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A personal finance and investing podcast on money, how it works, how to invest it and how to live without worrying about it. J. David Stein is a former Chief Investment Strategist and money manager. For close to two decades, he has been teaching individuals and institutions how to invest and handle their finances in ways that are simple to understand. More info at moneyfortherestofus.com


  • What Is Tail Risk and Are You Taking Too Much Of It?

    Feb 24 2021

    When should you protect against rare, but extreme events? When should you self-insure? Under what circumstance should you sell tail risk protection to others?Topics covered include:How tail events differ from tail riskWhy volatility is not the best measure of risk for individualsWhat does it cost to protect against large stock market lossesWhy younger investors can take more risk due to their human capitalHow does the profit wheel options strategy workHow the catastrophic power outage in Texas e...more

  • Why Do We Work So Much?

    Feb 10 2021

    How to structure employment so workers are more creative, productive, and happier.Topics include:What percentage of employees work at home due to the pandemicHow many hours per week do men and women work in both paid employment and unpaid caregivingHow workers have been allocating the time saved by not commutingWhy the economy would still prosper if we worked only four hours per dayWhat is the cult of efficiencyWhat is the difference between leisure and amusementWhy employers reward busyness at ...more

  • Is Silver the Next GameStop? How to Invest in Silver

    Feb 03 2021

    Why has silver jumped to its highest price in eight years. What you need to know to invest in silver.Topics covered include:What drove the huge spike in silver purchasesHow silver differs from meme stocksHow hedge funds are positioned with regard to silverWhat are three ways to invest in silverWhat is the annual demand and supply for silverWhat are the reasons to own silverHow good has silver been as an inflation hedgeWhat is the gold-silver ratio and how to use itWhat happened when the Hunt bro...more

  • Meme Stocks, GameStop, Short Squeezes, and Bubbles

    Jan 27 2021

    How coordinated buying by retail investors has turned the table on Wall Street. Are there signs of a market bubble?Topic covered include:What are meme stocksWhy GameStop's stock (GME) has soared to over $300 from $17 in less than a monthWhat are short squeezes and gamma squeezes and how they can push up a stock priceHow short-sellers including hedge funds are losing big against individual investors on the wallstreetbets subredditIs coordinated buying of options and stocks by individual investors...more

  • Are You Underweight Chinese Stocks? Pros and Cons of Investing in China

    Jan 20 2021

    Most global stock ETFs, funds and indices have only about 5% invested in China even though China has the second-largest economy in the world. What are the pros and cons of increasing your allocation to Chinese stocks.Topics covered include:Why has China's economy rebounded faster than other countriesWhat are Chinese A-share stocksHow large are China's economy and stock marketWhat are four threats that could derail the performance of Chinese stocksHow individuals can invest in China's stock marke...more

  • Is Student Loan Forgiveness A Good Idea?

    Jan 13 2021

    Should the U.S. cancel $10,000 or more of student loan debt per borrower? What would be the economic and financial impact? Why the student loan system is broken and how to fix it.Topics covered include:How large and what is the growth rate of U.S. student loan balancesWhat are the projections for student loan lossesWhat are the pros and cons of forgiving student loansWhat would be the impact on federal finances of canceling student loansWhy the U.S. government is already technically insolventHow...more

  • The New Math of Retirement Spending and Investing

    Jan 06 2021

    How should individuals invest and spend in retirement with interest rates so low, stock valuations high, and inflation uncertain. Why retirement managed payout funds and income replacement funds failed.Topics covered include:How managed payout and income replacement funds compare to immediate annuitiesWhy Vanguard and Fidelity changed the objective of their retiree focused income replacement and managed payout fundsHow fixed annuities workHow retirees should combine annuities with multi-asset cl...more

  • Convertible Bonds : The High Return Asset Class That Vanguard Abandoned

    Dec 16 2020

    How convertible bonds work, why they gained 50% in 2020 and outperformed stocks over the past five years. Why Vanguard shut down their convertible bond mutual funds.Topics discussed include:How big is the convertible bond marketWhy companies issue convertible bondsHow convertible bonds work and how to analyze themWhy convertible bonds have performed so wellWhat is a reasonable expected return for convertible bonds and what are the risksWhat are ways to invest in convertible bondsThanks to Netsui...more

  • 2020 - The Year We Will Never Forget

    Dec 09 2020

    A review of how the pandemic, financial markets, and government policy evolved in 2020 to make for an unforgettable year.Topics covered include:Why the Covid-19 pandemic ranks as the second worst in modern historyWhat is the difference between risk and uncertainty and how our investing should be different when dealing with uncertaintyWhat portfolio changes did David make in 2020 and how should he have invested if he had perfect foresightWhy speculative assets such as gold and cryptocurrencies ha...more

  • The Economy Is Not a Machine

    Dec 02 2020

    How the drive for efficiency leads to greater wealth concentration and threatens capitalism. What can be done about it.Topics covered include:Why income growth has slowed for the middle classWhy the economy now follows a power-law distribution rather than a normal distribution, leading to skewed outcomesWhy the economy is a complex adaptive system rather than a machineHow the type of job you have and the company you work for affects your incomeWhy greater efficiency increases the risk of catastr...more

  • Why Currency Exchange Rates Matter

    Nov 18 2020

    How a nation's balance of payments impacts its currency exchange rate as evidenced by Turkey and other countries.Topics covered include:What is a nation's balance of payments, its current account, and its capital accountHow an individual's personal financial flows are similar to those of a countryWhat is causing the currency crisis in Turkey and LebanonWhy gold imports have increased by 150% in TurkeyWhat is the Triffin dilemma or paradox and how does it impact the United StatesWhat individuals ...more

  • How To Analyze Complex Investments

    Nov 11 2020

    How to determine whether you should invest in a complex investment such as an actively managed ETF that uses option strategies.Topics covered include:A recent investment David made that he shouldn't haveWhat is the volatility risk premium and how to invest in itWhy there have been over 200 new ETFs and ETNs launched in the U.S. in 2020Why some ETF sponsors launch lower cost versions of ETFs that compete with their existing offerings.What questions to answer as part of analyzing a complex investm...more

  • Somebody Won the Election. Now What?

    Nov 04 2020

    As we await the U.S. presidential election results, we review the results of the Trump Administration's economic policies to see if Americans are better off financially than they were four years ago.Topics covered include:Why pollsters and election models can be wrongWhy the state of the economy often drives election outcomesWhat has been the economic impact of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs ActWhat has been the impact of the U.S. trade war with ChinaHow have poverty and health insurance costs chang...more

  • Here Come Central Bank Digital Currencies

    Oct 28 2020

    How central bank digital currencies would work, what is the motivation to create them and what are the risks.Topics covered include:What percentage of central banks are working on a digital currency and plan to issue one soonWhat are the two kinds of money that central banks currently issue and how would a central bank digital currency differHow central bank digital currencies would be similar and different from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrenciesWhat are the benefits and risks of central bank di...more

  • What Are SPACs and Should You Invest in Them?

    Oct 21 2020

    How special purpose acquisition companies work, what their performance has been and what are the ways to invest.Topics covered include:How much money has been raised in SPAC initial public offerings and who are some of the better known sponsorsWhat are the benefits of a SPAC acquisition compared to a traditional initial public offeringHow SPACs work from the initial IPO to the acquisition of a private companyHow have SPACs performed so poorlyHow a new SPAC ETF is structuredAn intriguing way to i...more

  • How to Buy in a Hot Housing Market

    Oct 14 2020

    U.S. home prices are on fire and sales are skyrocketing. Here are 8 rules of thumb for buying a house in a hot housing market when there are multiple bidders over the asking price.Topics covered include:What are the latest metrics on U.S. home sales, prices, and valuationsWhy are homes sales increasing and prices soaring and how likely are they to fallWhy David is buying a different house (again) in a hot housing marketWhat are rules of thumb that can help us find the right house without paying ...more

  • Vacation Special: A Discussion with David's Former Investment Firm

    Oct 07 2020

    This episode is an interview that Fund Evaluation Group LLC held with David as part of their FEG Insight Bridge podcast series.Topics covered include:What David did and learned at FEGWhat goes into making the Money For the Rest of Us podcastCentral banking and the Federal ReserveInvesting in gold and cryptocurrenciesCurrent investment conditionsFavorite investing books

  • Paper, Rocks or Digits: What Makes the Best Money?

    Sep 30 2020

    What are the elements of a successful monetary system.Topics covered include:The stone currency of YapThe fiat currency of ancient ChinaWhy money requires trust, accounting and tokensWhy too much money can lead to inflation and too little to deflationWhy the best money is useless other than as moneyThanks to LinkedIn and Candid for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.

  • Are We Being Forced to Buy Stocks

    Sep 23 2020

    How ultra-low interest rates support higher stock market valuations but also make the investment environment more challenging. Is there a stock market bubble?Topics covered include:How expensive are stocks on an absolute basis and relative to bondsWhat are examples of individual investor enthusiasm for stocksWhy stock valuations and prices increase when interest rates fallWhy lower interest rates make it more difficult for central banks to support stocks during a downturnWhy TIPs might be a bett...more

  • How to Not Have a Lost Decade

    Sep 16 2020

    What are four principles individuals can follow to achieve their financial and career goals this decade despite the rough start in 2020.Why we have to be willing to share our journey with others so that they are vested in our storyWhy it's important to focus on areas where we have momentumHow to prudently use leverage in order to build an assetThe importance of urgency, hope, and putting on an event so that we can achieve our business goalsHow asset allocation and portfolio holdings differ depen...more

  • No One Is Entirely A Buy and Hold Investor

    Sep 09 2020

    What are the numerous decisions individuals have to make in managing their investments portfolios.Topics covered include:Why individual investors in order to build and preserve wealth should invest like family offices and university endowmentsWhy even buy and hold investors make portfolio changesWhat are examples of the numerous decisions individuals have to make in overseeing their investment portfoliosHow badly has value investing underperformed growth investingHow are mindset should change wh...more

  • What the Federal Reserve's New Policies Mean For Your Finances

    Sep 02 2020

    The Federal Reserve just updated its policy tools. What impact could that have on inflation, interest rates and your investments.Topics covered include:Why is the Federal Reserve more transparent in its communication than it used to be.What are the Federal Reserve's Congressionally mandated goals.What are four economic developments that has caused lower inflation and motivated the Fed to adjust its strategy for achieving its goals.Why inflation could be higher than the Fed's 2% targetWhat might ...more

  • Did ETFs Pass the 2020 Market Collapse Stress Test?

    Aug 26 2020

    How did ETFs function during the 2020 market sell-off and did the indexing bubble burst? What ETF structures failed the stress test and which passed.Why were some investors, like Michael Burry, concerned about an indexing bubbleWhat are ETF risks such as flash crashesHow did equity ETFs function during the spring 2020 sell-off and how they can act as shock absorbersWhat were some of the challenges that bond ETFs faced in March 2020How the rise in bond ETFs is leading to changes in how bonds are ...more

  • Why the Stock Market and Economy Are Rebounding So Quickly

    Aug 19 2020

    How the current global recession differs from the Great Financial Crisis and why the recession is probably over.Topics covered include:Why the current recession has no debt and banking crisisWhy lower-income workers are disproportionally harmed by the current recessionHow the federal government and central bank responses differed between the current recession and the 2008-09 recession.Do increased unemployment benefits disincentivize workersWhy the recession is probably over, but it could take m...more

  • Investments to Fight Financial Repression

    Aug 12 2020

    What are some investments that can generate a cash yield greater than inflation in an era when central bank policies keep government bond yields lower than the inflation rate.Topics covered include:How low are interest rates around the worldWhat have inflation rates been and what causes inflation and deflationWhat is financial repressionWhy are central banks keeping short-term interest rates so lowWhat determines interest ratesHow I-bonds workWhy active bond mutual funds can be helpfulThe pros a...more

  • Coins and Cash: Shortages, Hoardings, and Threats

    Aug 05 2020

    What is the cause of the current U.S. coin shortage and when have there been other shortages. Why is there a push to get rid of both the penny and the hundred dollar bill.Topics covered include:How many coins does the U.S. Mint produce each year and why hasn't it been enough to avert a coin shortage in 2020.How the U.S. coin shortage in the early 1960s differs from today.How much profit does the U.S. Mint make producing coins even though it loses money minting both pennies and nickels.How often ...more

  • Income Share Agreements - Good For Students or Investors?

    Jul 29 2020

    What are the pros and cons of income share agreements for partially funding higher education. Are investing in ISA's a viable opportunity?Topics covered include:How do income share agreements (ISAs) differ from student loans for funding higher education costs.Are ISA's really a partial form of slavery or indentured servitudeWhat are the components of an ISA contract.How adverse selection, differential pricing, moral hazard, and a lack of regulation pose challenges to income share agreements.What...more

  • Three Approaches to Asset Allocation

    Jul 22 2020

    What are the three primary ways to allocate assets and build a portfolio when saving for retirement or living in retirement.Topics covered include:How saving for retirement and living in retirement differ.What are the expected return and risk of the Permanent, Golden Butterfly, and All Season portfolios.What are the pros and cons of a role-based permanent portfolio.What are the pros and cons of a strategic portfolio mix, such as the Bogleheads Three Fund PortfolioWhat are the pros and cons of an...more

  • Are Banks Safe?

