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MuggleCast is your weekly ride into the Wizarding World. Pioneering the Harry Potter podcast phenomenon in August 2005, MuggleCast has continued to bring its listeners entertaining and thought-provoking discussions about J.K. Rowling's expanding universe. With each new episode we discuss everything Harry Potter: the latest news, the Potter books, Fantastic Beasts, The Cursed Child, the theme parks, the video games, and more!


  • #483: Fantasy Casting the Harry Potter TV Series, 'Hogwarts Legacy' Announced

    Sep 22 2020

    Andrew's prophecy comes true... almost! Hogwarts Legacy is coming to a video game console near you in 2021! What are our initial reactions to the trailer for this open-world video game? We offer some suggestions on what fans can do who are hesitant about purchasing this game. Muggle Mail covers The Pizza Wizard, The Lost Day, Neville, Sirius, a Harry Potter television station and more! Main Discussion: Fantasy Casting The Harry Potter Television Series Peeves, Professor Binns, Ludo Bagman, Aug...more

  • #482: Never-Before-Seen Harry Potter Scenes We Want in a TV Series

    Sep 15 2020

    Muggle Mail answers some of our questions regarding Neville's sorting, and asks why Harry isn't more grateful to Lupin. This week the hosts ask, What are key, never-before-seen moments from the Harry Potter books that we want to see adapted in the TV series? This is our chance to FINALLY see some critical scenes that never made it into the books or films! Andrew kicks things off with light and grim moments: The creation of the Marauders Map, and the entire night of James and Lily's deaths. Will...more

  • #481: The Deep Similarities Between Harry and Neville

    Sep 08 2020

    We take a deep dive into Harry and Neville’s parallel journeys throughout the Harry Potter series Muggle Mail covers how you correct someone who is wrong about Harry Potter, Snape fan fiction and more The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and King Arthur: the hosts share some of their favorite stories influenced by cultural artifacts Let's get religious (not really)! We compare Harry to Jesus and Neville to John The Baptist Linked from the start via prophecy, did anyone suspect pre-Order ...more

  • #480: The Best Professors at Hogwarts

    Sep 01 2020

    This week, to celebrate a new term on September 1, we're rating every professor of Hogwarts School! How do the DADA professors measure up with one another on quality and on difficulty? We offer individual grades to help us compare them all. How about Potions? Is Slughorn a higher quality instructor than Snape? We all have high marks for McGonagall, but what about Dumbledore, who we saw teach in Fantastic Beasts? We set a Seer against a Centaur and wrap up with Charms, Herbology, and History of ...more

  • #479: The Best Chapters of the ENTIRE Harry Potter Series

    Aug 25 2020

    20 Years Ago: Dan, Emma and Rupert were announced to play Harry, Ron and Hermione Sorcerer's Stone surpasses $1 billion at the box office as theaters reopen in China Fantastic Beasts 3 set to resume filming in September -- will the movie's release date be delayed? Main Discussion: The Best Chapters of the ENTIRE Harry Potter series, and why these are our favorites! What makes a good Harry Potter chapter? Pivotal moments? Action? Suspense? World expanding moments? Hindsight? The ability to conne...more

  • #478: How MuggleNet Created a Harry Potter Encyclopedia

    Aug 18 2020

    Welcome to the show Marissa, co-author of MuggleNet's new Character Compendium, available now in bookstores everywhere! MuggleMail has Umbridge fever! An e-mail from Matt suggests actress Olivia Coleman for the future role of Umbridge in a Harry Potter TV series! Here is a highlight reel for your consideration. Should MuggleCast make Umbridge pillows that you can punch? And, finally, a mention of Umbridge from Half-Blood Prince is brought to our attention. In our Main Discussion, we ask Marissa...more

  • #477: Burning 'Order of the Phoenix' Questions That Were Never Answered

    Aug 11 2020

    News: The Harry Potter film series is moving to Peacock and leaving HBO Max. Muggle Mail covers Potter People The Podcast and an interesting fan fiction about Voldemort's return! It's our Order of the Phoenix Rewind episode! Acceptable. Troll. Exceeds Expectations. Just how good were our 7-Word Summaries during Chapter-by-Chapter? The grades are in! Dumbledore vs. Voldemort. The Lost Prophecy. Harry's trial. What were the Top 7 Most Critical Moments of Order of the Phoenix? We take a Time Turn...more

  • #476: Celebrating 15 Years of MuggleCast (with Jamie!)

    Aug 04 2020

    SPOILER WARNING: Do not listen if you haven't finished Book 6 yet, but today we're celebrating 15 YEARS OF MUGGLECAST! Welcome back everyone's favorite Brit, Jamie! He has some huge life updates for everyone. Why in the world did we ever decide to start a podcast? Who is this mystery "Sarah" person? We dig deep into the archive to roll clips from Episode 1! Were our predictions any good? Or totally wrong? From Steve Jobs to David Heyman to Pickle Pack and more, Andrew, Eric, Micah, Laura and Ja...more

  • #475: Denial and Acceptance (OOTP 38, The Second War Begins)

    Jul 28 2020

    It's our final Chapter-by-Chapter episode! The reading archive is now complete! Congratulations to our recent Quizzitch Live winners Morg97, Molly, Melissa, Kate, and Kiran. Eric has a new podcast, Thank You For Spieling! Find it on your favorite podcast app. MuggleMail includes Occlumency lessons, the Marauders watching Snape and Lily, and whether you can grow out of reading Harry Potter books. Chapter-by-Chapter CONCLUDES with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 38: Second Wa...more

  • #474: There's Something About Harry (OOTP 37, The Lost Prophecy)

    Jul 21 2020

    Our next Quizzitch Live is Tuesday, July 21 - The topic is Deathly Hallows! Harry Potter at Home has wrapped up their chapter readings for Book One. In Muggle Mail, the hosts are asked how Harry Potter led them to branch out into being a fan of other things. We debut a brand new listener-inspired segment, Wizard Court! Bellatrix is on trial for killing Sirius. Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 37: The Lost (?) Prophecy 7-Word Summary: Dumbled...more

  • #473: Dumbledore v Voldemort (OOTP 36, The Only One He Ever Feared)

    Jul 14 2020

    Our next Quizzitch Live will be Tuesday, July 21 - An installment themed around the Deathly Hallows book! Muggle Mail covers Kreacher, the Department of Mysteries, The Veil, Lupin and more! Which came first, the Ministry or The Veil? Listeners weigh in with their thoughts! We debut a new game... Guess. That. Book! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 36: The Only One He Ever Feared 7-Word Summary: Voldemort is trying to kill Harry Potter Neville ...more

  • #472: DUBBLEDORE! (OOTP 35, 'Beyond the Veil')

    Jul 07 2020

    News covers the latest chapter of Sorcerer's Stone with Matthew Lewis and Imelda Staunton. Plus, an update on the Harry Potter RPG! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 35: Beyond The Veil 7-Word Summary: Sirius falls through the unknown to death  Our initial impressions of Bellatrix Lestrange Dreams vs. Reality: Where’s Sirius, and how can you tell what's a dream and what's not? What do we make of Harry’s leadership in his first real battle?  Wh...more

  • #471: PUNK'd (OOTP 33 and 34, 'Fight or Flight' and 'The Department of Mysteries')

    Jun 30 2020

    News covers The Blair Partnership controversy and suspended Chapter Readings This week: It's a double dose of Chapter-by-Chapter! First up, Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 33: Fight or Flight 7-Word Summary #1: Centaurs react aggressively to Hermione’s faulty argument Did Umbridge fail to search Hagrid's Hut after she gave him the boot? Leading Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest: was it Hermione's top Gryffindor moment? Listeners weigh in with their thoughts. Umbridge vs. The Centaurs: What happ...more

  • #470: Silky Smooth Snape (OOTP 32, Out of the Fire)

    Jun 23 2020

    International football star David Beckham joins actor David Tennant to read the Quidditch chapter of Book One. And now viewing this requires a login? The MuggleCast 15th Anniversary T-Shirt is here! Just one week left to become a Patron at the Dumbledore’s Army level or higher to get yours! MuggleMail topics include exams in other countries, the secrecy surrounding the prophecy, and whether Hagrid had a battle assist from Dumbledore (sorry McGonagall!) Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order o...more

  • #469: Why J.K. Rowling Is Wrong About Trans People

    Jun 15 2020

    On this special edition of MuggleCast, the hosts are joined by Dr. Sarah Steelman (Marriage & Family Therapist, Ph.D., LMFT) to discuss J.K. Rowling's recent tweets and open letter regarding trans people. We review her statements and why so many of them are wrong, share responses from around the Harry Potter community, and analyze our own feelings.Given the sensitive nature of this conversation, please be aware that this episode carries a trigger warning. Below is a list of resources referen...more

  • #468: Rubeus Hagrid’s Punch Out! (OOTP 31, O.W.L.S.)

    Jun 09 2020

    MuggleCast opens with a listener email addressing current events in America. Also, please note we recorded this episode before JKR's latest hurtful tweets. Some suggested recommendations and resources that can help us all learn: Understand racism doesn't "go away" - it mutates. Learn from organizations like The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, The Vera Institute of Justice, The National Civil Rights Museum, The Innocence Project, and The MBK Alliance. Everyone has biases , many ...more

  • #467: Stranger Danger (OOTP 30, Grawp)

    Jun 02 2020

    There is a new children's story from JKR, and she's releasing fresh chapters every week day! All eight Harry Potter movies have been made available for streaming on HBO MAX. In Bonus MuggleCast, available now on Patreon, the hosts and listeners share their go-to HP films, and Micah tears apart Deathly Hallows, Part 2. The MuggleCast 15th Anniversary T-Shirt is here! Become a Patron by June 30 at the Dumbledore’s Army level or higher to get yours! MuggleMail topics include Sirius' relationship w...more

  • #466: Weasleys Victorious (OOTP 29, Career Advice)

    May 19 2020

    Welcome Slug Club member Ryan! WizardingWorld.com's reread continues with Eddie Redmayne and Stephen Fry The MuggleCast 15th Anniversary T-Shirt is here! Become a Patron by June 30 at the Dumbledore's Army level or higher to get yours!  Muggle Mail covers lots of feedback on Snape's Worst Memory Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 29: Career Advice 7-Word Summary: Harry speaks to McGonagall about career opportunities Harry struggles with what he saw in Snape's Wo...more

  • #465: How I Met Your Mother (OOTP 28, Snape's Worst Memory)

    May 12 2020

    WizardingWorld.com is hosting a video reread of Sorcerer's Stone and Daniel Radcliffe kicks things off! Don't miss Quizzitch Live: The Goblet of Popcorn next Sunday, May 17 (11 am ET)! The MuggleCast 15th Anniversary T-Shirt is here! Become a Patron by June 30 at the Dumbledore's Army level or higher to get yours!  Muggle Mail covers Ministry toilet access, Hermione's advice to Harry and memory perspective! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 28: Snape's Worst Mem...more

  • #464: Dumbledore Gone Wild (OOTP 27, The Centaur and The Sneak)

    May 05 2020

    JKR commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts (and responds to MuggleCast on Twitter!) The MuggleCast 15th Anniversary T-Shirt is here! Become a Patron by June 30 at the Dumbledore's Army level or higher to get yours!  Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 27: The Centaur and The Sneak 7-Word Summary: Hogwarts changes direction due to Dumbledore’s departure  WHOA, HORSEY! What's up with Hermione's attitude toward Firenze? Divination with Firenze - the ma...more

  • #463: Umbridge's Quibbles (OOTP 26, Seen and Unforeseen)

    Apr 28 2020

    Happy Birthday, Eric! Quizzitch Live: The Prisoner of Knowledge was a huge success! We hope you joined us and had fun! Muggle Mail covers COVID-19 at Hogwarts and more Hagrid/Harry comparisons! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 26: Seen and Unforeseen 7-Word Summary: Dreams enter the mind through Snape’s lessons  How much legitimacy does Rita Skeeter provide to Harry's story? Umbridge's latest Educational Decree: does it violate freedom of speech and freedom of t...more

  • #462: Kreacher and the Keys (OOTP 25, The Beetle at Bay)

    Apr 21 2020

    News covers JKR's childhood home and her recent thoughts on Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix. One of these was her easiest Potter book to write. Muggle Mail includes Voldemort's possession of Ginny and The Knight Bus in Goblet of Fire Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 25: The Beetle at Bay 7-Word Summary: Valentine’s Day happens amidst many bad choices Mass Breakout from Azkaban! Why doesn't Ron react at all to hearing Antonin Dolohov's name? Is Fudge...more

  • #461: Snape's Secrets (OOTP 24, Occlumency)

    Apr 14 2020

    Quizzitch Live: The Fandom of Secrets was a huge success! Keep an eye for our next hangout! Rupert Grint is going to be a DAD! Muggle Mail covers a random Lockhart encounter and when J.K. Rowling actually revealed Dumbledore's sexuality (see J.K. Rowling: A Year in the Life) Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 24: Occlumency 7-Word Summary: Harry’s journey back into his mind fails  Snape vs. Sirius A grim goodbye! Should we have known then? What's the deal with T...more

  • #460: Loony Lockhart (OOTP 23, Christmas on the Closed Ward)

    Apr 07 2020

    Quizzitch Live: The Fandom of Secrets returns this Thursday, April 9 at 7:15 p.m. ET! Keep an eye on our social media channels for the link to participate! J.K. Rowling offers up a Character Personality quiz on Twitter! The hosts share which Harry Potter character they are most like... and the answers may surprise you! News covers Harry Potter at Home, The Tales of Beedle The Bard audiobook release and the LEGO Harry Potter video game for only $6! Muggle Mail covers Harry's relationship with Ma...more

  • #459: Magicare For All (OOTP 22, St. Mungo's, Part 2)

    Mar 31 2020

    We had a blast with our first-ever Quizzitch Live! J.K. Rowling returns to Twitter to comfort Voldemort, reveal her favorite Mario Kart character and more! Muggle Mail covers why Harry didn't see thestrals at the end of Goblet of Fire! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 22: St. Mungo's for Magical Maladies and Injuries (Part Two) 7-Word Summary: Harry ventures to the hospital with family  Why does Harry feel as if he is an intruder upon the Weasley family's guilt?...more

  • #458: Portrait Party (OOTP 22, St. Mungo's, Part 1)

    Mar 24 2020

    We had a blast at our Forget About The World live show earlier in the week! Tune in for a show and tell and a few rounds of Harry Potter Heads Up! The hosts receive candles from our listener Devin, including a goat-scented one for Micah! Check out Devin's website - Worndoll.com J.K. Rowling loosens guidelines on recording Harry Potter books for schools  To liven things up we play a fun Sporcle game - Harry Potter Name Chain Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 22:...more

  • #457: The Grim Granger (OOTP 21, The Eye of the Snake)

    Mar 17 2020

    Welcome Slug Club member Abbey, who has her own podcast for Grey's Anatomy fans: The On Call Room! Coronavirus shuts down Cursed Child and the Wizarding World theme parks The leaked Harry Potter RPG will finally be announced this year! Fantastic Beasts 3 filming is now underway! Or at least, that was the plan. Since recording this episode, we've now learned that the movie has halted production. We get a sneak peek at the Quidditch Through the Ages Illustrated Edition! What's with the U.S. cover...more

  • #456: A Giant Waste Of Time (OOTP 20, Hagrid's Tale)

    Mar 10 2020

    Muggle Mail covers angry librarians and Harry-Draco shippers We're at the midway point of Order of the Phoenix! How has this recent read changed our feelings about the book? What are our biggest takeaways? Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 20: Hagrid's Tale 7-Word Summary: Hagrid returns and fails to reveal lies The Trio take a massive risk in going to see Hagrid given recent punishments! Can Harry, Ron and Hermione really fit under the Invisibility Cloak? Why do...more

  • #455: How To Hogwarts (OOTP 19, The Lion & The Serpent)

    Mar 03 2020

    Some of your favorite Potter actors are back to voice The Tales of Beedle The Bard audiobook MuggleCasTBT recalls a time when we discussed J.K. Rowling potentially writing under a pseudonym. Muggle Mail covers becoming inspired to teach, the Hog's Head and the Room of Requirement. Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 19: The Lion & The Serpent. 7-Word Summary: The Quidditch match features Draco falling out. Dumbledore's Army is going swimmingly. Harry really IS ...more

  • #454: Drinky Winky (OOTP 18, Dumbledore's Army)

    Feb 25 2020

    News covers Cormoran Strike Book 5 "Troubled Blood," Cursed Child Japan and Fantastic Beasts 3 Muggle Mail: Harry's post-Hogwarts career, a sibling rivalry, and Dumbledore's boggart Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 18: Dumbledore's Army 7-Word Summary: Hogwarts is holding a group defense meeting Harry can Accio a bullfrog? J.K. Rowling has said you can't accio inanimate objects Are the Hogwarts professors secretly teaching DADA in their own classes? How exactly ...more

  • #453: 2 Fast, 2 Illustrated (OOTP 17, Educational Decree Number 24)

    Feb 11 2020

    We offer our thoughts on the recent Johnny Depp / Amber Heard case Another Illustrated Edition: MinaLima joins the party! Muggle Mail covers Harry's battle with Dementors and his post-Hogwarts career Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 17: Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four 7-Word Summary: Sirius is in trouble with Umbridge’s reach Harry's finally HAPPY! It lasts for two pages... We discuss the symbolism of the educational decree covering everything else on the C...more

  • #452: Essence of Goat (OOTP 16, In The Hog’s Head)

    Feb 04 2020

    MuggleCast has launched a listener survey so we can hear what you think of the show. Please take a couple minutes to fill it out This week's episode is sponsored by ThirdLove, makers of the perfect fitting bra. Visit ThirdLove.com/MuggleCast for 15% off! J.K. Rowling announces the next Cormoran Strike novel is finished! Kobe Bryant: how Harry Potter inspired his Wizenard Series Muggle Mail covers some clever questions from a 10-year-old listener! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the ...more

  • #451: Murtlap Milkin' (OOTP 15, The Hogwarts High Inquisitor)

    Jan 28 2020

    Ember Sirius or Flaming Sirius - our listeners settle the debate! Muggle Mail covers Gary Oldman, Hermione, Fred & George's true intentions and more! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix - Chapter 15: The Hogwarts High Inquisitor 7-Word Summary: Umbridge oversees the Hogwarts professors teaching classes The Daily Prophet announces Umbridge as Hogwarts High Inquisitor! Fair and balanced reporting? YEAH, RIGHT! What level of credibility does Percy have to be quoted in The D...more

  • #450: Weekend at Hogwarts (OOTP 14, 'Percy and Padfoot')

    Jan 21 2020

    Micah's back and FINALLY received a Wizarding World Gold pin! Muggle Mail covers Founder wands, House points, SPEW and Harry Potter tattoos Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix - Chapter 14: Percy and Padfoot 7-Word Summary: Saturday begins with letter sending from Harry Harry does a really good job of hiding the truth when writing to Sirius. Do we think this a quality that Harry possesses or just JKR’s clever writing? The hosts take a shot at cryptically describing each other...more

  • #449: Torturous Toad (OOTP 13, Detention With Dolores)

    Jan 14 2020

    Reminder: MuggleCast is moving to Tuesdays! Each week we'll have a new episode available bright and early. A 'flagship' Harry Potter store has been announced, where we'll be able to grab coffee, Butterbeer, and... 'House Wands'?! Chapter by Chapter: Order of the Phoenix Chapter 13, Detention with Dolores This chapter is very unlucky for Harry. Are all Chapter 13's in the Harry Potter series the same way? Theory: Every chapter ever is unlucky for Harry. Fred and George are getting away with thei...more

