'Fully Loaded', a bi-weekly podcast where Focus & Malcolm discuss culture, politics, news, music & more -- adding their comedic insight and sentiment. Each episode is loaded with remorseless honesty, laughs, some brotherly bickering & maybe a few sips of brown water.


  • FULLY LOADED EP No.99 - Non Judge-A-Mental

    Oct 02 2019

    99 episodes of pods on the wall, 99 episodes of podsss! This week, we’re back to the basics, discussing all the rough and black groups reuniting for the modern day whisper tour. B5 stans, this is y’all moment. Plus, Takashi is singing like he’s center stage in Rats the musical, Malik Yoba wants the footage (and the smoke) and so much more. Just hit play. ______________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #FullyLoadedPodcast | #FLP Subs...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.98 - Date: $300 -- Being Left On Read: Priceless

    Sep 04 2019

    It's a holiday hoes! Happy Bey Day! We chopped it up about: Back to school outfits and being deep in your parents bag. Work being the ultimate ghetto. (But honestly, what's good with this early retirement?!) Plus, $300 dates, avoiding home invasions, Malik Yoba speaking up for the trans community and much more! ______________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #FullyLoadedPodcast | #FLP Subscribe and be sure to follow us! Tell a Frie...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.97 -Too Many Lists, Too Little Listeners

    Aug 20 2019

    The blacks haven't been this divided since....*insert some controversial negro debate* it's the battle of the chicken sandwiches. Chick-fil-A. Popeyes. Who's really about it? We did a taste test and got to the bottom of it. We also discussed this top 50 rappers list that surfaced on the internet. Things got a little heated between us, so now we're both in the process of making a diss track. Plus, Malcolm has a very timely PSA and Focus shares some personal developments with the class. __...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.96 - Let Em Fight!

    Jul 16 2019

    Call your brother! This week we're up to our usual shit, but things took a turn for the serious when Focus presented the question "Who do black men vent to?" We discuss how easy it is for men to bottle things up and how that does so much damage in the long (& short) run. Plus, we discuss Robert's ass going back to jail! Jermaine Dupri talking directly out of his ass about female rappers. British royalty meeting American royalty. Diddy bringing back Making The Band and so much more! _____...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.95 - Silly Ho

    Jul 03 2019

    Where to even begin with this mess. So much happening. Malcolm had the Yorts on at Pride. Focus isn't pleased. Focus is dodging plans & playing in DMs. Malcolm isn't pleased. That aside, we talk dating. We all need a good local hoe, but how local is TOO local? Is the Bronx a long distance relationship? How far y'all willing to go to find some good lovin? Plus we chop it up about Lil Nas X, Mary J Blige, Missy Elliot needing to receive her things and so much more! __________________________...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.94 - White Steve Harvey Suits

    Jun 17 2019

    REAL HOT GIRL SHIT! This week the two of us catch up after some unexpected time away. This week we discussed, Our sloshed Sunday at Harlem Eat Up, the joys of day drinking, Focus being a pageant kid, the two of us going to middle school prom looking like Steve Harvey. Plus, the drama at The Chi, Wendy Williams being the new summer ambassador for Hot Girl Shit, DJ Khaled's complaints and much more! ______________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using th...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.93 - Is That Yo Kid?

    May 18 2019

    And another one! We’re back touching bases and checking in. This week we chopped it up about our favorite TV mommas, we get into a deep conversation about adoption and potentially being a sperm donor. We also talked about NYC and these silly ass sober bars, Ayesha Curry looking thirsty for the shot and so much more! ______________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #FullyLoadedPodcast | #FLP Subscribe and be sure to follow us! T...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.92 - The Bey Sides

    Apr 30 2019

    ...and we're back! This week we discussed, Beyonce's sickening ass Homecoming, Jay Z's B- Sides concert and how important it is to bury the hatchet at our big ages. We also discussed Offset clapping that man's camera at Target. (Learn how to set boundaries before someone has to set them for you.) Death to the influencer. Instagram is about to remove likes & follower counts and the folks are stressed! Plus, Malcolm recaps his experience on The Wendy Williams Show, we talked getting out of...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.91 - Respect Is Power

    Apr 16 2019

    Welcome to back our channel... join in for a fresh episode. Here we discuss the excessive respect Omar "Ghost" Hardwick insisted on paying to Beyonce at the NAACP award show -- or was it open disrespect in front of Jay Z? We'll talk! In regards to respect, we want to give much love, homage & respect to Nipsey Hussle The Great due to his untimely passing. ...and lastly, while we're on he topic, of respect, Malcolm & Focus chat whether men come to the defense of women because of the likeness ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.90 - Guess Who's Back, Fully's Back.

    Apr 01 2019

    It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you... This week we're back! We discuss what we've been up to during our very abrupt time away and of course, put y'all on game about why we've been MIA. We also discussed this Surviving Cardi B "moment", protecting our young queen Jordyn Woods, if we need to mute Michael Jackson like we've muted Robert and so much more! ________________________________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.89 - Know Yourself, Know Your Worth

    Feb 19 2019

    *Praise dances in Black* What's good! This week we, Recap our Valentine's Day "festivities" Shared some more feelings about this Jussie Smollett story Get into BYOB events, are they tacky or are your cousins just cheap? Plus, we figure out who the bigger hoe in the room is, discuss Steve Harvey and Monique's heated convo, knowing your worth and so much more! _____________________________________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.88 - Triggered

    Feb 07 2019

    Guess who’s a little late this week? But remember...it gets greater, later! This week, Focus was dodging white nipples. Malcolm was dodging actual death. We also chopped it up about the Superbowl (...both of them) and that boring ass halftime performance. This unfortunate Jussie Smollett story, Savage the 21st and so much more. *Hit Play*

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.87 - White Millennial Tears

    Jan 23 2019

    This week, It's about 20 degrees below brick. Malcolm is trying to resist his new problematic faves. Focus is fully embracing his immortal ski mask. Plus, everything is trash. This weather....Trash. The Government and they little shutdown....trash. Y’all little president is definitely... still trash and the Fyre Festival was a whole entire mess and we enjoyed watching almost every minute of it unfold. You know why? Because, trash. _________________________________________________________...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.86 - It Seems Like You're Ready...For Prison

    Jan 08 2019

    2019 isn't even 10 days old yet and...whew! This episode we recap our final moments of 2018 Focus was putting 20s in the collection plate. Malcolm was taking them out of tip jars. We get into a random convo about the blacks & dairy. That Mac & Cheese be doing a number on some us. But are we letting it go? #Dub. Plus, Robert Kelly needed to be in jail for a while. It seems like the rest of the world is finally on board(Praise God)and our usual Fully Loaded banter. ____________________________...more

  • FULLY LOADED - Best Of 2018

    Dec 25 2018

    Happy Holiday! Ho! Welcome to our annul 'FLP Best Of' episode, the 2018 edition -- catching up on a fun moments & a semi-full reflection of our year. As we go into the new year, we're sending you positive energy, light, and love -- as well as, well wishes that your blessings be delivered in 2019. Thanks for taking a ride with us in 2018; we hope you'll be joining again as we go even further. Talk to you in the New, New Year!

