Monocle 24: The Briefing

A pacy round-up of the day’s main news stories, anchored from London by a Monocle editor. The show features informed reporting, prescient business analysis and invaluable industry reports covering everything from technology to aviation and retail to media.


  • Tuesday 19 February

    Feb 19 2019

    Has the era of two-party politics in Europe had its day? Plus, Trump’s border-wall struggles, Germany prepares to allow joint defence projects with France and we examine the legacy of Karl Lagerfeld, who died today.

  • Monday 18 February

    Feb 18 2019

    As seven Labour MPs quit the UK party, we look at new divisions and the need for more central politics in the country. Plus: escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, and a round-up of the week’s top transport stories.

  • Friday 15 February

    Feb 15 2019

    India threatens to “completely isolate” Pakistan after a suicide attack in Kashmir. Plus: Australia reopens another detention centre, a look ahead to London Fashion Week and Apple’s mysterious new streaming service.

  • Thursday 14 February

    Feb 14 2019

    Why is Airbus halting production of the world’s largest passenger plane? We also preview high-level trade talks between China and the US, ask whether Spain’s government is teetering on the brink and find out how Japan is preparing for the accession of the country’s new emperor.

  • Wednesday 13 February

    Feb 13 2019

    Will Donald Trump block attempts to end the war in Yemen? Plus: the man behind Emmanuel Macron’s election victory leaves the Élysée, Serbia’s opposition boycotts parliament and Paris’s first international wine fair.

  • Tuesday 12 February

    Feb 12 2019

    Monocle’s Madrid correspondent Liam Aldous has the latest on the trial of Catalonia’s separatist leaders. Plus: the latest on Brexit, Mark Dittli reviews the Swiss newspapers and cherry blossoms in Japan.

  • Monday 11 February

    Feb 11 2019

    Who will face Donald Trump in the 2020 US presidential election? Plus: the UK’s trade deal with Switzerland, Australia’s multibillion-dollar submarine fleet and the importance of Lapland to Finland’s economy.

  • Friday 8 February

    Feb 08 2019

    When will US forces withdraw from Syria? We also find out how Germany’s politicians are clamping down on the internet giants, take you on a tour of an expressionist landmark in Vienna and ask whether Melania Trump’s meteoric rise has benefited Slovenia.

  • Thursday 7 February

    Feb 07 2019

    Is Brazil’s former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva the victim of a political witch hunt? Plus, how Brexit could affect Ireland, the politics of hosting an international summit and a revamp at Helsinki’s airport.

  • Wednesday 6 February

    Feb 06 2019

    What should we know about Russia’s plans to build a new missile system? Plus, the possible merger of Europe’s two largest rail companies, the age of Japan’s politicians and the high demand for Estée Lauder’s products.

  • Tuesday 5 February

    Feb 05 2019

    Will Angela Merkel play a pivotal role in brokering any potential Brexit deal? We also discuss plans to find a political settlement in Venezuela, explore North Macedonia's attempts to join the Nato alliance and find out why Indonesia's government isn't a huge fan of K-pop.

  • Monday 4 February

    Feb 04 2019

    We ask whether the US is in danger of being dragged into an armed conflict in Venezuela. Plus: Emmanuel Macron takes on France’s far-right, Australia’s banks face tougher regulation and we explore plans for a cycling trail that will take in the best of the western Balkans.

  • Friday 1 February

    Feb 01 2019

    What should we know about Lebanon’s new unity government? We also examine The Kremlin’s attack on the BBC’s World News service, Australia’s attempts to use rugby league to woo the Pacific region and a turbulent week for Apple.

  • Thursday 31 January

    Jan 31 2019

    What Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption drive has achieved, Donald Trump’s relationship with Taiwan and the financial cost of Brexit. Plus: our Eurovision expert Fernando Augusto Pacheco gives us a brief history of the competition’s most controversial moments.

