Fake The Nation

Hosted by Negin Farsad, Fake the Nation is all the comedy about politics without any of the politics about politics. Every week Negin and a cast of her funniest, smartest and most politically astute friends (John Fugelsang, Lizz Winstead, Dean Obeidallah and others) gather 'round the political roundtable to break down the news, make you laugh, think, and deliver a gut punch to the American political system.


  • 131. What’s More Broken: US or UK Politics? (w/ Jody Avirgan, Maeve Higgins, Josie Long)

    Jan 17 2019

    While Negin continues her maternity leave & masters the art of strategic napping, guest host Jody Avirgan (ESPN's 30 for 30) chats with Maeve Higgins and Josie Long for a big think on how the rest of the world views the USA. Then, the three do their best to make sense of the recent Brexit developments and analyze the backlash to a new Gillette commercial.

  • 130. The Wider World (w/ Kaitlin Fontana, Catie Lazarus, Michael Cruz Kayne)

    Jan 10 2019

    Guest host Kaitlin Fontana (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) chats with Michael Cruz Kayne and Catie Lazarus about the ongoing government shutdown and who its real victims are. Then, the trio looks ahead to the looming 2020 election and back at 2018 as a whole. Plus, an update from Negin!

  • 129. Charmed, I'm Sure (w/ Matt Rogers, Leah Bonnema, Baratunde Thurston, Jody Avirgan, Jason Selvig, Davram Stiefler)

    Jan 03 2019

    Negin is joined by Matt Rogers, Leah Bonnema, Baratunde Thurston, Jody Avirgan, Jason Selvig, and Davram Stiefler to consider questions such as: What does it mean for people to be charming? Will millennials save the institution of marriage? Are we all just selling ourselves online?

  • Bonus: Yewande Finds Her Super Power

    Dec 27 2018

    Negin is joined by Dan Pashman who presents a tale of identity, politics, and food. This story of a woman searching for her roots through the meals of her home country originally aired as episode 255 of The Sporkful on Stitcher.This episode is sponsored by G.H. Mumm (www.ghmummvictory.com), Care/of (www.takecareof.com code: FAKE) and HelloFresh (www.hellofresh.com/FAKE60 code: FAKE60).

  • 128. An Act of Optimism (w/ Catie Lazarus, Benari Poulten, Carolyn Castiglia, Sydnee Washington, Alissa Walker)

    Dec 20 2018

    Negin begins a much needed a holiday break in this episode featuring an cast of Fake The Nation All Stars. Negin is joined by Catie Lazarus, Benari Poulten, Carolyn Castiglia, Sydnee Washington, and Alissa Walker to talk about the beautifully complicated subject of having, raising, and genetically modifying children.This episode is sponsored by G.H. Mumm (www.ghmummvictory.com), Living Proof (www.livingproof.com/FAKE code: FAKE), and Blinkist (www.blinkist.com/FAKE).

  • 127. Soybean Screams (w/ Aaron Jackson, Maeve Higgins)

    Dec 13 2018

    Aaron Jackson (The Opposition with Jordan Klepper) and Maeve Higgins (New York Times) join Negin to discuss the possible impending government shutdown and Trump’s recent clash with Nancy Pelosi’s burnt orange power jacket. Then, they do their best to make sense of Brexit, and Kevin Hart’s short stint as the future host of the Oscars.This episode is sponsored by G.H. Mumm (www.ghmummvictory.com), Matangi/Maya/M.I.A, Modcloth (www.modcloth.com code: FTN), and Thoughtfully (www.thoughtfully.com/FAK...more

  • 126. The Biggest Liar Who Is Also The Most Honest (w/ Sydnee Washington, Carolyn Castiglia)

    Dec 06 2018

    Sydnee Washington (Unofficial Expert) and Carolyn Castiglia (Laugh Exchange) join Negin to discuss the recent power grab in Wisconsin, the future of the GOP, and what it actually means to be conservative in this day and age. Then, the three discuss if today’s Yelpified "rating culture” is contributing to a bland cultural sameness. (Please rate and review this episode in your podcast app of choice.)This episode is sponsored by LivingProof (www.livingproof.com/FAKE code: FAKE) and G.H. Mumm (www.h...more

  • 125. Kids Are a Problem For Everyone (w/ Matt Rogers, Leah Bonnema)

    Nov 29 2018

    Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas) and Leah Bonnema (Comedy Drop) join Negin to discuss Paul Manafort’s 2016 meeting with Julian Assange and if new developments in the Russia probe will affect Trump politically. Then, they talk maternity leave in the U.S., and finally, Lena Dunham and Gina Rodriguez's recent attention-grabbing interviews.This episode is sponsored by Thoughtfully (www.thoughtfully.com/FAKE code: FAKE) and Blinkist (www.blinkist.com/FAKE).

