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  • Let's Talk About Not Going To War

    Jun 23 2019

  • Dreamers by Joe Frank

    May 31 2019

    Maybe like the Phoenix rising from the ashes following a drawing by M.S. Escher.

  • Getting Into Cars With Strangers

    May 07 2019

    Interviews with taxi and ride share drivers from New Orleans to Jacksonville.

  • Some Spring Time Stories

    Apr 16 2019

  • The Pacific Northwest Trail

    Mar 14 2019

  • Warriors Zulu Nation Honduras

    Feb 19 2019

  • Tegucigalpa

    Feb 05 2019

  • Honduras Part One: A New Caravan

    Jan 20 2019

    An introduction to a series about social conditions in Honduras

  • Tijuana

    Dec 22 2018

  • Across the Desert

    Dec 12 2018

  • Casa del Migrante

    Dec 04 2018

    Juana and Estela talk about why they left their homes in Guatemala to seek asylum in the United States.

  • No Solution

    Nov 14 2018

  • End of Season One: A Walk On the Beach

    May 08 2018

  • Rumble Strip: It's a Podcast

    Apr 27 2018

  • Lick the Crickets by Larry Massett

    Apr 18 2018

  • Bear's Ears, Part Six: Industrial Tourism

    Mar 31 2018

  • Bear's Ears, Part Five: Traditional Ecological Knowledge

    Mar 15 2018

  • Bear's Ears, Part Four: The Hopi Way

    Feb 28 2018

  • Bear's Ears, Part Three: The Sand Island Petroglyphs

    Feb 13 2018

  • Bear's Ears, Part Two

    Jan 30 2018

  • Bear's Ears, Part One

    Jan 16 2018

  • Two More Stories About Mountains

    Jan 01 2018

  • Ski Lesson

    Dec 06 2017

  • The Bicycle Artist

    Nov 22 2017

  • War of the Worlds

    Oct 30 2017

    This is a Halloween special for people who have not heard the original 1938 CBS broadcast. 

  • Basin and Range

    Oct 22 2017

    Donate ...more

  • We Thought It Was a Movie

    Oct 08 2017

  • NFL Sunday

    Sep 29 2017

    A short commentary on the protests. Donate

  • The Oracle

    Sep 01 2017

    My friend Alex and I try to visit the Utah Data Center, 20 miles south of my house in Salt Lake City.DONATE BY TEXT 801-876-1913Check out The Sonosopher, a documentary about Alex Caldiero.James Bamford's article on the Utah Data Center in Wired Magazine.Music from the film The Day the Earth Stood Still.

  • The Continental Divide, Part Two

    Jul 07 2017

    I try it again, this time with some respect.The short clip of music in the middle of the story is by the Icelandic group MUM.The music at the end is a North Vietnamese boys' choir, a recording given to me by Alex Chadwick. Donate ...more

  • The Continental Divide

    Jun 16 2017

    The top of the highway through Rocky Mountain National Park. The day before it snowed three inches. Donate

  • The Green River

    May 26 2017

    Paul Brennan, Creighton King, and myself at the Green River Lakes in the summer of 1991. I thought, considering the recent mind-fuck of news, it would be good to play a relaxing story. This is a re-run from a couple summers ago, although I originally produced it in 1991 for Weekend All Things Considered. Donate

  • Trump's Wall: Your Neighbor

    May 10 2017

    An undocumented farm worker in New England, USA. Photo by Erica Heilman. Donald Trump promised to build a wall along the border with Mexico but at this point there is little support in Congress to actually fund the construction. And there's been a sharp decline in illegal immigration since Trump took office, even without an actual wall. Perhaps the reason for the decline ...more

  • Trump's Wall, Part Two

    Apr 21 2017

    The opening of Santa Elena's Canyon, Big Bend National Park. The left side of the canyon is in Mexico, the right side is in the United States. Interviews with people on both sides of the border in and around Big Bend National Park, Texas. Donate ...more

  • Trump's Wall, Part One

    Apr 06 2017

    The Rio Grande in Bend Bend Ranch State Park, Texas, just west of Big Bend National Park. The first part of a series about the proposed wall along the border. A visit to Big Bend National Park.Music: Down By the River by Neil Young Donate The ...more

  • My First Radio Story

    Mar 15 2017

    I-10, Texas, 1983 This is how I started producing stories for public radio in 1983. I was extremely lucky. Some people say I still am.Music during the introduction: Slow Bicycle by Mum Donate Soapbox preacher, I-10 near El Paso, Texas, 1983 

