Kids Corner Terrene Episodes

This half-hour adventure for kids (ages 6-12) follows Lizarardo “Liz” Lacerta and his reptilian friends in the little town of Terrene. In the quest for fun, Liz and his pals often get themselves into trouble! With the help of their parents and other grown-up lizards like Grandpa Anole and Granny Gecko, they wrestle with the challenges and drama of childhood, finding real answers in the Bible. Designed to help children find their own roles in God’s big story, the program is supported by a lively ...more


  • I've Got A Secret

    Feb 15 2019

    When is it important to keep a secret and when is it important to tell it? Liz and Lucille learn how to tell the two types of secrets apart.

  • Goopy Goop Soup

    Feb 08 2019

    Liz and his friends decide to use their free time to collect food for the community shelter. But a grumpy neighbor and a troublemaking classmate try to derail their plans.

  • End of the World

    Feb 01 2019

    Liz and Lucille want to win a big prize, and Linda wants a new romance. Is this happening or is it the end of the world?

  • The 100% Club

    Jan 25 2019

    Whose approval is important? Liz finds out when he’s invited to join the most exclusive club in school.

  • A Trail of Lies

    Jan 18 2019

    Scooter forgets his promise to Liz and Lucille and tells a lie to cover up, but one lie isn’t enough.

  • Walk It, Talk It

    Jan 11 2019

    Liz and Spike want to figure out how to buy fancy shoes so they can be cool. When their plans to raise money flop, they joke about stealing the shoes. But it isn’t long before their joke causes big problems.

  • What Not To Wear

    Jan 04 2019

    Lacey talks Lucille into buying clothes she knows her mother won’t want her to wear. What happens when Lucille starts lying and hanging out with the wrong gang of kids? What will Liz do?

  • Bayou to the Future

    Dec 28 2018

    God created the world for our benefit, so we could live on it and enjoy it. In this episode, Liz and his friends learn why it’s important to take care of God’s creation.

  • Wreck the Halls

    Dec 14 2018

    Live animals on stage? 75 elementary school kids flying like angels in the air? It’s up to Lucille and Olivia to bring Liz’s Christmas drama back to earth. And Grandpa has a story that might do just that.

  • The Christmas List Mystery

    Dec 07 2018

    Cole’s got shopping bags full of presents that he says are all for him! But why is Cole hiding his list and why is he sneaking around town all night? It’s up to the Lizarado Detective Agency to solve this Christmas mystery!

  • What is the Measure of Your Success

    Nov 30 2018

    Liz really, really wants a particular video game for Christmas. Will he get it?

  • God Prints

    Nov 16 2018

    When Liz decides to open a detective agency, he, Lucille, and Morrie investigate a series of “coincidences” and come to a surprising discovery.

  • And on the Seventh Day

    Nov 08 2018

    Lucille faces a dilemma when the scaleball championships are scheduled for Sunday mornings. What will she do?

  • Honor Your Father

    Nov 02 2018

    Liz is kicked out of baseball camp. How will this help him honor his father?

  • Liz Miserable

    Oct 26 2018

    Liz is having a very bad, horrible week when he loses Grandpa’s antique coin, fails a surprise test, and gets a cold.