  • #448: Have a Biscuit (OOTP 12, Professor Umbridge)

    Jan 07 2020

    Andy from Harry Potter Fan Zone joins the show and shares the history of his website and how he received the prestigious J.K. Rowling Fan Site Award The hosts share the Harry Potter gifts they received during the holidays Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Order of the Phoenix - Chapter 12: Professor Umbridge Seven Word Summary: Classes begin for the term despite attitudes Harry’s troubles continue: Seamus bolts early in the morning, Dean is at a loss for words and Lavender isn’t buying Harry’s st...more

  • Why J.K. Rowling's Tweet Was Transphobic and Hurtful

    Jan 05 2020

    In this special installment, Rori Porter, a transfemme member of the Harry Potter fandom, joins the MuggleCasters to discuss why J.K. Rowling's December 19th tweet was transphobic and hurtful. Rori explains the court battle the tweet is in reference to, what Rowling's doing by saying this, and how it affects trans people. We also discuss the role inclusion and acceptance has played in the Harry Potter fandom, and where we go from here.Check out TransStudent.org to learn more about the trans comm...more

  • #447: Harry Potter Decade in Review

    Dec 23 2019

    Please note: This episode was recorded prior to J.K. Rowling's controversial tweet, which was harmful to the transgender community and allies. As we stated on Twitter, trans rights are human rights. We see you, we love you. You are valid. We will always welcome you! We'll share additional thoughts on the situation in Episode 448. In our final episode of 2019, we take a look back at another Decade of Harry Potter by reliving the biggest moments and surprises of the past 10 years. What were we fe...more

  • #446: Going Rogue (OOTP 11, The Sorting Hat's New Song)

    Dec 16 2019

    Our first ‘new’ Chapter-by-Chapter for Order of the Phoenix since October 2011! Remember when we started this book then stopped for some reason? Good times.  Micah shares his convo with an inspiring 8-year-old Harry Potter fan! Potter booze cruise... Yes, please! Eric's Book Corner: Law Made Fun Through Harry Potter & Pod Life: Podcaster Stories Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix - Chapter 11: The Sorting Hat's New Song 7-Word Summary: Umbridge takes Dumbledore’s spotl...more

  • #445: Less Than Prefect (OOTP Chapter 10, Luna Lovegood)

    Dec 09 2019

    Vanessa from Harry Potter and The Sacred Text joins us! MuggleMail covers feedback from our recent holiday gift suggestion episode! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix - Chapter 10: Luna Lovegood 7-Word Summary: Chaos reigns during the journey to Hogwarts James and Lily, Molly and Kreacher, Ron and Hermione: what's up with Harry's dreams? On your own head be it - did Sirius' trip to King's Cross cost him his life? Shouldn't Mad-Eye Moody have been more concerned about Sturgis...more

  • #444: Harry Potter Gift Guide Extravaganza 2019

    Nov 25 2019

    The Potter Collector joins us for MuggleCast’s Harry Potter Gift Guide! Harry Potter: The Exhibition is now open in Lisbon, Portugal! Harry Potter Holiday Gift Guide: What were some of the biggest items to debut in 2019? The Potter Collector talks Nimbus 2000, Mystery Wands from Walmart and OutofPrint.com Andrew: Hallmark has official Harry Potter ornaments (Hogwarts Castle Tree Topper) as well as a Golden Snitch Coffee Mug and Gringotts Vault Piggy Bank Eric: LEGO is always a safe bet for an...more

  • #443: Never A Bride (OOTP Chapter 9, Woes of Mrs. Weasley)

    Nov 18 2019

    Andrew checks in from the Wizarding World... completely decked out for the holidays! Laura reveals an early Christmas present that would excite any Potter fan! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix - Chapter 9: The Woes of Mrs. Weasley 7-Word Summary: Harry feels envious because friends are winning What's up with Umbridge "appraising" Harry? Uh oh, Lucius has Fudge's ear! Is it worse that the Order thinks the Minister is NOT under the Imperius Curse? Why does Harry's scar burn ...more

  • #442: Harry Potter Screenwriter Returns, Cursed Child Inside Look

    Nov 11 2019

    Finally... some Fantastic Beasts 3 news! What bigger role will Eulalie Hicks play in the upcoming film? Steve Kloves returns to his screenwriting role. What does it mean for Potter fans? We're going to Rio! Will we see Castelobruxo? Why did Crimes of Grindelwald fall flat at the box office? Let's not forget the controversies that preceded it! Fantastic Beasts 3 is taking the series back to its Hogwarts roots! Is this a good thing? Is there such a thing as too much Hogwarts? We spent seven films...more

  • #441: Brian? (OOTP Chapter 8, The Hearing)

    Nov 04 2019

    Mike from Potterless Podcast joins the show! He shares why he got into the series so late and some of the moments that shocked him the most. Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 8 - The Hearing 7-Word Summary: Harry is attacked by Fudge but Dumbledore prevails Have any of us ever been before a judge? Given Harry is being charged with UNDERAGE magic, isn’t it ridiculous an adult can’t accompany him to trial? Where exactly was Harry’s owl sent? Was it even sent at all? ...more

  • #440: Return To Sender (WW Gold Review, OOTP Chapter 7, 'The Ministry of Magic')

    Oct 28 2019

    News covers Cursed Child in San Francisco and Germany Andrew and Micah are drawn to the dark side... they're Wizarding World Gold baby! We discuss the benefits and pricing of Wizarding World Gold. What would we like to see them offer in the future? Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 7 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Ministry of Magic Seven World Summary: Today will be the day Perkins alerts  Harry's restless night: can we sympathize? Name drop! Rufus Scrimgeour is suspi...more

  • #439: Dumbledip (GOF Illustrated Review, OOTP Chapter 6, 'House of Black')

    Oct 21 2019

    Welcome Slug Club member Emily! Micah recaps a great weekend in Boston for LeakyCon! The Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition is here! And it's Laura first! We discuss some notable illustrations and give our favorites! Muggle Mail covers Sirius as a parent, ALL CAPS Harry and Percy Weasley Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 6, The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black Seven Word Summary: Kreacher has the foresight to take heirlooms Molly the Spy: w...more

  • #438: Live From LeakyCon 2019

    Oct 14 2019

    We're live from LeakyCon in Boston and joined by special guest Chris Rankin! We travel around the Wizarding World to famous Potter locations, talk about the Massachusetts-based school Ilvermorny and play a few of our favorite games with the audience. Chris takes Micah to task in the Dueling Club while listeners try their hand at Make The Connection. Join us for this very special edition of MuggleCast!

  • #437: The Voldeport (OOTP Chapter 5, The Order of the Phoenix)

    Oct 07 2019

    Pottermore is NO MORE! We reflect on all the hype that surrounded its launch and re-sort ourselves with the new virtual Sorting Hat! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 5, The Order of the Phoenix Seven Word Summary: Harry asks Sirius about Voldemort’s return loudly No. 12 Grimmauld place belongs to Sirius. We debate using his home as Order headquarters! Harry and Sirius compare summers and both blame Dumbledore for their current situation.  Does ...more

  • #436: ALL CAPS (OOTP Chapter 4, 12 Grimmauld Place)

    Sep 30 2019

    One of our listeners received the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition two weeks early! How does it compare to the rest of the series? This week we dive into Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 4, 12 Grimmauld Place Seven Word Summary: Harry shouts loudly at everyone in CAPSLOCK As soon as Harry steps into the Black Family home, J.K. Rowling offers an ominous line. It's the first of many hints about Sirius' fate. Rowling has enjoyed using the number 12 throughou...more

  • #435: Into The Dark (OOTP Chapter 3, The Advance Guard)

    Sep 23 2019

    Welcome Slug Club member Christina! Fandom Happenings: a new Wizarding World app, Mina Lima wallpapers, Lethal White begins filming and Darks Arts shows begin in Orlando! We take listener feedback on British "tea" and defending Mundungus Fletcher Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 3: The Advance Guard 7-Word Summary: Tonight the Guard rides into Grimmauld Place We discuss Harry's treatment of Hedwig... his only friend at Privet Drive Who should ...more

  • #434: His Last (OOTP Chapter 2, A Peck of Owls)

    Sep 16 2019

    No word back from the Nashville school that banned Harry Potter Eddie Redmayne provides us a smidge of an update on Fantastic Beasts 3 Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 2: A Peck of Owls 7-Word Summary: Many owls arrive at Harry's home tonight Mr. Tibbles was on the case! Good to know that Harry is being watched by... cats! We question Mrs. Figg's qualifications for keeping an eye on Harry all of these years If Dumbledore was so afraid of Harry...more

  • #433: Gettin' Figgy (OOTP Chapter 1, Dudley Demented)

    Sep 09 2019

    Sequoia from Fanatical Fics and Where To Find Them joins the show! We discuss the recent banning of Harry Potter at St. Edward Catholic School... and give them a call! Cursed Child gets a new marketing campaign, with the logo now matching the one from the books/films Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 1: Dudley Demented 7-Word Summary: Harry Potter fights with Dudley and Dementors The introduction of Harry is very much one of a neglected child Wha...more

  • #432: Connecting Prisoner of Azkaban to Order of the Phoenix

    Sep 02 2019

    Happy Back to Hogwarts y'all! Enough already! Pottermore announces a new "reimagined" Sorting Hat is coming. Are we about to receive new House assignments? We've shipped MuggleCast tote bags to our first 150 patrons, with more going out in the weeks ahead! Andrew recaps Harry Potter Trivia Night at Wizards Unite Indianapolis, but he can't remember anything! Beautiful park, great community event, dragons, cool merchandise and more! Andrew shares his experience from Wizards Unite Fan Fest! Before...more

  • #431: The Questions Fans Had After 'Goblet of Fire'

    Aug 26 2019

    Welcome Slug Club member Stephanie! She recently became a mother, so we challenge her to sort little Eleanor into a Hogwarts House. Don't forget we'll be in Indy this weekend for Wizards Unite and at LeakyCon Boston this October! Use code MUGGLE when registering for $10 off! If you've waited in line at Universal Orlando for Hagrid's and missed the pre-show video, watch it here! In anticipation of our Order of the Phoenix chapter-by-chapter analysis we take a time turner back to the early 2000s ...more

  • #430: Did Dumbledore Attempt To Recreate Ariana?

    Aug 19 2019

    Pottermore announces a new app - what can we expect? Micah and Andrew recap their time at Podcast Movement Andrew will be at Wizards Unite Fan Festival in Indianapolis on August 31. If you see him, say hi! Micah and Eric will be at LeakyCon 2019 from October 11-13 in Boston - register today using code MUGGLE for $10 off! It's a mailbag episode full of exciting voicemails and listener emails! When the Weasley twins tossed snowballs at the back of Quirrell's head, was this foreshadowing on the pa...more

  • #429: Sidecar Joy

    Aug 14 2019

    We're live from Orlando at Podcast Movement 2019! We're staying at the wrong hotel, but it's cool because there are a ton of inns and Unfoundables! Eric and Micah ride and review Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure The twists, the turns, the creatures and more! Why you should ride Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure even if you're not a roller coaster person We debate the motorbike vs. the sidecar -- Andrew has evolved on the debate How does this ride compare to Forbidden ...more

  • #428: Finishing Sorcerer's Stone, 13 Years Later

    Aug 05 2019

    Join Andrew in Indy for a special Wizards Unite gathering over Labor Day Weekend! On a related note, we discuss our latest thoughts on the game. MuggleCasTBT takes us back to a dark Cursed Child prediction  Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Chapter 17: The Man With Two Faces The last time we analyzed a chapter from Sorcerer's Stone was 2006! A lot has changed since then 7-Word Summary: Quirrell surprises Harry with Voldemort’s head attacheSurprise! It wasn't...more

  • #427: Connecting Sorcerer's Stone to Deathly Hallows

    Jul 29 2019

    We're going to be in Orlando this August - if you're in the neighborhood, come say hi! Visit our site to fill out our brief survey. There's never been a better time to support the show! Become a Patron by July 31 and get this year's TWO physical gifts - signed album art and a MuggleCast tote bag! Our main discussion is The Secrets of Sorcerer's Stone: We expose the little things in the first book that ended up playing a larger role later in the series -- especially within Deathly Hallows. Does ...more

  • #426: Discovering Sorcerer's Stone

    Jul 22 2019

    Do the people behind Wizards Unite listen to MuggleCast? Some new game features would suggest so! Eric announces the MuggleNet Caption Contest is back! #MuggleCasTBT takes us back to a bold prediction made about Nicolas Flamel and his "safe house" in Crimes of Grindelwald We take listener feedback on last week's Dark Mark tattoo debate Our Main Discussion focuses on The Beginning of Harry Potter Did Sorcerer's Stone launch a generation of readers? Harry Potter's biggest ally may have been the I...more

  • #425: Half-Blood Prince in Review

    Jul 15 2019

    Fire at Leavesden Studios! Did it impact the Studio Tour at all?  Almost all of the hosts have been leveling up in Wizards Unite! We'll be in Orlando this August for Podcast Movement and want to meet up with YOU at CityWalk! MuggleCasTBT takes us all the way back to 2006 for a final battle prediction! We tie up loose ends with our Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book-in-review episode! 14-Word Summary: Harry Potter and Dumbledore discover the secret about Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes from ...more

  • #424: Sad Woodstock (HBP 30, The White Tomb)

    Jul 08 2019

    Fakes News! There is no Potter television series is in the works...for now... Puffs is coming to Chicago! MuggleCasTBT takes us back to the ultimate Cursed Child prediction! Chapter-by-Chapter concludes with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 30 - The White Tomb Our final Half-Blood Prince 7-Word Summary: Harry feels really bad about breaking Dumbledore The Wizarding World pays tribute to Dumbledore Despite everything that has happened, why can't Ginny make amends with Fleur? Told ...more

  • #423: 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' review

    Jul 01 2019

    Introducing MuggleCasTBT! Each week on the show and on social media, we'll be sharing a clip from an old episode in which we make a prediction about Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts. In our first clip, Micah correctly predicts that Dumbledore will be a crucial part of the Fantastic Beasts film series when we still had no idea that he would even be in it. The MuggleCasters review Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the highly-anticipated game from the creators of Pokemon GO! What are our overall impres...more

  • #422: Fawkes Unites (HBP 29, The Phoenix Lament)

    Jun 24 2019

    Welcome Slug Club member Chloe! Wizards Unite is out and we discuss what we like about the game so far! Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is dealing with some launch pains Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 29 The Phoenix Lament 7-Word Summary: After Dumbledore's death, Harry regroups with friends Harry breaks the news of Dumbledore's death and reveals the truth about Snape and Draco Lupin's loses control when learning of Dumbledore's de...more

  • #421: Sidecar Blues (Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Ride Review)

    Jun 17 2019

    Universal Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter has just opened its latest coaster, Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, and we review it! We're joined by The Insider's Kirsten Acuna, who rode the Motorbike Adventure with Andrew. Check out Kirsten's review of the ride and her report on the queue's easter eggs! And here's Andrew's review on Hypable. The ride's queue is intriguing: It's the ruins of Hogwarts, with inscriptions and art from students over the decades. It's here where...more

  • #420: Really Loose Pockets (HBP 28, Flight of the Prince)

    Jun 10 2019

    Unplug your Alexa's: Our Slug Club guest this week had her name stolen from Amazon! Vans' new line of Harry Potter shoes is causing some ripples amongst fans -- how'd Hufflepuff gets the short end of the stick? Andrew is in Orlando for the opening of Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Follow us on Instagram to get looks at the new ride! MuggleMail: What would've happened if the Death Eaters weren't waiting for Dumbledore back at Hogwarts? And the best DVD/Blu-ray collection questio...more

  • #419: Snape Loves Dumbledore (HBP 27, The Lightning Struck Tower)

    Jun 03 2019

    We're joined by Slug Club member Alicia, who wants to know: How does Ollivander's stay in business? Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is coming to Canada -- it's the sixth production! MuggleMail: Horcruxes probably can't be made via assisted suicide; what's the best DVD/Blu-ray set available?; thank goodness the Trio didn't have to go into The Cave; in defense of Harry Potter. We've passed 1,000 Patrons, an amazing milestone! Thank you to everyone for their support. Chapter by Chapter: Half-Blo...more

  • #418: Wizarding World Gold

    May 20 2019

    We're live from Andrew's living room in Chicago! The new WizardingWorld.com website (sort of) goes live and we get our official passports! Question is… what do we do with them? Wizarding World Gold: what is it and how much is it going to cost fans? Following Crimes of Grindelwald and a Fantastic Beasts 3 delay, is this news breaking at the wrong time? What benefits would we like to see from a premium Wizarding World service? Muggle Mail covers where people listen, politics...more

  • #417: Next Level Magic (HBP 26, The Cave)

    May 13 2019

    Welcome Slug Club member Natalie! News: we get our first look at animatronic Hagrid and discuss the changes coming to Pottermore! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Chapter 26, The Cave 7-Word Summary: Together they enter the mysterious boat ride The perfect breaststroke: what do we make of Dumbledore's new-found agility? Is it pure adrenaline? His eagerness to find the Horcrux? Next level magic: it leaves traces and can be felt! Might J.K. ...more

  • #416: Not Sorry (HBP 25, The Seer Overheard)

    May 06 2019

    For the first time in five years, J.K. Rowling stays quiet on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts Fantastic Beasts 3 filming is delayed until 2021! How will this impact the fandom? Will people lose interest in the series? This Week in MuggleCast History returns! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 25 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Seer Overheard 7-Word Summary: Harry discovers who listened to the prophecy Harry and Ginny: why did Rowling gloss over some o...more

  • #415: The Worst at Everything He Does (HBP 24, Sectumsempra)

    Apr 29 2019

    Which character, if any, will JKR pay tribute to on May 2? MuggleMail covers the power of love, Felix Felicis and interesting listening locations Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 24 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Sectumsempra 7-Word Summary: Harry almost gets discovered by Snape bathroom Breakup Central: Ron and Lavender and Dean and Ginny are splitsville! Charms Class and Quidditch: we reflect on how Harry's time at Hogwarts is coming to an end Katie Bell...more

  • #414: Secrets Discovered (HBP 23, Horcruxes)

    Apr 22 2019

    Universal reveals the beasts we can expect to see on Hagrid's motorbike adventure including one never seen in the films! We take voicemails in defense of Slughorn, on the Room of Requirement, Harry's daydreaming and Hufflepuffs ability to find things Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 23 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Horcruxes 7-Word Summary: Secrets are discovered inside the Slughorn office Compromised security: what's up with the Fat Lady denying Harr...more

  • #413: Horcrux Hangover (HBP 22, After the Burial)

    Apr 15 2019

    Slug Club member Sara joins the show! Muggle Mail covers Bunty The Spy, Snape The Protector and Snape The Bully Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 22 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, After The Burial 7-Word Summary: Aragog causes Harry no issues with Slughorn Despite its dark undertones, is this one of the funniest chapters of the series? Eric tells us why Hagrid's letter defined his Potter reading experience Aragog is one of our biggest (literally) connecting...more

  • #412: Determinedly (HBP 21, The Unknowable Room)

    Apr 08 2019

    The latest on JKR's assistant's credit card fraud Quidditch Through The Ages is getting an illustrated edition! Team StarKid is turning 10 and they're planning an event in LA! Muggle Mail covers the cursed DADA position, Dumbledore lecturing Harry and the powers of Hufflepuff's Cup Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 21 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Unknowable Room 7-Word Summary: Harry searches for Draco unsuccessfully but determinedly JKR d...more

  • #411: RiddleGin (HBP 20, Lord Voldemort's Request)

    Apr 01 2019

    We're now on Instagram! Follow us: @MuggleCastPod! A first edition Potter book sells for $90,000! Have any hosts ever been tempted to buy a rare piece of Potter memorabilia? Patreon update: Get ready! Signed album art and our 2019 gift are coming! Pledge now to become eligible to receive the goods. We take feedback on last week's J.K. Rowling discussion Voicemails cover a listener who doesn't like JKR (but is nice about it), Fawkes, Horcruxes and Cursed Child San Francisco...more

  • #410: What Happened To This Fandom?

