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  • Bat For Lashes, Mort Garson’s ‘Plantasia’ and Tiffany Francis-Baker

    Aug 18 2019

    Natasha Khan, AKA Bat For Lashes, talks us through her dreamy, LA-inflected new album, ‘Lost Girls’. Plus: we meet Tiffany Francis-Baker, whose new book, ‘Dark Skies’, explores humanity’s complicated and mystical relationship with the night, and we get a special report on composer Mort Garson’s cult classic album for plants, ‘Plantasia’.

  • Shawn Levy, Jenny Hval and Zahra Hankir

    Aug 11 2019

    Author Shawn Levy reveals the secrets of Hollywood’s most hedonistic – and iconic – hotel: the Chateau Marmont. Plus Norwegian cult singer-songwriter Jenny Hval tells us about her eagerly anticipated new album ‘The Practice of Love’. We also hear from Lebanese-British journalist Zahra Hankir, editor of ‘Our Women on the Ground’, a new book detailing the experiences of female journalists in the Arab world.

  • Dirk Maggs, Eliza Spindel and Sharon Eyal

    Aug 04 2019

    We meet Dirk Maggs, who has spent his career at the vanguard of audio drama. Plus: a discussion with curator Eliza Spindel about ‘Artist: Unknown’, a new exhibition at Cambridge’s Kettle’s Yard, and we hear from choreographer Sharon Eyal of the L-E-V dance company to discuss her residency in London’s Bold Tendencies space.

  • Nick Broomfield, Louise Doughty and Richard King

    Jul 28 2019

    Film-maker Nick Broomfield tells us about his new Leonard Cohen documentary, ‘Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love’. Plus: we discuss the nominations for this year’s Booker prize with author and critic Louise Doughty and speak to writer Richard King about music’s relationship with the UK countryside, the topic of his new book, ‘The Lark Ascending’.

  • Laura Beatty, Karim Amer, Jehane Noujaim and William McGregor

    Jul 21 2019

    Academy Award-nominated directors Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim discuss their new film, ‘The Great Hack’, which explains how big tech and data privacy have become everybody’s problem. Plus: author Laura Beatty on her beautiful new odyssey, ‘Lost Property’, and William McGregor talks industrialisation and mysticism in his debut film ‘Gwen’.

  • Gary Hustwit, Maria Balaska and Felix White

    Jul 14 2019

    Filmmaker Gary Hustwit joins us to discuss his documentary about influential German designer Dieter Rams. Plus: former Maccabees guitarist Felix White tells us about new cricket documentary ‘The Edge’, for which he wrote the soundtrack, and we meet philosopher Maria Balaska.

  • Lynne Truss, Clare Lilley and Sophie Green

    Jul 07 2019

    Author Lynne Truss on her research into 1950s Brighton for her new book, ‘The Man That Got Away’, Frieze Sculpture curator Clare Lilley offers a tour and photographer Sophie Green discusses her striking new book.

  • Jesca Hoop, Brian Jungen, Oriel Sullivan and Jonathan Gershuny

    Jun 30 2019

    US musician Jesca Hoop talks us through her new album ‘Stonechild’. Plus: we meet Canadian artist Brian Jungen and discuss time (and how people use it) with professors Oriel Sullivan and Jonathan Gershuny, authors of new book ‘What we Really do all Day’.

  • Shahidha Bari, Sammy Harkham and Vladimir Antaki

    Jun 23 2019

    Writer, academic and broadcaster Shahidha Bari discusses her book about clothing, ‘Dressed’. Plus: we meet the mind behind comics anthology ‘Kramers Ergot’, Sammy Harkham, and speak to artist and photographer Vladimir Antaki about his project ‘The Guardians’.

  • María Wills, Alexis Fabry, Laird Hamilton, Bruce McLean and Anda Winter

    Jun 16 2019

    We hear from curators María Wills and Alexis Fabry about a new Latin American showcase at The Photographers’ Gallery called ‘Urban Impulses’. Plus: surfing legend Laird Hamilton discusses his book ‘Liferider: Heart, Body, Soul, and Life Beyond the Ocean’, and we meet art pioneer Bruce McLean and Anda Winter, the artistic director of London’s Coronet Theatre, to discuss the artist’s new show.

  • Johny Pitts, Nathalie Herschdorfer and Andrew Mueller

    Jun 09 2019

    Author, journalist and broadcaster Johny Pitts joins us to discuss his book ‘Afropean: Notes from Black Europe’. Plus, we meet curator and historian Nathalie Herschdorfer whose new book collects standout photography of the human body, and Monocle’s Andrew Mueller drops in for a chat about one of his home country’s most popular sports: Australian rules football.

  • Kate Bryan, Erland Cooper and Frank Stella

    Jun 02 2019

    Art commentator and curator Kate Bryan discusses her new book ‘The Art of Love’, musician Erland Cooper talks us through his recent album ‘Sule Skerry’ and we meet pioneering artist Frank Stella to discuss his life and work.

