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Radio Free Skaro is possibly the most popular, most prolific and charmingly irreverent (but never irrelevant) Doctor Who podcast around. Since August 2006, hosts Warren (in Vancouver, BC) and Steven (in Edmonton, AB) have provided listeners with their brand of amusing Doctor Who praise and punishment. A year later, Chris (also in Edmonton, AB) was added to the team, and The Three Who Rule were born. Recommended by Doctor Who Magazine, Radio Free Skaro provides an entertaining and diverting list...more


  • Radio Free Skaro #711 – The Sorting Hat’s Grandpa

    Oct 20 2019

    It’s a celebration of anniversaries this week as Doctor Who Magazine, the esteemed publication that has been by the Three Who Rule and many, many others for decades, celebrated its 40th anniversary this past week. And the tenth anniversary season of Classic Doctor Who finally saw its Blu-ray release here in North America, in a slimmer case than in the UK. Oh, the controversy! But the real celebration is welcoming Joy Piedmont from Reality Bomb for the Series 11 commentary of “The Witchfinders”! ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #710 – The Learning Hall

    Oct 13 2019

    This week marks the launch of the #WhoforSchools initiative, a charitable effort spanning the Doctor Who podcast community and spearheaded by Reality Bomb’s Graeme Burk and Joy Piedmont, along with Hockey Feels co-host Rachel Donner, to help fund educational access. Your own hosts have appeared on several different commentaries spanning the 14 episodes of season 26, along with with many other Who luminaries. This week also marks milestones like the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who Magazine, as wel...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #709 – Look How They Shine For You

    Oct 06 2019

    New York Comic-Con has come and gone, and while there was no official Doctor Who TV-related presence there, we here at Skaro HQ still have a Christopher Eccleston panel at NYCC to tell you about, in addition to upcoming DVD and Blu-ray news, comic releases, the Mission to the Unknown remake, and Jodie Whitakker rising up the charts with her cover of “Yellow” for Children in Need. And we top it off with our Series 11 commentary for “Demons of the Punjab”, with guest Claudia Boleyn! Links: – Suppo...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #708 – The Play’s The Pting

    Sep 29 2019

    Christopher Eccleston Alert! That’s right, the iconic actor who brought Doctor Who back from obscurity will be at Gallifrey One in 2020. Fantastic! The Three Who Rule also briefly review Eccleston’s new book “I Love The Bones Of You”, plus determine whether the new David Tennant Blu-ray collection is worth your money. And join us for our Series 11 Commentary for “The Tsuranga Conundrum”, with Verity!, Lazy Doctor Who and Earp Chirp’s own Erika Ensign! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #707 – Not All Spiders Sit On The Back

    Sep 22 2019

    A long-delayed promise of one Mr. Stephen Fry being in or around Doctor Who may come to fruition, as rumours abound he’ll star in the first episode of the upcoming Series 12 (which the BBC currently seems uninterested in promoting…). Otherwise it’s all spinoffs and tat, with Big Finish putting out a multi-Master and Daleks adventure, a Bernice Summerfield colouring book and new, non-Character Options dollies! Mere preamble to this week’s commentary for “Arachnids in the UK” with Den of Geek ente...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #706 – Surfer Rosa

    Sep 15 2019

    Our Series 11 Commentary series rolls along this week with the much lauded, Hugo Award Finalist “Rosa”, and to watch this hard hitting episode, we welcome our guest commentator Ly Cao from Pixel Who! But before that, Steven and Chris discuss the first Gallifrey One guest announcement for 2020, muse about Doctor Who being at New York Comic-Con next month, and wonder what the name of Doctor Who’s Canadian home will be… Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets stil...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #705 - Uncle Terrance

    Sep 08 2019

    The world of Doctor Who was thrown aback this week with news that beloved television writer and novelist Terrance Dicks passed away at the age of 84. Dicks’ contribution to the show and indeed many of our childhoods can’t be overestimated, from his time working with Barry Letts during the 1970s to his prodigious run on the Target novelizations, “The Five Doctors”, the New Adventures…the mind reels. We also continue our Series 11 commentary series with a look at “The Ghost Monument”, featuring De...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #704 – Eat My Salad, Halloween

    Sep 01 2019

    The news may be thing on the ground here at Radio Free Skaro headquarters, with Christopher Eccleston convention news, amusing fanvids, and other such fripp and indeed frapp, but we’re very happy to debut our Series 11 Commentaries with our first guest, Bustle movie editor and Head Over Feels co-founder Sage Young, who joins us for the commentary of “The Woman Who Fell To Earth!” Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still available – Eccleston to talk about ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #703 – Hail Jex, Hail The Unalive

    Aug 25 2019

    It’s nearing the end of the summer for us in the northern hemisphere, and thus our summer podcast time filling comes to an end with the second half of our Miniscope on modern series writer Toby Whithouse! But first, listen to Steven become cynical about streaming services, become more excited as the first Gallifrey One guest announcement looms, and enjoy the surfeit of Doctor Who audio releases soon to be playing in your ears (after you listen to us, hopefully). Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #702 – Tin Dogs and Tin Gods

    Aug 18 2019

    Doctor Who writer Toby Whithouse is the Miniscope’s last victim for the year, and this week we’re looking at his work on “School Reunion”, “The Vampires of Venice”, and “The God Complex”. And it’s a good thing he has so much material, because the news this week was a study in minimalism. But if you want hot takes on the newest Black Archive release, the “Ghost Monuments” photo project and most importantly, a sneak peek at the LAX Marriott’a new carpet, then this podcast is for you! Links: – Supp...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #701 – Don’t Scare The Skarasen

    Aug 11 2019

    Rumors, nonsense and mumblesuch ruled the world of Doctor Who this past week, with the internet once again eating its own tail with claims Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall and star performer Jodie Whittaker are leaving the programme. The Three Who Rule dig into the potential falsities (of which there are many) and truths(?) of the situation. But on to finer fare, such as Russell T Davies talking at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, a Pat Gorman tribute from Toby Hadoke, Big Finish, t...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #700 - Valley of the Dollies

    Aug 04 2019

    DOLLYGEDDON! There is no other way to describe the oncoming wave of plastic pals headed our way thanks to Character Options, spanning from Big Finish adventures to an Androgum-ized Second Doctor to the Imbecile himself, Harry Sullivan. There’s also a new batch of on-demand DVDs, the modern series of Doctor Who moving to HBO Max in 2020, A Christopher Eccleston memoir, and more! Plus we have an interview with TV Years impresario Graham Kibble-White about that very publication’s upcoming look at n...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #699 – The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’s Edge

    Jul 28 2019

    Let’s get down to brass tacks here: the current Doctor Who Time Team are going to be action dollies according to teasings from the Character Options folks. All other news pales in comparison, but we do have updates on new Big Finish Productions, “The Power of the Daleks” photos going for a whole lot of cash at an auction, and an (unofficial) 13th Doctor LEGO TARDIS console room. But the true highlight is of course your questions and comments to us about that show we all like in the form of…Fluid...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #698 – Chromophonic Workshop

    Jul 21 2019

    Who would have thought we’d see the day Christopher Eccleston would grace the hallowed ground of Edmonton, Alberta, the sacred land of two-thirds of Radio Free Skaro? And yet here we are, as Mr. Eccleston will be a guest of Edmonton Expo (not affiliated with RFS) in September! Alas, North America isn’t so lucky when it comes to DVD and Blu-rayss, as we’ll have to wait until Christmas for the Colin Baker Blu-Ray set, but you can get Big Finish’s 20th anniversary extravaganza The Legacy of Time ri...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #697 – Let Slip The Dogs Of Bor

    Jul 14 2019

    Recorded live from Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport after his flight home was canceled! Steven staves off travel exhaustion to bring you happenings regarding Jon Pertwee, The Macra Terror animation, San Diego Comic-Con Doctor Who merchandise (but not any actual Doctor Who Series 12 panels…), and more, before Chris and Warren swoop in to save him, like The Garm did for a weakened Nyssa, in the Season 20 story “Terminus”, the Classic Series Commentary for which is your reward. Stock up on hydromel a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #696 – At Least He Tried

    Jul 07 2019

    Braving dodgy hotel wifi, swarms of non-Doctor Who nerds, and Fourth of July fireworks displays, The Three Who Rule have a different look this week with Erika Ensign of Verity! and Bill Evenson of Frankenstein Minute joining Steven for a brief recap of CONvergence in Minneapolis! But rest assured, Warren and Chris are back in time for the second half of our Miniscope on workmanlike 1980s Doctor Who director Ron Jones! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets sti...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #695 – ‘Atta Boy

    Jun 30 2019

    There is a cavalcade of Doctor Who news this week, most of it treats for your ears as Big Finish has gone MAD WITH POWER in celebrating their 20th anniversary with live streams, vinyl, new series and most importantly action dollies from some of its more notable adventures. But that’s just a teaser as we have the first part of our analysis of journeyman 1980s director Ron Jones in…the Miniscope! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale – Series 12 t...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #694 – All You Need Is Love

    Jun 23 2019

    A veritable avalanche of Doctor Who news hit us right in the probic vent this week with new Season 23 Blu-Ray news, annuals, books of fiction, audio plays, Fluxx (whatever that is) and so much more! In fact you could say all this news is doing double duty as we delay the inevitable, AKA the second part of the Gareth Roberts miniscope! Links:  – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale – Happy 37th birthday, Jodie Whittaker – Season 23 Blu-Ray debuts Sep 23 ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #693 - Love's Labour's Won

    Jun 16 2019

    As we creep ever closer to the Time of New Doctor Who (aka Series 12), there is rumour and mumblesuch about actors and directors involved in Series 12. Also, scrappy upstart Pluto TV is showing some Classic Who in North America, VR things are happening, new(ish) dollies ad Big Finish and our latest Miniscope, featuring writer Gareth Roberts. We concentrated on Roberts writing contributions for both parts of the Miniscope, but we would be remiss to ignore the controversy surrounding Roberts' view...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #692 – Welcome to Coquitlam

    Jun 09 2019

    Good news, everyone! “Time-Flight” is being animat….no wait, we mean “The Faceless Ones! Yes, one of the few airport-focused Doctor Who stories is getting the pen-and-ink treatment, and not only that, a number of Classic Who DVDs are being released on demand through the North American BBC Shop! And for those of you who enjoy single-POV non-VR versions of VR content (and also acronyms), the playthrough of “The Runaway” is out in the wild! But all this newfangled technology aside, let’s do a deep ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #691 – The Reminder Room

    Jun 02 2019

    Dinosaurs! Yes, the CSO sock puppets are back in part two of our Classic Series Commentary of the 1974 story “Invasion of the Dinosaurs”, so join us for Malcolm Hulke’s cutting social commentary, UNIT shooting at things that aren’t there, time being scooped, and more! Plus news from Big Finish, Target-adjacent shenanigans, and the return to theatres of…”The End of Time”?! You do you, Doctor Who. Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale – Doctor Who...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #690 - Kklak Attack

    May 26 2019

    Well, it looks like the “all new monsters or bust” rule is out the window for Doctor Who Series 12, as fan favourites(?) the Judoon are returning to do battle, help out, or merely observe the Doctor and her friends! Plus more VR shenanigans as “The Edge of Time” premieres at MCM London, and dialling back the Timescoop to more analog charms, we have the first half of our “Invasion of the Dinosaurs” Classic Series Commentary! KKLAK! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 202...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #689 – The Marks of Mandragora

    May 19 2019

    If you missed the Tribeca Film Festival, and chances are you did, never fear because “Doctor Who: The Runaway” is now ready for your VR-addled eyeballs, at least if you live in the UK. If you’re into more traditional media, we have “The Evil of the Daleks” vinyl news and a storybook devoted to the ends, beginnings, almost-weres and never-was of the beloved Target novelisations. Our Miniscope this week features gentleman author and TV veteran Louis Marks, as we look at his work on “Planet of Gian...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #688 - Muppet Sandbaggers

    May 12 2019

    There is next to nothing going on in the world of Doctor Who right now, at least not anything the production team wants public, but what we do have is a surfeit of your questions and comments for another edition of Fluid Links! Listen to the Three Who Rule ponder, cogitate and meander from the point based on your inquiries! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale – Doctor Who will return… at Christmas? – Preview of the Titan Thirteenth Doctor trad...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #687 – Physical Graffiti

    May 05 2019

    Have you ever wanted to move into a tower with all the modern conveniences, including roving colour-coordinated gangs, a failed hero, homicidal old ladies and trundling robots? Why not live vicariously through the Three Who Rule’s Classic Series commentary for “Paradise Towers”, which has all that and more? Plus we have news of a “Planet of the Daleks” screening at the BFI, musical insights from Segun Akinola, upcoming Big Finish releases, and a perk for our Patreon subscribers! Links: – Support...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #686 – Dimensions in Gatiss

    Apr 28 2019

    It’s time for Part 2 of our look at the latter works of writer Mark Gatiss in the Miniscope, featuring “Robot of Sherwood”, “Sleep No More”, and “Empress of Mars”! While these three stories aren’t at the level of “An Adventure in Space in Time” (or “Cold War” or “The Crimson Horror” for that matter), the Three Who Rule do their best to find the good amongst the bad, and.. they do? Tune in to find out! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets now on sale, hotel s...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #685 – Time and the Gatiss

    Apr 21 2019

    Erstwhile gentleman, writer, actor and lifelong Doctor Who fan Mark Gatiss is the star attraction in not only this week’s Miniscope but the next, such was his prodigious output in the Steven Moffat era. This week we look at “Cold War”, “The Crimson Horror”, and the Who-adjacent and magnificent “An Adventure In Space And Time”! Plus Gallifrey One ticket news, Season 10 Blu-ray adulation, and more! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Gallifrey One 2020 tickets now on sale – Gally 2020 ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #684 – Our New Insect Overlords

    Apr 14 2019

    Are you ready to be menaced by some insect movement? Put on your beekeeper outfit (there are no bees in this story) and grab for the Off spray (probably quite dangerous, please don’t do that) as we commentate over the fourth, fifth and sixth episodes of the 1965 Doctor Who story “The Web Planet”! Also, we have news of Doctor Who on Pluto TV, a new Series 12 director, BBC Audio releases for te month of April, and some real-world insect science! Zaaaaaaaarbi! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on P...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #683 – Greyscale Separation Overlay

    Apr 07 2019

    There’s extraordinarily little in the way of news this week, other than the fact that your Time Team (and a big ‘ol crew) are currently shooting Series 12 and saying nothing about it. But if you said to yourself “hoo boy would I like to hear people talking about insect movement, possibly by Roslyn de Winter,” are you in for a treat! Yes, the Three Who Rule are doing a Classic Series Commentary for the 1965 story “The Web Planet” in all it’s ambitious flawed glory, right here on this podchannel! ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #682 – Ganymede User Systems

    Mar 31 2019

    Exciting times here for the Three Who Rule as it’s time for the first Miniscope of 2019! The subject is writer Jamie Mathieson, scribe of four stories from the Peter Capaldi era (“Mummy on the Orient Express”, “Flatline”, “The Girl Who Died” (co-written with Steven Moffat), and “Oxygen”). And in the news, reports of a new production designer for Series 12, a host of new and upcoming Doctor Who related media releases, and an important sale from the fine vendors who were to appear at the now cance...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #681 – The Tree Won’t Harm You

    Mar 24 2019

    With Brexit, the Mueller Report and many other swirls of uncertainty in our current climate, isn’t it nice to know that we can take you back to a more peaceful time, when all you had to worry about was predatory trees, crazed mine workers and a couple of renegade Time Lords? That’s right, we’re doing our first Classic Series Commentary of the year with “The Mark of the Rani!” Plus we have news from the Black Archive, Big Finish, and a chance for you (if you live in the UK) to work on Doctor Who!...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #680 – The Planet That Slept

    Mar 17 2019

    A new set of shiny Blu-ray discs stuffed with Doctor Who content is on its way to store shelves in the form of the Season 18 box set, the third such season set from BBC Studios. So we decided to talk again to Russell Minton, executive producer of the whole range for BBC Studios, about the Season 18 set, and about the future of the range in general. There is also talk of special screenings for “Logopolis” (in the US) and “The Macra Terror” (in the UK) that occurred this past week, and Bradley Wal...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #679 – A Field In Wales

    Mar 10 2019

    It’s a Radio Free Skaro episode to lose sleep over, quite literally this week, as Steven and Chris tackle the news of the week as well as daylight saving time while Warren, absent for various reasons, sits content in his time eddy, away from proceedings. The main event this week, though, is an interview recorded at Gallifrey One this past February with noted director Ben Wheatley, who helmed “Deep Breath” and “Into The Dalek” to usher in the Peter Capaldi era! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro o...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #678 – Poster Child

    Mar 03 2019

    It was a sad week in the Doctor Who fandom community as it lost Jennifer Adams Kelley, a titan involved with North American conventions since the 1990s. We pay tribute to her and her legacy with two of her dearest friends and fellow convention organizers, Shaun Lyon and Steve Hill. Graeme Curry, writer of “The Happiness Patrol”, also passed away all too soon. But to hopefully cheer us all up, we also present to you an interview from Gallifrey One with Radio Times Doctor Who poster artist and pho...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #677 – Enter Chapman

    Feb 24 2019

    The post-Gallifrey One concrud, blues and longing for the next Gallifrey One have begun, but that won’t stop the Three Who Rule from discussing the various tidbits of news that wandered over the transom over the last week, as well as an interview with Doctor Who DVD and Blu-Ray maestro Chris Chapman about the upcoming Season 18 Blu-ray set, plus some teasers about what is to come! And as an added bonus, the Randomizer is hauled out to select the first Classic Series Commentary and Miniscope inst...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #676 – Pulled In All Directions

    Feb 17 2019

    Another Gallifrey One is in the books! Listen as a weary Three Who Rule recap their weekend, beginning with the Radio Free Skaro live show on the Friday, through to all the panels, interviews, and discussions had by all throughout the weekend. And also enjoy a double-bill interview with Series 11 directors Jamie Childs and Wayne Yip! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links Advent Calendar on YouTube – Gallifrey One – Gallifrey One 2019 schedule via Sched – V...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #675 – Radio Free Skaro: VidFIRE and Fury

    Feb 16 2019

    It’s Gallifrey One time! The 30th iteration of Gallifrey One is upon us, and once again it is the distinct pleasure of the Three Who Rule to open the convention with their live, this time called “VidFIRE and Fury”! Hear Colin Baker discuss his newfound love for the Thirteenth Doctor! Listen as Yasmin Bannerman talks about spending 6 hours in a makeup chair to look like a tree! And pull your chair closer to hear the Doctor Who Restoration Team give the latest on the Classic Series Blu-ray sets, a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #674 - 30 For 30: The Gallifrey One Story

    Feb 10 2019

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year, whether it’s the Lunar New Year or, if you’re the Three Who Rule, the upcoming Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles! As is custom, we go through the schedule, describe the panels that excite and entice us, offer some advice to newcomers and generally nerd the heck out about a magical weekend with friends old and new!

  • Radio Free Skaro #673 – The Way We Were

    Feb 03 2019

    The most wonderful time of the year for the Three Who Rule is upon us as the 30th edition of Gallifrey One is right around the corner. Before we look ahead to this year’s event next week with our annual Gallifrey One preview show, join us as we take a look back at the previous ten years of the convention and our experiences with it, and how the greatest Doctor Who convention on Earth has helped make this podcast what it is today. Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Radio Free Skaro F...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #672 – Jenny and the Bets

    Jan 27 2019

    With Gallifrey One Month almost upon us, there’s only one more chance for STATS! to make Warren’s life a living hell, and the other Two Who Rule jumped at the chance like the animals they are, but also found the kindness to share with you, dear listener, news of Big Finish, Series 12 filming in South Africa, and one David Tennant starting his own podcast of chinwagging with his actor friends. Plus we have the last of our Chicago TARDIS interviews, with none other than Catrin Stewart! Links:   – ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #671 – Road to Nowhere

    Jan 20 2019

    The last (sniff) stats update for the season, Gallifrey One news, Dalek novelizations, and Dalek vinyl releases are all in the mix in this week’s news, but the meat of the matter is an interview with director Wayne Yip, who ushered New Year’s special “Resolution” onto our screens! Join Mr. Yip as he discusses stunt driving pod cars, remote control Daleks, the logistics of directing, and more! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links Advent Calendar on YouTube ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #670 – Curran Account

    Jan 13 2019

    Have you ever wanted to see block transfer computation on the big screen? Your time has come as “Logopolis” hits theatres this March in the US and the BFI in February in advance of the release of the Doctor Who Season 18 box set! And as if that isn’t enough deep dive craziness, Big Finish is going to fill your summer with stories of the War Master and the Eighth Doctor politely nodding at each other and perhaps battling for the fate of the universe. Plus tales of tat, accolades and awards, and a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #669 – Nicholas of the Quancing Briggs

    Jan 06 2019

    Don’t think for one minute that a lack of Doctor Who is going to stop us from examining the viewing figures for “Resolution” in staggering (some would say pointless) detail, along with the surprising return of Doctor Who to Twitch, new Gallifrey One guests (including RFS favourites like directors Wayne Yip and Rachel Talalay), and most importantly an interview with the Man of A Thousand Voices (and of course the Daleks), Nicholas Briggs! Listen or be exterminated! Links: – Support Radio Free Ska...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #668 – DIY of the Daleks

    Jan 02 2019

    After waiting a whole series for a classic Doctor Who monster to rear its ugly noggin and fight the Time Fam, the OG Badass of Whodom, one D.Alek itself made a splash and racked up a pretty serious body count in “Resolution,” the New Year’s Day special and the last new Who we’ll see in some time. So what did Steven, Chris and Warren think of this murderous romp through Sheffield and various dank interiors? Fetch some peanut butter to grease geo-feudal locks, sit down with a nice glass of mulled ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 24

    Dec 24 2018

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 10.

  • Radio Free Skaro #667 – Chain Reaction

    Dec 23 2018

    With mere days to go before the Doctor Who New Year’s Day special, “Resolution”, the Three Who Rule (and their LEGO Fluid Links doppelgängers) are getting antsy, but at least there’s plenty of news to delve into, including Gallifrey One updates, more stats, additional Christmas content from both the BBC and Doctor Puppet, and most excitingly, an interview from Chicago TARDIS with director extraordinaire of both Classic and Modern Who, Graeme Harper! Listen and be filled with pace and energy! Lin...more

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 23

    Dec 23 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 22

    Dec 22 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 21

    Dec 21 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 20

    Dec 20 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 19

    Dec 19 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 18

    Dec 18 2018

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    Dec 17 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro #666 – Woe To You, Oh Earth and Sea

    Dec 16 2018

    With no new Doctor Who until New Year’s Day in the form of “Resolution”, how will the Three Who Rule cope with their withdrawal pangs? Why, by celebrating the arrival of the Number of the Beast, Episode 666, with a commentary for the Series 2 episodes “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit”, two of the most devil-centric episodes ever! (And also two of the best Doctor Who episodes ever!) Yes, we’re aware of the Daemons pedants, move along. Plus we have Series 11 Blu-Ray news, Series 11 sound...more

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 16

    Dec 16 2018

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    Dec 15 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 14

    Dec 14 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 13

    Dec 13 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 12

    Dec 12 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 11

    Dec 11 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 10

    Dec 10 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro #665 - The Revenge of Bandraginus V

    Dec 10 2018

    “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos” is upon us, and with it comes the end (almost) of Series 11, Jodie Whittaker’s first run as one Doctor Who, and the Time Fam’s dramatic arcs (such as there are) more or less..concluded? So what did the Three Who Rule think of this episode, the new series, Chris Chibnall’s efforts as Doctor Who showrunner and all other permutations thereof? Plus news of a quite Christmas-y nature, a title for the New Year’s Special, some Who-adjacent neatness and more! Links: – S...more

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 9

    Dec 09 2018

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 8

    Dec 08 2018

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 8.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 7

    Dec 07 2018

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 7.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 6

    Dec 06 2018

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 6.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 5

    Dec 05 2018

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 5.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 4

    Dec 04 2018

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 4.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 3

    Dec 03 2018

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 3.

  • Radio Free Skaro #664 – Off the Reyals

    Dec 03 2018

    The Time Team go to Backwards Land this week in the latest episode of Doctor Who, “It Takes You Away”, but is it an emotional roller coaster, a tribute to Norwegian amphibians, a confusing mess, or all of the above? Join the Three Who Rule as they leap through a portal into a world of bon mots, badinage and bafflegab! Plus stats (in Norwegian) and the return of the RFS Advent calendar, now with bonus Youtube and LEGO! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links A...more

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 2

    Dec 02 2018

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 2.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2018 Advent Calendar, Day 1

    Dec 01 2018

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 1.

  • Radio Free Skaro #663 - Witchfinder Pursuivant

    Nov 26 2018

    It’s time to find some witches with the Three Who Rule as Doctor Who and the gang/team/fam navigate superstition, 17th century sexual politics and an extremely flirtatious King James in “The Witchfinders”! Plus stats, which sounds uncomfortably close to “Satan,” actual Satan with Tom Baker adapting his barking mad idea “Scratchman” into a novel, Big Finish scheduling their releases well into the End Times, and surely the greatest harbinger of the Apocalypse, a new 13th Doctor Funko Pop without a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #662 – Amazon Robots on the Moon

    Nov 19 2018

    The Doctor and her Time Pals sign up as temporary wage scoundrels at the titular “Kerblam!” (aka Space Amazon) and the Three Who Rule are here to tell you what they thought of this treatise on modern work, robots and bubble wrap along with news, stats, a special shift from Christmas to New Year’s Day and more! So fire up this podcast and get in line for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and whatever other arbitrary celebration of consumerism keeps annoying “teammates” from pestering you about productiv...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #661 – The Undeadly Assassins

    Nov 12 2018

    On the 100th anniversary of the Armistice being signed, it seemed fitting on the day of Remembrance that the tone of this week’s Doctor Who struck a more sombre tone, and that’s exactly what we got in “Demons of the Punjab”, written by Vinay Patel. The Three Who Rule give their thoughts on the episode, as well as all the news of the week that was, including an expanded stats section! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Episode 6 review, Demons of the Punjab – The Tsuranga Conundrum B...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #660 – Doctor of Hope and Lego

    Nov 05 2018

    We’re at the halfway point of Doctor Who’s new Time Team’s first series, and “The Tsuranga Conundrum” is the final of the initial Chibnall quartet of stories. Confused yet? Well, luckily the above unpronounceable quandary is a straight ahead adventure that the Three Who Rule are here to decipher for you, along with a summary of all the news, previews, and yes….stats. Staaaaaaatsss… Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Episode 5 review, The Tsuranga Conundrum – Episode 7 titled Kerblam...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #659 – The Web of Fear

    Oct 29 2018

    The Doctor and her fam…errr, TARDIS Team land back in Sheffield and smack dab into spiders, ethically dubious American businessmen and RTD-level family drama in “Arachnids in the UK”, the latest instalment of the eleventh series of Doctor Who. Will the quintessentially Whovian juxtaposition of the domestic with the deeply weird engage the Three Who Rule, or will arachnophobia turn to eight-legged tedium? You won’t know until you listen! Also, stats. Harrumph. Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #658 - The Spirit of Rosa

    Oct 22 2018

    For a show about time travel, Doctor Who doesn’t really go deep on matters historical, preferring a quick tour and a laugh to really getting into events as they unfold. But that changed this week with “Rosa,” a look at how civil rights hero Rosa Parks herself changed the world, and how the Doctor and the Time Team deal with both alien threats and a very different (but also somewhat familiar) world to 2018. What did Steven, Warren, and Chris think of the episode? And will a very special addition ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #657 – Fish Fingers and Custard Creams

    Oct 15 2018

    It’s the second week of new Doctor Who and one Jodie Whittaker and her Time Friends are wandering an alien planet, fighting killer bedsheets and practicing Venusian aikido, and the news has not let up one jot. New TARDIS, new title sequence, new appearances, the Dreaded Stats return to menace Warren and delight Steven and Chris and a surfeit of tat, videos, Big Finish and more! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Episode 2, “The Ghost Monument” – Ben Pickles talks about the new title...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #656 - No Sir, All Thirteen

    Oct 08 2018

    The long, long wait is finally over as Doctor Who returns to our screens all new but somehow every bit as Who-ish as ever. What did your esteemed hosts think of “The Woman Who Fell To Earth?”, not to mention Jodie Whittaker, said earth-falling woman and the new Doctor Who? Listen to both their thoughts and news of all the hype and glory leading up to Series 11 starting…now! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Episode 1 “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” – Series 11 Coming Soon – Episode 1...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #655 – Her Majesty

    Sep 30 2018

    The countdown is on with one week to a new Doctor and a new era, and the media frenzy continues unabated with Jodie Whittaker playing an entirely non-canon Theremin on the Graham Norton Show, talking on BBC Radio6, giving us the first(ish) glimpse at her Doctor with a 53 second clip, and frankly a staggering amount of news that can’t possibly be summed up with these pithy remarks. We also have a quick visit from Paul Cornell to discuss his last-ever Doctor Who week available now in a new Titan C...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #654 – Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon

    Sep 23 2018

    With a mere two weeks to go before Series 11 of Doctor Who graces our screens, the news is arriving with increased ferocity, including a new trailer, articles in Doctor Who Magazine and the New York Times (!), cinema screenings, media appearances by one J. Whittaker, and more! But while you look forward to October 7, why not jump back through the decades to 1971 (and forward to Earth’s future) with our hair-obsessed commentary of episodes four to six of “Colony in Space!” Links: – Support Radio ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #653 – Dent Captain Dent

    Sep 16 2018

    Beginnings and endings this week as the build-up to Series 11 continues with the official premiere in Sheffield on September 24 – and you could be there! (But not to actually see the screening). And we tip our toque to the Doctor Who Information Network, Canada’s longest running Doctor Who fan organization, closing its doors at the end of October. But the main event is a trip back to 1971 and the planet Uxarieus as we commentate overtop of the first three episodes of “Colony In Space”! Links: – ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #652 – The Glass Ceiling

    Sep 09 2018

    It’s official! Doctor Who, starring one Jodie Whittaker as Dr. Who, will air on October 7 worldwide (well, the UK, USA, and Canada, so far, and October 8 in Australia), and we’re pleased as punch about it. To build up and celebrate the impending arrival of Thirteen, BBC America is doing a timey-wimey marathon, Australia is doing cinema screenings the next day, and Canada’s own Space is…showing the episode. Plus we have Edmonton Expo news, some gushing over the upcoming (circa 1981) Hitchhiker’s ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #651 – Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

    Sep 02 2018

    Sad news this week as legendary production designer Michael Pickwoad passed away at age 73, leaving behind a legion of fans and a body of work that included iconic Doctor Who sets over 71 episodes but spanned a decades-long career in film and television. He will be missed. We also speculate about a likely Sunday start date in October for Series 11, we have news of a Doctor Who fan experience coming to Johannesburg, Matt Smith being cast in Star Wars: Episode IX, and most excitingly, part two of ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #650 – The Fabulous Bristol Boys

    Aug 26 2018

    A rather staggering pile of Doctor Who news this week, including the announcement of all the new writers and directors for Series 11, a Bill action dolly becomes a little more real, Doctor #5’s first season gets the Blu-ray treatment, and more Doctor Who convention news than you can shake a stick at! And just for you, dear listeners, the first of a two-part Miniscope featuring the dynamic duo of writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin, AKA the Bristol Boys! A Miniscope? Now this is outrageous! Links: ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #649 – The Power of The Power of Kroll

    Aug 19 2018

    Cast your minds back to the early days of Radio Free Skaro when there just hosts, Steven and Warren, and they would press record and then plan what they were going to talk about? Well, this episode is a throwback to those pre-smartphone days of the podcast, with Steven and Warren convening in a hotel room in San Jose, CA (home of WorldCon 76), along with guests Jason Snell, Helene Wecker, and Erika Ensign, to talk about how Doctor Who became a part of our lives, and where the show is going from ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #648 - Dwellings of Simplicity

    Aug 12 2018

    It’s a lazy August weekend as Radio Free Skaro approaches its twelfth(!) aniversary, but soon one Mr. David Tennant will grace the home planet of the Three Who Rule as he will be joining fellow Doctor Matt Smith at Edmonton Expo in September! Plus we have news of new E-Space adventures with the Season 18 time team (in Big Finish form), big-scale Thirteenth Doctor action dolly fun (in Big Chief form), and the main event, a Classic Series commentary for Peter Davison’s debut story, “Castrovalva”! ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #647 – To Infinity and Beyond

    Aug 05 2018

    This week on Radio Free Skaro, we’re looking to the future as the first wave of Gallifrey One guests get announced for 2019, Series 11 of Doctor Who wraps up filming, a new Thirteenth Doctor publicity photo emerges, and many a soundtrack (well, two) for Classic Who drops from the sky into your ears. And if that isn’t enough sensory overload, we have an interview with notable game merchants Susan and Lee Cummings as they discuss their upcoming Steam and mobile game, Doctor Who Infinity! Links:  –...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #646 – Flipping Cat Fights All Hours of the Day

    Jul 29 2018

    Insanity levels are slightly lower in this, the week after San Diego Comic-Con, but there’s still plenty to discuss including Jodie Whittaker being a proper cinephile (at a now sold out appearance at Somerset House), a new book about the women of Doctor Who, upcoming Doctor Who merchandise discovered live on Amazon during the podcast, John Levene chronicling the saga of his life and times, Doctor Who: Infinity and Big Finish news, and the main event – the return of Fluid Links, where you ask the...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #645 - New Best Friends

    Jul 22 2018

    It's San Diego Comic-Con! There is an absurd amount of news from the world's largest media convention this week, including a new and mysterious Doctor Who trailer, a panel featuring Jodie Whittaker, Mandop Gill, Tosin Cole, showrunner Chris Chibnall and executive producer Matt Strevens, new Series 11 artwork, Jodie wowing everyone with a surprise appearance at the Her Universe fashion show, a press conference or two and (takes breath) reports from on the ground at SDCC with the Nerdist’s Kyle An...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #644 – The Universe is Calling

    Jul 15 2018

    Trailer! Teaser? Either way, a rather brief look at Series 11 of Doctor Who that shows the new friends Ryan, Yasmin, and Graham, a brief shot of Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who #13, and several unhealthy food options was released to the world just before this podcast recording! Yes, the PR onslaught has begun, with Jodie on the cover of EW, dolly news, San Diego Comic-Con news, Amazon listings, and and AND a miniscope featuring Daniel Nettheim, director of “The Zygon Invasion” and “The Zygon Inver...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #643 – Serendipity

    Jul 08 2018

    The news elves are busily working their magic as we edge closer to San Diego Comic-Con, which will sport the likes of Jodie Whittaker, Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Chris Chibnall, Matt Strevens at the BBC America Doctor Who panel occurring at the spacetime vector of Thursday, July 19, 11:45 am PT! The BBC is also going all legal to track down the nefarious leakers of The Clip, and friend of the show Wayne Yip is directing the Series 11 episode to air at (or around) Christmas! Also Season 12 DVD news...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #642 – The Nut Hutch

    Jul 01 2018

    Last week’s vast wasteland of not-news has been replaced by a verdant jungle of news-news, most notably the announcement of Segun Akinola as the new composer for Doctor Who! Plus Matt Smith comes to Edmonton, and comics and calendars that sort of feature Jodie Whittaker or flat-out don’t. There’s other news of course, but this is a mere tease to part one of our commentary for the Jon Pertwee story “The Green Death”, so dive back with us to June 1973 and hippies, environmentalism, and giant maggo...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #641 – Bazalgette City

    Jun 24 2018

    This week on Radio Free Skaro, it’s time for the nation’s favourite game show* (*not an actual game show) as we dive headlong into another edition of the Miniscope. This week, it’s director Ed Bazalgette, who guided the recent episodes “The Girl Who Died”, “The Woman Who Lived”, and “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” into port. What did the Three Who Rule think of the former guitarist from the 1980s band The Vapors and his work in Doctor Who? Listen and find out! Also, with Doctor Who being produce...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #640 - Restoration Glee

    Jun 17 2018

    It’s a jam-packed extravaganza from 1975 this week as we dive deep into the impending release of the Doctor Who Season 12 Blu-Ray starring one Tom Baker as Dr. Who, with interviews from executive producer Russell Minton and director/producer Paul Vanezis what worked on that there shiny set of discs! Plus banter from two of the Three Who Rule who ventured to their local cinemas to view all 625 glorious lines of resolution of “Genesis of the Daleks”. Also San Diego Comic-Con news, the odd tale of ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #639 – Born Slippy

    Jun 10 2018

    The Quest is the Quest, if by quest you mean watching the 1978 classic series story “Underworld” and getting through it without great suffering. We kid – two thirds of the Three Who Rule are devout fans of this Tom Baker gem. Will the final third turn his frown upside down? Also, the classic series continues to delight on Twitch, the modern series is on BBC iPlayer, and the TV broadcast home of Doctor Who in Canada is regenerating… Links: – All of NuWho on iPlayer – BBC to close Maida Vale studi...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #638 – London 1965

    Jun 03 2018

    The topic of Doctor Who missing episodes has been dormant relatively recently, but a tangent in an interview with producer/director Paul Vanezis, who has aided in the recovery of other previously missing Doctor Who episodes, may raise the profile once again. (Listen to the interview with Steven starting at 30:36; JR Southall joins Steven later to discuss what Paul said). Elsewhere, Doctor Who on Twitch has been an unprecedented success, launching new memes and generating fresh enthusiasm amongst...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #637 - Strong Work

    May 27 2018

    Director James Strong faces the eagle eye of the Miniscope this week, with a look at classics like “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit”, not-so classics (but not his fault!) like “Daleks in Manhattan” and “Evolution of the Daleks”, and romps big and small like “Voyage of the Damned”, “Partners in Crime”, and “Planet of the Dead”. Plus news of “Genesis of the Daleks” cinema screenings (well, one) at the BFI, Twitch streaming Classic Who, Bell Media cancelling Innerspace like a bunch of jer...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #636 - Intelligent Listening For Beginners

    May 20 2018

    Dollies! Yes, to the delight of Warren and probably no-one else, Character Options is set to release new plastic Who friends, most of which are variants of current models but also the first action dolly for Bill! Also, BBC Television Centre lives on in Google Street View form, and in exciting interview news, we have a chinwag with Andrew Smith, whose latest work for Big Finish is Hour of the Cybermen (1980s!), the First Doctor Volume 2 (1960s!) and Star Cops: Mother Earth (more 1980s!) Cue up yo...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #635 – The Sense-Snore-Ites

    May 13 2018

    Progress, in rumour form at any rate, as a tentative and maybe kinda sorta true list of directors for Series 11 makes its way onto the internet, along with scuttlebutt of a BBC, Channel 4 and ITV streaming service in the works. Not to leave Canada out fo the mix, “Genesis of the Daleks” tickets finally go on sale so those of us will finally be able to view 1970s PAL video on the big screen, as it was truly meant to be seen. And speaking of viewing things in a right and proper manner, we have the...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #634 – Captain Maitland and the Time Team

    May 06 2018

    There’s a new bunch on the block in the form of Doctor Who Magazine’s new Time Team, so we talked to DWM writer Benjamin Cook about how he put together this new crop of young Who fans to helm the magazine’s longstanding feature. Also, we bring you the first half of our commentary of the 1964 classic(?) “The Sensorites”! Plus: Big Finish news, Doctor Who cinema screenings in Canada, and the oncoming Gallifrey One hotel panic… Links: – Gallifrey One hotel block – Doctor Who Magazine 525 out – Cana...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #633 – The Erato Adventures of Hercules

    Apr 29 2018

    The weather is warm, the flowers are blooming and the Doctor Who news is…sparse. Almost non-existent in fact, other than delicious morsels like the Series 9 soundtrack arriving in our eardrums, an official announcement on that US “Genesis of the Daleks” cinema screening on June 11, and of course what you’ve all been waiting for, the second part of our Christopher Barry miniscope, featuring his work on “The Mutants”, “Robot”, “The Brain of Morbius” and perennial favorite (to Chris, at any rate) “...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #632 – Barry From Coquitlam

    Apr 22 2018

    One of the most prolific directors in Doctor Who history finally gets his time in the Miniscope as the Three Who Rule look at the first half of the career of Christopher Barry, breaking down his work on “The Daleks”, “The Rescue”, “The Romans”, the missing stories “The Savages” and “The Power of the Daleks” (as best as possible), and concluding with 1971’s “The Daemons”. Also, while Warren is in New York, news on Gallifrey One, BBC Wales, and upcoming cinema screenings of “Genesis of the Daleks”...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #631 – Bandril on the Run

    Apr 15 2018

    In what can only be described as the universe screwing with us, and because the world of Doctor Who seems to be in lockdown, we have precisely one and a half items of news today, the content of which we shall not divulge in order to create a questionable air of tension before the main event…Fluid Links! Yes, enjoy the Three Who Rule’s shaky insights as we field questions from you, the listeners! Links: – Forbidden Planet Target book signing – Moffat, RTD and Michael Grade

  • Radio Free Skaro #630 - Throw Away Your Gun

    Apr 08 2018

    Gallifrey One News! As in the fact that tickets for the 30th edition of the greatest convention on Earth go on sale on April 14th. Also, said convention was featured in the latest Doctor Who Magazine! Plus we have tales of Rachel Talalay declining to work on Series 11, BBC rumourmongering, comic, Target novel shenanigans via RTD and The Moff and a commentary for “The Happiness Patrol” brought you to thanks to the generosity of #WhoAgainstGuns! Links: – #WhoAgainstGuns wraps up – Gallifrey One ti...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #629 – Red Hulke

    Apr 01 2018

    Welcome to April! Which means we’re now only about six months until Jodie Whittaker’s debut as the new Doctor Who! Until then, we’ve got #Whoagainstguns final tallies, some sneaky hints from Philip Morris about “The Web of Fear” Part 3, Hugo nominations for Verity! and Doctor Who “Twice Upon a Time”, and a deep dive into Malcolm Hulke’s left wing leanings with “Doctor Who and the Communist” author Michael Herbert in part three of our Malcolm Hulke Miniscope! Ypa, comrades! Links: – Gallifrey One...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #628 – Hulke Smash!

