Monocle 24: The Briefing

A pacy round-up of the day’s main news stories, anchored from London by a Monocle editor. The show features informed reporting, prescient business analysis and invaluable industry reports covering everything from technology to aviation and retail to media.


  • Tuesday 19 January

    Jan 19 2021

    Former US diplomat Lewis Lukens explains what we should expect from Joe Biden’s inauguration. Plus: Turkey’s government crackdown on its military, the day’s business headlines and Egypt’s plans to build a high-speed rail system.

  • Monday 18 January

    Jan 18 2021

    How are US security services preparing for Joe Biden’s inauguration? Plus: China's economy continues growing, Quentin Peel on having a drink with the new head of Germany’s CDU and comedian Al Murray on his new book.

  • Friday 15 January

    Jan 15 2021

    What effect will US policy in Yemen have on the country’s civil war? Plus: we look ahead to tomorrow’s CDU election in Germany, examine Norwegian’s decision to axe long-haul flights and Fernando Augusto Pacheco explore Brazil’s pop charts.

  • Thursday 14 January

    Jan 14 2021

    We have the latest as the World Health Organization’s investigators arrive in Wuhan. Plus: Donald Trump is impeached for a second time, Switzerland imposes tough new coronavirus restrictions and we delve into the world of luxury.

  • Wednesday 13 January

    Jan 13 2021

    Will the Republican Party join efforts to impeach Donald Trump? Plus: Carlota Rebelo looks ahead to Portugal’s presidential elections, we round up the headlines from Honduras and explore a tug of war over European artefacts.

  • Tuesday 12 January

    Jan 12 2021

    Suzanne Lynch has the latest from Washington as US cities are placed on high alert. Plus: Russia’s role in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, why Taiwan has introduced new passports and Monocle’s Nic Monisse rounds up the week’s urbanism news.

  • Monday 11 January

    Jan 11 2021

    Are US lawmakers preparing to remove Trump from office? Plus: we explore attempts to control the pandemic in western Europe, examine Ankara’s relationship with Brussels and Andrew Mueller offers us a slice of good news.

  • Friday 8 January

    Jan 08 2021

    Will Donald Trump be removed from office before his term expires? Plus: the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines in tackling variants of the virus, China’s attempts to strong-arm Taiwan and Monocle’s Paige Reynolds explores Georgia’s pop charts.

  • Thursday 7 January

    Jan 07 2021

    Washington unrest: we have the latest as the world reels from the storming of the US Capitol building. Featuring contributions from ‘The Irish Times’ Washington correspondent Suzanne Lynch; former advisor to Ronald Reagan Linda Chavez; longtime US diplomat Lewis Lukens; and Monocle news editor Chris Cermak.

  • Wednesday 6 January

    Jan 06 2021

    Is the World Health Organization doing enough to investigate the origins of Covid-19? Plus: the latest on crucial Senate runoffs in Georgia, the headlines from Latin America and Monocle’s Petri Burtsoff joins us from Lapland.

  • Tuesday 5 January

    Jan 05 2021

    Has the UK public run out of patience with Boris Johnson’s handling of the pandemic? Plus: the significance of the Senate runoffs in Georgia, the day’s business headlines and Monocle’s Nic Monisse delves into the world of urbanism.

  • Monday 4 January

    Jan 04 2021

    Donald Trump puts pressure on Georgia’s top official to overturn the US election result. Plus: the UK rolls out the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine, the life of Brian Urquhart and Andrew Mueller’s good news round-up.

  • Joe Biden’s presidency

    Jan 01 2021

    Monocle’s Andrew Mueller looks ahead to Joe Biden’s presidency, with Chris Cermak, Suzanne Lynch and Scott Lucas.

  • Thursday 31 December

    Dec 31 2020

    As the UK prepares to leave the EU, what’s the view from Brussels? Plus: Trump continues his parting gestures to his Middle Eastern allies by releasing an Israeli spy, what we learnt in 2020 and the Global Countdown.

  • Wednesday 30 December

    Dec 30 2020

    We look at the historic vote to legalise abortion in Argentina from our correspondents on the ground. Plus: why Senate leader Mitch McConnell is turning on Donald Trump, the Alexei Navalny saga and Pierre Cardin.

  • Tuesday 29 December

    Dec 29 2020

    Will the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine bring an end to the coronavirus pandemic? Plus: we ask whether the UN’s relief work in Palestine is under threat, delve into the day’s business news and explore Slovenian gastronomy.