    Jul 15 2020

    Is a bank collapse coming due to bank exposure to collateralized loan obligations as defaults increase?Topics covered include:What are collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), how are they structured, and what has been their historical default rates.How much exposure do banks have to CLOs and will it impact your bank savings and investments.What are bank capital ratios and how are they calculated.How banks are more conservatively run due to the adoption of the Basel III regulatory framework.What ...more

  • A 15% Guaranteed Return? Lending on the Fringes of Finance

    Jul 01 2020

    An analysis of the returns and risks of different lending platform options including asset-based lending, unsecured peer-to-peer lending, cryptocurrency lending and a cash advance company that promises to pay a 15% annual percentage yield.Topics covered include:U-haul Investors Club and other asset-based lending optionsDriverLoans Investor Club that promises a 15% guaranteed returnBlockFi - cryptocurrency lending with yields over 8%LendingClub and why returns are only 4% to 5%The economics of ca...more

  • How to Do Financial Planning

    Jun 24 2020

    Why individuals should use a more agile approach to investing and financial planning.Topics covered include:How to incorporate low probability catastrophic events in your financial plans.How traditional financial planning differs from agile financial planning.Why we need to test-drive our financial plans.How too much efficiency can lead to a lack of resilience.How David's portfolio is allocated using a role-based flexible bucket approach.Thanks to Policygenius and The Great Courses Plus for spon...more

  • Investing Is Not Knowing

    Jun 17 2020

    How successful investing requires judgment and humility not accurate forecasting ability.Topics covered include:Why pretending to know when you don't is harmful.Why true experts admit their limitations.Why David recently increased his allocation to stocks in his portfolio.How the number of new retail brokerage accounts has exploded.How the stock of the bankrupt company Hertz is a great example of how not to invest.What is privilege and what should we do about it.Thanks to NetSuite and Aspiration...more

  • Use Caution with Alternative Investments

    Jun 03 2020

    How alternative investment opportunities, such as venture capital, private equity, real estate and real assets, are increasing for individuals. Why these opportunities differ from what is available to institutional investors and how to evaluate them like a pro.Topics covered include:What are alternative investments and how are they structured.What are 5 factors that determine alternative investment returns.Lessons from three recent alternative investment deals including one that defaulted.How to...more

  • Ray Dalio and the Changing World Order

    May 27 2020

    What are the forces that lead to the rise and fall of nations. Why does the U.S. appear to be in decline and what investors can do to prepare.Topics covered include:An overview of Ray Dalio and Bridgewater Associates' investment processWhy human productivity is the most powerful force for creating wealth.Additional forces that contribute to nations increasing in power and wealth.Why being the reserve currency is an exorbitant privilege.What are factors that indicate a nation's influence and powe...more

  • Has the Pandemic Changed You?

    May 20 2020

    A look at growing patterns consumers and businesses are adopting as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.Topics covered include:Two constants in a radically unpredictable worldHow removing things is more powerful than adding thingsHow airline travel will change, leading to more local travelWhy bicycle sales are soaringHow our social interactions are changingWhat is local maximaHow the forces of money, trust, technology, and climate change have played out in the aftermath of the pandemic.Thanks to T...more

  • The Stock Market Is Not the Economy

    May 13 2020

    How the stock market differs from and can perform differently than the economy while remaining highly dependent on the economy for its success.Topics covered include:Why the stock markets in countries with lower economic growth performed better than the stock markets in countries with higher economic growth.How the top 5 stocks in the S&P 500 Index have the largest weighting in 30 years and what will it takes for these stocks to outperform the market.What are the largest contributors to U.S ...more

  • How to Protect Your Savings

    May 06 2020

    How to protect your savings from monetary threats like devaluation. Why high yield savings accounts exist, and are they worth it.Topics covered include:Why Lebanon defaulted on its national debt and announced it will devalue its currency by 57%.Why some depositors in Lebanon will probably lose some of their bank savings.What investors can do to protect themselves from currency devaluations.What are stablecoins and why are they useful.Why some online banks pay above-average interest rates on savi...more

  • Why Negative Prices Exist and What They Can Teach Us

    Apr 29 2020

    Why the oil price fell below zero and what are other examples of negative prices. What lessons can we learn from negative prices.Topics covered include:How oil futures work and why the oil future prices fell below zero for the first time ever.Why has the United States Oil ETF (USO) lost so much money.How ETF authorized participants create new shares only so they can be shorted.How storage problems for oil and electricity can lead to negative prices.How negative interest rates are another form of...more

  • Federal Reserve Insolvency and Monetizing the National Debt

    Apr 22 2020

    How central banks can become insolvent and why it can lead to hyperinflation. What are four ways the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury could monetize the national debt.Topics covered include:What are the major asset and liabilities of the Federal ReserveHow does the Federal Reserve make a profit and what happens if it suffers a loss.How has the Federal Reserve has significantly expanded the types of assets it will hold and what are the risks.What could cause the Federal Reserve and other cen...more

  • How Stories Go Viral and Drive Economic Events

    Apr 15 2020

    How the stories we tell ourselves lead to economic change. What are current pandemic related narratives that are impacting financial markets and the economy.Topics covered include:Examples of mathematical models for epidemics.What are the risks when the global economy is opened again.Under what circumstances do individuals rely on anecdotal evidence rather than statistics.What are some propositions that underly how economic narratives spread.What are some examples of major narratives that impact...more

  • Decision Making: Uncertainty versus Risk

    Apr 01 2020

    What is the difference between risk and uncertainty and how our decision making approach should differ under each scenario. Why pandemics are highly uncertain and should be treated as such.Topics covered include:How the coronavirus pandemic is far worse than other pandemics this century.How humans have a difficult time accepting that things won't return to normal.What is the difference between risk and uncertainty.How we make decisions should differ if something is uncertain versus risky.What is...more

  • Will Infinite Money Save the Economy

    Mar 25 2020

    What central banks such as the Federal Reserve and federal governments are doing to counteract the negative impact of the pandemic related economic shutdown. What are the risks of this massive monetary and fiscal stimulus and how to mitigate those risks.Topics covered include:How central banks have the capacity to create an infinite amount of money.How the Federal Reserve is using its money-printing ability to stabilize the financial system and reduce the negative impact of the pandemic related ...more

  • How To Survive the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Shutdown

    Mar 18 2020

    How to avoid ruin and help others avoid ruin as the economy shuts down to slow the spread of the coronavirus.Topics covered include:What is the precautionary principle and how can it help us make important decisions with regards to the coronavirus pandemic.How many people could be infected with Covid-19 in the next 30 to 60 days at the current daily growth rate.Why investment managers are selling assets to reduce their market exposure.Should individual investors be increasing or reducing their e...more

  • What Are Closed-End Funds and How Do You Invest in Them?

    Mar 11 2020

    Why closed-end funds are David's favorite investment vehicle, particularly during market panics. What are the unique characteristics of these funds and what are successful strategies for investing them.Topics covered include:How closed-end funds differ from open-end mutual funds and ETFs.Why most closed-end funds are bond funds and use leverage.Why closed-end funds can sell at large discounts and premiums.What are managed distribution programs.How to evaluate and select closed-end funds.What is ...more

  • Market Timing Versus Time in the Market

    Mar 04 2020

    Why most investors practice both market timing and time in the market. Why it is okay to reduce stock exposure given the coronavirus pandemic threat.What would a stock portfolio return that misses the best or worst days and how likely is that.How do rolling 30-year stock returns differ depending on the starting point.Why are stocks likely to outperform bonds over the next 30 years.What is sequence of return risk. What is market timing.Why long-term investors should never move completely out...more

  • Will Early Retirements Crash the Economy

    Feb 26 2020

    Almost half of Millennials want to retire early. Will that hurt economic growth? There were similar concerns in the 1920s that early retirement would wreck the economy. In fact, there was significant pushback against retiring at all due to fears retirements would destroy the economy. Yet, the Great Depression still came. In this episode, we consider what ended the Roaring Twenties, caused the Great Depression, and how early retirements impact the economy. Topics covered include:What is the ...more

  • What Causes Hyperinflation and What To Do To Prepare For It

    Feb 19 2020

    What factors lead to hyperinflation, why it is so devastating, how hyperinflation can be overcome and what can individuals do to be prepared for hyperinflation.Topics covered include:What causes inflation and how do central banks manage it.How the causes of hyperinflation differ from more normal levels of inflation.What is the biggest challenge of living in a country with hyperinflation.How Zimbabwe and other countries were able to overcome hyperinflation and how Venezuela is slowly taking steps...more

  • Coronavirus and the Financial Impact of Pandemics

    Feb 05 2020

    How pandemics have impacted the economy and financial markets. Where does the coronavirus rank in severity compared to other pandemics. What portfolio changes, if any, should investors make in response to the coronavirus pandemic.Topics covered include:Definition of a pandemicThe worst pandemics in the 20th and 21st centuriesWhat are the factors in determining the severity of the coronavirus' impactWhat are the economic ramifications of the coronavirus.How did financial markets perform during pr...more

  • Money Is Debt

    Jan 29 2020

    How most money, such as currency, bank deposits, money market mutual funds, and repurchase agreements, is really short-term debt, often backed by other debt. As a result, money is subject to runs when investors lose confidence and don't want to own it. That can lead to financial crises.Topics covered in this episode include:How counterfeiting currency works.Why most money is debt backed by debt.How a loss of confidence in money leads to bank runs and other financial crises.How demand for U.S. Tr...more

  • We Are All Financially Vulnerable

    Jan 22 2020

    How to protect against financial hardship and assist others who are struggling financially.Topics covered include:Why are so many families leaving Central America and seeking to enter the United States.How have U.S. immigration patterns changed.Why immigration leads to higher economic growth.Why unsheltered homelessness is increasing around the world and what strategies have been effective in reducing homelessness.What can individuals do to assist the homeless and others who are in financial dis...more

  • Why You Should Care About Carry Trades

    Jan 15 2020

    How investors make money with carry trades, how central banks encourage such trades, and what are the dangers to financial markets and the economy when carry trades get too big.Topics covered include:What are the attributes and examples of carry trades.Why do carry trades exist even though investors can suffer massive losses.What was Volmageddeon and Francogeddan.How central banks are the largest carry traders and their actions encourage even more carry trades.Why carry trades are deflationary a...more

  • Is GDP the Best Measure of Happiness and Well-being?

    Jan 08 2020

    What factors determine the well-being of an individual or nation and why gross domestic product is an inadequate measure of prosperity.Topics covered include:Evidence many Americans are poorer than before the Great Recession.Why life expectancy in the U.S. is falling.How satisifiedare U.S. citizens.What is GDP and why is the U.S. Bureau of Economics developing a new methodologyWhat are the flaws with GDP and why does it fall short in measuring well-being.Which countries around the world are the ...more

  • Four Forces That Will Shape the Next Decade

    Dec 18 2019

    How climate change, money, trust and technology will interact to impact financial markets and the economy in the coming decade.Topics covered include:Why we change much more over a decade's time than we predict.What is the best approach for transitioning to a new career.What have stocks and bonds returned over the past decade and what are reasonable return expectations for the decade ahead.Examples of how the impact of climate change is being priced into financial transactions.Why Ray Dalio thin...more

  • Travel and the Trust Economy

    Dec 11 2019

    How is it the global economy still functions even though most individuals do not trust brands, public institutions or each other.Topics covered in this episode include:The low level of interpersonal trust around the worldWhat is social capital and how it facilitates a trust economy.What are the incentives that encourage individuals and businesses to produce goods and services rather than steal from each other.How does trust impact economic growth.Does traveling harm or help local residents.Thank...more

  • Why All Retirees Should Consider an Income Annuity

    Dec 04 2019

    How a safety-first retirement approach using income annuities is more predictable and takes less money than depending entirely on your investment portfolio to fund your retirement.Topics covered include:The difference between a safety-first and probability-based approached to retirement.How income annuities work.Why setting a sustainable retirement withdrawal rates requires planning for below average market returns and above average life expectancy.How using an income annuity and other guarantee...more

  • You Have Permission to Spend

    Nov 20 2019

    Two Money For the Rest of Us podcast listeners are struggling with spending money. The first listener is 22 and lives in Canada. He feels as if his money is going everywhere such as saving for a house, car, and retirement, but very little goes to things he enjoys.The second listener is 46 with a $2 million net worth, but in his case, he finds he doesn’t enjoy spending money on himself. He is willing to spend money on his wife and two children, but he still finds himself feeling tight, fearful an...more

  • How ETFs Are Changing

    Nov 13 2019

    How regulatory changes could lead to a boom in new ETFs, including actively managed ETFs. Why ETFs continue to be one of the most innovative, cost effective and tax efficient investment vehicles.Topic covered include:How big is the ETF market relative to mutual funds.What are the benefits of ETFs that have allowed them to gain market share from mutal funds.What are some of the negatives with ETFs.What has changed to make it easier for sponsors to launch new ETFs.How do non-transparent actively m...more

  • Don't Retire, Settle Instead

    Nov 06 2019

    How to find your unique work that can bring satisfaction and income before and during the traditional retirement years.Topics discussed in this episode include:What is settled work.Why you need time and space to find and do your best work.What is a commonplace book and why it can be helpful.How filters and saying no can help us control our time.The important role of serendipity in finding our path.Thanks to The Great Courses Plus and Vistaprint (use code David50) for sponsoring the episode.For s...more

  • Are You Over Diversified?

