wonder ‘how did they get all those amazing opportunities?’ Join Rob as he discusses his new book ‘Opportunity’ and how you can guarantee those opportunities make their way to you. Discover today how manifestation and action can bring you chances of a lifetime, how growth is never ending and why being kind is the most important thing of all.   KEY TAKEAWAYS If you want control over your financial future,...more

  • Ben Francis: Founder of Gymshark, Bedroom Designer to Billionaire Dollar Brand [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 22 2021

    At the age of 19, entrepreneur Ben Francis founded Gymshark now a global fitness apparel powerhouse valued at $1.3 billion and today, he joins the Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast to discuss he journey from bedroom to board room, the mindset needed to start, grow and scale a brand and why empowering a great team around you can help to drive your business forward.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Luck comes in all different shapes and sizes and it is situational to every individual’s upbringing, skillset and...more

  • How to Get Influencers to Collab & Respond to DMs (Part 2) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 19 2021

    It is no secret that Influencers have a huge presence in the world of marketing  and collaborations with them can be great for you and your business, the only difficulty? Getting them to reply to their DM’s! Join Rob today as he explains how to get huge influencers to reply to your DM’s and collaborate with you. Rob discusses the importance of sharing their content on your platform, the benefits of the good old fashioned phone call and how to grab their attention with thoughtful gifts.   KEY T...more

  • My Honest Views on Prince Harry & Meghan, Oprah Interview [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 17 2021

    International fitness trainer to the stars and pop royalty Michael Jackson’s trusted security guard and friend, Matt Fiddes joins Rob today to discuss THAT royal interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Together they discuss their thoughts and opinions on the interview,  how the interview with the world's most successful TV broadcaster Oprah has helped launch their new personal brand and  Matt shares his personal experiences with Prince Harry.   KEY TAKEAWAY It is understandable that...more

  • Floyd Mayweather: The Greatest Undefeated Boxer of All Time [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 15 2021

    “Money don’t make me, I make money” Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather joins The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast LIVE to discuss his mindset and motivation to achieve success throughout his undefeated 50-0 boxing career, why he is looking forward to his exhibition fight with Logan Paul; PLUS he shares details on the smart money investments he has continued to make since his first paycheque. Rob and Floyd dive into the value of self-preservation, the need for continuous growth and why the comeback is alw...more

  • How to Get Influencers to do Collabs & Respond to DMs [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 12 2021

    Influencers are a great way to spread the word about your products and services, however it can be hard to get their attention, form a relationship with them and collaborate together. Join Rob as he reveals how to grab influencers' attention to ensure a response from them. Learn the importance of growing your own following to capture their attention, how creating content for them can encourage a positive relationship and why going through mutual acquaintances can build the trust every influencer...more

  • RANT! Handling Lockdown Stress & Creating Income From Home [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 10 2021

    In today’s podcast, join Rob as he discusses how to handle the stresses of lockdown 3.0 and how you can create a new income from the comfort of your own home. Rob discusses how you can stay positive during lockdown by cultivating your social media network and friendships to ensure you remain upbeat. He also shares his top tips to homeschooling and discusses how you can turn the information in your head into income in your bank account.   KEY TAKEAWAYS How do you stay positive in the lockdo...more

  • Kevin Clifton: Life After Strictly Come Dancing & Goal Setting [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 08 2021

    In this week’s show, Kevin Clifton talks to one of his mentors, author, property investor and our host of the ‘Disruptive Entrepreneur’; Rob Moore! Kevin asks Rob his view on various subjects such as the impact of Covid 19 on his business and how he turned the downside to an upside, his coping strategies and the use of social media.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Having more structure to your days and creating a new routine for yourself can be beneficial to your productivity. Having a structure whereby yo...more

  • 10 Ways to 10x Your Following (Multiple Channels) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 05 2021

    In today’s episode, Rob shares with you a masterclass on how to 10x your followers across multiple media channels. This is the result of a three hour Clubhouse Room he did recently where Rob and other members, many of whom have multi millions of followers across their various channels, discussed strategies and tactics on how to 10x followers.  These vary from the more obvious social media platforms and ways you can manipulate the functions in these, to other not so obvious methods you may not ha...more

