RHLSTP with Richard Herring

RHLSTP is an award-winning series in which comedian Richard Herring ("The Podfather" - The Guardian) chats with some of the biggest names in comedy and entertainment. Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard, Dawn French, David Mitchell, Katherine Ryan and Brian Blessed are amongst the many stars to have been interviewed across the 200+ episodes..


  • RHLSTP 294 - Sindhu Vee

    Sep 23 2020

    #294 Uterus - Richard is coming to you from an exciting new location in time and space and is worried about the lack of jumping 18 year olds. His guest is ex model, investment banker and stutterer Sindhu Vee. They discuss coming to stand up later in life, doing stand up about your kids, tough parenting, soft-boiled eggs, whether it’s possible to be a good rat, conveyor belts by the Crown Jewels, 16 letter surnames and dispelling ghosts. A fantastic look at the life of someone...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 3, Episode 4)

    Sep 17 2020

    Retro AIOTM #26 - Back to June 2011 for another Retro AIOTM to try and distract you from the inevitability of lockdown 2. As it spirals towards the mountain that will put it out of its misery, Rich gets to think about this position in the comedy firmament after attending a Jerry Seinfeld gig (one of his last ever nights out with Andrew Collings). We’re trying to raise some money for live comedy venues with our latest kickstarter. Take a look at rhlstp.co.uk/kickstarter and back us if you like th...more

  • RHLSTP 293 - Sophie Duker

    Sep 16 2020

    #293 Postman Potter - Rich is back from his holiday and now able to control gulls and make them his lifelong allies and he’s also had an amazing gift from a fan of the show. His guest has a lot to say about moisturiser - it’s Sophie Duker. They discuss dry knees and crusty feet, being sent nudes on social media, a novel use for cucumbers, how a gardener made Sophie cry, writing for puppets, the genius of Frankie Boyle and the differences between dating now and pre 2008.Watch the show every ...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 3, Episode 3)

    Sep 10 2020

    Retro AIOTM #25 - It’s May 30th 2011 and AIOTM’s silver jubilee 25th ep. To think that Canadian baby of unknown gender is now 9 and the world has caught up a bit with its parents gender concerns. It’s a long, long ep. Hope you enjoy it. If you do, why not become a monthly badger at http://twitch.tv/rkherring or preorder Richard’s new book, The Problem With Men from wherever you preorder your books.As It Occurs To Me: Series 3, Episode 3: It's the 25th episode of AIOTM (aiotm) and the silver jubi...more

  • RHLSTP 292 - Bilal Zafar

    Sep 09 2020

    #292 Twitch Chaplin - Rich is being driven mad by a children’s song, but at least he’s about to finally get back on the telly, so he can leave you losers behind. But he’s mistimed it all as TV is about to be usurped by the internet as this week’s guest Bilal Zafar is on the cusp of proving. They talk about being an arsehole in someone else’s dreams, working as an extra, Percy the Shepherd, the famous people of Wanstead and Bolton, Richard’s incredible generosity and vanity, befriending Limmy, th...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 3, Episode 2)

    Sep 03 2020

    Retro AIOTM #24 - Back to May 23rd 2011, when the worst thing Richard Herring had to worry about was navigating piss covered toilets. If we could turn back time, we wouldn’t mind being back in those cosier days. Hope you’re enjoying these retro AIOTMs and remember, you are finally providing the cast (not Rich) with a wage by listening. So thanks.As It Occurs To Me: Series 3, Episode 2: Somehow we've survived the Rapture, which has ruined Rich's plan to not write a script. We have a visit from a ...more

  • RHLSTP 291 - Bettany Hughes

    Sep 02 2020

    #291 Ancient Porn Hub - Rich has discovered a dark secret about his wife, but there’s no way out now. His guest is best served dripping with honey, it’s historian Bettany Hughes. They talk about appearing in a play at University with one of them in their underwear, the transformation of Aphrodite from penis-headed goddess to sexy statue, finding fragments of ancient text, how we can learn about societies from their gods, Pompeiian handbags, following in the footsteps of Odysseus, the island of t...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 3, Episode 1)

    Aug 27 2020

    Retro AIOTM #23 - We’re up to Series 3 of Retro AIOTM and now it’s May 2011 and Pippa Middleton and her disembodied anus are about to burst into the public consciousness. What a time to be alive. If you enjoy this show you might enjoy Ally and Herring’s Twitch of fun at 8pm on Thursdays on http://twitch.tv/rkherringAs It Occurs To Me: Series 3, Episode 1: It's Series 3 Episode 1 and one of the regular cast has gone missing, but there are super injunctions and conspiracy theories flying around as...more

  • RHLSTP 290 - Jo Caulfield

    Aug 25 2020

    #290 Garlic and Vodka - Rich is about to hit 53, but at least he’s back in the big time with a major TV opportunity as a snookerist. His guest is ex-rockabilly drummer Jo Caulfield. They chat about messing up your one line on a TV show, a drama student taking method acting too far, living in squats, how Dolly Parton gets it right, when to throw out your cereal bowls, the hell of playing zoom quizzes with your family, an unlikely alliance with Neville Southall and how and why Jo got banned and re...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 3)

    Aug 20 2020

    Retro AIOTM #22 - Do you ever wish you could go back to the start of the 2010s and give it all another go? Well join me if you dare in another retro AIOTM and do exactly that. It’s 2nd November 2010 and I am talking about Celebrity Mastermind for the first of many occasions. If only I could go back and say junk food instead of fast food. That’s the only thing I’d change about the 2010s.Pre order my book here (please).Join me on Twitch why not?As It Occurs To Me: 2010 Special episode 3: We've mad...more

  • RHLSTP 289 - Daniel Sloss

    Aug 19 2020

    #289 Hubris - Richard has just finished writing the first draft of his book and is in a giddy mood. He’s been practicing his ventriloquism which will be particularly impressive in the audio version. His guest is the hairless arsed Daniel Sloss (I refuse to ask him about his arse, but I am thinking about it all through the podcast). They talk about lockdown madness, the Robot Wars murder spree, working with a translator for a Russian show, whether God got the taste of sperm right, gradually worki...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 2)

    Aug 13 2020

    Retro AIOTM #21 - Do you remember 19th October 2010? Do you want to go back there and have marmalade for lunch and celebrate the rescue of those Chilean miners? Let me take you by the audio hand and lead you through the annal passage of time to this old episode of AIOTMIf you appreciate this generous gift then please order my book, ebook or audiobook here (for example)Any why not watch me on Twitch?As It Occurs To Me: 2010 Special episode 2: It's AIOTM XXI and although one God is dead, many othe...more

  • RHLSTP 288 - Nathan Caton

    Aug 12 2020

    #288 Lockdown Love Poetry - Rich has received his first hand-written Father’s Day card, which might also have been a break-up note. His guest is the Chortle Student Comedian of the year 2005, Nathan Caton. They chat about having to spend time with your partner in lockdown, plucking defeat from the jaws of victory in Mastermind, producing a topical podcast looking at only good news (listen here https://audioboom.com/channels/5024060), being a Christian comedian, giving up architecture for a life ...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 1)

    Aug 06 2020

    Retro AIOTM #20 - Let’s turn back time to October 12th 2010 to hear the first in a short run of AIOTM specials. I don’t remember anything about this one, I am afraid and it’s not like I am going to listen back. But you can and then write your own retrospective introductionCatch Rich on his Twitch channel most nights.Help fund future projects by becoming a badgerAnd preorder his new book “The Problem With Men” here.As It Occurs To Me: 2010 Special episode 1: It's episode 20 and As It Occurs To Me...more

  • RHLSTP 287 - Maisie Adam

    Aug 05 2020

    #287 White Chicks Dance Off - Rich has been turned into a woman on the internet and so comes a predictable emergency question. It’s another lockdown remote record with the West Riding of Yorkshire’s Maisie Adam. They discuss whether you should correct people who get your name wrong, putting a Shrek in a February Pantomime, recreating the Bill Grundy/Sex Pistols face-off, epilepsy, phantom drones, a not very close call with Raoul Moat and tweeting on your 18th birthday. Watch the Twitch chan...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Edinburgh Special 2010)

    Jul 30 2020

    Retro AIOTM #19 - Back 10 years to the Edinburgh Fringe 2010 - who would have dreamed that a decade later the whole thing would have been postponed? But you can pretend it’s all still happening by listening to this hour of culturally insensitive bilge written under extreme circumstances even for this half-arsed show. Remember you can see the 10 year older Richard Herring who doesn’t even have the politeness to write a script now, strutting his stuff on Twitch most nights, including the all new A...more

  • RHLSTP 286 - Lauren Pattison

    Jul 29 2020

    #286 Hi-Viz Jacket - We’re still in lockdown but Rich is hoping he’s managed to secure the future of Emergency Questions in the event or World War, so fingers crossed. His guest is ex-pretend mugger Lauren Pattison. They talk about the devastating effect that lockdown has had on Lauren’s personal and professional life, but the positives that she takes from that, the joy of laminating, the mystery of vegetables, how snogging has become illegal and the absence of Soleros. Plus how everyone in...more

  • RHLSTP 285 - Greg Jenner

    Jul 22 2020

    #285 Micky Mouse’s Unsexy EarsRichard is deep in book deadline Hell, but still has time to tweet Lord Sugar about his maths expertise and consider how much human DNA needs to be in a mouse to make it a viable partner. His guest is podcaster, sometimes actor and historian Greg Jenner. They discuss repeatedly falling downstairs, whether historians are duty bound to have sex with Neanderthals, what new history has happened and have a detailed examination of the history of celebrity, thanks to ...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 2, Episode 8)

    Jul 16 2020

    Retro AIOTM #18 - Back to July 2010 for the final AIOTM of the 2nd series and it’s the one with Lembit Opik. He’ll do the jokes. Thanks for listening to these. You know the ways you can support us by nowAs It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 8: The final show of the second series and all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But 6Music is saved and the Bloomsbury is packed to the gills so it's a party atmosphere. Van Morrison has been supporting Christian, Emma is well up the duff, and Dan has ...more

  • RHLSTP 284 - Richard Osman

    Jul 15 2020

    #284 Shipham Strawberry Fayre - Lockdown continues in all its exhausting torpor, but Rich has come up with a new game show as well as becoming needlessly annoyed by a very old song. His guest is long time friend of the show and lone self-isolator, Richard Osman. They chat about whether it’s better to be married or single during lockdown, dealing with the virus, how Henry Kelly might find himself a new job, how much money Michael Palin has, whether interviewing someone means you are now in t...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 2, Episode 7)

    Jul 09 2020

    Retro AIOTM #17 - Back to the end of June 2010 for more retro AIOTM and loads more motorcycle clothing shops. If you’re enjoying these crazy steps back in time then you can become a monthly badger here or link you Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime accounts and give us money at no cost to yourself - watch this video to find out howAs It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 7: It's the penultimate episode of Season 2 and the whole country is reeling from the worst spectacle they have witnessed in years, th...more

  • RHLSTP 283 - James Acaster

    Jul 08 2020

    #283 Mummified Cat - It’s an extra special sell-out episode which has been bought and paid for by Ian Oxygen of O2 and that originally went out to Priority at O2 customers. But now everyone can see/hear it! Hooray. The guest is factory visitor James Acaster. They discuss binding agents, annoying Anne Diamond, the Wombles, whether Rich was the best or worst Off Menu guest of all time, Tim Vine, Biblical recordings and having to pretend you liked How I Met Your Mother. Plus the charity work t...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 2, Episode 6)

    Jul 02 2020

    Retro AIOTM #16 - It’s here. These weeks of listening to ten year old comedy is finally worth it. MOTORCYCLE CLOTHING SHOP SKETCH is here - and I am advising people to pull down statues. I am a visionary. This was recorded back in June 2010 remember. I am Nostradamus (or is that Emma Kennedy). Why not become a monthly badger to celebrate me? As It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 6: It's the 16th episode of AIOTM (AIOTM), 16 lost weekends of trying to satirise all comedy by producing a comedy sho...more

  • RHLSTP 282 - Kiri Pritchard-McLean

    Jul 01 2020

    #282 Sheep in Sheep’s Clothing - We’re 10000 days into lockdown and Richard is going mad, but his dreams are becoming violent or sexy. But is is cheating? His guest is the besequinned and hilarious Kiri Pritchard-McLean. They chat about attempted period censorship, brilliant tour plans foiled by the virus, lockdown comedy at the Covid Arms http://www.comedyatthecovid.co.uk/, the dark things you see growing up on a farm, the best tourist attractions that Anglesey has to offer, Tutankham...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 2, Episode 5)

    Jun 25 2020

    Retro AIOTM #15 - five shows into the second series and Rich is clearly struggling to hold it together. It’s 14th June 2010 and ITV have screwed up the football - remember that? Support us with cash at http://gofasterstripe.com/badges or get more stuff for free at http://twitch.tv/rkherring (if you’re with Amazon Prime you can give us a free £5 a month by linking your accounts and subscribing).As It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 5: Real Andrew Collings has banned ...more

  • RHLSTP 281 - Robert Webb

    Jun 24 2020

    #281 Nipples Like Walnuts - Richard’s daughter has wished him a choice of terrible deaths, but come up with a great emergency question, proving herself superior to him in every way and he’s also increasingly obsessed with Sliding Doors. His guest is (hopefully) working on a lockdown episode of Robert’s Web, it’s Robert Webb.They talk about escaping lava inside a crocodile, time travel and alternate universes, finding out about the death of a family member by means of a note, open heart surgery, ...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 2, Episode 4)

    Jun 18 2020

    Retro AIOTM #14 - More retro shenanighans from 7th June 2010 with the AIOTM gang. You might want to go back and listen to all of the Collings and Herrin podcast to get the context. And good to know I have still failed to get nominated for any BAFTAS or even get on TV, but maybe my BAFTA is the friends I’ve lost along the way. Support us more at http://gofasterstripe.com/badges if you are so inclined.As It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 4: It's As It Occurs to ...more

  • RHLSTP 280 - Bill Burr

    Jun 17 2020

    #280 Ping - Rich is peeved that Banksy has been ripping off his ideas, but his guest doesn’t realise he’s not supposed to talk over him, it’s only bloody birthday boy Bill Burr. They discuss their startlingly similar careers (if you ignore Bill’s movie and success and money), what the West End is like, head mops, Warsaw Indiana, how fights in films are never realistic, Bill’s biggest acting role yet in the King of Staten Island https://www.thekingofstatenisland.com/, how a cartoon gives the...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 2, Episode 3)

    Jun 11 2020

    Retro AIOTM #13 - Thanks for listening to this old guff. This one goes back to 31st May 2010 when iPads were new and exciting. Support us by becoming a badger at http://gofasterstripe.com/badges if you can afford to, or just enjoy this stuff for free if you can’t or don’t want to. It’s all cool. More free nonsense at http://twitch.tv/rkherringAs It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 3: It's the 13th instalment of AIOTM, but that doesn't stop Tiny Andrew Collings appear...more

  • RHLSTP 279 - Mark Watson

    Jun 10 2020

    #279 Isolation, My Dear Mark Watson - Richard has been enjoying the lunchtime hour of lockdown the most so far and discusses chalk shadow drawings reminding him of nuclear war. His guest is author, comedian and lift engineer Mark Watson.They discuss trying to not die in a pandemic and how difficult it is to be motivated, turning 40 before civilisation collapses, how becoming successful is not always the best route for creativity (or making yourself feel better by arguing that), the redundancy of...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 2, Episode 2)

    Jun 04 2020

    Retro AIOTM #12 - Back to 24th May 2010 to find out what was troubling the young idiots version of Richard Herring and his crew of misfits. Why not become a badger at http://goifasterstripe.com/badges or check out http://twitch.tv/rkherring to find out how far this fool has fallen in the last ten years. Thanks for supporting us by listening to this ancient toshAs It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 2: Richard Herring audaciously attempts to rename five of the seven d...more

  • RHLSTP 278 - Michael Spicer

    Jun 03 2020

    #278 Paternal Sunflower Plagiarist - It’s another lockdown RHLSTP and Rich is talking to the star of internet phenomenon The Room Next Door, Michael Spicer. They chat about starring together in a film where Rich played a man who uses prostitutes (as usual), the difficulties of making the Mash Report in lockdown, becoming an overnight sensation after almost two decades, appearing on the James Corden show and copying Chris Morris. Rich drinks four shots of whisky which encourages him to be rude ab...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 2, Episode 1)

    May 29 2020

    Retro AIOTM #11 all the way back 10 years and 12 days to May 17th 2010 to find out what the young whippersnapper Richard Herring and the team are up to. Will they be driving to Barnard Castle to test their eyesight or wishing they could get their hair cut? I doubt it, because they lived in the happy beforetimes. And yet still they complained, the dolts.As It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 1: Sony nominated AIOTM (AIOTM) returns for its second series. In show one, 'Richard Merring' forms an unea...more

  • RHLSTP 277 - Adam Buxton

    May 27 2020

    #277 Empty W*nk Bank - The Coronavirus has taken out many planned live RHLSTPs (hopefully most will be rescheduled) and destroyed a promising and lucrative 2020 for Richard, but it CAN’T stop us broadcasting. Rich is joined by the guest with the most appearances on RHLSTP, from Norwich, Adam Buxton. Recorded on the 8th April whilst the fate of the PM hung in the balance they make some bold predictions of how that is going to turn out (apologies if we got it wrong) and how the lockdown is affecti...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 10)

    May 21 2020

    It’s 14th December 2009 and the first decade of the 21st Century is coming to an end (unless you are a mathematical stickler) and just think how bad things were going to get in the next 10 years. Let’s look back at a more innocent time when we could be more grossly offensive. Check out my Twitch channel at http://twitch.tv/rkherringThe final episode of AIOTM, but will it be the last ever? Rich is being haunted by ghosts of podcasts past and future and wondering if he has had a wonderfu...more

  • RHLSTP 276 - Aisling Bea

    May 20 2020

    #276 Bill Murray’s Irish Sister - Richard is still buzzing from last week’s podcast. Thank God we only do one a week, or imagine having to follow that! But he has news of his disappointing parenting to move us onwards. His guest is the incredible writer, actor and comedian, Aisling Bea, who didn’t realise that she was being filmed last time she was on.They chat about working with Paul Rudd, fearing being spied on from above, the incredible outdated sexual politics of How I Met Your Mother, how l...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 9)

    May 14 2020

    It’s coming up to Christmas in 2009 and the innocent young cast of AIOTM have no idea what will hit them in just 10 short years. And that’s for the best I suppose. As usual by listening you are giving funds to the justgiving heckle the virus charity and finally paying the cast for their work. See what madness Richard Herring is up to in 2020 by tuning in to http://twitch.tv/rkherringPodcast #9 and Richard is conflicted about whether he should be happy or sad that AIOTM h...more

  • RHLSTP 275 - Michael Palin

    May 13 2020

    #275 You’ve Got Mail - We’ve been recommissioned again for an amazing 19th series and Richard is exhausted from his final attempt to let the world know when International Men’s Day is and what are you talking about? He always wears a suit. There’s nothing unusual going on. His guest is just some guy from some old sketch show and the first Knight (that says Ni) on the podcast, Sir Michael Palin.Obviously Rich is in awe and on his best behaviour, but that won’t stop him bringing up one of Michael’...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 8)

    May 08 2020

    Back to 30th November 2009 for this exciting episode of AIOTM, with added adverts to raise money for the cast and other charity cases. Check out Rich on Twitchhttp://twitch.tv/rkherringAIOTM 8 and Richard's mental balance is about as good as Spike Milligan's after ten times as many Goon Shows, Emma has more tales of actresses shitting, Dan has had his child indoctrinated into the Catholic Church, and Christian has taken up acting. After a week of just watching Battl...more

  • RHLSTP 274 - Limmy

    May 06 2020

    #274 The Bollywig - Richard is back at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow and don’t worry that he forgets about the cool kids at the start - he remembers halfway through and he’s here to mend this religiously divided city. HIs guest is the “important" writer and pretend truck driver Brian Limmond aka Limmy. They chat about how they might not have anything left to chat about, the fantastic autobiography “Surprisingly down to earth and very funny”, feeling like you’ve missed a day at school, b...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 7)

    Apr 30 2020

    Series 1 show 7 - Back to 23rd November for another retro AIOTM with advertising proceeds going to the cast and the Heckle the Virus justgiving campaign for comedians. Check out Rich’s many stupid shows on twitch at http://twitch.tv/rkherring You can catch up on what you’ve missed out on in the video sectionShow 7 of AIOTM and Richard seems a bit stressed and overworked. Is he OK or is he on a spiralling descent to madness and death? Emma reveals more secrets about mad actres...more

  • RHLSTP 273 - Fern Brady

    Apr 29 2020

    #273 Selfies With Naturists - Richard is at the huge Theatre Royal in Glasgow and it’s the biggest crowd he’s ever had at one of his gigs, but he nearly got in a fight on his way here and it’s all his pretentious tour manager’s fault. His guest is the fierce, outspoken and brilliant Fern Brady. They chat about choosing inappropriate music for You’ve Been Framed, Shaun Ryder’s dodgy veneers, why Fern got the nick name “hippy” at school, why sexism is worse in the world of comedy than in the ...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 6)

    Apr 23 2020

    Another retro RHLSTP, this one from 16th November 2009 when we had no idea what a wonderful world of freedom and light and joy that we lived in. Hope you’re enjoying this snapshot back into what comedy was 11 years ago and you’re helping to finally pay the cast and give some money to the comedians’ justgiving fund just by listening. Thanks so much.In Show 6 of AIOTM, proceedings have been hijacked by the man from behind Rich in the queue in Waitrose (aiottmbritqiw!) but for how long? Rich r...more

  • RHLSTP 272 - Steve McNeil

    Apr 22 2020

    #272 The Pale Pirate - Richard is still in Northampton and reveals how an appearance on RHLSTP can get you on to the front page of a national newspaper. His guest is a man who refused to have cosmetic surgery to get on TV, Steve McNeil.They discuss his nerd-fascinating book, Hey Listen - the history of video games and some of the surprising stages in the evolution of pinball and Pacman, the compromises required to get Go 8 Bit on to the telly, the genius of Goblin King Rob Sedgebeer, getting mar...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 5)

    Apr 17 2020

    Series 1 episode 5 - Back to 9th November 2009 for this retro AIOTM which we’re repeating to raise some money for the cast and the comedians justgiving page - https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/hecklethevirusMade at a time where pushing back boundaries was in comedy vogueShow 5 of AIOTM is an offensiveness special. Rich gives his definitive thoughts on where the boundaries of comedy lie and decides the only way forward is to become more offensive. Along the way we d...more

  • RHLSTP 271 - Rev. Richard Coles

    Apr 15 2020

    #271 Cadging Fags Off The Homeless - Richard is at the Northampton Deco and amazed by the local news headlines and tourists’ Lady Diana disappointments. His guest is Communard turned Communion-giver, the Reverend Richard Coles. They discuss the terrifying streets of Northampton, the Bay City Rollers in a carpet shop, forgetting you had a speed boat, being the only priest to have tried non-recreational drugs, whether it’s possible to be a better Christian than Jesus, the post-traumatic stress of ...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 4)

    Apr 09 2020

    Retro AIOTM - Back to Halloween 2009 and the mad show which Richard Herring attempted to write in a day and record with minimal rehearsal. Watch Rich of Twitch at http://twitch.tv/rkherring for some live RHLSTPs, self-playing snooker. Stone clearing and more. If you are with Amazon Prime you can give him free money. Here’s how.Episode 4 of AIOTM is a Halloween special. Rich speculates that his comedy might be written by aliens, whilst Emma talks about the rats in her tree. Dan admits t...more

