The podcast about chain restaurants. Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger review fast food/sit-down chains and generally argue about food/everything.


  • Culver's with Carl Tart

    Jan 23 2020

    Carl Tart (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) joins the ‘boys to review beloved Wisconsin burger and shake chain Culver's. Plus, a local Cream City brewdog edition of Drank or Stank. Recorded live at Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee.Sources for this week's intro:The Dairy State from the Wisconsin Cultural Societyhttps://www.wisconsinhistory.org/museum/exhibits/iconwisconsin/dairyland/index.aspBecoming The Dairy State from Wisconsin 101https://wi101.wisc.edu/2013/12/01/becoming-the-dairy-st...more

  • Harold's Chicken Shack with Jacquis Neal

    Jan 16 2020

    Actor/comedian Jacquis Neal (UCB, Culture Kings podcast) joins the boys to discuss cruise ship food and review Chicago's famed Harold's Chicken Shack. Plus, a new edition of Chips Inhale: Res-Chew Rangers, and a surprise drop-in from a special ghost!Sources for this week's intro:The First Family of Fried Chicken by Mike Sulahttps://www.chicagoreader.com/pdf/060414/060414_harolds.pdfChicken King Harold P. Pierce, 70 by Kenan Heisehttps://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1988-03-11-88040603...more

  • Unlocked! Wawa with Carl Tart & Christine Nangle (LIVE)

    Jan 09 2020

    Unlocked! For our first ever show in Philly, we're joined by Carl Tart (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and hometown hero Christine Nangle (Inside Amy Schumer, The Simpsons) to review Wawa, a convenience store iconic to the city. Plus, the first-ever live edition of the Snack Stack.Recorded live at Punch Line Philly on Sept 5th, 2019.Sources for this week's intro include:Everything You Need to Know About Wawa, the World’s Most Beloved Convenience Store (By Jessica Gentile)https://www.cho...more

  • Unlocked! Xi'an Famous Foods with Mike Hanford & Paul Rust (LIVE)

    Jan 02 2020

    UNLOCKED! We're joined live in NYC by Mike Hanford (The Birthday Boys, The Sloppy Boys) and Paul Rust (Netflix's Love, Don’t Stop or We’ll Die) to review a family owned chain serving western Chinese cuisine: Xi'an Famous Foods. Plus, a live edition of the Snack Stack.Recorded live at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC on September 6, 2019. Sources for this week's intro include:The Phenomenon Of Xi'an Famous Foods In New York City by Heng Shaohttps://www.forbes.com/sites/hengshao/2013/07/30/restaur...more

  • Unlocked! The 2018 Doughboys Christmas Special: Wiger Alone

    Dec 26 2019

    Unlocked! Enjoy our 2018 Doughboys Christmas Special, Wiger Alone. As the Doughboys prepare a Christmas vacation, an argument leads Wiger to wishing his podcast would disappear...(Written by Mike Mitchell. Featuring Nick Wiger, Evan Susser, Michael Blaiklock, Alana "The Knife" Johnston, Jon Gabrus, Paul Rust, Allan McLeod, Yusong Liu, Emma Erdbrink, Wolly, and Irma)

  • Steak 'n Shake 4 with Evan Susser

    Dec 19 2019

    The commissioner returns for the final episode of 2019! Susser (Deli Boys, Brooklyn 99) and the 'boys head back to Steak 'n Shake, a midwest chain with a tumultuous history. Plus, the final Snack or Wack of 2019. Sources for this week’s intro include:2014: A Blowout Compensation Year for Sardar Biglari by John Hamburgerhttps://www.restfinance.com/Restaurant-Finance-Across-America/March-2015/2014-A-Blowout-Compensation-Year-for-Sardar-Biglari/Fresno couldn't wait for a Steak 'n Shake. A year late...more

  • Ample Hills Creamery with Jason Sheridan

    Dec 12 2019

    The 'boys are joined by Jason Sheridan (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Podcast The Ride) to review Brooklyn based artisan ice cream chain Ample Hills Creamery. Plus, a holiday edition of Cereal.Sources for this week’s intro include:Cream of the Crop, Annotated from Geniushttps://genius.com/Macho-man-randy-savage-cream-of-the-crop-05-11-1987-annotatedRandy Savage: One last time, the cream will rise to the top by Matthew Martinhttps://www.cultofwhatever.com/2015/01/randy-savage-one-last-time-the-cream-will-r...more

  • Noah's New York Bagels with Jennie Pierson

    Dec 05 2019

    The 'boys are joined by actor and comedian Jennie Pierson (Blackish & Powerless) to taste a breakfast favorite at Noah's New York Bagels. Plus, the crew taste test Budweiser varietals in a new segment Seasons of Bud.Sources for this episode include:Liberalism and Protest at UC-Berkeley from Book-Ithttps://book-it.org/2017/05/history-of-liberalism-and-protest/Progressives in Berkeley Challenged by Tradition by Mark A. Steinhttps://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1986-11-03-mn-14900-story.html...more

  • Doughboys Double - Garfield's Thanksgiving w/ Paul Rust

    Nov 28 2019

    Free preview of Doughboys Double! Paul Rust (Love, Don't Stop Or We'll Die) discusses celebrity drive-by sightings and taste the Merry Mash-Up Slurpee and Holiday Mint M&M's.To subscribe to the Doughboys Double go to: patreon.com/doughboys

  • 99 Restaurant with Nicole Byer & Dano (LIVE)

    Nov 21 2019

    For the last show of our Feast Coast 2019 tour, we’re joined once again by Nicole Byer (Nailed It!, Why Won't You Date Me?) and Mitch’s childhood friend Dano to review a Massachusetts-based restaurant and pub, 99 Restaurant. Plus, a special Snack or Wack or Drank or Stank featuring Adam “WuTang” Woo with food from Majestic Dragon in Ipswich.Recorded live at The Wilbur on Sept 8th, 2019. Sources for this episode include:Why are horseshoes considered to be lucky? by Debra Roncahttps://people....more

  • Regina Pizzeria with John Hodgman & Nicole Byer (LIVE)

    Nov 14 2019

    We're joined live in Boston by John Hodgman (Judge John Hodgman, Medallion Status) and Nicole Byer (Nailed It!, Why Won't You Date Me?) for our long-awaited review of a Boston pizza cornerstone, Regina Pizzeria. Plus, a live edition of Snack or Wack or Drank or Stank. Recorded live at The Wilbur Theater on Sept 7th, 2019. Sources for this episode include: A 'Curse' born of hate by Glenn Stout https://www.espn.com/mlb/playoffs2004/news/story?page=Curse041005Red Sox-Yankees is baseball's ultimate ...more

  • White Castle with Mike Hanford, Paul Rust, and Fran Gillespie (LIVE)

    Nov 07 2019

    For our second NYC show in the Feast Coast tour, we're joined onstage by Mike Hanford (The Birthday Boys, The Sloppy Boys), Paul Rust (Netflix's Love, Don’t Stop or We’ll Die), and Fran Gillespie (SNL, Big Mouth) to review an east coast institution serving sliders, White Castle. Plus, a live edition of the Snack Stack. Recorded live at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC on September 6, 2019. Sources for this week's intro include:White Castle rolls dice with movie role from The Chicago Tribune...more

  • The Ate-TL: Cook Out with Jesse Farrar & Mike Hale

    Oct 31 2019

    For the finale of Octdoughberfest 2019, The Doughboys Present, The Ate-TL, we’re joined by the hosts of Your Kickstarter Sucks, Jesse Farrar and Mike Hale for our review of Cook Out. Plus, a Halloween edition of Snack to the Future. Sources for this week’s intro include:History of the Salver & Tray from AC Silver & Companyhttps://www.acsilver.co.uk/shop/pc/tray-history-d134.htmCould This North Carolina Fast Food Favorite Be The Next Five Guys? by David Landselhttps://www.foodandwine...more

  • The Ate-TL: Krystal with Sam Richardson

    Oct 24 2019

    We continue Octdoughberfest 2019, The Ate-TL continues as we're joined by actor and comedian Sam Richardson (Veep, Detroiters) to review an Atlanta-based chain serving sliders and hot dogs, Krystal. Plus, a peachy edition of The Wiger Challenge.Sources for this week’s intro include:Lacon, Or, Many Things in a Few Words: Addressed to Those who Think by Charles Caleb Coltonhttps://books.google.com/books?id=6AclAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA114#v=snippet&q=imitation&f=falseOscar Wilde Quotes from Goodr...more

  • The Ate-TL: The Varsity with Joe Saunders

    Oct 17 2019

    For the third week of Octdoughberfest 2019: The Ate-TL, the 'boys are joined by Joe Saunders (Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Breadcast) to review The Varsity, an Atlanta-founded chain serving chili dogs and burgers. Plus, a local edition of Drank or Stank.Sources for this Week's Intro:Nipsey Russell, a Comic With a Gift for Verse, Dies at 80 by Mel Watkinshttps://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/04/arts/nipsey-russell-a-comic-with-a-gift-for-verse-dies-at-80.htmlNipsey Russell: The Smile Lives On from NPRhttps:...more

  • The Ate-TL: Moe's Southwest Grill with Mary Lynn Rajskub

    Oct 10 2019

    For Octdoughberfest 2019: The Ate-TL, the ‘boys are joined by Mary Lynn Rajskub (24, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Checking In with Mary Lynn) to review Moe’s Southwest Grill, an Atlanta-founded chain serving Mexican cuisine. Plus, another edition of Snack or Wack.Sources for this week’s intro include: History of the Grateful Dead by Greta Kaul, Jillian Sullivan, and Aidin Vazirihttps://www.sfgate.com/music/article/History-of-the-Grateful-Dead-6330348.phpHow Grateful Dead Fans Became D...more

  • The Ate-TL: The Flying Biscuit Cafe with Steve Agee

    Oct 03 2019

    We're kicking off Octdoughberfest 2019: The Ate-TL with actor and comedian Steve Agee (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Sarah Silverman Program) as we review The Flying Biscuit Cafe, an Atlanta-based chain that specializes in southern style biscuits. Plus, another edition of Snack or Wack.Sources for this episode's intro include:FoodTimeline.org: Biscuits & Cookieshttp://www.foodtimeline.org/foodcookies.htmlBiscuit Bakers’ Treasured Mill Moves North By Shaila Dewanhttps://www.nytimes.com/...more

  • Rita's Italian Ice with Carl Tart & Christine Nangle (LIVE)

    Sep 26 2019

    For our second show in Philadelphia, we're rejoined by Carl Tart (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and Christine Nangle (Inside Amy Schumer, The Simpsons) to review a dessert chain founded in Pennsylvania: Rita's Italian Ice. Plus, another live edition of the Snack Stack.Recorded live at Punch Line Philly on September 5th, 2019. Sources for this week's intro include:Water Ice: What It Is, What It Isn't, How To Say It And Where To Get It (By Julia Hatmaker)https://www.pennlive.com/food/201...more

  • Marie Callender's with Scott Aukerman

    Sep 19 2019

    The 'boys are rejoined by Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Between Two Ferns: The Movie) to review Scott's former workplace and American restaurant and bakery, Marie Callender's. Plus, a frozen-drink edition of Breaking Chews.Sources for This Week’s Intro Include:Pipeline to the NFL? Big states, schools are key (By Jeff Zillgitt)https://usatoday30.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/2008-04-21-draft-database-cover_N.htmDon Callender, who turned his mom’s pie shop into the Marie Callender’s chain...more

