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  • Week #015 Review, Friday

    Aug 16 2019

    chiudere = to close chiudo, chiudi, chiude, chiudiamo, chiudete, chiudono ascoltare = to listen to ascolto, ascolti, ascolta, ascoltiamo, ascoltate, ascoltano aiutare = to help aiuto, aiuti, aiuta, aiutiamo, aiutate, aiutano lavorare = to work lavoro, lavori, lavora, lavoriamo, lavorate, lavorano cominciare = to begin comincio, cominci, comincia, cominciamo, cominciate, cominciano preparare = to prepare preparo, prepari, prepara, prepariamo, preparate, preparano potere = to be able to It also tr...more

  • Week #014 Review, Thursday

    Aug 15 2019

    questa domanda = this question queste banane = these bananas questa cravatta = this tie questo gelato = this ice cream questa musica = this music queste scarpe = these shoes questo studente = this student questi studenti = these students questi americani = these americans questa madre = this mother questo messaggio = this message questi spaghetti = these spaghetti queste lezioni = these lessons questo problema = this problem quel = comes before most masculine singular nouns that begin with a con...more

  • Week #013 Review, Wednesday

    Aug 14 2019

    The letter combination 'sc', when followed by the vowels i or e, will produce a soft sound, like the English words shoe, shore, share and cash. cuscino = cushion scimmia = monkey sciarpa = scarf pesce = fish The letter combination 'sc', when followed by the vowels a, o or u, will produce a hard sound, like the English words sky, ski, score and scarf. scuola = school tasca = pocket pesca = peach scarpe = shoes scatola = box discorso = speech bosco = forest When the letter combination 'sc' is foll...more

  • Week #012 Review, Tuesday

    Aug 13 2019

    parola = word verita' = truth bugia = lie piu' tardi = later in ritardo = late stamattina = this morning stasera = this evening soldi = money meglio = better peggio = worse tutto = all, everything dopo = after come = how Il presidente viene domani. = The president comes tomorrow. Gli studenti vengono tardi. = The students come late. La madre tiene il bambino. = The mother holds the baby. Noi veniamo stasera. = We come tonight. Gli insegnanti vengono alla scuola. = The teachers come to school. Io...more

  • Week #011 Review, Monday

    Aug 12 2019

    che cosa = what. Che cosa mangiate? = What are you eating? Mangiamo la pizza. = We are eating pizza. quale = which. Quale libro legge? = Which book are you reading? Leggo un libro italiano. = I am reading an Italian book. chi = who. Chi studia l'italiano? = Who studies Italian? Noi studiamo l'italiano. = We study Italian. perche' = why. Perche' lei mangia la carne? = Why do you eat meat? Mangio la carne perche' mi piace. = I eat meat because I like it. giocare = to play (a sport) io gioco = I pl...more

  • Download Seasons One and Two Today - All 100 Lessons

    Aug 09 2019

    Hi everybody, my name's Mike and this is the Let's Speak Italian podcast. So you've listened to a few sample lessons, and hopefully you're learning how to speak Italian. Well with the first 100 lessons completed, I wanted to release the first few lessons for free as a little teaser so that you can see just how easy it is to learn to speak Italian. Now, by going to the website, you can buy the first 100 lessons for only $15.00. That includes 100 lessons, plus 20 review lessons as well, for a tota...more