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  • How To Use the AssistiveTouch Button On Your iPhone or iPad (MacMost #2184)

    May 25 2020

    View in HD at . The AssistiveTouch button is a feature of your iPhone or iPad that gives you another way to access features usually available through a gesture, physical button or complex set of steps. You can use it to simply replace the old Home button, or access other functions when a physical control on an iPhone is inaccessible or broken.

  • 10 Ways To Quickly Access Your Most Important Folders On a Mac (MacMost #2183)

    May 22 2020

    View in HD at . If you are working on a project and using one folder to open and save documents all the time, you can quickly access that folder a variety of ways. You can add it to the Dock, Finder sidebar and toolbar, create keyboard shortcuts, and much more.

  • Creating Bar Charts and Line Graphs In Mac Numbers (MacMost #2182)

    May 21 2020

    View in HD at . Learn how to create simple bar charts and line graphs from a table of data in Mac Numbers. There are many options to choose from, with all sorts of customiations you can make to the charts.

  • Create the Double Exposure Effect Without Photoshop (MacMost #2181)

    May 20 2020

    View in HD at . The double exposure effect is an interesting way to combine two ideas in the same image. You can create this by using tools like Photoshop. But on your Mac, there is also a way to do it using Apple's Keynote app. You can cut out an image using Instant Alpha and place another image in that space. You can then blend it with the original image.

  • Create A Photo Collage With Pages On a Mac (MacMost #2180)

    May 19 2020

    View in HD at . If you want to combine photos into a collage, you can do it using Pages. By using Page Layout mode with custom page dimensions, rulers, guides, box shapes and alignment tools, you can create a grid of photos that at any size. Then you can drag and drop pictures from the Photos app into each box. You can also use borders or even build creative designs with various shapes and sizes.

  • Getting An External Microphone For Your Mac (MacMost #2179)

    May 18 2020

    View in HD at . If you are thinking about getting an external microphone for your Mac, there are many things to consider. Most people need a bsic USB microphone and those vary in price but are easy to use. You can also connect an analog microphone. For some uses a headset is better.

  • How To Make Square Videos With a Mac (MacMost #2178)

    May 15 2020

    View in HD at . There are times when you want to produce square-shaped video, such as for social media feeds. You can't do that with iMovie, but you can take video into Keynote and export it as true square video. You can zoom in to a portion of the video in the square, or include the entire width of the video with text and graphics above and below it.

  • How To Use Mac Photos Without Spending Any Time Organizing Anything (MacMost #2176)

    May 14 2020

    View in HD at . THe Photos app includes tools like albums and tags to help you organize your photo library. But if you like, you can skip that and just use built-in features that automatically group your photos by dates, locations, people or objects.

  • The Basics Of Editing in The Photos App On Your Mac (MacMost #2174)

    May 13 2020

    View in HD at . The Photos app on your Mac has a set of adjustment and editing tools. Get familiar with how these work by experimenting with them.

  • Extreme Video Special Effects Using Keynote (MacMost #2173)

    May 12 2020

    View in HD at . Instead of creating graphics in Keynote and overlaying them in iMovie, you can bring video into Keynote and overlay multiple special effects, then export a new version of the clip. You can even animate the video itself.

  • iPhone iMessage Tricks To Make Messaging Fun (MacMost #2172)

    May 11 2020

    View in HD at . Messaging between iPhones with iMessage doesn't have to be just text. You can send special effects, Animoi recordings, audio, animated drawings, handwriting, stickers, and even play games. Learn how to make your conversations more fun with the tricks.

  • 3 Alternatives To Using macOS Dictation (MacMost #2171)

    May 08 2020

    View in HD at . If you want to try something other than the two dictation functions in macOS, there are at least three other ways to dictate text with your Mac. If you are a Microsoft subscriber, you can use Word's built-in dictation function. Google Docs also has a built-in method if you are using Chrome as your browser. There is also another website you can use to dictate text.

  • Choosing the Right MacBook For You in Spring 2020 (MacMost #2177)

    May 07 2020

    View in HD at . Now that Apple has updated the 13-inch MacBook Pro, it is time for many to decide which one to buy. The MacBook Air is ideal for portability while also being a great value. The 16-inch is best for anyone needing maximum power. Where does the 13-inch model fit in?