  • It's All Over Now

    Feb 23 2017

    photo by CNBC Who is this guy? Who is he really? We think of him as a villain, but perhaps he's more the tragic hero, doomed to lose everything he cares about.The link to Bonnie Raitt on the David Letterman show Donate

  • What's Happening at Standing Rock: An Interview with Jenni Monet

    Feb 16 2017

    Photo from jennimonet.com. (Her name is misspelled in the photo.) On February 8th, the Army Corps of Engineers approved the permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under the Missouri River.  This is an interview with Jenni Monet, an independent journalist who's been embedded at Standing Rock since the first week of December. She was arrested February 1st along with...more

  • i thought i'd throw out this idea and see if it has legs

    Feb 08 2017

    drawing by Creighton King I started to work on a new story, then decided to change tactics.Music: Soundtrack from Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid by Bob Dylan  Donate

  • Listening to the Winners

    Jan 19 2017

    Donald Trump is a manifestation of our collective fear and anger. We created him. This show is a collection of interviews with people who supported Trump leading up to the election. They are not easy to listen to, but I think we should try in order to better understand what happened, and what is happening now.Music: What's Opera Doc? from "Bugs Bunny on Broadway".  Donate ...more

  • The Test

    Jan 03 2017

    This story originally aired on This American Life in 1996, but there's a new rant at the end. Music: White Rabbit by Grace Slick, performed by Mayssa Karaa for the American Hustle soundtrack. Donate Photo by Carlo Nasisse

  • Standing Rock, Part Three

    Dec 19 2016

    Thousands of veterans join the Water Protectors, and the Army Corps of Engineers denies the permit for the pipeline to go under the Missouri River.Music: One Monkey by Gillian Welch Arikara headress. Donate ...more

  • Standing Rock, Part Two

    Nov 29 2016

    The Missouri River at Lake Oahe, one mile downstream from the proposed crossing of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  What it's like at some of the more peaceful anti-pipeline protests or "actions" in North Dakota.Music by Max Richter from the HBO series The Leftovers. Donate ...more

  • Standing Rock, Part One

    Nov 23 2016

    A water protecter, near Mandan, North Dakota. The battle at the bridge, November 20, 2016.Music by Mum. These are the dump trucks blocking state highway 1806 at the bridge over Cantapeda Creek, less than a mile north of the Sacred Stone Camp, less ...more

  • The Greater Yellowstone Grizzly, Part Three

    Nov 07 2016

    How people feel about trophy hunting the bear.Link to savetheyellowstonegrizzly.org Donate Donate

  • The Greater Yellowstone Grizzly, Part Two

    Oct 25 2016

    Courtesy of Bradley Orsted In this episode, the scientific arguments surrounding the Greater Yellowstone grizzly bear.Books about Grizzly Bears by Todd Wilkinson and Doug Peacock.Music: Slow Bicycle, Mum; Faure's Requiem, first movement. Donate Doug Peacock, Yellowstone National Park, 2016 ...more

  • The Greater Yellowstone Grizzly

    Oct 13 2016

    Upper Paradise Valley, Montana. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is planning to take the Yellowstone grizzly bear off the list of endangered species, perhaps before the end of this year. This is the beginning of a series about the issues surrounding the management of the bear in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Donate ...more

  • The Road

    Sep 07 2016

    I-80, Wyoming Donate I-10, Texas I-10, Texas ...more

  • The End of Hope: Outside the DNC

    Aug 20 2016

    What if you threw a protest against the oligarchy and not many people showed up?Music by Laurie Anderson: "From the Air," Big Science.  ...more

  • Cleveland RNC Part 2

    Aug 12 2016

    Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio The RNC in Cleveland followed two weeks of brutal (YouTubed) shootings in America. Anyone who showed up at the protests was either paid to be there, like the police and the media, or they were for some reason unafraid of the potential for more violence. As it was, things stayed relatively peaceful, except for loud shouting at times. ...more

  • Opening Day Outside the RNC in Cleveland

    Aug 05 2016

    Sean Whitty and Christopher Traviano. I went to the Republican and Democratic conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia to see who showed up outside on the streets. This is the first in a short series of reports. Donate Sean Whitty's back tattoo. ...more

  • After Thinking About What To Do

    Jul 09 2016

    Trent Harris wonders 'what the fuck?' at a gun shop in Salt Lake City. In a few days I'm getting in my car and driving to the conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia. Donate

