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Joshua J Sheats, MSFS, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CASL, CAP, RHU, REBC is a financial planner who teaches people how to live a rich life now while building a plan for financial freedom in 10 years or less. He mixes creative approaches to lifestyle design, deep-dive financial planning techniques, and hard-core business strategy to equip you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to build financial independence.


  • 663-Should Christians Participate in Tax Strikes and Tax Protest Movements?

    Aug 22 2019

    We live in interesting times. It seems that most of us could list off several things that our government does with our tax money that we find offensive. But how should Christians deal with the morality of having their tax money used to support immoral activity? Should Christians participate in tax strikes and tax protests? Joshua

  • 662-Why is Joshua So Anti-Tax?

    Aug 20 2019

    A listener wrote in and essentially asked, "Why is Joshua so anti-tax?" So, I thought I'd give that question a crack for you. Joshua

  • Meet Up With Me, August 22, Toronto, Canada

    Aug 16 2019

    I'd like to invite you to a public Radical Personal Finance meetup that I'm hosting this Thursday evening, August 22, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. Instructions: email me using the address Joshua at Radical Personal Finance dot com and I will respond with the specific details of where and when. Hope to see you soon! Joshua

  • 661-Back to Basics: The Power of Cash

    Aug 14 2019

    I want you to use more cash so you can get richer, faster. Joshua

  • 660-Back to Basics: The Problem With Debt

    Aug 12 2019

    I want you to understand the basic problem with debt so that you'll be prepared to avoid it. Joshua

  • 659-How My Ideas and Philosophies on Education Have Changed Over the Years

    Aug 07 2019

    I've talked a lot about education over the years...in this episode I'll tell you what we're doing with our children and talk about some philosophies that have been influential on me. And I'll tell you what I got wrong in the past. Joshua

  • 658-The Natural Symbiosis Between Prepping and Financial Planning

    Aug 05 2019

    There is a natural symbiosis between prepping and mainstream financial planning. Here's why. Joshua

  • 657-Mental Money Games to Change Your Behavior for the Better

    Jul 31 2019

    A key to life change is behavior modification. And mental money games can help you get there. Joshua

  • 656-Twelve Interesting Ways to Invest In Your Children

    Jul 29 2019

    Ask your average financial advisor how to invest for your children's future and he'll likely start pulling out brochures for a 529 plan. B-O-O-O-O-R-I-N-G!!! Is there anything wrong with a 529 plan? No. But is that really the most effective use of your money? Only if you don't have any better ideas. So let me give you some to ponder! Here are 12 Much More Interesting™️ Ways to Invest In Your Children! Joshua p.s., Go here and buy something so I can do this stuff for my children! https://radicalp...more

  • 655-Friday Q&A: Protecting a Non-Working Spouse, Cash Savings, Wealth Accumulation vs. Living, etc.

    Jul 20 2019

    It's Friday! That means live Q&A. Enjoy! Joshua

  • 654-A New, Legal Tax Scheme to Help You Save Capital Gains: Qualified Opportunity Zones

    Jul 17 2019

    Today we discuss Qualified Opportunity Zones, a legitimately new way for you to potentially save on capital gains taxes. Joshua Map of designated opportunity zones:https://esrimedia.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=77f3cad12b6c4bffb816332544f04542

  • 653-How Tax Rule Changes Can Sink Your Financial Plan (Discussion of H.R. 1994: the SECURE act)

    Jul 15 2019

    There is an important piece of legislation that has passed the House of Representatives and is being considered in the Senate. It's technically known as H.R. 1994 "Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019." It has some changes that are potentially helpful to you; and some that may destroy the value of your qualified accounts. Joshua

  • 652-Cost of Living vs. Quality of Life (with an international flair)

    Jul 10 2019

    How do you balance the Costs of Living with your Quality of Life when you're thinking about moving out of your home country? Let's discuss! Joshua

  • 651-Can You Invest Better Than a Hedge Fund Manager?

    Jul 05 2019

    In order to build wealth over your lifetime you need to #InvestWisely. But, how? How do you do it? What should you invest in? Today, we discuss that question with an active hedge fund manager named John Medford. He and his team manage a large fund with an impressive record. And, in this episode, we discuss why you probably shouldn't bother to try competing with him. Joshua

  • 650-The Case for Pop-Up Campers

    Jul 02 2019

    I think a pop up tent camper is an ideal compromise for family vacation travel. In this show, I tell you why. Joshua

  • 649-Friday Q&A: Fiscal Future of the USA, Financial Coaching, International Living, Dividend Investing, Morality of Investing, Quitting my Job, etc.

    Jun 28 2019

    1:30 What is the fiscal future of the USA in light of the Democratic candidates' debate this week? 19:12 How could I do financial coaching for the not-yet-wealthy? 35:20 What are the benefits of international living? 41:15 Should I be a dividend investor or index fund investor? And how can I simultaneously be a moral investor? 1:15:45 Should I quit my job because I can? 1:33:30 How could I invest differently than just real estate and mutual funds?

  • 648-Friday Q&A: Sell Crypto to Pay Debt, Adjust Investments for Economic Uncertainty, Adjusting Finances for Divorce, Birth Tourism, Living Abroad, Etc.

    Jun 21 2019

    Friday Q&A today! 1:54 Should I sell my cryptocurrency to pay off my IRS debt? 10:30 How should I readjust my investments to plan for future economic uncertainty? 26:09 How should I think through my finances in the midst of possible divorce? 59:46 What do I need to do with my US-based investments while I move to Spain? 1:08:00 My wife and I are having a baby and are interested in birth tourism. How should we analyze the possibilities? Enjoy! Joshua Join me for next week's Q&A! http://patreon....more

  • 647-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 12 - Intelligent Asset Titling

    Jun 21 2019

    If you care about asset protection planning, there's hardly any reason for you to own an asset in your own name. So, you'll have to get used to titling asset in slightly different ways. Today, I teach you why and how. Joshua

  • 646-How to Travel the World On The Cheap

    Jun 17 2019

    When I ask people about their goals, about 80% of people tell me they want to travel when they retire. And yet, very few people actually follow through and travel! Why? Of course there could be many reasons. But if the cost of traveling is keeping you at home, I want to help you. In today's show, I'll share with you some ideas and strategies to travel the world on the cheap. Enjoy! Joshua Inspirational video of couple who traveled for 2 years and spent about $14,000. Total. https://youtu.be/8A1...more

  • 645-The Power of Choosing Not to Retire

    May 29 2019

    In today's show, I'm going to teach you how an average guy can build a $165,000,000 estate by choosing not to retire. And I'll tell you a bunch of reasons why that would be great for you to plan for (even though you're simultaneously working towards financial independence in 10 years or less). Enjoy! Joshua

  • 644-Who Do You Want to Remember You and What Do You Want to Be Remembered For?

    May 27 2019

    This is one of the most important questions you can think about. And don't be scared to change your answers as you learn and grow. Joshua

  • 643-Should I Fix My Broken Car or Replace It?

    May 20 2019

    A listener has a car with a blown transmission and is trying to decide whether to repair it or replace it. Here's my advice! Joshua

  • 642-Friday Q&A: How to Contribute to an IRA When You're Taking the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, How Should You Think About FIREing Yourself From A Big-Money Job

    May 10 2019

    It's Friday! Today, we discuss: Taking the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion How Should You Think About FIREing Yourself From A Big-Money Job Joshua

  • 641-$1,500 a Month On Non-Essentials? Society Discusses

    May 08 2019

    Here's the link: https://mobile.twitter.com/USATODAY/status/1125891810595954688 Read the conversation and form your own opinions. Joshua

  • 640-The Accidental Millionaire (And What You Can Learn From His Example)

    May 06 2019

    Today, I tell you the story of the Accidental Millionaire and a few lessons for both of us. Enjoy! Joshua

  • 639-Friday Q&A: International Healthcare, Avoiding Wealth Taxes, Etc.

    May 03 2019

    It's Friday! Today we discuss: International healthcare options Avoiding wealth taxes Second passports for children And more! Joshua

  • 638-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 11 - Wage Exemption Planning

    Apr 23 2019

    Wages provide you with the financial fuel you need to build wealth. So it absolutely stinks when those wages are sucked up by your creditors in wage garnishments. So how can you protect your wages and keep them for yourself? That's what we discuss today! Joshua Listen to Episode 503: "How to Fight Nasty with Your Creditors and Win"

  • 637-How to Find an Excellent Wife: The Decision

    Apr 19 2019

    One of the most fundamental decisions you can make in life is to marry or not to marry. If you marry, your life, your budget, and your career will look dramatically different than a peer who remains unmarried. Marriage can be one of the biggest blessings to your life, resulting in greater happiness, better health, a higher income, and more wealth. Marriage can also be one of the greatest curses you can experience and it can devastate your emotional state, your physical health, your career, and y...more

  • 636-The Case for Moving to Puerto Rico

    Apr 09 2019

    If you're a US citizen who earns $500,000 or more, who is not willing to renounce your US citizenship, and who is involved in business and investing, you should seriously consider moving to Puerto Rico. Joshua

  • 635-Friday Q&A: Moving From NY to FL to Cut Taxes, Life Insurance at Work, Investment Philosophy, 529 Plans

    Apr 05 2019

    On Fridays we do Q&A! Today: 1:20 How can I effectively move from New York to Florida in order to end my tax residency? 17:20 What should I do with the life insurance I'm offered at work? 23:00 How do you advise someone to develop an overarching investment philosophy? 48:05 Should I put money into a 529 plan for my not-yet-conceived children? If you'd like to join me next week, go here: www.patreon.com/radicalpersonalfinance Joshua

  • 634-The Case for Moving Outside of the United States

    Apr 03 2019

    Today, I'll teach you how a 25-year-old $100,000-earner could increase their estate by $90,000,000 by simply moving outside of the United States. Enjoy! Joshua  

  • 633-The Case for Moving to a No-Income-Tax State

    Apr 01 2019

    One of the most effective things you can do when trying to figure out how to build wealth is to find ways to save big money. Fast. And since Americans collectively spend more on taxes than housing, food, and clothing—combined—you should start by trying to save money on taxes. Today, I give you my case for why you should consider moving to a No-Income-Tax state. Enjoy! Joshua

  • 632-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 10 - Personal Property Exemption Planning

    Mar 25 2019

    Today, we continue our Asset Protection Planning series with a deep look at the Personal Property Exemptions. I've never heard asset protection planners give much attention to the Personal Property Exemptions. But that's understandable to me. When dealing with the mega-wealthy, it's hard to see how the Personal Property Exemptions make any difference in terms of financial planning. But, for a "mere mortal," I think there's a really good argument that the personal property exemptions can be reall...more

  • 631-Individual Solutions Can Lead to Success and Happiness; Collective Solutions Lead to Frustration and Misery

    Mar 21 2019

    As I recently finished my course on "How to Survive and Thrive During the Coming Economic Crisis," I was struck with how simple and feasible the individual solutions are, while how utterly impossible and difficult the collective solutions are. Choose success and happiness by focusing on the individual solutions you can put in place in your own life. Joshua p.s., If you haven't yet, go check out my newest course!

  • 630-Friday Q&A: Whole Life Insurance, Walmart for Do-Gooders-of-The-Year, Asset Allocation in Retirement, Paying off Mortgages & More!

    Mar 08 2019

    1:20 Should I change my whole life insurance policy because my income is going down? 18:40 Why do you think Walmart has done more good for poor people than any non-profit organization? 30:00 How should I adjust my asset allocation now that I'm retiring? 42:40 Should I pay off my mortgage on my retirement house? 49:15 Where should I keep my medium-term savings? 52:00 How can I include real estate in my Permanent Portfolio? 58:00 How can I invest in the people in my community? 1:05:00 Can I use a ...more

  • 629-[In-Depth Version] Federal Debt: The Ticking Bomb that No One is Willing to Defuse

    Mar 07 2019

    Yesterday, I released to you a discussion on the Federal Debt in the United States. That show should be your introduction to this problem. But in thinking about it, I felt like it was incomplete. I wanted to present some useful materials, in audio format, for listeners who don't have a firm background in the fundamentals of the problem. So I decided to go in-depth to try to lay out the problem very clearly. This show is deep and difficult. It holds quite a bit of my reading to you--but also some...more

  • 628-Federal Debt: The Ticking Bomb that No One is Willing to Defuse

    Mar 06 2019

    We face a massive problem in the United States right now. Put simply: We are borrowing more money than ever before. There's no plan for us to borrow less money in the future. There's [almost] no mathematically sound plan that can be created to have us borrow less money in the future. No major, national politician is loudly, consistently talking about how we can spend/borrow less money. Rather, there are loud, vigorous, and strengthening forces moving in the direction of borrowing even more mone...more

  • 627-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 9 - Health and Education Account Exemption Planning

    Feb 18 2019

    Today, we continue the Asset Protection series with an in-depth look at health and education accounts. Specifically, we cover: Health Savings Accounts / Medical Savings Accounts Flexible Spending Accounts Health Reimbursement Arrangements Qualified Tuition Programs (529 Plans) Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts UTMA / UGMA accounts

  • 626-Friday Q&A: Capitalism vs. Communism, Umbrella Liability Insurance, Buying a House While in Debt, etc.

    Feb 15 2019

    1:45 - Is it moral to support the current capitalist system of economics? 32:20 - How can I figure out how much umbrella liability insurance to purchase? 39:00 - Does having a higher umbrella liability insurance policy make you the target of a lawsuit? 46:05 - I want to buy a house but I'm in the middle of paying off debt (on Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps plan). Should I pay off the debt first?

  • 625-Friday Q&A: Maximizing Business Value for a Sale, Preparing for a Meeting with an Estate Attorney, and More!

    Feb 08 2019

    1:00 - Should I roll my 401(k) over to my new job or into an IRA? 11:30 - How should I prepare for a meeting with an estate planning attorney? 17:55 - How should I decide to indulge myself with a luxury expense? 35:45 - Life insurance advice for a newlywed couple. 48:05 - How can I maximize the value of my business for sale?

  • 624-The 5 Possible Future Scenarios (from Fantastic to Catastrophic) and How to Plan for Them

    Feb 04 2019

    The future will be one of the following: 1. Same as now or better 2. Similar to a recession 3. Similar to a depression 4. Similar to mad max 5. Void of humans due to asteroid hitting earth or similar calamity

  • 623-Friday Q&A: Life Insurance, Protecting Money in Brokerage Accounts, Optimizing Taxes while Living in Bermuda, etc.

    Feb 01 2019

    2:00 - Life insurance advice for a recently married husband 6:15 - How can I make a back-door Roth contribution without being subject to the pro rata rule? 11:35 - How can I protect the money in my taxable brokerage accounts? 20:50 - How can I optimize my tax situation as an expat living in Bermuda? 47:20 - I live in China and am returning to the USA. What should I do with my money? 50:25 - How should I balance paying off debt with real estate investment? 1:03:05 - How can I invest for my 15-mon...more

  • 622-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 8 - Annuity Values and Annuity Payments Exemption Planning

    Jan 30 2019

    In this episode of the Asset Protection Series, we do a deep-dive into annuities. Entry-level stuff at the beginning and some extra, hard-core bonuses at the end. Joshua

  • 621-Friday Q&A: Investing in Distressed Mortgage Notes, CFA Credential, Roth 401(k) vs. Traditional, Privacy vs. Functionality

    Jan 25 2019

    1:20 - How Can I Invest in Distressed Mortgage Notes Inside my Roth IRA? 8:05 - Should I Pursue a Chartered Financial Analyst Credential for My Own Investment Knowledge? 17:00 - Should I Contribute More Money to a Roth 401(k) than a Traditional 401(k)? 38:15 - How can I Balance Personal Privacy and Functionality in Building My Business? For reference to any time-dated commentary, this show was recorded on 12/21/2018.

  • Out & About: Interview for "In The Rabbit Hole" Podcast

    Jan 22 2019

    This is a recording of an interview I gave for "In The Rabbit Hole." ITRH: E272: The Truth About Money and Preparedness Originally published: November 12, 2018 https://www.intherabbithole.com/e272/

  • 620-Friday Q&A: Financial Planning for Newlyweds, 401(k)s Without a Match, 529 vs. Roth IRA for College Education

    Jan 20 2019

    1:25 - I just got married. What financial planning should I do now? 39:35 - My employer offers a 401(k) with no match. Should I participate? 55:35 - How can I save for my child's college education with a 529 plan or with a Roth IRA? For reference to any time-dated commentary, this show was recorded on 12/20/2018.

  • 619-Empathy and Personal Responsibility When Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck: Interview with the Cheap Bohemian

    Jan 17 2019

    In Episode 616, I argued the point that if missing one paycheck is a problem for you, you're behaving stupidly. My guest on today's show took umbrage with my commentary on Twitter. So invited her on to discuss! Enjoy, Joshua Here's @CheapBohemian's Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/cheapbohemian/status/1084581032375001089

  • 618-Reflections on the State of the USA From Two Travelers

    Jan 15 2019

    Chris Moody and I have both spent the last 6 months traveling the width and breadth of the United States with an eye toward understanding the current moment. In this podcast, we discuss our findings. Life Opted Out www.instagram.com/lifeoptedout 

  • 617-Friday Q&A: Giving Money to Poor People, Contributing My Salary to my Wife's 401(k), Protecting Investment Accounts, Buying Term Life Insurance while FI, etc!

    Jan 11 2019

    1:45 - How can I give nice gift to people who are poorer than I am without creating a power imbalance? 15:20 - Can I contribute my salary into a 401(k) plan for my wife in order to maximize our retirement account contributions? 28:05 - How can I protect my non-qualified investment accounts that are exposed to the claims of creditors? 44:30 - I don't "need" term life insurance because I'm financially independent. Should I still buy some? 51:00 - I'm following Dave Ramsey's baby steps and am almos...more

  • 616-If Missing One Paycheck is a Problem For You, You're Behaving Stupidly

    Jan 09 2019

    Stop behaving stupidly with your money. NPR story: https://www.npr.org/2019/01/09/683519210/air-travelers-and-workers-may-feel-government-shutdown-effects SNL: Don't buy stuff you can't afford: https://youtu.be/Qb8hTzUoI54

  • 615-How to Find an Excellent Wife: The Preparation

    Jan 08 2019

    Today, I share my advice for young men on how they can find an excellent wife. In short, you must become an excellent man. That's the task. Here are some ideas on how. Joshua  

  • 614-End-of-The-Year Encouragement

    Dec 21 2018

    Just a few thoughts to encourage you as we shut down for the Christmas break. May you have an opportunity to be encouraged and to encourage another person who is close to you. Your voice matters. Love you, Joshua

  • 613-A Useful Question to Help You Get Better Advice from Experts

    Dec 19 2018

  • 612-Q&A: Pay Off Debt or Invest, 529 Plan Optimization, Financial Planning Fees, Tax Issues, College Planning

    Dec 18 2018

    2:00 - Should we pay off our mortgage or invest? 9:50 - Should I put more money into one of my child's 529 plans in order to help them on their financial aid calculations? 18:30 - Should a retiree in her 60s pay 1.7% as a financial planning fee? 47:20 - How should we unravel the tax situation for a house that I live in but don't own? 1:13:00 - What college financial planning organization should I choose?