  • 124. Thanksgiving Memories (w/ Jason Selvig, Davram Stiefler)

    Nov 22 2018

    Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler of The Good Liars join Negin to discuss Matthew Whitaker and what his appointment as acting Attorney General could mean for the Mueller investigation. Then, they talk Thanksgiving and if getting drunk around your family is a good idea. This is the perfect episode for tuning out your uncle’s hot takes this holiday. This episode is sponsored by BeFrugal (www.befrugal.com/FAKE) and Thoughtfully (www.thoughtfully.com/FAKE code: FAKE).

  • 123. It Looks Almost Like America (w/ Cody Lindquist)

    Nov 15 2018

    Cody Lindquist (Two Beers In: A Tipsy Political Round Table) joins Negin to discuss voter turnout in the midterms and to determine how blue and wavey the results were. Then, the two weigh in on Amazon’s controversial scheduled delivery of a second headquarters, and whether the tech giant is a monopoly that needs to be controlled. Finally, they turn to the discussion to Monica Lewinsky in order to discuss: should Monica Lewinsky be discussed?This episode is sponsored by ModCloth (www.modcloth.com...more

  • 122. Thank You For Voting (w/ Josh Sharp, Greta Titelman)

    Nov 08 2018

    Josh Sharp (The Opposition) and Greta Titelman (Lady Lovin' podcast) join Negin to dissect the midterm results and their implications. Then, they discuss if the economy is doing as well as the numbers make it seem. Finally, with Russian meddling in our past and possibly present, they give their predictions for our future relationship with social media.This episode is sponsored by Blinkist (www.blinkist.com/FAKE).

  • 121. It’s Time to Vote Now Please (w/ Catie Lazarus, Alissa Walker)

    Nov 01 2018

    Catie Lazarus (Employee of The Month) and Alissa Walker (Curbed, LA Podcast) join Negin to discuss a truly terrible week and how much the current political climate has to do with it (spoiler: a lot). Then, they discuss whether or not stories like Trump’s threat of ending birthright citizenship are just noise that don’t even merit reporting. Finally, with the midterms around the corner, the trio discuss a New York Times piece on how to turn someone into a voter.This episopde is sponsored by Vista...more

  • 120. Alexa, Are You Listening? (w/ Michael Cruz Kayne, Keisha Zollar)

    Oct 25 2018

    Comedians Keisha Zollar (The Opposition) and Michael Cruz Kayne (The Exhibition) join Negin to discuss reports that the Trump administration is considering a narrowing of the definition of gender. The proposal would effectively erase protections for trans people. Then, the panel chats about the ‘pink wave’ and if the term treats female candidates as a novelty. Finally, they unpack the growing trend of smart assistants such as Alexa. They ask: Is convenience worth the price of privacy?This episod...more

  • 119. Horseface Mob (w/ Cristen Conger, Benari Poulten)

    Oct 18 2018

    Cristen Conger (Unladylike) and Benari Poulten (The Nightly Show) join Negin to discuss the geopolitical implications of the missing Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Then, the panel asks: If the Democrats win the House, is a quest for impeachment politically savvy? Plus, they unpack New York Times critic Wesley Morris’s essay “The Morality Wars" and how social justice and representation impact how we talk about art.This episode is sponsored by Harper Collins Children's Books, Newsvoice ...more

  • 118. Who’s Allowed to be Angry? (w/ John Fugelsang, Ann Herberger)

    Oct 11 2018

    Comedians John Fugelsang (Tell Me Everything) and Ann Herberger join Negin for a wide-ranging chat about the looming midterm elections and the the abysmal UN climate report. Plus, in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings, they ask: is there still a sexist double standard on who is allowed to be angry in public? Lastly, Ann shares her take on being a Republican woman in the midst of the #MeToo movement. This episode is sponsored by Sierra Club (www.beyondcoal.org/stories), Newsvoice app (www.newsvoi...more

  • 117. Donald Trump Isn’t What He Claims to Be (w/ Baratunde Thurston, Jody Avirgan)