  • RHLSTP 270 - Konnie Huq

    Apr 08 2020

    #270 Shy Cock - Richard chats with a secretive journalist in his audience before meeting his Boat Race foe, Konnie Huq. They talk about drenched time capsules, small dishwashers, cat name scandals, how she landed a TV job whilst still at school, wrestling for the Olympic torch, chocolate flavoured gametes, Piers Morgan, the unlikelihood of a Blue Peter presenter marrying Britain’s angriest man and what they argue about, writing for kids and settling Blockbuster scores and middle-aged forgetfulne...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 3)

    Apr 03 2020

    Retro AIOTM - Welcome to another episode of this ancient sketch show, this one from 26th October 2009, when everyone was worried about swine flu, the ducking idiots. We are putting one of these out every week to raise money for the cast and for the comedian’s fighting fund at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/hecklethevirusUntil 9th April you can also get a free download of Richard’s We’re All Going To Die! Show if you make donation of your choice to the Trussell Trust here: http://gofaste...more

  • RHLSTP 269 - Olga Koch

    Apr 01 2020

    #269 Talking Koch - Richard is at the Cambridge Corn Exchange and starts with a joke he first did in this venue 25 years ago. His guest is standup and daughter of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Olga Koch. They talk about St Petersburgh and (inevitably) Rasputin and his cock, having sex with a sea creature, making bad man seem slightly better via stand up, how Richard hopes his penis might survive him (again), a confectionery tribute to an ex, how Chelsea Clinton is probably get...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 2)

    Mar 27 2020

    Series 1 - episode 2 - Take a step back in time with us to a simpler time in 2009, when Richard Herring, Dan Tetsell, Emma Kennedy and Christian Reilly got together once a week to perform a hastily written and poorly rehearsed sketch show. The cast were never paid at the time, so we are putting this out to raise some ad revenue to give them all (not Rich) a fee to help them through these dark weeks of no work. We will also be donating to the comedians’ just giving fund at https://www.justgi...more

  • RHLSTP 268 - Charlie Brooker

    Mar 25 2020

    #268 Gulping Robot Toilets - Richard is hoping he will find his way into the Guinness Book of Records, but Norris Macwhirter is not answering his calls. His guest is making a return visit to RHLSTP after 7 and a half years (but will his hair reveal his success?) - it’s the amazing Charlie Brooker.The conversation is predictably dark and disgusting incorporating Charlie’s fury at a seven year old who makes an amazing living opening boxes, trying to introduce his kids to the Young Ones, what the b...more

  • RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 1)

    Mar 20 2020

    A chance to listen to this ragbag of a podcast originally broadcast starting in October 2009 and based on the stuff that had happened and occurred to Richard Herring in that week - written at speed, barely rehearsed. It’s better than you’d think it would be.And this time it comes with ads so we can raise some money to make more podcasts, finally pay the cast to help them through this time and put some money into the fund to help comedians with no work through this tricky time. And all you have t...more

  • RHLSTP 267 - Rachel Parris

    Mar 18 2020

    #267 Pukka Pie Ring - Richard is trawling the two days since his last podcast record for stand up material and predictably it isn’t gold. But the lack of it being gold, makes it gold. As always. His guest owes everything to her last RHLSTP appearance, it’s the multi-talented Rachel Parris. She reveals how all her impro shows are all very carefully scripted and chats about collusion with Debbie Magee, befriending Anna Kendrick on Twitter, the whirlwind year she has when her Mash Report pieces wen...more

  • RHLSTP 266 - Bethany Black

    Mar 13 2020

    #266 Bigger on the Inside - Richard is back at the Manchester Podcast Festival and rolling out a 20 year old joke about the Magic Bus. His guest this week is actor and comedian Bethany Black. They discuss the no-man’s land between regular and Celebrity chase, what it’s like to be a huge fan of Doctor Who and getting to be on the show and witness two Time Lords in one Tardis, plus the motivations to become a stand up and how she was too poor to become bankrupt, how she managed to wrestle vic...more

  • RHLSTP 265 - Janice Connolly

    Mar 11 2020

    #265 Jeremy Thorpe is Innocent - Richard is at the Manchester Podcast Festival and reveals a surprising bit of his father’s Mancunian history. His guest is recipient of the British Empire Medal, Janice Connolly aka Barbara Nice. They chat about playing tambourine in a punk band, being discovered by Peter Kay, Simon Cowell’s sense of humour and how Janice is the original Fleabag. Plus her work in theatre and why Birmingham isn’t that bad (at least compared to Stockport). And a staggering denoueme...more

  • RHLSTP 264 - Sara Pascoe

    Mar 06 2020

    #264 Coin Master - Richard is giddy from doing too many podcasts in too short a time, but luckily his guest will bring him down to earth about how tough his life really is - it’s the brilliant and wise Sara Pascoe. They discuss audience members going on to be stars, the real way to enjoy Going for Gold, space-docking and whether portable fridges have a freezer, chimney-sweep genitalia and why men wolf-whistle and what they hope to gain from it. Lots of ace chat about empathy, evaluation and porn...more

  • RHLSTP 263 - Tim Minchin

    Mar 04 2020

    #263 Finnish Sausage Party - Richard is riding high from another magazine article lauding this podcast, but was the journalist right about the audience. If the maths teacher he picks is anything to go by then they are actually much worse. His guest is thoughtful ginger genius Tim Minchin. They chat about how Tim is the tent poles of this podcast, the devastation of having his film cancelled four years into production, Rich pitches a predictable new musical and they discuss if there is any h...more

  • RHLSTP 262 - Paul Sinha

    Feb 28 2020

    #262 Voluntarily Shitfaced - Richard is back at the Oxford Playhouse and testing out his daughter’s jokes. Is she funnier than him yet? Of course she is. His guest is British Quiz Champion, Paul Sinha.In a honest and moving interview, Paul discusses the impact of the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease has had and the turbulence that has inevitably brought and what comedy can be created from this situation. They also chat about his upcoming marriage, his quizzing triumph, the unpleasantness of tabl...more

  • RHLSTP 261 - George Monbiot

    Feb 26 2020

    #261 Capitalism in Space - Richard is at the Oxford Playhouse and unsettled by the fact that it’s 30 years since he left University and appeared on this stage in Month in the Country. His guest is environmental campaigner and journalist George Monbiot. Is the world screwed? Or can we save it if we all pull together? Why did George deliberately get arrested? Can Extinction Rebellion make a difference? And how can we reform our electoral system? Plus how wolves can change the course of rivers...more

  • RHLSTP 260 - Frank Cottrell-Boyce

    Feb 21 2020

    #260 Googling Colin Firth - Richard is back at the Liverpool Playhouse, making his annual proclamation to fight any University lecturer in the vicinity. His guest is screen-writer, author and Olympic ceremony writer, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, who may be the most charming and awe inspiring man who has ever lived and also seems to be obsessed with robots (pervert). They chat about art theft, how to keep writing with seven kids, how big breaks can come by chance on coffee breaks, impressing p...more

  • RHLSTP 259 - Kate Robbins

    Feb 19 2020

    #259 Cillagrams - Richard is at the Liverpool Playhouse and is impressed by the bravest heckle put down ever attempted in this proud city (with the best sense of humour in the world). His guest is one of the many stars of a showbiz dynasty, Kate Robbins. They discuss Eurovision sabotage, writing the theme tune to one of the most controversial TV shows of all time, meeting Cilla Black whilst dressed as Cilla Black, the rudeness of James Franco, creating Fergie’s laugh, an awkward meeting wit...more

  • RHLSTP 258 - Jon Parkin

    Feb 14 2020

    #258 Tub of Spunk - RHLSTP returns to the Grand Opera House, York for the second week running. York is the most haunted city in Europe and Richard finds out what percentage of his audience have seen a ghost. The answer might surprise you. His guest is footballing and eating legend, Jon Parkin. They discuss the journeyman sportsman’s slightly unconventional training routine, his writing off of a golf buggy (and almost a goalkeeper), shitting in a bath in Magaluf, missing out on starters...more

  • RHLSTP 257 - David Reed

    Feb 12 2020

    #257 Glass Pyramid - Richard is back in York, this time at the Grand Opera House and he’s come up with a plan to rescue the magic football bones of Richard III from the thieving Leicester-folk. His guest is York City’s second most famous comedian supporter and food-poisoning victim, David Reed.They talk about crap student impro, working with the Twirlywoos, living next door to your parents, why you shouldn’t eat at *****, whether rescuing Jesus from the cross would be good or bad for the wo...more

  • RHLSTP 256 - Athena Kugblenu

    Feb 07 2020

    #256 Psychic Sex Twin - Richard is back at the Leicester Square Theatre and filling for time as nothing has happened to him in the week that has passed since last week’s show. His guest is comedian and project manager Athena Kugblenu.They chat about disposable nappies, inappropriate work emails, podcasting in your kitchen with your baby on your knee, how stereotypes about a continent the size of Africa do not hold up, whether indiscretions mean a left-leaning politician must resign, whether...more

  • RHLSTP 255 - Robin Ince

    Feb 05 2020

    #255 Spaceship Moon - Richard is back at his spiritual home of the Leicester Square Theatre and has more news about what you shouldn’t put up or on your genitalia. His guest is the most well-read man in comedy Robin Ince.They talk mainly about his fabulous book “I’m a Joke and So Are You” https://www.amazon.co.uk/Im-Joke-Are-You-Comedians/dp/178649258X/ and where comedians get their crazy ideas from. They take in whether childhood trauma leads to a life in comedy, whether comedy calms or aggrava...more

  • RHLSTP 254 - Seymour Mace

    Jan 31 2020

    #254 Oklahoma - Rich liked the Newcastle Stand so much last week, he’s returned to talk about how squirrels ruined his day and to list the questionable achievements of the city. His guest is surrealist and former clown, Seymour Mace. They discuss what God was thinking when he tested Job, stealing from a gold mine, appearing in a terrible non-zombie zombie film, that you’re all want to see now, meeting Arthur Bostrom, the genius and kindness of Bernie Clifton, how being on stage can be the o...more

  • RHLSTP 253 - Dave Johns

    Jan 29 2020

    #253 Woody Allen Lift Horror - Rich is at the Newcastle Stand and mourns the possible end of Pizza Express but celebrates besting Piers Morgan. His guest is bricklayer turned comedian turned fillum star, Dave Johns. Dave takes us on his remarkable journey from Byker to I, Daniel Blake and beyond sprinkling the show with brilliant anecdotes about his brushes with A listers. Hear how Ken Loach ruined Dave’s donkey ride business, how he was tricked by Homer Simpson, how he captured Lee and Herring’...more

  • RHLSTP 252 - Mike Wozniak

    Jan 24 2020

    #252 Giraffe Harpsichord - Richard’s house is being haunted by a film star, but he’ll get over it. He’s back at the Exeter Corn Exchange and chatting to the man behind the most employable moustache in the UK, Mike Wozniak.They discuss how many people is too many people for a sketch troupe, children failing to recognise their own parent on TV, the internal voice that attempts to destroy all comedians, why moving to Exeter is not the ideal stand-up career move, how Prevenge was made, local newslet...more

  • RHLSTP 251 - Francesca Stavrakopoulou

    Jan 22 2020

    #251 Christ, the Child Killer - Richard is a the Corn Exchange in Exeter, a town famous for the the most comical suicide bomb of all time. And Richard is talking religion with Biblical scholar, Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou. They try to ascertain who wrote the Bible, what Jesus got up to in the bits that didn’t make it into the book, whether anyone in the Bible actually existed, whether gods have genitalia, if God was married, why Eve was Adam’s second wife, whether being a woman or an...more

  • RHLSTP 250 - John Kearns

    Jan 17 2020

    #250 CBE? - Back to the Winchester Theatre Royal for the second week running and Richard is annoyed at his child’s teacher’s money-making schemes. His guest was also the final guest of the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe run where Richard tried to run the podcast into the ground (dare he do it again?) it’s John Kearns.It’s a giddy and self-indulgent podcast where most of the material is deemed too shoddy or contentious for broadcast, but takes in a possible return for a much-loved comedy hero, the possibl...more

  • RHLSTP 249 - Ahir Shah

    Jan 15 2020

    #249 Sexy Borg Queen - We’re at the Winchester Theatre Royal and Rich is blaming the city for the loss of one of our greatest authors. His guest is the comedy Doogie Howser Ahir Shah.They discuss how politics will have changed between the recording and broadcast of this podcast, the sexiness of evil, Percy Pigs as an antidote to terror, perpetually burning coffee shops, being accused of plagiarism by the UK’s grumpiest comedian, the possibility that Richard is Ahir’s dad and whether a violent up...more

  • RHLSTP 248 - Nick Frost

    Jan 10 2020

    #248 Lock Keepers - Richard had so much fun at the Richmond Theatre that he’s come back again. Sure he’s wearing the same clothes, but a week has gone by and that’s plenty of time to do laundry and dry-cleaning. His guest this week is first series of RHLSTP hero Nick Frost. They chat about Nick’s amazing, if rather sad autobiography https://www.amazon.co.uk/Truths-Half-Little-White-Lies/dp/1473620880/, how his mother took on the boys who bullied Nick (and their mum), a night out with Quenti...more

  • RHLSTP 247 - Tape Face

    Jan 08 2020

    #247 A Spice Girl Broke My Toilet Seat - Rich has had his lactose tolerant choices mocked at the supermarket again, but he will rise above it as he comes to posh old Richmond Theatre to talk to Sam Wills aka Tape Face.They discuss the bizarre world where a child stalked a clown, how to clip through a tennis racquet, the accidental discovery of the character and who thought it up, the gamble of going on a talent show and how it might have just paid off, living and working in Las Vegas, taking pro...more

  • RHLSTP 246 - Jayde Adams

    Jan 03 2020

    #246 Gurt Lush - Richard is back in Bristol and surprised at some of the refurb choices apparently made at the SS Great Britain. His guest is the gorgeous force of nature that is Jayde Adams. They chat about the genius of Michael Barrymore, the world of competitive dance. officiating weddings in an inflatable church, Amazon Prime specials, finding comedy in tragedy, working class feminism, why it’s polite to your audience to try and do a good show and how comedians can still shock and surpr...more

  • RHLSTP 245 - Mark Olver

    Jan 01 2020

    #246 Dual? - Richard is back at the Bristol Old Vic and is just happy to be no longer in Leicester, but what is Bristol famous for? You’ll find out. His guest is legendary Bristol comedian Mark Olver. He discusses how his dad failed to catch a bungee jumper, living with Bristol’s most famous comedians, his move into TV Warm Up and his favourite ever Pointless (non-) player, how he has to carry on performing through vomit, horses and injury, how his birthplace has nothing going for it apart ...more

  • RHLSTP 244 - Lucy Beaumont

    Dec 27 2019

    #244 The Marx Brothers - Rich is back at Hull City Hall for his last RHLSTP recording of 2019 and he has had an accidental slip off the wagon. But does it count? His guest is Hull’s finest comedian and wonderful oddball, Lucy Beaumont. They discuss appearing on Crimewatch, being used as a crow stepping-stone, waking you to find biscuits on your head, whether Olly Murs is nice than Russell Brand, becoming a cleaner at the place you went to University, getting drunk at the Hootenanny, collect...more

  • RHLSTP 243 - Grace Petrie

    Dec 25 2019

    #243 Is Leicester Sh*t? - A week has passed, the costume change proves it, but Richard is back at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester and still fuming about the bones that he believes are rightfully his. Never mind, local resident and inexpert quizzer Grace Petrie is here to convince him that Leicester is actually all right, despite all evidence to the contrary. They discuss how she accidentally became a protest singer, how it’s ultimately a good thing that her industry can’t box her up, the...more

  • End of Year Draw

    Dec 20 2019

    End of Year Draw - RHLSTP End of Year Draw - A short podcast advertising all the benefits of becoming a monthly badger (I forgot to say you also get an audio feed of RHLSTP with no ads in it), plus an unboxing of all the stuff you can get if you are lucky enough to win the end of year Badger draw (draws held monthly). Become a badger at http://gofasterstripe.com/badgesSUPPORT THE SHOW!Become a badger and see extra content at our WEBSITESee details of the RHLSTP TOUR DATESBuy DVDs ...more

  • RHLSTP 242 - Graham Fellows

    Dec 20 2019

    #242 Snogging Debbie Harry - Rich is at Hull City Hall in the penultimate tour show of 2019 (released out of order, just to keep you on your toes) and he’s laying into Hull, even though it’s nice. His guest is character comedian and erstwhile pop star Graham Fellows. They chat about the unlikely genesis of Jilted John and what Jimmy Savile thought of him and what it was like to finally take him on tour (John not Jimmy) , how John Shuttleworth emerged also by accident, what it’s like when you bec...more

  • RHLSTP 241 - Jenny Eclair

    Dec 18 2019

    #241 Tilda Swinton’s Guff -Richard is at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester and his Yorkshire roots mean he isn’t going to let a bone of contention go. Luckily he has the fabulous Jenny Eclair on hand to take his mind off it. They discuss lines of coke the length of a freezer, how Rich may be responsible for Jenny’s menopause, marrying for tax reasons, the sexiness of Mrs Thatcher, farting in front of your daughter’s boyfriend, the importance of hobbies and whether middle age brings madness...more

  • RHLSTP 240 - Seann Walsh

    Dec 13 2019

    #240 Forgetting About Caterpillars - Richard is back at Sheffield City Hall and has some hard-hitting topical questions to ask before introducing his guest dancing comedian Seann Walsh. They talk about how Rich undermined Seann during a recording of Argumental, the downside of a comedian being discovered too quickly, the extraordinary tour documentary One For The Road (link below) and Rich’s plan to make a documentary about it, drinking on stage and What’s up with that extra n and is it eno...more

  • RHLSTP 239 - Simon Evans

    Dec 11 2019

    #239 Car Porn - Richard has returned to the Brighton Theatre Royal for the second consecutive week and is worried that he has let down a squirrel, but he has no time to ponder as his guest is juggler and writer of erotic fiction, Simon Evans.They chat about finding magazines in the woods, how to make a living making juggling balls, whether future technology will allow us to travel into a virtual reality version of our past to have a second go at stuff and right wing comedy. Plus predictions abou...more

  • RHLSTP 238 - Ian McMillan

    Dec 06 2019

    #238 Degree! Degree! - Richard is at the City Hall in steel obsessed Sheffield and his guest is proudly professional Yorkshireman and poet, Ian McMillan.The conversation dances through Tupperware drum sets, performing with Luke Goss, Ian’s parents’ love story, being crushed to death by a grave stone, the best chemist in Darfield, being a poet in resident for a football club, cartoon dogging, where poetry comes from and whether sentimentality is a bad thing and how living in the same place helps ...more

  • RHLSTP 237 - Annabel Giles

    Dec 04 2019

    #237 Christmas Presents for Ethiopia - Richard is at the Brighton Theatre Royal and in danger of having a deadly secret revealed unless he stumps up the cash, but is it worth the price he has to pay? Never mind, he can forget all about it for now, as he chats with model turned presenter turned actor turned author turned therapist, Annabel Giles. They discuss teenage rebellion, accidentally becoming a model, behind the scenes at Band Aid, saucy Lady Di, how Annabel managed top avoid a Gotcha...more

  • RHLSTP 236 - Grayson Perry

    Nov 29 2019

    #236 Don’t Look Down - Richard has yet another stomach upset, adding some much needed jeopardy to the podcast. And it’s a meeting of Turner Prize winners past and future as his guest is a name that will echo through the ages (hello future humans) Grayson Perry.They discuss God-like soft toys, the similarities between comedy and art, motorcycle clothing, women’s clothing, masculinity, gender rigidity, who Grayson actually shared a squat with, making sandwiches in a hairdressers, Jerry and Rupert ...more

  • RHLSTP 235 - Max and Ivan

    Nov 27 2019

    #235 Tiny Teeth - Rich is at the Cambridge Corn Exchange and has had a dream about eating lettuce with Blur and that’s pretty much the most exciting thing that’s happened to him this week. His guests are the most bizarre of things, a double act that like each other, Max and Ivan. They chat about falling asleep whilst acting, organising stag dos, watching yourself toilet, the Spanish equivalent of the Tooth Fairy, what it’s like to be the youngest professional wrestler, Richard’s disapp...more

  • RHLSTP 234 - Vic Reeves

    Nov 20 2019

    #234 Little Tich's Shoes - RHLSTP returns to the Marlowe Theatre I’m Canterbury for the second week running and Rich is doing some of his topical material about St Augustine. His guest is the artist and musician Jim Moir aka Vic Reeves. They talk about the unique delights of being managed by Malcolm Hardee, how to improve the number 2 Ultravox hit, Vienna, how Morrissey turned nasty, how Vic unmasked Jack the Ripper, the ghost of Freddie Mercury, how only really good double acts have a psyc...more

  • RHLSTP 233 - Shaun Williamson

    Nov 13 2019

    #233 Joke Thief - RHLSTP comes to the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, a town divided by what should happen to the local takeaway shop, but with an audience smart enough to get a Thomas a Beckett joke. The guest this week is sometimes known as dopey Barry from Eastenders, but is actually the quiz champion smartypants Shaun Williamson. They discuss how Shaun went from boozy postman via incompetent Navy recruit to getting more people watching his wedding than a royal. Plus how Shaun failed...more

  • RHLSTP 232 - Caroline Quentin

    Nov 06 2019

    #231 Bohemian Rhapsody Karaoke - RHLSTP is back at the Warwick (Coventry) Arts Centre and Richard is discussing his daughter’s reaction to the Teletubbies and his son following in his footsteps. His guest is actor and temporary expert on ugly pets, Caroline Quentin. They discuss the most terrifying children’s TV characters, being sacked for failing to dress priests, the wonder of Bernie Clifton, the strong women in Men Behaving Badly, why Caroline stopped doing Jonathan Creek and wheth...more

  • RHLSTP 231 - Bobby Mair

    Oct 30 2019

    #231 The World’s Most Successful Homeless Man - RHLSTP rolls into Warwick Arts Centre, but is it really in lovely Warwick or horrible Coventry? And should a city that keeps breaking Cathedrals be allowed another one? Richard’s guest this week has got to the venue despite being man-handled at Coventry railway station, it’s the charming and handsome Herring lookalike, Bobby Mair. They discuss some of Canada’s issues with the English language, Hitler’s shoe size, William Shatner’s wilderness y...more

  • RHLSTP 230 - Ed Gamble

    Oct 23 2019

    #230 Back, Sack and Crack Salon - Rich has a terrible confession to make about this podcast, which somehow shocks and appals his audience, but there will be plenty more appalling stuff to come as he introduces the diabetic comedian, Ed Gamble. Giddy from hunger, tiredness and having to behave properly for last week’s podcast, Rich is the drunkest he’s been in 2019 (even though he still hasn’t drunk a drop) and the podcast spirals in some unexpected and bizarre directions involving dabbling ...more

  • RHLSTP 229 - Michael Sheen

    Oct 16 2019

    #229 Herring:Sheen - Rich has come back from his holiday for this and why wouldn’t he? But will his guest turn up this time? The bad news, if he doesn’t, is that Nish Kumar is ill... there’s no jeopardy here, obviously he turns up or there’d be no podcast. The guest is the fantastic UFOologist Michael Sheen. The pair discuss why the best bit has been missed out of the new War of the Worlds, how Michael would get inside Richard, finding out you’re not in a film when you get to the premiere, ...more

