It's Probably Fine

A weekly irreverent chat about nothing in particular. From Australian man, Chris Lagana and Englishman, Alex Mills. The best thing to happen to Anglo-Oceanic relations since Captain Cook. Subscribe, review and listen weekly, as we waffle about; Chris’s non-existent love life, ill-informed political opinions and recommendations on stuff we like. If not, don’t worry, It’s Probably Fine.


  • Episode 127 - Merry Christmas

    Dec 23 2018

    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. Enjoy this pod, we are taking a break due to Chris leaving for the Central Coast. But hopefully more Chatty Boys in the new year. Stay subscribed!

  • 126 - Not My Problem

    Dec 04 2018

    Episode 126 - Not My Problem Beervent Calendar, Fellamas, Sperm count, and first forays into electrical repairs. Email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Buy a Shirt: https://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/

  • Episode 125 - Foodie

    Dec 02 2018

    Is the end neigh for the fellas? Say it ain't so.... itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com

  • Episode 124 - A Bad Guy

    Nov 20 2018

    http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 123 - Tight 30

    Nov 11 2018

    Shirts still for sale! http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ Get in touch itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 122 - The Lottery!

    Oct 31 2018

    Episode 122 - The Lottery! Recorded over a month ago before Alex left for the motherland, I'm not 100% on the content. 100% guaranteed goodness though. Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Shirts: https://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/

  • Episode 121 - We're back!

    Oct 23 2018

    Episode 121 - We're back! Finally. On this ep; a brief apology, Alex's big trip home, and Chris' never ending quest to reach new levels of smug email - itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook - It's Probably Fine Show Do it all

  • Episode 120 - Half Pint

    Sep 19 2018

    Episode 120 - Tales from Mad Monday, half pint for your half birthday, vegan smugness, and Alex rolls his arm over in What Are The Chances, plus recommendations, and a conclusion. Tshirts - https://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 119 - Pre-Deed Chat

    Sep 12 2018

    Epsode 119 - Pre-Deed Chat The embargo is lifted! Full amnesty on pre-deed chat! Get in while it lasts! Also, returning to university. Elon Musk. And loads more. Shirts: http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 118 - 2 Day Dust

    Sep 05 2018

    Episode 118 - 2 Day Dust 2 day dust and being too delicate for hockey. Drunken chef danger. Spinning off to the haircut review show. and just a good ep Buy a shirt - http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 117 - Sneaky Pint Society

    Aug 24 2018

    Buy a shirt http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 116 - Las Oportunidades

    Aug 16 2018

    Happy Friday chat fans. Buy a sodding shirt; itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/

  • Episode 115 - Eleanor Swolesovelt

    Aug 08 2018

    Like chat? Bored on a bus? Washing dishes? Want to chuckle slightly under your breath? You've come to the right place. This episode has loads of stuff in it and it's all great. itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com

  • Episode 114 - 95 Octane Lies

    Aug 01 2018

    Episode 114 - 95 Octane Lies A big bumper addition of is this fine. All the fuel is the same. (91 95 98 petrol). Business Tips with Alex Mills t-shirts: https://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show Twitter: @probablyfineshow

  • Episode 113 - Courtesy Finger

    Jul 27 2018

    Who doesn't like a bit of Friday chat? Not this fella. Get this down your neck. Buy a shirt -http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 112 - Damp July

    Jul 20 2018

    Episode 112 - Damp July A big old England comedown for Mills, a check-in on Damp July, RAS Syndrome, plastic bag chat, and more! Show support - Buy a shirt: http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show Instagram: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 111 - Being English

    Jul 14 2018

    This weeks episode was recorded before England exited the World Cup, on that basis feel free to skip all the proud to be English nonsense. Much appreciated. itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/

  • Episode 110 - Cultural Hairppropriation

    Jul 05 2018

    Episode 110 - We're back! Or Alex is back more accurately! He brings stories from Japan and China. A big quiz. More haircut based stuff. Finally. It's a big post trip ep Buy a shirt! http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show email itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 109 - Dummy Spits

    Jun 22 2018

    Episode 109 - Pet chat. Is your pet shit? What's happening with dental nurses. Shows staffed exclusively by hunks. And a big tale of chores and dummyspits. Plus recommendations and just a good podcast Buy a shirt to show your support: http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: it's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 108 - World Cup Special

    Jun 13 2018

    The World Cup comes once every four years, so with a break from the usual schedule, the fellas have gratutious wall to wall world cup chat. Non-football fans feel free to skip the EP. We won't hold it against you. http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 107 - Ginger Wine

    Jun 06 2018

    Episode 107 - Class in Australia, Ginger wine, GFWS, Hair Weave Killer, What are the Chances returns. Buy a shirt: itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: Its Probably Fine Show Insta: Its Probably Fine Show Twitter @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 106 - Is It Tho?