  • CAVA with Jamelle Bouie, Carl Tart, and Libby Watson (LIVE)

    Sep 12 2019

    For our second show on the 2019 Feast Coast Tour, we're joined by Jamelle Bouie (New York Times), Carl Tart (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), and Libby Watson (The New Republic) to review Mediterranean fast-casual chain, CAVA. Plus, an all new live segment, Snackarchy in the UK.Recorded live at the DC Improv on Sept 4th, 2019. Sources for this week's intro include:Archestratus: A Gourmand In The World Of Classical Greece (By Cooksinfo)https://www.cooksinfo.com/archestratusGreek Food: A T...more

  • Ben's Chili Bowl with Christine Nangle & Carl Tart (LIVE)

    Sep 05 2019

    For the first show of the 2019 Feast Coast Tour, we're joined onstage in DC by Christine Nangle (Inside Amy Schumer, The Simpsons) and Carl Tart (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) to review a long-standing cornerstone of DC chains, Ben's Chili Bowl. Plus, a live edition of The Wiger Challenge.Recorded live at the DC Improv in Washington DC on September 4th, 2019.Sources from this week's intro include:Ben Ali, 82, Whose Chili Bowl Became a D.C. Landmark, Dies (By Matt Schudel)http://www.was...more

  • Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen 2 with Andrew Ti

    Aug 29 2019

    In the midst of a nationwide craze for its new chicken sandwich, we return to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen with writer and podcaster Andrew Ti (Mixed-ish, Yo, Is This Racist?) to determine if the sandwich lives up to the commotion. Plus, the debut of an all new segment, Snack to the Future.Sources for this week's intro:Interview With the Vampire': Ann Rice's casting quibbles by Erica Kornberghttps://ew.com/article/1993/10/22/interview-vampire-ann-rices-casting-quibbles/The Battle of Nouveau Orleans...more

  • Burger King 3 with Haley Mancini

    Aug 22 2019

    The 'boys are joined by actor, writer, and voice-over artist Hayley Mancini (The Last Kids on Earth) to return to Burger King and sample their new meatless Impossible Whopper. Plus, another segment of Breaking Chews as we review the new Reese's donuts available at Krispy Kreme.

  • Lee's Sandwiches with Ify Nwadiwe

    Aug 15 2019

    The 'boys are joined by Ify Nwadiwe (Nerdificent, Candy Dinner, Who Shot Ya?) to discuss their favorite fat food chains in high school and to review Lee's Sandwiches, a Vietnamese-American chain specializing in bánh mì sandwiches. Plus, a listener submitted edition of Cereal.

  • Del Taco 2 with Kevin Bartelt & Yusong Liu

    Aug 08 2019

    From the new podcast Maybe Don't, we're joined by Kevin Bartelt (Hollywood Handbook) and our own producer Yusong Liu to discuss eating vegan in California and to taste-test the new beyond meat options at Del Taco. Plus, a healthy juice-edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Subway 2 with R.J. Fried

    Aug 01 2019

    The 'boys are joined by writer R.J. Fried (Late Show with David Letterman, Triumph's Election Special 2016, Our Cartoon President) to talk Pennsylvania eats before discussing our return trip to one of the largest chains in the world, Subway. Plus, another edition of Snack or Wack, and this month's installment of the Golden Paw Club! 

  • SHAQ WEEK: Shaquille's with Josh Weiner

    Jul 25 2019

    To close out Shaq Week 2019, we're joined by writer and actor Josh Weiner (The Deadbeat, Tight Five) to discuss Shaquille O'Neal's restaurant that specializes in southern comfort food. Plus, a Papa John's edition of Shaq or Wack.

  • Le Pain Quotidien with Johnny Pemberton

    Jul 18 2019

    The 'boys are joined by actor and comedian Johnny Pemberton (Superstore, Live To Tape) to discuss his experience growing up with Minnesota cuisine before reviewing our most recent meal at Le Pain Quotidien. Plus, a tequila edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Papa Gino's with John Hodgman, Jean Grae, and Jeff Tweedy

    Jul 11 2019

    In Mitch's home state of Massachusetts, the 'boys are joined by John Hodgman (Vacationland, Judge John Hodgman), Jean Grae (Everything's Fine), and Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) to review a New England native chain, Papa Gino's.Recorded live on June 29th in North Adams, Mass. as part of the Solid Sound Festival.

  • Starbucks Reserve with Jessica Chaffin

    Jul 04 2019

    For our review of Starbucks Reserve, an upscale version of the ubiquitous coffee chain, we're joined by Jessica Chaffin (Abby's, Desperados) to discuss our most recent sampling of drinks and food items. Plus, a cake-pop tasting on an extended restaurant review.

  • Which Wich? with Josh Gondelman

    Jun 27 2019

    The 'boys are joined by writer and stand-up comedian Josh Gondelman (Desus & Mero, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) to review a Dallas-native sandwich chain, Which Wich. Plus, a ranch edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Al’s Beef with Megan Batoon & Amir Blumenfeld (LIVE)

    Jun 20 2019

    Returning to the second city, the ‘boys are joined by Megan Batoon (Just a Tip with Megan Batoon) and Amir Blumenfeld (If I Were You, Buckets with Amir Blumenfeld) to review a Chicago native chain known for its Italian Beef Sandwiches, Al’s Beef. Recorded live as part of Headgum Live In Chicago at Thalia Hall, on June 14th, 2019. 

  • Ben & Jerry's with The Sloppy Boys

    Jun 13 2019

    We're joined by musicians The Sloppy Boys (Jeff Dutton, Mike Hanford, Tim Kalpakis) to discuss our recent trip to the Vermont-based ice cream chain, Ben & Jerry's. Plus, a chain-specific edition of Fake Chews.

  • Fogo de Chão with Candice King & Kayla Ewell

    Jun 06 2019

    The 'boys are joined by hosts of the podcast Directionally Challenged, Candice King and Kayla Ewell, to review their most recent trip to Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chao. Plus, a Coca-Cola edition of Drank or Stank.

  • P. F. Chang's 2 with Kulap Vilaysack

    May 30 2019

    The incredible Kulap Vilaysack (Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, Origin Story) returns to the show to discuss her history with PF Chang's, an American-Chinese themed chain restaurant. Plus, a gooey edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Hattie B's with Carl Tart (LIVE)

    May 23 2019

    On our second stop in the south, we're joined by Carl Tart (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) to review Hattie B's, a chain specializing in a Nashville-native dish, hot chicken. Plus, special guest appearances and a live edition of The Wiger Challenge.Recorded live on April 11th, 2019 at Zanies in Nashville, TN.

  • Waffle House with Carl Tart (LIVE)

    May 16 2019

    For our first time in Alabama, we're joined by Carl Tart (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) to visit a southern staple known for its resiliency in staying open 365 days a year: Waffle House. Plus, an unexpected live edition of Snack or Wack. Recorded live at Stand Up Live Huntsville on April 10, 2019.

  • Sweetfin Poké with Payman Benz

    May 09 2019

    We're joined by director Payman Benz (The Last Man on Earth, Brooklyn 99) as we travel to a California-native chain serving their take on a traditional Hawaiian dish: Sweetfin Poké. Plus, a Koreatown-inspired edition of Snack or Wack.

  • AMC Dine-In with Kevin Pollak and Jaime Fox

    May 02 2019

    From Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, Kevin Pollak and Jaime Fox return to the show to discuss our recent trip to the AMC Dine-In, where we dined during a screening of the film Captive State. Plus, Jaime provides us with a La Croix-inspired edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Episode 200 - Chili's Too with Eva Anderson

    Apr 25 2019

    For the 200th episode of Doughboys, we're joined by our first ever guest Eva Anderson (You're The Worst, Briarpatch) to review Chili's Too, a specialized version of the first chain restaurant we reviewed. Plus a TBT segment from the Doughboys archives.

  • Lou Malnati's with Jon Gabrus & Christine Nangle (LIVE)

    Apr 18 2019

    This week, Christine Nangle (The President Show, Inside Amy Schumer) and Jon Gabrus (Raised by TV, High & Mighty) join the 'boys to discuss a cornerstone of Chicago-style pizza: Lou Malnati's. Plus, a live edition of The Wiger Challenge. Recorded live at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL.

  • Portillo's with Jon Gabrus & Christine Nangle (LIVE)

    Apr 11 2019

    The 'boys hit Chicago and are joined by Christine Nangle (The President Show, Inside Amy Schumer) and Jon Gabrus (Raised by TV, High & Mighty) to review a midwest chain specializing in hot dogs: Portillo's. Recorded live at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL.

  • Sizzle Pie with Bill Oakley (LIVE)

    Apr 04 2019

    Writer and producer Bill Oakley (Disenchantment, The Simpsons) returns to the show for a review of Portland-native pizza chain Sizzle Pie. Plus, a live edition of The Wiger Challenge. Recorded live at Revolution Hall in Portland, Oregon.

  • Munch Madness: Poquito Más vs. Qdoba vs. Taco Bell with Nicole Byer

    Mar 28 2019

    For the finals of this year's Munch Madness, Tournament of Chompions: Mouth of the Border edition, we're joined by Nicole Byer (Nailed It!, Why Won't You Date Me?) to determine this year's winner between Poquito Más, Qdoba, and Taco Bell.

  • Munch Madness: Qdoba vs. Del Taco with Matt Apodaca

    Mar 21 2019

    In the last semi-final match of Munch Madness, we're joined by Matt Apodaca (Candy Dinner, What's With These Homies Talkin' About Weezer) to determine who advances to the chompionship finals between Qdoba and Del Taco. Plus, a special popcorn edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Munch Madness: Poquito Más vs. Taco Bell with Mike Hanford

    Mar 14 2019

    For the first Semifinal match of Munch Madness, Mike Hanford (Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Sloppy Boys) returns to the show as first-round winner Poquito Más faces off against heavyweight Taco Bell. Plus, a Starbucks edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Munch Madness: Chipotle vs. Qdoba with Toni Charline

    Mar 07 2019

    The second matchup of the 2019 Munch Madness: Tournament of Chompions is here! Toni Charlene (Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot, Comedy Bang! Bang!) joins us to discuss our recent meals and to determine the winner between Chipotle and Qdoba. Plus, another edition of Snack or Wack. 

  • Native Foods with Tawny Newsome & Alex Kliner

    Feb 28 2019

    The 'boys are joined by The Supergroup's Tawny Newsome & Alex Kliner to review Native Foods, a vegan fast food chain with a focus on sustainability. Plus, a McDonalds edition of Breaking Chews.

  • Little Caesars with John Ross Bowie

    Feb 21 2019

    The 'boys are joined by actor and comedian John Ross Bowie (Speechless, Big Bang Theory) to discuss New England eats before reviewing this week's chain, Little Caesars. Plus, another edition of Pie In This Guy.

  • Smoke's Poutinerie with Alana Johnston (LIVE)

    Feb 14 2019

    The 'boys are joined in snowy Saskatoon by Alana "The Knife" Johnston (The Birthday Boys, UCB) to review a chain set on spreading one of Canada's quintessential foods to the world: Smoke's Poutinerie. Plus, a live edition of Snack or Wack. Recorded live at The Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

  • Super Duper Burgers with Eliza Skinner & Jordan Morris (LIVE)

    Feb 07 2019

    The 'boys are joined by Eliza Skinner (Cool Playlist, The Late Late Show with James Corden) and Jordan Morris (Bubble, Jordan, Jesse, Go!) in San Fransisco to review a chain touting a bold title for its menu items: Super Duper Burgers. Plus, the first ever edition of The Yusong Challenge. Recorded live in SF at Cobb's Comedy Club as part of SF Sketchfest.

