Monocle 24: The Briefing

A pacy round-up of the day’s main news stories, anchored from London by a Monocle editor. The show features informed reporting, prescient business analysis and invaluable industry reports covering everything from technology to aviation and retail to media.


  • Friday 18 June

    Jun 18 2021

    Will Iran become increasingly hardline following the country’s presidential election? Plus: Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé and regular contributor Florian Egli unpack the landmark Geneva summit, Alexei Korolyov tells us about the world’s oldest Alpine railway, and Sagra Maceira de Rosen’s luxury round-up.

  • Thursday 17 June

    Jun 17 2021

    Hong Kong police raid ‘Apple Daily’. Plus: the EU’s vaccination passports, the US reaction to Biden’s European tour, and this week’s Global Countdown.

  • Wednesday 16 June

    Jun 16 2021

    We have the latest as Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin arrive in Geneva for a one-on-one summit. Plus: Taiwan’s outrage at Chinese military incursions, Lawrence Wright on ‘The Plague Year’ and culture with Chiara Rimella.

  • Tuesday 15 June

    Jun 15 2021

    Why has the Delta coronavirus variant become dominant across much of the world? Plus: Nato considers training Afghan forces in Qatar, the UK signs a trade deal with Australia, and the headlines from Latin America.

  • Monday 14 June

    Jun 14 2021

    Is Nato preparing to get tough with Russia and China? Plus: Israel forms a new government, Lisbon’s mayor faces calls to resign, and fashion and retail expert Jamie Waters rounds up the best stories from his beat.

  • Friday 11 June

    Jun 11 2021

    Is the US trying to shape the G7 into the anti-China club? Plus: Monocle’s Dr Chris Smith explains mix-and-match vaccines, Yemen’s Sanaa airport prepares to reopen and Andrew Mueller offers his assessment on the week’s stranger news stories.

  • Thursday 10 June

    Jun 10 2021

    Russia outlaws organisations tied to opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Plus: the latest on the Iran nuclear deal; India drops its Chinese sponsor for the Tokyo Games: and Monocle’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco explores Mozambique’s pop charts.

  • Wednesday 9 June

    Jun 09 2021

    What should we expect from Joe Biden’s grand European tour? Plus: a series of significant votes in Switzerland, the role of the media at the Tokyo Olympics and the week’s culture news with Monocle’s Chiara Rimella.

  • Tuesday 8 June

    Jun 08 2021

    Has the world’s vaccine rollout created a ‘two-track’ pandemic? Plus: Joe Biden prepares to meet Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a round-up of stories from Latin America, and western Balkan nations welcome back tourists.

  • Monday 7 June

    Jun 07 2021

    The political editor at the ‘Financial Times’ George Parker has the latest on the G7 summit. Plus: the former leader of South Africa’s political opposition, Tony Leon, on the country’s problem with corruption; the latest on regional elections in Germany; and Europe’s first orbital launch site for satellites.

  • Friday 4 June

    Jun 04 2021

    Who will govern Germany following September’s federal election? Plus: fresh concerns from sponsors over the Tokyo Games, Andrew Mueller’s reflections on the past seven days and our senior editor Nolan Giles takes us inside the pages of ‘The Monocle Book of Homes’.

  • Thursday 3 June

    Jun 03 2021

    Has president Putin effectively dismantled Russia’s political opposition? Plus: the author and academic Sarah Posner on Donald Trump’s evangelical Christian supporters, the day’s business news from ‘Bloomberg’ and Fernando Augusto Pacheco explores Turkey’s pop charts.

  • Wednesday 2 June

    Jun 02 2021

    Are Myanmar’s neighbours any closer to bringing an end to the country’s political crisis? Plus: we explore president Biden’s radical tax plans, discuss incentives for people in Hong Kong who are unsure about coronavirus vaccines and Monocle’s Chiara Rimella rounds up the week’s culture news.

  • Tuesday 1 June

    Jun 01 2021

    Does Nato still need America’s support? Plus: the relationship between Chinese women and the CCP, Sasha Issenberg on his new book ‘The Engagement: America’s Quarter-Century Struggle Over Same-Sex Marriage’ and we examine a political row over the 2021 Copa América.