    May 31 2018

    Is it Tho? #domore http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 105 - Sushi Lover

    May 22 2018

    Episode 105 - Royal Wedding, perverts who leave notes with tear-offs, the party animal, the sushi lover, and a return to being held youtube hostage. Buy a shirt: itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: Its Probably Fine Show Insta: Its Probably Fine Show Twitter @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 104 - Mack Horton

    May 17 2018

    The Canary Flies, existential 30's chat and is it OK to eat cake ? It's all good stuff everyone, all good stuff. Buy a shirt. https://my.bigcartel.com/dashboard itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com @itsprobablyfineshow

  • Episode 103 - When You Go Down Down

    May 08 2018

    Episode 103 - When you go down down Chris introduces Lucy to the pod! Alex's unashamed clurb outings. What are chances makes a big return. Rollerskating. Chris' secret desire to be a ouse husband, an a shot across the bow at michael Hill Jewelers. Slip slop slap: itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com facebook: It's Probably Fine Show Ista @probablyfineshow twitter @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 102 Y-(not)-Fronts

    May 01 2018

    Episode 102 - Y-(not)-fronts Why not y-fronts. Dirty weekend away. The Authority on 'gay' foods. Bath salts and red wine. Buy a shirt already: itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com facebook: It's Probably Fine Show Instagram: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 101 - Boxing Day

    Apr 24 2018

    The morning after the night before. Chat includes; Big sale, iDarts, Responsibility quota and much more. Buy a shirt will ya; http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 100 - Centurions

    Apr 17 2018

    Episode 100!! Milestone Ep! Join us for a celebration of all things IPF. In this extended episode we take a look backwards and forwards at the series as a whole. There's old tropes, big calls, a not-out-of-place rap, and a long list of apologies in absenteeism. Future segments, podcast firsts, spin off ideas and long distant threats of retirement. Support the podcast, buy a shirt IPFers: itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com Facebook: Its Probably Fine Show email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Insta: ...more

  • Episode 99 - Nervous Nineties

    Apr 10 2018

    This weeks EP, 30th birthday fun, the Barbatov paradox and lots more. Buy a shirt; https://my.bigcartel.com/dashboard

  • Episode 98 - Ripsnorter

    Apr 03 2018

    Boom, Jesus died, we had some eggs and now here's some chat. This week Chris apologies on behalf of his nation, the easiest gig on the planet and hot recommendation. Buy a shirt and do more. http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/

  • Episode 97 - Two Watches Up

    Mar 26 2018

    Episode 97 - Two Watches Up A fresh sunny Sunday pod. Chris and Alex debate whether it's worth fessing up or continuing to dig down a lie hole and everything will be fine. Love Melbourne. Fashion chat. and more reccomendaon you can poke a stick at. Red Hot Shirts! http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Insta: it's Probably Fine Show Facebook: it's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 96 - Phones in the River

    Mar 20 2018

    Episode 96 - Phones in the River Chris strives to reach a PB and his body lashes back. Alex's wife has begun insisting everything is put in writing. The fellas conduct the worst Stephen Hawking tribute. The Dread of when a co-worker sees you at your worst. And a little ditty about Ron and Anne. Support the pod, buy a t-shirt: http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Faceboo: it's probably Fine Show Insta: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episoe 95 - Glamping

    Mar 13 2018

    Episode 95 - Glamping and Camping. Alex sets off for a romantic weekend, and Chris thinks he's 23. There's hangoer tricks, hopes for Alex's D career, high Frechmen with encouraging words, and even more great Danes Listen now Also! Support the show, buy a t-shirt: http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ Facebok: It's Probably Fine Show insta: It's Probably Fine Show email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 94 - Pussyless Chaps

    Mar 07 2018

    http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Do More

  • Episode 93 - It Belongs In The Bucket

    Feb 28 2018

    Shirts - itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com Chat - itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com #domore

  • Episode 92 - You Didn't Invent Sex

    Feb 23 2018

    Episode 92 - A big old delay following Mills' trip to Bali. He returns with airplane chat and tales of obnoxious Australians. Chris' work faux pas continue, recommendations, T-Bone updates, and our first non-aggressive t-shirt advert. Speaking of which, support the show that supports you. Buy a shirt here: http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook; It's Probably Fine Show Instagram: Its Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 91 - Mancut

    Feb 12 2018

    Who like's t-shirts? Buy them here... http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ This week's chat is about damp underwear, bath caddies and haircuts. So I think you will agree all killer, no filler. #domore itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 90 - John Curno'd

    Feb 05 2018

    Why not buy a T-shirt - http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ As the fellas enter their nervous 90's they take on; Hot Girl in Gym #2, wink-gate, John Curno and a hot recomendation.