  • Understanding How To Install Mac Apps Downloaded From Web Sites (MacMost #2170)

    May 06 2020

    View in HD at . Often when you download apps from third-party web sites you are given a disk image and need to do a drag-and-drop install of the app. New Mac users are sometimes not sure how this works and may not know what to do with the disk image or try to run the app while it is still in the disk image. Learn how to get the app into your Application folder and then run it from Launchpad, Spotlight or the Dock.

  • A Look At Apple's New 2020 13-Inch MacBook Pro (MacMost #2175)

    May 04 2020

    View in HD at . Apple released a new 13-Inch MacBook Pro with an upgraded keyboard. The lower-end model is very similar to the previous generation, but the higher-end model features new processors. Storage and memory have been upgraded in most configurations.

  • How To Create the Color Splash Effect On a Mac (MacMost #2169)

    May 04 2020

    View in HD at . You can use the Mac Photos app to highlight one color in a photo and desaturate the rest. You can also do different things with different colors. A third-party app like Pixelmator Pro can be used as an external editor to saturate a color in only part of an image.

  • Make It Easier To See Your Cursor And Clicks On Your Mac (MacMost #2168)

    May 01 2020

    View in HD at . Here 5 ways to make the cursor on your mac's screen and your clicks more visible. This is handy for giving presentations or recording screen tutorials. You can use some built-in methods, or get third-part software with lots of extra functionality like the ability to show key presses.

  • How To Edit Your Video Like A YouTuber Using iMovie (MacMost #2167)

    Apr 30 2020

    View in HD at . YouTube videos use jump cuts and cropping to create fast-paced interesting videos from simple video recordings. You can do these editing techniques in iMovie on your Mac.

  • Create a New Text File Anywhere With a Keyboard Shortcut On a Mac (MacMost #2166)

    Apr 29 2020

    View in HD at . Many Mac users wish there was a way to create a new text file in the Finder just like you can in Windows. With the help of a simple Automator service you can add this to your Mac, and even customize how it works.

  • Tips and Tricks For Using Mac Spotlight (MacMost #2165)

    Apr 28 2020

    View in HD at . Spotlight is a tool that most people just use to perform simple file searches. But you can do so much more such with it. Even file searching can be done more efficiently using a variety of tips and tricks.

  • How To Type Special Alternative Character Glyphs On Your Mac (MacMost #2164)

    Apr 27 2020

    View in HD at . Some advanced fonts have alternative versions of characters called glyphs that are used automatically with specific letter combinations. You can also access these special glyphs individually if you know where to look in Pages, TextEdit and Microsoft Word.

  • How To Make a Basic Checkbook Spreadsheet With Numbers On a Mac (MacMost #2161)

    Apr 24 2020

    View in HD at . A good way to learn some basic Numbers skills is to build a simple checkbook. You can use this to keep track of your bank account balance.

  • Making Better Videos Using the Precision Editor In iMovie (MacMost #2160)

    Apr 23 2020

    View in HD at . If you want to get really good at making videos with iMovie, you'll want to learn how to use the precision editor. You can adjust the start and end of clips down to the frame, and also where transitions start and end. You can also adjust audio to make the audio from one clip overlap the video in another.

  • Creating Numbered Table Of Contents Chapters In Mac Pages (MacMost #2159)

    Apr 22 2020

    View in HD at . When you create a table of contents in Pages, it will include page numbers, but not chapter numbers. You can manually add chapter numbers to your chapter headings, but that can lead to a problem if you need to insert a chapter in the middle. If you want to automatically number the chapters, you can do it be adding a Bullets & Lists style to your chapter headings.

  • How To Record Your Mac Screen With Computer Audio (MacMost #2158)

    Apr 21 2020

    View in HD at . When you use macOS Catalina's built-in screen recording you'll get audio only from the microphone. If you want to record the audio coming out of the system and apps, you'll need to install a third-party extension. One company provides an extension for free that you can use with their software or just with macOS QuickTime screen recording.

  • How To Use A Hanging Indent In Pages On a Mac (MacMost #2153)

    Apr 20 2020

    View in HD at . It is easy to set a paragraph to use a hanging indent if you know one trick. But you can go much further with different techniques such as using rulers, creating reusable style, using specific text in bullet lists, or inserting text boxes. You can also set your footnaotes and endnotes to use hanging indents which is needed for many report styles.