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.85 - Is This Y’all King?

    Dec 11 2018

    Reunited! This episode we chopped it up about Meek’s new album, Championships. Focus & I were at the New Jack Swing concert in Harlem this weekend. So much to discuss. So many...moments. Plus with the spirit of New Jack Swing in the air and Jacquees' recent comments we chimed in on the King of R&B convo. We also discussed, and mourned the loss of Tumblr porn, a school trying to ban expensive coats, Kevin Hart’s konundrums and so much more! _________________________________________________...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.84 - Standing The Rain

    Nov 27 2018

    We’re back, fresh off of a holiday weekend! Winter is stomping through NYC with a crisp wheat Timb to our necks. Takashi 69 is about to be locked up for a smooth 99 years. In “You Big Dummy” news a couple legally obtained 7.5 Million dollars and returned it for the reward of 1.5 Million. #RealLifeDummies Plus, we discuss Dwight Howard’s recent allegations, our Queen, Missy Elliot continuing to make history, Pusha T & Drake’s spoiled beef and so much more! ______________________________...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.83 - The Cousins Table

    Nov 14 2018

    Apple is still out here being the seasonally sheisty. There are a ton of y'all that aren't using your Edge razors or ejaculating and we can't figure out why. (Cancel No Nut November) With the holidays approaching, when do you introduce family and friends to your boo? What is the right “way” Plus, we discuss Jill Scott on stage slurping on a Sennheiser, BET Uncut, Malcolm discovering Tumblr's HD videos (If you know, you know *Pusha T voice*), Jason not being here for the cousins outside and mu...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.82 - No Billions

    Nov 01 2018

    This week -- No time for small talk! We talk Homecoming season, the two of us have some legit fomo. Missed the experience but happy about the saving of our coins. Speaking of coins, Mega Millions. Neither one of us won, (which is why y’all getting this episode) but what would we do if we did? There’s a few thangs in mind. Plus, we get into what it means to partake in Halloween as a black adult, and quick trip down memory lane. We discuss these 2000’s themed parties, 50 Cent’s petty and so m...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.81 - Hoemojis

    Oct 16 2018

    Aye now! There is a new iPhone update and Focus feels Apple is even more in our business. With the new update in mind, Malcolm is ready for a new roll out of Emojis. There’s a new “trend” (not sure who’s doing it) where people are taking selfies on the first date. Which leads us into our worst dates. Malcolm wants people to learn some important social etiquette. It starts at home, and it’s practiced at Target. Plus we get into, working with friends, working for friends and how that changes ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.80 - In The Spirit Of James St. Patrick

    Oct 02 2018

    Cosby is in jail and too many of y'alls cousins are on the internet defending him. Will Smith turned 50 and Garcelle Beauvais pulled up on her Steph Curry flow. Plus, Insecure's season finale was last night and we got into the dynamic of Issa, Nathan and the spirit James St Patrick. Yes, the ghost. We discuss if we've been ghosted, if we have ghosted others and so much more! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ J...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.80 - In The Spirit Of James St. Patrick

    Oct 02 2018

    Cosby is in jail and too many of y'alls cousins are on the internet defending him. Will Smith turned 50 and Garcelle Beauvais pulled up on her Steph Curry flow. Plus, Insecure's season finale was last night and we got into the dynamic of Issa, Nathan and the spirit James St Patrick. Yes, the ghost. We discuss if we've been ghosted, if we have ghosted others and so much more! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ J...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.79 - Big On The Radio

    Sep 18 2018

    Y’all know what it is. This week were joined by Coppa and we chopped it up about: Last week’s episode being tainted by Satan himself. We were all in Atlanta recently, Focus & Coppa went to see the Carters and Malcolm went to see the Smiths. Katt Williams comments on Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart and other current comedians. Is Katt hating or on to something? Plus we get into, someone needs to talk to Nicki, Serena Williams is still getting super disrespected, we’re out to the So So Def show...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.78 - Make It In America

    Sep 05 2018

    Wah Gwan! Fresh off of Labor Day weekend and some much needed vacations, we're back in the studio. Focus was On The Run bussing caps in Atlanta. Malcolm was at the beach wishing he brought his own sand. We also chopped it about out: Auntie Re's funeral. So, so many things to discuss. Nike really being about that life and standing with Kaepernick. Plus, Nicki's titties at Made In America, Geoffrey Owens doing what the hell he needs to do and so much more! _________________________...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.77 - Did It On Em (w/ Peter A)

    Aug 21 2018

    This week, we’re joined by long time friend to room, Peter A! The three of us pay our respects to the Queen of Soul, Shade and Securing the bag, Auntie Aretha! Speaking of Queen, Nicki dropped her album and there is so much to unpack. We discuss sending nudes and how we would feel if we started trending on PornHub. Plus, with Peter being such a music head we get into our favorite albums of the year so far and some new music. That, and of course much more! ____________________________ Join ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.76 - Big Rich Town

    Aug 07 2018

    This week we recap our busy weekends: Focus was down in Nawlins with Uncle Charlie & 'nem Malcolm was in trapped in Jersey with The Carters. Plus, the So So Def tour is coming to a city near you. With that in mind we discuss who we would like to see take the stage together. Nicki Minaj is pushing her album back, again. Oprah knows exactly what it take to make Steadman's mouth water and toes curl. and we have some Public Service Announcements, Focus needs some of y'all to properly stand ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.75 - U Wanna Fight?!

