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A ten minute digest from author, humorist and creator of Man Repeller, Leandra Medine. New shows published weekly.


  • Episode 65: I Am What My Mind Tells Me I Am

    Aug 17 2018

    This episode starts starts with an encounter that has me sitting outside a coffee shop on the Upper East Side, age 21, when a purported mystic who can see the future approaches. "You're going to be a big star," she extolls. I smile kindly, rolling my eyes so as to play it cool, deep down wondering if she is right -- and kind of believing she is. Fast forward seven years and I am met with a question: Would I have developed the courage, gumption, fervor to chase my dreams had she not given me that...more

  • Ep 64: Monocycle Is Back! And It Smells So Gucci

    May 24 2018

    Gucci commissioned 15 artists to create a series of pieces with images and copy that tell a story about the fragrance. Leandra chatted with three of them — Emma Allegretti, Joy Miessi and Amber Vittoria — about their process for a podcast episode which means [sweetly scented drumroll please]…Monocycle hath returned!!!!!! In partnership with Gucci.

  • Ep 63: Self-Esteem

    Dec 16 2017

    When I was nine years old, my dad told me that everyone has an interesting story if you are willing to listen to it. Over the past month, I have really enjoyed treating Monocycle like a bicycle, listening to the stories of particularly interesting people, some more public than others, and getting into the thick of what it means to be a person in the world, whether in the context of being a woman, owning your vanity or experiencing grief. But for old times' sake (and because sometimes talking is ...more

  • Ep 62: A Conversation With Bozoma Saint John

    Dec 08 2017

    Bozoma Saint John wears her flair on her sleeve: beads, rhinestones, gold accents; you name it, she's got it. As for the clothes, there is no color too bold, print too loud or silhouette too challenging for Uber's Chief Brand Officer to try. On traditional executive uniforms, she asks with genuine wonder in her voice, "Who made these rules, and why do we listen to them?" But there's more to Bozoma Saint John than the impressive way in which she carries herself, the seemingly effortless confiden...more

  • Ep 61: An Interview With Karla Welch

    Dec 02 2017

    In this week’s episode of Monocycle, unofficially called Bicycle every time I have an interview subject, Karla Welch — celebrity stylist to the likes of Ruth Negga, Karlie Kloss, Justin Bieber, Olivia Wilde, Tracee Ellis Ross and so on and so forth — shares a number of important facts that are as revealing as they are sentimental. At one point, when I try to prod on how she manages burn out, she rejects my assertion that everyone experiences burn out, proclaims perennial gratefulness for her rol...more

  • Ep 60: A Conversation With Lena Dunham

    Nov 17 2017

    This week's episode of Monocycle is more like an episode of Bicycle because there are two stakeholders (wheels?) present in the conversation: myself and Lena Dunham. When I set out to interview her, I had a fairly strong sense of what we might talk about, like the evolution of Lenny Letter, life after Girls, New York vs. Los Angeles. What unfolded was a genuinely organic conversation about life, failing and succeeding and how similar they are, self esteem, family and love. While listening back t...more

  • Ep 59: Cut Your Mom Some Slack!

    Nov 10 2017

    This month's theme on Man Repeller is family, which is so all-encompassing it can seem overwhelming. Where do you start with a family dynamic? Where do you begin with the complicated relationships that engulf the word's meaning? Are we even talking about the biological literals of a "family?" If we're not, what constitutes a family? If we are, why are we doing that? Our theme of the month announcement was met with some very intelligent content recommendations from you (the community!), which ra...more

  • Ep 58: Finding Your Purpose

    Oct 27 2017

    Welcome back to Fridays with Monocycle. Today's episode is about purpose. I've talked about purpose before, but this time it's different. This time it's about how to identify it, why it's important, how you know when you've lost it and how to nurture it when it's back. I tried something different for this episode and wrote it out before I spoke it, so if I sound like I'm reading off a teleprompter, that's because I am. Can't wait to hear what you think!

  • Ep 57: Do We Ever Really Change?

