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  • Afghanistan imposes night curfew

    Jul 24 2021

    Move covers 31 of the country's 34 provinces to help protect urban areas from Taliban advance. Also: Landmark fuel deal between Iraq and Lebanon, Olympic host nation Japan picks up its first medals and the search for new Aussie rhyming slang.

  • Tennis star Osaka lights flame to get delayed Olympics underway in Tokyo

    Jul 23 2021

    The long delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics are finally underway - in a near deserted stadium; Haiti's assassinated president Jovenel Moïse is laid to rest... and why sales of foam clogs are soaring -- and dividing opinion among fashionistas.

  • Olympics: Tokyo hosts opening ceremony of delayed 2020 Games

    Jul 23 2021

    Due to Coronavirus, a subdued ceremony launches the much-postponed Olympics. Fewer than 1000 invited guests and no spectators are inside the huge main stadium. Also, President Xi Jinping makes first official visit to Tibet by a Chinese leader in 30 years, and one of India's most flamboyant businessmen is arrested for allegedly making porn films.

  • US imposes sanctions on Cuban officials after protest crackdown

    Jul 22 2021

    President Biden has been under pressure to respond to anti-regime protests. Also: the Senate in the Czech Republic has approved a plan to compensate Roma women who were forcibly sterilised, and beset by scandals and Covid-19 concerns, Tokyo prepares to hold the opening ceremony for the Olympics.

  • Olympics ceremony boss sacked over Holocaust joke

    Jul 22 2021

    The decision to remove Kentaro Kobayashi comes just a day before the opening show is due to be held. It’s the latest scandal to hit the Tokyo Games. Also: Famine stalks Angola as the worst drought in forty years ravages the south of the country; and Norway pauses to recall the mass murder committed by a far-right extremist ten years ago today.

  • US life expectancy suffers steepest drop in decades

    Jul 21 2021

    Life expectancy in the US has suffered its sharpest fall since the second world war; Chinese scientists say global warming has made China's annual flood season much more dangerous; and a gold toilet is discovered at the home of a Russian policeman, arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes.

  • China Floods: 16 dead and many thousands evacuated

    Jul 21 2021

    Record-breaking rainfall has brought deaths and chaos in China's Henan province. More than a dozen cities have been affected by the floods. Also, Nigeria secures release of 100 kidnapped women and children, and how a secret site in England is giving experts a glimpse into prehistory.

  • Severe Floods hit China's Henan Province.

    Jul 20 2021

    There have been severe floods in the central Chinese province of Henan with dramatic images of passengers in flooded subway trains; The US warns that the world can't wait for the pandemic to end before facing up to global warming; and are advances in running shoe technology giving today's sprinters an unfair advantage ?

  • India's Covid death rate much higher than official count, says report

    Jul 20 2021

    The US-based Centre for Global Development says the figure could be ten times as high. Also: migrants in Belgium on hunger strike, and why Israel is threatening consequences for Ben & Jerry's.

  • China accused of Cyber-Attack on Microsoft.

    Jul 19 2021

    The US and European countries say a huge cyber attack earlier this year came from China; In Germany - police say dozens of people are still missing following deadly floods last week; and a family of farmers in India whose cooking skills have made them an internet sensation

  • UK government lifts coronavirus restrictions in England despite surge

    Jul 19 2021

    It's confident rules on mask wearing and social distancing won't be reintroduced. Also: Australian government scientists have said the outlook for the Great Barrier Reef remains "very poor" despite some recovery over the past year, and an investigation by global media outlets has said journalists, activists and opposition leaders around the world had been targeted with phone malware sold to various governments.

  • In Tokyo, a growing number of Olympic athletes and officials test Covid-positive

    Jul 18 2021

    The Tokyo Olympics is hit by a spate of coronavirus cases. Also: Mrs Merkel visits areas of western Germany affected by flooding, and the Vespa scooter celebrates its 75th anniversary.