    Jul 24 2018

    This week on the show we have one simple question *see title* this week, Focus is putting down his bottle. Malcolm is throwing his hands. Plus we talk MTA stories and our typical random Fully Loaded esq conversations. _________________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #FullyLoadedPodcast | #FLP Subscribe and be sure to follow us! Tell a Friend to Listen! Twitter: Focus JRJ -- twitter.com/Focus_JRJ Malcolm -- twitter.com/_HeyMalcolm ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No. 74- The Deepest Carafe

    Jul 10 2018

    This week on the show we recap our weekend in D.C, it was super black, super informative and of course. Super lit. Plus, colonizers are coming for Focus in his mentions, we get into a nice colored conversation about spades and so much more. _________________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #FullyLoadedPodcast | #FLP Subscribe and be sure to follow us! Tell a Friend to Listen! Twitter: Focus JRJ -- twitter.com/Focus_JRJ Malcolm -- ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No. 73 - What A Wonderful Kind Of Day

    Jun 26 2018

    Welcome back to another summer episode of shade & shenanigans! This episode we're joined by long time friends of the show, Kenea & Eva. The four of us get into, Focus' birthday weekend and where Kenea randomly spotted him at. Dating, emotional investment and how we need to just be "building our rotation" at this point of the year. Plus, we get into the importance of self-care, what do you gain from relationships, the battle of the boroughs, our Everything Is Love reviews and so much more....more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.72 - We Good Luv

    Jun 12 2018

    This week we’re joined by a few special guests, Free The Vision and Vaughn Gay are on the show. With the recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain we decided to have Free and Vaughn come to discuss mental health. (Keep in touch with Vaughn and his www.holisticatlanta.com and Free at, @FreeTheVision and www.SilenceTheShame.com ) We were then joined by friend to the show, Coppa and got into our usual dealings. We get into the latest chapter of this Pusha T & Drake fiasco. Kanye flying ...more

  • FULLY LOADED Podcast EP No.71 - Slow Dancing in Smacked City

    May 29 2018

    Iight boom. So check it. This week we're talking: -Pusha T & Drake - So much happening in so little time. -Fashionova Men - Thotfits for all! &....so. We ate a piece of a brownie and took a 12 hour direct to Smacked Cittyyyy. We talked about some other stuff too but we're too high to remember now. (Join the festivities, get you some get right and listen) Happy Memorial Day! ______________________________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hasht...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.70 - Spotify in the Name of Love

    May 15 2018

    The nice weather is finally here and this pollen is popping off on our black asses! This week we just want the best for Belcalis! But sis just has so much coming her way, including Azealia Banks. Does Azealia have a point? Is she just bitter? Hm. Childish Gambino dropped This Is America and whew! So much to discuss. Apple Music, Spotify & Pandora all pulled up on R.Kelly with the same energy and pretty much snatched his ass right off of their platform. DJ Khaled will accept toppy from his...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.69 - Remember to Reset

    May 01 2018

    Oh hey May! This episode, Focus is back off another trip, he spent the weekend on the west coast and went up for all the 90's classics. Bill Cosby is probably going to jail. He's the first of the #MeToo movement to be convicted, but also the only of person color. Coincidence? Will this energy be carried across racial lines? It's officially time to plan a homegoing service for Mr.West. Because what the fuck happened to Kanye? Plus, it's still time for R.Kelly to bounce, bounce, bounce, the...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.68 - Ladies First

    Apr 17 2018

    What’s goodie! This past weekend was lit and we’re rehashing it all. Malcolm caught up with the Bodega Boys Focus sat down with a Brilliant Idiot. Plus, we break down Beychella, Cardi’s new album and discuss our top 5 women in Hip Hop. ...And...Focus took his Ancestry.com test and (Maury Voice) 'in the case of Focus’ background, you are NOT…' ________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #FullyLoadedPodcast | #FLP Subscribe and be sure to follow us...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.67 - Hoe Tales From Havana

    Apr 03 2018

    Alright April! Focus took a trip to Cuba this weekend. His boy Terry joins us to breakdown their experience. Sex workers and Ja Rule were just a few things they encountered on the trip. We also touch on this Fabolous and Emily B story and try to look at the bigger picture. Malcolm’s neighbors have been getting it and he’s witnessed it all. Plus, we talk weekend hygiene, Beyonce’s bite marks, getting back on track for your 2018 goals and so much more! _ Join the convo! Tweet about the sho...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.66 - Forever Spicy

    Mar 20 2018

    Well here we are! This week... The blacks continue to prosper! A Wrinkle In Time & Black Panther are outchea breaking records, shout out to our Brother Ryan and Sister Ava. DJ Envy is big mad at the Bodega Boys. Desus and Mero pulled up to The Breakfast Club and that same energy was kept. Malcolm has some words for y'all when y'all come to him about Beyonce. Plus, we get into a real fat ass conversation about our favorite cereals, y'all non Irish asses doing the most on St. Patrick's Day...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.65 - These Are The Facts (w/ Ken & Paulie)

    Mar 06 2018

    Peace and blessings. I love us for real This episode we're joined by some company, Paulie and Ken are back. The four of us chop it up about: Black Panther. Still. Of course! If you haven't already, go watch & if you have why not go re-watch?! We all watched but was it off of pure excitement for the movie or was a little of pure FOMO? Plus, the Oscars aired. Jimmy Kimmel low key pissed Malcolm off. But a white man pissing off Malcolm? What else is new. Focus is trying to fig...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.64 - Blac Cinema

    Feb 20 2018

    It’s still the Blackest of the months and this was a super black ass weekend! This episode we’re chopping it up about, Focus celebrating the superbowl win of the Eagles. A few weeks have passed but this is joy that will last him a lifetime. There’s been so much black cinema this week. Wakanda! (Nuff said) Chris Rock has a new stand up special and Blac Chyna has a leaked sex tape. One day all three will run on a Saturday afternoon on BET. Plus, Uncle Quincy is still out here wildin’ for t...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.63- Quincy Jones & the 700 Side Chicks

    Feb 05 2018

    *Bangs African drums* Happy Black History Month! Welcome back for another one, this week we're getting into, - Is Focus lying about his ethnicity? His local cashier thinks so -Freetime is me time. Don’t ‘cha forget it. -Who do we need to call for Halftime? Hov, Yeezy, Rihanna? Let’s compile this list. -Quincy Jones got hoes in several different area codes. Is he an active lover or just doesn’t want to be lonely? Plus, Grammy talk, did Cardi B get robbed? We need to create a new a...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No. 62 - So Much, So Soon