    Mar 25 2018

    A cranky Chris (Eccleston), a snippet of Steven (Moffat) and a serendipitous Series 11 opening sequence concept are all in the news this week, but let’s be honest, you’re here for the trenchant insights of one Kyle Anderson of Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room podcast and Nerdist fame (and, we suppose, the Three Who Rule’s meagre offerings) as we delve into the second of our three-part Malcolm Hulke Miniscope with a look at “Colony in Space”, “The Sea Devils”, “Frontier in Space”, and “Invasion of t...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #627 – The Incredible Hulke

    Mar 18 2018

    It’s another pre-October week of hints and dribbles of Doctor Who news, including loose-lipped thespian Alan Cumming revealing he has a role in Series 11, audio and Target news, Tom Baker Blu-Ray excitement, and more. All mere preamble to the first part of our Malcolm Hulke Miniscope, featuring Nerdist scribbler and noted cineaste Kyle Anderson to help us look at “The Faceless Ones”, “The War Games”, “Doctor Who and the Silurians” and “The Ambassadors…of Death”! Links: – #WhoAgainstGuns – Alan C...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #626 – Pyramid of Goop

    Mar 11 2018

    A jam packed, bumper edition of Radio Free Skaro this week! Not only do we provide you with an update on the #WhoAgainstGuns initiative with Joy Piedmont and Graeme Burk, but we also bring you a full length commentary for the 1987 special effects-laden spectacular that is “Time and the Rani”, with special guest Jonathan Helm of WHO FX! There’s also a bevy of Doctor Who merchandise to tell you about, including the just announced Season 12 Blu-ray set! Links: – #WhoAgainstGuns – Rachel Talalay wri...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #625 – Gangsters on the Moon

    Mar 04 2018

    #WhoAgainstGuns is a cause launched by our friends at Reality Bomb and spearheaded by a larger network of friends and podcasters, and the Three Who Rule are happy to lend their support, as you can hear in this podcast. Further to that, we present our final two interviews from Gallifrey One 2018 – one with Doctor Who scribe Peter Harness, and another with Philip Martin all about his iconic 1970s BBC series “Gangsters”! Links: – #WhoAgainstGuns – Piers Wenger says Series 11 will have a number of f...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #624 – Scholarly Scribblings

    Feb 25 2018

    As the Con Crud, post-Gally blues and general middle-aged malaise hit the RFS crew, they nevertheless soldier on with news of new Doctor Who logos, Lost Dimensions, new Target novelizations and more, before two sets of interviews from Gallifrey One, the first with Titan Comics brand manager Chris Thompson and the second with scholarly Whovians Joy Piedmont, who ran the academic symposium at last week’s Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles, and Derek Kompare, a media professor who participated...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #623 – A Pinch of Minchin

    Feb 18 2018

    The Three Who Rule return for another episode from Gallifrey One in Los Angeles, where they’ve been blown away by the top-notch insights and hilarity of the guests in attendance, from outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat’s take no prisoners Q&As to Camille Coduri’s hilarious response to “what’s your favorite sonic screwdriver?” But there’s still comic book news, effects updates and the debut of Britbox Canada to consider, along with an interview with series producer Brian Minchin! Allons and indeed...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #622 – Radio Free Skaro and the Seven Keys to Doomsday

    Feb 17 2018

    For the seventh year in a row, it was Radio Free Skaro’s great pleasure to kick off the greatest Doctor Who convention on Earth, Gallifrey One! With guests Sylvester McCoy, Rona Munro, Stephen Wyatt, Philip Martin, Hayley Nebauer, and Lawrence Gough, the convention got off to a roaring start. Come for the guests, stay for the microphone failures! And stay tuned Sunday for a Gallifrey One wrap-up episode! Links: – The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One

  • Radio Free Skaro #621 – City of Weeping Angels

    Feb 11 2018

    Intrigue reigns as rumours swirl of a possible move to Sunday night for Series 11 of Doctor Who, along with more concrete news of a “The Enemy of the World” special edition DVD, with commentary moderated by none other than friend of the show Simon Harries! We’ve also got comic book news, some exclusive info about Series 11, and, as we’re in a celebratory mood, why not indulge in our Gallifrey One preview show! Enjoy, and you’ll hear from us next week in Los Angeles! Links: – The 29 Voyages of Ga...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #620 – Doctor, I Let You Go

    Feb 04 2018

    With months to go before new episodes and a new Doctor, fans and indeed the media are grabbing at any vague crumb they can find, as evidenced by the Radio Times online arm clickbaiting their way into several stories telling us…precisely nothing. But ex-Who poobah Steven Moffat also spoke recently about what he would have done had David Tennant stayed on as the Doctor (spoilers: more or less series 6) and Titan’s Doctor Who line is coming back this summer for Free Comic Book Day, and will in some...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #619 – Can I Have An Apple?

    Jan 28 2018

    The countdown to Gallifrey One continues, with the official convention schedule out for your perusal and ticket transfers up and running until January 31! Also, news of Jo Whit/P-Cap salary equilibrium…and, well that’s it for the news really. And good thing too, because we have part one of our mammoth look back at the Steven Moffat era! This segment focuses on the Matt Smith years and features Doctor Who on the Couch’s Heather Berberet, Nerdist scribe, and co-host of Doctor Who: The Writer’s Roo...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #618 – Life of Bryant

    Jan 21 2018

    Gallifrey One is edging closer to reality and we’re pleased to announce our live show will start off the Friday festivities with “Radio Free Skaro and the Seven Keys to Doomsday,” with Sylvester McCoy, Rona Munro, Philip Martin, Stephen Wyatt, Hayley Nebauer and Lawrence Gough! We also have news of other Gally guests, Blu-ray missives regarding Shada and Season 12, audio updates both Big Finish and otherwise, and our interview from Chicago TARDIS with Peri Brown herself, Nicola Bryant! Links: – ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #617 – Two Direction

    Jan 14 2018

    The Series 11 news train continues unabated, with director announcements, pointless speculation on the amount of Doctor Who content headed our way from the BBC, Gallifrey One news, Time Lord science (which is elevated in Leicester), and a brief but lovely interview from Long Island Who with Dalek operator and Big Finish writer and director Barnaby Edwards! Links: – Series 11 Block 2 directed by Mark Tonderai – Series 11 Block 3 directed by Sallie Aprahamian – Series 11 to be over 11 hours? – Whi...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #616 – No Unwanted Opinions Please

    Jan 07 2018

    Welcome to 2018 which, for now at least, is the Time of Not Much Happening, exemplified by a rather sparse news list this week in the form of “Twice Upon A Time” stats, writer non-participation, new Gallifrey One guests, and the fact that Doctor Who is filming in South Africa! But also, for your edification and entertainment, we also have an interview with Sophie Aldred and Lisa Greenwood from Chicago TARDIS. Listen, enjoy and patiently wait for Series 11 with the rest of us! Links: – Doctor Who...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #615 – The Three Doctors

    Dec 31 2017

    A year is about to expire, with a new 365 days around the sun just around the corner, and with this transition comes…stats. Yes, those of you who need to know the intimate details of eyeballs upon telescreens during the airing of “Twice Upon a Time”, fret no longer, we have all that information and more, including a truly mindbending look at how television scientists (including several Restoration Team boffins) extracted footage of Morecambe and Wise from a film canister full of goo. Plus news o...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #614 – The Long Way Round

    Dec 26 2017

    And so the Peter Capaldi era ends, the Jodie Whittaker era begins, and the David Bradley era sneaks in through the side door for “Twice Upon A Time”, the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special. But what did the Three Who Rule think? Join them as they examine the final story of the Steven Moffat era, and the precious few seconds we have until Autumn 2018 of an entirely new Doctor! And, by popular (two people, let’s be honest) request, we also have a spoiler-filled discussion of Star Wars: The Last Jed...more

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 24

    Dec 24 2017

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 24.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 23

    Dec 23 2017

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 23.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 22

    Dec 22 2017

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 22.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 21

    Dec 21 2017

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 21.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 20

    Dec 20 2017

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 20.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 19

    Dec 19 2017

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 19.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 18

    Dec 18 2017

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 18.

  • Radio Free Skaro #613 – It Won’t Be Easy

    Dec 17 2017

    Only a week and several more hours until “Twice Upon a Time”, and the Whovian Hype Machine ™ is in full swing, with new clips, a behind the scenes look at the making of the Xmas special airing on Space, and and AND Big Finish releases their new First Doctor adventures on Xmas Day! It’s beginning to look a lot like Hartnell…er, Bradley! Plus, Gallifrey One panels, Amazon Prime news, and so much more! And this week’s interview is with Big Finish jack-of-all-trades and Dalek voiceman Nick Briggs fr...more

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 17

    Dec 17 2017

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 17.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 16

    Dec 16 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 15

    Dec 15 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 14

    Dec 14 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 13

    Dec 13 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 12

    Dec 12 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 11

    Dec 11 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro #612 – 120 BPM

    Dec 10 2017

    Doctor Who musical legend Dudley Simpson passed away recently, and his amount of work in Doctor Who was so massive that it warranted a special Miniscope to cover it! And who better to invite along for this tribute than Mark Ayres, a fan of Dudley’s himself, but also the musical maestro tasked with honouring the recent release of “Shada” with a delectably Dudley-esque score. Also, Advent Calendars galore, Christmas Specials, “Twice Upon a Time”, and more! Links: – BBC Doctor Who Adventure Calenda...more

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 10

    Dec 10 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 9

    Dec 09 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 8

    Dec 08 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 7

    Dec 07 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 6

    Dec 06 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 5

    Dec 05 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 4

    Dec 04 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro #611 - Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime

    Dec 03 2017

    It’s December and for Doctor Who fans that means Twice Upon of Time is upon us in less than a month…which means a veritable blitz of promotions, news, news about promotions, and so forth. There’s also incoming tat, a story about anamorphic lenses for all you cineastes, and most importantly, interviews with outgoing Doctor Who brand manager Edward Russell and legendary director Waris Hussein! Merry not quite Christmas yet, everyone! Links:   – Twice Upon A Time promo image & synopsis – BBC Americ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 3

    Dec 03 2017

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 3.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 2

    Dec 02 2017

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2017 Advent Calendar, Day 1

    Dec 01 2017

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 1.

  • Radio Free Skaro #610 – And Then There’s The Accent

    Nov 26 2017

    It’s the weekend of American Thanksgiving, which can only mean one thing in the Doctor Who world – Chicago TARDIS! Steven once again represented the Three Who Rule in the midwest, getting interviews, meeting many Doctor Who fans, and generally creating mayhem (he was in bed by 11:00pm every night). And this episode features an onstage interview with Doctor the Fifth, Peter Davison, and Tegan Jovanka herself, Janet Fielding! Also, Paul Booth drops by to talk about the various news items of the we...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #609 - Golden Years

    Nov 19 2017

    As we hurtle towards Christmas, and more importantly, the premiere of “Twice Upon A Time”, the BBC has delivered a snippet of said story featuring one Peter Capaldi, David Bradley and Mark Gatiss trading badinage in Twelve’s TARDIS, and it is a delight. Also, Steven Moffat was announced to appear at the biggest Doctor Who convention in North America, Gallifrey One, to the general giddiness of the Three Who Rule. Besides all this news, we also have the second part of Warren’s interview with direc...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #608 - As The World Falls Down

    Nov 12 2017

    This week on Radio Free Skaro, join two thirds of The Three Who Rule from Long Island Who as Steven and Warren are joined by Deb from Verity! and Alyssa from Whovian Feminism and This Week in Time Travel to talk about the sad passing of Doctor Who music icon Dudley Simpson, some upcoming DVD and audio releases (like Star Cops from Big Finish!), but really dig in to the main event: the new outfit unveiled for Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor! Also in this episode: the first of a two-part interview with d...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #607 – Future Legend

    Nov 05 2017

    Sad news to impart this week, with the death of Doctor Who director and television pioneer Paddy Russell, who directed “The Massacre”, “Invasion of the Dinosaurs”, “Pyramids of Mars”, and “Horror of Fang Rock”, along with many other non-Who programmes on UK television. We also have news of Shada on DVD in North America, the continued audio adventures of River Song, doings transpiring at Titan Comics regarding the Doctor Who comics line, and in Second Chances we look at “The Eaters of Light” with...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #606 – Life On Mars

    Oct 29 2017

    News is slowly ramping up on the Series 11 front, with directors and executive producers being hired and supposedly hired for the debut series of new Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker and head writer Chris Chibnall, “Twice Upon a Time” in Canadian theatres and Shaaaaaaadaaaa in Australian ones, Gallifrey One guest updates, WOTAN beating up Torchwood (as is right and proper) and in this week’s Second Chances…Mark Gatiss’ “Empress of Mars” with writer Tai Gooden! Links: – Jamie Childs directs for Series ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #605/A - Doctor Who Series 11 Update

    Oct 23 2017

    Breaking news! Details about the upcoming Series 11 of Doctor Who were announced by the BBC not long after our regular episode was released, so the Three Who Rule are here to report (but, really, mostly speculate) about the casting announcements and other details that were released regarding Jodie Whittaker’s first season as Doctor Who! Links: – BBC Doctor Who news release – Radio Times article – Bradley Walsh as Graham – Mandip Gill as Yasmin – Tosin Cole as Ryan

  • Radio Free Skaro #605 – Moonage Daydream

    Oct 22 2017

    There’s nothing Doctor Who-ish on TV until Christmas…but there is an hour with debonair man of the 1970s, Jon Pertwee, who graces the BBC iPlayer with an hour of his many charms in the imaginatively named “An Hour with Jon Pertwee!” There’s also movement afoot in things game, textual and action dolly, with Big Finish going (even more) digital, A Parliament worth of Dalek Dollies and possibly the premature end of LEGO Dimensions. Our Second Chances this week also marks the end of the Monk Trilogy...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #604 – The Man Who Sold The World

    Oct 15 2017

    We have a long time to wait for new Who (not counting Peter Capaldi’s swan song this Christmas) but already rumors are swirling about how incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall will give us his vision of the good Doctor. In the meantime, we have DVDs headed our way along with an animated version of Shada, the red-headed stepchild of not-quite-lost classic Who stories. And this week’s Second Chances features author and Reality Bomb podcaster Graeme Burk, with his (and our) look at…”The Pyramid at the...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #603 - Sound and Vision

    Oct 08 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving (in Canada)! This week, we have new from New York Comic Con, as one Peter Capaldi charmed the good folk of the Big Apple for one final time as Doctor Who, plus we have news of cinematic screenings of “Twice Upon A Time”, explosive details about Danny Hargreaves’ future and the new season of Doctor Who, and and AND Chip, our friend from This Week in Time Travel and Two-Minute Time Lord, joins us for a look at the start of the Monk Trilogy (such as it was) and all the japery and...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #602 – Station to Station

    Oct 01 2017

    Warren returns to the fold this week, to examine both various dribs and drabs of Doctor Who news and to debate amongst the Three Who Rule as to the worth of the new Star Trek: Discovery series. What would a podcast between three nerds be without spurious Trek talk, you ask? Well, it would be a podcast with pop culture reporter Edie Nugent taking a look at Series 10’s space-set not-zombie nail-biter, “Oxygen,” in our Second Chances series! Links: – Alex Kingston at Edmonton Expo – The Wheel in Sp...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #601 – Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

    Sep 24 2017

    Knock Knock! Who’s there? Kara Dennison, that’s who, as the esteemed blogger, fan, and interviewer for Onezumi Events joins the Three Who Rule to look back at “Knock Knock” in our continuing Second Chances series re-reviewing Series 10 in the lead up to “Twice Upon A Time”. Speaking of which, a synopsis for the 2017 Christmas Special was posted (then deleted), and there’s exciting news of a new series of First Doctor audio stories from Big Finish starring David Bradley as the First Doctor! Links...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #600 – Subterraneans

    Sep 17 2017

    600 episodes of Radio Free Skaro! Will the madness ever cease? Not this episode, as we delve into “Thin Ice” with virtuoso Doctor Who comics artist and Twitter bon vivant Rachael Stott for her take on monsters under the Thames, racist punching, and the continued excellence of one Bill Potts! Plus news about the original K-9 and Company theme, P-Cap at New York Comic Con and RTD retconning Harriet Jones! Flydale North lives again! Links:   – Peter Capaldi spotlight at NYCC – Original K-9 and Comp...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #599 – Ashes to Ashes

    Sep 10 2017

    Space-time has become distorted and silly once again with the appearance of a tall stranger, AKA Chris, in Vancouver with Warren! Not only that, but Twitter man about town Tom Dickinson is here for our Second Chances segment to take a gander at “Smile,” where hill give his thoughts on robots, emoji and nanite-human colonization policies. Plus news of the Doctor Who Experience and Class waving goodbye, Jodie Whittaker waving hello (via a Rolling Stone interview) and upcoming Gallifrey One guests ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #598 – Lady Stardust

    Sep 03 2017

    As we slog through the Dark Times before the Doctor Who Xmas special “Twice Upon a Time”, the news is a bit thin on the ground, though we have new Gallifrey One guests (including a bevy of them connected to “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy”), upcoming Big Finish, and…the start of our new series of looks back at Series 10: Second Chances! Heather Berberet from Doctor Who On The Couch joins us to take a look at the debut of Bill Potts and the introduction of a mysterious vault in...”The Pilot!” Li...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #597 – Look What You Made Us Do

    Aug 27 2017

    It’s a veritable gumbo of info this week, with on outgoing showrunner praising an incoming Doctor, Big Finish and Black Archive books news, tales of Peter Capaldi and lifetime achievement awards for Russell T Davies…and a brand new Fluid Links! Your questions, our answers, and practically nothing is resolved! Will this episode thus extend into infinity? Listen….and fiiiiind oooooouutttt!! Links:  – Jodie Whittaker’s intro has been recorded – Jared Garfield is Ben Jackson – Listen script charity ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #596 - The Lionhearted

    Aug 20 2017

    Warren has returned from Worldcon, and has tales of Finland, Stockholm and international nerdery to share with Steven, Chris and all you good people before we move to the main event, an interview with author and superfan Steven Hill about Red White and Who: The Story of Doctor Who in America. Years in the making, this weighty tome is a comprehensive look at Doctor Who on North American screens, and leaves no televisual stone unturned. Tune in, why don’t you? Links: – Worldcon 75 – Matt Smith sin...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #595 – The Origins of Mr. Who

    Aug 13 2017

    With Warren away at Worldcon this week (where while Doctor Who did not win a Hugo for “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”, Steven did for his work on Uncanny Magazine!), it’s left to Steven and Chris to talk about the first interviews with Jodie Whittaker since her unveiling as the new Doctor, and other sundry items that tend to fill a news list in the middle of August. But the main feature this week is an interview with friend and author Graeme Burk about his upcoming book “Sydney Newman: Head of D...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #594 – Is That Finger Loaded?

    Aug 06 2017

    It’s the dog days of August, and with no new Doctor Who on the horizon for several months, what better way to spend a couple hours of that time with the Three Who Rule as they watch and commentate on “The Android Invasion”, the 1975…er…classic from the Tom Baker era. And while Warren is away in Scandanavia in advance of Worldcon in Helsink next weekend, Chris and Steven update you all with news of a radio appearance by Jodie Whittaker, a bevy of Big Finish news, and several pieces of merchandise...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #593 - School Ties and Martian Lies

    Jul 30 2017

    The Quiet Times have returned, with the Series 10 finale and San Diego Comic-Con receding in the distance and a long wait to December 25 ahead of us. But that doesn’t stop the dogged determination of the Three Who Rule, who won’t let a little thing like a lack of new material stop them from chattering on about one Mr. Who! And as a bonus we have an interview with Class and Doctor Who director Wayne Yip and a roll of the randomizer to determine which classic commentary will happen next week! Dare...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #592 – I Was Fond Of Her Too, Jamie

    Jul 24 2017

    Comic-Con! Yes, SDCC has come and gone once again, and with it we now have a trailer for “Twice Upon a Time,” the swan-song for one P-Cap and the glorious retconning of one D-Brad as the First Doctor, along with words and thoughts from gentleman scribe Kyle Anderson, who gives us an almost-live look from the ground as he left the BBC panel, as well as filling us in the Classic Who panel he moderated featuring Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sophie Aldred! Plus a simply staggering pile of news abo...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #591 – The Future is Female

    Jul 16 2017

    The Whoniverse was on the edge of its seat today, for the announcement of…the second instalment of Fluid Links! But of course we actually mean the historic announcement of the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, the first woman to take on the the role and the flag-bearer for Chris Chibnall’s new era of Doctor Who, due late next year. What do the Three Who Rule think of the announcement? Listen and find out! And also Fluid Links, we may have mentioned those earlier. Links: – Jodie Whittaker IS TH...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #590 – Blue Man Group

    Jul 09 2017

    Series 10 may be over, but your questions have just begun! Fluid Links returns (and re-returns next week) for us to answer, dodge and blatantly lie our way through your thoughtful enquiries about the ast series of Doctor Who…and the Xmas special still to come! Links:  – World Enough and Time final BBC One viewing figures – The Doctor Falls BBC America ratings – The Doctor Falls Appreciation Index – San Diego Comic-Con Doctor Who panel details – SDCC Classic Doctor Who Panel, hosted by Kyle Ander...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #589 – Without Hope, Without Witness, Without Reward

    Jul 02 2017

    Lo, the (almost) end has come, and the Three Who Rule have thoughts, feels and comments about “The Doctor Falls,” the penultimate episode for both director Rachel Talalay and showrunner/writer Steven Moffat. What did the three scoundrels think of this stew of Masters and Mondasians? More to the point, what’s going on with the First Doctor and the upcoming Xmas special? So many questions! Next week, the return of Fluid Links, but only pertaining to Series 10, so no questions about Nimons and Axon...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #588 - Doctor Who and The Genesis of the Cybermen

    Jun 25 2017

    Live from Gloucestershire, it’s Radio Free Skaro! With Steven visiting the United Kingdom, it seemed only right to watch and review this week’s Doctor Who (the show, not the character) in the nation where it was created. And so noted Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell and esteemed podcaster Dave Probert join Steven in talking about “World Enough and Time”, a dazzling writing effort from Steven Moffat, directed with chilling precision by Rachel Talalay, and acted to perfection by the main cast. Liste...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #587 - Death By Scotland

    Jun 18 2017

    Gloom, doom, and light-eating tentacle dogs are the topic du jour for the Three Who Rule, as they viewed the Rona Munro penned, Charles Palmer helmed “The Eaters of Light” and formed cogent, well reasoned analyses of the third to last episode of Series 10, and didn’t at all speculate wildly about Mondasian Cybermen, bearded former Masters, Missy’s weird turn towards mercy and more. And speaking of Masters, Big Finish just announced that Derek Jacobi will return to his “Utopia” role as the Doctor...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #586 – Jackdaw Meanderings

    Jun 11 2017

    A spot of tea, a biscuit, some empire-building and hostile action against upright crocodiles are the order of the day as the Three Who Rule look at “Empress of Mars,” Mark Gatiss’ latest (and last?) foray into the world of Doctor Who and Wayne Yip’s second directorial run for Series 10. Plus more news of Gatiss and Who, comics, Big Finish, stats (feh) and a Canadian wins breakfast with seven Doctors! By the moons we honour thee! Links: – Empress of Mars review – Empress of Mars BBC One overnight...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #585 – Fake News Central

    Jun 04 2017

    It’s the end of the Monk Trilogy with the Toby Whithouse scripted and Wayne Yip directed “The Lie of the Land”…but what were the Hot Takes™ of the Three Who Rule (reunited, and it feels so good) on the curtain-draped corpses with the lightning and the brainwashing and the what not? What of Bill and Nardole and their quest to find the Doctor? And most importantly…what of Peter Capaldi’s new coat!? Plus we have news of stats, steelbooks and the Resurrection of Ruprecht! Listen..and pay no mind to ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #584 – Pyramid Power

    May 28 2017

    We’ve reached the middle portion of the Trilogy of the Monks with “The Pyramid at the End of the World”, and who better to lend a hand ruminating on tractor beams, world peace, pandemics and panic than Wife in Space impresario Neil Perryman? Neil joins the Two Who Rule (in the form of Warren and Steven) to hash out what in the actual hell is going on with these mysterious robed fellows, before getting to the most important news of the week…Doctor Who branded skin care products. Stats, speculatio...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #583 - The Meddling Monks

    May 21 2017

    We’re at the midway point of Series 10 (sniff) so what better time for Steven Moffat to check in on the show he runs by penning another episode himself in the form of “Extremis”, a mind-bending escapade that took viewers from England to the Vatican and all points in between. Or did it…? Once again, the inestimable Kyle Anderson steps in as a replacement for one of the Three (in place of Warren this time) to join Chris and Steven on this review. What did they think? What of the Monks? And the occ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #582 – Every Breath You Take

    May 14 2017

    It’s that most wondrous time of the year again, Base Under Siege-mas, in the form of Jamie Mathieson’s anti-corporate not-zombie saga “Oxygen”! What did the Three Who Rule think? Listen and find out, before their oxygen credits are depleted and they’re sucked into the cold, meaningless vacuum! Links: – Episode 5 – “Oxygen” – “Thin Ice” final ratings – Knock Knock AI rating – 83 – “The Pyramid at The End of the World” synopsis – Geoffrey Bayldon (1923-2017)

  • Radio Free Skaro #581 – Is There A Doctor In The House?

    May 07 2017

    It’s time for Steven, Warren and noted Nerdist Kyle Anderson to assess the timbre of “Knock Knock,” the Mike Bartlett penned ode to lumber-based horror and insectile consumption. Did the Two Who Rule and Kyle consider this story a mighty oak or a mere sapling in the forest of Series 10? Plus news of a new series of Torchwood via Big Finish starring (Lumber)Jack Harkness and the rest of the gang plus new recruits, and a thrilling dive into the prehistory of computer games. No trees were harmed in...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #580 - Fish Food Frolics

    Apr 30 2017

    It’s 1814, and Regency London is cold, racist, and beset by a big fish under the the Thames…but the Doctor and Bill are on the case! As are Steven, Warren and Nerdist’s own Kyle Anderson (for the second week running) with their take on Sarah Dollard’s sophomore Doctor Who effort “Thin Ice,” as well as a detailed examination of stats, new Mr. Men books, free Comic Book Day, and rampant dismissal of frenzied speculation on the occupant of The Vault! Links: – Doctor Who S10E03 “Thin Ice” – “Thin Ic...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #579 – The Crooked Smile

    Apr 23 2017

    A rare occurence on this week’s Radio Free Skaro in that two thirds of the regular Three Who Rule are absent. So we present to you Two other Rulers! Erika from Verity! and Kyle from Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room join Steven (Chris and Warren are off somewhere making tea) to review the second episode of this most recent series of Doctor Who. Will they be smiling or in their appreciation of it? Or will they merely be gritting their teeth and pretending as to not get murdered by cute robots? Isn’t ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #578 – A Star in Her Eye

    Apr 16 2017

    The time has finally arrived, with new Doctor Who gracing our screens and Bill, a new companion, capturing our hearts. Puddles, Movellans and so much more danced across our eyeballs this past Saturday in “The Pilot”, and the Three Who Rule have thoughts and bon mots to share about the return of Who and the stories still to come! But like all Moffat-era Who, there are twists and turns still to come, like the fact that Capaldi says he’s filmed the regeneration before the Christmas episode was lens...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #577 – Second Chances

    Apr 09 2017

    It’s a week before new Doctor Who, which means a veritable tsunami of news, previews and madness, including the surprise reveal that John Simm will come back as the Master and possibly cause a shipping paradox the likes of which hasn’t been seen since SuperWhoLock! In other surprises, Britbox announced they’re streaming most of Classic Who, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” was nominated for a Hugo, and we have a new segment called Second Chances looking at that very story with Titan Comic Tenth D...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #576 – The Fisher King

    Apr 02 2017

    We’re in the final stretch run of The Year (and a bit) of No Doctor Who, as Series 10 is less than two weeks away! There’s spoiler-free talk of synopses, the character of Bill Potts is revealed to be gay (hooray!), and there are various promotional things happening in and around the premiere of “The Pilot” on April 15. And we take our last look inside the Miniscope for this year with a detailed analysis of the works of writer David Fisher, author of four stories from the later Tom Baker era! Lin...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #575 – Beyond the Valley of the Thals

    Mar 26 2017

    With new Who slowly ambling towards our eyeballs, the news pace has picked up somewhat, with publicity stills, tantalizing details concerning Ice Warriors, and the release of the 1999 charity special “The Curse of Fatal Death” on Youtube (otherwise known as ‘streaming VHS’)! But this is a mere tease, the frothiest of fripperies, the lightest of garnishes (and so forth, please get on with it) to the reappearance of one Kyle Anderson, Nerdist scribbler and all-around fine fellow, as we complete ou...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #574 – Valley of the Thals

    Mar 19 2017

    It’s time for a visit to The Dead Planet to see some Mutants in “The Daleks” with the Three Who Rule and Doctor Who: The Writers Room podcaster, Nerdist scribe and gentleman bounder Kyle Anderson as a special guest! Thrill to Steven’s knowledge of televisual minutiae, twirl to Kyle’s searing insights, sashay to Chris’s detailed analysis and recoil at the sight of Warren’s brain melting at the (in his sole opinion) grinding tedium of the early Hartnell era! Plus news like the first official Serie...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #573 – Stevie Nicks

    Mar 12 2017

    No sooner did we joke about Mondasian Cybermen in Series 10 than they magically appear in a publicity shot with one Peter Capaldi! While we’d like to claim prophetic wisdom in this matter, we had no inside knowledge and this was likely a “going out in style” wish from one Mr. Capaldi, and we are all the better for it. P-Cap will also be gracing the small, inconsequential town of Calgary, AB for Calgary Expo at the end of April, to the delight of bouffant enthusiasts across the Canadian prairies!...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #572 – Comic Sans

    Mar 05 2017

    As the weeks tick slowly down to new Doctor Who, we have a short teaser to discuss, with sparks and Capaldi hair and Nardole and Bill! Gallifrey One 2018 tickets go on sale soon, so get your purchasing fingers limbered! The Series 10 premiere will hit theatres in April, and we salute John Hurt’s last turn as the War Doctor in the Big Finish production “Casualties of War”! Finally, we have two interviews from Gallifrey One for you, with novelist, comic book scribe and Doctor Who writer Paul Corne...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #571 – Silver Nitrate

    Feb 26 2017

    Post-Gally blues…or post-Gally buzz? The Three Who Rule were in high spirits this week, energized by a most wonderful gathering of the tribe in Los Angeles. This episode presents two interviews from Gallifrey One, first with TV consultant for the BFI, Dick Fiddy, and second with Red Dwarf and Doctor Who costume designer Howard Burden! Tally ho! Links: – Class final BBC One viewing figures – Series 10 Parts 1 & 2 DVD and Blu-Ray – Pertwee Years interview collection – Gallifrey One: 28 Days Later ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #570 – Happiness Will Prevail

    Feb 19 2017

    In our second of two episodes this weekend from Gallifrey One, the Three Who Rule run down all the fascinating sights and sounds they’ve seen this weekend at Gallifrey One, give the inside scoop on what happened to a couple of missing guests from their live show on Friday, and speculate some more about Peter Capaldi’s departure and Chris Chibnall’s arrival! Also, an interview with musician Dominic Glynn, and a missing episodes update from the Restoration Team’s Steve Roberts! Links: – Chris Chib...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #569 – Radio Free Skaro: Victorian Gothic Folly

    Feb 18 2017

    Hooray for Gallifrey! The Three Who Rule are back for their ninth(!) trip to Gallifrey One, the real happiest place on Earth, and for the sixth(!!) year running, it has been their honour to help launch the convention in style with their very own live show. This year, Paul McGann, Philip Hinchcliffe, Roger Murray-Leach, Rachael Stott, and Nick Abadzis were the guests, and a grand time was had by all. Listen in and enjoy! Guests:  – Paul McGann – Philip Hinchcliffe – Roger Murray-Leach – Nick Abad...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #568 – The Shining World of the Seven Systems

    Feb 12 2017

    Our favorite weekend of the year is here in less than a week, the Whovian celebration known as Gallifrey One! We’ll be there doing our live show at 10:30 a.m. Friday in the main hall with our live show, “Radio Free Skaro: Victorian Gothic Folly,” but in the meantime get comfortable as we break down what we’re looking forward to seeing and doing at the LAX Marriott, and stay tuned next week for shows from the con! Links: – Missy promo for Series 10 – Doctor Who Magazine #509 confirms Series 10 wr...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #567 - The Clock Strikes Twelve

    Feb 05 2017

    Capaldexit! Yes, the Three Who Rule were sideswiped (as was everyone else) by Peter Capaldi’s surprise announcement that he was leaving the role of The Doctor, and after admonishing the UK press for baseless speculation, the RFS crew engaged in frankly hypocritical predictions of their own. That plus stats, Series Ten news and a 70 minute(!) Miniscope about writer/director Terence Dudley round out this episode! Enjoy! Links: – Peter Capaldi leaving after Series 10. – Peter Capaldi’s tenure. – Be...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #566 – Never Cruel Or Cowardly

    Jan 29 2017

    It is with a heavy heart that we mark the passing of acting legend John Hurt, beloved by Whovians for his portrayal of the War Doctor in “The Day of the Doctor” but with a career spanning the best of film, TV, and the stage. In happier news, we can now announce the guests for our Gallifrey One live show (contained within) and some other notable Gally news, updates and miscellany! We also announce the winner of our Whographica giveaway contest! Plus stats (bleh) and a commentary for the 1978 stor...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #565 – Warning: Graphic Content

    Jan 22 2017

    Dollies, Nardole and a reliably batty, 83 years young Tom Baker are the mere froth on the fancy latte of Whographica, an exquisite collection of infographics featuring incredibly nerdy deep dives into the corners and recesses of Doctor Who trivia. We interviewed authors Simon Guerrier, Steve O’Brien and Ben Morris, to find out what went into this expansive and frankly obsessive labour of love. Adjust your rectangular framed glasses, straighten your turtleneck, and enjoy! And listen in to see how...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #564 – At Long Last, Wendy Padbury

    Jan 15 2017

    For seemingly every single Doctor Who convention that one or all of the Three Who Rule have ever attended, Wendy Padbury has been there. Standing next to them in lines, walking past them in the hallway, but never, ever a guest on Radio Free Skaro. Until today! Ms. Padbury joins a panel of fine thespians (and Doctor Who companions) Anneke Wills, Deborah Watling, Louise Jameson, and Lisa Greenwood (and all interviewed by our very own Steven) recorded at Chicago TARDIS from this past November! Link...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #563 – Murder By Illusion

    Jan 08 2017

    And so we enter another fallow period as the Christmas special recedes into the dark recesses of 2016 but new Who has yet to arrive. What to do? How about diving deep into the history of Doctor Who with an interview with behind-the-scenes specialist and Twitter phenomenon @WhoSFX? Yes, you will listen to said interview! You will, or suffer the consequences! Links: – Happy birthday William Hartnell! – Class debuts on BBC One tomorrow! – The Return of Doctor Mysterio final BBC One viewing figures!...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #562 – And So We’re Told This Is The Golden Age

    Jan 01 2017

    Goodbye 2016, and hello new year! And what better way to ring in a new wander around the sun than stats? Well, practically anything, but that’s all we’ve got! All, that is, except for an interview with Big Finish impresario and voice of the Daleks Nick Briggs, recently conducted at LI Who by Warren! Enjoy, or you will be exterminated! Links: – Gallifrey One guest update! – The Return of Doctor Mysterio sets BBC America record! – The Return of Doctor Mysterio Appreciation Index – Long Island Doct...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #561 - Lucy & Grant: Dawn of Justice

    Dec 26 2016

    Superheroics! Derring-do! Balderdash, mumblesuch and in the middle of it all stands one man, Doctor Mysterio! Yes, after a year of waiting for new Who, the Three Who Rule ruminate over this year’s Xmas special, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” featuring P.Cap, N.ardole and comic book shenanigans in NYC! And as if that wsn’t enough, there is extensive post-game bleating about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the end of the show, featuring spoilers aplenty! So be it, Jedi! Links: – The Return of Doc...more

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 24

    Dec 24 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 24.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 23

    Dec 23 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 23.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 22

    Dec 22 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 22.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 21

    Dec 21 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 21.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 20

    Dec 20 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 20.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 19

    Dec 19 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 19.