  • Afghanistan: Peace talks resume with Taliban

    Jul 18 2021

    Officials sound optimistic after the first round of negotiations, but the Taliban says it’s confident it can still win on the battlefield. Also, rescue workers in Germany race to find survivors after deadly floods. And, with five days until the Tokyo Olympics, the first case of Covid-19 is detected at the athletes’ village.

  • Floodwaters begin to recede in northwestern Europe

    Jul 16 2021

    Rescue workers struggle to reach survivors of the devastating floods with authorities in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands trying to take stock of the catastrophic damage. Also, rights groups have condemned raids on media organisations and journalists in Belarus, and the punk group that is asking the establishment to resolve a dispute over music rights.

  • Europe floods: At least 120 dead and hundreds more missing

    Jul 16 2021

    Northern Europe hit by some of the worst flooding in decades after record rainfall. Germany and Belgium are worst-affected, and European leaders have called for action on climate-change. Also, how a smartphone could reveal why three young British men joined the militants of Islamic State, and was South Africa's recent unrest planned in advance ?

  • Floods in western Europe kill more than 60

    Jul 15 2021

    Thousands of others in Germany and Belgium are forced to evacuate. Also: in Canada leaders of an indigenous nation call on the government to release residential school attendance records to help identify unmarked graves, and how DNA websites are helping US detectives to solve cold case murders - but what ethical questions does this raise? .

  • Afghan Taliban offer a conditional ceasefire

    Jul 15 2021

    It's unclear how the Afghan government will respond - as some say a previous release of Taliban detainees last year has fuelled violence. Dutch crime reporter de Vries dies from shooting. Britney Spears wants to press charges against father over 'conservatorship abuse'.

  • EU Unveils Sweeping Climate Change Plans

    Jul 14 2021

    European Commission announces radical plans to cut carbon emissions over next decade; King of the Zulu nation says recent rioting and looting in South Africa shames the whole country; Rare eye-witness testimony over what's happening in Ethiopia's disputed Tigray region.

  • Syria: Islamic State children who face lifetime in prison

    Jul 14 2021

    Plight of thousands of foreign children of IS members in Syrian camps and jails. Kurdish authorities who run these facilities say IS cells are recruiting and radicalising children as young as eight. Also, nine Chinese nationals are killed in explosion aboard Pakistani bus, and we meet Australian teenagers who want schools to teach about sexual consent.

  • South Africa riots: Death toll rises in violent unrest

    Jul 13 2021

    More than seventy people are now known to have died in disturbances sparked by the jailing of Jacob Zuma. Also, President Biden says changes to voting rights in some states pose a threat to US democracy and, two series tie for the most nominations in this year's Emmys.

  • Google issued massive fine by French regulator

    Jul 13 2021

    The fine is the latest skirmish in a global copyright battle between tech firms and news organisations. Iraq hospital fire: Protests as Covid ward blaze kills more than 60. Texas Democrats flee state to block Republican voting law.

  • Dozens held after Cuban anti-government protests

    Jul 13 2021

    Thousands rallied on Sunday, angry at Cuba's economic crisis and curbs on civil liberties. Also: South Africa deploys military to tackle Zuma riots, and Iran has unveiled a dating app said to facilitate lasting marriages.

  • SA deploys military in Zuma riots

    Jul 12 2021

    The jailing of the ex-president, Jacob Zuma, has triggered looting and arson. Also: the British PM condemns racist abuse aimed at black footballers after England's defeat in the Euros, and a lightning strike kills 16 taking selfies in India.

  • Cubans stage rare protests over Covid measures

    Jul 12 2021

    Thousands rally in several Cuban cities, with others showing support for the government. Also: billionaire Branson rockets to edge of space, and Italy's Euro 2020 triumph after England's penalty heartbreak.

  • The widow of the former Haitian president says he was riddled with bullets

    Jul 11 2021

    Martine Moise, who was injured in the attack which killed her husband, speaks for the first time. Also: a statue that sparked deadly US rally is taken down, and Auschwitz orchestra member Esther Bejarano dies aged 96.