    Jan 22 2018

    Aint nothing going on but the rent. Good to be back, in a fresh start to a new calendar year, officially. We sat back and fired things up right out the gate, discussing some unhandled conversations from 2017: -We took it there, and dived into the immaturity vs masculinity of men headlining sexual activities & expectations -Never settling for hygiene products is just as important as it is to maintain good hygiene habits -The BET Social Awards arrangement has turned out to be more interesti...more

  • FULLY LOADED - Best Of 2017

    Jan 08 2018

    Happy 2018! We made it! It's the most wonderful time of the year...where we sit down, bang our heads together, and gather some of our favorite clips of the year. Fresh out the box. Stop, look and listen. Ready yet, get set it's...the Best Of Fully Loaded. ____________________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #FullyLoadedPodcast | #FLP Subscribe and be sure to follow us! Tell a Friend to Listen! Twitter: Focus JRJ -- twitter.com/...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.61 - Ring The Bells

    Dec 26 2017

    It's Christmas Time In Hollis, Queens....Brooklyn too! Happy Holidays to you All! This week we're taking it easy, taking a trip down memory lane and chopping it up about: -Our favorite Christmas movies, childhood gifts, and memories -Being a [black] bearded man ain't easy! -BET is bringing us the social media awards next year. -Plus, Focus wants smoke with USPS, FedEX, Amazon and any other of y'all that be dropping boxes on doorsteps. ​ Condolences & respect to the late, great Reggie "Comb...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.60 - You Good?!

    Dec 11 2017

    Winding down the year...almost there! This week we're joined by Paulie and the three of us just want to know, are you good?! -It's the most wonderful time of the year, work holiday parties & secret santa exchanges are upon us. Avoid.them.all. -Focus has been caught by his co-worker.... but he vows to keep that same energy. -Malcolm is very much in his bag as we discuss what 2017 has taught us. -Plus, Matt Lauer & Russell Simmons are officially cancelled for their alleged actions. Pauli...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.59 - Gobbling Goons w/ SEFQ

    Nov 27 2017

    It's Cyber Monday, cash app us some coins so we know it's real. This week we're joined by Spanish Eric (Sosa) and the three of us discuss: Our Thanksgivings, quick recaps, the trials and tribulations of turkey and another edition of the casserole chronicles. Malia Obama enjoying extra curricular activities Nicki Minaj's cover on Paper magazine, is her image getting cliché? Old Harlem Hip-Hop vets are beefing on Soundcloud. Mason Betha...Cameron Giles...Y'all. Please. Plus, stealing from...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.58 - Money, Power, Respect

    Nov 13 2017

    No time to waste! This week: Are you eating Apple Jacks for breakfast, Fruit Loops for lunch & Frosted Flakes for dinner? If so you're ​​probably just like us and need to grow up. -Hollyweird just gets weirder and weirder. These allegations are hella wild. -We bring that conversation to our own front porches and talk about our experience with harassment both in and out of the work place and with folks simple crossing boundaries. -Plus the Hip Hop cops are now attorneys and judges and hav...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.57 - What's Cookin'

    Oct 30 2017

    Yurrrr! Usually in our bags, but we're back in our cups. Join the show! -Malcolm & Focus breakdown the different chicken types, after Sweet Dixie's are openly scamming their customers w/ branded goods. -Edutainment is very important on #FLP - so, what type of entertainment media do you binge on? -We don't do the lugging on this side, but there's a big trend in New-New Yorkers going out of the way for groceries. -Amazon is back at it again...this time breaking in homes -- with your keys! T...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No. 56 - Teach The Block (w/ Carl Joseph-Black)

    Oct 16 2017

    We're joined by old friend to the show, Gav. He brought along a new friend to the show, business strategist, Carl Joseph-Black. The four of us chopped it up about: -ESPN doing the most with Jemele Hill -When does you personal and professional voice become one? -Waka Flocka says he's not black...and we're like...OKAY! Plus, we discuss the Dove controversy, balling out at the 99 cents store and lying about your race to secure the bag. Speaking of the bag, Carl has like a million ways for us...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.55 - Storms of Disconnection

    Oct 03 2017

    Welcome back to the usual supporters, and to the new listeners, thanks for joining the conversation. In this episode we tackle: -NFL's ongoing fight w/ players peaceful protest involving the National Anthem, American flag, & the Military -Defining our individual patriotism without ties to a flag or material representation -Digital take-over from Apples new iPhones/software updates, to Amazon being the on-stop-shop, to cutting the chord (cable) -We also discuss whether or not “Straight Bla...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No. 54 - F**k Boys & Bodegas

    Sep 18 2017

    Yerr, what's goodington! This episode, with all these floods, fires and moving grounds the world is definitely almost over, y'all better start reading y'all word again. We reminisce about the old problematic Twitter. Plus, we breakdown season 2 of Insecure, are you dating a fuck boy? Are you fuck boy? We take the quiz to find out where we stand on the spectrum. (Quiz: http://neguswhoread.com/fuckboy-detection-quiz/) And we tackle some very important food/diet issues. Malcolm has beef w...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.53 - Rags & Flags

    Sep 04 2017

    Suck'ah ass September is here -- which means bye Summa! This week your boys are back and discussing, -Jay Z's Rap Radar interview and Focus rehashes this 4:44 theory. -Malcolm is about to lose a lung. [Excuse him] -Best Rap Album of 2017...so far? -Houston is in shambles but folks are still finding a way to be trash...and Joel Osteen might be on that list. -Plus, we're talking appropriation but this time it's not a race thing. It's a sexuality thing. Gay and straight with "gay lingo." _...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.52 - Behind The Boards (w/ Ayo Juan)

    Aug 21 2017

    Not going to hold you... We're joined on EP 52 by 'We The Best' very own Ayo Juan; studio & mix engineer to DJ Khaled, and many other notable artist. He was accompanied by Kiko & Ivan Berriors of WTB, in moral support for this special behind the music episode. The Vocals did come in! -- Learn who's behind the boards... -Juan shares his journey of the come up 'from the bottom' to working w/ Cool & Dre to Fat Joe to becoming apart of WTB. - We get a bit of inside scoop on what's it like worki...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.51 - Cloth Napkins (w/ Coppa & Gav)

