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  • Moon Landing Special

    Jul 20 2019

    Fifty years since men first walked on the Moon, we celebrate the Apollo 11 mission. Also: we assess its impact on politics and culture and ponder the future of space exploration.

  • The UK condemns Iran after guards seize a British oil tanker

    Jul 20 2019

    Britain's Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has denounced as "completely unacceptable" the capture of the ship and he said there would be serious consequences if it wasn't released. Also: the Kosovan prime minister has resigned after being called for questioning as a war crimes suspect and a warning from Youtube over regulation.

  • Srebrenica massacre: Dutch state was '10% liable' for 350 deaths

    Jul 19 2019

    Dutch supreme court says Netherlands partially responsible for deaths of Bosnian Muslims. Dutch troops had been guarding a UN safe zone in 1995 when it was overrun by Bosnian Serbs. Also, Saudi Arabia urges respect for Islamic law after Western singers perform in Jeddah, and how a man in Assam found a tiger resting on his bed.

  • Brexit: MPs back bid to block Parliament suspension

    Jul 18 2019

    A majority of 41 MPs approved the amendment to block the suspension of Parliament. The move is to prevent the future Prime Minister forcing through a no-deal Brexit. Also: President Trump says the US has shot down an Iranian drone threatening an American warship in the Gulf, and we report on the Swiss wine festival that only happens a few times a century.

  • Japan: Arson attack at Kyoto anime studio kills 33

    Jul 18 2019

    At least 33 dead and dozens injured after man sets fire to an animation studio. Police say a 41-year-old suspect broke into the building and sprayed petrol before igniting it. Also, new warnings to the UK about potential dangers posed by a 'no deal' Brexit, and how a South African taxi-driver revealed his talent as an opera-singer.

  • El Chapo trial: Mexican drug lord gets life

    Jul 17 2019

    He is a former head of the Sinaloa cartel, which officials say was the biggest supplier of drugs to the US. The World Health Organization has declared the Ebola crisis in eastern Congo a public health emergency, and the dragon with a lethal bite that tourists can’t stay away from.

  • Sudan: Military and civilians sign deal to end deadly turmoil

    Jul 17 2019

    Ruling military council and opposition leaders have signed a power-sharing accord. Sudan has been in chaos since the military ousted President Omar al-Bashir in April. Also, a surprise as Turkish court acquits two journalists and a human rights activist of terrorism charges, and Andrea Camilleri - author of the "Inspector Montalbano" stories - has died aged 93.

  • Five decades since first Moon landing mission

    Jul 16 2019

    Fifty years since launch of Apollo Eleven mission - those involved remember; European Parliament narrowly approves next European Commission President; Dozens killed in monsoon flooding in South Asia - millions are displaced.

  • The German defence minister, Ursula von der Leyen, bids for the presidency of the EU Commission

    Jul 16 2019

    Mrs von der Leyen said dealing with climate change and tackling illegal immigration humanely would be her priorities. Also: on the second day of his appearance before a corruption inquiry, the former South African President Jacob Zuma said he'd received a death threat; and events take place to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo Eleven mission to the Moon.

  • Trump tweet row: Four congresswomen accuse president of distraction tactics

    Jul 15 2019

    The four US congresswomen attacked by US President Donald Trump in a series of racially charged tweets have dismissed his remarks. Also: A new study has found that anorexia isn't only a mental illness, but can be caused by a physical predisposition, and the tiny monkey fossil that’s a game changer for evolutionary scientists.

  • South Africa: Ex-president Zuma responds to corruption allegations

    Jul 15 2019

    Jacob Zuma, who stepped down last year amid claims of illegal financial gain, has begun testifying at a judicial inquiry. Also: Hong Kong’s chief of police condemns pro-democracy protesters as “thugs”. And the family of Neil Armstrong look back at the life of the first man to set foot on the moon.

  • Trump accused of racism over tweets against congresswomen

    Jul 14 2019

    President Trump claimed the women "originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe". Also: Champs-Elysees clashes after Bastille Day parade, and Djokovic beats Federer in Wimbledon tennis epic.

  • Storm Barry begins to batter Louisiana

    Jul 13 2019

    Storm Barry has made landfall in Louisiana, where officials have warned of potentially life-threatening floods. Also: UK says Iran tanker could be released 'with guarantees', and a powerful X-ray telescope is launched to map the cosmos.

