Pet Sounds

A podcast about you + your pet. Each episode investigates pet culture and what it reflects about us.


  • It's not just a dog - how to grieve a pet

    Apr 02 2019

    A companion animal's death can prompt very real grief in their owner. Andrea Beca knows—she shares how she's working through it. A pet bereavement specialist with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Heather Mueller, explains why grieving a pet demands its own distinct process.

  • Cats + dogs + Islam

    Jul 17 2018

    There are many misconceptions about Islam, including its teachings about companion animals. Veterinarian Dr. Ayoub M. Banderker debunks these false ideas while journalist (& author of Amazing Cats) Omar Mouallem reflects on growing up Muslim and how that informs his relationship with pets.

  • Lifetime guarantee

    Jul 10 2018

    Copper was dumped by her first family when they got a new puppy. We hear what happened next for the senior dog and why so many animals like her get abandoned, from animal welfare advocates Jessica Scott-Reid and the Grey Muzzle Organization's Lisa Lunghofer.

  • Heal Maisy heal

    Jul 03 2018

    Maisy, the shop dog at The Workroom on Queen Street in Toronto, had to take time off - a sick leave. While she battled cancer, her humans, Karyn and Andrew, took time off too. Hear how they travelled with Maisy to seek treatment and health.

  • Show your love

    Jun 26 2018

    Pet owners are displaying their love for their animals on their skin. With the help of The Force in the Flesh author, Shane Turgeon, we trace why the ancient art form is showing up as Nik Kozub's pet portrait tattoo of Mickey, the cockapoo, by Timbre Tattoo's Shawn O'Connor, and on Arianne Smith-Piquette as her Frieda pup tattoo by Myke Peters, at Lucky Strike.

  • Feed me

    Jun 19 2018

    Natalie is facing eviction, cancer and PTSD - she's potentially losing her cats in the process. We hear who's stepping up to help Natalie and others facing homelessness, keep their companion animals fed, healthy and at home.

  • Unintentional harm

    Jun 12 2018

    The unconditional love of companion animals can become a trap for both a human and their pets - it’s known as animals hoarding. We meet Red, the cat, and learn about the hoarding situation he came from and how it happened.

  • The dog with 3½ names

    Jun 05 2018

    We trace the pure bred mutt's story back to the beginning, or as best we can. A dog who's been a loyal companion through addiction and depression.

  • Capturing pets

    May 29 2018

    Find out why people love to capture pets in photos, even though they don't behave for the camera. We hear from musician Mike ONeill who's put animals on his album covers, two photographers who take pet portraits with Chewed Slippers Pet Photography and a University of Toronto professor, Matthew Brower who researched the long tradition of animal photography for his book, Developing Animals: Wildlife and Early American Photography.

  • Your pet hates your music

    May 22 2018

    When you leave the apartment you leave music on - but does your pet wish you didn't? We find out from Charles Snowdon, a professor of Psychology and Zoology at University of Wisconsin–Madison, and a Veterinarian, Dr. Elaine Degrandpre; all during a visit with musician Amy van Keeken and her dogs, Nabby and Daisy.

  • Designing for the good of pets

    May 15 2018

    Cheap and cute don’t cut it for pet toys any more. We find out how and why good design and quality ingredients are getting integrated into pet accessories and food, from Fox & Tux Pet Boutique's Naomi McFee and Rescue Strong apparel designer, CJ Miyak.