    Oct 04 2018

    Baratunde Thurston (How to Be Black) and Jody Avirgan (FiveThirtyEight) join Negin for a lively discussion about the ongoing drama of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. Plus, they share key takeaways from the New York Times’ investigation into Fred Trump’s financial empire. Lastly, the panel asks: should Michael Bloomberg run for President?This episode is sponsored by Newsvoice (www.newsvoice.com/fake), Sierra Club (www.BeyondCoal.org/stories), Sagely Naturals (www.sagelynaturals.com/pa...more

  • 116. Why Don't We Got To Church Anymore? (w/ Jo Firestone, Kaitlin Fontana, DeRay Mckesson, Catie Lazarus, Chris Duffy, Sarah Pappalardo)

    Sep 27 2018

    Negin take a breather from the dizzying news cycle to kick back and gab with some of her favorite friends and comedians. A cast of all-star guests convene to talk about dating and desirability and how parenting has changed over the years. Plus, they ask: why don’t people go to church anymore? The panel includes fellow Earwolf host Jo Firestone (Dr. Gameshow), Kaitlin Fontana (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee), DeRay Mckesson (On the Other Side of Freedom), Catie Lazarus (Employee of the Month), Ch...more

  • 115. How to Talk to Anyone (w/ Christian Finnegan, Joyelle Johnson)

    Sep 21 2018

    Comedians Christian Finnegan (The Fun Part) and Joyelle Johnson (Late Night with Seth Meyers) join Negin to discuss the sexual assault accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s plan to impose an additional $200 billion on Chinese goods and the latest in North Korea denuclearization. Plus, they share their strategies for talking to strangers.This episode is sponsored by NewsVoice (www.newsvoice.com/fake), Vistaprint (www.vistaprint.com code: FAKE), Pact (www.wearpact.com ...more

  • 114. Money Diaries (w/ Leah Bonnema, Dan Wilbur)

    Sep 13 2018

    Comedians Leah Bonnema (Comedy Drop) and Dan Wilbur (Never Flirt with Puppy Killers) join Negin to chat about Serena Williams and if there's a double standard in tennis. The panel also asks: why do we love to hate how other people spend their money? Plus, they discuss if fake news is better than too much news. This episode is sponsored by Vistaprint (www.vistaprint.com code: FAKE), ModCloth (www.modcloth.com code: FTN), and ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: FAKE).

  • 113. Has Louis C.K. Earned a Second Chance? (w/ Jo Firestone, Kaitlin Fontana)

    Sep 06 2018

    Fellow Earwolf host Jo Firestone (Dr. Gameshow) and comedian Kaitlin Fontana (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) join Negin to dish about Bob Woodward’s new book, the anonymous anti-Trump New York Times op-ed and Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Plus, the panel asks: What’s the right time for a second chance and has Louis C.K. earned his?This episode is sponsored by Past (www.wearpact.com code: FAKETHENATION) and Pluto Pillow (www.plutopillow.com code: FAKE).

  • 112. State of the Unions (w/ Judah Friedlander, Stephanie Butnick, MC Frontalot, Mike Pesca, Scott Blakeman, Benari Poulten)

    Aug 30 2018

    Negin takes a break from the weekly news grind to deliver an episode that packs a punch! An all-star cast joins Negin for a Labor Day chat about unions, a debate on tipping and some tips on how to argue. The panel includes Judah Friedlander (30 Rock), Stephanie Butnick (Unorthodox), MC Frontalot (Question Bedtime), Mike Pesca (The Gist), Benari Poulten (The Nightly Show) and Scott Blakeman (Laughing Liberally).This episode is sponsored by ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: FAKE), Pluto Pil...more

  • 111. Democracy is Still Here (w/ DeRay Mckesson, Catie Lazarus)

    Aug 23 2018

    Civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson (On the Other Side of Freedom) and writer Catie Lazarus (Employee of the Month) join Negin to break down an unprecedented week of news spanning from Michael Cohen’s plea deal to Paul Manafort’s conviction on eight felony counts to Trump’s Twitter reactions. Plus, the panel talks about the EPA’s plan to loosen federal restrictions on coal-fired power plants. Lastly, they have a wide-ranging discussion about the path forward for activism.This episode is sponsor...more

  • 110. The Reality TV White House (w/ Chris Duffy, Sarah Pappalardo)

    Aug 16 2018

    Comedians Chris Duffy (Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas) and Sarah Pappalardo (Reductress) join Negin to dish about the latest in White House drama including Omarosa’s secret tapes and Trump’s decision to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance. Then, the panel shares favorite Aretha Franklin memories. Lastly, they discuss 3-D printed guns and delve into diversity and representation.  This episode is sponsored by HelloFresh (www.hellofresh.com/FAKE60 code: FAKE60) and ExpressVPN (www.expressvpn...more