    Mar 25 2019

    Welcome Slug Club member Kayla! The cover for Goblet of Fire: The Illustrated Edition is here -- could it be the best one yet? Micah may've discovered a Cursed Child reference on the cover.... Details concerning Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure are revealed. Micah was on the scene for an event. What mysterious beast will we encounter that never made it into the films? The man behind Fantastic Beasts is out at Warner Brothers -- will JKR say anything? Main Discussion: J.K. ...more

  • #409: 'Crimes of Grindelwald' Commentary Track

    Mar 18 2019

    Join the MuggleCasters as they watch Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald together! This is a commentary track in which we watch the entire movie and discuss everything that's going on. Don't stop once the credits start rolling -- we end up talking all the way through them, and after. We're those people in the theater who refuse to leave! This is a movie commentary track meant to be played in sync with your own copy of the film. This commentary is designed to work with Americ...more

  • #408: Ron Is Relevant? (HBP 19, Elf Tales)

    Mar 11 2019

    News on Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is coming!  MuggleMail covers the Goldstein last name, Accio-ing bullfrogs and the Deathly Hallows Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 19 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Elf Tales 7-Word Summary: Quidditch takes a backseat to Draco’s activities Horace Slughorn: Death Eater or Target? Is Dumbledore being reckless again? Hermione's voice of reason: is anyone listening? Harry has saved most of the Weasley...more

  • #407: G.O.A.T. (HBP 18, Birthday Surprises)

    Mar 04 2019

    News: WB CEO speaks out on the Crimes of Grindelwald  Harry Potter Wizards Unite will be released this summer! JKR returns to Twitter… sort of… MuggleMail: One listener surprises her daughter in a very cool way on her 9 3/4 birthday Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Chapter 18 of Half-Blood Prince, Birthday Surprises 7-Word Summary: Ron doesn't really love Romilda Vane wholeheartedly  Harry must juggle telling Ron and Hermione about Dumbledore's task Why aren't more qu...more

  • #406: Crimes of Grindelwald Deleted Scenes Analysis

    Feb 25 2019

    Slug Club member Jac joins the show all the way from Australia! Fantastic Beasts 3 is seemingly delayed! When can we expect it in theaters? Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is set to open this June! We dive deep in the Crimes of Grindelwald deleted scenes & featurettes Credence and Nagini: why was their budding romance left on the cutting room floor? There was a completely different opening to this film and we discuss why it would have worked!  Dumbledore reveals...more

  • #405: Through and Through (HBP 17, A Sluggish Memory)

    Feb 11 2019

    News covers Cursed Child in San Fran, Fantastic Worlds and Crimes of Grindelwald Uh oh! Dan Fogler says Fantastic Beasts 3 is bigger than the first two films combined! Voicemails cover a furry little correction, mother in-laws and unbreakable vows  Chapter-by-Chapter continues with A Sluggish Memory 7-Word Summary: Young wizards can make Horcruxes from murders What is the Fat Lady getting at by making the common room password “abstinence”? Is Hermione too harsh to Ron when she returns, ignoring...more

  • #404: Furry Little Problems (HBP 16, A Very Frosty Christmas)

    Feb 04 2019

    What’s up with JKR’s Twitter? Larry Potter gets nixed from the latest LEGO movie Chapter-by-Chapter continues with A Very Frosty Christmas 7-Word Summary: Rufus tries to convince Harry by persuasion Do the words unbreakable vow finally make Ron a believer? Harry’s Draco argument has been rejected so many times he can hear Hermione’s response to the latest development in his head Arrests for the sake of arrests. Perception vs. reality. We dive deep into the Ministry under Rufus Scrimgeour. Does ...more

  • #403: Partygood (HBP 15, The Unbreakable Vow)

    Jan 28 2019

    Welcome Slug Club member Kristy to the show! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with The Unbreakable Vow  7-Word Summary: Harry parties hard when with Luna Partygood Harry has taken to secret passageways to avoid his admirers - is he overreacting? Ron's behavior toward Hermione: toxic masculinity or teenage immaturity? Hermione cautions Harry about being a target for Love Potions. Are Fred and George creating a security risk at Hogwarts? Argus Filch and Madam Pince? OTP or a casual Harry joke? Wh...more

  • #402: Snogging (HBP 14, Felix Felicis)

    Jan 21 2019

    Wizard dogs! Anna joins the show to talk about her Internet famous pup and how she taught Remus all of those spells! What can we expect in the Crimes of Grindelwald Extended Edition arriving in March? Our thoughts on why Fantastic Beasts 3 production has been delayed until Fall 2019 Will this impact the release date in 2020? Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Felix Felicis 7-Word Summary: Ron hates being left out of snogging LOTS OF TEENAGE ANGST! Harry, for the first time, acknowledges the poss...more

  • #401: Old Testament Dumbledore (HBP 13, The Secret Riddle)

    Jan 14 2019

    News covers a Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition release date and a Cursed Child cast change Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Chapter 13 of Half-Blood Prince: The Secret Riddle- 7-Word Summary: Tom is very disturbed by Albus’ presence  Exactly what does Dumbledore know about the necklace situation? Is he aware Draco is responsible? How was Harry able to watch Caractacus Burke on the surface of the Pensieve? How do we feel about Dumbledore confunding Ms. Cole and then getting her drunk? Do Hogwar...more

  • #400: Evanesco!

    Jan 07 2019

    Laura returns as we hit 400 episodes! What Potter gifts did the hosts get for the holidays? Does Andrew have to return his to NJ Transit? See a photo of the gift on MuggleCast.com. Our patrons put Laura on the hot seat as she answers some tough Potter questions Pottermore's #NationalTriviaDay tweet creates a real sh*t storm by saying Hogwarts didn't have bathrooms pre-18th Century So… did they really just do their business wherever they stood? Who teaches younger students how to wipe up...more

  • #399: 2018 Review, 2019 Preview

    Dec 23 2018

    Our final episode of 2018 & our last of the 300s. We count down our Top 7 Potter Moments of 2018! 7. A great year for us at MuggleCast 6. The New Wizarding World logo (Seriously!!) 5. Hogwarts Mystery 4. Harry Potter RPG trailer leaks 3. From Nagini to Aurelius Dumbledore, 2018 was full of canon additions 2. Cursed Child opens on Broadway 1. Crimes of Grindelwald hits theaters worldwide What can we look forward to in 2019? Harry Potter Wizards Unite? A new Wizarding World theme park attract...more

  • #398: Order Of The Zouwu

    Dec 17 2018

    This week’s episode is brought to you by Wondery’s Imagined Life podcast — listen to their Fantastic Beasts episode! It’s also brought to you by Care/Of, makers of monthly vitamin and supplement subscriptions. Visit TakeCareOf.com and use code ‘MuggleCast’ for 25% off your first month. Laura is back and gives us her thoughts on the Crimes of Grindelwald! Plus, we share an exciting announcement about the future of the show. Cursed Child is a go in San Francisco Main Discussion: Predicting Fant...more

  • #397: Blue Fire Toasted

    Dec 10 2018

    Zoe Kravitz tells Dan Fogler that Leta getting "Blue Fired Toasted" may've been a "last minute change" -- What does that mean? Fantastic Beasts 2 raised a lot of questions, but what about the questions the first movie raised? We revisit the first movie to see what FB2 didn't answer. Including.... What's going on with that Obscurus in Newt's suitcase? Where is the real Graves? WHO is taking care of Jacob's bakery? Which bad memories were erased by the Swoo...more

  • #396: Aurelius Dumbledore Theories

    Dec 03 2018

    Welcome Slug Club member Jamima! Crimes of Grindelwald continues to struggle at the box office - what can they do to improve future numbers? Harry Potter: Wizards Unite releases their first official trailer Andrew speaks with Universal Orlando's Manager of Entertainment Creative Development, Lora Sauls, to discuss the Wizarding World's holiday plans Main Discussion: Aurelius Dumbledore Theories Does Ariana's obscurus live within Credence? Is Grindelwald speaking to the obscurus or C...more

  • #395: What We Noticed In 'Grindelwald' The Second Time

    Nov 20 2018

    We check our initial predictions - who got the opening weekend box office total right? Eric and Andrew give their thoughts after seeing the movie for a second time Could an elusive iceberg creature have caused the Atlantic shipwreck? What's up with the Deathly Hallows being carved into a Hogwarts desk? How did Dumbledore know to warn Theseus about Grindelwald's rally? Did he tip off Nicolas Flamel as well? Mirror of Erised: Is Dumbledore's greatest desire now undoing the blood pact?...more

  • #394: 'Crimes of Grindelwald' SPOILER Review!

    Nov 16 2018

    Hypable's Danielle joins the show as we review The Crimes of Grindelwald! What better place to start than with THAT ending! Is Grindelwald lying to Credence about who he really is? What we know (or think we know) about the Dumbledore family The blood pact: what happens if you attempt to break it?   Who initially turned Credence on to trying to discover his family history?   The Lestrange red herring: were Leta and Yusuf even necessary? Why was Yusuf still beholden to an Unbreakable Vow give...more

  • #393: Final 'Crimes of Grindelwald' Predictions

    Nov 12 2018

    Welcome back Patrick, and Slug Club member Shannon joins the show! News: a shifty JKR assistant and several new Crimes of Grindelwald promos! MuggleMail covers Dumbledore understanding parseltongue and nonverbal spells The hosts give their official Crimes of Grindelwald predictions! What characters will be Team Grindelwald by the end of the movie? What will be the big shock about Credence that JKR mentioned? Will we learn where Fantastic Beasts 3 is set by the end of the film? Will Nagini be mo...more

  • #392: #ProtectTheSecrets

    Nov 05 2018

    Laura's back! #ProtecttheSecrets! Some fans have gotten to see Crimes of Grindelwald early! We speak to Lucas, one of the lucky few. JKR all but reveals that Rio will be the location for Fantastic Beasts 3! HQ Trivia - Harry Potter Edition is coming November 14! If we can't win this one, we've got issues. Voicemails cover Hermione confunding Cormac, Potter Halloween costumes, Potter pickup lines, Dumbledore and parseltongue and a theory on Draco's real father Chapter-by-Chapte...more

  • #391: Sluggybear

    Oct 29 2018

    Slug Club member Nicole joins the show! Claudia Kim weighs in on the Nagini controversy  The hosts predict the U.S. opening weekend box office total for The Crimes of Grindelwald  MuggleMail covers obsessive love and Care of Magical Creatures Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Hermione’s Helping Hand 7-Word Summary: Harry tries to prune Buckbeak’s big lunch Hermione reveals why Harry is so appealing... and it definitely bothers Ron! Did people think this provided a window for Harry...more

  • #390: Falling Softly

    Oct 22 2018

    Welcome Slug Club member Sam! News: JKR shares why everyone is headed to Paris… Credence! Voicemails cover Book 1 and 7 connections, Hogwarts professors, Leta Lestrange and more Chapter-by-Chapter continues with 'The House of Gaunt' 7 Word Summary: A memory comes before another big reveal Sam shares why this chapter is one of her favorite in the series Why can't Hermione accept following alternate directions? Does Slughorn remember Snape as a student? Do Trelawney's mumblings sh...more

  • #389: Quirky Walrus

    Oct 15 2018

    This week's episode is brought to you by ZipRecruiter and Bombas!  News covers Harry Potter: A History of Magic in NYC, Beedle The Bard Illustrated Edition and a cool Funko Advent Calendar The hosts try and guess the official runtime of the Crimes of Grindelwald and analyze recently released photos and posters Fans can see Crimes of Grindelwald early at your their AMC! We take voicemails on Nagini, Moody, Cursed Child, Hogwarts Mystery and more Chapter-by-Chapter continues with 'The H...more

  • #388: Grudge Victorious

    Oct 08 2018

    This week's sponsor is BeachBody OnDemand! Text 'MuggleCast' to 303030 to try it for free! Welcome Slug Club member Lottie! Our first glimpse at the new ride coming to Wizarding World Orlando!  Is a new open world Harry Potter video game on the way? We discuss the recently leaked trailer! Lethal White is headed to the BBC in a four-part series! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Snape Victorious One listener writes in to reveal Slughorn's full name 7 Word Summary: H...more

  • #387: Evil Pickett

    Oct 01 2018

    We take listener feedback and voicemails on the latest Crimes of Grindelwald trailer Chapter-by-Chapter continues with The Slug Club 7 Word Summary goes off the rails: The tasty pheasant boards scrumptiously Belby’s mouth Connecting the Threads: this isn't the first time Harry has suspected Malfoy of something very serious! Why do Ron and Hermione have such a hard time believing Draco could be a Death Eater? Is his age a legitimate concern? Why does Arthur Weasley not take Harry s...more

  • #386: That's Newt, Man (Final FB2 Trailer Discussion!)

    Sep 26 2018

    Welcome Slug Club member Laura! Andrew and Eric recap their trivia party The final Crimes of Grindelwald trailer is released! Our reactions to the big Nagini reveal! Will this change how we think about Nagini in the Potter series? Why is she on Voldemort's side in later years?  Is it possible she's our first thread between Grindelwald and Voldemort? Could Credence be helping her try to control her power much like himself? Why is Nagini at Circus Arcanus? Is it by choice?...more

  • #385: Half-Blood Prince Movie Commentary

    Sep 19 2018

    You asked, we answered: Our latest movie commentary is for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! This audio file features our commentary on the sixth Potter movie as we all watch it. The beginning of the file offers instructions on how to sync up with us so that you can watch along! (The movie's audio is not included in this commentary track.) Patrons were able to join us as we recorded the commentary, and we incorporate their feedback throughout the episode. Enjoy!

  • #384: Nobody Screams For Ice Cream

    Sep 17 2018

    Special guest Kamilah joins the show! A plug for Alanna Bennett's excellent piece on what a Black Hermione represents Evanna Lynch is Dancing With The Stars! Eric has all of the info. Lethal White hits store shelves next week! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Draco's Detour Our seven word summary makes a little more sense this week: Diagon Alley looks really sad and desolate End of the Innocence: they kidnapped the ice cream guy and the wandmaker! JKR provides some insigh...more

  • #383: She Existed

    Sep 10 2018

    News: Back to Hogwarts featurette, JKR's old website returns and just when was SS released in the US? Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 5 of Half-Blood Prince We rename the chapter to... the best of our ability: Fleur was entering Harry’s room and existed Harry and Dumbledore arrived to The Burrow sooner than expected. What else did the Headmaster have up his sleeve to pursue Slughorn? What business does Dumbledore have with the Minister? Why is Tonks so visibly upset? S...more

  • #382: Mail Cats

    Sep 03 2018

    This week's episode is sponsored by Puffs the Play! Receive a special discount on ticketsto see Puffs at New York City's New World Stages. Slug Club member Matt joins the show! Back to Hogwarts: Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law surprise fans at King's Cross Potter movies return to theaters this September Get your velvet Slytherin bath robe! Pottery Barn releases an amazing new line up of Potter stuff! It's the 20th anniversary of Sorcerer's Stone - the hosts and patrons...more

  • #381: Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow

    Aug 27 2018

    Pat joins the show and shares his Wizarding World experience and why he still plays Hogwarts Mystery The hosts review two recent interviews with Eddie Redmayne and David Heyman Newt's apartment, his relationship with Theseus, Dumbledore's manipulation and more Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 4 of Half-Blood Prince The hosts recap the chapter in 7 words with a new Group Summary game! Harry is allowed to use magic outside of school, but is it his first time truly Appar...more

  • Episode #380: Privet Drive Payoff

    Aug 20 2018

    Hypable.com writer Kendra joins the show! Eric recaps a great LeakyCon weekend in Dallas! We meet a brand-new Fantastic Beast - the chupacabra - and get our first glimpse at baby nifflers Newt is headed to Paris to "track" Credence, but how does he even know he's alive? Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Chapter 3 of Half-Blood Prince Are the media headlines meant to make readers and the wizarding community feel safe despite Voldemort's known return to power? Why has Dumbledore...more

  • Episode #379: Baby Micah

    Aug 06 2018

    … Did that work? Is he listening to this episode? With Micah gone this week, we're joined by two of our listeners, Alex and Stefanie, who do their best impressions of the NY News Anchor. Patrons in the U.S. have received their mugs, but we need to know if they arrived okay! And if yours arrived broken (rare but possible), let us know. This week's episode is sponsored by Puffs the Play! Receive a special discount on tickets to see Puffs at New York City's New World Stages. ...more

  • Episode #378: Worst to Better

    Jul 30 2018

    Happy Birthday Harry & Jo! We rank Harry's birthdays from worst to best MuggleCast turns 13 years old on August 7! We break down the details of two new Crimes of Grindelwald posters ZouWu? JKR reveals the mysterious beast in the recent Crimes of Grindelwald trailer! Ezra Miller talks about Credence's character development The biggest Harry Potter LEGO set ever hits store shelves August 15 Patrons share their thoughts and questions on the latest trailer Does Dumbledor...more

  • Episode #377: Sockers (Crimes of Grindelwald trailer discussion!)

    Jul 22 2018

    Andrew and Eric reminisce on their latest trivia night battle, which leaves Andrew and friends with a huge prize. The new Crimes of Grindelwald trailer is here and we go scene-by-scene! There is some mixed reaction to Dumbledore's DADA lesson with Newt What interests Credence so much about Circus Arcanus? Who is Grindelwald addressing when he says hiding in the shadows serves us no longer? A flying black curtain - is this a new obscurial effect or perhaps a Lethifold? Dumbledore's deepe...more

  • Episode #376: Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 1

    Jul 16 2018

    Slug Club member Chris joins the show David Heyman says Grindelwald is scarier than Voldemort! Why is Dumbledore teaching a young Newt Defense Against the Dark Arts? "After all this time," Chapter-by-Chapter returns! And just in time for HBP's birthday! We analyze the chapter that had been brewing in JKR's mind for more than 13 years Would The Other Minister have worked earlier in the series? Where's Harry? Our first Potter book that doesn't begin with the ...more

  • Episode #375: 13 Years Later

    Jul 09 2018

    Cursed Child is coming to two new cities... San Francisco (2019) and Hamburg, Germany (2020). Could a Midwest location be next? Chamber of Secrets turns 20 years old! We begin our Half-Blood Prince discussion looking back at some popular fan theories Patrons share their midnight release party memories! We discuss how parts of Half-Blood Prince were originally written for Chamber of Secrets and that it was Book 2’s working title The hosts revisit some of MuggleCast’s theories following...more

  • Episode #374: The Department of Mysteries

    Jun 25 2018

    Slug Club member Sarah joins the show! Warner Brothers cracks down on unofficial fan events Main Discussion: The Department of Mysteries & The Prophecy Who are The Unspeakables? The Brain Room: just what are they studying in there? What does each of us think is beyond The Veil? Does the Veil have magical properties to draw one in? Was the Ministry built around the amphitheater that houses the Veil? How is security so lax around such a dangerous room? The Love Room: why is ...more

  • Episode #373: Burned By Goblet

    Jun 18 2018

    Slug Club member Karen joins the show Listeners share their Order of the Phoenix release party memories Cursed Child cleans up at the Tony Awards Universal Orlando adds Harry Potter to their nighttime water show Main Discussion: Major Events of the Phoenix Grimmauld Place: Was this truly the safest place for the Order to be headquartered? Do Sirius and the Order underestimate the threats within the Black Family home? Ministry Interference at Hogwarts: What are Umbridge's crede...more

  • Episode #372: Faces Of The Phoenix

    Jun 11 2018

    Paris, London, New York: Pottermore offers fans the chance to attend the Fantastic Beasts 2 premieres for charity Cursed Child is up for 10 Tony Awards Main Discussion: Fresh Faces of the Phoenix What would have happened to Harry without the support of Luna and her father? We discuss Bellatrix exposing Harry's ignorance and her unwavering loyalty to Voldemort Does Tonks make the Order of the Phoenix cool? Dolores Umbridge has one redeeming quality - she's the reason for Dumb...more

  • Episode #371: Nancy Figg?