  • Wednesday 30 January

    Jan 30 2019

    What are the world’s nuclear powers discussing at a secretive meeting in Beijing? We head to Brussels for more on the Brexit debate, discuss Norway’s plan for a floating tunnel and brave the cold in Finland.

  • Tuesday 29 January

    Jan 29 2019

    Will the UK’s politicians agree to block a no-deal Brexit? We also find out how Turkey is planning to help Syria’s refugees return home. Plus: the speed limit on Germany’s roads and the enduring impact of the Rothschild family on Austria.

  • Monday 28 January

    Jan 28 2019

    Will Donald Trump reinstate the US government shutdown? We also profile a group of French political protesters who wear red scarves, have the latest on Nissan’s woes and find out about Condé Nast’s latest fashion publication.

  • Friday 25 January

    Jan 25 2019

    Should The Queen intervene in the Brexit debate? Will Nicolás Maduro be granted amnesty if he cedes power in Venezuela? Plus, Finland tops The Good Country Index and Xi Jinping’s umbrella spawns a political movement.

  • Thursday 24 January

    Jan 24 2019

    We examine the German foreign minister’s attempts to curry favour with the White House. Plus: Airbus threatens to leave the UK, Russia and Japan remain at odds over the Kuril Islands and we find out about a Greek tennis prodigy who is taking the sport by storm.

  • Wednesday 23 January

    Jan 23 2019

    Why are China’s leaders planning to overhaul the country’s military? Plus: Georgia’s government expresses concerns about Russian soldiers, Davos discusses the febrile political climate and we ask whether Canada’s animators could be about to take this year’s Oscars by storm.

  • Tuesday 22 January

    Jan 22 2019

    Will Kamala Harris face Donald Trump for the US presidency? We also discuss criticism of Japan’s justice system over the Carlos Ghosn case, why Google may pull its news service from Europe and Montenegro’s tourism boom.

  • Monday 21 January

    Jan 21 2019

    Israel carries out airstrikes on Iranian targets in Syria. Plus: we discuss whether the UK can break its Brexit deadlock, go behind the scenes at the World Economic Forum in Davos and hear about a shake-up at Tribune Publishing.

  • Friday 18 January

    Jan 18 2019

    President Donald Trump and House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s power struggle, a look at the new government in Sweden and the most fascinating stats of the week.

  • Thursday 17 January

    Jan 17 2019

    The power struggle between Donald Trump and House speaker Nancy Pelosi, how Vladimir Putin is trying to extend his influence in the Balkans and how the hospitality industry can beat challengers such as Airbnb.

  • Wednesday 16 January

    Jan 16 2019

    We look at coverage of the Brexit chaos in international newspapers and the Pentagon’s concerns over Chinese military technology. Plus, which songs will be the biggest at this year’s carnival in Brazil?

  • Tuesday 15 January

    Jan 15 2019

    A look-ahead to a crucial Brexit vote in Westminster, Emmanuel Macron tries to ease tensions with the ‘gilets jaunes’ and China’s attempts to become a top-class ski-jumping nation – with help from Finland.

  • Monday 14 January

    Jan 14 2019

    The UK’s prime minister Theresa May makes her final push for her Brexit deal, how Brazil's right-wing leader Jair Bolsonaro aims to transform the country and a round-up of today's newspapers and business news.

  • Friday 11 January

    Jan 11 2019

    The latest from France as the yellow vests vandalise much of the country’s speed-camera network. Plus, a court in Myanmar rejects the appeals of two jailed Reuters journalists and the Vatican’s new national sports team.

  • Thursday 10 January

    Jan 10 2019

    What next for the US government shutdown as President Trump storms out of a meeting with Democrats? Plus: the biggest news stories from the Balkans and a check-in from the Pitti Uomo menswear fair in Florence.

  • Wednesday 9 January

    Jan 09 2019

    We look at what US president Donald Trump might have achieved with his TV address and put you in the picture about a French-Italian row over Leonardo da Vinci. Plus, we check-in at Florence’s Pitti Uomo menswear fair.