  • 611-Q&A on Dollar Cost Averaging, Roth IRAs for children, Bitcoin as an Asset Protection Tool, Getting into the Financial Planning Industry

    Dec 17 2018

    1:30-Should I dollar cost average into my Roth IRA or wait for a market downturn? 6:00-How can I get money to my child so they can make a Roth IRA contribution? 21:30-Can I do good asset protection by transferring all my money into a secret Bitcoin wallet that's kept completely offline? 34:00-Can I become a financial planner without pursuing it full-time?

  • 610-Friday Q&A: State Competition in Asset Protection Planning, Education, Financial Planning While Pregnant, Is Patreon a Good Funding Option, and More!

    Dec 14 2018

    2:45 - If you move from one state to another, do you have to start all over with your asset protection plan? 15:30 - How frequently does a state change its laws that relate to asset protection planning? 21:30 - What is the interplay between Federal regulations and State regulations? 23:35 - Is a 403(b) protected the same as a 401(k)? 25:30 - How have Joshua’s views on education changed in the last four years? 36:30 - What specific inspirational resources would Joshua recommend on the topic of ed...more

  • 609-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 7 - Life Insurance Exemption Planning

    Dec 13 2018

  • 608-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 6 - Retirement Account Exemption Planning

    Dec 10 2018

  • 607-The Only 3 Legitimate Reasons to Buy an RV (that I can come up with)

    Dec 06 2018

  • 606-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 5 - Homestead Exemption Planning

    Dec 03 2018

  • 605-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 4 - Understanding the Litigation Process and Vectors of Financial Attack

    Nov 28 2018

    605-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 4 - Understanding the Litigation Process and Vectors of Financial Attack

  • 604-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 3 - What Is The Problem We're Protecting Against?

    Nov 20 2018

  • 603-Friday Q&A: Healthcare Sharing Ministries and Their Maximum Limits, Health Savings Accounts, and What To Do With An Inheritance When You're in Debt

    Nov 16 2018

    It's Friday! That means live Q&A: Healthcare Sharing Ministries and Their Maximum Limits Health Savings Accounts and HCSMs What To Do With An Inheritance When You're in Debt Enjoy! Joshua  

  • 602-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 2 - The Morality and Legality of Asset Protection

    Nov 15 2018

    In this episode of the podcast we tackle these two questions: Is it legal to engage in asset protection planning? Is it moral to engage in asset protection planning? Short answer? Yes and yes. If that's enough for you, just skip listening to this episode. But if you'd like a bit more texture to the discussion, enjoy the podcast for a discussion of the legality and morality of asset protection planning. Joshua

  • 601-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 1

    Nov 13 2018

    I love the topic of asset protection planning. It's super interesting to me. But my observation is, like most topics, people involved in the business talk about what they can sell. The lawyers talk about corporations and trusts because they sell them. The insurance agents talk about life insurance and annuities because they sell them. Since I don't sell that stuff, I think about you and what I think can help you. And in today's show, I want to give you a simple starting place: think about your a...more

  • 600-A Complete Answer to Whether You Should Pay off Debt or Invest

    Nov 08 2018

    Here's the complete answer that you need to know if you should pay off debt or invest. Sign up for my Credit Card Course: How to Borrow Money Safely and Never Pay Interest Using Credit Cards www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/creditcardcourse

  • 599-Appreciating Our Rich and Peaceful Lives in the Midst of Political Turmoil

    Nov 06 2018

    As many U.S. Americans engage in vigorous political debate today and follow with their vote, I want to share a story with you that I hope will help you to appreciate the richness of political peace. Not everyone in the world has it as good as you and I have it. But, as we vigorously debate political issues, it's easy to miss the blessing of the underlying framework of peace and prosperity that we enjoy. Enjoy this personal story. Joshua

  • Underground History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto (2 of 2)

    Nov 03 2018

    Audio is pulled from: https://youtu.be/uj8f7ycnUtU

  • Underground History Lesson with John Tayor Gatto (1 of 2)

    Nov 02 2018

    Audio taken from: https://youtu.be/uj8f7ycnUtU  

  • A Short Angry History of Modern Schooling by John Taylor Gatto

    Nov 01 2018

  • 598-"I Quit, I Think" by John Taylor Gatto (1935-2018)

    Nov 01 2018

    John Taylor Gatto has died. My voice has also died. So rather than leaving you bereft of new shows, I decided to share a few Gatto files to encourage you to invest your education dollars well. https://www.educationrevolution.org/blog/i-quit-i-think/ https://fee.org/articles/john-taylor-gatto-1935-1918-remembering-americas-most-courageous-teacher/ http://www.stopthecrime.net/docs/John%20Taylor%20Gatto.pdf

  • 597-Debt-Freedom Leads to Career Freedom to Become a Financial Adviser: Interview with Matt Miner from Design Independence

    Oct 30 2018

    On this episode we welcome Matt Miner back to the show. Matt previously came on the show to discuss whether going back to graduate school is a good financial move. Since that interview, Matt left his corporate job and became a financial advisor! In this interview we explore two themes: How good financial planning and preparation enables a move to a better career fit. This is an important component of a progressive plan towards financial freedom. How a personal finance aficionado can make a move...more

  • 596-Building a Life Well Lived: "Observations on Turning 82"

    Oct 27 2018

    Original article: https://www.charliedaniels.com/soap-box?b_id=4382&pg=1

  • 595-Credit Card Q&A: Getting Out of Debt, Paying off Student Loans, Using Cards for Business Inventory

    Oct 22 2018

    I missed several of my students' questions on the previous credit card Q&A show. So today, I wrap them up. Enjoy! Joshua Buy the course here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/creditcardcourse

  • 594-Friday Q&A: If I Have No Credit Score (Because I Haven't Borrowed in >25 Years) Should I Start Building It

    Oct 19 2018

    It's Friday! That means it's Q&A time. Today we cover: If I have no credit (because I haven't borrowed money in >25 years) should I work on building my credit score? What has traveling like for Joshua and what are his plans for Radical Personal Finance. Joshua If you'd like to be on next week's Q&A call, sign up here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 593-Lifestyles of the Frugal and Obscure

    Oct 18 2018

    The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous might make good TV  but it's the Lifestyles of the Frugal and Obscure that makes for wealthy people who keep their money. Joshua If you're interested in learning how to borrow money safely and never paying interest with credit cards, go buy my new course! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/creditcardcourse

  • 592-Widowed With 12 Children and No Life Insurance! One Woman's Story.

    Oct 15 2018

    What do you think would happen to a mother of 12 who was widowed at a fairly young age and whose husband didn't have any life insurance? Could she survive? If so, how? Today, I want to share with you the story of a friend of mine who went through that precise circumstance. I hope you enjoy it! Joshua

  • 591-Friday Q&A (Credit Card Edition): New Cards, Refinancing Mortgages, and Credit Freezes

    Oct 12 2018

    Today we tackle: How do I get new credit cards when I've already maxed out my limits? Should I refinance my mortgage over onto my credit cards so I can drop Private Mortgage Insurance? How should I handle a credit freeze on my accounts? Remember, go buy the credit card course this weekend. It's at www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/creditcardcourse and you can save $10 with promo code CREDITCARDTEN. Joshua

  • 590-Who Should Never Have a Credit Card?

    Oct 11 2018

    There are people who should never, ever, have a credit card. And of course they shouldn't buy my new course "How to Borrow Money Safely and Never Pay Interest Using Credit Cards." But, everyone else should buy it. Go here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/creditcardcourse Save $10 with promo code: CREDITCARDTEN Joshua

  • 589-How to Manage Cash While You Pay Off Your Credit Cards

    Oct 10 2018

    Credit Cards can be really useful. But contrary to popular opinion, they're not the most useful when you're broke. They're more useful when you have a little cash. Enjoy this excerpt from my new course "How to Borrow Money Safely and Never Pay Interest Using Credit Cards." And then go buy it here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/creditcardcourse Use "CREDITCARDTEN" to save $10. Until Monday only. Joshua

  • 588-Credit Card Loans Can Provide a Way to Privately Purchase Goods and Services

    Oct 09 2018

    One of the most under-appreciated aspects of credit cards is the significant privacy they can afford you. Listen to the show for details. Remember, please sign up for my new credit card course: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/creditcardcourse Use coupon code "CREDITCARDTEN" to save $10 off the price. (Good until 10/15/18.) Thank you! Joshua

  • 587-Credit Card Debt Is A Very Safe Form of Debt

    Oct 08 2018

    One of the most useful aspects of credit cards is how safe the debt is when compared to other forms of debt. Enjoy this excerpt from my brand new course called "How to Borrow Money Safely and Never Pay Interest Using Credit Cards." The course is now available for you to buy. Go here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/creditcardcourse Use the coupon code "CREDITCARDTEN" to save $10 off the price. (Valid until 10/15/18.) Thank you! Joshua  

  • 586-Friday Q&A (Credit Card Edition): Should I Close My Old Credit Cards Before Applying for a Mortgage, How Should I Refinance my Business Credit Card, How Can I Use My Credit Cards Privately, How Do I Pay Off My Credit Card Debt as a Newlywed

    Oct 05 2018

    Today, we do a special (and really good) live Q&A exclusively on the topic of credit cards. We cover: Should I Close My Old Credit Cards Before Applying for a Mortgage? How Should I Refinance my Business Credit Card? How Can I Use My Credit Cards Privately? How Do I Pay Off My Credit Card Debt as a Newlywed?

  • 585-Credit Cards Are An Incredible Tool (an introduction)

    Oct 04 2018

  • 584-When Hurricane Katrina Came Through Town

    Sep 25 2018

    Hurricane Katrina taught us a huge number of important lessons. In today's show, we listen to the account of a survivor. Forum thread: https://www.zombiehunters.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=16627

  • 583-Mega Friday Q&A: (two days early) Richest Man in Babylon, Children and F.I., Invest All at Once, Preparing for Marriage, What's Next, Etc!

    Sep 19 2018

    Today we have a mega, 2-hour Q&A show. We cover a bunch of really interesting questions: How Do We Follow the Guidelines from The Richest Man in Babylon? I've Reached F.I. Now How Can I Help Children Do the Same? Should I Invest My Cash All At Once or Over Time? How Do I Prepare My Finances for Marriage? We're Out of Debt and Have Money In the Bank. What Now? I'm F.I. and Sold My House. What Should I Do With the Cash? How Can I Help Young Men? I'm Now an Empty Nester. Should I Buy a House for S...more

  • 582-Friday Q&A: Getting Health Insurance after Divorce, Opportunities When Moving Cross-Country, Should I Keep My House in New Orleans as a Rental House, How Can My Father Buy a House for My Benefit,

    Sep 14 2018

    Friday Q&A: Getting Health Insurance after Divorce Opportunities When Moving Cross-Country Should I Keep My House in New Orleans as a Rental House How Can My Father Buy a House for My Benefit

  • 581-Understanding Why Money Doesn't Work Sometimes (OR, Understanding Just-In-Time Inventory Management)

    Sep 07 2018

    Audio was from: https://www.intherabbithole.com/e257/

  • 580-Useful Tools to Track Your Shopping Cart Totals When You're In The Store

    Sep 06 2018

    The app is called "Soulver." https://www.acqualia.com/soulver/

  • 579-Why and How to Protect Your Garbage from Snoopers and Thieves

    Sep 04 2018

    Articles referenced: https://www.wweek.com/portland/article-1616-rubbish.html-2 https://www.aclu.org/blog/privacy-technology/surveillance-technologies/some-towns-are-videotaping-residents-garbage?redirect=blog/free-future/some-towns-are-videotaping-residents-garbage-streams

  • 578-National Preparedness Month: Common-Sense Discussion on Avoiding Lifestyle Diseases

    Sep 03 2018

  • 577-An Honest Analysis of the Good and Bad of Working From Home

    Aug 31 2018

  • 576-Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn: How to Harvest the Important Lesons from Your Past Financial Failures

    Aug 28 2018

  • 575-How & Why I Scanned My Entire Library So I Can Carry It With Me On The Road

    Aug 06 2018

    In today's show, I share how and why I scanned my entire library in preparation for my current travels. Enjoy! Joshua

  • 574-Trading Your Way Through a Vacation

    Aug 03 2018

    Enjoy the story of this family's quite radical approach to a family "vacation." Joshua

  • 573-Can You Afford to Work Nine to Five?

    Aug 03 2018

    Not much has changed in 35 years...we still have to do the same calculation. Joshua

  • 572-Full-Time RV Living: A Mid-Action Review

    Aug 02 2018

    We've been living full-time in our 30-foot travel trailer for an entire month now. In today's show, I share with you what's been working, what's good, and what's not. Joshua Sponsor: Warby Parker. Go to http://warbyparker.com/rpf to order your free Home Try-On glasses today.

  • 571-You Don't Have to Be Smart to Become Financially Independent...But You Can't Be Stupid (pt. 5 of 5)

    Jul 31 2018

    Part 5 of a 5-part series called, "You Don't Have to Be Smart to Become Financially Independent...But You Can't Be Stupid." Today we discuss your lifestyle. Joshua

  • 570-You Don't Have to Be Smart to Become Financially Independent...But You Can't Be Stupid (pt. 4 of 5)

    Jul 30 2018

    Part 4 of a 5-part series called, "You Don't Have to Be Smart to Become Financially Independent...But You Can't Be Stupid." Today we discuss avoiding catastrophe. Joshua

  • 569-You Don't Have to Be Smart to Become Financially Independent...But You Can't Be Stupid (pt. 3 of 5)

    Jul 27 2018

    Part 3 of a 5-part series called, "You Don't Have to Be Smart to Become Financially Independent...But You Can't Be Stupid." Today we discuss your investments. Joshua

  • 568-You Don't Have to Be Smart to Become Financially Independent...But You Can't Be Stupid (pt. 2 of 5)

    Jul 26 2018

    Part 2 of a 5-part series called, "You Don't Have to Be Smart to Become Financially Independent...But You Can't Be Stupid." Today we cover your expenses. Joshua

  • 567-Accidental Retirees (pt 2 of 2): Small Businesses that Allow Full-Time Travel and Internet Connectivity on the Road

    Jul 25 2018

    In Part 1 of this interview (Episode 566), you met Scott & Susan, a couple who accidentally retired in their 30s and has spent the last two decades traveling the world in a sailboat and the US in a motorhome. In today's episode, we discuss Scott's small business, Techie 4 Hire. If you have any interest in developing a location-independent business, pay attention to Scott's story of his own business. Also pay attention to some of the other types of businesses mentioned in this interview. Finally,...more

  • 566-This Couple Accidentally Retired Early, Sailed Around the World for 10 Years, and RVed Around the USA for 10 More Years - Interview with Scott & Susan, Techie4Hire (pt 1 of 2)

    Jul 24 2018

    On today's show, I bring you an interview with Scott and Susan. I think of them as "accidental early retirees." About two decades ago they bought a sailboat, intending to travel for a year. They wound up spending a decade sailing the world together. And then for the last decade, they've traveled all around the USA, living full-time in their RV. In Part 1 of this interview we discuss their story--the plan, the money, and the lifestyle. In Part 2 of this interview we will discuss Scott's small bus...more

  • 565-You Don't Have to Be Smart to Become Financially Independent...But You Can't Be Stupid (pt. 1 of 5)

    Jul 23 2018

    Part 1 of a 5-part series called, "You Don't Have to Be Smart to Become Financially Independent...But You Can't Be Stupid." Today we cover your income. Joshua  

  • 564-Friday Q&A: Rental House vs. Personal House, What Type of Retirement Plan for a Small Business, Stocks vs. Real Estate, How to Get Money That's Owed to You

    Jul 20 2018

    It's Friday! On today's Q&A show we cover: Rental House vs. Personal House What Type of Retirement Plan for a Small Business Stocks vs. Real Estate How to Get Money That's Owed to You Join me next week for the Q&A! Go here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Joshua

  • 563-Why Are Successful, High-Earning Professionals Moving Into a Van Down By the River? Interview with Chris and Cristi Moody from Life Opted Out

    Jul 19 2018

    There are many, many successful, educated, high-earning people who are making unusual life decisions. My guests on today's show are following that pattern in their own life and they're also investigating many, many others who are pursuing unusual courses of action. Today we speak with Chris and Cristi Moody, successful professionals who moved out of their penthouse Manhattan apartment and into a 72-square-foot cargo van. Enjoy! Joshua http://lifeoptedout.com http://instagram.com/lifeoptedout em...more

  • 562-Radical Housing Ideas (5 of 5): Change What "Housing" Looks Like For You

    Jul 18 2018

    Part 5 of our 5-part series on radical housing ideas. Joshua

  • 561-Radical Housing Ideas (4 of 5): Get Your Employer to Pay For Your Housing Costs

    Jul 17 2018

    Part 4 of our 5-part series on radical housing ideas. Joshua

  • 560-Radical Housing Ideas (3 of 5): Pay Attention to House-Hacking...It's Effective and Doable

    Jul 16 2018

    Part 3 of our 5-part series on radical housing ideas. Joshua

  • 559-Radical Housing Ideas (2 of 5): Tax-Free Wealth By Fixing Up Your Own Home

    Jul 13 2018

    Part 2 of our 5-part series on radical housing. Joshua

  • 559-Radical Housing Ideas (1 of 5): Learn the Skills and Build Your Own House

    Jul 12 2018

    Today, we begin part 1 of a 5-part series on housing ideas. Enjoy! Joshua  

  • 558-Friday Q&A: a Financial Independence Checkup, Investing in Private Businesses, How to Do Productive Work While Traveling

    Jul 06 2018

    It's Friday! That means live Q&A! Today we cover: A Financial Independence Checkup Investing in Private Businesses How to Do Productive Work While Traveling If you'd like to join us on next week's Q&A, join here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Joshua

  • Celebrate Independence Day by Refusing to Lie: "Live Not By Lies" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    Jul 04 2018

    Today is July 4, Independence Day, in the United States. Let's celebrate by actually behaving independently and rejecting the practice of lying. Enjoy this essay by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, entitled "Live Not By Lies." Joshua Written version: http://www.orthodoxytoday.org/articles/SolhenitsynLies.php

  • 557-You Have the Right to be Financially Independent. Act Like It!

    Jul 02 2018

    You already have an unalienable right to liberty. Now act like it and stop selling yourself back into slavery. Please! Joshua

  • 556-Friday Q&A: Careers in Financial Advice, Should I Convert My IRA to a Roth, What Should I Save Money For?