  • Cheba Hut with Jon Gabrus (LIVE)

    Jan 31 2019

    Jon Gabrus (Raised By TV, High and Mighty) returns to the show to review a chain specializing in toasted subs and "curing munchies", Cheeba Hut. Plus, a local Arizona edition of Snack or Wack. Recorded at Stand Up Live in Phoenix, AZ.

  • The Hat with Betsy Sodaro and Mano Agapion (LIVE)

    Jan 24 2019

    Betsy Sodaro and Mano Agapion, hosts of the podcast Horny 4 Horror, join the 'boys to review The Hat, a chain specializing in its pastrami-dipped sandwiches. Plus, a live edition of The Wiger Challenge. Recorded live at the Brea Improv.

  • Delta Sky Club with John Hodgman

    Jan 17 2019

    The 'boys are joined by author and actor John Hodgman (Vacationland, Judge John Hodgman) as they journey to LAX to review Delta Sky Club, an airport lounge reserved for high-paying customers. Plus, an airport-based edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Poquito Más with Dan Goor

    Jan 10 2019

    For the first review of 2019, the 'boys are joined by writer and producer Dan Goor (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation) to review Poquito Más and to discuss the extravagant process of ordering lunch in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine writers' room. Plus, another edition of Chips Inhale: Reschew Rangers.

  • Doughboys Double 88 - Soup's Up with Joe Hartzler

    Jan 03 2019

    Joe Hartzler (The Earliest Show, Acting Tips with Joe Hartzler) joins the ‘boys and tells the story of a past injury that led him into the world of soup. We then try Joe’s incredible homemade Beef Stroganoff and Red Pepper Vegan Corn Chowder. 

  • Doughboys Double 42 - A Very Doughboys Christmas

    Dec 27 2018

    On Christmas Eve, three spirits visit Nick Wiger to reveal how his behavior has affected those around him...Written by Mike Mitchell. Narrated by Jesse Thorn. Featuring Lauren Lapkus, Paul Rust, Mookie Blaiklock, Evan Susser, Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport, Yusong Liu. Additional material by Wolly and Irma. Originally released December 2017.

  • McDonald's with Sarah Silverman

    Dec 20 2018

    On a historic Doughboys milestone, the 'boys are joined by Sarah Silverman (Ralph Breaks the Internet, I Love You, America) to review a cornerstone of American chain restaurants: McDonald's. Plus, another segment of Pie In This Guy.

  • Papa John's with Lamar Woods

    Dec 13 2018

    Actor and comedian Lamar Woods (New Girl, It's a Party) returns to the show to review a pizza chain whose history has been stained by controversy, Papa John's. Plus, a fan-gifted Minions edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Rubio's with Mary Holland (LIVE)

    Dec 06 2018

    Actor and comedian Mary Holland (Veep, Comedy Bang! Bang!) joins us to review a chain that originated in San Diego, emphasizing its fish tacos: Rubio's. Plus, a Sprite edition of Drank or Stank. Recorded live at the House of Blues in San Diego.

  • Dairy Queen 2 with Don’t Stop or We’ll Die

    Nov 29 2018

    From the band Don't Stop Or We'll Die, Michael Cassady and Paul Rust join us to review a chain known for its frozen mixed treat: Dairy Queen. Plus, another edition of The Wiger Challenge.Check out their new album Dazzle Me, out now!

  • Doughboys Double 66 - Tarot Pizza with Ariana Lenarsky

    Nov 22 2018

    Free preview of Doughboys Double!Writer, musician, and professional tarot reader Ariana Lenarsky (McSweeney's, Brand New Podcast) joins to discuss her experiences as a pizza delivery driver, and to read tarot for the notoriously superstitious Mitch.To subscribe to the Doughboys Double go to: patreon.com/doughboys

  • El Torito with Jack Allison

    Nov 15 2018

    The 'boys take a deep dive into Mexican cuisine as Jack Allison (Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Struggle Session) returns for a review of El Torito, a restaurant known for its made-to-order guacamole and flame-grilled fajitas. Plus, a Thanksgiving edition of Season Eatings.

  • Top Round Roast Beef with Ike Barinholtz

    Nov 08 2018

    The hilarious Ike Barinholtz (The Mindy Project, The Oath) joins us to review a chain specializing in old school roast beef sandwiches: Top Round Roast Beef. Plus, a lengthy discussion of vulgar experiences and the debut of an all new segment, Mike and Ike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Candymation.

  • Maggiano's Little Italy with Kevin Pollak

    Nov 01 2018

    Diving into a chain focused on Italian-American cuisine, the 'boys are joined by Kevin Pollak (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show) to discuss their recent experience at Maggiano's Little Italy. Plus, competing impressions, Kevin's stand up stories, and an Oreo-based Snack or Wack.

  • Octdoughberblessed: Cracker Barrel with Betsy Sodaro

    Oct 25 2018

    For the last review of Octdoughberblessed, Betsy Sodaro (Disjointed, Another Period) joins the 'boys as they discuss their journey from LA to Victorville to visit Cracker Barrel, a chain known for its southern cuisine as well as its on-site general store. Plus, a devilishly hot edition of Hot-or-Not.

  • Octdoughberblessed: Loving Hut with Raj Desai

    Oct 18 2018

    Octdoughberblessed continues as the 'boys are joined by Raj Desai (Triumph Election Special, I Love You, America) to review Loving Hut, a vegan chain dedicated to bringing peace, love, and harmony. Plus, a holy grail edition of The Wiger Challenge.

  • Octdoughberblessed: Canter's Deli with Evan Susser and David Phillips

    Oct 11 2018

    On the second week of Octdoughberblessed, the 'boys are joined by Evan Susser (Fist Fight, Sonic the Hedgehog) and David Phillips (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) to talk about their new podcast venture, their respective religious upbringings, and their visit to the longstanding LA Jewish restaurant: Canter's Deli. Plus, another edition of Hot or Not.

  • Octdoughberblessed: In-N-Out vs Chick-Fil-A with Scott Aukerman

    Oct 04 2018

    For the first week of Octdoughberblessed, the ‘boys are joined by Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Threedom) to talk about their religious upbringings and Scott’s history with food service before comparing two of the nation’s most prominent religious chains: In-N-Out and Chick-Fil-A. Plus, another edition of Drank or Stank. 

  • Benihana with D'Arcy Carden

    Sep 27 2018

    Actor and comedian D'Arcy Carden (The Good Place, Barry) to review and discuss her childhood relationship to this week's chain, Benihana. Plus, discussions about favorite autumn eats and snacking habits on sets before getting into a Halloween edition of Cereal. Check out audible.com/doughboys or text Doughboys to 500500 to get started!

  • Menchie's with Jackie Johnson

    Sep 20 2018

    The 'boys are joined by comedian and fellow podcaster Jackie Johnson (Natch Beaut) to discuss the food scene in Dallas, and to try several face masks as we break down our recent visit to Menchie's. Plus, a sparkling water-focused edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Outback Steakhouse 2 with Leann Bowen

    Sep 13 2018

    The 'boys are joined by writer and director Leann Bowen (Dear White People, I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman) to talk about her early restaurant jobs, dining in the San Fernando Valley, and more before jumping in to our return visit to Outback Steakhouse. Plus, a Carl's Jr. edition of Breaking Chews.

  • Wahoo's Fish Taco with Eliza Skinner

    Sep 06 2018

    The hilarious Eliza Skinner (Cool Playlist, The Late Late Show) joins the 'boys to talk about Virginia eats, her experience as a radio DJ, and her latest visit to Wahoo's Fish Taco. Plus, an exchanging of ghost stories and a hops-focused edition of Strange Brewdogs.

  • Johnny Rockets with Esther Povitsky

    Aug 30 2018

    Actor and comedian Esther Povitsky (Alone Together, Glowing Up) joins the 'boys to discuss Johnny Rockets, a franchise famous for its 1950s diner aesthetic. Esther talks about her experience working at the chain and reveals her "two restaurant" theory before diving in to our recent visit. Plus, a cola edition of Drank or Stank.

  • P. F. Chang's with Jessica McKenna and Zach Reino

    Aug 23 2018

    The talented and hilarious Jessica McKenna & Zach Reino (Off Book: The Improvised Musical) join the ‘boys for a review of Pan-Asian bistro P.F. Chang’s. Before diving to the review, we talk about musical jingles in fast food commercials, and Zach’s previous employment at the restaurant. Plus, a musical edition of Fake Chews. 

  • The Evan Susser Summer Ice Cream Invitational Finals with Evan Susser

    Aug 16 2018

    Screenwriter and former Tournament of Chompions commissioner Evan Susser (Fist Fight, Sonic the Hedgehog) returns to the show for the exciting conclusion of the Evan Susser Summer Ice Cream Invitational! Who will emerge victorious in the pint division, as Häagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, and Halo Top compete for a chance to go head to head with Baskin Robbins? Plus, the debut of a new segment, Eating Up...State?

  • Pink's Hot Dogs with Alana Johnston (LIVE)

    Aug 09 2018

    Alana Johnston (The Birthday Boys, UCB) returns to the show to review a historic LA landmark and restaurant, Pink's Hot Dogs. Plus, a special guest joins us for a live Snack or Wack, followed by a live audience feedbag. Recorded live at the Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles.

  • Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes with Kelly Nugent and Lindsay Katai

    Aug 02 2018

    The hilarious Kelly Nugent and Lindsay Katai (Public Domain Theater, Teen Creeps) join the 'boys to discuss their recent experience at San Diego Comic Con, and to review a buffet chain specializing in salads & soups: Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes. Plus, another edition of Chips Inhale: Res-chew Rangers.

  • Panera Bread with Bill Oakley

    Jul 26 2018

    Writer and producer Bill Oakley (The Simpsons, Portlandia, Disenchantment) joins the 'boys to talk about lunch habits in The Simpsons' writers room, and to review the casual bakery-café chain Panera Bread. Plus, a McCafe edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Mel's Drive-In with Jon Gabrus (LIVE)

    Jul 19 2018

    Comedian, actor, and writer Jon Gabrus (Raised by TV, High & Mighty) joins the 'boys for a visit to Mel's Drive-In, a longstanding California diner with a history of cinematic appearances. Plus, a live edition of Snack or Wack. Recorded live at Larkin Comedy Club in San Francisco.

  • Panda Express 2 with Cristela Alonzo

    Jul 12 2018

    Actor and comedian Cristela Alonzo (Cristela, Cars 3, Lower Classy) joins the 'boys to talk about growing up with authentic Mexican cuisine, and to make a return visit to Panda Express. Plus, another edition of The Wiger Challenge.

  • IHOb with Bug Mane

    Jul 05 2018

    The mysterious and eccentric Bug Mane returns to the podcast to discuss his enigmatic online community and to review IHOb's new burger options. Plus, the debut of an all new segment that tests our guests' condiment knowledge, Sauceton Powers.