  • Radio Free Skaro #560 – Affirmative, Mistress

    Dec 18 2016

    It is the week before the Advent of Doctor Mysteriousness, and so the news is a little light as fandom sits in the eye of the hurricane. But there is word of both Toby Whithouse musing on Twitter about his upcoming Series 10 episode, and Leela joining the War Doctor in his audio adventures in the new year! And speaking of Leela, both Louise Jameson and John Leeson are featured this week as Steven interviewed them at the recent Chicago TARDIS convention! Savage Tin Doggerel, ahoy! Links: – Tom Ba...more

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 18

    Dec 18 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 18.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 17

    Dec 17 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 17.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 16

    Dec 16 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 16.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 15

    Dec 15 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 15.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 14

    Dec 14 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 14.

  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 13

    Dec 13 2016

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  • Radio Free Skaro – 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 12

    Dec 12 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 12.

  • Radio Free Skaro #559 - Here's One We Made Earlier

    Dec 11 2016

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Mysterio, as the Xmas Special Hype Machine revs up its engines and heads straight for our hearts while we eagerly anticipate the first new Doctor Who gracing our eyeballs in close to a year. Superheroics dominate the news, but we also have an interview with Classic Who companions Peter Purves and Anneke Wills from Chicago TARDIS! And do keep listening to our daily Advent Fluid Links, which get more Christmas-y by the day! Links:  – New trailer for “The Return of...more

  • Radio Free Skaro - 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 11

    Dec 11 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 11.

  • Radio Free Skaro - 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 10

    Dec 10 2016

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  • Radio Free Skaro - 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 9

    Dec 09 2016

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  • Radio Free Skaro - 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 8

    Dec 08 2016

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  • Radio Free Skaro - 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 7

    Dec 07 2016

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  • Radio Free Skaro - 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 6

    Dec 06 2016

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  • Radio Free Skaro - 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 5

    Dec 05 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 5.

  • Radio Free Skaro #558 – Class is Dismissed

    Dec 04 2016

    Class has ended! And with the conclusion of Patrick Ness’s adventure in YA Doctor Who-ness, Warren and Steven (Chris has been felled by The Swarm this week) take a look at the finale and the series in total, as well as examining new Big Finish releases, Xmas special related news, and more! We also have an interview with author, playwright, writer of “Dalek”, and co-writer of the newly released Running Through Corridoers one Robert Shearman, from Chicago TARDIS! Listen, if you dare! NOTE: our dis...more

  • Radio Free Skaro - 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 4

    Dec 04 2016

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  • Radio Free Skaro - 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 3

    Dec 03 2016

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  • Radio Free Skaro - 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 2

    Dec 02 2016

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  • Radio Free Skaro - 2016 Advent Calendar, Day 1

    Dec 01 2016

    This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we'll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 1.

  • Radio Free Skaro #557 - Bananas Are Good

    Nov 27 2016

    It’s Chicago TARDIS time, which means interviews with various Doctor Who personages of note, in this case one Michelle Gomez, aka Missy, aka the Master, aka a wonderfully bananas actress from the Land of Kilts who is soon to be filming her appearance in Series 10! Plus a review of the penultimate episode of Class, news of Rona Munro (and the possibility of Missy sidling into her episode) and more! Well, not much more, to be honest Just listen, you poltroons! Links:  – Class episode 7, “The Metap...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #556 – Reanimation of the Daleks

    Nov 20 2016

    The Daleks return to North America this week from the dustbins of history and into your iTunes/BBC America/other in the form of “The Power of the Daleks” in its reanimated glory. And the Three Who Rule are on the case, in the form of interviews with both soundsmith extraordinaire Mark Ayres and Whostorian Toby Hadoke about the making of the animated episodes, as well as the upcoming DVD extras! We also have our usual review of Class, a look at new footgage from “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” an...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #555 - Imurjinsee Egsit

    Nov 13 2016

    Warren is in Long Island, NY this week, enjoying the fourth iteration of the east coast nerd gathering known as LI Who, and has a report from the trenches for you dear listeners. Thanks to schedules, wifi, and probably rock monsters, Warren couldn’t watch Class in time for the show, but Steven and Chris are on the case to give you their take on Episode 5 of the Doctor Who spinoff. However, Warren is present for the commentary for the sentimental favourite (but not altogether good) Season 15 stor...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #554 – Kandles and Kompany

    Nov 06 2016

    Class, er, classed up the joint this week, but the big news in Doctor Who was the return of “The Power of the Daleks”, the long lost and newly animated story released in the UK this week. Power will wander around the world later in the month and will also eventually be available in colour(!), if kicking puppies and hating life generally is your thing. All this and more of your questions on…Fluid Links! Links: – Class, Episode 4 “Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart” – Class has strong premiere on Space in...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #553 - Dr. Who and the Computers

    Oct 30 2016

    Daleks! Cybermen! And Class! Yes, We’ve got news of “The Power of the Daleks”, which will make it to Canadian cinemas later than everywhere else (as is right and proper, or at least expected), and our (spoiler time stamped) review of Class Episode 3, “Nightvisiting”! But the main event is a look at the legacy of Cybermen creators Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis with Blue Box Podcast host J.R. Southall in…the Miniscope! Links: – Class, Episode 3 “Nightvisiting” – Three Class novels have been released ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #552 - Class Is In Session

    Oct 23 2016

    At long last, Class is here! Yes, two episodes of the newest spin-off of Doctor Who have landed (in the UK and Canada) and the Three Who Rule have their thoughts to share with you…unless you wish not to hear them, being in the United States! We’ve conveniently put bridging music before and after our review, and put the time of said review in the show notes, for you, our American listeners (who don’t download tv shows like fiendish criminal vandals). Besides that, we also have action dolly news, ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #551 - Hungry Like The Wolves

    Oct 16 2016

    Chip, of the currently on hiatus Two-Minute Time Lord, current Whovian gadabout, and man about town rejoins Two of the Three Who Rule (Chris is still punching his liver with an assortment of British liquids) for a brief sojourn through a paltry news list this week! Dribbles of info about Class (which premieres October 22 in various parts of the Commonwealth)...and not much else. But wait! Chris travels from the past to the present to comment on the past (confused? We are) as RFS is plagued by "T...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #550 - Make America Day-and-Date Again

    Oct 09 2016

    With New York Comic-Con upon us, the Doctor Who news is (at last) coming fast and furious with two(!) trailers for Class out in the wild and a panel featuring Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, Matt Lucas, Brian Minchin and new companion Pearl Mackie at the con teasing what's in store for the Christmas special and beyond! And with Chris off in the UK foraging for beer and scotch eggs, it was up to friend of the show Chip Sudderth to ably assume the third chair to cogitate upon matters Who with the Tw...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #549 - Doctor Spats

    Oct 02 2016

    The spinoff Class continues to dominate discussion amongst the Doctor Who intelligentsia, with a panel incoming this week at NYCC and controversy raging about the late arrival of said spin-off in the United States of America. And for a second week running (to cover for technical SNAFUs last week at Edmonton Expo) we have another edition of Fluid Links! Listen, and feel both artron and rift energy surge through you in a fit of discontinuity!  Links: – Class airs in Australia on ABC2 starting Oct...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #548 - Absinthe and a Dead Bird

    Sep 25 2016

    The Three Who Rule are at conterminous space coordinates this week, and despite the ever-present danger of the Blinovich Limitation Effect (not to mention cooties, con crud, and wayward glitter), they were able to record this episode "live" at Edmonton Expo! Besides controversy embroiling Class's premiere next month in the UK and Canada and next year (!) in the USA, they were also able to tackle some of your Fluid Links, all while surrounded by cosplayers, fans, furries, and the ever present sme...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #547 - Seville Unrest

    Sep 18 2016

    Class fever is building, as evidenced by a fan-made trailer and bits and pieces of official ephemera dribbling out of the BBC about the upcoming Doctor Who spinoff. We've also got news of a slap-fight between Steven Moffat and John Barrowman, a hipster vinyl Big Finish release, and Steven's appearance on Edmonton college station CJSR, where he helped break down the different shooting styles of classic and current Who! Plus, we have the conclusion of our commentary for that cannibalistic soap ope...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #546 - Hipsters of the Quawncing Grig

    Sep 11 2016

    This week, we begin the first of a two-part commentary for "The Two Doctors", a Robert Holmes romp with Two, Six, hipster cannibals, tall Sontarans, and Elton John as a disco scientist. Enticing! But before the main event, the Three Who Rule reflect on the 50th anniversaries of both Star Trek and The Prisoner, two shows that along side Doctor Who were seminal viewing experiences for their younger selves. Dive into the past with us, won't you?  Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskar...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #545 - The Mark of the Ayres

    Sep 04 2016

    A chance meeting with a newly married couple blessed by one Mr. Peter Capaldi, dribs and drabs of Class news, and….a Miniscope! Musical scientist Mark Ayres is the subject of keen-eyed observations from the Three Who Rule, only one of which (Steven) have any real musical expertise but the bulk of the Miniscope is an interview with said Mr. Ayres, a scholar and gentleman tunesmith of the highest renown. Open your ears and enjoy! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #544 - The Dog Days of August

    Aug 28 2016

    New York Comic Con happens in October, with a strong presence from both Doctor Who and Class. But what if you a) are impatient and b) live not on the eastern seaboard of the United States but the East Midlands in the UK? Well, if you can wait until September 3 you can attend Whooverville 8 in Derby, and we have convention organizer and all-around gentleman Steve Hatcher on this week to tell us a little more about this fan-centric celebration of all things Doctor Who. Plus news (such as it is), a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #543 - Two One Contact (Is The Answer)

    Aug 21 2016

    Rumours, mumblesuch and nonsense dominated the news week, from Power of the Daleks teases that weren’t to the chance (slim to in actual fact…none) that Doctor Who would shoot soon in Warren’s own homestead of Vancouver. All poppycock! But you can count on the veracity and verisimilitude of the Three Who Rule as they tackle another exciting set of…Fluid Links! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #542 - Happenings Ten Years Time Ago

    Aug 14 2016

    10 years! That’s a whole lot of talking by three jaunty Canadians about a British television program of little repute by the name of Professor Whom. But after a smattering of news, the Three Who Rule move quickly on to an extended series of interviews with the fine people with whom we’ve shared our podcasting adventures with, including: Ken Deep of Podshock fame, Deborah Stanish, Katrina Griffiths and Erika Ensign of Verity!, Chip Sudderth of the Two Minute Time Lord, and Simon Harries, John Wil...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #541 - The Tholian Web

    Aug 07 2016

    It’s a bowl of mixed treats in the news list, from Peter Capaldi’s third anniversary to Class showrunner Patrick Ness being offered a chance to write for proper Doctor Who. Mysterious! Also Doctor Who Legacy, the TV Movie on Blu-Ray (sorta kinda), and a report from Warren who is attending Anglicon in Seattle. All this and the conclusion of our commentary for "The Web of Fear"! You will bow to the will of the Great Intelligence…or be destroyed! And make sure to tune in next week for our tenth ann...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #540 - The Velvet Web

    Jul 31 2016

    The Doctor Who news this week consists of action dollies, laments for the (on hiatus) Bookshelf Doctors, and not much else. But the Three Who Rule used their powers of bloviation to ponder, surmise, and otherwise cogitate for longer than was strictly necessary before getting to this week's highlight, Part the First of our commentary for the 1968 story "The Web of Fear". As an extra bonus, the commentary for the (still missing) Episode 3 features archive audio from missing episodes hunter Phil Mo...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #539 - Quark's Bar

    Jul 24 2016

    With San Diego Comic-Con in full swing as of this recording, there’s…well, news of a sort at any rate. David Tennant will appear in Family Guy as the Tenth Doctor (yay?), various doodads and cards are available at SDCC (getting warmer) and non-Who silliness like a new Star Trek TV series trailer (yay!) along with Dirk Gently (yaaaaa…I dunno.) But why concentrate on the present when you can dive decades into the past with director Morris Barry in…the Miniscope! Check out the show notes at http://...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #538 - Time Crimes

    Jul 17 2016

    The news drought continues, but that doesn’t stop us from coming up with spurious, quasi-Doctor Who related detective shows, Pigbin Josh Christmas adventures and quite possibly the worst analysis of the UK’s political climate since Donald Trump visited a golf course. All this and Fluid Links, chums! The mind reels! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #537 - A Towering Intelligence

    Jul 10 2016

    San Diego Comic-Con looms like a monolith on the very edge of our collective nerd conscience, and though Doctor Who officially will not be at this year’s SDCC, Titan Comics will be holding a panel and slaking the fires of word-balloon fueled fever! Add to that a contest for signed copies of issues #500 and #501 of Doctor Who Magazine, and Warren’s live-tweeting adventure chronicling the Director’s Guild of Canada with Rachel Talalay and Amanda Tapping (Storify link in the show notes) and you’ve ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #536 - No Complications

    Jul 03 2016

    Doctor Who Comics Day, Big Finish, and Steven Moffat’s agonies over Series 7 top the news this week, as does the ascent of Piers Wenger to Grand Poobah of Commissioning of Things of a Dramatic Nature for the BBC. But what you really want to know about is the work of Classic Series director Paul Bernard, who helmed "Day of the Daleks", "The Time Monster" and "Frontier In Space" and we have an examination of his work…in the Miniscope! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #535 - Douglas, King of Scots

    Jun 26 2016

    Gallifrey One guests! A radiant Pearl Mackie sharing her first day on set for Series 10! Classic Who on PBS, and this very podcast being highlighted by the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Arts blog! All mere preamble to the commentary for “The Husbands of River Song,” with special guest Douglas Mackinnon, the director of said story! Learn about all the secrets of filming the 2015 Christmas Special! You will enjoy or die! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com!

  • Radio Free Skaro #534 - To The End Of The Universe

    Jun 19 2016

    For a Year With No Doctor Who, this week brought a surfeit of news, including tales of actors and writers headed for Series 10 (which begins filming this week!), news about Class, Doctor Who being included on the initial Emmy nomination list for the first time ever, and more! The mind veritably reels at this cornucopia of informational entertainments. But let’s be honest, you’re here for even more Rachel Talalay, and RFS delivers, as the acclaimed director joins us for the second of her two-part...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #533 - The First Second of Eternity

    Jun 12 2016

    Let’s just take it as read that there was no news this week of any consequence and move right to the main event. Director Rachel Talalay joins Steven and Warren this week for a commentary on "Heaven Sent", the penultimate episode of this series of Doctor Who and, let’s be honest, one of the best episodes of the show ever to be produced, old or new. And next week she’s back with Hell Bent with Steven and Chris! But why are you reading this? Listen and enjoy! Check out the show notes at http://www...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #532 - Roll D84 For Initiative

    Jun 05 2016

    There’s very little news this week, as per usual, and what we do know comes from cons across the land, including Michelle Gomez talking about her future on the show at Fan Expo Dallas, and where Peter Capaldi also proved (once again) his fan bona fides with an amazing imitation of a scene from "Day of the Daleks"! But vast these mere baubles of information aside and drink in the thoughts of the Three Who Rule as they answer your questions with the return of….Fluid Links! Check out the show notes...more

  • Radio Free Skaro - A Day in the Life of Big Finish

    Jun 01 2016

    Presenting a standalone episode featuring our documentary "A Day in the Life of Big Finish", surrounding the production of the Big Finish story "Vampire of the Mind". Featured in the documentary: Colin Baker, Kate Kennedy, Alex MacQueen, Jamie Anderson, Ian Atkins, and Nicholas Briggs. Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #531 - A Chib Off The Old Block

    May 29 2016

    It's the return of the Miniscope! The segment wherein the Three Who Rule discuss the contributions of notable creator folk throughout the history of Doctor Who, and to welcome back this popular segment, we talk about showrunner-designate Chris Chibnall's prior writing efforts in Doctor Who. Also, our friend Chip from the Two-Minute Time Lord drops by for the news, which is filled with talk about issue 500 of the venerable Doctor Who Magazine, including an excellent interview with current showrun...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #530 - Birdemic: Shock and Terror

    May 22 2016

    Comics, commentaries, audio adventures (both new and rumoured) and a celebration of Doctor Who’s many female scientists make for a busier newslist than usual in this, The Year With No Doctor Who, and this week you even get bonus tut-tutting about Target book arrangements and criminal dips to black on CraveTV’s streaming editions of the programme. A summons to the high court of the League of Fandom is in the maoi and should be arriving at their offices soon, fear not. And if that made-up legal no...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #529 - Enter Sandman

    May 15 2016

    Hotelmageddon! The annual minute-or-less scramble for rooms at the LAX Marriott for Gallifrey One was once again a frenzied affair, and the Three Who Rule have the scars to prove it. But they also have news, such as new Big Finish War Doctor stories, including one by friend of the show Andrew Smith, and a new Twelfth Doctor sonic on the way to set your hearts (both of them) aflame! But wait! There’s also a commentary for Sleep No More, featuring Kathleen Schowalter! YOU WILL LISTEN! Check out th...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #528 - Sgt. Pepper Taught The Band To Play

    May 08 2016

    As The Year With No Doctor Who drags on, new cracks in spacetime emerge, amongst them a back-and-forth war between the BBC and its enemies in government and without, and the surprising news that Chris Chibnall might adopt the (predominantly) American model of a writer's room for his tenure as showrunner for Doctor Who. Intriguing! And while thinking about the future, why not reflect on the past? Specifically, ponder upon the legacy of the twentieth anniversary of the TV Movie, with a panel recor...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #527 - The One With Big Ron

    May 01 2016

    After a banner week of...well, a new companion announcement and accompanying short, which counts for a lot in this, The Year of No Doctor Who, we're back to an absolutely desolate news list-ette with barely anything of consequence beyond an art show about Target Books. Which is admittedly pretty cool! And we've also put the Series 9 commentaries on the back burner, but only temporarily, because this week we have an interview with Peter Harness, writer of "The Zygon Invasion" and "The Zygon Inver...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #526 - The Twin Dilemma

    Apr 24 2016

    New Doctor Who! A whole two minutes of it, featuring just-announced new companion Pearl Mackie, AKA Bill, AKA AsBill (according to some Wags of Fandom.) We’ll dive into what the Three Who Rule think of the Doctor’s new best friend given the tiniest of morsels with which to analyze her origins and attitudes, as well as swim deeply into the fetid waters of stats, from whose rotten grip no-one escapes unscathed. Also comics, Target books, confusing DVD releases, and a commentary for "The Zygon Inve...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #525 - The Parent Trap

    Apr 17 2016

    Gallifrey! Yes, the yearly ticket scramble and subsequent endorphin rush that is the Gallifrey One pass-purchasing passel of pugilism has once again come and gone, with nearly 3300 tickets sold. But that’s nearly a year away, and in present Earth time there is a Torchwood comic and, unfortunately, the death of Roj Blake himself, Gareth Thomas. And! We have a commentary for "The Zygon Invasion, with Uncanny Magazine editor and Verity podcaster Lynne M. Thomas! Check out the show notes at http://...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #524 - The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

    Apr 10 2016

    Warm up those #school related hashtags and get your fanfic pencils sharpened, because while this may be the Year Of No Doctor Who, there?s movement afoot with Patrick Ness?s Who spinoff, Class, which just announced its cast! And while not quite Doctor Who, it?s still exciting that Rachel Talalay has announced she?ll be directing an episode of Sherlock! Huzzah! Meanwhile, we?ve got a commentary on ?The Woman Who Lived? with editor, writer and all around lovely person Amal El-Mohtar! Check out th...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #523 - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon

    Apr 03 2016

    Japes, buffoonery and falsehoods dominate the news this week, with beloved entertainer and Deadite murderer Bruce Campbell claiming he’ll be the next Doctor..all in service of April Fool’s Day. What a card! And bless him for trying because there’s almost nothing else happening as the Year of No Who limps along. However, we at RFS are doing our part to fill the gap with our Series 9 commentaries, including this week’s look at “The Girl Who Died” with Alyssa from Whovian Feminism! Check out the s...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #522 - Far Beyond The Stars

    Mar 27 2016

    Streaming! Guinness World Records! Novels! LEGO Dimensions! And treacly articles about Steven and Erika’s trans-national romance! There’s actual news this week, which is a minor miracle. But more importantly, our Series 9 commentaries continue as librarian, educator and all around good egg Joy Piedmont joins the Three Who Rule to discuss…”Before The Flood!” Enjoy! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #521 - Near Beyond The Moon

    Mar 20 2016

    With literally no news whatsoever this week in the world of Doctor Who, our attention wanders to gatherings of the nerd tribes, specifically this weekend at (Re)generation Who in Maryland....and Peter Capaldi making an appearance at La Mole Comic Con in Mexico! Doctor Who (aka "Doctor Misterio" in Mexico) is so popular he was mobbed at the airport by adoring fans..as is only right and proper. And we continue our Series 9 commentaries with Alisa Stern of Doctor Puppet (known in Mexico as "Doctor ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #520 - All Norms Are Our Enemies

    Mar 13 2016

    Intrigue abounds this week as the BBC ask Capaldi to stay on past the Reign of Moffatt, Sir Peter (not actually a Sir) drops hints about a new companion, calls for more diversity AND draws his predecessors. What a guy! But wait, there’s also a commentary about The Witch’s Familiar, with Hockey Feels co-host and friend of the show Rachel Donner! Go Local Sports Team! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #519 - The Creeds of Cowards

    Mar 06 2016

    Big Finish dominates the news this week, with old and new companions and Doctors flitting about throughout the audio spectrum like flitty things that flit. But the main event is our the start of our Series 9 commentaries, beginning with special guest Una McCormack as we tackle "The Magician's Apprentice"! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #518 - Abbot & Costello

    Feb 28 2016

    Streaming is the new stats! By which we mean there’s a lot of discussion this week of strange shifts in where and when one can watch Doctor Who, with Canadians having to turn to CraveTV (or the Space Channel), Americans confused as to if Doctor Who will be on Amazon Prime or not, and general chaos reigning supreme. So really, not like stats at all, which are rock-solid numbers indicating a result. But lo, we also have an interview with James Cooray Smith, the author of the Obverse Books Black Ar...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #517 - Quel Dommage

    Feb 21 2016

    It’s the post-Gally period, which means lots of pent-up news of middling interest, debates about terrible video games of yesteryear, silly spoofs and condescension towards Britain’s national treasures. But the treat of the week is a previously unaired interview with one Russell T. Davies from 2011, courtesy of writer and interviewer Jeffrey Berman. Jeffrey hosted a show seen locally in Los Angeles where he interviewed notable writers about their work and writing process. The first season aired i...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #516 - Comparisons Are Odious

    Feb 14 2016

    Gallifrey One! Two-thirds of the way through the convention, the Three Who Rule talk about their experiences so far, reminisce about the live show from Friday, and reveal some of the details of the "Gallifrey One is Required" video that featured during that show (The movie will be on the podcast feed on Monday, so if you want to avoid any chatter about that, skip to the 11:00 mark!). Also, Steven talks to Christel Dee of The Doctor Who Fan Show and Kim and Sage from Head Over Feels about their e...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #515 - Gallifrey One Is Required

    Feb 13 2016

    It's Gallifrey One time! And for the fifth straight year, Radio Free Skaro was proud as punch to open the convention with a live stage show! Revel in the tales of "The Five(ish) Doctors" with Peter Davison! Be enthralled with the writing process with Sarah Dollard and Jamie Mathieson! Hear the secrets of casting with casting director Andy Pryor! Listen as Julian Glover recounts tales of working with Steven Spielberg! And experience the quintessence of eccentricity that is Patricia Quinn! And sta...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #514 - Station to Station 27

    Feb 07 2016

    Gallifrey One! Whether its your first time at the world’s biggest and best fan-run Doctor Who convention, or you’re an old hand at ribbons, Lobbycon, and the occasional panel, there’s something for everyone from February 12-14 at the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles. We’ll be kicking off the con with our annual live show on Friday, but we also did our level best this episode to give advice and recommendations so that you’ll have a fun time amongst your fellow Whovians. We’re not perfect, so be sure t...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #513 - A Day In The Life Of Big Finish

    Jan 31 2016

    Is it true? Is Doctor Who leaving Netflix and Hulu in the US? It certainly appears that way, and the Three Who Rule range from perturbed to sanguine at this development, tempered with speculation on a possible BBC streaming service. Plus there’s news of dolls, coloring books, poorly considered song choices by future showrunners, and a full length documentary by Steven from the heart of Big Finish’s HQ in deepest London. What mysteries do these auditory magicians hold in their secret lair! Listen...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #512 - The New World Order

    Jan 24 2016

    The Doctor Who world was rocked this week by the news that Steven Moffat will be stepping down as showrunner, to be replaced by Chris Chibnall, showrunner of Broadchurch and writer of Torchwood, Life on Mars and yes, Doctor Who fame. What did the Three Who Rule think of this seismic shift, not to mention the fact that there won’t be any new Who until Christmas of this year? More to the point, what are their views on digitizing Doctor Who pinball? Never let it be said we don’t focus on the import...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #511 - Ground Control to Major Tom

    Jan 17 2016

    For almost as long as Doctor Who has been around, there have been excited scribes chronicling its triumphs, tragedies, terrors and the finer points of Terileptil husbandry. Chief amongst these chroniclers of Time Lord lore has been Doctor Who Magazine, currently under the expert tutelage of gentleman editor Tom Spilsbury, our interview subject for this week’s episode. We also have a mere sprinkling of news, most of it Big Finish related! We also pay tribute to a couple of titans we lost this pas...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #510 - The Fateful Eight

    Jan 10 2016

    This week on Radio Free Skaro, the meat of the matter is an interview in two parts with the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, the first of which was held at LI Who and the second at Chicago TARDIS! Timey-wimey, and indeed locationy…waitony. Yeah. Also, stats! Yes, the news this week consists of the last gasp of statistical data as we parse the viewing numbers for “The Husbands of River Song,” along with dollops of merchandising and other dribs and drabs of newsy bits and pieces. Check out the show no...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #509 - Petronella Candle

    Jan 03 2016

    Stats! A nightmare scenario for Warren, and a garden of numbered delights for Steven and Chris, but either way paltry material for the post-series 9, pre-Gally news list. However, this week we have an interview with Petronella Osgood herself, Ingrid Oliver, recorded recently at Chicago TARDIS! Straighten your question mark collars, sit up straight, and enjoy! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #508 - Code Name Damsel

    Dec 26 2015

    It’s Christmas! And in finest non-denominational fashion, the Three Who Rule are celebrating with not only plain red cups from noted purveyors of paganism Starbucks but also have seen “The Husbands of River Song” and have opinions on said…husbandry! Plus just a smidgen of news for you to consume along with the turkey, Tofurkey and other holiday meal staples you and your hold near and dear. And stay tuned to the end as Steven, Warren, and Chris talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Spoilers! ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro Patreon Special #3: Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. Commentary

    Dec 23 2015

    Yes, beloved Patreon subscribers, it's time for a holiday treat(?) as we unleash the commentary to the second of two Dalek films made in the 1960s, 1966's "Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D." onto an unsuspecting internet! Thrill to the adventures of Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins, and most importantly, insouciant man of mystery Philip Madoc as they battle the diabolical pepperpots from Skaro in glorious color! Watch as Robomen engage in all manner of automated hijinks! Swoon as Daleks are tras...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #507 - Slates and Sliders

    Dec 20 2015

    It was a slow week for news, and the Three Who Rule thought they were in comfortable and familiar territory by recording a tiny news list on a Thursday...only to be scooped by Gallifrey One guest announcements the next morning! While you won't hear about Michelle Gomez or Ingrid Oliver's appearance-to-be at the LAX Marriott this February, you will here an epic-length interview with their occasional boss, director Rachel Talalay! Warren sat down with her for the better part of an hour in Vancouve...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #506 - A River Runs Through It

    Dec 13 2015

    It's the first week of post Doctor Who depression, but the Three Who Rule are soldiering on and giving you stats, comic book news, somewhat confused explanations of role playing games and...and interview with Alex Kingston, from the stage of Chicago TARDIS to your ears. Your cat ears. Don't worry, it'll make sense once you listen to the interview. Really. Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #505 - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

    Dec 06 2015

    Series 9 is over….and what a way to go! Time Lords, Clara, Me, hybrids, mythology, mystery and a certain retro time machine make for some delicious Feels Gumbo on this week’s Radio Free Skaro. From Rachel Talalay’s fine direction to subtle performances from both P-Cap and J-Co and everything in between, this episode had it all, and the Three Who Rule dive deep into “Hell Bent” for you, dear listener. Also discussed is the upcoming "The Husbands of River Song", and the new line of Doctor Who insp...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #504 - A Bird In The Hand

    Nov 29 2015

    The penultimate episode of Series 9, "Heaven Sent" has arrived, and it’s a surreal, cerebral acting triumph for one Peter Capaldi, an expertly crafted bit of storytelling from showrunner Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay, and a dazzling artistic achievement from editor Will Oswald and musician Murray Gold. It’s also a lead in to….well, you’ll just have to listen to have us (ever so lightly) spoil the upcoming events past “Heaven Sent” and into “Hell Bent.” Plus stats, rumination on the f...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #503 - Let Me Be Brave

    Nov 22 2015

    And so we come to the end of Clara Oswald, one of the most consequential companions in the history of Doctor Who and the focus of “Face The Raven,” the third to last story in Series 9. What did the Three Who Rule think of Clara’s departure, writer Sarah Dollard’s debut, and the return of Rigsy? And, as the Three catch up on various news items of the past couple weeks, what of stats, comics, DVDs and other frip-frap? Next week, Steven calls in from Chicago TARDIS and we look at “Heaven Sent,” the...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #502 - Live From New York

    Nov 15 2015

    Goodbye England, and hello New York! Long Island, to be precise, the home of Long Island Who and the setting of this episode of Radio Free Skaro. Steven, Warren, and Chris took in “Sleep No More,” Mark Gattis’s found footage exploration of sleep deprivation and eye gunk, and then leapt to the stage in front of a live audience to give ill informed opinions and generally ponce about! (Note: there is a slight buzz for the first six minutes of the recording, but it disappears after that.) Check out...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #501 - Osgood As It Gets

    Nov 08 2015

    Warren, Steven and Erika are winding down their UK journey, but they’re still wandering around London, Derby, Cardiff and elsewhere with stunned looks in their eyes and swelling love for Albion in their hearts. Meanwhile, "The Zygon Inversion" has graced our screens, and the Three Who Rule have some things to say about it, and the much talked about performance of one Peter Capaldi! Plus news, and an interview with current Doctor Who production designer Michael Pickwoad! Next week, Long Island Wh...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #500 - Hither and Thither

    Nov 01 2015

    THIS…IS…ENGLAND! At least it is for Steven, Warren, and Erika, who with the help of the lovely Simon Harries are currently wandering around Albion, fighting dinosaurs, ATMOS, Autons and jet lag as they drool like wide-eyed schoolchildren at famous sights and the drearily commonplace. But first, Chris joins Warren and Steven live from the colonies to review “The Zygon Invasion,” the first of a two-part sucker-punch starring everyone’s favorite phallic shapeshifters. All this and dollies, Tate and...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #499 - Knightmare On Elm Street

    Oct 25 2015

    The Doctor reunites with Ashildr/Me…but is she a friend of an enemy? More to the point, was "The Woman Who Lived" better or worse than the episode that preceded it, “The Girl Who Died?” Also, is it possible to contain the sheer amount of squee generated when Sir John Hurt was announced as a guest at Gallifrey One? Perhaps the antidote (or “anti-squee”, if you will) is an upcoming K-9 film…co-starring Omega? The mind reels! Anyway, listen on, and look out, England, Steven and Warren are coming to...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #498 - Suddenly Susan

    Oct 18 2015

    Fandom held its collective breath to witness the return of The Doctor's granddaughter Susan, in the form of Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, and instead of that half-baked and silly theory they got a cracking good story about Vikings, immortality and clarity regarding the thorny Visage De Capaldi issue that has plagued us since Deep Breath. Gripping stuff! And a good thing too as the news is very sparse this week, consisting of important action dolly matters and the DVD release of a (more o...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #497 - A Fifth Of Beethoven

    Oct 11 2015

    "Before the Flood" left Warren baffled and Steven and Chris intrigued, but what else did your three hosts think of the second episode of Toby Whitehouse’s brain-twisting two-parter? Did the paradoxes and guitar solos excite or infuriate them? More to the point, what developments in both LEGO, Big Finish audios and increasingly pointless DVD covers caught their eye? WHAT I ASK YOU!? Listen, and find out!   Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #496 - The Underwater Menace

    Oct 04 2015

    Doctor Who dives beneath the waves for “Under the Lake,” a base under siege story with ghosts, flash cards and British Sign Language….but what did Steven, Warren and Chris think of the first part of this soggy saga? More to the point, what is their hot take on “Class,” the just announced Doctor Who spin-off to be produced next year by BBC Wales(possibly at the expense of Doctor Who)? And as if that wasn’t enough, we also have Steven interviewing Clara Oswald herself, Jenna Coleman, recorded live...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #495 - A Frown Called Mercy

    Sep 27 2015

    We’re headed back to Skaro for "The Witch’s Familiar", the second part of the opening story of Series 9, and the Three Who Rule have thoughts, opinions, and perspectives to share on the latest thread in the grand tapestry that is the life of Ernest Q. Davros. (Yes, that’s his name, but shhh, SPOILERS.) Despite the lack of stats, as is only right and proper, there was also news of conventions, Minecraft Doctor Who, and yes…a 5 inch Missy dolly or two. Truly, these are wondrous and expensive days ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #494 - The Boy Who Would Be King

    Sep 20 2015

    An old enemy returns (or two!) in "The Magician’s Apprentice", the first new Doctor Who in many months and the premiere episode of Series 9. Daleks and Missy and Davros, oh my! What did the Three Who Rule think? And what did they have to say about Jenna Coleman leaving Doctor Who? Tune into over an hour of their mad bleatings, including musings on #TeamHoodie, clam bombs, and the staggeringly important matter of the Capaldi Bouffant!   Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #493 - Another Brick in the Wall

    Sep 13 2015

    One week to go until Doctor Who Series 9 premieres, and what better way to rev up the hype engines than a rather cryptic prologue featuring P-Cap, Karn and Ohila, last seen in “The Night of the Doctor”? In fact, all manner of activity is rolling to the boil in the Who-o-sphere, including a new Game Maker app coming soon from the BBC, Time Squad dollies to adorn your desk or crying chamber, and other fun bric-a-brac. And speaking of bricks, our feature interview this week is with Pete Hickman, BB...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #492 - The Log Driver's Waltz

    Sep 06 2015

    With only two weeks to go before we get new Doctor Who, the news is coming fast, including a new trailer for Episode 1 "The Magician’s Apprentice", a (very short and mysterious) video from Series 9 finale director Rachel Talalay, the upcoming DVD release of "The Underwater Menace" (!) and so much more! As if that wasn’t enough to stew your petunias, we also have author and Reality Bomb impresario Graeme Burk co-hosting this week and telling us about “The Doctors are In," the new book he and Robe...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #491 - And Introducing Maisie Williams as The Doctor