  • Facebook facing '$5 billion' fine

    Jul 12 2019

    The US Federal Trade Commission is said to have approved a penalty for Facebook over its handling of users personal data. President Trump's Labor Secretary resigns amid accusations he helped a billionaire sex offender secure a lenient sentence, and the trader in Togo who has an answer to the global fast fashion crisis

  • Turkey: Arrival of Russian missile-defence system causes anxiety for US

    Jul 12 2019

    Turkey receives first parts of S-400 missile defence system despite opposition from US. Washington says Ankara cannot have both the S-400 and US F-35 fighter-jets. Also, BBC investigation shows that Sudan's brutal crackdown on protestors was ordered from 'top level' of military, and should the world learn lessons from water-crisis in one of India's largest cities ?

  • Trump retreats on census citizenship question

    Jul 11 2019

    President Donald Trump will no longer pursue adding a question on citizenship to the 2020 US census questionnaire. Also: The UK has raised the threat to British shipping in Iranian waters to the highest level, and New Orleans braces for Tropical Storm Barry.

  • Strait of Hormuz: Iranian gunboats 'tried to intercept British ship'

    Jul 11 2019

    UK says one of its warships preventing Iranian vessels stopping a British oil-tanker. Also, a BBC investigation into sex-scandal at heart of Afghan government, and scientists warn that even small amounts of sugary drinks may cause cancer.

  • Resignation of UK Ambassador to US is “black day for British diplomacy”

    Jul 10 2019

    Politicians and civil servants have been reacting to the news that Sir Kim Darroch has stepped down. They’ve said the row over leaked memos is unprecedented. Also: the US women’s football team celebrates their World Cup win with a victory parade, and a school in the Netherlands faces a large fine because the children are too noisy.

  • UK ambassador to Washington resigns after leak of memos critical of Trump

    Jul 10 2019

    Sir Kim Darroch had described the Trump administration as inept and dysfunctional. Mr Trump responded by saying he'd no longer deal with him. Also: seagulls in Australia are found to be carrying several antibiotic resistant superbugs, and Spanish language hits now dominate the most watched music video chart on YouTube.

  • UK foreign minister rebukes Trump

    Jul 09 2019

    Donald Trump has been “disrespectful” towards the prime minister and the UK, says Jeremy Hunt. Also: Tory leadership rivals clash in TV debate, a Saudi Arabian princess goes on trial in France, and the end of the road for the VW Beetle.

  • Hong Kong leader says extradition bill 'is dead'

    Jul 09 2019

    But Carrie Lam stops short of saying it has been fully withdrawn, and protesters have vowed to continue mass rallies. Also: Afghanistan talks agree 'roadmap to peace', and Egypt to sue Christie's auction house in London to retrieve Tutankhamun bust.

  • Trump sharpens attack on UK ambassador over emails

    Jul 08 2019

    The US president says "we will no longer deal" with the UK's ambassador in Washington, Sir Kim Darroch. Also the US financier Jeffrey Epstein is charged with sex trafficking minors, and a Nigerian opera performed in Pidgin English.

  • DRC warlord Bosco Ntaganda found guilty

    Jul 08 2019

    The former Congolese rebel leader has been convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Also: Amnesty International accuse the Philippine government of running a large-scale murdering enterprise connected to its so-called war on drugs, and the advanced robots moving into the Japanese workforce.

  • Centre-right regains power in Greece

    Jul 07 2019

    The New Democracy party led by Kyriakos Mitsotakis wins the election with an absolute majority. Also: Donald Trump hits back after UK ambassador's leaked emails, and Jodrell Bank gains Unesco World Heritage status.

  • France and Iran to look at conditions for talks

    Jul 06 2019

    The French president Emmanuel Macron talks to his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani by telephone in a bid to rescue the nuclear deal. Also: California quake damage 'not as bad as feared', and baby Archie christened at Windsor.

  • UN welcomes the release of prisoners in Venezuela

    Jul 05 2019

    The prisoners released included a high profile judge, Maria Lourdes Afiuni. Also: Trump vows to pursue citizenship census question, and the ancient city of Babylon becomes an Unesco World Heritage site.