  • Monday 31 May

    May 31 2021

    America’s top infectious diseases expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, tells us about efforts to control the coronavirus pandemic. Plus: Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé and Benno Zogg discuss claims that Denmark helped the US to spy on European nations, an update from Thailand and broadcaster Juliet Linley reviews the papers.

  • Friday 28 May

    May 28 2021

    Europe’s airspace row escalates. Plus: Geneva prepares to host a highly anticipated summit, the latest Latin American news, this week in statistics, and a bit of retail therapy.

  • Thursday 27 May

    May 27 2021

    Biden calls for a deeper probe into the origins of coronavirus – what’s at stake? Plus: Macron hopes to reset relations with Rwanda, Bosnia’s new smoking-ban proposal and Monocle’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco brings us the latest Global Countdown.

  • Wednesday 26 May

    May 26 2021

    The EU’s legal action against Astrazeneca: how will it play out? Plus: Dominic Cummings lifts the lid on 10 Downing Street’s coronavirus strategy, the role of women in the climate crisis and a culture roundup with Monocle’s Chiara Rimella.

  • Tuesday 25 May

    May 25 2021

    What is Alexander Lukashenko’s long game? Plus: business news, Blinken’s trip to Israel, a new chapter for news reporting in Portugal and the latest Outpost News.

  • Monday 24 May

    May 24 2021

    We analyse the furious reaction to the Belarusian government’s arrest of a dissident journalist. Plus, why the revival of the US-Iran nuclear pact might be under threat, Germany’s FDP, and Fernando Augusto Pacheco on the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Friday 21 May

    May 21 2021

    Israel and Hamas have called a truce – but what next? Plus: the relationship between Turkey and the EU reaches a particularly low point, the latest business headlines from Bloomberg and Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé previews the Venice Architecture Biennale.

  • Thursday 20 May

    May 20 2021

    Why is Hong Kong’s judiciary denying defendants the right to a jury trial? Plus: the latest on Colombia’s protests, we explain coronavirus vaccine boosters, the day’s business headlines and Fernando Augusto Pacheco explores the pop charts in the Netherlands.

  • Wednesday 19 May

    May 19 2021

    Prosecutors begin a criminal probe into Donald Trump’s business interests. Plus: Nato’s role in Kosovo; Australia’s reluctance to reopen to the rest of the world; and the Monocle team on the significance of Venice’s Architecture Biennale.

  • Tuesday 18 May

    May 18 2021

    Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé asks conflict expert Eemeli Isoaho what needs to be done to implement a truce in Israel-Palestine. Plus: an update on the Olympics, a preview of this year’s Venice Biennale and Monocle’s Eurovision correspondent Fernando Augusto Pacheco awaits the first of the contest’s semifinals.

  • Monday 17 May

    May 17 2021

    Does the US still have a role to play in the Middle East peace process? Plus: Bill Hayton tells us about Myanmar’s anti-coup rebels; a round-up of stories from Latin America; and the UK’s former ambassador in Tokyo, Sir David Warren, tells us how diplomats should approach their work in Japan.

  • Friday 14 May

    May 14 2021

    The UK’s former ambassador at the United Nations, Sir Mark Lyall Grant, on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Plus: the runners and riders in Iran’s presidential elections, the latest on a political scandal in Austria and Andrew Mueller reflects on the past seven days.

  • Thursday 13 May

    May 13 2021

    Monocle’s Dr Chris Smith has the latest on concerns about the spread of India’s coronavirus variant. Plus: former White House advisor Linda Chavez on Liz Cheney’s ousting from the GOP, the day’s business headlines and Fernando Augusto Pacheco explores Kyrgyzstan’s pop charts.

  • Wednesday 12 May

    May 12 2021

    Is Beijing dangling coronavirus vaccines as bait for new diplomatic partners? Plus: the latest on Lebanon’s political and economic crisis, a review of the Italian papers and Monocle’s Carlota Rebelo tells us why she is a census fanatic.