    Jun 29 2018

    It's Friday! And Q&A is back! (From the road, no less.) Today, we discuss: Careers in Financial Advice Should I Convert My IRA to a Roth What Should I Save Money For? Enjoy! Joshua Join us on next week's call! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 555-Good, Cheap, and Fast! (A Travel Story)

    Jun 26 2018

    I'm very happy to be podcasting to you today from the road! We have officially hit the road and are on our trip. The last two weeks have been a tiring blur. Our tow vehicle was stolen 5 days before we were scheduled to leave on our full-time RV trip! In today's show, I share a bit of the story with you as well as my own philosophy on how to negotiate the Good/Cheap/Fast triangle. Enjoy! Joshua

  • 554-How to Maintain Financial Peace in the Midst of Turmoil

    Jun 12 2018

    My life has been quite unique and frothy in the last week or so. Here are some tools I use to maintain financial peace in the midst of the turmoil. Joshua

  • 553-Consider the ROI You're Getting On Your Children's Education

    Jun 07 2018

    I encourage you to carefully consider the ROI you're getting on the money and time you and your children are investing into their education. Is it paying off? Are you getting a good deal? Joshua p.s., I recorded this in April. It's an episode that I spiked and chose not to release (this isn't uncommon). But I changed my mind and decided to let you decide if you're interested or not. :)

  • 552-How to Achieve Your Adventure Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

    Jun 04 2018

    You probably have an adventure goal locked up inside of you. Most people do. And you probably have put it off because you see no way to accomplish it. Today, let me give you some ideas about how you can accomplish it faster than you ever thought possible. Joshua Please support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 551-Friday Q&A: Am I Financially Independent, Should I Switch Life Insurance Agents, Should I Engage in Tax-Gain Harvesting

    Jun 01 2018

    It's Friday! That means Q&A. Today, we cover: Am I Financially Independent? Should I Switch Life Insurance Agents? Should I Sell Investments and Trigger a Taxable Gain? Joshua To join next week's call, please sign up on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 550-How Much Does It Cost You To Live Today?

    May 31 2018

    Calculate your daily cost of living. Then analyze it. Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 549-It's Always Cheaper to Feed the Meter than to Pay the Ticket

    May 29 2018

    In life, you'll always find that it's cheaper to feed the meter than to pay the ticket. Be proactive. Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon. http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 548-Christian Economics: An Interview with Dr. Gary North

    May 18 2018

    Dr. Gary North has dedicated 10 hours per week for the last 40+ years to the task of investigating what the Bible has to say about economics. In the process, he has written a verse-by-verse commentary of the entirety of the Old Testament and the New Testament (totaling 8,550 pages). He is now in the process of publishing his capstone works titled: Christian Economics. He has published the Student's Edition and Teacher's Edition (free at link below) and is working on the Scholar's Edition and Act...more

  • 547-How to Increase Your Income When You've Lost Your Health

    May 15 2018

    I have a listener who wrote to me and asked me how they can increase their income when it's been decimated by a cancer diagnosis. I do my best to help. Joshua Please sign up for the #IncreaseIncome course today! Price goes up $100 tomorrow. http://www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/increaseincome

  • 546-Q&A: How to Increase Profit from a Consulting Business, How to Build an Advice Business, How to Maximize Revenue from a Construction Company, How to Transition Careers

    May 14 2018

    Today we do live Q&A on career-related questions. Listen to the show and, if you think I give decent advice, sign up for my new Career & Income course here: http://www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/increaseincome Buy now if you want the best deal! (Price goes up by $100 on Wednesday, May 16!) Topics include: How to Increase Profit from a Consulting Business How to Build an Advice Business How to Maximize Revenue from a Construction Company How to Transition Careers Joshua http://www.radicalperso...more

  • 545-How to Protect the Experience of Your Rich Life with Good Digital Fences

    May 11 2018

    Today, a few quick announcements and a discussion of how I went from confident and focused to frazzled and weak in about 3 hours...because I logged on to Facebook. Announcements: If you're a Patron and are missing your coupon code to sign up for the #IncreaseIncome course, email me. I'm hosting a live Q&A call for you (as long as you have a question related to your career and income) on Monday, May 14 at 3pm Eastern. Call in number is 561-440-7362. Email me if you have questions about the cours...more

  • 544-How Much Money Do You Need to Earn To Live the Good Life?

    May 10 2018

    On today's show, I talk to you about your income goals. Specifically, I lay out some sample budgets given various incomes and discuss with you the specific amount of income I believe you should target. Enjoy! Joshua Please sign up for my course! Price goes up this Tuesday, May 15, so sign up now for the best deal! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/increaseincome

  • 543-How to Save More Money Without Hurting Your Lifestyle

    May 09 2018

    Many people think that saving more money is going to mean they have to live like a pauper. But it doesn't have to be like that. There is another way...a way to save more money and live a fancier lifestyle at the same time! Joshua Please buy my #IncreaseIncome Course! Price goes up on May 15, so buy now for the best deal. (30-day money-back guarantee) www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/increaseincome

  • 542-Should You Choose Work You Love or Work That Makes the Most Money?

    May 07 2018

    I'm back! More soon, Joshua

  • 541-How to Protect Your Family From Your Death When You Can't Qualify For Life Insurance

    Apr 19 2018

    I recently worked with a consulting client who had this problem: because of a previous (serious) cancer diagnosis, he is unable to qualify for life insurance. How can he protect his family in case he dies soon? I thought it a really interesting challenge. And since I've thought a lot about this particular problem, I thought I'd go ahead and share my thoughts with you. Enjoy! Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  Episode 204: High Risk Life Insurance Underw...more

  • The Law by Frédéric Bastiat (i.e., my 2018 Tax Day celebration)

    Apr 17 2018

    Today on Radical Personal Finance, we celebrate Tax Day in the United States (April 17, 2018). As we all reflect on the actions of the government we US Americans have just supported with our tax money, I thought it would be a good day to read to you a very helpful essay called, The Law. The Law was written in 1850 by Frédéric Bastiat, a French economist. If you haven't previously read this essay, be fo rewarned that the first third is fast-moving and the last third is fast-moving, but the middle...more

  • 540-Is US Government Bankruptcy a Sure Thing? A Friendly Debate with David Stein, Host of Money for the Rest of Us

    Apr 12 2018

    On Episode 466 of Radical Personal Finance, I discussed the idea of the US Government's certain default on its stated obligations and commitments by referencing Professor Lawrence Kotlikoff's Congressional testimony on this subject. After that show, my friend David Stein (host of Money for the Rest of Us) emailed me to tell me that I was wrong. :) So, I invited him on the show to debate it with me. Enjoy! Joshua Here's the previous show on Kotlikoff's work: https://radicalpersonalfinance.com/t...more

  • 539-Friday Q&A: Should I Use an HSA Account to Pay for Medical Expenses, What Tools Will Help Me Find a New Career, Should I Participate in My Company's Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Program?

    Apr 06 2018

    It's Friday! Today we discuss: Should I use an HSA account to pay for my medical expenses? What tools can I use to figure out a new career after unexpectedly coming back from foreign missions? Should I participate in my companies Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation program? Enjoy the show! Joshua This is the David Watson book I referenced.

  • Money vs. Meaning-"The Drum Major Instinct" by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Apr 04 2018

    In honor of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's death on April 4, 1968, I thought you might enjoy hearing some of the audio from his last public sermon. This talk is entitled "The Drum Major Instinct." This sermon was preached in the pulpit of Ebenezer Baptist Church, about two months before King's death. The sermon was an adaptation of the 1952 homily ‘‘Drum-Major Instincts’’ by J. Wallace Hamilton, a well-known, liberal, white Methodist preacher. NOTE: I have clipped off King's in...more

  • 538-Making Sense of the New Car/Used Car Dilemma

    Apr 03 2018

    Today, a prelude to a discussion of how to lease a car. In this show we discuss a rational analysis of new car vs. used cars. Enjoy, Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com.patron

  • 537-Friday Q&A: Transitioning from PC to Mac, Enhancing a Personal Website By Helping Others, Financial Advice for an 18-Year-Old Rockstar, Major Financial Influences on Joshua

    Mar 30 2018

    It's Friday and it's time for a live Q&A show! If you'd like to call in next week, please sign up here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Today, we discuss: Transitioning from PC to Mac Enhancing a Personal Website By Helping Others Financial Advice for an 18-Year-Old Rockstar Major Financial Influences on Joshua Enjoy! Joshua p.s., remember...I'd love to talk to you next week! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/joshua

  • 536-The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin

    Mar 26 2018

    On today's show we go back 250 years to see what lessons for wealth we can learn from Benjamin Franklin. This show is an audio recording of Franklin's essay, "The Way to Wealth." Enjoy! Joshua Here's a text version of Franklin's essay: https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/coretexts/_files/resources/texts/1758%20Franklin%20Wealth.pdf Please support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 535-Responding to Listener Comments on An Error in Real Estate Basis Calculations, Radical Financial Plans vs Traditional Plans, What Happened to SudoPay, and More!

    Mar 23 2018

    It's Friday! Today I'm interacting with your comments on recent episodes of the show. We discuss: Correcting an error on real estate basis Radical financial plans vs traditional plans What happened to SudoPay And more! Joshua Book a consulting call with me. (It's on sale!) www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/phonecall

  • 534-Friendly Advice To Help You Buy Your First AR15 Rifle

    Mar 21 2018

    This show rounds out some friendly advice to help any interested listener who wants to put together a well-equipped home armory to do so in a thoughtful and financially prudent way. Today, we tackle the AR15 rifle. The AR15 is a wonderful rifle. It's not the best at any one thing, but it is truly good at many things. I'd love for you to have one if you don't already. So I thought you might appreciate some advice on how to get a good deal on one. Enjoy! Joshua p.s., In the show I referenced a sta...more

  • 533-Friday Q&A: AirBnB Business Deductions, Deductibility of Losses on a Personal Rental, How to Get Great Podcast Guests

    Mar 16 2018

    It's Friday! Today we cover: AirBnB Business Deductions Deductibility of Losses on a Personal Rental How to Get Great Podcast Guests If you'd like to join next week's Q&A call, do so here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Joshua

  • 532-Spending Money to Save Money

    Mar 14 2018

    Today, some ideas on how to save money by spending a little more than strictly necessary to insulate yourself from unnecessary temptation. Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 531-Friday Q&A: How to Establish a Will & Trust While Living Internationally, How to Title Life Insurance Policies for Spousal Protection

    Mar 09 2018

    It's Friday! That means Q&A! Today, we cover: How to establish a will and trust when you plan to be living internationally for an extended period of time. How to plan ahead to pay for kids' college when you anticipate that the college may lose its accreditation. How to properly title your life insurance policies in order to protect a vulnerable spouse.

  • 530-How to Build a Useful Home Armory That Won't Lose Monetary Value and May Save Your Life

    Mar 06 2018

    Guns are great investments. Well, perhaps I should say that it's possible for guns to be great investments...and at the worst, they are a decent store of value. If you've never owned a firearm, I'd like to share with you a thoughtful, reasonable path into gun ownership that will help you to make good decisions and get the most bang for your buck. In today's show I lay out for you a sensible approach to gun acquisition that will help you to construct a useful home armory that will allow you to ha...more

  • 529-Friday Q&A: How to Protect From Disability Without Disability Insurance, How to Cover Unknown Future Risk, How Should I Finance a Land Purchase, Will My Credit Score Be Messed Up By Mortgage Shopping, How to Adjust Content for Different Audiences

    Mar 02 2018

    Friday Q&A today! We cover: How can I protect myself from the risk of disability without getting disability insurance? How can I make sure that future, unknown risks are adequately covered today? What financing option should I use to buy a piece of land? Will my credit score be messed up by shopping for a mortgage? How can I adjust content for different audiences? I'd love to have you call in next week! Details here: www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patron Joshua

  • A Nation of Cowards by Jeffrey Snyder (audio version)

    Mar 01 2018

    This is the audio recording of an essay published in the Fall of 1993 in The Public Interest magazine. The essay is titled: "A Nation of Cowards" by Jeffrey Snyder. You can access a text version of this essay here: http://rkba.org/comment/cowards.html I'm publishing this essay for you as a thought-provoking defense of the morality of your being well-armed. In today's political climate where critics are drawing a moral equivalence between mass murderers and an average armed citizen, I think this...more

  • 528-Tools and Tactics for Self-Defense in a Non-Permissive Environment (like a school)

    Feb 27 2018

    The tagline of RPF is "...living a rich life now..." But it's hard to LIVE a rich life if you're dead. So I'd like to help you--and others--have a higher potential of staying alive. I have looked and looked for practical responses to the recent school shooting and have found very few. This is my best effort to help you with some practical solutions to the problem. I did my best in today's show to keep it free of politics and free of guns. (To be fair, I think it's best to say it's politics-lite...more

  • 527-How to Buy a Used Car

    Feb 22 2018

    As a--ahem--more practical follow-up to yesterday, here is my advice for a listener on how to buy a used car. Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon: www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patron

  • 526-You Bought a Pickup Truck? You Idiot!

    Feb 21 2018

    Flipping through my feed and I cannot believe what you just did. You idiot! Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon: www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patron

  • 525-Living on Lentils and Serving the King

    Feb 20 2018

    “The philosopher Diogenes was eating bread and lentils for supper. He was seen by the philosopher Aristippus, who lived comfortably by flattering the king. Said Aristippus, ‘If you would learn to be subservient to the king, you would not have to live on lentils.’ Said Diogenes, ‘Learn to live on lentils, and you will not have to be subservient to the king.’ ” – from “The Song of the Bird” by Anthony de Mello Please support RPF on Patreon: www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patron

  • 524-Why You Shouldn't Use Your 401(k) Money To Pay off Credit Card Debt When You're Unemployed

    Feb 19 2018

    Today we answer this question: "I have accumulated $6,000 in credit card debt from a period of unemployment; should I use some of the $10,000 I have in my 401(k) to pay it off?" Enjoy, Joshua Please support the show: www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patron

  • 523-Last Week's Fiscal Catastrophe and Your Response

    Feb 14 2018

    If you want happy-go-lucky, unicorns-and-balloons-in-the-sky Joshua, skip today's show. If you want angry Joshua to opine on his disgust with the US American politicians' lack of fiscal restraint and the long-term catastrophe that is the US American budget, then you'll enjoy today's show. Enjoy. Joshua David Stockman: The Night of Fiscal Infamy http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/the-night-of-fiscal-infamy/ Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Obama Definitely Was Not the Biggest Spender of All http...more

  • 522-Feeling Poor This Valentine's Day? Money Can Buy You More Love...if You Handle It Right

    Feb 09 2018

    Love isn't primarily a feeling. Love is an action. Love does. You can show love with money in many ways, but a massively powerful way is by giving. Here are some ideas and thoughts to encourage you to build more love in your life by giving more. Joshua

  • 521-How We Chose Our RV for Full-Time Living On The Cheap For a Family of Five

    Feb 08 2018

    I thought you might be interested in some behind-the-scenes discussion of how we recently bought our rig for an intended full-timing RV trip around the USA this summer. We did some things well and made some big mistakes. I hope you learn from both! Joshua

  • 520-Coming to See you in 2018!

    Feb 07 2018

    Mrs. RPF and I are excited to announce some of our plans for a nation-wide tour during 2018. Details in the show! Joshua

  • 519-How to Get More Free Stuff!

    Jan 31 2018

    In today's show I'm going to teach you one simple technique that will help you get more stuff for free. Try it and see! Joshua Please support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patron

  • 518-Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Cooking on the Road (So You Can Actually Afford to Travel with Children!)

    Jan 25 2018

    Feeding yourself (and especially children!) on the road can utterly destroy your budget. Here are some tips and tricks I've learned that will be helpful to you. Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron https://cheftessbakeresse.blogspot.com/

  • 517-Isaiah's Job

    Jan 24 2018

    This is an essay that has been deeply influential on my life. I hope you find it insightful and thought-provoking. "Isaiah's Job" by Albert Jay Nock was first published in The Atlantic Monthly in 1936. The written text of the document may be found here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/radicalpersonalfinance/Isaiahs_Job_by_Albert_Jay_Nock.pdf Joshua  

  • 516-Don't Let Your Pursuit of Money Ruin Your Life

    Jan 23 2018

    Money is important. But it's not #1. Joshua On the Importance of Putting First Things First by JD Roth Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 515-Battling Social Sneetchery: 3 Strategies to Consider when Confronting Peer-Pressure Spending

    Jan 22 2018

    Social Peer Pressure is significant. And it affects most of us with regard to our spending. Here are three strategies I think through when considering how to combat it. Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 514-Friday Q&A: Should I Front-Load my 401(k) Contributions, Should I Fire My Financial Advisor For Lack of Value?

    Jan 19 2018

    It's Friday! That means we do live Q&A. Today: Should I Front-Load my 401(k) Contributions? Should I Fire My Financial Advisor For Lack of Value? Enjoy! Joshua If you'd like to join for a future Q&A show, please sign up here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 513-What Gets Measured Gets Managed: How to Apply an Appropriate Level of Granularity to Your Budget Tracking Systems

    Jan 17 2018

    Your financial tracking system is there to serve you. Make sure it's serving you effectively. Here's how! Joshua p.s., I use YNAB. Sign up for a free trial here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/YNAB Also please support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 512-How to Build and Use a Price Book to Save Money in the Short- and Long-Term and to Train Your Frugal Muscles for Massive Lifetime Wealth

    Jan 15 2018

    One of the simplest and most effective tools you can employ to help you save money on the things you buy is a price book. In today's show, I share with you what a price book is, how to use it, and some tips and tricks to turbocharge your results. Enjoy, Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon! www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patron

  • 511-Friday Q&A: Should I Use my 401(k) Money to Invest in Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA, What Questions Could a Client Ask their Financial Advisor for a More Productive Relationship, Do I Risk the Wrath of the IRS by Moving From Sole Proprietor to

    Jan 12 2018

    It's Friday! That means Q&A time. Today we cover: Should I Use my 401(k) Money to Invest in Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA What Questions Could a Client Ask their Financial Advisor for a More Productive Relationship Do I Risk the Wrath of the IRS by Moving From Sole Proprietor to S-Corp When Is the Right Time to Hire a Tax Accountant Instead of Doing it Myself? If you'd like to join for a future Q&A show, sign up here: www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patron Joshua

  • 510-Which Expenses in Your Budget Matter the Most?

    Jan 11 2018

    Today: Which expenses matter the most? The value of variable expenses instead of fixed expenses. The importance of developing skill and resilience. Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon: www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patron

  • 509-How Much Does It Cost You to Live Today?