  • 109. It's Absurd That We're Even Here (w/ Scott Blakeman, Benari Poulten)

    Aug 09 2018

    Comedians and Fake the Nation regulars Scott Blakeman (Laughing Liberally) and Benari Poulten (The Nightly Show) join Negin for a wide-ranging conversation about the Trump administration’s cast of unsavory characters. They recap the Manafort trial, take a look at Stephen Miller’s plans to limit citizenship for legal immigrants, and try to make sense of the Iran sanctions. Lastly, they chat about the podcast bros who want to optimize your life. This episode is sponsored by Chef Steps (www.chefste...more

  • 108. Fascism Doesn't Happen Overnight (w/ Judah Friedlander, Stephanie Butnick)

    Aug 02 2018

    Comedian Judah Friedlander (30 Rock) and journalist Stephanie Butnick (Unorthodox) join Negin to chat about the legality of Trump’s new claim that collusion is not a crime. The panel also throws out their predictions for the outcome of the Mueller investigation. Then, they dig into the potential government shutdown and Trump’s new tax cut proposal. Plus, is Twitter making everyone a comedian?This episode is sponsored by Psyonix and SugarBearHair (www.sugarbearhair.com.com/FAKE).

  • 107. We Don’t Have Olivia Pope to Save Us (w/ Mike Pesca, MC Frontalot)

    Jul 26 2018

    Journalist Mike Pesca (The Gist) and rapper MC Frontalot (Question Bedtime) join Negin to chat about Michael Cohen’s secret recordings of Trump. Then, the panel delves into Trump’s plan to give billions in aid to farmers hurt by tariffs and they take a closer look at the impact of the tax cuts. But first, the panel asks some basic economic questions: What are tariffs? Why do farmers need aid? Should we be worried about the national debt? Lastly, they chat about small acts of kindness and Negin s...more

  • 106. Russian Nesting Dolls (w/ Allison Yarrow, Dean Obeidallah)

    Jul 19 2018

    Journalist Allison Yarrow (90s Bitch) and comedian Dean Obeidallah (Sirius XM) join Negin to reflect on the disastrous Trump-Putin summit and Trump’s subsequent attempts to walk things back, remarkable even by Trumpian standards. The panel asks: Is the talk of treason legitimate or will it blow over? What does the Trump-Putin summit mean for the Democrats?  Also, how does all of this play with Trump’s base? So many questions! Plus, the panel takes a look back at the 90s and the “bitchificat...more

  • 105. Resting Mitch Face (w/ Katrina vanden Heuvel, John Fugelsang)

    Jul 12 2018

    Katrina vanden Heuvel (The Nation) and John Fugelsang (Tell Me Everything) join Negin to chat about Trump’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh and the close ties between the Trumps and Justice Kennedy’s son. The panel also discusses whether Democratic Socialism is the path forward for the Democratic Party. Lastly, they chat about women who are in their 40s, single and happy, and the discussion quickly veers into a feminist critique of Sex and the City!This episode is sponsored by Psyonix and Exp...more

  • 104. Independence Day Shorty (w/ Greg Proops, Lizz Winstead)

    Jul 05 2018

    Lizz Winstead (The Daily Show) and Greg Proops (The Smartest Man in the World) join Negin to chat about July 4th memories, hot dogs and the state of patriotism. Plus, Fake the Nation listeners share their wish list for America!This episode is sponsored by Psyonix (www.rocketleague.com).

  • 103. Look on the Bright Side (w/ Laurie Kilmartin, Mark Oppenheimer)

    Jun 28 2018

    First, Negin gives a brief overview of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement and its implications. Next, Laurie Kilmartin (Conan) and Mark Oppenheimer (Unorthodox) join Negin to chat about the Supreme Court decisions on the travel ban and so-called “crisis pregnancy centers.” They also discuss whether ICE should be abolished and weigh in on the civility debate that’s been raging since Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant. This episode is spons...more

  • 102. Let’s Just Not Do That (w/ Greg Proops, Lizz Winstead)

    Jun 21 2018

    Greg Proops (The Smartest Man in the World) and Lizz Winstead (The Daily Show) join Negin to find some comic relief amidst the turmoil! The panel discusses family separation at the border and Trump’s order for the Pentagon to establish a ‘Space Force.’ Plus, they chat about how the South and the Midwest are stereotyped in the media. This episode was taped prior to Trump’s executive order on family separation.This episode is sponsored by ModCloth (www.modcloth.com code: FTN) and ExpressVPN (www.e...more