  • Reagan's Neighbors

    Jun 27 2016

    William Thomas, Lafayette Park, Washington D.C., 1984 Interviews with people occupying Lafayette Park in Washington D.C. in the early 1980s. Sarah Vowell's new book, Lafayette in the Somewhat United States.I will be speaking this week, June 29th, at Tape Fest in Brooklyn. Donate Conception ...more

  • Why People Vote for Hillary Clinton

    Jun 11 2016

    Hillary Clinton speaking June 4, 2016, in the Thomas Edison High School gymnasium, Fresno, California. Some interviews with Clinton supporters before the California primary on June 7, 2016. Donate

  • Trump and Sanders in South Bend: Part Three

    May 19 2016

    Interviews with Sanders supporters two days before the Indiana Primary on May 3, 2016.Music by The Youngbloods, Get Together. New t-shirts and tote bags Donate ...more

  • Trump and Sanders in South Bend: Part Two

    May 12 2016

    Shortly before the Indiana primaries on May 3, 2016, both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders spoke in South Bend. In this episode I interview people waiting in line to hear Donald Trump. Donate ...more

  • Trump and Sanders in South Bend, Indiana

    May 07 2016

    Both candidates were speaking in the same place, on consecutive days, just before the Indiana Primary last Tuesday. I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the two events. Donate ...more

  • My Trip To Palestine

    Apr 21 2016

    I've heard some people think these maps are not accurate. I think they are accurate enough.  I wrote this story as a way to overcome my fear of speaking about the Israel/Palestine Conflict, a serious problem for which we bear some responsibility. I don't know what the solution is, or if a solution is even possible at this point, but I'd at least like to not be afraid to talk about it.Music: Mouth ...more

  • Maybe He Became a Bear: An Interview with Jim Harrison

    Apr 06 2016

    I don't know who took this photo, but I owe him or her a t-shirt and patch. I spoke with Jim at Dennis Sizemore's house up Emigration Canyon, about ten miles east of Salt Lake City. We'd eaten dinner and it was too noisy inside the house, so we sat in my pickup truck out in the driveway. Donate

  • Prisoner of Zion

    Mar 25 2016

    An essay on where I live and what I live for.Music by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir--Come, Come Ye Saints Photo by Julian Cardona The Salt Lake Temple ...more

  • Searching for Amnesia

    Mar 22 2016

    Scott Carrier I'm currently at the Panama Music Festival in Launceston, Tasmania. I was invited to speak about podcasting. So this week I'm posting this story from the archives. It originally was broadcast in 1996 on This American Life. New Home of the Brave patches for sale.

  • One Year Review Meeting

    Feb 25 2016

    In which I present the numbers, an accounting, to the listeners/supporters of the show.Music by Mum, Slow BicycleDonate or Subscribe through Pay Pal.Donate through Stripe below: Donate Home of the Brave T-Shirts

  • The Iowa Caucus

    Feb 08 2016

    Two Sanders supporters at the caucus in Dubuque. A trip to Iowa to see if young people would turn out for the caucus. Donate Zach Meyer at the caucus in Dubuque. ...more

  • Saints of the Last Days

    Jan 28 2016

    Jim Harmston (photo by the Salt Lake Tribune) Originally broadcast in the "Factions" show of This American Life in 1996. Edited by Alix Spiegel and Ira Glass. Inspired by a story in The Salt Lake City Weekly by Carolyn Campbell. About a group of renegade Mormon polygamists in central Utah. Donate

  • Absolutely, God Told Us To Do This

    Jan 14 2016

    Brand Thornton, one of the militia that has taken over the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon. An Interview with one of the Bundy gang. Donate Pete Santili  covering the event. ...more

  • The Balkan Route

    Jan 01 2016

    The final report on the refugee trail, describing how they travel from Athens to Germany.Music: Crossroad Metamorphosis and Super FM Dub by Hayvanlar Alemi. Donate Photos by Camilla Q. Madsen Walking from the Greek border to Gevgelija, Macedonia. ...more

  • On the Ferry from Lesbos to Athens

    Dec 17 2015

    Donate Photos by Camilla Q. Madsen ...more

  • On the Isle of Lesbos

    Dec 11 2015

    Interviews with refugees as they arrive on the beach, having crossed the Aegean Sea in rubber rafts. Donate Photos by Camilla Q. Madsen Newlyweds. They left Afghanistan after her family tried to force her to marry another man. ...more