    Jan 10 2018

    You need to know. Joshua www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/YNAB www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com.patron

  • 508-Three Ways to Save Money

    Jan 08 2018

    Today we cover the three basic methods to save money: Buy it cheaper Make it last longer Use it less Any one of these strategies is useful. But the real power comes when you implement all three of them. Listen to the show to understand why! Joshua The examples in today's show come from the peerless frugality book "The Complete Tightwad Gazette: Promoting Thrift as a Viable Alternative Lifestyle" by Amy Dacyczyn. Start tracking your money with YNAB: www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/YNAB

  • 507-Friday Q&A: Should I Move From My Apartment and Buy a House in the Suburbs, How do I Set Up a Solo 401(k) So I Can do a Mega Backdoor Roth IRA, Should I Work as a 1099 Contractor or a W2 Employee

    Jan 05 2018

    It's Friday! And it's time for Q&A. Today we cover: Should I Move From My Apartment and Buy a House in the Suburbs How do I Set Up a Solo 401(k) So I Can do a Mega Backdoor Roth IRA Should I Work as a 1099 Contractor or a W2 Employee If you'd like to join for a future Q&A show, sign up here: www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/Patron Joshua

  • 506-Tax Reform, Bitcoin, Financial Tracking, A Good Cleanse...and Merry Christmas! (End-of-Year Wrapup for 2017)

    Dec 22 2017

    Here's today's end-of-year wrapup for 2017! Joshua's thoughts on tax reform... ...and bitcoin... ...and your financial tracking systems for 2018... ...and a good year-end cleanse... oh, and Merry Christmas! Talk to you next year, Joshua

  • Out and About: Joshua's Financial Privacy Advice on the Complete Privacy & Security Podcast

    Dec 19 2017

    (My interview starts at 7:30 into the show.) I recently gave an interview to the Complete Privacy and Security Podcast on the topic of financial privacy. I think it was a really good interview. This interview was originally published on December 8, 2017 here: https://operational-security.com/cps-podcast-e058-financial-privacy-security/ -- SHOW NOTES INTRO Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked MAIN TOPIC Joshua Sheats of Radical Personal Finance joins us to discuss: – Why being financially sta...more

  • 505-Approximately 50 Podcasting Lessons Learned from 500 Episodes of Experience

    Dec 12 2017

    Today, I'd like to interrupt the personal finance content with a show on podcasting. After recording over 500 episodes of Radical Personal Finance, I feel like I have some valuable lessons to share with other podcasters and with my listeners who are considering starting a podcast. Enjoy, Joshua Visit www.HelloFresh.com and use "RPF30" to save $30 off your meal delivery.

  • 504-Roth IRAs Are Really Awesome Tools (Here's An Example Why)

    Dec 11 2017

    If you enjoy learning how common financial instruments can be used to achieve incredible results, you'll enjoy this show. Joshua

  • (replay) 121-Last-Minute Tax Planning Ideas To Save You Money

    Dec 08 2017

    Today I have a replay for you of Episode 121. This episode was originally released December 17, 2014 and the information should be as relevant today as it was then. Notes are here: https://radicalpersonalfinance.com/last-minute-tax-planning-ideas-to-save-you-money-rpf0121/

  • 503-Tools and Principles to Help You Fight Nasty With Your Creditors and Win!

    Dec 06 2017

    I really hate it when I see people bullied. And I especially hate to see debtors bullied by unethical debt collectors. In today's show I share with you some tools, tactics, and techniques and knowledge to help you stand up for yourself in the face of an onslaught of bill collectors. I hope these help you. And, if you don't need this type of help, I hope these ideas help you to help someone else who does. Joshua Try Hello Fresh! www.HelloFresh.com and use coupon code "RPF30" to save $30 on your ...more

  • Thanksgiving Day Greetings (and the Power of Gratitude in Your Financial Life)

    Nov 22 2017

  • Out & About: E232: How to Increase Wealth and Survive Your Likely Disaster (Joshua's Appearance on the In The Rabbit Hole Podcast)

    Nov 16 2017

    Today's episode is an interview I gave for the "In The Rabbit Hole" urban survival podcast. This episode was first released October 30, 2017 here: https://www.intherabbithole.com/e232/ Joshua

  • 502-Pathways to Financial Freedom (in 10 years or less): RV Mechanic (and other small-scale, mobile trades)

    Nov 13 2017

    Today we continue our discussion of how you can achieve financial freedom in 10 years or less with an analysis of a business I thought my way through recently: that of working as a mobile RV repairman/mechanic. I think this business (or skilled trades with similar career profiles) has a huge amount to offer the aspiring financial freedom fighter. Listen to today's show for analysis on the specifics of this opportunity and the parallels you can draw to other careers to help you become financially...more

  • 501-Joshua's Thoughts and Advice On How Men Can Protect Themselves, Their Families, and Their Careers from Being Destroyed by Sexual Scandal

    Nov 10 2017

    I've had today's show in my head for the last few weeks as I've watched Hollywood--and the world--rocked day by day with allegation after allegation of sexual abuse by major, major stars. I've watched careers destroyed, movie premiers canceled, and marriages torn asunder. I've thought again and again about the financial destruction being wrought by these allegations against so many men. Not only the loss of careers, the mega-million-dollar settlements, but the financial destruction of forthcomin...more

  • Out and About: Joshua's Interview with Phil Taylor on the Masters of Money Podcast

    Nov 08 2017

    I'm working on some back-office work this week and hustling to finish delivering the Radical Personal Finance Guide to Career and Income Planning before the Thanksgiving holiday, so today you get an "Out & About" interview! This episode was released as Episode 37 of the Masters of Money Podcast on August 30, 2017. https://ptmoney.com/masters-money/

  • 500-A Community Celebration of 500 Episodes

    Nov 03 2017

    Today's show is very special. Together, we celebrate 500 episodes together! The show is centered on your voices and your feedback. This is a very meaningful milestone for me. When I began RPF, I committed myself to recording 1,000 episodes, even if no one listened. 4 years later, I'm half finished with that commitment! And I'm so honored that thousands of you do listen. Your feedback in this episode is so encouraging to me. Thank you, Joshua The Politicization of Motherhood - Wall Street Journa...more

  • 499-How to Live In Your Car and Love It!

    Nov 02 2017

    Lots of people wind up living in their cars out of extreme financial stress. But today, I'm going to share with you a few of my strategies for living in your car for fun. I've never lived in my car for a long period of time, but I have done it for up to two weeks. And, living (or more accurately staying/camping?) in your car can be: fun easy comfortable frugal You should seriously consider it. And I'm here today to tell you why and how to do it well. Joshua

  • 498-How to Eat Super, Super Cheap when You're Flat Broke

    Oct 31 2017

    I recently took a friend of mine (who is super broke) through a grocery store and shared with him some of my strategies to fill your tummy when you're flat broke. This should help you save some cash...or at least help you teach someone else who's hungry how to eat cheap. Joshua Today's show is sponsored by Warby Parker. Get really nice and fashionable eyeglasses shipped right to your door for you to try on and save a ton in the process! www.WarbyParker.com/RPF

  • 497-Prioritize Your Life, Not Your Money

    Oct 20 2017

    After reading hundreds of listener emails this week, I've become very clear on the #1 mistake of the Radical Personal Finance audience. Here's my attempt to help. Joshua

  • 496-The Risk of Paying Off Debt Too Fast

    Oct 19 2017

    No, that title isn't clickbait. There really is risk created by paying off debt too quickly. Details in the show. Joshua

  • 495-Would My 14-Year-Old Son's Marijuana Habit Destroy My Finances if I'm Using a Healthcare Sharing Ministry Like Samaritan Ministries to Pay for My Healthcare?

    Oct 18 2017

    Today, we handle this interesting question from a listener: "In talking about Samaritan to a pastor-friend he threw out the scenario that your middle school age son is injured in an accident while riding in a friend's car, and the police find marijuana in the car--what happens? When I asked a Samaritan rep about it he said their board would carefully review the situation and if they deemed that your son wasn't responsible for/aware of the pot then his injury would be covered; if he was responsib...more

  • 494-Planning for Wildfires

    Oct 17 2017

    Erin writes in and says: "I love listening to your podcast- I know you've had a few episodes recently in reaction to current events. As a resident of the Bay Area I hope you could do an episode in relation to wild fires (if there isn't a past episode I am overlooking)." Erin et al, here are my suggestions for you! Joshua Sponsor today: Bombfell. Visit www.bombfell.com/RPF Tons of important information on preparing for wildfires: www.firewise.org Firescaping: Creating fire-resistant landscapes, ...more

  • 493-Should I Sell My Harley and Buy Some More Mutual Funds?

    Oct 13 2017

    Fun question today for our Friday episode...comes in from Chris: Joshua, Looking to see if you have any insight on emotional/psychological decisions versus logical decisions when it comes to finance. Back story - I have a paid for 20 year old Harley. I have not ridden it in three years, I spend $200/year on an insurance policy, each spring I do maintenance on it which costs about $30, and living in Minnesota, we only really have 6 months or so of decent riding weather. I have a big garage so sto...more

  • 492-Choose Your Hammer Carefully and Stop Beating Up Others for Preferring a Different Hammer

    Oct 12 2017

    I thought about simply calling today's show, "On Hammers." You pick the title you prefer...but recognize the truth: tools are tools and their usefulness depends not on their inherent attributes but on their appropriate application. Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 491-Q&A: More Money Into Retirement or Buy a House, Can I Use a Donor-Advised Fund for Church Contributions, Should I Move From Commission-Based Job to Salary-Based Job, Should I Keep an India-Based Whole Life Insurance Policy?

    Oct 09 2017

    Today's show rounds out a special series of live Q&A shows. Today we cover: 1:20 Should I put more money into my retirement plan or buy a house? 18:45 Can I use a donor-advised fund as a smart way to get a bigger tax deduction for my contribution to my local church? 32:30 Should I move from a commission-based job to a salary job which also means a salary cut? 39:10 Should I buy a joint universal life insurance policy to protect my new baby? 1:10:00 Should I keep an India-based whole life insura...more

  • 490-Q&A: Paying for a Seminary Degree with Early Distributions from a Retirement Account, Can I Still Become Financially Indpendent if We Move to Paradise First, Should We Sell Our Rental House or Move Back for Tax-Free Gains, Are Healthcare Sharing Minis

    Oct 05 2017

    I've been doing a live Q&A series...today we cover these: 1:24 - Can I Pay for My Seminary Degree with Early Distributions from a Retirement Account? 13:30 - Can I Still Become Financially Independent if We Move to Paradise First? 25:45 - Should We Sell our Rental House Two States Away or Plan to Move Back to It In Order to Get the Tax-Free Gains on a Future Sale? 37:45 - Are Healthcare Sharing Ministries Like Samaritan Ministries Any Good? Joshua Ph.D. for under $15,000 https://americanvisi...more

  • 489-Lessons From Las Vegas: A Few Practical Ways You Can Prepare For Being Involved in an Active Shooter Scenario

    Oct 03 2017

    As we all watch and process the mass shooting in Las Vegas this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to share a few lessons learned. I always try to process an event like this with an eye towards the lessons I can learn. The tactical situation in Las Vegas was impossible. I don't think you could imagine a worse situation to be in as a concert-goer. An absolute nightmare. But, I do have a few thoughts that I think can help. And since I don't hear anyone sharing anything practical, here are...more

  • 488-Q&A: What Should I Do With a Large Bonus, How Can I Counsel a Young Lady Who Is Using Her Earnings to Support Her Poor Mother

    Oct 02 2017

    I'm hosting a special Q&A series this week which is open to the entire listening audience. Today we tackle: What Should I Do With a Large Bonus? How Can I Counsel a Young Lady Who Is Using Her Earnings to Support Her Poor Mother? If you'd like to call in for tomorrow's show, here are the details you need to know. Joshua

  • 487-Friday Q&A: Should I Use a Whole Life Insurance Policy as My Retirement Bridge, Should I Concentrate All of My Investment Accounts With One Manager

    Sep 29 2017

    On Friday's, we do Q&A for our Patrons! Today, we cover: Should I Use a Whole Life Insurance Policy as My Retirement Bridge? Should I Concentrate All of My Investment Accounts With One Manager? Joshua I forgot to mention at the end of the discussion...if you sign up for a free Personal Capital account with this link, I get a small commission. www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/personalcapital IRS instruction on avoiding the early distribution penalty: https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/plan-pa...more

  • 486-Ignore the Republicans...What Do You Think Is the Right Approach To Income Taxation and Why?

    Sep 28 2017

    I feel like I owe it to you to keep you semi-current on the state of tax policy in the USA. But, it's too early to have any serious details about the current Republican proposals. I thought instead we could have a useful philosophical discussion about taxation. My challenge to you today is to answer these questions, for yourself. Do you believe that a civil government has the moral right to tax an individual's income? Why or why not? Do you believe that the US civil government has the const...more

  • 484-How Should I Handle a Sizable Gift From My In-Laws?

    Sep 25 2017

    Today's question involves a generous financial gift from an in-law. How should this listener handle it to make sure it's a blessing and not a curse? Joshua Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 483-This Too Shall Pass: Keep Pressing Forward

    Sep 22 2017

    I'm just wrapping up a week and I've been off the mic for all of it due to being sick. Wanted to share with you a short motivational monologue to encourage you to keep pressing forward in the challenges you're facing today. This too shall pass. Joshua

  • [REPLAY] How to Protect Your Financial Privacy and Keep Your Accounts Secure: Interview with Justin Carroll from the Complete Privacy and Security Podcast

    Sep 20 2017

    I've been sick most of the past week and am especially struggling with my throat/voice. When Joshua no speak, RPF no happen. (And of course that's a good reminder of the value of disability planning!) So, in light of the Equifax breach, I'll issue this replay for you. If you skipped this episode when it originally aired as Episode 461, don't skip it now. Enjoy. Joshua  

  • 482-The Equifax Data Breach: Background, How It Affects You, and the Minimum Steps You Need to Take to Protect Yourself

    Sep 15 2017

    Today we tackle the Equifax security breach. This is the most damaging release of personal information ever. And you need to take it seriously. You must assume that you have been affected. At this point, I see no reason to even trust the official Equifax website. Here's why. Clark Howard's excellent credit freeze guide: http://clark.com/personal-finance-credit/credit-freeze-and-thaw-guide/ Another excellent one by the Justin Carroll and Michael Bazzell: https://privacy-training.com/CreditFreez...more

  • 481-Where Should I Keep My Emergency Fund?

    Sep 13 2017

    I was inspired to do this show by watching a recent conversation thread in the RPF Facebook Group about where to store your emergency fund. I thought it'd be fun to share with you the things I think about with regard to emergency fund storage. Enjoy the show! Joshua www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • How we Fared in Hurricane Irma (personal)

    Sep 13 2017

    Hey Radicals! Thank you to so many of you who have inquired of our health and safety following Hurricane Irma. Here's my personal report for you! Short version: we are well. :) Joshua

  • 480-Hurricane Irma Musings: The Thin Veneer of Civility and the Thick Adjustability of our Modern Shipping System, Storm Preps, and More

    Sep 06 2017

    I've been busy today preparing for Hurricane Irma here at the Radical Personal Finance Global Headquarters. At the moment, the National Hurricane Center forecasts the eye of the storm to pass squarely over HQ. So, I thought I'd record a podcast and share a few things with you: Based on watching the Hurricane Irma frenzy, I'm convinced that "societal collapse" scenarios are plausible. I learned this at Costco yesterday. I'm also convinced we live in the greatest time to be alive and that there ...more

  • 479-Friday Q&A: What Should a New Expatriate Do With Their Investment Money, What To Do With an Old Pension, How Should a Newlywed Approach the Rent or Buy Question

    Sep 01 2017

    It's Friday! On Fridays we do a live Q&A show. Today we cover: (2:30) What Should a New Expatriate Do With Their Investment Money? (18:30) What To Do With an Old Pension? (26:40) How Should a Newlywed Approach the Rent or Buy Question? If you'd like to join me for a future Q&A show, sign up to be a Patron at www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Joshua

  • 478-The Utility and Morality of Price Gouging

    Aug 29 2017

    Whenever there's a natural disaster, we have various articles on price gouging's lamentability, to wit, it's harmfulness and illegality. But, is it really bad? I say not. "Price gouging" (or, more accurately stated, the adjustment of market prices to meet changing demand) has tremendous utility for the well-being of all involved and is absolutely upright, moral, and ethical. Of course, this guy says it's wrong, morally and economically. I deal with his "arguments" in the show. Joshua Support RP...more

  • 477-Practical Financial Planning for Large-Scale Disasters Like the Houston Floods

    Aug 28 2017

    I've been watching the #HoustonFloods this weekend and considering the lessons I can learn for my own disaster planning. Today, I share some useful ideas for you about how to plan for events like the Houston Floods. Joshua Episode 381 - Simple, Cheap, Practical Tips to Help You Prepare for a Coming Hurricane Episode 347: Disasters Happen – Make a Plan Now to Ensure You Have Plenty of Money Available to You to Solve the Problems Money Can Solve  

  • 476-Pathways to Financial Freedom (in 10 years or less): Expediter Trucking (and other live-on-the-job opportunities)

    Aug 22 2017

    Yesterday I was watching the solar eclipse (up north in the 100% band) and I happened to have breakfast with an expediter. Not sure what that is? Basically, a truck driver who drives a van. (More in the audio show.) As we ate, I tried to lay out a few paths on how he could become financially free based on his current work. And, I promised him a show on the topic. So, you get to listen in as I tell him--and you--how any normal person can use a live-on-the-job opportunity as a trampoline to bounce...more

  • 475-Friday Q&A: Should I ReFi My CC Debt with a HELOC, Does Passion for a Job Come After You Have Experience, Should I Dump The Military Survivor Benefit Plan in Favor of a Whole Life Policy?

    Aug 11 2017

    Time for Friday Q&A! If you'd like to join for a future show, sign up here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Today, we cover: 2:00 Should I refinance my credit card debt by moving it to a HELOC? 34:10 Do you have passion for a job before the fact or do you become passionate about it after you're good at it? 42:30 Should I drop the military's Survivor Benefit Plan for my pension in favor of buying a 10-year whole life insurance policy? Enjoy! And remember! I have 27 seats remaining for the...more

  • 474-The Interplay of Human & Financial Capital, Wages & Profits, Rents and Business

    Aug 08 2017

    As I celebrate the opening of the registration page for the beta launch of the new Radical Personal Finance Guide to Career & Income Planning, I intend to share with you a few simple lessons related to career and income. Today, we begin with the philosophical fundamentals: the interplay of human capital and financial capital. We all start with what we have (human capital) and use it to create financial capital, which we ultimately work to have in surplus. Once we have surplus, we get to decide w...more

  • 473-What's Wrong With Radical Personal Finance?

    Aug 03 2017

    I've had a tough summer. I have nothing to complain about. I've been richly blessed and, in almost every way outside of Radical Personal Finance, life has been sweet. But, RPF hasn't been so great for me. And, if it hasn't been so great for me, it might not have been so great for you either. I thought you might appreciate hearing the explanation and the story. It's important to me to share the good and the bad--the heights and the lows--with you in order to help you understand that we all share ...more

  • 472-Friday Q&A: Can I Have Both a SIMPLE IRA and a Traditional IRA, What Personal Finance Books Does Joshua Recommend, What Three Investments Would I Buy To Leave Alone for a Decade, What Are the Rules of Thumb for Who Should Buy Long-Term Care Insurance

    Jul 28 2017

    On Fridays we do a live Q&A which is open to Patrons of the show. Become a Patron at www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patron Today we cover: Can I Have Both a SIMPLE IRA and a Traditional IRA What Personal Finance Books Does Joshua Recommend What Three Investments Would I Buy To Leave Alone for a Decade What Are the Rules of Thumb for Who Should Buy Long-Term Care Insurance And more! Joshua

  • 471-Friday Q&A: What's the Best Type of Retirement Plan for my Wife's Side Business, How Can I Help My Sister-in-Law Who is Asking me for Financial Advice, Should I Pay Off My Debt as Fast as Possible or Save Up and Pay it Off in Large Chunks?

