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  • Questions New Mac Users Have When Switching From Windows (MacMost #2065)

    Dec 11 2019

    View in HD at . When a new Windows user switches to Mac, they can be frustrated by the differences. Here are some of the most common questions and problems that new Mac users face and the solutions. There are some great tips here to get your transition moving forward quickly. Welcome to the world of Mac!

  • Stop Using Albums To Organize Your Photos (MacMost #2064)

    Dec 10 2019

    View in HD at . Most people use albums to organize their photos in the Mac Photos app. However, it makes more sense to use Keywords instead of albums. You can create a Smart Album with any Keyword. But instead of Smart Albums, which can't be seen on iOS, you can simply search for a Keyword to view those photos just as if they were an album. You can also search for words in titles and descriptions, making them useful for organizing as well.

  • Cheaper Alternatives To the New Mac Pro (MacMost #2068)

    Dec 09 2019

    View in HD at . The new Mac Pro is the most powerful Mac ever, but it comes with a huge price tag. But if you are looking for a pro-level Mac, you have other choices. You can get the iMac Pro, which is cheaper and comes with its own 5K screen. You can also get an upgraded regular iMac or MacBook Pro. A budget option is to get an upgraded Mac mini with an external GPU.

  • Filling In a Web Page Form Using Automator (MacMost #2063)

    Dec 06 2019

    View in HD at . You can use JavaScript in Automator to fill in a web page form. If you make this a Quick Action you can access it from the menu bar or as a keyboard shortcut. This can help speed up situations where you need to fill in the same form every day.

  • Stop Doing These 8 Things On Your Mac (MacMost #2062)

    Dec 05 2019

    View in HD at . As someone who has been helping people with their Macs for a long time, I see lots of things people do with their Macs that if they stopped it would solve a lot of problems. Learn from my past experience and years of teaching to prevent current and future problems.

  • Using Handoff To Copy Text, Images and Files Between Your Apple Devices (MacMost #2061)

    Dec 04 2019

    View in HD at . The handoff feature of macOS and iOS allows you to use a Universal Clipboard to copy text, images, files or just about anything between your devices. You can use this to copy and paste text and images between documents while working with two or more devices. You can also transfer entire files this way, which is actually easier than using AirDrop in many situations.

  • Understanding the Function And Special Features Keys On the Mac Keyboard (MacMost #2060)

    Dec 03 2019

    View in HD at . New Mac users sometimes don't understand why the top row of keys on the keyboard don't work as expected. These keys are both the function keys and the special features keys, also knows as f-keys and media control keys. You toggle how these keys behave with the fn key. But a setting in System Preferences determines which mode is the default one and which requires the fn key.

  • How To Control Your Mac With Your Voice in macOS Catalina (MacMost #2059)

    Dec 02 2019

    View in HD at . With the new Voice Control feature in macOS Catalina you can control almost anything on your Mac with your voice. You can access menu commands, dictate text, click buttons and even click a specific point on the screen using grids. This functionality is critical for some, but for others it can also offer a nice hands-free alternative to using your Mac.

  • Make the Mac Dock More Powerful By Adding Special Folders (MacMost #2057)

    Nov 29 2019

    View in HD at . If you only use the Dock to launch apps, you missing out on one of the Mac's most powerful features. By adding folders to the right side of the Dock, you can have quick access to downloads, applications, files and more. You can create Smart Folders to view recent documents or documents from a single app. You can create folders full of aliases to get quick access to groups of applications or files.

  • 2019 Apple Gift Guide (MacMost #2058)

    Nov 28 2019

    View in HD at . Even if you don't have the bucks to buy someone a new MacBook Pro or iPhone, there are still plenty of greate gifts for Apple fans that are much cheaper. You may want to consider an Apple Battery Case, an Apple Pencil or a Series 3 Apple Watch, all which run under $200. You can also get gifts that aren't directly related to Apple but will run Apple services, such as an Amazon Echo to play Apple Music or a Roku TV box that plays Apple TV+. Other ideas include game contro...more

  • How To Set Up a Default Template In Pages (MacMost #2056)

    Nov 27 2019

    View in HD at . If you find yourself always changing the font and other styles in Pages after starting a new document, you may want to set up your own custom template to use as the default for new documents. This will save you time as every new document will begin with things set just as you like them. You can also set things like paragraph spacing and even headers and footers. While there is a new default font setting in Pages, creating your own blank template gives you far more control.