  • Tuesday 8 January

    Jan 08 2019

    Kim Jong-un’s unannounced visit to Beijing, how France’s ‘yellow vest’ movement is finding surprising friends in Italy and a Danish project to create a local Silicon Valley.

  • Monday 7 January

    Jan 07 2019

    What’s happening with Donald Trump’s Syria withdrawal that was supposed to be imminent? Also in the programme: French president Emmanuel Macron’s continuing struggle with the yellow vest protests and the latest in the UK’s Brexit debate.

  • Friday 4 January

    Jan 04 2019

    What does Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, have planned for his time in office? Plus: when will voters in the DRC find out who won the election held on Sunday and how have conspiracy theories entered mainstream politics?

  • Thursday 3 January

    Jan 03 2019

    A smart digest of the day's top stories from the US and Europe with Monocle 24’s Ben Rylan. Hear the latest reports alongside the business headlines, all live from Midori House in London.

  • Wednesday 2 January

    Jan 02 2019

    How far is US president Donald Trump willing to go to secure money for the Mexico wall? Also in the programme: China’s latest call for Taiwan reunification and why Netflix pulled a comedy show from its service in Saudi Arabia.

  • The Best of 'The Foreign Desk': Anti-Semitism – the eternal lunacy

    Jan 01 2019

    It would be wrong to describe anti-Semitism as resurgent: it never went away. But it has become more voluble – and, in certain circles, more respectable. This episode looks at how the ancient conspiracy theory of furtive Jewish power has been amplified and legitimised by social media and by modern populism around the world, on the left and the right. This special episode of ‘The Briefing’ looks back at some of the best episodes of ‘The Foreign Desk’ from this year.

  • The Best of 'The Foreign Desk': Xinjiang – China’s captive province

    Dec 31 2018

    China does a good job of keeping its Uyghur minority out of international headlines. But, as more stories of huge numbers of Uyghurs incarcerated in detention centres emerge, so do less-than-convincing excuses from Beijing. What do the Uyghurs want that China fears so much? And could this type of persecution spread to China’s other ethnic and religious minorities? This special episode of ‘The Briefing’ looks back at some of the best episodes of ‘The Foreign Desk’ from this year.

  • The best of 'The Foreign Desk': Soft power special

    Dec 28 2018

    Andrew Mueller asks what countries can offer their international partners beyond trade and weapons – or just the cold shoulder. Whether it’s sport, music, food, technology or a quick trip into space, soft power can (if deployed correctly) win hearts, minds and allies. This special episode of 'The Briefing' looks back at some of the best episodes of 'The Foreign Desk' from 2018.

  • The best of 'The Foreign Desk': Narendra Modi

    Dec 27 2018

    We profile Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. He campaigned on a promise to modernise India – a task not for faint of heart – but since taking office his lifelong links with Hindu nationalists have threatened to lead the country down a different path. This special episode of 'The Briefing' looks back at some of the best episodes of 'The Foreign Desk' from 2018.

  • The best of 'The Foreign Desk': National Anthems

    Dec 26 2018

    Some are rousing, others are melancholic and some are just plain dreary. They’re belted out at sporting events, chanted in the streets to bring nations together and used as a political tool by those in power. But what makes a national anthem great, why are so many so terrible and, most importantly of all, which is the best? This special episode of 'The Briefing' looks back at some of the best episodes of 'The Foreign Desk' from 2018.

  • 'The Briefing' Christmas Day special

    Dec 25 2018

    Host Tom Edwards is joined by Monocle editors and contributors for advice on how to receive a bad present with good grace. Plus: a Christmas check in from Monocle’s editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé and a special festive instalment of the Global Countdown.

  • 'The Briefing' Christmas Eve special

    Dec 24 2018

    Monocle editors and contributors join hosts Tom Edwards and Markus Hippi to offer their tips for the best films for Christmas Day and a guide to making an unusual seasonal snack. Plus: can you pass our Christmas citizenship quiz?