    Jul 21 2017

    On Fridays, I host a Q&A call. Patrons of the show are invited to call in and ask any question they want! Today, we cover: (1:57) What's the best type of retirement plan for my wife's side business? (SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Solo 401(k)?) (16:45) How can I help my sister-in-law who is asking me for financial advice? (30:20) Should I pay off my debt as fast as possible or save up and pay it off in large chunks of money? Joshua Become a Patron of the show and gain access to future Q&A shows here: w...more

  • 470-The Danger of a Financial Plan Built on Extremely Low Spending Projections

    Jul 20 2017

    There's been an interesting switch in the world of personal finance wherein some people are building financial plans based on extremely low spending projections. In essence, some people assume that if they can live on an extremely low budget per year today, they can build a long-term financial plan predicated on maintaining that spending forever. I think this is a dangerous assumption. And, in today's show, I explain why. Joshua Earn up to 8.5% return on your money by financing solar energy pro...more

  • 469-Friday Q&A: Is It Legit That You Can Find Missing Money That's Still Unclaimed, Should I Take Free Housing With a Longer Commute, How Do I Deal With Massive Medical Bills, Do I Need a Personal Insurance Agent, and What Three Books Would Joshua Take to

    Jul 13 2017

    Welcome to another Friday Q&A Show! Today, we cover: Is It Legit That You Can Find Missing Money That's Still Unclaimed Should I Take Free Housing With a Longer Commute How Do I Deal With Massive Medical Bills Do I Need a Personal Insurance Agent What Three Books Would Joshua Take to A Desert Island? If you'd like to join me for a future Q&A show, become a Patron of the show at www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Joshua Save $30 off a new subscription for awesome food at www.HelloFresh.com ...more

  • 468-Friday Q&A: How does an LLC Protect My Liability and Help Me Save on Tax, How Can I Lower My Tax Bill on the Sale of My House

    Jul 07 2017

    Friday Q&A is back! Today: How does an LLC Protect My Liability and Help Me Save on Tax? How Can I Lower My Tax Bill on the Sale of My House? If you'd like to participate on a future show, sign up here! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Joshua

  • 467-Debt: Should we Measure it Based on Financial Risk or Lifestyle Risk?

    Jun 30 2017

    I've long struggled to know how to advise people with regard to debt. On the one hand, the use of debt can dramatically increase the financial returns of an investment. On the other hand, debt can have a dramatic negative impact on the lifestyle of the borrower when everything goes wrong. So, how do we reconcile these two things? I've come to see that they're two entirely different scales. Because they are two totally different scales (think: how do kilograms and degrees Fahrenheit interact with...more

  • 466-The USA's Long-Term Fiscal Gap and Why It Matters to You (America’s Fiscal Insolvency and Its Generational Consequences by Professor Laurence Kotlikoff)

    Jun 21 2017

    I've alluded to my long-term guess that the US Government will default on many of its current promises. But, I've never really supported that argument. I thought I'd kick that support off today by sharing with you a succinct and coherent description of the problem by reading Professor Laurence Kotlikoff's testimony to the Senate Budget Comittee in 2015. Enjoy, Joshua America’s Fiscal Insolvency and Its Generational Consequences: Testimony to the Senate Budget Committee http://www.kotlikoff.net...more

  • 465-How to Build Passive Income By Investing in Raw Land: Interview with Mark Podolsky, the Land Geek

    Jun 19 2017

    I've never invested in raw land. My #1 reason? Since raw land has no utility, there's no way to pull income from it. And at this stage of my life, I value income-producing assets. But, my guest on today's show has a great system for solving that problem. He has parlayed raw land into a very helpful income stream leading to his own financial freedom. Enjoy my interview with Mark! Joshua Mark's website is: https://www.thelandgeek.com/ Please support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! www.radica...more

  • 464-The Seasons of Work: How to Get More Important Work Done Without Destroying Your Lifestyle

    Jun 14 2017

    Today's episode is Part 2 of a mini-series on the seasons of life. The world of work is changing rapidly. We find ourselves pressed on all sides to do more work and different work. And yet in personal finance circles, the focus of our conversation is quite frequently how to get out of work. I believe work is a blessing and not a curse. And that to run from work is the wrong answer. And yet how can we adjust our relationship with work so that it feels more meaningful and less ephemeral? Part of t...more

  • 463-The Usefulness and Prioritization of Money in the Seasons of Your Life

    Jun 12 2017

    Poverty is hard. Money helps to make life less hard. But, in our modern world, it's hard to figure out how much money is enough. As you go through the seasons of your life the usefulness of money will wax and wane. Money comes with a cost: time, labor, risk, attention. You need to think carefully about the season of your life you're in and consider the unique value of money during this particular season. Joshua Did you find value in this episode of Radical Personal Finance? Please sign up to su...more

  • 462-Understanding your Funeral Options (and How to Save Money when Working with a Funeral Director)

    Jun 05 2017

    Today I have an interview for you with Ben Higgenbotham, a funeral director who's also well in tune with the Radical Personal Finance philosophy. He's here today to share the inside scoop on how to effectively work with a funeral director so that you can get the funeral experience that your family desires without losing your shirt. Enjoy! Joshua p.s., If you didn't hear it, you might want to first go and listen to Episode 409, "How to Get Yourself Put 6 Feet Under Dirt Cheap!". https://radicalp...more

  • 461-How to Protect Your Financial Privacy and Keep Your Accounts Secure: Interview with Justin Carroll from the Complete Privacy and Security Podcast

    May 26 2017

    What do dentists who shoot lions, publicists who make jokes in poor taste on Twitter and Indiana pizza makers have in common? Their lives were suddenly and irrevocably changed for the worst while doing something that they could never have predicted would lead to it.Avoiding catastrophe is an important pillar of the wealth building strategy that I promote through Radical Personal Finance. As personal finance enthusiasts, we are one of the most prudent groups of people on this planet: we build...more

  • 460-How to Decide What To Invest In

    May 24 2017

    I frequently get this question: "Joshua, what should I invest my money in?" Well, that's a hard question to answer. I'm not you, so how should I know? But, here are the factors I think you should consider in answering that question for yourself: time money knowledge skill temperament timing opportunities tools Joshua p.s., did I miss any important factors? If so, let me know in the comments.

  • 459-Don't Trust Your Financial Advisor!

    May 22 2017

    Many people are far too free with their personal financial information. This can be very dangerous. You cannot expect your financial advisor to keep your personal information private, secret, and secure. You've got to take steps to protect yourself. Joshua  

  • 458-Mexican Taxis, Drug Cartels, License Plates, Registration Stickers, Goons with Guns...and You!

    May 18 2017

    I'm not sure how to explain this one to you via text...perhaps it's just better if you hit play and listen! :) Joshua

  • Quit Social Media by Dr. Cal Newport

    May 11 2017

    I'm a big fan of Cal Newport's work and I stumbled across this TEDx talk that he gave on the topic of social media. Consider his points and see how they might relate to your personal social media usage. It'd be a shame to look back at the end of the year and recognize an alternative use for the hundreds of hours that most of us use in social media activities. Always think about the opportunity cost... Joshua Original video: https://youtu.be/3E7hkPZ-HTk

  • 457-Celebrating the Arrival of a New Baby!

    May 09 2017

    Hey Radicals! Today's show is a little audio ramble among friends to tell you that my wife and I are celebrating the birth of a new little baby boy! (I also tell you about my 3-year-old's first successful investment...and his 100% ROR!) Joshua Episode 212: Comments on Preparing for Child Birth with Mrs. RPF

  • 10 Rules for Dealing With the Police (Audio)

    May 04 2017

    Rounding out our theme this week of how to survive and thrive during police encounters so that you are not arrested and imprisoned, I bring you an important video by the Flex Your Rights organization. This one is best viewed as a video and is available for free here: https://youtu.be/s4nQ_mFJV4I It contains dramatic presentations and acting and is really well done. I recommend that you don't listen to the audio file here; I recommend you make the time to watch the video yourself, then again with...more

  • You Have the Right to Remain Innocent, by Law Professors James Duane and Randy E Barnett

    May 03 2017

    This is the audio from a presentation at the CATO Institute by Law Professors James Duane and Randy Barnett. (original video: https://youtu.be/gpkc2FZFR5k) It is a follow up of the concepts outlined in James Duane's excellent book "You Have the Right to Remain Innocent." There is very little additional value from watching the video file, so enjoy the audio and you'll get the most important points. Buy James Duane's book "You Have the Right to Remain Innocent" http://amzn.to/2qgDFDF

  • Don't Talk to the Police - James Duane, Law Professor at Regent University School of Law

    May 02 2017

    I urge you to make the time to listen to this presentation about why you should not talk to the police, no matter your guilt or innocence in any matter. This is an audio presentation of this YouTube speech (viewed over 23 million times wherein Regent Law Professor James Duane gives viewers startling reasons why they should always exercise their 5th Amendment rights when questioned by government officials: https://youtu.be/d-7o9xYp7eE (There is very little added value in the video presentation, s...more

  • 456-Protect Your Money by Arrest-Proofing Yourself and Your Children

    May 01 2017

    If you get arrested, you can kiss anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars good-bye. You need insurance against that eventuality. Today, I'm going to teach you why it's vitally important that you arrest-proof yourself and how to do it. Joshua Arrest Proof Yourself book: http://amzn.to/2ph7Xos Don't Talk to the Police video: https://youtu.be/d-7o9xYp7eE You Have the Right to Remain Innocent video: https://youtu.be/gpkc2FZFR5k BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Enc...more

  • 455-A Business Approach That Works For This Stay-At-Home Mome: Interview with Dr. Marilyn Brodeur, Founder of the Infant Dental Center

    Apr 25 2017

    My guest today is Dr. Marilyn Brodeur, founder of the Infant Dental Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. Marilyn reached out to me after hearing my response to a caller in Episode 417 who was struggling with a decision of whether to pursue her career aspirations or to focus her attention on her children. So, I invited her on the store to share her story about how she has built a successful business that allows her a great deal of flexibility and capitalizes on her skills and ability. Enjoy! Joshua ...more

  • Out & About: Everything Financial Radio Appearance with Dennis Tubbergen to Discuss How to Live a Rich Life Now

    Apr 18 2017

    I don't have a new, original show for you today. But, I do have this interview that I gave last year on Everything Financial Radio! My segment of the show begins at 22:20. Enjoy! This is the original episode link: http://www.everythingfinancialradio.com/2016/04/joshua-sheats-and-tom-aspray-join-host-dennis-tubbergen/

  • 454-Friday Q&A: Where Should a 48-Year-Old Focus Financially, Should I Sell a Stock that Makes Up 25% of My Net Worth, Should I Move Across the Country So My Children Can Be Near Their Grandparents, How Strong Is the California Pension System, Should I Co

    Apr 14 2017

    It's Friday! That means Q&A: Where Should a 48-Year-Old Focus Financially for Retirement? Should I Sell a Stock that Makes Up 25% of My Net Worth? Should I Move Across the Country So My Children Can Be Near Their Grandparents? How Strong Is the California Pension System? Should I Contribute More to Retirement So I Can Pay Less on My Student Loans?

  • 452-The Rule of 72

    Apr 13 2017

    Today we tackle the Rule of 72 with a quick explanation of what it is and why it's useful to you.

  • 451-The Millionaire Next Door Wealth Index: How Do You Stack Up?

    Apr 12 2017

    The Millionaire Next Door Wealth Index: "Multiply your age times your realized pretax annual household income from all sources except inheritances. Divide by ten. This, less any inherited wealth, is what your net worth should be."

  • 450-Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, & Pyramid Schemes: Are They Legitimate Business Opportunities or a Complete Scam?

    Apr 11 2017

    About once a week, I get an email asking me for my opinion on network marketing opportunities. So, today, here is my opinion and advice for you! Joshua Please support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon. www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • Secrets to Success (ETtheHipHopPreacher)

    Apr 10 2017

    Here's a great Monday-morning sermon by ETtheHipHopPreacher to kick off your work week. Thank God it's Monday! Original video: https://youtu.be/5fsm-QbN9r8

  • 449-Friday Q&A: How Do You Help Young People Engage in Goalsetting, How Much Debt Is Too Much on Rental Properties, How Do You Help Your Brother-In-Law Learn About Money, Last-Minute Health Savings Account Contributions,

    Apr 07 2017

    We do a live Q&A show on Fridays. Today we cover: How Do You Help Young People Engage in Goalsetting? How Much Debt Is Too Much on Rental Properties? How Do You Help Your Brother-In-Law Learn About Money? Last-Minute Health Savings Account Contributions? Enjoy the show! Joshua Please support the show on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Sign up for a free 34-day trial of YNAB: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/YNAB Try out the Personal Capital dashboard: www.radicalpersonalfinance.c...more

  • 448-Mythbusting: Your 401(k) Won't Make You Rich! Here's Why...

    Apr 06 2017

    I've often made comments like, "Your 401(k) won't make you rich." Or, "People Don't Get Rich Because they Invested in Their 401(k)." A listener recently asked for clarification on that statement. I thought it was so important that I dedicated an entire show to it. In today's show, I give my defense of my statements and argue my case. My thesis is simple: high 401(k) balances are correlated to people who are rich, but they are not a causative factor of wealth. Enjoy! Joshua Please support my sho...more

  • Out & About: My Appearance on "Best Real Estate Advice Ever" with Joe Fairless

    Apr 05 2017

    A little while back I gave this interview for Joe Fairless on his show, "Best Real Estate Advice Ever." We focused on the intersection between personal finance and professional financial advice. Enjoy! Joshua http://joefairless.com/best-financial-advice-achieving-maintaining-financial-freedom/

  • Out & About: My Appearance on Sound Retirement Planning Podcast with Jason Parker

    Apr 04 2017

    Today, please enjoy this recording of my appearance on Episode 107 of the Sound Retirement Planning Podcast with Jason Parker! This show was recorded in Q4 of 2016. http://soundretirementplanning.com/107-radical-retirement-planning-joshua-sheats-radical-personal-finance/

  • 447-Mythbusting: The Myth of Passive Income

    Apr 03 2017

    I see lots and lots of people talking about the idea of "passive income." Everywhere I look, I hear people talking about passive income and why it's so great! But, I've heard very few people define the concept and explain what a true passive income opportunity is. And the vast majority of opportunities I hear of don't qualify as passive income in my book. So, let's bust this "passive income" myth today! Joshua Looking for a financial advisor? Start here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/paladin P...more

  • 446-Friday Q&A: Should We Sell the House we Just Moved Out of, Should I Fire My Financial Advisor, A Cool Networking Event for Celebrities that I Admire, How Can Divorced Men Pay Less Child Support, and More!

    Mar 31 2017

    It's Friday! On today's Live Q&A show we cover: Should I sell the house we just moved out of? How Do I Figure Out If I Should Fire My Financial Advisor or Not? How Can I Organize a Really Cool Networking Event for Celebrities that I Admire? How Can Divorced Men Creatively Avoid Paying Higher Child Support? What Competitive Advantage Does Dimensional Fund Advisors Have Over Vanguard? How Has Joshua Changed His Financial Plan Over the Last Three Years? Enjoy! Joshua Please support Radical Perso...more

  • 445-Should we Keep Paying off Our House with Gazelle Intensity or Switch to Saving 15% for Retirement?

    Mar 30 2017

    Today, we cover this question: Joshua, My husband and I love your show and would LOVE IT if you could help us answer a question from your point-of-view. Facts: We're completely debt-free except for our house. We make around $130,000 per year. We're currently investing 10% for retirement. We are dead-set on paying off the house in the next 2.5 to 3 years. The DILEMMA: Dave Ramsey suggests saving 15% for retirement for someone in our position. We can do this..but that'll slow down our house paym...more

  • 444-Yes, You Can Afford For Your Wife to Stay At Home...Here's How!

    Mar 29 2017

    Today's show comes by inspiration of this listener question: "Joshua, will you please send me a link to the best show on your website for a woman wanting to convince her husband that they can make it financially if she stays home?" Well, I didn't have such a show. But now I do. Here it is! Joshua Don't have good data on your income and expenses? Start tracking it with YNAB! Get a free 34-day trial at www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/YNAB DATA:    Working (Conservative)   Staying at Home   Dif...more

  • 443-1 Year, 50 States, 3 Children, $1,000,000, and the Launch of A Brand-New Business: Interview with Anthony Amos from Bathe to Save

    Mar 28 2017

    I've really got a great show for you today. It's one that brings together so many things that I love talking about! Travel with Family, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Financial Independence, and more! My guest is Anthony Amos. He's an Australian entrepreneur who started out with a tiny little backyard dog-washing business. He grew it, franchised it across Australia, and then sold it and decided he was rich enough to go into property development. His timing was not so great (right before the real e...more

  • 442-How to Do Your Own Taxes The Easy Way (And Should You Hire an Accountant?)

    Mar 27 2017

    It's tax-time! That means that you face a problem: how should you do your taxes? Should you print off the 1040 form from the internet and fill it in by hand? Should you use tax software? Should you hire an accountant? Here are my thoughts on the matter! Joshua Great records will make doing your taxes an absolute breeze. Why not try YNAB for your budgeting and recordkeeping? Get a free 34-day trial at www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/YNAB Please support RPF on Patreon. Currently 267 people of the ...more

  • 441-Friday Q&A (Live): How Can a 13-Year-Old Young Man Get His Start as a Financial Advisor; How Can an Early Retiree Calculate If He Has Enough Money

    Mar 24 2017

    It's Friday! That means it's time for a live Q&A show. Today we handle two questions: How Can a 13-Year-Old Young Man Get His Start as a Financial Advisor? How Can an Early Retiree Calculate If He Has Enough Money Enjoy the show! Sign up as a Patron to be invited to future Friday call-in shows. www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Joshua

  • 440-How to Grow Your Podcast Audience with Effective Marketing

    Mar 23 2017

    Today's show is dedicated to marketing. I focus on answering a specific question about podcast marketing, but I do share a number of tips that are applicable on a broader basis. Here's the question: Hi Joshua, I was inspired to start my own podcast six months ago when I listened to your episode 300 entitled "30 podcasting lessons learned from 300 episodes". Your words of encouragement were invaluable for me and really made me believe I could do this. Your suggestion to focus on content and not...more

  • 439-Book Review: Unshakeable - Your Financial Freedom Playbook by Tony Robbins

    Mar 22 2017

    I wasn't quite sure how I should approach today's book review of Tony Robbins new money book, so I asked the Radical Personal Finance Facebook group. I wrote: "I'm about to record my review of Tony Robbins' new book, Unshakeable. Should I do it in my current mood as ticked-off, angry Joshua and rip it to shreds or should I do it in my calm, collected and intellectually neutral voice, carefully presenting the good, the bad, and the ugly? Whadya want?" Well, most people seemed to want option A, so...more

  • 438-The Audience Demographics of Radical Personal Finance (And What Surprised Me the Most!)

    Mar 21 2017

    I recently completed a brief demographic survey of the Radical Personal Finance audience. I learned a ton about who you are! I thought it would be fun for me to share it with you and share how it impacted me. Enjoy! Joshua     Do you need a website? Reach out to my own personal web team at www.sillygrasshopper.com and see if they can help you! Radical Personal Finance Audience Demographics          Gender     Male    78.9% Female    21.1%      Age     13-17    0.2% 18-20    0.6% 21-24    6.9...more

  • 437-Mustachianism 101: The Philosophy of Mr. Money Mustache

    Mar 20 2017

    On episode 425 of the podcast I interviewed Mr. Money Mustache. That episode was not intended to be an introduction to his teaching or his philosophy; rather, it was a human interest discussion with the man himself. Today, I introduce you to the philosophy and teaching: the message. What is mustachianism? What is the plan for financial independence espoused by Mr. Money Mustache? Enjoy! Joshua Start your search for a great financial advisor here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Please sup...more

  • Special Request: Please Send me a Voicemail and a Picture

    Mar 18 2017

    Hey Radicals! We're quickly coming up on Episode 500 of the show. To celebrate, I'd like to do a special show, exclusively featuring your stories. 1. Will you please record a quick 2- or 3-minute audio message telling us about the changes you've made in your life and how you've made financial progress in your life? I think hearing your story will be so encouraging to all of us. Also, 2. Will you please send me a picture of you and/or your family for me to post on my screensaver? I'd like to cr...more

  • Out & About: My Interview on the Richer Soul Podast with Rocky Lalvani

    Mar 15 2017

    I'm traveling today and unable to record. Enjoy my recent interview on the Richer Soul podcast! http://richersoul.com/2017/03/07/ep-0010-richer-soul-joshua-sheats-radical-personal-finance/ Joshua

  • 436-The Most Valuable Lessons I Learned As a Financial Advisor: #1 Don't Wait for the Business to Come To You...You Go Find It!

    Mar 13 2017

    I learned about business and money during my six years working as a financial advisor than at any other time period in my life. Today I'm kicking off a series sharing some of the lessons that have most deeply impacted me. I'll share both the lessons I learned from business as well as the lessons that I learned from working with hundreds and hundreds of clients. Lesson Number 1 is simple: Don't wait for business to come to you; go find it! Joshua Looking for a financial advisor? Start here: www....more

  • 435-Plan Your Weekend--This Weekend--Like You Plan Your Workweek

    Mar 10 2017

    It's Friday. Pay attention. That means the weekend is here. Have you planned and scripted it out for maximum results? Do it. Love you, Talk next week... Joshua

  • 434-Radical Lifestyle Stories: How this Filipina Immigrant Named Ruby is Pursuing Financial Independence in Less Than 10 Years

    Mar 08 2017

    My guest today is a lady named Ruby. We met at Camp Mustache SE 2017 a couple of months back and I got to hear her immigrant story! She and her husband are both recent immigrants to the United States and they are aggressively pursing financial independence. Enjoy her story! Joshua Please support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 433-Eighteen Simple, Free (or Very Cheap) Ways to Protect Your Financial Security and Privacy

    Mar 07 2017

    I've been thinking about computer and data security this weekend and I decided to run with that theme for today's show. I've compiled a simple list of 18 tips for you to enhance your financial security and financial privacy. These range from the simple (#1 is for you to cover your PIN code with your hand) to the contentious (#10 is my advice as to whether you get greater security from using a credit card or a debit card). But, they're all useful and free (or at least nearly free). Enjoy! Joshua...more

  • 432-Gwen (A Fiery Millenial) Gives Her Take on Financial Independence and Early Retirement for Millenials

    Mar 03 2017

    My guest today is Gwen, writer at www.FieryMillenials.com She is a hardcore saver who is working her tail off to reach financial independence and to teach others through her story. This is an ideal follow-up to yesterday's advice to my 22-year-old listener. Enjoy! Joshua Please Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 431-How a 22-Year-Old College Grad Should Prioritize Their Steps Towards Financial Independence

    Feb 28 2017

    Today I answer this listener question: Hi Joshua, I am a 22 year old recent college graduate. I have since landed a job and have been working for about 4 months now. Prior to graduating college, I was much less educated on money matters and hardly mindful about my personal finances. Upon graduating, I realized that I knew next to nothing about budgeting, saving, investing, and growing wealth. Additionally, many technical terms and aspects of finance confused me. Since I was going to be getting ...more

  • 430-Should A Retiring Naval Officer Invest in Real Estate or Do Something Else?

    Feb 27 2017

    Today, I answer this question from a listener: Joshua- Fan of the show and a Naval Officer. I have some questions on overall investing strategy.  I have close to 17 years in the Navy and will likely retire at 20 with a full pension (about $55k/year before taxes), currently have $440k in retirement savings for my wife and I split between Roths and TSP, have over $140k in college savings for my 2 kids (8 and 10 year old, plan on also transferring my GI Bill which will essentially pay for one of th...more

  • 429-Should I Use Whole Life Insurance as a College Savings Plan?

    Feb 22 2017

    Listener Allyn writes in with this question: "What are your thoughts on using whole life insurance as a college savings plan? If you don't like it, why?" My thoughts are in the show! Joshua Thank you for supporting the show on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 428-How to Get Richer Every Day (Questioning Commonly Accepted Wisdom)

    Feb 20 2017

    Do you feel richer today than you did yesterday? If not, why not? Joshua Daily by Seth Godin How to Get Richer Every Day by Mark Morgan Ford

  • 427-Experiments in Financial Independence: Conversation with Jonathan and Brad from ChooseFI.com

    Feb 14 2017

    Different people learn in different ways. For that reason, we need many new approaches to helping people learn about financial independence. I'm glad to bring my new friends Jonathan and Brad on the show to talk about their project ChooseFI.com. Operating under the banner "Experiments in Financial Independence," they're seeking to create a new approach to learning and teaching about financial independence. Enjoy the interview! Joshua www.ChooseFI.Com www.TravelMiles101.com Find a great financi...more

  • 426-Friday Q&A: Should I Get Rid of my 3rd Car, What is a Modified Endowment Contract and How Does it Work, What Should We Do With All This Extra Money our Church Just Received

    Feb 10 2017

    It's Friday! That means a live Q&A show. Today we tackle: Should I Get Rid of my 3rd Car? What is a Modified Endowment Contract and How Does it Work? What Should We Do With All This Extra Money our Church Just Received? If you'd like to join a show like this and ask your question, sign up to become a Patron! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Joshua Support RPF on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Connect with us on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RadicalPersonalFin...more

  • 425-Interview with Mr. Money Mustache! Memorable Moments, Current Projects, Impact on the PF Community

    Feb 07 2017

    Today, I bring you an interview with the #1 most requested guest! Mr. Money Mustache himself. I connected with him while up in Gainesville for Camp Mustache a couple of weeks ago. This interview isn't about the nuts and bolts of Mustachian philosophy or on how to become financially independent in a few short years; those topics have been well covered elsewhere. This interview is about his current life, current projects, and things he's excited about at the moment. Enjoy! Joshua Try Hello Fresh!...more

  • 424-Financial Freedom in Just a Few Years with AirBnB Property Management! Interview with Zeona McIntyre

    Feb 02 2017

    Every day I mention that little slogan, "financial freedom in 10 years or less" in my intro. It's an aggressive, spicy little slogan. But I probably don't do a good enough job of highlighting what that phrase actually means and how many different ways it can be achieved. Today I have a really fun profile of someone who has successfully achieved financial freedom in less than 10 years by capitalizing on AirBnB. And doing it with properties that she didn't even own! Enjoy hearing Zeona McIntyre's...more

  • 423-Financial Planning for Your Refugee Status: How to Plan Ahead So You're Not Caught Unprepared as a Refugee

    Jan 31 2017

    Perhaps you've noticed that the topic of refugees has been in the news. The recent news sparked this question in the Radical Personal Finance Facebook group. If I were unexpectedly detained/deported while I was traveling, with the uncertainty of my job or my possessions (or even my bank accounts) being accessible to me or even available to me if I were to somehow return, what would I do, and how would I manage? How might I create a plan to restart my life from scratch if I had to begin again in...more

  • Out & About: My Interview On the Nomad Together Podcast "A Radical Approach to Finance"

    Jan 27 2017

    I'm traveling today (appropriately enough), so I'm not able to serve you with a Q&A show today. Instead, enjoy this recording of my appearance on the Nomad Together Podcast! This show originally appeared on September 8, 2016 right here: https://nomadtogether.com/financial/ Joshua

  • 422-Former CEO of Lehman Brothers Opines On Careers, Banking, Money, and Retirement: Interview with Andy Sage

    Jan 26 2017

    I have a special treat for you today. If you had the chance to sit down with the former President and CEO of Lehman Brothers and talk about his career and money, would you take that chance? Well, I did. And today I share it with you! I sat down with my friend Andy Sage here at his home in Palm Beach with the microphones fired up for a discussion about his career in the business world, retirement, banking, and much more. Enjoy! Joshua Find a great financial advisor with Paladin: www.radicalperso...more

  • 421-Success --> Failure --> Success, the Hard Way! What You Can Learn About Money and Investing From This Woman Who Lost It All

    Jan 25 2017

    I love to learn from people who have experienced great success in their lives. But sometimes, you can learn more from failure than success! Today, I've invited a new friend of mine on the show to learn what she learned from her massive failures in the past! She and her husband were on the fast track toward wealth and financial freedom; they owned a ton of real estate and a thriving business. And then they lost it all. Listen to the episode for the gripping account of what that was really li...more

  • 420-Radical Lifestyle Stories: How This Young Couple Increased Their Savings Rate From 8% to 80% of Their Income

    Jan 24 2017

    My guests today are Joel and Alexis. I met them while hanging out at Camp Mustache SE in Gainesville and was intrigued by their story! They went from being a fairly typical young couple with a small savings rate to being radical Mustachians, on track to retire in the next few years! Enjoy learning how they worked through the problems and challenges to make this change! Joshua Find a great financial advisor at www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/paladin Refinance your loans with SoFi and save on the ...more

  • 419-Why Car Leasing is Simultaneously Crazy Expensive and Crazy Cheap (and How to Get Out of Your Existing Lease!)

    Jan 24 2017

    Car leasing is the most expensive way to operate a vehicle. Car leasing is the cheapest way to operate a new vehicle. Both of those statements are true. In today's show I explain why! And I explain how to get out of a lease if you have one. Joshua Time stamps (courtesy of a listener): 0:00 Intro 1:50 Sponsors 4:55 Auto leasing is the cheapest AND most expensive 7:42 “Depreciation” explained 13:38 How does leasing a car work? 16:58 The major problem with leasing, and who leasing is great for 24:2...more

  • 418-Saturday Q&A: Your Comments, Suggestions, and Questions

    Jan 22 2017

    Quick on-the-road show today to share listeners' suggestions, additional information, feedback, and questions. Joshua Timestamps: (thanks to the hard work of a listener!) 0:00 Intro 6:00 Joe recommends a “relationships” budget category, separate from “giving”. (Episode 408) 12:08 Rio asks how to separate personal and business budgets. (Episode 408) 14:36 Guy asks about budgeting for taxes. Should one start the budget using gross or net income? (Episode 408) 18:13 Artem comments about donating a...more

  • 417-Friday Q&A: Should I Follow Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps and Pay off My House Early, I Had an Unexpected Child...Should I Finish Graduate School or Drop Out to Be a Mom?

    Jan 20 2017

    On Fridays I host a live Q&A show! This show is open for Patrons to call in and talk with me about anything they want to. If you'd like to participate in this call, become a Patron! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Today we tackle two questions: Should I Follow Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps and Pay off My House Early? I Had an Unexpected Child...Should I Finish Graduate School or Drop Out to Be a Mom? Enjoy! Joshua Start your year off right with a budget with YNAB: www.radicalpersonalfinance....more

  • 416-Radical Lifestyle Stories: How Bill Enjoyed a Career of Travel and Adventure and Still Retired at Age 42

    Jan 19 2017

    My guest today is a man named Bill. We met at Camp Mustache SE this past weekend. As soon as I heard a little bit of Bill's story, I knew I needed to get him on the show for you! Bill is a really neat guy. He enjoyed a very fun and adventurous career wherein he primarily worked for himself. And then he retired early. He's a man filled with wisdom. You'll really enjoy this interview. Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Find a new financial ad...more

  • 415-Invest in Your Personal Safety: It's Cheap to Do and the Payoff Can Be Massive

    Jan 18 2017

    Today I have a simple--but profoundly important--concept for you to consider and embrace: your personal safety. There are small safety decisions that you can make that have a huge potential impact for you, both monetary impact and personal impact. Enjoy! Joshua Radical Personal Finance is supported directly by you! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Try a free 34-day trial of the awesome YNAB budgeting software: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/YNAB Please take my quick demographic survey! www...more

  • 414-Radical Lifestyle Stories: How This Man Gave Up a Modern Life to Build an Off-Grid House, Farm, and Business Making Handcrafted Pine Coffins! Interview with Don Byrne from Piedmont Pine Coffins

    Jan 17 2017

    I always keep my eyes out for interesting and unusual lifestyle stories. Last week when I was researching cheap coffin plans, I came across the $5 DIY coffin plans at PiedmontPineCoffins.com. Upon further reading I became aware that Don and his family live entirely off-grid and that he creates his coffins entirely by hand! Sounded like a fun story so I invited him on! Enjoy, Joshua Find an awesome financial advisor at www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/paladin Refinance your loans (or get a new one...more

  • 413-Why Wait Until You're F.I. to Live Like You're F.I.? My Speech at Camp Mustache SE 2017

    Jan 16 2017

    This past weekend I had the privilege of addressing the very fun crowd of hardcore Mustachians gathered in Gainesville, FL for Camp Mustache SE 2017. (Mustachian = acolyte of the Mr. Money Mustache blog and personal lifestyle and financial philosophy.) I was invited to give a presentation and I chose for my topic, "Why Wait Until You're F.I. to Live Like You're F.I.?" This addresses a theme I often see among the hardcore early retirement crowd. The idea is this: "My life stinks right now but it'...more

  • 412-Friday Q&A: How Can I Gain Enough Experience to Use my CFP Designation, Can I Unwind My Parents Reverse Mortgage, How Do I Engage In A Meaningful Goal-Setting Process After a Layoff?

    Jan 13 2017

    On Fridays we do a live Q&A show! If you'd like to join me on the next one, sign up to support the show as a patron! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Today we cover: How Can I Gain Enough Experience to Use my CFP Designation? Can I Unwind My Parents Reverse Mortgage? How Do I Engage In A Meaningful Goal-Setting Process After a Layoff? Enjoy! Joshua Take my 20-second demographic survey at www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/survey Find a great financial advisor at www.radicalpersonalfinance.co...more

  • 411-New Year Homework: How to Check, Monitor, and Freeze Your Credit Score for Free

    Jan 12 2017

    The health of your credit score is an important subject. It's important that you keep your credit report squeaky clean and your credit score high. Today, I'm going to give you some simple, free tools to do so. How to check your credit reports for free How (and why) to freeze your credit reports How to monitor your credit scores for free Joshua Please take my 20-second demographic survey! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/survey Find an awesome financial advisor near you! www.radicalpersonalfinan...more

  • 410-Dow 20,000? What Does it Mean and What Should You Do About It?

    Jan 11 2017

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been steadily flirting with an all-time record of 20,000 points. I certainly expect it to cross that threshold any day. But, so what? Today I tackle these three questions: What does a 20,000 point DJIA mean? What does it mean to you? What should you do about it? Enjoy! Joshua Please take my super-quick demographic survey. You can do it right on your phone! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/survey Set up your Personal Capital dashboard for FREE! www.radicalper...more

  • 409-How to Get Yourself Put 6 Feet Under Dirt Cheap!

    Jan 10 2017

    Ain't it strange how so many of the universal human experiences cost so much? Childbirth. Marriage. Getting Old. Death. All of them can cost a bunch of money. But does it have to be that way? Are there alternatives? Yes. Guess what: kicking the bucket doesn't necessarily have to break the bank! There are ways to do it cheaper. If you want to. Today I tackle funeral expenses. You might not be able to benefit from the savings, but at least your family can have a little more cash left over to celeb...more

  • 408-Budget Categories for the New Year that Actually Matter

    Jan 09 2017

    What's the point of budgeting? Isn't it supposedly supposed to help you get richer? Well, one way to make budgeting matter is if your budget categories actually help you to understand what's happening with your money. Today, I walk you through some of my personal budget categories and explain how they impact my spending decisions. I don't think you'll find these budget categories in any pre-existing software. But I do think they'll be really useful to you! Joshua 246-You Need a Budget and Here’...more

  • 407-Motorhomes, RVs, Travel Trailers and You: Radical Tips, Ideas, and Good Advice so You Don't Get Taken

    Jan 06 2017

    I think RVs are awesome. In fact, my family just got back from a very fun 2-week RV trip last week! But, RVs can also be a major money drain. Much like boats, it's easy to overestimate the pleasure you will get from it and underestimate the hassle. In today's show, I share with you some of my ideas and thoughts on RVs: Where they work and where they don't Things to consider and keep in mind before you buy Advantages and disadvantages of the various types Tips for buying smart Enjoy the show! J...more

  • 406-My Plans for RPF in 2017

    Jan 04 2017

    Hey Radicals! Happy new year! I was planning to come into 2017 with a bang, but a stomach bug turned the bang into a fizzle for me. Oh well! You'll be hearing some changes to RPF in coming days. I want you to know about those in advance, so tune in for a quick chat today! Joshua

  • 405-The Health Insurance Series Part 6: HCSM Wrap-Up, Self-Insurance, Direct Primary Care/Concierge Care, Catastrophic Coverage, Dread Disease/Critical Illness Insurance, Doctors on Call

    Dec 16 2016

    I missed a couple of important points on the previous show on Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs). Today we wrap those points up with a quick discussion of: catastrophic protection deductibility HSA compliance pre-existing conditions We also discuss: Self-Insurance Direct Primary Care/Concierge Care Catastrophic Coverage Dread Disease/Critical Illness Insurance Doctors on Call Enjoy! Joshua Start your new year off right by mastering your budgeting. www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/YNAB Sup...more

  • 404-The Health Insurance Series, Part 5: Health Care Sharing Ministries (this is how we pay for our health care costs in the Sheats family)

    Dec 12 2016

    Today I tell you why we don't have health insurance in my family and what we do instead! We continue our health insurance series today with a discussion of Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries. Perhaps the Health Care Sharing Ministries shouldn't be in this series because they are not actually health insurance. But, if you're a participant in an approved organization, you qualify for an exemption to the Obamacare tax penalty (for not having health insurance). Personally, I love the concep...more

  • 403-The Health Insurance Series, Part 4: How to Avoid (and Evade) the Obamacare Tax Penalty

    Dec 06 2016

    One of the major burdens that the passage of the Affordable Care Act placed upon us is that we are required by law to maintain health insurance coverage. Or, if we don't, we have to pay a tax penalty. But, as with most taxes, the Obamacare tax penalty is, in some ways, optional. In today's show I teach you all of the ways that I know to escape it! We cover: How to calculate the tax penalty What happens if you don't pay the penalty All of the exemptions that you can qualify for Enjoy! Joshua B...more

  • 402-How to Raise Money for your Company Without a Bank or VC! (And Perhaps Find Your Next Big Investment Winner): Interview with Nathan Rose, Author of "Equity Crowdfunding: The Complete Guide for Startups and Growing Companies"

    Dec 05 2016

    If you're building a business, you may reach a point in time at which you need more money to expand your operation than you're currently receiving from your revenues. Traditionally, this is where you would either go out and solicit more investors to back you or perhaps go and borrow money from a bank. But, thanks to major changes in the law, there's another option now available to you: equity crowdfunding. Equity Crowdfunding is a way for companies to solicit investments from individuals similar...more

  • 401-Annual Income Goals are for Dreamers; Hourly Income Goals are for You (If You're Serious About Your Wealth)

    Dec 02 2016

    So, you set a goal for your income next year. Great! Good job! That's a nice place to start. But it does nothing for you if you don't translate it into an hourly income goal. Listen to the show to find out why and how. Joshua Join the RPF Facebook group! (It's free now!) https://www.facebook.com/groups/RadicalPersonalFinance/ If you'd like to calculate your hourly wage, try this quick little calculator I made: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1de4hvloZAoAXJCOsE9DZuRAAeNdO2skAIIxhR6lxGYU/...more

  • 400-The First Two Weeks of December Are Crucial For Your 2017 Success

    Dec 01 2016

    I learned the hard way not to wait until the end of December to think about how my past year went and how I wanted my next year to go. Don't wait. The first two weeks of December are your golden time for your year-end review process. Details in the show! Joshua Last-minute tax planning ideas for you: https://radicalpersonalfinance.com/last-minute-tax-planning-ideas-to-save-you-money-rpf0121/ Take Michael Hyatt's awesome Life Score Assessment to help give you clarity on your success in 10 areas...more

  • 399-Thanksgiving Greetings and Encouragement

    Nov 23 2016

    Happy Thanksgiving Day, Radicals! Joshua

  • 398-How to Invest In Your Local Community for Financial Profit and Community Gain: Interview With Businessman and Investor Tim Yarbrough

    Nov 17 2016

    One of the thorny research projects which I'm personally undertaking is to study the most effective ways to invest my money and my life into my local community without passing through the financial services intermediaries. Friends, it ain't easy. Our entire world is wired to go through the mainstream banking/investment/etc. industry. And it's not easy to break free. But, I'm convinced that it is possible. So, I'm working on it. And today, I've invited a new friend of mine on the show to explain ...more

  • 397-The Health Insurance Series, Part 3: The Premium Tax Credit (PTC): What It Is, How It Works, and How to Maximize Your Cash From It

    Nov 16 2016

    Today we continue our health insurance series with a discussion of the Premium Tax Credit. The Premium Tax Credit is available for those whose income is between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level who purchase their health insurance through a government-run marketplace. The dollar amounts involved can be substantial if you're in that range. Pay attention, Joshua IRS Publication 974: Premium Tax Credit Michael Kitces article on the Premium Tax Credit Support RPF on Patreon: www.RadicalPe...more

  • 396-Job --> High-Paying Job --> Savings --> Real Estate Investment --> Business --> Financial Freedom: Interview with Joe Fairless, Host of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Podcast

    Nov 14 2016

    Today I've invited real estate investor Joe Fairless on the show. And yes, we chat about real estate. But, I don't have him on to speak about real estate exclusively. Rather, I want you to pay careful attention to how he got into real estate in the first step. Pay attention to the arc of his overall career. And then model him. Joshua Joe's website: www.joefairless.com Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Book a consulting call with me: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/pho...more

  • 395-The Health Insurance Series, Part 2: Why I'm Opposed to Obamacare (And Will Probably Be Opposed to Trumpcare When It Comes Along)

    Nov 09 2016

    Today, I share my thoughts on the Trump/Clinton election and connect it with a discussion of why I'm philosophically and morally opposed to Obamacare. (Hint: it's not because I hate sick people.) Joshua Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Book a consulting phone call with me! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/phonecall

  • 394-On Voting, Elections, & Presidential Politics: 10 Things You Can Do That Will Actually Make a Difference in Your Life and Community (aka, Joshua's Antidote to Your Election Fever)

    Nov 07 2016

    In case you haven't heard, this Presidential election is the most important one in your lifetime. And, it will retain that title until November 9 when the 2020 election will take over as reigning champ. Not only is this the most important election of your lifetime, but if the wrong person is elected, we literally face the end of the world as we know it! So, what are you to do? Well, today's show contains my thoughts and advice around presidential politics as well as 10 things you can do that wil...more

  • 393-The Health Insurance Series, Part 1: Your Health Is More Important Than Your Health Care or Health Insurance

    Nov 03 2016

    Today we embark on our journey through the wild and woolly world of health insurance. This topic is utterly frustrating to navigate and incredibly divisive in philosophy. Obviously, it's a perfect topic for Radical Personal Finance! Joshua Support RPF on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Book a consulting phone call with me: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/phonecall

  • 392-How to Fight Local Gov to Lower Your Local Tax Bill (aka, An Antidote to Your Current Political Depression): Interview with Paul Dorr from RollBackLocalGov.com

    Oct 28 2016

    If you look at all of your expenditures and methodically add up all of the money you've spent in the last year on taxes (of all types), you will likely find that taxes are one of your largest spending categories. So, in our constant quest to lower expenses, what can we do about that problem? Well, you can engage in good, proactive tax planning and tax avoidance. And, we've talked about that extensively here at #RadicalPersonalFinance. But, have you ever thought about getting involved at the root...more

  • 391-A Few Useful Tax-Planning Techniques: Interview with Craig Cody, CPA, Co-Author of "Secrets of a Tax-Free Life: Surprising Write-Off Strategies Most Business Owners Miss"

    Oct 27 2016

    My guest today is Craig Cody, CPA, co-author of the book "Secrets of a Tax-Free Life: Surprising Write-Off Strategies Most Business Owners Miss." We discuss: Paying your paying your kids in your business Renting your house out to your business Cost-segregation studies And more! Enjoy! Joshua Craig is offering a free copy of "Secrets of a Tax Free Life" to all listeners here: www.craigcodyandcompany.com/rpf Craig's company phone number is 516-869-4051 Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersona...more

  • 390-How (and Why) to Engineer Your Layoff! Interview with Sam, the Financial Samurai

    Oct 26 2016

    Have you ever thought about engineering your layoff from your job as a means to advancement to your next opportunity? After all, if you get laid off instead of quitting, there are a whole host of benefits to you. (severance, health insurance, etc.) But, how do you do it? And, is there a way to do it ethically? My guest today has written the book on the subject. His name is Sam and he is the writer behind the popular personal finance blog www.FinancialSamurai.com and his book is entitled "How to ...more

  • 389-Banish These Two Common Phrases from Your Vocabulary to Take Back Control of Your Life and Your Wealth

    Oct 25 2016

    There are two phrases that we commonly use that are very destructive to your personal empowerment. I recommend that you identify them and remove them from your vocabulary. Try it! You'll thank me later. Joshua Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Book a phone call with me: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/phonecall

  • 388-Drunkenness Will Destroy Your Wealth. Don't Participate!

    Oct 21 2016

    The title says it all. Joshua p.s., Sorry about the double show on the last episode. I am presently without a working computer, but I'll fix it ASAP. 

  • 387-You Should Consider Buying a Chevy Volt as your Next Car. Here's Why!

    Oct 18 2016

    From time to time we get buying opportunities that emerge from a wrinkle in the marketplace. I think I see an opportunity right now for those of you who are in the market for a new car with the 2017 Chevy Volt. Details in the show! Joshua

  • 386-Don't Get Ripped Off: You Should Not Upgrade Your Car in Order to Get Better Gas Mileage!

    Oct 17 2016

    I shudder and cringe when I hear someone who's thinking about upgrading their car because the new one gets better gas mileage. I don't often yell, but please indulge me for a moment. YOU SHOULD NOT UPGRADE YOUR CAR IN ORDER TO GET BETTER GAS MILEAGE! And, I'll prove it to you. Listen to this show. And then, download the free calculator I built years ago and plug in your own numbers to see whether you should upgrade or not. I think you'll be glad you did. Joshua Here's the link to my calculator....more

  • Audio of Steven Harris's Family Emergency Preparedness Class

    Oct 14 2016

    This is an audio file containing Steven Harris's free Family Emergency Preparedness Class. This class contains very useful and practical information regarding emergency preparedness. Some of the material is becoming dated. For all of Steven's current work, visit his website www.Steven1234.com and follow the appropriate links. Joshua

  • Audio of Wendy DeWitt's "Sensible Food Storage" Seminar

    Oct 14 2016

    This is an audio-only version of Wendy DeWitt's "Sensible Food Storage" seminar. This is the most practical, complete seminar on home food storage I've ever been able to find. You can view the original video version of this file here: https://youtu.be/GY5kiCzaeYc You can also download the PDF handouts of this seminar here with these links.  This handout contains the instructions for how to do Wendy's system: http://traffic.libsyn.com/radicalpersonalfinance/Everything_Under_the_Sun_by_Wendy_DeWit...more

  • 385-A Sensible Approach to Food Insurance, aka, Home Food Storage (2 of 2)

    Oct 14 2016

    If you were unable to buy food for your family for the next couple of weeks, would you and your family be well-fed or would you be quite hungry at the end? Today, we tackle the question of food insurance with a discussion of practical steps to take to build your own reserves. I think it's very wise for you to make sure that you always have enough food in your house to feed your family for at least a few weeks, even better a few months, and perhaps even a year or more. Since you can fit a year's ...more

  • 384-A Sensible Approach to Food Insurance, aka, Home Food Storage (1 of 2)

    Oct 14 2016

    If you were unable to buy food for your family for the next couple of weeks, would you and your family be well-fed or would you be quite hungry at the end? Today, we tackle the question of food insurance. In short, I think it's very wise for you to make sure that you always have enough food in your house to feed your family for at least a few weeks, even better a few months, and perhaps even a year or more. Since you can fit a year's supply of food under a twin bed, there's little reason not to ...more

  • 383-Budget for the Accessories

    Oct 12 2016

    When I make a significant purchase, I always try to pay attention to the process of that purchase. I analyze my psychology and desire for the item, I consider carefully the decision process, and I consider the usefulness I get from the item and how much I enjoy and utilize it. One major lesson I've learned is to always make sure to budget for the accessories to enhance the usefulness of an item. Many times, the accessories you purchase for an item will make a dramatic difference in your ability ...more

  • 382-How to Remove Your Adult Children from Suckling at Your Financial Teat (aka, How to Get Your Boomerang Kids to Grow Up and Leave!)

    Oct 05 2016

    I recently read an article from the New York Times called, "It's Official: The Boomerang Kids Won't Leave." The story is a familiar one: adult children fall on hard times after college and need to move home in order to make ends  meet. This is an experience that many parents have had. The challenge is this: how do you get the kids to leave? What can and should you be doing in order to get them to a place of autonomy? In today's show we tackle this subject. We also cover some ideas for younger pa...more

  • 381-Simple, Cheap, Practical Tips to Help You Prepare for a Coming Hurricane

    Oct 04 2016

    As I release today's show, Hurricane Matthew is threatening the east coast of Florida and the Carolinas. (Today's show is not specific to Hurricane Matthew. The content is useful in any natural disaster or hurricane. But I wanted to get this information to you in a timely manner so that those of you in the warning cone have an opportunity to prepare.) Today's show is very practical. I cover: The most important need to address in advance of the storm: the ability to keep your phone and communica...more

  • 380-Practical Advice for Employees to Dramatically Improve the Trajectory of Your Career

    Sep 30 2016

    Are you an employee? Want to make more money? Want to have a tremendous career? Listen to this show. Joshua Patronize me: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Talk to me: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/phonecall 

  • 379-The Perils of Success (and Why I'm Taking the Filter off the Content of RPF in Order to Maintain and Grow my own Success)

    Sep 29 2016

    On today's show I cover four of the major perils of success. Both failure and success have danger points. You might think a lot about the dangers of failure. But are you aware of the perils of success? Have you thought about what might happen to you as you continue to achieve success? In today's show, I share with you four dangers of success...and I've fallen prey to all four of them. Then, after that discussion, I share with you how--and why--I'm removing some of the filters that I've kept on t...more

  • 378-You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life: Interview with Author Jason Vitug from Phroogal.com

    Sep 27 2016

    My guest today is Jason Vitug. Jason has a very interesting story of beginning at the bottom of the work-world, advancing quickly to company leadership, and then walking away to pursue travel and personal business projects that seem to integrate more with his life vision. Oh, and he wrote a book and just finished a 54-city speaking tour. Enjoy the interview! Joshua Jason's book: "You Only Live Once: the Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life" http://rpf.link/2d7tsSN  Jason's websit...more

  • Out & About: The Stages of Financial Independence-My Appearance on the Afford Anything Podcast with Paula Pant

    Sep 26 2016

    I recently appeared on Paula Pant's Afford Anything podcast for an in-depth discussion of the stages of financial independence. The interview was one of the favorite interviews I've done in a while and I think you'll really enjoy it. Enjoy! Joshua The original post: http://podcast.affordanything.com/stages-financial-independence-joshua-sheats/ 

  • Quick Announcement: Meet Up With Me in San Diego, CA This Week at #FinCon16

    Sep 21 2016

    Hey Radicals! I'm heading to California today for #FinCon16. I'd love to connect with as many of you as possible while I'm there! I'll be available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (9/22 to 9/24). Reach out to me on Twitter and let's schedule a time to connect! https://twitter.com/JoshuaSheats Joshua

  • 377-Should You Go to Graduate School as a Simple Way of Increasing Your Income? Interview with Matt Miner from Design Independence

    Sep 21 2016

    We know that it's worthwhile to increase income in order to reach our financial goals more quickly. But how can we do that? One proven way is to get advanced education by attending graduate school. My guest today is Matt Miner. He followed the time-worn path of attending graduate business school as a way of significantly increasing his earnings and he's learned from that experience. He's also studied the issue extensively, so he brings both personal experience and study to this question. In this...more

  • 376-My Suggestions for How This 13-Year-Old Student Can Be Financially Independent at 30

    Sep 16 2016

    I received the note below from a listener of my show and today I answer it! Enjoy, Joshua ----- Hi Mr. Sheats! I'm a home educated 13-year-old fan of your podcast.  I love how in-depth, interesting, and out-of-the-box it is.  I used to listen to the Dave Ramsey Show a lot, but that got really bland, so my dad suggested your show.  I love it! I've been listening pretty much daily since January of this year, and you've inspired me to become financially independent before age 30.  Right now, I'm ...more

  • 375-The Recovering Spender: How to Live a Happy, Fulfilled, Debt-Free Life; Interview with Author Lauren Greutman (I Am That Lady from IAmThatLady.com)

    Sep 13 2016

    My guest today is Lauren Greutman. Lauren has been on RPF before (with her husband Mark) way back at Episode 108. But today she's back today as part of the book launch tour for her brand-new book: The Recovering Spender: How to Live a Happy, Fulfilled, Debt-Free Life. In today's episode, we cover:  Lauren's personal story and her highs and lows Lauren's systematic, step-by-step advice for how to overcome a spending addiction And more! Enjoy the interview! Joshua Lauren's book on Amazon: Th...more

  • 374-Friday Q&A: How Should I Structure My Purchase of an iPhone, What Should I Think About When Buying a House, How Many Credit Cards Should I Have For Optimal Living, How Should I Value My Defined-Benefit Pension Plan

    Sep 09 2016

    On Fridays, we do Q&A. Today we cover:  How Should I Structure My Purchase of an iPhone? What Should I Think About When Buying a House? How Many Credit Cards Should I Have For Optimal Living? How Should I Value My Defined-Benefit Pension Plan If you'd like to join for a future Q&A call, join here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  Joshua Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Get a personal consulting call with me: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/phonecall 

  • 373-An Introduction to Types of Business Entities: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), C Corporation, S Corporation

    Sep 08 2016

    You want to start a business...so, you have to decide what type of business entity to use, right?  Well, yes and no. Yes in the sense that it is an important decision. But no in the sense that you should first focus on how you're going to build the business...and you should probably just start the business and see if it will work. But, it is an important decision. And there is a lot of confusion over all these entities. Today we cover these entities in an introductory capacity: Sole Proprietors...more

  • 372-The Power of Cause and Effect: If you Want to Experience an Effect, You Must Initiate the Sequence of Causes That Lead to Its Outcome

    Sep 06 2016

    Whatever begins to exist has a cause. This fundamental truth governs much of your thinking. And yet, have you stopped to consider its application and how you can adjust this to your benefit? The law of cause and effect is operational in your daily life.  And yet, many people focus on the things they want (the effect) without every once stopping to think about how to get there! They don't think about the causes that are necessary to achieve a certain effect! In today's show, I give you a series o...more

  • Out & About: Everything Financial Radio Appearance with Dennis Tubbergen to Discuss Living a Rich Life

    Sep 01 2016

    Hey Radicals! Tough week this week and I'm behind on shows. My apologies! I thought you might enjoy this recent interview I gave on Everything Financial Radio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The first part of the show is with Gerald Celente. My interview starts at 19:15. Back soon, Joshua The original file is found here: http://www.everythingfinancialradio.com/2016/07/gerald-celente-and-joshua-sheats-join-host-dennis-tubbergen/

  • 371-Should You Invest in Mobile Homes to Build Wealth in Real Estate? And If So, How? Interview with John Fedro from MobileHomeInvesting.net

    Aug 30 2016

    Today's show is dedicated to the idea of mobile home investing. John Fedro stumbled into the mobile home investment business and has since made it his unique area of specialty. Mobile homes have some unique characteristics that might make them an attractive investment class for you to consider. (After all, you can often buy an entire house for less than a new car!) But they also carry some significant potential downsides. Enjoy the education, Joshua John's website: http://www.mobilehomeinvestin...more

  • 370-Friday Q&A: Should I Take a State DB Pension Plan or Choose a Defined-Contribution Option, Why Do So Few People Grasp How Simple It Is to Become Wealthy, What Are the Next Steps I Should Take in Establishing My New Consulting Business

    Aug 26 2016

    On Fridays, I host a live Q&A call! Today we cover: Should I Take a State Defined-Benefit Pension Plan or Choose a Defined-Contribution Option? Why Do So Few People Grasp How Simple It Is to Become Wealthy? What Are the Next Steps I Should Take in Establishing My New Consulting Business If you'd like to join on a future call, become a Patron of the show at www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  Enjoy! Joshua

  • 369-Don't Wait for Financial Independence to Enjoy and Plan for Financial Abundance