    Sep 08 2017

    INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW! Are we capable of change, or what? Is it terrible if we don't -- can't -- change? What if the expectations were to learn how to better manage the qualities we dislike in ourselves instead of to do away with them completely? Would we feel more whole as individuals, knowing that we're not supposed to do 180s, and that on the contrary, we just have to be who we are? In this week's episode of Monocycle, I take you on a psychological trip (which is different from a vacat...more

  • Ep 56: Back With a Vengeance

    Aug 25 2017

    Helloooooooooo ladies and gentlemen of the jury! How are you doing? How has your week been? Your month? Your quarter? Your whole damn year? Mine has been weird, which doesn't say much because I have concluded that weird is the least effective adjective one can use as an illuminating descriptor in the entire dictionary. It can mean anything, good or bad. How does this ice cream taste? "Weird." How are you feeling? "Weird." Do you see how by answering these questions I'm not answering them at all?...more

  • Ep 55: What It's Like to Work With Your BFF

    Jun 16 2017

    You're probably wondering about what my ideal outfit is, right? But you would only know why I'm asking this question if you have started listening to the episode already. Before I continue forward with this intro, let me just explain said outfit: this kimono, these shorts, these shoes. Dress like a lady of leisure, but don't actually be one. That's my mantra for the summer of 2017. Glad that's out of the way! Now that we are engaged to be married, let me continue on topic: this week's episode o...more

  • Ep 54: The End of the Personal Essay

    Jun 09 2017

    There was an article that ran in The New Yorker a couple of weeks ago called "The Personal Essay Boom is Over." In it, writer Jia Tolentino reflected on the writing genre's heyday -- citing sites that no longer exist, like xoJane and Gawker as having heralded the uncomfortably intimate or conversely curiously insignificant style of storytelling. The headline alone, of course, scared the shit out of me given that I don't think I even know how to have a thought about a third-party without somehow ...more

  • Ep 53: Outgrowing Your Identity

    Jun 05 2017

    Have you started listening to this week’s episode of Monocycle yet? I’m listening to it now as I write this intro and want to ask that you disregard the way I’m inflecting in the first 20 or so seconds of the episode. I don’t know why my voice is doing that thing! I sound so phony. Baloney. But maybe that is exactly apropos given this week’s topic: ~identity~ (I know, when is it ever not about identity, right?). But the thing I keep coming back to as I listen and remember how I was feeling and w...more

  • Ep 52: An Extra-Special Monocycle with Drew Barrymore

    May 05 2017

    Ask and ye shall receive! Following a special episode of The Chatroom with Drew Barrymore, which went live a few weeks ago after months and months of toiling with the expansive range of topics that were covered during our conversation in December, the longer-form podcast episode is here for your ear (plugs). If I'm being really honest, sitting down with Drew following a particularly tumultuous month was like Xanax for my soul -- there is an undeniable warmth about the way in which she looks at y...more

  • Ep 51: Feeling Stuck

    Apr 14 2017

    It sounds scary as hell because when nothing is new, nothing is changing either, and when nothing is changing, you're stuck. And being stuck is painful. But I see the metaphor like this: I've been clutching a wall near the bottom of an emotional pit called rock-bottom for the past four months and have been trying so hard to crawl out when what I really need to do is just let myself fall, chill down there for a minute, and then, once I've relaxed, start trying to get out. Or something like that....more

  • Ep 50: Be Delicate with Yourself

    Mar 10 2017

    Holy candied nut! Can you believe we've approached the 50th episode of Monocycle? Some of them have been so stupid! Others have been regurgitations of articles that have gone up on Man Repeller (this was a test, which according to the last episode, is falling flat -- point noted!), but the majority, really, have been stream of consciousness monologues that I want to turn into dialogues because it can't be that all the thoughts I maintain are unique to just me, right? The thoughts I think, the fe...more

  • Ep 49: Shopping Can Trap You

    Feb 17 2017

    This week's episode of Monocycle reflects upon a cleanse I endured over January wherein I did not buy a single thing, save for a jar of Castelvetrano olives and apple cider vinegar. That's dramatic; I also bought cleaning supplies and coffee and even one massage. The "cleanse" was mostly for clothing/shoes/accessories and the results surprised me (for lack of a better way to end this sentence). Evidently, more is not more; it can emotionally trap you in its abundance. I felt curiously liberated...more

  • Ep 48: Commit to Not Committing

    Feb 03 2017

    WEH-HEL-COME BACK! TO! MONOCYCLE! This week's episode reinforces the inauguration of Commitment Month on Man Repeller, a theme we take neither lightly nor literally. What you'll find once you tune in is a mangled narrative that extrapolates a couple key points from the "welcome" post that went live on Wednesday. The welcome posts are essentially our version of an Editor Letter, but the podcast episodes that often follow tend to delve a bit further into those letters. What can you can expect in...more

