No Borders

K.F. Jr and Darryl endeavour to tear down the artificial borders of an Africa once united on their show No Borders. The hosts of the hugely popular Zim Conversations take their discussion to the rest of Africa in solidarity to Pan-Africanism and the sharing of knowledge and wealth on the continent. No Borders seeks to take a conversation to every African, focusing on day to day matters and topics that affect the 21st Century individual. From continental Politics, Current Affairs, Music, Arts & C...more


  • The MDC: Kicks of a Dying Horse?

    Dec 15 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. tackles the MDC's recent controversial US visit with Chadya Tapiwa Diamond - cosmopolitan, legal practitioner and AfriChair analyst. South African-based Zimbabwean hip hop artist and radio host Don Dada also pulls through to drop some new music and kick it with K.F.

  • Zim Budget 2018 & Vee Mukarati

    Dec 08 2017

    CliffCentral.com — No Borders hosts Lawrence Dube, Managing Consultant at World Wealth Consulting, to discuss the recently announced Zimbabwe 2018 Budget. Zimbabwean jazz musician and saxophonist Vee Mukarati also pulls through to talk about the influence of music in politics, and his new album - Nyamavhuvhu Night Sounds.

  • Zimbabwe Celebrates, Libya Mourns

    Dec 01 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. and Darryl sit down with President of the Zim/SA Forum, Anele Ndlovu and Botswana-based Digital Marketer Simba Mudereri to discuss the economic implications of Robert Mugabe's resignation. The team also analyses the legalities of the Libyan situation.

  • Zimbabwe

    Nov 24 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. speaks to Gideon Mongwe from Time of my Life regarding the monumental events in Zimbabwe with the swearing in of new president, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

  • Da L.E.S & Fresh 2 Def

    Nov 17 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Fresh 2 Def label owner and rapper Da L.E.S. brings label duo Stunt Double and DJ D Double D to discuss their latest endeavours and life as an entrepreneur with K.F. and Darryl.

  • Zim Election 2018 Special Part 3: Nkosana Moyo & The APA

    Nov 16 2017

    CliffCentral.com — The seemingly elusive Dr Nkosana Moyo joins K.F. to shed light on his party's agenda and strategy. The two discuss his illustrious career, time in government, and the Alliance for the People's Agenda - its mission, vision, and promise to the people of Zimbabwe ahead of Election 2018.

  • Zim Election 2018 Special Part 2: The Opposition - Acie & Tajamuka

    Nov 16 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. and Darryl explore the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition ahead of the 2018 Election. They put Acie Lumumba and Tajamuka South Africa Head Tino Mambeu to task regarding their movements, and scrutinise the opposition as a whole.

  • Zim Election 2018 Special Part 1: Nkosana's APA

    Nov 16 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. sits down with the seemingly reclusive Zimbabwean political party, Alliance for People's Agenda (APA). In studio is the party's Interim Secretary General, Albert Gumbo, who sheds light on the party's vision, mission and core principles.

  • Time of My Life

    Nov 10 2017

    CliffCentral.com — This week K.F. and Darryl talk to award-winning Zimbabwean caucasian DJ, DJ Stavo, who breaks down his work ethic and rise to stardom. South African radio guru and founder of the Time of my Life events company, Gideon Mongwe takes us through his career and the upcoming Time of my Life event.

  • South meets West

    Nov 03 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. and Darryl play host to Durban-based Angolan artist Bistah, South Africans Tuko and Just Pete, and Nigerian Lumie Lee - who all drop some new music and discuss the collaborative space that the African music industry is currently in.

  • Few Kings: Politically Charged

    Oct 27 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. is joined by guest host and SA music magazine editor Darryl Nyamutsamba for an enthralling discussion with Tehn Diamond, Jnr Brown and Take Fizzo: collectively known as Few Kings. Their latest offering, TFAF2 (The Feeling Ain't Fear) is dissected for its socio-political messaging and fearlessness! Myke Pimp and Kikky Badass also make quick appearances as acts at the Kings Of The Summer tour.