    Oct 30 2019

    Is it possible to be too diversified and how can you tell? Why Warren Buffet thinks diversification is protection against ignorance.Topics covered include:The skills you need to be able to select individual stocks.How have active managers outperformed relative to passive indexing products.How much diversification is too much and a test to determine if one is over diversified.What is factor investing and which factors have worked over the past 200 years.Thanks to LinkedIn and Policygenius for spo...more

  • BONUS - Audiobook Excerpt from Money for the Rest of Us: 10 Questions to Master Successful Investing

    Oct 25 2019

    David's book Money for the Rest of Us: 10 Questions to Master Successful Investing is now available (at least the e-book version). To celebrate, here is a bonus episode with excerpts from the forthcoming audiobook.Please enjoy the Introduction and Chapter One.Also, as part of the book launch, David will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 1PM Eastern time. Please join us.

  • 10 Questions To Master Successful Investing

    Oct 23 2019

    What are the timeless principles we can follow in order to become better investors. Topics covered in this episode include:How a book's permanence makes it different from a podcast.How David's book got written and published and why his publisher just recalled the hardcover version of the book.What are the 10 questions we should answer before we invest in anything.Thanks to NetSuite and The Great Courses Plus for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode clic...more

  • What is an ETN? - Understanding Exchange Traded Notes

    Oct 16 2019

    What are the benefits and risks of investing in exchange-traded notes (ETNs) compared with ETFs.Topics covered include:How big is the market for ETNs compared with ETFs.How ETNs can do a better job tracking their target index than ETFs.Why ETNs can be more tax-efficient than ETFs..How ETNs have counterparty risk, pricing risk, and liquidity risk.Under what circumstances would an ETN be preferred over an ETF.Thanks to WIX and Policygenius for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more informa...more

  • Is Inflation Measured Wrong?

    Oct 09 2019

    Why some analysts believe the Consumer Price Index formula understates inflation while others believe the CPI formula overstates inflation. What really matters to us individually when it comes to inflation.Topics covered in this episode include:What is inflation and what causes it.How is the Consumer Price Index calculated and how has the CPI formula changed over time.What are examples of different CPI measures.Why do some analysts believe U.S. inflation is higher than what CPI states while othe...more

  • Financial Independence Is a Choice

    Oct 02 2019

    Why true financial independence means eliminating financial vulnerability including not being overly reliant on stock market appreciation.Topics covered in this episode include:What does it mean to be financially vulnerable.What are the two paths to financial independence.Why we shouldn’t stake our financial independence and early retirement on the historical performance of stocks and bonds.What are the rules of thumb we can use to develop reasonable assumptions for stocks and bonds and how thos...more

  • Repo Rates Soared—Here's Why It Matters

    Sep 25 2019

    How a liquidity crunch in the short-term lending markets sent interest rates soaring. Why this is a huge blunder on the part of the Federal Reserve, and what it means for us as individual investors.Topics covered in this episode include:What are repurchase agreements and how are they used to finance U.S Treasuries.How outflows from money market funds and hoarding by banks led to a liquidity crunch that caused repo rates to spike to 10%.Why banks are hoarding reserves held at the central bank eve...more

  • How the Public Sector Pension Crisis Will Impact You

    Sep 18 2019

    Why most state and municipal pension plans are underfunded and why that could lead to higher taxes and reduced government services. Why participants in state government retirement systems have greater protection against benefit cuts than participants in municipal retirement systems.Topics covered include:How defined benefit plans work.Why there is more subjectivity regarding valuing a pension plan's liabilities compared with its assets.What does it mean for a pension plan to be underfunded, and ...more

  • How to Better Manage Risk

    Sep 11 2019

    What are the three steps to better manage risk and get what you really want.Topics covered in this episode include:Why goods and services that lessen risk tend to cost more.What is the three-step process for assessing and managing risk.Why defining the risk-free option or asset is critical to managing risk.Why immediate annuities are the retirement risk-free option rather than a conservative investment portfolio.What are the two types of risk and how do we mitigate them.What is the difference be...more

  • How Capitalism Gets Off Track

    Sep 04 2019

    How inequitable business models like those in the gig economy can lead to a financial crisis, more regulation, and doubts about the viability of the free-market system.Topics covered in this episode include:What is the expanded role of corporations according to leading chief executive officers.What is the gig economy.Takeaways from David’s recent experience delivering restaurant meals for Doordash including the huge liability many independent delivery drivers are unaware of.Who covers the shortf...more

  • Using Momentum Investing and Trend Following

    Aug 28 2019

    How momentum investing works, what are some of the challenges in implementing it, and how can individuals use momentum in their investment portfolios.Topics covered in this episode include:What is momentum investing and why does it theoretically deliver excess return.Why do momentum strategies suffer through periods of horrendous losses.Why high trading costs and selling a position can be challenges to successfully implementing momentum strategies.What are examples of momentum oriented funds and...more

  • Invest Like a Tesla

    Aug 21 2019

    How the composition of Tesla's autopilot software gives clues to how we should invest, recognizing there are no perfect algorithms for driving or investing.In this episode you will learn:Why Americans are afraid of self-driving cars.How autonomous automobile software works.Why people reject even the best possible algorithms.What are examples of safety features and rules of thumb we should build into our investing process.Why does everyone think a recession is coming soon even though there is lit...more

  • What Happens If U.S. Interest Rates Turn Negative?

    Aug 14 2019

    What are negative interest rates, why they could come to the U.S. and what investors can do about it.In this episode you will learn:How negative interest rates are even possible.How longer life spans, central bank actions, changing time preferences and the FIRE movement are contributing to negative interest rates.What is the paradox of thrift.How investors can earn a positive return on bonds even if interest rates are negative.What are some indicators to watch for that could signal imminent nega...more

  • Should You Invest In Gold?

    Aug 07 2019

    With gold at a six-year high, is now the time to invest? What determines the price of gold and what are ways one can invest in this precious metal? We also explore whether gold is an effective inflation hedge and store of value. In this episode you’ll learn:How has gold performed as an investment over different time periods.How gold has outperformed inflation, but has not been a great inflation hedge.What are the challenges to gold being a safe havenHow gold’s performance is driven by fear ...more

  • Better Not Bigger, Circular Not Linear - How the Global Economy Is Changing

    Jul 31 2019

    How a less energy intensive and more regenerative economy will allow the developing the world to advance without breaching ecological boundaries.In this episode you’ll learn:What is the difference between circular and linear supply chains.What is doughnut economics?What are adaptive preferences and how they led David to trade in a BMW 650i for a Toyota Prius.How electric vehicles and the proliferation of solar panels are leading to a less energy-intensive economy.How the reduction of litter is a...more

  • Is Value Investing Dead?

    Jul 24 2019

    Why has value investing underperformed growth investing for over twelve years and how to position your portfolio for the eventual rebound in value investing.In this episode you will learn:The difference between growth and value investing and why value investing outperforms growth investing over the long-term.How value and growth indices are constructed and how they differ from fundamental indexing.What are the risks and opportunities of investing in concentrated, deep-value managers.Why value in...more

  • Is This Why Interest Rates Are Falling and the Global Economy Slowing?

    Jul 17 2019

    Has the off-shore dollar market in terms of dollar financing and currency hedging gotten so big that it can dictate Federal Reserve monetary policy including the expected short-term interest rate cut by the Fed at its July 2019 open market committee meeting? In other words, has the Federal Reserve lost its ability to conduct monetary policy and control interest rates as it sees fit and is now in search of other tools?In this episode you’ll learn:Why the Federal Reserve is puzzled by how U.S. int...more

  • Will The Libra Cryptocurrency Revolutionize Money?

    Jul 10 2019

    Will Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency transform money as we know it or is it "the most invasive and dangerous form of surveillance devised thus far?" How does the Libra compare to Bitcoin and the U.S. dollar in terms of the attributes of money.In this episode you’ll learn:What is the Libra and how does it differ from Bitcoin.What are the different attributes of money.What is proof of work and proof of stake for cryptocurrencies.What is the difference between permissionless and permission-based sy...more

  • How Financialization Pushes Up Home Prices

    Jun 26 2019

    How the demand by corporations and individuals to turn single-family homes into rental units is pushing up home prices, making it more difficult for first-time homebuyers to purchase a house. In this episode you'll learn:Why the United Nations is accusing certain countries and corporations of treating housing as a tradable financial commodity rather than a human right.Why Blackstone believes it is helping to solve the housing crisis by buying and renting single family homes and that the Uni...more

  • It’s Not Just Wealth That Compounds

    Jun 19 2019

    How the power of compounding applies not only to wealth, but influence, expertise, and creativity. How non-monetary investments can lead to greater monetary wealth and satisfaction.In this episode, you will learn:Why the rule of 72 and the power of compounding are hindered by portfolio losses.Why the sequence of returns impacts investment performance, but also our expectations.How what we experience in the world is made up of separate glimpses and events.What are non-monetary things that compoun...more

  • Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Change Investing?

    Jun 12 2019

    How does artificial intelligence and machine learning work and what are some examples of how individual investors can use AI in their investing.In this episode you will learn:What is artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.How is AI being used by different industries.How are AI models built with supervised and unsupervised learning.What are the components of a quantitative trading model and why it is insufficient to have an AI based stock ranking service.What are examples of ...more

  • With Interest Rates Falling, Why Do You Own Bonds?

    Jun 05 2019

    How an asset class such as bonds can play different roles in your portfolio depending on your investment philosophy. In this episode you will learn:What are bonds and how can they be used in investment portfolios.What is interest rate anticipation.Why individuals have an advantage over institutions because they don't have to worry about outperforming a benchmark when it comes to bonds.Why U.S. interest rates could rise and fall from current levels.Why China is unlikely to sell all of its U....more

  • Should You Be 100% Invested In Stocks?

    May 29 2019

    What are the pros and cons of having your entire investment portfolio invested in stocks versus a multi-asset class portfolio.In this episode you’ll learn:What are some investment options if you want to be 100% invested in stocks.What attributes do you need as investor to have an all stock portfolio.Why it is difficult for active managers to outperform.Why an all Japanese stock portfolio has severely underperformed for 25 years and how it is possible a U.S. stock portfolio could suffer the same ...more

  • Are IPOs the New Ponzi Scheme?

    May 22 2019

    How venture capital funded startups run up massive losses while justifying premium valuations using creative profitability metrics. These private companies are now going public allowing early investors to cash out with sizable gains. Meanwhile, these new publicly traded companies are added to equity indices, forcing passive managers to purchase them for their index funds and ETFs.In this episode you will learn:How venture capital and initial public offerings work.How many venture capitalists are...more

  • How To Become Wealthy

    May 15 2019

    The three-step plan for becoming financially wealthy and how to be wealthy without the money.In this episode you’ll learn:The results of two recent surveys on wealth, investing and retirement planning.How much money do people believe they need to consider themselves wealthy.How is wealth distributed across the U.S. population and how wealthy are Americans?Why you need a simple financial plan.What are the three steps to becoming financially wealthy.How to live like you are already wealthy.Thanks ...more

  • Impact Investing and Intentionality

    May 08 2019

    How individuals can have a positive impact while earning a good return investing. What are some examples of socially responsible and impact investments and platforms.In this episode you’ll learn:What is the difference between impact investing, ESG and SRI?What are examples of socially responsible exchange traded funds.What are green bonds.What are some examples of impact investments and platforms.What are three ways we can have a positive impact as individuals.Thanks to Blinkist and LinkedIn for...more

  • Investment Rule One—Avoid Ruin

    Apr 24 2019

    How reducing exposure to a catastrophic event, such as running out of money during retirement, is a better strategy than trying to accurately predict a catastrophic event. In this episode you’ll learn:How repeated exposures to low probability events can lead to ruin.How bonds have outperformed stocks over long stretches of time .How the success of retirement spending rules depend on the market environment and why a flexible approach to retirement spending makes the most sense given the wide vari...more

  • Should You Invest in India?