  • Episode 89 - Camp Chaos

    Jan 29 2018

    Monday's who needs em? Amarite? Well fear not, here is some Monday chat in your face. This week, camping shenanigans, I'm a celeb and Barry Obama. http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ #domore

  • Episode 88 - Make Priscilla Great Again

    Jan 22 2018

    Episode 88 - Make Priscilla Great Again Chris is close to racist at the cricket. Alex compares Priscilla to Baywatch, Transformers, horrible 80s comedians. Alex makes the case that IT people hate everyone. and Chris declares he's done with the city and is retiring to the farm. SHIRTS OUT NOWWWWW => itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com facebook: It's Probably Fine Show Instagram: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 87 - Bad Neighbours

    Jan 15 2018

    This week Lagana makes an old lady cry, Alex takes up some textbook January fitness exploits and Lagana somehow finds a way to make himself more uncontactable. Do More, buy a t-shirt. http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/

  • Episode 86 - Old Lady Things

    Jan 08 2018

    Episode 86 - Alex surprises his wife with a Boxing Day treat. Chris' trip to bali, merch tales, and an overeager nonna. Encores in music. And Alex's experiences the wrong side of the old lady-young man relationship. TEE'S GONE WILD - Merch available now -http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/product/ipf-t-shirt email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Insta: It's Probably Fine Show Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 85 - Dig-Fest

    Jan 01 2018

    Episode 85 - In this delayed release of a pre-Christmas episode, Alex and Chris ignore the festive season to chat largely about themselves and their single achievement. So strap in for what is definitely not an ad. T-Shirts out NOW - http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/product/ipf-t-shirt email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com insta: It's Probably Fine Show facebook: It's Probably Fine Show twitter @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 84 - Merch

    Dec 19 2017

    Merry Christmas Pod-Fans. What a better way than to celebrate the birth of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ than with merch. That's right a big Christmas surprise from the fellas, T-shirts! For Sale! Get yours now http://itsprobablyfine.bigcartel.com/ or e-mail us at itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 83 - Moonlight Napping

    Dec 12 2017

    Boyz are back chatting VIP cinema sections, changing room mix ups and a new addition to 'am I being sensitive.' #domore itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 82 - The Meat In The Sandwich

    Dec 07 2017

    Take Two. It has been a whole three days since this episode was recorded. How the world has changed since then. Who knows what lies in the contents of this episode. Good luck, I'm sure it's great. #do more itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 81 - Route 1

    Nov 27 2017

    Episode 81 - Route 1 Australia's insecurity, male strippers, and coffee enemas. All that plus Chris' account of holding his real estate agent to account. And Alex regrets a particular route 1 approach while bucks party adjacent. email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com facebook: It's Probably Fine Show twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 80 - DJ 180

    Nov 22 2017

    Episode 80 - DJ 180. An all new appreciation for DJ's skillset. Chris has to run all his actions through a quitting smoking filter. Alex learns the key to successful management. Chris seeks Alex's counsel regarding another addiction: big announcements Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show email itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 79 - A Good Try

    Nov 14 2017

    It's Probably Fine change to a new location with the moustached Lagana moving into a new abode. Topics this week include a return for 'Richo', moving home and just general banter. #domore itsprobablyfine@gmail.com

  • Episode 78 - Despa-chato

    Nov 07 2017

    Some Melbourne Cup day chat for your ears. The iron deficient vegetarian had spent the week ill, so it was down to millsy_boi to bring the lol's and boy did he. #domore

  • Episode 77 - The Men Who Cried Wolf

    Nov 02 2017

    Episode 77 - Chris is sick. And feels he deserves more sympathy than he's receiving. Alex realises he has to step up for the podcast, and gets out and amongst the movers and shakers of the Port Melbourne scenes. That, plus trying to sell your girlfriend sport, a second successive drunken couch purchase, and recommendations galore! email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: @probablyfinepod Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show Insta: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 76 - Groundhog Tales

    Oct 23 2017

    76 EPs in and the crowd are still begging for more of the world's best podcast*. So here it is. This week Port Melbourne suburban life, grumpy farmers and a story you may or may not of heard before. #Domore

  • Episode 75 - Keep It Brief

    Oct 17 2017

    You know the drill, it's Tuesday and the fellas are feeling chatty. Chris makes a startling discovery about mens underwear, whilst getting stung at a wedding. Whilst Alex puts together a flat pack from IKEA whilst getting to grips with ISIS. A lot to unpack there...literally. #domore

  • Episode 74 - My Body

    Oct 09 2017

    Episode 74 - Chris equates passive sexism to his experience at Oktoberfest. Alex takes umbridge at aggressive facebook posts. And McDonalds launches a vegan burger. What a week! email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter @probablyfinepod Facebok and Insta: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 73 - The Red Eye

    Oct 04 2017

    Episode 73 - Alex as a dead beat dad in the park, Chris declares he's caught his last red-eye, Alex meets an Australian legend, marriage equality, and a bunch bunch more. Get it. Twitter @probablyfinepod Facebook and Insta: It's Probably Fine Show email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 72 - Dorothy from Accounts