  • Norms with Jordan Morris

    Jun 28 2018

    The first half of the record may have been lost, but the second remains, as writer/comedian Jordan Morris (Bubble, @midnight, Jordan, Jesse, Go!) returns for a review of his favorite sobering up spot: 24/7 Los Angeles diner chain Norms. The ‘boys field another voicemail from a friend of the show. Plus, another edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Firehouse Subs with Mary Sohn

    Jun 21 2018

    Actor and comedian Mary Sohn (AP Bio, The Boss) joins to discuss Illinois eats and to review up and coming sandwich chain Firehouse Subs. Mary, Mitch, and Wiger endure another edition of Hot or Not. Plus, Wiger places a phone call to a plugged in source in advance of Mitch’s trip to Italy.

  • Quizno's with Haley Joel Osment

    Jun 14 2018

    Actor Haley Joel Osment (Silicon Valley, Future Man) joins to discuss acting in food commercials, eating on sets, and to review fading toasted submarine sandwich chain Quizno’s. Plus, another edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken with Ben Gruber

    Jun 07 2018

    Writer/comedian Ben Gruber (Monk, Teen Titans Go!, Little Big Awesome) joins to discuss one of his favorite foods, fried chicken, as provided by beloved Memphis original Gus’s. Gus and the ‘boys discuss the deleterious digestive effects of spicy cuisine, and partake in another edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Taco Bell 4 with Gillian Jacobs

    May 31 2018

    Actress Gillian Jacobs (Love, Life of the Party) joins to bully Mitch, to open long neglected listener mail, and to review her first ever visit to Taco Bell, as the 'boys taste test its new Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa. Plus, another edition of beloved segment Chips Inhale: Res-chew Rangers.

  • Denny’s Solo Menu with Matt Mira

    May 24 2018

    Writer/comedian Matt Mira (The Goldbergs, Star Trek: The Next Conversation) joins Mitch and Wiger for a feature length review of Denny’s new promotional menu for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The trio talk Boston and Vegas eats, discuss the pluses and minuses of branded slot machines, and tackle a Wars v. Trek quiz in another edition of Fake Chews.

  • TGI Friday’s 2 with The Sklar Brothers

    May 17 2018

    Randy and Jason Sklar (Sklars and Stripes, Hipster Ghosts) join Mitch and Wiger for trip down memory lane as they review a favorite chain from their youth and college days: sit down chain and Cocktail inspiration TGI Fridays. The quartet discusses sports, dining on the road, and taste test trial Oreo flavors in a new edition of Flavor of the Week.

  • Ruth's Chris Steak House with Andrew Secunda

    May 10 2018

    Writer and actor Andrew Secunda (The Goldbergs, Curb Your Enthusiasm) joins to review a fine dining favorite from his college days: New Orleans’ own Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Andy and Mitch reminisce about the eats of upstate New York, and compete to divine another mystery drink in a new edition of the Wiger Challenge.

  • Olive Garden 2 with Joel Kim Booster

    May 03 2018

    The ‘boys welcome actor and comedian Joel Kim Booster (Conan, The Week Of) to discuss midwest eats, how to get fired from service jobs, and to review the Italian-American chain he worked at as a server for two years: Olive Garden. Some day-old pasta gets taste tested in another edition of The Leftovers.

  • Farmer Boys with Nick Rutherford

    Apr 26 2018

    Actor and comedian Nick Rutherford (Dream Corp LLC, The Unicorn) joins to review west coast farm to table fast food concept Farmer Boys. Rutherford talks growing up and eating in SoCal, and a lascivious recent Star Wars VR experience. Mitch, Wiger, and engineer Emma taste test day old BK Chicken Fries in another edition of The Leftovers.

  • The Dopeboys 4/20 Smokestackular with Jon Gabrus

    Apr 19 2018

    Good friend of the show Jon Gabrus (High and Mighty, ActionBoyz) returns to give weed novice Wiger a cannabis crash course while Mitch stays sober. As the munchies take hold, the 'boys taste test every Girl Scout cookie. A very "kind" episode, buddy!

  • The Pie Hole with Marcy Jarreau

    Apr 12 2018

  • Coco's with Alison Rosen

    Apr 05 2018

    The ‘boys welcome author and podcaster Alison Rosen (Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend) to review one of her childhood favorites: SoCal based diner and bakery chain Coco’s. A previous guest leaves a lengthy voicemail on the Audio Feedbag. And, the premiere of a new quiz segment: Fake Chews.

  • Munch Madness: Finals with Paul Scheer

    Mar 29 2018

    Paul Scheer (The Disaster Artist, How Did This Get Made?) returns for the climactic three-chain showdown in the finals of Munch Madness: The Tournament of Chompions: The Slice is Right: Blaze vs. Costco vs. loser's bracket winner Domino's. With Tournament Commissioner Evan Susser out of a commission, an old friend returns as his Deputy.

  • Munch Madness: Semifinals Match 2 with Michael Daniel Cassady

    Mar 22 2018

    Actor and Doughboys theme composer Michael Daniel Cassady (Drunk History, Love) returns for the second semifinal matchup of Munch Madness 2018: The Tournament of Chompions: The Slice is Right, as Costco battles with Little Caesar's for pizza bragging rights. A new licensed Girl Scout cookie breakfast cereal gets a taste test.

  • Munch Madness: Semifinals Match 1 with Carl Tart

    Mar 15 2018

    The great Carl Tart (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Culture Kings) joins as guest judge for the first semifinal matchup of Munch Madness 2018: The Tournament of Chompions: The Slice is Right, as round one victors Blaze and Domino's do battle. Two kinds of Frito-Lay chips are taste tested in another edition of Hot or Not.

  • Munch Madness: Little Caesars vs. Papa John's with John Gemberling

    Mar 08 2018

    Actor and comedian John Gemberling (Broad City, A Futile and Stupid Gesture) returns to help Mitch and Wiger judge the first round of Munch Madness, their annual chain restaurant tournament, as pizzerias Little Caesars and Papa John's go head-to-head. Some avocado oil chips get taste-tested in another edition of Chips Inhale: Res-Chew Rangers.

  • Munch Madness: Domino's vs. Pizza Hut with Claudia O'Doherty

    Mar 01 2018

    Actress and comedian Claudia O'Doherty (Love, Trainwreck) returns to the pod for the first matchup of the month-long Munch Madness 2018: The Tournament of Chompions: The Slice is Right, as pizza chain juggernauts Domino's and Pizza Hut square off. Plus, a Mountain Dew edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Ike’s with Spencer Crittenden (LIVE)

    Feb 22 2018

    Mitch and Wiger pay a visit to Bay Area sandwich favorite Ike’s, famed for its overstuffed sammies that are often named after celebs, with their friend Spencer Crittenden (HarmonTown, HarmonQuest) as well as a very special guest. Recorded live at SF SketchFest in San Francisco.

  • Sugarfish with Jason Mantzoukas

    Feb 15 2018

    Actor and comedian Jason Mantzoukas (The Good Place, How Did This Get Made?) joins the ‘boys to discuss the difficulty of dining with a serious allergy and to review LA based upscale sushi chain Sugarfish. Plus, a flavored Diet Coke edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Checkers and Rally’s with Neil Punsalan

    Feb 08 2018

    Writer and producer Neil Punsalan (No Script with Marshawn Lynch, @GotEm_Coach) joins to discuss his fast food centric Ohio upbringing and to review dual branded burger and seasoned fries chain Checkers and Rally’s. Plus, after a lengthy hiatus, it’s the return of Pie in this Guy.

  • The Halal Guys with Dave Schilling

    Feb 01 2018

    The 'boys welcome guest Dave Schilling (Bleacher Report, The Masked Man Podcast) to discuss NYC food cart turned nationwide fast food chain The Halal Guys. Dave brings along a homemade sweet treat for another edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Whataburger with Jon Gabrus (LIVE)

    Jan 25 2018

    On the final stop of the Doughboys’ Texas tour, Mitch, Wiger, and guest Jon Gabrus (Raised by TV, High & Mighty) pay a visit to iconic local burger chain Whataburger. Recorded live at the Texas Theater in Dallas.

  • Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s 3 with Alana Johnston

    Jan 18 2018

    Canadian actress/comedian and the self-anointed “Knife” Alana Johnston (The Birthday Boys, UCB) reviews her first dining experience at Mitch and Wiger’s beloved Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s. The trio try out some murderously spicy jerky in another edition of Hot or Not.

  • Shipley Do-Nuts with Jon Gabrus (LIVE)

    Jan 11 2018

    On the second stop of their Texas tour, Mitch and Wiger are again joined by Jon Gabrus (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Raised by TV) for a raucous discussion of local sweet treat/kolache chain Shipley Do-Nuts. Recorded live at The Secret Group in Houston.

  • Doughboys Double - Dream Mitchy

    Jan 04 2018

    Free preview of Doughboys Double! In this 2017 episode, Mitch and Wiger go guestless to taste test an authentic Chicago pie from Pizano’s. Wiger debriefs Spoonman on his playthrough as “Mitch” in the dating simulation game Dream Daddy. Join the Golden Plate Club at patreon.com/doughboys

  • Cinnabon with Nicole Byer

    Dec 21 2017

    The hilarious Nicole Byer (Loosely Exactly Nicole, Why Won’t You Date Me?) returns to antagonize Mitch, analyze holiday eats, and review mall kiosk sweet treat staple Cinnabon. Nicole, Mitch, and Wiger taste test Doritos Nuts in another Snack or Wack.

  • LIVE in Austin: Torchy's Tacos with Jon Gabrus

    Dec 14 2017

    Comedian, actor, and writer Jon Gabrus (Real Housewives of Las Vegas, Guy Code, Upright Citizen's Brigade) joins the 'boys to review Torchy's Tacos, an Austin institution serving up creative twists on 'damn good' tacos.

  • Fosters Freeze with Holly Prazoff

    Dec 07 2017

    Comedian, actor, and proud Canadian Holly Prazoff (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Upright Citizens Brigade) joins the 'boys to review Foster's Freeze, a California native eatery that specializes in burgers and shakes. Plus, an adventurous drinking vinegar edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Chick-fil-A with Noël Wells

    Nov 30 2017

    Actor, comedian, and director Noel Wëlls (SNL, Mr. Roosevelt) joins the 'boys to share her experience growing up with Texas cuisine and to talk about their recent experience with Chick-fil-A. Plus, a Reese's edition of Snack or Wack. 

  • Doughboys Double 13 - Summer’s Poppin’ with Betsy Sodaro

    Nov 23 2017

    Free preview of Doughboys Double!Actress and comedian Betsy Sodaro joins for a tour of the more outrageous items in the Pop-Tarts family. With summer almost here, the trio engage in the Backyard BBQ draft.To subscribe to the Doughboys Double go to: patreon.com/doughboys

  • Dick's Drive-In with Evan Susser (LIVE)

    Nov 16 2017

    From the Doughboys' journey into the Pacific Northwest, screenwriter and former comissioner Evan Susser (Fist Fight, Sonic the Hedgehog) joins the 'boys on stage to review Dick's Drive-In. Plus, a live audience participation edition of The Wiger Challenge. Recorded live at The Vera Project in Seattle. 

  • Wienerschnitzel with Rob Huebel

    Nov 09 2017

    The 'boys welcome actor and comedian Rob Huebel (Transparent, Childrens Hospital) to review the World's Largest Hot Dog Chain: Wienerschnitzel. The discussion includes sliders vs. hotdogs and more before an all new segment of The Leftovers. 

  • Arby's 2 with John Hodgman

    Nov 02 2017

    Writer and comedian John Hodgman (Judge John Hodgman, Vacationland) joins the 'boys for their return trip to Arby's to review some of the latest menu selecions, and to chat about New England food and being young instrumentalists. Plus, a mysterious edition of Snack or Wack. 