  • Alfred Kainga / TDK Macassette / Linda Mash

    Oct 13 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. and guest host Mandisa Jiyane host a multi-cultural, multi-faceted African art exhibition this week. US-based comedian Alfred Kainga fresh off his African tour, Durban house sensation TDK Macassette, and Soweto's multi-talented Linda Mash all make for another great episode of No Borders.

  • The Story of Hip Hop: Fitjo SOA

    Oct 06 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Hip Hop Scholar & Artist, Fitjo SOA (Son Of Africa), gives a prolific lecture on the roots of Hip Hop and 'The Five Elements'. Together with K.F. they delve into the revolutionary premise of music in Africa!

  • Alfred Kainga & Sanii Makhalima

    Sep 29 2017

    CliffCentral.com — No Borders gets on the phone with Joe Parker of Parker's Comedy and Jive in anticipation of US-based Zimbabwean Alfred Kainga's stand up performance next weekend. Zim RnB legend Sanii Makhalima joins the show to discuss recent exploits and the state of RnB in Zimbabwe. And don't miss the season finale of MTV Shuga Down South Radio Drama Series!

  • The Beautiful Struggle: A Tale of Powerful Women

    Sep 22 2017

    CliffCentral.com — PR and communications strategist, L.J. Shangase joins No Borders as K.F.'s guest host. Together they get into an in depth talk with Barbara Kamba-Nyathi, author, psychological counsellor, mentor, inspirational speaker, and a survivor of cervical cancer. Prolific actress Manaka Ranaka takes the duo through the hardships of abuse and violence currently rocking the lives of South African women.

  • Queendom & Pledger Africa

    Sep 15 2017

    CliffCentral.com — No Borders bids farewell to Kamu as he ventures into new territories. However, K.F. keeps it pushing and holds it down this week with 15-year-old femcee and songwriter Gabby Moyce who drops her single 'Queendom'. Nicola Coundourakis, managing founder of Pledger Africa, returns to the show to give an update on events and progress since the inception of their organisation.

  • Fenesse & The Zim Hip Hop Summit

    Sep 08 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Producer and artist Fenesse pulls through to No Borders to drop his breakout single 'Tuesday Morning.' Darryl Nyamutsamba and Plot Mhako - organisers of Zimbabwe's first ever Hip Hop Summit - also stop by to discuss their groundbreaking feat. Episode 12 of the MTV Shuga Radio Drama Series airs as we get closer and closer to the finale.

  • African Entertainment ABCs & Cultural T&Cs

    Sep 01 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Kamu sits down with Rapn3rd - a third generation up and coming rap artist debuting his first single, 'Dreams'. Prepare for a pulsating and eye-opening journey to the heart of what makes the African and global music scene.

  • Diary of a Southern Songstress

    Aug 25 2017

    CliffCentral.com — This week Kamu speaks to the talented Maseng Manwaane. The Afro pop songstress talks pop culture, breaking into an enclosed African industry, and drops her latest single 'Mi Amor'. Episode 10 of The MTV Shuga radio drama series airs as we draw closer to the finale!

  • Polokwane Keyz

    Aug 18 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Polokwane singer, songwriter and rapper Keabetswe 'Keyz' Ntsoane joins Kamu to discuss his dedication to the creation of a style of music that incorporates soul, hip hop and dance. He drops his latest track 'Flashing Lights'... and episode 9 of the MTV Shuga radio drama series airs.

  • Johannesburg 2 Windhoek

    Aug 11 2017

    CliffCentral.com — The Immigrants take a tour of the south and kick it with hip hop/reggae artist Don Dada and multi-faceted songstress Taylor Jaye, who both drop exclusive music. Genres mash up and Episode 8 of the MTV Shuga Radio Drama series airs.

  • African State of Affairs

    Aug 04 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Brian T. Kagoro - lawyer, consultant and developmental governance enthusiast - joins K.F. for a rundown of Africa's current state of affairs. Bongiwe Nkobi and Angela Mthembu from the 'Strike The Rock Women in Music Festival' pull through to discuss their event and its conceptual origin. Don't miss episode 7 of the MTV Shuga radio drama series!

  • Unity Through Music

    Jul 28 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Burundi, Zambia, Ghana and South Africa come together in the form of Afro musical group Ekowas Connexion, who sit down with The Immigrants to discuss Pan-Africanism and drop their song 'Mambo Jambo'.

  • Music & Drama

    Jul 21 2017

    CliffCentral.com — The Immigrants chat to DJ K Smackz who drops his latest single 'Down Low' featuring Crimson Blu and T Mula. Precious Nyarambi of Vessels of Virtue joins in the conversation to discuss her upcoming Unity and Love event and the work her organisation does. Episode 5 of the MTV Shuga Radio drama series airs to cap off another amazing show.

  • African Ambassadors

    Jul 14 2017

    CliffCentral.com — The guys chat to Benny Langa, one of the hosts of Xtreme Outdoors Africa - an African outdoor experience TV Show. Rapper Sir Twyz also pulls through to drop some music and brag about his many accolades and titles.

  • Come Up Kids

    Jul 07 2017

    CliffCentral.com — In true Immigrant fashion, K.F. and Kamu host come up rappers Apollo and G Plat, who drop new music and discuss their ongoing journeys to stardom. Plus the MTV Shuga radio drama series continues.

  • The Africa Care Edition

    Jun 30 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Episode two of the MTV Shuga Down South radio drama drops and in line with the principles of MTV Shuga, the Immigrants have a heated discussion with acting MD, Dr Mini and Zola Mtshiya. Zola is the head of marketing, branding and communication at the Board of Health Funders Southern Africa. The conversation delves deep into the role of the private sector in national healthcare insurance.

  • The Genesis Edition

    Jun 23 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. and Kamu celebrate their No Borders and MTV Shuga Down South partnership with a star-studded line up of guests. Family Tree's latest addition, Tshego, drops by to congratulate the team and drop his latest offering, 'Garden'. South African/Nigerian trap and hip-hop artist, Spender, also comes through to drop his new single 'II For The Night' and talk about his upcoming album.

  • Youth Day: MTV Shuga Presents 16 & Pregnant

    Jun 16 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. and Kamu sit down with MTV Shuga Presents 16 & Pregnant stakeholders, Whitney Chinogwenya: Brand and Communications Lead at Marie Stopes and Dudu Maziya: Communications Co-ordinator at Mothers2Mothers to discuss the new MTV show and teenage pregnancy in commemoration of Youth Day.

  • MTV Shuga Down South: A pre-Youth Day conversation

    Jun 09 2017

    CliffCentral.com — The Immigrants are joined by the cast of the recently launched MTV Shuga Down South for a pre-Youth Day conversation. Characters Sol (Ayanda Makayi), Tsholo (Stephanie Sandows), Quinton aka Q (Jezrial Skei), Mr Masangu (Graeme Kriega) discuss the show's journey and purpose ahead of one of Africa's biggest holidays.

  • Back To The Old School

    Jun 02 2017

    CliffCentral.com — The Immigrants went in on hip-hop culture and influence in light of the Back To Old School J. Dilla Tribute Concert. SA rapper Youngen God dropped his single 'Selemina' and also weighed in on the OG's of hip-hop.

  • The K.F. Monologue

    May 19 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. goes it alone and embarks on an hour long monologue on issues ranging from Pepe Kalle and Rhumba to BEE and Affirmative Action.

  • #MenAreTrash - Movement or Banter?

    May 12 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Josina Z. Machel, daughter of Samora and Graca Machel and Founder of the Kuhluka Movement, joins The Immigrants for an in-depth discussion on domestic-based violence. AB Crazy also comes through to weigh in on hip-hop's portrayal of women, and drop his latest single 'Sorry'.

  • Music Mags & African Diamonds

    May 05 2017

    CliffCentral.com — The Immigrants speak to Darryl Nyamutsamba, Editor of SA Music Magazine - and artists Ammara Brown and Tehn Diamond. There is a heated debate about the 'African sound', and some new tracks get played.

  • Girls, Girls, Girls

    Apr 28 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Palesa Tshabalala of Thuto-Lesedi Secondary School discusses the Girl Talk initiative. Rapper Mz Louis Layne (Swaziland) and Afro Soul songstress Liefy Jones (Botswana) also pull through to drop some fresh music!

  • Philanthropy Meets Business

    Apr 21 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Nkemakonam, founder of Stop Child Sexual Abuse Now unpacks the situation in Nigeria. Sijibomi Ogundele - CEO of the Sujimoto Group, Jabu Mabobo and Anele Ndlovu of The Zim SA Forum talk business and entrepreneurship.

  • The African Creative Economy

    Mar 31 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Fort CEO Shukri Toefy and Marketing and Communications Manager Mikhaila Hunter talk decolonising the African creative economy. DJ Stavo elaborates on the complexities of the Zimbabwean music industry, and Akinwale James from Nigeria serenades listeners on the acoustic guitar.

  • Sex Noise & Toys

    Mar 24 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Gigi Lamayne joins the team at this year's Sexpo to talk about Sexuality and Sexism. Then Sexpo attendees Didi and Mbali get dragged into an explicit conversation by The Immigrants.

  • Coffee & Entrepreneurs

    Mar 17 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Bean There CEO and founder Jonathan Robinson talks African coffee and its origins. Entrepreneurs Matipedza Karase and Tafadzwa Shaun Chirisa share their latest endeavours.

  • We Pledge Allegiance To The Land

    Mar 10 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Mazwi Mkhulisi, Programmes Manager at Vumelana Advisory Fund, sheds light on the contentious land redistribution matter... and Nicola Coundourakis, Managing Founder at Pledger Africa talks volunteerism and their highly-anticipated launch. Plus, Kamu rants about Arsene Wenger and Barcelona.

  • MTV Shuga, OYC & Con Courts

    Mar 03 2017

    CliffCentral.com — It's a mashup of a show as The Immigrants speak to Georgia Arnold, Executive Director of MTV's Staying Alive Foundation, guest speaker at the Own Your Crown event Rebecca Kanoerera Munyuki, as well as Law graduate and activist Muchengeti Hwacha. Dhadza D, Ex Q and Munaz also make cameos promoting their weekend shows in Jozi.

  • Spirit of Africa - NO to Xenophobia!

    Feb 24 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Nompumelelo Shabangu, Programme Coordinator at GIBS Centre for Leadership and Dialogue, joins K.F. to discuss the Spirit of Youth Programme. Then the 2 Woke Girls join the show to chat about the origins of xenophobia.

  • Pray For Mozambique

    Feb 17 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. and Kamu dedicate the show to the people of Mozambique in light of Tropical Depression ex-Dineo. Internationally accredited Mentor Business Coach Jacques van Heerden chops it up on how it's done right, and Namibian Goddess Taylor Jaye blesses the show with her powerful vocals.

  • The Luminous Edition

    Feb 10 2017

    CliffCentral.com — The Immigrants discuss African Revolutionary Parties and welcome teen pop group LMNS (Luminous) comprising Kristen "Rae-Juan" Still, Danielle "Dani" Bosman and Avela "Vivi" Mvundle, who drop their debut single and kick it on No Borders!

  • The African Brief Edition

    Jan 27 2017

    CliffCentral.com — The Immigrants take a look at the latest African events in politics, sport and religion and sit down with producers Mr Kamera and Simba Tagz to discuss their work with artists on the continent.

  • Millennials & Drums!

    Jan 20 2017

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. and guest host Takunda Tsunga discuss the 'Millennial phenomenon' and play an audio clip from Simon Sinek's viral talk on the matter. Then drummers Greg Coles, Slade Stephenson and Richard Harvey join them on the show for an exhilarating live drum set and discussion on their musical careers, with a bonus rap by J.A.C.K.

  • Gabon 2017

    Jan 13 2017

    CliffCentral.com — Thulani Thuswa, Communications Manager of Mamelodi Sundowns comes through to discuss the much-anticipated AFCON 2017 Tournament. Zimbabwean musicians T Mula, Danny T, VeVaz05, Bounty Lisa, Smacks and BC drop their new single dedicated to the Zimbabwe Football team as they contest for the AFCON Cup!

  • Return of the Kings

    Jan 06 2017

    CliffCentral.com — #NoBorders premieres in an extravagant show of African solidarity with guests Ayo Awosusi (Nigeria), Tubalemye-ba-Yahweh Mutwale (Zambia) Mbali (SA) and Tuliza Sindi (Burundi/DRC). Guitar Sangoma Sylent Nqo (SA/Zimbabwe) caps the show off with his debut single 'Be My Girl', featuring Young DLC. The Immigrants have done it again!

  • 2017 Let Me In

    Dec 30 2016

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. ends the year with rapper Tinashe 'Sox' Soko, Media Executive Sophia Chitemere and her sister, model and entrepreneur Tiffany Chitemere, in an exhilarating celebration of 2016 and intro to 2017, LET ME IN! A special dedication was made to Simba Maponga & Charlene Mukarakate who wed on Dec 31st 2016! #RIPYvonne

  • House Music, Fashion & Dance

    Dec 23 2016

    CliffCentral.com — Join the ever-colourful immigrants for an episode on the sounds of house music, and the impact of dance and fashion on the Zim cancer community. A truly inspiring and motivational hour of uncensored conversations.

  • The Millionaire Edition

    Dec 16 2016

    CliffCentral.com — Millionaires Tendai Ndoro and Frank Buyanga grace this holiday millionaire edition and are entertained by songstress Crimson Blu for another Immigrant Conversation with K.F. and Kamu!

  • The Crossover Edition

    Dec 09 2016

    CliffCentral.com — South African rapper 4Bidden joins the show, crossing over the Limpopo to a Zimbabwean fanbase. Artist Bozoe and Acie Lumumba also join The Immigrants' conversation.

  • The Ungovernable Edition

    Dec 02 2016

    CliffCentral.com — 10 Minutes with Vimbai, King Mukoko and Aisha de Beer... insane conversation with The Immigrants! Your weekly music and fashion fix in a unique way.

  • The Yanai Collection Edition

    Nov 25 2016

    CliffCentral.com — Yanai Collection Operations manager Kholie talks to K.F. about the Yanai brand, African print fashion, marketing platforms and lots more. Sabelo Radebe then pops in to talk about South Africa and what he knows about Zimbabwe.

  • CANSA & AWA Edition

    Nov 18 2016

    CliffCentral.com — Lucy Balone and Millicent Mulelu from CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) speak on 'Caregiving' with The Immigrants, and in celebration of life and overcoming they are joined by AWA (African Women Awards) founders Carol Nyazika and Lisa Chiriseri for another great show.

  • Influencers Edition

    Nov 11 2016

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. welcomes Kamu back from a long hiatus and they talk TV & High Teas with Tre Ncube, Zoe Sibanda and Rutendo Denise.

  • Reverse Xenophobia & New Stars

    Oct 27 2016

    CliffCentral.com — South Africa's Vicky Vuyiswa joins K.F. as a guest host and they talk to artist Nono Madzi and producer Blah Muchemwa.

  • Zim Conversations - Reggae & Film

    Oct 20 2016

    CliffCentral.com — A dedication to Zim's Liberation Genre and Being Amazing. K.F. chats to Zion Daughter and Rutsman... and Tami Kusvabadika from Be Amazing TV Show.

  • Zim Conversations - ‎Music meets Politics

    Oct 13 2016

    CliffCentral.com — ‎Music meets politics on this week's Immigrant Show as K.F. and Kamu have T-Mula, Karizma and Acie Lumumba, and Karen Mukwedeya being ungovernable.

  • Zim Conversations - Videos & Couture

    Oct 06 2016

    CliffCentral.com — Ngugi Vely Vere has some harsh words regarding K.F.'s fashion sense... and Tinashe Arthur Chikwanda explores the world of music videos.

  • Zim Conversations - Extraordinary Women

    Sep 29 2016

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. and Kamu dedicate this episode to their mothers and all the amazing women doing big things around the world. They bring Nadia Nakai, Kim Jayde Robinson, and the High Tea Ladies Zoe and Bonnie for a look into some of the extraordinary things they are doing.