    Aug 08 2017

    Oh...hey there! Happy August! Back for another episode of FLP, this time we're joined by Coppa & Gav for a special: -Coppa shares a FULL re-cap on his journey leading up to his newly celebrated union + the in's & out's of planning a wedding. -Much talk about dealing w/ people during celebrations/gatherings; being selfless vs selfish. -Focus & Gav give inside scoop, and fckry as men of the groom's party + what really went on during Coppa's festive wedding weekend. ...Brown water...Brunches...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.49 - Mixy Movements (ft. Ms. Tiff)

    Aug 07 2017

    Reloaded Version: This week we're joined by long time listener, first time visitor, Ms. Tiff! -Tiff and Focus reminisce over the mixy days. -We also discuss, stripping and how to stay relevant in such a crowded industry. -Plus, Summer is here and the ex's are out. #AvoidYours. -Colorism in the hispanic community and so much more! ____________________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #FullyLoadedPodcast Subscribe and be sure to ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.50 - Still... (ft. sQMunro)

    Jul 24 2017

    Happy 50th! -We're chopping it up about, 4:44. #GrownManMusic. -Are we ready for new Kanye music? -Michael Thomas Vick has some words for Colin Kaepernick -R. Kelly... oh R. Kelly. -Ladies paying for covers, men getting in for free at clubs. Does this change the environment of a party if women have to pay? -The Cosby Show and racism - The Huxtables never dealt with any overt racism. They were rich but did they transcend race. What made them so special? -The IRS is looking for Focus ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.48 - Before Waves (ft. The Johnson's)

    Jun 26 2017

    LORDT...HELP... AGAIN! It's the return of Louis Johnson Lou makes his return to the show and brings his fianceé Alyssa to join the mess; The soon-to-be Johnson's. -We remember the life and legacy of Prodigy and then... Lou takes over. -Lou redefines "Hooking Up." -Lou talks getting stabbed by his mother. -Lou says KFC is better than Popeyes (Whose mans is this?!) -Plus we get into his "White weekends", going to a black barber for the first time this year, interracial dating and SO much mor...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.47 - #SummerShenanigans

    Jun 13 2017

    LORDT...HELP...It's the return of Eva and Kenea! The four of us discuss: -DM etiquette, especially after 2AM. -Social Media and how it's changed dating. -What is dating? What is talking? It's time for us to break it down. -Is 5 minutes of sex too long? Too short? Or just right? -Plus, breaking up with folks that you were never officially with and so much more. This one ain't safe for work y'all. Consider this your warning. ____________________________________________________ Join the...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No. 46 - Poverty's The Limit

    May 29 2017

    Happy Memorial Day! -Biggie's Birthday plus a new album with Faith. -Diddy releases the trailer for "A Sean Combs Story" -- we mean... the 'Can't Stop Won't Stop' documentary. If it ain't the truth, then keep it Puff! -Katy Perry loves the Blacks and the Migos might hate the Gays. -Ben Carson thinks being poverty is a state of mind... -These kids drops stacks for prom but don't have pencils for Regents & more!

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.45 - Cultural Color Conversations (ft. Ali Muhammad)

    May 15 2017

    Welcome back to kick back with some of you favorite black cousins! We cleaned up the house to bring a special guest over, Ali Muhammad [@mrmuhammad], from "In The Conversation" podcast. -We talk about Making in NYC + have you had your worst day, w/ the universe giving you thoughts to give up? -Blacks ability reinvent the cool + cultural appropriation when it comes use of the N-word [s]. -Malcolm was a exclusive Twitter dedicated to blacks only -The media companies controlling our algorithms...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No. 44 - A 90's Kind of World

    May 01 2017

    Yerr! This week, -Rihanna says if you cry over your dead ex, she'll be your next ex. -C.R.E.A.T- Cash Rules Everything Around Them. From Bill O'Riley to Aaron Hernandez why can't these​​ rich privileged folks just get it together. -R.Kelly is being sued for being Trapped In Chlamydia. -Friends is the whack white Living Single. No further question. and so much more! _______________________________________________________ Join the convo! | Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #F...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.43 - The Feels

    Apr 17 2017

    Your boys are sounding real nasally in these new days of April. But, we're running our mouths... -Being afraid of death. -Pepsi, United and North Korea all getting a little too crazy for our liking recently. -Sesame Street is still groundbreaking and here for the culture -Free College Tuition for NY Students and how that'll shape the future of millennials. Speaking of us, are we really the laziest generation? -Gay people. They been gay and they gone keep on being gay. -D.C's missing black babi...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.42 - Up To The Times

    Apr 04 2017

    Welcome to our breakout Spring episode. We're not doing nothing more than kicking back, taking trips down memory lane, and discussing new music, self-care and sharing our re-cap of shows watched. Catch up with us! -Mary J. Blige releases a new song [Love Yourself], for her new album, "Strength of A Woman", which comes out at the end of the month. -Ways to monetize your brand to not get jerked in the industry. -Dave Chappelle's stand-up might be too much for today's society. -Kalief Browde...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.41 - Getting Home (ft. Mila Jam)

    Mar 20 2017

    On this episode we sat down with singer Mila Jam. We chopped it about gimmicks for attention and sales in the music industry. ​ -The art of networking and hustling her music (and not doing on 42nd street with CDs) -Her hanging out in Jennifer Lopez's dressing room. -Being best friends with Laverne Cox -And some other topics that hit super close to home for her. Follow Mila @TheMilaJam https://www.instagram.com/themilajam https://twitter.com/themilajam _____________________________________...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.40 - Another One (w/ Eva & Kenea)

    Mar 08 2017

    Welcome back to another episode of this. We open the show with some brotherly bickering. -Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj - Is a description even necessary?-- Did Remy take it too far? Are there rules for beefing? -We get into our favorite hip-hop beef and diss tracks and when we realized we loved hip Hop. -We watched. Let's talk. Kalief Browder. -Being A Black Creative on the internet. Having our tweets and trends existing on major white platforms with no credit of origin. and much more with sp...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.39 - Black Business Spotlight: Khanisa's​

    Feb 20 2017

    In honor of Black History Month we wanted to highlight a Black Business, so we invited Khanisa and Sean Darby owners of Khanisa's (A pudding and baking company) The two come to discuss what it's like self funding a business, being black owners, and the difficulty that comes with pushing a product. Plus, how they balance their personal and professional lives. Juggling the business, their children and their love life. Check out them out! http://www.khanisas.com/ https://twitter.com/khanisaspud...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.38 - Porno & Parachutes