  • How To Convert JPEG Image Files To a PDF On Mac (MacMost #2054)

    Nov 26 2019

    View in HD at . If you want to convert a group of JPG image files to a single PDF, you can use a variety of methods. Most people will tell you to use Preview. But there are other ways that are either simpler or more versatile. You can use a Quick Action to do it without even opening up an app. You can also use Pages and Keynote to create richer PDFs with border, text and other features. The best way may be to use Photos which offers a variety of printing options that can be used to create PDFs.

  • New HomePod Ambient Sounds and Sleep Timer Features (MacMost #2053)

    Nov 25 2019

    View in HD at . Version 13.2 of audioOS for the HomePod included two new features that could be useful if your HomePod is in the bedroom. You can now ask Siri to play a collection of endlessly looping ambient sounds, such as Forest, Stream, Fireplace, Night, Ocean, Rain and White Noise. This effectively makes your HomePod a white noise machine, one with amazing speakers. You can also ask Siri to set a sleep timer for these sounds, or any music you are playing.

  • Use Conditional Highlighting Across a Whole Row In Numbers (MacMost #2051)

    Nov 22 2019

    View in HD at . Conditional highlighting in Numbers is simply a way to change the style of a cell based on the contents of that same cell. However, by using a trick you can have conditional highlighting affect other cells or an entire row.

  • How To Manage Your Apple Subscriptions On Your Mac, iPhone And iPad (MacMost #2050)

    Nov 21 2019

    View in HD at . There is a place on your Mac and on your iOS device where you can view almost all of your subscriptions, including Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Music and subscriptions from any third-party apps you may have. You'll find your iCloud storage subscription in a different location. You can view, modify or cancel any of these subscriptions.

  • Using Terminal Commands As An Alternative To The Mac Finder (MacMost #2049)

    Nov 20 2019

    View in HD at . If you prefer to type instead of using the mouse and cursor you can manage your files and folders with the Terminal. You can use commands to list, open, rename, move and delete files. You can do nearly everything that you can do in the Finder, and some commands are even more powerful.

  • How To Copy Reminders In macOS Catalina With a Script (MacMost #2055)

    Nov 19 2019

    View in HD at . You can't copy and paste or print Reminders in macOS Catalina. However, with the help of a script you can get a Reminders list as text to be pasted into any app, printed, or sent as email. Learn how to create a Mac script in JavaScript (JXA) using Script Editor or Automator to get this important function back and have it available as an easy-access menu command.

  • How To Scan Documents With Your iPhone (MacMost #2048)

    Nov 18 2019

    View in HD at . With iOS 13 it is easy to use your iPhone as a scanner and scan single or multi-page documents. You can scan directly to iCloud Drive and then your documentd would be on your Mac without any additional steps. You can even scan while away from your home or office and they documents will end up in the same place with no extra effort. Your iPhone will flatten the pages and make adjustments automatically.

  • 8 Ways To Handle Microsoft Word Documents On Your Mac (MacMost #2049)

    Nov 15 2019

    View in HD at . If you need to open, edit, create, save or collaborate using Microsoft Word .doc or .docx files, there are several ways to do it on your Mac. The best way, but one that will cost some money, is to simply get Word for Mac from the Mac App Store and pay for a Microsoft subscription. But many Mac users simply using Pages instead. You can also get a couple of good third-party free office apps that will handle Word. There are even more options that don't require downloading anyth...more

  • Choosing the Right MacBook For You (MacMost #2052)

    Nov 13 2019

    View in HD at . Apple announced the new 16-Inch MacBook Pro today. This replaces the 15-Inch model. You can now choose between the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13-Inch and MacBook Pro 16-Inch. For most people the choice will be clear with the MacBook Air being the cheapest and lightest, the 16-inch MacBook Pro being large and expensive but much more powerful, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro filling lots of needs in between. Watch as I break down the differences between these models.