  • Oh Land, Clare Strand and May Rosenthal Sloan

    May 26 2019

    Danish musician Oh Land joins us to discuss her new album ‘Family Tree’. We also meet photographer and artist Clare Strand, and visit the V&A Museum in London’s new food exhibition with co-curator May Rosenthal Sloan.

  • Cate Le Bon, Ciro Guerra, Christina Gallego and the Venice Biennale

    May 19 2019

    Musician Cate Le Bon talks us through her new album ‘Reward’. We also hear from filmmakers Ciro Guerra and Christina Gallego about their Colombia-set drama ‘Birds of Passage’, and Monocle’s Chiara Rimella checks out some of the best art on show at the Venice Biennale.

  • Holly Herndon, Claire Denis, and Caren, Claudia and Todd Strauss-Schulson

    May 12 2019

    Experimental musician Holly Herndon discusses how she put cutting-edge technology to work on her groundbreaking new album ‘Proto’. Plus: legendary film-maker Claire Denis on deep space and busting taboos in her new film ‘High Life’, and the custodians of a collection of doodles by some of the world’s greatest minds explain how they compiled them into a book.

  • Will Storr, Káryyn, Deyan Sudjic and Adrienne Groen

    May 05 2019

    We meet journalist and author Will Storr to discuss his new book ‘The Science of Storytelling’. Plus: musician Káryyn talks us through her album ‘The Quanta Series’ and we meet Deyan Sudjic and Adrienne Groen, curators of The Design Museum in London’s new Stanley Kubrick exhibition.

  • Viken Berberian, Dan Richards and Fayann Smith

    Apr 28 2019

    Viken Berberian examines the pitfalls of development with his new graphic novel, *The Structure is Rotten, Comrade*. Plus: Dan Richards on his new book *Outpost* and Fayann Smith’s new project in Venice.

  • Dionne Warwick, Oscar Murillo and David Coles

    Apr 21 2019

    Music legend Dionne Warwick discusses her new record “She’s Back”, artist Oscar Murillo talks us through his new exhibition “Violent Amnesia”, and David Coles talks about his new book “Chromatopia”.

  • Hannah Peel, Will Burns, David Spiegelhalter, Sarah McCrory and Rosie Cooper

    Apr 14 2019

    Composer Hannah Peel and poet Will Burns join us to discuss the collision of their disciplines in their new collaborative album “Chalk Hill Blue”. Plus, we hear about how figures can all too easily be put into the service of facts: statistician and writer Sir David Spiegelhalter and curators Sarah McCrory and Rosie Cooper tell us about the work of the Chicago Imagists.

  • Erling Kagge, Tamara Rojo, Pauline Ballet and Andy McGrath

    Apr 07 2019

    Norwegian writer and explorer Erling Kagge joins us to discuss his book ‘Walking: One Step at a Time’. We also hear from Tamara Rojo, artistic director of the English National Ballet, and speak to the talents behind ‘Rouleur’ magazine about the upcoming Paris–Roubaix bike race.

  • Matthew L Tompkins, Julia Blackburn and Daniel O’Sullivan

    Mar 31 2019

    Magician-turned-psychologist Matthew L Tompkins joins us to discuss his new book, ‘The Spectacle of Illusion,’ which explores the many ways tricksters have exploited the brain’s vulnerabilities over the ages. Plus: we learn about Doggerland, the sunken landmass that once connected the UK to mainland Europe, from author and poet Julia Blackburn, and hear from musician Daniel O’Sullivan.

  • YolanDa Brown, Keith Gessen and Todd McLellan

    Mar 24 2019

    Saxophonist YolanDa Brown discusses her career and a new award to help young musicians. We also hear from author and journalist Keith Gessen about living in and writing about Russia and speak with photographer Todd McLellan about his book, ‘Things Come Apart 2.0’.

  • Simon Amstell, Rachel Reeves and Kadir van Lohuizen

    Mar 17 2019

    Simon Amstell talks us through his new film ‘Benjamin’, politician and author Rachel Reeves discusses her book ‘Women of Westminster’, and we learn about the Arctic region with photographer Kadir van Lohuizen.

  • Anna Danneman, Mary Timony and Soumik Datta

    Mar 10 2019

    The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize rewards innovation behind the lens. Anna Danneman, curator of its accompanying show at The Photographers’ Gallery, stops by to put this year’s nominees in focus. Plus: songwriter Mary Timony discusses her new record and we meet sarod-playing musician and composer Soumik Datta.

  • Mariele Neudecker, Kathleen Soriano, Tom Scutt and Jérôme Tubiana.

    Mar 03 2019

    We discuss Norwegian painter Harald Sohlberg with artist Mariele Neudecker and curator Kathleen Soriano. Plus: Tom Scutt on his play *Berberian Sound Studio* and Jérôme Tubiana on Guantánamo Bay’s youngest inmate.

