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  • #1638 How to reinvent an old fashioned shopping experience like wedding dress shopping

    Aug 17 2018

    Today’s guest recognized that the wedding dress shopping experience could use a refresh. But what makes her different is that she had the guts to create a brand new way of doing something old fashioned. Straight from the factory to the bride. Leslie Voorhees Means is the co-founder of Anomalie which brings customized wedding dresses straight to the consumer. I want to find out how she built this business. Leslie Voorhees Means is the co-founder of Anomalie which brings customized wedding dres...more

  • #1637 The startup that launched the horse race of online mattress companies

    Aug 15 2018

    Today’s guest is a Mixergy listener and I’m excited to have him on to talk about his business. JT Marino is the founder of Tuft and Needle, an e-commerce mattress company. If you are starting to see online ads for mattresses and on podcasts, I believe today’s guest started all that. I invited him here to learn how he knew there was a problem with buying mattresses, how he started this business and where it is today. JT Marino is the founder of Tuft and Needle, an e-commerce mattress company. ...more

  • #1636 Is heart-led entrepreneurship good for business?

    Aug 13 2018

    Today’s guest is an entrepreneur who figured out email marketing for businesses back when people were just using email to connect with their friends and co-workers. He understood that email marketing can be highly personalized for relationship building that is timely, relevant and valuable. He started with a consulting company and it took off and he sold it for millions pre-IPO and exit to Oracle for $1.6 billion. Then he burned out. We’ll hear the story in this interview. Barry Stamos is a co-f...more

  • #1635 How running a truck accessory company with an e-commerce culture led to $100M ARR

    Aug 10 2018

    I’ve never been in a pickup truck my entire life. But that’s no excuse to not know about the company today’s guest built and sold. Scott Bintz is the founder of RealTruck, an e-commerce pickup truck accessory company. He sold it to TruckHero. In the e-commerce space, we can learn a lot from a company who is selling large, unwieldy, physical things like truck accessories. I invited him here to talk about how he did it. Scott Bintz is the founder of RealTruck, an e-commerce pickup truck access...more

  • #1634 How Sachit Gupta helps podcasters like me grow profitable platforms

    Aug 09 2018

    This interview is a little different. Today’s guest is with the guy who has been selling ads here at Mixergy. He took this thing that never worked, that I never cared about, and turned it into something that really matters. As an experiment I wanted to show you who we are here at Mixergy and how we operate so I invited him here to talk about selling ads and how we’ve evolved as a podcast. Sachit Gupta helps entrepreneurs like me grow profitable platforms. Sachit Gupta helps entrepreneurs, po...more

  • #1633 The making of a $5 Billion dollar company

    Aug 06 2018

    I always thought that once you build a successful company that everything just ends up working out for you. I thought the world would beat a path to your door to give you money, work for you, and buy your product. Well, it turns out that’s not the way that always works. Today’s guest came up with an idea, brought it to life and took it public. It recently sold for $5 billion dollars. And yet when he sought funding for his next business idea, his past actually worked against him. Gaurav Dhillo...more

  • #1632 Why smart entrepreneurs are paying attention to “boring” infrastructure companies

    Aug 03 2018

    Today’s guest is the founder of Easyship, which gives e-commerce sellers the ability to ship worldwide. His name is Tommaso Tamburnotti and his business is the invisible part that keeps other businesses going. I find that infrastructure companies like Easyship often outlast the businesses that are built on them. We have to study the companies that are invisible to most people and that’s what today’s interview is about. Tommaso Tamburnotti is the founder of Easyship, which gives e-commerce sel...more

  • #1631 Can selling domains and logos be a million dollar business?

    Aug 01 2018

    I don’t understand how today’s guest has generated so much revenue with his business. Michael Rader is a Mixergy listener and his company is Brandroot. Brandroot helps entrepreneurs name their company, service or product. I invited Michael here to find out how he did it. Michael Rader is the founder of Brandroot, which helps entrepreneurs name their company, service or product. Sponsored byToptal – If you’re having trouble finding developers, Toptal is a network of elite pre-vetted...more

  • #1630 Are users wincing at your site? There’s a way to know

    Jul 30 2018

    I can’t tell when a user is wincing while looking over my website. I can’t tell because I’m not in the room with that person. Today’s guest created a set of tools that allows websites to understand how a user is experiencing a page. He encountered a few failures before finally getting it right with his current business. We’ll find out about that and so much more in this interview. David Darmanin is the founder of Hotjar, analytics and feedback tools that allow you to see how your site is bein...more

  • #1629 The woman behind the soap you’re probably using

    Jul 27 2018

    The beauty industrial complex has never spoken to me but I found a shampoo that I freaking love. I’ve been told when I interview founders I really admire, my questions can lose their edge and I don’t push as hard. I don’t want to do that today. Today’s guest is Susan Griffin-Black, the co-founder and Co-CEO of EO Products which is a collection of body and hair products made with active botanicals and pure essential oils. Susan Griffin-Black is the co-founder and Co-CEO of EO Products which is a...more

  • #1559 Cameron Herold coaches me on hiring (so I don’t collapse at my desk)

    Feb 14 2018

    Hiring has been a huge issue for me. And in a past interview with Cameron Herold, I brought it up because he’s the founder of the COO Alliance, the world’s leading network for the second in command. I don’t get embarrassed by a lot of stuff. If you heard my interviews, you hear me get pretty frank about my flaws, my mistakes. But this issue is something I was embarrassed about. I think if I don’t hire somebody to be the second in command at Mixergy, I am probably going to...more

  • #1524 When does a startup founder need a COO?