    Apr 17 2019

    Why respected investors and economists believe India will be the fastest growing economy and potentially best-performing stock market over the next two decades. What are the risks that could prevent that from happening?In this episode you will learn:Why the economy in India hold so much promise and what are the risks.What is a reasonable return expectation for the India stock market.What are passive and active options for investing in India.For show notes and more information on this episode cli...more

  • How to Avoid Investment Fraud

    Apr 10 2019

    Here are precautions we can take to avoid ponzi schemes and not become victim to investment fraud. In this episode you’ll learn:What are sources to determine the background of individuals and firms who are selling investment products and advice.What is the difference between registered investment advisors, registered investment companies and registered securities.How to analyze performance and fees to make sure they are acceptable before we invest.Why we need to be more wary if securities are no...more

  • More Indexes, ETFs and Manager Skill, but Less Alpha

    Apr 03 2019

    How the increase in indexing is leading to the creation of more stock indexes, most of which are used by active managers. How more indexing makes it more difficult for active managers to outperform even though managers are getting more skilled. Thanks to TripActions and WIX for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:22] Definition of “alpha.”[0:49] Why there are so many indexes available.[4:35] The business of indexing.[7:01] The criteria th...more

  • What Central Banks Don’t Know Should Concern You

    Mar 27 2019

    Why an inverted yield curve is disconcerting given such low interest rates. Why those low rates could lead to radical central bank policies during the next recession. Thanks to Policy Genius and Blinkist for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:23] Yield curve inversion has generally led to a recession.[3:00] Stock market behavior during a recession.[5:19] Why has the yield curve inverted?[7:04] Understanding who controls and defines the policy...more

  • Is College Worth It?

    Mar 20 2019

    #245 With more and more college degrees being granted and higher student loan balances, when does it make sense to go to a highly selective college or to college at all? What can increase earnings more than just having college degree? Thanks to TripActions and Shipstation for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:17] The price paid by parents for their children’s prestigious degrees.[3:28] David’s college experience.[5:14] Does ambition or a sel...more

  • Are You Spending Too Much? (FIRE Edition)

    Mar 13 2019

    #244 How we can use filters to better manage how much we spend and make sure our spending has a meaningful impact on ourselves and the world. Thanks to EveryPlate and LinkedIn for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:16] The FIRE movement and how much you need to retire early.[1:23] What are we supposed to be seeking?[3:23] How do we define the “bare necessities?”[8:58] The superfluous things in life are what we spend our money on.[11:12] Findi...more

  • Do You Have Enough to Retire? (FIRE Edition)

    Mar 06 2019

    #243 What are the key metrics to determine if you have reached financial independence and can retire early. How major stock market losses can derail early retirement plans and what to do about it. Thanks to Sleep Number and Blinkist for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:19] Interview opportunity with Suze Orman.[1:15] FIRE: Financially Independent Retire Early.[2:06] Suze’s response to the FIRE movement.[3:36] Controversy over the motives dr...more

  • Should You Let Warren Buffett Manage Your Money?

    Feb 27 2019

    #242. Does it make financial sense to buy Berkshire Hathaway stock and let Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger manage your money? We evaluate Berkshire Hathaway's people, investment process and performance to determine what to do. Thanks to ShipStation and The Great Courses Plus for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[00:19] Berkshire Hathaway as a money manager.[1:49] Looking at the people to determining who to hire as a money manager.[3:37] What...more

  • Do Budget Deficits Matter? Modern Monetary Theory Explained

    Feb 20 2019

    #241 Why modern monetary theory isn't worried about federal budget deficits, why budget deficits never go away and what are the risks if budget deficits get too large. We also explore what else proponents of modern monetary theory believe.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:22] What is Modern Monetary Theory?[3:20] Taxes create demand for fiat money.[5:32] Taxes and government bonds don’t finance the federal government.[8:56] Budget deficits increase the net financi...more

  • Three Financial Lessons from Thoreau

    Feb 13 2019

    #240 What Henry David Thoreau can teach us about calculating costs, profits, benefits and living a life free of "quiet desperation." Thanks to Blinkist and LinkedIn for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.0:23] Moving into a new house and considering the simplicity of Thoreau.[2:34] Preserving Ralph Waldo Emerson’s woods.[5:15] A two-year experiment living in the woods.[6:32] Calculating cost in terms of our life.[8:37] Distinguishing p...more

  • How to Be a Successful Trader

    Feb 06 2019

    #239 Why successful trading of commodities futures, foreign currencies and options depends on exploiting novice traders. Thanks to Molekule and Sleep Number for sponsoring this episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:20] Learning how to trade.[4:52] David takes a look at a trading school for himself.[9:15] Red flags in the trade school learning process.[10:32] Common mistakes in managing wealth according to the trade school.[16:29] Is the solution found in only ...more

  • The U.S Is More Socialist Than Denmark with Home Mortgages

    Jan 30 2019

    #238 How the U.S. mortgage market differs from the Danish mortgage market. Danish mortgage rates and defaults are lower than the U.S.. and unlike the U.S., the Danish government is not involved in protecting investors against mortgage defaults. This episode also explores how the mortgage broker industry has evolved since the housing crash. Thanks to ShipStation and The Great Courses Plus for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:23] The socialis...more

  • Brexit Is A Mess—Lessons Learned

    Jan 23 2019

    #237 What can we learn from the difficulties the UK is having in negotiating an exit from the European Union. What happens next? Why there is always a conflict between globalization and national sovereignty.  Thanks to LinkedIn, Blinkist and The Great Courses Plus for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:32] Update on Brexit since the British Parliament Vote.[1:20] Basic Principles of Brexit.[3:58] The problem of the Irish border.[10:...more

  • How Investors Cope With Radical Uncertainty

    Jan 16 2019

    #236 How heuristics, filters and reasonable stories help us cope with radical uncertainty and make investment decisions. Thanks to Netsuite and The Great Courses Plus for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:17] Investing is a world of radical uncertainty.[1:57] Risk vs. uncertainty.[6:01] Coping through the use of narrative.[10:39] Using filters to keep ourselves from being overwhelmed.[12:48] Staying shy of the consensus and “phantastic”...more

  • What If Home Prices Always Fell

    Jan 09 2019

    #235 How to evaluate the purchase of a depreciating asset, such as buying a house in Japan where prices have declined 23 out of the past 29 years. Thanks to The Great Courses Plus, LinkedIn and Sleep Number for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:20] Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic formula for dealing with a housing bubble.[2:33] Making the decision to purchase a second home.[5:31] Japan’s declining housing market.[13:10] Another quirk...more

  • Index But Don't Herd

    Dec 19 2018

    #234 How and when to use passive indexing strategies without following the crowd. Thanks to Masterworks and Sleep Number for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[2:25] Do all index investment followers herd?[4:13] Why it has taken so long for indexing to become established.[11:05] Comparing the statistic of active management to passive management.[16:14] Keeping your portfolio diverse while indexing.[19:54] Example of a return driver outside of i...more

  • Is An Emerging Markets Crisis Imminent?

    Dec 12 2018

    #233 What is the cause of the economic crisis in Argentina and how likely is it that other developing nations will experience a similar financing crisis. Thanks to Policy Genius for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:20] Why the Argentine peso has decreased 47% in value.[3:41] 3 Reasons why Argentina is unique and has suffered such sharp economic decline.[10:23] What we can learn from Argentina’s funding crisis.[13:51] How to tell when the ma...more

  • Is It Time To Invest In Commodities?

    Dec 05 2018

    #232 Why investing in commodities such as oil and gold is challenging. What you need to know before you invest. Thanks to New Retirement Planner for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:18] Where do commodities help us in the economic cycle?[2:00] How to interpret the apparent statistical decline in commodities.[5:40] Are master limited partnerships (MLPs) helpful to your portfolio?[8:19] How the energy transition will affect the future of comm...more

  • What Determines How Much You Make

    Nov 28 2018

    #231 Why different occupations pay differently or even the same occupation in different countries. Why the same occupation can pay differently for different companies that reside in the same city.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:12] A bit of background on today’s question for Money For the Rest of Us[2:28] Why do certain occupations pay more than others?[11:36] Wages vary from county to country - here’s why[20:09] Even jobs in the same city pay different wages, a...more

  • Use Caution With Real Estate Crowdfunding

    Nov 14 2018

    #230 With RealtyShares and other crowdfunding platforms shutting down, should you invest on these platforms and if so how do you go about evaluating the investment opportunities. Thanks to Policy Genius for sponsoring the episode. For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:30] Check out this episode for David’s experience with real estate crowdfunding investments[2:35] Real estate crowdfunding platforms are comprised of this type of structure[6:57] You want to underst...more

  • Stop Maximizing Your Returns Using Modern Portfolio Theory

    Nov 07 2018

    #229 Why modern portfolio theory is a defective way to build out an investment portfolio. This episode explains a better approach to asset allocation.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:11] What is modern portfolio theory?[4:29] There are many downfalls to relying on this theory while investing[7:05] We should prepare for the worst possible outcome when investing, not the average positive outcome[14:08] The true goal of investing should be about “minimizing your max...more

  • How Tokenization Will Radically Change Investing

    Oct 31 2018

    #228 How distributed ledger technology and tokenized assets will increase liquidity, transparency and fractionalization, allowing investors to purchase very small, liquid positions in real estate, private companies, art and other assets. Thanks to LinkedIn for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:12] Stocks ownership used to be tied to paper certificates, but there’s a problem with electronic records as well[10:00] Proxy voting in trading ...more

  • How To Teach Children About Money

    Oct 24 2018

    #227 Here are four most important things to teach children about money and why showing is better than telling when it comes to kids and money. Thanks to CNote for sponsoring this episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[2:58] Here’s how you can start teaching children about money[5:30] #1 - The right attitude about money comes with a balance of respect, understanding, and trust[8:40] #2 - Healthy relationships with money come with accountability and choice[11:38] #...more

  • How To Spot Asset Bubbles and What To Do About Them (The Case of Cannabis)

    Oct 17 2018

    #226 What are the characteristics of an asset bubble and how to invest when one exists. Are cannabis stocks in a bubble? Thanks to Blinkist and Policy Genius for sponsoring this episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:10] Is the cannabis industry in an asset bubble right now?[4:41] Public conversation is often a sign of an asset bubble[8:19] Hopeful assumptions are often what drive an asset bubble environment[13:24] Tesla can be considered an example of a micro-...more

  • How To Invest In Bonds and Other Fixed Income Securities

    Oct 10 2018

    #225 How to evaluate interest rate risk, credit risk and other factors when investing in bonds. Thanks to Sleep Number for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:11] Predicting interest rates can be tough - here are some things to consider[4:28] What determines the rate of return if you invest in bonds or fixed income securities?[7:00] Bond prices fluctuate as interest rates change[15:30] Data on default rates for bonds and other investment strat...more

  • Mastering the Market Cycle—New Book by Howard Marks

    Oct 03 2018

    #224 How to position your investment portfolio based on market cycles. Investing principles from Howard Marks' new book Mastering the Market Cycle. Thanks to CNote and LinkedIn and for sponsoring today's episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:11] Howard Marks’ new book is the inspiration for this episode of Money For the Rest of Us[7:13] The first tool in learning how to invest during a market cycle[11:49] The second tool in learning how to invest during a...more

  • How To Invest When You Have Little Money

    Sep 26 2018

    #223 How commission free ETFs, mobile apps and zero fee index funds make it easier to invest if you have little money. What are some examples of commission fee ETFs and funds for Vanguard, Fidelity, Robinhood and TD Ameritrade. Thanks to Blinkist for sponsoring this episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.Episode Chronology[0:14] Here’s how to invest when you have little money[4:26] How do brokerage firms make money if they don’t charge commissions? [11:37] Wh...more

  • Why We Overpay and How It Leads To Income Inequality

    Sep 19 2018

    #222 How asymmetric information, price discrimination and the stories we tell ourselves contribute to artificial profits and income inequality. Thanks to CNote for sponsoring today's episode. For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:20] Rents, overpayments, and income inequality are all side effects of market distortions[8:55] Value-based pricing vs pricing based solely on cost[17:13] Pricing is inextricably tied to the stories we tell about ourselves and to others[22:30...more

  • Should You Prepare For The Next Financial Crisis?

    Sep 12 2018

    #221 How the Great Financial Crisis changed how individuals and institutions invest, and why we shouldn't invest solely focused on the next crisis. Thanks to CNote for sponsoring today's episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:40] Overview of how the 2008 financial crisis continues to impact investing today[6:48] Data on current investments and the stock market[8:40] How you invest depends on your experience in the 2008 crisis[11:41] Future investing is envelope...more

  • Where Should You Invest Your Cash Savings?