  • 101. Aging, Dildos and Death Live from D.C. (w/ Wajahat Ali, Zack Beauchamp)

    Jun 14 2018

    Journalists Wajahat Ali (New York Times) and Zack Beauchamp (Vox) join Negin for a special live podcast taping at the ACLU's conference in Washington, D.C. The panel asks: Why is the media hardly covering the deaths in Puerto Rico? Plus, they try to find middle ground on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Lastly, is wellness culture helping or hurting us?This episode is sponsored by Care/Of (www.takecareof.com code: FAKE).

  • 100. Happy 100th! (w/ Maeve Higgins, Larry Wilmore)

    Jun 07 2018

    Comedians Maeve Higgins (New York Times) and Larry Wilmore (The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore) join Negin to celebrate the 100th (!) episode of Fake the Nation. The panel gets up to speed on Trump and pardons, reflects on the primaries this week and takes a look back at the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Plus, they demystify the writing process and chat about procrastination.This episode is sponsored by The Brave Podcast (www.TheBraveRiseUp.com).

  • 99. The ‘Roseanne’ Effect (w/ Ophira Eisenberg)

    May 31 2018

    Comedian and writer Ophira Eisenberg (Ask Me Another) joins Negin to chat about the White House administration’s new policy to separate families who are caught crossing the border illegally. Plus, they react to ABC canceling ‘Roseanne’ after Roseanne Barr’s racist Twitter rant. Lastly, they dish about sex without attraction and why pre-date texting is a drag.This episode is sponsored by Gun Violence Awareness Day and The Brave Podcast (www.thebraveriseup.com).

  • 98. Humanize Porn! (w/ W. Kamau Bell, Leah Bonnema, Kendra Cunningham, Ophira Eisenberg, Akilah Hughes, Baratunde Thurston)

    May 24 2018

    Negin takes a breather from political bedlam with an episode that’ll get you in the gut! A cast of all-stars assemble to chat about grief in the digital age, how to be good at being jealous, and the pitfalls of porn. Negin is joined by W. Kamau Bell (United Shades of America), Leah Bonnema (Comedy Drop), Kendra Cunningham (Last Comic Standing), Ophira Eisenberg (Ask Me Another), Akilah Hughes (Crooked Media), and Baratunde Thurston (How To Be Black). This episode is sponsored by ModCloth (www.mo...more

  • 97. The Blue Wave (w/ Benari Poulten, Franchesca Ramsey)

    May 17 2018

    Comedian and writer Benari Poulten (The Nightly Show) and Franchesca Ramsey (MTV’s Decoded) join Negin to talk about the controversial decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Plus, the panel asks: Should Democrats be hopeful that a blue wave is coming in 2018? Lastly, the panel dives deep on liberal tactics and what it means to be woke.

  • 96. Tall Glass of Justice Live from NYC (John Fugelsang, John Hodgman)

    May 10 2018

    Comedians John Fugelsang (Tell Me Everything) and John Hodgman (Judge John Hodgman) join Negin for a special live podcast taping in New York City. The panel asks: Has Rudy Giuliani gone completely rogue or is there a method to his madness? Plus, they chat all things Stormy, consider if universal basic income is the answer to automation, and discuss Incel, the community of men who believe they are unfairly denied sex. Lastly, they take audience questions and a fierce debate about gazpacho erupts!...more

  • 95. International Shenanigans (Rhea Butcher, Alex Schmidt)

    May 03 2018

    Comedians Rhea Butcher (Take My Wife) and Alex Schmidt (Cracked) join Negin to chat about the Iran nuclear deal and the leaked Mueller questions for Trump. Plus, they talk about the proposal to break up California into three separate states and end up diving face-first into a discussion about the Electoral College and representation.  Lastly, why is everyone making such a big deal about Michelle Wolf’s monologue at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner? Plus, don't miss out on the Fake the...more

  • 94. The Candy Man (w/ Tom Brennan, Christian Finnegan)

    Apr 26 2018

    Comedians Tom Brennan (Electoral Dysfunction) and Christian Finnegan (The Fun Part) join Negin to chat about the probes into EPA chief Scott Pruitt’s conduct and the allegations against Trump’s Veterans Affairs pick Ronny Jackson. Plus, they chat about Cynthia Nixon running for governor of New York and revisit their college admission essays. This episode was recorded on Wednesday, before Jackson withdrew his name from consideration for the VA job.This episode is sponsored by Tripping.com (www.tr...more

  • 93. Comey's Higher Royalty (w/ Tony Deyo, Jody Avirgan)

    Apr 19 2018

    Jody Avirgan (FiveThirtyEight) and comedian Tony Deyo join Negin to chat about James Comey’s media blitz and Sean Hannity’s relationship with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. Plus, they delve into implicit bias and the baseless arrests of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks.