    Sep 26 2017

    Episode 72 - Our first episode recorded in front of a live audience. Of two. While knocking the top off a delicious cab sav, the boys chatted wine, teddy mills, Australian insecurities, dirty dancing, we shoehorn in that promised rumpig chat email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Insta: It's Probably Fine Show Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 71 - 80% my arse

    Sep 19 2017

    Short-turn around for the fellas, fresh off the back of Friday's episode. Mills' ascent to high-society continues as teddy is enrolled into an exclusive inner-city doggy day care. Chris showcases a weekend featuring the return of The Clams, nitpicks at the internal stylings of cafe toilets, and pops by a the worst clurb in Melbourne. All that plus fake stats, what Aussies think of themselves, and a brand new, not-at-all underwhelming recommendation. email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook...more

  • Episode 70 - FriYAY

    Sep 15 2017

    Here it is, better late than never ya swines. #domore

  • Episode 69 - Fowl Play

    Sep 04 2017

    Episode 69 - Despite weekends away, dieting tips and North Korea chat, brows were fittingly set low for episode 69. Farting, hangovers, and a big Northern English special. email: itsprobablyfine@gmail.com twitter: @probablyfinepod Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show Insta: It's Probably Fine show

  • Episode 68 - averagefellas.com

    Aug 28 2017

    @itsprobablyfinepod itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com #domore

  • Episode 67 - Tofu-Munching Food Extremists

    Aug 22 2017

    Tuesday night chat from the fellas. @itsprobablyfinepod itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 66 - The Automated Teller Machine

    Aug 16 2017

    Episode 66 - IPF as a mantra comes into question when Chris leaves 270AUD in an ATM. Teddy Mills continues to melt hearts as he graduates from puppy preschool. There's swinger chat, green mush in sandwhiches,and innovative ways to clean your icey driveway. What a pod! email: itsprobablyfine@gmail.com Facebook: it's Probably Fine Show Insta: it's Probably Fine Show twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 65 - Who's throwing coasters!?

    Aug 07 2017

    They're back! After a week long hiatus Chris and Alex are back on the mics with a big cup of chat for your day! Hard bargaining in co-habitation, Jeff's place, This Time Next Year; IPF edition, and the age-old question of, is a moustache appropriate for a corporate job interview? Probably. email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: it's probably Fine Pod Facebook It's Probably Fine Podcast Instagram It's probably Fine Podcast

  • Episode 64 - A Taste of Orange

    Jul 25 2017

    Monday chatz, featuring a big old trip to Orange, dog school, the pinch n pull and Shariah Law, what is it good for? #Domore

  • Episode 63 - Game, Set, Tache

    Jul 18 2017

    Tennis Titans take top billing in a bumper episode 63! Alex gets both a new puppy and 99 problems. There's musings on parking inspectors, a selfie challenge, and the tale of one man's lack of self restraint re; fantasy football. Love means nothing to a tennis player. email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: @probablyfinepod Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show Insta: itsprobablyfinepodcast

  • Episode 62 - The Wolf Of Whitworth

    Jul 10 2017

    It's cold outside, why not warm up with a hot cup of chat. This week the fellas discuss Alex's new investment portfolio, irrational anger, the no margin for error shirt and why complaining is the only way to get you anywhere. Do more. @itsprobablyfinepod itsprobablyfinepod@gmail.com

  • Episode 61 - Fake25

    Jul 03 2017

    Episode 61 - Mel bodyshames and crosses Chris in one fell swoop. Alex's secret sweetness. Weet-a-bix moanings, AFL chat, TV tips, and a bunch of recommendations Get around it. email itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter @probablyfinepod Facebook: Its Probably Fine

  • Episode 60 - Skating Is Not A Crime

    Jun 27 2017

    Tuesday night chat, the boys are back. This week, car purchasing, skating musings, sneasing and an explosive directors commentary announcement. itsprobablyfine@gmail.com Twitter - itsprobablyfinepod

  • Episode 59 - A little bit Jason Bourne

    Jun 20 2017

    Episode 59 - Alex returns from the motherland with tales of warm beers, dad chat, hipster osmosis, and thumbing ones nose at the loans department. That plus a double dipping of airport woe, a fresh recommendation for your face, and just a short Mel anecdote. email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: @probablyfinepod Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 58 - Room 103B

    Jun 13 2017

    Episode 58 - Room 103B returns! On the chopping block this time: Instagram, baby boomers, smart phones, and more. Twice a many in fact! Listen for fun. email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: @probablyfinepod facebook: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 57 - AirBnBastard

    Jun 05 2017

    Episode 57 Alex's tale of attempting the greatest cameo in movie history to a non-plussed Jamie. Chris gets roasted on Airbnb. There's Dad chat, competitive walking, and a brand new recommendation for your face.