  • Friday 21 December

    Dec 21 2018

    Why has US defence secretary James Mattis decided to leave his post? We also discuss a row between the BBC and the Kremlin over media impartiality and find out what the Monocle 24 team gets up to over Christmas.

  • Thursday 20 December

    Dec 20 2018

    We ask whether Isis is still a threat to stability in Syria and find out what can be done to tackle drones around major airports. Plus: today's front pages and the legacy of the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo.

  • Wednesday 19 December

    Dec 19 2018

    Has Donald Trump’s former national security adviser betrayed the US? Plus: political violence in Zimbabwe, the day’s front pages and why a petition is calling on Disney to drop its ‘hakuna matata’ trademark.

  • Tuesday 18 December

    Dec 18 2018

    How can a lasting ceasefire in Yemen be implemented? We discuss the UK Labour party's plans to depose Theresa May, discuss Xi Jinping's speech on Chinese reform and ask why Cole Porter's piano is getting a makeover.

  • Monday 17 December

    Dec 17 2018

    Why has Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the US deteriorated so rapidly? We also discuss Emmanuel Macron’s presidential-approval rating, Russia’s ambitions in the Arctic and the naming of a giant panda cub in Japan.

  • Friday 14 December

    Dec 14 2018

    We discuss the security situation in France as police kill the main suspect in this week’s terrorist attack in Strasbourg. Plus: Kim Jong-un’s plans to visit Seoul, same-sex marriage in Brazil and Monocle’s Balkans correspondent tells us all about Croatia’s olive-oil boom.

  • Thursday 13 December

    Dec 13 2018

    Has the UK government lost its authority to negotiate Brexit? We also discuss the jailing of Donald Trump’s former lawyer and the reopening of Yemen’s main transport hub. Plus: do we worry too much about the amount of time we spend on our smartphones?

  • Wednesday 12 December

    Dec 12 2018

    Will UK prime minister Theresa May be forced from power? We also have the latest on the manhunt for the Strasbourg gunman and ask whether US politics is more divided than ever. Plus: the Japanese ‘kanji’ for 2018.

  • Tuesday 11 December

    Dec 11 2018

    Will the UK government be forced to call a second Brexit referendum? We also ask George W Bush’s former adviser why the current US president is struggling to find a chief of staff. Plus: what the abdication of Japan’s emperor will mean for the country’s royal family?

  • Monday 10 December

    Dec 10 2018

    Can Emmanuel Macron calm the French public after a tumultuous weekend on the streets of Paris? Plus: we explore the challenges facing the new leader of Germany’s Christian Democrats, discuss political meddling in the Balkans and profile one of the world’s most innovative art galleries.

  • Friday 7 December

    Dec 07 2018

    Who will succeed Angela Merkel as the head of Germany’s Christian Democrats? Plus: a snap election in Armenia, the world’s largest start-up event in Helsinki and why living coral has been named the colour of 2019.

  • Thursday 6 December

    Dec 06 2018

    Can UN-sponsored talks end the war in Yemen? We also ask whether Emmanuel Macron can appease disgruntled protesters in France, check in at Art Basel Miami Beach and find out why some residents of a small Swedish town sabotage a straw goat to celebrate Advent.

  • Wednesday 5 December

    Dec 05 2018

    Will the the former US national security adviser Michael Flynn be spared a jail sentence in return for co-operation with Robert Mueller’s Russia inquiry? Plus: Brazil’s welfare reforms, elections in Switzerland and we hear from the man behind the world’s leading start-up event.

  • Tuesday 4 December

    Dec 04 2018

    Will the EU allow the UK to cancel Brexit and why is Venezuela’s leader travelling to Moscow? Plus: Australia’s crusade against single-use shopping bags and the expansion of the world’s oldest toy shop.

  • Monday 3 December

    Dec 03 2018

    How will the US and Israel respond to Tehran’s decision to test a medium-range ballistic missile? We also discuss the resurgence of Spain’s far-right, a UN charter on sustainable fashion and find out how world leaders prepare for their most important meetings.