    Jun 04 2018

    Slug Club member Amy joins the show! The Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay cover is revealed... And we analyze every beast, symbol and little detail Did Alan Rickman feel Snape was an underutilized character in the films? JKR reveals her next project will be a children's book! We start June off with our first Order of the Phoenix discussion What were the biggest theories prior to Order of the Phoenix being released?  Like: What exactly is the Order of the Phoenix? Will Snape ever...more

  • Episode #370: Origins

    May 28 2018

    Summer is here - we reflect on some favorite Potter memories J.K. Rowling reveals the toughest chapter for her to write in the Potter series Main Discussion: Whose origin story would we like to see brought to life on the big screen? Aren't Potter fans already getting that with Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts? Quirrell, McGonagall, Slughorn, Hagrid… who has the best backstory and who would end up on Lifetime? Patrons give their top choices: Helena & Rowena Ravenclaw, Molly Weasley, Tom Ri...more

  • Episode #369: The Battle of Hogwarts

    May 21 2018

    With Micah out for the week, MuggleCast welcomes our friend Nasim and one of our Patreon supporters Andy to the show! The MuggleCast community lost a listener and friend this week. Hug your loved ones. The Beedle the Bard Illustrated Edition covers are out now, and they're gorgeous! We forgot to discuss Tonks on last week's Mother's Day episode, so this week we share some thoughts about her decision to head to the Battle of Hogwarts as newborn Teddy stayed at home. Annnd that leads ...more

  • Episode #368: Growin' Up

    May 14 2018

    Slug Club member and mom Cherise returns for a Mother's Day discussion How would raising a young witch/wizard differ from raising a child in the Muggle world? What would be the most difficult part of parenting? No schooling until Hogwarts? What do working parents do? What happens when your child begins exhibiting signs of magic? Would you be comfortable sending your child off to boarding school? We discuss notable mothers and mother-like figures in the Potter series From Lily ...more

  • Episode #367: Sorry, Dobby

    May 07 2018

    Cursed Child wrap up: Andrew sees it again, Hogwarts merch and Tony nominations JKR confirms Jessica Williams will play Ilvermorny professor Eulalie Hicks What's up with Dumbledore teaching DADA in a recent Crimes of Grindelwald clip? On the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, JKR apologies for killing Dobby Main Discussion: Hogwarts Mystery The hosts give their initial reactions to the new Potter mobile game How far have we each advanced? Are we sold on the story? Do stori...more

  • Episode #366: Cursed Child on Broadway Review

    Apr 30 2018

    Moments after seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway, Andrew, Micah, and Eric are back in their hotel room to share their thoughts on the show. Have Micah and Eric changed their stances on Cursed Child? Did Andrew notice anything different? Did Micah buy an owl? This and more is discussed in this week's episode!

  • Episode #365: Predicting The Cursed Child

    Apr 23 2018

    Slug Club member Molly joins the show! The votes are in for the most evil character in the Potter series (besides Voldemort)! Main Discussion: Predicting Cursed Child JKR checks out the newly refurbished Lyric Theatre What character are the hosts most looking forward to seeing? What scene? Will Part 1 or Part 2 be better? How much will be spent on merchandise? Will we keep an open mind about seeing the show despite our thoughts on the plot? Check out Episodes 295, 298 and 299 fo...more

  • Episode #364: Goblet / Of Fire

    Apr 16 2018

    Slug Club member Stephen joins the show The Quidditch World Cup is underway in Round Rock, Texas The hosts share their Quidditch World Cup experiences  We get our first look at the Tales of Beedle the Bard Illustrated Edition The Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition won't hit bookstores until 2019. Can we expect it to be published in two parts? The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Edition covers get mixed reactions from the hosts Cursed Child sets a Broadway sales record Main Discu...more

  • Episode #363: Muggle Mail Bag

    Apr 09 2018

    Welcome Slug Club member Laura! Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Warwick Davis lend voices to Hogwarts Mystery Main Discussion: Did Dumbledore & Grindelwald make an unbreakable vow? Since Voldemort is incapable of love, how was he able to father a child? Does Moody know what a boggart looks like because of his magical eye? How do wizards watch Quidditch matches? Do all the professors have permanent residences at Hogwarts? What about their families? Did the Shrieking Shack exists ...more

  • Episode #362: An interview with the Harry Potter Film Concert Series Team

    Apr 02 2018

    With Micah and Eric both out for the weekend, Andrew welcomes Hypable writer Nasim to the show! Andrew's April Fools Day article hits a little too close to home for some readers. Andrew visited The Cursed Child NYC giftshop and spent a little too much money. We discuss Nasim's recent article "The Problem With Pottermore" What would we like to see Pottermore become? Micah and Eric interview the team behind the Harry Potter Film Concert Series Voicemails address the ...more

  • Episode #361: Uncle Yusuf

    Mar 26 2018

    Pottermore makes some staffing changes- Scholastic confirms release of Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay The mystery behind Hogwarts Mystery is revealed! Main Discussion: Crimes of Grindewald trailer roundup We breakdown the Lestrange family tree in more detail What does it mean that Leta and Credence are half-siblings? Will this test allegiances? Who is Yusuf Kama? Could it have been him staring at the family tree? Listeners fact check us on the Minister for Magic, DADA professor an...more

  • Episode #360: More Crimes of Grindelwald Secrets Reveal

    Mar 19 2018

    Trailer recap: is Credence able to separate himself from the Obscurus now? Why is the circus scene outdoors? Are the French more lackadaisical with secrecy? Andrew hates on Hedwig's Theme (really) Voicemails touch on ground pounds, Apparition at Hogwarts, Jacob's memory, Corvus Lestrange, and why nobody's dressed like a wizard! The hosts pick a favorite trailer moment Main Discussion: JK Rowling's Wizarding World gets a dedicated logo for the first time! Whose wands ...more

  • Episode #359: Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald trailer analysis

    Mar 14 2018

    The first Crimes of Grindelwald trailer is here! The hosts give their initial thoughts and break things down scene-by-scene It's good to see you again, Hogwarts You can apparate on the grounds of Hogwarts? Our first look at Jude Law as Dumbledore. Is he never not having run-ins with the Ministry? Why was Dumbledore being confronted in the DADA classroom? DumbleDAYUMMMMM Why did he send Newt to Paris? Grindelwald and Rosier: who are they speaking to? Credence and the Maledi...more

  • Episode #358: Are Voldemort, Snape, Harry The Three Brothers?

    Mar 12 2018

    Slug Club member Alex joins the show Cursed Child surprises fans with preview tickets - can we expect more of this in the future? Andrew shares a letter from his 11-year-old self The 777 Challenge is officially underway through March 31! Main Discussion: Were Harry, Snape & Voldemort modern-day versions of The Three Brothers?  Did Dumbledore represent Death? JKR likes this theory! We break down Voldemort as Antioch (the one who died for power), Snape as Cadmus (the one who died ...more

  • Episode #357: Potions

    Mar 05 2018

    Slug Club member Greg joins the show all the way from Singapore A new Hogwarts Mystery trailer has been released Cursed Child announces their Friday Forty program We reveal our plans for the 777 Challenge! Learn more and see the mug design at MuggleCast.com Main Discussion: Potions in the Wizarding World We react to JKR stating that muggles can't properly brew potions From Ageing Potions to the Elixir of Life to Mandrake Draught we run down the list of different types of potions  Would ...more

  • Episode #356: The Potter Collector

    Feb 26 2018

    We will be at LeakyCon 2018 this summer in Dallas, TX! The Studio Tour is adding a Goblet of Fire special beginning March 30 Cursed Child producer believes fans would want a Part 3... what?!? We interview The Potter Collector who enlightens us on his more than 1,000 books! How did he first get into the Potter series? Does he have a favorite translated edition? What's his most prized possession? Is there anything he still needs to get his hands on? Does he collect Fantastic Bea...more

  • Episode #355: Fudged

    Feb 12 2018

    Eric is back! News covers John Williams, Cursed Child, Digital Illustrated Editions and Allison Sudol A new segment called The Pensieve debuts, as we look back at parts of the Potter series now that we're older! Our first discussion centers around Cornelius Fudge and his denial of Voldemort's return Fudge refuses to believe credible sources such as Dumbledore and Harry Comparisons are made to present-day politics  For more discussion on Potter Politics, be sure to check out ...more

  • Episode #354: Yates On Mute

    Feb 05 2018

    Eric...? Eric...? Slug Club member Ken joins the show Guessing Game: How many books has the Harry Potter series sold to date? How many do we think are duplicate copies? Eric...? Eric...? We respond to David Yates' recent comments about how Dumbledore's sexuality will play into Fantastic Beasts 2 Saying that "all fans are aware of that" has not sat well with...well...the fans JKR and the Wizarding World preach inclusion and acceptance but have shied away from embrac...more

  • Episode #353: Globus Mundi

    Jan 28 2018

    Micah and Andrew attend A Celebration of Harry Potter in Orlando We try Butterbeer tequila at Antojitos in Universal CityWalk Cast Q&A with Natalia Tena (Tonks), Stanislav Ianevski (Krum), James & Oliver Phelps (Weasley twins) and Bonnie Wright (Ginny) Pottermore announces a new Quidditch Through The Ages audiobook Harry Potter: The Exhibition is headed to Milan in May Guests were treated to a great performance from the first four films by the Orlando Philharmonic The Nigh...more

  • #352: Non–MagiqueCast

    Jan 22 2018

    Slug Club member Alex joins the show Scholastic announces 20th anniversary editions for all seven Potter books, but they're kinda disappointing. Eddie Redmayne talks Crimes of Grindelwald bringing us closer to the Potter series Our thoughts on the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery video game trailer Main Discussion: Book Covers We compare the U.S. and UK book covers from Sorcerer's Stone to Deathly Hallows. Which of each is better? The hosts name their top 3 original Potter book covers...more

  • Episode #351: Wear and Tear

    Jan 15 2018

    Slug Club member Ashley joins the show Jude Law sits down with JKR to learn about Dumbledore's character Chamber of Secrets gets the House Edition treatment (and so will the rest of the series) Nighttime shows are coming to Wizarding World Orlando while Cursed Child rehearsals begin on Broadway Dan Radcliffe weighs in on the Johnny Depp/Grindelwald debate Ashley has her own discussion ready for the show and wants to know how Jacob will get his memory back? She breaks down what we know about...more

  • Episode #350: Year 13? Don't Rise

    Jan 09 2018

    We recap our New Years in Chicago Photos, Cards Against Humanity, bowling and more A special guest joins us for our landmark 350th episode Dumbledore gives his Top 14 New Years Resolutions To Make Hogwarts Safer A few Fantastic Beasts stills were released during the holidays Where's Dumbledore sitting? Who sent Newt that postcard? What's Grindelwald staring at? Harry Potter Weekends on Freeform are no more as the series moves to HBO! Now that they are all on demand, patrons share which ...more

  • Episode #349: Back to Hogwarts

    Dec 18 2017

    Welcome Slug Club member Hayden! JKR found inspiration for the Hogwarts Houses in the most unlikely of places Another new Harry Potter video game is coming that's been in development for two years! It's set in the 1980s with an open world concept Plus, you can be a Hogwarts student and go through all seven years We discuss David Heyman's comments about the role of beasts in The Crimes of Grindelwald Eddie Redmayne confirms the Niffler and Pickett are back! We theorize on the formid...more

  • Episode #348: J.K. Rowling Responds

    Dec 11 2017

    Resistance Radio host and Hypable writer Donya joins the show! We react to J.K. Rowling’s statement on Johnny Depp What finally prompted her to comment? Many fans plan to boycott. How will this impact future Fantastic Beasts films? Will this even be a topic of discuss a year from now when the movie premieres? We call Laura to get her thoughts and she shares an interesting idea Two new Crimes of Grindelwald stills are released by Entertainment Weekly Text messages focus on Christmas and religion...more

  • Episode #347: Christmas Comes To Hogwarts

    Dec 04 2017

    Andrew and Eric's trivia night adventures continue! There's an odd mistake in the Bloomsbury House Editions pulled from a fake JKR tweet! We react to David Yates' defense of casting Johnny Depp Could Colin Farrell have been recast as Grindelwald? Is Johnny Depp influencing our perspective of Grindelwald? Souring our expectations of his story? One listener thinks it's simple... TRUST IN JO! Eric and Andrew chat with Michael Aiello, Sr. Director of Creative Development at Univers...more

  • Episode #346: Beast Mode

    Nov 19 2017

    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald... we give our initial reactions! Will most of the film focus on Grindelwald's past crimes and rise to power? Or can we expect new crimes committed during this movie? How does this impact screen time for Newt? The beasts? Lots of references to the Deathly Hallows (and alchemy?) in the title screen The new cast photo gives us several first looks, including Jude Law as Dumbledore What's up with Jacob and Queenie staring directly at Grindelwald? ...more

  • Episode #345: Harry Potter, I Choose You!

    Nov 15 2017

    Welcome Slug Club member Nicki PO Box Update: some Halloween and British surprises! A Pokemon GO style Harry Potter game is in the works from Niantic! Our initial thoughts on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Portkey Games What does the title suggest? Will it focus on Fantastic Beasts at all or only Harry Potter? What other Potter video games would we like to see? - Which old classics do we want remade? Our Main Discussion focuses on the brand-new Fantastic Beasts Illustrated Edition The foreword...more

  • Episode #344: Baby Voldemort

    Nov 06 2017

    Pottermore continues to troll Andrew about Lavender Brown An adoption agency in Orlando is sorting dogs into Hogwarts Houses Evanna Lynch has launched her brand-new podcast - check it out! Main Discussion: Newt's Book Release Party in Fantastic Beasts 2 Flourish and Blotts and Diagon Alley will feature in the next film What will 1920s Diagon Alley look like? The perfect excuse to bring the fearsome foursome back together Will Theseus make an appearance? Dumbledore? Credence? Is it just coin...more

  • Episode #343: Fantastic Beasts And The Not 2

    Oct 30 2017

    Slug Club member Kate joins the show! Andrew and Eric share their Halloween costumes Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is headed to Australia! What country will be next? Coming soon: the title for next Fantastic Beasts film! Does that mean a trailer is not far behind? Listeners share their Fantastic Beasts 2 movie title suggestions Main Discussion: Halloween & Harry Potter We talk about the key events that have happened on October 31 in the Potter series That night in Godric's Hollow, T...more

  • Episode #342: A History of Magic

    Oct 23 2017

    Welcome Slug Club member Irvin! Cursed Child tickets go on sale and we're left in the dust! Until Katy (and her husband) come to the rescue! We discuss ticket prices - why were no special offers made for people buying both Parts 1 & 2? Listeners share their Cursed Child ticket buying experiences We review Harry Potter: A Journey Through A History of Magic The book details the exhibition currently at the British Library It feels like touring a museum (in a good way) We explore the origin...more

  • Episode #341: The Niffler and the Stone

    Oct 16 2017

    Slug Club member Bethany joins the show Eric gives us a Trivia Night update Cursed Child Broadway tickets on sale this week! Who will make the cut? The Cormoran Strike series is headed to Cinemax Chris Riddell set to illustrate The Tales of Beedle the Bard for Bloomsbury Listener Rebuttals focus on the latest Fantastic Beasts casting news Will we find out what Nicolas Flamel and Dumbledore discovered? We receive some Death Eater clarification Will Dumbledore take away Grindelwald's powers o...more

  • Episode #340: Verified Jerk

    Oct 09 2017

    Eric and Andrew gear up for another trivia night Cursed Child's Broadway registration is now closed! We review the Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated Edition Our main discussion centers around the new Fantastic Beasts casting news We question if there is any relation between Eric and Spielman? Andrew explains the relationship between Jessica Williams and JKR Travers and Rosier: we discuss the two known Death Eaters Nicolas Flamel will appear in Fantastic Beasts 2! In present-day form or in a ...more

  • Episode #339: Of Course

    Oct 02 2017

    Cursed Child is open for registration! Eric and Micah share their Ticketmaster experiences while Andrew registers on air JKR won't pander to the fandom: is it the Encyclopedia or Marauder's story that's in jeopardy? Could Cursed Child have run for a week? Would fans have gone to see all five parts? Our thoughts on JKR's comments on the collaborative nature of Cursed Child JKR has given fans a lot since the release of Deathly Hallows - should we want more? The difference between ...more

  • Episode #338: Quizzitch

    Sep 25 2017

    Slug Club member and Hogwarts Professor Kyle joins the show Eric and Andrew recap their Potter trivia night in Chicago Kyle talks about his Potter classroom and how it went viral How have his students reacted? Have more of them started to read Potter? What's been the response from the school? Teachers around the world? We learn about how Kyle incorporates Potter into his daily curriculum And he has a few tough questions for us: Does the Harry Potter series have a narrator? Should Squibs be ...more

  • Episode #337: Dumblescruff

    Sep 18 2017

    Slug Club member Robert joins the show New Potter merchandise hits the market Jude Law shows off his Dumbledore scruff Episode 336 Rewind: Listeners share their favorite modes of magical transportation We break down the Hogwarts Courses in our latest main discussion Where do Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms and Herbology rank on our list? Do Divination, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures and History of Magic even matter? How important is Flying? Bonus MuggleCast tackles Muggle Studies, P...more

  • Episode #336: Two Sickles A Scoop

    Sep 11 2017

    We look back on September 1 Cursed Child gets some real estate in Times Square Warwick Davis greets fans at King's Cross Listeners share how they spent #19YearsLater Eric reveals he forgot to share one very important piece of PO Box mail The author of the notorious fan fiction My Immortal is revealed We share listener rebuttals on our Wizarding World residence discussion Our main discussion this week... Magical Transportation We analyze everything from the Hogwarts Express to Broomsticks to...more

  • Episode #335: Live From Orlando

    Sep 05 2017

    Andrew, Micah, and Eric cap off MuggleNet Live with a discussion on "19 Years Later" and alternate Epilogue ending lines. Stick around after the live recording for a post-mortem that the three recorded the morning after.

  • Episode #334: Back To Hogwarts?

    Aug 29 2017

    Welcome Slug Club member Neva to the show! What is The Cursed Child planning for 19 years later? Did JKR's tweet confirm filming at Hogwarts this week? Main Discussion: Residences in the Wizarding World We talk about the pros and cons of some notable magical abodes The Burrow, Malfoy Manor and Grimmauld Place How about a room at the Leaky Cauldron? Godric's Hollow and Hogsmeade? Where do they rank high on our list? Could you live at Hogwarts even if you really, really wanted to? Listene...more

  • Episode #333: Book Snobs

    Aug 21 2017

    Andrew and Eric are joined by longtime listener and Hypable writer Katie. How to you convert someone who isn't a Harry Potter fan into a big one? We discuss various options after being inspired by a Pottermore article. Later, we take lots of great voicemails as well as an e-mail responding to one of our recent discussions.