  • The Great Shrimp Off with Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport

    Oct 26 2017

    The exciting conclusion of Jockdoughberfest 2017 takes us to Red Lobster for the long-awaited Great Shrimp Off! Recorded live at a Red Lobster in Canoga Park, CA, the 'boys go head to head against Sean Clements & Hayes Davenport, hosts of Hollywood Handbook, as they compete in the pinnicle of athleticism and eating.  

  • Medieval Times with Mary Holland and Matt Newell

    Oct 19 2017

    Jockdoughberfest 2017 continues as the 'boys welcome Mary Holland (Veep, Comedy Bang! Bang!) and Matt Newell (Adam Ruins Everything, Upright Citizens Brigade) for a visit to Medieval Times. Mary discusses her previous job at Medieval Times as a photography wench before the gang dives into their review, followed by a candy-related segment of Hot or Not.

  • ESPN Zone with Neil Campbell

    Oct 12 2017

    Comedian and writer Neil Campbell (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Brooklyn 99) joins the 'boys as Jockdoughberfest 2017 continues with a trip to ESPN Zone. Thoughts on the network itself and antics during live games are discussed before revealing the final verdict. Then, a timely mid-autumn segment of International House of Hot Takes.

  • Yard House with Matt Besser

    Oct 05 2017

    Jockdoughberfest 2017 kicks off as Matt Besser (Upright Citizens Brigade, improv4humans) returns to review sports bar and restaurant, Yard House. Will this chain get a touchdown, or fumble at the 5 yard line? Plus, stories of childhood sports trauma, and a contentious edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Guy's American Kitchen with Christine Nangle (LIVE)

    Sep 28 2017

    In the 'boys inaugural show in NYC, they take a bite out of the Big Apple with frequent guest and #NangGang leader Christine Nangle (The President Show, Inside Amy Schumer) to review Guy Fieri's flagship restaurant in Times Square, Guy's American Kitchen. Plus, a special audience participation edition of the Wiger Challenge. (Recorded live from the Now Hear This podcast festival in New York City.)

  • El Pollo Loco with Lamar Woods

    Sep 21 2017

    Writer and comedian Lamar Woods (New Girl, Comedy Bang! Bang!) joins the ‘boys for a trip to LA native chain and renowned chicken eatery, El Pollo Loco. Plus, a discussion of Atlanta eats, spicy wings, and 90’s movies before closing out with another segment of Snack or Wack.

  • Shakey's Pizza with Kyle Mooney

    Sep 14 2017

    The ‘boys welcome Kyle Mooney (Brigsby Bear, SNL) to talk tacos vs. burritos, eating while on SNL, and the virtue of barcades, before getting into their recent trip to Shakey’s Pizza. How will this pizza, salad, and entertainment chain fare? Plus, another segment of Dinner and a Movie, and Mitch receives a mystery package...

  • HomeTown Buffet with Toni Charline

    Sep 07 2017

    Actress and comedian Toni Charline (UCB, Funny or Die) joins the ‘boys to discuss childhood buffet stories, the limits of eating other people’s leftovers, and more, before delving into their visit to all you care to eat chain HomeTown Buffet. Plus, an all new segment tasting Nordic treats in Iceland Is Your Land.

  • KFC with Paul F. Tompkins

    Aug 31 2017

    The ‘boys welcome Paul F. Tompkins (Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, Spontaneanation) to review a cornerstone of fast food eateries: KFC. Together they discuss Pennsylvania eats, Mitch’s Bostonian dialect, and opinions on the colonel himself before deciding if the chain belongs on your bucket list. Plus, a special Mac attack edition of The Leftovers.

  • Chipotle 2 with Chelsea Davison

    Aug 24 2017

    Writer and comedian Chelsea Davison (@midnight, MADtv) joins the ‘boys for a return visit to Chipotle to try the newest addition to the menu: queso. Plus, conversations about theater, sports, the crossover between the two, and more, all before closing out the episode with another segment of Drank or Stank.

  • Doughboys Double 24 - The First Domino with Joe Quasarano

    Aug 21 2017

    Mitch and Wiger chat with Joe Quasarano, who, as a 19-year-old college dropout, got a job as the first cook at the first ever Domino’s Pizza. But first, the ‘boys discuss the new Cheetos pop-up restaurant in NYC.Subscribe: patreon.com/doughboys

  • Daphne’s with Jessica Jean Jardine

    Aug 17 2017

    The ‘boys welcome comedian and actor Jessica Jean Jardine (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Kar Dishin' It) as they discuss hummus, wedding caterers, and their recent experience at Greek restaurant chain Daphne’s. Plus, the heat is turned up for another segment of Hot or Not.

  • Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles with Carl Tart

    Aug 10 2017

    Comedian and improviser Carl Tart (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Party Over Here) sits down with the ‘boys to discuss a chain famous for its chicken and waffles: Roscoe’s. How will this Long Beach native restaurant fare? Plus, a new mystery drink in an edition of The Wiger Challenge.

  • IHOP 2 with Danny Jelinek

    Aug 03 2017

    The ‘boys welcome director Danny Jelinek (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Comedy Bang! Bang!) to the studio for a lunch & dinner focused revisit of breakfast chain IHOP. A new varietal of Keebler fudge stripes are under review in Snack or Wack.Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe @ hyperurl.co/doughboysLike what you hear? Check out Drinky Fun Time @ smarturl.it/drinkyfuntimeOh! Check out our survey @ smarturl.it/feralsurvey

  • Dunkin’ Donuts with Joe Mande

    Jul 27 2017

    Comedian Joe Mande (Parks and Rec, The Good Place) joins to discuss a culinary journey from Minneapolis to Boston to NYC to LA, and to review beloved New England coffee and pastry shop Dunkin’ Donuts. Joe and the ‘boys review a local Kentucky soda pop in another edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Golden Corral with Stoney Sharp

    Jul 20 2017

    An old friend of Mitch and Wiger’s, director Stoney Sharp (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Hood Adjacent) is in studio as the trio visit the nation’s largest buffet chain, Golden Corral. Stoney tells stories about growing up and eating in Florida, including his knowledge of the fabled skunk ape, and things get a little spicy in the new segment Hot or Not.

  • Umami Burger 2 with David Neher

    Jul 13 2017

    The ‘boys return to previously loathed chain Umami Burger with vegetarian and actor David Neher (Community, The Gorburger Show) to test drive their new Impossible Burger, a veggie patty that allegedly has the same taste and texture as beef. David talks about eating in his home state of Oklahoma, and the trio tries another edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Shake Shack with Jason Concepcion

    Jul 06 2017

    Writer and podcaster Jason Concepcion (The Ringer, Binge Mode) joins to discuss a culinary move from NYC to LA, touch on Game of Thrones and NBA free agency, and review upscale fast food upstart Shake Shack. Jason and the ‘boys taste test Kobe Bryant’s sports drink Bodyarmor.

  • Doughboys Double 14 - Unsatisfied Yelpers with Erin Whitehead

    Jul 03 2017

    Free preview of Doughboys Double!Erin Whitehead of Wild Horses returns to the podcast as we present a biggie size edition of our much requested Doughboys 1.0 segment An Unsatisfied Yelper. But first, Mitch challenges Erin and Wiger to a Dr Pepper guessing game.To subscribe to the Doughboys Double go to: patreon.com/doughboys

  • Claim Jumper with Heather Anne Campbell

    Jun 29 2017

    The ‘boys welcome back Heather Anne Campbell (Whose Line is it Anyway?, The Eric Andre Show) to review gigantic portioned Gold Rush themed sit down chain Claim Jumper. Heather shares her thoughts on the upcoming new entry in the Mario franchise and discloses her Last Meal.

  • Burger King 2 with Jordan Morris (LIVE)

    Jun 22 2017

    Mitch and Wiger revisit the Pepsi of fast food burger joints, Burger King, with returning guest Jordan Morris (@midnight, Jordan, Jesse, Go!). Mitch, Jordan, and an audience volunteer compete in another edition of the Wiger Challenge. Recorded live at MaxFunCon in Lake Arrowhead, CA.

  • Sizzler with Marisa Pinson

    Jun 15 2017

    Writer and comedian Marisa Pinson (Angie Tribeca, Don’t Trust the B-) joins the ‘boys to review Sizzler, the favorite chain restaurant of her SoCal childhood, and to discuss the recent addition of seafood to her vegetarian diet. Marisa, Mitch, and Wiger evaluate the new hip-hop themed potato chips Rap Snacks in another edition of Chips Inhale: Res-chew Rangers.

  • Jersey Mike’s with Drew Tarver

    Jun 08 2017

    The ‘boys welcome actor and comedian Drew Tarver (Bajillion Dollar Propertie$) to discuss his new gig portraying Carl Hardee Jr. in commercials, and to review Jersey Mike’s Subs, his sandwich chain of choice. Drew brings some sweet treats from his dad’s candy shop, to weigh them against some confections from Mitch’s mom’s favorite Quincy chocolatier.

  • The Coffee Bean with Hannah Kasulka

    Jun 01 2017

    Actress Hannah Kasulka (The Exorcist, Comedy Bang! Bang!) is in studio to discuss her former employer and current coffee shop of choice: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the SoCal based java chain that’s the worldwide runner up to Starbucks. Hannah, Mitch, and Wiger taste test a new Hershey’s treat in another edition of Snack or Wack.

  • IKEA with Dave Thomason

    May 25 2017

    Comedian and @midnight writer Dave Thomason joins the Doughboys and breaks his vegan diet to sample the food of Swedish furniture megastore IKEA. Do Dave, Mitch, and Wiger respond favorably to its ultra budget friendly Nordic delights? Plus, the most competitive Pie in this Guy yet, and a truly harrowing email from the Feedbag.

  • Sharky’s with Erin McGathy

    May 18 2017

    Fan favorite Erin McGathy (This Feels Terrible, Human Conversation), in town from Ireland, returns to antagonize the ‘boys and drop a bombshell on Mitch. Amid working through conflicting emotions in real time and discussing what is and isn't problematic in 2017, the crew review west coast Mexican chain Sharky’s and test drive the new segment Chips Inhale: Res-Chew Rangers.

  • Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s 2 with Chris VanArtsdalen

    May 11 2017

    Director, Birthday Boys member, and designer of the Doughboys logos Chris VanArtsdalen joins for a second discussion of fast food burger chain Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s, who recently revamped their famously lowbrow marketing campaign. Mitch, Wiger, and Chris dish about their shared histories and spiritual beliefs, and Chris takes a straightforward approach in another edition of Last Meal.

  • Mr. Pizza with Jesse Thorn

    May 04 2017

    Guest Jesse Thorn (NPR’s Bullseye; Jordan, Jesse, Go!) joins Mitch and Wiger to dine at one of the two North American outlets of Mr. Pizza, the South Korean pizzeria with 400 restaurants in its home country. The trio judge the unique potato stuffed crust and bizarre toppings, Mitch calls out Wiger on bagels, and another edition of Drank or Stank has artisan Mountain Dew on the agenda.

  • Wetzel’s Pretzels with Jon Daly

    Apr 27 2017

    The ‘boys resume their regular format with a review of shopping mall staple Wetzel’s Pretzels with the help of special guest Jon Daly (Kroll Show, I’m Dying Up Here). Mitch and Wiger discuss the merits of pretzels and various quick bites in general, and a skeptical Jon brings some real talk about chain fare. Plus, a surprise double dose of Snack or Whack.