  • Friday 30 November

    Nov 30 2018

    Ukraine bans Russian men from entering the country as tensions with the Kremlin continue to escalate. Plus: an update from the G20 in Buenos Aires and why ‘National Geographic’ has tipped Montenegro as the next big thing.

  • Thursday 29 November

    Nov 29 2018

    Foreign policy expert Mary Devesky profiles Georgia's first woman president. Why do Asian countries lag behind on LGBT rights and will the Pentagon ditch Trump’s space plans. Plus: will peace talks end war in Yemen?

  • Wednesday 28 November

    Nov 28 2018

    As US Democratic House members vote on their nominee for speaker, we assess Nancy Pelosi's chances. Plus: the UK chancellor admits the economy will be worse after Brexit, Slovenia becomes the first Nato country to have a female army chief and a big shake-up at Condé Nast.

  • Tuesday 27 November

    Nov 27 2018

    Did Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, lie to the FBI? Plus: Airbus delivers its first A330neo, Serbia’s military receives new helicopters and Fernando Augusto Pacheco rounds up the latest stories from Latin America and beyond.

  • Monday 26 November

    Nov 26 2018

    How serious is the tense stand-off between Russia and Ukraine? Plus: Taiwan’s pro-independence party takes a battering at the polls, Switzerland’s public votes on the country’s laws and Italy and France argue over who is the rightful heir to Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest works of art.

  • Friday 23 November

    Nov 23 2018

    Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? We also ask what impact Dolce and Gabbana’s ill-advised ad campaign could have on its brand in China, find out why Slovenia’s transport hub is getting an upgrade and tell you about a resort in Bali that is clamping down on smartphones.

  • Thursday 22 November

    Nov 22 2018

    We discuss the target of Donald Trump’s latest war of words – and Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts’ extraordinarily feisty response. Plus: how much do we know about our neighbouring countries? For children in South Korea it’s surprisingly little – but is that about to change? And finally: can you ever have too many Santas?

  • Wednesday 21 November

    Nov 21 2018

    What should we know about Interpol's new boss? We also explore Beijing’s military ambitions in the South China Sea, ask whether the alliance between Renault, Mitsubishi and Nissan can survive its current crisis and take you inside the pages of Monocle’s brand new Athens travel guide.

  • Tuesday 20 November

    Nov 20 2018

    Why does a small political party in Northern Ireland hold so much sway over the UK’s government? We also have the latest on the crisis engulfing Nissan, discuss Xi Jinping’s visit to the Philippines and find out why a Japanese city has decided to change its name.

  • Monday 19 November

    Nov 19 2018

    Could the war in Yemen be coming to an end? We also discuss the trial of pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong and the lack of originality in fashion. Plus: should cities tear down their car parks?

  • Friday 16 November

    Nov 16 2018

    We have the latest as two senior members of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge are found guilty of committing genocide in the 1970s. We also discuss alleged plans to unseat Theresa May and Japan's use of sport as soft power. Plus: why is Switzerland updating its payment forms?

  • Thursday 15 November

    Nov 15 2018

    In this special edition we examine a day of political chaos in the UK. Our panel of experts ask whether resignations by key ministers will force prime minister Theresa May from her job. Plus: the latest stories in business and technology.

  • Wednesday 14 November

    Nov 14 2018

    ‘Financial Times’ political editor George Parker on "one of the most dramatic days in recent British politics". We also discuss Italy’s budget constraints, Calgary’s Winter Olympic bid withdrawal and the definition of a kilogram.

  • Tuesday 13 November

    Nov 13 2018

    Will the UN intervene in the conflict between Israel and Palestine? We also ask whether Italy will fall in line with the EU’s budgetary rules and look at Calgary’s bid to host the Winter Olympics. Plus: how much does Monocle’s Balkans correspondent know about the Baltics?

  • Monday 12 November

    Nov 12 2018

    Monocle's editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, tells us about the masters of persuasion in our Soft Power Survey. We also discuss multilateralism in Europe and China's shrewd propaganda push.