  • Tuesday 11 May

    May 11 2021

    Is president Biden’s jobs plan getting America back to work? Plus: the latest from Uruguay as the country struggles to contain a spike in coronavirus infections, Ben Page from Ipsos Mori rounds up the week in statistics and the South African historian Shalo Mbatha tells us about the new Zulu king.

  • Monday 10 May

    May 10 2021

    What’s behind some of the worst violence in Israel for decades? Plus: the Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson on the future of the GOP; George Parker of the ‘Financial Times’ on the stubbornness of the UK electorate; and a round-up of the week’s best urbanism stories.

  • Friday 7 May

    May 07 2021

    Former US diplomat Lewis Lukens has the latest on Washington’s planned retreat from Afghanistan. Plus: the crisis of social democracy in the UK and Western Europe, the headlines from El Salvador and Andrew Mueller’s wry assessment of the past seven days.

  • Thursday 6 May

    May 06 2021

    Could a temporary lift on patent protection for coronavirus vaccines bring an early end to the pandemic? Plus: Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong is sentenced to an additional 10 months in jail, the headlines from Colombia and a look at Kenya’s pop charts.

  • Wednesday 5 May

    May 05 2021

    Why is Donald Trump’s political future hanging in the balance? Plus: the impact of UK elections on independence movements in Wales and Scotland, Jacob Parakilas on strategic annoyance and Monocle’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco looks back on the life of the beloved Brazilian entertainer Paulo Gustavo.

  • Tuesday 4 May

    May 04 2021

    How can India’s government and its allies end the country’s health crisis? Plus, political scientist Robert Spitzer on US gun reform, Anna Rosenberg on Germany’s Greens and Monocle’s Balkans correspondent, Guy De Launey, on Serbia’s soft-power offensive.

  • Monday 3 May

    May 03 2021

    Monocle’s editorial director, Tyler Brûlé, asks why this week’s G7 meetings are particularly symbolic. Plus, a European newspaper review, the Covid-19 Stringency Index and reactions to Australia’s new travel ban.

  • Friday 30 April

    Apr 30 2021

    Monocle’s Andrew Mueller asks William Kristol, editor at large of The Bulwark, what he makes of president Biden’s first 100 days in office. Plus: former French generals face sanctions, Hong Kong’s new immigration bill and this week’s Global Countdown.

  • Thursday 29 April

    Apr 29 2021

    Monocle’s editorial director Tyler Brûlé asks whether Switzerland is starting to recalibrate its relationship with the European Union. Plus: an assessment of president Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office and Andrew Tuck and Nolan Giles round up the week’s design news.

  • Wednesday 28 April

    Apr 28 2021

    Has India’s coronavirus crisis damaged its image? Plus: the BBC’s Africa editor on Chad’s political transition, the latest business news, Europe’s tallest chimney and a culture roundup with Monocle’s Chiara Rimella.

  • Tuesday 27 April

    Apr 27 2021

    Why is California’s governor facing a recall election? Plus: ‘Financial Times’ political editor George Parker on Boris Johnson’s political crisis, the latest from Venezuela and an urbanism round-up with Nic Monisse.

  • Monday 26 April

    Apr 26 2021

    Could serious accusations of sleaze and impropriety bring down Boris Johnson’s government? Plus, the Kremlin prepares to outlaw Alexei Navalny’s political party, the latest on President Biden’s European plan and Monocle 24’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco rounds up the Oscars.

  • Friday 23 April

    Apr 23 2021

    Why haven’t more nations declared China’s crackdown in Xinjiang a genocide? Plus: the role that both France and Libya play in Chad’s politics, an interview with the world-famous astronaut Chris Hadfield and Andrew Mueller’s round-up of the week’s stranger news stories.

  • Thursday 22 April

    Apr 22 2021

    Associate professor of political science at Villanova University Deborah Seligsohn breaks down the realities of president Joe Biden’s new climate targets. Plus: pre-election violence in Albania, a retracted science paper on smoking’s effects on coronavirus, and this week’s Global Countdown.