  • The Millionaire Mindset: Think & Grow Rich (HUGE Influencer Natasha Grano) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 03 2021

    Do you ever wonder what the mindset of a millionaire must be like? Well listen in today as Rob is joined by Instagram powerhouse, motivational speaker and author Natasha Grano and discover how you can change your mindset, into that of a winning one. Together they discuss the importance of self-belief, the problem solving mindset and how to be authentic.    KEY TAKEAWAYS If you don't believe in yourself, why should anybody else? If you don't have the skills and talents and experience that yo...more

  • Joe Foster: Billionaire Co Founder of Reebok [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Mar 01 2021

    Today Rob is joined by entrepreneur, author and co-founder of Reebok, Joe Foster. Joe tells his fascinating story of how he took Reebok to become a $4billion company, from creating the Reebok brand, breaking America and selling the company. This is a life story you don’t want to miss. Learn some valuable life and business lessons with the founder of one of the most successful businessmen in the world.   KEY TAKEAWAYS People always advise not to go into business with friends, iIt doesn’t mat...more

  • How to Dramatically Increase Your Fees (The 6 Areas) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Feb 26 2021

    In today’s brief but powerful episode, Rob talks his audience through the six areas where you can increase your fees. These include the knowledge plus experience formula, his unique take on the ‘hero and the guide’, increasing your self worth, over subscribing your services and not forgetting the easiest one of all – offering great service.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Knowledge plus experience equals results. If you gain more knowledge in something, turn it into an experience of things you do or things...more

  • RANT: STOP Moaning About Clubhouse (& do This Instead) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Feb 24 2021

    Those that moan about Clubhouse are those that will not get value from it. Clubhouse is the evolution of social media, it is the exponential, viral social media platform of the present. In today’s podcast, Rob discusses why those who moan about people spending too much time on Clubhouse, have not worked out how to utilise Clubhouse correctly, how to filter the rooms to best suit you and how you can use it to create your personal brand.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Clubhouse is the evolution of social m...more

  • Jim Mellon: Billionaire Investor & Entrepreneur [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Feb 22 2021

    Today Rob is joined by the international investor, author, and billionaire Jim Mellon. Jim is an expert in fund management, investment, and biotechnology. Together Rob and Jim discuss the impact COVID will have on business, how cycles of disruption are becoming faster and how to use your money for the greater good.   KEY TAKEAWAYS The internet has allowed the flow of information to be so much faster. The effect of that on entrepreneurship is that companies can rise and fall much faster bec...more

  • Marketing/Growth Tactics That Cost Nothing Part 2 [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Feb 19 2021

    Are you looking for advice on how to grow and market your business, but worried you don’t have the budget?  Listen in to part two of this invaluable mini series and discover 5 more growth marketing tactics that cost absolutely nothing. Join Rob as he discusses the importance of the ‘related search’ function on Google and LinkedIn, how consistent content uploads can increase your following and reach and why you should never be afraid to put your prices up.    KEY TAKEAWAYS The ‘Related Sear...more

  • RANT About Clubhouse & Other Cool Biz Tips [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Feb 17 2021

    Listen in to today's new and exciting podcast as your host Rob Moore is joined by American investor, network marketer and professional influencer Jessie Lee Ward. Together they discuss the impact that Clubhouse has had on the social media world, how you are your own worst critic and how to create content that can be turned into assets.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Podcasts are a great way to expand your reach, your brand and your followers. Podcasting can also help expand your followership on other soc...more

  • Michael Jackson's Bodyguard of 10 Years Spills the Beans (& Lessons) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Feb 15 2021

    DESCRIPTION Join Rob Moore today for an exclusive interview with Matt Fiddes,  the most respected expert in the international world of martial arts, personal trainer to the stars and trusted employee of international superstar Michael Jackson. Together they discuss Matt’s incredible life story, what it was like working for pop legend Michael Jackson and lessons he learnt along the way. An interview you do not want to miss.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Don’t talk about people and things, talk about ide...more

  • Marketing/Growth Tactics That Cost Nothing [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Feb 12 2021

