Joseph Prince Video Podcast

Joseph Prince Video Podcast


  • God’s Blueprint For Leadership

    Feb 17 2019

    Join Joseph to learn God's blueprint for successful leadership and see supernatural results in life.

  • How To Live Free From The Curse

    Feb 10 2019

    You can live free from sickness, lack, and every negative thing that has plagued you. Find out how.

  • Jesus Draws Near When You Are Discouraged (Live In Israel)

    Feb 03 2019

    The Lord wants to heal your broken heart & restore your broken dreams. Watch to find out why & how.

  • Give Jesus Your Cares And Live Stress-Free (Live @ Lakewood Church)

    Jan 27 2019

    You've been redeemed from stress! Learn how you can live worry-free, & full of God's peace & supply.

  • Stronger Through Every Trial And Battle

    Jan 20 2019

    Watch & discover how you can come out of a difficult season stronger & full of the Lord's blessings.

  • Stay On Grace Ground And Experience True Life

    Jan 13 2019

    Learn how to grow in right believing and enjoy real rest, fruits of holiness, and the abundant life!

  • Move From Predicament To Promotion

    Jan 06 2019

    In a situation you can't see a way out of? God has the answer. Join Joseph Prince to find out more.

  • Wisdom For Holy Living

    Dec 30 2018

    Watch to learn the true meaning of being "holy" & how you can live with confidence, security & hope.

  • Immanuel—What It Means To Have The Lord With You

    Dec 23 2018

    Learn how when you are conscious that God is with you, He'll prosper whatever you set your hands to.

  • How To Be Blessed God’s Way

    Dec 16 2018

    God desires very much to bless you. Discover how you can experience more of His blessings each day.

  • Celebrating 5 Years Of Broadcast Ministry

    Mar 23 2012

    From 1 airtime per week in 2007, Joseph Prince’s sermons are now broadcast more than 240 times a week into millions of homes across the US and the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, India, China and South Korea. Joseph Prince Ministries celebrates 5 years of boldly declaring the good news that believers are no longer under the old covenant of law, but under the new covenant of grace through our wonderful Savior. Watch real-life testimonies of how people have been im...more

  • Joseph Prince In New York—Exclusive Interview By Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

    Mar 06 2012

    Is grace a license to sin? What is the Bible’s definition of true repentance? How can believers live right each day? Find out the answers to these burning questions and more in this exclusive interview of Joseph Prince on TBN’s Praise The Lord Program. Hosted by Pastor Phil Munsey, Joseph was accompanied by his wife Wendy, and Pastor Joel Osteen—of Lakewood Church, America’s largest church—and his wife Victoria. Not only will you be encouraged and inspired by Joseph’s insightful and heartf...more

  • Joseph Prince - Ministers and leads in free-flow worship

    Feb 03 2012

    Joseph Prince Ministers and leads in free-flow worship

  • #002 - Jesus' Gift Of Righteousness Has Made You An Heir

    Sep 24 2009

    God promised Abraham he would be an heir of the world through the righteousness of faith. Experience the same blessings today as you believe you are the righteousness of God by the blood of Jesus!

  • #001 - Boast Of The Lord's Love For You, Not Your Love For Him

    Sep 17 2009

    It's not about your love for God, but HIS perfect love for YOU! Joseph Prince reveals how believing and boasting in God's love for you will empower you to walk in victory and live the abundant life!