  • Friday 9 November

    Nov 09 2018

    As top diplomats from the US and China meet in Washington, we discuss the growing unease between the two superpowers. Plus: the latest on the future of the Mueller investigation into the 2016 US election, Paris’s e-bike scheme and why two of Germany’s top department stores are announcing a merger.

  • Thursday 8 November

    Nov 08 2018

    Could Angela Merkel’s fragile political coalition be on the verge of collapse? We also examine Japan's energy strategy, ask whether Armistice Day has become a political football and examine what’s behind the variance in the global wine harvest.

  • Wednesday 7 November

    Nov 07 2018

    What could Democrat gains in the US midterms mean for the 2020 presidential race? We also discuss plans for a European army, hear from an entrepreneur who is shaking up hotel offerings in Paris and ask whether China could become the world’s most visited country.

  • Tuesday 6 November

    Nov 06 2018

    Monocle’s Tomos Lewis has the latest from Vermont as polls open for the US midterms. We also explore Japan's military strategy and ask why football in the Balkans can't escape the region’s turbulent political past.

  • Monday 5 November

    Nov 05 2018

    We ask whether a diplomatic push by the king of Saudi Arabia is anything more than a PR exercise. Plus: China's attempts to promote free trade, the impact of Iranian oil sanctions and attempts by Nasa to send astronauts back to the moon.

  • Friday 2 November

    Nov 02 2018

    What impact will the US’s new sanctions have on Iran, who is Brazil’s new justice minister and why is New Caledonia holding a referendum on whether to get independence from France? Plus: Amsterdam’s mayor is planning to change the face of the city’s infamous red-light district.

  • Thursday 1 November

    Nov 01 2018

    Why Stockholm turned down the opportunity for an Apple-funded overhaul of one of its parks and the mayor of Taipei’s new strategy for attracting young voters: the release of a hip-hop video. Plus: a highlight from last night’s special edition of ‘The Urbanist’, live from Midori House.

  • Wednesday 31 October

    Oct 31 2018

    We ask whether the man investigating Russian interference in the US election is being deliberately smeared by right-wing critics. Plus: we consider Croatia’s attempts to join the euro, explore dramatic military drills off the coast of Norway and find out why London’s police service wants to launch a clothing range.

  • Tuesday 30 October

    Oct 30 2018

    Will Donald Trump unequivocally denounce white nationalism before he visits Pittsburgh? We also find out what Australia’s spymaster thinks about Chinese meddling, get the latest business headlines from Bloomberg and take you on a tour of Sweden’s National Museum.

  • Monday 29 October

    Oct 29 2018

    What should we know about the Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia? We also find out why Angela Merkel no longer wants to carry on as head of her CDU party, review the Brazilian newspapers and find out about a woman who became an accidental author.

  • Friday 26 October

    Oct 26 2018

    We get the latest on Brazil's presidential election race being decided this weekend, look at why Austria and Germany are rethinking their relationships with Saudi Arabia and enjoy a highlight from Monocle’s Travel Top 50 event.

  • Thursday 25 October

    Oct 25 2018

    Does Donald Trump’s rhetoric put US politicians and journalists in danger? We ask whether Japan is seeking to build an economic alliance with China and bring you the latest news from the world of technology. Plus: we give you a sneak peek of the impressive redevelopment of London’s Coal Drops Yard.

  • Wednesday 24 October

    Oct 24 2018

    What should we expect from Nato’s military drills in Norway? We also ask whether Brazil's left-wing Workers' party is gaining momentum ahead of this weekend's crucial presidential election, discuss the importance of a beautiful workplace and find out why the Netherlands’ flower industry is in full bloom.

  • Tuesday 23 October

    Oct 23 2018

    Are the US and Russia preparing to enter a new arms race? Plus: We discuss the rise of Germany’s Greens, Monocle’s Daniel Bach looks at the challenges facing Toronto’s re-elected mayor and we ask whether artificial intelligence will make the artist’s paint brush redundant.