  • Free Preview: Doughboys Double - *batteries not included with Amy Nicholson

    Apr 24 2017

    A free preview of Doughboys Double, our premium bonus episodes. Film writer Amy Nicholson (MTV News, The Canon) lends her critical perspective to *batteries not included, the 1987 sci fi film where mysterious alien robots help resuscitate a crumbling diner. To get the Doughboys Double each week, subscribe at patreon.com/doughboys

  • Nugget Power Hour with Nicole Byer & Jon Gabrus

    Apr 20 2017

    As Doughboys inexplicably reaches its hundredth episode, two of Mitch and Wiger’s favorite guests, Nicole Byer and Jon Gabrus, return to compete in a gut-wrenching challenge: The Nugget Power Hour. Each of the four attempt to eat 60 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets in 60 minutes. Plus, some special messages from ghosts of Doughboys past.

  • Jimmy John's with Lauren Lapkus

    Apr 13 2017

    Lauren Lapkus (Crashing, With Special Guest) returns for a discussion of midwest quick-service sandwich staple Jimmy John’s. The ‘boys and Lapkus debate the ethics of frequenting a chain whose founder is a big game hunter, and delve into London eats and mayo’s worthiness as a condiment. Plus, an Easter edition of Season’s Eatings.

  • Jamba Juice with Dylan Gelula

    Apr 06 2017

    With the Tournament of Chompions in the rearview mirror, Doughboys resume normal operations, as actress Dylan Gelula (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Casual) joins to discuss vegan eating and pseudo health food chain Jamba Juice. Mitch and Wiger debate who’s lower-T, and Nerds Rope is under debate in a new Snack or Wack.

  • Tournament of Chompions: FINALS with Paul Rust

    Mar 30 2017

    The finale of Munch Madness 2017: Chicken Fight has guest Paul Rust (Netflix’s Love) returning to help crown a Chompion. Will Popeyes continue to dominate the competition? Can Wingstop keep alive its Cinderella streak? Does the winner of Fat Chance Kitchen stand a chance in the main competition? One thing’s for sure: Commissioner Susser will throw some curve balls that make Mitch and Wiger mad. It all comes down to this! Make YOUR chompion predictions @ www.feralaudio.com/chompions2017

  • Tournament of Chompions: Wendy’s v. Wingstop with Matt Selman

    Mar 23 2017

    The second matchup of the Munch Madness 2017 semifinals finds returning guest Matt Selman (The Simpsons) discussing his history as Mitch’s boss, and his role in helping to create fictional chain restaurant Cletus’ Chicken Shack. Can tournament favorite Wendy’s, minus its signature Spicy Chicken Sandwich due to a ban from Commissioner Susser, prevail over surprise first round winner Wingstop? Plus, a closely contested rematch of The Wiger Challenge. Make YOUR chompion predictions @ www.feralaudio...more

  • Tournament of Chompions: McDonald’s v. Popeyes with Armen Weitzman

    Mar 16 2017

    Munch Madness 2017 progresses into the semifinals, as the Doughboys welcome back dear friend Armen Weitzman (Love, Another Period), who issues a clarifying statement regarding rumors of his alternate identity. Armen gets real with the ‘boys, and the trio attempt to divine the best chain chicken in a matchup between McDonald’s McNuggets and Popeyes. Plus, a tour of London snacks via Mitch’s recent European adventure, in a new segment, Snackarchy in the UK. Make YOUR chompion predictions @ www.fer...more

  • Tournament of Chompions: Buffalo Wild Wings v. Wingstop with Nicole Byer

    Mar 13 2017

    The ‘boys welcome back Nicole Byer (Girl Code, Loosely Exactly Nicole) for a wide-ranging discussion, as the first round of Munch Madness, the month long journey to determine the best chain restaurant chicken, concludes. In the Wings Region, sports bar juggernaut Buffalo Wild Wings takes on grab and go outlet Wingstop. Make YOUR chompion predictions @ www.feralaudio.com/chompions2017

  • Tournament of Chompions: Full Bird Region with Eugene Cordero

    Mar 09 2017

    Eugene Cordero (Kong: Skull Island, The Dumbbells podcast) returns to help officiate the third match of the first round of Tournament of Chompions: Chicken Fight, as the ‘boys reveal the competitors in the Full Bird Region. Plus, it’s a shake down, as the trio tastes the limited edition King Kong sweet treats from Johnny Rockets. Make YOUR chompion predictions @ www.feralaudio.com/chompions2017

  • Tournament of Chompions: Chick-fil-A v. Wendy’s with Ryan Perez

    Mar 06 2017

    The Tournament of Chompions: Chicken Fight continues, with Ryan Perez (Moonbeam City, SNL) helping Mitch and Wiger in their month long Munch Madness to determine the best chain restaurant chicken in the game. Chick-fil-A takes on Wendy’s in the second matchup of the first round: Sandwich Region.

  • Tournament of Chompions: McDonald’s v. Panda Express with Fran Gillespie

    Mar 02 2017

    Munch Madness: The Tournament of Chompions: Chicken Fight begins, as Fran Gillespie (SNL, Funny or Die) returns to judge the first matchup in the month long quest to divine the best chain restaurant chicken. McNugget purveyor McDonald’s takes on Asian inspired eatery Panda Express’ Orange Chicken in the Small Pieces Region. Make YOUR chompion predictions @ www.feralaudio.com/chompions2017

  • In-N-Out Burger 2 with ???

    Feb 23 2017

    Mitch completes his six week run of booking guests by surprising Wiger with the final member of the Spoonister Six. In-N-Out Burger is again on the menu as the ‘boys decide whether it will remain in the hallowed halls of the Platinum Plate Club. Plus, an all-dressed Snack or Wack.

  • Mac To-Fight with Evan Susser & Van Robichaux

    Feb 16 2017

    The writers of the new film Fist Fight, Evan Susser and Van Robichaux, join to discuss two topical McDonald’s stories: the Big Mac’s new offshoots the Grand Mac and the Mac Jr., and The Founder, the biopic about trailblazing but controversial McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc. Plus, the theme of the 2017 Tournament of Chompions is revealed.

  • BJ’s with Sean Clements & Hayes Davenport

    Feb 09 2017

    Hollywood Handbook hosts Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport return to discuss BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, the Chicago style pizzeria and brewpub that traces its origins to Orange County, California. Will Israeli mini burger chain Burgerim also be discussed?

  • Taco Bell 3 with Bobby Lee

    Feb 02 2017

    The ‘boys are back at Taco Bell… again. Bobby Lee (MadTV, TigerBelly podcast), who appears with Mitch on Netflix’s Love, joins for the most derailed, off-format episode yet. Bobby tells Wiger and Mitch to abandon the premise of their show, and advises Mitch on his love life. Plus, a listener submitted Wiger Challenge.

  • Taco Bell 2 with Jon Gabrus (LIVE)

    Jan 26 2017

    For the Doughboys' foray into the Bay Area, actor and comedian Jon Gabrus (High and Mighty podcast, Guy Code) joins to discuss his favorite restaurant, Taco Bell, and to contemplate mortality. Mitch gets a hometown surprise. Recorded live at the Eureka Theatre at SF Sketchfest.

  • Tony Roma's with Bug Mane

    Jan 19 2017

    The elusive and eccentric Bug Mane (???) stops by the podcast to review his home state of Florida favorite, Tony Roma's, aka "a place for ribs". Naturally, Star Wars is also under discussion. Mitch, Wiger, and Bug review KFC's Nashville Hot Chicken in another edition of The Leftovers.

  • Buca di Beppo with Drew McWeeny

    Jan 12 2017

    Film writer Drew McWeeny from 80s All Over and formerly of HitFix and Ain’t It Cool News joins the ‘boys for a family style taste of Italian chain Buca di Beppo. The ‘boys discuss movie snacks and food films. Plus, a special listener submission edition of The Wiger Challenge.

  • Tender Greens with Ryan Stanger

    Jan 05 2017

    The Doughboys go green for the first episode of 2017, as Ryan Stanger (Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Dumbbells podcast) joins for a visit to California farm to table eatery Tender Greens. The crew samples an array of Irish tweets courtesy of friend of the show Erin McGathy.

  • Rogueboys: Rogue One with Drew McWeeny

    Dec 22 2016

    Drew McWeeny from '80s All Over, HitFix, and Ain't it Cool News joins Mitch & Wiger to discuss Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

  • Steak 'n Shake 3 with Evan Susser

    Dec 15 2016

    Friend of the podcast Evan Susser (Wedding Crashers 2, Sonic the Hedgehog) returns for the 'boys third visit to a third different iteration of Steak 'n Shake, the midwest chain splintered into multiple parallel concepts by owner Sardar Biglari. A discussion about the direction of the podcast turns contentious. Plus, a Rogue One edition of Dinner and a Movie.

  • Jack in the Box with Spencer Crittenden

    Dec 08 2016

    West coast burger, taco, and miscellaneous eats chain Jack in the Box gets the fork treatment with the help of guest Spencer Crittenden (HarmonQuest, Harmontown). A discussion of facial hair's effect on eating and the metabolic processes of Gremlins. And, the 'boys ring in the holidays with an A Nightmare Before Christmas inspired Season's Eatings.

  • Hooters with Kulap Vilaysack

    Dec 01 2016

    Host of Who Charted? and creator of Seeso's Bajillion Dollar Properties Kulap Vilaysack joins to review Hooters, the original "breastaurant" that prides itself on wings. Kulap discusses growing up in the restaurant industry and working at PF Chang's as an adult. Plus, a deeply unpleasant taste test awaits in a new iteration of The Leftovers.

  • Church's Chicken with Demi Adejuyigbe

    Nov 17 2016

    Mitch and Wiger welcome Demi Adejuyigbe (The Good Place, Gilmore Guys) to review his Texas childhood favorite, Church's Chicken, to weigh coffee versus tea, and to participate in the Doughboys Thanksgiving draft. Plus, Mitch flips the script on Wiger with the first ever Mitch Challenge.

  • Wood Ranch with Esther Povitsky

    Nov 10 2016

    Actress and comedian Esther Povitsky (Brooklyn 99, Workaholics), along with her 3-month-old puppy Donut, joins to discuss her love of chains, her outsize appetite, and SoCal upscale barbecue chain Wood Ranch. And, Organic Gatorade is in the crosshairs in a new Drank or Stank.

  • Cold Stone Creamery with Kevin T. Porter

    Nov 03 2016

    Gilmore Guys co-host Kevin T. Porter joins the 'boys to review his favorite ice cream parlor from high school, Cold Stone Creamery, and to ambush Wiger with a surprise blast from the past. Plus, a sweet treat Snack or Wack featuring Reese's Peanut Butter Pieces Cups.

  • Rocklobsterfest: Red Lobster 4 with Sean Clements & Hayes Davenport

    Oct 27 2016

    For the finale of Mitch and Wiger's monthlong tour of Red Lobster, they team up with another podcasting duo: Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport, the hosts of Hollywood Handbook. The four discuss the business side of podcasting, Sean's snack related marriage proposal, and Red Lobster's worth versus New England seafood. Plus, a Tom Cruise edition of Dinner and a Movie.

  • Rocklobsterfest: Red Lobster 3 with Nicole Byer

    Oct 20 2016

    As Rocklobsterfest enters week 3, the hilarious Nicole Byer (Girl Code, Loosely Exactly Nicole) returns to the podcast to discuss her lengthy history with Red Lobster, from post church brunches to solo birthday vacation meals. Nicole braves a dystopian post MTV future and describes her hyper specific Last Meal.