  • Special RHLSTPGF Deborah-Frances White and Siobhan McSweeney

    Oct 10 2019

    Wedding Anniversary Gift - Richard Herring forms an uneasy truce with his greatest enemy, the feminists, to create a podcast mash-up of RHLSTP and the Guilty Feminist. Who will take charge in this clash of the cults? Deborah or Richard and how will their guest Siobhan McSweeney (aka Sister Michael on Derry Girls) relax and how far dare he go in front of the GF audience? There’s mansplaining, falling nuns, weeping statues, suffragettes and some discussion about semantics. Plus the greatest will t...more

  • RHLSTP 228 - Sara Barron

    Oct 09 2019

    #228 Jackhammer - Another week has gone by and we’re at King’s Place again and Rich congratulates Kings Cross on another record breaking success and meets his new upmarket audience. His guest is actor turned waiter turned writer turned stand-up Sara Barron. They chat about life in New York and what you do when your toilet isn’t working, waiting on the famous, they weirdness of ex-partners still being in the picture when a new relationship blossoms, the wonders of Warsaw Indiana and Rich’s intera...more

  • RHLSTP 227 - Russell Howard

    Oct 02 2019

    #227 One Day This Could All Be Yours - We’re at the swanky King’s Place in King’s Cross (with a few teething troubles with the radio mics- sorry audiophiles) for the next few weeks and Rich is amazed at people reviewing the queue to Platform 9 and 3/4 at the nearby station, but his guest is the bachelor comedian (for the next 3 days) Russell Howard. They discuss footballing comedians, how Rich might be Russell’s Willy Wonka, how Russell’s got his first willy wonka, the difficulty of playing your...more

  • RHLSTP 226 - Sarah Millican

    Sep 25 2019

    #226 Clown Pyjamas - After last week’s respectful chat with the great Jimmy Cricket, the gloves are off and it’s time to spew up a gut load of filth with third time RHLSTP (plus guest for three Edinburgh podcasts) Sarah Millican. But who will win the battle this time? Rich goes into a bit too much detail about a bout of food poisoning that, to be fair, he isn’t entirely finished with. But if fire can’t stop him, then neither can the squits. There’s a lot about poo, vomit, sperm and pleasuring yo...more


    Sep 20 2019

    RHLSTP supports #PODSTRIKE on Friday September 20th 2019.This week will be historic. In over 150 countries, people are stepping up to support young climate strikers and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. The climate crisis won’t wait, so neither will we.Young people have woken up much of the world with their powerful Fridays For Future school strikes for the climate. Now, millions of adults are joining in a huge wave of that will kickstart renewed action all over the world. The urgency of...more

  • RHLSTP 225 - Jimmy Cricket

    Sep 18 2019

    #225 Come Closer To The Screen - We’re on the road still and at the Lowry in Salford where the lightest local headline is not really ripe for frivolity, but at least they are paying fitting tribute to their greatest painter. And it’s possible that the theatre is literally on fire, but Richard is not letting that stop him.The guest tonight is showbiz legend and punster extraordinaire, Jimmy Cricket and something that the RHLSTP audience might not be used to, proper jokes.But amongst the silliness...more

  • RHLSTP 224 - Mark Charnock and Dominic Brunt

    Sep 11 2019

    #224 Emmerdale Farm There’s a weird giddy atmosphere in the room at the Leeds City Varieties, but you’ll have to try and use the clues in this podcast to piece together what you think might have happened, because this week the guests are the supremely polite and sensible Mark and Dominic (aka Marlon and Paddy from Emmerdale Farm).They chat about how to not let fame go to your head, the snobbishness directed at soap actors, Mark being Richard’s number one celebrity fan, what Julia Mackenzie thoug...more

  • RHLSTP 223 - Stephen Grant

    Sep 04 2019

    #223 Second Back at the Old Market in Hove for a second (separate) week and Richard has more disappointing reviews of local tourist attractions, plus news of a life-changing bin-based compensation. His guest is a man who is more Brighton than a stick of rock, it’s Stephen Grant. Stephen tells us how he came within a heartbeat of being in Top Gear and might also have been in The Office were it not for excellent advice from his (ex) manager. Also the pros and cons of being followed by a film crew ...more

  • RHLSTP 222 - Angela Barnes

    Aug 28 2019

    #222 The Voice of Burnt Tits Richard is wearing his wedding suit, but has forgotten about the secret curse that it possesses that might destroy his esteemed standing in society, but the added jeopardy might help those with erotic expectations from their entertainment. We’re at the Old Market in Hove and the guest is nuclear-bunker obsessed Angela Barnes. They discuss whether we are all just characters in a video game played by an increasingly bored teenager, the secret dangers of hot water bottl...more

  • Flo & Joan & John Kearns - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 21

    Aug 25 2019

    Flo and Joan and John Kearns Ed Fringe #21 Nine Minutes- Rich has just hit the 200 average crowd he coveted and worked out just how much his landlord has made from each ticket sold and there’s an end of term atmosphere as he meets Flo and Joan and John Kearns. With Flo and Joan the talk revolves around time travelling gang bangs, Bros’ Cheddar antics, double act rivalry and memories of Tring.With John, Richard is skittish from lack of sleep and counting down the time, but still manages to f...more

  • Thom Tuck & Tom Rosenthal RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 20

    Aug 24 2019

    Thom Tuck and Tom Rosenthal #20 - A Noble Failure - Rich has a visual surprise for his audience (and for you if you haven’t looked at the picture yet, that will infuriate his wife. His guests are stereo philosophy graduate T(h)oms, Tuck and Rosenthal. With TT the discussion turns to International schools, the meaning of life, straight to DVD Disney films and putting Macbeth on in an hour with two performers. With TR they chat about Jim Rosenthal ability to stop Hitler, how to get a free mug with...more

  • George Egg & Cally Beaton - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 19

    Aug 23 2019

    George Egg and Cally Beaton - RHLSTP Edfringe 2019 #19 - The Big Hub Is Open - Rich is meeting all the best celebrities backstage at the venue. You won’t believe who it was yesterday. Anyway no spoilers, my guests today are anarchist cook George Egg and gamekeeper turned poacher Cally Beaton. With George the discussion turns to old school variety, the perils of prop building, how to cook a meal in a hotel room and shaving your head to get a part. With Cally the chat is about changing c...more

  • Susan Murray & Alice Fraser - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 18

    Aug 22 2019

    RHLSTP Ed Fringe 2019 #18 Susan Murray and Alice Fraser - Robot Sex Again - Rich has found out why he’s not on TV and whose fault it is and he is NOT happy. Never mind his guests Susan Murray and Alice Fraser should cheer him up. Except that Susan is talking about plane crashes (and how to survive them), as well as the plight of middle aged comedians, being bitten in a mosh pit and when comedians have their Christmas party. Alice talks about the unlikely popularity of her show’s title this year,...more

  • Sukh Ojla & Tommy Tiernan - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 17

    Aug 22 2019

    RHLSTP Ed Fringe 2019 #17 Sukh Ojla and Tommy Tiernan - Older Than Sean - Rich is being stalked by Andy Murray’s mum, but he is also only one step removed from The Two Ronnies now. His guests are Sukh Ojla and Tommy Tiernan. With Sukh he discusses moving back in with your parents in your 30s, defiling the corpse of Pochahontas, curing depression with drugs (or a big poo) and being kissed by Jon Hamm (who has a Hamm hand). Tommy talks about how comedy inspiration works (or doesn’t), the incredibl...more

  • Rich Wilson & Sarah Kendall - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 16

    Aug 20 2019

    RHLSTP Ed Fringe 2019 #16 - Rich Wilson and Sarah Kendall - Nagasaki Spider-man -There’s so much controversy over Joke of the Fringe that Richard can’t work out what to think. Luckily he has guests to do his thinking for him - Rich Wilson and Sarah Kendall. With Rich that chat revolves around why you should never follow the advice of Rob Rouse, what happens when you pretend to be gay so you can work in a gay sauna, why talking a bit might help men’s mental health and honesty in comedy. With Sara...more

  • Fern Brady & Josie Long - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 15

    Aug 19 2019

    RHLSTP Ed Fringe 2019 #15 Fern Brady and Josie Long - Teeth and Ecstasy - Rich has seen some disturbing poster vandalism that has made him question who the real Jesus is, and his daughter has her first real catchphrase. He has two fabulous guests Fern Brady and Josie Long. With Fern he discusses how she got her fabulous poster shot, crying on the toilet, her return to Bathgate and Edinburgh clamminess. With Josie the talk turns to babies, corresponding with a Black Panther, touring without ...more

  • Sunil Patel & Daliso Chaponda - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 14

    Aug 18 2019

    RHLSTP Ed Fringe 2019 #14 Sunil Patel and Daliso Chaponda - Donkeys - Richard is losing his mind in the Groundhog Day of Edinburgh and still turning up at the wrong venues, but he so far has always made it to his own. His guests today are Sunil Patel and Daliso Chaponda. With Sunil he chats about comedy psychopaths, whether there are any good white people, missing out on sunilpatel.com, sharing accommodation with comedians and there’s some fascinating stuff for anyone who is interested in b...more

  • Bryony Kimmings & Arabella Weir - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 13

    Aug 17 2019

    RHLSTP Ed 2019 #13 Bryony Kimmings and Arabella Weir - Baulk - Richard is awaiting imminent arrest for the crime of trying to educate women about their bodies. He welcomes guests Bryony Kimmings and Arabella Weir. With Bryony he talks about her amazing show I’m a Phoenix, Bitch, leaking inner critics, how to write a film with Emma Thompson, glitter ball performance artists and whether he can get an arts council grant for stone clearing. With Arabella they chat about her show about her mothe...more

  • Rob Auton & Lost Voice Guy - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 12

    Aug 15 2019

    RHLSTP Ed Fringe 2019 #12 Rob Auton and Lost Voice Guy - Baked Beans - Richard may be old or tired or both, but he has just experienced a potentially disastrous misunderstanding of Edinburgh geography that would be embarrassing for a newbie. Never mind, his guests are Rob Auton and Lee Ridley aka Lost Voice Guy. With Rob the discussion takes in working in advertising, Cold Feet, a shopping trolley full of items of the same colour and the worthlessness of existence given the infinity of time. Lee...more

  • Richard Osman - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 11

    Aug 14 2019

    RHLSTP Ed Fringe 2019 #11 Richard Osman - The Oldest Person In Scotland - Richard has hopefully the definitive list of what people should avoid putting inside their chuffs and maybe we can leave that behind now - HIs guest will finally reveal what nationality he is - it’s TV’s Richard Osman. There is some discussion of who from Lee and Herring has had the more successful career (no spoilers) and whether there is any danger of a Slattery style breakdown from doing too many episodes of Pointless, ...more

  • Lauren Pattison & Geoff Norcott - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 10

    Aug 13 2019

    RHLSTP Ed Fringe #10 Lauren Pattison and Geoff Norcott - Love or Career? - Rich can stop doing Edinburgh now as he has been bestowed with the greatest of honours, plus he has more tips about what you can and cannot insert into yourself. His guests today are Lauren Pattison and Geoff Norcott. With Lauren he discusses what a wonderful person Katherine Ryan is, why everyone now has to live with their parents and whether the Masons and a certain Prince are biding their time before they rub Herr...more

  • Isma Almas & Tony Slattery - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 09

    Aug 11 2019

    RHLSTP Ed 2019 9 Tony Slattery and Isma Almas - Carry On Cocaining - Richard is worried that his comments about a royal might lead to his ultimate demise… buy he’s more worried about extreme vaginal temperatures. He’s got two great gigs to distract his lazy ass, Isma Almas and Tony Slattery. With Isma he discusses how it’s possible to tick too many boxes, performing in a burkha, why comedy is the perfect job if you hate working and they hatch a foolproof plan to get back at their critics.. Tony ...more

  • Steph Tisdell & Jen Brister - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 08

    Aug 10 2019

    RHLSTP ed Fringe #8 Steph Tisdell and Jen Brister- Migaloo - Rich reveals the real reason he’s having so many female guests on the series before introducing two more of the blighters, Steph Tisdell and Jen Brister - Steph talks about how comedy is a great way to deal with and educate about the horrors of genocide, the awkwardness of white guilt and whether a day of being sorry is enough, plus how she Mrs Maiselled her way into comedy. Jen Brister talks about her brilliant book “The Other Mother”...more

  • Spencer Jones & Janey Godley & Ashley Storrie - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 07

    Aug 10 2019

    RHLSTP Ed 2019 #7 Spencer Jones and Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie - Scottish Russian Dolls. Richard has just witnessed the most arrogant and obnoxious person of Edinburgh 2019 and they aren’t even a comedian or himself reflected in a window, but it’s nice to know that he always sees something worth talking about on his walk to the theatre. His guests are all utter comedy geniuses: Spencer Jones and Janey Godley and the comedian she magically produced from herself, Ashley Storrie. Spencer talks...more

  • Snjolaug Luðviksdottir and John Robins - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 06

    Aug 08 2019

    RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 #6 Snjólaug Lúðvíksdóttir and John Robins - Gibbon Arms - The RHLSTP chairs are getting more press than Richard and also he is doomed to eternity in Hell, but never mind cos he’s talking to Iceland’s Snjólaug Lúðvíksdóttir and Bristol’s John Robins.With Snow he discusses the Penis Museum, The Cod War and trying to turn Iceland into a new Galapagos. With John the chat gets a little more serious with discussions about mental health, gambling addiction and coping with mal...more

  • RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 05 - Jayde Adams & David O' Doherty

    Aug 07 2019

    RHLSTP Ed Fringe 2019 #5 Jayde Adams and David O’ Doherty - Mr Adjective - Richard is still thinking about his penis, but has just had an encounter with another major politician and failed to get himself into the history books. His guests are the extraordinary lovely Jayde Adams and David O’Doherty. Jayde and Rich discuss the secret truth of the Asda Bristol hotplate, why Rich couldn’t cut it as a mushroom picker, the (Im)possibility of Rich being Jayde’s father and how Jayde missed out on meeti...more

  • Sophie Duker & Vikki Stone - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 04

    Aug 06 2019

    Ed Fringe 2019 #4 Sophie Duker and Vikki Stone - Tree Huggers - Rich is being ultra topical and that of course means him attempting to value his penis, plus he gives a review of an incredible piece of immersive theatre that he saw at the Meadows. And Colin has returned. Richard’s guests today are Sophie Duker and Vikki Stone. He talks to Sophie about privilege, who got the best A levels, magic forests, who Rich would hate most if he was God, using social media for sex, Whacky Racists and orgies ...more

  • Jena Friedman & Phil Wang - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 03

    Aug 05 2019

    RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 #3 Jena Friedman and Phil Wang - Raisin Drip - Rich was looking forward to being able to use his topical satirical eye to look at the news, until he looked at the news, but he decided to plough on anyway. His guests are Jena Friedman and Phil Wang. With Jena he discusses the reasons behind American gun crime, whether political comedy does any good, interviewing John McAfee and what kind of people have seen ghosts and what kind haven’t. Phil Wang is grilled about his sartori...more

  • Lucy Beaumont & Scummy Mummies - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 02

    Aug 02 2019

    RHLSTP Edinburgh 2109 #2 Lucy Beaumont and Scummy Mummies - Screw You William Wilberforce. What Did You Ever Achieve?Richard can’t believe that he forgot to tell you about the supernatural thing that happened backstage at the Masonic Lodge yesterday, though surely scarier things have happened here.No matter because he’s got a brilliant line-up of guests: Lucy Beaumont and the Scummy Mummies. He talks to Lucy about Hull and Pocklington, sexual super powers, the candour of Maureen Lipman, enc...more

  • Laura Lexx & Tony Law - RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 01

    Aug 02 2019

    Ed #1 - Laura Lexx and Tony Law - Can Men Be Funny? The King of Edinburgh is back for his 25th Fringe, though he is feeling under the weather thanks to his bloody stupid decision to breed and his possibly hubristic decision to play a 400 seater venue. But never mind he’s got two of the Festival’s most interesting acts to kick off this cavalcade of 21 podcasts in 24 days, Laura Lexx and Tony Law. Two guests on the same day? What? With Laura there’s discussion about ice lollies, whether globa...more

  • RHLSTP Special - Rebecca Callard

    Jul 30 2019

    RHLSTP comes to the Great Yorkshire Fringe and York City fan Richard couldn’t be happier about his team’s amazing season or the fact that the hot weather has given him the perfect new emergency question. His guest is the tiniest person anyone has ever seen, it’s Rebecca Callard. They chat about what Ian Gregg really puts in the vegan sausage rolls, playing a drug dealer on Coronation Street, the scarecrowyness of Mackenzie Crook, the largely forgotten sitcom Bonjour La Classe and how Rebecc...more

  • RHLSTP Special - Emergency Questions

    Jul 28 2019

    Emergency Questions Special - Richard Herring - Venice in Peril - The RHLSTP tables are turned as the interviewer becomes the interviewee and Richard Herring, best know for playing a policeman on Ant and Dec unleashed - is quizzed by comedian Sarah Benetto at the Deer Shed Festival about his marvellous Emergency Questions book. And the jeopardy is that he’s in front of a family audience. Will he swear? Place your bets about how long he will last. Where did he come up with this crazy idea? Would ...more

  • RHLSTP Special - Fiona Allen

    Jul 25 2019

    RHLSTP Special - Fiona Allen - Henley Festival. Rich is at the Henley Festival and is up against the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, who prove to be much more popular and louder than him, but his audience is small and enthusiastic, even if he risks losing some of them by being rude about this weird and posh town. His guest is We Know Where You Live’s Fiona Allen. She talks about working for Tony Wilson at the Hacienda, the unusual job of her grandfather, whether Michael Parkinson Senior is the mos...more

  • RHLSTP 221 - No Such Thing As A Fish

    Jul 23 2019

    #221 No Such Thing As a Fish - Are There Any Female Cuttlefish Here? It’s the end of the run at the Leicester Square Theatre and time to find out if Richard can fit into his suit from 5 years ago, as he promised. His guests are the Uber-nerds Anna, Dan, Andrew and James from the insanely popular No Such Thing As A Fish podcast. Find out what obscure facts they have about each other, whether sneaky brains or beauty is more important, their similarity to the X Men, whether holding in wee can kill ...more

  • RHLSTP Special - Rob Rouse

    Jul 18 2019

    RHLSTP Special - Rob Rouse - Quink-Faced Schoolboy. RHLSTP is back at the Long Division Festival in Wakefield for the second week running and this time Richard is looking at the impressive crime figures in this beautiful town, with lots of retail opportunities. His guest is the roadkill consuming comedian Rob Rouse. They chat about exploding sheep, the downside of eaten limpets, the incident that made Rob decide Geography teaching was not for him, the life-changing decision for both men to give ...more

  • RHLSTP 220 - Professor Alice Roberts

    Jul 16 2019

    #220 Professor Alice Roberts - What Would You Keep in your Marsupial Pouch? Richard has been gigging back home in Cheddar and meets a face from his past. His guest this week is broadcaster, author, President of Humanists UK and part-time Victoria Coren lookalike, Professor Alice Roberts. The pair discuss meeting the Blue Peter team, the behind the scenes debauchery of Time Team and what happened if they didn’t find anything, the great human journey and how much monkey business ended up affecting...more

  • RHLSTP Special - Kay Mellor

    Jul 11 2019

    RHLSTP Special - Kay Mellor - Rhubarb Triangle. RHLSTP comes to the Long Division Festival at the beautiful Wakefield Theatre Royal and Richard is impressed with the commitment the area has made to unpopular fruit and the world's most famous mulberry bush. His guest is the writer, actor, director, song-writer and possible badmington champion, Kay Mellor. It's a writer's masterclass, showing the determination and talent that is needed to make it in the business (with Rich as the perfect example o...more

  • RHLSTP 219 - Do The Right Thing

    Jul 09 2019

    #219 Do The Right Thing - Knowing Your Own Dad’s Smell. Richard chats with a therapist and a photographer in the front row before bringing on his triumvirate of guests, Danielle Ward, Michael Legge and Margaret Cabourn-Smith, otherwise known as the Do The Right Thing podcast. They discuss celebrity snogs and failed celebrity snogs, the attempt to move their podcast to TV, what happens when you meet your dad in a dark room (not photography based), giving birth to the children of Tiny Andrew Colli...more

  • RHLSTP 218 - Nicholas Parsons

    Jul 02 2019

    #218 Nicholas Parsons - An Alligator Named Daisy. Richard has been dreaming about the Wiggles and one of them has been tweeting him. But is it Emma? Richard’s guest is the showbiz legend, 75 years in the business and no sign of stopping yet, Nicholas Parsons. Although Nicholas is a bit annoyed about some cab based confusion on the way here, he is as masterful and witty on stage as ever, recounting tales of Just A Minute and Sale of the Century, but also talking about working on Clydebank in the ...more

  • RHLSTP 217 - Adrian Chiles

    Jun 25 2019

    #217 Adrian Chiles - Exiting Stourbridge Multi-storey Car Park. RHLSTP comes to Birmingham Town Hall and the biggest audience Richard has ever performed to (outside of charity gigs) with over 1000 people in attendance. Blimey. Richard and Adrian discuss failing an interview for MI5, the rollercoaster ride of hosting (and watching) the One Show, what people say to you when you were once on TV but aren’t so much now, an horrific childhood accident, an unrequested story about having a wet dream and...more

  • RHLSTP 216 - Tiff Stevenson

    Jun 18 2019

    RHLSTP #216 Tiff Stevenson - Stevie Nicks Cartman. Richard E Grant has foolishly left a bottle of his scent behind and Rich uses it as a pomander to erase the stink from his unwashed crowd, before introducing a woman who has sat on Annie Lennox’s knee, Tiff Stevenson. Find out one of the behind the scenes secrets of The Office, how Tiff ended up working with Dizzee Rascal, how she hopes to level the playing field to gain better representation, what it’s like to go bird-spotting with Ed Byrne, ho...more

  • RHLSTP 215 - Rosie Jones

    Jun 11 2019

    #215 Rosie Jones - Chicken Plucker. Rich’s diet continues to go well, but will he be in his 2015 suit by the end of the series? The anticipation is killing us all I know. His guest this week is the sweet-looking, foul-mouthed Rosie Jones. They chat about her meteoric rise to stand up success, how pacing affects comedic impact and can save you having to write too much stuff, what it’s like to be on shows she once worked behind the scenes on, how Jimmy Carr messed up her jokes, some extraordinary ...more

  • RHLSTP 214 - Matt Lucas

    Jun 04 2019

    #214 Matt Lucas - The Football Eagle Has Landed. Richard believes he will soon be a multi-millionaire but agrees to give 1/365th of his profits to charity. His guest is comedy legend Matt Lucas. They talk about the power of honesty in comedy, even if the comedian comes out of it badly, how Matt became possibly the only person who’s rung up to complain about a TV show to end up working with the stars, the combination of talent, hard work and luck that is required for success, being in a...more

  • RHLSTP 213 - Les Dennis

    May 28 2019

    RHLSTP #213 Les Dennis - If it’s up there... Happily-married Rich meets a man who works in a castle and the woman he has found love with, before introducing the legend that is Les Dennis. They talk about a mysterious spate of Norfolk-based graffiti, both types of dying on stage, the strange dynamics of a double act, living your private life out in public, getting tax advice from Ken Dodd and how go survive in showbusiness for half a century and counting. There are stories of the great comedians ...more

  • RHLSTP 212 - Matt Forde

    May 21 2019

    RHLSTP #212 Matt Forde - Brian Clough’s Dangerous Remedy For Eczema. Richard explains why he is constantly upsetting businesses who ask him to fill in surveys, before meeting this week’s guest, impressionist and satirist, who is still unable to write jokes about the future, Matt Forde. Find out about the extraordinary day where Matt was mentioned in parliament, diagnosed with a surprising disease and chased down the street by a spitting Finn, the rollercoaster of verbal abuse of being a child ma...more