    Feb 13 2017

    Black with another down to earth episode... regular, shmegular! - We dive into the Denzel Washington & Viola Davis movie, 'Fences', and reflect on how it related to both of our lives in certain ways. *Warning* Spoiler alerts ahead... - Loaning money to friends and the circumstances of it. - Saving money and banking black. - Surviving jumping out of a plane. We have real tips and suggestions, grab a pen and pad! - Porno pop ups & preferences. - Death talk. Lots of it for some reason. So...more

  • FULLY LOADED (BONUS) - 24 Karat Tragic (ft. Louis Johnson)

    Feb 03 2017

    Surprise, surprise! So, truly by popular demand we have decided to release the rest of 24 Karat Tragic, so many of you enjoyed the last few moments of that episode, but little did y'all know there was so much that we cut. So here you go! On the rest of the agenda: -Dating exclusively outside of your race -Realizing you won't have children that are exactly like you, -Focus dressing like the L takers of 2017. Red Skully Gang -...and a TON of drunken tangents, hollering & cackling. If you...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.37 - 24 Karat Tragic (ft. Louis Johnson)

    Jan 30 2017

    *Warning* This. Is. A. Lot! What's good all, Focus JRJ and Malcolm are back for another episode! This week we're back with special guest and host of The Loudcast podcast, Louis Johnson. We have a full casserole to dive into. Including but not limited to, - Dating white women. - The secrets of the fast food service. What's in your 2 piece? - We reflect on the death of Q from Worldstar - A trip down memory lane to Dr. Chlamydia ...and so much more. This episode is Loaded. __________________...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.36 - Twitter Fingers Vol.2 (ft. Emilio Sparks)

    Jan 17 2017

    ​In Honor of MLK and celebrating our blackness here we are showing up in CP Time. This week, we're discussing: - Missing The Obama's - Hustler ambition and our first jobs - Them twitter fingers, Why is Trump still on Twitter? Why? - Entertainment beef; Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown and we're joined by special guest Emilio Sparks who chops it up about rap beefs, WWE and vagina eating restaurants. Yeah, you read that correctly. _______________________________________________________ Join the ...more

  • FULLY LOADED - Best Of 2016

    Jan 02 2017

    ​Look at God! We made it. Happy New Year, welcome to 2017 and the best of Fully Loaded. A special for you all, as we recap our favorite moments with some of our funniest clips, drunken tangents and brotherly bickering. Thanks for all who was apart of our defining 2016 moments & escapades! You don't know where you're going if you've don't know where you been. _______________________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet us @Focus_JRJ & @_HeyMalcolm and using the hashtag. | #...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.35 - Who Moves The Crowd

    Dec 20 2016

    What's good! We're back for another and talking, Focus recapping his experience at The LOX concert. Kanye West meeting with Donald Trump.... Grammy Nominations. We place bets on the winners and discuss who got snubbed. MTV's Hottest MC list. Is the list flawed & who should've never been on in the first place. Dating your co-workers. Is is messy or nah? Older men dating younger women. #WhyOldDudesAlwaysWannaFlex? and much more! _______________________________________________________ ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.34 - Level Up

    Dec 05 2016

    No need for small talk, We recap our Thanksgiving dinners. Tweeting Trump and how that'll affect his "moves" plus, social media lurking. We recap Insecure, are you TeamIssa or TeamLawrence. We talk the double standards of cheating in relationships. The current state of Kanye West and how the Kardashian women have this weird way of breaking down the men in their family. J Cole's False Prophets. Who is it about? Who isn't it about? Being friends with your friends partners. and so much m...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.33 - Bottom of the Bottle

    Nov 21 2016

    Another edition of Fully Loaded is here. Trump. Damn America. Kanye has officially lost it. Who's surprised tho? Real G's fight on Twitter, Grandmothers fight on Facebook. Joe Biden, Kermit the frog & Shirley Caesar are the Triple Tag Team Champions of the internet. Thanksgiving foreshadowing and who's bringing their new bae to Nana's house? _______________________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet us @Focus_JRJ & @_HeyMalcolm and using the hashtag... | #FullyLoaded...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.32 - Doomsday Eve

    Nov 07 2016

    Reporting live from America's chokey it's Focus JRJ and Malcolm on Doomsday Eve. Election day is tomorrow (aka Doomsday!) & We're giving y'all some quick election day tips. Plus giving some quick suggestions on how the US should handle the current state of this "election" We've traded places, Focus has (unofficially) joined the Beyhive and Malcolm watched more than 30 seconds of baseball. Lil Wayne makes an ass of himself on Nightline We discuss open relationships, being in a relationship ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.31 - Do The Math

    Oct 25 2016

    A tad bit late...so what! Welcome Back! -This week the two of us get into Jay-Z and Kanye's brotherly beef. -A recent study that proves something we already knew, bald men are poppin! -Thanks to Luke Cage, cause positive representation matters -We dive deep into Ava DuVernay's documentary 13th. So much to rethink & piece together as to how the U.S. government has calculated ways to manipulate minorities for ages. * This is a MUST see film.* (Watch it -- It's better than a Worldstar video.)...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.30 - Out To Lunch

    Oct 10 2016

    Guess who's turning 30?! Trumps bundles! (and us!) We're talking Kid Cudi checking into rehab and how not giving a fuck is the greatest medicine on the planet. Kim Kardashian almost gets popped in Paris. A woman blows smoke in Wale's face and he damn near smacks her kufi off which lead us into a convo about fighting in these skreets and picking and choosing your battles. Jay-Z's newest ventures and so much more! Get into another edition of 'Fully Loaded' _________________________________...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.29 - The Olympians (ft. WMNS USATF)

    Sep 26 2016

    We love to chat in up with unique & insightful folks for our 'A Few Moments With' but on this edition of 'Fully Loaded' we switched gears just a little... Focus got the chance to sit down and chop it up with some Olympic winners -- specifically athletes, Allyson Felix*, Emma Coburn*, Jenny Simpson* and Kristi Castlin* of the Womens USA Track & Field . The four ladies respectively discuss what it was like competing, thoughts on Kaepernick, music they listen to for motivation, devouring hot Cheet...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.28 - Down On Bended Knee (ft. Simone Manuel)