  • 92. Cohenoscopy (w/ Lauren Duca, Lizz Winstead)

    Apr 12 2018

    Lauren Duca (Teen Vogue) and Lizz Winstead (The Daily Show) join Negin for an all-lady power hour. They chat about the FBI raid on Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and rate Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony (and his suit). Plus, the panel breaks down Syria’s recent history. This episode is sponsored by Forto Coffee (www.fortocoffee.com code: FAKE) and Tripping.com (www.tripping.com/FAKE).

  • 91. Great! Can't Wait! Thanks! (w/ Paul F. Tompkins, Rory Albanese, Mike Pesca, Scott Blakeman, Seema Iyer, Erin Gibson, Bryan Safi)

    Apr 05 2018

    Negin takes a break from the political maelstrom to blow off steam with some of her favorites, including a surprise cameo by comedy podcast legend Paul F. Tompkins (SPONTANEANATION)! Other panelists in the mix include Rory Albanese (The Daily Show), Mike Pesca (The Gist), Scott Blakeman (Laughing Liberally), Seema Iyer (The Bollywood Lawyer), and Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi (Throwing Shade). They gab about how to have a good relationship, why being blunt can be useful, and how thinking like an ol...more

  • 90. Hush Money (w/ Todd Barry, Andrew Heaton)

    Mar 29 2018

    Comedians Todd Barry (Spicy Honey) and Andrew Heaton (Reason) join Negin to chat about the impact of the Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes interview. Plus, they discuss Trump’s plan to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. Lastly, Negin asks the panel: How do you deal with negative feedback?This episode is sponsored by The Harold Ramis Film School (ramisfilmschool.com)

  • 89. WTF Fatigue (w/ John Fugelsang, Ken Schultz)

    Mar 22 2018

    John Fugelsang (Tell Me Everything) and comedian Ken Schultz join Negin to chat about the Cambridge Analytica data breach and why so many people are threatening to quit Facebook. They also discuss how to talk to your political foes and Negin explains the civil war in Yemen. Plus, don’t miss out on the Fake the Nation live show in NYC on May 8th, featuring John Fugelsang and John Hodgman. Get your tickets now: http://ear.wf/LiveFTN.This episode is sponsored by Tripping.com and Forto Coffee (code:...more

  • 88. You May Get a Tweet (w/ W. Kamau Bell, Leah Bonnema)

    Mar 15 2018

    Comedians W. Kamau Bell (United Shades of America) and Leah Bonnema (Comedy Drop) join Negin to chat about Rex Tillerson’s ousting and Trump’s new picks for Secretary of State and CIA director. Plus, they discuss the potential U.S.-North Korea talks and the House GOP’s break with the intelligence community on Russia. Lastly, the panelists talk about their relationships to money and class. This episode was recorded on Tuesday afternoon EST, before the results of Pennsylvania’s special House elect...more

  • 87. Grandpa Trump Isn’t Potty Trained (w/ Seena Ghaznavi, Catie Lazarus)

    Mar 08 2018

    Comedian Seena Ghaznavi (Sirius XM) and writer Catie Lazarus (Employee of the Month) join Negin to understand the latest string of White House scandals. Plus, the panel delves into Bibi Netanyahu’s corruption probes and they take a closer look at the blossoming bromance between Trump and Netanyahu. Lastly, the Communist party in China changed the constitution to allow President Xi to remain president indefinitely. The panel asks: What does this mean for the future of China?This episode is sponso...more

  • 86. Losing Hope (w/ Benari Poulten, Evan Siegfried)

    Mar 01 2018

    Writer and comedian Benari Poulten (The Nightly Show) and bona fide Republican Evan Siegfried (Fox News) join Negin to chat about Hope Hicks’ resignation and the plethora of recent Jared Kushner scandals. They also recap Trump’s televised meeting with lawmakers about gun policy and his surprising comments on due process. Lastly, most mass shooters are men. Why is this? The panel goes deep on masculinity and how we are raising our men. This episode is sponsored by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:...more

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