  • RHLSTP 211 - Joel Dommett

    May 14 2019

    RHLSTP #211 - Joel Dommett - Lembit Opik Catfish. Richard meets a nuclear physicist impersonator and has a friend who will never be any more than that. This week’s guest is disgraceful self-toucher Joel Dommett. They chat about the gamble of going into the jungle, the pitfalls of the modern dating scene, running a super marathon with the runs, being defeated at Pointless by someone who doesn’t understand the rules, the perils of proposing with a Spotify play-list and how it’s possible for two co...more

  • RHLSTP 210 - Suzi Ruffell

    May 07 2019

    RHLSTP #210 - Suzi Ruffell - The Great HMS Victory Robbery. Richard has been spending a lot of time with his kids and consequently his stand up is going to be all Kids Do The Funniest Things from here on in. But it’s been a good ride. His guest is the non-award nominated yet brilliant stand up, Suzi Ruffell. The pair talk about where all the working class comedians have gone, Herring’s life of crime and how the police will never catch him, the Portsmouth witch, more horrible teachers, nocturnal ...more

  • RHLSTP 209 - London Hughes

    Apr 30 2019

    RHLSTP #209 London Hughes - Catching a Dick. Richard has a new prop that he hopes will make him a superstar and has a guest who probably has a better chance of making the big time, it’s the force of nature that is London Hughes. Find out why she was sacked from Babestation, the truth behind the scenes at CBeebies, why she got punched when she was a bridesmaid, if she’s about to make it in LA, the racism implicit in the entertainment industry and the inexplicable decision to turn down a travelogu...more

  • RHLSTP 208 - James Acaster

    Apr 23 2019

    RHLSTP #208 James Acaster - Sir William Strawberry. Richard reveals the terrible secret that he was harbouring throughout the David Morrissey podcast before introducing the man who arrogantly claims to have invented the hypothetical question, James Acaster. They discuss teenage bands, how you find out if you are on Taskmaster, favourite meals, the hidden darkness at the heart of Lembit Opik, the missed opportunities in the film Passengers, skiving off to eat custard creams, the unnecessary cruel...more

  • RHLSTP 207 - Kerry Howard

    Apr 16 2019

    RHLSTP #207 Kerry Howard - Gurt Lush. Richard is back at the Bath Komedia and chats about the planet that was discovered here and the various names it had, but it doesn’t go on too long, cos he has a great guest and has to drive home, it’s Bath resident and daughter of an assassin, Kerry Howard. The conversation revolves around meeting Ken Campbell without knowing who he was, the varying successes of the BBC’s season of revived sitcoms, an unusual pregnancy, how comedy might be cooked in the wom...more

  • RHLSTP 206 - Peter Lord

    Apr 09 2019

    RHLSTP #206 Peter Lord and Morph - Morpheus in the Underworld. RHLSTP tours to the Bath Komedia and Rich manages to find some tourists who are disgruntled about the Roman Baths that gave the city its name. Let’s face it, they’re just not as good as modern baths. But Rich is delighted to welcome one of the greatest men in the West Country if not the world, it’s Peter Lord. And he’s not only brought Morph with him, but has a crack at making another as he talks. He’s magic, It’s a fascinating chat ...more

  • RHLSTP 205 - David Morrissey

    Apr 02 2019

    RHLSTP #205 David Morrissey - Kevin Bacon’s Cock Sock. Rich manages to do some successful crowd work for once in his long life, before introducing the man the Adam Sandler film was surely based upon, David Morrissey. They chat about being mobbed by zombie fans, why David’s kids thought he was going to be Doctor Who, the meticulous research that goes into being a great actor, whether you can judge a man by his hands, being chewed up and spat out by the Hollywood machine, being freaked out out act...more

  • RHLSTP 204 - Rob Brydon

    Mar 27 2019

    RHLSTP #204 Rob Brydon - Basil Brush Phobia. Rich has suddenly received a lot of fan mail from suspiciously fluent English students in Mexico who have all given him answers to one specific Emergency Question, but why? Never mind, because it’s time to welcome charming and witty, whisky-giving Rob Brydon - they discuss overacting in crowd scenes, the cheeky persistence that led to Rob’s success, an unfortunate incident with a ladder, which member of the Would I Lie To You team is the most superflu...more

  • RHLSTP 203 - Emily Atack

    Mar 20 2019

    RHLSTP #203 -Emily Atack- Not Harry Redknapp. Richard reveals his plan to have Thin Rich host the last podcast of this series. But will he succeed or obviously fail? Plus some stuff for the Hertfordshire massive. His guest is I’m A Celebrity Runner-Up, Emily Atack. They discuss the pros and cons of going into the jungle, growing up in a showbiz family, just missing out on meeting Michael Jackson, forgotten Eurovision entries, Emily’s mysterious absence from the Inbetweeners’ reunion, skivin...more

  • RHLSTP 202 - Jon Ronson

    Mar 13 2019

    RHLSTP #202 - Jon Ronson - Alex Jones (Not That One)’s Simon Cowell. Richard reveals all the changes that are happening with the podcast, plus what RHLSTP now stands for (and he’s not happy) before introducing the first guest of the new London based series JON RONSON. They discuss giving up internal organs for Jesus, Jon’s part in the election of Donald Trump, how understanding data is the key to ruling the modern world, what it’s like to visit a porn shoot, why people w...more

  • RHLSTP Special - The Goodies

    Mar 06 2019

    RHLSTP Special The Goodies - War With Babies. Rich is at the Bristol Slapstick Festival and almost bursting with excitement to meet and chat with his childhood and adulthood heroes, Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie and Tim Brooke-Taylor, aka The Goodies. They chat about the origins of the team and the cartoons and slapstick stars that influenced them, how the special effects still stand up today, why they left the BBC and whether they resent the fact they’ve never been repeated, the kitten, the gibbon,...more

  • RHLSTP Special - Damon Beesley and Joe Thomas

    Feb 27 2019

    RHLSTP Special - Damon Beesley and Joe Thomas - Baggy Trousers. Rich is still at the Bristol Slapstick Festival, chatting with some of his comedy heroes, including the co-creator and one of the stars of the Inbetweeners, Damon Beesly and Joe Thomas. They chat about the difficulty of casting the show, why it was set in the present day rather than the 80s as originally intended, Rich’s failure to get a part in the show and the phenomenal success of the films. They also discuss whether there will e...more

  • RHLSTP Special - Tim Vine

    Feb 21 2019

    RHLSTP SPECIAL: Tim Vine - Back to Back. In the first of three special interviews from the Bristol Slapstick Festival, Richard talks to ex-World Record Punster and Pen Behind the Ear supremo, Tim Vine, who picks some of his favourite comedy clips. The pair chat about how to write one-liners, how they have helped and failed to help each other's sets, the best joke ever from the Edinburgh Fringe and look through some of the influences that have made Tim the child-man that he is today. Will a sligh...more

  • RHLSTP 201 - Sathnam Sanghera

    Feb 13 2019

    RHLSTP #201: Sathnam Sanghera - Sex in a Bush. RHLSTP is going on the road this year - check richardherring.com/gigs for dates (loads more to come) starting with a journey to Bilston Town Hall in Wolverhampton. Richard is incredibly and justifiably rude about the fifth worst city on the planet, but does he secretly love the place? His guest is local boy made good; author, journalist and defender of Wolverhampton (apart from the racist bits) Sathnam Sanghera. The pair discuss what it was like to ...more

  • RHLSTP 200 - Adam Buxton

    Feb 06 2019

    RHLSTP #200: Richard Herring - Pennsylvania Polka. It's episode 200 of the podcast and the end of Series 14, two insane milestones for this ramshackle lump of podcast. And to celebrate this occasion there's a record breaking fourth appearance from the grandson of a Batman, Adam Buxton. Adam sets the agenda from the start, bearing gifts, mocking stone-clearing like a philistine, revealing what 1995 Richard Herring had somehow discovered annoyed Stewart Lee, and attempting a slightly underwhelming...more

  • RHLSTP 199 - Terry Hall

    Jan 30 2019

    RHLSTP #199: Terry Hall - Terry Hall Hall. Richard has finally won a TV quiz show and I am afraid he will never stop talking about it again, but he's nervous as Hell because one of his heroes is on the podcast and he's sure he'll screw it up, it's ex-Fun Boy Three-er Terry Hall. They discuss the dynamics and disagreements that come with collaboration, the nostalgic sexual time waves of early 1980s fashion, the one occasion when Terry laughed, being mistaken for a ventriloquist by the taxman, why...more

  • RHLSTP 198 - Sanjeev Bhaskar

    Jan 23 2019

    RHLSTP #198: Sanjeev Bhaskar - Pert Nipples. Richard chats with the audience and struggles to find anyone who works in IT, but discovers a human interest story that would be moving and inspirational in the hands of anyone else, but Herring manages to get laughs instead, the monster. HIs guest this week is actor, writer and a man who might be able to take on Michael Palin for the title the nicest man in show business, Sanjeev Bhaskar. They talk about working with a tiny James Bolam; Richard's dru...more

  • RHLSTP 197 - Rick Edwards

    Jan 17 2019

    RHLSTP #197: Rick Edwards - Bailey's Comets. Rich is back on the telly, even if at this point, House Of Games is looking like it might be another House of Horrors, but if he plays his cards right he might be able to get on another quiz show, because his guest is the host of !mpossible, it's Rick Edwards. Find out how Ruby Wax helped steer his career; what it's like to get married in Kew Gardens; how Rick upset Jake Gyllenhaal; and if it's true that he has no sense of smell. Richard attempts to p...more

  • RHLSTP 196 - Fingers on Buzzers Podcast

    Jan 09 2019

    RHLSTP #197: Fingers on Buzzers Podcast - Frank Bruno's Chauffeur. Drunk from one beer from last week's podcast, Richard is indiscreet about one of his former girlfriends, but let's move quickly on to welcome Lucy Porter and Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan from the excellent Fingers On Buzzers Podcast. Rich finally gets to dedicate a whole podcast to his quizzing failures and to envy Lucy for the number of extra shows she's been on. We hear about behind the scenes on the Weakest Link; how Lucy and Jenny ...more

  • RHLSTP 195 - Joe Lycett

    Jan 02 2019

    RHLSTP #195: Joe Lycett - Esme. Rich has found the mother of all stones and is banging on about that as usual (don't worry he will syphon this off into a podcast you don't have to listen to soon). His guest is RHLSTP super fan and fly in the ointment Joe Lycett. They discuss the beauty of being allowed to be silly in a serious world; whether Tom Daley should be sponsored to go to Pride; the Daily Express making mountains out of molehills; how a TV chef did not appreciate a joke about chicken jer...more

  • RHLSTP 194 - Amanda Abbington

    Dec 21 2018

    RHLSTP #194: Amanda Abbington - Chicken Carcass Ghost. Rich has had to deal with the soft poo of his ill dog, but he didn't eat any of it, even though it looked delicious and anyone who says he did is lying. And he meets some men who work in IT in his audience, which is a novelty, but wait till you hear about the marital status of one of them... His guest is a woman he worked with just four days before recording, though she seems to have forgotten all about it, Amanda Abbington. Can she name the...more

  • RHLSTP 193 - James O'Brien

    Dec 12 2018

    RHLSTP #193: James O'Brien - Sean Connery's Macbeth. Rich is back on terrestrial TV as a last minute guest on a new Channel 5 gameshow, so cheg on suckers, he's out of here. He always hated podcasts and was just using you to get back on the telly. But while he's waiting for the phone to start ringing there's time for another chat, this time with the journalist and broadcaster James O'Brien. Recorded on a particularly depressing week, but maybe not as depressing as the world you're living in as y...more

  • RHLSTP 192 - Nish Kumar

    Dec 05 2018

    RHLSTP #192: Nish Kumar - Not Michael Sheen. Richard's participation in a PTA quiz in his village led to an unlikely correspondence with one of his new neighbours, but he's really looking forward to meeting the star of Twilight and The Damned United - oh no, he had to pull out, so we got Nish Kumar instead. But lucky us (apart from the obvious bad luck) because we get to hear about Nish shitting himself on camera watching a man get down and dirty with a horse; being the worst Taskmaster contesta...more

  • RHLSTP 191 - Rose Matafeo

    Nov 28 2018

    RHLSTP #191: Rose Matafeo - Ladybird. Richard has had a ladybird in his house and is reminded of the horrors of the 1976 ladybird invasion, but how it eventually paid off to his advantage, but there's no time to consider too deeply if he's had sex with an insect that has magically taken human form, because he's talking to 2018 Comedy Award winner and the quarter Croatian, Rose Matafeo, the third guest on this podcast series to have lived in a house just behind Richard's old house in Shepherd's B...more

  • RHLSTP 190 - Greg Davies

    Nov 21 2018

    RHLSTP #190: Greg Davies - Bowl of Cheese. It's a showdown battle of who is best, Richard or Hugh Jassburn - in book form at least, but Richard is keen to bring back one of his all time favourite guests: the magnificent beast and Master of Tasks that is Greg Davies. They discuss schoolday soilings; dick-lifters; being related to a ghost; little Alex Horne; the exquisite pain of laughing when you're not meant to; sex with teddies; the saddest of bachelor meals; the death of two fathers; the devas...more

  • RHLSTP 189 - Drunk Women Solving Crime

    Nov 14 2018

    RHLSTP #189: Drunk Women Solving Crime - How Does She Know So Much About Parachuting? Richard has been publicising his latest book, but it's not popular with canines, but at least he's got daytime DJs asking some wholly inappropriate questions. His guests this week are Hannah, Taylor and a slightly familiar Catie, from the Drunk Women Solving Crime podcast. Can the inebriated females solve a mystery that has remained mysterious for sixteen years? What crimes has Richard had carried out upon his ...more

  • RHLSTP 188 - Jess Robinson

    Nov 07 2018

    RHLSTP #188: Jess Robinson - Doctors and Nurses. Richard welcomes an audience member who has come all the way from America JUST to see him, and boy is he pleased about that? His guest is the multi-talented singer, comedian and impressionist, Jess Robinson. She talks about the decision to do Britain's Got Talent and the seemingly shocking truth about some of the contestants; how she chanced into impressionism thanks to an acting audition; what kind of crimes Noddy can solve in this crazy PC world...more

  • RHLSTP 187 - Alice Lowe

    Oct 31 2018

    RHLSTP #187: Alice Lowe - Horny Time Traveller. Rich has had the time of his life in Manchester and wants to leave the avocado-munching Londoners behind forever - is he no longer one of them? And it's time for him to create a work of art that will surely make him the richest man in the world, or just feel slightly sickened. But it's not like living in the country has driven him mad like a character from the dark mind of Alice Lowe. There's some chat about the insanity of giving birth and how Ali...more

  • RHLSTP - Manchester special - Glenn Wool

    Oct 26 2018

    Manchester Special 2 - Glenn Wool - Werewolf Penis. Richard has had to stay in Manchester for another week so he can interview the most sane Canadian comedian in the world, Glenn Wool. They discuss changing taste in jokes, how much Mary Whitehouse would love Twitter, how to get a cheap London hotel, the poetry of the gutter and a weird coincidence revolving around mysterious genital apparitions. Plus late fatherhood, playing yourself in a film and more questions from the brand new Emergency Ques...more

  • RHLSTP 186 - Lou Sanders

    Oct 24 2018

    RHLSTP #186: Lou Sanders - Cold Stones. Richard has some Hitchin-based stand-up, that doesn't play well with the self-obsessed London metropolitan elite and it's seat of your pants time for this podcast because booked guest Amanda Abbington is stuck on the M6 so we have parachuted in last-second replacement, crystal obsessed nutjob Lou Sanders. They discuss where comedy and madness meet, dodgy massages, shamanic healing, giving up booze, the sex scene that they shared and tooth-snaggles during b...more

  • RHLSTP - Manchester special - Toby Hadoke

    Oct 19 2018

    Manchester Special 1: Toby Hadoke - Blake's Seven Spoilers. Rich has travelled to Manchester to take part in a podcast festival and the live podcast-starved people of this fine city have snapped up all the tickets without even knowing who the guests are. Luckily Richard has made some brilliant bookings and first up is a man who is so much more than a massive Doctor Who nerd (I expect, we only talked about Doctor Who), it's Toby Hadoke. Toby demonstrates his skill of being able to name the charac...more

  • RHLSTP 185 - Ross Noble

    Oct 17 2018

    RHLSTP #185: Ross Noble Harder on the Balls. SPOILER ALERT: Rich gives a big spoiler about the new Harry Potter plays which will be bad if you like Harry Potter, but awesome if you hate him, and then there's a welcome return for the fizzling brain (and to be fair, the rest of him) of Ross Noble. Under discussion today: what it's like to kiss Harold Bishop, a potentially libellous discussion of who was almost cast in the Sky Halloween short instead of Richard, some important corrections about McC...more

  • RHLSTP 184 - Alex Horne

    Oct 10 2018

    RHLSTP #184 Alex Horne - High-Fiving the Pope. Rich offers to fill a school library with books, before introducing the multi-talented genius behind Taskmaster and much more, Alex Horne. Find out what it's like to sit bare-arsed on a cake; the secrets of Tim Key's kindle; the respective amounts the pair spent on their last hair cuts; and whether the first rule of Taskmaster is you can't go on Taskmaster if you ask to be on Taskmaster. Plus who will win the battle of the Christmas books: Taskmaste...more

  • RHLSTP 183 - Jonathan Ames

    Oct 03 2018

    RHLSTP #183: Jonathan Ames - The Herring Wonder. It feels so long since we were last here, but Richard is glad to be back for Series 14, even if life in the countryside seems to be driving him to stone-based madness. His guest has come from across the Atlantic and a personal hero of Richard's, novelist and screenwriter, Jonathan Ames. Will Rich once again shame himself in front of someone he hopes to impress? Let's hope so. There are some marvellous tales of incontinence, food-poisoning and a gr...more

  • Machynlleth Festival special: Jessica Fostekew and Holly Burn

    Jun 13 2018

    RHLSTP (EATMCF) #3: Jessica Fostekew and Holly Burn - Michael Sheen's Mildly Nutritious Hand. Rich has just had the biggest gig of his career and now he's in a Tabernacle somewhere in Wales, but that's showbiz. At least he has met and very slightly affected the life of a man he loves. Two guests packed into the regulation hour here, with ex-zombie Jessica Fostekew and delightfully bonkers Holly Burn ramping up the laughs at this lunchtime gig. Jessica has been in a fight at the festival and reco...more

  • RHLSTP 182 - Mark Steel

    Jun 06 2018

    RHLSTP #182: Mark Steel - Cunt or Wanker. It's the end of the series and Rich wonders how tourists in Kings Cross will feel if their last action on earth is to queue to stand by a fictional wall. His guest is a man who has a lot of stories about how he got into comedy, it's Mark Steel. They chat about eating pork pies with Joseph Heller, helping failed escapologists, an idea for a brand new Radio 4 panel show, whether you can stand for political office and still be a comedian, the extraordinary ...more

  • RHLSTP 181 - My Dad Wrote A Porno

    May 30 2018

    RHLSTP #181: My Dad Wrote A Porno - Vaginal Lids. Rich cannot win game shows even in his dreams, but is also convinced that he might be a robot, but these are small worries compared to his guests, Jamie, Alice and James from the My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast. Find out how the gang met; what they blasted into space; why and how they came up with the idea for their world-defeating podcast; the mystery of female genitalis; rivets on the Titanic; celebrity fans; and can the paedo postman make it into...more

  • RHLSTP 180 - Al Murray

    May 23 2018

    RHLSTP #180: Al Murray - Jimmy Tarbuck's Bad Day. Rich has witnessed the miracle of the birth of some lamb chops near his countryside home and will be contemplating human birth with this week's guest, back after 101 podcasts, Al Murray. They chat about how Al (with Ben Moor) might have been in the running to replace Trev and Simon; time travel; the risks of app sharing with your children; what it's like to be sent to boarding school at the age of 9; how Rich and Al's ancestors may have died in e...more

  • RHLSTP 179 - Desiree Burch

    May 16 2018

    RHLSTP #179: Desiree Burch - Do the Hokey Cokey. Rich muses on passports and the fruition of John Moloney's aged comedians TV show, before meeting the fiercely intelligent comedian and writer Desiree Burch. They talk about posters made up of penises, being a virgin dominatrix, the fucked up state of America, the laziness of racism, unwanted and wanted piano lessons, changing your appearance to gauge the reaction of the world, and why men send dick pics. But never to Rich. Plus the joy of beautif...more

  • RHLSTP 178 - Sophie Willan

    May 10 2018

    RHLSTP #178: Sophie Willan - How To Twerk. Richard is marvelling about a new interpretative dance based on 'All You Need Is Love' but soon he will be dancing himself with brilliant new comedian and writer, Sophie Willan. They talk about how a trip to Ibiza with your techno-loving gran can ignite a love of theatre; what Rylan is like in real life; the therapeutic nature of stand-up (and whether it's healthy to work things through on stage); the intersection between madness and comedy; growing up ...more

  • RHLSTP 177 - Maria Bamford

    May 02 2018

    RHLSTP #177: Maria Bamford - STD from a Vulcan. Richard continues to be surprised by the difference of living in the country and surprises his neighbours with his specialised knowledge about genitalia, but is very excited to be welcoming American superstar comedian Maria Bamford. They talk about the difficulty of telling a joke to people who find out you're a comedian; how some people have no sense of humour; the difficulty of making love to music; how charity only has any value if it's in publi...more

  • RHLSTP 176 - Pippa Evans

    Apr 25 2018

    RHLSTP #176: Pippa Evans - Half an Orange. I mean there is so much of last week's podcast still to unpack, plus the extra 20 minutes that Rich and this week's guest - improviser and inspirational human being Pippa Evans - got in the dressing room. We had been Blessed. Thankfully we had at least had a week to recover. It's a somewhat calmer podcast, with some questions in it and a couple of words from the host, including some dark suggestions for new Muppet movies, Neil Buchanan's dental hygiene,...more


    Apr 18 2018

    RHLSTP #175: BRIAN BLESSED!!!! What Was The Question? It's finally come to pass. The podcasts can end now, because the whole point of starting them up has been achieved. Richard's guest is a man who has played all theatrical parts, but most notably the part of Brian Blessed. I couldn't even begin to describe what happened on this extraordinary night, except to say it is was a bona fide happening. Try and predict how many words Richard will say in this. It's a free form and extraordinary, yet som...more

  • RHLSTP 174 - Peter Baynham

    Apr 12 2018

    RHLSTP #174: Peter Baynham - I Am Delighted. Rich meets his audience. Can he resist being a dick? Spoiler Alert- of course not, but never mind because he's about to meet the man behind almost every great comedy star of the last 20 years, it's Too Gorgeous Peter 'Too Gorgeous' Baynham. The ex-flat mates discuss what happens when a 16 year-old Frank Spencer is put in charge of a super tanker; the most inappropriate way to greet the death of someone's loved one; who was right in the war over bread;...more

  • RHLSTP 173 - Katherine Ryan

    Apr 04 2018

    RHLSTP #173: Katherine Ryan - Shooting Dust. Rich is disgusted to be back in filthy London and wondering if a man performs an act of extreme slapstick and no one is around to see it, will it still be funny. Spoiler alert - yes it is. His guest is a comedian who proves that it's possible to be wise, sane and still funny, Katherine Ryan. They discuss their shared and slightly disappointingly vanilla DNA heritage; how to plan a city; wanting to marry Adam Sandler; if Jimmy Carr has time to spend hi...more