  • On the Border of Greece and Macedonia

    Nov 24 2015

    Four days ago, the European Union decided to allow only refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan into Northern Europe, stranding thousands of people at the Idomeni transit camp on the border of Greece and Macedonia. This report is from the Idomeni camp, where a variety of protests are ongoing by Iranians, Pakistanis, Moroccans, and Somalis who say they'd rather die than be sent home. Donate Photos by Camilla Q. Madsen ...more

  • The Refugee Trail

    Nov 14 2015

    A Somali refugee at the Sandholm Asylum Center outside Copenhagen, Denmark, November 12th, 2015. Timothy John Hinman of Third Ear invited me to speak about podcasting at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival on November 9th, and I was supposed to return home today, November 14th. But instead of going home I've decided to rent a car and drive south, following the refugee trail (bac...more

  • The Death of Ruth Tuck: A Docu/Drama

    Oct 30 2015

                                                                    A story for Halloween from the archives (1986). I wanted to make a documentary about how our culture deals with death and dying, but then decided it would be better to do it as...more

  • Trump Supporters

    Oct 16 2015

    Donald Trump is in the news a lot, but we don't hear much from his supporters. I figured Nevada was a good place to find some.Music by Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes,  Bugs Buny's Greatest Hits; Iceburn, In the Desert. Donate

  • The West Desert

    Oct 02 2015

    A story (produced in 1989) about the Great Salt Lake Desert.Music by Pauline Oliveros, Lear from the album "Deep Listening"; Neil Young, Married Man from "Neil Young and the Bluenotes". Donate Donate

  • A Tour of Burned Churches, Parts 1-4 (website version)

    Sep 25 2015

    College Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church, Knoxville, TN. July, 2015. Part One of a tour of churches that burned in the ten days following the shootings at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.Music by Gentry Densley Donate God's Power Church of Christ, Macon, Georgia. July, 201...more

  • A Tour of Burned Churches, Part Four: Warrenville, SC (fixed)

    Sep 21 2015

    The burned church was cleared away, now only the sign remains. Warrenville, SC, July, 2015. The final episode, in Warrenville, SC, where whites and Blacks may or may not get along.Music by Gentry Densley Donate

  • A Tour of Burned Churches, Part Three: Greeleyville, SC

    Sep 19 2015

    The burned remains of the church have been cleared away. Part three, in Greeleyville, S.C., where the cause of the fire was determined to be a lightning strike.Music by Gentry Densley Donate

  • A Tour of Burned Churches, Part Two: Macon

    Sep 18 2015

    God's Power Church of Christ, Macon, Georgia The second stop on a tour of churches in the South that burned following the Charleston massacre on June 17, 2015.Music by Gentry Densley Donate Outside Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.

  • A Tour of Burned Churches, Part one: Knoxville

    Sep 17 2015

    College Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church, Knoxville, TN Part One of a tour of churches that burned in the ten days following the shootings at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.Music by Gentry Densley Donate Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina ...more

  • An Introduction to Charles Bowden

    Aug 30 2015

    Charles Bowden died a year ago, on August 30, 2014.  He was my friend and mentor. I miss him a lot.Order Bowden's books here.Eva Cassidy, Imagine Donate

  • Working for the Friendly Man

    Aug 14 2015

    There are a lot of Friendly Men. I don't know these jokers. This story was originally produced by Alix Spiegel and Ira Glass  for This American Life in 1996. Donate The Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City, where I slept on the lawn without police interference.  ...more

  • The Cooking Show

    Aug 04 2015

    Chef Milo Carrier, San Francisco, 2015 A cooking adventure in Milo's kitchen in San Francisco.Music at the end by Artie Shaw, Moonlow.Recipe below Donate The beets on salt, stock simmering. ...more

  • The End of the Pleistocene (with Doug Peacock)

    Jul 17 2015

    Doug Peacock at a graveyard just south of Wilsall, Montana. The Clovis burial site is at the bottom of the hill in the background. A conversation about the original Americans, the Clovis people.Doug Peacock's new book, In the Shadow of the Sabertooth, can be found here. Round River Conservation Studies can be found here.  Donate ...more

  • Some Summer Stories

    Jul 03 2015

    Simon waterskiing in "Ruben and Ed." These stories from the Home of the Brave archive have nothing in common, really, except they remind me of summer. I figured since it's the Fourth of July weekend it would be a good time to play them.  Music: Bob Moss; Neil Young, Cowgirl in the Sand.To purchase a copy of "Ruben and Ed" click here. ...more

  • Bernie Sanders

    Jun 19 2015

    On the road in Iowa. Bernie Sanders leaving an event in Indianola, Iowa, June 14, 2015. Donate Bernie Sanders supporters at  the UAW union ...more