  • Ep 47: The Pursuit of More Than Cool

    Jan 27 2017

    You might remember a dramatic meditation that I wrote, which essentially made the case to abandon the pursuit of becoming cool in exchange for simply accepting who I am. I read it back to myself after it went live and felt like it came off somewhat kumbaya. Originally, I wanted to write the story for the simple reason that it seems like people are aspiring towards this weird umbrella word (cool) that doesn't actually mean anything because it's so subjective and mutable, but once I got to sitting...more

  • Ep 46: Change

    Jan 20 2017

    This week's episode of Monocycle is a real doozy. It's the first time in a long time that I stuck my head into that sound booth without a clear idea of what I would say once I was in there. Then words started pouring out, words I can't even recall having uttered. Did I listen to this episode several times over the course of the editing process? Yes. Obviously. Do I remember a single damn thing I said? No. I think my eyes have been staring a large computer screen too closely for so long that it i...more

  • Ep 45: Resolutions

    Jan 01 2017

    Hi ppl! We're back together. Again. And because tomorrow is the last day of this year (am I alone in asserting that even though we're all here and alive as evidenced by my writing this and your reading this and therefore truly in no position to complain, some drastic element of the year fucking sucked?), here is an episode about resolutions, not to be confused with goals. Things covered in the episode include: +The fact that this was recorded while I was sitting in the passenger seat of a rent...more

  • Ep 43: Love Your Mom

    Dec 19 2016

    We're heading into Thanksgiving!!!! Kind of, at the end of next week, and I've never needed some fucking time off more. But I'm also getting kind of anxious about the family time that awaits -- not because I don't love spending time with my family, those people are my people, but because lately, I have been arguing so much with my mom and I can't quite shake the resentment I am starting to feel. Intellectually, I recognize what I need to do the cut the tension that frankly, I am instigating, bu...more

  • Ep 44: Hi Again

    Dec 16 2016

    Hi ppl. I'm either sorry or really happy to acknowledge the lack of consistency with Monocycle lately (the apology or gratuity depends on entirely on how you feel about this podcast), but given the events of the past several weeks and the singular event that preceded the past several weeks, I have both been a fire breathing dragon and a severely sad human incapable of stringing together a sentence with my mouth (no problem with a keyboard, though!), but here we are. Back. Talking on the telephon...more

  • Ep 42: Consumption

    Nov 04 2016

    In this week's episode of Monocycle, Malcolm Gladwell tackles the notion of consumption in 2016 -- how we eat, how we engage with our Internet tendencies and whether or not, in spite of statistics that suggest millennials are acquiring less, we are addicted to material gain. I'm just kidding, Malcolm Gladwell is not in the building. It's just me, Leandra, talking into her tiny booth about consumption. I do break up the topic into the three aforementioned categories: food, shopping and Internet ...more

  • Ep 41: Surviving Cancer in Your Twenties

    Oct 28 2016

    Before Breast Cancer Awareness month ends, here is one more point of awareness in the form of a Monocycle podcast interview with Fashionista.com's executive editor, who was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer when she was 21. Given the overwhelming financial resources that have been allocated towards research, we are uniquely positioned at this juncture to feel less helpless at the hand of breast cancer. As mentioned in a round table that ran earlier this month, though, it is precisely these re...more

  • Ep 40: Am I Comfortable or Complacent?

    Oct 21 2016

    In case you have missed tuning into the monologues that occur inside the (membrane) walls that define my head, welcome back! Here we are! With a fresh new episode of Monocycle that outlines a recent question mark I've been shopping around -- how different are comfort and complacency? Can they be regarded as one and the same? It is such a unique and profound luxury, but more and more I have been wondering whether I am adjusting appropriately to this newfangled time. Have I become more comfortable...more

  • Ep 39: Doldrums at Paris Fashion Week

    Oct 07 2016

    Paris Fashion Week ended on Wednesday. I'm not entirely sure if the season felt quieter or less exciting than usual because I wasn't there, but watching it unfold on social media and through the lens of the some of the critics who I most admire made me think about a lot of stuff. Stuff like...what actually comes first? A good collection or a good review (meaning, do the writers inform how we will feel about certain clothes, or can they speak for themselves?) When the clothes are good enough to ...more