  • RHLSTP 172 - All Killa No Filla

    Mar 28 2018

    RHLSTP #172: All Killa No Filla - Chinese Hymen. Red-nosed Rich is still down with the lurgy and a bit befuddled. After an awkward chat with an accountant and a student, it's time to meet the stars of the All Killa No Filla podcast, Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean. They talk about whether serial killers are the stand-up comedians of the world of crime; whether any comedians have made the crossover into serial killing; what drives our obsession with the darkness of true crime and how th...more

  • RHLSTP 171 - Mackenzie Crook

    Mar 21 2018

    RHLSTP #171: Mackenzie Crook - Hucknall Forest. Rich forgot to do a bit of his tour show for the people of Cardiff so we start with a comity contest, which unexpectedly leads to the podcast being blocked by penguins. Rich's guest this week is the laid back, all-round genius Mackenzie Crook. Will Rich screw things up as badly as last time he had someone from The Office on? Not quite, but he gives it a fair go. They chat about double-teaming Muppets, the best metal detector, why UK sitcoms are so ...more

  • RHLSTP 170 - Jess Phillips

    Mar 14 2018

    RHLSTP #170: Jess Phillips - Jeremy Corbyn's Salad Sandwich. Rich's daughter seems to be on her way to a mediocre career in comedy and he could not be more proud, but he doesn't have time to show off too much as RHLSTP is welcoming its second member of parliament, Jess Phillips. There's chat about the positive side of Brexit, the impressive thing about UKIP, why the left wing are at a disadvantage when it comes to changing things, why International Men's Day is not advancing the cause of men, th...more

  • RHLSTP 169 - Trev and Simon

    Mar 08 2018

    RHLSTP #169: Trev and Simon - You Are An Idiot. Rich is looking forward to International 'When's International Men's Day?' Day, but for now it's International We Don't Do Duvets Day, as his guests are Saturday morning TV heroes Trev and Simon. They chat about the Banana Splits, long-eared rabbits, music legends with tummy troubles and BO, fire alarms with The Young Ones, going to school with Bros, double acts on a 70/30 split, the preparation that went into creating such diverse characters, and ...more

  • RHLSTP 168 - Danielle Ward

    Feb 28 2018

    RHLSTP #168: Danielle Ward - Sting's Bloody Toilet. Technology delivers a cruel blow to Richard as it deletes his carefully crafted opening monologue about Cheddar Man, but he has a crack at it from memory. Richard is giddy from tiredness caused by nasty bugs from his stupid children and his guest, Danielle Ward, had a complicated and scary birth only 13 weeks ago, so it's no surprise that things go a bit giddy and occasionally over the top. How many revelations about Prince Andrew and Dame Judy...more

  • RHLSTP 167 - John Robins and Elis James

    Feb 21 2018

    RHLSTP #167: John Robins and Elis James - Not My Cup Of Tea. Fired up by his first TV recording in 23 years, Richard decides to work harder on his opening monologue, but is surprised to find how little he's actually done, but at least there's one in the eye for Kettle Crisps and luckily his guests are radio and podcast sensations John Robins and Elis James. They discuss pant retirement etiquette, being in a double act that actually like each other (for now), the curse of the Independent comedy c...more

  • RHLSTP 166 - Adam Kay

    Feb 14 2018

    RHLSTP #166: Adam Kay - Degloved Penis. This week's guest is doctor turned comedian turned best-selling author Adam Kay. They discuss his hilarious, harrowing and politically important book - This Is Going To Hurt, http://bit.ly/AdamKayBook - witnessing death and birth and sexual misdemeanours at close quarters, the ethics of paying for parking, the past, present and future of the NHS, the stories that were too grotesque for the book, Prince Phillip's love for Tom Lehrer, performing comedy songs...more

  • RHLSTP 165 - Kathy Burke

    Feb 08 2018

    RHLSTP #165: Kathy Burke - I Don't Do Blow Jobs. Richard's living in a house of horrors and has heard a ghost, so he's glad to be back in the safety of lovely, undangerous London to find out if Kathy Burke is as cool and amazing in real life as you really hope that she is. She's cooler than the coolest cool kids. They chat about the many paths taken from Educating Marmalade, where you might unknowingly have first encountered Kathy, when Perry met the Manics, who is best Harry Enfield or Gary Old...more

  • RHLSTP 164 - Dave Gorman

    Jan 31 2018

    RHLSTP #164: Dave Gorman - Nigel Havers-based Injustice. Richard celebrates 10 years of podcasting by blowing your comfortable views of the film Toy Story apart like Spike with a firework. His guest has come prepared in an attempt to Louis Theroux Herring, but he isn't Louis Theroux, he is Dave Gorman. They discuss why Dave stepped down as team captain on the panel show What The Dickens?; how to get the Happy Feet knock off Tappy Toes at a knockdown price; how Dave and the short-sightedness of C...more

  • RHLSTP 163 - Paul Chowdhry

    Jan 26 2018

    RHLSTP #163: Paul Chowdhry - Brian Glover's Walkman. Richard is mourning the non-existent victims of the Oxford Circus incident and the personal connection he had to them, but life goes on for all of us not killed in that delusional event and so it's time to welcome a man with the second best moustache in comedy, it's Paul Chowdhry. They chat about making movies with Tim from The Office, John Malkovich and Jim Davidson, sadness versus depression, how Paul filled Wembley arena despite a relativel...more

  • RHLSTP 162 - Katy Wix

    Jan 17 2018

    RHLSTP #162: Katy Wix - Burned Bunting. Richard hits comedy gold and finds the person with the perfect job to riff about for as long as an hour if he wishes, but he doesn't wish to, as he has the multi-talented comedian, writer and actor Katy Wix to chat with. They discuss clammy handshakes, horror car crashes, dragon-based misunderstandings, working with Dick and Dom, Princess Fergiana, Hattie Jacques, meeting Dire Straits, an 11-year-old girl's pebble, the professionalism of the young, and cru...more

  • RHLSTP 161 - Johann Hari

    Jan 10 2018

    RHLSTP #161: Johann Hari - Cannibal Chicken. The question of ham hands versus suncream armpits has gone international and been introduced to a new generation in the most charming of ways. But hat confusion, decade old Big Brother news and chicken restaurants aside, it's a pretty serious podcast in which journalist Johann Hari discusses his fascinating new book, 'Lost Connections'. Are our views on depression and antidepressants correct or do we need to look at these subjects in a new way? Johann...more

  • RHLSTP 160 - Reginald D Hunter

    Jan 04 2018

    RHLSTP #160: Reginald D Hunter - An Order of Travelling Monks. Richard is overly proud of himself for having created a new book of Emergency Questions, but luckily there is someone on hand who will give them short shrift, it's the comedian with the soul of a poet, Reginald D Hunter. He discusses the one thing that is better than a shrek when it comes to improving existing franchises; how Reg did and didn't break his leg; how comedic genius can be passed on via the bladder; the ultimate victory o...more

  • RHLSTP 159 - Richard Osman

    Dec 15 2017

    RHLSTP #159: Richard Osman - Drifter Charger. Rich's daughter has made quite a radical life choice, but hopefully is a reincarnation of someone who will make the family a lot of money (if only we can prove it). This week it's a welcome return for one of the worst guests we've ever had on RHLSTP (and I am saying that because that's what he says about me on Pointless), it's the charmingly offensive giant, Richard Osman. Will Osman realise where he's gone wrong with his TV shows and finally commiss...more

  • RHLSTP 158 - Simon Brodkin

    Dec 14 2017

    RHLSTP #158: Simon Brodkin - Vagina Cash Machine. Richard has been belittled by a scaffolder, and is plotting his revenge. Perhaps he should send this week's guest after him, it's serial prankster and character comedian Simon Brodkin. We get all the behind-the-scenes info on his recent quest to give Theresa May her P45, plus stories about Blatter, Trump and what the police do if they arrest you but like you. Plus is it OK to ask Christmas Emergency Questions to someone of Jewish heritage? What i...more

  • RHLSTP 157 - Greg Jenner

    Dec 07 2017

    RHLSTP #157: Greg Jenner - Portuguese Boy's Urine. Richard seems to think he's the new Frost:Nixon for some reason, but his audience banter suggests he has some way to go. But never mind, he's talking to historian and Horrible Histories expert Greg Jenner. There's something for everyone, as long as you're a fan of Viagra or Leonardo di Vinci. And if not then you can find out about the history of toilets and cantaloupes and penicillin and Papal orgies and William the Conqueror and church-based ar...more

  • RHLSTP 156 - Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd

    Nov 29 2017

    RHLSTP #156: Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd - Prime Minister of the Central African Republic. Richard's dog is at war with his eyes, but who cares. He has the Prime Minister from an alternate timeline on his podcast, plus a bloke who bought fags from Mrs Merton, it's the unlikely twosome of Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd. They discuss the pair's great new podcast Reasons To Be Cheerful, plus the Millstone, the sandwich and David Miliband's shoes. Is losing an election in anyway comparable to a triple ...more

  • RHLSTP 155 - Jan Ravens

    Nov 22 2017

    RHLSTP #155: Jan Ravens - Just Amazing. Richard is excited after spotting a celebrity at Crewe station, but upset that the celebrity wasn't excited about spotting him. But his guest has snogged that celeb, it's Jan Ravens. There's chat about how to personify a can of drink, blazing a trail for women in comedy, sand yachting, Sunday school teaching, what makes for a creepy entertainer, working with Barry Sheen, how to choose a Mastermind topic, how tape led Richard to a rare TV victory, how Konni...more

  • RHLSTP 154 - John Moloney

    Nov 16 2017

    RHLSTP #154: John Moloney - Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? Richard freewheels about the poor quality of the suit he has had to wear as his nice ones no longer fit him, still giddy from a heady cocktail of tiredness and grief, but he's in for a relaxed and thoughtful hour, with a man who is not afraid to say what he thinks, John Moloney. They chat about Red Wedge, accordions, out-Catholicing Frank Skinner, performing in German and John's bold plans to create 'Dead At The Apollo' a showcase for comedi...more

  • RHLSTP 153 - Rachel Parris

    Nov 08 2017

    RHLSTP #153: Rachel Parris - Oh Jesus I have Promised. Rich is confused and amazed by horses and apparently alone in being troubled by the lyrics to the new Stereophonics song, but he has a more skilled musician, improviser and ex-Christian rocker on hand to dig him out of his exhausted new-parent hole, it's Rachel Parris. They chat about obscure advertising jingles, how to improvise entire Jane Austen stories, the excitement of sitting on a 'celebrity's' toilet, usurping elderly organists, emai...more

  • RHLSTP 152 - Armando Iannucci

    Nov 01 2017

    RHLSTP #152: Armando Iannucci - Deeply Dippy. Richard is surprisingly appalled by what a sex robot inventor is planning for his sex robot and reeling from the brutal combo of no sleep and attending a funeral, but life goes on and it's laughter all the way (until the end when it gets a bit bleak) with left-wing Stalin apologist Armando Iannucci. Armando reveals a surprising friendship with a 1990s pop group and the dark underside of Michael Palin before trying to ascertain who is worst: Weinstein...more

  • RHLSTP 151 - Ellie Taylor

    Oct 25 2017

    RHLSTP #151: Ellie Taylor - Catching Clouds. RHLSTP is back and the sky has changed colour and the first of the gang has died, so Richard is a bit unsettled and sad. But on we plough until our own inevitable deaths. The guest today previously worked for Isis, it's Ellie Taylor, who claims to have grown up in Brentwood, but she doesn't know much about it or trampolining. Like you'd expect. They talk about the faces you pull when you're modelling for Matalan, being apparated in a box, the great Jo...more

  • RHLSTP 150 - Sara Pascoe

    Oct 19 2017

    RHLSTP #150: Sara Pascoe - Hello, Still a Feminist? Rich details how he considered stealing a man's identity to become a chartered accountant. Perhaps it would have been for the best. But instead he's back for the 150th official episode of the show that the Cool Kids call RHLSTP with one of his all-time favourite guests, Sara Pascoe. She has written a phenomenal book called Animal which you really should buy https://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0571325246/comedyguide-21/ for all teenage gir...more

  • RHLSTP 149 - Ed Byrne

    Oct 11 2017

    RHLSTP #149: Ed Byrne - Lost Leather Jacket. Rich is getting used to living in the countryside and the action movie that is attempting to get the train home. His guest has painful memories of the show he is best known for, it's Sudoku king, Ed Byrne. Richard is happy because there's lots of chances to discuss celebrity quiz shows, but luckily he's not going to dwell on his own successes or failures (whichever they might have been). They also discuss prestigious acting awards; the decline in the ...more

  • RHLSTP 148 - Robert Webb

    Oct 05 2017

    RHLSTP #148: Robert Webb - The Ideal Age To Die. Richard is still prickling with mortification after an encounter with Michael Portillo, as if turning 50 and moving house wasn't enough, but he has still found time to read his guest's fantastic new book "How Not To Grow Up", I mean "How Not To Be a Boy", Robert Webb. They chat about their mutual inability to draw 8s; and hours (and relationships) lost to Civilisation II; the way tragedy (or not) can shape a comedian; where you would seek release ...more

  • RHLSTP 147 - Arthur Smith

    Sep 27 2017

    RHLSTP #147: Arthur Smith - Rage and Balloon: Rich tries to find someone older than him in the audience, as he tries to squeeze some joy out of the last few hours of his forties. His guest is older and sager than he and has been doing the Edinburgh Fringe for a full decade longer, it's the self-proclaimed Mayor of Balham, Arthur Smith. They discuss smashing bottles over people's heads, worst and most uriny heckles, the honours system, near death experiences, brushes with the law, Are You Being S...more

  • RHLSTP 146 - Limmy

    Sep 22 2017

    RHLSTP #146: Limmy - Monopoly Penguin. Rich is on the cusp of a couple of massive life changes, but he won't let ageing and moving get in the way of asking comedians strange questions in an attempt to make them reveal intimate truths. Today he talks to a man with inventive ideas for revenge and murder, Limmy. They discuss being concreted into the pavement, manspreading, swearing xylophones, fake whatsapps, undescended testicles, sea lion genitals, how to save money when touring, the joy of trave...more

  • RHLSTP 145 - Julian Clary

    Sep 13 2017

    RHLSTP #145: Julian Clary - Fist of Fun. Richard is still bugging last week's audience about Lego Batman - it's amazing they keep coming back. His guest is Gillian Pieface, or as she is sometimes known, Julian Clary. They chat about how the Universe lets you know it's time for a break, psychic teeth, burning pianos, perverted monks, the inability to escape innuendo, living next door to hyenas, having a head full of skin, the Tracey family and Aquamarina, Piers Morgan, cocaines, Brian Blessed, Ji...more

  • RHLSTP 144 - Katy Brand

    Sep 06 2017

    RHLSTP #144: Katy Brand - Catering for the Dead. Richard hasn't eaten enough in a last-ditch attempt to lose weight before he turns 50, but no time for stomach rumbles because his guest is professional Margaret Thatcher impersonator and teenage evangelical Christian, Katy Brand. Questions, emergency and non-emergency are asked, like how does Brian Blessed feel about hobgoblins? Where do demons go when they have been dispossessed? Are Medusa and Emily Bronte the only women in history? When is Int...more

  • RHLSTP 143 - Dan Skinner

    Aug 30 2017

    RHLSTP #143: Dan Skinner - Tape in a Bag. Richard has his least successful attempt to meet his audience of all time, but no matter, he has a great guest on hand in the form of Angelos Epithemiou creator, Dan Skinner. They chat about how the character came to life, the audacious way in which he inadvertently auditioned for Shooting Stars, how he failed to get a part in Richard's sitcom, the story of why Jim Broadbent appeared in Around The World In Eighty Days, working with Ken Campbell and Ben W...more

  • RHEFP 4 - John Robins and Ahir Shah

    Aug 26 2017

    RHEFP 2017 #4: John Robins and Ahir Shah - Suck Each Other Off A Bit. Richard reveals the hypocrisy of his parenting techniques and reminisces about the death of Lady Di. His first guest is Edinburgh Comedy Prize nominee Ahir Shah - they chat about Brexit, how looking into the sun proves your strength and wisdom and the older generations disregard for metaphorical ladders. His second guest is Edinburgh Comedy Prize nominee, Jon Robbins (sorry) John Robins. They talk about break ups, being in rel...more

  • RHEFP 3 - Iain Stirling and Jason Manford

    Aug 19 2017

    RHEFP 2017 #3: Iain Stirling and Jason Manford - The Main Thing Is Ricky Gervais Didn't Win. Rich is mortified about having accidentally crashed someone else's show and is thinking of becoming someone who pays to sit in a hairdressers. But the good news is that Colin is back to remind his guests of times that things have gone wrong for them. Rich's first guest personally knows many of the people that Rich not-so-secretly lusts over at CBeebies - it's Iain Stirling. They chat about working alongs...more

  • RHEFP 2 - James Acaster

    Aug 12 2017

    RHEFP 2017 #2: James Acaster - Three Nights in Peterborough. Richard is so close to becoming the Radio Times Comedy Champion that he can almost taste it, which will just make his ultimate failure all the more painful and thus amusing, but luckily he almost shat his pants on a children's roundabout. HIs guest went one step further than that, it's the wonderful comedy genius James Acaster. They discuss how hot chocolate is not a flavour, sky diving in slip-ons, the dangers of eating chicken nugget...more

  • RHEFP 1 - Doug Anthony All Stars

    Aug 05 2017

    RHEFP 2017 #1: The Doug Anthony All Stars - The Boy Who Cried Batman. The King has returned and he's at the spooky New Theatre Grand Hall where the Masons get up to all sorts of mysterious time-travelling. And Richard is very excited to be welcoming comedy legends the Doug Anthony All Stars, Paul, Tim and Paul. There's lots of chat about the Edinburgh Fringe of the eighties, the point where comedy and tragedy meet, what happens when you become the carer for your comedy partner, what happens if y...more

  • RHLSTP 142 - Brendon Burns & Craig Quartermaine

    Aug 03 2017

    RHLSTP #142: Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine - Race Off. Richard contemplates the now trickier commute to work that he has thanks to being forced to move to the country because he is 50, before introducing veteran comedian Brendon Burns and a man with only one credit, Craig Quartermaine. It's a more contemplative RHLSTP than usual, as the two Australians discuss the racial issues that many of their countrymen refuse to confront and how comedy can deal with questions of race (especially if a...more

  • RHLSTP 141 - David Baddiel

    Jul 26 2017

    RHLSTP #141: David Baddiel -What is the Biggest Ant?. Richard is pondering what it must be like to buy a flat in BBC TV Centre, and appreciating his daughter's grasp of money. It's a reunion this week with a man he once shared a bed and a tiramisu with in a Presidential Suite, David Baddiel. They talk about double act reunions, the ethics of writing about your family secrets for comedy, the perils of getting older and needing comfort breaks, cat bum coffee, why all comedians are writing children...more

  • RHLSTP 140 - Andrew Collins

    Jul 19 2017

    RHLSTP #140: Andrew Collins - Frog Tape. Richard is over excited to find people 2/5ths of his age in the front row and tries to forget he is on the verge of his sixth decade. He's gone against the advice of last week's podcast and had a drink, and so has his guest, it's Classic FM's Andrew Collin(g)s. It's the first time the pair have spoken in over 60 months and it would be foolish to deny that there might be come tensions bubbling beneath (and all over) the surface, but there's still time for ...more

  • RHLSTP 139 - Zoe Lyons

    Jul 12 2017

    RHLSTP #139: Zoe Lyons - The Camaraderie of the Jam Factory. Richard attempts to work out how a waitress in a pizza restaurant with a limited menu might be surprised by every order, before introducing former competent waitress and fudge packer, Zoe Lyons. The chat encompasses Alan Titchmarsh based humiliation, Cherie Blair, the bluntness of the Dutch, almost being the first person to die on reality TV, and performing to Australian miners. Plus travelogues to Alaska and Indiana, Voyager and anall...more

  • RHLSTP 138 - Adam Buxton

    Jul 05 2017

    RHLSTP #138: Adam Buxton - How Short Are You That You Can Not Reach? Richard has been gifted an almost free Twirl by the Universe. But has he been moral, immoral or amoral? To help us find out, the first ever three times returning guest on the podcast and multi-award winning podcaster, Adam Buxton. The pair discuss middle-aged confrontations and why the staff at WH Smiths in Cambridge station are maybe overzealous, how Adam appeared like a guardian angel when Richard was in trouble and telepathi...more

  • RHLSTP 137 - Jessica Knappett

    Jun 28 2017

    RHLSTP #137: Jessica Knappett - Air Mattress. Richard is worried that he smells of cat wee, but he can't let that slow him down, he is chatting to the star of his as un-yet commissioned sitcom (but it will be commissioned in some universe somewhere), Jessica Knappett. Under discussion are the horrors of birth and death, the unfortunate associations that belong to the town of Bingley; what one is supposed to be getting out of a massage; the sweet, sweet taste of very long-term showbiz based reven...more

  • RHLSTP 136 - Joe Thomas

    Jun 21 2017

    RHLSTP #136: Joe Thomas - Pasta-based diet. Richard is excited about becoming a father for the second time, but not to witnessing the birth. His guest is, like him, a son of teachers and has a 2:1 degree in history and grew up in a town that begins with the letters Che, it's Joe Thomas. Thomas shows Herring what his life might have been if only he'd been in a hit show, whereas Herring serves as a dire warning for where Thomas could end up if things go wrong for him. They chat about how Joe nearl...more

  • RHLSTP 135 - Paul Merton

    Jun 14 2017

    RHLSTP #135: Paul Merton - Waiting For Crawford. It's back for an eleventh series - who keeps commissioning this? - and Richard's new emergency questions are coming true as he's fresh from irking a postman. His guest is someone who he used to only be able to speak to in drunken awe at early 1990s BBC Radio Light Entertainment parties, Paul Merton. They discuss their similarly comedy-nerdy teenage years, the early days of the alternative comedy circuit where Alexei Sayle's stream of swearing migh...more

  • Wells Comedy Festival special: Bec Hill

    May 31 2017

    Wells Comedy Festival Extra: Bec Hill - Passing The Baton. Rich has risked the wrath of everyone in his home town of Cheddar by travelling beyond the horizon to Wells, where the crazy people dwell, and doing a special podcast for the inhabitants. But don't worry Cheddar - he mocks the Wells insane asylum dwellers and won't let them get away with being called a city. He is armed with a copy, fresh off the presses of the new Emergency Questions book, which will be winging its way to kickstarter ba...more

  • RHLSTP 134 - Peter Serafinowicz

    Feb 15 2017

    RHLSTP #134: Peter Serafinowicz - Brian Blessed and the Big Foot. It's the final episode of Series 10 of RHLSTP and Rich meets a bearded man who has married to find a partner (find out how he did it nerds). His guest is the laid-back and yet also intense (and rather beautiful) Peter Serafinowicz. They talk about how it's almost impossible to parody the new President of the United States, but the effective way that Peter managed it and his fears and plans should there be repercussions from the th...more

  • RHLSTP 133 - Lucy Porter

    Feb 09 2017

    RHLSTP #133: Lucy Porter - Altercation With A Shepherd. Richard is worried that he's been experimented on by aliens and about whether a litigious Egghead will be coming for him. His guest this week is pocket dynamo, Lucy Porter. They chat about their varying success on quiz shows, how Danny Dyer saved 2016, what it's like being married to a Queen-loving giant and what it's like performing in front of a room full of babies. Also, how Kitchen Karaoke and Rich with his top off led to romance and ho...more