    Sep 12 2016

    On this edition of Fully Loaded we discuss: -The countdown is on Election Day is less then 2 months away and there's still no hope in sight. -Obama's out here acting like this is his senior year of high school. Plus we touch over our views on how he's handling America's recent events. -Of course, Kaepernick and other NFL players National Anthem boycott, which is one of the biggest topics as we kick off the 4th qtr of the year. -Macaroni and Cheese, the baked, the pie, the soupy. Pick you...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.27 - So Long Summer

    Aug 29 2016

    Episode 27! We officially have more shows than letters in the alphabet. On this edition of Fully Loaded​ we're talking, -Focus' trip to Columbia... -A viral video that proves NYC is still a real ass city -Drake doing the most when it comes to beefing with Meek and dating Rihanna. -The FL staff boldly share our opinion of 'The Beatles' being overrated in our musical opinion. -Summer feeling so long as a child but crazy short as adult and how lit summer used to be in NYC. -And Focus and ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.26 - The United Shades (ft. DJ Madam K)

    Aug 15 2016

    **Disclaimer: This show is a mess!** Focus & Malcolm are back at it again for another edition of 'Fully Loaded'. This episode we're joined by the other half of Still Diverted, DJ Madam K. The three of us discuss: Olympics, winning for America and still having to show love to Uncle Sam The art of the hustle, is race related? In light of President Obama releasing his nighttime playlist we decided to pick our top after dark songs for that "Don't Pull Out" Playlist With Labor Day being just ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.25 - And I Say Hey!

    Aug 01 2016

    Last episode was kind of deep, let's lighten some thangs up round here. Arthur is a savage but can he win the Meme of 2016? Can he scoop up the title from the crying Jordan meme? Some kids in the burbs ran up on Joe Budden. Joe Budden then ran up on some kids in the burbs. The Obama's (Barack and Michelle taking trips to Target and Malia outchea living her 18 year old life) Folks that speak just so that they have something to say and of course we talk race does black not crack, or is it ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.24 - Public Enemies (ft. Touré & Ralph Godbee Jr.)

    Jul 18 2016

    This.is.crazy. No other way to put it. With all the recent events we decided to take a step in a different direction and call in some back up. With the recent killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile we felt it was necessary to dissect how this is being handled in the media as well as with other police forces around the country. Author, journalist and media personality Touré joins us, as well as retired Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr., to speak on the way these killings are be...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.23 - Insert Tidal Here

    Jul 05 2016

    Are you paying any attention or are you paying any attention? Our ppl...listen up...there's a new world order, tighten up your business moves. Malcolm & Focus get serious and talk power moves. Here's why... -King Khaled -The new age of rap -Making the best of your time even in unfortunate circumstances -The future of tidal -Inheriting beefs

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.22 - What's The 411?

    Jun 20 2016

    This is just another kick back w/ the siblings. More stories! More laughs! Take the rawest LISTEN! Twitter // Instagram: @Focus_JRJ & @_HeyMalcolm

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.21 - Blackjack

    Jun 06 2016

    The BIG 21! Is this legal now? Rest in peace [and power] the great Muhammad Ali, who has past on at the age of 74. While Mr. Ali has seen America during trying times, Focus & Malcolm reflect on all the 'Fuckery' going on now at rallies, surrounding "The Donald" here in America. The guys also dive into character, and discuss as to what they would do in a life or death situation; everyone wants to live. No more deaths...please! How you do our listeners feel about social media creeping? C'mon ev...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.20 - Bad Boy Life

    May 23 2016

    First things first Happy Birthday to the late great(s) Malcolm X & Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace! We share with you another dosage of our #FlavorInYourEar on this podcast where Focus & @_HeyMalcolm addresses momma-Chinx's viral video as she calls out Puff & French Montana for not showing respect 1yr later, after the death of her son, the upcoming Queens rapper, Chinx. #LongLiveChinx. While on the topic of 'Bad Boy's', Puff gets publicly scolded rite before planning one NYC's biggest ...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.19 - Name Games

    May 09 2016

    Always back by popular demand. Happy May! ...and Happy Birthday Malcolm (@_HeyMalcolm). Wondering what was said? Give it a listen. In this episode you'll hear all things Barry + Becky & Birthdays. Subscribe on iTunes. Follow us on Twiiter.

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.18 - Gone To Glory

    Apr 22 2016

    We come to your earbuds & speakers with a early drop -- not just to keep you entertained, but to pay homage to a few fallen greats. It's no secret that this week and this year alone has been a very trying year with all our losses in entertainment, as well as a brain wrecking political year to follow behind. We want to reflect, bring some cheer, and break down a few things as we close out the second quarter of the year. Lets chat a bit! @Focus_JRJ @_HeyMalcolm

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.17 - Too Close For Comfort (ft. BDS Coppa)

    Apr 11 2016

    Join the show for a entertaining listen. Firstly, subscribe on Soundcloud & iTunes to this podcast so you don't miss a dangerously laughing episode where we leave no stone uncovered -- and if we did, we'll get to it at some point. Fully Loaded. We don't have all the answers but we may have a opinion & a story or two. Where do we start?! Well this was a podcast all about friendships, relationship, and boundaries. What better time to discuss this than now(April), with Spring flaring up and all?...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.16 - Is This Not A Quinceañera?

    Mar 28 2016

    Welp... We had it all Wrong! It's our Sweet-Sixteen -- not a Quinceañera. This is what happens when you just got by in Spanish class. It's still a celebration though! Another episode where the drinks got the flowing, and @_HeyMalcolm & @Focus_JRJ didn't hold back. While celebrating, the two covered the latest viral embarrassment surrounding Katt Williams and why not to mess with young teens today. We know you all watched the LHHY reunion, so of course the opinions were very much brewed up & r...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.15 - Damn...Back At It Again

    Mar 14 2016

    Long story short... we're catching up after a month long hiatus! Brotherly bickering as always + Heavy insight + Honesty. @Focus_JRJ // @_HeyMalcolm www.FocusJRJ.com

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.14 - Henny-Thing Can Happen

    Feb 15 2016

    Thanks for always listening. You all keep us going, literally! Nothing short of entertaining -- Focus & Malcolm are back to drinking during live recordings. Not to worry, everyone held their liquor. In this episode you'll find thoughts from Beyonce's Super Bowl 50 performance, alongside Bruno Mars & Coldplay to the BLACK-lash Cam Newton, and Mrs. & Mr. Carter has received. Mr. West is back in the new, up to good things, while the Ciara vs Future battle continues, but it may end in court. To sa...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.13 - Keepin' It Pushin'; No Validations Needed