    Aug 30 2015

    Back from the Hugo Awards and reunited once more, the Three Who Rule have a grab bag of newsiness this week, including the sad cancellation of the New York Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular “for reasons”, Peter Davison’s upcoming autobiography, and more! But the main feature of this week’s episode is the return of Fluid Links, where we answer listener questions and, at least once or twice, engage in actual debate! Stirring stuff!   Check out the show notes at http://radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro Patreon Special #2: Dr. Who and the Daleks Commentary

    Aug 26 2015

    Peter Cushing is known to many as the face of Hammer Horror or Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars. But to a generation of British kids caught in the frenzied madness known as Dalekmania in the mid-1960s, he was also Dr. Who, kindly professor and non-canonical Time Lord battling the Daleks in two separate (non-canonical) adventures! The first of which we bring to you (non-canonically) in the form of an entertaining commentary, with much gratitude, loyal Patreon contributors! To Skaro, in glorious c...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #490 - Smoke on the Water

    Aug 23 2015

    Another Hugos has come and gone, and with it two-thirds of the Radio Free Skaro crew can cross “host pre and post show at the Hugos and ad-lib for almost a half hour during same” off their bucket list. Though the Hugos were…dogged with controversy, in the eye of the storm all was calm and in fact Steven and Warren (along with Verity’s own Erika Ensign) were pleased to attend their first Worldcon, an international celebration of science fiction and fantasy that pre-dates (and was interrupted by) ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #489 - Revolution 9

    Aug 16 2015

    A new trailer for Series 9 of Doctor Who was released this week, simultaneously stoking and dampening the fires of Steven and Warren’s clinically insane theories regarding the upcoming Capaldis of Pompeii story/rumour/nonsense. But more lunacy awaits, with Tom Baker intoning that he is joining the Star Wars universe (!?) Hacette putting out a mammoth collection of Doctor Who books chronicling the history of the show from start to finish, and the Doctor Who Fan Show interviewing Titans Comics imp...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #488 - A Conspiracy of Comics

    Aug 09 2015

    Can three idiots blab on like maniacs about nothing for the better part of an hour? Emphatically yes! If you’ve ever wanted to hear rampant, baseless speculation about a certain possible episode coming in Series 9 that is most likely untrue and frankly insane, well then, friend, this is your podcast! Aslo if you’d like to hear writer Paul Cornell, artist Neil Edwards and Titan Comics editor Andrew James talk about the upcoming Doctor Who Comics Day on August 15, as well as the mini-series "Four ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #487 - Dinosaurs in a Lighthouse

    Aug 02 2015

    Despite a somewhat sparse news list this week, the Three Who Rule managed to engage in ill-informed badinage for longer than was strictly necessary, covering exciting topics like a new and even more evil form of stats, and the differences between versions of Netflix. Thrilling! But lest you think that’s all they had in store, keep listening…as the Miniscope returns to examine the collected works of pioneering classic Who director Paddy Russell, who helmed four stories from 1966-1977!   Check o...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #486 - The Devil in Red Velvet

    Jul 26 2015

    Conventions and clips dominate the news, with events in Germany, Australia and of course goings on concerning the upcoming Long Island Who, but also a look back at the New Adventures era through the fine folk at Myth Makers and a very...old-fashioned look through newsreel footage at the wedding of Jon Pertwee. The Man Himself is also the subject of a recently unearthed (and Youtubed) documentary, not to mention the focus of much praise from current TARDIS resident Peter Capaldi, who praises Thre...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #485 - Past Christmas

    Jul 19 2015

    Guest announcements for Gallifrey One and Chicago TARDIS! LEGO Doctor Who talk! Capaldi dolly banter! Warren becoming enraged by Star Trek: Into Darkness and almost saying a naughty word! Yes, it's business as usual again here at Radio Free Skaro headquarters after the madness that was San Diego Comic-Con, but lo, we also have something special this week, the return of Nerdist scribe Kyle Anderson, who joins us for a commentary of the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special "Last Christmas"! What bett...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #484 - San Diego Capaldi-Con

    Jul 12 2015

    Nerd Christmas! Yes, San Diego Comic-Con is wrapping up for another year, but you can keep your Batmans and your Supermans and your Deadpools and your WHO CARES NEW DOCTOR WHO TRAILER! LEGO DIMENSIONS WITH ALL THE DOCTORS! And most importantly, 5.5 INCH P-CAP DOLLY! Of course there was much more news from San Diego of interest to Doctor Who aficionados, and we also have an on-the-spot report from gentleman scribe Kyle Anderson of the Nerdist, who was on the ground at Hall H for the entire con! W...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #483 - The Adventures of Space Dad

    Jul 05 2015

    With San Diego Comic-Con mere days away, the mystery, hinting, and oblique teasing is reaching a fever pitch, with not only the main players on Doctor Who’s creative team storming Hall H on Thursday, July 9, but also a Titan Comics panel to whet your fannish interest, along with toys, exclusives and all manner of madness for the Three Who Rule to weigh in on. Next week we’ll have friend of the show and rakish flaneur Kyle Anderson calling in from SDCC to give us all the news on Series 9 and the ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #482 - Once Upon A Time In America

    Jun 28 2015

    In a move sure to shake the very foundations of audio drama, Big Finish is introducing new series Doctor Who characters into the BF-i-verse, and River Song will be the tip of the proverbial spear in this assault of awesomeness. That was but one (but probably the coolest) bit of news this week, including San Diego Comic Con ruminations, Chicago TARDIS news and various other informational nuggets. But our interview this week is with Chicago TARDIS and Gallifrey Base impresario and overall fine fel...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #481 - Tin Can Danny

    Jun 21 2015

    The news reached dire levels of non-existence this week, but the Three Who Rule soldiered on in exactly the sort of way Twelve would have roundly disapproved of. Despite there being little movement other than comic book rumblings (in the fall, no less!) there was a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the commentary for "Death In Heaven", with none other than the inestimable J.R. Southall of the Blue Box Podcast and Starburst Magazine lending us his sharp eye, keen brain and devastating...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #480 - The Talons of Dr. Chang

    Jun 14 2015

    News! News! News! So much news this week, from Vines of P-Cap playing guitar to Series 9 rumours, royal honours, convention doings and undoings, and (fake, but awesome) Doctor Who LEGO video games! The mind boggles! “But what else, you fiends?!” you declare, and for you, beloved listener, we also have Verity’s own Tansy Rayner Roberts with us for a commentary on "Dark Water", the penultimate Series 8 showstopper featuring water, darkness and more!   Check out the show notes at http://www.radio...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #479 - Run Forest Run

    Jun 07 2015

    Like a bolt from the blue came the first set of Gallifrey One guest announcements, including one Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor but the first in our hearts (for this year, at any rate.) But lo, across the pond there was news of the Doctor Who Festival, to be held the same weekend in November as Long Island Who! Confused? The news is just the beginning of your confoundining (not a word) as the RFS crew and Nancy Alegria of The Happiness Patrol go into the woods for their "In the Forest of the Ni...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #478 - Shallow Grave

    May 31 2015

    The news this week is sparse, so of course conspiracy theories abounded amongst the Three Who Rule involving Zimbabwe, missing episodes, cricket, and madness. But lo, there was a small morsel of news, and that was the fact that San Diego Comic Con will in fact have a Doctor Who panel (featuring Capaldi, Moffat, Minchin, Coleman and Gomez) on Thursday, so we can tell you much earlier....whatever they reveal! But let's get down to brass tacks here, by which I mean a commentary on the Series 8 stan...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #477 - Sarcopha-Gus

    May 24 2015

    If Radio Free Skaro was ever made into a lackluster dystopian future series of adventures for the tween set (which it won’t, ever), it would have to be called “Digression,” because that was the tenor of the first few minutes of this episode. Eurovision is rightly disparaged, Warren is baffled by football, and Steven vainly (sort of) tries to get things back on track by lovingly describing Peter Capaldi’s swelling bouffant. Gross. But there’s also a commentary for the Jamie Mathieson penned “Mumm...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #476 - Ravolox and Bagels

    May 17 2015

    We promise, this is almost certainly the last time we jabber on about superhero movies...but that is in fact what happens at the start of this week's episode, until Chris lobs a well-deserved boot heel into the proceedings and gets the Other Two Who Rule back on track and talking about Doctor Who...in the form of comic books! Oh, sweet irony. Sweeter still are a couple of vintage interviews supplied by (and in one case featuring) composer Dominic Glynn and iconoclastic Doctor Who producer John N...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #475 - In Praise of Fangirls

    May 10 2015

    It was a wild week to be a fan of Doctor Who and other sic-fi franchises this past week! Gallifrey One memberships went on sale and crashed ticket sales sites, Osgood and the Zygons are returning in Series 9, Torchwood audio plays are coming to Big Finish, and Avengers: Age of Ultron is filling movie theatres all over the world. What better week, then, to talk to Sam Maggs, author of the new book "The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy", an instruction manual for fangirls new to the fold, as well as ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #474/A - Easy Laughter with Rob Shearman

    May 07 2015

    In this special mini-episode of Radio Free Skaro, Steven interviews writer Robert Shearman about his recent trip to New York to watch a  production of his 1992 play "Easy Laughter", as performed by Dirt [contained]! Rob and Steven also talk about Series 8 of Doctor Who, and Rob gives an update on the soon-to-be-released Running Through Corridors Volume 2.   Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #474 - Mayhem of the Mooninites

    May 03 2015

    As Steven dips further into cricket insanity, a factor leading to his inevitable emigration to India could be the fact that Doctor Who will soon start broadcasting there for the first time. How can he possibly resist? Or perhaps a trip to New York to see the Symphonic Spectacular in October? One thing we can all agree on is that you should all journey between the pages of You and Who: Contact Has Been Made Volume Two, which contains writing from both Steven and Warren! And, and AND! As if the pr...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #473 - The Invisible Enemies

    Apr 26 2015

    What’s better than a commentary of the Series 8 episode "The Caretaker" with The Memory Cheats co-host Josh Zimon joining the Three Who Rule? Very little…except Wife in Space impresario Neil Perryman joining Warren and Steven for a look at the news! Yes, it’s a bumper crop of guest stars, walk ons, and non-Canadian opinions as these two podcast titans bump the quality up a notch, or at least negate the enormous drag factor of faux-humble Canucks. Can you contain your excitement and or relief? Tu...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #472 - Do The Hustle

    Apr 19 2015

    In what may be a new record for top-of-the-show off-topic banter, much hashing out of the new Star Wars trailer (of course) occurred, along with Steven’s descent into schedule and archived newspaper madness, wherein he charts out exactly when he (and by extension the other Two Who Rule) began watching Doctor Who on KSPS, the semi-local PBS station. Besides this lunacy, much discussion was had of a Series 8 soundtrack release (3 discs!), Dominic Glynn’s excellent Ravalox Remixes of his original s...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #471 - A Flurry of Murray

    Apr 12 2015

    It’s a little early to start talking about Gallifrey One’s next con in 2016..or is it? Not since tickets go on sale on May 4th (10 a.m. Pacific) and the Marriott’s block of hotel room goes on sale a week later on May 11th! And if the world’s greatest convention isn’t your thing, some sweet faux-Target novel covers of Series 8 stories might be to your liking. No? How about some superbly crafted pewter figures of Silurians? Old William Hartnell footage? Calgary Expo news? Not easy to please, are y...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #470 - Fear Makes Companions Of Us All

    Apr 05 2015

    Every day Peter Capaldi proves himself more and more of a Doctor Who fanboy, and his latest japes at the Doctor Who experience are but the first bit of good news this week, including free comic books, new Big Finish, Dominic Glynn remixes, and more! But the showcase of the episode is an interview with Verity! podcaster and author Liz Myles, who has co-edited a book of essays called “Companion Piece” all about the good Doctor’s friends and assistants. We also have a bonus interview from Warren at...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #469 - Dramatic Delights

    Mar 29 2015

    Happy post-10th Who birthday, everyone! What with Peter Capaldi visiting the Doctor Who Experience and entertaining children with birthday cakes and charm, it’s easy to forget that other things were happening in the world of Who this week, like Big Finish announcing they’ll be making their audio adventures until at least 2020, or a mad genius 3D printing a bust of the aforementioned Mr. Capaldi. All mere preamble though, as this week we bring you an interview with biographer Richard Marson, who ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #468 - Ten Years On

    Mar 22 2015

    Ten years ago, a dream came true for many long-time fans of Doctor Who. A show long feared dead returned, stronger and better than ever....but in order for that to happen, many talented people had to come together in front of the camera and behind the scenes for a show no-one yet believed in. Director Joe Ahearne was one such individual, directing five Eccleston-era stories and witness to the chaos of that first season. He spoke to us about those days, his experiences working with Eccleston and ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #467 - Schrodinger's Kid

    Mar 15 2015

    Steven, Warren and Chip are back this week with a news list that could charitably be described as anemic, though it also covers the charitable doings of one Peter Capaldi and goes from Comic Relief to comic books to conventions and...well, not a lot more. It is the slow time for Doctor Who, after all. BUT! There is also a commentary track for Episode 4 of Series 8, "Listen", featuring Steven, Warren, Chris and Telos AM co-host (and host of Colour Separation Overlay!) and all around fine gentlema...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #466 - Electro Quarterstaff

    Mar 08 2015

    The Two Who Rule and Chip are back, with a somewhat sparse but interesting news list featuring a fascinating Steven Moffat interview in the latest Doctor Who Magazine, a Capaldi plushie (henceforth referred to as CuddlePaldi), news of the BBC spinning off a studio division, a truly excrable survey of Doctor Who viewers circa 1988, and (not much) more! But the meat of the matter is a commentary featuring not only the regular RFS crew but also the inestimable Graeme Burk, author and Reality Bomb i...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #465 - The Needs of the Many

    Mar 01 2015

    It was a sad week for genre fans, with the passing of Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy into the starry night, and though it isn’t strictly Doctor Who, it was the opinion of this week’s RFS crew of Warren, Steven and Chip (Chris is on an Away Team mission) that it behooved them to pay tribute to a man who for many acted as our gateway into fandom. Doctor Who wasn’t without loss this week with the passing of Barry Newbery, one of the program’s most prolific designers and the man behind the beloved (...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #464 - Musique Concrud

    Feb 22 2015

    Fighting off con crud, sleeplessness and the ever-present post Gallifrey One blues, the Three Who Rule were joined by fourth Beatle Chip of Two Minute Time Lord fame for the news, and by author and televisual scholar John Williams for a commentary of "Deep Breath", the first of our Series 8 commentaries that will hopefully enthrall and entertain you over the coming weeks! Truly an occasion for many numerals and capital letters in an episode write up.    Check out the show notes at http://www.r...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #463 - Remember Me To Gallifrey

    Feb 16 2015

    You’d think we’d have run out of amazing people to talk to at Gallifrey One, but lo! We are here to prove you wrong! Our guests include Rachel Talalay, the director of "Dark Water" and "Death in Heaven", 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie writer and documentarian Matthew Jacobs, Doctor Who Legacy creators Susan and Lee Cummings (and stay tuned till the end of the podcast for a special promo code for the game, courtesy Doctor Who Legacy), and Athena Stamos, who was the model for Cinder in the the game. All...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #462 - Nothing is Forgotten

    Feb 15 2015

    Day Two of Gallifrey 2015, and Radio Free Skaro is on the ground with interviews with many and various Who luminaries, like Jason Connery ("Vengenace on Varos" and the 1980s series Robin of Sherwood), Restoration Team wizard Steve Roberts, who gives us an update on the status of "The Underwater Menace", Garrick Hagon (Ky from The Mutants and Biggs Darklighter from Star Wars), costumers extraordinaire Stephen Prescott and Bob Mitsch, and Paul Booth, the editor of Fan Phenomena: Doctor Who. Tomorr...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #461 - Radio Free Skaro: Behind The Magic

    Feb 14 2015

    It's Gally time! The Three Who Rule graced the main stage at Gallifrey One in Los Angeles for the fourth time in as many years with special guests Jamie Mathieson (writer of "Flatline" and "Mummy on the Orient Express"), Phil Ford (writer of "Into the Dalek", as well as "The Waters of Mars", and acres of Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures episodes), special effects wizard Danny Hargreaves, Sylvester McCoy era script editor Andrew Cartmel, and Doctor Who art director (and Sherlock production des...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #460 - 26 Seasons and a Movie

    Feb 08 2015

    It’s that time of year again, the annual genuflection by the RFS crew on the upcoming funfest that is Gallifrey One. Revel in the excitement of a new year of friends, costumes, hilarity, adult beverages, and the best convention in all the galaxy. Or, if you’re sick and tired of hearing about #gally1…your long nightmare is almost over. All this and real honest to goodness Doctor Who LEGO is on the way! What an age we live in. Next week, expect some voluminous output from Los Angeles, California, ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #459 - Colour Separation Overlay

    Feb 01 2015

    With Gallifrey One looming ever closer, the Three Who Rule looked far and wide for news, and found very little, other than the discovery of a lost Desert Island Discs from 1965 starring none other than one William Hartnell, and of course the long-awaited release of Seasons of War, the unofficial War Doctor Anthology in support of the Cauldwell Chirldren’s charity helping UK kids with autism. But all this was mere preamble to Color Separation Overlay, a new pilot project from Lindsey Mayers, and ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #458 - Raspberries and Fire

    Jan 25 2015

    Gallifrey One! Mere weeks from now the noble RFS crew will take the stage in Los Angeles to deliver Radio Free Skaro: Behind the Magic, and here in this very podcast we announce our lineup! Who are they? Listen and find out! You’ll also hear a drabble of news, but more importantly, we also have a fun interview panel from Chicago TARDIS with Annette Badland, Noel Clarke, and Camille Coduri! Can you stand the excitement? Are we capable of asking things in a non-hyperbolic manner? The answer to bot...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #457 - I Heard It Through The Irvine

    Jan 18 2015

    As the countdown to Gallifrey One ramps up, so too do new guest announcements, including Torchwood alumni Naoko Mori (Tosh) and McCoy era script editor Andrew Cartmel! In other news, riots and other carnage were avoided after Netflix renewed their rights to Doctor Who and a host of other BBC properties which were due to expire at the beginning of February. After the civil unrest and damage caused by the recent Oscar snub of the LEGO movie, we should all be relieved that everything worked out. Bu...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #456 - Love And Monsters

    Jan 11 2015

    To the excitement of all and sundry, or at least the 3,500 people attending Gallifrey One in under a month’s time, it was recently announced that John Barrowman, Captain Jack Harkness himself, will be gracing the LAX Marriott for his first ever appearance at North America’s leading Doctor Who convention. The news of Barrowman’s visit to the City of Angels churned the Three Who Rule to a totally hetero, manly and strapping lather and only the titanic dullness of of statistics could cool them down...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #455 - Andrew Smith, When The Mists Fell

    Jan 04 2015

    Fancy a return to Alzarius? We did, so we contacted classic Doctor Who and Big Finish writer Andrew Smith about “Mistfall,” his upcoming Big Finish audio play which sends the Fifth Doctor, Turlough, Nyssa and Tegan back to E-Space. Andrew also joins us to look at the news of the week, including stats, plush Tennants, and a possible controversy concerning Netflix! Toby Hadoke also makes a special appearance to reflect with Steven on the life and times of Bernard Kay, the accomplished actor who ap...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #454 - Tangerine Dream

    Dec 26 2014

    Mind games, face huggers and tangerines...that's what passes for Christmastime when the Doctor gets involved. Sarcastic elves, a sassy Santa, and questionably CG reindeer round out Doctor Who's dip into surreality on this latest Xmas special, "Last Christmas", from the pen of Steven Moffat and directed by Paul Wilmshurst. So what did the Three Who Rule, brains slowed by turkey and Tofurky, think of P-Cap's first foray into Yuletide adventure? Down some egg nog, tear yourself away from erudite po...more

  • Radio Free Skaro Patreon Special #1 - Dimensions in Time Commentary

    Dec 24 2014

    Happy Holidays to our beloved listeners across the world! And thank you to our supporters on Patreon who have pushed us over the $80/episode mark in our ongoing Patreon fundraising campaign. To celebrate both of these wonderful occasions, we look back in time to provide a commentary on another blessed event in the history of Doctor Who - the 1993 charity special "Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time"! Listen to the Three Who Rule regale you with insights and whimsy about this infamous "celebration" of...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #453 - Eight is Enough

    Dec 21 2014

    With mere days to not only "Doctor Who: Last Christmas” but also our review of said Xmas special and even more thrillingly, our Patreon-inspired (and cringe-inducing) commentary for the infamous 1993 Children in Need special “Dimensions in Time,” the Three Who Rule ably tackled the last Fluid Links segment of the year! Questions, inquiries, posers and puzzlers abound as this Series 8 focused Q&A takes centre stage for this pre-holiday bit of RFS shenanigans. Also news, dolly derision, comic book...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #452 - In The Nick of Time

    Dec 14 2014

    It’s beginning to feel a lot like Last Christmas, which is dominating both our thoughts and the promotional efforts of the BBC Publicity department. Maybe that’s why most of our news is focused on that upcoming holiday where they show a new Doctor Who story and some other, largely irrelevant events rides its coattails. Plus there’s news of a Doctor Who theme park, which is greeted by the confusion and derision only three middle aged nerds with no concept of what the kids today are into could mus...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #451 - Celsius 451

    Dec 07 2014

    With the Three Who Rule firmly back in place and order restored to the galaxy, there was great rejoicing and much waffling about next to nothing, not to mention the controversial and wrong headed use of the terms “P-Cap”, “J-Co,” and “S-Claw.” in reference to the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special "Last Christmas". But wait! The main feature is an interview with Mickey Smith himself, Noel Clarke, by our very own Steven recorded live on stage at Chicago TARDIS. And and and….nerd rage from Warr...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #450 - Billie Piper at the Gates of Dawn

    Nov 30 2014

    The annual tradition of US Thanksgiving (as we Canadians call it) brings about another yearly custom - Chicago TARDIS! This year's edition has been quite wonderful, bringing together most of the main cast of Series 1 of the new series to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Doctor Who returning to our screens. Our own Steven had the honour of interviewing several of these notable folks onstage, and on this podcast we bring you a chat with none other than Rose Tyler herself, Billie Piper! Also, Erik...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #449 - Super 8

    Nov 23 2014

    For the first time ever (we defy you to prove us wrong, RFS pedants, DEFY YOU) Radio Free Skaro is coming out on November 23rd, better known this year as the 51st anniversary of Doctor Who, our favorite program. And while there's no new Who to discuss until Christmas, we have assembled a crack team of nerds in the form of Gallifrey One impresario Shaun Lyon, podcast gadfly Felicity Brown and Chip Sudderth, the Two Minute Time Lord to share their thoughts on Series Eight. What are you waiting for...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #448 - The Road to Qdoba

    Nov 16 2014

    And so begins the Dark Times, otherwise known as waiting a month and a bit after the end of Series 8 for the Doctor Who Christmas Special. In the meantime, the Three Who Rule tackled stats, poured one out for sci-fi TV legend Glen A. Larson, and most importantly, devoted the bulk of the episode to your Series 8 related questions with the return of Fluid Links! Burning inquiries, inquiring questions, questionable burning and more! Next week, a Series 8 roundtable with Shaun Lyon, Felicity Brown, ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #447 - All the President's Cybermen

    Nov 09 2014

    And with that, Series 8 of Doctor Who is over! After a radical turn towards darkness and drama it all came together with “Death in Heaven,” the final episode of the series and the P-Capstone on the 12th Doctor’s inaugural year. From the machinations of Missy (AKA The Master) to the glorious fake-out of Jenna Coleman as the Doctor in the opening titles all the way to…well, there’s some Cyber-shenanigans which the Three Who Rule cover in great detail. And as a bonus, we have an Long Island Who rep...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #446 - The Moffat Master Plan

    Nov 02 2014

    The penultimate episode of Series 8 is upon us, with Cybermen, the afterlife, and Missy, who is revealed as….well, you should certainly watch “Dark Water” (penned by Steven Moffat and directed by Rachel Talalay) before listening to the Three Who Rule expound upon the contents therein, or risk a mega-spoiler of cataclysmic magnitude. Have you watched? Good. Then enjoy our banter on the excellent direction, subtle performances, and the sometimes….excited reaction of certain segments of fandom when...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #445 - Can't See The Forest For The Trees

    Oct 26 2014

    "In the Forest Of The Night" already looks to be one of the most polarizing episodes of Series 8, and there's no shortage of opinion on this week's Radio Free Skaro to go around. Along with Steven and Warren, Nerdist wordsmith Kyle Anderson joined in (pinch-hitting for an unavailable Chris) to take a look at a story about...well, trees. Warren also interviewed Rachel Talalay, the director of both "Dark Water" and "Death in Heaven", the penultimate and final episodes of the series, and her though...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #444 - Boneless Chicken Wings

    Oct 19 2014

    Doctor Who is often at its best when it mixes domesticity with the fantastical, and the Jamie Mathieson penned, Douglas Mackinnon directed “Flatline” was no exception, if the rapturous reception (spoilers) of the Three Who Rule for this week’s episode is anything to go by. Thrill to their enthusiasm! Enjoy their musings! Agree with them or else! All that passive-aggressive goodness and the usual stats, tat and flibbity flap awaits!   Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #443 - Execute Order 66

    Oct 12 2014

    Trains! Space! A mummy! Jelly babies! Foxes! All things in writer Jamie Mathieson's “Mummy on the Orient Express,” this week’s episode of the obscure and not well regarded televisual program known as Doctor Who, and all subjects for debate for the Three Who Rule, who mulled all these elements plus rampant lying, Bechdel cabs, and much more! Also stats, comics books, Foxes' spoiler-y music video, and much more! Well actually, that’s really about it. But enjoy regardless!   Check out the show no...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #442 - Through The Thick and Thin

    Oct 05 2014

    “Kill the Moon,” this week’s episode of Doctor Who, has proven to be one of the most divisive in recent memory, with fandom loving it or despising it but certainly not dismissing it. Was it the “game changer” showrunner Steven Moffat made it out to be? Has Peter Capaldi’s Doctor plumbed the dark depths of jerkery, and was he justified in doing so? So many questions for the Three Who Rule to muddle through and cogitate upon! And they do! Oh yes and there are some stats as well, but then you'd exp...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #441 - Officer's Mess

    Sep 28 2014

    When we found out that Gareth Roberts was the scribe behind “The Caretaker,” we all expected a rompity-romp-romp, much like “The Lodger” and “Closing Time.” And while this story did have rompy moments, it was also funny, touching and filled with nice character touches that you’ll only find out about if you listen to our review. So do so! This weekend was also when Edmonton Expo descended on the Edmonton Expo Centre in sunny Edmonton, Alberta, and Steven was there to moderate a panel on Doctor Wh...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #440 - All Hail The Great Architect

    Sep 21 2014

    The beauty of Doctor Who is that it can be any story, anywhere and anywhen…and yet inexplicably there’s never really been a heist episode. Well, no longer! “Time Heist,” by writer Steve Thompson of “Curse of the Black Spot” and “Journey to the Center of the TARDIS" (ahem) fame. Did this story surpass his previous attempts? The reception by the Three Who Rule is mixed, to say the least. We also have an interview with writer and Peter Harness, the scribe behind “Kill the Moon.” And that’s what you...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #439 - For What It's Worth

    Sep 14 2014

    As showrunner for Doctor Who, Steven Moffat is mostly known for beginnings and endings of series, but this week the Moff brought us “Listen,” a standalone story that delves into beginnings, endings and fear itself. So, did Moffat overload the story with his personal tropes, take the show in an interesting direction, or…well, listen to the opinions of the Three Who Rule for their thoughts on the matter. There’s also tat, stats, Gallifrey One guest updates and more, including a diversion into some...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #438 - Rocket Robin Hood

    Sep 07 2014

    Robin Hood! Robots! Shenanigans! Etc! Things took a turn for the romp-y in “Robot of Sherwood,” the latest episode of Doctor Who, but what did the usually taciturn and P-Cap-ian Three Who Rule think? Eh? Listen as the three acerbic grouchwads expound upon the story in question and also reflect on stats and what a blight they are on human society. But that’s not all, not by a long chalk! We also have an interview with director Douglas MacKinnon, whose handiwork will be seen later this series in "...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #437 - Death to the Daleks

    Aug 31 2014

    The first proper P-Cap story, where he’s out of bed and sassing off to soldiers, Daleks and everyone in between, has arrived on our TV screens, tablets, laptops and eyeballs. You’d think after years of Dalek stories the well would be dry, but in fact….well, you’ll just have to listen to the Three Who Rule’s take on “Into the Dalek” to find out. Do they enjoy Capaldi’s surly and cerebral take on the Doctor? Is there such a thing as a “good” Dalek? Most importantly, is Missy the Master? The Rani? ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #436 - Planet of the Pudding Brains

    Aug 24 2014

    After months of waiting, feverish panic, speculation, madness, leaked scripts, world tours and other such lunacy, the first episode of Doctor Who, Series 8, titled “Deep Breath”, is upon us. You know what that means? Stats! So, so many stats. And, to a lesser extent, the opinions of Steven, Warren and Chris regarding Peter Capaldi’s debut episode and right-turn portrayal of everyone’s favourite Time Lord. Of course there was other news to ruminate upon, but…who are we kidding here, you want the ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #435 - Into The Darkness

    Aug 17 2014

    Only one week to go until the premiere of Series 8, or as Warren (and no-one else) terms it, 8mageddon, and there’s news of trailers, radio trailers, misguided Tom Baker biopics, Doctor Who world tours and more. But more importantly, Friend of the Show, all around fine gent and writer of some renown Phil Ford returns to talk about “Into the Dalek,” his contribution to Series 8 due to grace our screens in just a couple of weeks, but also about the Deep Breath premiere in Cardiff and just how wond...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #434 - We Sing In Praise Of Total War

    Aug 10 2014

    Newsmageddon continues! With only two weeks to go before the premiere of Deep Breath across the planet, the Doctor Who hype machine is in full swing, from the world tour making it’s way through the UK before heading overseas to early reviews of the premiere episode (all spoiler-free, of course.) Online content, the Moff saying stuff that may or may not be true and so….much…more. But that’s not all! We also have the final Miniscope of the year, this time profiling BBC Radiophonic Workshop compose...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #433 - I Eat The Celery

    Aug 03 2014

    "Morgus! You stinking offal! Look at me!"   Yes, a day long anticipated by the Three Who Rule Has finally arrived as they were privileged to tackle the all-time classic The Caves of Androzani as a commentary. While they had long feared such a task would devolve into silent slack jawed amazement, they did their damnedest to inform and entertain to the standard being played out on screen. There's also morsels of news regarding cinema screenings and other such frippery, but c'mon! Caves! Yeah!  ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #432 - Down and Out in San Diego

    Jul 27 2014

    With San Diego Comic Con’s annual media megashow winding down, Radio Free Skaro brought in a Special Report from Nerdist editor and all around fine fellow Kyle Anderson as our man on the scene to let us know about the Big! Who! News! almost live from the source. Well, it turns out there hasn’t been very much news to speak of Who-wise, with the BBC likely focusing their energies on launching their world tour, and….showing us a new 15 second trailer. And……showing the premiere in cinemas worldwide!...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #431 - Birth of the Titans

    Jul 20 2014

    With San Diego Comic Con looming, roving Radio Free Skaro reporter Warren Frey took it upon himself to interview Andrew James, the editor of the new Doctor Who range at Titan Comics. James spilled the beans on SDCC plans, a Doctor Who Day promotion across the U.S. and the U.K. and much more, but first…a massive (one could even say Titan-ic) amount of news. From the leak of Deep Breath (or a somewhat unfinished version of it, anyway) to action dolly news, Big Finish updates and more, the Three Wh...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #430 - Limb's Whims

    Jul 13 2014

    It was a week of great tumult in the world of Doctor Who, with the leaking of the first five scripts for Series 8 taking the internet by storm and sending Whovians into spasms of joy, guilt, fear and loathing. Though the scripts have presumably spread far and wide, Who-dom has heeded the call of #keepmespoilerfree and as of release of this episode, no major spoilage is happening in the more reputable corners of the internet.    While lest you think #8gate was the only thing happening in Who th...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #429 - Busy Nothing Hyperspace

    Jul 06 2014

    It was an exciting week in the world of Doctor Who, with a new teaser, with news of the return of the Cybermen, the addition of the esteemed Frank Cottrell Boyce to the writers team (plus another female director, Sheree Folkson, joining the production team), and a premiere screening taking place in Cardiff. Once all the new shiny is talked about, though, the Three Who Rule dip back in time to commentate over the third part of the Key to Time season, 1978's "The Stones of Blood"! Ogri, sausage sa...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #428 - Believe It Or Not

    Jun 29 2014

    The Series 8 news is slowly building as we hurtle towards August 23rd, the just-announced debut date for Peter Capaldi (aka P-Cap), the 12th (13th?) Doctor in a feature-length adventure called "Deep Breath". But mixed with excitement is disappointment for some fans, as there will be no San Diego Comic Con panel this year...which makes sense given Doctor Who is to be gallivanting around the globe shortly on a world tour of seven different cities on five continents. But all this is mere preparatio...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #427 - The Perils of Tharils

    Jun 22 2014

    With no Chris this week, Steven and Warren enlisted the help of erstwhile scribe, podcaster and gentleman japesman Kyle Anderson of the Nerdist, Doctor Who: The Writer's Room, WTF Are You Watching, and Awesomely Bad Movies fame. Much fun was had as news of comics, schedules, and action dollies (oh so many dollies) was discussed with great gusto. And as a bonus, we also have an interview with Stephen Gallagher, writer of 1980s Doctor Who stories "Warriors' Gate" and "Terminus"! Ever had questions...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #426 - Telesnap Crackle Pop

    Jun 15 2014

    Fancy a Doctor Who historical? Even those that don't exist anymore (for now)? The Three Who Rule certainly did, and so writer John Lucarotti, the scribe behind “Marco Polo,” “The Aztecs,” and “The Massacre (of St. Bartholomew’s Eve)" was the focus of this week’s Miniscope. Warren decided to go down a more textual path, and read the Target novelization of Marco Polo, while Steven and Chris braved the wild world of fan recons. How does Mr. Lucarotti fare under the glare of 2014’s wildly different ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #425 - Rupu's Drag Race

    Jun 08 2014

    The randomizer, it has been noted, can be a harsh mistress. Bear that in mind when you cast an ear to our commentary to "Frontios", the somewhat maligned but still intriguing apocalyptic Fifth Doctor tale of hunger, strife, fascism and….giant snails. And if slimy Tractators aren’t your thing, tune in for news, debunking of missing episode non-rumours, and as always, talk of LEGO!   Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #424 - The Day of The Day of the Doctor

    Jun 01 2014

    The Three Who Rule tuned their brainwaves to Doctor Who Magazine’s latest poll naming all of our favourite show’s stories from best to worst, along with favourite (and not so favourite) Doctors, companions, and other movers and shakers. Did they agree with the choices of thousands upon thousands of fans? Let’s just say there was some dissent in the ranks!    Mere preamble, however, to Fluid Links, where we answer your questions, from the sublime to the silly, about Doctor Who and somewhat less...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #423 - The Life Aquatic with Michael E Briant

    May 25 2014

    Doctor Who is coming back in August, and the internet has the brief, presumably-Capaldi-silhouette-filled trailer to prove it! But the RFS lads were equally enamoured with a recently released fan trailer of P-Cap and J-Co traipsing around in the rain, made by none other than the mysterious John Smith, who not only created the stellar Wholock trailer that consumed the internet, but also appears in Warren’s own Skaromantic Comedy as the random victim of a comely Dalek lass!   But enough quasi-se...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #422 - Nobody Slaps Cyril Shaps

    May 18 2014

    A shocking (O’ the Quawncing Grig) amount of news this week, including the inclusion of Tank Girl director Rachel Talalay as a Series Eight helmer for two episodes, Doctor Who returning to Lanzorate for the aforementioned Series Eight, A Doctor Who comics Humble Bundle, and more! By far the coolest news of the week, at least for production nerds such as ourselves, was the release by Restoration Team member Paul Vanezis of a behind the scenes video showing the process of cleaning up and transferr...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #421 - Lordi of the Rings

    May 11 2014

    In one of the slowest news weeks in recorded history, the urge for a good strong session of Fluid Links flowed through the Three Who Rule, who did their darndest to answer the questions of you, the listener, in as snappy and entertaining a manner as possible. As a special bonus, this week we also have an interview with Fairlith Harvey, the artistic director of Geekenders, a nerdlesque/theatre group in Vancouver who will soon remount their production of Don’t Blink, a tribute to every Doctor…with...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #420 - The Fact of Fiction

    May 04 2014

    Will someone just rename this the “Pointless Speculation about Star Wars Episode VII Podcast” already? After listening to the opening of this week’s Radio Free Skaro, they might! The Three Who Rule did eventually bring the latest Doctor Who news to the table, along with an interview with writer, script editor and classic series producer Derrick Sherwin, but (mostly due to Warren, as usual) there were many digressions, including unrestrained bile for new Terminator films, studious avoidance of di...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #419 - Mazza Kazza Jazza

    Apr 27 2014

    An exciting time for Doctor Who and other genre fans in southern Alberta as they descended upon the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in their thousands upon thousands to witness, among other events, the Matt Smith and Karen Gillan panel! Our own Steven files his report from the con, including audio from the panel itself! Later, Mark Ayres drops by to talk about the massive 11-disc box set containing music from 50 years of Doctor Who (available for pre-order now!), including shedding some lig...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #418 - Rodney's Funscreen