  • Monday 28 December

    Dec 28 2020

    US political watcher Scott Lucas has an update on approval of the country’s stimulus package. Plus: China’s sensitivity over coverage of coronavirus in Wuhan, the business headlines and Andrew Mueller’s positive news.

  • Christmas Day special

    Dec 25 2020

    Monocle’s Tom Edwards, Tyler Brûlé, Gillian Dobias and Robert Bound unwrap their Christmas presents and offer us their hot tips for a great festive dinner.

  • Christmas Eve special

    Dec 24 2020

    Monocle 24’s Chris Smith on the triumph of science. Plus, why Turkey and Finland both lay claim to Father Christmas, and Fernando Augusto Pacheco’s festive pop countdown.

  • Wednesday 23 December

    Dec 23 2020

    Chris Smith explains coronavirus variants and how we should tackle them. Plus: Russia’s role in Libya, former Israeli intelligence chief Ami Ayalon on his book ‘Friendly Fire’ and the day’s business news.

  • Tuesday 22 December

    Dec 22 2020

    A pacy round-up of the day’s main news stories, anchored from London by Emma Nelson.

  • Monday 21 December

    Dec 21 2020

    A pacy round-up of the day’s main news stories, anchored from London by Georgina Godwin.

  • Friday 18 December

    Dec 18 2020

    We have the latest as a second coronavirus vaccine nears the approval stage in the US. Plus: the UN’s role in Syria’s crisis, an update on Austria’s ski season and Finland’s saunas get special cultural status.

  • Thursday 17 December

    Dec 17 2020

    How should governments manage public-health messaging over Christmas? Plus: China’s lunar mission, the day’s latest business headlines and Fernando Augusto Pacheco explores Argentina’s pop charts.

  • Wednesday 16 December

    Dec 16 2020

    Stefanie Bolzen from ‘Die Welt’ has the latest as Germany begins a strict national lockdown. Plus, Donald Trump’s relationship with the GOP, the headlines from Mexico and Fernando Augusto Pacheco speaks to the Yodel Queen, Melanie Oesch.

  • Tuesday 15 December

    Dec 15 2020

    We have the latest on the discovery of a new strain of coronavirus in London and the southeast of England. Plus, Joe Biden’s victory is rubber stamped, the day’s business headlines and Chiara Rimella rounds up the week’s cultural news.

  • Monday 14 December

    Dec 14 2020

    The latest from Washington as the US begins the rollout of its vaccination programme. Plus, former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd on his country’s relationship with China, another Brexit extension and we look back on the life of spy novelist John Le Carré.

  • Friday 11 December

    Dec 11 2020

    Downing Street’s former director of communications Lance Price has the latest on tense post-Brexit negotiations. Plus: a special report from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the day’s business news and Andrew Mueller’s reflections on the week’s quirkier stories.

  • Thursday 10 December

    Dec 10 2020

    We have the latest as Angela Merkel warns the UK over Brexit trade talks. Plus: the day’s business news, Monocle’s Fiona Wilson tells us how Japan is preparing for its mass vaccination programme and Fernando Augusto Pacheco explores Papua New Guinea’s music charts.

  • Wednesday 9 December

    Dec 09 2020

    What should we expect from Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office? Plus: Boris Johnson flies to Brussels in a bid to break the Brexit impasse, a review of the Latin American papers and Allyson Stewart-Allen tells us why vintage cars and film memorabilia are still big business.

  • Tuesday 8 December

    Dec 08 2020

    Monocle 24’s Dr Chris Smith explains the rollout of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine in the UK. Plus: Japan prepares for the return of tourists, we look back on the extraordinary life of the US test pilot Chuck Yeager and why Ikea is no longer printing its annual catalogue.

  • Monday 7 December

    Dec 07 2020

    Are the UK and the EU any closer to reaching a post-Brexit trade deal? Plus, the battle for control of the US Senate, the latest on Iran’s nuclear programme and Andrew Mueller rounds up the week’s more cheerful news stories.

  • Friday 4 December

    Dec 04 2020

    Does China really pose the greatest threat to worldwide freedom since 1945? Plus: we find out how negotiators are attempting to break the Brexit impasse, explore the latest developments in the rollout of coronavirus vaccines and reflect on the week’s weird and wonderful news stories.

  • Thursday 3 December

    Dec 03 2020

    Will the Afghan Taliban commit to ending the country’s lengthy and bloody war? Plus: we look ahead to Venezuela’s parliamentary elections, examine the day’s business news and explore Taiwan’s pop-music charts.