  • Ep 38: Cultural Appropriation

    Sep 23 2016

    Not to beat a horse that has been killed multiple times already but in this week's episode of Monocycle, we reopen the conversation around the dreadlocks at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 runway show. It's not to throw more shade, or say anything that hasn't already been said, but rather, to talk about two larger problems. The first is, of course, cultural appropriation and the overarching blindspot of the privilege that occurs outside of a minority. It's a huge coup that this is becoming less tol...more

  • Ep 37: Uterus Envy

    Sep 16 2016

    Have you ever felt that terrible, nauseating pit in your stomach? It makes doing anything other than focusing on the pit feel impossible. I used to get it every time I found out my ex-boyfriend was dating someone new. Recently, I started getting it every time I found out that someone is pregnant. I never knew how to process the pit as anything other than heartbreak but I'm starting to realize that it's more than that -- it's envy, so in this week's episode, we unpack that like it's a carry-on su...more

  • Ep 36: Back to School

    Sep 09 2016

    Sometimes I feel like my brain is a variety show and your cable network is out of whack, which is to say that you only catch slivers of each section. The fact of the matter is, I'm only delivering slivers of each section, so I'm sorry I just blamed your network. Self-deprecation aside, this episode is all about real world re-entry following a lazy, delightful summer. When you work in fashion, the week that follows Labor Day has this unique ability to make you feel as though you are practically s...more

  • Ep 35: Learning to be Content As Your Own Boss

    Aug 26 2016

    In this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra discusses how to be content as one's own boss and the importance of leaving home life at home and work life at work. This podcast is sponsored by Squarespace, the easiest way to create a blog or website. Use the offer code MONOCYCLE at check out for 10% off your first purchase. Related Stories: 5 Things Running Man Repeller Taught Me Monocycle: Episode 4, Self-Sabotage Are You Happy? Logo by Kelly Shami - legsny.com/ Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Ale...more

  • Ep 34: Endless Summer

    Aug 19 2016

    On this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra talks about Endless Summer and how it can be tarnished by planning ahead. Do chronic planners wish away their ability to be present by simple virtue of their gift for planning? After flipping through the first round of September issues available, Leandra found herself suddenly excited for fall, despite the fact that it is still very much summer. And from there began the turning and turning and turning. Related Stories: Welcome to Endless Summer Month...more

  • Ep 33: Body Image

    Aug 05 2016

    In this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra discusses body image, accepting ourselves the way we are and re-training ourselves in the way to speak about our bodies. Related Stories: MR Round Table: Plus Size Women in Fashion How to Talk Yourself Down From a Self-Esteem Spiral Women Come in All Shapes and Sizes The “Fat Talk” Diet Logo by Kelly Shami - legsny.com/ Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

  • Ep 32: The Editorial Process

    Jul 29 2016

    If you have ever wondered how the editorial process at Man Repeller works, this week you’re invited to learn first hand how a story is created from incipient idea to final product, a sometimes half-baked cookie, often silly, sometimes serious and always made with LOVE. Joining me in this episode of Monocycle are Haley Nahman and Amelia Diamond — junior and deputy editors respectively –to make the painting of this picture appear a bit more colorful. More questions? Comments? Ideas? Recommendatio...more

  • Ep 31: Let Loose, Dispatch 3

    Jul 22 2016

    This week's episode of Monocycle is one last plea in the direction of letting loose, only this time -- to conclude the last leg of a three-part series of episodes -- Leandra simplifies the whole concept and realizes that letting loose isn't really about skipping the gym or eating an entire cake or going streaking. It's about...well, you'll see. Headphones in and enjoy. Logo by Kelly Shami - legsny.com/ Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

  • Ep 30: Let Loose, Dispatch 2

    Jul 15 2016

    In this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra touches upon many of the same points as last week's episode: letting loose. After briefly touching about her mission to get pregnant, the majority of the episode revolves around recognizing the importance of relaxing and when it's actually being achieved...learned behavior is the simple answer, while the hard part is unlearning. Anyway, let's do this together, yeah? Not become better -- I mean this podcast. WE'RE BEGGING YOU. Logo by Kelly Shami - le...more