    Apr 20 2014

    What derails the Three Who Rule from the week's news and a gripping Miniscope about classic series director Rodney Bennett? Why, it's the #firsttargetnovel Twitter discussion from Full Circle scribe and all-around gentleman Andrew Smith! Your hosts thoroughly enjoyed drenching themselves in novelised nostalgia, and loon forward to further trips to the fannish past. Eventually, the fellas settle down and talk about the work of Mr. Bennett, who helmed three stories in the Tom Baker era - "The Ark ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #417 - Arcturan Mega-Donkey

    Apr 13 2014

    Pertwee! Jo! Troughton the younger! An incontinent skull! With a cast like that it can only be the Three Who Rule's commentary on "The Curse of Peladon"! Watch a prince in short pants fight a revolution, superstition and a questionable monster suit in this Third Doctor...classic? Also, news and discussion, including the exciting news that Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are coming to Calgary Expo! And....well, you know the drill. Listen!   Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #416 - Random Access Memories

    Apr 06 2014

    Sadly, a trio of recent deaths in the Doctor Who world lead off this week's episode, as we remember the contributions of writer/actor Glyn Jones, director Derek Martinus, and the Rani herself, Kate O'Mara. But with new Doctor Who still months away, trickles of information are beginning to emerge as to the shape of Series Eight, including returning writers (Gareth Roberts), new actors (Tom Riley) and…well, that’s about it. It’s only April! One thing you won’t have to wait for is the return of Flu...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #415 - More Of A Table Wine

    Mar 30 2014

    It’s the return of the Miniscope! The focus this time is on Michael Hayes, the accomplished director who at first blush wanted nothing to do with Doctor Who but learned to love the show after directing "The Androids of Tara", "The Armageddon Factor" and the rightly beloved "City of Death". What did the Three Who Rule think? Turn on your audio-visualizer and find out! But before that, news of Mark Gatiss writing more episodes of Doctor Who, and can it really be nine years since Doctor Who returne...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #414 - Caesar Salad

    Mar 23 2014

    Only a mere month after the celebrations of Gallifrey One 2014, the 26th iteration of the best convention in the world…sold out in 75 minutes this Friday. The Three Who Rule, poised over their keyboards intently, managed to secure their registration and will be in Los Angles in February 2015, and hope to see many of you there! Gallifrey aside, there was news this week of bespoke music collections, a trailer for upcoming BBC America series Real History of Science Fiction, and a magnificent interv...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #413 - Block Transfer Computation

    Mar 16 2014

    It’s the return of Fluid Links! Yes, everyone’s favourite mercury-based connection thingy is back, and we’ve got (some) of your questions to hash over, cogitate upon, and generally discuss. Good thing too, because the news is pretty thin on the ground this week. But there is talk of intriguing Season 8 guest star Keeley Hawes,  Olaf Pooley (Professor Stahlman in "Inferno") turning 100, and whimsical speculation about Fonzie LEGO minifigs jumping over LEGO sharks. Meta! Check out the show notes ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #412 - Ahearne It Through The Grapevine

    Mar 09 2014

    The Three Who Rule are travelling back in time this week to the wild, wooly days of 2005, when a certain program about a madman in a box first re-graced our screens after a long, long hiatus. Though we take the success of Doctor Who as a matter of course these days,  in those early stories the show could have easily failed, and the fact that it didn’t is in no small part due to the work of one Joe Ahearne, gentleman director and subject of the Miniscope. Join Steven, Warren and Chris as they dis...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #411 - Kicking the Styres

    Mar 02 2014

    The classic commentary returns to Radio Free Skaro, in the form of a brief but enticing little number known as "The Sontaran Experiment"! Despite its quick running time, the adventures of Styre and Friends packs in adventure, spills, stunts, Terry Walsh in an unconvincing wig, and a pint-sized pugilist from another world who just wanted to make friends through torture and rigorous scientific villainy. The Three Who Rule were happy to lend their bon mots to this drama, sometimes even staying on p...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #410 - Love From Gallifrey, Boys

    Feb 23 2014

    With Gallifrey One 2014 behind them, the Three Who Rule rallied their weakened, battle-scarred livers and turned their attention to Matt Smith’s last hurrah, "The Time of the Doctor". Much appreciation! Such regeneration! But first, news, updates and other matters of import! And next week, the classic series commentaries return with “The Sontaran Experiment!” And a week afterwards, the Miniscope reborn! Who will be the focus of the unblinking spreadsheet-y eye of the ‘Scope? You’ll just have to ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #409 - Gallifrey Falls No More

    Feb 18 2014

    The year's most anticipated event on the calendar of the Three Who Rule and many thousands other Doctor Who fans has come and gone as Gallifrey One: 25 Glorious years has now concluded! Over 3700 attendees, guests, and volunteers enjoyed the event, and Radio Free Skaro was proud to be able to bring a little bit go Gally to you all each day. On this final episode from Gallifrey One, we interview Series 8 writer Phil Ford, "Closing Time" director Steve Hughes, Gallifrey One program director Shaun ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #408 - The Case of the Missing Episodes

    Feb 17 2014

    Day two of Gallifrey One 2014, and the bright eye of the Three Who Rule cast its fiery, lidless wrath upon the missing episodes. Steven and Chris interview Restoration Team head and video genius Steve Roberts on his own, and missing episode experts Damian Shanahan and Jon Preddle together. But lest you think we’re all about dusty old stories of yesteryear (which, let’s be honest, we sort of are) we also have Erika Ensign of the Verity Podcast and Jason Snell, the impresario behind The Incomparab...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #407 - Running Through Black Light

    Feb 16 2014

    Day Two of Gallifrey One 2014! We ring in this auspicious occasion with the august personage of Dominic Glynn, musician extraordinaire and composer of what many (well...us, anyway) consider the best arrangement of the classic opening theme. And we continue with the Lovely Person Agenda with the presence of author and bon vivant Rob Shearman and comedian, actor and 60s BBC barman Toby Hadoke, who performed his one-man show "My Stepson Stole my Sonic Screwdriver" here at Gallifrey One only last ni...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #406 - Radio Free Skaro: Gallifrey Stands

    Feb 14 2014

    It's that time of year again, everyone! Gallifrey One celebrates its 25th edition at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, and once again, the Three Who Rule were proud and honoured to kick off the convention with a live show recorded on the main stage. Radio Free Skaro: Gallifrey Stands featured guests Colin Baker, Terrance Dicks, David Banks, Stuart Milligan, and Toby Hadoke, and launched the weekend in style. Enjoy the live episode, enjoy the opening movie sequence (YouTube link will soon be avai...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #405 - Gallifrey Rises

    Feb 09 2014

    Once again the greatest con of cons that has ever conned is here! Yes, Gallifrey One 2014 is mere days away, and the Three Who Rule reprise their official (not really official) Gally preview episode. Cosplay! Writers! Billie Piper! Arthur Darvill! Doctors Six and Eight (and David Banks)! Panels, drinks, friends, and so much more! This week, look forward to daily podcasts as always from Gallifrey One, starting with our live show from Los Angeles on Friday, "Radio Free Skaro: Gallifrey Stands"! C...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #404 - Page Not Found

    Feb 02 2014

    In the dog days before the wondrous rapture that is the Gallifrey convention in the greater Los Angeles area, the news was sparse and the fans were restless. However, the reveal of Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor costume sparked not only excitement and fevered speculation across Who fandom but was also the cause of an ill-advised tangent on cosplay by Warren, Steven, and Chris, who know less than nothing about such matters and have been replaced by trained seals in 6th Doctor costumes. Next week, th...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #403 - Fluid Links

    Jan 26 2014

    The Three Who Rule aren’t known for feedback, which is befitting of their hubristic megalomania and general dedication to evil. But in a new feature called Fluid Links, we’ve invited you, the listener, to submit topics of note for us to hash over, debate, pettily argue and break into tears over. Shocking lack of imagination or new era of transparency and openness? You be the judge. Also news, LEGO, emulated video games, funny books, Gally announcements and DVD releases! Check out the show note...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #402 - Pop! Pop! Pop!

    Jan 19 2014

    The days are long and the news is sparse, but that didn’t stop the Three Who Rule from tackling a smattering of stats and DVD news in order to get to the important stuff, a commentary for "An Adventure in Space and Time". Chris was available for the news but wasn’t for the commentary, so in his stead TV historian and bon vivant Simon Harries lent his considerable knowledge to an analysis of Mark Gatiss’ love letter to Doctor Who’s fascinating origins. Thrill to stories of BBC Television Centre! ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #401 - Nightmare in Silver

    Jan 12 2014

    It’s the beginning of the next 400 episodes of Radio Free Skaro, and what better way to start off this new era than with talk of Star Wars, weather in Florida, hockey, Tim Hortons and other irrelevant meanderings! The Three Who Rule eventually focused their energies and relayed what little Doctor Who news eked out this week, including such gems as new guests for Gallifrey 2014 (and the lineup for our own live show on Friday, February 14th), the return of friend of the show Phil Ford to Doctor Wh...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #400 - Matt Finish

    Jan 05 2014

    From its origins on a humble Skype connection in 2006 to the quasi-shabby status it endures today, Radio Free Skaro has tried to entertain, inform and educate its listeners about the wonderful world of Doctor Who. And in this, its 400th episode, it may have finally succeeded. Joining us for a retrospective roundtable on the Matt Smith era were Chris and Laura Mead of the Oodcast, Luke Harrison of TMDWP, Kyle Anderson of the Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room (and Nerdist fame) and Chip, the Two Minut...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #399 - Handles With Care

    Dec 26 2013

    The Fall of the Eleventh is at last upon us as Matt Smith took his final bow in the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special, "The Time of the Doctor". Crammed with all sorts of the Doctor's past enemies and a number of other surprises, the episode was topped off with a momentous performance from the outgoing Matt Smith. But what do the Three Who Rule think of this one? Did it pack enough emotional wallop after the spectacle that was the 50th anniversary? Did Matt Smith go out in a blaze of glory like ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #398 - 10,000 Maniacs

    Dec 22 2013

    Despite the obvious dangers of the Blinovich Limitation Effect, the Three Who Rule came together in Edmonton for a pre-Xmas, pre-Time Of The Doctor powwow. Besides many and various clips, rumours and idle speculatings about ToTD, the big news was the announcement that Rose Tyler herself, Billie Piper, will be a guest at Gallifrey One, mere weeks away! Other morsels of information also teased the jingle-belled minds of the RFS crew, topped off by a final set of interviews from Chicago TARDIS with...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #397 - Corvette Winter

    Dec 15 2013

    As Matt Smith's time in Doctor Who approaches its end, the BBC is starting to ramp up promotion of Smith's finale episode, "The Time of the Doctor", with a new trailer and a series of very intriguing promo pics. These topics and more form some key discussion points for the Three Who Rule this week, but no stats this week in honour of Warren's birthday celebrations! (Little does he know that there are no stats to discuss this week, anyway). However, the feature items in this week's episode are tw...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #396 - The Great Canadian Wheat Plains Are Safe

    Dec 08 2013

    Statspocalypse! Yes, in a moment that Warren has feared since the inception of Radio Free Skaro, the 50th Anniversary generated stats to such a degree that they may have become sentient and declared war on humanity. And despite Warren’s hatred of the Devil Numbers, Radio Free Skaro gave you, the listener, comprehensive coverage of viewing figures, iPlayer requests, and other such pointless spreadsheetery. But it wasn’t all stats (thankfully)! News of Other Doctor dollies, in-depth articles on 3...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #395 - Bigger On The Inside

    Dec 01 2013

    As if the build-up to and the celebration of Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary wasn't enough, the very next week after "The Day of the Doctor" wowed and amazed countless fans worldwide, more than two thousand of those fans gathered at Chicago TARDIS to revel in the celebration. Join Steven, with special guests Graeme Burk, Ken Deep, and David and Marty Hooie as they reminisce about another successful edition of the annual Midwestern convention. But that's not all! Steven spent the weekend gathering ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #394 - One Day Like This

    Nov 24 2013

    The long, long wait is over. Doctor Who celebrated 50 years of thrilling us all with the adventures of a madman with a box in high style, with not only "The Day of the Doctor", but also the stunning "An Adventure in Space and Time" and Peter Davison’s “The Five(ish) Doctors”, a whimsical treat for lovers of both the classic and new series. Let’s not forget that 94 countries and many movie theatres simulcast "The Day of the Doctor" on Saturday, and for the first time ever the Three Who Rule are ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #393 - Flight Through Eternity

    Nov 17 2013

    With less than a week until "The Day of the Doctor", the Two Who Rule (Warren and Steven, Chris was on assignment with UNIT) were positively giddy with anticipation for the 50th anniversary adventure to hit their eye bulbs in glorious 3D. But before that momentous event, the BBC released “The Night of the Doctor,” with a shocking appearance by Paul McGann! Lest you think that was the only treat for Whovians this week, a 2-minute clip from Day of the Doctor was also released in conjunction with C...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #392 - The Final Phase

    Nov 10 2013

    It was truly a momentous week for Doctor Who fans everywhere as they got not one, nor two, but THREE different trailers for 'The Day of the Doctor' from the BBC (twice!), BBC America, and, inadvertently early, BBC Latin America. While everyone is busy frame advancing through those to find out clues about the 50th Anniversary Special, a metric ton of news also dropped this week which helped push this episode of Radio Free Skaro past the two hour mark. But how could you go wrong with a Philip Sega...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #391 - The Death of Doctor Who

    Nov 03 2013

    The tsunami of news (or, if you will, newsnami) continues this week, with tales of conventions, extras, tie-ins, and so, so much about An Adventure in Space and Time. All but mere pre-amble to the second part of the John Nathan-Turner miniscope, with special guest Steve O’Brien, who spares nothing in his analysis of the somewhat shaky years comprising the tail-end of JNT’s era as producer of Doctor Who. The Three Who Rule also give their thoughts on the latter half of the JNT era, rounding out a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #390 - The Watcher

    Oct 27 2013

    It was one of the more exciting weeks in Doctor Who recently with global cinema screenings of "The Day of The Doctor" being announced around the world, and Big Finish's 50th anniversary story "The Light At The End" being given an early release, one month before the actual anniversary itself. The resulting chaos showed that no internet site knows the wrath of an impatient group of Doctor Who fans, but at the end of the day, thousands of fans will be watching the 50th Anniversary story in 3D toget...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #389/A - The Light At The End

    Oct 22 2013

    It's another cutaway episode! This time around, we devote some time in the middle of the week to the world of Big Finish and their own celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. To do so, Steven interviews Big Finish executive producer Nick Briggs, who is also the writer and director of Big Finish's own 50th anniversary story "The Light At The End", a story which features all Doctors Four through Eight in an extravaganza that will be released in November. Big Finish will be making an a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #389 - A Holiday For The Doctor

    Oct 20 2013

    A trailer! A trailer! Maybe not THE trailer we've all been waiting for, but certainly a fitting tribute to 50 years of Doctor Who, with a frankly insane number of homages and visual cues stuffed into a minute of pure nostalgia. In true timey-wimey fashion, the Three Who Rule recorded the bulk of this episode BEFORE the trailer came out, but Steven and Warren were able to admonish their past selves and give their brief thoughts on the trailer, mostly consisting of "ooo," "ahhh," and "gear!" But ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #388 - 50 Ways To Love Your Doctor

    Oct 13 2013

    On the way to a light week for Radio Free Skaro, the world of Doctor Who decided to explode in a shower of the awesomeness that is nine previously missing episodes from the 1960s being found, returned, and released to an adoring public via iTunes. Naturally, the Three Who Rule felt compelled to give you their thoughts on both "The Enemy of the World" and "The Web of Fear", unseen for decades, but they also bring you interviews with the esteemed Paul Cornell, who talks about "Scream of the Shalka...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #387/A - Missing Episodes Special

    Oct 11 2013

    FOUND! Against all hope and logic, nine episodes of Doctor Who once thought lost forever have been found and returned to the BBC Archives. Such a monumental occasion warrants a rare Radio Free Skaro cutaway episode, wherein the Three Who Rule discuss the return of five episodes of The Enemy of the World and four episodes of The Web of Fear, the extravagant efforts that Doctor Who's newest hero, Philip Morris of Television International Enterprises Archives, went to in order to uncover these lost...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #387 - The Velvet Web

    Oct 06 2013

    As we turn the corner into October in this 50th anniversary year of Doctor Who, the Three Who Rule reach the halfway point in their odyssey of covering the eras of each producer of the classic series in the Miniscope. This week, the Barry Letts epoch is the focus, a five year stretch of classic episodes that vaulted Doctor Who from a Saturday tea-time tradition to a British television institution. A lifelong fan of the era, Gary Russell, who has been involved with the show in many ways since the...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #386 - The Ordeal

    Sep 29 2013

    The producer Miniscope series plows onward as special guest John Williams from Tachyon TV joins in to discuss the Peter Bryant and Derrick Sherwin era. An era of selecting a new Doctor and ever-changing roles for the production team, Bryant and Sherwin were responsible for... well, you'll just have to listen and find out, won't you? With Warren unavailable, Steven and Chris tackle the news of the week including discussion on the latest (what some may call) blunder on the part of the BBC's 50th a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #385 - A Change of Identity

    Sep 22 2013

    The Miniscope madness continues this week with an examination of the Innes Lloyd era, with a little help from JR Southall of Starburst Magazine and the Blue Box Podcast, and Deborah Watling, AKA Victoria Waterfield. But before "regeneration and bases under siege" (and a whole lot more) fall under the hawk-like gaze of the RFS crew and their guests, news of DVD releases, theatrical showings of "The Day of the Doctor" and flagrant disregard for the term "rels" were the order of the day. Enjoy, and...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #384 - A Battle of Wits

    Sep 15 2013

    Our second entry in our Producer era Miniscopes sees us tackle the John Wiles era, a controversial six months in Doctor Who's long history that ushered in great changes and foreshadowed a great many more. Joining us to discuss the finer points of this tumultuous time is Toby Hadoke, and we also bring you an interview with Peter Purves, who played Steven Taylor throughout the Wiles era. Before that, Simon Harries drops by to discuss the news of the week with Steven and Warren. A jam packed episod...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #383 - The Firemaker

    Sep 08 2013

    As most of you might be aware, Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013, and the Three Who Rule are also doing their part to mark the occasion by celebrating and analyzing the era of each producer who helmed the show from 1963 through until the Fox TV movie in 1996. First up, the first producer - the original, you might say - Verity Lambert, who set in stone much of what we know and love about Doctor Who with help from her story editors David Whitaker and Dennis Spooner. And joinin...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #382 - Behind the Sophist

    Sep 01 2013

    Despite the Doctor Who world being split between multiple conventions this weekend (or because of it), the news was a bit thin this week, but that didn't stop the Three Who Rule from spinning their creative wheels in new and exciting directions, including the creation of Sofa-ism, a philosophy based on sitting around on your couch. Canada's national shame, otherwise known as Nickelback, was also name checked far more than necessary (ie. at all.) All this and an appearance from Sean Homrig of the...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #381 - Silver Fox

    Aug 25 2013

    The Three Who Rule welcome back our very good friend Chip from the Two-minute Time Lord podcast as we all talk over Neil Gaiman's most recent Doctor Who effort, Nightmare in Silver. Has some time and distance since the story's initial broadcast allowed our hearts to warm to it more, or was the extremely divisive reaction from fandom warranted and still valid? Will the effort satisfy 80s Hair Band pedants? News of the week, with Chip filling in for a very busy Warren, and which includes talk of w...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #380 - A Study in Crimson

    Aug 18 2013

    "Whimsical yet terrifying" is an apt way to describe "The Crimson Horror," this week's commentary, but also an accurate portrayal of current Who news. What missive struck fear into the stalwart hearts of the Three Who Rule? Possibly the fact that CBC executives wanted to dub over Christopher Eccleston's Northern England accent with something more suitable to Canadian ears. Perhaps a Newfie accent would have made more sense. Or perhaps it was the notion that filming on Series 8 of Doctor Who won'...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #379 - Inside the Spaceship

    Aug 11 2013

    The afterglow of the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor has still not worn off if this week's news list, and the enthusiasm of the Three Who Rule, is anything to go by. Tons of Capaldi news from his fan battles as a teenager to the clandestine methods employed to smuggle him into the BBC for his big reveal will no doubt thrill and entertain you, along with a healthy dose of merchandise news. And to top it off, Kat from Verity! joins us for a commentary of "Journey to the Centre ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #378 - Peter XII

    Aug 04 2013

    Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor! Announced during a worldwide live TV broadcast, Peter Capaldi was introduced to an Elstree TV studio full of delighted fans and an entire planet full of excited watchers, and the result is near unanimous - Steven Moffat's sole choice for the role was the right. Good thing the Three Who Rule recorded the news two days before the announcement...and got the announcement right! Amazing foresight (luck) on their part! However, Erika from Verity! not only drops by ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #377 - Emergency Luke

    Jul 28 2013

    On thisss week'sss Radio Free Ssskaro, the Ice Warriors return! Well, one of them does in the Cold War era episode called...er..."Cold War", of which there is a commentary presented. Luke from TMDWP joins us, replacing Seattle-bound Warren, to give us not only his thoughts on one of his favourite episodes from the recent series, but also to tell us about the Sylvester McCoy BFI event that occurred on July 27. Also, much news and speculation is discussed, as well as a whole host of merchandise to...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #376 - I'll Be In My Trailer

    Jul 21 2013

    San Diego Comic Con! Over the years SDCC has become a mecca not only of pop culture, cosplay and general lunacy, but also an important platform by which Doctor Who announces mammoth events like, say…the 50th Anniversary Special Trailer. The crowds went wild in Hall H, and mere moments later, entitled fans worldwide bristled in anger, fury and impotent frustration that they were not included in the fun IMMEDIATELY. What they should have done is focused their…enthusiasm at this week's episode of R...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #375 - Scaling the Shard

    Jul 14 2013

    With San Diego Comic Con looming in just a week's time, the news list was filled to bursting with silly plastic dolls, lunch boxes and of course the con itself, which will feature a Sunday session with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and Mark Gatiss, as well as the iconic David Bradley who appears as the iconic William Hartnell in the iconic Adventures in Space and Time. But before SDCC comes the BBC Proms, a snippet of which you will hear on this very program! Toss in DVDs, ebooks, te...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #374 - The Inside Story

    Jul 07 2013

    The Three Who Rule went west to Westercon this week, special guests of the 66th edition of one of the longest running science fiction conventions in the world. Much fun was had, much sun was enjoyed, and all three of the RFS hosts were very active on a variety of panels throughout the weekend. One such panel devoted to the history of Radio Free Skaro is presented in this episode, in which the past seven years of RFS podcasts are recounted, the highs, the lows, from humble beginnings  to the rece...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #373 - Jeff Podcast

    Jun 30 2013

    And thus begins the calm before the storm for Radio Free Skaro. One week before the Three Who Rule jet off to Sacramento to participate in Westercon 66, after which weeks of blockbuster episodes from commentaries to Miniscopes will take you all the way to the 50th Anniversary Special, the Three let there hair down, invite a couple friends over, and have a bit of fun and frivolity. First, Kyle Anderson of Nerdist and Doctor Who: The Writers Room fame drops by after far too long to talk about the ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #372 - The Chain

    Jun 23 2013

    It has been one crazy week in the world of Doctor Who, with rumours of scores of missing Doctor Who episodes being found, then not found, then found again, then, finally, all of them declared not missing but destroyer. The end. Is it, though? The wait for a new Doctor will also have to wait awhile, so there is very little in the way of solid news to discuss this week, but that didn’t stop the Three Who Rule! One thing is for sure, though – Radio Free Skaro will be at Westercon 66 in Sacramento i...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #371 - Bless the Rains

    Jun 16 2013

    The Doctor Who rumour mill was in full blown chaos this week with Twelfth Doctor casting rumours giving way to tales of hoards of missing episodes being recovered. The Two Who Rule (Chris managed to escape the mongering of said rumours) neatly sidestepped harmless (or harmful) speculation by delving into talk of the future of the film industry and 3D TV and its relation to Doctor Who. But Chris returns (and Warren departs) to talk to Neil Perryman, dear friend and author who is writing the upcom...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #370 - Pride (In The Name of Who)

    Jun 09 2013

    Another week and still no new Doctor Who. The long 6-month wait for the 50th Anniversary Special means speculation about the show's future in the form of the next actor (or will it be actress?) to play The Doctor. But it's not all bad as there are always stats to be had, always new Doctor Who merchandise to be discussed and/or mocked and of course talk of DVDs and just how lucky we are as Doctor Who fans to have the Restoration Team. Featured in this jam-packed episode of Radio Free Skaro is an ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #369 - A Tale of Two Doctors

    Jun 02 2013

    In an uneventful, post finale, nothing ever happens week, The Three Who Rule….wait, HOLD ON, JUST A SECOND…..Chris isn't on the show this week. Oh, and also, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who.  Yes, the floppy haired foetus who charmed his way into our hearts in the Eleventh Hour has decided to vacate the TARDIS, but not before the 50th Anniversary and Christmas specials this year. Smith's tenure spanned arguably the greatest period of global mainstream popularity the show has ever seen, and it ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #368 - Iron Pants

    May 26 2013

    It may be six months until new Doctor Who, but…we've got stats! So, so many stats. Also, Warren gets a lot of facts wrong (as usual), we've invented an exciting new drink called "whiskwee", and for the first time in RFS history, we have a contest to win a DVD box set of Series 7 and The Snowmen! Check our Facebook page on Monday, May 26 for all the details on how you can win these shiny platters of loveliness. But while you wait to pitch wits against your fellow Whovians, listen to the Torchwoo...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #367 - Everybody Hurts

    May 19 2013

    Well, the most recent series of Doctor Who has wrapped up, and what a way to do it - a fangasmagoria from Steven Moffat containing notable nods to the past and tantalizing hints of what's to come. "The Name of the Doctor" gave fans what they wanted (and more) in a 50th anniversary story, and it was six months early! But what did the Three Who rule think of this extravaganza? Also discussed in this episode were the now assured future of Doctor Who and the show's return in Series 8, stats, more st...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #366 - The Emperor's New Clothes

    May 12 2013

    Neil Gaiman's sophomore effort is one of the most divisive in the history of new Doctor Who, with some fans adoring his take on the Cybermen and others viewing precocious children and speedy metal men with disdain. But what did the Three Who Rule think? What are Chris's views on the Proper Use of the Pimp Hand? Was Steven his usual cheery self, and did Warren find time to admonish his fellow nerds for overexcitement? Mix in stats, leaked Series 7 DVDs, fake Target book covers, and more, and you'...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #365 - Fondant Surprise

    May 05 2013

    Northern England in the Victorian era, monsters, lizards, Sontarans, lame GPS jokes and latched-on kidlet drama all made "The Crimson Horror" a roller coaster ride of emotion for the Three Who Rule. But was it a ride full of thrills and chills or merely a routine trundle through well-worn paths of dramaturgy? Were endless stats enough to send Warren into a fit of apoplectic rage?  Do nerds get angry about any and all news about the 50th anniversary special? All these questions will be answered i...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #364 - Smoke On The Horizon

    Apr 28 2013

    For decades, fans of Doctor Who have been wondering and dreaming of what amazing thrills and sights exist within The Doctor's TARDIS. The 50th Anniversary of the programme seems to be an appropriate time to finally peel back the curtain on The Doctor's magical time-space machine, and Stephen Thompson's script, free of crippling 20th century BBC budgets, took us for a ride. But what did the Three Who Rule think? After that, Chris and Steven are joined by Erika and Katrina from Verity! in Calgary,...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #363 - Ghost Lite

    Apr 21 2013

    Awoooooo! Scary stuff! That's what this week's instalment of Doctor Who was, as "Hide", a tautly written and directed thriller, enthralled many a fan and viewer. But what did the Three Who Rule think? They were widely split with their opinions of writer Neil Cross's first effort, "The Rings of Akhaten"; will Cross make Chris cross, or will it be smooth sailing for all involved? Also discussed are changing pronunciations of planet names throughout the years (because, yes, Metebelis-gate is casual...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #362 - Ice Hot

    Apr 14 2013

    After a wait of almost 40 years, the Ice Warriors have returned to Doctor Who, with at least (and let's be honest, at most) one heavily armoured, lumbering green menace is back to make the lives of an 80's crew of Soviet submariners a soggy, terrifying hell. Mark Gatiss, a Who polymath with some hits and a few misses under his belt, brings the claustrophobic terror with "Cold War," but the real question is, what did the Three Who Rule think of the story? With precious little to discuss besides t...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #361 - The Borings of Akhaten

    Apr 07 2013

    After a rollicking opening to Series 7B last week, we were treated to a new episode in "The Rings of Akhaten" that received almost no love from any of the Three Who Rule. In fact, only one person had something nice to say about it, and you'll never guess who! The episode may have left a bad taste in everyone's mouth, but the return of a full stats report, and a return of our new, impromptu game called "Guess the Stats!", proved to be a splash of minty, mouthwashy goodness! That, and talk of the ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #360 - Quadracyclephenia

    Mar 31 2013

    New Doctor Who! And given such an auspicious occasion, it was no surprise that the Three Who Rule yammered on length about "The Bells of Saint John," and then further prognosticated on the news that David Tennant and Billie Piper will in fact return for the 50th anniversary special. Debate on the proper levels of fanwankiness for the special,  speculation on the many hints and tidbits Moffat has seeded throughout his tenure leading up to November 23rd, 2013 and other wishes and dreams for the up...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #359 - Whether You Like It Or Not

    Mar 24 2013

    The upcoming book "JN-T: The Life and Scandalous Times of John Nathan-Turner" is quite possibly the most controversial account of the behind-the-scenes world of Doctor Who ever published, delving into the, at times, seedy side of the life of the long time producer of Doctor Who. It also covers, with astonishing detail, the trials and tribulations that occurred during the making of the programme in the 1980s when the BBC were increasingly trying to kill it. We present an interview with the book's...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #358 - A Breath of Fresh Air Lock

    Mar 17 2013

    A wide variety of news leads off the latest episode of Radio Free Skaro, as the Three Who Rule pontificate about the fate of Caroline Skinner, the discovery of early Doctor Who scripts and even a little about the upcoming Series 7B... but wait, there's more! This week saw the release of the Special Edition of The Aztecs, which includes the recently-found third episode of Galaxy 4, and what more fitting way to celebrate its release on home video than for the RFS lads to talk all over it in the fo...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #357 - Wiped Clean By The Wrath of Pamela Nash

    Mar 10 2013

    Just as Doctor Who is missing episodes from its archive, the Three Who Rule are missing Chris this week. But instead of providing you with a telesnap reconstruction of Pedantor, we bring to you instead an interview with Richard Molesworth, author of Wiped!, the second edition of which is hitting bookshelves soon. Steven and Richard discuss all there is to talk about regarding missing episodes, including recent discoveries, mystery in Sierra Leone, and what's being done to hopefully find more epi...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #356 - Strax to the Max

    Mar 03 2013

    After the craziness of last week's Calgary Expo announcement (which crashed the servers at Radio Free Skaro headquarters, aka a rusty shack in Surrey, BC), and two weeks after the wild times of Gallifrey One, the Three Who Rule were finally able to sit back, relax, and take in an episode of Doctor Who. And then talk over it. The episode of choice is "The Snowmen", the 2012 Christmas special that caused much merriment amongst most of the masses. Minus Warren, Chris and Steven find time before han...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #355 - All the News That's Fit To Miss

    Feb 23 2013

    It's only a week after Gallifrey One, but there's no rest for the wicked as we bring you a very special announcement regarding Radio Free Skaro and the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, taking place - surprise, surprise - in Calgary, Alberta from April 26-28! Event coordinator Shane Turgeon from Calgary Expo drops by with all the details including some exciting Doctor Who-related announcements. But wait, there's more! As you may have noticed, the Three Who Rule let the news pass by the wayside...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #354 - The Best Things In Life Are Freema

    Feb 18 2013

    Another Gallifrey One has come and gone! On this, the fifth and final Radio Free Skaro podcast from Gally, we present to you interviews with Freema Agyeman, director Saul Metzstein (with a cameo from Ben Browder!), Charlie Ross, and the Valeyard himself, Michael Jayston! We also catch up with our friend Ken Deep, eavesdrop on a 24-year "Survival" reunion between Sylvester McCoy and Julian Holloway, and unveil some podcast plans for the months to come. 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year, a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #353 - A Sound of Ice and Fire

    Feb 18 2013

    Still more Gallifrey! Your august crew scoured the LAX Marriott for Who personages of note, and by golly we found them, in the personages of director Douglas Mackinnon, ex-companion and documentarian Mark Strickson, BBC Radiophonic Workshop guru Dick Mills, writer and all around gent Andrew Smith, and podcast supremos The Oodcast all collide cheek by jowl in this, our penultimate episode from Gallifrey One. Enjoy! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #352 - Press Play Now

    Feb 17 2013

    The Doctor Who classic series DVD range is approaching the end of its run, but not before a few momentous releases hit the shelves around the world in celebration of the programme's 50th anniversary. Who better to discuss what's to come than the very folks who have restored and enhanced Doctor Who in DVD form for the past several years? We present to you the Enlightenment DVD panel from Gallifrey One, with commissioning editor Dan Hall, Restoration Team founder Steve Roberts, documentary produce...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #351 - Radio Free Skaro and The Ambassadors of Death

    Feb 16 2013

    RFS Live from Gallifrey One in Los Angeles! Yes, it's time once again for Radio Free Skaro's annual live show at Gallifrey One, the biggest and best Doctor Who convention to grace the shores of Los Angeles and the world entire. Steven, Warren and Chris were delighted and honoured to play host to Sylvester McCoy, Philip Hinchcliffe, Stephen Thorne, Dan Starkey, Neve McIntosh, and Richard Hope. Chip, the Two Minute Time Lord, both acted as audio engineer and delivered a wonderful sermon on the imp...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #350 - The Lyon in Winter

    Feb 15 2013

    Gallifrey One is here! THE event on the Doctor Who calendar has finally arrived, and it seems to start earlier every year, as can be heard during this very episode of Radio Free Skaro! Recorded during Lobbycon on the Thursday night, the Three Who Rule are joined by Gallifrey One program director Shaun Lyon, who talks about this year's enormously popular edition of the long running convention, the pitfalls that have occurred during the year that led up to this year's con, and the wonderful triump...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #349 - Is That In Ireland?

