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Join Rell,Raven, & Taite as they're discussing current events and the random Bull Sh!t happening in society today. They are the friends in your head.


  • End.

    Dec 31 2019

    End. by

  • Rejection(2nd To Last)

    Oct 17 2019

    Will explain the title in the next episode...

  • Ghost Stories

    Aug 26 2019

    Ghost Stories by

  • Unconventional Marriage

    Aug 19 2019

    Unconventional Marriage by

  • Would You Cheat?

    Jul 29 2019

    Would You Cheat? by

  • Nasty Ass Bum

    Jul 12 2019

    Nasty Ass Bum by

  • Three’s A Throuple

    Jun 30 2019

    Three’s A Throuple by

  • Legalize What...

    Jun 10 2019

    Legalize What... by

  • Ride or Die

    Jun 04 2019

    Ride or Die by

  • Porn & Marriage

    May 24 2019

    Porn & Marriage by

  • Living life like its golden

    May 20 2019

    Living life like its golden by

  • NEW PODCAST ALERT: Hey Cousin!

    May 03 2019

    THERE WILL BE NO LOUNGE PODCAST EPISODE THIS WEEK. RELL had to be responsible and work late on our recording day. Also, They may not be another episode next week because of scheduling conflicts again with the host. Stay tuned… IN THE MEANTIME… Rell has been planing a new show for sometime now with his cousin, The Bodyguard. This is the pilot episode Check it out and follow the Soundcloud page. https://soundcloud.com/heycousinpodcast

  • Really People?

    Apr 29 2019

    Really People? by

  • Last Call Ep. 1- Being Jaded About Marriage

    Apr 16 2019

    Last Call Ep. 1- Being Jaded About Marriage by

  • Finally Wendy!

    Apr 12 2019

    Finally Wendy! by

  • Wasting Time ft. DJSJ614(The New York Dose)

    Mar 31 2019

    Wasting Time ft. DJSJ614(The New York Dose) by

  • Umm Hey Wendy

    Mar 22 2019

    Umm Hey Wendy by

  • Scandals and Betrayal

    Mar 20 2019

    Scandals and Betrayal by

  • R. Kardashian Land

    Mar 08 2019

    R. Kardashian Land by

  • Physical or Emotional

    Feb 20 2019

    Physical or Emotional by

  • Hello Anxiety

    Feb 08 2019

    Hello Anxiety by

  • Shot Time! ft @TheNewYorkDose

    Dec 29 2018

    Shot Time! ft @TheNewYorkDose by

  • High School Training Wheels

    Dec 21 2018

    High School Training Wheels by

  • We Actually Seen It Coming

    Dec 07 2018

    We Actually Seen It Coming by

  • ADD Comeback

    Nov 30 2018

    ADD Comeback by

  • Cure no more... Ft. Surprise guest @DJSJ614

    Oct 29 2018

    Cure no more... Ft. Surprise guest @DJSJ614 by

  • Getting to know you pt.2

    Oct 05 2018

    Getting to know you pt.2 by

  • A Long Banter Episode

    Sep 21 2018


  • Trader Nike

    Sep 06 2018

    Trader Nike by

  • Running for Beyonce

    Aug 31 2018

    Running for Beyonce by

  • Queen or Petty?

    Aug 23 2018

    Queen or Petty? by

  • Nicki Vs. Everybody

    Aug 16 2018

    Nicki Vs. Everybody by

  • Calling Out A Friend Ft. The New York Dose

    Aug 08 2018

    #TNYD #TheNewYorkDose PODCAST EPISODE/CONTENT LINKS - http://smarturl.it/thenewyorkdose DJ - IG/Twitter: @djsj614 | Snap: hollywood614 Adaloso - IG/Twitter: @adaloso09 | Snap : adaloso The New York Dose - IG/Twitter/FB: @thenewyorkdose

  • Find your Friends & Mailbag

    Aug 02 2018

    Find your Friends & Mailbag by

  • Toxicity

    Jul 18 2018

    Toxicity by

  • As We Go Along...