  • RHLSTP 132 - Simon Munnery

    Feb 01 2017

    RHLSTP #132: Simon Munnery - Don't Die. Richard quizzes his audience to find how little they have done with their lives, before introducing the comedian's comedian and avant garde comedy genius, Simon Munnery. In a frank interview Simon reveal the unwritten truth of Steve Coogan's 1992 Edinburgh Fringe hospital visit, how Mark Lamarr did the bravest thing ever witnessed on stage, how Simon met his wife as a voice in the darkness during a gig that was spiralling out of control, setting up a resta...more

  • RHLSTP 131 - Sarah Millican

    Jan 25 2017

    RHLSTP #131: Sarah Millican - Old Man's Pants Under The Bed. Rich has just had to stand impassive in a stranger's guff for fear of looking like the one who smelt it and thus dealt it and it's been a bad day all round, but everything should be OK as it's round 5 of the verbal boxing match (that threatens to become a naked wrestling match) with Sarah Millican. They chat about Daniel Craig's bum, who invented the lifeboat, whether we only remember the times we were bullied and not the time we were ...more

  • RHLSTP 130 - Jess Thom

    Jan 18 2017

    RHLSTP #130: Jess Thom - Biscuit. Rich meets some people who have never tried sushi before introducing Tourettes Superhero (though that's a secret) Jess Thom. It's a battle to see who will say the most inappropriate thing, but for once Richard is given a run for his money as the pair discuss the facts about Tourettes, the positive effects in terms of creativity, the gatekeeper of the brain and what it's like to be able to inadvertently create brilliant emergency questions. Plus discussion of the...more

  • RHLSTP 129 - Susan Calman

    Jan 12 2017

    RHLSTP #129: Susan Calman - Milk Tart. Weeks have passed for you in the Donald Trump President Elect alternate universe, but this was recorded less than a week after the result and Richard and the world are trying to process what he means. He makes a bold prediction that we can only hope has come to pass, before introducing the never efficiently researched Susan Calman. There's chat about the loneliness of touring, the terror of the new world order and what it might mean for minorities and wheth...more

  • RHLSTP 128 - Tom Davis

    Jan 05 2017

    RHLSTP #128: Tom Davis - Nervous Lord's Prayer. You have us at an advantage this week, as you know who the next US President will be and we don't. What terrible future are you in? Either way. But let's forget about that and welcome the smiling man-mountain that is Tom Davis. Suddenly he is appearing in everything, most notably the brilliantly fun Murder In Successville, but we'll find out about how he made it and what he was doing before. Are Scaffolders really the craziest of all the tradesmen?...more

  • RHLSTP 127 - Dawn French

    Dec 21 2016

    RHLSTP #127: Dawn French - Mmmmm Yes, Do It That Way. Rich is giddy with fanboy excitement at having one of his childhood (and adulthood) comedy heroes in the off-white seat, it's the loveliest person in the United Kingdom, Dawn French. They discuss what it is like to be in a double act where you actually like your partner, on stage vertigo, the Queen Mother's teeth, whether it's worse to lose a pet or be an orphan and a choice between getting students through their exams and international comed...more

  • RHLSTP 126 - Deborah Frances-White

    Dec 14 2016

    RHLSTP #126: Deborah Frances-White - Alien Orifice. Rich is reeling from a Pointless betrayal of the twin-Judases, but he rises above it to introduce podcaster, writer, businesswomen, feminist and champion of diversity Deborah Frances-White. There are some fascinating stories of adoption, what Jehovah's witnesses can and can't expect from the earthly paradise, whether relationships continue in the after-life, and one of the best explanations of how privilege works that you will ever hear. Plus t...more

  • RHLSTP 125 - Ed Gamble

    Dec 07 2016

    RHLSTP #125: Ed Gamble - Harry Potter Trivial Pursuits. Rich finds a woman in the audience who doesn't seem to know where she is, who he is or understand the concept of remembering. She continues to be bamboozled throughout the show. And perhaps with reason, as this chat with pretend aristocrat and real diabetic Ed Gamble takes some odd turns. In one of the giddiest podcasts for quite some time Richard tries out a lot of new emergency questions which prompt discussions about the sleeping habits ...more

  • RHLSTP 124 - Chris Addison

    Nov 30 2016

    RHLSTP #124: Chris Addison - Cut Up By Prince Phillip. Rich discovers that someone from US TV is in the audience and considers sending the guest home so he can audition for a stand-up special, but Chris Addison is backstage and it would be rude to do that after he's bothered to come in. The pair chat about Wikipedia-based factual inaccuracies, the true story of how Chris was nearly Doctor Who, the technical realities of sewing people together anus to mouth, some thoughtful exposition about a wor...more

  • RHLSTP 123 - Kerry Godliman

    Nov 23 2016

    RHLSTP #123: Kerry Godliman - Over to our Human Centipede Expert. Richard has had his topical comedy well pretty much depleted by recording AIOTM the night before this, but considers creating a new beard-based podcast, but luckily relents to introduce comedian, actor and wannabe humanitarian Kerry Godliman. They discuss working with Christopher Guest, how Richard could have gone to drama school if only he'd been any good at acting, being rescued by a topless lady, how to pronounce taramasalata, ...more

  • RHLSTP 122 - Tony Robinson

    Nov 17 2016

    RHLSTP #122: Tony Robinson - Pissing in the Queen's Flowerbed. There are some fine beards on display in the front row as always, but it's all about the puny moustache that we can see on stage tonight. It's on the face of the first knight to ever appear on RHLSTP, Sir Anthony Robinson. Find out what happened to Fat Tulip's garden, what inspired Maid Marian, why Brian Blessed attempted to make a citizen's arrest on Tony, what happened when Time Team came to Cheddar Gorge and if a knight of the rea...more

  • RHLSTP 121 - Will Smith

    Nov 09 2016

    RHLSTP #121: Will Smith - Baked Bean Silo. Richard welcomes a newbie audience member from Canada in his usual unpleasant style, before bringing on a man who had the name first, so why should he change it, it's Will Smith (UK). The pair reminisce about forgotten masterpieces Banter and Time Gentlemen Please, before discussing what they would do if they had Adam Sandler's money. Will shows he's still got it when it comes to Six Degrees Of Bergerac, they pitch a lot of genius ideas for Dragon's Den...more

  • RHLSTP 120 - Caitlin Moran

    Nov 02 2016

    RHLSTP #120: Caitlin Moran - Cheese Lollipops. Richard has been filming the Kickstarter extra where he interviews his ventriloquist dummy Ally, and the 125 year-old terrifying monstrosity at the centre of a possible sex crime is introduced to the crowd. Richard's guest is the home-schooled, Benedict Cumberbatch botherer, Caitlin Moran. Caitlin discusses her ambitious plans to kickstart the cancelled yet award-winning Raised By Wolves (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/raisedbywolves/save-the-...more

  • RHLSTP 119 - Dane Baptiste

    Oct 28 2016

    RHLSTP #119: Dane Baptiste - The Naked Arsonist. Moral benchmarks and locker room banter are on Richard's mind, as he gives a kickstarter backer the finest champagne available to man (if the man is shopping in Sainsburys and has £15). His guest is cock-goblin comedian and sitcom star, Dane Baptiste. The pair talk about their experiences of working in advertising sales, which celebrities went to their schools, what was Rick Buckler's most successful band, the recent Andrew Lawrence documentary, w...more

  • RHLSTP 118 - Hans Teeuwen

    Oct 19 2016

    RHLSTP 118: Hans Teeuwen - Heart Slag. Rich meets his audience and finds a man who works in genealogy who can trace his family back an absolutely unbelievable distance, before introducing his guest, Dutch cabaretier Hans Teeuwen. In a somewhat disjointed chat, largely due to the virus circulating round Richard's blood stream, they talk about death, ageing, dementia and giving up comedy. Oh yeah, full of laughs. But you can also find out the Dutch for beak and palate, whether it's fair to talk of...more

  • RHLSTP 117 - Armando Iannucci

    Oct 13 2016

    RHLSTP 117: Armando Iannucci - Jeffrey Archer's Carp. Rich has been laid down low with an admittedly indirectly sexually transmitted disease, but nothing can stop him from starting this 10th and now kickstarted series. His guest once dreamed of being a Roman Catholic Priest, but luckily chose a less religious route, it's Armando Iannucci. The pair discuss the rivalry and tensions in the world of classical music, what a post-Brexit Thick Of It might look like, the death of Stalin, how Veep was cr...more

  • Podcast Festival special: Dan Schreiber

    Oct 07 2016

    RHLSTP Podcast Festival Extra: Brian Blessed on Mars - Dan Schreiber. Welcome to another bonus podcast, this one recorded at the Podcast Festival at Kings Place, just hours after Jeremy Corbyn's second victory, which is not as interesting as the real-life reaction to the probably imaginary crimes of CJ from Eggheads (and how I failed to link him and the later bit about male nipples shows how tired I was). The guest is the Mandarin speaking, relatively handsome nerd and double Chortle internet aw...more

  • Great Yorkshire Fringe special: Mark Addy

    Oct 05 2016

    RHLSTPEATGYF #2: Sean Bean's Pound Shop Subterfuge - Mark Addy. Richard proves he is down with the cool kids by chatting to his teenage fans about skateboards and exams before introducing a man who is at home driving a Bronto-crane as he is befriending a talking snowman as he is having a friend who travels through time and gets off with Samantha Mumba whilst he waits around in Victorian London twiddling his thumbs, it's bona fide Hollywood superstar Mark Addy. Will he live up to Richard's hopes ...more

  • RHLSTP 116 - Elis James

    Sep 28 2016

    RHLSTP #116: Paedophile Postman - Elis James. It's the end of the series (but there will be bonus audio podcasts from the Great Yorkshire Fringe next week) and Richard is frankly astonished by the popularity of his final guest, given he has to literally check his name on a pad before introducing him, it's Elis James. Rich makes the Welshman feel at home by talking to him in his own language before discussing the famous people who've come from Carmarthen and the impact of the bridge over Blue Str...more

  • RHLSTP 115 - Tom Parry

    Sep 21 2016

    RHLSTP #115: Vertical Pizza - Tom Parry. Richard is reeling from a celebrity encounter and being outsmarted by a 3 year-old heckler, but at least he has a plan to finance the rest of the RHLSTP (rhlstp). His guest is neither an estate agent, a footballer or an Elizabethan comptroller. He was in Miranda though. It's Tom Parry. The pair discuss the lengths that you would have to go to to out-vegan a vegan, why someone from Wolverhampton shouldn't advertise toothbrushes, another amazing kite story,...more

  • RHLSTP 114 - Tim Minchin

    Sep 14 2016

    RHLSTP #114: Fish Pie Mix - Tim Minchin. Rich has exciting news that will make other puppet-sex enthusiasts very jealous, but there's no time for even a brief wank using the hand of a 100 year-old ventriloquist dummy, as it's the second coming of, if not the new Jesus, certainly the new Judas, Tim Minchin. The pair bring out the best worst in each other again, alternating between inappropriate chat about wangs and fufus and serious topics like the rise of anti-intellectualism, the imminent destr...more

  • RHLSTP 113 - Russell Kane

    Sep 08 2016

    RHLSTP #113: Minky - Russell Kane. Rich is wondering if the world will survive long enough to ever hear this podcast, so decides it doesn't matter if he keeps it topical. His guest is the ageless comedian, author and playwright Russell Kane. Find out how UKIP manages to butter people up to not be nasty to them, how to turn criticism into a creative positive, how to meet your wife in the front row of an audience and who Stewart Lee is generally mistaken for. Is there a class prejudice directed to...more

  • RHLSTP 112 - Sofie Hagen

    Sep 01 2016

    RHLSTP #112: Bog Buddies: Sofie Hagen. Unbeknownst to Richard and his guest, a drunken audience member collapsed during last week's podcast, and Rich wastes no time in calling the man who helped save him a sex pest. It's just what he does. But even if an audience member dies then the show must go on (especially if it was a slightly annoying audience member). This week's guest is the former Westlife obsessive, Sofie Hagen. Luckily we're in a post-Brexit world now, allowing Rich freedom to let eve...more

  • RHLSTP 111 - Graham Linehan

    Aug 26 2016

    RHLSTP #111: Kiefer Sutherland's Pregnancy: Graham Linehan. Richard attempts improvisational comedy, but discovers that for this to work your observations must match other people's experience. He is joined by a man who just won't shut up about his obsession with German board games, Graham Linehan. They discuss Graham's first sitcom, why it is flawed and what he learned from it, the impact of the Brexit vote (which was really quite recent when we recorded this), the only funny joke in Zoolander 2...more

  • RHLSTP 110 - Matthew Crosby

    Aug 17 2016

    RHLSTP #110: Windsor Davies or Your Wife? Matthew Crosby. Mean podcast Richard Herring delights in continuing to torment the people who pay his wages, but I think they largely enjoy it (possibly). Believe me the real Richard Herring is more embarrassed by his performance than you can ever imagine. His guest was another star of St Olave's Grammar School's production of Waiting For Godot and remembers the shock denouement that turned the theatrical establishment on its head, it's Matthew Crosby. F...more

  • RHLSTP 109 - Nish Kumar

    Aug 10 2016

    RHLSTP #109: Hello, I'm Godot - Nish Kumar. Richard is worried that it is he who jinxed 2016, though hopefully by the time this comes out he himself will have succumbed to this cursed year. The guest is Richard's backdoor neighbour (no, literally), Nish Kumar. They discuss working with Blue in Ibiza, the kinds of things that go on on Alan Carr's New Year Specstaculars, Bush based egging and shitting, what Nish and his girlfriend were in deep discussion about when Rich passed them at the Westfiel...more

  • RHLSTP 108 - Susie Dent

    Aug 03 2016

    RHLSTP #108 Cheg On! Susie Dent. Rich is surprised by the sartorial elegance of some of his audience. Being out of Europe is clearly paying dividends. His guest this week is a woman who has been on TV more consistently than possibly anyone else over the last 25 years, Susie Dent. It's more intellectual than usual, but there's plenty of stuff about cocks in it, so don't worry. Find out about the rudest words in the dictionary, the cruder rival to Doctor Johnson, plus Rich attempts to get some wor...more

  • RHLSTP 107 - Vic Reeves

    Jul 27 2016

    RHLSTP #107: Hitchhiking with Rose and Fred - Vic Reeves. Last week's jokes about the consequences of Brexit seem to have fallen on stony ground with the revelation that the pro-Remain audience has been executed by Farage's goons, but the show must go on, even if some of the audience were foolish enough to give up their tickets to watch the football (ha!), so they missed the force of nature that is Vic Reeves. There's a danger the whole podcast might just be a chat about Britain's best and worst...more

  • RHLSTP 106 - David Cross

    Jul 20 2016

    RHLSTP #106: Away or Towards? - David Cross. A weary Richard films the audience as evidence of dissent for the future fascist government of the UK, before introducing a man who comes with his own magical minor ticker tape parade, David Cross. Starstruck and clearly in disbelieving awe, Rich flounders around and mainly embarrasses himself, but luckily Mr Cross is able to come up with some amazing riffed comedy about frozen vegetables, Abraham and taking cocaine near President Obama, whilst gettin...more

  • RHLSTP 105 - Marcus Brigstocke

    Jul 13 2016

    RHLSTP #105: Sushi Aquarium - Marcus Brigstocke. In the face of horrible world events and future uncertainty for the UK, Richard recounts how his wife distracted him from the horror in an unexpected way, before introducing former pole-dancer and oil rig worker, Marcus Brigstocke. They discuss an impressions battle with Kevin Spacey, the full script of Love Actually, the second worst thing that Clement Freud ever did and Marcus provides a scintillating new emergency question. Find out the many re...more

  • RHLSTP 104 - Doc Brown

    Jul 06 2016

    RHLSTP #104: Things To Do In Willesden When You're Alive - Doc Brown aka Ben Bailey Smith. Rich interviews a member of his audience and it's going so well he almost decides to bump his guest, but in the end relents and brings on the battle rapper turned stand-up turned actor and author, Ben Bailey Smith. It's a frank, fascinating and unusually sensitive chat taking in growing up in North London as a geeky mixed race kid, why it's not fair to use talent to get ahead of the other talentless stand-...more

  • RHLSTP 103 - Lauren Laverne

    Jun 29 2016

    RHLSTP #103: How Many Hours Do Women Need? - Lauren Laverne. Rich has been on an after hours visit to Westminster Abbey and is now obsessed with being interred in the Cathedral, but how will he make it in? And will Tony Blair be with him? His guest is from Sunderland and thus the mortal enemy of the Middlesbrough-spawned Herring family, it's charming and multi-talented Lauren Laverne! They chat about what it's like to become a pop star whilst you're still at college, roadies, how to skip PE less...more

  • RHLSTP 102 - Tony Law

    Jun 22 2016

    RHLSTP #102: tonylawexhausts.co.uk - Tony Law. Richard finds a bona fide cool kid in the audience and inexpertly attempts to mock him (you'd think he'd be better at comedy after all these years, but no), before introducing a force of nature and veritable river of consciousness, Tony Law, in his new mutton-chopped, ice-cream eating, alcohol-shunning, heavenly body impersonating incarnation. It's like his brain is a radio and someone is constantly swivelling the dial so that one moment you're on h...more

  • RHLSTP 101 - Iain Lee

    Jun 15 2016

    RHLSTP #101: Weeing Next to a Monkee: Iain Lee. Richard is back (in his weightier incarnation) and has forgotten how to do this, but is excited about the possibilities of growing body parts in pigs, but worried about the implications of penis transplants, so it's business as usual, but with some new (but the same) emergency questions. His guest is the Wild Man of radio (and must always be referred to as such), Iain Lee. The pair discuss the pointless 17 year grudge that has hung over them, their...more

  • RHLSTP 100 - Richard Bacon

    Feb 17 2016

    RHLSTP #100: Richard Bacon - A Series of Apologies. It's the 100th Leicester Square Theatre Podcast and the last in this series, so we've flown a special guest in all the way from America at the licence fee payer's expense, it's Blue Peter's bad boy, Richard Bacon. And in typical fashion he turns up at the theatre having been out all night celebrating his imminent 40th birthday. Where does he get his energy from?... oh right. Find out about how he once cried salty tears on to Mansfield McDonald'...more

  • RHLSTP 99 - Cariad Lloyd

    Feb 10 2016

    RHLSTP #99: Cariad Lloyd - I Fucked Jane Austen's Corpse. Richard is exhausted again because of his stupid, idiot daughter, but at least she's given him the excuse to finally get to have a go at soft play. He's got 99 problems, but his 99th guest isn't one, it's the multi-talented actor and improviser, Cariad Lloyd. There's another dissection of the short film Hallo Panda which Richard once again promises to watch, even though he clearly won't, plus find out what it's like to be a fan working on...more

  • RHLSTP 98 - Ray Peacock

    Feb 04 2016

    RHLSTP #98: Ray Peacock - You Won't Tell Us If You're Married or Not! Richard proposes his new sinister and upsetting edit of the 1970s film Adventures Of A Taxi Driver before introducing another guest who has been sacked as warm-up man from Deal Or No Deal, it's Ray Peacock. Find out why the new Muppets are offensive and wrong, if a house in Pontefract is really haunted and why being childish is a good thing. A baffling interjection from a couple of people in the audience leads to a discussion ...more

  • RHLSTP 97 - Aisling Bea

    Jan 28 2016

    RHLSTP #97: Aisling Bea - Minstrels. Richard is worried about the psychological impact of Winnie the Pooh's skull being on display in a museum, but overcomes his fears long enough to introduce ex-philosophy student Aisling Bea. Find out what it's like making love to Enya, whether a degree still counts if you cheated all the way through your studies, how trying to impress someone by riding a horse can leave you in the shit, and some baffling Irish references that must have been doubly confusing f...more

  • RHLSTP 96 - Scroobius Pip

    Jan 20 2016

    RHLSTP #96: Scroobius Pip - Nuking The Moon. Richard chats with the audience in his usual unpleasant manner, before introducing stuttering rapper and apron salesman, Scroobius Pip. They discuss the mysterious town of Stanford-le-Hope, how close Pip came to going into middle-management at HMV, how to trick people into thinking you're a successful musician in just one year, and how drive and determination can help you do the job you love. Find out how Pip accidentally gave out his phone number on ...more

  • RHLSTP 95 - Hal Cruttenden

    Jan 13 2016

    RHLSTP #95: Hal Cruttenden - Sexomnia. Richard has noticed a new development in police technology and is annoyed that there is no shop for British sweets on Leicester Square. His guest went to school with 'Pencils' Osborne, it's Hal Cruttenden. The pair discuss whether equality encompasses the middle-classes; gigs turning into armed sieges; being too star-struck to act with Anthony Hopkins; killing their wives for the insurance; having sex with ghosts (of course); and forming a Human Centipede w...more

  • RHLSTP 94 - David Mitchell

    Jan 06 2016

    RHLSTP #94: David Mitchell - Bumming C3PO. Richard talks briefly to a semi-retired postman and considers bumping his guest to chat with him more, but instead introduces perhaps the perfect RHLSTP guest, David Mitchell. It's David's second time in the hot seat (though the chairs have got nicer since he was last here) and Richard is determined not to be as childish and rude to him as he was last time. But will he be able to keep a lid on the simmering mayonnaise vat of bitterness? Find out if Davi...more

  • RHLSTP 93 - John Robins

    Dec 31 2015

    RHLSTP #93: John Robins - Noel Edmonds' Toilet and Johnny Vaughan's Shower. Richard is reeling over the news that pregnant women are giving public blow-jobs in the Westfield (surely this can only drive Shepherd's Bush property prices upwards) but still has time to introduce his guest, the twice sacked Deal or No Deal warm up man, John Robins. They discuss what it was like sharing a flat with Jon Richardson and Russell Howard, why Richard thinks of Mark Lamarr every time he boils a kettle, daring...more

  • RHLSTP 92 - Jack Whitehall

    Dec 23 2015

    RHLSTP #92: Jack Whitehall - Moving the Trees. Richard successfully guesses the job of a bearded man in the audience before introducing the luckiest man on planet earth, who knows what it is like to have sex with a robot, Jack Whitehall. Seething with unconcealed jealousy at Whitehall's career and more pertinently his partner, Richard contrives several different ways to kill his guest and his own wife and child. Don't worry it's just a joke. It's almost certainly a joke. Find out the real reason...more

  • RHLSTP 91 - Phill Jupitus

    Dec 16 2015

    RHLSTP #91: Phill Jupitus - (Never Mind) (The) (Buzzcocks). Richard has written his first joke of 2015 and can't wait to share it with the underwhelmed audience, but luckily he is riding high from his incredible level of public recognition on Pointless Celebrities. His guest is the immaculately dressed and multi-talented Phill Jupitus, who isn't so good with names. They chat about giving U2's new song a minute of air play, whether stand-up is harder than acting, how the most difficult person to ...more

  • RHLSTP 90 - Eddie Izzard

    Dec 10 2015

    RHLSTP #90: Eddie Izzard - Magic Ian's Nephew. Richard is unnecessarily unpleasant to someone in the audience (what's new?) before quickly bringing on a man with a drive that burgeons on insanity, but it's the good kind of insanity, Eddie Izzard. It's an unsurprisingly sprawling but incredible conversation that takes us through why God doesn't reveal himself, through the clumsy religious allegories of CS Lewis, through what kind of madness would make a man run 43 Marathons in 51 days, how to pro...more

  • RHLSTP 89 - Sarah Kendall

    Dec 02 2015

    RHLSTP #89: Sarah Kendall - You Can Not Be Serious! Richard is amazed how a joke on Twitter now pretty much always gets taken at face value by someone, even if it's in an open letter to an 8 month-old baby. His guest is Nicole Kidman impersonator and fantastically thoughtful yet and puerile stand-up Sarah Kendall, fresh from her nomination for the big comedy award at the Fringe. They discuss the horrors of child birth, the redundancy of the hand job, growing up in New Newcastle, how audiences ca...more

  • RHLSTP 88 - John Finnemore

    Nov 25 2015

    RHLSTP #88: John Finnemore - Peeps at Syria. Richard is stupidly hungover after a rare night out at a top showbiz party and wonders what you buy the man who has had everyone. His guest is the affable and probably sexually vanilla John Finnemore. They discuss the stupidity of working hard for the radio, the three-legged dog that gives John all of his ideas, when Richard was embarrassed by thinking a zombie apocalypse had begun, working with Benedict Cumberbatch and things that make you feel sick....more

  • RHLSTP 87 - Luisa Omielan

    Nov 18 2015

    RHLSTP #87: Luisa Omielan - The Former Queen of Angola. Richard chats to a man in the audience who is unexpectedly in IT before introducing 'overnight' success and internet sensation Luisa Omielan. Find out how pulling her trousers down in front of some Americans was the key to her success; more than you will want to know about frenulum breve; how to have a break out Edinburgh Fringe hit show; why Big Bird is a prick; and why Richard is too self-conscious to ever enjoy sex. Plus past lives, body...more

  • RHLSTP 86 - Robert Popper

    Nov 12 2015

    RHLSTP #86: Robert Popper - Beef Scarecrows. Richard is somewhat affronted to have been compared to Marmite by the box office at the Leicester Square Theatre, but never mind as his guest (who doesn't carry money and needs his wife to send sandwiches to him in a taxi) is Robert Popper from Friday Night Dinner, Look Around You and the conduit for the brilliant Robin Cooper. Find out what it was like being the assistant to the director on The Glam Metal Detectives, how Leigh Francis attempted to in...more

  • RHLSTP 85 - Janey Godley

    Nov 04 2015

    RHLSTP #85: Janey Godley - I've Never Stabbed Anyone... Oh No, I Have. A tired and possibly ill Richard Herring tries to get through another podcast without vomiting on his guest, the disaster-magnet that is Janey Godley. She talks candidly about marrying the son of a Glasgow gangster; her many family tragedies; and how she survived them. Plus how Jerry Sadowitz was almost killed at one of his first gigs; what she'd like to do with Roland Gift; witnessing horrific accidents and heart-warming sce...more

  • RHLSTP 84 - Lee Mack

    Oct 29 2015

    RHLSTP #84: Lee Mack - The Centurion. Richard makes more predictions of atrocities that will have occurred in the news on the week of release for this podcast and is impressed by the skills of another astrologer he has encountered. His guest is a man who knows how to clean a horse's anus, it's Lee Mack. Find out the truth behind his claims about cutting mustard, how to pick apricots, whose lawnmowers are in the Southport Lawnmower Museum and hear more musing over what is more morally acceptable,...more

  • RHLSTP 83 - Diane Morgan

    Oct 22 2015

    RHLSTP #83: Diane Morgan - A Bad Dream. Richard discusses some zombie based movie ideas he has had, before introducing the dry-witted and incredulous Diane Morgan who isn't quite sure what she's let herself in for. And it's a surreal, dream-like and occasionally mildly awkward chat about working with Ken Campbell; Richard's failure to see one of Diane's first performances; Bruce Willis on The One Show; Richard's ever-spiralling shoplifting problem; the slight let down of earliest memories (and w...more

  • RHLSTP 82 - Stuart Goldsmith

    Oct 15 2015

    RHLSTP #82: Stuart Goldsmith - Rear Window. RHLSTP is back (it feels like it never went away) and another kickstarted series begins ALL FOR FREE. Richard is worried that David Cameron has just made all his emergency questions irrelevant and amazed by the way the world has changed in the brief hiatus between series. And it's a PODCLASH as his first guest is the host of the brilliant Comedian's Comedian Podcast as well as Richard's backdoor neighbour, Stuart Goldsmith. With (pretty much) all new e...more

  • RHLSTP 81 - Joe Lycett

    Oct 07 2015

    RHLSTP #81: Joe Lycett - A Fan Who's Won a Competition. It's the last show in Series 7 and there's an end of term atmosphere and a lot of good natured heckling from a slightly inebriated crowd. Richard's final guest is Peter Dickson impersonator and product of 1988, Joe Lycett. The podcast largely turns into the vehicle for a RHLSTP clips show as Joe quizzes Richard about his favourite and least favourite guests and what the future might hold for the valuable RHLSTP franchise. But there's also t...more

  • RHLSTP 80 - Limmy

    Sep 30 2015

    RHLSTP #80: Limmy. Richard is a bit worried about the psychological similarities he shares with murder spree killers, but maybe that's just all comedians. If you read his book you might worry the same thing about this week's guest, cult comedy genius and normal-faced man Limmy. The pair try and fail to remember an ancient Twitter spat, and Richard threatens to reignite it by trying to welcome his guest by talking to him in his own language. There's a lively discussion of Scottish politics, the s...more

  • RHLSTP 79 - Al Murray

    Sep 23 2015

    RHLSTP #79: Al Murray. Richard delves into the seedy personal life of Dean and Matilda on the front row, before introducing failed politician and thwarted parachutist Al Murray. They chat about whether it's possible to gauge how an audience is laughing at comedy; running around in some wasteland in your pants at night; the downfall of Farage; and the bizarre social media exchanges that Al's attempt to become an MP led to. Also some glider-based history anecdotes; fears for the Westfield shopping...more

  • RHLSTP 78 - Paul Sinha

    Sep 16 2015

    RHLSTP #78: Paul Sinha - A Stopped Clock is Right About Ted Heath. Richard has witnessed a man carrying out his ultimate fantasy, but realises that sometimes maybe fantasies belong in our heads, not in reality. He is joined by the delightfully gossipy, quizzer, doctor, comedian and Sinnerman Paul Sinha. Obviously they mainly talk about quizzes and their own disastrous TV appearances; but also discuss the least funny sitcom flatshare of all time; John Oliver's tyre knowledge; the subplot running ...more

  • RHLSTP 77 - Brett Goldstein

    Sep 10 2015

    RHLSTP #77: Brett Goldstein - Routines About Buttons. Richard is still hungover from his birthday - what a day that was! He is joined by Brett Goldstein, a man who once ran a strip club with his dad. They talk about looking dead eyed into a camera on Weekend Kitchen at Waitrose, working with the Hoff, what it's like on Halloween when you're the only single man on your street, whether sex with a faceless robot counts as cheating and how important it is to get the full consent of the big man and t...more

  • RHLSTP 76 - Bridget Christie

    Sep 04 2015

    RHLSTP #76: Bridget Christie - No Man Is Faster Than a Cheese. Richard has just had his third sixteenth birthday and has returned from Amsterdam with a hangover that might just last two weeks. His guest is former milk-maid, fellow West Country cheese enthusiast and Russell Brand lookalike, Bridget Christie. They discuss webbed toes, being the responsible one in a gang of Hell's Angels, John Inverdale's slip of the tongue, the deferred creative revenge on the tedious admin of life and who of the ...more

  • RHLSTP 75 - Jessica Hynes

    Aug 27 2015

    RHLSTP #75: A Child's Drawing of the Enola Gay. Richard rewards an audience member for his Top Cat like trick of never having to buy a poppy again and then introduces his guest, a woman who has tried out more different names than eskimos have for snow, it's Jessica Hynes. What's it like working with Pudsey? Who was in Six Pairs of Pants? Why did Jessica sleep in an abandoned children's home? Is there a God or just a hand chucking things up? Is the talc dispensing tit the safer option? Who would ...more

  • RHLSTP 74 - Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan

    Aug 20 2015

    RHLSTP #74. Richard has broken his mirror, but wondering if that gives him 7 years bad luck or frees him from the ghosts of the past. His guests are the non British writers and stars of Britain's most exciting sitcom this decade, Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan. Does their onscreen sexual chemistry spill over into real life, even when Rob's genitals are in a bag? Does a filling make you a robot? How exactly do you kill a turkey? Is there a wrong way to try and get Mark Lamarr's attention in a bong...more

  • RHLSTP 73 - Robin Ince

    Aug 12 2015

    RHLSTP #73: Robin Ince - Punching a Watermelon with the Face of Vernon Kay. Richard concludes the story of his disastrous romantic break with his wife and gives away an exclusive RHLSTP mug to one of the RHLSTP mugs. His guest is Britain's premiere John Peel/Oliver Hardy/Stewart Lee impressionist, Robin Ince. They discuss the autobiographies of Don Estelle and Syd Little, how Robin created The Office, a swearing Su Pollard, Iain Lee on a pink tricycle, the funniest serial killer and being the Gi...more

  • RHLSTP 72 - Mark Watson

    Aug 05 2015

    RHLSTP #72: Mark Watson - Improvisation My Dear (Mark) Watson. Richard is reeling from forgetting about his daughter and another attack on his home (how will he ever sell it?), but excited to be welcoming the eponymous star of Improvisation My Dear Mark Watson to the stage and hoping to talk about nothing but that title for a full hour. Alas he gets distracted into discussing aversion to non-binding cheese; how thunder storms are the UK's biggest killer; advertising pear cider, and the criticism...more

  • RHLSTP 71 - Johnny Vegas

    Jul 30 2015

    RHLSTP #71: Johnny Vegas - Maniac in a Suitcase. Giving away a prize to a lucky audience member, Rich reminisces about schoolday bags and realises how much work he has got to do to re-learn his 11 old stand-up shows for his insane attempt to do them all at the Leicester Square Theatre in August and September. His guest is a man who has done Chekov, Dickens and Celebrity Juice, Johnny Vegas. It's a truly fascinating discussion about the duality of the stand-up and where a Johnny ends and Michael ...more

  • RHLSTP 70 - Roisin Conaty

    Jul 22 2015

    RHLSTP #70: Roisin Conaty - Amstrad Emailer Sex Doll. Richard has come close to death, choking on an apricot stone and in his possible final moments only felt embarrassment, but hopefully he has overcome the shame to interview the woman with the smallest oesophagus in showbusiness, Roisin Conaty. They discuss the problems encountered in having 80 first cousins, the varying careers of East 17, whether it is considered cheating to have sex with a robot, and anal itchiness. It's literally got every...more

  • RHLSTP 69 - Louis Theroux

    Jul 16 2015

    RHLSTP #69: Louis Theroux - Pathetic. Richard is very excited to meet the man who made him give up viewing porn (temporarily), Groove Is In The Heart dancer and park ranger Louis Theroux. With a bad choice of words Richard almost Merchants the podcast early on and the interviewer becomes the interviewee as Herring gets Therouxed and opens up about his pre-marital life. Will he be the subject of one of Louis' future documentaries? Can there be a more insulting thing to happen to a person, given t...more

  • RHLSTP 68 - Robert Webb

    Jul 08 2015

    RHLSTP #68: Robert Webb - I Think I've Explained Peep Show To My Satisfaction. Richard has been making t-shirts for Kickstarter donators but has made quite a basic error on one of them, and also considers a song-based justice system. His guest is the scourge of continuity departments everywhere, Lincolnshire's small-toothed Robert Webb. What was it really like working with Tim from The Office? Is Robert responsible for World War II? Worse, is he responsible for the queues at Shepherd's Bush Post...more

  • RHLSTP 67 - Romesh Ranganathan

    Jul 01 2015

    RHLSTP #67: Romesh Ranganathan - Yoghurt Smearing Ethics for the Vegan. Richard has a controversial theory about the recent FIFA controversy and gets paid by a man to call him a fucking idiot to his face before introducing former maths teacher and toilet crier Romesh Ranganathan to the stage of Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre. In possibly the longest RHLSTP they discuss the problems of trying to procure adequate vegan cheese, cost analysis of airline food, whether a lazy eye is really...more

  • RHLSTP 66 - Emma Kennedy

    Jun 24 2015

    RHLSTP #66: Which came first, Yazoo or Yazoo? Emma Kennedy. Richard is reeling from a missed opportunity to assassinate a government minister and a mystery cloaca based attack, but is delighted to be chatting to a woman he's been messing about with (not like that) since 1987, it's Britain's premier Subo impressionist and poo anecdotist, TV's Emma Kennedy. The pair revisit finding a Tardis in the lost basement of a Masonic Lodge, wonder when the people of Wales will finally all have shoes and dis...more

  • RHLSTP 65 - Lou Sanders

    Jun 17 2015

    RHLSTP #65: Lou Sanders - The Pink Bike Helmet of Doom. Richard chats to his audience, with faces old and new, including a mum and daughter that lead him to some dark thoughts and a laughing financial advisor. His guest is eccentric, comedic barmpot, Lou Sanders who reveals her sexy French inner clown, how she foresaw her own death and how she used comedy to cope with breaking up with her fiance. Richard reminisces about their short-lived show on Fubar radio, tries to discover what reiki actuall...more

  • RHLSTP 64 - Bob Mortimer

    Jun 10 2015

    RHLSTP #64: Bob Mortimer - Do you believe in Calgon? Richard is back and exhausted from fatherhood and trying to remember how these work and he's smarting from Alan Sugar rejecting his proposed titles for the saggy-faced Lord's autobiography. And there are a few changes and additions thanks to the successful video Kickstarter campaign. The guest has worked with Richard before, but has no memory of it at all, it's Middlesbrough's finest Bob Mortimer. There is some quite specific conversation abou...more

  • Spike Sligo Festival special: Sofie Hagen

    Apr 15 2015

    RHLSTPBATSSII with Sofie Hagen - An Abundance of Shells. A surprise bonus RHLSTP recorded at the Spike Sligo Festival in West Ireland to a tiny, but enthusiastic crowd. And the guest is the up-and-coming Danish comedian Sofie Hagen. The pair discuss Richard's new baby and the fear that she might be killed by a stalactite of urine, foolish one night stands, more audacious terrorist plots and fandom of Sligo's most famous export Westlife. The small audience encourage both comedians to be as inappr...more

  • RHLSTP 63 - Stewart Lee (TMWRNJ Special)

    Feb 11 2015

    RHLSTP # 63: Stewart Lee - This Morning With Richard and Nick. Richard is joined by his erstwhile partner Stewart Lee to chat about This Morning With Richard Not Judy. Stew discovers that there was nearly a very different host, they chat about the Edinburgh Fringe genesis of the idea and how they managed to give away a car, the terrible fate of Histor and Pliny, how ice and gas played a part on the stand-up circuit and the Rod Hull sketches that never were. They are then joined by Paul 'Curious ...more

  • RHLSTP 62 - Paul Putner and Trevor Lock

    Feb 04 2015

    RHLSTP #62: Paul Putner and Trevor Lock - TMWRNJ RHLSTP. In this and the next podcast Richard is catching up with some of the stars of the failed 1990s comedy show, This Morning With Richard Not Judy. Next week it's one of the more minor figures, but this time we have the Curious Orange and the Small-Faced Boy, Paul Putner and Trevor Lock. The triumvirate remember the Edinburgh Fringe 1997, with the stage version of TMWRNJ which led to the TV series and how Trevor and Paul had Richard's penis wa...more

  • RHLSTP 61 - Ben Goldacre

    Jan 28 2015

    RHLSTP #61: Ben Goldacre - I Think You'll Find It's More Complicated Than That. Richard has bought (and definitely not shoplifted) a present for this week's guest, the author who thinks you'll find it's more complicated than that, Ben Goldacre. It's a change of pace from the usual podcasts, with some serious chats about medicine, quacks, how a dead cat became a doctor and the ways that data and statistics can be abused. But there's still time for Goldacre to raise questions about his sexuality, ...more

  • RHLSTP 60 - Sue Perkins

    Jan 14 2015

    RHLSTP #60: Sue Perkins - Superkings. A new website to rival Dirty Britcom Confessions has emerged and Richard is fascinated to find out his fans' favourite food. His guest is a woman who has more bakery-based puns than you have had obscure Eastern European cakes, it's Sue Perkins. Find out what it was like working on Don't Scare The Hare, why Sue nearly turned down The Great British Bake Off and the highs and lows of travelling up the Mekong river. Find out what it's like being the judge of the...more

  • RHLSTP 59 - Victoria Coren Mitchell

    Jan 07 2015

    RHLSTP #59: Victoria Coren Mitchell - What's It Like Being the Unattractive One from Lee and Herring? Richard is gifted a front row audience member who is not only wearing red glasses but is also called Aanth (that is not a typo) and vents as much as he can whilst in a position of strength, knowing his guest should be able to wipe the floor with him: it's record-breaking poker player and the stern host of Only Connect, Victoria Coren Mitchell. She has the requisite disdain for the emergency ques...more

  • RHLSTP 58 - Milton Jones

    Jan 03 2015

    RHLSTP #58: Milton Jones - Kids Writing Set. Richard is excited about having been shopping for his as-yet-unborn child and having seen a daring theft from Pret a Manger and is freaked out to think that although recorded in November 2014 this podcast will go out on the cusp of 2015 - the future! His guest is high-haired, loud-shirted gagsmith Milton Jones. They discuss killer heckles and when gigs go wrong, more obscure 1970s TV shows, the Men's Health Abs Challenge and how many people remember t...more

  • RHLSTP 57 - Michael Legge

    Dec 24 2014

    RHLSTP #57: Michael Legge - Spreading All Your Nits About. For the first time in RHLSTP history, a guest has been unable to make the recording at the last minute. Al Murray had to drop out due to illness and so Rich was forced to find a new guest who could get to central London in an hour. And that guest was Michael Legge - no, not the one from the film Angela's Ashes or the blind or deaf Hereford-based massage therapist. The one from the Bollings and Nerrin Podcast. I can only apologise. But it...more

  • RHLSTP 56 - Richard Osman

    Dec 17 2014

    RHLSTP #56: Richard Osman - Desert Island Dicks. Richard has been considering his own mortality after a visit to Highgate Cemetery, realising that one day he himself might die. But it's unlikely. So let's sniff Dicks whilst the sun shines and we have the biggest Dick so far in the series (though not the biggest guest) with host of Two Tribes and Pointless, Richard Osman. Rich pitches all manner of TV shows to the highly successful TV producer, who seems unimpressed (even with Goodnight Goodnight...more

  • RHLSTP 55 - Andy Zaltzman

    Dec 10 2014

    RHLSTP #55: Andy Zaltzman - Pogo Stick Assassin. Rich has more ideas for terrorist atrocities and wonders if vitamin supplements might be the key to bringing down an aeroplane. His guest is crazy-haired satirist for hire, Andy Zaltzman. What would the TV rights to the destruction of the Houses of Parliament be? What's the best thing a terrorist has ever said? What's the appeal of cricket? Is a shed the ultimate goal for any writer? Is dating a six foot tall penis man really the best way to get o...more

  • RHLSTP 54 - Josh Widdicombe

    Dec 03 2014

    RHLSTP #54: Josh Widdicombe - Celebrity Juice. Rich is excited to reveal his new 'grown-up' question notebook, but will having a baby make him stop finding some jokes funny? His guest has both a Mastermind and a Pointless trophy; it's Devonian Josh Widdicombe. Find about the Pret a Manger lifestyles of the rich and famous that you can only dream of emulating, what the secret behind Josh's impressively swollen genitalia is and whether he prefers comedy or something else. The comedy/awkwardness of...more

  • RHLSTP 53 - Rebecca Front

    Nov 26 2014

    RHLSTP #53: Rebecca Front. Richard is very excited about his Nostradamus-like abilities to predict the future and makes another audacious claim about future-tech. Only time will tell if he is right again. His guest is the ubiquitous and claustrophobic Rebecca Front, a woman who has appeared in all manner of award-winning TV and Radio roles, but never, it seems, if Richard has been involved in the production too. You'll discover the confusion that can be caused by a mistimed fan shouting out one ...more

  • RHLSTP 52 - Sarah Millican

    Nov 19 2014

    RHLSTP #52: Sarah Millican - Why Won't You Tell Us Your Exact Address? Rich has some surprising and life-changing news to share, but that doesn't mean that gloves (and pants if it's cold enough) aren't off for the annual sparring match with TV's Sarah Millican. Who will win the flirtatious/offensive battle of wits this time? You'll find out why she appeared on TV without her underwear, why she kept her first husband's name, and be asked to consider whether she was unreasonable when she refused t...more

  • RHLSTP 51 - Sara Pascoe

    Nov 12 2014

    RHLSTP #51: Sara Pascoe - Kamikaze Sperm. Even though eight days have passed since the Half-Marathon, Richard still aches like it was all just yesterday. But he will soon forget his woes when he chats to the great-grandaughter of music writer Rosa Newmarch (and you never know who her great-grandfather might have been), Sara Pascoe. In what is one of Rich's favourite ever RHLSTPs the chat encompasses whether a vegan can eat a ham hand, how a six foot tall penis man would cope with his terrible li...more

  • RHLSTP 50 - Steve Coogan

    Nov 06 2014

    RHLSTP #50: Steve Coogan - Celebrity Ghost Train. Rich is still alive and kicking (and dancing) only a day after completing a Half Marathon in record breaking time (though to be fair he had a ringer to do it for him) and he's disappointed in the movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street' for all kinds of reasons. But he has a very special guest to help him celebrate his half century of RHLSTPs, it's the go-to guy if you want someone to play a small toy figure, Steve Coogan. A-ha! (Steve loves it when peopl...more

  • RHLSTP 49 - James Acaster

    Oct 29 2014

    RHLSTP #49: James Acaster - Two Men in a Field with Walkie Talkies and it's All Clear. Psychic Richard manages to divine the life of someone in his front row merely by looking at him, though what he finds out about this person's nipples will change your life forever. His guest this week is the Rod Hull faced comedian James Acaster. You will find out what it's like to survive three car crashes and two train derailments, how much you could expect to earn selling slurpies in Kettering in the 1990s ...more

  • RHLSTP 48 - Brendon Burns

    Oct 23 2014

    RHLSTP #48: Brendon Burns - Not Even The Go To Guy With This Face. Richard forgot to lube his nipples and now he's in all kinds of pain, but he's mainly glad that his nipples get to experience any sensation at all. And hopefully his guest this week will steer clear of his breast area and who - to make up for his Edinburgh Fringe Podcast no-show - turned up two hours early, Brendon Burns. They chat about why Stewart Lee fans are 'the worst', whether certain words are unsayable, how splitting your...more

  • RHLSTP 47 - Mark Gatiss

    Oct 15 2014

    RHLSTP #47: Mark Gatiss - T R Assmagik. Richard is still reeling from the lurgy he had in last week's show and his guest is also not very well, it's Mark Gatiss from off of League of Gentlemen and Fear of Fanny. Inevitably there is a lot of discussion about obscure 1970s TV and Tim from The Office being in Sherlock and you'll find out which Doctor Who monster Mark would most like to have sex with. But other questions include: How did Mark prepare for the role that made him famous, the voice of G...more

  • RHLSTP 46 - Katherine Ryan

    Oct 09 2014

    RHLSTP #46: Katherine Ryan - Pissing in a Money Tin. A new series of RHLSTP and Richard has a whole raft of new emergency questions, to the consternation of his audience who just want to hear the old ones. Predictably he is a bit obsessed with Tory MPs sending pictures of their winkies to pretend women, but less predictably concerned that the Tory party might be made up of actual penises. His first guest comes from Sarnia - the no-nonsense, no-holds-barred Katherine Ryan. There's some interestin...more

  • Machynlleth Festival special: Mike Wozniak

    May 27 2014

    It's Mike Wozniak!SUPPORT THE SHOW!Check out our website and become a badger and see extra content http://rhlstp.co.ukSee details of the RHLSTP tour dates http://richardherring.com/gigsBuy DVDs and Books at http://gofasterstripe.com  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • RHLSTP 45 - Nick Helm