  • Wednesday 21 April

    Apr 21 2021

    George Floyd: Monocle’s Andrew Mueller and NYU’s Deborah Archer explain the significance of Derek Chauvin’s murder conviction. Plus: Fernando Augusto Pacheco reviews the Latin American newspapers and a roundup of the week’s cultural news.

  • Tuesday 20 April

    Apr 20 2021

    Editor of China Dialogue Isabel Hilton breaks down Chinese president Xi Jinping’s latest remarks challenging the US leadership. Plus: what the world is learning about emerging coronavirus variants, the Christian Democratic Union’s backing of Armin Laschet for German chancellor and the week’s outpost news.

  • Monday 19 April

    Apr 19 2021

    Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé and Benno Zogg have the latest on a dramatic spy row between Russia and the Czech Republic. Plus, we ask whether the Green Party’s Annalena Baerbock can win Germany’s federal elections, examine Cuba without the Castros and have an update on the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Friday 16 April

    Apr 16 2021

    What are the chances of Scotland becoming independent? Plus: a doctor leading the race to develop Africa’s own coronavirus vaccine, the UAE’s role in regional mediation and Andrew Mueller on the past seven days.

  • Thursday 15 April

    Apr 15 2021

    Are Nato members preparing for a Russian invasion of Ukraine? We also consider Australia’s coronavirus endgame and examine the day’s latest business headlines. Plus: Monocle’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco voyages to South Africa for his pop music extravaganza.

  • Wednesday 14 April

    Apr 14 2021

    President Biden commits to withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan before 11 September, major nations pause the rollout of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine and we tell you why German politics is bingeworthy. Plus: Monocle’s culture editor, Chiara Rimella, on Ramadan and Arab media.

  • Tuesday 13 April

    Apr 13 2021

    Why has China sent a record number of fighter jets into Taiwanese airspace? Plus: David Cameron faces an inquiry into a lobbying scandal, why Croatia should rename many of its streets and the week’s urbanism news.

  • Monday 12 April

    Apr 12 2021

    Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé and Chatham House’s Quentin Peel discuss the race to succeed Angela Merkel as Germany’s chancellor. Plus: England’s hospitality sector reopens, an update on key national elections in Latin America and broadcaster Juliet Linley reviews the Italian papers.

  • Friday 9 April

    Apr 09 2021

    Russia expert Mark Galeotti assesses the latest showdown between Moscow and Washington; Monocle’s news editor Chris Cermak explains the many faces of Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz; and our Latin America affairs correspondent reports on Peru’s upcoming elections. Plus: Andrew Mueller’s weekly droll-call.

  • Thursday 8 April

    Apr 08 2021

    Former secretary of state for Northern Ireland Peter Hain explains how the past week of violence could undermine the country’s delicate peace process; Suzanne Lynch assesses the chances of Biden’s spending plans getting through Congress; and Bloomberg’s Yuan Potts discusses rising inflation. Plus: it’s Thursday, which means it’s time for The Global Countdown: this week Fernando Augusto Pacheco is in Lithuania.

  • Wednesday 7 April

    Apr 07 2021

    Monocle and Cambridge University’s Dr Chris Smith brings us the latest on the Astrazeneca vaccine, the EU’s top brass visit Ankara seeking assurances from Erdoğan and we have a roundup of news from Latin America. Plus: the latest tech releases including an Apple product that aims to help you find lost keys.

  • Tuesday 6 April

    Apr 06 2021

    Russia gathers troops on the Ukrainian border as Putin signs a constitutional amendment that could keep him in power until 2036. We also find out the latest business news from Bloomberg’s Yuan Potts and our New York correspondent reports from the vaccine queue. Plus: we discuss North Korea’s coronavirus-inspired boycotting of the Olympics and the latest edition of Outpost News.

  • Monday 5 April

    Apr 05 2021

    An alleged coup plot in Jordan leads to the reported arrest of the Hashemite Kingdom’s former crown prince, the latest on the United States’ impressive vaccination programme and Monocle’s Balkans correspondent brings us a roundup of the region’s news. Plus: Andrew Mueller’s mirth-infused weekly retrospective.