  • An American Life

    Jun 05 2015

    photos by Erica Heilman This story was produced by Erica Heilman and Larry Massett for Erica's podcast, Rumble Strip Vermont.Vaughn Hood was a 118-pound barber when he was drafted into the Vietnam War. And in Vaughn’s war, most men didn’t survive their first three-month tour. Now Vaughn Hood runs a hair salon in St. Johnsbury with his wife, Bev. For a couple days, Erica sat and talked with hi...more

  • Stories from the Green River

    May 28 2015

    Paul Brennan and Creighton King dropping me off at the Green River Lakes, summer of 1991. This program started off as a series that aired on Weekend All Things Considered in the summer of 1991.  I later put the pieces together, with music written and performed by Pat King. That Walking Across Am...more

  • Nepal Earthquake--Episode Four

    May 26 2015

    A short visit to Sankhu, a village nearly obliterated by the earthquake.Music at the end: Lori, from Folksongs and Sacred Music from Nepal.Click below to donate to Home of the Brave.  To donate to Maiti Nepal, go to www.maitinepal.org. Donate Crossing the destruction zone. ...more

  • Nepal Earthquake--Episode Five

    May 26 2015

    Sujeev Shakya Sujeev Shakya runs a management consulting and financial advisory firm called beed management. He's also the chairman of the Nepal Economic Forum, a think tank for exploring private sector perspectives on economic policy and research.  His latest book is Unleashing Nepal. Donate

  • Nepal Earthquake-Episode Three

    May 25 2015

    Dr. Shankar Rai speaks with one of his nurses. I first met Dr. Rai when Trent Harris and I made a promotional video for his new hospital in 2014. I wanted to talk with Dr. Rai after the earthquake because I knew he'd be at the center of the medical response. You can watch the video and make dona...more

  • Nepal Earthquake--Episode Two

    May 24 2015

    The second day in Kathmandu, surveying some of the damage. Donate

  • Nepal Earthquake--Episode One

    May 24 2015

    Donate Donate ...more

  • The Rebel Yell

    Apr 24 2015

    Covering the 2004 Republican Convention in New York City.Music by the Icelandic group Mum (We Have a Map of the Piano, The Land Between Solar Systems, Slow Bicycle) and Kid Rock (All Summer Long).   Donate

  • The Cover Up

    Apr 10 2015

    Donate  Sonosopher Alex Caldiero bearing his testimony to the invisible. Music: Fitnah by Filastine.   filistine.com

  • Najibullah in America

    Apr 03 2015

    Najibullah becomes a student, and I become a professor, at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah.Music: Erik Satie, Gymnopedie No. 3 and Gnosienne No. 1 and Gnosienne No. 2; Stravinsky, Symphony of Pslams; Radzetsky March; Gustave Faure, Pelleas et Melisande; Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil; Maquinal Tango, Darsensa Sur. Donate

  • Over There

    Mar 27 2015

    A trip to Afghanistan in the fall of 2001. Music: Erik Satie, Gymnopedie No. 3 and Gnosienne No. 1 and Gnosienne No. 2; Stravinsky, Symphony of Pslams; Radzetsky March; Gustave Faure, Pelleas et Melisande; Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil; Maquinal Tango, Darsensa Sur. Donat...more

  • Running After Antelope

    Mar 20 2015

    A story about human evolution.Music: Dire Straits, Why Worry and Water of Love; Talking Heads, Television Man Donate

  • The Neighborhood

    Mar 13 2015

    This story was inspired by the photo-essay book Suburbia by Bill Owens, a classic text. Donate

  • New Shoes

    Feb 28 2015

    This story was originally broadcast on The Savvy Traveler in 1999, and was edited by Ben Adair.  The trip to India was in 1986, my first venture overseas. Music by Peecola Shah (recorded at her home near Ahmed...more

  • A Walk on the Beach

    Feb 27 2015

    A conversation with Alex Chadwick about working for National Public Radio and nearly dying.Music: Slow Bicycle by Mum, Daavi Loloto by E.T. Mensa Donate

  • The End of the World

    Feb 26 2015

    A friend, an anthropologist, once told me that in the future everybody is going to want to watch home movies from the 1960s and 70s because that was the peak of American civilization--the Yellowstone grizzly with its front paws up on the station wagon.  It's all been downhill ever since.I think he's right. I'm from that g-g-generation. I was in the station wagon and there were men on the moon and if there were problems we'd figure th...more