    Sep 05 2018

    #220 How to evaluate cash savings options at banks, credit unions and brokerage firms. Why are yields on cash savings so much higher than a few years ago. How to tell if your bank or credit union is in experiencing financial difficulties. Thank you to Blinkist for sponsoring this week's episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:10] All about banks, credit unions, and the pros and cons of cash savings[4:47] How can banks and credit unions become financially un...more

  • The Incredible Shrinking Stock Market

    Aug 29 2018

    #219 How fewer publicly traded companies, less stock shares outstanding and more intangible assets have led to higher earnings growth for U.S. listed companies and ultimately stronger stock market performance. Thanks to Circle Invest for sponsoring today's episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:08] Observations on the current state of the US stock market[4:01] What if there’s something going on within the US market that suggests continued outperformance is comi...more

  • Is China or the U.S. More Vulnerable?

    Aug 22 2018

    #218 What are the headwinds facing China that could slow economic growth, but still could lead to China growing faster than the U.S. Also, what is going on with Turkey and are other emerging market countries vulnerable to the same plight? Thanks to Circle Invest for sponsoring today's episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[1:07] Is China or the US more vulnerable to economic downturn?[4:55] Why have emerging markets done so poorly recently?[8:51] The concept of b...more

  • Rebalancing, Overvaluation, Market Timing, and Stock Splits

    Aug 15 2018

    #217 Which rebalancing strategy is best or should we even bother rebalancing? Should we just exit stocks completely, especially given how overvalued the U.S. stock market it is? And why do companies split their stocks? In this episode, we answer these and other listener questions. For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:30] Why this episode of Money For the Rest of Us is a bit different than previous ones[2:15] Is rebalancing your portfolio really necessary?[12:43]...more

  • Avoid This Investment: P2P Lending

    Aug 08 2018

    #216 Why peer-to-peer lending on platforms like Lending Club and Upstart is no place for individuals to invest given higher defaults, lower returns and competition from institutional investors. Thanks to Circle Invest for sponsoring today's episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.Episode Chronology[1:04] There are a lot of issues going on with the global P2P lending market[5:34] How the P2P lending environment has changed over the past few years[11:24] Why adv...more

  • Is A Dollar Collapse Coming?

    Aug 01 2018

    #215 Will stagflation cause the dollar to crash and be a bottomless pit when the next recession hits? That is what Peter Schiff is predicting. We look at where he is right and where he seems to be off the mark when it comes to the U.S. economy and a dollar collapse. Thanks to Haven Life and Wunder Capital for sponsoring today's episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.Episode Chronology[0:33] Is a dollar collapse imminent? [3:07] Economic expansions don’t die o...more

  • Should You Trade Currencies (Forex) Like Soros?

    Jul 25 2018

    #214 How the foreign exchange market works and how George Soros made more than a $1 billion shorting the British pound in 1992. Why currency trading today is more like gambling than when Soros made his billions. Why trading closed end funds can be more profitable than currency trading. Thanks to Wunder Capital and Blooom for sponsoring todays' episode. Use code DAVID on Blooom for your first month free.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:35] David introduces the lis...more

  • Why Health Insurance Is A Mess

    Jul 18 2018

    #213 How health insurance isn't really protection against a catastrophic illness but prepayment of routine healthcare consumption, leading to overconsumption of healthcare and over treatment by medical professionals that drive up costs. What would it take to reform the health insurance marketplace so it is more fair and functions more like life insurance or homeowners insurance. Show notes and links can be found here. Thanks to Circle Invest for sponsoring today's episode.For show notes and more...more

  • Trade Wars Increase Prices and Poverty

    Jul 11 2018

    #212 How a complex global trade system has reduced poverty, raised incomes, increased productivity, and lowered prices while a trade war will reverse those trends. You can find show notes and links here. Thanks to Blooom and Wunder Capital for sponsoring this episode.Episode SummaryPresident Trump recently unveiled new tariffs on trade with China, and many fear this decision could lead to a trade war. This 25% tariff on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports into the U.S. and an additional $216 bi...more

  • How To Navigate A Housing Bubble

    Jun 27 2018

    #211 Why housing bubbles can last such a long time and what to do if you really want or need to buy a house in a frothy market. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryNavigating a housing bubble is often on everyone’s minds. With changing family needs, balancing multiple incomes, and varying environmental factors, finding a great house is a struggle most families face. On this episode of Money For the Rest of Us, David responds to a listener’s question of how to...more

  • Are There Always Winners and Losers When Trading?

    Jun 20 2018

    #210 Why fair markets require uncertainty for both the buyer and the seller, and why sellers don't need to disclose everything they know to the buyer. More information, including show notes, can be found here. Thanks to Wunder Capital for sponsoring this week's episode.Episode SummaryA recent listener of the Money For the Rest of Us podcast posed the question, “Are there always winners and losers when trading?” This question is the focus of this episode of the podcast. David explains an age-old ...more

  • Why Bother Investing Internationally?

    Jun 13 2018

    #209 Is it worth investing outside your home country given the risk? Should you hedge currency risk? What is the impact of Chinese "A" share listed companies being added to emerging market indices. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryShould you be investing internationally? What are the benefits to having foreign stocks in your portfolio? Do the currency risks outweigh potential returns? On this episode of Money For the Rest of Us David considers these questi...more

  • The Biggest Market Crash Is Recyclables

    Jun 06 2018

    #208 How a Chinese ban and careless recycling habits by households and businesses led to a market collapse in recyclables. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryThe biggest market crash facing the United States today isn’t entirely economic in nature. It’s actually surrounding the idea of recycling and recyclable goods. Recycling is a service that most communities require and demand. But is it economical? Why has the market crashed in recent months? What are th...more

  • How Do The Mega Rich Invest?

    May 30 2018

    #207 Why the mega rich don't have magical investing powers, but there are some investing attributes they possess that we can emulate. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryA new listener of Money For the Rest of Us inspired the question for this episode: how do the mega rich invest? Forbes reports that there are 585 billionaires in the US and most of them utilize a family office/professional management structure. But do they have some magical, secret way of mak...more

  • Be Bear Aware of Bank Loans

    May 23 2018

    #206 Why the leveraged loan market (i.e. bank loans) is becoming more risky. What are collateralized loan obligations and how do they influence bank loans. Why I will sell my bank loans fund when the economy turns. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryJust as you need to be “bear aware” when traveling in the backcountry, you also need to be aware of the risks and benefits when investing in asset classes such as bank loans. What may seem harmless on the su...more

  • Is The Federal Reserve Really Printing Money?

    May 16 2018

    #205 If the Federal Reserve has printed over $2 trillion dollar and given it to banks to lend, why is U.S. inflation still low? More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryMany people wonder if the Federal Reserve is really printing money. Varied schools of thought exist behind the value of money, how it gets injected into a country’s economy, and how it impacts the private sector. On this episode of Money For the Rest of Us David offers insights into this complex su...more

  • Why Are Investment Returns So Low?

    May 09 2018

    #204 How low real interest rates contribute to low returns for stocks and other risk assets. How real interest rates are determined. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryLow investment returns are never the best news for financial investors. On this episode of Money For the Rest of Us, David examines the relationships between real interest rates and investment return, who or what is driving real rates, and offers historical information on previous periods of l...more

  • Is Investing More Like Poker or Chess?

    May 02 2018

    #203 How to make better investing and life decisions. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryDavid asks the question, “Is investing more like poker or chess?” on this episode of Money For the Rest of Us in order to help you better understand why investing is inherently unpredictable. The book, “Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts” by Annie Duke inspired this episode. David ponders big ideas such a reflexive vs. deliberati...more

  • Will Your Next Car Be Electric?

    Apr 25 2018

    #202 What are the impediments to the mass adoption of electric vehicles. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryOver the past few months David has been traveling across the country and throughout the trip, he’s covered thousands of highway miles and seen countless vehicles. This inspired him to ask the question, “Will my next car be electric?” On this episode of Money For the Rest of Us he outlines how the vehicle market is changing, the benefits of electric veh...more

  • Is Your Portfolio Unbalanced?

    Apr 18 2018

    #201 Why most conventional portfolios make huge and often unintended bets on the stock market. How role based investing can lead to a more balanced portfolio. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryHaving a balanced portfolio is a key to financial success. It offers a secure future and provides a level of security to your day-to-day lifestyle. On this episode of Money For the Rest of Us, David considers the question, “Is your portfolio unbalanced?” A new me...more

  • The Great National Debt Debate

    Apr 11 2018

    #200 Joshua Sheats from the Radical Personal Finance podcast and I discuss our different views regarding the national debt and the severity of the U.S. government fiscal situation. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryNavigating a housing bubble is often on everyone’s minds. With changing family needs, balancing multiple incomes, and varying environmental factors, finding a great house is a struggle most families face. On this episode of Money For the Rest of ...more

  • What Kind of Money Is It?

    Apr 04 2018

    #199 How a bank panic led to the creation of the Federal Reserve, and why having diversified sources of money can protect us in case we have a bank panic today and can't get access to our bank deposits. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryAsking the question “What kind of money is it?” may seem a bit unnecessary. Everyone knows what money is, what it does, and why it exists. However, on this episode of Money For The Rest Of Us, David explains the different ty...more

  • Capitalism Is Creation

    Mar 28 2018

    #198 Why save for retirement if capitalism is going to collapse and/or universal basic income will be available. How millennials can lead the next work transition. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryCapitalism, universal basic income, socialism, and artificial intelligence are all tied together in America’s current economy. Today’s millennials are asking big questions about the future of the national economy and what place AI has in the job market. On t...more

  • The Power of Less and Local

    Mar 21 2018

    #197 Why having less things and activities gives us more freedom and happiness. Why low probability risks are unacceptable if the consequences affect all of us. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryThe inspiration behind this episode came from the idea of the power of local and less, from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book Skin in the Game. David discusses the power behind experimenting at the local level in order to avoid systemic risk, as well as why less is more ...more

  • How To Survive Financially

    Mar 14 2018

    #196 Why relying on averages is dangerous given our fate is often determined by extreme events and how we react as financial markets, the economy and our own lives evolve. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryAs people age, one of the most common questions asked is “how can I survive financially?” The world is filled with unpredictable markets, unforeseen circumstances, and lifestyle events that may impact your ability to be financially secure. On this episode...more

  • Has A Trade War Begun?

    Mar 07 2018

    #195 Why duties and other actions are necessary to address trade disputes, but across the board tariffs are a blunt instrument that can lead to a devastating trade war and global recession. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryWith President Trump recently unveiling new tariffs, many investors and economists are asking the question, “has a trade war begun?” On this episode of Money For the Rest of Us, David Stein explores this idea and explains the new tariff ...more

  • Four Investment Lessons From Warren Buffett

    Feb 28 2018

    #194 Four investment lessons from Berkshire Hathaway's fiscal year 2017 Shareholder Letter with additional insights from Howard Marks and Seth Klarman. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryEvery year, Berkshire Hathaway releases a letter written for their shareholders filled with information on their performance, portfolios, and investments. On this episode of Money For the Rest of Us, David digs into the 2017 letter and discusses four investment lessons Warre...more

  • Why Plan If Life Is So Unpredictable?

    Feb 21 2018

    #193 How planning helps us avoid catastrophic errors while maintaining flexibility and margins of safety allow us to thrive even if our plans don't work out. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode SummaryThere are two sides to the “why plan if life is so unpredictable?” debate that David talks about in this episode of Money For the Rest of Us. Some individuals believe you should plan even though countless variables exist, and others insist on not planning for even the ...more

  • Is Anything Scarce Anymore?

    Feb 14 2018

    #192 In this episode we explore scarcity. Artificial scarcity created by laws and real scarcity created by our evolving lifestyles and economy. We'll see that most physical products, with drinking water being an exception, are becoming less scarce while trust and attention are becoming more scarce. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode Summary – Is Anything Scarce Anymore?Scarce goods and services have been a topic of debate since the original intellectual property (I...more

  • Has The Bond Bear Market Begun?

    Feb 07 2018

    #191 Why interest rates are rising and what could happen to bonds, stocks and the economy if rates returned to more normal levels. More information, including show notes, can be found here. Episode Summary – Has A Bond Bear Market Begun?On this episode of Money For the Rest of Us, David Stein walks you through the complex idea of a bond bear market. He explains that a market consisting of losses of 20% or more are considered a bear market type loss and that this type of loss is possible even in ...more

  • How To Keep Up With Inflation

    Jan 31 2018

    #190 What investments are best for maintaining purchasing power relative to inflation. Using the pencil as an example, how inflationary and deflationary forces work together over decades to determine the price of product. More information, including show notes, can be found here. Episode Summary – How To Keep Up With InflationBusinesses and individuals are asking questions such as “How can we protect our earnings and purchasing power? How do we invest smartly while keeping inflation in mind?” On...more

  • Should The Minimum Wage Be Raised?

    Jan 24 2018

    #189 Will increasing the minimum wage help or harm workers and businesses? How many U.S. workers are paid at or below the minimum wage? More information, including show notes, can be found here. Episode Summary – Should The Minimum Wage Be Raised?Nearly every employee in the United States has grappled with the minimum wage question at some point in their lives. High schoolers, recent college graduates, and older workers all ask themselves, “Can I survive on an hourly job making the minimum wage?...more

  • Should You Pay Off Debt Or Invest?