    Feb 01 2016

    Happy New Year! Happy BLACK History Month... & Welcome back! Allow us to reintroduce ourselves as we start 20-16 w/ a fresh start...you're listening to Focus JRJ & Hey Malcolm. It's been little a while, but we're energized & here to keep you entertained. So much has gone on in the past month that we came in unprepared; who needs prep when it's 2 friends just sitting around shooting the shxt?! To summarize this episode,nothing has changed. This is for folks like us, by us. All shade is welcomed...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.12 - Foggy Mirrors

    Dec 21 2015

    Last Fully Loaded of the year and per usual, NOTHING'S off limits! Your host @Focus_JRJ is here with co-host Malcolm , talking, new season of Love and Hip Hop and some of these reality folks doing the most for the least. Plus, Amber Rose baiting Wiz Khalifa? Lebron James signs a big ass contract but forfeits his hairline for it. Speaking of hairlines... Living In Your Truth: The hairlines of black men and when it's time to let it go!

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.11 - Situations

    Dec 07 2015

    This just may be that one episode about nothing... What did we talk about again? oh, right. Entertainment headlines are dry with all the holidays coming up, plus these shootings & attacks are getting out of hand, bringing the world to new level bad times. Anyway....catch what we covered... -We're officially celebrating Kwanza -A must to to keep a scammer x shooter on-call -Trina sexy ass; the baddest b**** -West Indians spicing up traditional holidays -Friends closer than blood relatives -

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.10 - A Different World

    Nov 23 2015

    Welcome back, where we talk about anything & anybody! Just when @Fcous_JRJ thought about quitting -- Nope! We're 10 deep now...show goes on. @_HeyMalcolm Much prayers & blessings go out to Paris in wake of the terror attacks taken place, at the hands of ISIS. As New Yorkers, we stand in solidarity with the mindset that we won't be disrupted with worries or threats. We will continue to live our day-to-day lives, as well a enjoying our city. Be safe, be smart, and be spontaneous in this cold wor...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.9 - Doing The Most

    Nov 09 2015

    Take note on how this train takes a quick detour in conversation... From the start this was a runaway train, when @Focus_JRJ was forced to take charge of the show at the hands of @_HeyMalcolm 's drunk-late-hungover a**. We've came to the conclusion that Ben Carson along with Don Lemon & Raven Symone have been doing the most to troll the African American community with their continuous clownage. Nonetheless things got interesting once the news & views was laid out on the table. Mr. Producer Smit...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.8 - Affiliations

    Oct 26 2015

    A full dosage of entertainment & hot topic buzz here! A lot to cover since we last caught up, to say the least. @_Malcolm was late as hell but we brought you all a full episode, covering the recent beef that re-brewed between label-mates Meek Mill & Drake, surrounding the whole Drake fiasco. We took a step back into the 90's to say that not* all shows and movies need a reboot, or a sequel. VH1's hit show Love & Hip-Hop LA is bringing a different view of the industry to our screens at home; ca...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.7 - Know Your Role

    Oct 12 2015

    Reporting to you, sick as HELL, with the broski @_HeyMalcolm for our first official Fall installation… It – is “Columbus Day”! Join the listen, where we talked all the non-sense going on off the field, off the court, and behind the scenes. To catch you all up to speed -- it's been an ongoing comedy sketch in the world of sports. Mr. Victor Cruz of the NY Giants got his 'player card' called pulled by his fiancé & mother of his 3y/o daughter when she put him on blast. It didn't stop there -- NBA...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.6 - Way Too Honest

    Sep 29 2015

    .Myself J, joined by Malcolm (@_HeyMalcolm)...here......ending the summer with this sixth installment! You know I had to vocalize my opinion on the recent bulls**t going on with Ben Carson being a little over opinionated for one who is running for President, whom still may be described as a minority to some. My associated produced showed up with food and alcohol, so this train was a run-away, real quick. Of course, it was only right to call out Azealia Banks for her rude attitude, and misconduc...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.5 - Who You Callin' a Bih? - ft. Abby Wambach

    Sep 14 2015

    Welcome back! Here is our 5th installment of my podcast, which features my good associate producer & pal @_HeyMalcolm. On this week's subject of talk & issues we discuss heavily on 'women of today', if you will... starting off with the feud between Plies & Young Thugg over naming calling, to Serena dominating the world of sports in her respective realm. Not too long ago I got a chance to speak with U.S. Women's Soccer world champion Abby Wambach, where she gave me her opinion & thoughts on women...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.4 - No Chill

    Aug 31 2015

    This week the team has been busy gearing up for Fall, and new ventures... blessed to say the least! Joined by the AP (@_HeyMalcolm) -- we talk about reevaluating the company you keep, talking about your next move when the right time permits, and putting self first, as well as doing the work expected without bragging. Prayers going out to the families in the televised VA shooting. Among other things we disclose the clown age acts on Donald Trump, and his NO CHILL. Summers almost gone, but that do...more


    Aug 17 2015

    Jea! Jea! Jea! I missed you all, but I'm back with you to share some of the biggest stories, and highlights which took course over the last week and a half. To jump rite into it, we couldn't avoid talk all thats going on w/ politics, leading up to the 2016 elections. And...I posed the question, can & would it be ok to get physical in the work place? Also...the Kardashian females may just be bad for weak men. NWA kills box offices; could we look forward to any more biopics for our interest? All t...more

  • FULLY LOADED EP No.2 - ft. Curtis Granderson of the NY Mets

    Aug 04 2015

    ...2nd episode dropped a little earlier than expected, because news & stories become time sensitive with the pace of this generation! Moving right along...... Thanks for tuning into the 1st episode; I hope you enjoyed it, as things get better & I will bring you all more. @_HeyMalcolm joined me for this recording, again -- In this Episode No. 2 we talked the stemming of this ongoing Drake vs. Meek feud, and the role it plays for the listeners/public. We weighed in on how social media plays a ...more


    Jul 26 2015

    Episode No. 1 Focus re-introduces himself, and is joined by his former co-host & good friend Malcolm (_@HeyMalcolm). The two talk about the impact, and harsh results of keeping too much company around you. The go own to discuss some latest headline topics from "Pill Cosby", to Future being the hottest artist right now, to 50 Cent playing chess w/ the financial system. Malcolm teases VMA noms & twitter shade...