    Jul 11 2018

    As We Go Along... by

  • Marry in September

    Jun 27 2018

    Marry in September by

  • Snapchat Nu

    Jun 13 2018

    Snapchat Nu by

  • Roseanne and Mailbag

    May 30 2018

    Roseanne and Mailbag by

  • I Didnt Die Guys

    May 16 2018

    I Didnt Die Guys by

  • Adult Parties...

    May 02 2018

    Adult Parties... by

  • The Banter Episode

    Apr 25 2018

    The Banter Episode by

  • Trying to get that flow back...

    Mar 28 2018

    Trying to get that flow back... by

  • The Accountability episode (Pt.2) Ft. Fees( @thepodcastgirl) & Preach (Castsoundlab)

    Feb 12 2018

    ***Warning Part 1 of this is on ThePodcastGirl podcast!*** This week Fees (The Podcast Girl) and Studio manager of The Cure Preach of castSoundLab talk about holding each other accountable for the 2018 year in regards to podcasting. I even got them to answer some old listener letters of you guys.

  • Society Boxes

    Nov 22 2017

    Rell is joined by his co-workers who found out he have a podcast and wanted to come on. ~ Shop our sponsors sudiosweden.com/us and use promo code THECUREPODCAST to save 15% on all purchases! Blueapron.com/thecurepodcast to received $30 off your first meal. ~ LOOKING FOR A CO-Host(s?)*side eye* Email thecurepodcast@gmail.com if you always wanted to be on a podcast or wanted to start one but never knew how. PLEASE Put in the subject line “ PODCAST CO-HOST” ~ Submit your Letters to http://www.th...more

  • Party Ep 1- Its a Melanin Thing

    Nov 15 2017

    No Pop Culture or your letters this week! I got a new toy I wanted to use for the show and I wanted to test it out. So why not doing it at an event lol. I had my cousin aka my bodyguard being my cohost here and we talked about any everything. From the Event Host Future, to catching up with friends, and to talk about how ladies feel about the term “Moist”… ~ Shop our sponsors sudiosweden.com/us and use promo code THECUREPODCAST to save 15% on all purchases! Blueapron.com/thecurepodcast to recei...more

  • Here I Stand ft @awkwardcyberguy

    Nov 05 2017

    Here I Stand ft @awkwardcyberguy by

  • Special Episode-Goodbye Aim

    Oct 10 2017

    Rell is joined by supporter and friend Antwan to discuss: Nelly, say it ain’t so Tyrese internet thugging And the death of ...AIM Also you guys are still submitting listener questions and sending positive vibes about wanting the podcast to continue... so stay tuned to the end for a special announcement... Follow Antwan @awkwardcyberguy And check out his doc on PBS http://www.pbs.org/video/life-hackers-v3ar1h/

  • ???

    Sep 20 2017

    Marcus out.... Rell In(With the other horsemen, plus one ) MAILBAG EPISODE!!!! Follow us Rell Twitter.com/iam_rellz Instagram.com/iamrell Snapchat : iamrell Marcus Twitter.com/blame_marcus Instagram.com/everybodyhatesmarcus Thank you guys for the support! Y'all helped us chart iTunes comedy top 30-50(overall helped us break top 100 in all categories) , gave us entertaining listener letters, guest referrals, actually on our ass for not putting out shows, especially on time (haha) and we ...more

  • Lets Talk...Ep-1 ft. @thepodcastgirl

    May 12 2017

    Sorry for the wait… This week, Rell is alone but he brought a friend to join him the co-host chair. The Podcast Girl www.thepodcastgirl.com www.twitter.com/thepodcastgirl instagram.com/thepodcastgirl Listen to her... soundcloud.com/thepodcastgirl Shop our Sponsors ‪Audibletrial.com/thecurepodcast ‬ ‪http://Gameflyoffer.com/thecurepodcast ‬ ‪http://trylootcrate.com/thecurepodcast ‬ ‪http://Blueapron.com/thecurepodcast‬