  • David Gray, Stefi Orazi and Aïcha Mehrez

    Feb 24 2019

    Musician David Gray on his upcoming album ‘Gold in a Brass Age’. Plus designer Stefi Orazi discusses her new book ‘Modernist Estates Europe’ and curator Aïcha Mehrez reflects on the work of renowned photojournalist Don McCullin, whose retrospective is on show at Tate Britain.

  • Lydia Yee, Andy Holden and Ece Temelkuran

    Feb 17 2019

    We talk to Lydia Yee, curator of Whitechapel Gallery’s ‘Is This Tomorrow?’. Plus: artist Andy Holden on his animation project, ‘Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape’, and Ece Temelkuran’s book, ‘How To Lose A Country’.

  • Seu Jorge, Nicole Berry and Marlon Fuentes

    Feb 10 2019

    Musician, songwriter and actor Seu Jorge joins us to talk through his latest shows celebrating the music of David Bowie and more. Plus: a lookahead to this year’s Armory Show art fair in New York with its executive director Nicole Berry, and a preview of this weekend’s Grammys with Marlon Fuentes, ethnomusicologist and World Music Awards manager for the ceremony.

  • Jeremy Deller, Sofia Prantera, Peter Broderick and Dr Gordon Rintoul

    Feb 03 2019

    Artist Jeremy Deller and designer Sofia Prantera discuss their recent collaboration, Peter Broderick explains the enduring appeal of Arthur Russell and we hear about the role of museums from Dr Gordon Rintoul.

  • Jessica Helfand, Beatrice Gibson, Keith Harrison and Beatrice Dillon

    Jan 27 2019

    We discuss book-cover design with Jessica Helfand, co-founder of the Design Observer website. Plus: artist Beatrice Gibson talks us through her new show ‘Crone Music’, and we hear from Keith Harrison and Beatrice Dillon about their new music-and-art showcase ‘Ecstatic Material’.

  • Grace Weir, Craig Oldham and Lisa O’Neill

    Jan 20 2019

    We celebrate cult-classic film ‘They Live’ with designer and book-publisher Craig Oldham. Plus: singer Lisa O’Neill discusses how she is revitalising folk traditions and we meet artist and film-maker Grace Weir, whose new work ‘Time Tries All Things’ is on show at the Gallery at the Institute of Physics.

  • Reinaldo Marcus Green, Mick Harvey and Jane Dickson

    Jan 13 2019

    We catch up with Reinaldo Marcus Green to learn more about his hard-hitting debut film, ‘Monsters and Men’; discuss Serge Gainsbourg, the First World War and the process of collaboration with former Bad Seed Mick Harvey; and look back at the dangerous, creative energy of 1970s New York with artist Jane Dickson.

  • The Monocle Weekly: The year ahead

    Jan 06 2019

    We get 2019 off on the right foot by speaking to organisational guru Ryder Carroll, creator of The Bullet Journal system. Plus, Monocle’s bureau chiefs and correspondents from around the globe stop by to talk to us about what is in store in locations such as Canada, the US and Japan.

  • The Monocle Weekly: Best of 2018

    Dec 30 2018

    We look back on some of the most memorable chats of 2018, with highlights from film-maker Eugene Jarecki, musician Róisín Murphy, photojournalist Lynsey Addario and more.

  • Christmas special: Mark Gatiss, Bubble & Squeak, Yuki Gomi and Robert Zemeckis

    Dec 23 2018

    For our Christmas edition, we talk ghost stories with actor and writer Mark Gatiss, Christmas tunes with musical duo Bubble & Squeak, get creative in the kitchen with Japanese chef Yuki Gomi and hear from the creator of some of the season’s most well-loved films, Robert Zemeckis.

  • Julie Cohen, Betsy West, Jas Shaw, Gold Panda and Pedro Corrêa do Lago

    Dec 16 2018

    We hear from documentary filmmakers Betsy West and Julie Cohen about their film ‘RBG’, which profiles the life of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Plus, Selling, the musical duo formed by beatmakers Gold Panda and Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco, discuss their record ‘On Reflection’, and pre-eminent collector of letters and documents Pedro Corrêa do Lago discusses his life’s work and new book from Taschen, ‘The Magic of Handwriting’.

  • Noah Horowitz, Paddy Butler, Yasmine Seale and Paulo Lemos Horta

    Dec 09 2018

    As Art Basel Miami Beach takes place in the US, we hear about some of the highlights from the art fair’s director Noah Horowitz, artist Abraham Cruzvillegas and gallerist Bree Zucker. Plus, Christmas reads with Libreria bookshop’s Paddy Butler, and we learn the backstory of classic tale ‘Aladdin’ with Yasmine Seale and Paulo Lemos Horta.