  • Wednesday 2 December

    Dec 02 2020

    We have the latest as the UK becomes the first country in the world to approve the use of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for widespread use. Plus: Hong Kong’s most prominent activist is jailed, Biden’s new American branding and Monocle’s Nic Monisse rounds up the week’s best urbanism stories.

  • Tuesday 1 December

    Dec 01 2020

    Are the UK and the European Union sleepwalking towards a no-deal Brexit? Plus, Janet Yellen is nominated as US treasury secretary, we review the Italian papers and Andrew Mueller reflects on the week’s cheerful news stories.

  • Monday 30 November

    Nov 30 2020

    The UN’s former deputy secretary-general Mark Malloch-Brown on the humanitarian crisis in northern Ethiopia. Plus: Brazil’s local elections, diplomacy in the western Balkans and the WHO’s chief scientist on coronavirus.

  • Friday 27 November

    Nov 27 2020

    Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé, Chris Cermak and Benno Zogg explore an EU row about whether ski resorts should open. Plus: an interview with the president of the Swiss Confederation, the top stories from Uruguay, and Fernando Augusto Pacheo reviews the printed press.

  • Thursday 26 November

    Nov 26 2020

    Can Seoul and Beijing help to build lasting peace on the Korean peninsula? Plus: why EU nations want to ban Turkey’s ‘Grey Wolves’; Andrew Mueller looks back on the colourful life of Diego Maradona; and Fernando Augusto Pacheco explores France’s music charts.

  • Wednesday 25 November

    Nov 25 2020

    Anthony Gardner, a former US ambassador to the European Union, tells us about Joe Biden’s foreign-policy intentions. Plus, the latest on Sweden’s response to coronavirus, the day’s business headlines and Monocle’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco on the Grammy Awards.

  • Tuesday 24 November

    Nov 24 2020

    Monocle’s Leila Molana-Allen offers a first-hand account of reporting from war-torn Yemen. Plus: Donald Trump accepts that the formal US political transition should begin, Dr Chris Smith has a vaccine roundup and Carlota Rebelo delves into the world of urbanism.

  • Monday 23 November

    Nov 23 2020

    Why are so many senior US Republicans still aligning themselves to Donald Trump? Plus: protests against racial violence in Brazil, China’s space ambitions and Andrew Mueller has the week’s positive news stories.

  • Friday 20 November

    Nov 20 2020

    The UN’s relief agency chief, Mark Lowcock, has the latest on Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis. Plus: Libya prepares to hold parliamentary elections, the day’s business news and Andrew Mueller reflects on the past seven days in the Monocle newsroom.

  • Thursday 19 November

    Nov 19 2020

    Will Donald Trump stand for the US presidency in 2024? Plus: Monocle's Lucinda Elliott takes us to Cuba, the latest business headlines from ‘Bloomberg’ and Paige Reynolds explores Moldova’s music charts.

  • Wednesday 18 November

    Nov 18 2020

    Could Vladimir Putin be preparing to step down? Plus: Donald Trump fires the man who vouched for the reliability of this month’s US election, the latest on the SpaceX mission and Nic Monisse’s urbanism roundup.

  • Tuesday 17 November

    Nov 17 2020

    Is Donald Trump preparing to withdraw US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan? Plus: the efficacy of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine, the latest on the Tokyo Games and Monocle’s Chiara Rimella rounds up the week's best cultural stories.

  • Monday 16 November

    Nov 16 2020

    How will Joe Biden attempt to bring coronavirus under control? Plus, Stefanie Bolzen of ‘Die Welt’ on Brexit negotiations, Oxford University’s Rana Mitter explains the significance of the world’s largest trading bloc, and Andrew Mueller rounds up the positive news.

  • Friday 13 November

    Nov 13 2020

    As Beijing congratulates Joe Biden on winning the US presidential election, we ask how long Donald Trump can keep denying his loss. Plus: why this weekend’s local elections in Brazil might not be good news for president Jair Bolsonaro, and what we’ve learned this week.

  • Thursday 12 November

    Nov 12 2020

    New York’s efforts to prevent a second wave of coronavirus, a new push for regional co-operation in the Balkans and a look at the singles chart in Russia.

  • Wednesday 11 November

    Nov 11 2020

    Has Hong Kong become a one-party state? Plus, Joe Biden calls Donald Trump an ‘embarrassment’, the latest business headlines from Bloomberg and Monocle’s Carlota Rebelo on Bogotá’s new metro system.

