Locked Up Abroad

What does it feel like in the split second when you realize you're about to be locked up in a foreign country - possibly for life? In Locked Up Abroad, host Jim Clemente (Real Crime Profile) brings you first hand accounts from people who lived this nightmare, starting with Billy Hayes, subject of the Oliver Stone movie Midnight Express. A riveting, immersive audio adaptation of the hit TV series by the National Geographic Channel. From Istanbul to Bali to Sao Paulo, you'll hear what it's like to...more


  • Tokyo Takedown - 8

    Sep 22 2020

    Jackie Nichols grew up in Los Angeles in the mid-1970s. While working at a nightclub in LA, she had a chance to work at a club in Japan. A vacation to nearby Nepal turned into a job smuggling hashish back into Tokyo. More jobs followed. Jackie was caught, and her trip back to freedom turned into a profound journey of self-discovery.

  • Buried Alive - 7

    Sep 15 2020

    In 2004, 20-year Navy veteran Roy Hallums was working as a contractor in Iraq. A routine trip to the office turned into a fight for his life when 20 armed Iraqi insurgents stormed the compound and took him and his colleagues hostage. He was sealed in an underground room. This is how he survived.

  • Kidnapped in Iraq - 6

    Sep 08 2020

    Canadian war correspondent Scott Taylor covered Iraq for many years, frequently crossing paths with Turkish journalist Zeynep Tugrul. They entered dangerous territory, believing their history and contacts would keep them safe. They were captured, and their courage and bond kept them both alive.

  • Mexico Money Machine - 5

    Sep 01 2020

    Jeremy Khinoo had a happy life: girlfriend, child, and a good job. When his girlfriend left him out of the blue, he didn’t know where to turn. He joined a friend smuggling steroids over the US border from Mexico, but Jeremy pushed his luck one too many times.

  • Vegas Mobster - 4

    Aug 25 2020

    In the 1970s, Chicago Outfit enforcer Frank Cullotta led one of the largest organized crime syndicates in the U.S. In 1978, FBI agent Dennis Arnoldy led the investigation that eventually brought Frank down. In this story, Frank shares secrets from his life in the mob and the jewelry heist that brought it all to an end.

  • My Dad the Smuggler - 3

    Aug 18 2020

    Scott Campbell joins his estranged father, Lockie, on a trip through China on the Silk Road, hoping to reconnect. He soon discovers that Lockie intended for Scott to be his partner in taking 20 kilos of illicit drugs into the country. An unexpected turn brings their relationship to a new level in the end.

  • Hasidic King of Coke - 2

    Aug 11 2020

    Samuel Leibowitz lived a cloistered life in his religious community until he was lured into the dangerous underworld of drug smuggling. Samuel quickly rises through the ranks and become a major drug kingpin in Brazil. A devastating event throws his world for a loop, but it’s still not enough for him to walk away.

  • Somali Pirate Hostage - 1

    Aug 04 2020

    South African couple Debbie Calitz and Bruno Pelizzari decided to follow their dreams and sail the world. After a stop in Tanzania and getting robbed of all their money and supplies, they accept an offer from a wealthy businessman that they hope will get them home. What follows is 20 months of imprisonment, and the ultimate test of endurance and their love.

  • New Episodes of Locked Up Abroad

    Jul 27 2020

    Season Two of Locked Up Abroad will be available on this feed starting August 4th. You can also hear all of Season Three exclusively on Wondery+ now. Listen to Locked Up Abroad and all your Wondery favorites early and ad free by joining Wondery+ in the Wondery App today : https://wondery.app.link/sdZJLT05n8

  • Interview with Billy Hayes

    Oct 17 2017

    Listen to Locked Up Abroad host Jim Clemente's fascinating conversation with Billy Hayes, bringing you a more in depth look into his experience in Turkey and his escape from prison. We also hear about what Billy has been doing since his return and insights into his life then and now. 

  • Introducing Locked Up Abroad

    Jun 23 2017

    An audio adaptation of the National Geographic TV series. Hosted by Jim Clemente (host of the true crime podcast Real Crime Profile as well as the CBS documentary on Jon Benet Ramsey). Produced by Raw TV Ltd for National Geographic Channels. © 2015 NGC Network International, LLC and NGC Networks US, LLC. All rights reserved.