  • Friday 2 April

    Apr 02 2021

    Major corporations push back against Georgia’s controversial voting-reform law, the latest on a train derailment in Taiwan and Angela Merkel’s battle with the country’s state leaders. Plus: Monocle’s Andrew Mueller reflects on the past seven days.

  • Thursday 1 April

    Apr 01 2021

    What should we know about president Biden’s “once in a generation” spending plan? Plus: Belgium’s coronavirus restrictions are struck down by a Brussels court, an update on the Tokyo Olympics and Fernando Augusto Pacheco’s pop countdown.

  • Wednesday 31 March

    Mar 31 2021

    We have the latest on Brazil’s crisis as coronavirus cases spiral out of control and the nation’s top military brass resign. Plus: the US warns Beijing over Hong Kong, Stalin’s legacy in Prague and Louis Harnett O’Meara’s roundup of news from the world’s far-flung reaches.

  • Tuesday 30 March

    Mar 30 2021

    How should the world’s leaders respond to future pandemics? Plus: Monocle’s security correspondent Benno Zogg on plans to reform Nato, the day’s business headlines and Chiara Rimella’s cultural roundup.

  • Monday 29 March

    Mar 29 2021

    Is the situation in Myanmar degenerating beyond the control of the coup’s generals? Plus: Brazil’s political crisis, a check-in with Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé in Zürich and Andrew Mueller’s round-up of good news.

  • Friday 26 March

    Mar 26 2021

    Has North Korea become Biden’s biggest foreign-policy headache? Plus, EU member states continue bickering among themselves over vaccine rollouts, a roundup of stories from Costa Rica and Andrew Mueller’s reflections on the past seven days.

  • Thursday 25 March

    Mar 25 2021

    Monocle’s Europe editor-at-large Ed Stocker has the latest on the bloc’s vaccine crisis. Plus: North Korea wrecks the start of Japan’s Olympic torch relay, a review of the Italian press and our favourite songs from this year’s Eurovision.

  • Wednesday 24 March

    Mar 24 2021

    What’s next for Israel following yet another inconclusive election? Plus: Monocle’s editorial director Tyler Brûlé has an update on lockdowns in Europe, we review the Brazilian papers and a reflection on the UK’s plans for a national celebration.

  • Tuesday 23 March

    Mar 23 2021

    Former UK foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind on the geopolitical relationship between Russia and China. Plus: fresh attempts to broker peace in Yemen, Bosnia’s plans to join the European Union and Chiara Rimella’s cultural roundup.

  • Monday 22 March

    Mar 22 2021

    Are the UK and the EU close to a breakthrough on the supply of coronavirus vaccines? Plus, China’s closed-door trials, the role of the US vice-president and Andrew Mueller’s good-news round-up.

  • Friday 19 March

    Mar 19 2021

    Has the EU’s dithering over the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine knocked the public’s confidence in the inoculation process? Plus: the latest on coalition talks in the Netherlands, an interview with CEO of Rémy Cointreau Eric Vallat and a cities roundup.

  • Thursday 18 March

    Mar 18 2021

    Why has Russia summoned its ambassador in the United States back to Moscow? Plus: the latest on Brazil’s public-health crisis, the business headlines from Bloomberg and Italy’s pop charts.

  • Wednesday 17 March

    Mar 17 2021

    US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken puts pressure on China ahead of a landmark meeting in Alaska. Plus: fresh calls for an inquiry into the UK government’s response to the pandemic, the latest business headlines and Chiara Rimella’s culture roundup.

  • Tuesday 16 March

    Mar 16 2021

    Have EU nations taken a political decision to suspend the rollout of the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab? Plus: Joe Biden’s grand tour of the US, the latest on a spat between North Macedonia and Bulgaria and an update on the Oscars.

  • Monday 15 March

    Mar 15 2021

    We’ve got the latest as Myanmar’s generals impose martial law. Plus, Iran asks the US to ease sanctions, the fallout from this weekend’s regional elections in Germany and Andrew Mueller’s positive news round-up.