  • Episode #332: The Hollow Goblet

    Aug 14 2017

    JKR is the highest paid author of 2017... but should she be? We celebrate 12 years of podcasting with a special PO Box update Main Discussion: What has Potter changed about pop culture? We talk about how Potter normalized nerd culture and made reading "cool" Is Harry Potter a gateway fandom? How Harry Potter rode the wave of the Internet Fansites, podcasts, FRAPR maps, fan listings, phpBB forums and more The evolution of JKR's website Book release dates, book titles, trailers exc...more

  • Episode #331: Projections

    Aug 07 2017

    Slug Club member Cherise joins the show We remember actor Robert Hardy who played Cornelius Fudge The original cast of Cursed Child is headed to Broadway... including the owl? Cursed Child's Jack Thorne is set to pen Star Wars: Episode IX Andrew breaks down the differences between the Cursed Child rehearsal and final editions Our main discussion centers around consumerism and Harry Potter Take a guess at what percentage of Harry Potter's $21 billion empire merchandising accounted for! H...more

  • Episode #330: Constant

    Jul 31 2017

    Slug Club member Justin joins the show Eric is celebrating J.K. Rowling and Harry's birthday this year in a different set of robes Don't forget to check out our Fantastic Beasts commentary We reveal and discuss the big surprise from JKR's interview with CNN Fans celebrate the 10th anniversary of Deathly Hallows Devil's Advocate: Micah and Justin defend the encyclopedia STILL not being released Wizarding World expansion is coming! We discuss the latest and share your tweets! Cred...more

  • Episode #329: Fantastic Beasts Movie Commentary

    Jul 24 2017

    Join Andrew, Eric, Micah, and Jeanna as they watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them from start to finish! You'll need to bring your own copy of the movie to the party, and we tell you when to hit play on your DVD/Blu-ray/Digital copy. Throughout our viewing of the whole film we discuss specific scenes, offer theories, and complain about the number of endings. Enjoy!

  • Episode #328: Beedle the Ba(r)d

    Jul 18 2017

    We reflect on the 10-year anniversary of Deathly Hallows, which is this Friday! And give our top 10 (or so) moments since 2007 The conversation gets heated over Beedle The Bard Pottermore: then and now JKR revealing Dumbledore is gay was the first big post-Potter revelation The Wizarding World and Studio Tour open and expand The Casual Vacancy and Robert Galbraith hit bookshelves Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts revive the fandom Alan RIckman and John Hurt remembered The first Fantastic Beasts...more

  • Episode #327: Center Of The Ring

    Jul 10 2017

    Slug Club member Cullen joins the show We discuss the latest Fantastic Beasts filming news We're headed to the circus! Circus Arcanus: Museum of Human Oddities will play a key role in Fantastic Beasts 2 Our thoughts on the film taking place in NYC, Paris and London How will Grindelwald break out of prison? Who will aid in his escape? Will he hide out with the circus before it departs for Europe? Will he rally the circus wizards to his cause? Could he attack the circus since it's a publi...more

  • Episode #326: Newt, with Evanna Lynch

    Jun 26 2017

    Evanna Lynch joins the show! See Evanna on London's West End in "Disco Pigs" She gives her thoughts on The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts So... how is J.K. Rowling doing? Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Newton Artemis Fido Scamander Eric talks about what it means to have a Hufflepuff take centerstage Newt's strong connection to creatures; what are his ethics towards them?- Newt and Leta: we explore the very little of what's known of their relationship What makes...more

  • Episode #325: Fleurble The Fake

    Jun 19 2017

    Happy Father's Day and congrats Mikey B! We acknowledge several of the dads and father figures in the Potter series! Pottemore continues to troll Andrew Who the eff is Fleurble Laffalo? We review the new 20th Anniversary editions of Philosopher's Stone Amazon.co.uk has some questionable shipping methods Can we expect future anniversary editions of other Potter books? What special content would they feature? We discuss some of the notable members of each of the Hogwarts houses Flitwick ...more

  • Episode #324: The Barebones

    Jun 11 2017

    We discuss the latest Fantastic Beasts casting news Young Dumbledore, Grindelwald, Newt & Leta - are we headed back to Hogwarts & Godric's Hollow? And we theorize on Sebastian? Who is he? A sibling? A goat? A likely casualty? What about Aberforth and Ariana? Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: The Barebones Family Rowling draws parallels to institutional orphanages Do Mary Lou and Grindelwald share a similar objective in exposing the wizard community? Did she know the truth about...more

  • Episode #323: Credence

    Jun 05 2017

    Welcome Slug Club member Juliana! It's been 13 years since the release of Prisoner of Azkaban in theaters! We reminisce. The 20th anniversary editions of Philosopher's Stone have shipped! Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Credence Barebone How much is there still to learn about him? Who was his mother? Could his father still be alive? Can Credence control his powers? He's very targeted in his attacks, but his actions sometimes have unintended consequences (Chastity). Is it odd...more

  • Episode #322: "Graves"

    May 29 2017

    Welcome Slug Club Member Clara The original cast of Cursed Child close the show on an interesting note We'll be at MuggleNet Live in Orlando this September! Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Percival Graves (Grindelwald) We discuss his name origin and other notable Percivals in the Potter series What truly happened to Graves? Was the Graves/Grindelwald story all a little bit too Mad-Eye Moody? We consult the Twitter poll! When did Graves return from his overseas travel? How closely was...more

  • Episode #321: Seraphina

    May 22 2017

    "You've never heard of midnight release parties?" Wizarding World Hollywood is getting a nighttime show The original cast of Cursed Child calls it a wrap Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Seraphina Picquery What does Seraphina being selected by all four Ilvemorny Houses tell us about her? Sorting Hat vs. Gordian Knot - it's on! Picquery's term as President (1920-1928) - how exactly did it come to an end? Seraphina's wand was made by Violetta Beauvais - we discuss ...more

  • Episode #320: Tina

    May 16 2017

    Slug Club member Katy joins the show! Andrew visits a Thunderbolt.. ThunderBIRD restaurant in middle-of-nowhere Utah Pottermore launches a Harry Potter book club... been there, done that Cursed Child sets its opening date on Broadway. We make plans to attend Andrew steals the Potter prequel We take listener rebuttals on last week's Jacob discussion Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Porpetina Esther Goldstein Katy gives us a breakdown of Tina's name origin Was her character written ...more

  • Episode #319: Jacob

    May 08 2017

    It's a two-man show with Andrew traversing the country But he does make a pit-stop at a very interesting restaurant Listeners give their feedback on last week's Queenie discussion The Cursed Child has been filmed! It's not what you think... On the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, JKR apologizes for another character death! Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Jacob Kowalski The heart of the film and our first major, non-magical character What is Jacob's role in the Quart...more

  • Episode #318: Queenie

    May 01 2017

    Jude Law responds to being cast as Dumbledore Listeners give their thoughts on Theseus Scamander We begin our first Fantastic Beasts character discussion: Queenie Goldstein Queenie's Legilimency does not appear to be common knowledge How her abilities could be used for both good and evil in future films Was she forced to repress her Legilimency growing up? Is she intentionally keeping the truth from MACUSA? How Queenie's Legilimency differs from that of Snape Why does she reveal so qui...more

  • Episode #317: One Wish

    Apr 24 2017

    Happy Birthday Eric! Callum Turner cast as Theseus Scamander What do we know about Newt's older brother besides a brief mention in Fantastic Beasts? We analyze the letter between brothers that never made the final cut. Would it have put too much emphasis on Grindelwald early on? What kind of relationship do the two brothers share? Micah and Eric have differing opinions. Isn't it a bit ironic that Theseus is tasked to track down Grindelwald and its Newt who catches him? How will Theseus ...more

  • Episode #316: Shaping The World

    Apr 17 2017

    Slug Club member James joins the show as we discuss some of the best special features on the Fantastic Beasts DVD / Blu-ray (and Digital)! - The Wizarding World theme park is getting decked out for Christmas! - What other holidays/celebrations would listeners like to see? - Our main discussion: The Fantastic Beast Creature & Design Features - It's not all green screens and CGI - "Honey, what did you do today?" "Oh I dressed up as an erumpant and traded mating calls with Ed...more

  • Episode #315: Youngledore

    Apr 13 2017

    This week's episode of MuggleCast is brought to you by Puffs the Play! Save 10% on your tickets by using code MugglePuffs at checkout Grindelwald's line at the end of Fantastic Beasts gets an explanation (kind of) Cursed Child cleans up at the Olivier Awards. Did they deserve it? The super duper deluxe awesome edition of Cursed Child is coming (in paperback), and Micah isn't impressed Jude Law has been cast as Dumbledore! We're headed back to Hogwarts! What other characters can ...more

  • Episode #314: Mustard

    Apr 05 2017

    We're back to weekly episodes and patron Sophia joins the show! Andrew is live from Orlando The Fantastic Beasts DVD/Blu-ray is out and we talk deleted scenes and special features Graves, Tina & that awkward mustard moment Jacob & Mildred The neutered runespoor What happened to Credence boarding a boat? Which of the 11 deleted scenes would we like to see make the final cut? Before Harry Potter: A New Era of Magic Begins JKR says Fantastic Beasts is why she's always said "ne...more

  • Episode #313: Cha-Ching

    Mar 24 2017

    Andrew is back and talks about his time in London! A controversial statement (of sorts) about the Harry Potter Studio Tour How did the studio tour compare to Andrew's set visits back in the day? Another Illustrated Edition is on the way (and it's probably not the one you think) Patreon Question: What book from the Wizarding World would you like JKR to write next? Our main discussion focuses on the newly released Fantastic Beasts book Newt was a spy for Dumbledore (according to Rita Skee...more

  • Episode #312: Choranaptyxic

    Mar 10 2017

    MuggleCast will be returning to weekly format in April! Thanks, Patrons! An unprepared/underwhelming Oscars acceptance speech Fantastic Beasts now on digital release - new clips abound! The Studio tour is expanding again! Audiobooks, new words and theater nominations for Cursed Child. Listener question: What is your earliest Harry Potter memory? Main Discussion: Prisoner of Azkaban illustrated edition cover is revealed! Is Ernie Prang related to Dumbledore? The colors remind us of Goosebumps bo...more

  • Episode #311: 311

    Feb 26 2017

    Andrew's worlds collide when The Boss' Harry Potter song finally surfaces! Cursed Child auditions are underway - we're all too tall! Dumbledore casting update Fantastic Beasts is nominated for two Oscars - we're not holding our breath! Our main discussion takes listener questions on the Fantastic Beasts core four How will Newt factor in to the larger wizarding war and the Dumbledore vs. Grindelwald battle? How much does Jacob truly remember? Will he make it out alive? Will he be...more

  • Episode #310: Snowplowicus

    Feb 11 2017

    We review the new House editions of Sorcerer's Stone from Bloomsbury Andrew reveals his true allegiance(s) Kreacher has passed on at age 666 What tweet about a popular Fantastic Beasts theory did J.K. Rowling like three times? Zoe Kravitz talks Newt and Leta Fantastic Beasts Mailbag We theorize a bit more on why Newt left Hogwarts Was Dumbledore a target of Grindelwald's from the onset? Will Dumbledore be portrayed in a less than positive light in future films? Will his relationship wi...more

  • Episode #309: Signed Sealed Delivered

    Jan 30 2017

    We pay tribute to the late John Hurt The truth behind Never Sever Us The Rubbish Bin on JKR's site returns... with a Cursed Child focus Follow The Spiders - what does it mean? The Fantastics Beasts DVD/Blu-ray gets a release date! We listen to the deleted scene featuring the Ilvermorny house song! Eddie Redmayne will read the new Fantastic Beasts audiobook We revisit Fantastic Beasts: Jeanna compares the screening in Chicago to the final product Jacob's fiancee How the big Grindelwald r...more

  • Episode #308: Published

    Jan 16 2017

    Andrew's now a published author! ...and has tasted hot Butterbeer! ...and has traded houses to become a Slytherin! What does it mean that Grindelwald was a seer? The new Fantastic Beasts covers have been revealed! We dive deep into the launch of JKR's new website (which definitely has a nostalgic feel) Jo answers some FAQs about Fantastic Beasts and we analyze Why couldn't Newt just apparate to the USA? Why did he go through No-Maj customs? Why couldn't Newt 'accio' all...more

  • Episode #307: Thank You, Cursed Child

    Dec 21 2016

    It's our final episode of 2016! To send out an amazing year, we recap our latest trip around the sun, discuss recent news, and more. We're joined by Hypable.com's Danielle Zimmerman, a longtime listener making her on-air debut. Scorbus may be real after all Cursed Child tops Amazon's Best-Selling Books of 2016 Our Main Discussion centers around Newt's expulsion from Hogwarts New info surrounding Newt and Leta is found in the Case of Beasts! Parallels to Hagrid and Aragog - ...more

  • Episode #306: Ariana the Obscurus

    Dec 13 2016

    Lin-Manuel Miranda sparks Half-Blood Prince/Deathly Hallows debate Hot Butterbeer has arrived at the Wizarding World in Los Angeles A new spider honors a Hogwarts founder and his sorting hat Main Discussion: Was Ariana Dumbledore an Obscurus? We analyze the evidence from Credence and Aberforth Dumbledore How will her death play into future Fantastic Beasts films? Did Grindelwald's interest in Ariana as an obscurus lead to his falling out with Albus? Pottermore releases new writing on Ariana...more

  • Episode #305: Fantastic Beasts Movie Review (SPOILERS!)

    Nov 18 2016

    Our spoiler-filled review of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them! Those opening credits! We're back in the wizarding world (with no expectations) and it's massively refreshing! Our initial thoughts on Newt, Tina, Jacob, Queenie, Graves and Creedence Another wizarding family gets name-dropped (and its not the Dumbledores) Obscurus: say what? And why this may not be the first time we've encountered one! Inside the Newtcase: will the beasts be used to fight in the future? Even thou...more

  • Episode #304: Fantastically Spoiler Free

    Nov 14 2016

    – The gang is all together in NYC for a special charity screening of Fantastic Beasts – We’re recording in-person for the first time in 9 years – There may or may not be some hand-holding – We discuss the recent casting of Johnny Depp and the news of the series spanning 19 years – Our initial reactions to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, all presented in a spoiler-free manner – Returning to the Wizarding World five years after the release of Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – Characters, beasts, ...more

  • Episode #303: Fantastic Five

    Oct 26 2016

    We review what we’ve been up to and fandom and discuss the MAJOR news about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! – Andrew reminisces about LeakyCon while Eric reviews Sorcerer’s Stone in IMAX – Does the Fantastic Beasts soundtrack offer huge insights into what we can expect to see in the film? – We review what we know about the Fantastic Beasts mobile game… – And Micah thinks Warner Bros is missing a big opportunity in NYC! – Celebrating 20 Years of Magic! Make sure to get your copy of ...more

  • Episode #302: Andrew's Party

    Oct 09 2016

    Lots of news to discuss in our first episode of October! Hypable’s Hype podcast host Pamela joins us to discuss all of the latest and greatest news. Expecto Patronum! The long-awaited quiz is finally here and the hosts reveal their Patronuses! Listeners share Patronus quiz results and if they’re happy with the outcome Chamber of Secrets: The Illustrated Edition hits store shelves and we have some questions! Why are their less illustrations? How will the length of future books impact the number ...more

  • Episode #301: A Fantastic Visit

    Sep 20 2016

    We discuss recent news, MuggleNet’s visit to the set of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and more! Andrew’s elusive quest for the vibrating broomstick continues An exciting Patreon announcement: it’s never been easier to listen to our bonus content! A Patronus quiz? We’re skeptical. Listeners share other quizzes they’d like to see on Pottermore. Cormoran Strike has been cast! We discuss adapting the book series to television. Halloween is coming to the Wizarding World theme park in Japa...more

  • Episode #300: Wamp Wamp

    Sep 04 2016

    The 300th installment of MuggleCast has arrived! Thank you to our Patreon supporters, who helped us unlock Mega MuggleCast, bringing many of our old friends back on the show! The band is back together… Laura, Matt, Elysa & Mikey B return to celebrate this milestone! You can find Laura, Matt, Elysa, and Andrew on #Millennial podcast. Meanwhile, Mikey hosts Hypable’s Resistance Radio. And a special guest appearance by everyone’s favorite Brit! WAMP WAMP! We learn which Ilvermorny house each h...more

  • Episode #299: The Cursed Child, Part 2

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  • Episode #295: #Wormtaily (SPOILER review)

    Jun 14 2016

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  • Episode #293: The Final Countdown

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  • Episode #292: Ilvermore

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  • Episode #291: Laura's Pants, Part 2

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  • Episode #211: Order of Micah

    Oct 17 2010

    How to tell apart two English accents. WB cancels Deathly Hallows, Part 1 in 3D, plus other surprising film news. Listeners tell us whether they are happy or disappointed with this decision. Our thoughts on Jo’s appearance on Oprah. A brief review of Harry Potter Film Wizardry. Chapter by Chapter: Goblet of Fire Chapters 13 – 15. A big theme in these chapters is the questionable teaching styles of Sprout, Hagrid, and Moody. Is it right to teach children about the Unforgiveable Curses at this ag...more

  • Episode #210: Reaching Floo Heights

    Oct 01 2010

    DH poster analysis: Why the hell is Ron by a power plant? Part 2 casting, Rowling on Oprah, Alexandre Desplat and Wizarding World expansion Chapter-by-Chapter: Goblet of Fire Chapters 10-12 We’re introduced to the name Rita Skeeter and the character of Mad-Eye Moody Percy’s early loyalty to the Ministry and Hermione’s passion for S.P.E.W. are evident Why does Mrs. Weasley constantly make Ron an easy target? We know what Muggles see if they happen to pass Hogwarts, but if what if they tried to e...more

  • Episode #209: Deathly Hallows, Part 1 Trailer Talk

    Sep 23 2010

    We’re live on Ustream to discuss the just-released Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 trailer! We go scene-by-scene picking apart every last detail.

  • Episode #208: Wannabe Wizards

    Sep 13 2010

    Pictures, pictures and more pictures from Deathly Hallows We discuss the new DH TV spot, theme park expansion and more Micah interviews Jonathan Smith, Head of Production for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Chapter-by-Chapter covers Chapters 7-9 of Goblet of Fire Ludo Bagman and Winky – why were they omitted from the films? Why did the Quidditch World Cup seem like one giant, disorganized event? Could Jo be the next ESPN sportscaster? She’s good at writing live Quidditch. Why didn’t Harry ever que...more

  • Episode #207: Mother Knows Best

    Aug 25 2010

    We discuss the newest reviews of Deathly Hallows, Part 1. The trailer for Deathly Hallows, Part 1 is complete, but when will WE see it? This week’s Chapter by Chapter segment focuses on Chapters 4 – 6 of Goblet of Fire. The Dursleys can never have a peaceful encounter with wizards. How typical of Harry to have a crush on his best friend’s sister. Lots of hints about the future for the Weasleys in this chapter. Why can’t Mrs. Weasley embrace her son’s interest in starting a joke shop instead of ...more

  • Episode #206: First Review of Deathly Hallows, Part 1

    Aug 21 2010

    Emerson and Eric got lucky and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 at a test screening today in Chicago! Listen here for their review. SPOILER WARNING. Enjoy!