  • Episode 56 - Tennis Titans

    May 29 2017

    Episode 56 of the Chatty Boys. If you have sat through 56 episodes of this, what are you doing?! Just kidding. Keep listening. This week the boys chat more nonsense and slap a new recommendation across your face. Do More. itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 55 - Guy-Liner

    May 23 2017

    A bumper EP to make up for being a day late. Including Lagana passing the hipster test, the world of advertising, Greek Philosophising and other humours quips from the chatty boys. Do more.

  • Episode 54 - Perfect Harmony

    May 15 2017

    Monday Chat. Featuring the future of robot companions, Eurovision, cleaning tips and much much more. #domore itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • The Theory Of Baldness

    May 09 2017

    It's Probably The Fine, the podcast. Back for another week of irreverent on Tasmania, Masterchef, Male domestication and a big scientific theory. Please get in touch; itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 52 - I Believe You Eddie

    May 01 2017

    Episode 52! Chris tells he tale of his own Eddie Murphy moment. Alex's Dad takes a novel approach to conservation. There's sex shop chat, Studio 10 skewered, and why one can either wink OR have a mustache. Get around it. email itsprobabyfineshow@gmail.com facebook: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 51 - Uber Treats

    Apr 25 2017

    The first of it's kind, a morning chat. No beers just terrible almond coffee and great chat. This week we discuss, Lagana's parents, an exclusive party and a real life sausage party. Do more itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 50 - The 50th Special

    Apr 18 2017

    The 50th Special! Join the boys as they look back on the last 50 episodes and look forward to the future of chat. Featuring a few blasts from the past including the Titty Boi himself. All that plus some exciting special announcements.

  • Episode 49 - The Bedroom Cabinet

    Apr 10 2017

    Episode 49 - Alex turns 29 and realises he's no adult. Time to ship up! There's trivia run-ins with a podcast favourite, DIY nightmares, and a big old abandoned project. All that plus moustache chat, hipster buzzwords, and a Brand new big old recommendation. get around it! email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: @probablyfinepod Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 48 - Colour Change

    Apr 03 2017

    Monday Chat from your favourite chatters. This week, it may not surprise you to know that Lagana made a social faux pas, Alex had a Myki nightmare situation and Chris got generally nonplussed with people at parties. All that and a fresh recommendation. Get in touch itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 47 - VIP livin'

    Mar 28 2017

    In Episode 47, Alex's time rubbing shoulders with the queue jumping, rope closing, nose raising members of the VIP. Chris has moved in to a big house of love! There's Mila Kunis, OJ Simpson, The Clams return, and abandoning plans to ambush your mate at sport.

  • Episode 46 - My Big Fat Greek Chat

    Mar 20 2017

    Another Monday, another hot cup of chat to enjoy. Sit back in your favourite leather chair pull up a foot stool and listen to the C-Boys discuss post wedding blues, midnight pies and the social awkwardness of public chat. All that plus Lagana's new feature, a recommendation and a cracking business idea. All for free. What more could you ask for?

  • Episode 45 - Thai the Knot

    Mar 14 2017

    Episode 45 - He did it! Alex did a big wedding on a girl. The boys return from Thailand to shout their stories at one another. Talk of the bucks, beard shavings, hangovers, and when everything doesn't seem fine, it probably still is. email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com facebook: It's Probably Fine Show twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 44 - Room 103

    Feb 26 2017

    Episode 44 - Would the world be a better place if all songs with the word club, or clurb, vanished forever?? The BBC, Ricky Gervais and now the chatty boys have all lined up to have a crack at George Orwell's Room 101. Join Alex and Chris as they go head to head deciding the fate of their respective pet hates, and hopefully consign them to oblivion in Room 103*.

  • Episode 43 - An Underwhelming Rap Duo

    Feb 20 2017

    In a bumper episode 43 Alex and Chris discuss why one should never see themselves play sport. They discuss lazy marketing, awful men and their awful texts, and letting down hipsters. That plus recommendation chat, updates galore, and a little tale about the world's most underwhelming rap duo. email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: Its Probably Fine Show twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 42 - Hotter Than Hemsworth

    Feb 13 2017

    You know what this is by now, the CBoys Tuesday Chatting. In this EP Chris makes the outrageous statement that he is hotter than Liam Hemsworth. All that plus buff for the wedding chat, the Hawaiian shirt dilemma and some hot new recommendations. There aint no party like a chatty boy party.

  • Episode 41 - Can I Get an Encore?

    Feb 06 2017

    In Episode 41 - Alex's largely successful foray into the hipstersphere. The fellas ponder how many qualifiers one would need to add in order to win a 'sexiest ...' competition. There's Feb Fast updates, Clam chat, and talk of breasts, falls and podcast encores. get around it! twitter: @probablyfinepod email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com facebook: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 40 - Back Burning

    Jan 30 2017

    In Episode 40 Chris and Alex return to the theme of delicacy as Chris attempts to quit smoking. They're both convinced doing the splits can't be that hard, and ought to be prioritised. And famous light-weight Chris introduces a foolproof plan to fight off his alcohol intolerance. Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 39 - The Breakfast Club

    Jan 24 2017

    It wouldn't be Tuesday without the Chatty Boys. Listen to the fellas mull over a feminine Saturday, refuse arson, a brand new quiz and a hot new recommendation. Tell your friends. Do more.