  • Ep 29: Let Loose

    Jul 08 2016

    In this week's episode, Leandra discusses Man Repeller's monthly theme: Let Loose and Relax. In the process of letting loose, Leandra will assign herself a Let Loose task each week and report back on it in order to track her progress. The idea marries with self compassion, and treating oneself like the advice you would give another. So go ahead and cut yourself some slack. Drop the fucking ball, you're not going to get fired. It's summer and you deserve to live it the same way your body does ins...more

  • Ep 28: Relationships

    Jun 24 2016

    This week's episode of Monocycle features a very special guest: Leandra's husband, Abie. The two cover a range of topics inspired by their four years of marriage, like learning how to live with a partner and the importance of forfeiting selfishness in favor of sacrifice). Abie's sleeping habits are also discussed; he cites "an inability to nap as freely" as one of the hardest parts of marriage. Free naps on us after this episode, okay? Enjoy! In partnership with Zola. Logo by Kelly Shami - ...more

  • Ep 27: One Week Later

    Jun 17 2016

    This week on Monocycle, after a sharing a personal story about a failed IVF implant in the moment, Leandra reflects back one week after. She makes the point in the difference between sharing thoughts and emotions immediately and in the moment, versus after the fact, when one is able to "package" their feelings just a bit more. It makes for an interesting dichotomy, so pop your headphones in and start listening. Logo by Kelly Shami - legsny.com/ Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

  • Ep 26: Not Pregnant

    Jun 10 2016

    This week's episode of Monocycle is about sharing what one is going through while going through it as opposed to the aftermath, after, as Leandra said, "the experience has been put in a box and wrapped in fancy words and called a first person essay," because this is real life, right? Between the inspiring stories of victory and triumph that emerge out of despair and the road blocks that life throws in our tracks, there is the very real question of, "But what do I do NOW?" She doesn't have a prof...more

  • Ep 25: Does a Good Week Ruin Our Weekend?

    Jun 03 2016

    In this week's episode of Monocycle, I get way too deep into my own head and contemplate the question, how important is the line that demarcates work from our social lives? I think I've always felt like this, but lately I have noticed how blurred the lines between work and private life have become -- does one inform the other? Is it supposed to? So I'm thinking...why do we celebrate the "can't stop, won't stop" attitude at work when we know, as we've seen, that it leads to burn out? How do we co...more

  • Ep 24: Addicted to the Comfort Zone

    May 27 2016

    In this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra talks about her addiction to the comfort zone -- that area that prohibits us from tackling the hard or uncomfortable tasks in our day. What happens when we get caught in those black holes that prohibit us from doing the things we need to do? Like we're existing, but with 50-pound weights attached to our legs? How do we identify this addiction and ultimately, what do we do to break it? Good news! The first step is awareness. So plug in your headphon...more

  • Ep 23: The Definition of Man Repeller

    May 19 2016

    Man Repeller is officially six years old. Did you know that through it all, the website's written description of what it means to be a man repeller has never been updated? Not once. It's time to expound upon the definition, but it wouldn't be right without your help. So! Using this week's recording as a launch pad to open the flood gates of what it means to read, engage with and experience Man Repeller, let's talk about our mission together. What does Man Repeller mean to you? Logo by Kelly Sh...more

  • Ep 22: Getting Dressed for the *Weekend*

    May 13 2016

    This week’s episode of Monocycle is practically like having an audio stylist who may or may not be a serial killer given the information she feeds you and the way in which she suggests you should dress. Of course, you won't be killed, but rather walked through the way in which you choose to present your thesis to the world without actually having to explain yourself! No? Okay. But please, do show us what you’re actually wearing. Either in the comment feed below or via Instagram using the hashta...more

  • Ep 21: Talking Yourself Out of an Anxiety Attack

    May 06 2016

    This week's episode of Monocycle tackles our theme of the month, mental health, by talking through how we determined this would-be the theme that followed last month (and stood as preface for next month! Which will require that you let your hair down and dance until your feet fall off). Leandra also talks about talking yourself down from an anxiety attack, which she's not always the best at, but trying is better than crying, right? We've all been there. Enjoy the listen. Logo by Kelly Shami - l...more

  • Ep 20: The Process of Monocycle

    Apr 29 2016

    After taking a week off, today's episode of Monocycle kicks off a case study called: Do You Care? It's all about the process of building these episodes -- coming up with the concepts, the actual recording, the questions that you don't hear -- it's like an audio behind-the-scenes. Let us know what you think and if you enjoy it. If you don't, of course, we can go back to regular programming -- the best programming! -- where we talk about feeling our feelings and how that feels. Logo by Kelly Sham...more