  • Episode #205: By The Way

    Aug 14 2010

    Spoiler warning: We reveal where Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 will split! We record an episode earlier than scheduled to talk about where the Deathly Hallows split will be! We discuss the pros and cons of the split being here. We’ve got a list of all the big scenes that will be in Part 1. Did WB mean for this split to get out, or did EW not realize what they were doing? Should we know where the split is before seeing the film? We catch up on other news, including the launch of the ‘Join the Fi...more

  • Episode #204: Comes Around, Goes Around

    Aug 06 2010

    It’s our fifth birthday! At the start did we think this would run for five years? We recap Infinitus and how nice it was to meet all the fans! Andrew provides a report from Comic Con 2010, where new Deathly Hallows footage was revealed. Two important voices will be missing from the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 video game. Why? Will a Harry Potter theme park really come to fruition in India? Happy Birthday to JK Rowling and Harry Potter! Andrew plays a song for ’em. We kick off Chapter by Chapter for...more

  • Episode #203: LIVE From Infinitus 2010 and The Wizarding World

    Jul 20 2010

    The MuggleCasters are in Orlando to podcast in front of a live audience! This episode actually includes two shows in one. The first show is from within the hotel where the Infinitus Harry Potter conference was held. The second is live from within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park! Join us as we talk about the latest Harry Potter news, our thoughts on the Wizarding World park, and much more.

  • Episode #202: On His Knees

    Jun 28 2010

    MuggleCast is LIVE on Ustream just one hour after the new Deathly Hallows trailer premieres to dissect every single scene! We figure out which scene each shot is from, point out some odd moments, wonder why this trailer covers Parts 1 and 2, and MUCH more. Get ready to have lots of fun watching the trailer with us!

  • Episode #201: ButterSugarBeer

    Jun 23 2010

    Andrew visits the Wizarding World and shares stories about the VIP grand opening, public grand opening, and the park itself. How is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey? Is the size of the park acceptable? How does it feel? The secret attraction at the park that has no line and will entertain you for as long as you like. Would a Harry Potter park make sense, business wise, in the United Kingdom? Deathly Hallows filming ends, and stars comment on the feeling of closure. We host a MuggleCast Ma...more

  • Episode #200: Admit Defeat

    Jun 09 2010

    A special intro, and David Heyman introduces the show! We talk about MuggleNet 2.0. Lots of Deathly Hallows news to catch up on. Our thoughts on the MTV Movie Awards Deathly Hallows montage. Reviews from the Wizarding World are starting to appear. David Heyman confirms that they HAVE selected where the split will be in Deathly Hallows – hear him discuss how they made the decision. David favorites book, villain, and what his patronus would be. David tells us his favorite scenes from Deathly Hall...more

  • Episode #199: jOprah

    May 26 2010

    We’re so close to 199, Ben thought it was 200. How Virgin Atlantic could’ve made a cooler Harry Potter plane. Robbie Coltrane, Emma Watson, and other stars visit the park. We discuss their visit. As we lead up to Episode 200, we look back at 199 episodes by discussing the show’s life so far. How MuggleCast began, how the show has changed, what’s next, and more. MuggleMail addresses last weeks hot topics. We gather your tweets about Prisoner of Azkaban. Look forward to a special interview on Epi...more

  • Episode #198: Brick by Brick

    May 12 2010

    Two news stories this week worth discussing, which is why we don’t do the show weekly no mo. Micah tells us all about his experience playing the new LEGO Harry Potter video game. We realize he was just at the LEGO sponsored bar the entire time. This week we host our final Chapter by Chapter segment for Prisoner of Azkaban! Why does Harry get so excited by Sirius’ offer when he hardly knows the man? Eric points out a writing technique Jo used to uniquely describe Lupin’s transformation. Why do H...more

  • Episode #197: Swish and Flick

    Apr 28 2010

    We attempt to guess which book was the Most Banned/Challenged of the decade. When can we expect the Deathly Hallows trailer to be released? Will WB aim for a PG-13 rating? Our thoughts on a LEGO: Harry Potter Collector’s Edition. A Harry Potter visitor attraction is approved at Leavesden and we give our take. MuggleCast interviews Warwick Davis in celebration of his new book Size Matters Not. We talk about his time on the Harry Potter set, his favorite book, his favorite memories, and his caree...more

  • Episode #196: A Place Called Petzkaban

    Apr 16 2010

    JK Rowling reads at the White House! Aw, how nice. Andrew has a strong reaction upon hearing the Harry Potter Exhibition has only one more North America stop. While there, she reveals a couple interesting facts which we discuss. Deathly Hallows filming updates are plentiful. Dan Radcliffe is returning to Broadway – Eric prepares to assist Dan. We are putting together a new MuggleCast remix! For details on how you can contribute, visit MuggleCast.com. This week Chapter by Chapter looks at Chapte...more

  • Episode #195: The Betting Man Returns

    Apr 01 2010

    We discuss all the latest Wizarding World theme park news a bit more. Listen to our MuggleMiniCast and read Eric’s reviews for more! Andrew visited the Deathly Hallows set but can’t say much at all. Emma Thompson is back for Deathly Hallows! How’d they convince her? Deathly Hallows footage screened at ShoWest – why they showed it to them and not us (the fans). Why on earth is Bloomsbury re-releasing the Potter books this soon? Chapter by Chapter covers Chapters 13 – 15 of Prisoner of Azkaban. O...more

  • Episode #194: Not My Firebolt, You...

    Mar 16 2010

    Jason Isaacs reveals he made a change to his character’s ending! What could he be talking about? Andrew admits he applied for Ellen’s Wizarding World contest. Listeners send in ‘Not My Daughter, You [Bleep]” Clips for us to play. MuggleMail addresses last week’s hot topics. Chapter by Chapter covers Prisoner of Azkaban Chapters 10 – 12 Harry’s lost childhood, bad substitutes, passageway theories, Harry’s poisonous feeling, Christmas dinner, Oliver’s ignorance, and much more are discussed. Eric ...more

  • Episode #193: Scandalous

    Mar 04 2010

    Finally, some Deathly Hallows information straight from the stars! Jamie hopes the Lucius wig is made from unicorn hair. JK Rowling updates Twitter to let people know why she isn’t tweeting. Ben smells scandal all over the JK Rowling/Stephenie Meyer Oscar invite and subsequent turn down. MuggleMail addresses last episode’s hot topics. Chapter by Chapter this week covers Chapters 7 – 9 of Prisoner of Azkaban. We talk boggarts, Snape’s anger, house points, Crookshanks VS Scabbers, Harry’s protect...more

  • Episode #192: Battle of the Pets

    Feb 18 2010

    Our news block is filled with LEGO product announcements! We read your tweets about LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 – 4. MuggleMail addresses last week’s hot topics. One of our listeners points out another amazing symmetry example in the series! Chapter by Chapter: Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapters 4 – 6. We discuss Hermione’s desire to take so many classes. Plus, why is she taking Muggle Studies? Why is Harry’s BIGGEST problem the fact that he won’t be able to go to Hogsmeade? Are there any parallels b...more

  • Episode #191: Epic Road Operas

    Feb 04 2010

    It’s an all-guy show, and Andrew predicts extra madness. Micah updates us on the fandom’s Helping Haiti Heal fundraising and the latest Potter news. Coming soon: Deathly Hallows – an epic opera road movie. Lots of updates on the theme park, as Ben reveals he’s not *that* excited. Our thoughts on Deathly Hallows being a 3D film. MuggleMail addresses recent hot topics and other Potter canon. Chapter by Chapter returns with the start of our Prisoner of Azkaban analysis! We discuss the Dursley’s on...more

  • Episode #190: Helping Haiti Heal, A Fandom Charity Event

    Jan 29 2010

    This audio file includes several special episodes of the Harry Potter fandom’s favorite podcasts. MuggleCast kicks off this special four-hour event to help raise money for Haiti recovery efforts. The Harry Potter Alliance has united with fan communities across the world, raising over $97,000 for Helping Haiti Heal! That money will charter an multiple cargo planes that will bring critical life-saving supplies to thousands of Haitians and more.

  • Episode #189: High Roller

    Jan 14 2010

    News: Potter auction, theme park update, Half-Blood Prince nomination and more. What has been up with MuggleNet over the last few weeks? MuggleMail covers Dumbledore and the Invisibility Cloak, magical pull, the Ultimate Editions in Australia and more. We discuss the final three chapters of Chambers of Secrets. Why didn’t Harry and Ron pay more attention to Ginny? Did Harry and Ron use Professor McGonagall’s emotions to their advantage? Why was Ginny being taken into the Chamber treated so ligh...more

  • Episode #188: BobFail 2009

    Dec 30 2009

    It’s time for our 2009 Year in Review episode! The term BobFail is created on the show as Micah tells the story of putting a USA Today writer in his place. The 2nd Annual MuggleCasties Awards are here! We ask listeners to vote LIVE as we announced each category on the air. We then read the results and discussed if we agreed/disagreed with the consensus. Best Harry Potter Video? Most Interesting Potter star on Twitter? All questions are asked and answered! Who will win this year’s JK Rowling awa...more

  • Episode #187: Magic is Muscle

    Dec 21 2009

    News: Potter top Twitter trend, HBP screening, DH filming update and more. We touch briefly on the SS and CoS Ultimate Edition DVDs. Laura and Mikey give their thoughts on the DH trailer. Muggle Mail includes Harry and the Sorting Hat, petrified people, wizard genetics, and health at Hogwarts. Chapter by Chapter returns with Chamber of Secrets 13-15. Is there a secret to each Chapter 13 in the Potter series? Does Harry have a Horcrux moment when he first encounters Riddle’s diary? Why doesn’t t...more

  • Episode #186: Wearing Online a Smile

    Dec 09 2009

    The Deathly Hallows trailer is released and we identify all the scenes! Eric reveals that he hates all things trailers. David Yates reveals nude scenes in Deathly Hallows. What’s the deal with these? Are they justified? Thanks to all the listeners, we beat Tiger Woods and Santa in the Twitter trends! Is that BLOOD on Hermione’s hands? We review the various parts of the DVD. Which were bad, which were great

  • Episode #185: Lady Dumbledore

    Nov 22 2009

    What’s up with all the Ultimate DVD previews? We learn about the initial relationship between David Heyman and Chris Columbus… …and that Dan Radcliffe almost wasn’t Harry Potter. Speaking of Dan, we discuss his upcoming appearance on The Simpsons. MuggleMail covers the Deathday Party movie omission, Ben’s trend-setting, Muggle-borns and more. Chapter-by-Chapter: Chamber of Secrets 10 – 12. What is the deal with Hermione’s rule-breaking? Does it have to do with Malfoy? Lockhart continues to show...more

  • Episode #184: Dear Emma

    Nov 09 2009

    The cafe where JKR started Potter reopens – how should they recognize Jo there? Auditions for the Wizarding World are coming up and Ben submits his audition. Andrew’s story of proposing the Dumbledore’s Tower of Terror ride to Universal execs. Deathly Hallows filming updates galore. Ben debuts a brand new Top 10 List. Chapter by Chapter highlights Chamber of Secrets Chapters 7 – 9 Hedwig holds a grudge against Harry. She needs to get over it! A mini debate is sparked over Quidditch teams and wh...more

  • Episode #183: Kah Noots

    Oct 26 2009

    Emerson makes his pre-recorded MuggleCast debut! Someone is almost fired by the boss after slacking off from his news duties. News: Potter DVD features, Dan may be in a musical, and Deathly Hallows filming updates. MuggleMail looks last episode’s hot topics. This week’s Chapter by Chapter looks at Chapters 4 – 6 of Chamber of Secrets. Tons of foreshadowing within Borgin and Burkes! Gilderoy Lockhart – what’s his deal? We take your e-mails and tweets about these chapters. We ask Emerson about th...more

  • Episode #182: Tweets to Micah

    Oct 06 2009

    JK Rowling creates a Twitter and hints at a writing project. Will she use the Twitter account often? And what is she writing? We predict when the Encyclopedia will be released (if that is what she’s writing). Chapter by Chapter returns in a new format! We start with Chapters 1 – 3 from Chamber of Secrets. What is the deal with the Dursleys? They’re extremely abusive. Does Dobby know about the Horcruxes from this early point? Andrew points out an example of Jo forwarding a death in Deathly Hallo...more

  • Episode #181: Nothing Less Than Ultimate

    Sep 26 2009

    We discuss the recently announced release dates for the HBP DVDs.. …and get into all the details surrounding the Ultimate Editions. Quick Deathly Hallows filming update. Announcements include Infinitus, Twitter and Chapter-by-Chapter?!?! Laura and Nick offer their thoughts on the theme park. What would have happened if Harry chose the Hallows? We tell what one thing we would change about the series and why. Which professor (aside from Dumbledore) was the most influential for each member of the ...more

  • Episode #180: Wizarding World News Reactions

    Sep 15 2009

    In an impromptu mini episode, we discuss the news from the recent press conference at the Wizarding World. Andrew is still live in Orlando with plenty of interesting info. Park to open in Spring 2010: we’re not surprised there’s no date yet. The three main rides: our thoughts and fan reaction. We offer our theories on the mystery surrounding Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Just what is up with that lake? The attention to detail of the shops and stores in Hogsmeade is unreal. Plus John W...more

  • Episode #179: Grand Theft Dragon

    Sep 09 2009

    We’re back with a worldwide panel this week! News: Half-Blood Prince box office update, Deathly Hallows filming continues, theme park updates, John Williams performs Potter at the Hollywood Bowl. Registration for Infinitus 2010 is now open! ESPN’s Fantasy Focus podcast challenges MuggleCast. MuggleMail addresses Episode 178’s hot topics. For our main discussion, we go in-depth on several different topics submitted by listeners: Could Dumbledore have stopped Voldemort from becoming what he did? ...more

  • 178: Episode #178: Out of Diapers

    Aug 20 2009

    HBP continues to make money at the box office while DH filming surges on. Potter Exhibition is heading to Boston, but where will it go next? Jamie Waylett isn’t returning for DH and Joshua Herdman reveals where the split will be. What happened with HBP IMAX 3D? Andrew explains how it was a rip off. Happy Birthday, Micah! Micah and Andrew discuss the HBP video game. MuggleCast turns 4; the listeners and hosts celebrate! This Week in MuggleCast History, Make the Music Connection, Jamie’s British ...more

  • 177: Episode #177: The Astronomy Tower of Terror

    Jul 30 2009

    MuggleCast is back in a pre-recorded format and we’re all about Half-Blood Prince today! Micah gets us up to date with all the news over the past few weeks. How’d Half-Blood Prince perform in the box office? Why did hamsters beat wizards in the second week? Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVDs… is it too soon? Theme Park news and Half-Blood Prince give us a new idea for a ride at the upcoming theme park. Azkatraz recap! We had a ton of fun meeting and hanging with the listeners! Our 4 year anniver...more

  • 176: Episode #176: LIVE in New York City!

    Jul 12 2009

    MuggleCast is LIVE in New York City the day after the premiere to discuss what happened! Andrew and Emerson conducted interviews from the red carpet and have some juicy details to share. Having all the seen the film, we try to give our best spoiler-free review. Fans ask us questions about the film one by one! Emerson and Ben discuss their new book, MuggleNet.com’s Harry Potter Should Have Died.

  • 175: Episode #175: Fireside Chats

    Jun 16 2009

    We’re kickin’ it old school this episode with a traditional hosting panel. We cover Deathly Hallows casting and Presidential set visits. So much Half-Blood Prince news we don’t even know where to begin. Will IMAX regret its contractual obligations? Should the MPAA take notice of the BBFC’s 12A rating? Does anyone care about the run-time with a two-part series finale? MuggleMail on e-books and movie splits. We introduce two brand-new segments you do not want to miss! AudioFiction and Chicken Sou...more

  • 174: Episode #174: It's All Coming Back

    May 08 2009

    It’s MuggleCast May, and Jamie has returned! We catch up on all the latest Potter news stories. Eric visited the Harry Potter Exhibition and he provides a review. Deathly Hallows is filming on location and Jamie wonders if it’s arrogant. Premiere dates are set, why are they three days in a row? New segment: Twitter Question Mailbag! We take your questions about all Potter subjects as submitted through Twitter and answer ’em. Topics like why’d Jo kill Fred instead of George, what’s with Harry’s ...more

  • 173: Episode #173: Mad Times

    Apr 16 2009

    The best trailer yet? If not, where does it rank? The hosts breakdown the trailer and analyze the new scenes. The Unbreakable Vow, the Quidditch Pitch and the Dark Mark. Harry and Ginny get closer while Ron takes a beating from Hermione. There’s a lady in a London scene who looks absolutely petrified. Slughorn yelling, Katie Bell attacked and a wand tribute. Draco gets some airtime: what’s with the whiny voice? Snape’s story finally exposed! “It’s over!” Does WB President Alan Horn sing the hit...more

  • 172: Episode #172: Interviewing The Illustrator

    Mar 07 2009

    Prior to the interview, we catch up on the latest news and more. Mary explains the process of designing the covers. Which cover gave her the most difficulty? Who is her favorite character to draw? What is her favorite book in the series? She breaks down the curtain comparison between the first and last novels. How much communication does she have with Jo? International illustrators? She discusses future anniversary covers and the HP encyclopedia. How difficult was it for her knowing the end of ...more

  • 171: Episode #171: Trailer Idol

    Mar 05 2009

    We’re live on Ustream to discuss the newly released Half-Blood Prince trailer! Darkest yet? Darkest film yet? We go through some of the new things that stood out. Eric, having seen the film already, gives his (spoiler free) input. Live calls come in from around the world, asking questions about the trailer. We announce a special guest coming on a new MuggleCast episode this weeekend: Mary GrandPre!

  • 170: Episode #170: Do The Patrick Doyle

    Feb 16 2009

    We discuss the latest Harry Potter news stories. Emma and Rupert are both afraid to kiss each other? Our thoughts on the recently released HBP posters. A podcast competition at Azkatraz 2009! A new MuggleCast.com coming soon! Matt and Micah interview Goblet of Fire film composer Patrick Doyle. Patrick Doyle dishes on Syracuse University, Goblet of Fire, and his other works. We learn that the waltz in Goblet was actually improvised. Valentine’s Day discussion: Who would we date in the Potter ser...more

  • 169: Episode #169: A Vision From Benlawney

    Jan 23 2009

    We’re live to discuss the Japanese Half-Blood Prince trailer! We attempt to hit 10,000 members on MuggleSpace while on the air. Have Michael Gambon and Emma Watson changed their tune for this film? And why again is this rated PG? Live callers tell us what their favorite parts of the trailer are. Are there any scenes we’d like to see cut? What are they doing instead of Dumbledore’s funeral? We give the MPAA a call to see why it was rated PG. Hagrid calls in to ask Laura a serious question. When ...more

  • 168: Episode #166: LIVE and Rated PG

    Jan 15 2009

    We’re live to usher in the new year! MuggleNet staff member Nick joins us! A nice big panel of hosts to discuss the hot topics. HBP is rated PG – wtf? Eric, having already seen the film, tells us if the rating is justified. Nick points out that the trailers in the UK are rated 12A. What does this mean for the UK rating? The other hot news topics, analyzed. Main discussion: What to expect for 2009? Will we see Jo’s encyclopedia or at least get news on it? Are COS and POA anniversary editions com...more

  • 167: Episode #167: Looking Back at 2008

    Dec 28 2008

    It’s time for our annual Year in Review show! But first, the latest news. Or lack of it. MuggleMail addresses last week’s hot topics. MuggleSpace is now open for business! We countdown the top seven stories of 2008. Twitter responses: What did YOU think was the top story? The 1st Annual MuggleCasties Awards! … all while looking at the best show moments from this year. Chicken Soup: Surgery Edition!