    Jan 17 2018

    #188 How our net worth is more than our financial capital but includes our lifetime earning capacity or human capital. What role does debt play in investing in human capital and how our human capital impacts how we allocate our financial investments. Why stocks aren't less risky in the long-term. How to invest a lump sum payment and how I recently did so in today's market environment. More information, including show notes, can be found here. Episode SummaryAt some point in our lives, we all hav...more

  • Do You Have Dollars and Sense?

    Jan 10 2018

    #187 Why opportunity costs should be our primary frame for deciding what to buy instead of anchoring, mental accounting or whether we pay with a credit card or cash. More information, including show notes, can be found here. Episode SummaryWhen David noticed that a new book by Dr. Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler was actually titled, “Dollars and Sense,” he couldn’t believe his eyes. That’s one of the most tired and overused phrases when it comes to financial writing and publication. Yet, there it w...more

  • Why Do We Pay Taxes?

    Jan 03 2018

    #186 Why paying taxes has very little to do with funding the federal government. We also explore the potential impact of the U.S. tax reform on households, businesses and the economy. More information, including show notes, can be found here.Episode Summary – Why Do We Pay Taxes?They say the only things certain in life are death and taxes. While that’s probably true it’s also likely that many people who have resigned themselves to paying taxes don’t truly understand why taxes are necessary. In t...more

  • Introducing Topics by Money For the Rest of Us

    Dec 27 2017

    There is no regular episode of the podcast this week, but there is a new podcast you can subscribe and listen to: Topics by Money For the Rest of Us. This is a seasonal show released monthly that categorizes existing episodes into topics with a newly recorded introduction. Please subscribe so you automatically get the seasons as they are released.

  • A Conversation On Retirement With Jason Parker - Year End Special

    Dec 20 2017

    A wide ranging discussion on retirement math, sequence of return risk, investing buckets, scaling exposure to Bitcoin and gold, and creating a lifestyle business.

  • Are U.S. States Just Like Greece?

    Dec 13 2017

    #185 How Illinois and other states can suffer a debt crisis like Greece but why it wouldn't lead to an economic depression similar to what Greece suffered.

  • Massive Job Losses Are Inevitable But There Will Still Be Work

    Dec 06 2017

    #184 Why technology eliminates jobs but doesn't increase the level of unemployment even though for more than 50 years that has been the worry.

  • How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

    Nov 29 2017

    #183 What to look for when investing in public real estate investment trusts ("REITs), private REITs and direct real estate deals on crowdfunding real estate platforms. What are current valuations for REITs and commercial real estate.

  • Was Tulipmania Just Like Bitcoin?

    Nov 22 2017

    #182 What caused tulip mania in the 17th century in the Netherlands and how is it similar to Bitcoin?

  • Does Illegal Immigration Help or Hurt the Economy?

    Nov 15 2017

    #181 What is the economic impact of illegal immigration. What would be the cost and impact of mass deportation.

  • Can You Outperform Harvard's Endowment?

    Nov 08 2017

    #180 Why have college endowments underperformed a simple three fund Vanguard portfolio? Should you mirror a simple two or three fund portfolio or invest more like an endowment with multiple asset classes?

  • Free Markets and the Great Famine

    Nov 01 2017

    #179 How a concern about interfering in markets and trade may have contributed to over one million deaths during the 19th century Great Famine in Ireland.

  • Japan the Impact of a Shrinking Population

    Oct 25 2017

    #178 How a country’s working age population growth impacts economic growth and stock returns. What Japan can do about its population decline.

  • How Business Contributes To Income Inequality

    Oct 18 2017

    #177 How high profits and low investment by business in R&D and workers lead to income inequality. Why the current situation is unsustainable and what can be done about it.

  • Are 60 Percent of Americans Insolvent?

    Oct 11 2017

    #176 What percent of Americans are insolvent and what makes data trustworthy.

  • How To Conduct Investment Due Diligence

    Oct 04 2017

    #175 What attributes should you look for in analyzing an investment advisory firm, financial planner, investment partnership, crowdfunding platform or other investment related offerings.

  • Navigating Modern Life Like The Amish

    Sep 27 2017

    #174 What the Amish can teach us about adopting new technology without being overwhelmed.

  • Should You Invest Based On Economic Cycles?

    Sep 20 2017

    #173 What are some of challenges of investing using long-term economic cycles.

  • Equifax Aftermath—Should You Freeze Your Credit To Protect Against Identity Theft?

    Sep 13 2017

    #172 Why your personal data will be compromised if it hasn't already been, and what to do to protect yourself from the consequences of identity theft.

  • The Extraordinary Impact of Cities

    Sep 06 2017

    #171 Why cities are the primary driver of economic growth and why do they outlive companies.

  • Are Financial Markets Efficient?

    Aug 30 2017

    #170 Why investment markets can be both efficient and inefficient depending on the environment, and how that should impact your investing.

  • Eclipse Special: The Sound of the Totality From Idaho

    Aug 23 2017

    A short episode on the August 2017 solar eclipse as it happened.

  • The Debt Ceiling—What Happens If the U.S. Defaults

    Aug 16 2017

    #169 What could happen if the U.S. Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling and defaults on U.S. financial obligations, and why does Congress wait until the last minute before it acts on these things.

  • Is Life More Difficult For Millennials?

    Aug 09 2017

    #168 How being a millennial is both different and the same from young adults of earlier generations.

  • Is Bitcoin Better At Money Than The Dollar?

    Aug 02 2017

    #167 Why bitcoin is a compelling speculative diversifier and how it has been a better store of value than both the U.S. dollar and gold.

  • Do We Really Need Growth?

    Jul 26 2017

    #166 Why enterprises, industries, and economies can't grow at all costs but need to enrich humanity and strive for permanence and sustainability through regeneration.

  • Why Do We Invest? It's Not Just For Return

    Jul 19 2017

    #165 How corporations evaluate and use investment capital provided by individuals. Why companies find it easier to buy back stock rather than invest in capital projects.

  • Optionality—When To Keep Your Options Open and When To Commit

    Jul 12 2017

    #164 How to use the asymmetric payoff of options, trial and error, and commitments to better yourself financially and in other areas of your life.

  • Vacation Special: A Conversation With Roger Whitney, The Retirement Answerman

    Jul 05 2017

    A conversation with Roger Whitney about retirement investing, asset allocation, active versus passive management, luck versus skill, behavioral finance the difference between investing, speculating and gambling.

  • Is There An Indexing Bubble?

    Jun 28 2017

    #163 How an indexing bubble is manifest, why most active managers underperform and how individuals can structure their own quasi index fund that outperforms the market.

  • Is Inflation A Good Thing?

    Jun 21 2017

    #162 What causes inflation and why do central banks allow it to persist instead of having a 0% inflation target.

  • What You Need To Know About Retirement Calculators

    Jun 14 2017

    #161 How retirement planning and retirement spending calculators work and what are some of their flaws. Why figuring out how much money you will have when you retire and how long it will last is a lot like the work hydrologists do to figure out whether Phoenix or Los Angeles will run out of water.

  • Why Ethical Consumption Is Myth

    Jun 07 2017

    #160 How cost, complexity and an unachievable standard keeps us from consuming ethically while the stories we tell ourselves make us feel good about our purchases anyway.

  • Vacation Special: A Conversation with Michael Port

    May 31 2017

    In this interview with Michael Port, we discuss asset allocation, business, healthcare, minimalist investing, roboadvisors, our emotional relationship with money, and selecting a financial advisor.

  • What You Need To Know About Volatility

    May 24 2017

    #159 What is volatility, what determines it and how to invest in it. But should you?

  • How To Invest Like A Cockroach

    May 17 2017

    #158 How reserves, slack and simple rules of thumb help us deal with radical uncertainty. Why the next financial crisis is unlikely to be like the last one. This episode of Money For the Rest of Us is sponsored by Health IQ, an insurance company that helps health conscious people get special life insurance rates. Go to healthiq.com/david to support the show and learn more.

  • The Most Important Economic Question Of Our Time

    May 10 2017

    #157 Why the likelihood of a future fiscal crisis sparked by the national debt depends on whether there is a limited or an unlimited supply of money. Is it possible the federal government's endless borrowing could crowd out the private sector and harm the economy?

  • Your Job Or Half Your Business Could Be Gone Tomorrow

    May 03 2017

    #156 How to gain a personal competitive advantage in an evolving job and business environment. This episode of Money For the Rest of Us is sponsored by Health IQ, an insurance company that helps health conscious people get special life insurance rates. Go to healthiq.com/david to support the show and learn more.

  • Clues To The Next Financial Crisis

    Apr 26 2017

    #155 How panic caused the great financial crisis and what to look for to see if it is happening again.

  • Do Homeowner Tax Breaks Cause Homelessness?

    Apr 19 2017

    #154 How a transitioning economy, government regulation and tax policy have contributed to stagnating wages, rising housing costs, and homelessness.

  • Will Social Security Go Bankrupt?

    Apr 12 2017

    #153 Why Social Security will not collapse and the four actions government can take to make sure it won’t.

  • You Know Less Than You Think

    Apr 05 2017

    #152 How simple rules, just-in-time learning and checking your understanding can help you make better financial decisions.

  • Amazon Impacts Everything

    Mar 29 2017

    #151 How even index fund investors have a big stake in the Amazon revolution.

  • Finding Your Perfect Match

    Mar 22 2017

    #150 How to navigate matching markets where price alone doesn’t determine the outcome.

  • Do You Have Enough To Retire?

    Mar 15 2017

    #149 How to estimate how long your assets will last in retirement and the steps you can take to take make them last longer.

  • Is Your Financial Advisor Loyal To You?

    Mar 08 2017

    #148 Why some financial advisors must show undivided loyalty to you while others can have undisclosed conflicts of interest. How to tell the difference.

  • Is Infrastructure A Good Investment?

    Mar 01 2017

    #147 How to invest in infrastructure assets and why there is a perpetual infrastructure "crisis".

  • How To Decide What To Buy

    Feb 22 2017

    #146 How to optimize your purchase decisions and why eliminating negatives can increase happiness more than buying more stuff.

  • People Like Us Invest Like This

    Feb 15 2017

    #145 Our view of the world dictates how we should and should not invest.

  • Trade Deficits Aren't Always Bad. Trade Wars Are

    Feb 08 2017

    #144 What causes trade deficits and how they can both help and hurt a country's economy.

  • Are You Investing, Speculating or Gambling?

    Feb 01 2017

    #143 What is the difference between investing, speculating and gambling. Why binary options trading is gambling.

  • Why Are Some Nations Wealthier Than Others

    Jan 25 2017

    #142 Poor nations work harder than rich ones. Why then are they still poor?

  • The Universal Law You Need To Overcome To Thrive

    Jan 18 2017

    #141 How to overcome the second law of thermodynamics in investing and living.

  • How Climate Change Could Impact Your Investments and Your Life

    Jan 11 2017

    #140 Is there a carbon bubble whose bursting could lead to financial instability?

  • Are You Making Fear-based Financial Decisions?

    Jan 04 2017

    #139 How to design a life, pursue a career, and build financial security without acting out of fear.

  • Year End Special - Live From Fincon - What I Learned Investing in 2016

    Dec 28 2016

    Conversation with Brian Bain of Investor In the Family at the Fincon financial media conference about what we learned investing in 2016.

  • Should You Sell Your Stocks Before Trump Takes Office?

    Dec 21 2016

    #138 How to make decisions in the face of uncertainty and why deciding to sell stocks should be based on feelings of regret rather than gut feelings about what we think will happen with financial markets and the economy.

  • Is the American Dream Dead?

    Dec 14 2016

    #137 Are private equity buyout activities contributing to income inequality and the death of the American Dream?

  • Filter By Asset Class - Featuring Preferred Stocks

    Dec 07 2016

    #136 How framing and filtering by asset classes makes investing easier. How to invest in preferred stocks.

  • Embrace the Messiness

    Nov 30 2016

    #135 Why we need to control the chaos while embracing messiness in living and investing.

  • It's Just Money

    Nov 23 2016

    #134 Why we should be indifferent toward money and what are the risks of a dollar shortage.

  • Interest Rates Are Rising. Four Things You Can Do.

    Nov 16 2016

    #133 Here are four investment strategies investors can use to avoid losses due to rising interest rates.

  • Trump Wins. Now What?

    Nov 09 2016

    #132 What should you do about Trump presidency? And how the truth was the real loser in this presidential election.

  • Is This The Creepiest Investment Ever?

    Nov 02 2016

    #131 How hedge funds and pension plans earn 20% a year buying life insurance policies from unwary individuals. Why it's better to keep your permanent life insurance rather than sell it.

  • Should You Buy A Vacation Home?

    Oct 26 2016

    #130 How changes in financial circumstances, property markets, zoning rules and personal taste can make owning an illiquid vacation property a risky proposition, but why we bought our dream place anyway (and then sold it).