  • Episode 38 - 30% Gangster

    Jan 16 2017

    In Episode 38 the boys take a moment to congratulate Alex on half-achieving goals. Chris' advises to never move house on a hangover. Or watch mildly upsetting documentaries. Or work. Alex puts Chris to the test with help from friend of the show, E40. Plus a bumper recommendation segment. twitter: @probablyfinepod facebook: It's Probably Fine Show email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 37 - Tinder For Swingers

    Jan 10 2017

    Turns out, drinking is fine. Is the discovery Alex has come to in the midst of dry January. On this sobering episode the fellas talk shark attacks, Tinder for Swingers and social media confusion. All that plus a hot new recommendation that will knock your socks off. #domore2K17 itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com for all enquiries.

  • Episode 36 - Patrick Teasey

    Jan 04 2017

    In Episode 36 - IPF is back for 2017. And how! Alex's revolutionised tooth-brushing, Chris has new years resolutions galore; including, but not limited to, a promise to be less of a tease. Chris' unashamed artistic debut, and why you should never watch Room on a hangover. twitter: @probablyfinepod email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com facebook: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 35 - Guide to 2016

    Dec 26 2016

    2016 we hardly knew yee. The Chatty Boys give their view on everything 2016. From Trump to Brexit and everything in between. Including Chris excessive spinach purchasing. Essential listening. #Domore

  • Episode 34 - No Socks, Jocks or Protein

    Dec 20 2016

    In Episode 34- Alex cocks it all up, and Chris is proudly on a pair of training sunglasses. Why is life hard? That plus the Douchebag look, a Christmas preview, and a bumper recommendations segment. Plus wieners galore. Mentions up and own the ep. Savour it!

  • Episode 33 - Secret Girl's Club

    Dec 13 2016

    The boys are back for some Sunday chat. This week the fellas talk about the secret girl network, a dodgy Ghanaian bishop and Chris's key love competition, Joe Wicks. All that plus another recommendation for the fellas. #domore

  • Episode 32 - Morally Worlds Apart

    Dec 06 2016

    In Episode 32, Alex has a big old MacGyver moment, Chris airs some hangover related grievances from the weekend. The fellas discuss kale, marketing, hipsters and reach a split decision on gender neutral sunglasses #genderisaspectrum

  • Episode 31 - Cannabis Crusaders

    Nov 28 2016

    Watch us wreck the mic....psyche. The boys are back not to wreck the mic, but to chat. This weeks chatty session includes a dressing down for the Herald Sun's archaic views on drugs, gym people in their natural habit, an internationally recognised greetings for girls and another recommendation. #domore

  • Episode 30 - Hangover Cards

    Nov 21 2016

    In Episode 30 - A little card for your hangover. Alex and Chris might monetise this. Standby with money. Alex marinates in his hangover. Chris throws his hands up at the world. There's a gym incident ripped from the pages of a 90s sitcom, and Alex gets onboard the 12 resolutions. Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show emai:l itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 29 - Heal The World

    Nov 15 2016

    Forget about your post-Trump blues and get your ears around this bumper edition of they Chatty Boys. Alex has returned from the UK with a bounty of stories for his beardy pal. Plus Trump chat and some brand new recommendations. Find us on Facebook For sponsorship enquireis contact - e-mail itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 28 - IPFs Guide to Australia

    Nov 07 2016

    Following hot on the heels of our not at all definitive guide to England, comes the big Australian Special! Paul Hogan, Shane Keith Warne, the CSIRO, lamingtons(+ other things generously borrowed from NZ) and more Townsville chat than you can poke a brown snake at. Remember listeners, we're all someone's Daughter.... email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show Twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 27 - IPF's Guide to England

    Oct 31 2016

    Alex gets on the front foot, then quickly the back foot defending his great nation of England. Shakespeare, Isaac Newton and Darren Gough, meat pies, queuing, tea, queuing for tea, moaning, the industrial revolution, imperialism. It's all here. Get around it! e-mail: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show Twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 26 - Trapdoor Spider

    Oct 24 2016

    This week's episode Chris is loophole hunting and looking to scrape a pass on the 12 resolutions. Alex picks a bone with Australia for pinching other country's great festivals. The boys ponder if we're leaving ourselves open to avocado based potshots from privileged baby boomers. And finally, Alex weaves a webbed metaphor to lend a hand after Chris gets played at a bar. email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: It's Probably Fine Show

  • Episode 25 - Twelve Resolutions

    Oct 17 2016

    This podcast is brought to you by.....nobody. But if you want to sponsor us we could really do with the cash, itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com ;) Settle in for an extended episode as Chris and Alex talk bad jobs, failed businesses, car sales and Chris' failed 12 new years resolutions. Find us on Facebook and Twitter. #domore