  • Iranian official threatens to seize British oil tanker

    Jul 05 2019

    Senior Teheran official issues threat after British troops' storming of Iranian vessel. British marines helped seize super-tanker on Thursday, after it was suspected of carrying oil to Syria, in breach of EU sanctions. Also, how China is using schools to separate Uighur Muslim children from their culture and faith, and could global tree-planting help stop global warming ?

  • BBC evidence shows Uighur children in China being separated from their families

    Jul 04 2019

    Government documents show that large numbers of state boarding schools have been built to house children as young as two. Also: Tehran has reacted with fury after British Royal Marines seized control of an Iranian supertanker carrying oil to Syria, and don't wake the neighbours! The cockerel that's been taken to court in France.

  • Libya: UN says 'migrants were fired upon after fleeing air strikes'

    Jul 04 2019

    UN has received reports that guards shot at migrants who tried to escape air-strikes. The attack on a detention-centre near Tripoli on Tuesday is believed to have killed at least 53 people. Also, an oil-tanker bound for Syria is detained in Gibraltar by British marines, and a renowned scientist warns that the human race could soon become redundant.

  • Boeing pledges $100 million to support crash victims’ families

    Jul 03 2019

    In the wake of two Boeing 737 Max crashes, the aerospace giant hopes it can repair its reputation, but families say the effort falls short. Also, the European Parliament elects David Sassoli as its new president, and Amsterdam considers a drastic change to its world-famous red light district.

  • Libya: UN says attack on migrant camp could be 'war crime'

    Jul 03 2019

    UN speaks after air-strike kills more than 40 migrants at detention-centre near Tripoli. Libyan government blames attack on forces loyal to warlord General Khalifa Haftar, but they've denied this. Also, why Rahul Gandhi has stepped down as head of India's Congress Party, and is there a close link between obesity and some common cancers ?

  • EU announces nominees for top leadership positions

    Jul 02 2019

    The European Council has agreed to a gender-balanced group of candidates after days of deadlocked negotiations. Also: The Russian navy says 14 sailors are dead after a submersible vessel caught fire, and women who survived torture in Syrian prisons tell their stories in a new London play.

  • China condemns Hong Kong protests

    Jul 02 2019

    Beijing accuses demonstrators of trampling on the rule of law: Also: controversy over secret US border patrol Facebook group, stowaway body found in London garden and Coca-Cola enters energy drink market.

  • Hong Kong: Leader condemns protesters who stormed parliament

    Jul 01 2019

    The Chief Executive of Hong Kong has condemned the occupation and ransacking of the territory’s parliament. Also: European foreign ministers call on Iran to reverse its decision to breach an international nuclear deal, and fresh concerns have been raised about the rate of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.

  • Iran nuclear breach tests world powers

    Jul 01 2019

    The International Atomic Energy Agency said its inspectors had verified the 300kg cap had been broken. In Hong Kong demonstrators have smashed their way into the Legislative building as the territory marks 22 years since it was handed back from Britain to China. A blanket of ice about 1.5 m thick settles on a Mexican city after a freak summer hail storm.

  • Trump crosses into North Korea

    Jul 01 2019

    Donald Trump has become the first sitting US president to enter North Korea after meeting Kim Jong-un at the South Korean border. Also: Pro-democracy protesters challenge Sudan's military rulers for the first time since security forces shot dead dozens earlier this month, and the new rules that mean in future electric cars in Europe won’t be quite so quiet.

  • Trump makes concession over Huawei

    Jun 29 2019

    President says he'll allow US companies to continue to sell to the Chinese tech giant, also: migrant ship captain detained in Italy and North Macedonian pride

  • Coroner says MI5 can't be blamed for London attacks

    Jun 28 2019

    Families of some victims believe the deaths of eight people by jihadists in 2017 could have been stopped. Also: twenty years after talks started the South American economic block, Mercosur, has struck a trade deal with the European Union, and could John McEnroe - the former bad boy of tennis who ranted on court - help you get a good night's sleep?

  • Chinese President warns protectionism destroying global trade

    Jun 28 2019

    The G-20 nations face a huge challenge in resolving a US-China trade war that has rattled businesses around the world, and has cast a shadow over the global economy. Also: the iPhone designer Jony Ive is leaving Apple, the remains of a bridge in the Italian city of Genoa -- which collapsed last year killing more than forty people -- has been blown up by demolition experts, and Glastonbury music festival gets underway in Britain - minus the rain and the mud!