  • Tuesday 10 November

    Nov 10 2020

    Is Europe doing enough to combat Islamic extremism? Plus: Trump’s attempts to undermine the election result, an Olympic Games update and our new sister publication ‘Konfekt’.

  • Monday 9 November

    Nov 09 2020

    What will Joe Biden’s election mean for the transatlantic relationship? Plus, Monocle 24’s Chris Smith on a vaccine that could prevent more than 90 per cent of people from coronavirus, and the author Shelby Scarbrough on what we can learn from George Washington’s ‘Rules of Civility’.

  • Friday 6 November

    Nov 06 2020

    Political scientists Scott Lucas and Rachel Kleinfeld have the latest as Joe Biden appears on the brink of the US presidency. Plus: Fernando Augusto Pacheco reviews the day’s papers and Andrew Mueller reflects on a dramatic week in Monocle’s newsroom.

  • Thursday 5 November

    Nov 05 2020

    Monocle’s Chris Cermak and Suzanne Lynch from ‘The Irish Times’ have the latest on the inconclusive US election. Plus, award-winning journalist Ian Cobain on his latest book and Fernando Augusto Pacheco explores Nepal’s pop charts.

  • Wednesday 4 November

    Nov 04 2020

    We have the latest as the US election goes down to the wire, with contributions from former White House staffers Amy Pope and Linda Chavez. Plus, the news from the global markets and what it means for America’s standing.

  • Tuesday 3 November

    Nov 03 2020

    Monocle’s Alexei Korolyov and Tyler Brûlé have the very latest as Vienna reels from a deadly terror attack. Plus: Suzanne Lynch, Amy Pope and Linda Chavez analyse the US presidential election as it nears its dramatic conclusion.

  • Monday 2 November

    Nov 02 2020

    Monocle’s Chris Cermak speaks to our New York correspondent, Henry Rees-Sheridan, about the latest on the US presidential election. Plus, security expert Paul Rogers on peace agreements in the Middle East, and Chiara Rimella’s culture round-up.

  • Friday 30 October

    Oct 30 2020

    Has Donald Trump’s presidency emboldened white supremacists in the US? Plus, Japan’s relationship with its new leader, an update on two landmark votes in New Zealand and Fernando Augusto Pacheco looks ahead to Halloween.

  • Thursday 29 October

    Oct 29 2020

    Are Europe’s powerhouses equipped to cope with a surge in coronavirus cases? Plus, Polish women take part in a national strike, the latest business headlines and we survey the US music charts as the country gears up for its presidential election.

  • Wednesday 28 October

    Oct 28 2020

    Can Joe Biden make inroads into traditional Republican heartlands? Plus, the UN issues a warning about food shortages in Yemen, the latest business news and Monocle’s Nic Monisse on Lahore’s new metro system.

  • Tuesday 27 October

    Oct 27 2020

    We unpack the challenges faced by governments across Europe as the continent faces down the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, a word from the crucial US swing state of Michigan, the latest from Latin America and a culture round-up.

  • Monday 26 October

    Oct 26 2020

    We have the latest as Amy Coney Barrett is set to be appointed to the US Supreme Court. Plus: Europe’s attempts to battle a second wave of coronavirus, the business headlines and a letter from New York.

  • Friday 23 October

    Oct 23 2020

    What did last night’s US presidential debate reveal about the policies of the candidates? Plus, China’s leadership outlines the country’s military course, Belgium’s role in the future of urbanism and Andrew Mueller’s round-up of the week’s stranger stories.

  • Thursday 22 October

    Oct 22 2020

    We learn about Japan’s plans to relax travel restrictions for business travellers and look ahead to tonight’s US presidential debates. Plus: a book celebrating the lives of 100 great black Britons and what’s in Suriname’s pop charts.

  • Wednesday 21 October

    Oct 21 2020

    Will fresh newspaper revelations harm Donald Trump’s re-election hopes? Plus: we ask whether England’s north-south divide will fuel calls for greater devolution, have the latest on political protests in Chile and hear Chiara Rimella’s take on the week’s cultural news.

  • Tuesday 20 October

    Oct 20 2020

    We have the latest from the US as Donald Trump and Joe Biden clash over the nature of the last televised presidential debate. Plus: Russian interference in the Tokyo Olympics, Emmanuel Macron’s doctrine and Nic Monisse’s urbanism round-up.