  • Episode 24 - Liberal Problems

    Oct 10 2016

    Back for the 24th edition of It's Probably Fine, the boys talk about pussy grabbing, liberal headaches, bad campaign posters, The Budgie 9, Clowns and a brand new recommendation. What more can you want on a Tuesday? @itsprobablyfinepod - Twitter itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com - e-mail its probably fine show - Facebook #domore

  • Episode 23 - Brainfreeze

    Oct 04 2016

    In Episode 23, Alex reveals his dancing related fears, Chris shares his theory that he's being set up for a Big Sam style sting. There's beard chat, Trump chat, and Alex uncovers exactly how Chris failed med school so spectacularly. email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com facebook: It's probably Fine

  • Episode 22 - The Wank & Plank

    Sep 27 2016

    Episode 22 - Alex is back to takeover the world of fitness. Chris is wondering what's happened to Uber. There's Sex and the City tips for men, 2Chainz updates, and recommendations galore. That, plus tales of coming undone when checking to see if you've gotten away with it. e-mail - itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook - It's Probably Fine

  • Episode 21 - The IPF Guide To.....Gambling

    Sep 19 2016

    The boys are back for a red hot special on Gambling. With the spring carnival just around the corner, the Chatty Boys tell you everything they don't know about gambling. Plus lots of gambling best movie recommendations. Follow us on Facebook - It's Probably Fine Show or e-mail us itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com.

  • Episode 20 - Double Down

    Sep 12 2016

    The boys are now getting comfortable at the crease with 20 EPs on the board, with no signs of slowing down. This week, Lagana is a wanted man by Metro Trams after his fare evading from episode 4 catches up with him. Plus lots more #classicchattyboys with fast food talk, trainershoes, Kanye West and lots more. @itsprobablyfinepod #domore

  • Episode 19 - Off The Long Run Up

    Sep 05 2016

    Alex is 6 months out from the wedding and is taking a huge run up at getting into shape. It's bumpy start when he gets accosted by a PT's aftershave and is met with McDonald's famed Monopoly promotion. That plus, eco-warrior parents, a non-ironic G'Day slip, and Chris finally catches one of Alex's recommendations. Get some in your earholes now. email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com Facebook: it's Probably Fine Show Twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 18 - Meet The Parents

    Aug 30 2016

    The Chatty Boys are lucky to be back, as Alex survives a severe case of influenza. But the show must go on. A huge milestone for the boys as Lagana as he meets the girlfriends parents and Alex does wedding related things. Also food porn, Wikipedia controversy section and a brand new recommendation. Twitter - @probablyfinepod Facebook - It's probably fine show

  • Episode 17 - Hard on at the Airport

    Aug 23 2016

    In Episode 17 - 2 Chainz is back! This time being a sex pest at the airport. The boys declare they will not be fact checked, then immediately forget what macarons are. They take a peak at Channel 7's desperate plea for post-olympic viewers, and Alex's talks Chris through another of GB's great televisual exports. That plus; werner herzog, other movie bingo, and the condescending tone of those f****ng sportsbet ads. Come one come all! email itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com facebook- It's Probably Fi...more

  • Episode 16 - Pippa Middelton'd

    Aug 15 2016

    The Chatty Boys are back for their first episode since iTunes deemed them worthy of note. This week the fellas delve into Olympic rivalries, LL Cool J, bad presents and Chris taps into Alex's existential crisis that he may be Pippa Middleton'd at his own wedding. All that plus a fat new recommendation for your face. Tell your friends. Do more. @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 15 - Booty Don't Need Explainin'

    Aug 08 2016

    #Chattyboys back for 30 minutes more of solid chat. This week the hirsute Italian and the cheeky Englishman discuss having wisdom teeth out, Jason Derulo’s psychopathic tendencies and why its time to nail your colours to the mast…Pro-Ford girl or Anti-Ford Girl. All that plus, Jason Bourne Bingo and another recommendation hot off the press. What more do you want on a Monday for Christ sake? #Domore Twitter - @itsprobablyfinepod Facebook - @probablyfineshow

  • Episode 14 - IPF's Guide to the Olympics

    Aug 01 2016

    In Episode 14, it's the very first 'It's Probably Fine Guide to'. This episode: The Olympic Games. Everything* you need to know, from Alex Mills' glittering career, to state sponsored Russian doping, and the ladyboy prostitutes of Rio. It's team GB v Australia in IPF land as Alex and Chris get mildly enthused about their nation's chances in cycling and sailing. This and more in a big bumper edition of IPF's Guide To. Get around it. email - itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter @probablyfinepod ...more

  • Episode 13 - Mountain Goat and a Peruvian

    Jul 26 2016

    In Episode 13 - Hangovers; marinating in them, avoiding them, and leveraging them against those you love the most. Just like Gandalf, there's two types of you, and one bloody loves boilermakers. He ruins weekends. That plus the canary, Going Clear, a dearth of promotion ideas, and a swelling of national pride at the sight of drunken Brits in McDonald's. Listen up Listen in! email - itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter - @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 12 - The Two Slot System