  • Ep 19: Hormones

    Apr 15 2016

    The hormones are back. On this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra confronts her narcissism, yells at herself and tries to turn negatives into positives. All anecdotes are shared with the intention that you'll be able to connect with them, of course, because at the end of the day, aren't we all "going through stuff"? Might as well hold each other's hands along the way. Logo by Kelly Shami - legsny.com/ Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

  • Ep 18: Productivity

    Apr 10 2016

    This week's episode of Monocycle is about productivity. Leandra procrastinated for two hours until she finally recorded this episode, so lucky for listeners it also features the most efficient human on earth: Leandra's husband, Abie Cohen. We'd reveal his advice here, but then you wouldn't listen to the episode. So! Have at it, use the bathroom and get your stuff done so you can party into the weekend like Cher on The Ed Sullivan Show. Logo by Kelly Shami - legsny.com/ Edited by Nicholas Quazz...more

  • Ep 17: Saturday State of Mind

    Apr 08 2016

    In this week’s episode of Monocycle, Leandra talks about the "Saturday State of Mind." Could there be a way to turn the excited feeling of an imminent Saturday into a state of mind as opposed to mere fact of existence? And if there is, would Sunday Scaries become Sunday Sillies? Oh what a way to force calm unto yourself! And if not because you need to figure out how to quit feeling like a paralyzed bird on Sunday nights, then simply because this episode features two interludes for rap music. Hap...more

  • Ep 16: Careers

    Mar 25 2016

    This week's episode of Monocycle tackles some of the questions that you asked in our Love Your Career Month post, questions like: How do people find jobs? Is it a bad thing to feel like you're learning as you go (instead of knowing it all before hand)? How do you navigate work and life in your twenties so that you set yourself up for success in your thirties? And so on. Pop your headphones in for Leandra's answers but don't stop shouting out new queries. It helps us help you and together we'll k...more

  • Ep 15: Excess

    Mar 18 2016

    Welcome back to Monocycle. This week's episode tackles precisely the reason we didn't post last week: Paris. As in, fashion week. But beyond that and beyond the clothes, we explore the feeling of being...gluttonous. The condition of living in 2016 means that we have so many choices and are confronted with them every second of every day. Maybe you, too, are feeling a little bit like you want to streamline the choice buggy. Or maybe not! Either way, enjoy. And for the love of content, please talk ...more

  • Ep 14: Getting Dressed

    Mar 02 2016

    In honor of fashion week, an episode of Monocycle on how to get dressed! Or the psychology of it, at least. When you are in a clothing funk, the only way out beyond attempting “manifestation” practices (if you think it, if you will it, it will happen) is to remember when you last felt like the best version of yourself. So close your eyes and put yourself into an outfit. Toot-a-loo! Logo by Kelly Shami - legsny.com/ Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

  • Ep 13: Purpose

    Feb 26 2016

    Welcome back to Monocycle! This episode covers fashion week from a peripheral point of view -- most saliently because the theme, purpose, is one that was on our minds a lot last week as industry denizens ambled from show to show in the freezing cold sounding and looking more deflated than usual. Are we questioning purpose within the established system? And what happens when we lose our purpose? Something rather enlightening that came out of asking these questions was the very simple reality that...more

  • Ep 12: Fashion Week Is Funny

    Feb 12 2016

    This week Leandra revisits her own industry transition from sneaking into her first fashion show, to being seated front and center at the next, to finally feeling that she’s earned her seat. Topics include: self-doubt, building confidence, pride in one’s work and what to do when you feel overwhelmingly overwhelmed. It’s all related, isn’t it? Enjoy. "The Show Must Be Go" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3...more

  • Ep 11: Fake It 'Til You Make It

    Feb 05 2016

    This week's episode of Monocycle reflects on last week's show (hint: there were a few tears) then opens up the dance floor for a conversation about faking it until you make it. The "it" in question, of course, is happiness. And as it turns out, faking it kind of works. "The Show Must Be Go" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Logo by Kelly Shami - legsny.com/ Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