    Feb 10 2013

    Has it really been a year? Yes, Gallifrey One is imminent, which means it's time for the annual Radio Free Skaro Gally preview show! The Three Who Rule run down what panels they'd like to see (if they weren't so busy bringing you the best coverage of the convention that money would never actually buy), as well as give you a primer of what to expect at the world's greatest Doctor Who convention. But before they get into full con mode, a bumper crop of news happened this past week, including some ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #348 - The Rain of Errors

    Feb 03 2013

    Because of a complicated situation involving Mandrels, Bandrils, the Borad and the Swarm, the Three Who Rule kept it (somewhat) brief this week, focusing on conserving their energies for the onslaught of Gallifrey coverage coming your way in a mere week and change. News included the casting of "An Adventure in Space and Time," the increasingly intruiging dramatization of the early days of Doctor Who, DVD news, analysis of the upcoming insanely detailed (and expensive) David Tennant figure, and a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #347 - Toyfairgate

    Jan 27 2013

    A shocking amount of news made its way from the wilds of the Internet to the fevered brains and out of the fetid mouths of the Three Who Rule this week, including the infamous "ToyFairGate," where canny spies noted BBC posters announcing….somewhat sparse plans for the anniversary year of Doctor Who. The din of fan outrage was such that it almost drowned out announcements of new action figures, soundtracks, special edition DVDs and other delicious morsels. But controversy and action figure portf...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #346 - Contact Has Been Made

    Jan 20 2013

    With Chris and Steven each recuperating from an infection from the Swarm, it was Warren's turn to suffer the effects of an infestation of the Nucleus. While Warren wasn't running on full steam for the news segment, in which  news on Gallifrey One was the dominant feature, he does feature in a previously recorded interview with Mike Tucker, the visual effects expert whose work has appeared on both classic and new series Doctor Who. Mike is also a Doctor Who fan and an all around nice guy, which m...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #345 - Celebrations And Swan Songs

    Jan 13 2013

    All good things come to an end, and so it must be with the series of interviews Steven conducted at Chicago TARDIS. But we end with none other than Gary Russell, someone who has done so much not only in the world of Doctor Who but also in a myriad of other creative pursuits. From his start as a child actor on the Famous Five to his work as editor of Doctor Who magazine and his years as script editor of the show itself, Russell has seen and done it all.  And of course it wouldn't be an episode o...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #344 - More Than 100 Minutes In The TARDIS

    Jan 06 2013

    Happy New Year! After battling illness and ennui over the past week and a half, the Three Who Rule are back with a bumper episode to launch 2013, the centrepiece of which is an epic interview with Kevin Jon Davies. Davies was the director and producer of "More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS", the BBC's official 30th anniversary celebration for Doctor Who, but his connection to the worlds of Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, and Blake's 7, made for a fascinating chat. Also, your t...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #343 - Hilarity, Polarity, and Clara-ty

    Dec 26 2012

    NEW WHO! The Three Who Rule were delighted to find a sparkling new Doctor Who story under their Christmas tree in the form of "The Snowmen," a somewhat deceptive name as actual snowmen figure nowhere near as much as disembodied manifestations, the plummy tones of Sir Ian McKellen, the iconic Richard E. Grant, and a puzzle of an enigma known as Clara the barmaid/governess. Throw in a sassy Sontaran, a sensual Silurian and her good lady wife, and a broody, moody, and altogether froody Matt Smith a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #342 - Cinephiles And Audio Files

    Dec 23 2012

    The impending arrival of Christmas Day means two things: excitement for "The Snowmen" is rising to fever pitch, and…Chris is super busy and couldn't be part of this week's proceedings. Steven and Warren made up for his absence by immediately taking the whole business off the rails and discussing the Hobbit's use of 48fps. After much debate and incorrect references to VidFIRE, the duo got back to business and discussed the week's news before seguing into Steven's interviews with both composer and...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #341 - Stepsons And Screwdrivers

    Dec 16 2012

    Trailers! Trailers! So many trailers for the Snowmen, the upcoming Doctor Who Xmas special! Well, alright…there were two new trailers. But they are amping up the enthusiasm of the Three Who Rule for this year's Yuletide offering, which is surely a good thing after the slim pickings of 2011's The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. Another good thing is the interview from Chicago TARDIS with Toby Hadoke, a friend of the show, gentleman actor and all around great fella. Bask in his wisdom and deli...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #340 - Masterplans And Script Doctors

    Dec 09 2012

    A simply colossal list of news items dominated the proceedings on this week's Radio Free Skaro, with much discussion on the snippets of non-spoilery info emerging about "The Snowmen," this year's Doctor Who Xmas Day spectacular. The Three Who Rule also announced not only what their live show at Gallifrey One is called, but also their first guest to open the show and the convention itself! But news was but grist for the main event, an interview from Chicago TARDIS with former Doctor Who script ed...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #339 - Light Work And Dark Eyes

    Dec 02 2012

    The Three Who Rule were reunited (and it felt so good) with Steven's return from Chicago TARDIS…bearing the gift of an interview with Nick Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery, and Paul Spragg, whose sterling work in the dramatic audio arts can be appreciated by all and sundry at www.bigfinish.com. News was sparse this week as we enter the calm before the Christmas Special storm, but numerous puzzling references to Ke$ha, a quite sweary Warren and 15 minutes of nonsensical pre-game banter padded out the p...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #338 - Burnt Toast And Bus Stations

    Nov 25 2012

    Chicago TARDIS is the setting for this week's Radio Free Skaro as many hundreds of Doctor Who fans materialized in the Windy City for the Midwest's most popular Doctor Who convention. Steven represented the Three Who Rule at the con, and is joined in this episode by Chip from the Two-Minute Time Lord and Erik from the Doctor Who Book Club Podcast to discuss the convention, as well as the plethora of news that occurred in the world of Doctor Who over the past week - including stats! And to top it...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #337 - Splink

    Nov 18 2012

    The Three Who Rule were joined this week by the incomparable John Williams, Tachyon TV alumnus and author of an upcoming tome about Who legend Malcolm Hulke. Mr. Williams was on hand not to plug his scribbling but to add his mellifluous verbiage to commentary of "The Angels Take Manhattan," the final adventure of Mr. and Mrs. Pond. Add a pinch of praise for sarcastic Sontarans, a dash of derision for evil Snowmen, and a completely arbitrary show title like "Splink," and…well, just take a listen....more

  • Radio Free Skaro #336 - The Power of Squee

    Nov 11 2012

    The Three Who Rule were reduced to Two this week, but Steven and Warren were joined by the inestimable Simon Harries of Tachyon TV fame for a commentary on "The Power of Three," the penultimate story of this half-season. Simon's dry wit counterbalanced Steven's idiot savantism (emphasis on the "idiot") and Warren's outright stupidity to produce a most delicious bit of commentary that we're sure you'll enjoy! But that's not all! Though it nearly is, as the news was sparse this week, with only int...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #335 - Browder Chowder

    Nov 04 2012

    It was a bit of a light week in the world of Doctor Who as the production team secluded themselves in a Cardiff conference room to read through Neil Gaiman's eagerly anticipated second Doctor Who script, so the Three Who Rule devote some of their attention to the nerdplosion that was Disney buying up Lucasfilm. When Neil Perryman of The Adventures With the Wife in Space drops in for the commentary of "A Town Called Mercy", the off topic meanderings continue with praise and scorn heaped upon Fars...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #334 - Nefertiti Graffiti

    Oct 28 2012

    Dinosaurs! On a Spaceship! Matt Smith's enthusiasm aside, does the fluffy lizardfest hold up to the laser-like scrutiny of Steven, Warren, and Luke from The Minute Doctor Who Podcast in this, the second of the "Pond Farewell Tour" commentaries? Were Mitchell and Webb any good as surly robots? Does the Doctor's team of historical oddities (and Rory's dad) make for high adventure and rollicking space-based shenanigans? Are any of these questions even close to addressed in the commentary? Tune in t...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #333 - Avid Femmy Robomen

    Oct 21 2012

    With the New! Doctor! Who! countdown clock having more than two months on it, a mandate was declared by the Three Who Rule that now is the time for Season 7A commentaries. NOW. Over the coming weeks their trademark brand of pedantism, whimsy and love for classic rock will undoubtedly distract from the adventures of the Doctor, Amy and Rory playing out before them onscreen, starting this week with Asylum of the Daleks. But wait! Chip, the Two-minute Time Lord, joins our august trio for this episo...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #332 - Harry and the Giant Clam

    Oct 14 2012

    The bulk of this week's episode is devoted to "Chicks Unravel Time," edited by Deb Stanish and L.M. Myles, a follow-up by Mad Norwegian Press to the widely praised "Chicks Dig Time Lords." In this book, each writer tackled a different season of Classic Who, with sometimes surprising results! The editors of this weighty tome told Warren and Steven about the creation of the book, the wide range of voices in the book (from pros to first-time writers) and the big difference that a female perspective...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #331 - Fond Ponds Long Gone

    Oct 07 2012

    This week sees the Three Who Rule in rest mode after five weeks of exhilarating new Doctor Who episodes, and before they begin inviting a few of their friends, old and new, to join them for the next few weeks of podcasting whimsy. As such, much waffling occurs as topics veer from Doctor Who (thankfully) to Red Dwarf to Robocop to 1988 (or is it 1987?) and the contemporary career trajectory of a young Alan Rickman. After your three hosts settle down, though, a thorough and indepth discussion take...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #330 - Then They Take Berlin

    Sep 30 2012

    The Angels Take Manhattan….and, to various degrees, the hearts of Warren, Steven, and Chip the Two Minute Time Lord, who sat in Chris's stead to review the mid-season finale and the departure of Matt Smith's near and dear companions, the Ponds. Weeping Statues of Liberty, questions of style vs. substance and what comes next for the series all reared their silent, menacing stone visages before coming to the really terrifying stuff…stats. Add a rant about thigh-less maxi-busts, high praise for Chi...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #329 - The Curse of the Black Cube

    Sep 23 2012

    The Three Who Rule took almost as long to talk about "The Power of Three" this week as the (admittedly truncated) episode itself took to play out on UK television screens. So what did Steven, Warren and Chris think of the slow invasion of the world by an Ikea fever dream? Did they enjoy the emergence of a new generation of UNIT leadership or the strengthening of emotional bonds between the Doctor, the Ponds, and Pond Sr? Or did they think it was all a load of stapled-on Gallifreyan fairy tales s...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #328 - A Fistful of Kahlers

    Sep 16 2012

    Steven returns this week to the Radio Free Skaro fold after spending the previous week in a Doctor Who-less desolation in the form of the lakes area of Northern Wisconsin. A completely different desolate location (namely, Almeria, Spain) served as the backdrop of Episode Three of Series 7a of Doctor Who, A Town Called Mercy, a sharp-looking homage to the many spaghetti Westerns that were filmed in its environs. The Three Who Rule were surprisingly all on the same page when it comes to how well w...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #327 - Ankyl Socks

    Sep 09 2012

    With Steven quite literally in a Cabin In The Woods, cut off from much of humanity and completely ignorant of "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," it was up to Warren, Chris and special guest star Chip, the Two-Minute Time Lord, to hash out their feelings about thunder lizards, Egyptian queens and guest stars from the Potterverse. But it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows and puppy dogs and fluffy clouds and unicorns and... wait, where were we again? Oh yeah, Warren was forced to confront that which he hat...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #326 - Because We Need The Eggs

    Sep 02 2012

    New Doctor Who! Yes, Asylum of the Daleks marked the return of the good Doctor and his erstwhile companions for the first time since last Christmas, and in high style with quite literally EVERY DALEK EVER making an appearance. What did the Three Who Rule think of Asylum? You'll just have to tune in and find out, but suffice it to say their opinions were less than uniform. All this and Pond Life, an entirely too long rant about the BBC America specials, the universally beloved viewing figure reci...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #325 - Turn Me On, Deadman

    Aug 26 2012

    We're officially into the home stretch toward the return of Doctor Who. After leaving the launch date until late in the game, as the BBC likes to do, it was formalized this past week that Asylum of the Daleks will grace our screens on September 1 (unless you live in Australia). Jubilation and excitement abound, despite the short run of Series 7A, and The Three Who Rule look forward to sinking their teeth into Moffat's first proper Dalek story... next week. In the mean time, we still have the res...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #324 - Tinfoil Terrors

    Aug 19 2012

    With less than two weeks to go until new Doctor Who (maybe, possibly, nothing confirmed...) this week's news unsurprisingly revolved around both actual Series 7 news, like the screening of Asylum of the Daleks at the British Film Institute, and the spoilery spoler-free reviews of said screening by some of the UK's leading printed fishwrap merchants. Ticket sales for the upcoming NY screening of Asylum didn't go off quite so smoothly, leading the charges of heresy, treason, and bad sportsmanship ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #323 - The Mark of The Gatiss

    Aug 12 2012

    The summer time-wasting series winds down a bit with what's likely to be the final miniscope for a time. With New! Doctor! Who! on the horizon, The Three Who Rule look at the NuWho writing efforts of stalwart scribe Mark Gatiss, whose contributions to Doctor Who date back a couple decades. Gatiss has authored New Adventures, starred in fan videos, written for Big Finish, done Confidential voiceover work and so much more - not to mention penning a 50th anniversary special about the origins of our...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #322 - The Horse Eaters of Traken

    Aug 05 2012

    A bumper length episode of Radio Free Skaro awaits you this week! The lengthy news list contains a discussion on the new trailer for Series 7 that came out this past week, as well as speculation on what big name actor will be announced as a guest star! (Of course, by the time you all hear this, this information will be already out there, and we'll look like right idiots. Again.) After we cover some DVD news, we move on to our commentary for Tom Baker's penultimate story The Keeper of Traken, pos...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #321 - Wareing Thin

    Jul 29 2012

    Whenever anything from the Sylvester McCoy era is the focus of an episode of Radio Free Skaro, there is bound to be disagreement. Chris and Steven are usually staunch defenders of the Seventh Doctor; Warren, to be polite, not so much. But the stories that director Alan Wareing claimed stewardship of, "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy", "Ghost Light", and "Survival" cause all three of those who Rule to convey pretty firm opinions about not only the direction of said stories, but the overall succes...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #320 - Floriani Requiem

    Jul 22 2012

    The latter part of our commentary of the Tom Baker classic "The Seeds of Doom" dominates this week's episode of Radio Free Skaro as, once again, our friend Josh Zimon from The Memory Cheats joins us to talk over the dastardly exploits of the vile Harrison Chase. Before that, though, the Three Who Rule hash over last week's Comic-Con, serial dramas, bleeding sheep (possibly?), and the possible ennui that's setting in regarding the buildup to Series 7 of Doctor Who. It's a longer episode this week...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #319 - Where In Time Is Comic-Con San Diego?

    Jul 16 2012

    San Diego Comic-Con has become a huge event for the team behind Doctor Who, and this year is no different, with the cast and crew descending upon San Diego to promote the upcoming Series 7, believed to be premiering on BBC America (and most likely BBC One and SPACE) on Saturday, August 25! Stephen Prescott from the Mad Man With A Box podcast drops by to give us his report from the trenches at SDCC. Later, our old friend Josh Zimon (of The Memory Cheats fame) joins the Three Who Rule for the firs...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #318 - King's Landing

    Jul 08 2012

    With Chris away this week as he completes his move westward to Edmonton, the Three Who Rule welcomes occasional Fourth Ruler Neil Perryman of Adventures With The Wife in Space and Tachyon TV fame to talk about the works of Paddy Kingsland in the Miniscope. Kingsland provided many a memorable motif in a multitude of stories from Seasons 18-21, ranging stylistically from the morose melodies of "Logopolis" to the rock and roll riffs that backed up "Mawdryn Undead". Also discussed were the imminent ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #317 - Enter The WOTAN (36 Chambers)

    Jul 01 2012

    A bumper crop of news highlights this week's episode of RFS as the ramp-up to the new series of Doctor Who continues. San Diego Comic-Con talk, BFI premieres, and several new toys that will be filling the toy boxes and bookcases  of child and middle-aged nerd alike. And to top it off, we present our commentary of The War Machines, the 1966 serial that introduced us to the character of "Doctor Who" and a rather far fetched notion of computers connecting to each other across the world into some so...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #316 - SCIENCE!

    Jun 24 2012

    Christopher Hamilton Bidmead is a polarizing figure in Doctor Who fandom, with some hating his tenure as script editor and writer whilst others loved the shift he oversaw from clownish antics to more science-based storytelling. Where do the Three Who Rule stand on this vitally important matter? Why does Steven love Castrovalva? What is the Watcher, really? Why does Bidmead hate the TARDIS so much (or does he)? The answer, dear friends, is SCIENCE! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofre...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #315 - High On Your Own Supply

    Jun 17 2012

    The Radio Free Skaro time-wasting series continues with our commentary on a story that features baddies some might call borderline pornographic (goodness knows JNT did). Yes, it's the third part of The Trial of a Timelord, Terror of the Vervoids! Much time was spent discussing the directorial choices made in this less than stellar series of Doctor Who episodes, despite the Three Who Rule having previously done a Miniscope segment about director Chris Clough nearly three years ago (see episode #1...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #314 - The Keys of Martinus

    Jun 10 2012

    Derek Martinus directed six Doctor Who stories over the course of his career, the last one being 1970's Spearhead From Space. Much of his output from the 1960s, sadly, no longer exists in the BBC archives, so when it came time to discuss Martinus in the Miniscope this week, the Three Who Rule were presented with a problem: how do you talk about the visual aspect of Doctor Who episodes that exist today in audio form only? Well, no fear, as Luke from TMDWP is here, casting his expert eye upon some...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #313 - Wirrn Trouble Now

    Jun 03 2012

    This week's episode of Radio Free Skaro has unwittingly turned into a celebration of one-time Doctor Who producer Philip Hinchcliffe. Not only do the Three Who Rule provide commentary on the first Hinchcliffe story to air, 1975's iconic The Ark in Space, but it was also announced this past week that Hinchcliffe will be appearing at his first ever Gallifrey One convention in February of next year. So sit back and listen as we celebrate one of the finest eras in Doctor Who history that made the sh...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #312 - Eurosvision

    May 27 2012

    With the furore and fascination of Eurovision now over with (oh, the excitement! The whimsy!), the Three Who Rule turn their gaze towards one of the most prolific directors in the new series, Euros Lyn, in this week's Miniscope. Lyn was credited with directing an astonishing eleven episodes across nine stories, including some stunning work on Tooth and Claw, and some questionable decisions on the David Tennant/RTD finale The End of Time. Also discussed in this week's podcast is Radio Free Skaro'...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #311 - Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid

    May 19 2012

    The RFS team is scattered hither and yon this week with Steven in Madison, Wisconsin, and Warren scooping up cross-border deals in Seattle, but they still manage to crank out another episode of Radio Free Skaro for your listening delight. This week, Steven and Chris postulate on the news that was, including a discussion on the wonderful Tales of Television Centre documentary that aired on BBC Four this past week, but all of the Three Who Rule are there to commentate over the final three episodes...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #310 - Lesbian Spank Inferno

    May 13 2012

    It's a time of endings on this week's episode of Radio Free Skaro. Not only did the past week see the end of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill in their roles as the Ponds, at least as far as filming goes, it also saw the end of the Upper Boat studio being the home of Doctor Who. To cap it all off, the Three Who Rule talk all over the first four episodes of Inferno, the last story to (prominently) feature the frankly awesome Liz Shaw. But it's also a time for new beginnings as the announcement of t...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #309 - Silver Spoonerisms

    May 06 2012

    It might sound like an overstatement, but writer/script editor Dennis Spooner was one of the most important figures in the history of Doctor Who. He essentially created what is now referred to the "pseudo-historical", introduced comedy into Doctor Who as a more prominent feature, and basically created the many mannerisms of the Second Doctor, the characterization that would go on to influence all subsequent versions of The Doctor. In order to fully pay homage to Spooner, the Three Who Rule are j...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #308 - Next Stop: Aberdeen

    Apr 29 2012

    As a result of one of the lightest news weeks in recent memory in the worlds of Doctor Who, the Three Who Rule were allowed to devote their full attention to a commentary on Elisabeth Sladen's (first) finale in the classic series, namely 1976's "The Hand of Fear". Quarries, nuclear plants, Judith Paris in a sexy, skin tight rock costume, Rex Robinson's eyebrows - surely this story was a can't miss, epic conclusion to Sarah Jane Smith's tenure in the TARDIS, right? Well...at least there's that go...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #307 - Here's to The Future

    Apr 22 2012

    One of the more maligned contributors to worlds of Doctor Who over the years has been musician Keff McCulloch. Responsible for the final variation of the Doctor Who theme for the classic series, "Deaf Keff" (as some have dubbed him) also provided incidental music for half of the stories of the Sylvester McCoy era. Did McCulloch's rampant use of sampling keyboards and predilection for digital handclaps invite a torrent of scorn from The Three Who Rule? McCulloch is the subject in this episode's M...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #306 - XYP-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

    Apr 15 2012

    With only slightly more news than the most unnewsiest Radio Free Skaro ever, the Three Who Rule pretty much get right to this week's commentary, blathering all over the (somewhat) unfairly maligned Nightmare of Eden. In a story that tackles some pretty dark and adult subjects like drug abuse, and featuring outlandish faux-German accents at the same time, Shaun Lyon, Program Director for the Gallifrey One convention, joined in the festivities, as it is his hands-down favorite Who story, and a sto...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #305 - Richard Clark's New New York's Rockin' Eve

    Apr 08 2012

    On the same weekend that The Doctor's Wife, along with The Girl Who Waited and A Good Man Goes To War, was nominated for a Hugo Award, it was fitting that we discuss the assorted works of that episode's director, Richard Clark, in the Miniscope. The Three Who Rule also give a good going over to the other three episodes that Clark helmed, namely Gridlock, The Lazarus Experiment, and Night Terrors, all the while comparing Clark to such diverse geniuses as Stanley Kubrick and George Martin. Also, a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #304 - Flay Otters

    Apr 01 2012

    The Three Who Rule enjoy another slow news week with excess meanderings, needlessly extending the length of this week's instalment... however a slow news week coupled with a Classic Series commentary is a good thing. The lads turn their gaze to talking over the *cough* David Agnew *cough* masterpiece City of Death, heralded by Doctor Who fans as one of the best stories of our beloved show. Or at least as the highlight of Season 17. Ribald jokes and insightful analyses are paired like a meal with...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #303 - The Writer's Tales

    Mar 25 2012

    After a couple of quiet weeks on the news front, we were treated to a bumper crop of topics worthy of discussion on this episode of Radio Free Skaro. Not only were we introduced to the next companion in the form of Jenna-Louise Coleman, but the official Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff gave us a new trailer for Series 7 and so much more, as told to us by our new friend Phil Cannon from the Who's He Podcast who attended the convention and had a grand time. And as if that wasn't enough, we present...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #302 - Eat Your Soup

    Mar 18 2012

    The Three Who Rule are slightly in tatters this week with Warren away in the Deep South and Chris fighting a cold that would easily fell the entire population of a space ark that left Earth in the 57th Segment of Time, Monoids included! Fortunately, all is quiet on the news front again this week as the world of Doctor Who is focused internally on actually making new episodes for broadcast in the fall. As a result, we turn to the past again as Steven, Warren, and Chris commentate over the final t...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #301 - Some More of Benton's Greatest Mistakes

    Mar 11 2012

    A slow news week happily coincides with an otherwise jam-packed episode of Radio Free Skaro; this week the lads bring not one but two features to you dear listener! We've got an interview with "Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock" producer Simon Harris as well as the first foray back into the Classic Commentary Series with The Three Who Rule babbling overtop the first half of the Jon Pertwee story "The Mind Of Evil". Not all is rosy in the Whoniverse, however, as we also mourn the passing of Philip M...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #300 - Build High For Happiness

    Mar 04 2012

    After five and a half years of middling Doctor Who talk and wildly inaccurate discussion about the programme and those who create it, The Three Who Rule reach the amazing milestone of their 300th episode of Radio Free Skaro. It's been an epic ride from virtual obscurity for our first two years of existence to where we are today, and what better way to celebrate this event than the return of the Miniscope! In this instalment, we discuss the work of minor director Nicholas Mallett, whose Doctor Wh...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #299 - Star Trek XII: So Very Tired

    Feb 26 2012

    Gally is over for another year. While the Three Who Rule briefly reminisce about the glory that was Gallifrey One's Network 23 in this episode of Radio Free Skaro, it's back to normal for podcaster and listener alike for the next few months - at least until next year's The 24 Hours of Gallifrey One, or y'know, until the new series of Doctor Who starts in the autumn. To help us get back into the swing of things, we present to you a commentary on the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas special, The Doctor, ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #298 - Knights of Jaffa

    Feb 21 2012

    Our Gallifrey One coverage concludes for another year as we chat with some gentlemen who played integral roles in launching Doctor Who in the 1960s and 1990s. First up, Ian Chesterton, Sir Ian, Knight of Jaffa himself, the amazing William Russell joins Steven and Ken Deep in reminiscing about what Doctor Who and TV production in general was like in the early days of the programme. Following that, An Unearthly Child and Marco Polo director Waris Hussein outlines his role in helping to create the ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #297 - No More Janus Thorns

    Feb 20 2012

    Radio Free Skaro dives into history with Gallifrey 2012 guests starting with Louise Jameson, otherwise known as the beautiful savage Leela, Louise was an absolute delight to talk to about her tenure on the program and her many other roles, ranging from Shakespeare to soaps and everything in between. We went further back in time with Michael Troughton, the author of a new biography about his father, Patrick Troughton and then lurched forward again to speak with Richard Franklin, who played the re...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #296 - Cleaning Up The Corn Field

    Feb 19 2012

    Day Two of Gally! And what a day of behind the scenes luminaries it was, with Doctor Who director Richard Senior ("Let's Kill Hitler"), writer Simon Guerrier and the inestimable Steve Roberts of the Doctor Who Restoration Team rounding out the behind the scenes chatter. Plus the delightful mendicants from the Pharos Project stopped by to drink, swear and occasionally form a sentence. Drunktastic! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #295 - Radio Free Skaro and The World of Tomorrow

    Feb 18 2012

    Gallifrey Live Show! For only the second time (and the first in the main ballroom), the Three Who Rule entertained the huddled Earth masses in attendance at the Gallifrey One convention on Los Angeles with ribaldry, shenanigans and interviews with Who luminaries such as Camille Coduri, Simon Fisher-Becker, Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards, director Toby Haynes and ingenue Gary Russell, who we predict will go onto great things. Also, Chip gives a sterling and much lauded onstage presentation of his...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #294 - The Dog Days Are Over

    Feb 17 2012

    The annual meet up of Doctor Who podcasters at Gallifrey One forms the backbone of this, the first of Radio Free Skaro's episodes covering the convention. Among our friends joining us is Simon Harries, late of Tachyon TV and attending his first Gally since 2010, and Josh Zimon, long time listener and now first time guest representing, along with Eric Escamilla, the Mostly Harmless Cutaway podcast. Topics discussed were the differences in popularity of Doctor Who in North America and in the UK, h...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #293 - Occupy Gallifrey

    Feb 12 2012

    GALLY! It's the most wonderful time of the year once again, a glorious three-days-to-a-week where thousands of Doctor Who fans descend on the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles and bathe in glorious nerdery (and also sip a snifter of port on occasion.)  Our annual tradition is to run through the convention schedule before we arrive, glossing over panels that we know nothing about (cosplay, crafts, Buffy fandom and  Gay Agendas) and lionizing panels we think are cool (Steve Roberts, stuff we're moderat...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #292 - Amok Time

    Feb 05 2012

    At long last, Radio Free Skaro's time-filling series of Series 6 commentaries comes to an end with the Three Who Rule talking over "The Wedding of River Song". They manage to keep vaguely on topic, perhaps a tough task given their general ennui towards the Series 6 finale which contained so many twists and turns that everything pretty much wrapped up where it was expected to. Still, a good time was had by all, and with the commentaries now done, the countdown officially begins toward the greates...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #291 - That Which Survives

    Jan 29 2012

    A simple commentary about "Closing Time," which gave the Three Who Rule ample time to discuss the great chemistry between Matt Smith and guest star James Corden, instead devolved into a simply rancid discussion on babies and their propensity to poop on this episode of Radio Free Skaro. Our choice of topic says more about us than it does about the episode at hand, which was a delightful romp penned by Gareth Roberts and not at all a treatise on infants and their digestive habits. But leaving the ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #290 - Whom Gods Destroy

    Jan 22 2012

    Ah, that's the January we remember. The Christmas Special aired weeks ago, it's a long time until new Doctor Who (even longer than usual) and there's really not too much going on in the Who world. But there's always Gallifrey! A bit of Gally news and banter helps, well, fill more time in our time-filling series of commentaries. The Three Who Rule lads get the privilege of being able to announce another guest for our live show, Radio Free Skaro and the World of Tomorrow and rehash Toby Whithouse'...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #289 - Errand of Mercy

    Jan 15 2012

    Gallifrey One, the massive and amazing annual fan-run Doctor Who convention, is rapidly approaching and we take some time to talk to Program Director Shaun Lyon about the recently-released convention schedule and to formally announce details of our live show - Radio Free Skaro And The World Of Tomorrow! As Gallifrey One's official podcast, we'll open the convention and will be joined on stage by actress Camille Coduri, director Toby Haynes, jack-of-all-trades Barnaby Edwards and jack-of-even-mor...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #288 - Friday's Child

    Jan 08 2012

    Despite January usually being a lean time for news of things Who, this week was chock full of factoids and quasi-related marginalia for the Three Who Rule to ponder and prognosticate upon. Of course all seriousness went out the window with a commentary on "Night Terrors," which such weighty matters discussed as watching Battlestar Galactica (the old one) and Star Wars (the old, good one) on French television, lack of consistency in doll house detailing, and of course the...nutritional habits of ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #287 - The Man Trap

    Jan 01 2012

    As 2011 draws to a close and the Three Who Rule look forward to 2012 and the next series of Doctor Who - whenever the heck it ends up being transmitted - and also deliver their commentary for the Series 6.2 opener, Let's Kill Hitler. We'll see if it stands the test of time or not, mad ride that it is. And in real-life news, hearty congratulations go out to former Doctor David Tennant and former Doctor's "daughter" Georgia Moffett on their nuptials! Now calm down, fangirls. Just. Calm. Down. Che...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #286 - The Knaves of Androzani

    Dec 26 2011

    Christmas has come and gone for another year, and Santa Claus has delivered another Doctor Who special for us all to devour like so much poorly digested turkey. Steven Moffat's The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe certainly wasn't the centrepiece of a holiday feast for the Three Who Rule, but more of a side dish of undercooked mashed potatoes that failed to elicit any strong reaction from any of the Three. Even multiple references to that most treasured of classic Who stories, The Caves of And...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #285 - The Menagerie

    Dec 18 2011

    With just a week to go until the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special, the Three Who Rule cast their eyes back to a simpler time, before River Song was related to the Ponds and when a baby could turn into a puddle of goo and still be broadcast pre-watershed. Yes, "A Good Man Goes to War" was our commentary this week, with all the usual off-topic and off-color discussion you've come to know and somewhat tolerate. Add chatter of our live show at Gallifrey 2012 (two months from now!), news of departin...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #284 - The Enemy Within

    Dec 11 2011

    What started out as just another day with just another Radio Free Skaro episode rapidly ballooned into a furor of hype and rumour and finally confirmation as the BBC announced that two Classic Doctor Who episodes had been returned to their archives. There were other things happening in the world of Who, like some DVD news, a rather cool prequel to the upcoming Christmas Special, and even the Global iPlayer going beyond the confines of the iPad, but really, what could hold a candle to the news of...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #283 - Deep Dish

    Dec 04 2011

    A bumper crop of fantastic interviews highlights this week’s episode of Radio Free Skaro! Steven, our man in…er…Chicago managed to talk to Mark Sheppard about his lifelong passion for Doctor Who and his desire to return to the show, Benjamin Cook talks about his experiences writing The Writer’s Tale with Russell T Davies, Nick Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery discuss Tom Baker’s long awaited return to the role of The Doctor (in audio form), as well as say all that they can about the upcoming projec...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #282 - My Kind Of Town

    Nov 27 2011

    With Steven special corresponding from Chicago TARDIS, and with The Doctor Who Book Club's Erik joining the Three Who Rule to offer his trenchant insights on fannish Who goings-on, this episode is chock full of things in the American Mid-West that involve a Doctor Who convention. Such things include an interview with Peter Davison, an RFS first, even if he's Doctor the Fifth. Of course it wouldn't be an episode of Radio Free Skaro without the usual news, sardonic analysis and nerdery. Enjoy! Ch...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #281 - Mirror, Mirror

    Nov 20 2011

    It’s Doctor Who Day! Well, if you’re reading this on November 23rd, 2011, at any rate. But even if you aren’t, the Three Who Rule have a jam-packed show for you with not only a surprisingly packed news list but also an interview with Bill Stanley. Who is this Bill Stanley, you ask? Well, for a sizable number of older North American Whovians, PBS was the only place one could see the good Doctor’s adventures during their formative years, and Bill Stanley was the program director for Spokane PBS af...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #280 - The Devil In The Dark

    Nov 13 2011

    The dark cloud from last week's pirate adventure has lifted and The Three Who Rule are able to take solace in blathering over one of the best-received episodes of Doctor Who from this past series. The Doctor's Wife gets the commentary treatment, and - short story even shorter - it's just as well-loved this time around as when we first saw it half a year ago. Also, as we start to gear our brains toward conventions such as Chicago TARDIS and Gallifrey One, we sink our teeth into some details about...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #279 - Shore Leave

    Nov 06 2011

    Well, it had to come to this eventually - a slow news week and a duff episode of Doctor Who to be commented on both occurring on the same episode of Radio Free Skaro. With little in the way of actual news to discuss, the Three Who Rule instead bandied about their mostly positive experiences while playing the new Doctor Who Adventure game, The Gunpowder Plot. And with equally little in the way of actual good Doctor Who, the Three meandered into discussions about Justin Bieber and the films of dir...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #278 - Assignment: Earth

    Oct 30 2011

    Doctor Who commentaries continue here on Radio Free Skaro, with The Three Who Rule taking a look at the conclusion to the Series 6 opener, Day of the Moon. What glorious insights are offered into this spooky episode? (Answer: probably none.) What heinous tangential ramblings occur during this episode? (Answer: probably many.) The news of the week has bits on Children in Need, DVDs, fictitious awards, games, books and more! Halloween or not, join us in your favourite fairy princess outfit and hav...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #277 - Let That be Your Last Battlefield

    Oct 23 2011

    The time has finally arrived for The Three Who Rule to cast their eyes back on Series 6 of Doctor Who via their annual commentary series. Things kick off with, of course, The Impossible Astronaut, as the lads talk over what they felt to be one of the best opening episodes for any series of NuWho... and as ever, rarely staying on topic. But for every beginning there's an ending as the last ever episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures graced the small screen this past week, and things just won't be ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #276 - The Gathering

    Oct 16 2011

    As the Doctor Who dead time continues, The Three Who Rule brought together some of our esteemed podcasting colleagues to talk about the series that were for Doctor Who and Torchwood: Miracle Day. We welcome the Sigmas from The Ood Cast, Luke from TMDWP and Kyle from Nerdist.com and hash over what did and didn’t work for us and, of course, tackle the week’s news – or lack thereof – and talk about the penultimate installment of The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Curse of Clyde Langer. Join us, won’t y...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #275 - Until We Meet Again, Sarah

    Oct 09 2011

    The world of Doctor Who has entered the dark times. With no new episodes of our beloved show until Christmas, The Three Who Rule are forced to delve into their bag of tricks this week. And what do they find in the bag? Why, it’s a new interview with The Sarah Jane Adventures head writer, Phil Ford! Join us as we talk with Phil about the new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures along with the next Doctor Who Adventure Game, The Gunfighter… er, Gunpowder Plot, and of course talk about some memories...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #274 - And When I Turned Around, They Were All Wearing Eyepatches

    Oct 02 2011

    Silence! (Silents?) Timey-wimey! River Song getting hitched! “The Wedding of River Song” had it all, including a moving tribute to the Brig. But did the various parts mesh together into a satisfying whole, or did the Three Who Rule think otherwise? The sudden demise of Doctor Who Confidential was also hashed over in great detail, with some division on the reasons and consequences of losing a window into the behind the scenes goings-on of our favorite television program. Stats, toys, t-shirts, ex...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #273 - The Oncoming Stormageddon

    Sep 25 2011

    The penultimate episode of Series 6 featured the return of one of the great Doctor-companion teams that never happened. Matt Smith and James Corden, so perfectly matched in 2010's "The Lodger", reunited to amuse and delight in Gareth Roberts's wonderful follow-up "Closing Time", a story about which the Three Who Rule were unanimous in their opinion. The Cybermen also returned and were promptly dispensed with, but who cares about them, really? Also discussed in this podcast: the inevitable rapid-...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #272 - Nimon Sci-Fi Con

    Sep 18 2011

    A minotaur, a question of fear and faith, and a turning point for the Doctor and his companions...not to mention a surreal hotel from Hell! The God Complex went under the RFS microscope this week, with a smattering of opinion both favourable and somewhat less so. Add a giant brick wall o' stats, a Sarah Jane launch date, some new guests for Gallifrey 2012, and an interview with "The Girl Who Waited" scribe Tom MacRae, and you've got yourself an audio file of approximately an hour in length!Check...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #271 - Heeeeey Macarena!

    Sep 11 2011

    The Girl Who Waited was, to varying degrees, praised by the Three Who Rule as one of the best episodes (if not THE best, according to Warren) of this season, with acclaim for the direction, the visuals, the timey-wimey-ness, and most of all for Karen Gillan's double performance as herself and...herself. But wait! Torchwood: Miracle Day also wrapped up its 10 episode run with rockginas, immortals, f-bombs, and Oswald Danes doing what he does best: making the blood of civilized folk curdle. Add a ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #270 - Dolls Polyphony

    Sep 04 2011

    Fear Her, one of the lesser appreciated stories in the Doctor Who oeuvre, isn’t a story that the Three Who Rule reasoned (or hoped) would ever be brought up again in Doctor Who, but all three of your intrepid hosts got a distinct Chloe Webber/scribble monster/suburban England vibe from Mark Gatiss’s Night Terrors. That isn’t to say that they didn’t enjoy it, though. Also up for discussion was Episode 9 of Torchwood: Miracle Day, The Gathering, as that series hurdles, or stumbles, to its conclusi...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #269 - Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr Hitler?