  • Create Unique Music For Your Videos In GarageBand (MacMost #2046)

    Nov 13 2019

    View in HD at . Instead of using music from a collection or jingles from iMovie you can easily create your own video soundtrack in GarageBand. It only takes a few minutes to combine a drum track with other loops and then export some music that you can drag and drop into iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Then your video will have unique royalty-free music that fits the content.

  • 17 Pages For Mac Tips (MacMost #2045)

    Nov 12 2019

    View in HD at . Here are some handy tips for using Pages on your Mac. You can make writing easier with paragraph spacing, showing word count, using text replacements and other things. You can adjust how your document looks with character styles, Emoji clipart and hyphenation. You can also copy and paste elements to avoid having to set properties over and over again. That and much more!

  • Listenting To Radio Stations With the Music App On Your Apple Devices (MacMost #2043)

    Nov 11 2019

    View in HD at . You can listen to regular worldwide and local radio stations using the Music app in macOS Catalina and iOS 13. Thanks to agreements with streaming radio services, you can find these stations by searching or askign Siri. At the moment the streams don't seem to require an Apple Music subscription.

  • How To Use iMovie For Mac In Under 5 Minutes (MacMost #2044)

    Nov 08 2019

    View in HD at . Learn how to create an iMovie project, edit it, and export in less than 5 minutes with this complete tutorial. In this fast tutorial I take four clips, trim and arrange them, add titles, transisions, music and filters, and then export a finished project. Get up to speed on iMovie for Mac fast.

  • Learn How To Use the IF Function In Numbers (MacMost #2041)

    Nov 07 2019

    View in HD at . The IF function is how to test values in spreadsheets. You can use it to simply test a value and show different results. But the key to making complex spreadsheets to learning more about the IF function. You can pass through values when a condition is met, combine conditions with AND and OR functions, and nest IF functions for more than two possible results.

  • Using Personal Automations To Play a Wake-Up Song, Podcast Or Playlist (MacMost #2040)

    Nov 06 2019

    View in HD at . New iOS 13 iPhone Shortcuts automation are great, but you can't have most automations play without manually confirming first. However, you can have an automation triggered when you stop an alarm, which leads to some interesting uses. In these examples, we'll have a song or podcast start when you turn off your alarm. We'll also create a more complex shortcut to play a playlist matching the name of the day.

  • Using Your Own Photos Or Graphics As Desktop Backgrounds (MacMost #2038)

    Nov 05 2019

    View in HD at . You don't have to settle for using Apple's images as your desktop background. You can use any photo from your library or image you can obtain as a desktop background. You can also make your own graphics in an image editing app or Keynote to use as a background. You can combine photos and graphics to make an ideal background.

  • 13 iPhone Keyboard Tips (MacMost #2042)

    Nov 04 2019

    View in HD at . While most iPhone users use the virtual on-screen keyboard to type all day long, many don't know about some important techniques that can make typing easier. Learn how to type punctuation easier, slide-to-type, use the one-handed keyboard, add more keyboards, search for emoji and access hidden characters.

  • Understanding Windows, Tabs, Full Screen And Split Screen Modes (MacMost #2037)

    Nov 01 2019

    View in HD at . When working in apps on documents you can choose to have one document open per window, or multiple documents in tabs in that same window. Windows can be floating, resizable objects on your desktop, or you can go into full screen mode to fill the screen with the window or split screen mode to share the screen with exactly two app windows. You can also combine windows, tabs, and screen modes to work in many different ways.

  • Using Memoji Stickers And a Hidden Trick To Make Your Own (MacMost #2033)

    Oct 31 2019

    View in HD at . iOS 13 and iPadOS give us a new Messages app feature where we can send stickers based on our Memoji or Apple's Animoji characters. Old functionality lets you send a recording with animation and audio. But you can also send your own custom Memoji or Animoji stickers if you know a little hidden trick.

