Monocle 24: The Briefing

A pacy round-up of the day’s main news stories, anchored from London by a Monocle editor. The show features informed reporting, prescient business analysis and invaluable industry reports covering everything from technology to aviation and retail to media.


  • Friday10 July

    Jul 10 2020

    The latest from Istanbul where a court decision might pave the way for the restoration of Hagia Sophia as a mosque. Also, how the nature of peace-making is changing and why a collaboration between two newspapers in Brazil and Portugal is a clever move.

  • Thursday 9 July

    Jul 09 2020

    What does the UK’s rescue package mean for Brexit? Plus: the latest from Japan, Monocle’s Lucinda Elliott takes us to Paraguay and we bring you the very best of Spain’s summer music charts.

  • Wednesday 8 July

    Jul 08 2020

    Why is the FBI claiming that China wants to become the world’s only superpower? Plus: the day’s latest business headlines, Monocle 24’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco and Dr Chris Smith on coronavirus in Latin America and Nic Monisse’s urbanism round-up.

  • Tuesday 7 July

    Jul 07 2020

    Monocle’s Hong Kong bureau chief, James Chambers, tells us how the world’s biggest tech firms are resisting Chinese interference. Plus: heated exchanges between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Linda Scott on her book ‘The Double X Economy’, and Chiara Rimella’s cultural round-up.

  • Monday 6 July

    Jul 06 2020

    Who is behind attacks on military compounds across Iran? Plus: Dr Chris Smith has the latest on coronavirus, Mark Gevisser on his new book ‘The Pink Line: The World’s Queer Frontiers’ and a tribute to composer Ennio Morricone.

  • Friday 3 July

    Jul 03 2020

    We’ve got the latest from Paris following the resignation of the French prime minister, Édouard Philippe. Plus: Tomos Lewis on the US campaign trail, the relationship between Brazil and Argentina and the reopening of England’s restaurants.

  • Bonus edition

    Jul 02 2020

    In a special bonus edition of the programme, Ludovic Subran, chief economist at Allianz, joins Monocle’s Josh Fehnert to take a look beyond the horizon at the shifting sands of the global economy. As a key decision-maker and researcher at the world’s largest insurer and asset manager, Subran knows more than most about human behaviour, the global economy and the risks and rewards we’re all facing.

  • Thursday 2 July

    Jul 02 2020

    What’s behind the US decision to withdraw almost 10,000 troops from Germany? Plus: the latest from Lebanon, an urbanism round-up from Carlota Rebelo and the very best of India’s music charts.

  • Wednesday 1 July

    Jul 01 2020

    Russia expert and author Luke Harding tells us about the country’s relationship with the West. Plus: we examine the huge surge in coronavirus cases in the US, get the business headlines and hear from Chiara Rimella about New Zealand’s film industry.

  • Tuesday 30 June

    Jun 30 2020

    We hear from the former UK foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind as China passes a new security law for Hong Kong. Plus: the latest from Japan, an explanation of contact tracing and Brazilian football kicks off.

  • Monday 29 June

    Jun 29 2020

    Do Donald Trump’s re-election hopes hinge on his response to coronavirus? Plus: the latest on the political situation in Sudan, a profile of Ireland’s new leader and Robert Bound explains why a famous rock group is threatening to sue the White House.

  • Friday 26 June

    Jun 26 2020

    We’ve got the latest as China deploys troops to its border with India. Plus: an update from Finland, the unstoppable rise of game shows and Monocle’s Andrew Mueller on the week’s quirkier stories.

  • Thursday 25 June

    Jun 25 2020

    Are the US and Iran preparing to hold high-level talks? Plus: the latest from Australia, a cultural round-up with Monocle’s Chiara Rimella and we travel to Iceland to survey the country’s music charts.

  • Wednesday 24 June

    Jun 24 2020

    Yemen expert Iona Craig tells us about her recent visit to the war-torn country. Plus: Vladimir Putin’s attempts to stay in power in Russia, an interview with a leading Hong Kong political activist and a round-up of the week’s best urbanism stories.

  • Tuesday 23 June

    Jun 23 2020

    Why has Singapore’s government called a general election during a pandemic? Plus: an interview with International Committee of the Red Cross president Peter Maurer and the latest from Monocle’s newsrooms across the world.