  • Monday 19 October

    Oct 19 2020

    Monocle 24’s Paris correspondent, Tom Burges Watson, has the latest on the murder of French schoolteacher, Samuel Paty. Plus: Jacinda Ardern’s second term, China’s strong economy and Andrew Mueller’s good news round-up.

  • Friday 16 October

    Oct 16 2020

    Is the UK preparing to walk away from Brexit negotiations with the European Union? Plus: we assess the US and New Zealand elections and Andrew Mueller discusses what the past seven days have taught us.

  • Thursday 15 October

    Oct 15 2020

    Monocle’s Bangkok correspondent, Gwen Robinson, has the latest as the Thai government clamps down on political protest. Plus, Turkey’s relationship with Germany, Florida’s significance in the US election and the best of Cambodian pop music.

  • Wednesday 14 October

    Oct 14 2020

    Should Europe’s leaders be more transparent about national lockdowns? Plus: the security expert Michael Clarke on state espionage, a review of the Latin American newspapers and Carlota Rebelo’s urbanism round-up.

  • Tuesday 13 October

    Oct 13 2020

    Former diplomat, Lewis Lukens, and Monocle’s Chris Cermak analyse the latest US opinion polls. Plus: the WHO issues a warning on herd immunity, China simulates a land invasion of Taiwan and Chiara Rimella’s cultural round-up.

  • Monday 12 October

    Oct 12 2020

    Is Alexander Lukashenko’s iron grip on Belarus weakening? Plus: Fiona Wilson, Monocle’s Tokyo bureau chief, on Japan’s travel restrictions, Vienna’s municipal elections and Slovenia’s top chef reinvents home cooking.

  • Friday 9 October

    Oct 09 2020

    How are Europe’s powerhouses attempting to punish Russia over the poisoning of Alexei Navalny? Plus: Lebanon’s attempts to form a stable government, a Latin America round-up and Monocle’s Andrew Mueller reflects on the week’s quirkier news stories.

  • Thursday 8 October

    Oct 08 2020

    Could the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh provoke a larger regional war? Plus, the latest on the EU’s climate vote, the significance of Texas in the US presidential election and Fernando Augusto Pacheco guides us through Mongolia’s music charts.

  • Wednesday 7 October

    Oct 07 2020

    Could tensions between India and China over their shared border boil over? Plus: intelligence expert Michael Clarke on the Five Eyes network, Chiara Rimella reviews the Italian papers and a Brazilian learns Welsh.

  • Tuesday 6 October

    Oct 06 2020

    Monocle 24’s Dr Chris Smith analyses the WHO’s assessment of the pandemic. Plus: Taiwan issues a warning to China; a profile of the man tipped to replace Germany’s Angela Merkel and the week’s best urbanism stories.

  • Monday 5 October

    Oct 05 2020

    What impact will Trump’s health scare have on the election next month? Plus: Afghanistan’s peace talks, Croatia and Bosnia build bridges and the week’s positive news stories.

  • Friday 2 October

    Oct 02 2020

    Monocle 24’s Dr Chris Smith and US political expert Scott Lucas discuss Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis. Plus: the EU considers sanctions on Turkey, Catalan secession and Brian Deer on his book ‘The Doctor Who Fooled The World’.

  • Thursday 1 October

    Oct 01 2020

    Have China’s leaders changed the country’s approach to the rest of the world? Plus: an interview with Florida author Carl Hiaasen, the latest business headlines and Monocle’s Robert Bound takes us to Algeria in his guest appearance on the global countdown.

  • Wednesday 30 September

    Sep 30 2020

    Monocle’s US election observers discuss a chaotic and bitter presidential debate. Plus: Turkey’s role in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the latest business headlines and Finland’s burgeoning relationship with Sweden.

  • Tuesday 29 September

    Sep 29 2020

    Former Conservative lord chancellor David Gauke assesses the competency of the UK government. Plus: the US presidential debates, communicating complicated science and a rail travel renaissance in the western Balkans.

  • Monday 28 September

    Sep 28 2020

    The IATA’s Chris Goater tells Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé how the aviation industry can prevent an economic catastrophe. Plus: the Swiss narrowly back procuring new fighter jets; the latest on Austria’s municipal elections; and Monocle’s Chiara Rimella delivers her weekly cultural round-up.