    Aug 28 2011

    Doctor Who is back! After what seemed equally both a long summer and a short summer, Doctor Who has returned to our screens with Let's Kill Hitler -- and of course the Three Who Rule were all over the episode to deliver their review. But wait, there's more! Torchwood is still making its way toward the end of Miracle Day, so of course the lads throw in their two cents about End of the Road. What do they think about these new offerings from the Whoniverse? Lastly, along with the usual news and sta...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #268 - Half Way To Gallifrey

    Aug 21 2011

    It was quite a week in the many worlds of Doctor Who, headlined by a phenomenal Torchwood episode, the press screening for the return of Doctor Who in Let’s Kill Hitler, and a monumental Hugo Award win for the editors and publishers of one of our favourite books, Chicks Dig Time Lords. And on top of all that, it is precisely six months until Gallifrey One’s Network 23, so we have a feature chat with Gallifrey One Program Director Shaun Lyon. Full speed ahead! Check out the show notes at http://...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #267 - The UNIT Dating Controversy

    Aug 14 2011

    Torchwood continues its Miracle Day run with episode 6 and the lads sink their teeth into... well, there's not much to sink their teeth into this week, is there? Nevertheless, rampant mastication of the worthy bits kills some time as we wait for more Doctor Who and for Torchwood to do something... anything. Also, lamentably, the Summer Classic Commentary Series comes to the end as the Three Who Rule tackle The Invasion's latter episodes with their usual flare and panache and with the able assist...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #266 - Absence of the Cybermen

    Aug 07 2011

    Can summer be winding down already? It seems so, and along with Torchwood: Miracle Day hitting the halfway mark in its run with another bang up episode (according to the Three Who Rule, who seem to be one of the few Who podcasts out there who are actually enjoying the series), the Summer Classic Commentary Series begins to wind down, as well. This week, Radio Free Skaro’s take on Episodes 1-4 of the 1968-69 epic The Invasion, which may or may not feature the Cybermen. Oh, and the return of new D...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #265 - Snakes and Ladders

    Jul 31 2011

    More Torchwood (it's still good!) and more stats (they're still numbers!) and more news and a whole lot of blathering about Christopher Bailey's Snakedance populate this episode of Radio Free Skaro as the Summer Classic Commentary series continues! The lads take a turn at fashion advice as the return of The Mara is talked over and as ever walk the line of decency as the notion of men in dresses gets a thorough investigation. Allons-y! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #264 - Days Of Holy Moses

    Jul 25 2011

    Torchwood talk continues to lead the way this summer as The Three Who Rule take a look at the third episode of Miracle Day, Dead of Night… and what do the lads think of it? In the news this week there’s talk of the new Doctor Who boots filler, the goings-on of the Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con, action figure and DVD updates and of course the requisite stats. Blobby! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #263 - The Theremin Therein

    Jul 17 2011

    Torchwood continued to charm its way into the boudoir of the Three Who Rule this week as the second episode of Miracle Day hit American and Canadian shores. Then our heroes tackled those loveable rapscallions of the deep, the Sea Devils, with the conclusion of the commentary on said story. All this and stats, news, musings and a Gally announcement concerning the good ship RFS! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #262 - News Of The New World

    Jul 10 2011

    Two years since Torchwood was last seen on the TV and computer screens in the brilliant “Children of Earth”, the series returned this past weekend on Starz and SPACE (and, soon, BBC One) with the first installment of the ten-part epic “Miracle Day”. And what an assured debut it was, too, with plenty of action and intrigue to go around with some whimsical japes thrown in for good measure. In addition to this, we have the first of our Summer Classic Commentary series (an event so noteworthy that w...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #261 - The Torch-Ood Institute

    Jul 03 2011

    It’s Miracle Day! No, not that Torchwood series due to begin soon… the miracle is the fact The Three Who Rule are actually excited to watch Torchwood! To celebrate what we derisively once dubbed Torchwood: USA, the Radio Free Skaro lads invite Chris Sigma from The Ood Cast, who was fortunate enough to attend the London premiere of Miracle Day, to join the fun and present a spoiler-free look at what to expect from this new series. And the best part of all is you, dear listener, are not subjected ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #260 - Transmission Of Matter Through Unincorporated Time

    Jun 26 2011

    We’ve got a nice treat this week: a chat with Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?, editors of Time Unincorporated 3, a collection of fan writings about the new series of Doctor Who. And on top of that, there’s a Torchwood-heavy news list as the premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day is now less than two weeks away…depending on which continent you live on, that is. And could it be? Blue Doctor Who? Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #259 - Blood Upon The Sawdust

    Jun 19 2011

    So fill up your glasses With the Three Who Rule As they try to convince you That The Gunfighters is cool With their friends Ed and Toby Good times will be soon Till there's blood upon the sawdust in "The Last Chance" Saloon. Along with news and discussion (Is Doctor Who really doomed?) When there's blood on the sawdust in "The Last Chance" Saloon. Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #258 - A Demonstration of Tachyonics

    Jun 12 2011

    With the end of Series 6.1 comes a time for reflection… and what better way to genuflect than with two of the members of Tachyon TV, Neil Perryman and John Williams? Fresh off “A Good Man Goes to War,” the houses of Tachyon and Skaro offered their (somewhat surprisingly) sunny and pleasant feelings towards the last batch of Who stories we’ll see until the fall, as well as digressing about Neil’s ongoing Adventures With the Wife in Space blog (read by none other than Doctor Who production team he...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #257 - Springtime for Hitler

    Jun 05 2011

    The first half of Series 6 of Doctor Who concluded with a surprisingly straightforward episode, yet populated with many varied and different revelations and cliffhangers that will, we're told, change the game as we know it. Such was "A Good Man Goes To War", an episode that was liked by each of the Radio Free Skaro triumvirate, although some liked it more than others... The Three Who Rule also discussed the news of the week and outlined their exciting plans for June before Torchwood: Miracle Day...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #256 - State of Play-Doh

    May 29 2011

    The Almost People, part 2 of the sentient play-doh saga initiated last week with The Rebel Flesh, proved to be only quasi-compelling to the RFS lads. Indifference shifted to both gasps of astonishment and grumblings of unhappiness at the "game-changing" cliffhanger to this week's festivities...and we still have A Good Man Goes to War to look forward to next week (or the week after that, SPACE and BBC America viewers.) In the meantime, stats were examined, asteroid-eating goats invented, and Jour...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #255 - Lots Of Planets Have A North

    May 22 2011

    Fear Her is a story not well beloved by most Who fans (one RFS host being the notable exception), but Life on Mars is near universally praised. Since both were written by Matthew Graham, the writer of this week’s “The Rebel Flesh,” the Three Who Rule didn’t know what to expect as they sat down to view this latest adventure of the Doctor and his companions. What did the Three Who Rule think of Graham’s apology for Fear Her? You’ll just have to listen to find out! Check out the show notes at http...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #254 - Trouble and Strife

    May 15 2011

    In one of most keenly anticipated Doctor Who episode in some time, legendary fantasy writer Neil Gaiman finally got the keys to the TARDIS and presented us with gloriously affectionate love letter to Doctor Who, the series that he has adored since before time itself. The Doctor’s Wife was one of the more unique stories ever presented, yet its heart (or hearts) was in the right place. What did The Three Who Rule think, you may well ask? Listen in to find out… Check out the show notes at http://w...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #253 - Yarrr's Revenge

    May 08 2011

    It's a pirate party, and yarrr all invited as The Three Who Rule take a look at the latest Doctor Who offering, The Curse of the Black Spot. The boys hash through the highs, lows and plethora of middles of this breath of fresh air between the Series 6 two-part opener and Neil Gaiman's sure-to-be-awesome-but-dark episode 4, always keeping the goals of stats and public safety in sight. Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #252 - Don't You (Forget About Me)

    May 01 2011

    The opening two-parter of Series 6 has now concluded, but what did The Three Who Rule think of Day of the Moon? Did it hold up after the corker we had in the shape of episode 1? Did it answer the questions we had? Did it ask more questions? Most importantly, what were the viewing figures like, and at what point would they drive Warren to commit unspeakable acts? One thing is for sure – this series of Doctor Who is shaping up to be like no other that came before it. Check out the show notes at h...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #251 - Have You Met Miss Smith?

    Apr 24 2011

    It was a week of wildly mixed emotions in the world of Doctor Who. Anticipation for the (staggeringly good) Series 6 premiere, The Impossible Astronaut, was stopped dead in its tracks by the tragic passing of Elisabeth Sladen – Sarah Jane Smith herself and companion extraordinaire to us all. The Three Who Rule heap praise on both The Impossible Astronaut and Sladen during this episode; hopefully we do justice in celebrating their many respective merits. Check out the show notes at http://www.ra...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #250 - Sowing The Seeds of Death

    Apr 17 2011

    With less than a week to go until New! Doctor! Who! The Three Who Rule delved into the distant past via the works of Brian Hayles, creator of the Ice Warriors, Luddite, and gentleman scholar, in what will likely be the last Miniscope for quite some time. Of course it wouldn’t be RFS without the latest news, analysis, and off-color banter about Rory in a Roman outfit, all of which were copiously present. Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #249 - Cary on Tristram

    Apr 10 2011

    For the first time in what seems like a very long while, the Three Who Rule tackle a Miniscope segment all on their own without the aid of a special (and probably much better informed) guest. The subject? Musician Tristram Cary, whose moody melodies and bouncy ballads helped underscore many a 1960s Doctor Who serial. Even the most taciturn of individuals could find something to say about Cary's iconic work. And if that wasn't enough to fill an episode, there's a bundle of press launch news from ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #248 - Special Kay

    Apr 03 2011

    A week after Radio Free Skaro’s thorough examination of Doctor Who’s long and storied history in Canada, the Three Who Rule take a hard left turn into the realm of Norman Kay, composer of three stories from Doctor Who’s embryonic years, as his work was the subject of talk in this week’s Miniscope. To help in the discussion (or basically lead), Radio Free Skaro’s own GetGlue guru Emily Kausilik, a noted music expert in her own right, was brought in to offer her expertise on not only Kay’s music, ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #247 - The Who North Strong And Free

    Mar 27 2011

      The Three Who Rule donned their toques, broke out the stubbies and poured maple syrup all over their first ever, long-past-due episode examining and celebrating Doctor Who in their home and native land, Canada (aka America Jr.). All in a very polite way, of course. With Canuck Who luminaries such as SPACE Channel’s Mark Askwith, Graeme Burk and Mike Doran on hand to lead us through the past, present and future of the Doctor on Canadian TV (and off), it’s fair to say we were as enthused as bunc...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #246 - Phantom of the Optera

    Mar 20 2011

    After an almost three month wait, there was some new Doctor Who content to discuss in the form of two short scenes written for the BBC's Red Nose Day coverage. As well, news hit the wire we'll be getting a little extra Who in the form of prequel mini-episodes for a few Series 6 stories. Such an occasion always attracts guests, so Luke from TMDWP drops in to share his two cents, while also ably aiding the Three Who Rule in slicing, dicing and dissecting the Doctor Who career of director Richard M...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #245 - The Howell Around Effect

    Mar 13 2011

    The Miniscope returns to Radio Free Skaro this week, but with a twist. Instead of the subject being chosen randomly, musician Peter Howell’s work was specifically chosen for discussion, and instead of a discussion, why not interview the man himself? So, in tandem with Dr. Phillip Serna of Adventures in Time, Space, and Music, Steven got to talk to one of his early musical heroes about his many varied scores for Doctor Who from 1980-1985. Also, news and many fact corrections from the week before....more

  • Radio Free Skaro #244 - Beth Willis' Boots

    Mar 06 2011

    A week later than intended, the Three Who Rule dive into a commentary this episode with a re-watch of the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special "A Christmas Carol". Does it still hold up? Is it Christmassy enough? Too Christmassy? Has the shark won any more fans over? So many questions. Also, news of the week is hashed about, with particular attention paid to some forthcoming DVD releases. Also, boots are mentioning in passing, along with Beth Willis.   Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofr...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #243 - Five Rounds Rapid

    Feb 27 2011

    The world of Doctor Who lost one of its icons this past week, and all fans are mourning the passing of our beloved Brigadier, Nicholas Courtney. The highs from Gallifrey came crashing down as the news of Courtney’s death hit earlier in the week, and it was only fitting that a Courtney tribute episode be recorded. We welcomed Doctor Who script editor, New Adventures author and Doctor Who Magazine editor, Big Finish producer and life-long Doctor Who fan Gary Russell on the show to reminisce about ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #242 - This Is Gallifrey

    Feb 22 2011

    Radio Free Skaro’s coverage of Gallifrey One: Catch 22 wraps up with a tasty triumvirate of interviews with Doctor Who production manager and producer Tracie Simpson, Adric himself, Matthew Waterhouse, and Mad Norwegian Press head publisher Lars Pearson. Thanks to everyone who we talked to over the course of the weekend, and thanks to all of you for listening. We hope you enjoyed the shows!   Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #241 - Torch Songs

    Feb 21 2011

    With the 2011 edition of Gallifrey One over half over, the Three Who Rule were still hard at work bringing you interviews with tremendously interesting people at the convention. Torchwood: Miracle Day is keenly discussed with writers Jane Espenson and Doris Egan, and the music of Doctor Who, specifically Murray Gold, was discussed with music scholars Emily Kausilik and Mikaela Schubert. Also joining us for the fun are our good friends Eric from Mostly Harmless Cutaway and Sean from Tardis Tavern...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #240 - Revenge of the Nerdist

    Feb 20 2011

    Day three of the annual Gallifrey One coverage continues with a kick-ass treat. The Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick, stopped by for a chat with the Three Who Rule. The fun doesn't stop there though as we also talk to Kyle Anderson, lead Doctor Who blogger on The Nerdist website. Enjoy your burrito!   Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #239 – Radio Free Skaro in 3-D

    Feb 19 2011

    Behold Radio Free Skaro’s first ever live show at Gallifrey: Radio Free Skaro in 3-D! Along with special guests Gareth Roberts, Clayton Hickman, Joss Agnew, James Moran, and (Friend of the Show) Phil Ford, the Three Who Rule fought off stage fright to delight and entertain a room full of their new best friends, and hopefully a good few of you who weren’t able to make it to Gallifrey. Thanks to all for a fab time!   Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com 

  • Radio Free Skaro #238 - The Lobby Was The Time

    Feb 18 2011

    Gallifrey One is in full swing and the first of the daily Radio Free Skaro was screaming out to be released. Of course, being the first episode for Gally it can mean only one thing – PODCEST! The topic of the day was the convention, naturally, and a Warrenless crew comprised of Chip from Two-minute Time Lord, Eric from Mostly Harmless Cutaway, Tim from Tim’s Take On, Erik from Bridging The Rift, Paul from Pharos Project and Katrina from Bridging The Rift joined Steven and Chris for a round table...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #237 - Road to Gallifrey

    Feb 13 2011

    The Three Who Rule have set aside the Richard Martin miniscope for now so the focus of this week's episode can be the upcoming Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles. Gally mania ramps up to fever level as the lads talk panels, podcasts and poltroonery. News of the week rounds things out, even delving into the mostly foreign world of Big Finish! Regularly scheduled programming gets accelerated in a few days time as daily podcasts from Gallifrey One begin, so remember to check your feed more oft...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #236 - Brave Heart, Teague

    Feb 06 2011

    As the countdown to Gallifrey One continues (less than two weeks away!), the Three Who Rule tumble in to the collected works of director Colin Teague in this week's instalment of the Miniscope. Despite Teague's opprobrious epithet, the Three were pleasantly surprised at his directorial skill which constantly shone over some of the written inspiration he had to work with. Also dealt with was the news of the week, featuring all three hosts blanking on the duties of a recently added Gallifrey One g...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #235 - The More, The Guerriers

    Jan 30 2011

    A very busy week in the world of Doctor Who — including big DVD news and disappointing results at a certain fictitious awards show — is capped off in this latest installment of Radio Free Skaro by not only our look at director Keith Boak in the miniscope but also a visit with Simon & Thomas Guerrier. The Guerriers are responsible for some recent and upcoming bonus material on Classic Doctor Who DVD releases and we talk with the brothers about some of them, especially their award-nominated Race A...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #234 - Grimwade's Syndrome

    Jan 23 2011

    Gally news, casting details, and not-LEGO Doctor Who figures....all of which prefigured the cogent analysis and detailed examination of the (Doctor Who) career of one Peter Grimwade, one of the few polymaths to both write and direct for Doctor Who. With highlights such as Earthshock and lowlights like Time-Flight, Grimwade's output was grist for the mill of the Three Who Rule.   Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #233 - Wayward Saward

    Jan 16 2011

    DVDs and Series 6 news were the order of the day as the 2011 DVD release schedule was unveiled this past week in Doctor Who Magazine, and boy howdy are there some puzzling combinations of stories into box sets. The upcoming series of Doctor Who gets a bit of a different look with a newly-announced writer and a shuffling in the order of episodes, and there's even a bit of a natter about Doctor Who Magazine's list of who to follow on Twitter (hint: we're on that list, nudge nudge). A look at contr...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #232 - Hooked on Radiophonics

    Jan 09 2011

    Setting the wayback machine all the way… um, back… to Radio Free Skaro #230 you’ll remember the lads had the Randomizer throw them a curve ball in the shape of Dick Mills as a miniscope subject. As those familiar with the sound design of Doctor Who are aware, Mills is the most-credited person on the show thanks to his long tenure with the Radiophonic Workshop. Where to begin? What to discuss? The only answer was to bring in a ringer in the form of Radiophonic Workshop archivist and Doctor Who co...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #231 - Son of Masters

    Jan 02 2011

    The first Radio Free Skaro episode of 2011 features the return of the popular Miniscope segments (well, some of you liked them in the past, anyhow) wherein the Three Who Rule discuss the works of a particular writer, director, or some other behind the scenes person in their careers on Doctor Who. Dick Mills, the initial subject for this episode, was bumped to next week (about more later), so Series 3 director Charles Palmer became a last minute subject. How did his efforts rate with your intrepi...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #230 - Shark Bless Us, Everyone

    Dec 26 2010

    2010 was a great year for Doctor Who, and it was capped off by what all three hosts of Radio Free Skaro (and many, many others on the internet) consider to be the finest Doctor Who Christmas Special to date. A Christmas Carol had it all - strong story, superb writing, great performances, and was never in danger of jumping the very rickshaw pulling shark that featured several times in the episode. The Three Who Rule discuss all of this and more with great gusto, and give a few hints of their podc...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #229 - With A Little Help From My Friends

    Dec 19 2010

    The stream of commentaries that the Three Who Rule have been unleashing upon the world for the past several months finally concludes with their real-time review of the Series 5 finale The Big Bang. And what an episode to go out on, all three were as admiring of the story as they were when it first went out in June and nothing has changed in the mean time. Also of note, this is Warren's last episode from China, a nation whose internet connection is almost as dodgy as its human rights record. Next...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #228 - Helter Skelter

    Dec 12 2010

    The Pandorica Opens was the focus of most of this episode of Radio Free Skaro, thanks to a light news week. Good thing, too, as Pandorica was another triumph from Series 5, featuring many power mad conspirators - Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen - gathering together to fight their greatest enemy, The Doctor. Such a visual feast put the Three Who Rule in danger of becoming transfixed on what they were watching, but they managed to mostly steer clear of the silence for the time being. Ah, yes. The Sile...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #227 - A Day In The Life

    Dec 05 2010

    For the first time in many months, the Three Who Rule were delighted to welcome Tachyon TV's Neil Perryman back into the fold to not only discuss the week that was in Doctor Who, but to be present for Neil's first commentary since watching The Stolen Earth 27 times in one weekend to prepare the last ever Tachyon TV commentary podcast. The episode in question is Gareth Roberts' The Lodger, episode 11 of Series 5. As usual with Neil, the boundaries of decency for Radio Free Skaro were pushed ever ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #226 - I Feel Fine

    Nov 28 2010

    The time has finally come for The Three Who Rule to sink their teeth into Vincent and the Doctor as the Series 5 commentary series continues. Vincent has been a polarizing episode both amongst the Radio Free Skaro gang as well as much of fandom in general with opinions firmly seated on both sides of the fence. Will opinions change with another viewing and an open debate? Will assertions of greatness or dreadfulness fall on deaf ears? The news of the week rounds out this episode along with a teas...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #225 - We Can Work It Out

    Nov 20 2010

    It was a banner week for Doctor Who leading up the programme's 47th anniversary celebrations on November 23, with massive news on both sides of the Atlantic in the forms of a new trailer for A Christmas Carol, a same-day broadcast date in the US, and Matt Smith's landmark appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. All of these events and more were discussed at great length by the Three Who Rule, amongst other notable topics (including Ian Levine's Shada), capped off by a rollicking co...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #224 - A Hard Day's Night

    Nov 14 2010

    The Series 5 commentary series resumes again after an intermittent past few weeks (but you surely didn’t mind all the interviews, did you?) with the Three Who Rule’s take on The Hungry Earth, the first part of the retro-themed Silurian story from this past year. Also, news of Christmas episode titles and another impressive Sarah Jane Adventures story help pass the time before the Children in Need preview later this week and Doctor Who’s impending 47th anniversary. Good fun!   Check out the show ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #223 - Murray, The Planet of Gold

    Nov 06 2010

    The Three Who Rule were thrilled beyond measure to interview Murray  Gold, the esteemed composer of all of the music in the new series, along with the themes to Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures. In a wide ranging discussion, Gold held forth on all manner of musical matters and charmed the crew with his wit, verve, and bohemian charm. Oh yes, and some news and the latest Sarah Jane Adventures were discussed. Gold! Listen! Now!   Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #222 - Golden Slumbers

    Oct 31 2010

    The Series 5 Commentary series rears its head once again as the Three Who Rule tackle fan favourite Amy's Choice with much glee and delectation. More fan enjoyment came this past week in the form of Death of the Doctor, featuring Matt Smith's return as the Doctor in the latest installment of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Fans awaiting the Christmas special got not one but two pieces of good news this week as it was announced that the BFI will be holding an advance screening for the episode while th...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #221 - 2 Entertain or Not 2 Entertain

    Oct 24 2010

    A special treat this week: an interview with Dan Hall, Commissioning Editor of the Doctor Who DVD range at 2 Entertain. Dan expounds on many a hot topic in the world of Doctor Who shiny discs, including animated reconstructions, the Revisitations box sets, and much, much more, including a look ahead to what will be a very busy 2011 for Doctor Who DVD fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Also, the Three Who Rule give their thoughts on the most recent Sarah Jane Adventures outing, “The Vault of Sec...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #220 - Your Mother Should Know

    Oct 17 2010

    The internet exploded in Doctor Who land this past week with fans beside themselves about Regenergate and Gallifrey One hotel rooms, which caused the Three Who Rule to take time out of this episode to allay those fears. Long stories short: Don't Panic. Everything's fine. After those fires were ably extinguished, it was on to the commentary for The Vampires of Venice, a mid-series tome that inspired overwhelming indifference from two members of the Radio Free Skaro team. Did that opinion change.....more

  • Radio Free Skaro #219 - Fixing A Hole

    Oct 10 2010

    The Series 5 commentary series resumes this week with a look at the latter half of the stellar return of the Weeping Angels, “Flesh and Stone”. Instead of stunned silence, though, which one might expect to occur when watching something as entrancing as this, the Three Who Rule instead descended into heated arguments about Battlestar Galactica and the debatable merits of rock operas. One thing that they could all agree on, though, is that The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone are fine examples o...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #218 - Robots, Vultures and Dying Doctors

    Oct 03 2010

    The Series 5 Commentary Series gets a bit of a rest as we focus on the news of the week and feature another extended interview with friend of the show, Phil Ford. Phil, along with Russell T Davies, recently won the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form Hugo Award for The Waters of Mars, the first such honour for Doctor Who not bestowed upon Steven Moffat, and our own Steven sat down with him to discuss the Hugo, the upcoming Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures for which he serves as head writ...more

  • Phil Ford Talks Sarah Jane Adventures - Preview

    Oct 01 2010

    A sneak peak at our interview with Phil Ford, head writer of The Sarah Jane Adventures, coming soon in Radio Free Skaro #218.

  • Radio Free Skaro #217 - You Won't See Me

    Sep 26 2010

    After taking the better part of September off to either move to, visit, or stay away from other continents, the Three Who Rule reconvened for their first regularly recorded episode of Radio Free Skaro since the hazy days of summer. And, lo! What a news list to come back to! Some old, most older, but all entirely relevant, otherwise it would have never been mentioned in the first place. And to top it off, there's a commentary on perhaps the best New Series episode made to date, "The Time of Angel...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #216 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Sep 19 2010

    In a not-so-unprecedented move, Steven and Chris welcome back the Two-minute Time Lord himself, Chip, to take a look at what is thought by many to be the weak point of Series 5 — Victory of the Daleks. The Series 5 commentary series examines where the episode went right and where it went wrong, and of course there can never be enough discussion about the Power Rangers-esque Daleks. Will opinions change for the better? Will they change for the worse? Will Churchill ever put out that blasted cigar...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #215 - I Am The Walrus

    Sep 12 2010

    A Warren-less look at The Beast Below is the focal point of this week's Radio Free Skaro tomfoolery. The remaining Two Who Rule are joined by Chip from the Two-minute Time Lord podcast, as the Series 5 commentary series keeps on truckin'. Grab a glass of non-vibrating water and join the podcest fun as the lads talk all over Star Whales, future monarchs, voting machines and the Smilers and Winders!

  • Radio Free Skaro #214 - She's Leaving Home

    Sep 05 2010

    The Classic Series Commentary series has ended... only to be replaced by the Series 5 Commentary series. (Any more attempts to use the word "series" will likely cause another crack in time, so we'd best stop there.) We've given the news segment a bit of time off... something that breaks our fictitious award-loving hearts, but on the upside it means no stats! So sit back, relax and have a listen to The Three Who Rule talk about the glorious opener to Matt Smith's tenure!   Check out the show note...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #213 - Chimeron You Crazy Diamond

    Aug 29 2010

    So it’s come to this… the final installment of the summer Classic Series Commentary series has arrived, and oh what an arrival it was. Delta and the Bannermen gets put through one end of the RFS grinder and goodness only knows what will come out the other end. Warren’s notorious hatred of Sylvester McCoy’s tenure underlies the episode, but what did he think of the story when all was said and done? Add to that the collective pants-wetting over the upcoming release of The Seeds of Doom on DVD and ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #212 - Let's Do The Mindwarp Again

    Aug 22 2010

    In this, the penultimate Radio Free Skaro Classic Series Commentary for the summer, the Three Who Rule lucked out with the second segment of the four-part trilogy known as The Trial of the Time Lord. Lucked out, you may well ask? Well, yes, for all three hosts were fairly unanimous in their praise of Mindwarp, and the Trial season as a whole, firm in their belief that Colin Baker’s tenure as The Doctor has been unfairly maligned over the years. Disagree? Listen to the commentary to see if you wi...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #211 - The Indifferent Case of the Vanishing Eprim

    Aug 15 2010

      The Three Who Rule celebrated the fourth anniversary of Radio Free Skaro by enduring one of the slowest news weeks in recent memory as next to nothing happened in the last seven days in the world of Doctor Who. Fortunately (?), the gang had the latter half of The Keys of Marinus to help them through it all. And if that wasn’t enough to sate them, well, there’s always finding out what story they’ll be commenting on next week. Go, Randomizer! Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com. ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #210 - Voord To Tears

    Aug 08 2010

    Warren returns to the fold this week, having thought he had escaped the worst that Doctor Who could offer by missing the commentary for Time-Flight last week. Instead, Hartnell-phobe Warren was given both barrels of black and white mediocrity in the form of The Keys of Marinus, one of the lesser lights of the debut season of Doctor Who from 1964. Actually, the Three Who Rule managed to keep themselves reasonably entertained throughout the first three episodes of Terry Nation’s best non-Dalek scr...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #209 - Eevanerab! Tumal Tumal! Verram Verram! Xarak Namaan!

    Aug 01 2010

    Warren ran for cover when he learned Time-Flight was the next up to bat in the Classic Series Commentaries series, so Paul from The Pharos Project podcast was strongarmed into filling his shoes. The crew did their level best to not talk about the story at hand thanks to its less than stellar production values and execution, but from time to time nevertheless felt compelled to address what was on their screens. In a cruel twist of fate, the Randomizer decided next week's commentary was going to b...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #208 - You May Keep The Pencil

    Jul 25 2010

    A rare busy news week disrupts the Three Who Rule and their summer slacking off. Series 6 ramblings, fictitious awards, DVD news and talk of the SPACE premiere of The Big Bang at least help to kill some of the time until the Christmas special. The guys soldier on with the Classic Series Commentaries by looking at the first full story recorded with Peter Davison, Four to Doomsday. Which actor will Steven fall in love with this week?, Just how saucy will the lads be in this installment? And what w...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #207 - Please Do Not Throw Hands At Me

    Jul 18 2010

    The Radio Free Skaro Classic Series Commentaries kept trucking along this week with a look at another Tom Baker story. The Robots of Death, a wonderful murder mystery, goes under examination in the form of the Three Who Rule jib-jabbering their way through four episodes of Chris Boucher goodness. Oh, and there's some like casting news... or something... about the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special. And Torchwood news. And DVD news. But that's all peanuts compared to robots! ROBOTS!

  • Radio Free Skaro #206 - Pedantangle

    Jul 11 2010

    With the news light in the wake of Series 5 ending, the Three Who Rule were glad of a commentary to tide them over. Image of the Fendahl was the focal point thanks to the powers of the randomizer, a story that stands out for one of our hosts while merely exists for the other two. Come join the fun of the west country accents, slash writers going crazy, lost plots, a golden Wanda Ventham and just about the darkest Doctor Who story ever! And what could possibly be in store for the next inst...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #205 - The Chronic Hysterectomy

    Jul 04 2010

    With Series Five done and packed away, and with everyone staring down the barrel of a six month wait for new Who, the Three Who Rule decided to embark upon a summer of commentary episodes on classic, randomly selected stories from Doctor Who's past. Commentarygeddon began with Meglos, the (unfairly) maligned Tom Baker cactusfest. Dodecahedrons, vocoders and Jacqueline Hill, not to mention a young (and fake) Annie Lennox await! Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #204 - The Big Bang on the Edge of Forever

    Jun 27 2010

    Something almost completely impossible happened this week in that not only did the Series 5 finale, The Big Bang, provide a fantastic and satisfying end to one of the best series of Doctor Who in recent memory, but the Three Who Rule actually agreed on how much they enjoyed a series finale. From Steven Moffat's mastery of what could have been a convoluted story to Matt Smith's best performance as The Doctor (again, for the 13th straight week), The Big Bang had it all, and it only makes the six-m...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #203 - The Pipes of Pandorica

    Jun 20 2010

    Well, what about that, then? The Pandorica Opens exploded onto TV and computer screens the world over in dazzling and impressive fashion, seemingly including visual references to every monster in the entire history of Doctor Who, presenting us a trio of equally impossible cliffhangers, and throwing in at least three kitchen sinks into the bargain. And yet, it still made for staggeringly compelling viewing, and only whets our appetite for The Big Bang, the final episode of Matt Smith's and Steven...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #202 - Nothing At The Top Of The Stairs

    Jun 13 2010

    The news of a fourth series of Torchwood becoming a reality dropped like a bomb in the Doctor Who fandom world, as many had written off the idea once FOX stepped away from the table. With Warren unavailable, Steven and Chris are joined by Chip from the Two-minute Time Lord podcast to talk about Torchwood, cover the latest episode of Doctor Who (Gareth Roberts’ “The Lodger”), as well as the news of the week. Will this be another Planet of the Dead, or will Gareth Roberts redeem himself in the eye...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #201 - Amy and Amiability

    Jun 06 2010

    An unconventional artist anchored an unusual episode as "Vincent and the Doctor", written by Richard Curtis, graced our screens this week. Reaction on the internet made it seem like everyone either loved or hated the episode, but the Three Who Rule were...well, you'll just have to listen to the episode to find out. However, Vincent and the Doctor was but one episode released this week thanks to City of the Daleks hitting computer screens... Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro....more

  • Radio Free Skaro #200 - The Mighty 200

    May 31 2010

    With Warren in the Galapagos Islands unleashing his fiendish experiments to make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a reality, Radio Free Skaro celebrates its 200th episode, keeping things low key and just having a couple old friends over for drinks. Neil Perryman and Simon Harries from Tachyon TV join in the fun with a look at not only the current episode of Doctor Who, Cold Blood, but the gang also gabs about Series 5 as it stands thus far. A bonus treat of some kind words provided by some of ou...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #199 - Doctor Who and the Homo Reptilia

    May 23 2010

    It shaped up to be a good week for the Three Who Rule on account of the return of some of their favourite classic series monsters, the Silurians (aka Eocenes, aka Homo Reptilia). "The Hungry Earth", the episode in which they made their first successful appearance in 40 years (see what we did there?), also had a distinctly classic feel to it, making one almost feel like we were watching Jon Pertwee's Doctor and UNIT battling with cave monsters in the 1970s (aka the 1980s). Onwards! Check out the...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #198 - Omnipotent Space Bastard

    May 16 2010

    Given the mixed reactions that The Three Who Rule have had about past attempts of surrealism in Doctor Who, one wouldn't expect the latest noodle-scratcher to be an episode for them to agree on. But that's just what "Amy's Choice" was, a daring and bold step into a world of dreams featuring pregnant Amys, awkward Doctors, and rampant elder abuse. Really, what's not to love? And there wasn't even one hint of The Valeyard making a return appearance. Or was there....?Check out the show notes at www...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #197 - Mock Turtle Soup

    May 09 2010

    Vampires! Venice! Fish people! Disagreement! While two of the Three Who Rule were less than blown away by this latest historical romp, with little else to discuss during this slow news week it was that or stats. Which were also discussed. Harrumph. Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #196 - Eyes Wide Shut

    May 02 2010

    The Two Who Rule (Chris was consumed by a Weeping Angel and sent back in time to 1973) were effusive in their praise of one of the best episodes not only of this season but of Doctor Who’s storied history, lauding both Matt Smith for his great performance and Steven Moffat for one of the scariest episodes in recent memory. Without Chris, the Two Who Rule were unable to effectively slag RTD (though they tried) or dismiss David Tennant’s contributions to the program (perish the thought!) though th...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #195 - Graham Crackers

    Apr 25 2010

    A rare occasion for Radio Free Skaro this week in that all three hosts were almost unanimous in their praise of The Time of Angels, one of the true high points in recent Doctor Who history that not even a slightly reduced duration or an animated Graham Norton could spoil. On top of this, the usual cadre of ratings discussions, all of which is also universally positive on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as general blathering about the week that was in Who. Oh, and did everyone remember to wat...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #194 - New Car Smell

    Apr 18 2010

    The Daleks are back! And that's.....well, middling. The Three Who Rule chewed over "Victory of the Daleks," including the new, sleek models that have all of fandom agog with either love or hate, the WW2 models that instantly warmed our coal-black hearts, and the jowly presence of one Winston Churchill, saviour of Britain. Still, it's thankfully no "Daleks in Manhattan". Geronim-ate! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #193 - Cetacean Emancipation

    Apr 11 2010

    Another strong week for new Who as "The Beast Below" solidified the love of the Three Who Rule for Matt Smith, otherwise known as "the new kid we think will work out just fine." Add a potent mix of thrilling stats, fictitious awards, and rare praise for Torchwood, and you've got a podcast, by gar!

  • Radio Free Skaro #192 - Operation Golden Age

    Apr 04 2010

    The Three Who Rule were joined by Neil from Hartlepool (and Tachyon TV, tangentially) to celebrate the return of Doctor Who to our screens and to fete the debut of Karen Gillan, Matt Smith, and showrunner Steven Moffat in their respective roles of awesome, awesomer and awesomest. There was much discussion of “The Eleventh Hour,” which other than an atrocious new theme tune (and lack of a McCoy era sex wink) was deemed near perfect. All that and news, tomfoolery and a very strange extra feature o...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #191 - The Completionists ...IN COLOR!

    Mar 28 2010

    The new series of Doctor Who is less than a week away and with the question of Matt Smith still largely unanswered, the Three Who Rule were glad of the first proper clips from the new series so as to get a feel for the character. Add to the mix yet another new trailer as well as an extended interview with Matt Smith by Jonathan Ross, talk of the new TARDIS design on Doctor Who Confidential and descriptions for future episodes before we've even seen the first one and the bottom line is excitement...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #190 - Ludwig Speed Kings

    Mar 21 2010

    Rampant speculation was the order of the day for the Three Who Rule, as a spate of trailers got the thinkin’ (and other) juices flowing. New footage! A Dalek! A Cyberman! Several…other things! And 13 days to go before a new Doctor, a new companion, and a new season debut in the UK. All this and a smattering of news, some pedanting, and ribald statements.Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #189 - Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?

    Mar 15 2010

    Series Fnarg - check that, Series Five - premiere news was the orderof the day as the UK, US and Australia have all announced detailsabout their respective launches while Canada sits in the backgroundtaking notes. From the bus to the cinema to conventions to the web,all the bases are covered as the BBC prepares to launch the new seriesof Doctor Who. Thankfully the banter gets broken up by the usual raftof fictitious awards and fictitious polls otherwise we could go on andon about global distribu...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #188 - They Can't All Be Winners

    Mar 08 2010

    A post-Gally funk has set in for the Three Who Rule, but they soldiered on regardless, bringing you the news of the week and the irreverence you know and tolerate. Not that there was much news of course, but this week is only a precursor to the inevitable flood of pre-Fnarg promotion and pimpery sure to come, not to mention the premiere of an entirely new era of Doctor Who in mere weeks. Soon, my pretties, soon.   Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #187 - Loads of Pace and Energy!

    Mar 02 2010

      The Three Who Rule bury the hatchet regarding The Incident in time to talk to iconic Doctor Who director Graeme Harper in this, the last Radio Free Skaro episode from Gallifrey 21. Harper's work, which indirectly inspired Radio Free Skaro to be created, is discussed at great length, including the controversial Warriors' Gate, the legendary The Caves of Androzani, and how Harper just missed out on directing for Series Fnarg - twice.    Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.  

  • Radio Free Skaro #186 - The Yalta Conference

    Mar 01 2010

    On this special Gallifrey edition of Radio Free Skaro, we delve deep into the dark underbelly of Doctor Who, first in a discussion with writer Tony Lee and artist Matthew Dow Smith about the new Tenth and Eleventh Doctor comics coming soon from IDW Publishing, and second, (and far more sinister) the 2010 Podcast Summit, where the evil practitioners of the dark art held forth on their methods and madness. The terror!   Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #185 - Bo! Sco! Fo! Do! No! Kro! Blo! Co! Sho! Ro!

    Feb 28 2010

    After the “incident” with Chris on Friday that resulted in no podcast being released for the first official day of Gallifrey 21, Radio Free Skaro returned today in full force with interviews with Nick Briggs, Phil Ford, and Rob Shearman. Listen to these three fine gentlemen regale you with tales of woe, whimsy, and water – not necessarily in that order. NOTE: Chris’s appearance on this podcast is purely due to contractual obligation. We cannot comment on any rumours that have been circulating ab...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #184 - Feasts of Stevens

    Feb 26 2010

    In the second of our daily Gallifrey podcasts, the Three Who Rule delved into the shiny, circular world of Who on DVD with special guests Steve Roberts of the Restoration Team and Steve Manfred of the Doctor Who DVD FAQ. Behind the scenes documentaries, animated Who, and the dicey state of the TV Movie ever appearing in North America were only a few of the topics covered by these fine gentlemen. All that and news, special appearances by fellow podcasters, and the usual whimsy you’ve come to expe...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #183 - The Elephant in the Room

    Feb 25 2010

    Day One of Gallifrey for Radio Free Skaro was a wild, crazy time, consisting mostly of a vast podcast summit between several renowned Doctor Who podcasters, as well as ourselves. Some of this podcest made its way up to The Lobby at the LAX Marriott, where eight podcasters, including a rare appearance from all four members of Tachyon TV, succeeded in firmly planting their feet in their mouths. Be warned… Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #182 - The Oncoming Storm

    Feb 22 2010

    With mere days to go before Gallifrey 2010 in Los Angeles, the Three Who Rule took it upon themselves to conduct their now-annual rundown of the panels, guests, goings-on and shenanigans sure to occur, all in the name of informing our dear listeners how often we'll be hung over (answer: often.) Stay tuned all this week for daily podcasts, special guests and the most fun you can legally have involving Doctor Who and cast of thousands (well, a thousand and change.) Not all was silent from The Beeb...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #181 - Purple Monkey Dishwasher

    Feb 14 2010

    The Three Who Rule created their own news this week by dropping a small bombshell into the world of Doctor Who fandom by being the first to reveal official BBC details of the upcoming Series Fnarg. Once that was coyly dealt with, and after a dark, sinister, and negative experience watching The End of Time Part One last week, the Three Who Rule were in finer spirits for their second outing in Finale-Stan, the catchily-titled “The End of Time Part Two”. Between Chris’s endless (no really, they jus...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #180 - Potions? Seriously?! Potions?