  • Toby Walsh, Olivia Sudjic and Siân Pattenden

    Dec 02 2018

    Toby Walsh, professor of AI at the University of New South Wales, is a leader in his field; he joins us to unpack his new book, ‘2062 – The World that AI Made’, an exploration of the increasingly intelligent technologies that stand to shape the world around us. Plus, author Olivia Sudjic talks social media, anxiety and the essay, and we learn about some of London’s cultural highlights from artist and writer Siân Pattenden.

  • Tim Wardle, Ragnar Kjartansson and Amanda Siebert

    Nov 25 2018

    Tim Wardle, who directed the documentary ‘Three Identical Strangers’, talks us through the film. We also meet Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson – who discusses his collaboration with The Vinyl Factory and rock band The National – and look at changing attitudes towards marijuana with author and journalist Amanda Siebert, writer of ‘The Little Book of Cannabis’.

  • Lynsey Addario, Helen Russell, Tuomo Prättälä and Markus Nordenstreng

    Nov 18 2018

    We meet photojournalist Lynsey Addario to discuss her new book ‘Of Love and War’, hear from writer and author Helen Russell about what contributes to global happiness and talk music with Finnish musicians Tuomo and Markus.

  • Barry Adamson, Rosie Kay, Adam Curtis, Hilde Østby and Ylva Østby

    Nov 11 2018

    Documentary-maker Adam Curtis and choreographer Rosie Kay discuss their dance production ‘MK Ultra’, we talk music with Barry Adamson and learn about the workings of the mind and memory with writer Hilde Østby and her sister, neuropsychologist Ylva Østby.

  • Simon Garfield, Maya Benton and Giles Whittell

    Nov 04 2018

    We welcome back polymath Simon Garfield whose new book, ‘In Miniature: How Small Things Illuminate the World’, zooms in on the world’s mini marvels. Plus: photography curator Maya Benton talks us through two exhibitions that are running simultaneously and showcase the work of photographer Roman Vishniac, and writer and journalist Giles Whittell discusses his new book ‘Snow: The Biography’.

  • Subhadra Das, Morgan Neville and Paul Anthony Jones

    Oct 28 2018

    As Halloween approaches, we speak to historian and curator from University College London Subhadra Das about the enduring appeal of Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ – and why both the science and science fiction contained within it still asks challenging questions today. Plus: Oscar-winning documentary-maker Morgan Neville talks us through his new film about Orson Welles, ‘They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead’, and author Paul Anthony Jones discusses his book ‘Around the World in 80 Words’.

  • Nora Krug, Sandi Tan and Katherine Findlay

    Oct 21 2018

    German-American author and illustrator Nora Krug talks through the challenging themes found in her new graphic novel ‘Heimat’. We also meet film-maker and novelist Sandi Tan to hear the story behind her new Netflix documentary ‘Shirkers’ and learn the tale of Pike Ward – a British fish merchant who helped shape the history of Iceland – with heritage specialist Katherine Findlay.

  • Panos Cosmatos, Kathleen Burk and Val Garland

    Oct 14 2018

    Director Panos Cosmatos discusses his new horror ‘Mandy’, historian Kathleen Burk looks at how the US and UK have intertwined over the years and revered make-up artist Val Garland discusses her new book ‘Validated’.

  • Róisín Murphy, Mary Kelly and Thomas Morris

    Oct 07 2018

    Musician and singer Róisín Murphy discusses her collaboration with producer Maurice Fulton and The Vinyl Factory. We also meet pioneering conceptual artist Mary Kelly to discuss her show ‘Face-to-Face’ and learn some of the more unusual stories from medical history with author Thomas Morris.

  • Annie-B Parson, Martin Creed, Fatos Ustek and Sheena Rossiter

    Sep 30 2018

    We hear from choreographer, dancer and director Annie-B Parson about her new show ‘17c’ – part of London’s Dance Umbrella festival. Plus, we welcome back artist Martin Creed and curator Fatos Ustek to discuss their latest project for the David Roberts Art Foundation, and Monocle’s Sheena Rossiter discusses her new documentary ‘3 Siblings’.

  • Stephanie Macdonald, Richard Reed Parry and Harley Weir

    Sep 23 2018

    Stephanie Macdonald of 6A Architects discusses her work on the new wing of South London Gallery, we hear from musician Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire to learn about his new solo album ‘Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1’, and meet photographer Harley Weir whose show ‘Homes’ is part of the Brighton Photo Biennial.

  • Agnès Varda and JR, Ed Vulliamy, and Mark Mason

    Sep 16 2018

    Pioneering French film-maker Agnès Varda and artist JR on their latest project ‘Faces Places’, writer and war reporter Ed Vulliamy on his book about music, ‘When Words Fail’, and author Mark Mason on ‘The Book of Seconds’, profiling those who didn’t quite get there first.