  • Monday 22 June

    Jun 22 2020

    Has Lebanon’s economy spiralled out of control? Plus: Joe Biden’s choice of running mate for November’s presidential election, China’s disputes with its near neighbours and the week’s more positive stories.

  • Friday 19 June

    Jun 19 2020

    We examine law in the US following two landmark rulings from the Supreme Court. Plus: the latest from Chile, counter-terrorism legislation in Switzerland and Monocle’s Nolan Giles on his grand European tour.

  • Thursday 18 June

    Jun 18 2020

    Why is Germany urging the EU to prepare for a no-deal Brexit? Plus: Canada loses out on a UN Security Council seat, Monocle’s Chiara Rimella has a cultural round-up and Fernando Augusto Pacheco on the best of Brazilian pop.

  • Wednesday 17 June

    Jun 17 2020

    Are India and China on the brink of war? Plus: policing in the US, the steroid hailed as a coronavirus game-changer and why the White House is trying to halt the publication of former advisor John Bolton’s new book.

  • Tuesday 16 June

    Jun 16 2020

    Why has North Korea blown up its joint liaison office with South Korea? Plus: Poland’s president and his anti-LGBT rhetoric, Tokyo’s mayoral contest, the day’s business headlines and the latest on the Oscars.

  • Monday 15 June

    Jun 15 2020

    We have the latest as a high-profile journalist is found guilty of libel in the Philippines. Plus: Beijing sees a rise in coronavirus cases, comment from Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé and we explore the Emirates Mars mission.

  • Friday 12 June

    Jun 12 2020

    We reflect on Hong Kong’s future after its year of violent protests. Plus: an interview with David Miliband, the latest from Germany and Monocle editors Andrew Tuck and Josh Fehnert take us inside the newsroom.

  • Thursday 11 June

    Jun 11 2020

    Monocle’s editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, has the latest as Lufthansa looks set to axe tens of thousands of jobs. Plus: opinion polling data in the US, the latest from Peru and the best (and worst) of Mexico’s pop music.

  • Wednesday 10 June

    Jun 10 2020

    How should Nato respond to the threat posed by China? Plus: why the investigation into the 1986 murder of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme has been closed, the week’s best urbanism stories and the latest from Monocle’s editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé.

  • Tuesday 9 June

    Jun 09 2020

    Can new legislation radically overhaul the US police service? Plus: the latest on vaccine trials, an update from the western Balkans and Monocle’s culture editor, Chiara Rimella, on the future of controversial statues.

  • Monday 8 June

    Jun 08 2020

    Lucinda Elliott and Fernando Augusto Pacheco have the latest as Brazil is accused of manipulating coronavirus data. Plus: a row over US troops in Germany, politics in Taiwan and the week’s positive news stories.

  • Friday 5 June

    Jun 05 2020

    Monocle 24’s security correspondent, Benno Zogg, explains Switzerland’s leading role in international diplomacy. Plus, the editor of ‘The Sunday Times’ Emma Tucker, Monocle’s view from Andrew Tuck and Fiona Wilson and the latest from the world of luxury.

  • Thursday 4 June

    Jun 04 2020

    Swedish Radio’s Ulrika Björkstén and Monocle 24’s Chris Smith examine Sweden’s response to coronavirus. Plus: the latest from Brazil, Chiara Rimella’s cultural check-in and an assessment of South Africa’s pop music.

  • Wednesday 3 June

    Jun 03 2020

    Former UK foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind and Monocle’s James Chambers have the latest on the situation in Hong Kong. Plus: tackling the causes of racism in the US, plans for a truce in Libya and Nic Monisse’s urbanism round-up.

  • Tuesday 2 June

    Jun 02 2020

    Professor Deborah Archer from NYU’s School of Law tells us about the impact that the protests are having in the US. Plus: Dr Chris Smith has an update on coronavirus, Westminster returns and we talk to Monocle’s design editor, Nolan Giles.

  • Monday 1 June

    Jun 01 2020

    Political strategist Ryan Williams talks to Monocle’s Chris Cermak about the violent protests gripping the US. Plus, Andrew Mueller has an update on the Gough Whitlam dismissal, Japan considers easing entry restrictions and the best of Italy’s cultural sites.

  • Friday 29 May

    May 29 2020

    We have the latest from Brazil, now the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, Iran’s parliament elects a new speaker, we assess the approval ratings for the UK’s government and this week’s Global Countdown takes us to Indonesia.

  • Thursday 28 May

    May 28 2020

    We ask how Europe’s leaders are co-ordinating their response to the pandemic. Plus, the latest from Hong Kong, an interview with, Jens Henriksson, the CEO of Swedbank, and a cultural round-up with Monocle’s Chiara Rimella.

  • Wednesday 27 May

    May 27 2020

    We ask if the drug Remdesivir will be a game changer in treating patients with Covid-19. Plus, Monocle's Tyler Brûlé on Switzerland’s plans to return to normal, the latest on Suriname and how New York is rethinking its public spaces.

  • Tuesday 26 May

    May 26 2020

    Are the protagonists in Libya’s civil war using coronavirus as a smokescreen? Plus: the latest on UK chief adviser Dominic Cummings, whether clothing should be quarantined and the author Alan Levinovitz on his new book, ‘Natural’.

  • Monday 25 May

    May 25 2020

    Why has UK PM Boris Johnson refused to sack a top aide who travelled during lockdown? Plus: we ask whether it’s safe for children to return to schools, have the latest from Japan and bring you the week’s positive news stories.

  • Friday 22 May

    May 22 2020

    We’ve got the latest as China attempts to impose a controversial new law in Hong Kong. Plus: the extent of coronavirus in major cities, a round-up of the week’s stranger stories and the best of US pop music.

  • Thursday 21 May

    May 21 2020

    Has the White House failed to ascertain the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in the US? Plus: we speak to Value Retail’s CEO, Scott Malkin, have all the latest from Mexico and round-up the week’s culture stories.

  • Wednesday 20 May

    May 20 2020

    Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé and Andrew Tuck cover the day’s news. Plus: the performance of the UK Labour party’s new leader, the Franco-German recovery programme and the week’s best urbanism stories.

  • Tuesday 19 May

    May 19 2020

    Has the Kremlin covered up the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in Russia? Plus: the latest from Japan, the race to develop a vaccine and the battle to save Picasso murals in Oslo.

  • Monday 18 May

    May 18 2020

    Can the World Health Assembly co-ordinate a global response to the coronavirus pandemic? Plus: the latest from Brazil, a power-sharing agreement in Afghanistan and Andrew Mueller’s roundup of the week’s positive stories.

  • Friday 15 May

    May 15 2020

    We have the latest from Japan as the country begins to ease its state of emergency. Plus: Monocle’s Josh Fehnert tells us how the hospitality industry is bouncing back, the week’s stranger stories and Eurovision.

  • Thursday 14 May

    May 14 2020

    Monocle 24’s Dr Chris Smith on how scientists are trying to manage coronavirus. Plus: how journalists assess the validity of stories about the pandemic, Chiara Rimella’s cultural round-up and a homage to the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Wednesday 13 May

    May 13 2020

    What impact will the conflict with China have on the US election? Plus: the science behind physical distancing, the latest from Costa Rica and how restaurants are facing the challenges of the pandemic.

  • Tuesday 12 May

    May 12 2020

    Why is the US’s top scientist concerned about plans to restart the country’s economy? Plus: Germany sees a rise in the number of coronavirus cases, Monocle’s design editor, Nolan Giles, tells us about a congregation of creative talent in Milan and we bring you the week’s positive news stories.

  • Monday 11 May

    May 11 2020

    Tyler Brûlé and guests assess Switzerland’s attempts to kick-start its economy. Plus: Monocle editor Andrew Tuck and political strategist Lance Price on the abysmal messaging from the UK government, and we also have a Eurovision update.

  • Friday 8 May

    May 08 2020

    Tyler Brûlé has the latest from Switzerland as it prepares to reopen. Plus: news from Brazil, the unheralded role of Boeing’s 747 cargo planes during the pandemic and a cultural round-up with Monocle’s Chiara Rimella.

  • Thursday 7 May

    May 07 2020

    Have China and the US reached breaking point? Plus: how antiviral drugs could be used to treat Covid-19, a failed plot to overthrow Venezuela’s government, retail news and our weekly pop countdown.

  • Wednesday 6 May

    May 06 2020

    Why does the UK now have the highest number of coronavirus deaths in Europe? Plus: how the world’s navies are coping with the virus and how major cities are planning to keep us out of our cars as restrictions ease.

  • Tuesday 5 May

    May 05 2020

    Tyler Brûlé explores how national governments are starting to ease coronavirus restrictions. Plus: an update from Tokyo, aviation news and Monocle’s Nolan Giles on what Australian architects are learning about suburbia.

  • Monday 4 May

    May 04 2020

    What should we make of the White House’s claim that coronavirus originated in a Chinese lab? Plus: the latest on the situation in Russia, Monocle’s Venetia Rainey brings us the business headlines and we find out how traditional cinema is adapting to lockdown.

  • Friday 1 May

    May 01 2020

    Former Downing Street insider Lance Price and Monocle 24’s health and science correspondent, Dr Chris Smith, on the UK government’s handling of Covid-19. Plus: Tyler Brûlé in Switzerland and the week’s stranger stories

  • Thursday 30 April

    Apr 30 2020

    What impact will the coronavirus pandemic have on war-torn countries around the world? Plus: Taiwan’s foreign minister tells us how Taipei tackled the virus, the latest retail news and the best of Armenian pop music.

  • Wednesday 29 April

    Apr 29 2020

    Will Germany introduce new lockdown restrictions to curb coronavirus? Plus: the CEO of Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis on fighting the pandemic, China’s plans for its parliament and physical distancing in Lithuania.

  • Tuesday 28 April

    Apr 28 2020

    How are the world’s best scientists managing the easing of lockdown restrictions? Plus: Argentina is praised for its handling of coronavirus, the US response to the pandemic and some positivity from Andrew Mueller.

  • Monday 27 April

    Apr 27 2020

    Tyler Brûlé assesses Europe’s response to coronavirus. Plus: China prepares for a second wave of infections, the UK government’s handling of the pandemic and Monocle’s Venetia Rainey has the day’s business headlines.

  • Friday 24 April

    Apr 24 2020

    Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé and Fiona Wilson assess the global impact of Covid-19. Plus, an interview with the head of the World Trade Organization; Chiara Rimella offers us a cultural round-up and we reflect on the week’s stranger news stories.

  • Thursday 23 April

    Apr 23 2020

    We explore how coronavirus is straining already tense relations between the US and China. Plus: the science behind easing a lockdown, the EU’s attempts to keep the bloc’s economy afloat and pop music in Thailand.

  • Wednesday 22 April

    Apr 22 2020

    Why has the UK government struggled to coordinate its coronavirus response? Plus: US lockdown strategies open old political fault lines, Covid-19 in Nicaragua and Monocle’s Nic Monisse on the week’s stories.

  • Tuesday 21 April

    Apr 21 2020

    We have the latest on the White House’s decision to suspend immigration to the US. Plus: Germany eases restrictions, Japan considers a further postponement to the Olympics and we talk design with Monocle’s Nolan Giles.

  • Monday 20 April

    Apr 20 2020

    Could lockdown protests in the US exacerbate the country’s coronavirus outbreak? Plus: the race to develop antibody tests, the news in Hong Kong and why Brazil is watching repeats of the nation’s sporting triumphs.

  • Friday 17 April

    Apr 17 2020

    Just how honest has China been in telling the world about Covid-19? Plus: the latest on the US response to the virus, how Greece has curbed the spread there and how museums are adapting.

  • Thursday 16 April

    Apr 16 2020

    The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Robert Mardini, tells us how his organisation is battling coronavirus. Plus: chaos in Brazilian politics, Austria’s shops begin to reopen and Monocle's Fernando Augusto Pacheco on Japanese pop music.

  • Wednesday 15 April

    Apr 15 2020

    Taiwan's representative in the UK, David Lin, tells us how the self-ruled island has been tackling coronavirus. Plus: the latest on easing lockdown restrictions in Switzerland, the race to create a vaccine and Germany reconfigures bike lanes to allow social distancing.

  • Tuesday 14 April

    Apr 14 2020

    Amy Pope – who co-ordinated the US response to Ebola and Zika – has the latest on coronavirus in America. Plus: Russia considers deploying its army, the plight in Ecuador and how Italian brands are getting back on track.

  • Monday 13 April

    Apr 13 2020

    Could the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia show the rest of Europe how to ease Covid-19 restrictions? Also: Japan’s mixed response to the virus outbreak and why Turkey may see a spike in new cases.

  • Friday 10 April

    Apr 10 2020

    We review another week in the pandemic with Tyler Brûlé and Moncle’s senior Asia editor, Fiona Wilson. Plus: a dispatch from the US, why Croatia could lift restrictions and the stories you might have missed this week.

  • Thursday 9 April

    Apr 09 2020

    How are European leaders responding to the pandemic? Plus: the debate over the efficacy of masks, the race to the White House and Monocle 24’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco and Andrew Mueller on Swedish pop music.

  • Wednesday 8 April

    Apr 08 2020

    Tyler Brûlé and Andrew Mueller examine the poor communication around Boris Johnson’s illness. Plus: Trump’s spat with the WHO, Mexico’s attempts to stamp out Covid-19 and some positive business news.

  • Tuesday 7 April

    Apr 07 2020

    Monocle 24's health and science correspondent, Dr Chris Smith, joins political analyst Lance Price for the latest on UK prime minister Boris Johnson's condition. Plus: Chris Cermak on how Eurozone countries are addressing economic uncertainty and a roundup of the week's more positive stories.

  • Monday 6 April

    Apr 06 2020

    Tyler Brûlé on Austria’s plans to ease lockdown restrictions. Plus: Japan prepares to declare a state of emergency, Boris Johnson is admitted to hospital and Yuan Potts from Bloomberg brings us the business news.

  • Friday 3 April

    Apr 03 2020

    Peter Goodman from ‘The New York Times’ assesses the economic impact of coronavirus. Plus: Tyler Brûlé joins us from Zürich, Ivan Carvalho has an update from Milan and we find out how the pop industry is adapting.

  • Thursday 2 April

    Apr 02 2020

    What can the world learn from South Korea’s coronavirus testing programme? Plus: Monocle’s Balkans correspondent, Guy De Launey, tells us how leaders in the region are using the outbreak to curb civil liberties, the latest business headlines and Fernando Augusto Pacheco’s Global Countdown.

  • Wednesday 1 April

    Apr 01 2020

    The World Health Organization’s Dr Margaret Harris assesses the challenges posed by coronavirus. Plus: the latest from Tyler Brûlé, Andrew Tuck and Markus Hippi, and a report from Monocle’s Paris correspondent.

  • Tuesday 31 March

    Mar 31 2020

    Why do national armies play such differing roles during uncertain times? Plus: coronavirus and mental health, how Latin America is battling the outbreak and Tyler Brûlé and Fiona Wilson on the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Monday 30 March

    Mar 30 2020

    What part can we all play in helping to stamp out coronavirus? Tyler Brûlé joins us live from Zürich, we get the latest on Donald Trump’s woeful response to the virus and we assess the impact on the print industry.

  • Friday 27 March

    Mar 27 2020

    Monocle's editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, and Bloomberg's Ed Robinson assess the economic impact of coronavirus. Plus, the latest as Boris Johnson tests positive for Covid-19, Monocle’s Andrew Mueller reflects on an extraordinary week in newsrooms across the world and our global countdown shows solidarity with our listeners in Italy.

  • Thursday 26 March

    Mar 26 2020

    Tyler Brûlé, Monocle’s editor in chief, and Chris Smith, our health and science correspondent, have the latest on the fight against Covid-19. Plus, why some authoritarian countries are in denial about the virus, the latest business news and we offer some life hacks if you are working from home.

  • Wednesday 25 March

    Mar 25 2020

    What should we make of Donald Trump's claim that the US could reopen in the coming weeks? Plus: the latest from Europe, UK scientists lead the way in mapping the virus and Fernando Augusto Pacheco has some tips for those who are missing their favourite soap operas.

  • Tuesday 24 March

    Mar 24 2020

    Former Downing Street insider, Jonathan Powell, assesses Boris Johnson’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Plus, Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé has the latest from Zürich, our health and science correspondent Chris Smith reports on the race to find a vaccine and China begins to reopen its cinemas.

  • Monday 23 March

    Mar 23 2020

    Leading virologist Chris Smith explains how we should tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Plus: Monocle’s editors, business news with Yuan Potts and how the media in Wales is helping children who are stuck indoors.

  • Friday 20 March

    Mar 20 2020

    Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé and security expert Paul Rogers assess an extraordinary week. Plus: Andrew Mueller has the world’s other news stories and Fernando Augusto Pacheco chooses the songs that could have won Eurovision.

  • Thursday 19 March

    Mar 19 2020

    It’s just over a decade since we last saw global markets tank, also during a US election. Did we learn anything useful? Plus: the practicalities of creating a vaccine and why Australian football is continuing.