    Starting a business in this financial climate can be tough, discover today how to keep your marketing costs down as Rob busts the myth that marketing is expensive! He talks about free marketing tactics with proven success, such as how engaging with other influencers can help organically grow your market, the beauty of handwritten letters and how to grow your following on the new social media platform Clubhouse.    KEY TAKEAWAYS  Commenting on other influencers posts if a brilliant free mark...more

  • Don't Be A Parasite On Humanity! - BILLIONAIRES RANT! [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Feb 10 2021

    In this episode Rob tells us about a recent Clubhouse interview with Naveen Jain and why you should be a producer as well as a consumer! [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors] VALUABLE RESOURCES https://robmoore.com/ bit.ly/Robsupporter   https://robmoore.com/podbooks  rob.team ABOUT THE HOST Rob Moore is an author of 9 business books, 5 UK bestsellers, holds 3 world records for public speaking, entrepreneur, property investor, and property educator. Author of the global bestselle...more

  • John Lee Dumas: Godfather of Podcasts | Entrepreneur on Fire [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Feb 05 2021

    For those of you wanting to create an established and successful podcast or even just hear about someone who has,  look no further as Rob is joined by award winning podcast ‘Entrepreneurs On Fire’ host and industry legend John Lee Dumas. Together they discuss the importance of creating a niche podcast, how to stand out in a saturated market and the stages of success.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Most podcasters believe that the wider they throw their net the more fish they will catch. Whilst this works...more

  • Is THIS The Secret to Life? [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Feb 03 2021

    It’s the age old question isn’t it? What is the meaning of life? Join Rob today as he details the meaning of life and how you can achieve it. Rob discusses the value in giving to others, how happiness is a journey not a destination and why you should always aim to give without an ulterior motive.    KEY TAKEAWAYS  The search for happiness is a worthy pursuit. When we find something that makes us happy there is also something else we need to find, happiness is not a destination it is a journ...more

  • Alex Stemplewski: Viral TikTok Sensation (10 MILLION Followers in Less Than a Year) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Feb 01 2021

    TikTok is the new social media platform that has taken the world by storm. Once a platform exclusively used by dancers and teenagers, learn today how you can utilise the platform to grow your business empire. Rob is joined by Alex Stemplewski a TikTok sensation who quit his office job to become a full-time content creator with almost 11 million TikTok followers. Today Alex shares his formula for creating a viral video, how to create quality content and how to monetize TikTok.   KEY TAKEAWAYS ...more

  • Handling Lockdown Stress & Creating Income From Home [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 29 2021

    [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors] VALUABLE RESOURCES https://robmoore.com/ bit.ly/Robsupporter   https://robmoore.com/podbooks  rob.team ABOUT THE HOST Rob Moore is an author of 9 business books, 5 UK bestsellers, holds 3 world records for public speaking, entrepreneur, property investor, and property educator. Author of the global bestseller “Life Leverage” Host of UK’s No.1 business podcast “Disruptors” “If you don't risk anything, you risk everything” CONTACT METHOD Rob’...more

  • 3 Ways to Go Viral (for Normal People) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 27 2021

    Join Rob’s supporter programme for a new and exclusive 90-minute deep dive on the art of going viral on Clubhouse and learn the strategic ways to grow and leverage Clubhouse today, to build your brand. There are three main ways to go viral online for people just like you who are not massive celebrities but want to grow your following and monetise your content. Listen in and learn exactly why Clubhouse, TikTok and kidnapping other people’s audiences are the key ways to help you go viral on social...more

  • Allan Scott: The Queens Gambit Writer & Producer [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 25 2021

    Today on the show, Rob is delighted and privileged to be joined by Allan Scott, a screenwriter, producer and former whisky executive. Allan co-wrote and produced the infamous and hugely successful Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit, a coming of age drama centred around a chess prodigy who struggles with addiction in a quest to become the greatest chess player in the world.  Allan talks to Rob about the process of getting the series produced by Netflix after buying the rights of the book the series ...more

  • 8 Ways to Have GREATER Impact in the World [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 22 2021