  • Ep 10: Going Through It

    Jan 29 2016

    All hail Friday afternoon, the best time of the entire week. This week's topics of discussion on Monocycle range from the stuff you tell yourself when you look into the mirror, letting yourself feel like shit and knowing when to pull yourself out of the vicious cycle. When you're down, give yourself the time you need and then pick yourself right back up. Oh, and call your mom and tell her you love her. "The Show Must Be Go" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Att...more

  • Ep 9: Vulnerability

    Jan 22 2016

    In this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra tackles vulnerability as she works through it herself. Often when you're given advice, that wisdom is provided reflectively: I've been through a journey and here are the findings. And while that model makes sense, isn't there some value, too, in learning from experience while said experience is in motion? Let us know your thoughts and enjoy! "The Show Must Be Go" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Lice...more

  • Ep 8: Confidence

    Jan 15 2016

    Welcome back to Monocycle after a week-long break, inaugurating this episode as the first of the new year. This week, we're talking about confidence -- that elusive quality that we're taught from a young age is vital to survive and succeed, which we all grapple with at some point. How does one teach confidence anyway? Can it be learned? Do you really need it in order to survive? Can a lack of it ever actually be considered beneficial -- might it push you forward? "The Show Must Be Go" Kevin Mac...more

  • Ep 7: New Year's Eve

    Dec 31 2015

    Welcome to a special New Years episode of Monocycle. This week, Leandra thinks about New Year's Eve as an institution and what one should wear to commemorate the occasion. At one point, you may wonder: is this a new-age soapbox to volley for or against the moot concept of resolutions? As we usher in 2016, think of this edition as a sort of test. What do you want to keep seeing from this podcast? Would you prefer more elaborate story telling? As we usher in a new year neither putting too much pre...more

  • Ep 6: Choice

    Dec 18 2015

    In this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra talks about a relatively recent decision to take her husband's last name. Is it really the name that matters? Or is it more about the motivation that propels someone toward this kind of decision? Listen up, join the convo and get your Shakespeare in the comments section to discuss what really is in a name. "The Show Must Be Go" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License creativecommons.org/licenses/by/...more

  • Ep 5: Boredom

    Dec 11 2015

    In this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra posits a theory that boredom may no longer exist -- at least not in the way we used to think of it. Furthermore, she talks about the value of boredom in 2015, what term may have replaced it and how we're going to take back "busy." "The Show Must Be Go" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Logo by Kelly Shami - legsny.com/ Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander ...more

  • Ep 4: Self-Sabotage

    Dec 04 2015

    In this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra diagnoses herself a self-sabotager after a particularly eye opening conversation with her thinking partner (which is a fancy way to say therapist). What you'll find in the episode is a culmination of all the cool mental stuff that emerges as a result of your learning new things about yourself from someone who doesn't even actually know you. So close your eyes, put in your headphones and keep Doritos at an arm's length. Want more? www.manrepeller.com...more

  • Ep 3: Thankful

    Nov 25 2015

    Before the holiday party that is December swings in, Thanksgiving seems like a great time to begin the reflection process. We talk about gratitude a lot this time of year and it's easy to get caught up in the white noise. Let's think about what we're grateful for -- I mean really grateful for, and in the spirit of pseudo-family, let's share that shit. I'll start by turning your attention to the very short and special Monocycle. Happy Thanksgiving! Want more? www.manrepeller.com/category/podcast...more

  • Ep 2: Paris

    Nov 20 2015

    This week's episode of Monocycle was spurred by the attacks on Paris last week and covers a lot of the conversations we've been having at Man Repeller on the importance of fearlessness, the weakness we experience in our humanity and the unflinching faith we must continue to demonstrate in order to survive. Want more? www.manrepeller.com/category/podcasts Logo by Kelly Shami - legsny.com/ "Harlequin" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ht...more

  • Ep 1: Burnout

    Nov 13 2015

    Welcome to Friday afternoons with me, Leandra Medine! Monocycle will cover a range of topics that include feelings, feelings, what it’s like to feel feelings and why I feel like without your providing insight, this thing will never be what it could be. So do me a solid, take a listen, make me feel like you truly are the best friend I have made you out to be, and tell me what you want to hear. I sort of feel like we’re just about to round third base. Want more? http://www.manrepeller.com/categ...more

  • Intro to Monocycle

    Oct 23 2015

    Welcome to Monocycle with Leandra Medine! Logo by Kelly Shami - http://legsny.com/ Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett