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  • Mac Dictionary App Tips And Tricks (MacMost #2218)

    Jul 10 2020

    View in HD at . The Dictionary app on your Mac allows you to look up word definitions and so much more. There is also a thesaurus, special dictionary of Apple-related terms, and many more you can add. Plus, you can use it as a Wikipedia browser. There are also several ways to access dictionary definitions outside the app.

  • iMovie For Mac Audio Tips And Tricks (MacMost #2217)

    Jul 09 2020

    View in HD at . There are many ways to control audio from your video clips or effects and music you bring into your projects. Learn how to control volume throughout the track, apply effects and more.

  • 10 Fun Ways To Customize Your Mac Without Adding More Apps (MacMost #2216)

    Jul 08 2020

    View in HD at . You can highly customize what your Mac looks like without having to buy or download any new software. You can change the Destkop background, move the Dock, make folder names and icons more interesting, add notes and pictures with Stickies, change the system alter sound and so much more.

  • Using Locked Tables In Mac Numbers (MacMost #2214)

    Jul 07 2020

    View in HD at . You can't lock individual cells in Numbers, but you can lock entire tables. By designing your spreadsheet well, or making alterations to an existing spreadsheet, you can only have exactly the cells you want as editable.

  • 39 Tips and Tricks To Get the Most Out Of macOS Stickies (MacMost #2213)

    Jul 06 2020

    View in HD at . Learn useful and powerful tips and tricks for using Mac Stickies. Find out how to highlight text, change list styles, add images and other media, arrage the notes, archive and transfer Stickies, plus much more.

  • 7 Ways To Adjust the Colors On Your Mac's Screen (MacMost #2212)

    Jul 03 2020

    View in HD at . Youc an adjust the way your Mac's screen looks many different ways. By using Color Profiles or Accessbility preferences, you can change how colors are displayed. You can also use features like Dark Mode and adjust highlight colors. The Desktop background picture you choose is also important.

  • Creating Convenient Saved Searches For Your Mac Finder Sidebar (MacMost #2208)

    Jul 02 2020

    View in HD at . You can use Saved Searches on your Mac, also called Smart Folders, to give you easy access to files in your Finder sidebar. This can be a handy way to see recent documents, all documents of a specific kind, or even your most commonly-used apps. Learn how to create, edit, delete and store Saved Searches.

  • A Preview Of the New Control Center In macOS Big Sur (MacMost #2215)

    Jul 01 2020

    View in HD at . A new feature of macOS Big Sur is Control Center. This is an iOS-like feature that brings together various system controls like volume, Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb and other settings into a single panel you can access with one click in the menu bar.

  • Including a Plus Symbol Before Values In Mac Numbers (MacMost #2207)

    Jun 30 2020

    View in HD at . If you need to include something like a + symbol before positive numbers in cells, you can do it using formulas or using custom cell formatting. Using a custom cell format is more versatile and can be easily reused no matter how complex the calculation.

  • How To Use Video Overlays In iMovie For iOS (MacMost #2206)

    Jun 29 2020

    View in HD at . You can use images as video overlays for iMovie on your iPhone or iPad in the same way you do it for Mac. The Keynote app for iOS is a great way to create these images, which must have transparent backgrounds. Switching between Keynote and iMovie you can add text, shapes, lines or almost any sort of overlay image easily.

  • How To Stay Safe When Downloading Software For Your Mac (MacMost #2205)

    Jun 26 2020

    View in HD at . To stay safe while downloading third-party software from websites to your Mac you have to weigh risk versus reward. Here are six factors you need to take into account before downloading anything.

  • The Fresh New Design Of macOS Big Sur (MacMost #2211)

    Jun 25 2020

    View in HD at . The new macOS Big Sur coming out this fall will have a fresh new design and look quite different than macOS Catalina and before. While it is still early in the beta cycle, take a look at the design elements in Big Sur.

  • How To Use Styles In Pages (MacMost #2204)

    Jun 24 2020

    View in HD at . Paragraph styles in Pages make it easier to easily and consitently apply font styling and formatting in your documents. When you use styles from the start, you can apply them to all parts of your document and easily make changes throughout.

  • The Details Of Apple's Transition From Intel To ARM Macs (MacMost #2210)

    Jun 23 2020

    View in HD at . Have questions about how Macs are moving from using Intel CPUs to Apple's own ARM chips? When will the first new Macs appear? Is it still worth it to buy an Intel Mac? How long will Apple support Intel Macs? Will your apps run on the new Macs? How about Windows emulation?