  • Rocklobsterfest: Red Lobster 2 with Ross Kimball

    Oct 13 2016

    For their second voyage to Red Lobster, Mitch and Wiger welcome actor and comedian Ross Kimball (Masterminds, Mascots) to discuss shellfish, Chi-town eats, and summering in Maine. Mitch tries to break his long-running losing streak in the return of fan favorite segment Pie in this Guy

  • Rocklobsterfest: Red Lobster 1 with Jessica McKenna

    Oct 06 2016

    Munch Madness veteran Jessica McKenna (Party Over Here, Serious Music) joins Mitch and Wiger in studio for the first edition of Rocklobsterfest, the monthlong review of Red Lobster. Jess discusses her lifetime of Red Lobster fandom and the Halloween season. Canada -exclusive snacks are in the spotlight in a Canadian Thanksgiving edition of Season's Eatings.

  • Dairy Queen with Christine Nangle and Matt Selman Live At L.A Podfest 2016

    Sep 29 2016

    Writer and comedian Christine Nangle (Inside Amy Schumer, Kroll Show) returns to discuss American soft serve icon Dairy Queen and blindside Mitch and Wiger with some big surprises. The Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman joins for a stackable Snack or Wack. Recorded live at the Los Angeles Podcast Festival.

  • Baskin-Robbins with Dave King

    Sep 22 2016

    Writer and actor Dave King (Parks and Recreation, Netflix's Love, The Great Debates podcast) joins to discuss sugar addiction via the frozen dairy delights of Baskin-Robbins's 31 flavors, including an in-studio taste test of Polar Pizza. Mitch and Dave compete in an intense edition of The Wiger Challenge.

  • Dave & Buster's with Allan McLeod

    Sep 15 2016

    Actor and comedian Allan McLeod (You're the Worst, Drunk History), aka "Molasses Boy", talks with Mitch and Wiger about video arcade/eatery Dave & Buster's, discusses growing up in Alabama, and brings a portion sized surprise. Plus, the debut of Dinner and a Movie.

  • Yogurtland with Van Robichaux

    Sep 08 2016

    Screenwriter Van Robichaux (Fist Fight, Sonic the Hedgehog) stops by to discuss the Popeyes of his native Louisiana and review frogurt chain Yorgurtland. The resurrected Ecto Cooler is up in Drank or Stank.

  • Red Robin with D'Arcy Carden

    Sep 01 2016

    Actress and comedian D'Arcy Carden (Broad City, The Good Place) is in studio to review her childhood post church favorite, burger and brew spot Red Robin. The trio test out Bacon Jam in Snack or Wack.

  • The Cheesecake Factory with Beck Bennett

    Aug 25 2016

    Saturday Night Live's Beck Bennett joins Mitch and Wiger on his maiden voyage to famed chain The Cheesecake Factory, and files his review of its expansive menu. The 'boys go clear on a new Drank or Stank.

  • Minisode: After Dough with Joe Episode 3

    Aug 22 2016

    Joe Saunders debriefs the Doughboys Mitch and Wiger, in an episode recapping the final episode of the Doughlympics debacle, and discussing the future of the podcast.

  • Doughlympics: Dunkin' Donuts v. McDonald's v. Starbucks with Sean O'Connor

    Aug 18 2016

    A coffee battle boils over in a melee between the three biggest java chains with this week's guest, comedian and Late Late Show writer Sean O'Connor. Chairman Evan Susser opens the show with a bombshell, prompting intern Yusong Liu into action. Plus: the debut of the International House of Hot Takes.

  • Minisode: After Dough with Joe Episode 2

    Aug 16 2016

    Joe Saunders sits down with Doughboys host Nick Wiger, in this post-match interview recorded after the dramatic Mexican food round of the Doughlympics.

  • Doughlympics: Chipotle v. Del Taco v. Taco Bell with Courtney Davis

    Aug 11 2016

    Writer/director Courtney Davis (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Funny or Die) joins the 'boys for a defense of Tex-Mex cuisine and to help judge the three biggest Mexican chains in America, as the 2016 Doughlympic Susser Games continue. Friend of the podcast Evan Susser makes the crew endure a frozen food challenge.

  • Minisode: After Dough with Joe Episode 1

    Aug 08 2016

    Joe Saunders interviews the Spoonman Mike Mitchell about what transpired in the pizza round of the Doughlympic Susser Games.

  • Doughlympics: Domino's v. Papa John's v. Pizza Hut with Michael Blaiklock

    Aug 04 2016

    Actor and comedian Michael "Mookie" Blaiklock (Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Comedy Bang! Bang!) is in studio for a discussion of Massachusetts Dunkin' loyalty and to judge the pizza portion of the 2016 Doughlympic Susser Games. Plus: An exclusive bonus discussion of movie theater grub with film critic Lights Camera Jackson.

  • Minisode: The 2016 Doughlympic Opening Ceremonies hosted by Joe Saunders

    Aug 03 2016

    Mitch, Wiger, and friend of the podcast/International Doughlympic Committee Chairman Evan Susser are joined by host Joe Saunders to preview the 2016 Doughlympic Susser Games, and to officially kick off the competition.

  • 7-Eleven with Fran Gillespie (LIVE)

    Jul 28 2016

    Fran Gillespie (SNL, Funny or Die) returns to discuss her most frequent dining spot: convenience store chain goliath 7-Eleven. Plus, friend of the podcast Evan Susser stops by for an audience participation Snack or Wack. Recorded live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Sunset in Los Angeles.

  • Fatburger with Yamara Taylor

    Jul 21 2016

    Comedy writer and LA native Yamara Taylor (Black-ish, The Boondocks, Party Over Here) hops in studio with the 'boys to review a childhood favorite: overloaded burger chain Fatburger. Plus, a special Twinkie edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Bob's Big Boy with Dave Ferguson

    Jul 14 2016

    Birthday Boy and Comedy Bang! Bang! vet Dave Ferguson hops in studio to discuss an American classic, Bob's Big Boy, and to participate in an impromptu Diner Draft. Ferg offers his preferences for his Last Meal.

  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. with Paul Scheer

    Jul 07 2016

    The 'boys are joined by Paul Scheer (The League, How Did This Get Made?) to discuss his experiences with the oddly successful Forrest Gump themed eatery Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. And, it's a throwback to childhood in a new Drank or Stank.

  • Islands with Nick Mundy

    Jun 30 2016

    Conan and Screenjunkies vet Nick Mundy hops in studio to talk sports, Texas grub, and west coast burger joint and tiki bar combo Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks. Mundy, Mitch, and Wiger make a culinary visit to the World of Warcraft in a new Snack or Wack.

  • Pinkberry with Lauren Lapkus

    Jun 23 2016

    The one and only Lauren Lapkus (Jurassic World, Comedy Bang! Bang!) spends some time with the 'boys to talk being a picky eater and to review frozen yogurt hotspot Pinkberry. Plus, Mitch attempts to improve on his winless record in another edition of Pie in this Guy.

  • Hokkaido Ramen Santouka with Jeff Kenji Sloniker

    Jun 16 2016

    The 'boys welcome actor and comedian Jeff Kenji Sloniker (Key & Peele, Silicon Valley) to discuss his childhood summers in Japan and to review international chain Hokkaido Ramen Santouka. Plus, the debut of a saucy new segment, The Slice is Right.

  • Jollibee with Jonah Ray

    Jun 09 2016

    It's the long awaited appearance of actor and comedian Jonah Ray (Hidden America, the Nerdist podcast), who discusses foods of his home state of Hawaii and reviews Filipino fast food sensation Jollibee. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is again in our sights with the return of segment Cereal.

  • Baja Fresh with Claudia O'Doherty

    Jun 02 2016

    Actor and comedian Claudia O'Doherty (Inside Amy Schumer, Love) drops by to share her knowledge of Aussie eats and review her first visit to Mexican chain Baja Fresh. The 'boys and Claudia embark on a vodka version of Drank or Stank.

  • Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen with Lesley Arfin

    May 26 2016

    Mitch and Wiger welcome writer/producer Lesley Arfin (HBO's Girls, Netflix's Love), who helps analyze cajun fried chicken chain Popeyes and tells us the virtues of eating cookies for breakfast. Mitch and Lesley compete in another edition of the Wiger Challenge.

  • Yoshinoya with Jensen Karp

    May 19 2016

    Writer, gallery owner, and Get Up On This host Jensen Karp joins the 'boys to talk about his relationship with Japanese fast food chain Yoshinoya, and discuss his new memoir Kanye West Owes Me $300. Plus, a listener submitted Snack or Wack from across the Pacific.

  • Morton's The Steakhouse with Tim Kalpakis

    May 12 2016

    Writer/comedian Tim Kalpakis (The Birthday Boys, Comedy Bang! Bang!) guests in studio to break down classic American steakhouse chain Morton's, as well as discuss Greek food favorites and attending college with Mitch. Plus, Tim describes his Last Meal.

  • The Olive Garden with Christine Nangle

    May 05 2016

    Writer and actor Christine Nangle (Inside Amy Schumer, Kroll Show) joins the 'Boys to evaluate the biggest Italian chain restaurant in America: The Olive Garden. Mitch and Nangle face off in the return of beloved segment Pie in this Guy.

  • Hillstone with David Phillips

    Apr 28 2016

    Houston's, Gulfstream, Bandera, R+D, it goes by many names, but in the end, it's Hillstone. Writer David Phillips (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rick and Morty) joins to share his passion for this fine dining chain. Plus, a Cheez-It edition of Flavor of the Week.

  • Sweetgreen with Siobhan Thompson

    Apr 21 2016

    College Humor's Siobhan Thompson joins the podcast to help Mitch & Wiger review an up and coming health conscious chain: the Chipotle of salads, Sweetgreen. Plus, a special gluten free edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Chuck E. Cheese's with Erin McGathy

    Apr 14 2016

    The 'boys evaluate kid friendly pizza parlor and video arcade Chuck E. Cheese's, a childhood favorite of guest Erin McGathy (This Feels Terrible). And, iced tea is in the spotlight in another Drank or Stank.

  • Veggie Grill with Nathan Barnatt

    Apr 07 2016

    The 'boys review up and coming vegan fast food outlet Veggie Grill with the help of actor, comedian, and the man behind Keith Apicary, Nathan Barnatt. Mitch and Nathan compete in Wiger's piping hot new segment, Pie in this Guy.

  • Tournament of Chompions: FINALS - In-N-Out Burger v. Shake Shack

    Mar 31 2016

    The climactic conclusion of the first ever #MunchMadness has east meet west, as New York's Shake Shack battles sunny California's In-N-Out Burger. Friend of the podcast and tournament commissioner Evan Susser helps Mitch and Wiger crown the winner -- and also presents a brand new segment.

  • Tournament of Chompions: Minisode Winner v. Wendy's

    Mar 24 2016

    In the penultimate episode of #MunchMadness 2016, the hilarious Nicole Byer (Party Over Here, Girl Code) joins Spoonman and Wiger to judge the winner of the previous minisode against 2-seed Wendy's. And, the first edition of a sweet new segment: Cereal.

  • Tournament of Chompions: Minisode - Five Guys v. Shake Shack

    Mar 23 2016

    In a commissioner mandated minisode, first round winner Five Guys battles Shake Shack, the 'boys having visited their newly opened West Hollywood outlet.