  • Friday 25 September

    Sep 25 2020

    Does Germany’s army have a problem with far-right extremism? Plus: an update on a suspected terrorist attack in Paris, Japan’s diplomatic push, Art Basel’s Marc Spiegler and fashion news with Dana Thomas.

  • Thursday 24 September

    Sep 24 2020

    Is the new EU migrant pact a victory for Europe’s nationalists? Plus: the latest on law and order in the US; the UK’s job retention scheme and Monocle’s Robert Bound makes a special guest appearance on our Global Countdown.

  • Wednesday 23 September

    Sep 23 2020

    Are the US and China heading for a new cold war? Plus: Egypt’s role in Libya’s peace process; the day’s business headlines; and Monocle’s Carlota Rebelo has a round-up of the week’s best urbanism stories.

  • Tuesday 22 September

    Sep 22 2020

    We have the latest as the UK government reintroduces measures to control the spread of coronavirus. Plus: constitutional reform in Italy, Finland’s naval fleet and Taiwan’s attempts to rid its pavements of motorcycles.

  • Monday 21 September

    Sep 21 2020

    We have the latest as Joe Biden attacks Donald Trump’s plan for the US Supreme Court vacancy. Plus: business headlines, positive news stories and George Parker of the ‘Financial Times’ on coronavirus warnings in the UK.

  • Friday 18 September

    Sep 18 2020

    The WHO’s warning of a coronavirus surge in Europe; a look at the warming relations between Taipei and Washington; and a highlight from Monocle’s The Chiefs summit in Switzerland.

  • Thursday 17 September

    Sep 17 2020

    We cross over to Monocle’s The Chiefs conference to hear from Tyler Brûlé and we discuss the tensions between the UK government and US Democrats. Plus: Fernando Augusto Pacheco looks at the music charts.

  • Wednesday 16 September

    Sep 16 2020

    Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, delivers her first State of the Union speech. Plus: how Russia wants to develop its relations with Belarus and a round-up of the week’s technology news.

  • Tuesday 15 September

    Sep 15 2020

    As the UAE and Bahrain normalise relations with Israel, we ask what that will mean for all three nations. Plus: Nato’s headache as the row between member states Greece and Turkey goes on, and we look ahead to Monocle’s eagerly awaited The Chiefs summit.

  • Monday 14 September

    Sep 14 2020

    Japan’s ruling party chooses a successor for Shinzō Abe and Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko heads to Russia looking for support. Plus: Monocle’s Chiara Rimella on the week’s culture news.

  • Friday 11 September

    Sep 11 2020

    As tensions rise between London and Brussels, we ask if the UK has a Brexit strategy. Plus: the Afghan government is due to start talks with the Taliban and what we learned this week.

  • Thursday 10 September

    Sep 10 2020

    We look at the accusations that Donald Trump downplayed reports on Russian interference in the presidential election as well as the severity of coronavirus. Plus: why other countries might have to look to Sweden for lessons on fighting the pandemic, and the top singles in the Colombian charts.

  • Wednesday 9 September

    Sep 09 2020

    Why this might be the time for governments the world over to rethink their approach to fighting the pandemic. Plus: a wine row between Slovenia and Croatia, and is organising the Tokyo Olympics for next year a good idea?

  • Tuesday 8 September

    Sep 08 2020

    ABC’s Australian journalists leave China following a tense diplomatic standoff. Plus: the opposition in Belarus seeks support in Poland, Palestinian concerns about Arab-Israeli pacts and the latest business news with Bloomberg’s Yuan Potts.

  • Monday 7 September

    Sep 07 2020

    The British plan to escape what was promised as part of the EU withdrawal deal with Brussels, a spat between Serbia and Russia, and a round-up of the most interesting goings-on at Helsinki Design Week.

  • Friday 4 September

    Sep 04 2020

    The UK business community voices its alarm as a no-deal Brexit looks ever likelier. Also in the programme: the prospects for nationwide elections in Libya, plus what we’ve learned this week.

  • Thursday 3 September

    Sep 03 2020

    Would Joe Biden’s administration attempt police reform in the US? Plus: Monocle 24’s Dr Chris Smith tells us about the Russian nerve agent Novichok; Alexei Korolyov on the reopening of Vienna’s opera houses; and the best of Ukrainian pop music.

  • Wednesday 2 September

    Sep 02 2020

    Are Islamic State militants using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to regroup? Plus: an update from Finland, the latest on Japan’s leadership race and Monocle’s Nic Monisse joins us for a round-up of the week’s most interesting urbanism stories.