  • Apple Announces macOS Big Sur, iOS 14 and the Switch To ARM Processors At WWDC 2020 (MacMost #2209)

    Jun 22 2020

    View in HD at . Apple announced a ton of new features for the iPhone, iPad, Macs and other devices coming this fall at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The new macOS will be called Big Sur and it will give Mac software a new look. Apple will be moving away from Intel processors to their own ARM processors starting at the end of the year, giving Macs the ability to run iOS apps as well as current and old Mac apps.

  • 10 Mac Menu Bar Tips (MacMost #2203)

    Jun 19 2020

    View in HD at . The menu bar is something you use every day in almost every mac app. Here are some shortcuts and productivity tips for using the mac menu bar.

  • How To Use Multiple Desktops On Your Mac (MacMost #2202)

    Jun 18 2020

    View in HD at . You can use Mission Control on your Mac to give yourself multiple virtual desktops. Each desktop can display different app windows to make it seem like you have more than one screen. Other desktops can contain full screen or split view windows.

  • 10 Ways You Can Preview Files On Your Mac (MacMost #2201)

    Jun 17 2020

    View in HD at . There are many different ways you can preview files on your mac before opening them. The Finder can show you a preview as you browse files, Quick Look can bring up a larger preview, some apps and the Dock allow you to preview files as well.

  • How To Take Notes For School Or Work On a Mac (MacMost #2200)

    Jun 16 2020

    View in HD at . There are many ways to take notes with your mac whether it is in a school lecture or at a work meeting. You can use built-in apps like Notes, TextEdit or Pages. You can get third-party apps like OneNote, Noted, Bear or GoodNotes. There are many also ways to record audio while taking notes.

  • Strategies For Printing From Mac Numbers (MacMost #2199)

    Jun 13 2020

    View in HD at . If you want to print or create a PDF with an area of a Mac Numbers spreadsheet you'll find that you can't do it like you can with Microsoft Excel. But there are various strategies you can use to print a selected area in a table or print only specific rows.

  • How To Customize Page Numbers In Mac Pages (MacMost #2198)

    Jun 12 2020

    View in HD at . It is easy to turn on page numbering for all pages in a Mac Pages document. But if you need to skip a few pages, start with page 1 after a cover or title page, or not have the page number appear on some pages, you'll need to learn how to use sections and the page numbering options.

  • How To Draw Attention To Text In Keynote (MacMost #2197)

    Jun 11 2020

    View in HD at . In Keynote most transition and animation effects involve whole text boxes and other objects. If you want to emphasize a single word or phrase inside a text box, you need to get creative. Here are some techniques that you can use to draw attention to pieces of text during your presentation.

  • Using Voice Control To Click and Drag With Speech Commands (MacMost #2196)

    Jun 10 2020

    View in HD at . Voice Control can do more than just activate menu items and buttons. You can also use grids to pick a specific spot on the screen and click it, or even drag from one spot to another. Other commands allow you to add modifier keys or move the cusor by precise amounts.

  • Get Organized By Cleaning Up Your Mac (MacMost #2195)

    Jun 09 2020

    View in HD at . Let's face it, most of us have mess hard drives with files in all sorts of places. It is time to get organized by coming up with your own system of where files should go. Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about the best way to clean up your Mac.

  • Create Customizable Text Inserts Using Automator (MacMost #2193)

    Jun 08 2020

    View in HD at . While you can use text replacements to insert reusable blocks of text, it is sometimes necessary to customize the text for various situations. You can build an Automator service to trigger a series of prompts and then create a block of text based on your responses. In this example, we'll build a way to quickly respond to support email messages.

  • Tips and Tricks To Master the Mac Save Dialog (MacMost #2192)

    Jun 05 2020

    View in HD at . As a Mac user, you'll often have to use the Save Dialog to save documents and contents in applications. With the Save Dialog you can enter a file name and choose a location for the file. But there is a lot of functionality hidden in this simple tool to help you.

  • How To Edit and Export Vertical Video In iMovie On a Mac (MacMost #2191)

    Jun 04 2020

    View in HD at . If you have vertical video shot on an iPhone that you wish to edit on a Mac in iMovie, usually this means cropping the video into horizontal format. But by using a trick in iMovie, you can both edit and export true vertical video.