  • 166: Episode #166: Appreciating The Moment

    Dec 19 2008

    The latest Movie, Beedle, and Exhibition news. Happy Birthday, Laura! MuggleMail addresses our Beedle show. Book Discussion: Was the final battle between Harry and Voldemort a disappointment? We look at why some people were hoping for more. We discuss the reasons why the battle was short, Harry’s signature spell, and much more. A cool parallel between Snape’s lessons to Harry and the final battle. Lupin’s influence on Harry throughout Deathly Hallows. Holiday Discussion! Questions sent in via T...more

  • 165: Episode #165: Beedle The Bard, Analyzed

    Dec 07 2008

    MuggleCast reviews Beedle the Bard! But first, the latest news. We start the discussion off with our general thoughts. What was our favorite tale? Would Laura Mallory approve of the tales? Our thought’s on Dumbledore’s commentary. We go Tale by Tale through the book, pointing out the most interesting tidbits. Interesting parallels between Beedle tales and the Potter books. We discuss the timing of when Dumbledore wrote these notes and their significance. New MuggleCast interaction: we read ques...more

  • 164: Episode #164: LIVE From London For Beedle!

    Dec 04 2008

    MuggleCast is LIVE in London for Waterstone’s Beedle the Bard release party! What are our general expecations for the book? Will Dumbledore’s notes be our favorite part? Which story are we looking forward to the most? Beedle the Bard trivia, with prizes sponsored by Alivans.com! Audience questions ranging from the books, to the films, and more.

  • 163: Episode #163: OMG Bushy Hair!

    Nov 14 2008

    We’re live on Ustream 30 minutes after the new HBP trailer is released! Matt and Andrew provide their initial reactions. Joining us is Penny Gershman from HP Prognostications! Hermione… has… BUSHY HAIR FINALLY!!! We take lots of live calls from our audience to see what everyone else thinks. Does Michael Gambon finally GET it? What were some of the best scenes? Eric joins in with his thoughts and compares it to the film as a whole.

  • 162: Episode #162: Potter Politics

    Nov 05 2008

    We’re back for our 3rd new episode in 10 days! Micah updates us on the latest news stories. David Heyman’s thoughts on the film delay. Jo’s Beedle the Bard plans and our Beedle the Bard plans. MuggleMail addresses last week’s hot topics. Main Discussion: Potter politics. We draw several comparisons between the politics of the real world and the wizarding world. Racism, Ethnic Cleansing, Nazism, Evils, Corruption, Biased Media, Education Reform, oh my! Make the Music Connection, This Week in Mug...more

  • 161: Episode #161: Larger Than Life

    Oct 31 2008

    It’s time for our annual Halloween show, and Ben is back! Micah is now a Senior Staff Member of MuggleNet. We talk about our upcoming show at Azktraz 2009. MuggleMail addresses Episode 159’s hot topics. Our main discussion is Halloween in the books. Analyzing Episode 61: did we have anything right about ghosts pre-DH? If you had to decide which house to be in based on the ghost, which would you chose? Were there enough of the traditional Halloween characters in the series? We discuss Snape’s va...more

  • 160: Episode #160: Live HBP International Trailer Talk

    Oct 26 2008

    We’re live hours after the International HBP trailer leaks online! An audio glitch prevents the very beginning of the show to make the feed. Andrew’s bad! Our initial reactions to the trailer. Are some of the effects finished? Why all the fire?! Burn, baby, burn! Dumbledore acts better when he’s dying. Warner Brothers has no weekend staff. What should we do for the original November 21st release date? Andrew attempts to spread a movie release rumor.

  • 159: Episode #159: Hanging Voldemort

    Oct 07 2008

    Was it right for WB to remove the Hogwarts battle in HBP just because there’s one in DH? Many many many MANY HBP pictures. Is WB upset with all the scans? Is this a good thing for the companies printing the calendar? Are holiday sales better than summer sales? Does modeling a printing press suggest where the DH film split will be? What’s with the DH paperback delay? David Heyman talks HBP/DH, and we talk back. JK Rowling donates 1 million pounds to the Labour Party. Sign up for the Azkatraz 200...more

  • 158: Episode #158: Looking Into The Future

    Sep 15 2008

    We’re back on the air, and lots of things have happened since we last spoke! Micah brings us all up to speed on the latest news. Andrew and Matt chime in with their thoughts on Alan Horn’s statement. Eric tells us all about his experience at the Half-Blood Prince screening! How he got in, who was there, a spoiler-free review of the movie, and much more. JK Rowling saw 20 minutes of the film, says it may be her favorite so far. The JKR vs RDR Books verdict is finally in. What happens from here? ...more

  • 157: Episode #157: 11 Months Later...

    Aug 18 2008

    The news of Half-Blood Prince being delayed puts us in a frenzy. What was the real reason behind this? How will the fans take this in the long run? Were there signs of a mistake from the beginning, dating back to 2006? A few listener e-mails come in about the push back. On top of all this, it’s our final weekly episode! We play some old segments that haven’t been seen in a while. Make the Connection, British Joke, Favorites, Dueling Club, and more. Our final thoughts on the show and where it wi...more

  • 156: Episode #156: An Interview with Stephenie Meyer

    Aug 07 2008

    We discuss the news of Beedle the Bard being published. Will there be midnight release parties? What’s with the major price differences? Listener Rebuttals address last week’s hot topics. Twilight author Stephenie Meyer comes on the show to talk about the Potter fandom, writing techniques for successful writers, and Breaking Dawn. Who would win in a fight: Edward Cullen or Harry Potter? This Week in MuggleCast History Make the Music Connection Chicken Soup

  • 155: Episode #155: Live Teaser Trailer Discussion

    Jul 31 2008

    It’s our first live show since March! We discuss the just-released Half-Blood Prince teaser trailer. Michael Gambon is different in this trailer. But how? Hero Fiennes-Tiffen was a great casting decision. We take your calls about the trailer. Eric and Jamie have statements for the listeners in light of their absence. Andrew tells a story of a recent natural disaster. Spy on Spartz!

  • 154: Episode #154: Teaser Teaser Trailer

    Jul 21 2008

    One year has passed since Deathly Hallows! Two co-hosts who haven’t been on in a while return! We discuss the latest news stories. The HBP IMAX teaser trailer blows us away. Is WB getting themselves into a marketing mess? Ben provides a reason for why WB is doing things this way. MuggleCast Down Under footage now available! MuggleMail addresses new and old topics. Main Discussion: One year since DH and the state of the fandom. How has the fandom changed in the past year? How long will the Potte...more

  • 153: Episode #153: Live From Portus!

    Jul 11 2008

    MuggleCast is live from Dallas, Texas this week! We discuss some of the more popular events at Portus. One news item to discuss: the IMAX HBP trailer. Our first and last Epilogue by Epilogue. A live Quote Quiz. Questions from the audience, including the HPA’s Andrew Slack. Fans sing a new version of Good Morning Baltimore – MuggleCast edition.

  • 152: Episode #152: By The Way...

    Jul 08 2008

    High Res Half-Blood Prince pics are FINALLY released. We discuss ’em. Teaser Trailer rumors continue, and we wonder if it’ll every come. Portus is next week! We discuss details of our MuggleCast Meet Up. Listener Rebuttals cover last week’s hot topics. Chapter by Chapter goes over the final chapter in DH. Was Voldemort in limbo with Harry? A parallel between Hagrid carrying in DH and in SS. What if we were in the perspective of someone other than Harry after he was in limbo? Does the US cover r...more

  • 151: Episode #151: Google, Define: Goat

    Jun 30 2008

    The intro is, well, intro-less. Only a couple of news stories to discuss this week! It’s a new month, so vote for us on Podcast Alley! We announce a MuggleCast Meet Up at Portus 2008. Listen Rebuttals: Snape’s Memories, Wizard Drinking Age, and the Classics. Chapter by Chapter: King’s Cross. The symbolism of the location is AWESOME. Are there any other places that could’ve worked? Does everyone buy Dumbledore’s story? We recall the Order of the Phoenix book teaser. And cry. Harry finally gets e...more

  • 150: Episode #150: Cry Babies

    Jun 23 2008

    It’s our 150th regular episode of MuggleCast! Entertainment Weekly names Potter a classic. What IS a classic in this case? Some moments make us realize how much we’ve changed. Or how mean we were. MuggleMail answers some questions we had last week. Chapter by Chapter, Chapter 34, The Forest Again. Two people on the panel cried while reading this chapter. We discuss Harry’s thoughts on death, his decision to tell Neville about Nagini, and the resurrection stone. A connection between Harry walkin...more

  • 149: Episode #149: I Love You, Laura

    Jun 15 2008

    Micah graces us with his presence. We review JK Rowling’s Potter Prequel. Or wait… can we even call it a prequel? Portus 2008 is coming up and it’s the definition of awesome! More teaser trailer speculation. Our 150th episode is next week and we have to celebrate! MuggleMail: MC future, a song for Snape, and The Shrieking Shack. Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 32, The Prince’s Tale. Andrew compares Voldemort’s midnight request to his one hour request. The sudden change of mood within Hogwarts is st...more

  • 148: Episode #148: POOF!

    Jun 08 2008

    We kick off the show with talk about our future. JK Rowling’s speech at Harvard was, well, awesome. Harry Potter the MMORPG… would it be a success? Portus 2008 is just over a month away! 3rd Annual Wear Your MuggleCast T-Shirt Day was a success! MuggleMail address some cool foreshadowing. Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 32, The Elder Wand. We discuss the effect of Fred’s death on Harry. Why did Voldemort use the Shrieking Shack? McGonagall and her Beauty and the Beast magic. Voicemails tackle a bro...more

  • 147: Episode #147: Ben Ten

    Jun 01 2008

    Ben returns to co-host an episode of the show! The press prints a misleading headline with the Rob Knox story. Is the Sorcerer’s Stone re-release something to be excited about? JK Rowling is wring a Potter prequel. SuperCon, John Hurt hints at a return, and more leaked HBP photos. Global Wear Your MuggleCast T-shirt Day is June 2nd! MuggleMail covers some topics on Episode 146. Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 31, The Battle of Hogwarts. We discuss Voldemort’s Midnight Ultimatum. Andrew thinks Volde...more

  • 146: Episode #146: Trailer Blues

    May 18 2008

    MuggleCast is recorded one last time from its Medford-based studios. We discuss our trailer blues. With what movie will the Half-Blood Prince teaser trailer be released? A small new photo appears from HBP. Was it leaked on purpose? Tom Felton sings. We listen and give our thoughts on his talent. Come see us and have a blast at Portus 2008! MuggleMail discusses last weeks hot topics and some corrections. Chapter by Chapter covers Chapter 30: The Sacking of Severus Snape. This chapter will be Mag...more

  • 145: Episode #145: Yarning For Half-Blood Prince

    May 11 2008

    Matt kicks off the show with his tale of being questioned by the FBI. News: BBC tracks Leavesden, Tonks talks, new HBP roles, and HBP yarn. We wonder when WB will finally start spoiling us with HBP teasers. Vote for us on Podcast Alley, and follow us on Twitter! MuggleMail covers last week’s hot topics. Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 29, The Lost Diadem. “What if…” we could make one choice for DH? Voicemails and Make the Music Connection return! This Week in MuggleCast History. 1st place winner of...more

  • 144: Episode #144: Manly Mathematical Men

    May 04 2008

    Eric crunches some numbers to compare wait times for movie releases. What can we look forward to at the Potter Exhibition? Potter leaves the NYT Bestseller list for first time in decade. Fans think this is the end? LOL! Hogsmeade is being built. We discuss, Micah tries to move on. It’s MuggleCast May, so vote for us on Podcast Alley! Follow us on Twitter! Lots of MuggleMail based on last week’s show and more. Chapter by Chapter covers Chapter 28 of DH: The Missing Mirror. We discuss the cloak a...more

  • 143: Episode #143: Point Number 4

    Apr 27 2008

    News discussion: Rowling documentary, HBP video game, and court case transcripts. To Micah’s dismay, a fourth news item is cut. Episode 142 enters the Wall of Fame. The children cheer. We take rebuttals on the trial and just when will the verdict be handed down? Chapter 27: The Final Hiding Place. How did the dragon fly over London and nobody noticed? Harry sees into Voldemort’s mind and for the first time Hermione is interested. We discuss Voldemort developing a very false sense of security. W...more

  • 142: Episode #142: Court Is In Session

    Apr 19 2008

    The Court of MuggleCast is now in session. We all offer our individual opinions on the case and identify the key players. The trial was very emotional for both Jo and Steve but did it have to get to this point? Why did RDR initially make it so difficult for Warner Bros. to obtain a copy of the book? Why did Steve ask for a clause in his contract saying RDR Books would defend him should a lawsuit occur? Steve initially said he would never publish the Lexicon because “that would be illegal”. We r...more

  • 141: Episode #141: Heading Back in Time

    Apr 14 2008

    Andrew has a treasure chest from HP Quest! Micah will be first in line at Equus in NYC. We announce when our next MuggleCast LIVE online will be. Thanks to everyone who’s voted for us on Podcast Alley! Listener Rebuttals take a look at the Elder Wand and more. Chapter by Chapter covers Chapter 26 of Deathly Hallows: Gringotts. Sorting Hat: Andrew, Eric, and Stephenie Meyer A couple voicemails and a temporary problem with our hotline. A new segment: This Week in MuggleCast (Episode 35) HUH?! E-m...more

  • 140: Episode #140: You Just Got MuggleCast'd

    Apr 05 2008

    APRIL FOOLS. Andrew questions the motives for mocking him when he’s away. We discuss JK Rowling’s answers at the James Joyce Awards. Could Intercollegiate Quidditch be the next big thing in the fandom? It’s a new month (mApril), so vote for us on Podcast Alley! Create Your Own MuggleCast Segment Contest returns! Micah updates you on the transcript situation and asks for new transcribers. We experiment with Amazon’s unSpun to get visitors involved with discussions. Andrew talks about his visit t...more

  • 139: Episode #139: Spiders, Vampires, Lords, and Wizards

    Mar 30 2008

    Andrew is absent, so the mockery kicks in immediately. Micah returns to anchoring the news. A new month is upon us (MuggleCast mApril) vote for us on Podcast Alley! We announce a brand new version of MuggleCast, starting next week. 1/4th Potter, 1/4th Twilight, 1/4th Narnia, and 1/4th Lord of the Rings. The co-hosts discuss the reasons why it’s happening, and what it means for the future. MuggleMail address last week’s hot topics. Chapter by Chapter covers Chapter 23 of Deathly Hallows. The Sor...more

  • 138: Episode #138: The M&M Show

    Mar 25 2008

    News Competition runner-up winner Ash Jackson gives us the news! We discuss David Heyman’s interview about the DH split. Will each part of the film get its own DVD release? Vote for MuggleCast on Podcast Alley! MuggleMail addresses some burning topics on listener minds. Chapter by Chapter covers Chapter 22 of Deathly Hallows. Make the Music Connection returns! Mikey and Micah host the M&M show. Voicemails return with questions about female listeners, Potter conventions, and more.

  • 137: Episode #137: Tripping Over Curtains - The Jim Dale Story

    Mar 16 2008

    Portus 2008 public relations director Aziza Aba Butain joins us… …to interview the narrator of the U.S. Harry Potter books Jim Dale. Mr. Dale gives his thoughts on the recent Deathly Hallows split as well as the movies in general. One of his sons is actually a movie helicopter operator who has worked on the Potter films. What is his favorite Potter character voice? Which one is the hardest – or as he puts it – the most annoying to do? He discusses how he prepares to record the Potter books: som...more

  • 136: Episode #136: Happily Split

    Mar 13 2008

    It’s a special Thursday night LIVE episode! Ben and Kevin return to host the show! We discuss all of the developments surrounding the Deathly Hallows split. Was it done to make more money? Is the 6 month wait between part one and two THAT bad? Where should the split be made? How do you make them one but two separate and distinct stories? Do you break it with a moment of suspense or one of resolution? Will there be a trailer at the end of part one for part two? We give Jamie a quick call and Ben...more

  • 135: Episode #135: The Jim Dale Approaches

    Mar 08 2008

    Matt and Mikey fight to intro last. Mikey wins. MuggleCast News guest anchor Edith gives us the news. Jim Dale will be joining us on MuggleCast next week! We’re looking for your questions to ask Jim. Call ’em in! Chapter by Chapter covers Chapters 20 and 21 of Deathly Hallows. Discussion topics include the Deathly Hallows, Xenophilius Lovegood, and more. Voicemails return and we have lots of fun questions and answers! Make the Music Connection challenges our musical creativity. Chicken Soup for...more

  • 134: Episode #134: What The Bleep?