  • 10 Hidden iPhone Camera Tips To Help You Take Better Photos (MacMost #2036)

    Oct 30 2019

    View in HD at . While we all use our iPhone cameras to take pictures all the time, there is a lot of functionality hidden in the Camera app that many people don't know about. You can take long exposure photos, use a grid and level, get in the shot with a timer, take vertical panos and more.

  • 12 Apple TV+ Shows To Watch At Launch and During the Next Year (MacMost #2039)

    Oct 29 2019

    View in HD at . Apple TV launches on November 1 with a variety of movies and shows, including four new primary series. Find out what the shows See, The Morning Show, For All Mankind, and Dickinson are about. Also learn about what shows will be quickly following later this year and next year, including Amazing Stories, Foundation and Time Bandits.

  • Finding the Largest Files On Your Mac (MacMost #2032)

    Oct 28 2019

    View in HD at . A quick search in the Finder will show you the largest files on your Mac or in a specific location on your Mac. But you may be better off using a special system utility that will show you large files and other items taking up a lot of space. Once you locate large files you can delete the or archive them to an external drive to free up space on your Mac's hard drive.

  • Share a Name and Profile Picture or Animoji With Others in iOS 13 Messages (MacMost #2031)

    Oct 25 2019

    View in HD at . A new feature in iOS 13 allows you to send a name and photo to someone you are messaging with, and they can choose to use that to create a new contact. You can use a photo, your initials, take a new picture, an Apple Animoji or your own Memoji for this image.

  • 21 Actually Useful Finder Tips And Tricks (MacMost #2035)

    Oct 24 2019

    View in HD at . Learn some useful everyday tips, tricks and techniques to make it easier to manage your files and folders in the macOS Catalina Finder. See how you can use things like Undo, Copy and Paste, the Path Bar, keyboard shortcuts and more to navigate around in the Finder and work with your files.

  • How To Manage an Audiobook Collection In macOS Catalina (MacMost #2034)

    Oct 23 2019

    View in HD at . With the Books app taking over audiobooks in macOS Catalina, a lot of Mac users are upset that it doesn't handle large collections very well. You have no option to store your audiobooks on an external drive. However, you can still keep a large audiobook collection by managing the files yourself outside of Books, and only brining in the books you wish to listen to at the moment. Audible users may find it better to simply use the Auible iPhone app instead.

  • Using Multiple Apps At the Same Time With Multitasking In iPadOS (MacMost #2030)

    Oct 22 2019

    View in HD at . iPadOS (iOS 13) refines multitasking so it works better than ever. You can bring up two apps at the same time with Split View, or float a window over a full screen all with Slide Over. You can pile up Slide Over windows and flip through them too. Apps can interact with each other through dragging and dropping. There is a lot of different ways to use multitasking so it is best to practice a little before you need it.

  • Using Continuity Camera and Continuity Sketch With Your iPhone or iPad and Your Mac (MacMost #2029)

    Oct 21 2019

    View in HD at . While working on your Mac, you can use your iPhone or iPad to take photos, scan documents and draw sketches. The result will end up as files on your Mac, being saved directly from the iOS device to your Mac. You can also insert these images directly into documents in some apps. You can also use this to create signatures in Preview.

  • 2 Ways To Quickly Switch Between Light And Dark Mode On Your Mac (MacMost #2028)

    Oct 18 2019

    View in HD at . If you like to switch between light and dark mode frequently, you can create a keyboard shortcut or Dock icon to do it with one fast action. By using a very simple workflow in Automator, with no scripting required, you can create either a Quick Action or a application for your Dock. The Quick Action can then be assigned to a keyboard shortcut.

  • Typing Special Characters Using Unicode On Your Mac (MacMost #2024)

    Oct 17 2019

    View in HD at . Often those in technical or linguistic professions need to enter specific Unicode characters while typing. You can type characters using their specific 4- or 8-digit codes by using a special keyboard built into your Mac. For other users, it is often easier to search using the character viewer or create shortcuts for commonly-used symbols.