    Discover today the 8 ways that you can have a greater impact on the world. Today Rob discusses how to maximise your influence on the world and extend your message to the masses. Learn the importance of ensuring your visions are global, how to build a big platform and why you should always endeavour to always be kind to others.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Have A Grand Vision: When you have personal goals, they can become self-centred. By turning your visions into local, national or even intercontinenta...more

  • Rant! All This Clubhouse Nonsense [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 20 2021

    WHAT IS CLUBHOUSE? FIND OUT HERE Have you heard of the new social media trend Clubhouse? Today Rob discusses the assumptions and opinions people have made about the new app and why you should be getting involved as soon as possible. Rob discusses why you should leverage Clubhouse now whilst there are no costs, how you can grow your reach organically and why it can be used to build your personal brand.   KEY TAKEAWAYS 90% of the Clubhouse rooms are not about marketing or selling. Many ...more

  • Nolan Bushnell - Atari Founder & Mentor to Steve Jobs [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 18 2021

    In today’s podcast Rob is joined by American businessman, electrical engineer and founder of Atari games Nolan Bushnell. Together they discuss how Nolan found success in video games, having Apple founder Steve Jobs as an employee and why ideas are rubbish until you work on them.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Each time sales slow down on your product, bring out a new one. Slowly but surely you will become a real company receiving orders and gaining customers. As long as you can keep ahead of everybody cr...more

  • Actually ACHIEVE Goals: Get Accountable: NEW Concept [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 15 2021

    Don’t just set yourself 1,2,3 or 4 goals a year, set yourself 100-250! Join Rob and the Disruptive Entrepreneur Community as together they make 2021 the year that you achieve your goals in business and life. Start today and follow a brand new goals and accountability thread that’s set up specifically for entrepreneurs, just like you.   KEY TAKEAWAYS  Mark Victor Hansen is an American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer and author. He is best known as the founder and co-creator o...more

  • 2020 is Dead: Bring THIS Into 2021! [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 13 2021

    DESCRIPTION  For many people, the year 2020 was a write-off. It is now time to leave last year behind, look forward and create an amazing 2021 for you and your business. Join Rob today as he details the ten things you can do that will help accelerate your 2021 success. Discover how to pivot and adapt your business, why moving online will increase your profit margin and how to take your business global.  KEY TAKEAWAYS  2021 could paradoxically be the best business and entrepreneurial year of...more

  • COVID (& Lockdown) Survival For Business- Real Opportunities in 2021 [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 11 2021

    WHAT IS CLUBHOUSE? FIND OUT HERE In today’s episode, Rob is joined by entrepreneur, strategist and host of ‘The Pandemic Podcast’ Dan Gregory. Together they discuss the most recent government announcement ‘Lockdown 3.0’ and the way that Covid is changing the way business works. Join them today and learn how you can help your business survive by pivoting, not allowing fear to overcome you and identifying problems and looking for solutions.    KEY TAKEAWAYS There is so much fear amongst...more

  • 9 Disruptive Predictions for 2021 for Entrepreneurs [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 08 2021

    The year 2020 was something no one could have ever predicted and now a ‘new normal’ has been created, Rob shares his predictions for how 2021 will go. Rob discusses how businesses that create a connection amongst their customers are likely to thrive this year, how there will be a resurgence of live events and why the best way to prosper in 2021 is to solve your customers’ new problems, fast.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Creating something meaningful leads to hope, truth and connection. By creating a con...more

  • Emergency Lockdown 4.0! Cashflow Strategies & Managing the MASS FEAR [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 07 2021

    Learn today how you can leverage the opportunities that coincide with the governments most recent announcement of Lockdown 3.0. Join Rob as he describes ten ways in which you as an entrepreneur can make the most of lockdown, including inoculating yourself from mass fear to taking advantage of social medias newest platform Clubhouse discover how to make this lockdown count.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Inoculate yourself from the mass fear that could turn into anger. You cannot turn anywhere without havi...more

  • 9 Brutal Lessons From 2020 (for Success in 2021) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 06 2021

    2020 was a brutal year but as business owners and as entrepreneurs there have been valuable lessons learned that you can take into 2021 to improve your business and scale your brand. Listen in and discover Rob’s 9 key takeaways from adapting your expectation vs reality, learning how to stay agile and scaleable and why it’s essential to always have a plan B.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Expectation vs reality - Entrepreneurs could not have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic but as a result, many did not adj...more