    Jul 19 2016

    In Episode 12, an under-researched Alex and Chris split on matters of Taylor Swift. The two slot system makes it's grand debut. The boys investigate tacky pay day loan ads, the backlash to Pokemon Go, and take another potshot at A Current Affair. Plus the very first 'not at all underwhelming' anti-recommendation. That, more, and a bonus segment. Get around it! email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 11 - Two Candles

    Jul 14 2016

    In this episode, the UFC, and why Alex and Chris would be great at it. The intricacies of interviewing for a housemate. Horrendous msn messenger addresses, and a big old bicycle update! That, plus a bumper recommendation segment. Listen up, listen in! email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 10 - Do More

    Jul 04 2016

    Episode 10 - Alex ambushes Chris with new girlfriend chat. The boys, hammer their respective father's before realising they're exactly the same. Mr Worldwide, brexit part dos, and podcast nduced premature aging. Listeners, things are fine. But do more. Recommendations: My Dad Wrote A Porno + James O'Brien. twitter: @probablyfinepod email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 9 - It's Not Your Fault

    Jun 26 2016

    It's Brexit time. Boris Johnson might be Keyser Söze. Everything's probably not fine listeners. The podcast celebrates catching up to date by being a week late to the fake tradie party. We revisit Australia in a low cut top, examine the delicate insecurities swirling around a small gym, and polish things off with some riveting podcast chat. That, and more in this weeks ep! email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 8 - It's All Margarita's From Here

    Jun 20 2016

    This week Alex and Chris look at Nationalism and why it's all a mirage... until a football tournament comes along. Alex ponders the mechanisms of an internet money making scam, and Chris reveals his deeply held skepticism of the ultra-attractive class... Plus, the unfortunately justifiable arrogance of the french, why over-the-shoulder youtubers are the worst, and the idea of Australia in a low cut top. Recommendations: Nebraska. The Jinx email: itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com twitter: @probablyf...more

  • Episode 7 - Let it Ride

    Jun 12 2016

    Touching on car troubles and backpacking dramas the boys discuss the line between easy going and sheer idiocy, and why everything is probably fine when you're by yourself. Chris has an existential crisis in the gym, Louis Theroux features in the recommendation section, and we light a candle to the first fallen hero of the podcast. Tune in! Twitter @probablyfinepod E-mail itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 6 - I'm Growing My Hair

    Jun 07 2016

    In episode six - Alex and Chris discuss Eurovision, and Australia's determined effort to shoehorn their way in. We examine that niggling feeling of being damned with faint praise. Plus we ask if you've ever messed up so bad as to leave a fake bomb in Old Trafford. This and more in episode six. Listen up! Twitter - @probablyfinepod E-mail - itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 5 - Can We All Just Listen?

    May 30 2016

    Join us for episode five in which we discuss Chris's one man revolution against the Myki system. Alex moans about the perils of descending towards 30 and why people on planes are the worst. Plus Obama enters the recommendation section and we reveal a new marketing tool that is going to take the world by storm. Twitter - @probablyfinepod E-mail - itsprobablyfine@gmail.com

  • Episode 4 - Dating 101

    May 23 2016

    The boys are back on your listening device. Lothario Lagana launches into dating 101, taking Alex through the tribulations of dating apps. They also discuss corruption, post modernism and why Alex’s dad will never listen to this podcast. Plus a couple of new additions to the recommendation section. Including Adam Buxton podcast on David Bowie. Tweet us - @probablyfinepod E-mail – itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 3 - We're Not Cool

    May 17 2016

    In Episode Three - Alex re-affirms his rock and roll status by discussing a cooking class he went to with a bunch of middle aged women. A Ukrainian hairdresser tells him that going bald isn't all that bad. Plus the introduction of a new recommendations section, featuring "Room" and "Tangerine." Follow us on Twitter - @probablyfinepod E-mail us - itsprobablyfineshow@gmail.com

  • Episode 2 - Well Bowled Shane

    May 13 2016

    In this episode Alex gets angry about the various reputations Chris has managed to garner for himself throughout their social groups. They discuss why Shane Warne’s appearance on ‘I’m a celebrity’ is indicative of why you should never meet your idols. Plus some light hearted chat about the refugee crisis. Follow us on Twitter @probablyfinepod

  • Episode 1 - Hot Girl In Gym

    May 05 2016

    In episode one; “Hot Girl in Gym,” We introduce ourselves and outline the hijinks he intend to get up to in the coming weeks. Alex then tackles the meaty subject of office based politics being a microcosm of fascism in wider society …..Chris on the other hand talks about a girl he has seen in the gym that he thinks is pretty hot. Follow us on Twitter @probablyfinepod