    Feb 08 2010

    It had to happen sooner or later, so the Three Who Rule ripped the bandage off by recording a commentary for The End of Time Part One, that neo-classic from Christmas 2009 containing such classic Who elements as magic potions, laser hands, randy senior citizens and Smell-O-Vision. Did the episode fare better this time round after the scolding it received in Radio Free Skaro 174? You decide. Also discussed was news of Gaiman, gay men, and gained men, er, companions. Onwards!   Check out the sho...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #179 - No Scutage in Eternity

    Feb 01 2010

    The news of a Doctor Who movie sent The Three Who Rule so far past the point of bile they circled back around to apathy, but not without taking a few hostages along the way. In a slow news week to end all slow news weeks, digression and hatred were employed like plow horses in an effort to simply fill time. Steven points the gun of spite squarely in a new direction, Warren wastes no time in slagging off other Sci Fi TV shows and Chris even sings a few bars… it’s just that kind of episode.   Ch...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #178 - Fnargengruven

    Jan 24 2010

    In a move that could be precipitated only by Slownewsweekor, the Three Who Rule relied upon Torchwood discussion to fuel the latest Radio Free Skaro episode. The news of Torchwood maybe coming to America hit like a ton of bricks and startled much of the Doctor Who world, causing panic and looting; there may or may not have been talk of small children getting crushed underfoot as a result. Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #177 - Dr. Who or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Russell T Davies

    Jan 18 2010

    The retrospectives continue on Radio Free Skaro with The Three Who Rule again joined by TachyonTV's Neil Perryman... though this week the world got flipped, turned upside down as the unthinkable happened: An episode dedicated to praising the work of Russell T Davies! Curmudgeor was not best pleased at the prospect and had to be subdued, but in the end the lads had a bit of a love-in for our favourite (read: only) NuWho show runner. Come share the warm fuzzies! Check out the show notes at www....more

  • Radio Free Skaro #176 - Neil Before Zod!

    Jan 11 2010

    One mini-break in the wilderness is over for Doctor Who and it's time to look at the gap year that was as we head into the next wilderness mini-break, awaiting Matt Smith's first series. To aid in the retrospective the Three Who Rule dragged Tachyon TV's own Neil Perryman kicking and screaming into the (virtual) recording booth, Vinvocci style. More bile was flung about than a monkey can fling poop, though kudos were given where appropriate... but do we ever want to see a gap year again?

  • Radio Free Skaro #175 - The End of The End of Time

    Jan 02 2010

    It's the End of Time and the end of an era, and the Three Who Rule were all over the map in their praise and derision of David Tennant and RTD's swan song. One thing they all did agree on was their palpable excitement over Matt Smith's new Doctor and Steven Moffat's upcoming stewardship of Doctor Who, and that it'll be a long few months indeed before Spring 2010. Geronimo! Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #174 - The Beginning of The End of Time

    Dec 27 2009

    So it’s come to this. More than a year after David Tennant announced he was leaving the role of the Doctor, through endless speculation, theorizing and fanwank, we’ve finally reached the Tenth Doctor’s penultimate adventure, and….the results are not good. In fact, they’re disastrous. The Three Who Rule were moved to anger, bile, and sadness at Russell T. Davies constant and unnecessary need to oudo himself, at The Master’s penchant for leaping and lightning, exacerbated by the fact that all thre...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #173 - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Waters of Mars

    Dec 20 2009

    With TV viewers in Canada and the US now caught up with the rest of the world regarding The Waters of Mars, the time was right for the Radio Free Skaro team to provide a running commentary on the recent masterpiece bestowed upon us by Graeme Harper, Russell T Davies, and (friend of the show) Phil Ford. Main points of discussion during the commentary were the unparalleled acting skills of David Tennant, the talents of directorial master Graeme Harper, and why it’s so difficult to find a timepiece...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #172 - Hats Off To (Graeme) Harper

    Dec 14 2009

    The surest sign of an impending deluge of press reports is upon The Three Who Rule -- a slow news week, aka the calm before the storm. In what seems fitting for an audio podcast, most of the points of discussion involve audio work including a look at the recently transmitted "Shelved" which notes the reasons behind the cancellation of Shada (among other shows). Graeme Harper -- only the second subject not to be chosen randomly -- gets his turn in the Miniscope. Much well-earned fawning occurs ov...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #171 - You'll Never Work In This Town Again

    Dec 06 2009

    With the Three Who Rule reunited once more, and with the analytic powers of the Third Guy squarely aimed at schedules, Appreciation Indexes and other such numeric minutiae, a slow news week was transformed into quasi-random babble and buildup to the exciting segment you've all been waiting for....Douglas Camfield in the Miniscope. Praise for Camfield's prodigious output was universal if varying in intensity, but all three hosts agreed the man was a force for good (for the show) and bad (for Dudl...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #170 - Back To Reality

    Nov 29 2009

    After an eventful few weeks of New Who and rampant podcest, the Three Who Rule (reduced to Two Who Adjudicate for this episode) settled down to news, shenanigans, and rampant avoiding of anything that could possibly be construed as a spoiler. But hope and glory came in the form of Malcolm Clarke, the first musician to grace the Miniscope (yes, it’s back, at least temporarily) and an underrated craftsman in the world of Classic Who. Synthesizers from 1972 and marching Cyberman themes ahoy! Che...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #169 - Peking Homunculus

    Nov 23 2009

    To commemorate the 46th anniversary of the debut of Doctor Who, The Three Who Rule felt it only fitting to invite fellow podcasting super-giant Ken Deep of Doctor Who: Podshock onto the show to not only discuss the news and events of the past week in the world of Who, but to wax on about how they became fans of the show, why they are all still fans, and how they all manage to spend a fair amount of time each week talking about what we, and no doubt you, think is the greatest TV programme ever in...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #168 - Squee House of Horror

    Nov 16 2009

    After seven long months, Doctor Who returned to the airwaves in high style with “The Waters of Mars,” a toppoer of a story and one heck of a lead-in to the Doctor’s imminent demise and resurrection. The Three Who Rule were effusive in their praise of WoM, though somewhat less so when the conversation came to the latest episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures, which Chris (also known as “Curmudge-or”) succinctly labeled as “poop”. The trio even discussed how Steven somehow managed to get onto UK ra...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #167 - Philling Time Before The Waters of Mars

    Nov 08 2009

    With just a week to go before the UK premiere of the next Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars, RFS’s own Steven sat down with the co-writer of the special, Phil Ford, to talk about the episode in an exclusive, in-depth interview that also covered Phil’s work on The Sarah Jane Adventures and Dreamland. Before that, the Three Who Rule do their best to plow through what was a busy news week in the world of Who. Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro Interviews Phil Ford - Promo

    Nov 06 2009

    We’re pleased as punch at Radio Free Skaro to tell you about an upcoming interview with The Waters of Mars co-writer Phil Ford. In the interview, which will feature in Episode 167 (to be released this weekend), Phil talks at great length about the upcoming The Waters of Mars, as well as discussing his role as head writer of The Sarah Jane Adventures and writing the upcoming animated serial Dreamland. Have a listen to the promo, and be sure to catch Radio Free Skaro #167 this weekend!

  • Radio Free Skaro #166 - All Roads lead To Ay-dric

    Nov 02 2009

    Warren is finally back from Japan and China so the Three Who Rule were once again united. Doctor Who spinoffs were the order of the day as The Sarah Jane Adventures featured the first signs of The Doctor since Easter and K9 got a preview on British TV but everything is trumped by the announcement of The Waters of Mars’ release date. The drought is soon over and we have but two weeks to wait for the gap year to wind down. Peter Moffatt is looked at in the miniscope, Dreamland will be getting a pr...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #165 - Radio Free Skaro in an Exciting Adventure With The Minute Doctor Who Podcast

    Oct 25 2009

    Warren is still trundling around Asia so in his absence the remaining Two Who Rule invited along Luke from The Minute Doctor Who Podcast to join in the frivolity. Some good news (Doctor Who confirmed for Christmas and a Children in Need Preview of Tennant's penultimate episode) was discussed as was some bad news (various bits of DVD-related disappointments) whilst opinions were split down the middle on the latest installment of The Sarah Jane Adventures (quite a tough thing to do with an odd num...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #164 - Clough Luck

    Oct 19 2009

    With Warren on holiday in Japan and China, Katrina joins the fray (see what we did there?) as the Radio Free Skaro gang discusses more about the Doctor Who Magazine ranking poll, a mass of DVD news as well as the premiere story of the new Sarah Jane Adventures series and more. Was Sarah Jane worthwhile viewing? Will Doctor Who fandom become collective paupers from the deluge of early 2010 DVD releases? Will Chris Clough get the tongue lashing so many think he deserves in this week's Miniscope? D...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #163 - Remembering Barry Letts

    Oct 11 2009

    The Doctor Who world lost one of its indisputable titans on October 9, 2009, when Barry Letts passed away at the age of 84. Letts was a director, writer, executive producer, and, most notably, producer of Doctor Who from 1970-1974. He was also one of the greatest ambassadors that the programme has ever known. In this episode, actor/comedian and noted fan and unofficial historian of Doctor Who, Toby Hadoke, was kind enough to join us to help us celebrate the legacy of the great Barry Letts. Ch...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #162 - Maloney Sandwich

    Oct 10 2009

    A new logo, new location pics, and confirmation that the BBC is indeed going along with the madness of referring to Matt Smith's junior outing as the Doctor as Series 1. The Three Who Rule also engaged in a spirited discussion about the possibility of an international iPlayer, as well as devoted the ever-popular Miniscope to the work of David Maloney, one of Doctor Who's finest visualists and a gentleman director to spare. Allons-y! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #161 - Second Hand News

    Oct 04 2009

    Rumours, rumours and more rumours were grist for the RFS mill this week, as the Three Who Rule speculated on a new, possibly leaked list of Season 5/1/31 writers (and confirmed one or two writers and directors along the way), watching Phil (friend of the show) Ford's reactions to watching Dreamland (very meta) and DVD speculation run amok. All this and a Fiona Cumming Miniscope. Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #160 - Ferme La Boucher

    Sep 28 2009

    This week's Miniscope saw an appearance by Chris Boucher, best known not only for his scripts for Robots of Death, The Face of Evil and Image of the Fendahl, but also for writing for Blake's 7 (acting as script editor for the show from 1978 to 1981) and Star Cops and....his segment consisted of six minutes. The remaining time was filled with the trademarked digressionary banter known and tolerated by RFS fandom, ranging from a list of Gallifrey 2010's many exciting panels to the strange characte...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #159 - Throw Down The Quantlet

    Sep 21 2009

    With the Doctor Who Magazine release of the ming-mongiest list of favorite Doctor Who episodes in the past 11 years (when a nuWho-less but also ming-mongy list sparked debate amongst the faithful), the Three Who Rule were like starving, nerdy dogs drawn to raw meat. Weighing in on their own picks and what they felt was wrong-headed and frankly evil placement of some of their favorite episodes, they also made time to speculate on the scheduling of Dreamland, the Waters of Mars and to roundly chas...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #158 - Amsterdamned

    Sep 14 2009

    With news sorely lacking, the Three Who Rule were momentarily relieved to hide in the welcome shelter of a commentary, in this case the third and fourth instalments of "Arc of Infinity", a maudlin yarn notable more for IKEA furniture infesting Gallifrey than for an interesting story. But their welcome was short lived, as Cracklor once again besieged Warren and his computer more or less opted for suicide....much like Omega, as his Rice Krispie wounds boiled into nothingness. Poignancy ahead, dear...more

  • Radio Free Skaro Presents Podcest: The Whooverville Podcast Panel

    Sep 09 2009

    The Whooverville Doctor Who convention that took place in September at Derby featured a notable podcasting panel featuring representatives from no less than eight (8) different Doctor Who podcasts. Eager to elbow their way into a party to which they were never invited, Radio Free Skaro is proud to present this panel to you for your listening enjoyment. Very big thanks to Adam Purcell of Staggering Stories for providing the audio. Oh, and happy 100th episode, Tin Dog. Appearing at t...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #157 - Byrne, Baby, Byrne

    Sep 07 2009

    The classic series commentary makes a not-so-triumphant return to the Radio Free Skaro fold as we merge the Miniscope with the oldtime-filling standby. With Johnny Byrne as our subject we plod through the week's weak news with discussion of lowlights such as Warriors of the Deep and our commentary of the first half of Arc of Infinity. There should have been another way, indeed! Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com. (NOTE: This is the fixed version of this episode.)

  • Radio Free Skaro #156 - Polyphase Avatron

    Aug 31 2009

    The Three Who Rule were in fine fettle this week, if fettle is judged by ability to digress and avoid the topic at hand. Through discussion that veered into subjects as strange as podcestuous panels in Derby, the horror of a rebroadcast of Dimensions in Time and the continued demonstration of Warren’s complete lack of a short-term memory, the trio ambled towards the Miniscope and Douglas Adams’ short but memorable tenure as Doctor Who script editor. Check out the show notes at www.radiofreesk...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #155 - Holmesian Triple Act

    Aug 24 2009

    In an episode of threes, the Three Who Rule discuss the first of three filler Doctor Who clip shows (Doctor Who: Greatest Moments), Series Three of the Sarah Jane Adventures, upcoming DVD releases featuring Doctor No. 3, Jon Pertwee, and last but not least, the third and final installment of the Miniscope segment featuring Robert Holmes. Next week's Miniscope topic was also determined via the Randomizer...but you'll have to listen to the show to find out who it is! (Hint: it's not Pennant...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #154 - Condo Says LOL XD

    Aug 17 2009

    Many a broadcasting intrigue formed the backbone of Whoish news this week, from BBC America's machinations to...BBC Wordwide's transgressions. The Three Who Rule also engaged in Socratic debate over the claims of Rona Munro, the scribe behind Survival, that romance in nuWho constitutes lazy writing. All that and another exciting Miniscope (part two of three) examining the glory years of one Robert Holmes as he ascended to script writer and Doctor Who demigod. Check out the show notes at www....more

  • Radio Free Skaro #153 - A Tweet Too Far

    Aug 10 2009

    The Three Who Rule covered the gamut of Whoish happenings this week, from the shocking revelation that Meglos will return for David Tennant's finale (unconfirmed) to Ian Levine's rather tenuous grasp on the the fundamental underpinnings of the internet (hint: don't fear the link.) And amongst this madness was revealed the Miniscope, a new weekly feature examining a writer, producer or other behind the scenes chieftain whose drive and talent brought us the Classic Who episodes we love so dearly. ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #152 - Fax the Betamax

    Aug 04 2009

    The Three Who Rule come off last week's plethora of news with but a handful of offerings this time around. Turning lemons into lemonade they parry and thrust their way through another hearty podcast for your aural pleasure. From the return of Spoilor to thoughts on the return of Tom Baker to the role of The Doctor, grab your foil and join the fray.

  • Radio Free Skaro #151 - Killing Time Before The Waters of Mars

    Jul 27 2009

    In what has to be the most overwhelming of all weeks for Doctor Who in all recorded history, the RFS crew slogged mightily through tales of Comic Con, rumours confirmed, others dashed, and in the midst of our recording the release of a new trailer for "The Waters of Mars." And that was BEFORE we got around commentating on "Planet of the Dead", making this if not the longest Radio Free Skaro ever than certainly the densest, and not just because of PotD's plodding, pedestrian poltroonery.

  • Radio Free Skaro #150 - Sasquatchicentennial

    Jul 19 2009

    An exciting landmark in RFS history, as the Three Who Rule celebrate their Sasquatchicentennial, otherwise known as the 150th episode of their half-crazed (yet still consistently jaunty) blatherings. And what better way to mark the occasion than "The Parting of the Ways," Eccleston's final episode as the good Doctor and one of the many highlights of the 2005 return of the series. News, digressions and a visit from one of the Internet's most pervasive memes round out this most 150-th of episodes....more

  • Radio Free Skaro Wednesday Cutaway - The Ballad of Jack and Ianto

    Jul 15 2009

    In a noteworthy Wednesday cutaway, Radio Free Skaro enlisted the help of some of our LGBT listeners to hold a discussion on the recent uproar about Torchwood: Children of Earth (about which there will be spoilers!) and the perceived homophobia many in the fandom community say it presented. Many thanks go to our own Katrina who leads the panel with listeners Erik and Nat in delivering an hour of informed discussion about this fandom reaction. Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com....more

  • Radio Free Skaro #149 - Torchwood - Children of Worth

    Jul 12 2009

    In a stunning, nay flabbergasting turn of events, the Torchwood: Children of Earth miniseries turned out to be not only a fantastic five days of entertainment but possibly one of the best things on television thus far this year. A special 4 person quorum of the RFS council was called to deal with this turn of events, with special Torchwood representative Katrina joining the fun. But that's not all! The Three Who Rule Plus One also threw in a Bad Wolf commentary...but of course such good fortune ...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #148 - Boom Town Rats

    Jul 06 2009

    Things took a turn for both the obscene and obsequious and Pedantor proved he could crawl even lower into the gutter he calls home and Warren was bested by Cracklor, a skypeovore that feasts on distorted, craptacular VOIP. Oh, and somewhere in this menagerie of madness the sometimes forgotten but certainly notable Boom Town was commented on by the Three Who Rule. Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • Radio Free Skaro #147 - Dancing Doctors and Empty Children

    Jun 29 2009

    (Warren and Steven version)With only Torchwood news to bandy about, the second part of Steven Moffat's epic two-parter from Season 1 took center stage for this episode for a shorthanded RFS staff as they discussed the intricacies of one of the first series' masterpieces while simultaneously avoiding any actual discussion of the episode at hand, as per usual. Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #147 - Empty Children and Dancing Doctors

    Jun 28 2009

    (Chris, Katrina and Other Chris version) With only Torchwood news to bandy about, the second part of Steven Moffat's epic two-parter from Season 1 took center stage for this episode for a shorthanded RFS staff as they discussed the intricacies of one of the first series' masterpieces while simultaneously avoiding any actual discussion of the episode at hand, as per usual. Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #146 - Better Aim Than Graham

    Jun 21 2009

    It's not often that the Three Who Rule spend more than a minute dismissing Torchwood out of hand, much less being interested in a new series of everyone's tolerated younger, ganglier cousin to Doctor Who. But that strange event is precisely what happened (explained away with string theory and many a complicated equation, most likely), along with some pre Comic Con banter and oh yes, a commentary on The Empty Child. Check out the show notes at www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #145 - The Lament of Steven

    Jun 14 2009

    Steven, one mighty pillar of the tripod that is the Three Who Rule, doesn't often succumb to the base emotions. Indeed, compared to the gutter-dwelling antics of Pedantor and the frankly borderline illegal conduct of Warren, Steven's unflappable facade is nigh-invulnerable. But when the fate of Pete Tyler in "Father's Day" comes into play, all propriety goes out the window. Tune in and hear his descent into madness...if you dare.

  • Radio Free Skaro #144 - Square Peggs

    Jun 07 2009

    Katrina was back in the fold again this week (replacing Warren, who’s busy blogging in Banff this week), with the main focus of the Three Who Rule being to provide comments on Series 1 episode The Long Game. The trio never once went more than ten minutes without discussing the episode at hand – a new record? Along the way, various bits of news were covered, including the explosion of fandom (aka the closing of Doctor Who Forum at Outpost Gallifrey), the shrapnel of which, it was determine...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #143 - Never Trust a Man With a Soul Patch

    Jun 01 2009

    More news than you can shake a stick at and a highlight of the Eccleston era (Rob Shearman's "Dalek") being commented upon, the Three Who Rule blather on for an hour and a half about the happenings in the Who world for the past week (including a discussion on new companion Karen Gillan), and touch on the introduction of a Classic Series icon to NuWho. All this and the latest on Ian Levine and Lizo Mzimba at your fingertips on Radio Free Skaro!Check out the show notes on www.radiofreeskaro.com.

  • Radio Free Skaro #142 - Four To Doomsday

    May 25 2009

    In a desperate bid to find someone who could give an unequivocal thumbs up to Series 1 tome World War Three, the RFS gang numbered four (Warren, Steven, Chris, and Katrina) for one of the few times in history to record a commentary for the episode. The result? No thumbs up were given, but neither were there definite thumbs down, mostly because the hosts were more encumbered in dealing with various innuendos, intended or otherwise.

  • Radio Free Skaro #141 - The Curse of Keith Boak

    May 17 2009

    With the regular hosts of Radio Free Skaro jumping ship left and right in order to avoid commentating on perceived Series One low point Aliens of London, it was left to Steven, Katrina, and, at the last minute, Chris to try and find something worthy to talk about for the Slitheen's debut appearance in Doctor Who lore. They succeeded in not going too terribly off topic, although the intrusion of the subtitle track from the 1964 classic series story Marco Polo didn't help. Have a listen for yourse...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #140 - The Gay(seous) Agenda

    May 10 2009

    "The Unquiet Dead" was the episode next in line for commentary, but the intrepid investigations of the Three Who Rule have discovered a hidden message within this tale of Dickens, aliens, and reanimated corpses. Yes, it seems Russel T. Davies sees fit to force his sick preferences for matter in neither solid or liquid but gaseous(!) form down the throats of the public. Well, not on our watch, dear listener. What's next, marriage between a glass of water and a pineapple? The mind boggles.

  • HiSciFi Interviews Radio Free Skaro's Warren Frey

    May 05 2009

    HiSciFi, a weekly science fiction radio show that broadcasts out of Vancouver's Simon Fraser University on CJSF Radio, recently sat down to interview Radio Free Skaro's own Warren Frey about all things Doctor Who, as well as chat a little bit about this very podcast. Listen as Warren defends Peter Davison, exhumes William Hartnell (only to bury him again), and generally nerds it up with the radio hosts for nigh on 45 minutes.

  • Radio Free Skaro #139 - An Absence of Pedantry

    May 03 2009

    There was no, repeat no news this week, save a couple of tidbit that were quite spoilery and best left to rot unless confirmed correct. Added to that was RFS dilettante "The Third Guy" was off at an event in Manchester called "Who at the Fab Cafe" (sounds made up). But while Chris had an imaginary good time, it was up to Steven, Warren and Katrina to pick up the slack and give their thoughts and opinions on "The End of the World".

  • Radio Free Skaro #138 - The Radio Free Skaro 138th Episode Spectacular

    Apr 29 2009

    As Radio Free Skaro celebrates the all important milestone of their 138th episode, they take some time out for this Wednesday Cutaway to sit around the fireplace, dig into their mailbag, and, for the first time ever,  answer about half of the 22 comments and emails that the Three Who Rule have received since starting up this podcast nigh on three years ago. Will your comment from two years ago now finally be answered? Listen and find out!

  • Radio Free Skaro #137 - A Rose By Any Other Name...

    Apr 27 2009

    With a gulf of unrealistic (and unwelcome) lack of Doctor Who stretching far over the (event) horizon, The Three Who Rule took it upon themselves to deploy their deadliest weapon: the commentary. Specifically, a look at the first series of New Who, starting with Rose. Fantastic!

  • Radio Free Skaro #136 - The Wrath (and Hay Fever) of Ian Levine

    Apr 19 2009

    The Three Who Rule deal with a dearth of real news the best way they know how,: with inane chatter involving the likes of superfan Ian Levine and his escapades on Twitter, Warren's continuing animosity toward the McCoy era and coming to grips with our loving hatred of other Doctor Who podcasts all while dealing with technical issues that forced actual editing. Come join the fun!

  • Radio Free Skaro #135 - Mission to the Unknown

    Apr 14 2009

    This week's Radio Free Skaro Wednesday Cutaway special is so special that it's been elevated to a new category altogether - a Wednesday Episode! With an official number and everything! It's elevated status is on account of the return of Neil Perryman, of the TachyonTV Perrymans, as an extra special guest. We speak with him about his impending climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro, as well as the recent returns of Doctor Who and Red Dwarf. And if you listen really carefully you might even hear when the nex...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #134 - The Planet of Michelle Ryan

    Apr 14 2009

    The Three Who Rule were in fine fettle this week, covering a wide swath of news involving all the exciting goings-on on Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures and even Red Dwarf. Truly, this was a momentous week for fans of British sci-fi adventuring. Truly. No, really.

  • Radio Free Skaro - Promo

    Apr 08 2009

    The next Radio Free Skaro Wednesday cutaway is our laziest effort yet, a promo for our irreverent podcast for you to share with your friends or include in your own podcast to promote your favourite Canadians. Collect the whole set! Of 1!

  • Radio Free Skaro #133 - The Anticipointment of Entercation

    Apr 05 2009

    Radio Free Skaro welcomes back Katrina again as guest host, this time filling in for Warren, whose predilection for earning money to cover the cost of living prevented him from taking part this week. And, with the world of Doctor Who ramping up in advance of an actual new episode airing on April 11, there was plenty to talk about. But no spoilers! Spoilor has now been vanquished, so you may now listen to the show without fear of having future Who episodes ruined for you. As for the rest of the i...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #132 - The Bigger They Are

    Apr 01 2009

    In the next of the RFS Wednesday Cutaway episodes, with no interviews in the pipeline, the Three Who Rule decided to actually put together a special episode themselves where the topic of discussion is if or when they think their favourite show might have possibly ever so slightly jumped the shark, with the discussion also turning toward the social commentary and forward-thinking it exhibited over its lifespan. Join in and see if you agree with the conclusions.Oh, and April Fools.

  • Radio Free Skaro #131 - The Sweet Serenade of Sarcastor

    Mar 31 2009

    With all three of the Three Who Rule firmly back in their respective command chairs, it was back to good old fashioned sniping, infighting and jocularity as Pedantor made battle with both his old nemesis Rubbishor and a new, more deadly enemy named Sarcastor. Somehow in the midst of this pantheon of perfidious poltroonery some discussion of Doctor Who came into play, but not by any means on purpose.

  • Radio Free Skaro interviews VFX genius Dennis Muren

    Mar 26 2009

    Not strictly Doctor Who this week, but a cool interview all the same. The local chapter of SIGGRAPH (a group of computer graphics geniuses) brought Industrial Light and Magic special effects legend Dennis Muren to Vancouver, and Warren was able to interview him. Apologies for the dodgy audio during Warren's questions....the details are too boring to go into, but at any rate Muren's thoughts on visual effects, art and the motion picture industry are the good stuff.

  • Radio Free Skaro #130 - Invasion of the XX Chromosome

    Mar 22 2009

    With Steven currently roasting production codes out of his head under the fiery sun of Cuba, Chris and Warren decided mutiny was the appropriate response and welcomed Katrina (also known on Twitter as @xanister) to fill his gangly shoes. And not a moment too soon, as the Two Who Rule (and special guest) were inundated with a surfeit of news, both plausible and spoiler-diculous.

  • Radio Free Skaro #129 - Digressionary Tactics

    Mar 15 2009

    With only Comic Relief and a mini-SJA episode (story?) starring a flatulent Ronnie Corbett, the Three Who Rule had little in the way of solid material to mold into gorgeous verbal statuary with their mellifluous locution this week. But thanks to the power of digression, they managed to unleash a torrent of nonsense almost unparalleled in the annals of Skarosian myth and legend. And all of it for you, dear listeners.

  • Radio Free Skaro Interviews Simon Guerrier

    Mar 11 2009

    Our Wednesday Cutaway series continues with this, our chat with Simon Guerrier recorded at Gallifrey '09. Simon has written many a Doctor Who short story, as well as several Big Finish audio stories - about which you will hear now!

  • Radio Free Skaro #128 - In the Shadow of the Cyber-King

    Mar 09 2009

    In a surprising turn of events, this week's episode was chock full of news...an unwelcome development with a "The Next Doctor" commentary bearing down on the Three Who Rule like a Cyber-King hell-bent on justifying its own lack of continuity. Being the brave souls they are, your gallant hosts soldiered on and brought not only the most current of current events in all of Who-dom, but also a sterling commentary on David Morrissey's debut as the Next Doctor. Oh yes, and David Tennant made some sort...more

  • Radio Free Skaro interviews Steve Roberts

    Mar 04 2009

    In our ongoing Wednesday special series featuring interviews and such from Gallifrey ‘09 in February (just to see how long we can milk it), we bring you an interview with Doctor Who Restoration Team impresario Steve Roberts, wherein he discusses past and future projects regarding the classic Who DVD series.

  • Radio Free Skaro #127 - The Rise of Rubbishor

    Mar 02 2009

    Though the news was paltry (other than some serious SPOILERS for one of the upcoming specials near the 3/4 mark of the show), the Three Who Rule were able to bring their customary wit and verve to this week's proceedings, and even managed to create Rubbishor, a new crusader destined to unseat the cruel and debased rule of Pedantor. Watch this space for more exciting details on this clash of entirely fictional titans! Or...just listen to the podcast.

  • Radio Free Skaro - Gallifrey '09 Podcast Panel

    Feb 25 2009

    At Gallifrey '09, three of the most preeminent Doctor Who podcasts around - Podshock, Tachyon TV, and Radio Free Skaro - converged for a tell all panel entitled "So You Want To Podcast Doctor Who?", ready to dispense vital information to a room full of eager fans wanting to venture into the cutthroat world of podcasting. With three panelists per podcast, the panel was chock full of on-air talent; it looked like the Yalta Conference of podcasting. Of course, occuring at 11:00 AM on a Saturday mor...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #126 - The End of Our Tether

    Feb 22 2009

    And so the post-Gallifrey exhaustion set in, and our stalwart heroes were left with nothing more than depression and a paltry smattering of news. And yet they soldiered on, digressing and discussing as before. Only..many weeks to go before Gallifrey 2010.

  • Radio Free Skaro interviews David J. Howe

    Feb 19 2009

    Radio Free Skaro's own Steven had the pleasure of interviewing Telos Publishing superstar David J Howe at Gallifrey 2009, in a discussion ranging from his reference works (most of which Steven owns) to his extensive knowledge of Doctor Who merchandise.

  • Radio Free Skaro #125 - Toclafantastic

    Feb 16 2009

    And with that, the craziest weekend in the history of Radio Free Skaro came to a close with an enervated Three Who Rule slumped around a microphone in their disheveled hotel room. They ran down their highlights (almost everything) and low lights (almost nothing) before jetting off to their respective patches of ground they call home, ready to come back to Gallifrey 21 next year and do it all again. Ah, the memories.

  • Radio Free Skaro #124 - Two Scoops of Hooray

    Feb 16 2009

    In the third of our (fictitious) award winning podcast pub chats with Doctor Who luminaries, Phil Ford (Sarah Jane Adventures head writer and writer of the next Doctor Who gap year special, "Return of the Bandrils") and Toby Hadoke (writer/performer of "Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf" and the revelation of the entire convention) dropped by for nigh on an hour and a half to talk about their experiences at the convention, their involvement in the Doctor Who universe, and offer general insigh...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #123 - Shearman After Dark

    Feb 15 2009

    The Three Who Rule continued their blitzkrieg coverage of Gallifrey 2009 with not only a wicked hangover (Warren), jet lag (Chris) and a smug sense of clean living self-satisfaction (Chris), but also a sterling interview with one Rob Shearman, the scribe behind award-winning Big Finish titles such as “Chimes at Midnight,” “Holy Terror,” and “Jubilee,” which was later adapted into “Dalek,” the return of everyone’s favorite mean-tempered pepper pots to the new series. Also joining us was Ja...more

  • Radio Free Skaro interviews Toby Hadoke

    Feb 15 2009

    Later on the Saturday at Gallifrey, Toby Hadoke, hours before going on stage for the North American debut of his hit one-man show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, sat down with Warren to have a chat about the play and his love of the show in general. (Again, here's the audio, with the video version to come later) :Direct download: RFShadokeinterview.mp3

  • Radio Free Skaro interviews Phil Collinson

    Feb 14 2009

    We at Radio Free Skaro are pretty excited about this : an exclusive interview with Phil Collinson! Phil was nice enough to sit down a chat with Warren. Check out the audio from it here (the video will be posted later!) :

  • Radio Free Skaro #122 - Live from Gallifrey

    Feb 14 2009

    For the first time in recorded history, in an event sure to be recorded in the annals of time across all universes parallel and otherwise, the RFS crew met in person at Gallifrey 2009 in Los Angeles, and thus was a podcast birthed from the loins of the Airport Marriott. And as a special bonus, John Williams and Neil Perryman of Tachyon TV joined in on the fun and regaled us with tales of Torchwood dodginess, Tomorrow People memories, and the utter strangeness of Sapphire and Steel.

  • Radio Free Skaro #121 - Vardans at the Gate

    Feb 10 2009

    In the last episode before the Three Who Rule arrive in Los Angeles and dispense their own particular brand of Canadian havoc, the news was sparse but the banter broad, ranging from Al Waxman's storied career all the way to....well, the shenanigans to come at Gallifrey 2009.

  • Radio Free Skaro #120 - The Return of Pedantor

    Feb 03 2009

    This week saw a surfeit of news for the Three Who Rule to chew over, and masticate they did as they analyzed, cogitated...and digressed into discussions of Matt Houston, black and white action figures, the questionable acting talents of one Derek Jacobi, and a beast named Pedantor.

  • Radio Free Skaro #119 - Fall Guys

    Jan 25 2009

    The Three Who Rule had barely any news to discuss this week, but that didn't stop them from talking about the upcoming Gallifrey convention in LA, mysterious destroyed buses in Dubai, and (of all things) 80's Lee Majors vehicle "The Fall Guy." You have been warned.

  • Radio Free Skaro #118 - By Hook or By Crook...

    Jan 17 2009

    The Three Who Rule plunged forward as usual into the exciting world of Doctor Who news and other related shenanigans, but took time to examine the gloriousness that was The Prisoner, the late Patrick McGoohan's psychedelic masterpiece. Be seeing you!

  • Radio Free Skaro #117 - Fool's Reunion

    Jan 11 2009

    After a dusty couple of weeks battling Sutekh, the Hand of Sutekh, and mysterious fez-clad villains, Warren returned to North American soil from Egypt a little dusty but still full of verve for all things Who. Of course, now that the new Doctor has been announced, along with the airing of the Next Doctor, there was little in the way of real news to discuss, so the Three Who Rule made do with fawning over the impossibly cute Character Options figures due later this year, along with digressions in...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #116 - Ghostly Matt-ers

    Jan 04 2009

    While Warren battles gun-wielding, fez-wearing servants of Sutekh, Steven and Chris discuss the big news of the announcement of David Tennant's replacement in Who's eponymous role. The Two of the Three compare the nascent Mr. Smith's ascension with the oncoming of past Doctors of yore and ultimately conclude it's far too early to know what to expect from this whippersnapper. The discussion by way of commentary of Ghost Light also occurs as the remaining hosts take on the much-overlooked Season 2...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #115 - No Warren, No Cry

    Dec 28 2008

    With Warren in Egypt seeking to be the plaything of Sutekh, it was left to Chris and Steven to hash out their opinions of the recent Doctor Who Christmas special "The Next Doctor". As if an RFS episode without Warren wasn't weird enough, both Chris and Steven were actually in the same room to record this week's installment. The resulting proximity meant that the duo stayed remarkably on topic, but still managed to find time to comment on Survivors, Coronation Street and Canada's chances a...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #114 - Jet-Lagged Yet Jaunty

    Dec 21 2008

    The Three Who Rule were all back on terra firma (ie. North America) this week, and the usual Who-ish banter of course centred around the imminent showing of "The Next Doctor", due December 25th on UK TVs and computers worldwide. But that didn't stop the jaunty (and in the case of Chris, jet-lagged) japemeisters from venturing forth on the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (conclusion: crap), along with an altogether too long talk about the merits of various Star Trek series, before sau...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #113 - Vectors of Digression

    Dec 14 2008

    For the first time in a long time, the Three Who Rule went sans commentary and digressed, postulated, and even went off topic (twice!) in the middle of a sentence. The hygiene of certain Sex in the City characters, Steve Coogan, Big Finish audios, and oh yes, the latest Doctor Who news headlines were hashed over, giggled at, and finally shunted aside as your gallant crew went completely off the rails. Hoo-ray!

  • Radio Free Skaro #112 - Anticipointment

    Dec 07 2008

    And so it's come to this. At long last the RFS crew reaches "Journey's End," the final episode of Series Four, and a story that nicely sums up Who scribe Gareth Roberts term of "anticipointment." So much potential, frittered away in a fruitless wasting of the Rose story arc and Benny Hill-esque dispatchment of the Daleks. Still, Julian Bleach's Davros and the sad fate of Donna Noble rescued the episode from the Trash-Bin of Utter Contempt (next door neighbour to the Gun of Spite) and gave...more

  • Radio Free Skaro #111 - Swollen Mirth

    Nov 29 2008

    More thrilling commentary, this time for the "Stolen Earth," clearly the best roller coaster ride of Series 4, if not of the entire run of the new series. It's all downhill from here though, as "Journey's End" is coming up next, and we all know how that turned out. Still, witticisms and nerdy banter ahead!

  • Radio Free Skaro #110 - As the World Turns Left (and gets stolen at the end)

    Nov 23 2008

    The Three Who Rule were efficacious in their praise for Turn Left, a tour de force performance from Catherine Tate and the best part of Rose's rather presumptuous arrival into Series 4. Of course, a good episode means we spend most of our time rapt in wonder and not actually commentating, but we made a special effort to lay down some bon mot as we enjoyed things being on Donna's back, Doctors dying and mirrors sending people sideways through time.Oh yes, and happy 45th birthday, Doctor Who.