  • US Supreme Court blocks census citizenship question

    Jun 27 2019

    The court said the Trump administration's justification for the question appeared "contrived". Also: delegates at UN climate talks have accused oil producing countries of trying to "erase the science" on global warming, and Russia begins releasing captive whales from a "whale jail" after an international outcry.

  • Bombers explode devices in Tunisian capital

    Jun 27 2019

    It's not yet clear who was behind the attacks in Tunis. Also: Germany's Angela Merkel is seen shaking again in Berlin, and the Dalai Lama has said Donald Trump lacks moral principle.

  • Italy says it won't let migrants disembark

    Jun 26 2019

    Italy's interior minister, Matteo Salvini, has said he won't allow migrants currently aboard a charity-run rescue ship to disembark, after it defied the authorities by entering Italian territorial waters. Mr Salvini called the Sea-Watch 3 an outlaw vessel. Also: a warning about an emerging "climate apartheid" and why Cognac is more likely to be drunk by rappers and hip hop fans in the United States.

  • Guaido says military force in Venezuela still an option

    Jun 26 2019

    The opposition leader Juan Guaidó says the use of military force is still an option to end the political crisis in Venezuela. Also: the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, says that the US and North Korea are engaging in behind the scenes talks to set up a possible third summit, and Kim Kardashian West's 'Kimono' brands riles Japan.

  • Top US border official to step down

    Jun 25 2019

    John Sanders resigns amid uproar over conditions for migrant children at detention centres; a politician in India has taken the unusual step of returning bribes he took from villagers, and breakdancing moves closer to 2024 Paris Olympic debut.

  • Iran says latest US sanctions will make peace more difficult

    Jun 25 2019

    Iran condemns latest US sanctions saying Washington has closed the door on dialogue; Chinese citizens charged over building collapse in Cambodia that killed twenty-eight people; Washing powder advert promoting female empowerment provokes furious reaction from Pakistani religious conservatives.

  • UN outlines policy on detained IS fighters

    Jun 24 2019

    Human rights chief says IS captives in Iraq and Syria must be tried or freed. Also: the medical glove that could speed up diagnosis, Mars methane spike and the women returning to their Boko Haram kidnappers.

  • The US and Russia on opposites sides over sanctions on Iran

    Jun 24 2019

    US Secretary of State in Saudi Arabia as Washington tightens sanctions on Iran; Second time unlucky for Turkey's governing party as they lose a rerun vote in Istanbul; and....the unexpected furry visitor to a family home in Montana that had to be tranquilised by police ...

  • Turkey’s governing party loses Istanbul election

    Jun 23 2019

    Turkey's governing party has lost control of Istanbul after a re-run of the city's mayoral election. Also: Huge protests in Prague demanding the resignation of Czech PM Andrej Babis, and the head of the Ethiopian military has been shot dead by his own bodyguard after an apparent coup attempt in a northern region.

  • US to hit Iran with 'major' sanctions

    Jun 22 2019

    President Trump says the additional measures are intended to stop Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb. Also: the German chancellor Angela Merkel says far-right extremism must be tackled, and listening to the combined sounds of Mongolian throat singing and heavy metal.

  • Democrats wary of Trump's 'erratic' approach to Iran

    Jun 21 2019

    The chair of the House Armed Services Committee, Adam Smith, has warned it was "not smart" of president Trump to make the details of a planned attack on Iran public. Also: Russia suspends flights to Georgia amid unrest, and Pink Floyd guitars sell for millions at charity auction.

  • US-Iran: President Trump says military was 'cocked and loaded'

    Jun 21 2019

    Tehran says the unmanned US aircraft entered Iranian airspace early on Thursday morning, but the US maintains it was shot down in international airspace. Also: The speaker of the Georgian parliament resigns after violent protests about a visit by Russian MPs, and the musical seals that have learned to sing the Star Wars opening music

  • 2017: The Predictions Podcast

    Jan 04 2017

    What is going to happen in 2017? President Marine Le Pen of France? The end of the Iran nuclear deal? Some of the BBC’s most senior correspondents forecast what might or might not happen during the next 12 months. Make your own predictions and join the discussion on the World Service Facebook page.