  • How To Upload Photos To Instagram From Your Mac (MacMost #2190)

    Jun 03 2020

    View in HD at . It seems that uploading to Instagram is something you can only really do from your phone. But by tricking the site into thinking your Mac is a phone, you can easily upload photos and viddos to Instagram in Safari on your Mac.

  • 10 Creative Uses For The Clips App On Your iPhone (MacMost #2189)

    Jun 02 2020

    View in HD at . The Clips App from Apple is an often-overlooked free creative tool that you can use to build images and videos to share with others. Here are 10 ideas for you to try that use the tools in the Clips app.

  • Understanding Cell Value Types In Mac Numbers (MacMost #2188)

    Jun 01 2020

    View in HD at . Anyone using Numbers should have a good understanding of different cell value types, such as numbers, text, dates, durations and boolean values.

  • How To Use the New macOS Catalina Battery Health Management Setting (MacMost #2194)

    May 29 2020

    View in HD at . The new macOS 10.15.5 features a battery health management switch in System Preferences. With it on, your battery will charge to a point that is best for longevity. With it off, it charges for maximum capacity.

  • 10 Ways To Speed Up a Slow Mac (MacMost #2187)

    May 28 2020

    View in HD at . Here are 10 ways you can speed up a slow Mac. There's no reason to put up with your Mac being slow. Often this is caused by an app or background process using too many resources, the lack of free hard drive space, a failing drive, or many other reasons.

  • How To Do a Live Broadcast Of Your Mac's Screen Over YouTube Or Facebook Using OBS Studio (MacMost #2186)

    May 27 2020

    View in HD at . While it is fairly easy to do a YouTube or Facebook live broadcast from your camera, combining your screen and camera takes additional work. You can use the free OBS Studio to combine things and add additional graphics and text to create a professional live broadcast without much work.

  • Creating An Information Notification With Shell Scripts And Automator (MacMost #2185)

    May 26 2020

    View in HD at . You can go to the Terminal and use simple one-line shell scripts to get various pieces of information such as the date and time, your Internet IP address and your Wi-Fi network name. Using Automator, you can incorporate these bits of information into a simple notification that appears whenever you press a keyboard shortcut.

  • How To Use the AssistiveTouch Button On Your iPhone or iPad (MacMost #2184)

    May 25 2020

    View in HD at . The AssistiveTouch button is a feature of your iPhone or iPad that gives you another way to access features usually available through a gesture, physical button or complex set of steps. You can use it to simply replace the old Home button, or access other functions when a physical control on an iPhone is inaccessible or broken.

  • 10 Ways To Quickly Access Your Most Important Folders On a Mac (MacMost #2183)

    May 22 2020

    View in HD at . If you are working on a project and using one folder to open and save documents all the time, you can quickly access that folder a variety of ways. You can add it to the Dock, Finder sidebar and toolbar, create keyboard shortcuts, and much more.

  • Creating Bar Charts and Line Graphs In Mac Numbers (MacMost #2182)

    May 21 2020

    View in HD at . Learn how to create simple bar charts and line graphs from a table of data in Mac Numbers. There are many options to choose from, with all sorts of customiations you can make to the charts.

  • Create the Double Exposure Effect Without Photoshop (MacMost #2181)

    May 20 2020

    View in HD at . The double exposure effect is an interesting way to combine two ideas in the same image. You can create this by using tools like Photoshop. But on your Mac, there is also a way to do it using Apple's Keynote app. You can cut out an image using Instant Alpha and place another image in that space. You can then blend it with the original image.

  • Create A Photo Collage With Pages On a Mac (MacMost #2180)

    May 19 2020

    View in HD at . If you want to combine photos into a collage, you can do it using Pages. By using Page Layout mode with custom page dimensions, rulers, guides, box shapes and alignment tools, you can create a grid of photos that at any size. Then you can drag and drop pictures from the Photos app into each box. You can also use borders or even build creative designs with various shapes and sizes.

  • Getting An External Microphone For Your Mac (MacMost #2179)

    May 18 2020

    View in HD at . If you are thinking about getting an external microphone for your Mac, there are many things to consider. Most people need a bsic USB microphone and those vary in price but are easy to use. You can also connect an analog microphone. For some uses a headset is better.