  • Tournament of Chompions: Carl's Jr./Hardee's v. In-N-Out Burger

    Mar 17 2016

    Actor and comedian John Gemberling (Broad City) joins the 'boys for the first semifinal match of #MunchMadness 2016: The Tournament of Chompions, as 4-seed Carl's Jr./Hardee's has advanced to take on 1-seed In-N-Out Burger. Plus, Food Court is once again in session.

  • Tournament of Chompions: Steak ‘n Shake v. 6-seed

    Mar 11 2016

    In the second proper match of #MunchMadness 2016: The Tournament of Chompions, actor and composer Michael Daniel Cassady (Drunk History, the Doughboys theme song) joins to judge this week’s Burger Brawl. Michael, Mitch, and Wiger weigh Platinum Plate Club member Steak ‘n Shake against the hungry winner of the Eat-in Minisode. Plus, the return of beloved segment The Leftovers.

  • Tournament of Chompions: Eat-in Minisode - ??? v. ???

    Mar 09 2016

    In a surprise #MunchMadness 2016 matchup, Mitch and Wiger roll without a guest as two mystery box chains vie for the 6-seed in the Burger Brawl.

  • Tournament of Chompions: Carl's Jr./Hardee's v. Fuddruckers

    Mar 03 2016

    In the opening match of #MunchMadness 2016: The Tournament of Chompions: Burger Brawl, the 'boys welcome actress and comedian Jessica McKenna from Fox's Party Over Here. Together they settle which Golden Plate Club member offers the better burger: Carl's Jr./Hardee's or Fuddruckers. Plus, a boozy soda edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Wendy's with Paul Rust

    Feb 25 2016

    Mitch and Wiger are joined in studio by Paul Rust, the star and co-creator of Netflix's Love, to discuss the burger business that Dave Thomas built: Wendy's. And, the guys partake in yet another edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Mimi's Cafe with Georgia Hardstark

    Feb 18 2016

    Georgia Hardstark of Alie & Georgia and the My Favorite Murder podcast joins the 'boys to review her childhood favorite: west coast French bistro chain Mimi's Cafe. Plus, Mitch brings an array of food and drink from his Colombian vacation for a special regional Snack or Wack.

  • Panda Express with Tricia McAlpin

    Feb 12 2016

    The biggest American Chinese fast food chain gets the fork treatment, as writer Tricia McAlpin (Brooklyn 99) joins Mitch & Wiger in studio. And, a special Valentine's Day edition of Season's Eatings.

  • Togo's with Matty Smith

    Feb 04 2016

    The 'boys are joined by Funny or Die and Upright Citizens Brigade veteran Matty Smith, to discuss a franchise that left a mark on him in a big way: west coast sandwich chain Togo's. Plus, a big game edition of Flavor of the Week.

  • Krispy Kreme with Matt Besser

    Jan 28 2016

    Mitch and Wiger welcome Matt Besser (Upright Citizens Brigade, improv4humans) to discuss donut chain and southern institution Krispy Kreme. Plus, Besser takes on Mitch's 4-1 record in the Wiger Challenge.

  • California Pizza Kitchen with Eva Anderson

    Jan 21 2016

    The Doughboys' first ever guest Eva Anderson (You're the Worst, Comedy Bang! Bang!) returns to talk CPK, the west coast pizzeria chain where she used to work. Plus, Eva, Mitch, and Wiger indulge in a sweet tooth edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Five Guys with Jefferson Dutton

    Jan 14 2016

    Mitch and Wiger sit down with director and Birthday Boy Jefferson Dutton to discuss fast growing Virginia based burger chain Five Guys. And, Dutton tells a tale of post-apocalyptic survival in another edition of Last Meal.

  • Pizza Hut with Neil Campbell

    Jan 07 2016

    On the extra large first episode of 2016, the Doughboys welcome their good friend and writer/comedian Neil Campbell (Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Simpsons) to review the pizzeria chain that once employed him: Pizza Hut. Plus, a new edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Steak 'n Shake 2 with Evan Susser

    Dec 17 2015

    Friend of the podcast Evan Susser returns for a follow-up to our controversial Steak 'n Shake episode. The 'boys and Suss travel to a full service Steak 'n Shake in Victorville, California, to get the complete experience. Plus, a new holiday segment called Season's Eatings.

  • Arby's with Vanessa Ramos

    Dec 10 2015

    The Doughboys sit down with TV writer and self-proclaimed Kate Middleton of Arby's Vanessa Ramos (Superstore, @midnight) to discuss the house that roast beef built. Plus, Food Court is once again in session.

  • Wingstop with Emmy Blotnick

    Dec 04 2015

    The 'boys review one of the biggest players in the Buffalo wings game with stand-up comedian, writer, and wings super fan Emmy Blotnick (@midnight, Not Safe with Nikki Glaser). Plus, another edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Del Taco with Alan Yang

    Nov 19 2015

    A frequent topic of conversation on the podcast, west of the Mississippi Mexican fast food chain Del Taco gets its own episode, with foodie and TV writer Alan Yang (Master of None, Parks and Recreation). Plus, Alan reveals his Last Meal.

  • Fuddruckers with Ryan Perez

    Nov 12 2015

    The 'boys analyze Fuddruckers -- the self-proclaimed home of the World's Greatest Hamburgers -- with guest Ryan Perez of Funny or Die and Moonbeam City. Mitch and Ryan face each other down in an all new Wiger Challenge.

  • Burger King with John Roy

    Nov 05 2015

    The Doughboys train their sights on the world's second largest burger chain, as comedian John Roy (Conan, Don't Ever Change podcast) joins to review BK. Plus, another edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Rockdoughberfest: Rock & Brews with Zoe Jarman

    Oct 29 2015

    Rockdoughberfest 2015 concludes, as writer and actress Zoe Jarman (Workaholics, The Mindy Project) sits in with the 'boys to review new-ish chain Rock & Brews, from the cofounders of KISS. And, a Halloween candy edition of Flavor of the Week.

  • Rockdoughberfest: Hard Rock Cafe with Scott Gairdner

    Oct 22 2015

    As Rockdoughberfest continues, the 'boys welcome Moonbeam City creator and Funny or Die alum Scott Gairdner to the podcast, to review the rock restaurant that started it all: Hard Rock Cafe. Plus, the premiere of The Leftovers.

  • Rockdoughberfest: Margaritaville with Mike Carlson

    Oct 15 2015

    The Doughboys sit down with actor and Jimmy Buffett superfan Mike Carlson (Conan, UCB) to discuss the rocker's flagship restaurant, Margaritaville. And, a new edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Rockdoughberfest: Cabo Wabo Cantina with Julie Brister

    Oct 08 2015

    Actress and comedian Julie Brister (Review, The Onion) joins Mitch and Nick to discuss former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar's south of the border restaurant chain, Cabo Wabo Cantina. Plus, the inaugural edition of Food Court.

  • L&L Hawaiian Barbecue with Eugene Cordero

    Oct 01 2015

    Actor, comedian, and newly appointed captain of #SpoonNation Eugene Cordero (Other Space, Kroll Show) stops by to share his love for island institution L&L Hawaiian Barbecue / L&L Drive-Inn. Plus, another edition of Flavor of the Week.

  • Starbucks with Joe Saunders

    Sep 24 2015

    The 'boys evaluate the most powerful, most influential coffee chain in the world with the aid of Comedy Bang! Bang! and Emmys writer Joe Saunders -- and play a special home baked edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings with Matt Selman

    Sep 18 2015

    Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the hottest chain restaurants in America. Longtime Simpsons writer and self-described foodie Matt Selman joins Doughboys to review "B-Dubs". Plus, the Wiger Challenge!

  • Steak 'n Shake with Evan Susser

    Sep 09 2015

    Screenwriter and friend of the podcast Evan Susser (Sonic the Hedgehog, Fist Fight) joins in studio to convey his passion for Steak 'n Shake to neophytes Nick and Mitch. But do they really get the full experience? Plus: a jellybean edition of Snack or Wack.

  • Subway with Fran Gillespie

    Sep 03 2015

    Fran Gillespie (Funny or Die, Comedy Bang! Bang!) is Panera Bread's #1 fan, but she sits down with the 'boys to discuss another bread based eatery: sandwich shop Subway, whose reputation is in peril after its pitchman's recent guilty plea. Plus, another edition of Drank or Stank.

  • In-N-Out Burger with Armen Weitzman

    Aug 27 2015

    Actor, comedian, and LA native Armen Weitzman (Another Period, Burning Love) sits in with Nick and Mitch to discuss beloved west coast institution In-N-Out Burger -- and to reveal what he'd eat for his Last Meal.

  • Boston Market with Annie Mebane

    Aug 19 2015

    The 'boys recruit former Boston Market employee and current TV writer Annie Mebane (Community, The Goldbergs) to help evaluate the homestyle meal chain. Plus, a Lay's edition of Flavor of the Week.

  • Original Tommy's with Jim Woods

    Aug 13 2015

    The 'boys review a Los Angeles icon: Original Tommy's, a chili burger and dog chain, with the help of actor and improviser Jim Woods (Reno 911!, The Office, Boom Chicago). Plus, a special boozy edition of Drank or Stank.

  • Denny's with Farley Elliott

    Aug 06 2015

    It's time for Denny's, as food writer Farley Elliott joins to help review America's Diner.

  • Chick-fil-A with Betsy Sodaro

    Jul 30 2015

    The 'boys assess hot button chicken sandwich chain Chik-fil-A with their guest, actress and comedian Betsy Sodaro.

  • Carrows with Erin Whitehead

    Jul 24 2015

    Actress and writer Erin Whitehead joins the Doughboys for the wake of disappearing southwest diner chain Carrows.

  • Domino's with Matt Kowalick

    Jul 15 2015

    The 'boys review Domino's Pizza with Mitch's former roommate and Birthday Boys alum Matt Kowalick.

  • Carl's Jr./Hardee's with Ben Axelrad

    Jul 08 2015

    Doughboys break down dual identity burger chain Carl's Jr./Hardee's with the help of writer and comedian Ben Axelrad.

  • Umami Burger with Heather Anne Campbell

    Jul 02 2015

    Mitch and Wiger survey upstart chain Umami Burger with Whose Line is it Anyway's Heather Anne Campbell.

  • Chipotle with Mike Hanford

    Jun 25 2015

    The Doughboys welcome Birthday Boy Mike Hanford to break down Mexican fast-casual chain Chipotle.

  • TGI Fridays with Jordan Morris

    Jun 17 2015

    The 'boys review TGI Fridays with the help of @midnight writer and Jordan, Jesse, Go! host Jordan Morris.

  • Long John Silver's with Mary Holland

    Jun 11 2015

    Doughboys set a course for fried seafood institution Long John Silver's, with actress and comedian Mary Holland.

  • Outback Steakhouse with Jon Gabrus

    Jun 04 2015

    The boys are joined by Guy Code's Jon Gabrus to review the Aussie inspired steak chain.

  • IHOP with Alison Agosti

    May 28 2015

    Mitch and Nick welcome guest Alison Agosti to review IHOP, discuss tipping etiquette, and play Snack or Wack.

  • Taco Bell with Jack Allison

    May 25 2015

    The Doughboys discuss the cultural significance of Taco Bell as well as review its breakfast menu.

  • Chili's with Eva Anderson

    May 21 2015

    On the premier episode of Doughboys, fast food chain connoisseurs Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger discuss Chili's with guest Eva Anderson!