  • Friday 12 March

    Mar 12 2021

    The GMF’s Sudha David-Wilp and Monocle’s Christopher Cermak on the significance of this weekend’s regional elections in Germany. Plus: Benno Zogg explains the Quad meeting; the future of supersonic travel; and a diplomatic row over wine grapes in the Western Balkans.

  • Thursday 11 March

    Mar 11 2021

    US political expert Amy Pope explains the country’s coronavirus relief bill; Monocle’s Fiona Wilson on the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake; the day’s business headlines; and we play the best (and worst) of Uzbekistan’s pop music.

  • Wednesday 10 March

    Mar 10 2021

    What prompted a fresh vaccine row between Westminster and Brussels? Plus: we explore a surge in support for the US Republican Party, discuss a scandal involving Germany’s CDU and round up stories from across the world.

  • Tuesday 9 March

    Mar 09 2021

    We have the latest as Brazil’s former leader Lula is cleared to stand against Jair Bolsonaro in the country’s presidential election. We also explore US/Saudi relations, speak to Klaus Dodds about his book ‘Border Wars’ and discuss Brisbane’s bid to host the Olympic Games.

  • Monday 8 March

    Mar 08 2021

    Can the Biden administration broker a lasting peace settlement in Afghanistan? Plus: the latest on the WHO’s investigation into the origins of coronavirus, an assessment of the Papal visit to Iraq and Andrew Mueller’s roundup of positive news stories.

  • Friday 5 March

    Mar 05 2021

    We speak to the head of the UN, António Guterres, discuss a controversial referendum in Switzerland and examine the Pope’s first foreign visit in 15 months. Plus: a culture roundup with Monocle’s Chiara Rimella.

  • Thursday 4 March

    Mar 04 2021

    What is known about a possible militia plot to attack the US Capitol? Plus: Monocle’s Lucinda Elliott rounds up the Chilean headlines, Bloomberg’s take on the UK budget and Fernando Augusto Pacheco explores Togo’s music charts.

  • Wednesday 3 March

    Mar 03 2021

    The UK’s economic recovery plan; Antony Blinken’s first major foreign-policy speech; an update on the Tokyo Games; and Monocle’s Louis Harnett O’Meara has a roundup of news from the world’s more remote regions.

  • Tuesday 2 March

    Mar 02 2021

    China’s National People’s Congress prepares to enact “electoral reform” in Hong Kong; an update on Lebanon’s political crisis; and a row over the map of the Balkans. Plus: a review of the Brazilian newspapers.

  • Monday 1 March

    Mar 01 2021

    Germany’s sluggish vaccine rollout; Donald Trump’s return to politics; and award-winning director Bryan Fogel tells us about his new film ‘The Dissident’. Plus: Andrew Mueller examines the week’s more cheerful news stories.

  • Friday 26 February

    Feb 26 2021

    Former UK prime minister Tony Blair tells Monocle about the value of vaccine certificates. Plus: the US conducts airstrikes in Syria; India and China establish a hotline; and Andrew Mueller reflects on the past seven days.

  • Thursday 25 February

    Feb 25 2021

    Why has Amnesty stripped Alexei Navalny of his ‘prisoner of conscience’ status? Plus: Turkey’s crackdown on the PKK; film-maker James Fletcher on his Trump documentary and we explore Pakistan’s pop charts.

  • Wednesday 24 February

    Feb 24 2021

    Tyler Brûlé and Christopher Cermak discuss a landmark meeting between Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau. Plus: the value of political and economic sanctions, the Latin American papers and a round-up of luxury news.

  • Tuesday 23 February

    Feb 23 2021

    Could Donald Trump face criminal proceedings over his financial records? And will G7 nations and the EU will work together to end political violence in Myanmar. Plus: the week’s urbanism news and a new Pelé documentary.

  • Monday 22 February

    Feb 22 2021

    We have the latest as Boeing recommends grounding 777s after an issue with engine failure. Plus: the Italian newspapers, Andrew Mueller’s good news round-up and will the UK’s current lockdown be its last?