  • Jameer Pond- @itsJameer (from Play Cousins Podcast) Episode

    Apr 26 2017

    This week was graced with the presence of Jameer Pond, co-host of the Play Cousins podcast, WBLS/hot 97 and other projects he worked on. We talked about his life, love for hip hop, his podcast, Kalif Broder series and more. Plus he help us answer your questions! Find Jameer Pond Twitter.com/itsJameer instagram.com/itsjameer Find the Play Cousins Podcast http://icn.dj/artists/play-cousins/ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/play-cousins/id1163665525?mt=2 Submit your listener letter...more

  • Tea with Queen and J episode

    Mar 04 2017

    This weeks episode we have the ladies Tea w/ Queen and J Podcast stop by, to talk about their show, get into their personal lives and Marcus and Queen settle things that happen on twitter *Eye Emoji*… While Rell didn’t do anything but prob throw his co host under and J was just being the mediator sort of. They also help us answer your listener questions…. Find Tea W/ Queen and J www.teawithqueenandJ.com Twitter twitter.com/teawithqj Instagram instagram.com/teawithqj — Submit your listener l...more

  • @BrooklynButtah Episode

    Feb 26 2017

    In our final Black Millennial Entrepreneurial series, We was join by Alley Olivier aka Brooklyn Buttah. She discuss Brooklyn Buttah being more of a lifestyle than just a blog to her. She talks about how she got into Brooklyn Buttah , Who and What were some of inspirations behind it and where she planning on taking it in 3-5 years. Also she helps us answer some of yall questions! Check out Alley Olivier: www.brooklynbuttah.com Twitter www.twitter.com/brooklynbuttah www.twitter.com/alleyolivier...more

  • Return of The @BodegaPodcast

    Jan 18 2017

    Bodega Podcast returns for an interview about them. And they help us answers your questions Shop our Sponsor Audibletrial.com/thecurepodcast

  • Happy Holidays ft @WeComeFromQns

    Dec 21 2016

    Happy Holidays ft @WeComeFromQns by

  • The @Slam_Pow (Inner Hoe Uprising) Episode

    Nov 23 2016

    This week, we were join by the Sam and Shanika of Inner Hoe Uprising (Slam_Pow) to find out, what does it mean to be them! We also got into what IHU is about, what does polyamorous mean, their relationship with the men in their lives, some of their new project and much more… Plus we also got into some trends and y’all listener questions! Keep up with Inner Hoe Uprising Available on iTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/inner-hoe-uprising/id1057045285?mt=2 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.co...more

  • Happy Birthday @thecurepodcast

    Oct 05 2016

    Its the Cures Birthday.... So just vibe with us

  • Meet The @Bodegapodcast

    Sep 27 2016

    So we’ve decided to release early this week!!!!! This week our new friends The Bodega Podcast (Dj aka @djsj614 & Adaloso aka @adaloso09 ) stop by The Cure to say whats up and discuss their podcast and our topics on the Well endowed doctor, Game and Meek Mill beef, Mike Ditka and Colin Kaepernick and MLB Player calling BLM Animals. They also help us answer your listener questions. Check us out on their show this Wednesday 9-28-16 Also, check out The Bodega Podcast DJ: -Twitter/IG: @djsj614 Ad...more

  • @Wecomefromqns x @Mouse_Jones

    Aug 24 2016

    Marcus is on Vacation What is Rell to do? *Light Bulb* Rell had a ‘indoor bbq’, in away, with Jerk Chicken, smoothies, fruit snacks and d’usse invited friends @WecomeFromqns (WCFQ) and @Mouse_Jones(MJ) to bring parts of their podcast to the show. Rell Starts it off(drinking with d’usse and edible already in system), calling Marcus(So, because of schedule confusion he was still in NYC. However due to Marcus being boisterous, he kind of blue 20sec of the audio, of his own introduction.).Then t...more