  • Finding Simplicity On Other Side of Complexity

    Oct 19 2016

    #129 Why we need to embrace complexity in order to find lower cost, less stressful solutions to challenges including with investing. Plus is investing moral?

  • Is There Too Much Savings?

    Oct 12 2016

    #128 How holding onto goods longer before replacing them and a global savings glut impact the economy, interest rates and stock returns.

  • Investing Is Wayfinding

    Oct 05 2016

    #127 Investing is like exploring an unknown territory. What are the tools to help us navigate.

  • Where Federal Money Flows

    Sep 28 2016

    #126 Why cutting federal spending and trying to lower the national debt reduces household income and spending, potentially causing a recession.

  • Is The Economy Really Doing That Poorly?

    Sep 21 2016

    #125 How to thrive in an ever changing, increasingly complex economy.

  • Build Your Inventory, Discover Your Theme

    Sep 14 2016

    #124 How to balance developing new skills, learning new things and becoming an expert.

  • Why Health Insurance Premiums and Prescription Drug Prices Are Exploding

    Sep 07 2016

    #123 How pharmaceutical companies use of maximum pricing power is leading to double digit annual increases for prescription drug prices and health insurance premiums.

  • Why Negative Interest Rates Are Dangerous

    Aug 31 2016

    #122 How negative interest rates increase volatility and lower future investment returns. What can you do about it.

  • What If Everyone Starts Indexing?

    Aug 24 2016

    #121 How more and more indexing via ETFs leads to market fragility, lower diversification and herd behavior, but why most investors should index anyway.

  • Lao Tzu on Living and Investing

    Aug 17 2016

    #120 What ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu can teach you about living and investing. Plus two contrasting views of today’s market environment and what to do about it.

  • Investing Won't Make You Rich

    Aug 10 2016

    #119 The primary role of investing is to preserve your wealth not grow it. How then do we grow our wealth?

  • Are Renewable Energy ETFs A Good Investment?

    Aug 03 2016

    #118 Does the significant growth of solar and wind energy mean companies in the space are attractive investments? Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny118-invest-renewable-energy-etfs/

  • The Retirement Journey

    Jul 27 2016

    #117 Why lower retirement spending rates means most retirees will need to work some during their retirement years. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny117-retirement-journey/

  • Why Investors Can't Ignore China

    Jul 20 2016

    #116 Will China's growing debt burden lead to a banking collapse? How would that impact investors globally, and what should you do about it. Show notes at

  • How To Get Financially Unstuck

    Jul 13 2016

    #115 Why we can't not invest due to fear and uncertainty. Plus how to tell if the stock market is overvalued and what to do about it. To get the U.S. stock market valuation charts, text the word "charts" to 44222

  • Vacation Special: Investing In Your Family

    Jul 06 2016

    There is no regular episode this week due to the 4th of July Holiday and the Stein Idaho family reunion. Instead, here is the audio from a conversation that Brian Bain of Investor In the Family and I had on investing in family relationships. In the interview, we discuss work and family and balancing the two. We also discuss career transitions and the challenge of raising children.

  • Money Is Cheap, Freedom Is Expensive

    Jun 29 2016

    #114 Two outcomes from the Brexit vote is money got cheaper and politics got scarier. What should you do about it. Plus we profile a man who never retired and was still working at 87. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny114-money-cheap-freedom-expensive/

  • Brexit and the Economics of Immigration

    Jun 22 2016

    #113 Does immigration harm or benefit a country’s economy? And should the UK leave the European Union?

  • Your Retirement Depends On Robots

    Jun 15 2016

    #112 How productivity increases due to robots and other technology enhancements should lead to both higher wages and higher investment portfolio returns, allowing workers to save enough to eventually retire. Show notes at

  • How To Be A Minimalist Investor

    Jun 08 2016

    #111 How to be a minimalist both in life and investing. To get the Portfolio Charts summary sheet, text the word PORTFOLIOS to 44222. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny111-minimalist-investor/

  • How To Protect Yourself From Bail Ins

    Jun 01 2016

    #110 What are bail ins and how to protect yourself from them. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny110-protect-bail-ins/

  • Money Is A Time Machine

    May 25 2016

    #109 How to shift money from the present to the future and vice versa in order strike an equitable balance between our present and future selves. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny109-money-time-machine/

  • Investing in Real Estate Via Crowdfunding Platforms

    May 18 2016

    #108 What to consider when investing in commercial real estate via crowdfunding platforms. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny108-investing-real-estate-crowdfunding-platforms/ To sign up for the free Insiders Guide, text the word INSIDER to 44222

  • Work, Freedom, and Leaving A Legacy

    May 11 2016

    #107 How to find the balance between work, freedom, meaning, and leaving a legacy. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny107-work-freedom-financial-peril/

  • How Worried Should You Be About the National Debt?

    May 04 2016

    #106 Why some nations are at risk of default on their national debt and others are not. Plus why the U.S. national debt will never be repaid. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny106-national-debt/

  • How Corporate Profits Drive Stock Returns

    Apr 27 2016

    #105 What drives corporate profits over time and how they contribute to long-term stock returns. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny105-corporate-profits-drive-stock-returns/

  • Is It Possible To Win At Trade?

    Apr 20 2016

    #104 When a country runs a trade deficit is that a good or bad thing? It depends. Learn why in this episode. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny104-possible-win-trade/

  • How To Reenter the Stock Market

    Apr 13 2016

    #103 Here are the three things you need to coax yourself back into the stock market if you are on the sidelines. Plus, why short-term market declines are difficult to accurately predict but bear market declines can often be anticipated and avoided. To get a U.S. stock market decline frequency and magnitude summary sheet, text the word "DECLINE" to 44222. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny103-reenter-stock-market/

  • What It Takes To Be A Value Investor

    Apr 06 2016

    #102 Why the value style outperforms growth investing, and what are the attributes of successful value investors. Show notes at: http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny102-takes-value-investor/ To get the article on growth investing mentioned in the episode, text the word "BUBBLE" to 44222.

  • Why Markets and Economies Are Ceaselessly Creative and Radically Unpredictable

    Mar 30 2016

    #101 How memes, stories, people, systems, goods and services mix and interact to create an expanding economic web that is ceaselessly creative and radically unpredictable. To sign up for the Insiders Guide, text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Navigating a Negative Carry World

    Mar 23 2016

    #100 How to invest and live in a radically unpredictable, low investment return world. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny100-navigating-negative-carry-world/ To sign up for the Insiders Guide, text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Money Is Story

    Mar 16 2016

    #99 How money originated and why our relationship with money is driven by the stories we tell. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny099-money-story/To sign up for the Insiders Guide, text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Why You Need A Lifestyle Business

    Mar 09 2016

    #98 How a lifestyle business can offset the impact of lower investment returns and contribute to a more sustainable economy. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny098-need-lifestyle-business/ To sign up for the Insiders Guide, text the word INSIDER to 44222

  • The Great Financial Crisis

    Mar 02 2016

    #97 What caused the great financial crisis and how the lessons learned apply to our own financial lives. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny097-great-financial-crisis/ To sign up for the free Insider's Guide, text the word INSIDER to 44222

  • Five Wealth Lessons From A Stoic

    Feb 24 2016

    #96 Rumors are always circulating about economic collapse. How the stoic philosopher Seneca would handle these predictions of calamity. To get the Seneca's 5 Wealth rules and supporting quotes, text the word "SENECA" to 44222. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny096-five-wealth-lessons-stoic/

  • Keep Investing Simple

    Feb 17 2016

    #95 Steps to take to keep investing simple. Plus how changes in China are having spillover effects for global economic growth and asset class returns.

  • How Money Is Created and Destroyed

    Feb 10 2016

    #94 How federal governments allow banks to create the vast majority of the world's money supply, and why that erodes the value of money over time. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny094-money-created-destroyed/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Capitalism, Complexity, and Cuba

    Feb 03 2016

    #93 Why uncertainty and failure is necessary for a functioning economy and why Cuba is embracing both in its struggle to reform its economy. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny093-capitalism-complexity-cuba/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • What Robo-advisors Recommend

    Jan 19 2016

    #92 How do the leading robo-advisors compare in terms of their recommended portfolio mixes, fees, expected returns and risk. To get summary sheet of my robo-advisor review and sign up for the Insider's Guide text the word ROBOADVISOR to the number 44222.

  • Demography Rules

    Jan 13 2016

    #91 How the number of retirees compared to workers impacts economic growth, inflation and stock returns. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny091-demography-rules/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • The True Cost and What It Takes To Be Retired

    Jan 06 2016

    #90 Knowing what things truly cost can help us live like we are already retired. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny090-trust-cost-takes-retired/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • How To Outperform The Market Without Predicting The Future

    Dec 30 2015

    #89 How using smart beta and timing economic regime changes can lead to market outperformance. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny089-outperform-market/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Are You A Stock Or A Bond?

    Dec 23 2015

    #88 Our total wealth includes both financial and human capital, which is the value of our future employment earnings. How to consider both in your asset allocation. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny088-stock-bond/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Is This Normal?

    Dec 16 2015

    #87 How long-term trends in inflation, stocks and climate changed are hidden by short-term countertrends, creeping normalcy and myriad moving parts. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny087-normal/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Don't Be A Commodity

    Dec 09 2015

    #86 How not to be a commodity even if you work in a commodity business. Plus, an update on commodities and master limited partnerships. Show notes at: http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny086-commodity/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Are You Home Country Biased?

    Dec 02 2015

    #85 Why you should invest outside of your home country. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny085-home-country-biased/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Money Is Trust

    Nov 25 2015

    #84 Why money requires trust and cooperation in order to function. What happens when trust disappears. Show notes at: http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny084-money-trust/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Please Save More

    Nov 18 2015

    #83 Why individuals need to save more for retirement and how to figure out how much more you should save. Show notes at: http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny083-please-save/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Asset Returns When The Fed Raises Rates

    Nov 11 2015

    #82 How have various asset classes performed when the Federal Reserve begins tightening by raising short-term interest rates. Show notes at: http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny082-assets-return-fed-raises-rates/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • When Booms Turn To Busts

    Nov 04 2015

    #81 What are the early warning signs a boom has turned to a bubble or the boom / bubble is about to burst. Case study: Australia. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny081-booms-turn-bust/

  • Investing Means Getting Lost

    Oct 28 2015

    #80 Don’t be overwhelmed or play it too safe when it comes to investing and living. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny080-investing-means-getting-lost/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Lump Sums and Life Insurance

    Oct 21 2015

    #79 Is it better to dollar cost average or invest a lump sum? And what type and how much life insurance should you buy. http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny079-lump-sums-life-insurance/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • What If The Economy Stopped Growing Permanently

    Oct 14 2015

    #78 How a zero-growth economy would impact investing, employment and lifestyle. It depends on whether the economy is flat lining due to population shrinkage or a willful choice to be less productive. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny078-economy-stopped-growing-permanently/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Does Ethical Investing Outperform the Market?

    Oct 07 2015

    #77 Why ethical investing will underperform the stock market unless consumer behavior changes. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny077-ethical-investing-generating-higher-returns/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Should You Lend To Your Peers?

    Sep 30 2015

    #76 How peer-to-peer lending works and what annualized return should you expect. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny076-lend-peers/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • We Have To Invest Somewhere

    Sep 23 2015

    #75 The biggest challenge facing Money For the Rest of Us listeners is how to allocate their assets in order to be able to retire. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny075-invest-somewhere/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Capital Flows Where It's Treated Best

    Sep 16 2015

    #74 How investment capital seeks out the most attractive opportunities, and why that is causing China to dump some of its U.S. Treasury bonds. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny074-capital-flows/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Why You Shouldn't Trade

    Sep 09 2015

    #73 How trading differs from allocating and why human traders have lost their edge to trading bots. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny073-shouldnt-trade/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Will A Robot Take Over Your Job?

    Sep 02 2015

    #72 How robots and information technology are replacing humans at work and what we can do about it. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny072-will-robot-takeover-job/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Please Don't Panic

    Aug 26 2015

    #71 When the stock market is falling, understanding market history and current conditions can help us make objective, less fear-driven investment decisions. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny071-please-dont-panic/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Rule #1 and the Investor's Journey

    Aug 19 2015

    #70 Should you invest like Warren Buffet? How your temperament, experiences, interests and skills influence how you invest. Plus why most passive index investors unknowingly make active investment decisions. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/rule-1-investors-journey/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Do You Feel Financially Trapped?