  • Taliban in Afghanistan seize key border crossings in new advance

    Jul 10 2021

    The Taliban have captured major border crossings with Iran and Turkmenistan in a sweeping offensive across northern Afghanistan. Also: US and Colombia to send investigators to Haiti following the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, and how does Jupiter produce X-rays every few minutes?

  • Bangladesh factory fire kills at least 52

    Jul 09 2021

    Blaze broke out overnight at a food-processing plant near Dhaka. It's feared that casualty-numbers will rise as many workers are unaccounted for. Also, Taliban capture a key crossing on Afghan-Iranian border, and why a Spanish government minister caused controversy - by urging people to eat less meat.

  • Biden defends Afghan withdrawal

    Jul 08 2021

    Mr Biden insisted the US military had achieved its goals by punishing the perpetrators of the terror attacks of 11 September 2001. Haiti seeks masterminds after 'assassins' detained. EU votes for action over Hungary's anti-LGBT law.

  • Jovenel Moïse: Deadly gun battle after Haiti's president assassinated

    Jul 08 2021

    Police say four suspects have been killed and two detained, but a manhunt is still under way. Also: The Olympic Games in Japan are to be held without spectators due to rising cases of coronavirus, and a major expedition to solve one of the world's greatest maritime mysteries.

  • Jacob Zuma:Former South Africa president hands himself over to police

    Jul 07 2021

    Last week the Constitutional Court handed down the prison term after he failed to appear before an inquiry into state corruption during his time in office. The Haitian security forces are searching for the gunmen who assassinated the former president, Jovenel Moïse.Trump sues Twitter, Google and Facebook alleging 'censorship'.

  • Haiti: President Moise is killed in attack at his home

    Jul 07 2021

    President Jovenel Moise has been shot dead and his wife injured by unidentified gunmen. They were attacked at their residence in the capital Port-au-Prince. Also, the Taliban battle their way into a key city in western Afghanistan, and tributes are paid to legendary Indian film star Dilip Kumar who's died at 98.

  • More than 90% of US troops have now left Afghanistan

    Jul 06 2021

    The Afghan government admitted that some of its forces are overstretched following the US withdrawal, but said it was determined to retake territory seized by the Taliban. Also: New York state has declared a disaster emergency following a sharp rise in the number of shootings, and we hear from the artist behind a new sculpture to be unveiled in London's Trafalgar Square that will confront Britain's colonial past.

  • Belarus opposition leader jailed

    Jul 06 2021

    Viktor Babaryko is sentenced to fourteen years in prison. Also: the new Afghan commander of the Bagram air base says the US left at night with no notice; and the Cannes Film Festival returns after a year off because of covid.

  • Covid: Most rules set to end in England

    Jul 05 2021

    The British Prime Minister has said vaccines had weakened the link between infections and hospitalisations. Georgia: Tbilisi Pride cancelled amid violent protests. Why Russia says real champagne can't come from France.

  • Afghan troops flee after clashes with the Taliban

    Jul 05 2021

    More than 1,000 soldiers retreat to Tajikistan as fighting with the militants intensifies. Also: Ethiopia's PM says Tigray withdrawal does not mean the country lost, and scientists say "rocking" bridges could be earthquake proof.

  • Jacob Zuma refuses to hand himself in

    Jul 04 2021

    The ex-South African president is defying a court order to start a 15-month jail sentence. Also: Lebanon's hospitals in crisis, and a fantastical tour of the new Hans Christian Andersen museum in Denmark.

  • Demolition of Miami site brought forward

    Jul 03 2021

    The standing portion of the collapsed complex will be destroyed as a tropical storm approaches. Also: the Vatican orders a cardinal to face an embezzlement trial, and the sexism row in Ukraine after female soldiers were made to parade in high heels.

  • Corruption inquiry into Bolsonaro

    Jul 02 2021

    Brazilian prosecutors aim to investigate whether the president failed to act over a Covid vaccine 'bribery scandal'. Also: why parents want Amazon to change the name of its virtual assistant, and can we all benefit from the space race?