  • How to Create a Wildly Compelling Offer/Pitch [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 04 2021

    Do you have a new product or service that’s awaiting its launch? Join Rob and learn how you can create a wildly compelling offer which your customers can’t turn down. Discover the importance of creating a unique product, how your best salesman is your customers’ testimonials and how to create scarcity and urgency for your product. Rob also answers questions on how to successfully set goals, and how to handle criticism.   KEY TAKEAWAYS If you get bored with your products and services, your m...more

  • What is The Universal Definition of Success? [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Jan 01 2021

    Whilst every person may have their own unique definition of personal success, it is always beneficial to discuss a universal qualifier of what success really is. Join Rob today as he discusses the definition of success. Discover how creating value in areas most important to you can be defined as successful, how transient measures of success can send you on a never-ending quest for success and why for something to be deemed as a success it must be both selfish and selfless. KEY TAKEAWAYS It i...more

  • RANT! How To Handle Failure & Rejection Like A Boss [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Dec 30 2020

    Fear and rejection are something we all have to face in life and sometimes it is not easy to accept. In today’s podcast, Rob details how to handle failure and rejection effectively. Discover why facing your fears can allow you to grow as an entrepreneur, the importance of having a balanced outlook on life and how to contextualize your emotions. KEY TAKEAWAYS You have to face rejection, embarrassment and shame. As an entrepreneur you have to face your demons regularly otherwise you are not p...more

  • ‘Common Sense’ Business Advice That's BAD: MYTHS Busted [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Dec 28 2020

    Discover today the 'common advice' that is (usually) bad. Join Rob as he goes through thirty of the most frequent pieces of advice that you should not take. Rob discusses why it is not possible to eliminate your fears, why you should always have a plan B and why ‘going with your gut’ can mislead you into filtering out important information.   KEY TAKEAWAYS A common piece of bad advice is that you can ‘eliminate’ fear. It is not possible to have no fear, fear is a necessary emotion for surv...more

  • Emergency Lockdown 3.0: Survive & Thrive Strategies [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Dec 23 2020

    With the recent announcement of the UK’s third lockdown and tier system, it is understandable that many businesses will be worried about what their future holds. Join Rob today as he shares his ten lockdown survival strategies and discusses how you can survive and thrive throughout it. Discover the importance of having multiple income streams, how to create a modern business model with low overheads and why you should look at the new opportunities this lockdown could bring.   Key Takeaways ...more

  • Mark Victor Hansen: World Famous Author Who Sold 500MILLION Books (Yes, 500m) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Dec 21 2020

    Today Rob is joined by the inspiring motivational speaker, trainer and best-selling author Mark Victor Hansen.  Famous for co-creating ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ which has over 250 titles and have sold more than 500 million copies worldwide, Mark explains why he believes reading is a fundamental freedom of all freedoms. Rob and Mark also discuss why to achieve your destiny you need to be able to ask,  how there is greatness and super talent in everybody and what it means to be disruptive. KEY ...more

  • How to Actually Get People to do What You Ask [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Dec 18 2020

    Learn today how to get people to do what you want them to do. Join Rob today as he discusses the dos and don’ts of managing staff and working alongside people to achieve your end goal. He discusses the importance of keeping your cool, why you should only ever see people as your equal and why you are always a server, never a leader. KEY TAKEAWAYS The first step of getting people to do what you want them to do is to not get annoyed. Annoyance and frustration can often lead to anger. If the an...more

  • RANT: The World ALWAYS Proves You Right (Warning) [Business, mindset, entrepreneur, disruptors]

    Dec 16 2020

    Discover today how the world will always prove you right. In today’s episode, Rob discusses how the world is one big mirror and how you will get out of life exactly what you put into it. Learn how if you wait long enough, you will eventually see the returns on your actions and why filtering your life can change your outcome.   KEY TAKEAWAYS The world and/or people will always give back to you, what you give to it/them. You could say that the world is a mirror and it reflects exactly what yo