  • The @PremiumPete Episode

    Aug 17 2016

    The Cure meets Brooklyn born, Sneaker collector, Food Connoisseur, Premium Pete. Host of the Premium Pete Show ft. Miss Lissa Knows, Premium Pete stops by talks about his life growing up in Brooklyn, his time locked up, and other impactful endeavors that help shape the course of his life . He even releases some exclusive secrets about his departure from the Combat Jack show and responds to Combats recently BBC radio interview. Also he help us answer some of y'all listener letters. You can find...more

  • @Thecurepodcast & @Wecomefromqns Mash up

    Jul 20 2016

    Your lovable guys from The Cure brought back the Lovely ladies from @Wecomefromqns to get a update from last time they were on the show, and to get into a little more foolishness.

  • Views From E Ft. @The_realE (FKA @Theradiofailed)

    Jul 06 2016

    KD Betrayal Ciara thinks Future is going to kill Russell Erika From The Radio Failed Podcast discuss the group Decision to end the podcast and moving forward...

  • Like Father Like... Feat @Mouse_Jones

    Jun 21 2016

    Disclaimer this was tape on 6/19 So you might as well said this was prediction of the NBA Finals T.I Daughter acting just like him 50 Cent slapping kids 2pac trailer. Also Comedian, Socially Decoded star, podcaster and now friend of the show @Mouse_Jones from He Man Woman Haters Club Podcast stops by The Cure and chop it about his life and talks about his podcast and helps us answer your letters. Follow Mouse Jones and He Man Woman Hater Club Twitter: https://twitter.com/mouse_jones Podcast:...more

  • Cant stop the Jared Fogle's

    Apr 13 2016

    Clinton talk Ciara Shady Erykah Badu says stop looking. And more Plus your questions Shout out to We come from queens The Radio failed Lemme tell you something Token Blacks

  • @Blavity Co-Founder @Jon_Jackson

    Apr 06 2016

    This week we decided to do a little something different. We had a very special guest join The Cure. Jonathan Jackson is Co founder of a cool focal point for black millennials called Blavity. In this episode, he talks about what Blavity is, how it started, their mission and more! We even got him to speak on article he had written, that stood out to us and a lot of men of color, called “21 Things Black Men Don’t Hear Often”. Oh and ladies, he’s single, so slide into the DM’s and later, make sure ...more

  • @thecurepodcast x @theradiofailed

    Mar 23 2016

    This week we had the @TheradioFailed Podcast join us in this week of random Celeb gone crazy news and your "I love my best friend" questions. Jared Beat down Navy vs BHive Iggy suicidal Kardashian drama After this, check us out on their Podcast https://soundcloud.com/theradiofailed Their Website : Theradiofailed.com

  • @TheCurePodcast Meets @WeComefromQns Pt.2

    Feb 17 2016


  • @TheCurePodcast Meets @WeComefromQns Pt1

    Feb 10 2016

    @Thecurepodcast Meets @Wecomefromqns . Lots of laughter and drinks was involved. Check us out!

  • Happy Halloween

    Oct 29 2015

    Happy Halloween! Jared pays what? Chris Rock really did that? Who's Loving the MMG Crew? Wait MMG is having problems? Fox news will always be racist and more..

  • Hotline(HotShow) Bling

    Oct 21 2015

    Terrell Bornday! Aids vaccine? Certificate of virginity? Lamar Odom News Star wars racist? Former Louisville recruit about his visit: 'It was like I was in a strip club'

  • Watermelonandrea

    Oct 14 2015

    Makinde Adeagbo Watermelonandrea vs Raven Million Man March (20 anniversary) TI Say some foolish S*** Kim Kardashian apologize to Amber? And More

  • The Cure-Pilot

    Oct 07 2015

    Intro From a Group podcast to a Two man podcast. We will talk about todays news, Pop culture, Entertainment, Sports, Life, Etc..