  • Desiree Akhavan, Travis Elborough, and Rossif Sutherland

    Sep 09 2018

    We welcome back author Travis Elborough to discuss his new book ‘Atlas of the Unexpected’. Plus: film-maker Desiree Akhavan talks us through her acclaimed new teen drama ‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post’, and we discuss Canadian film-making and ‘Trench 11’ with actor Rossif Sutherland.

  • Suzanne Ciani, William Miller and Chris Nichols

    Sep 02 2018

    We hear from music pioneer and analogue-synthesiser luminary Suzanne Ciani about her career and upcoming appearance at Brighton Digital Festival. Plus: William Miller on growing up among London’s most storied cultural figures and his book ‘Gloucester Crescent’, and the story of [Disneyworld](https://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/popculture/all/01172/facts.walt_disneys_disneyland.htm) with cultural historian Chris Nichols.

  • Eugene Jarecki, Chilly Gonzales and Beatrice Dillon

    Aug 26 2018

    We meet film-maker Eugene Jarecki to hear about ‘The King’, his new documentary about Elvis and the American dream. Plus: musician Chilly Gonzales joins us to discuss his new album ‘Solo Piano III’ and we hear from artist and producer Beatrice Dillon about her recent work and appearance at Berlin Atonal festival.

  • Anna Meredith, Vincent Honoré and Michael Lehmann

    Aug 19 2018

    Composer and producer Anna Meredith tells us about the place where classical music breaks down, as she takes us through her ambitious new release ‘Anno’. Plus, curator Vincent Honoré explains the social and cultural relevance of drag, and we dive into the dark world of the cult eighties high-school film, ‘Heathers’, as we meet its director, Michael Lehmann.

  • Thomas Riedelsheimer, Wayne Kramer and Lilia Schwarcz

    Aug 12 2018

    Film-maker Thomas Riedelsheimer on ‘Leaning into the Wind’, the new cinematic portrait of UK artist Andy Goldsworthy, we meet Wayne Kramer, the guitarist of legendary proto-punk rockers MC5, and hear from academic and writer Lilia Schwarcz about her epic work ‘Brazil: A Biography’.

  • John Harris Dunning, Journey Gunderson and Nathan Crowley

    Aug 05 2018

    We meet journalist turned comics writer John Harris Dunning to discuss his new work ‘Tumult’, hear from Journey Gunderson, the director of a new museum dedicated to laughs in the US, and discuss how ‘The Dark Knight’ helped shape the modern superhero blockbuster with production designer Nathan Crowley.

  • Helen Jukes, Simon Raymonde and Barry Hatton

    Jul 29 2018

    We talk to writer and beekeeper Helen Jukes about her new book “A Honeybee Heart has Five Openings”, discuss the life of musical arranger and songwriter Ivor Raymonde with his son, musician and label head Simon Raymonde, and learn the story of Lisbon with author and journalist Barry Hatton.

  • Alice Black, David Toop and Malachy Tallack

    Jul 22 2018

    Alice Black, co-founder and director of the Alice Black gallery, joins us to discuss a season of performance art that’s taking over the space. We also hear from musical polymath David Toop on the occasion of the republication of his literary study into ambience, ‘Oceans of Sound’. Plus, we talk to author and writer Malachy Tallack about how his background on the Shetland Islands came to inform his latest novel.

  • Simon Oldfield, Jessy Jetpacks, Ben Okri, Rachel Pimm and Mihir Bose

    Jul 15 2018

    We hear from Simon Oldfield, Jessy Jetpacks and Ben Okri about a new story collection, ‘A Short Affair’. Plus: we meet artist Rachel Pimm, in anticipation of a performance of her new work at the now-defunct Bell Foundry in London’s Whitechapel. All that and a look back at the World Cup, as well as a look forward to the final, with author and sports journalist Mihir Bose.

  • Clare Lilley, Marcus Miller and Oliver Wainwright

    Jul 08 2018

    We meet art curator Clare Lilley, who’s overseeing the Frieze Sculpture fair in London, hear from bassist and bandleader Marcus Miller about playing with everyone from Miles Davis to Luther Vandross, and speak with Oliver Wainwright, the architecture critic whose new book from Taschen, ‘Inside North Korea’, looks at the unusual design within the isolated nation.

  • James Hyman, Sarah Driver and Jim Heimann

    Jul 01 2018

    Photography curator and gallerist James Hyman discusses new exhibition ‘Modern Nature’, currently on at Wakefield’s Hepworth Gallery. Plus: film-maker Sarah Driver talks us through her documentary about New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, ‘Boom For Real’, and cultural historian Jim Heimann of Taschen America explains outlandish architecture and the enduring appeal of his book ‘California Crazy’.