    Mar 01 2008

    A slip-up on last week’s show gets a lot of feedback. We respond. The Top 5 contestants for Micah’s News Contest! It’s a new month so vote for us on Podcast Alley! Help Mason raise money for the American Cancer Society. Listener Rebuttals take a look at cashing in, The Last Enemy, and Make the Music Connection. Chapter by Chapter covers Chapters 18 and 19. We have an in-depth discussion on Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s relationship. Why is the sword at the bottom of the pond? Matt gets angry at ...more

  • 133: Episode #133: Laura Is Fired

    Feb 23 2008

    Six people host this week’s episode! … including one new host, Elysa Montfort of MuggleNet Fan Fiction! We discuss the recent unintentional director leak. What we think of a new scene being added to Half-Blood Prince, and when it will happen. Andrew, Laura, Matt and Elysa give a review of Spiderwick Chronicles. The word “Potter” and “Claritin” comes to mind in several of its scenes. The next live online MuggleCast is coming soon. Rebuttals address our statement about negative e-mails and Gryffi...more

  • 132: Episode #132: Betting Man

    Feb 17 2008

    This week’s show brought to you by Audible.com! Jim Dale picks up Grammy for Deathly Hallows. We celebrate. More evidence of Deathly Hallows being split and an imminent announcement. Micah is sad at the idea of no Fleur in HBP. Spielberg confirmed to not direct DH, and we make a DH Director Checklist. Andrew’s Wizard Rock single LIVE on YouTube. Our plans for future tours. Listener Rebuttals look at last week’s show. Chapter 15 of Deathly Hallows: The Goblin’s Revenge. Was the walking-through-t...more

  • 131: Episode #131: Internal Memos

    Feb 10 2008

    *Gasp* No Andrew or Matt this week! Spielberg rumors still cropping up – Mikey and Eric provide a strong case for him. Jo compares Fudge to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. What will happen in HBP since the Dursleys are cut? Micah says the word “lovers”. How does Mad Eye’s magical eye work on a door? Was Umbridge influenced at all by the locket? Part Two of our interview with Freddie Highmore. Chapter By Chapter: Chapter 14, The Thief. How does Hermione give away the secret? Ron saves the tr...more

  • 130: Episode #130: Matt Can Feel It

    Feb 02 2008

    Andrew kicks the show off with an intriguing, on-topic story. It’s a new month so vote on Podcast Alley! Del Toro isn’t directing Deathly Hallows, and we react. Betting Men better be betting. MuggleMail covers last week’s hot topics. We interview Paul DeGeorge from Harry and the Potters. Harry Year 7 discusses his second annual charity effort, the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club. The MuggleNet song, created in 2005 by Paul and his brother, makes its worldwide debut. Chapter by Chapter: Chapter...more

  • 129: Episode #129: Pensive Possibilities

    Jan 26 2008

    We discuss what we’re most looking forward to about Half-Blood Prince and what we think may be cut. Small update on the East Coast Tour. Vote on Podcast Alley…or else! Muggle Mail on movie intermissions, cliffhangers and Chapter 10. Interview with Freddie Highmore. Chapter-by-Chapter: Chapters 11 and 12. The hosts draw some excellent comparisons in these chapters to Nazi Germany. The story begins to take on a very dark tone. We analyze the argument between Harry and Remus from both perspectives...more

  • 128: Episode #128: Questionable Questions

    Jan 19 2008

    Andrew boasts about the new Wizard Rock section. Rumors concerning a two-part Deathly Hallows surface. Harvard announces JK Rowling to give commencement keynote. We fantasize. A possible MuggleCast spring break east coast tour? Listener e-mails cover last week’s discussion on the dust figure and more. Chapter by Chapter: Kreacher’s Tale. We sympathize for Harry seeing Hermione and Ron holding hands. How does the fidelius charm actually work? How does Bathilda Bagshot visit Lily if Pettigrew is ...more

  • 127: Episode #127: Making Connections

    Jan 14 2008

    JKR Documentary discussion. Jo talks about her family and religious views. What was the character name she took from the book in the church? Universal adds a new poll to their website and we discuss the pros and cons of where we would like to have a drink. Andrew, Matt and Laura review Sweeney Todd. Our thoughts on the recent Helen McCrory interview. We respond to some Muggle Mail from our Holiday and New Year’s shows. Chapter-by-Chapter: A Place to Hide. Is Hermione the genie in the Potter wor...more

  • 126: Episode #126: Flying Ford Angela

    Dec 31 2007

    Further discussion about HBP casting and TIME’s “Person of the Year”. Andrew places a call to WB about his defective DVD. Top 10 Moments of 2007. Favorite Memories of 2007. Chapters 7 & 8 of Deathly Hallows. Should Harry really be opening his mind to Voldemort? Is Voldemort that stupid to be letting Harry see his actions? Harry’s birthday and a visit from the Minister. What good would it do the Ministry to know of Harry’s plans? The mark of Grindelwald: another Nazi-WWII reference? Characte...more

  • 125: Episode #125: Holiday Joy

    Dec 23 2007

    It’s another holiday season! Jamie is back and recounts his problems with Christmas. We discuss the latest news, including casting, TIME, and the Jo documentary. Jamie and Laura add their input to the show ending announcement. MuggleMail address DVD issues and Chapter by Chapter. This week, Chapter by Chapter covers Chapters 5 and 6 of Deathly Hallows. Was Harry right to use Expelliarmus against the Death Eaters? Did Lupin have a right to discipline him? Was Mrs. Weasley’s motherly protection j...more

  • 124: Episode #124: Co-Workers At Play

    Dec 18 2007

    Amazon.com revealed as winning bidder for The Tales of Beedle The Bard. We announce a big change coming to our show. Order of the Phoenix DVD discussion. Andrew has pixilation problems. Were the deleted scenes really that good? Trailing Tonks one of the best special features. Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter: was it necessary? We read some Muggle Mail from last week’s show. Chapter-by-Chapter: The Seven Potters. Ties to previous books: Polyjuice Potion and the Motorcycle. Hedwig’s death sets an ...more

  • 123: Episode #123: Anger

    Dec 09 2007

    Where are the other co-hosts?! We discuss the Golden Compass and its controversy. MTV’s list of Wizard Rock bands is unfair and inaccurate. Happy Birthday Jamie! Next week we’ll be talking about the OOTP DVD – send in your thoughts! MuggleMail covers last week’s Chapter by Chapter discussion. This week we talk about Chapter 3 of Deathly Hallows. What were the Dursley’s feeling when they left Harry? Would Harry come back to save them? Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast soul. We reminisce over the o...more

  • 122: Episode #122: Special Positioning

    Dec 02 2007

    MuggleCast to podcast from Portus 2008! Check out our new holiday album art! David Heyman and his wife. A look at Beedle the Bard. MuggleMail checks out some of last week’s discussion. Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 2 of Deathly Hallows Mutual Attraction Comparing the Doge and Rita articles. Listener e-mails about Chapter 2. New game: QUOTE QUIZ quiz quiz. Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul. This week’s episode brought to you by Audible.com.

  • 121: Episode #121: Bellatrix Needs Some Love

    Nov 25 2007

    Harry Potter theme park update. JK Rowling named Entertainer of the Year. Ian McKellen discusses why he didn’t become Dumbledore. In fact, it’s good that he wasn’t Dumbledore. Andrew explains. MuggleMail covers Potter in schools, Potter’s influence on reading, and HD/Blu-Ray DVDs. Chapter by Chapter returns! We give a brief history and explain what we’re doing this time. First segment: Chapter 1, The Dark Lord Ascending. Is Bellatrix leading a less-than-exciting love life? Chicken Soup for the ...more

  • 120: Episode #120: 1337 Approvals

    Nov 18 2007

    Mikey B returns, and Andy from HarryPotterFanZone.com makes his MuggleCast debut! Andrew is 1337! LOLZ! Harry Potter changes a school in England. Could it do the same for America? We talk about the books that don’t fly with kids in school. WB confirms the rest of the HBP cast. But wait… is it truly the REST? Order of the Phoenix or Hairspray? Hairspray. Half-Blood Prince sneak peeks. MuggleCast Wall of Fame! Got a ZUNE? Now you can subscribe to us! MuggleMail goes through YOUR e-mails. Will the...more

  • 119: Episode #119: Quack

    Nov 10 2007

    We’re LIVE for episode 119! One listener explicitly comments on explicit language. We comment one last time on the subject of Dumbledore’s sexuality. More on the suit over the Lexicon book. Should Jo be Time person of the year? What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done? Some talk about the summer conferences. Andrew gets angry at Terminus. Does the Sorting Hat always offer choices?

  • 118: Episode #118: Controversy

    Nov 03 2007

    A new segment to kick off the show. We discuss the impact of Equus coming to Broadway. Will it be overtaken by fangirls? How long can it run if HBP is released just two months later? The Lexicon Lawsuit is making a lot of press and we respond. Should the book hit store shelves or do WB and JKR have a point? How other Potter books (including ours) on the market don’t compare. We address some listener rebuttals, most of which focus on Dumbledore being gay. Our views on Christianity are cleared up...more

  • 117: Episode #117: Butterbeer By The Keg

    Oct 29 2007

    Dumbledore is gay – initial thoughts from the hosts! Eric gives us a full report on MuggleCast LIVE in Australia! We go over each of the questions answered at the October 19th reading in NYC. Andrew, Laura, and Micah talk about meeting Jo. (Yes, life is now complete.) Should Jo have revealed Dumbledore’s sexuality? Why does it matter, and why is it front-page news? This leads into a discussion on the presence of homosexuality and how it is regarded in society, as well as our own experiences. Th...more

  • 116: Episode #116: Pig For Slaughter

    Oct 08 2007

    Jerry Cooke from Fandom Forecast joins us this week! Where is Jo going with Wizard of the Month? Titan Tiffin as young Tom Riddle? Eric gives a reminder about MuggleCast Down Under. The news that launched a thousand shrieks: Jamie will not be on for a while. Was Pettigrew braver at age eleven? We discuss the morality of Dumbledore. Was he raising Harry as a pig for slaughter? Did he help Harry by distancing him? Was what Dumbledore did morally permissible? Would Harry have chosen his path if no...more

  • 115: Episode #115: Laura's Questions

    Oct 01 2007

    Micah sees Order of the Phoenix…finally! Dan and David Yates talk Half-Blood Prince. Eric is back and has info on MuggleCast Down Under. Kevin returns as well after battling some technical issues (typical). Laura has the golden ticket…which sparks a big book tour discussion. One listener clears up that she is not in fact Mrs. Sims. Bill Nighy as Rufus Scrimgeour? Could Harry have survived another Killing Curse in the final battle? What was the difference between the beings in the graveyard in G...more

  • 114: Episode #114: Hasta La Vista, Harry

    Sep 24 2007

    Emma finishes Ballet Shoes: we discuss the trio filming outside of Potter. Order of the Phoenix DVD release date, but somebody hasn’t seen it in theaters. Our thoughts on Jim Broadbent being cast as Horace Slughorn. Feedback from our live show. Listener Rebuttal: Why did Fred have to die? Main Discussion: Book 1 and Book 7 Parallels. The Little Things. Opening chapters, the Mirror of Erised, King’s Cross and Gringotts. The Men With Two Faces: Quirrell and Snape. Dumbledore’s Ambiguity. Anchor’s...more

  • 113: Episode #113: 12 Hour Live Show, Part 6

    Sep 16 2007

    12 Hour Live Show, Part 6

  • 112: Episode #112: 12 Hour Live Show, Part 5

    Sep 16 2007

    12 Hour Live Show, Part 5

  • 111: Episode #111: 12 Hour Live Show, Part 4

    Sep 16 2007

    12 Hour Live Show, Part 4

  • 110: Episode #110: 12 Hour Live Show, Part 3

    Sep 16 2007

    12 Hour Live Show, Part 3

  • 109: Episode #109: 12 Hour Live Show, Part 2

    Sep 16 2007

    12 Hour Live Show, Part 2

  • 108: Episode #108: 12 Hour Live Show, Part 1

    Sep 16 2007

    It’s a 12-hour show, ladies and gentlemen! This episode only includes the first two hours, however. Andrew, Jamie, and Laura entertain you for the first two hours. Pickle Pack reopening soon for a limited time. Harry Potter is the top grossing franchise of all time – what do we think? Dan on Broadway? Andrew Strang? Pre-order tickets, ladies! Andrew and Laura offer themselves out for lunch dates in exchange for tickets to Jo’s reading. …and proceed to argue over who deserves to go more. The hos...more

  • 107: Episode #107: Celebration

    Sep 01 2007

    We’re back to our regular in-studio recordings and celebrating! MuggleNet staff member Jerry Cooke joins the panel. He’s our English-accented co-host this week. Andrew auditions for the Harry Potter musical. The co-hosts are very supportive of this new venture. Micah and Jerry give their thoughts on Deathly Hallows. We take several e-mails from listeners who ask their burning questions about the book. Bellatrix is dead, right? Expelliarmus and Harry. Did we feel betrayed when Harry ditched the ...more

  • 106: Episode #106: Live From Pittsburgh

    Aug 26 2007

    MuggleCast is LIVE from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this week as we discuss Deathly Hallows and some of the more recent news concerning the seventh and final novel. Also join us for a super fun birthday celebration!

  • 105: Episode #105: Live From Ohio

    Aug 19 2007

    MuggleCast is LIVE from Canton, Ohio this week as we discuss Deathly Hallows and some of the more recent news concerning the seventh and final novel.

  • 104: Episode #104: Live From Novi

    Aug 12 2007

    MuggleCast is LIVE from Novi, Michigan this week as we discuss Deathly Hallows and some of the more recent news concerning the seventh and final novel.

  • 103: Episode #103: Live From Chicago

    Aug 06 2007

    MuggleCast is LIVE from Chicago this week as we discuss Deathly Hallows and some of the more recent news concerning the seventh and final novel. Enjoy a debate, audience questions, and much more!

  • 102: Episode #102: Live from Tulsa and St. Louis

    Jul 28 2007

    MuggleCast is LIVE from Tulsa, Oklahoma and St. Louis, Missouri! In Tulsa, we discuss Dumbledore and his role in Deathly Hallows. In St. Louis, we talk about Snape and his role in Deathly Hallows. Two debates in one show! Ben always finds a way to work in his Dumbledore impression. Fans who came to the shows ask their Deathly Hallows questions. Jamie asks what Snape and Dumbledore would discuss from portrait to portrait.

  • 101: Episode #101: Streaming Spoilers

    Jul 22 2007

    At 4:30 AM, we have all officially finished ‘Deathly Hallows’ SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER! We go all around the table sharing general opinions. Everyone agrees that Dumbledore was amazing. What are the differences in good vs. evil between Hallows and Horcruxes? We discuss the strong political themes in this book. ‘STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER YOU B****!’ Were the deaths necessary? We’re split in opinion. Which character experienced magic late in life? How innocent or guilty was Dumbledore’s father fo...more

  • 100: Episode #100: The Big One

    Jul 21 2007

    MuggleCast LIVE in London for the release of ‘Deathly Hallows’ We are welcomed by Rubeus Hagrid! (Note: Not Ben Schoen.) It’s episode 100 everyone! Eric wears girly shirts. We have some general ‘Deathly Hallows’ discussion: Snape: Good or Evil? Dumbledore: Dead or Alive? Harry/Ginny: Together or Not? Because we haven’t gotten enough of the film, we discuss it some more. The fifth floor is very loud… The fifth floor stomps the roof down. What difficulties will WB face in the making of movie 6? M...more

  • 99: Episode #99: Live From Enlightening 2007

    Jul 15 2007

    MuggleCast is live from Enlightening 2007 in Philly! Ben’s attempt to meet Emma at the OOTP after party. More stories from the premieres. An interview with the Moaning Myrtles. Order of the Phoenix discussion. Is Michael Gambon the right Dumbledore for the job? Is the IMAX movie experience worth it? Our favorite lines from the film. Make the Connection: LIVE! Spy on Spartz: LIVE! Theory Defense: Harry and Ginny together, Should Hogwarts reopen? Several audience members ask us questions about th...more

  • 98: Episode #98: Deathly Hallows Talk at Enlightening

    Jul 12 2007

    Join Andrew, Jamie, Ben and Emerson as they host a panel on what will happen in Deathly Hallows based on predictions made in the MuggleNet book. This discussion was held at Enlightening 2007 on July 12th at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • 97: Episode #97: Laura's Pants

    Jul 02 2007

    We announce our Deathly Hallows plans! Draco the Dragon? Why did Jo decide to keep Kreacher in the films? Have the acting skills of the Trio declined in movie? Black Curtain MySpace screenings. Luna, Bellatrix and Umbridge get great reviews. MuggleCast Road Tour and DH Book Release Parties. Listener Rebuttals. Just who was Bellatrix talking about in the Ministry of Magic? Does Lucius have some more “items” at his mansion that may be of use to Harry? Voicemails return. Dueling Club…comedy style....more

  • 96: Episode #96: More Shows, More Problems

    Jun 24 2007

    Greg Porter from XalerStudios.com joins the show. A Summer of MuggleCastin’ We give a listen to some samples of the OOTP soundtrack. Andrew thinks “Hoop” has done a good job. Is the town from the deluxe edition just outside JKR’s window? What was Bellatrix talking about to Voldemort in the Ministry? Could the symbol represent items of the Founders? Road to Deathly Hallows: Where are the Horcruxes? Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, Azkaban, St. Mungo’s? Jamie thinks these are all too public pla...more

  • 95: Episode #95: Hell Froze Over

    Jun 17 2007

    Eric hosts…the fearsome threesome. The Big Easy, The Big Apple, and the City of Angels. We discuss Jo’s U.S. book tour. The WOMBATs are back and Micah thinks he’s done awful. Jo’s interviews around the release of Deathly Hallows. Pickle Pack registration closed. Laura has a big PO Box update. Listener Rebuttals: Opals and the Chronology of Book Covers. Voicemails return: those things still exist? Does the deluxe edition cover have to be over New Zealand? Can Harry transfer his protection from P...more

  • 94: Episode #94: Beautiful Name, Beautiful Girl

    Jun 12 2007

    Jamie is led into a massive trap (and makes a fool out of himself). Final thoughts on the Harry Potter theme park. Is the dragon on the Deluxe cover an Antipodean Opaleye? One week left to sign up for Pickle Pack! National Wear Your MuggleCast t-shirt day is a huge success – see the pictures here. We start off our “Who will live and who will die” series. The premiere of Andrew’s new Wizard Rock single!

  • 93: Episode #93: The Real Trio

    Jun 04 2007

    Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Andrew calls Micah and Laura substandard staffers. Where have all the hosts gone? Just how big is this park going to be? Micah thinks $265 million doesn’t seem like a lot of money. Will they keep the snow in the summer? How many rides should we expect? Will Hogwarts be more of a walk-through than an amusement ride? Quidditch Simulation. Jamie has no choice but to return next week. Time is almost out to sign up for Pickle Pack! PO Box update.

  • 92: Episode #92: Big Bald Mr. Clean

    May 28 2007

    Movie Discussion: New TV spots, Umbridge, and running time. Printing of DH begins in Germany. National Wear Your MuggleCast T-Shirt Day is almost here. June is Global Spread MuggleCast Month. Andrew has a big announcement about his music career. The castle on the UK Children’s edition IS Hogwarts. Does that weird symbol represent the pieces of Voldemort’s soul? Main Discussion: Harry Potter and the Relics of Death. Does this confirm the Deathly Hallows are the Horcruxes? We examine the definiti...more

  • 91: Episode #91: No Limits, No Lives

    May 19 2007

    We discuss Jo’s post on spoilers. We share our summer plans. Too much security for Book 7? Rebuttals on the symbol. Main Discussion: Lily’s Secret. The Sorcerer’s Stone was initially in the Potters’ vault. Was Lily an alchemist? An unspeakable? Did she know the prophecy? What did she possess or know that made Voldemort give her the choice to live? Why didn’t she have a wand on her the night they were attacked? What was her connection to Snape? Dueling Club returns. The location of Godric’s Holl...more

  • 90: Episode #90: Zap The Fat Away

    May 13 2007

    Jo finally makes some site updates. We read some listener rebuttals that clear up some past uncertainties. Main Discussion: THE SYMBOL. Now the centerpiece of Bloomsbury’s website. Bloomsbury says it does play a significant role. We take listeners’ theories on the symbol. Is it related to the Key of Solomon? Is it an ancient rune that symbolizes the Order of the Phoenix? Since it’s on white marble, is it possibly found on Dumbledore’s tomb? Does it mean “broken trinity” or “loss of faith”? Voic...more

  • 89: Episode #89: In The Middle of The Night

    May 06 2007

    It’s an all dude show this week, including Mikey B! Impromptu Listener Challenge. Order of the Phoenix trailer talk. Andrew and Mikey giggle with excitement. Raving reviews for Pickle Pack! A small Spiderman 3 review. We welcome several MuggleCast listeners to the show as they call in with their OOTP thoughts! Joe Fulton of MillionairePlayboy.com joins us again for a review of the OOTP Hogwarts Castle!

  • 88: Episode #88: Movie Talk Galore

    Apr 29 2007

    We take a moment to remember the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy. We’re proud to announce the Pickle Pack! Join for exclusive videos, blogs, photos, and more! The announcement about Jamie that launched a thousand fangirls’ anguished cries. It’s all OOTP all the time this week! We chat about certain changes made to the dementors and Voldemort’s facial features. What is with the Priori Incantatem going on between Dumbledore and Voldemort? Umbridge is already making us angry (it’s a good thin...more

  • 87: Episode #87: Shameless Promotion

    Apr 15 2007

    We reveal some unbelievable news about our Deathly Hallows manuscripts. Listener Rebuttals cover the UK children’s book cover. One listener sends in a prophecy theory that the co-hosts love. Main Discussion: What role could Gringotts play in Deathly Hallows? Goblins and their role in the series. For what purpose would the trio be at Gringotts? If they’re being sucked into a vault, who’s is it? Will Bill Weasley help the trio get inside? Is it possible Voldemort hid a Horcrux at Gringotts? Could...more

  • 86: Episode #86: Cover Call-ins

    Apr 11 2007

    It’s the second extra episode to make up for Jamie being a waste of space! On this show we spend an hour taking live calls from listeners who have their own theories about the Deathly Hallows covers.