    May 16 2014

    RHLSTP #45: Nick Helm - Przepraszam. Richard harangues the willing fools on the first row as usual, though it's a man on the second row who will inadvertently make the most impact on the podcast. The guest this week is Nick Helm, instantly recognisable in face if not voice to everyone in Poland. The pair carry out some onstage sex acts which will delight the perverts on Dirty Britcom Confessions (if you buy one of the series on video you might want to make it this one) and disgust all decent min...more

  • RHLSTP 44 - Jon Ronson

    May 09 2014

    RHLSTP #44: Jon Ronson - Gaybomb. An almost imperceptibly slimmer than the beginning of the series Richard Herring takes the stage to find a slightly sinister pair of men in the front row. What do they do? Do we really want to know? No, because the guest this week is journalist, screen-writer and broadcaster Jon Ronson who is a man with some good stories. Find out what happened when he met the politically correct arm of the KKK, was outed as a Jewish man whilst with jihadists in Crawley, how he ...more

  • RHLSTP 43 - Susan Calman

    May 02 2014

    RHLSTP #43: Susan Calman - Helen Mirren Mask. Richard is still a bit giddy and over-excited from meeting Harry Shearer and, after being on his best behaviour for 75 minutes, is now off the leash and at his most childish and pathetic. And who dares walk into this hurricane of smut? Only Susan Calman... who feels, possibly correctly, that she isn't being given the respect of the previous guest. Find out how one of the tallest comedians in the UK snuck one of the smallest into a party, how Richard ...more

  • RHLSTP 42 - Harry Shearer

    Apr 25 2014

    RHLSTP #42: Harry Shearer - Creative Differences. Richard has some news of an amazing time travelling finger and is clearly super excited to be meeting one of his all-time comedy heroes, Harry Shearer from off of This is Spinal Tap and The Simpsons. Rich was too scared to talk to him when he saw him improbably travelling on London's Tube, but hopefully he won't just sit quietly, staring at him and saying nothing this time. The pair discuss Harry's career which seems to break the space-time conti...more

  • RHLSTP 41 - Josie Long

    Apr 18 2014

    RHLSTP #41: Josie Long - Fruit Pastille Lolly. After being unnecessarily rude to his audience again, Richard introduces this week's guest, comedian, cartoonist and film maker, Josie Long. They chat about sharing car journeys with Stewart Lee's misbehaving (embodied) anus, how to respond to Twitter abuse, suncream that beams into your hand and killing Hitler by pushing his eye into his brain. Plus there's an extraordinary story of an almost impossible survival of a spectacular car crash that leav...more

  • RHLSTP 40 - Danny Baker

    Apr 12 2014

    RHLSTP #40: Danny Baker - I Don't Need A Receipt, Chaz. Richard is still recovering from his important educational work on International Women's Day, but luckily he isn't going to be taxed by having to speak very much, because his guest is the loquacious and unsinkable Danny Baker. In a show overflowing with content you will find out, amongst much else, about a laserdisc signed by David Bowie, how Danny's amazing dad took umbrage with Harry Enfield, where talcum powder comes from, how to go to H...more

  • RHLSTP 39 - Greg Davies

    Apr 04 2014

    RHLSTP #39: Greg Davies - Ian Gunpowder. Richard chats with his audience and manages to secure himself a TV writing job, as well as marvel at his once IT heavy, bearded male audience being replaced by people who might actually have had sex. Don't worry, the nerds are still there and they're still the best! This week's guest is very tall and has never been told that before, it's sexually-charged comedian and actor Greg Davies. They converse about how W G Grace upstaged Greg's sister's wedding, ho...more

  • RHLSTP 38 - Alexei Sayle

    Mar 28 2014

    RHLSTP #38: Alexei Sayle - Mouse Killing Alarm Clock. Richard has a pus-filled finger, which is disgusting even in audio, but that doesn't stop the people at Dirtybritcom Confessions pretending to fantasise about him. His guest recently referred to him as one of his 'comedy children', but let's see how far his paternal feelings will stretch, it's the legendary Alexei Sayle. They chat about being expelled from school, why Guildford is funnier than Hatfield, getting Christmas cards from a man who ...more

  • RHLSTP 37 - Robert Llewellyn

    Mar 21 2014

    RHLSTP #37: Robert Llewellyn - Charlie Chaplin's Lasts. Richard meets his audience, who are predictably much better than last week's to discover a disconcerting leap in the attractiveness and coolness of the people in the front row. Also apparently the queue for the women's toilet was longer than the one for the men's. Something is changing in the world of this podcast and we should all be very afraid. Robert Llewellyn from Red Dwarf and Carpool is the charming and engaging guest. They discuss h...more

  • RHLSTP 36 - Helen and Olly

    Mar 14 2014

    RHLSTP #36: Helen and Olly from Answer Me This! - Okapi Sandwich. Richard is bristling from more anarchic behaviour in the swimming pool and pitching ideas for Dragon's Den. His guests are Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann from rival Sony Gold and Silver (but crucially not bronze) winning podcast Answer Me This. They seem to hold some kind of grudge for Richard having made them his enemies in the old Collings and Herrin podcasts, but as Richard was under the thrall of his Herrin character he can't re...more

  • RHLSTP 35 - Jenny Eclair

    Mar 07 2014

    RHLSTP #35: Jenny Eclair - You Go! Rich meets his audience, some familiar, some new. His guest has had an interesting afternoon at the gynaecologists and the cinema, but which was more painful? It's Jenny Eclair. They chat about French kissing Shane Ritchie, how to shoplift the complete works of Herge and ways to improve daytime quizzes. Find out about what it was like to do punk poetry at the legendary Tunnel Club, to be heckled by Woman's Hour and why you should get John Lewis to install your ...more

  • RHLSTP 34 - Adam Buxton

    Feb 27 2014

    RHLSTP #34: Adam Buxton - You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore. Rich is back for an unprecedented 5th series of this stupid podcast, worried that he might have the same effect on this week's guest as he did with Stephen Merchant. But it's unlikely as it's a welcome return for the man with the pink bicycle, Adam Buxton. What is the ethical age for a dog to be before you have sex with it? How much does the cartoon 'The Snowman' inform us about the career of David Bowie? Are we ready to consider the ...more

  • RHLSTP 33 - Stephen Merchant

    Nov 26 2013

    RHLSTP #33: Stephen Merchant - Suckling Milk From A Cow's Udder. Richard gives his surprise mystery (to the audience at least) guest possibly the worst introduction known to mankind, but gigantic Stephen Merchant is more than a match for this tiny Somerset hobbit. The pair discuss big foot-based anal sex, the disappointing lack of shenanigans in the bar at the 1997 reboot of Blockbusters, setting up Jack Bauer's Facebook page, penis-length anxiety, how Stephen accidentally ended up shooting a po...more

  • RHLSTP 32 - Simon Pegg

    Nov 20 2013

    RHLSTP #32: Simon Pegg - In A Round Hole. Richard has just returned from Vienna, burdened with ice-cream disappointments and further worries about his wife's insensitive choice of cheese. But he's got a blinding guest to cheer him up, a man who has appeared in the triumvirate of sci-fi classics, but that won't mean anything until he's learned to jaunt, Simon Pegg. They discuss what Tom Cruise is really like, the pressures of being a godfather to a superstar baby, playing pranks and throwing up o...more

  • RHLSTP 31 - Ross Noble

    Nov 13 2013

    RHLSTP #31: Ross Noble - Trojan Badger. The company director with the sexiest voice in the world is in the front row and Richard is needlessly rude to his less sexy fans. His guest is one of the world's greatest improvisers, Ross Noble. Richard shows how hard interaction can be by failing to find anything funny to say about the rest of the front row. But luckily from there on in, he is not going to get a word in edgeways as Ross talks non-stop for approaching 100 minutes about TGI Friday's, what...more

  • RHLSTP 30 - Dara O Briain

    Nov 06 2013

    RHLSTP #30: Dara O Briain - Penis Sausage. Richard is stuffed to the gills with giant chocolate buttons and recounts the time he got lost in Buckingham Palace, and still is on the prowl for flies to murder. There is a beef with his guest, Dara O Briain, who still remembers the scathing review that Herring gave him in an online diary back in 1998. And there's more online comment as the pair discuss the sexual fantasies that comedy fans harbour on Dirty Britcom Confessions. There's also chat about...more

  • RHLSTP 29 - Miles Jupp

    Oct 30 2013

    RHLSTP #29: Miles Jupp - What IS the Story in Balamory? Richard tells a story of a terrifying prediction made by an Armenian fortune teller and is needlessly insulting to a dead broadcaster before introducing this week's guest, Miles Jupp. Although Jupp has appeared in films with George Clooney and Jon Stewart and won plaudits for his stage and TV work, Richard is keen to talk to him about the children's television show, Balamory, and NOTHING ELSE. The audience do not share the host's fascinatio...more

  • RHLSTP 28 - Miranda Hart

    Oct 23 2013

    RHLSTP #28: Miranda Hart - Randy Dyke. After the infestation of flies that plagued the first two podcasts of the series Richard has been gifted a tennis racquet shaped fly exterminator to try and deal with the issue. There aren't many flies around, but a game member of the audience agrees to be zapped. May she rest in peace. Richard is still a bit sore from running a half-Marathon (sponsor him here - http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RichardHerring) in the record breaking time of under 2 hrs 38 mi...more

  • RHLSTP 27 - Rufus Hound

    Oct 16 2013

    RHLSTP #27: Rufus Hound - Aggy! Aggy! Aggy! - Richard is once again plagued by a swarm of flies that he fears only he can see. His guest is ex-moustachioed comedian and actor, Rufus Hound. The initial twins chat about what it's like working for Claire's Accessories, Peter Wyngarde's ill-judged pop career and a protracted and fascinating insight into the reasons that Rufus really left Celebrity Juice (including an incredible stand-off with the woman off of 'How Clean is Your House?'). Also see wh...more

  • RHLSTP 26 - Shappi Khorsandi

    Oct 08 2013

    RHLSTP #26: Shappi Khorsandi - Talcum Powder Tit. RHLSTP (rhlstp) is back and Richard has stories from Armenia and the Amalfi Coast and is threatening to reveal the plot to the final episode of Breaking Bad (no spoilers, don't worry). His guests today are Shappi Khorsandi and a load of flies that have invaded the theatre (you don't get this on Graham Norton). Whilst trying to kill flies, the human beings in the show discuss how to check for car bombs, Tucker Jenkins, what English people smell of...more

  • RHLSTP 25 - Sean Hughes

    Jul 08 2013

    RHLSTP #25: Sean Hughes - Mango Mist. The guest for the final RHLSTP of the series has had a drink with Morrissey, seen a member of Madness drying his bum hair and has failed to discuss time travel with Gary Sparrow's best mate. It's Sean Hughes. Was 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' the most badly named panel show ever? Is it ever the wrong thing to do to refuse to take down an old man's swimming trunks? Will the cast of 'Robbie the Reindeer: Close Encounters of the Herd Kind' ever be reunited? How di...more

  • RHLSTP 24 - Isy Suttie

    Jul 04 2013

    RHLSTP #24 - Isy Suttie - The Moon Told Me To Kill. It's the clash of the vaguely gold coloured Sony Award winners, but who will come off as comedy king (or queen). The shamefully uncompetitive and relentlessly cheerful Isy Suttie isn't even entering into it. But she is prepared to perform her own fire-based stunts (check out the video podcast to see this in all its burning glory - www.gofasterstripe.com/podcasts). Many questions that will be answered in this penultimate episode of the series: W...more

  • RHLSTP 23 - Mark Thomas

    Jun 30 2013

    RHLSTP 23: Mark Thomas - The Disillusioning Illusionist - It's time for a bit of politics, but that's no reason not to discuss huge, ageing wrinkly ballbags, because tonight's guest is that rarest of things (if you're a journalist or a TV commissioner) a political comedian. It's the delightfully subversive Mark Thomas. There are tales of working for the legendary Dave Allen, getting in the Guinness Book of Records, being spied on, heckling anti-abortionists, the funny side of funerals, opera-lov...more

  • RHLSTP 22 - Edgar Wright

    Jun 26 2013

    RHLSTP #22: Edgar Wright - Spaced By The Bell. At last it's the podcast that addresses the burning issue of modern Britain - which is the best Somerset based show cave complex? Cheddar Gorge (obviously) or rubbishy old Wookey Hole. It'd be a shame to have Britain's most exciting film director on the show without wasting most of the time talking about this and the obscure and sexist Roald Dahl short story - Switch Bitch. And Richard hates to disappoint. Luckily he occasionally manages to blunder ...more

  • RHLSTP 21 - Russell Brand

    Jun 23 2013

    RHLSTP #21 - Russell Brand - Richard Carpenter Punishment. In a theatre that one suspects is stuffed to the rafters with journalists hoping to steal a scoop, Rich is left wondering, what do you ask the man who has already admitted everything? Obviously you mainly ask him about ham hands. But that can only fill 40 or so minutes, so as well as that they discuss the author of Catweazle, how many hours of childhood they jointly wasted playing one-player Subbuteo, why on earth Russell wanted to appea...more

  • RHLSTP 20 - John Lloyd

    Jun 14 2013

    RHLSTP #20 - John Lloyd - It's Not Personal. Richard continues with his mission to get to be a guest on QI with top TV producer John Lloyd, though Lloyd seems intent on demonstrating why Herring is too thick to get on the programme with increasingly difficult questions about how many chemicals there are in a carrot, how to define art and if God wears sandals. Or something. It gets brain-hurtingly deep and philosophical as both men attempt to discover the meaning of life. Plus there's some great ...more

  • RHLSTP 19 - Mary Beard

    Jun 13 2013

    RHLSTP #19 - Mary Beard - Fattening Dormice. After last week's headline-grabbing show, Richard feels under pressure to coax revelations from his guest, classicist Mary Beard, but is a bit distracted by transport and atrocity based magazines. Instead he mainly talks about penises in Pompeii, realising that if only he could travel in time that he would be the most popular comedian in that knob-obsessed empire. But all the big historical questions are asked - why is Pan having sex with a goat? What...more

  • RHLSTP 18 - Stephen Fry

    Jun 06 2013

    RHLSTP #18 - Stephen Fry. Hit It Bitch! - In a frankly extraordinary, must-listen, funny, poetic and heart-breaking podcast Richard interviews quintessential Englishman (take that EDL) Stephen Fry. Find out what the Spice Girls said to Prince Charles about Prince Albert, the favourite expletive of Lionel Jeffries, why Fabian is the best character in Twelfth Night, why Richard is going to graffiti Fry's grave, which women Steve wants to have sex with, Richard's clunky attempts to audition for QI ...more

  • RHLSTP 17 - Chris Addison

    May 29 2013

    RHLSTP# 17: Chris Addison. He's snogged someone who used to be a dead child and worked with Gail Porter, but did he punch a cupboard? Richard, fresh from his triumphant third place Sony, is back with guest Chris Addison, deliberately doing visual things to try and make you pay for the video version (available from www.gofasterstripe.com/podcasts) but still giving you the audio for free. It's the usual mixture of incompetence, awkwardness and petty jealousy, but luckily there's some funny stuff t...more

  • Machynlleth Festival special: Pappy's

    May 07 2013

    RHLSTP (BATMCF) Special! - it's like the Leicester Square Theatre Podcast but it's at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival in Wales and is at the packed Y Tabernacle. It's the first podcast since the show was nominated for a prestigious Sony so the pressure is on to keep the fellatio and bumming jokes to the highest standard. And the guests are rising stars and rival non-Sony award nominated podcasters Pappy's (all they've got is a new TV series, the losers). There's plenty of charity human centipede...more

  • RHLSTP 16 - Russell Howard

    Dec 04 2012

    RHLSTP #16: Russell Howard - A Foreskin full of Haribo. It's the podcast so funny that it can make you go into labour. Even if you're not pregnant. Maybe one day it will eject a future monarch into the world. Rich is concerned about having his identity stolen the very week that he has bought an embarrassing item on the Internet. But clean-dicked Russell Howard has popped by to discuss the stuff that got cut from Banter, how he learned the facts of life, Badgerline and how he almost lost a thumb ...more

  • RHLSTP 15 - Adam Buxton

    Nov 20 2012

    RHLSTP #15: Adam and Eve - Adam Buxton. It's the longest RHLSTP yet with Rich upstaged by his new butler, Siri and worrying about all the libel he has committed to the Internet in the past. But all the unpleasantness is quickly forgotten as the hair-loving, mane-biting star of The Persuasionists, Adam Buxton arrives. He has stories of his disastrous audition for Hitchhiker's Guide, being a bully in a china shop and how to quell a Dutch oven. The two small men swap stories about their funny and e...more

  • RHLSTP 14 - Dave Gorman

    Nov 06 2012

    RHLSTP #14: Dave Gorman - Gagglewhack. The a Shrek joke may have run its course but that won't stop Richard running it into the ground. After all he is in Slytherin even if his hands will always be in Gryffindor. He's joined by the red-nosed presenter and wee-smeller, Dave Gorman and they chat about terrorist attacks, blindfolded boys choosing leaders, psychics and the history of the Mormon church. And they try to get to the bottom of confusing reviews of Dave Gorman, Frankie Boyle, Mick Jagger ...more

  • RHLSTP 13 - David Mitchell

    Oct 23 2012

    RHLSTP #13: David Mitchell - The Shreks of Westminster Bridge. Slightly worse for wear after having lunch with Alice Cooper at the Q Awards, Richard is delighted to welcome a man he thinks might be him from another time stream, David 'Mitch' Mitchell. He's certainly met his match in pedantry and both men accidentally reveal some shocking details about their respective psyches. Never have two men discussed at such length the vagaries of choosing between a ham hand and a sun lotion arm pit. And th...more

  • RHLSTP 12 - Peter Serafinowicz

    Oct 16 2012

    RHLSTP #12: Peter Serafinowic(h)z - Jeddy. Rich and his wife have made the ultimate commitment: they've been through their DVD collections and are getting rid of any duplicates. Some lucky audience member is going to win them all! But before that it's time to talk to the star of The Calcium Kid, Peter Serafinowicz. Fans of Star Wars will be creaming out of their arm pits when they hear his tales of working with George Lucas and having to pay to go the premiere. Astonishing stuff. Rich provides a...more

  • RHLSTP 11 - Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith

    Oct 09 2012

    RHLSTP #11: Death is Nice - Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith. With the world in shock about the accusations about an ex-BBC employee with long hair and an odd home life who raised money for charity, Richard is keeping his head down, but he is joined by the slightly odd men behind such hits as The League of Gentlemen and Psychoville, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. They chat about the unlikely character of Davey from Henry IV part II, what it's like to work with Woody Allen, as well as ...more

  • RHLSTP 10 - Rob Delaney

    Oct 02 2012

    RHLSTP #10: Rob Delaney - Do you remember things? RHLSTP is back with a man so well-balanced and pleasant that it's hard to believe that he's a comedian. Twitter sensation and top stand-up Rob Delaney has just landed in the country and has a proper gig to get to, but he's still found an hour to chat about suing Kim Kardashian, crashing his car into a building, Mitt Romney and whether he's ever seen a Big Foot. If you've ever wondered what he'd do if he was a ghost then you're in for a treat. Ric...more

  • RHLSTP 9 - Armando Iannucci and Graham Linehan

    Jun 26 2012

    It's the last in the series, but what a way to end with the creators of Ted & Ralph, Father Ted, Malcolm Tucker and Alan Partridge on stage together (but who created which?). There's talk of tax evasion, OBEs, fantastic new plots for Last of the Summer Wine, Goodfellows and a surprising departure for the Birmingham Six. Find out how many people on stage have been wanked by a ventriloquist dummy operated by Stewart Lee. It goes on for AGES, but I don't think it's hyperbole to say that this is bet...more

  • RHLSTP 8 - Stewart Lee

    Jun 20 2012

    Lee and Herring are back together, but they're old and chilled and less likely to talk about moons and sticks and all the other catchphrases that they used to do that they are now too addled to remember. There's some serious chats about comedy, but also some stupid stuff about being wanked off by the hand of a 100 year old ventriloquist dummy, egg obsessed crows and whether a satirist can accept an honour from the Queen. Cluub Zarathustra, a 1987 pact about what not to do in comedy, Jerry Spring...more

  • RHLSTP 7 - David Baddiel

    Jun 15 2012

    Two tired men from the 1990s talking about sexy Jews, travelling with your cleaner, how David pronounces his own name wrong and the consequences of using people's real names in comedy routines. Rich talks to David about the viciousness of some of the reviews he's received, whilst Baddiel turns the tables to quiz Herring about his murky and seedy sexual past. It's scintillating stuff as long as the exhausted host can stay awake long enough and no Victorian children come into the venue and arouse ...more

  • RHLSTP 6 - Nick Frost

    Jun 12 2012

    The sexual morals of Edwardian penguins are at the fore this week, as Richard interviews the star of Man Stroke Woman, but not Fatso in Casualty. We will hear the Star Wars impression that led to Frost's big break as well as spending an inordinate amount of time on his career as a waiter, where other interviewers might have been more interested in the big stars that Nick has worked with. But then no one else would ask him about self-fellatio either. There's a lesson in medieval history, protesti...more

  • RHLSTP 5 - Charlie Brooker

    May 29 2012

    This weekend Rich has been working with 88 year-old Nicholas Parsons and Charlie has been working with 81 year old William Shatner, but now they've ditched the octogenarians to create this long and fairly filthy podcast. They chat about the humiliation of losing a BAFTA to Stewart Lee, what order you should have sex with the women from the Russian entry to the Eurovision song contest, the vengeance Rich wishes upon Charlie's young family and who Dominic West should really have been thanking. Plu...more

  • RHLSTP 4 - Charlie Higson

    May 22 2012

    It's podcast number 4 and Rich still can't pronounce his own acronym, but he's got his old 90s rival, Charlie Higson from The Fast Show, which some people might argue was more successful than Fist of Fun. But only some people (the others would not be aware of Fist of Fun). Jonathan Ross fell asleep whilst interviewing Higson, so Rich has his work cut out for him in this long chat with the Frome born comedian and author and ex-popstar. But only a very few bits of this long chat could be used by F...more

  • RHLSTP 3 - Francesca Martinez

    May 17 2012

    RHLSTP #3 Francesca Martinez. Rich is angry about the Fringe programme censoring the entry for Talking C*ck (what can that word be?), but luckily Francesca Martinez is on hand to talk about the power of language, whether Ben Elton is stuck in the 80s and whether the concept of 'normal' exists anywhere but on a washing machine. She also reveals how Richard attempted to corrupt her in 2003 in Melbourne, but luckily she's still talking to him and speculates on whether Jonathan Ross has ever tried t...more

  • RHLSTP 2 - Jonathan Ross

    May 15 2012

    RHLSTP #2 Jonathan Ross (with guest appearance by Francesca Martinez). How did Rich manage this? He's got a proper TV star and interviewer on his show and the pressure is making him tongue-tied, but at least he can pronounce the letter R. There's plenty to chat about from It Ain't 'Alf Hot Mum to the most popular piece of Paul Ross merchandise on Amazon to how on Earth did potty mouth Ross get an OBE? There's so much to discuss that Richard forgets to ask Ross if he's ever tried to suck his own ...more

  • RHLSTP 1 - Tim Minchin

    May 08 2012

    The podcast with the most unwieldy acronym yet RHLSTP (rhlstp) starts with a bang with flame-haired multi-talented genius Tim Minchin chatting about self-penetration, bad reviews, whether Karma has payback and if you can choose your own songs on Desert Island Discs. There's chat about the best revenge to take on a critic, eating face meat, eating lip balm, the effect of shower gel on genitals and the homoerotic subtext of a man helping another man put on his tie. Find out who should really be pl...more