  • Wednesday 18 March

    Mar 18 2020

    Monocle’s editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, on how coronavirus is increasing tensions between China and the US. Plus: the political consequences of Italy’s lockdown and what to read or watch if you are stuck at home.

  • Tuesday 17 March

    Mar 17 2020

    Coronavirus: As Europe shuts down, Tyler Brûlé and Andrew Tuck look at what happens next. Plus: Ben Hubbard on Mohammed bin Salman, news from Latin America and challenging times for the film and television industries.

  • Monday 16 March

    Mar 16 2020

    Coronavirus: Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé, virologist Chris Smith and political analyst Lance Price have the latest. Plus: municipal elections in France, Markus Hippi reviews the papers and how we’ll help to provide a few distractions if you have to self-isolate.

  • Friday 13 March

    Mar 13 2020

    Virologist Chris Smith has the latest on the coronavirus outbreak. Plus: Germany's far-right AFD party is placed under surveillance, an interview with the author Christina Lamb, and Fernando Augusto Pacheco looks at the US music charts.

  • Thursday 12 March

    Mar 12 2020

    Coronavirus: we have the latest as Donald Trump imposes a travel ban from Europe to the US. Plus: Putin’s power grab in Russia, news from South America with Monocle’s Lucinda Elliott and a look at Melbourne Design Week.

  • Wednesday 11 March

    Mar 11 2020

    Can Joe Biden become the 46th president of the US? Plus: Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel, plays peacemaker in Libya, the latest headlines from the Balkans and Monocle's Robert Bound on Andy Warhol's enduring appeal.

  • Tuesday 10 March

    Mar 10 2020

    We've got the latest as the US begins withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Plus: Italy's emergency measures to combat coronavirus, the day's business headlines and Monocle's tech guru, David Phelan, brings his best gadgets into Midori House.

  • Monday 9 March

    Mar 09 2020

    Flight MH17: the latest as the trial opens in Amsterdam. Plus: former presidential candidate Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden, business headlines from Bloomberg and Iceland’s relationship with the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Friday 6 March

    Mar 06 2020

    Why are there no women left in the US presidential race? Plus: Australian army officer turned US counterinsurgency advisor David Kilcullen on his new book, the week’s quirkier stories and the best of Lithuanian pop.

  • Thursday 5 March

    Mar 05 2020

    We examine the legacy of the UN’s Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, who has died at the age of 100. Plus: Israel’s inconclusive election, contingency plans for Tokyo 2020 and journalist Helen Lewis on her book ‘Difficult Women’.

  • Wednesday 4 March

    Mar 04 2020

    Monocle’s team ponders whether Joe Biden can become the next president of the US. Plus: the media’s coverage of coronavirus, the latest business headlines from Bloomberg and why St Petersburg has been miscalculating its population.

  • Tuesday 3 March

    Mar 03 2020

    Benjamin Netanyahu claims victory in Israel, Germany’s politicians promise to tackle far-right extremism, a key day in the US presidential race and Monocle’s Eurovision expert plays some of his favourite entries.

  • Monday 2 March

    Mar 02 2020

    What to expect from UK-EU trade talks; Monocle reports from the US campaign trail; the headline stories in Latin America and why Muscovites are unhappy about a Soviet courthouse being turned into a perfumery.

  • Friday 28 February

    Feb 28 2020

    Are Turkey and Syria edging closer to a full-blown military conflict? Plus: the warming of relations between two of Europe’s greatest foes, a roundup of the week’s weirdest stories and Ethiopia’s music charts.

  • Thursday 27 February

    Feb 27 2020

    Could a travel ban help stop the spread of coronavirus? Plus: the legacy of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, the latest on a chaotic week in Malaysian politics and we remember Michael Hertz, the man who mapped the New York City subway.

  • Wednesday 26 February

    Feb 26 2020

    How is Russia trying to interfere in the US presidential election? Plus: Turkey’s role in Syria’s civil war, the world’s largest furniture fair is postponed due to coronavirus and Lucinda Elliott visits the Rio Carnival.

  • Tuesday 25 February

    Feb 25 2020

    Will US Democrat Bernie Sanders’ comments about Cuba damage his electoral hopes? Plus: former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak dies aged 91, Glenn Patterson on his book ‘Backstop Land’ and Frederick Studemann of the ‘Financial Times’ on whether German efficiency is a myth.