  • Monday 22 October

    Oct 22 2018

    How much does Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman know about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi? We also ask whether Australians have had enough of Punch and Judy politics, and discuss bilateral talks between South Korea and Japan. Plus: has tourism become a dirty word?

  • Friday 19 October

    Oct 19 2018

    What should we expect from Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections? We also find out about Kosovo’s plan to upgrade its security forces, examine what Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazilian government might look like and explore an ambitious seven-year mission to Mercury.

  • Thursday 18 October

    Oct 18 2018

    Why are the world’s leaders so reluctant to criticise Saudi Arabia? We also discuss plans for an enormous pro-independence rally in Taiwan, ask who might stand against Donald Trump in the US presidential election in 2020 and explore Norway’s proud relationship with its Viking past.

  • Wednesday 17 October

    Oct 17 2018

    Why does Canada’s decision to legalise cannabis matter to the rest of the world? We also discuss the controversy surrounding Japan’s Yasukuni Shrine, explore Croatia’s plans to join the Schengen Area and hear from a man who wants to make renting a flat a far more pleasurable experience.

  • Tuesday 16 October

    Oct 16 2018

    Could Australia be about to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? We also hear from the former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi, discuss political polling in Brazil and find out about General Electric’s designs for a commercial supersonic aircraft engine.

  • Monday 15 October

    Oct 15 2018

    We get the latest on Brexit, after the UK said it had hit an impasse in negotiations over the Irish border. We also look at the reopening of the border between Jordan and Syria, get the latest business headlines and hear about the protests in Hong Kong about the government’s land-reclamation plan.

  • Friday 12 October

    Oct 12 2018

    We examine whether this weekend’s state elections could reshape far more than just the political balance of Bavaria. Plus: a whole new meaning for the term ‘west wing’ and our editor explains what we should prioritise when it comes to building real communities in our cities.

  • Thursday 11 October

    Oct 11 2018

    Do the latest polls from Brazil indicate that the country will elect a far-right president? We also discuss whether Switzerland could vote to cement sovereignty over international law, ask whether anyone will want to replace Nikki Haley at the UN and tell you all about The Shed project in New York.

  • Wednesday 10 October

    Oct 10 2018

    Could Japan be preparing to host a summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un? We also discuss concerns over press freedom in Hong Kong and Brazil’s attempts to tackle fake news during the country’s presidential election. Plus: how is ‘Vogue’ looking to make its mark at next year’s Met Gala?

  • Tuesday 9 October

    Oct 09 2018

    Has Bashar al-Assad won the war in Syria? We also take a look at Angela Merkel’s in-tray and explore how a low-cost carrier has been able to compete with some of its more established transatlantic rivals. Plus: should pop and politics ever mix?

  • Monday 8 October

    Oct 08 2018

    Why has China detained the head of Interpol? Plus: the mood in Brazil as it prepares to elect a new leader, why Bosnia-Herzegovina's elections are so complicated and a new font that might be able to help people who struggle to remember facts.

  • Friday 5 October

    Oct 05 2018

    Monocle 24's Fernando Augusto Pacheco gives us his guide to the presidential election in his home country of Brazil. Plus: we profile the woman who is hoping to lead Austria, discuss the row over Japan's ‘rising sun’ flag and find out why Tronc has decided to change its name back to Tribune Publishing.

  • Thursday 4 October

    Oct 04 2018

    Could the FBI’s report into Brett Kavanaugh’s past derail his Supreme Court bid? Plus: Monocle 24’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco on Brazil’s presidential election, a border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia, and an update from one of the world’s biggest art fairs.

  • Wednesday 3 October

    Oct 03 2018

    Will Russia halt the development of its new cruise missiles? Plus: we explore the dramatic rise in the price of oil, find out why an Italian mayor has been arrested for helping migrants and discuss Netflix’s plans to let viewers decide TV and film endings.