    Aug 12 2015

    #69 What to do when you feel financially hopeless. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny069-feeling-financially-trapped/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Why The Middle Class Is Stagnating

    Aug 05 2015

    #68 How technology and too much free stuff is undermining the middle class. What can be done about it. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny068-middle-class/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • When Investments Lose Money

    Jul 29 2015

    #67 I share with you what questions to answer to decide whether you should sell, hold or buy more of an underperforming investment. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny067-investments-lose-money/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Impermanence and Winning by Not Losing

    Jul 22 2015

    #66 Why focusing too much on the future and too little on the present can be dangerous. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny066-impermanence-winning-losing/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Greece—What Really Caused the Crisis and Why It Never Ends

    Jul 15 2015

    #65 How the Greek depression and the euro crisis started with Greek citizens just wanting to buy a decent car. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny065-greece-really-caused-crisis-never-ends/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • The Pitfalls of Private Real Estate Investing

    Jul 08 2015

    #64 Should you invest in a rental property? Here are some things to consider and pitfalls to avoid. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny064-pitfalls-private-real-estate-investing/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Alarmists and the Economics of Collapse

    Jul 01 2015

    #63 Why economic alarmists are dangerous, and what has to happen for the financial system or economy to collapse. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny063-alarmists-economics-collapse/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • What Dying Bees Can Teach Us About Asset Bubbles and Income Inequality

    Jun 24 2015

    #62 The link between honey bee colony collapse, asset bubbles and income inequality. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny062-income-inequality/ ‎ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • How Much Should You Spend In Retirement?

    Jun 17 2015

    #61 Why your retirement spending rate should vary over time based on individual and market circumstances. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny061-retirement-spending/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Are You Hoarding Or Investing?

    Jun 10 2015

    #60 What is the difference between hoarding and investing. Most people do both. Show notes at: http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny060-hoarding-investing/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Is Gold Money?

    Jun 03 2015

    #59 What are the three attributes of money and does gold have them? Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny059-gold-money.html To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Are ETFs and Indexing Becoming Too Popular?

    May 26 2015

    #58 What are the hidden risks of ETFs and passive investing. Sow notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny058-etfs/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Live Like A Local When Traveling

    May 20 2015

    #57 Hacks to live like a local when traveling including how to rent homes through Airbnb.com. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny057-travel/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Why We Need Volatility

    May 13 2015

    #56 How we can thrive amidst volatility and not become complacent due to a false sense of stability. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny056-volatility/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Are You Financially Fragile or Antifragile?

    May 06 2015

    #55 How to gauge your financial fragility or vulnerability and how to be the opposite of fragile. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny055-antifragile To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Do You Live To Work Or Work To Live?

    Apr 29 2015

    #54 Why you don't need money to have more freedom and happiness. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny054-live-work/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Should You Invest In Bitcoin?

    Apr 22 2015

    #53 What you need to know about bitcoin in order use it and invest in it. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny053-bitcoin/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Why are interest rates so low, even negative in some places?

    Apr 15 2015

    #52 What factors determine interest rates and why interest rates matters to the economy and your investment portfolio. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny052-interest-rates/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Is Deflation Coming?

    Apr 08 2015

    #51 The world is flirting with deflation. How GDP growth, debt, population changes and exchange rates will determine whether a Great Depression like deflation is coming. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny051-gdp-deflation/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Navigating Early Retirement

    Apr 01 2015

    #50 Navigating early retirement is less about money and more about allowing space and time for your true path to emerge. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny050-early-retirement/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Is Money Dying?

    Mar 25 2015

    #49 Is monetary collapse imminent as some pundits say? Plus another look at gold and how to tell if a government's debt burden is unsustainable. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny049-money-dying/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Do You Have Too Little Invested In Stocks?

    Mar 18 2015

    #48 How fear of another market crash may be causing you to keep your stock market allocation overly conservative despite evidence global stock markets are in a secular bull market. More info at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny048-secular-bull/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Should You Invest For Income Or Total Return

    Mar 11 2015

    #47 Why individuals should follow the lead of endowments and foundations and focus on total return investing. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny047-income-total-return/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Discover Your Investment Style

    Mar 04 2015

    #46 How to begin investing and discover your investment style. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny046-investment-style/

  • Funding the Start Up of You

    Feb 25 2015

    #45 With student loan default rates soaring, what are some education funding models besides debt. Plus is college even worth it? Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny045-education/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage

    Feb 18 2015

    #44 How a home mortgage can help you build real wealth. Plus what factors to weigh if you are considering paying off your mortgage. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny044-mortgages/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • What Drives Home Prices?

    Feb 11 2015

    #43 What investment return should you expect for your home and what leads to housing booms and bust. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny043-home-prices/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • All Countries Are Insolvent and That's A Good Thing

    Feb 04 2015

    #42 Why all federal governments are insolvent but investors still line up to buy government debt at low interest rates. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny042-insolvency/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • The Cult of Overwork

    Jan 28 2015

    #41 Why overworking is so dangerous and why leisure is on a completely different plane from work. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny041-overwork/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Should You Invest In Commodities?

    Jan 21 2015

    #40 What you need to consider before investing in oil and other commodities. Two schools of thought regarding the direction of oil prices. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny040-commodities/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • What Drives Currency Exchange Rates

    Jan 14 2015

    #39 Why currencies fluctuate, what are the impacts and should you hedge against currency movements. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny039-currency-exchange/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • How To Invest Like A Hedge Fund

    Jan 07 2015

    #38 What are hedge funds and how can individual investors apply strategies from top-tier hedge funds to their own portfolios. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny038-hedge-funds/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Gold—Without the Hype and Politics

    Dec 31 2014

    #37 Why and how to invest in gold. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny037-gold/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • How Wealthy Are You?

    Dec 24 2014

    #36 Wealth can be measured in more than money. Wealth is also time and mobility. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny036-wealthy/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Investment Performance—What You Need To Know

    Dec 17 2014

    #35 Power laws, fractals and investor psychology. Why security prices behave like they do. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny035-investment-returns/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Investing Rules of Thumb

    Dec 10 2014

    #34 Why simple investment rules are more accurate than complex formulas. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny034-rules-of-thumb/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • To Retire Early, Mind the Gap

    Dec 03 2014

    #33 The simple formula to sustain an early retirement without running out of money. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny033-mind-the-gap/

  • Die Broke

    Nov 26 2014

    #32 How to deplete most of your assets before you die by using single premium immediate annuities. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny032-broke/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • The Role of Luck In Success

    Nov 19 2014

    #31 How luck and skill intertwine to make you successful. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny031-role-luck-success To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Are You Sure You're Diversified?

    Nov 12 2014

    #30 How to tell if your investment portfolio is really diversified. Hint: Don't focus on correlation. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny030-diversification/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Quantitative Easing—A Big, Fat, Dangerous Placebo

    Nov 05 2014

    #29 Why quantitative easing is both a financial placebo and an unpredictable game of musical chairs. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny029-quantitative-easing/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • Live By Your Own Financial Rules

    Oct 29 2014

    #28 There are no hard-and-fast financial rules other then don't cause yourself irreparable financial harm. Show notes at http://moneyfortherestofus.net/mny028-own-rules/ To sign up for the Money For the Rest of Us Insider's Guide text the word INSIDER to 44222.

  • What Is The Right Price?

    Oct 22 2014

    #27 The right price for something is dependent on our state of mind. Anchoring, mental accounts and other behavioral tricks we rely on when buying. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny027-right-price/

  • Why Are Stocks Falling?—A Story

    Oct 15 2014

    #26 How stories drive the financial markets and why markets are currently declining. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny026-stories/

  • Are You A Materialist?

    Oct 08 2014

    #25 Why paying more for what you buy not only helps the economy but enriches your life. Plus why we prefer things that are wabi sabi. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny025-materialist/

  • Timeshares, Preppers and, Permanent Portfolios

    Oct 01 2014

    #24 What are the economics behind vacation timeshares, how to implement a permanent portfolio and has the stock market ever taken decades to recover from a major sell-off? Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny024-permanent-portfolios/

  • Smart Beta—What Is It and Should You Use It?

    Sep 24 2014

    #23 What is the difference between beta, smart beta and alpha when investing. Plus, what are the different ways to index a portfolio, and why it's easier to be a successful investor by focusing on things that won't change rather than trying to predict what will. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny023-smart-beta/

  • Will Interest Rates Ever Increase?

    Sep 17 2014

    #22 What causes interest rates to rise and fall, and what can you do to adjust your investment portfolio when interest rates begin climbing. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny022-interest-rates/

  • Investing Without A Map

    Sep 10 2014

    #21 I share my own portfolio as an example of investing without a map. Plus why I don't use peer-to-peer lending platforms such as the Lending Club and Prosper. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny021-no-map/

  • How To Allocate Your Assets

    Sep 03 2014

    #20 What you need to know about asset allocation, including the flaws in modern portfolio theory. Show notes at <iframe src="https://art19.com/shows/af988101-e0ae-4c9c-b552-cd64e62c123d/episodes/2a55f0ed-6c5a-4358-bd81-dd0a1393083d/embed" style="width: 100%; height: 200px; border: 0 none;" scrolling="no"></iframe>

  • Live Like You're Already Retired

    Aug 27 2014

    #19 A traditional thirty year retirement will be out of reach for most people. Here's how to live like you're already retired. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny019-retired/

  • Which Investment Vehicles Should You Use?

    Aug 20 2014

    #18 How do closed end funds, open end mutual funds, exchange traded funds ("ETFs") and exchange traded notes ("ETNs") differ and when should you use each one. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny018-investment-vehicle/

  • Why China Matters To Your Pocketbook

    Aug 13 2014

    #17 How China's stunning economic growth impacts everything from how much you pay for gas and burgers to what you can earn investing. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny017-china/

  • The World Is Getting More Risky

    Aug 06 2014

    #16 What is risk and how do you manage it so you can protect against the downside and capture the upside. Plus, why the world is more risky and what to do about it. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny016-risk/

  • Stop Worrying About the Next Market Crash

    Jul 30 2014

    #15 Discover the four things you can do to stop worrying about financial calamities. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny015-market-crash/

  • Are You A Complacent Investor?

    Jul 23 2014

    #14 Has the Federal Reserve and other central banks led you to be complacent about risk? Plus, I share an investment strategy with surprisingly good returns. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny014-complacent-investors/

  • Are You Saving Enough To Retire Early?

    Jul 16 2014

    #13 How to know if you are saving too much or too little for retirement. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny013-saving-enough/

  • Currency Trading, Petrodollars and Monetary Collapse

    Jul 09 2014

    #12 What you need to know if you want to trade currencies. Also, will the dollar collapse? Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny012-currency/

  • Bank Runs, Repos, and Your Retirement

    Jul 02 2014

    #11 How bank runs were a leading cause of the global financial crisis and why it could happen again. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny011-repo/

  • You'll Never Be Rich, But You Can Live Like You Are

    Jun 26 2014

    #10 How to live like your rich without the money. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny010-rich/

  • What Investment Rate of Return Can You Expect?

    Jun 19 2014

    #9 Expected portfolio returns are currently very low. Why that is and what should you do about it. Plus learn how to calculate the expected return for your portfolio. https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny009-expected-return/

  • What If Everyone Worked Only Four Hours Per Day?

    Jun 12 2014

    #8 We can have sustainable economic growth and a thriving stock market while working less and enjoying life more. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny008-four-hours/

  • Predicting the Economy and the Stock Market. Can It Be Done?

    Jun 06 2014

    #7 Is it possible to successfully predict the future? Every investor has three choices. They can ignore the future, predict the future, or react as the future unfolds into the present. In this podcast, we'll take a close look at each of these strategies and what it takes to be successful at each one. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny007-predicting/

  • Why You Should Care About the Economy

    May 30 2014

    #6 Most people don't understand what the economy is, how it grows and what causes recessions. Nor do they care. This episode describes in simple terms how the economy works and why you should care so you can influence the quality of economic growth and its impact on the Earth's limited resources. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny006-care-about-economy/

  • The True Cost of a Thing

    May 20 2014

    #5 The price of something does not always reflect its true cost, both to ourselves and to society. Through the eyes of Henry David Thoreau and a discussion of why I no longer shop at dollar stores, you'll discover the true cost of a thing. https://moneyfortherestofus.com/mny005-true-cost-of-a-thing/

  • Seesaws, Budget Deficits, and the National Debt

    May 19 2014

    #4 If you understand how a seesaw works, then you'll be one of the few who understands why we need both federal budget deficits and the national debt. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/seesaws-budget-deficits-and-the-national-debt-004/

  • Should You Invest In Individual Stocks?

    May 18 2014

    #3 Why investing in individual stocks can be so intoxicating and dangerous. What you should know before you try. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/should-you-invest-in-individual-stocks-003/

  • What Causes Inflation and Deflation?

    May 17 2014

    #2 Studies show most people have no idea what inflation is and what to do about it. Don't be one of those people. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/what-causes-inflation-and-deflation-002/

  • What Is Money?

    May 15 2014

    #1 How banks and governments create money out of thin air, and what you should do about it. Show notes at https://moneyfortherestofus.com/what-is-money-001/