  • Marinella Senatore, Jim Broadbent, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Stephen Nomura Schible

    Jun 24 2018

    Visual artist Marinella Senatore discusses her project ‘The London Procession’, part of the upcoming Art Night event this July in the city. We also hear from actor Jim Broadbent about his new graphic novel written with artist Dix, ‘Dull Margaret’, and welcome back composer Ryuichi Sakamoto along with filmmaker Stephen Nomura Schible to hear about the latter’s new documentary on Sakamoto’s life: ‘Coda’.

  • Rupert Everett, Nina Miranda and Simon Doonan

    Jun 17 2018

    Actor Rupert Everett discusses his life and career and his new film ‘The Happy Prince’. We also learn the history of Tropicália music in Brazil and beyond, and look at the role of fashion in football with style guru Simon Doonan.

  • Owen Hatherley, Paloma Varga Weisz and Shirley Collins

    Jun 10 2018

    Writer and journalist Owen Hatherley discusses his new book ‘Trans-Europe Express’, we meet German artist Paloma Varga Weisz and folk-music legend Shirley Collins talks about her life in music and her new book, ‘All in the Downs’.

  • Leonor Antunes, Tim Marshall and David Hollander

    Jun 03 2018

    We welcome back foreign-affairs specialist and best-selling author Tim Marshall to discuss his book ‘Divided: Why We’re Living in an Age of Walls’. Plus: installation artist Leonor Antunes talks us through her show ‘A Thousand Realities from an Original Mark’ and curator David Hollander talks about his new book ‘Unusual Sounds: The Hidden History of Library Music’.

  • Noah Charney, Olga Tokarczuk, Jennifer Croft and Mathew Carver

    May 27 2018

    Art-crime specialist and historian Noah Charney discusses his new book ‘The Museum of Lost Art’. We hear from Polish author Olga Tokarczuk and her literary interpreter Jennifer Croft about their book ‘Flights’ – recent winner of the Man Booker International prize, and discuss the enduring appeal of cheese with Mathew Carver, one of the faces from this weekend’s London Cheese Project festival.

  • Nayia Yiakoumaki, Rob Young and Michel Hazanavicius

    May 20 2018

    Curator Nayia Yiakoumaki joins us to discuss the Whitechapel Gallery’s new show ‘Killed Negatives’. We also look back on the story of German experimental band Can with Rob Young – author of ‘All Gates Open’ – and speak to Oscar-winning director Michel Hazanavicius about his new release ‘Redoubtable’.

  • Nargisse Benkabbou, Josh T Pearson, Matt Everitt and Jim Stoten

    May 13 2018

    Cook and writer Nargisse Benkabbou discusses her new book ‘Casablanca: My Moroccan Food’, we meet Texas musician Josh T Pearson to hear his new record ‘The Straight Hits!’ and talk festivals with radio DJ Matt Everitt and illustrator Jim Stoten as detailed in their new book ‘Where’s My Welly?’.

  • Sarah Allen, Joe Warwick, Luke Sital-Singh and Rachel Harris

    May 06 2018

    We discuss Tate Modern’s new show ‘Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art’ with curator Sarah Allen. Plus: food writer Joe Warwick joins us to talk ‘Where Chefs Eat: Vol 3’ and we meet singer-songwriter Luke Sital-Singh and festival-programmer Rachel Harris to discuss Alchemy Festival at London’s Southbank Centre.

  • Ross Raisin, Nasima Razmyar and Wilhelm Sasnal

    Apr 29 2018

    Ross Raisin, the celebrated writer behind such novels as ‘God’s Own Country’ and ‘Waterline’, discusses his new title ‘Read This if You Want to Be a Great Writer’. Plus: we meet Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal and ask Nasima Razmyar, deputy mayor of culture and leisure in Helsinki, how to make cities both productive and fun.

  • Tom Oldham, Joseph Cook, Rachel Reichert and Byron Folwell

    Apr 22 2018

    Microbiologist Dr Joseph Cook explains why his work studying ice sheets is becoming more urgent than ever – and why he’s now setting it to music with composer Hannah Peel. Plus, we welcome back London photographer Tom Oldham to discuss his new project ‘The Last of the Crooners’ and learn about why the house of long-departed outsider artist James Castle is still revealing new secrets in Idaho.

  • Werner Herzog, Kathleen Soriano, Liz Rideal, Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler

    Apr 15 2018

    We discuss communication with Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler, authors of new title ‘The Communication Book’. We also hear from Werner Herzog about why he’s passing on his directing skills to a new generation and discuss the history of, and current outlook for, female artists with curator Kathleen Soriano and artist Liz Rideal, authors of new book ‘Madam and Eve’.

  • Kristen Radtke, Pietro Anton and Gregory Berns

    Apr 08 2018

    Designer, illustrator and graphic-novel creator Kristen Radtke discusses her memoir ‘Imagine Wanting Only This’. Plus, we discuss the story of Italo disco with filmmaker Pietro Anton, director of new documentary ‘Italo Disco Legacy’, and learn what dogs might be thinking with animal-behaviour specialist Dr Gregory Berns.

