Drama of the Week

Every Friday we bring you a new drama from BBC Radio 4 or Radio 3. Exercise your imagination with some of the best writers and actors on radio. Storytelling at its very best.


  • I'm Dying To Help

    Aug 16 2019

    by Jon Canter As people continue to live longer, they cost the NHS and Social Services far too much; in our futuristic dark comedy a new Prime Minister and her aide come up with a radical solution to the problem. All they need now is a volunteer. Sam . . . Tony Robinson Prime Minister . . . Haydn Gwynne Ella . . . Sophia di Martino Gerry . . . Paul Hickey Mr King . . . David Hounslow Chrissy . . . Debbie Korley Bianca . . . Debbie Korley Sue . . . Helen Clapp Mrs Griffin . . . Susan Jameson D...more

  • Curious Under the Stars Series 9 - The Fruits of Gwyddno

    Aug 09 2019

    A low tide reveals a sunken forest on the shores of Glan Don. And one of the trees bears forbidden fruit. More of the magical drama set in Glan Don, a mysterious village perched on the wild Welsh coast by Annamaria Murphy. Starring Sion Pritchard (Phoneshop), Emma Sidi (Pls Like) and Ifan Huw Dafydd (Gavin and Stacey). Gareth.... Sion Pritchard Diane.... Emma Sidi Emlyn..... Ifan Huw Dafydd Megan.... Aimee Ffion Edwards Gwynn.... Matthew Gravelle Series created by Meic Povey Directe...more

  • Home Front: 24-28 September 1918

    Sep 28 2018

    The first omnibus of Season 15, Onward, set in Folkestone, in the week, in 1918, when the Allies launched their final, and decisive campaign on the Western Front. Adam, meanwhile, is on a mission to the harbour.

  • POD PLAY 5: BATHROOM | Drama of the Week Special

    Aug 03 2017

    Let us transport you to a world where flies talk and party-goers escape down drain-pipes. Fly…Sandy Grierson Woman…Karen Bartke Writer…Ben Lewis Director…Kirsty Williams Sound Design…Catherine Robinson

  • POD PLAY 4: PARK | Drama of the Week Special

    Aug 03 2017

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is more MFI than MI5 in the hands of two incompetent and not-so-secret-agents. By Lee Mattinson. Cast AGENT D….. Krissi Bohn AGENT J….. Toby Hadoke Director Sharon Sephton Sound Design …. Catherine Robinson

  • POD PLAY 3: PUB | Drama of the Week Special

    Aug 03 2017

    Take a seat at the bar in your local, but look out… one of the regulars is about to get a round in and it could be a painfully long order. A funny and moving original short audio work by award-winning writer Timothy X Atack, starring Alice Lowe (Sightseers, Prevenge) and David Hargreaves (The Crucible, King Lear at Bristol Old Vic), designed to be listened to on headphones on location. Customer …. David Hargreaves Barmaid …. Alice Lowe Show less

  • POD PLAY 2: BED | Drama of the Week Special

    Aug 03 2017

    Lie on your bed, put on your headphones, and let Indira Varma and Joe Sims take you on a journey which we promise you’ve never made before. Ed Harris’ darkly inventive writing for audio and stage have won him multiple awards. Woman …. Indira Varma Man …. Joe Sims Director Jonquil Panting Sound Design …. Catherine Robinson

  • POD PLAY1: LIVING ROOM | Drama of the Week Special

    Aug 03 2017

    By Charlotte Bogard Macleod. Leah and Milo are best friends but now Leah has been offered a job in Australia. She loves Milo but does he love her back? Leah is forced to get right inside his head to find out. Leah ….. Valene Kane Milo ….. George Mackay Director: David Hunter Sound Design …. Catherine Robinson