  • Zim Conversations - Media, Entertainment, Fashion & The Arts

    Sep 22 2016

    CliffCentral.com — The Immigrants had 'Super Immigrants' Phil Chard of Two Broke Twimbos & The African Hip Hop Blog, and Global Citizen Gilmore Tee on the show for an exciting talk on Media, Entertainment, Fashion and The Arts.

  • Zim Conversations - Zim Superstars

    Sep 15 2016

    CliffCentral.com — It's a mixed bag of Zim superstars in their own fields as the guys chat to People First (Zim Political Party run by former VP, Joice Mujuru), a Zimbabwe Achievers Awards SA representative, recording artist Peekay, and the Monash University SRC.

  • Zim Conversations - Pastor Evan talks about the “This Flag Movement”

    Sep 08 2016

    CliffCentral.com — Pastor Evan from the ‘This Flag Movement’ joins K.F. and Kamu on the show to talk about the “This Flag Movement” and debut the ‘This Flag’ Song. Palesa Segano who worked on the song also joins the team.

  • Zim Conversations - Lumumba Lumumba Lumumba

    Sep 02 2016

    CliffCentral.com — He's the young Zimbabwean upstart who launched his political party by saying, "Mr President Robert Gabriel Mugabe‚ f**k you". K.F. and Kamu sit down with the all-so-cocky Acie Lumumba, to eventually find out there's more to this chap than meets the eye.

  • Zim Conversations - Blazers, Bowties & Newspapers: The Trevor Ncube Edition

    Aug 26 2016

    CliffCentral.com — Media mogul Trevor Ncube joins K.F. on the show to touch on his empire, philanthropy and involvement in liberating Zimbabwe from three decades of tyranny.

  • Zim Conversations - The Carl 'Guinness' Ncube Edition

    Aug 19 2016

    CliffCentral.com — Zimbabwean comedian Carl Joshua Ncube is currently endeavouring to break the Guinness World Record for most stand-up shows in the space of 7 days. If he does, we plan on nicknaming him Carl 'Guinness' Ncube.

  • ShaSha Official, Zim Music Redefined

    Aug 12 2016

    CliffCentral.com — Zimbabwean music will never be the same again, it's SHASHA OFFICIAL!

  • Carol & Vimbai: A Dedication to African Heroines

    Aug 09 2016

    CliffCentral.com — To celebrate the strides women have made in Africa, the team has Vimbai Mutinhiri and Carol Nyazika on the show - two very Influential African women. #AfricanWomensAwards

  • Zim Conversations - The Kyros Boyz

    Aug 05 2016

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. and Kamu put on their cleats and talk sports and sports management with Nyasha and Ricky of Kyros Sports.

  • Zim Conversations - Conversations with a Diva

    Jul 29 2016

    CliffCentral.com — Thandi Muringa, model turned 'youngpreneur', joins K.F. and Kamu for a hilarious hour of pageantry and entrepreneurship babble!

  • Zim Conversations - Tajamuka: The Solidarity Edition

    Jul 22 2016

    CliffCentral.com — K.F. has a guest co-host in the form of Takunda Tsunga, who he unfortunately calls Takudzwa numerous times. They speak to Promise Mkwananzi and Tino Mambewu of The Tajamuka Movement. #FreeLindaMasarira

  • Zim Conversations - Pastor Evan Is Free, But What Next?

    Jul 15 2016

    CliffCentral.com — The immigrants sit down with Dr. Alex Magaisa and Adv. Gabriel Shumba to discuss Pastor Evan's arrest and release, as well as the future of the #ThisFlag movement.

  • Zim Conversations - The Jurists Edition

    Jul 08 2016

    CliffCentral.com — As Zimbabwe's buildings burn down and its people rise up, the guys speak to Arnold Tsunga, Director of the International Commission of Jurists (Africa), about The State of The Nation & Human Rights in Africa.

  • Zim Conversations - The Kamera Edition

    Jul 01 2016

    CliffCentral.com — The immigrants finally record their first podcast and bring Super Producer Mr Kamera onto the show. Zim Conversations... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lift off!