  • Robin Campillo, Kamin Mohammadi and Nigel Holmes

    Apr 01 2018

    Film director Robin Campillo discusses his film ‘120 Beats Per Minute’ – telling the story of activists fighting discrimination and misconception about AIDS and HIV in 1980s Paris. Plus, journalist and author Kamin Mohammadi talks through her book ‘Bella Figura: How to Live, Love and Eat the Italian Way’, and we discuss infographics, as depicted in new book ‘Crazy Competitions’, with designer Nigel Holmes.

  • John Ralston Saul, Ruben Östlund and Lana Gay

    Mar 25 2018

    Writer, philosopher and former president of Pen International John Ralston Saul joins us to discuss where the world might be headed and why his book, ‘The Collapse of Globalism’, is being updated for a new edition. Plus, Swedish film director Ruben Östlund talks us through his latest release ‘The Square’ and Canadian DJ and music journalist Lana Gay previews this weekend’s Juno awards ceremony in Vancouver.

  • Jenna Rossi-Camus, Alexis Okeowo and Tom Holkenborg

    Mar 18 2018

    Fashion curator Jenna Rossi-Camus discusses her new exhibition ‘T-Shirt: Cult, Culture, Subversion’, journalist and author Alexis Okeowo on the individuals who inspired her celebrated book ‘A Moonless, Starless Sky’ and film-score composer Tom Holkenborg discusses his soundtracks for ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, ‘Tomb Raider’ and more.

  • Caroline Till, Eliades Ochoa and Dharshini David

    Mar 11 2018

    We discuss new design book ‘Radical Matter’ with forecaster and creative thinker Caroline Till, meet legendary Cuban musician Eliades Ochoa ahead of his appearance at London’s La Linea festival and hear from economist and broadcaster Dharshini David about her new book ‘The Almighty Dollar’.

  • Tony Kitous, Meg Jay and Brian Robinson

    Mar 04 2018

    Restaurateur Tony Kitous, founder of Comptoir Libanais, discusses his new book, “Feasts From the Middle East”. Plus, we learn about how to be resilient in the face of a challenge with psychologist Meg Jay, author of “Supernormal”, and look at some of the best film talent showing at London’s upcoming BFI Flare: London LGBTQ + Film Festival with programmer Brian Robinson.

  • Jeremy Gavron, Chiara Rimella, Josh Fehnert and James Erskine

    Feb 25 2018

    Author Jeremy Gavron discusses his new book ‘Felix Culpa’, we preview the latest edition of ‘Monocle’ magazine with Chiara Rimella and Josh Fehnert, and learn about the story of British ice-skating pioneer and gold medalist John Curry with filmmaker James Erskine, director of new documentary ‘The Ice King’.

  • Roma Agrawal, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Paul Graham

    Feb 18 2018

    Engineer Roma Agrawal joins us to discuss her book ‘Built: The Hidden Stories Behind Our Structures’, we also hear from music legend Ryuichi Sakamoto about his career and collaborations, and discuss how to capture the American experience on camera with photographer Paul Graham.

  • Antonio Damasio, Hanli Prinsloo and Katy Arnander

    Feb 11 2018

    We speak to neuroscientist Antonio Damasio about his new book ‘The Strange Order of Things’, which looks at the role feelings play in the workings of the body and mind. Plus: freediver Hanli Prinsloo explains the benefits of a life spent near water and we learn why London’s Sadlers Wells theatre is embracing the spirit of flamenco in 2018 with its director of artistic programme, Katy Arnander.

  • Ghislaine Wood, Brett Morgen, Yto Barrada and Lotte Johnson

    Feb 04 2018

    We meet Ghislaine Wood, one of the creators of the V&A Museum’s new exhibition “Ocean Liners: Speed and Style”. Plus: film-maker Brett Morgen discusses his latest production “Jane”, which celebrates the life and career of primatologist Jane Goodall, and we learn the story of the Moroccan city of Agadir with artist Yto Barrada and curator Lotte Johnson.

  • Daniel Pink, Julia Ducournau and Jeff Koehler

    Jan 28 2018

    Behaviour and business specialist Daniel Pink talks about his book: ‘When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing’. Plus, director of hit film ‘Raw’ Julia Ducournau discusses why French filmmaking is on the ascendant and we learn the story of the world’s favourite drink with Jeff Koehler, author of ‘Where the Wild Coffee Grows’.

  • Laura Shapiro, Alex Klein and Don Thompson

    Jan 21 2018

    Author, historian and journalist Laura Shapiro discusses her book ‘What She Ate: Six Remarkable Women and the Food That Tells Their Stories’. Plus, we learn how to build a computer with Alex Klein, co-founder of technology startup Kano, and find out how it’s possible – and whether it’s sensible – that some artworks fetch prices in the millions of dollars with economist Don Thompson.