  • Friday 19 February

    Feb 19 2021

    Is the US preparing to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal? Plus: fears over the independence of Hong Kong’s public service broadcaster, the latest from Colombia and Andrew Mueller reflects on the past seven days.

  • Thursday 18 February

    Feb 18 2021

    Australia’s government says that it is ‘not intimidated’ by Facebook as the social media giant blocks its news feeds in the country. Plus: Joe Biden’s financial stimulus package, Outpost News and Poland’s pop charts.

  • Wednesday 17 February

    Feb 17 2021

    Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé and guests discuss whether it’s time for European nations to end lockdown restrictions. Plus: an update on political uncertainty in Myanmar and Lufthansa considers procuring smaller planes.

  • Tuesday 16 February

    Feb 16 2021

    What will an independent commission into the Capitol riot mean for the US? Plus: Nato says that it is in no rush to withdraw from Afghanistan, Monocle’s Lucinda Elliott joins us from Uruguay and the week’s cultural news.

  • Monday 15 February

    Feb 15 2021

    What lessons could other countries learn from the UK’s vaccine programme? And can the Iran nuclear deal be revived? Plus: a record-breaking hit at the Chinese box office and a round-up of good news.

  • Friday 12 February

    Feb 12 2021

    The Democrats conclude their case for the impeachment of Donald Trump; the UK government’s plan for closing the country’s borders; and why Cornish seafood is facing a rebrand.

  • Thursday 11 February

    Feb 11 2021

    US president Joe Biden orders sanctions against military generals in Myanmar. Plus: we look at US-Turkey relations in the post-Trump era and the week’s top 5 singles from Ghana.

  • Wednesday 10 February

    Feb 10 2021

    The US Senate decides that impeachment proceedings against former president Donald Trump are constitutional, allowing a full trial to go ahead. Also in the programme: Hungary’s last independent radio station is forced to go online-only and a news round-up from places further afield.

  • Tuesday 9 February

    Feb 09 2021

    Trump’s second senate impeachment trial; the EU’s response to Russia’s treatment of Navalny; and a review of the Latin American newspapers. Plus: we hear from Her Excellency Sarah Al Amiri on the Emirates Mars Mission, hours before it is expected to reach orbit.

  • Monday 8 February

    Feb 08 2021

    Myanmar’s biggest demonstration for more than 10 years; Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption scandal continues; and Monocle’s Eurovision expert Fernando Augusto Pacheco updates us on the plans for this year’s competition.

  • Friday 5 February

    Feb 05 2021

    Monocle’s Chris Cermak and Yemen expert Iona Craig unpack Joe Biden’s first major foreign-policy speech. Plus: Ben Fletcher from Make UK on post-Brexit trade woes, Samira Shackle on her new book ‘Karachi Vice’ and Andrew Mueller reflects on the past seven days.

  • Thursday 4 February

    Feb 04 2021

    How should the West respond to the persecution of the Uighurs in China? Plus: we look ahead to Sunday’s presidential election in Ecuador, examine the state of the US media under Joe Biden’s presidency and explore Norway’s pop charts.

  • Wednesday 3 February

    Feb 03 2021

    Why is China so invested in Myanmar’s military coup? Plus: Monocle’s Dr Chris Smith on encouraging signs that vaccines slow the spread of coronavirus; Mario Draghi looks set to lead Italy’s new government; and Louis Harnett O’Meara’s outpost news.

  • Tuesday 2 February

    Feb 02 2021

    Monocle’s Benno Zogg has the latest on Europe’s lockdown measures and the rollout of vaccines. Plus: a push to form a new government in Italy; Fernando Augusto Pacheco reviews the Latin American press; and we find out why Japan is turning carriages on the Tohoku bullet train into mobile offices.

  • Monday 1 February

    Feb 01 2021

    What is known about the military coup in Myanmar? Plus: the latest on Trump’s trial at the US Senate; the week’s urbanism headlines; and Andrew Mueller has a round-up of positive news stories.