  • Last foreign forces leave Afghanistan's Bagram base

    Jul 02 2021

    The sprawling airbase has been the centre of operations against the Taliban and Al Qaeda for almost 20 years. Also: Australia to halve arrivals to fight Covid-19 variant, and scientists are trying to fix a "crashed computer" on the Hubble space telescope.

  • Trump organisation lawyers plead not guilty to tax fraud

    Jul 01 2021

    The prosecutor said there had been a sweeping and audacious illegal payment scheme at the company. Also: the WHO warns Europe risks a new Covid wave, and the eighty-two-year-old - finally picked to go into space.

  • Trump Organisation CEO surrenders to face charges in tax investigation

    Jul 01 2021

    Allen Weisselberg turned himself in to authorities in New York on Thursday, ahead of the expected unsealing of as-yet-unknown charges. Also: high-profile women want action to stop online abuse and judge denies Britney Spears request to remove father from conservatorship.

  • Bill Cosby freed after conviction overturned

    Jul 01 2021

    US comedian leaves jail after court overturned his sexual assault conviction. Also: Former US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, one of the main architects of the Iraq war, has died, and why Wimbledon's grass courts seem more slippery this year.

  • The UN calls for urgent humanitarian access to northern Ethiopia

    Jun 30 2021

    It warns thousands are at risk of famine in Tigray following eight months of conflict. But the government says its intent on retaking the regional capital. Also: Canada's unprecedented heatwave is blamed for dozens of deaths, and if aliens are out there, what do they want from us?

  • Ethiopian rebels gain more ground in war-torn north

    Jun 29 2021

    Tigrayan fighters continue their advance after seizing the regional capital Mekelle. Also: England beat Germany 2-0 at Wembley to reach the Euro 2020 football quarter-finals, and 5,000-year-old man was "oldest plague victim".

  • South Africa's top court sentences ex-President Jacob Zuma

    Jun 29 2021

    He has been given five days to hand himself in to police. Souvenirs but no tourists - a rare glimpse of life in war-ravaged Gaza. The Pacific heat dome explained - why Canada and the northwestern United States are experiencing record temperatures.

  • Ethiopia's Tigray conflict: Rebels enter capital of northern region

    Jun 28 2021

    Unconfirmed reports say rebel forces have captured Mekelle. Also, Facebook's stock market value has surpassed a trillion dollars for the first time after a US judge dismissed cases accusing the firm of monopoly practices and a new study casts doubt on a theory that there was evidence of life on Venus.

  • Hundreds of reports of priests' alleged sexual abuse in Poland

    Jun 28 2021

    The Roman Catholic church in Poland says that in the last three years it has received more than 360 new reports of clergy sexually abusing children. China's ruling Communist Party prepares to mark its centenary. Life threatening heat in the US north-west.

  • South Africa imposes strict measures to tackle rise in Covid infections

    Jun 28 2021

    The South African president Cyril Ramaphosa said the country was facing a grave challenge. Also, France's far-right National Rally loses key battlegrounds in regional elections, and China releases videos of its Zhurong Mars rover.

  • British health minister Matt Hancock resigns after breaking Covid guidance

    Jun 27 2021

    Pictures of Matt Hancock embracing an aide unleashed a storm of public anger. Also, a report had warned of major error in collapsed Florida building, and why is the sea around Scotland's Isle of Arran a turquoise blue colour?

  • George Floyd's murderer sentenced to over 22 years

    Jun 26 2021

    Derek Chauvin was convicted last month of killing Mr Floyd, whose death sparked global protests. Also, Germany knife attacker kills three, and scientists hail stunning "Dragon Man" discovery.

  • Number missing in Miami building collapse rises to 159

    Jun 25 2021

    The mayor of Miami-Dade, Daniella Levine Cava, says they still hope to find survivors. Also, Belarus moves opposition blogger to house arrest, and a rare deadly tornado in the Czech Republic.

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