  • Alice Black, Travis Elborough and Julia Hobsbawm

    Jan 14 2018

    Alice Black, co-director of London’s Design Museum, discusses what makes for good design in 2018 and this month’s nominations for the Beazley designs of the year. We also welcome back Travis Elborough to talk about his new book – ‘Our History of the 20th Century’ – and meet social-health and connectedness speaker Julia Hobsbawm to learn about her book ‘Fully Connected’.

  • Lookahead to 2018

    Jan 07 2018

    For the first edition of ‘The Monocle Weekly’ of 2018 we’re joined by our bureau staff from Tokyo, Toronto and New York to discuss a global spread of themes and stories to look out for over the next 12 months.

  • The best of The Monocle Weekly 2017

    Dec 31 2017

    We listen back to some of our favourite conversations from 2017, featuring Yasmeen Ismail, Booker T Jones, Phyllida Lloyd, Sudan Archives and more.

  • Tyler Brûlé’s column: A radical departure

    Dec 29 2017

    Recalling a great 20th-century design innovation, our editor in chief wonders if true progress has been grounded by technological mores.

  • Special 4: Mountain living

    Dec 27 2017

    Monocle’s Sophie Grove and Marie-Sophie Schwarzer discuss how to make great architecture in snowbound settings.

  • Judith Flanders, Eliza Reid, Richard Smyth and Guy de Launey

    Dec 24 2017

    We discuss the history of Christmas with Judith Flanders, meet birdsong expert Richard Smyth, enjoy some winter sports in Slovenia and learn about a Christmas Eve tradition in Iceland with Eliza Reid.

  • Tyler Brûlé’s column: A break, with tradition

    Dec 22 2017

    Our editor in chief anticipates another full and varied festive itinerary as long-established seasonal customs continue to evolve and expand.

  • Special 3: Ice work

    Dec 20 2017

    Monocle’s Guy de Launey visits a fearless group of ice climbers near Ljubljana in Slovenia.

  • Lisa Markwell, Ivan Carvalho, Pasi Remsu and Markus Hippi

    Dec 17 2017

    We discuss how to refresh Christmas cooking with writer and chef Lisa Markwell. Plus, a Christmas market in Italy that’s revitalising one town’s winter calendar and we learn why the sauna is a big part of the Finnish identity with Pasi Remsu and Markus Hippi.

  • Tyler Brûlé’s column: Secret Santa

    Dec 15 2017

    From issue two of ‘The Monocle Winter Weekly’ newspaper, our editor in chief Tyler Brûlé helps you get in the spirit of Christmas.

  • Special 2: The gift that keeps on giving

    Dec 13 2017

    This week on ‘The Monocle Winter Weekly’, we’ll be hearing from Govone in the northwest of Italy, where our correspondent Ivan Carvalho has been enjoying the town’s annual Christmas market.

  • Patricia Michelson, Melkon Charchoglyan and Brett Wolstencroft

    Dec 10 2017

    We get into the holiday spirit with Patricia Michelson, founder of La Fromagerie cheese shop, who talks us through the perfect seasonal cheeseboard. We also hear from Tromsø in northern Norway, where Monocle’s Melkon Charchoglyan has been meeting reindeer herders, and we meet Brett Wolstencroft of London’s Daunt Books, to discuss what kind of books make great gifts.

  • The Classics 50: Beth Shapiro

    Dec 08 2017

    We talk to evolutionary biologist Beth Shapiro about whether it might ever be possible to bring back extinct creatures such as the woolly mammoth – and what developments in this field mean for creatures currently roaming the Earth.

  • Tyler Brûlé’s column: Keeping retail real

    Dec 08 2017

    In the first of his regular columns from ‘The Monocle Winter Weekly’ newspaper, our editor in chief Tyler Brûlé explains why the festive season is a time to remember the advantages of traditional retail over online marketplaces. [Read more](/newspaper/).

  • Special 1: Winter wonderland

    Dec 07 2017

    This week ‘The Monocle Winter Weekly’ [newspaper](/newspaper/) hits shelves. In this audio highlight, Melkon Charchoglyan heads to Tromsø in Norway to learn how reindeer herders are bringing ancient skills to the local economy. Tune in to ‘The Monocle Winter Weekly’ programme for his report and more seasonal fare.

  • Annie Warburton, Phoebe Cummings, Paddy Butler and José Pizarro

    Dec 03 2017

    Annie Warburton from the Crafts Council and artist Phoebe Cummings discuss why works by some of the best British crafters will be heading to Miami this week. We also hear from bookseller Paddy Butler about the success of London store Libreria and speak to chef José Pizarro about his favourite dishes from Catalonia.

  • The Classics 49: Nitin Sawhney

    Dec 01 2017

    A listen back to a discussion with the composer Nitin Sawhney, who joined Monocle’s Robert Bound to explain why the animal kingdom had inspired his latest project.