    Nov 22 2017

    A topic we don’t talk about on Mixergy is how to actually manage a company. I remember when I was in NYU as an undergrad I loved all my business classes, but management just didn’t feel like me. I always thought of the guys in Dilbert but entrepreneurs were the ones who were creating, the ones who were doing. Mixergy’s grown and I’ve been running it, but I have to be honest, I’m not doing a great job of running it. So earlier in the year, the Mixergy team said, &#...more

  • #1453 The future of chat (and interacting with your customers)

    May 26 2017

    About a year ago I realized that no matter how much effort we’ve put into my email list, I could never double the response rate. We kept growing it, but people were not using email much. So I started looking around for solutions and I started looking at bots. Bots are basically software that communicates with humans via a chat app. I came across one company that looked too good to be true. It’s called ManyChat. And I said, “I’ve got to find out who the founder is.” ...more

  • #1417 How Sam Ovens is helping everyday people start their own consulting businesses

    Mar 03 2017

    I’ll be honest with you. I felt guilt about an interview that I did years ago with today’s guest. This was back in, let me see here, 2013. I interviewed Sam Ovens about how he built up this consulting business and was teaching people how to do consulting. I thought maybe I got taken for a ride. It was too good to be true. Then I started hearing people who were in his program talk about how big the program is. Then I started hearing more and more people say they were in the program. ...more

  • #1049 How a former lawyer built a multi-million dollar company that teaches social skills – with Jordan Harbinger

    Aug 13 2014

    How does a former lawyer build a multi-million dollar company that teaches social skills. Jordan Harbinger is the co-founder of The Art of Charm, a company that teaches confidence and emotional intelligence. Jordan Harbinger is the co-founder of The Art of Charm, a company that teaches confidence and emotional intelligence, and the host of The Jordan Harbinger Show, which interviews top performers, from legendary musicians to intelligence operatives.   Sponsored byLead Pages – Lead Pa...more

  • #1000 The 1,000 interview celebration

    Apr 09 2014

    On August 4, 2008, I posted a video up on Mixergy where I looked up into the web cam on my computer and I said “I failed.” And I said that I was going to shut down my invitation business and start doing interviews with entrepreneurs and people in general who I admire so I can learn from them and take back what I’ve learned from them to build a more successful company in the future. And I said that along the way you’d get to watch and learn as I learned directly from my he...more

  • #989 Andrew’s process for overcoming entrepreneurial depression – with Samantha Alford

    Mar 10 2014

    A few weeks ago, Andrew was interviewed about his inner doubt by Samantha Alford of WomeninBusinesspodcast.com. I (Arie Saint) thought it was too good not to share with our audience, so I’m publishing it on Mixergy. Check it out and let’s talk about it in the comments. Samantha Alford, the founder of the Women in Business Podcast.   Sponsored byWalker Corporate Law – Scott Edward Walker is the lawyer entrepreneurs turn to when they want to raise money or sell their compani...more

  • #714 HearAndPlay.com: Turning $70 Into A Multimillion Dollar Instruction Web Site – with Jermaine Griggs

    Apr 23 2012

    Update: based on the comments we’re getting, Jermaine sent this PDF about Automation. How does a high school senior from the inner city turn $70 into a multimillion dollar instruction web site? Jermaine Griggs is the founder of HearAndPlay.com, which trains musicians to play by ear, trains them to play by ear with online music lessons and piano video tutorials. Jermaine Griggs is the founder of HearAndPlay.com, which trains musicians to play by ear, trains them to play by ear with online m...more

  • #709 iContact Founder Returns To Mixergy After $169M Sale – with Ryan Allis

    Apr 09 2012

    How does a wristband help a founder build a $169 million company? Ryan Allis is the founder of iContact, a provider of email marketing tools for small businesses. And a company that was recently sold for $169 million to Vocus. Here’s a quote from the last time I interviewed him, “we incorporated in July ’03, lived in the office, slept on futons, cooked on a George Foreman grill, did whatever we had to do to keep expenses low, while we built up revenue and customers, and improved the ...more

  • #401 Reddit Founder: “I Wish I Still Owned Reddit Now” – with Steve Huffman

    Oct 20 2010

    Many founders I interviewed on Mixergy told me about how their companies virtually disappeared after they sold them. But 4 years after selling Reddit to Conde Nast, Steve Huffman is so proud of how much its grown that he’d be happy to still own it. I asked him to teach me how he grew his community, why some Y Combinator-backed founders, like him, succeed while others don’t get any traction and why he never resented his co-founder for getting so much attention. I also asked Steve abou...more

  • #216 How Clever Entrepreneurs Turned 3 Air Mattresses Into Airbnb, The Site That Makes Any Home A Bed And Breakfast – with Brian and Joe

    Jan 28 2010

    The founders of Airbnb are guys who couldn’t make rent a few years ago, but they kept turning desperation into creative solutions. In October 2007, eager to make extra money, they noticed that local hotels were booked up because of a conference. So they pumped up some inflatable mattresses and listed their place online as an “air bed and breakfast.” It was quirky and it worked. That little act of creativity became Airbnb, the (profitable) site that allows anyone to list their e...more

  • #214 How To Produce Like A Linchpin By Understanding Your Lizard Brain – with Seth Godin

    Jan 25 2010

    You listen to my programs because I don’t do the cute “let’s get to know the author” interviews that others are known for. I hunt down information that you can use because I’m passionate about helping you build a business that your great-great-grandkids would admire you for. That’s why I kept digging in this interview. I want you (and me too, frankly) to be able to produce the kind of hits that Seth Godin keeps cranking out, seemingly without breaking a sweat....more