  • Creating a Cinematic Black Bar Opening Effect in iMovie (MacMost #2157)

    Apr 17 2020

    View in HD at . There is no transition in iMovie that lets you reveal video behind two horizontal black bars like you sometimes see in films. But you can easily build a black bar opening effect using a simple Keynote animation as an overlay.

  • A Look At Apple's New Second Generation iPhone SE (MacMost #2163)

    Apr 15 2020

    View in HD at . Apple released a new base-model iPhone today. With a low price and powerful processor, this is a great phone for anyonelooking to get an inexpensive iPhone that will last for years.

  • Group Video Chat Using FaceTime On Your Mac, iPhone Or iPad (MacMost #2162)

    Apr 15 2020

    View in HD at . Uisng your Mac, iPhone or iPad you can chat with several other Apple users at the same time. You can use this to stay in touch with family and friends while staying at home, as long as everyone involved has Apple products.

  • Play Music Using Samples In Mac GarageBand (MacMost #2152)

    Apr 14 2020

    View in HD at . With GarageBand on your Mac you can import audio files as samples and play them using a virtual or MIDI keyboard. The controls to do this are burried deep, so it isn't obvious how to do it. You cna save these instruments as patch files to use again.

  • How To Add Text in iMovie Using a Typewriter Effect (MacMost #2151)

    Apr 13 2020

    View in HD at . While there is no typewriter effect title in iMovie, you can easily add it with the help of Keynote. This can appear as text by itself anywhere you want, or you can get creative with more graphics like a search box that appears over your video.

  • The Obvious Mac Keyboard Shortcut That You May Not Be Using (MacMost #2146)

    Apr 10 2020

    View in HD at . Many Mac users use keyboard shortcuts all the time, but overlook an obvious and useful one. Learn how to jump to items in long lists and find things even when there is no way to search.

  • 10 Things You May Not Know You Can Do With TextEdit On a Mac (MacMost #2145)

    Apr 09 2020

    View in HD at . TextEdit seems like a simple text editing tool, but it actually has some pretty rich features. You can do things like set document properties, edit code, define and use styles, insert images, audio and video, and even export HTML documents.

  • Closing Windows Vs Quitting Apps Vs Hiding Apps (MacMost #2144)

    Apr 08 2020

    View in HD at . If you want to get a window out of the way, you can close the window, but doing so closes the document or page without quitting the app. Quitting will get rid of all of the windows being used by that app, which will by default reappear when you launch the app again. A better option most of the time is to hide the app.

  • Mac Mail App Preferences You May Want To Customize (MacMost #2142)

    Apr 07 2020

    View in HD at . There are many important settings in Mail Preferences that you can use to customize your experience and improve productivity. Take this tour of the Mail Preferences and see which ones you should change.

  • Collaborating With Shared iCloud Drive Folders (MacMost #2156)

    Apr 06 2020

    View in HD at . A new feature of macOS 10.15.4 and the latest versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote is the ability to collaborate using shared iCloud Drive folders. Once you share a folder, you can create documents in those folders and they are instantly ready for real-time collaboration with no additional steps. This can be used to work on a whole set of files with your team over the course of a project, or permanently.

  • Using the New Background Feature In Mac Pages (MacMost #2155)

    Apr 03 2020

    View in HD at . You can now set a background color, gradient or image for sections in Pages documents. This is a new feature in the Section sidebar that makes it much easier to include a color fill or pattern behind your text.

  • Using the New Drop Caps Feature Of Mac Pages (MacMost #2154)

    Apr 02 2020

    View in HD at . The new version of Pages includes a powerful Drop Caps feature with a ton of options. You can use Drop Caps to make the first letter or word of a paragraph stand out. This also works in Keynote and Numbers.

  • Export All Of The Notes On Your Mac Using a Script (MacMost #2141)

    Apr 01 2020

    View in HD at . In Mac Notes you can only export one note at a time as a PDF file. With the help of a script, you can quickly and easily export all of your notes to html files as a backup or archive. You can also save notes this way to clear out your Notes app.

  • How To Apply a Stamp To a PDF On Your Mac (MacMost #2140)

    Mar 31 2020

    View in HD at . If you need to place a simple stamp to a PDF file on your Mac, you can do it using the markup tools available in Preview, Mail and other apps. You can reuse these stamps by creating a blank PDF just to hold them, and then copying and pasting stamps when needed.