    Aug 25 2016

    Ever since I sat down and designed my "Seven Stages of Financial Independence," I've been a bit bothered by Stage 7: Financial Abundance. I inserted it at the end of the list because I think that's where it belongs. But I don't think you have to wait until you get through the stages to be able to enjoy a lifestyle of Financial Abundance. And I definitely don't think you should wait for later to start planning for Abundance. So, what do you do? Well, in today's show I do my best to lay out some i...more

  • 368-How to Establish, Build, and Utilize Your Business Credit: Interview with Ty Crandall from www.CreditSuite.com

    Aug 23 2016

    Your personal credit and credit rating are an important component of your financial life. But did you know that you can also establish, build, and utilize an entirely separate credit file on your business? My guest today, Ty Crandall, is an expert on both business credit and personal credit and he's here with me today to share with you some actionable strategies you can understand and implement to begin building your own personal business credit. Enjoy! Joshua Ty's website (and free guide): www...more

  • 367-Discussing Social Security Tactics, Strategy, and Background with Financial Planner Devin Carroll from Social Security Intelligence

    Aug 16 2016

    Today we tackle Social Security with Devin Carroll from www.SocialSecurityIntelligence.com  Devin is a financial planner who has taken a special interest in consulting on the topic of social security. In this show we cover some general background and advice for those who are trying to figure out how to approach their social security strategy as well as some interesting background on the social security program. (If you listen closely, you might even find an argument or two contained herein!) Enj...more

  • 366-Lessons Learned from Great Success and Great Failure in Multifamily Real Estate: Interview with Rod Khleif from the Lifetime Cashflow Podcast

    Aug 12 2016

    My guest today has been from the lowest of lows to great heights of success. And then he repeated the cycle at least a time or two. Rod Khleif has owned over 2,000 houses and apartments. He has made millions. And, he lost millions during the 2008 housing crash. Today, he's come on the show to share the good and the bad from his experience. We cover technical details of real estate as well as many very important life lessons. Enjoy! Joshua Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/p...more

  • 365-Tips to Hitchhike Europe (or Anywhere Else) on $40 a Week (with a Food Budget of $2 Per Day!) Interview with Philip Frey from Valiant Growth

    Aug 11 2016

    Do you wish to set out and travel but feel like you lack the money? Well, what if you did it anyway and just adjusted your style of travel to fit a more modest budget? My guest today is long-time listener of the show, Philip Frey. A few years ago he did exactly that. He set out across Europe with a schoolmate and they managed to cobble together a very fun trip on a very modest budget! In today's show we discuss Philip's experiences and advice for how to replicate a trip like his.  I also share s...more

  • 364-The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and the Secret to Investing Success: Interview with Author Daniel Crosby

    Aug 09 2016

    My guest today is Daniel Crosby. Daniel is a behavioral economist and he has applied his expertise to the question of investing. One of the greatest challenges investors face is managing their own behavior. Daniel has studied this problem extensively and has formulated specific recommendations to help investors manage their psychology and manage their behavior. Enjoy! Joshua You're Not That Great! http://rpf.link/2aIuwry  The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and the Secret to Investing Success http:/...more

  • The Power of Your Personal Philosophy: Audio from Jim Rohn

    Aug 05 2016

    I tried as hard as I could to ship a financial planning show today, but it just didn't get done. Oh well. I don't always promise to release audio to you every day, but I didn't want to leave you hanging without something to listen to. So enjoy 20 minutes of pure Jim Rohn gold. Joshua

  • 363-Combating the Effects of a Terminal Illness Diagnosis with Real Estate Prowess (and What's Better--Business or Real Estate?) Interview with Kathy Fettke from the Real Wealth Network

    Aug 03 2016

    My guest today is Kathy Fettke. Kathy has a very interesting story of learning to invest in real estate during a time of personal crisis. She has since leveraged her experience to build a business related to real estate in addition to managing her own investments. Enjoy! Joshua Kathy's website: http://www.realwealthnetwork.com/  Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 362-Making it Big in the USA as an Indian Immigrant: Interview with Manhar Patel

    Aug 02 2016

    I'm fascinated with stories of immigrants to the United States. If you mentally put yourself in the shoes of an immigrant and then ask how you could become wealthy, even if you started with nothing, you have the opportunity to clarify the actions you can take which lead to wealth. A listener to the show, Manhar Patel, emailed me and asked me if I was interested in his story. After a bit of back and forth, I invited him on the show to tell his story. Manhar is an Indian immigrant to the United St...more

  • 361-The Power of If: If You Don't Like the Laws (Especially the Financial Laws), Avoid the Conditions that Cause You to be Subject to Them

    Aug 01 2016

    The past few weeks have been a bit depressing for me due to the absurdity of national politics here in the United States. I broke my personal rules of not getting involved with national politics and the results weren't pretty. I was thoroughly annoyed and saddened. Until Sunday afternoon. Which is when a young man in my neighborhood cheered me up by showing how it's possible for someone who wants something to get it, no matter what stands in the way. On today's show, I share with you some though...more

  • 360-Friday Q&A: Are Bonds Necessary for Good Asset Allocation, Traditional 401(k) or Roth IRA, How to Leverage Long-Term Travel for Career Advancement, What Kind of Retirement Plan to Put In Place at a NonProfit, How to Rebuild after Bankruptcy

    Jul 29 2016

    On Fridays we do Q&A!  Are Bonds Necessary for Good Asset Allocation Traditional 401(k) or Roth IRA How to Leverage Long-Term Travel for Career Advancement What Kind of Retirement Plan to Put In Place at a NonProfit How to Rebuild after Bankruptcy If you'd like to get on a call like this, join as a patron! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  Joshua Paper: "Non-Profit Organizations Have Few Options for Deferred Compensation" from Journal of Retirement Planning

  • 359-Save Money on Your Food Budget by Learning How to Cook at Home! Practical Advice from Ketura from FreeToCook.com

    Jul 28 2016

    How much money do you spend eating out? How much money could you save simply by learning to cook for yourself? My guest today is Ketura from www.FreeToCook.com and she's here to share her personal experiences in learning to cook from home to improve her family's budget. Enjoy! Joshua Support RPF on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 358-Taxation of Disability Insurance, Can I Get Disability Payments for Pregnancy, Types of Policies Such as Business Overhead Expense Insurance, Disability Buy-Out Policies, Guaranteed Issue Plans, and More!

    Jul 27 2016

    Today we round out the 4-part disability series with: A wrap-up of some key concepts Taxation of disability insurance premiums Various types of disability insurance policies Pregnancy and disability insurance Q&A from the audience Enjoy! Joshua Looking for a financial advisor? Start here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/paladin Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Want to book a consulting call with me? Book here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/phonecall 

  • 357-Taming the High Cost of College: Understanding the Landscape of College Tuition, Financial Aid, Loans, and Your Choices with Brad Baldridge

    Jul 26 2016

    College and all of its associated costs can make a big difference in your financial situation.  Today, I've invited Brad Baldridge on the show to discuss the college planning process and the background to many of the financial decisions. I think you'll enjoy the interview. Be sure to stay tuned for the second half where we pull apart some strategies for making the student aid forms work to your favor. Enjoy! Joshua Support RPF on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Want to consult wi...more

  • 356-Your Next Car Should be a Minivan. Here's Why!

    Jul 25 2016

    Minivans get a bad rap in our modern culture. They're the brunt of endless jokes and I want to see that change. For some reason people think that minivans are suitable only for parents with kids. They certainly are great for that--far, far better than an SUV--but that's not all. I think a minivan is pretty much the perfect vehicle for everyone at every stage of life. Yes, that's a big claim. But I really, really do think they're great. Today, I do my best to convince you to join me in the land o...more

  • 355-How to Build a Plan for Financial Freedom in 10 Years or Less

    Jul 01 2016

    The tagline I created for Radical Personal Finance is this: "...the show dedicated to providing you with the knowledge, skills, insight, and encouragement you need to live a rich and meaningful life now while building a plan for financial freedom in 10 years or less." Little by little I've been breaking this down for you and today we tackle the "financial freedom in 10 years or less" part. I believe that, no matter where you're starting from or what your current financial condition, you can buil...more

  • 354-Disability Insurance: Benefit Amounts, Needs Analysis, Group vs. Individual, Definitions of Disability (Own Occ vs. Any Occ), Policy Provisions (Total Disability, Partial, etc.) and More!

    Jun 30 2016

    Today we continue our disability insurance series with a discussion of: How to determine the benefit amount of an individual disability insurance policy The interaction of group disability insurance and individual disability insurance The definition of disability (own occupation, modified own occupation, any occupation) How is disability determined (loss of time, duties, income) Total disability vs. partial disability vs. presumptive total disability. Enjoy! Joshua Support RPF on Patreon! www...more

  • 353-How to Get Out of Debt Fast By Driving A Truck (And Build a Freedom Fund!): Interview With Ben and Deb Martinek

    Jun 28 2016

    Often very large financial goals can be achieved in a relatively short period of time if you focus enough on the goal and execute a plan with intense action. Today, I bring you the story and experience of a couple who did just that. Ben and Deb Martinek decided to become over-the-road truck drivers so that they could pay off their student loans in a very short period of time. They succeeded in paying off about $100,000 in debt in 2.5 years by driving a truck. And they had a great time doing it! ...more

  • 352-Friday Q&A: Should I Purchase My Personal House in an LLC, How do I Know if My Life Insurance Agent is Advising the Right Amount

    Jun 24 2016

    On Fridays we do a live Q&A show here at Radical Personal Finance. If you'd like access to these calls, join here: www.RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patron  Today we cover: Should I Purchase My Personal House in an LLC? How do I Know if My Life Insurance Agent is Advising the Right Amount of Insurance to Own? Enjoy the show! Joshua

  • 351-How to Live a Rich Life Now (pt. 2): Most Material Riches Are Easily Accessible to You Today

    Jun 23 2016

    Today, we continue our series on "Living a Rich Life Now" by discussing material riches and how you can appreciate the ones you already have and enjoy more more material riches now, without waiting. Most people equate riches with things they have yet to buy. Largely, this is due to an effective marketing campaign by somebody with something to sell. But, many of us easily forget about all of the material riches we already enjoy. And, we neglect the easy ways we can live a rich life--perhaps even ...more

  • 350-How to Live a Rich Life Now: The Immaterial Attributes of Riches That You Can Control Today

    Jun 21 2016

    Radical Personal Finance is "a show dedicated to providing you with the knowledge, skills, insight, and encouragement you need to live a rich and meaningful life now while building a plan for financial freedom in 10 years or less." That's the slogan that I came up with as the unifying theme after creating about 300 episodes of the show. But, although I've been using this slogan for a while, I've never actually explained each of the statements in that slogan. And they're all important. Today, I ...more

  • 349-Want to Get Rich and Live a Comfortable Life? You Should Seriously Consider Being a Doctor as Your Path! Interview with Peter Steinberg

    Jun 17 2016

    I've previously stated that I don't understand why anyone would go into the field of medicine as a way of getting rich. I understand why people would want to do it because it fits their goals and personality and sense of calling, but I've always felt that it's a bad move financially. Even though you can earn a high income, there are a lot of disadvantages to the career! Well, my guest on today's show disagrees with me! He's a practicing physician and he thinks I'm dramatically misrepresenting th...more

  • 348-Think You've Got it Tough? This Show Will Make You Grateful for Your Abundant Opportunities. I Promise!

    Jun 14 2016

    A lot of us face difficult situations. And it's tough to maintain a positive attitude. But, have you considered what some other people face? What would you do if you were facing a >70% unemployment rate in your town? What would you do if you were working a job that hadn't paid you in >6 months? What would you do if you had electricity for only 2 hours per day? After listening to today's show, I promise you'll look at the opportunities around you with a fresh appreciation.  Enjoy! Joshua Bola's F...more

  • 347-Disasters Happen: Make a Plan Now to Ensure You Have Plenty of Money Available to You to Solve the Problems Money Can Solve

    Jun 13 2016

    June 1 is the start of hurricane season here in South Florida. June is always when I review my own hurricane preparedness plan and assess it for any weaknesses. I've also kept a close eye on the Fort McMurray wildfires and the economic crisis currently underway in Venezuela. Given these stark and vivid disasters, I've wanted to draw your attention to them as a way for you to consider how you're prepared to handle them. Today I focus on the importance of money--specifically having some available ...more

  • 346-Real Estate Entity Selection & Estate Planning (With a NYC Slant): Interview with Real Estate and Estate Planning Attorney Jules Haas

    Jun 10 2016

    Today I've invited Jules Haas on the show to talk real estate entity selection and estate planning. Jules has an especially interesting perspective given where he lives and practices law: downtown New York City. We discuss: how to decide if you should own real estate within an entity or not how to own real estate with maximum privacy (and why it's important) estate considerations for different methods of ownership Enjoy! Joshua Jules's website: https://www.juleshaasattorney.com/ (For a free c...more

  • 345-"Cashing in Tax Free: Your Ultimate Guide to a Tax-Free Retirement Using 1031 Exchange and Delaware Statutory Trusts" Interview with Author Leslie Pappas

    Jun 08 2016

    Today on Radical Personal Finance we veer into an interesting niche in the real estate market. Do you have an appreciated rental property with a lot of equity in it? Would you like to know how to transition out of that personally managed property into a professionally managed portfolio without paying capital gains taxes on the transfer? That's what today's interview is about. My guest is Leslie Pappas. She's an expert at using 1031 Exchanges and Delaware Statutory Trusts in a very specialized se...more

  • 344-How to Go From Broke to Comfortable With a Single Move! (And What is a Junior IRA?): Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Groovy from FreedomIsGroovy.com

    Jun 06 2016

    My guest on today's show is Mr. Groovy, writer at the eponymous website www.FreedomIsGroovy.com  He reached out to me and pitched me for some exposure for his idea of a Junior IRA. I accepted his request and invited him on the show. I also thoroughly enjoyed hearing his story of getting free financially with a simple geographic move. There's a lesson in there for many of you. Enjoy the show! Joshua Mr. Groovy's JIRA idea: http://freedomisgroovy.com/junior-ira-nutshell/ Support RPF on Patreon! w...more

  • 343-Friday Q&A: When Should My Wife Take Social Security, Should I Buy Term Life Insurance as an Investment?

    Jun 03 2016

    On Fridays, I do a live Q&A call for patrons of the show. Today we cover: When Should My Wife Take Social Security? Should I Buy Term Life Insurance as an Investment? If you'd like to join a Q&A call, become a Patron of the show at www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  Joshua Social Security Strategies: How to Optimize Retirement Benefits by William Reichenstein and William Meyer http://rpf.link/1ss19mu 

  • 342-How to Make a Fortune (or Build a Lifestyle Business) Selling Stuff on Amazon: Interview with Brad DeGraw

    Jun 01 2016

    I'm always keeping my ears out for interesting ways to earn a living--or a side income. And today, I've got exactly that for you. My guest today is Brad DeGraw. Brad is an expert at selling stuff through Amazon. He claims to have started with $100 and a WiFi connection and to have turned it into over $1,000,000 in sales to date. Enjoy the interview! Joshua Brad's website: http://amazonsherpa.com/ Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 341-Odds On: The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor, Interview with Author and Financial Advisor Matt Hall

    May 31 2016

    My guest today is Matt Hall. Matt is a financial advisor who learned the hard way what works and what doesn't in the world of financial advice. One of the missions of Radical Personal Finance is to pull back the curtain from the world of financial advice. I do my best to ask direct questions of financial advisors and give them an opportunity to share their perspective. Enjoy! Joshua Buy Matt's book "Odds On: The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor" on Amazon. http://rpf.link/1Ubu196  Matt's we...more

  • 340-Friday Q&A: Should I Get Disability Insurance if I'm Only Working for Two Years, What Happens to Disability Insurance If I'm Changing Jobs, How Should I Save Money For My 9-Month Old Daughter's House, Should I Work Three More Years In Order To Vest

    May 27 2016

    On Fridays, we do a live Q&A show! Today, we cover: Should I Get Disability Insurance if I'm Only Working for Two Years What Happens to Disability Insurance If I'm Changing Jobs How Should I Save Money For My 9-Month Old Daughter's House Should I Work Three More Years In Order To Vest in my Pension Enjoy! Joshua If you'd like to call in to a show like this, become a patron of the show! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 339-Long-Term Disability vs Short-Term Disability, Benefit Period, Elimination Period, Noncancellable vs. Guaranteed Renewable Continuance Provisions

    May 26 2016

    Today we continue our disability insurance series. We cover: Why it's so hard to compare disability insurance policies to each other Long-term disability insurance vs. short-term disability insurance Benefit periods (2 years, 5 years, to age 65, etc.) Elimination periods (2 weeks, 45 days, 90 days, 6 months, 1 year, etc.) Continuance provisions (noncancellable, guaranteed renewable, conditionally renewable) Enjoy! Joshua Need a financial advisor? Go here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/paladi...more

  • 338-Negotiating a Better Work Arrangement for Greater Personal Happiness: Interview with Jeff, the Happy Philosopher

    May 25 2016

    Today we speak with Jeff, the Happy Philosopher. Jeff is a doctor who was finding himself increasingly dissatisfied with his job.  Knowing that if he didn't make a change, he would find himself totally burned out, he managed to re-negotiate his work agreements in order to build a better lifestyle. This is an option that many of you should consider. Enjoy! Joshua Support RPF on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 337-Why You Should Buy Disability Insurance Before Any Other Type of Insurance Coverage

    May 24 2016

    If you could only choose one type of insurance coverage to have, I believe you should buy disability insurance. In today's show, I seek to persuade you to agree with me. In short, this is my sales pitch for disability income insurance. Enjoy! Joshua Would you like to consult with me on the topic of your choice? Book a call here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/phonecall Support RPF on Patreon. www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 336-Friday Q&A: Advice on Starting an Experts Business, How to Transition from a Stable Career to Unstable Entrepreneurship, Joshua's Thoughts on the Banking System, How to Become a Better Salesperson

    May 20 2016

    On Fridays, we have Q&A! And today, I have some fun questions for you. My Advice on Starting an Experts Business How to Transition from a Stable Career to Unstable Entrepreneurship Opportunity  Joshua's Thoughts on the Banking System and It's Problems How to Become a Better Salesperson If you'd like to participate in a Friday call, join the show as a Patron! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  Joshua

  • 335-My New Consulting Business...And Yours Too!

    May 20 2016

    I've decided--after many, many requests--to offer paid phone consulting to you, the audience. If you would like to consult with me on any topic of your choice, I'm now available to you! (Just use this link: https://radicalpersonalfinance.com/phonecall ) I think you'll be interested in the backstory of why I've gone back and forth on offering this service. A new technology offering is what has made the difference. Listen to the show for details. Oh, and by the way...I want you to copy me! For som...more

  • 334-How & Why to Go Independent as a Financial Advisor: Interview with Financial Advisor Sean Kernan

    May 18 2016

    Ever wondered what the actual practice models are for financial advisors? Today, I've invited Sean Kernan on the show to talk about the inside business of financial advice. Sean is a financial advisor who started his career at the large wirehouses and later transitioned to be independent.  Since then, he's started a website and podcast to help other advisors called "How to Go Independent." If you'd like to listen in on two financial advisors discussing what the industry is actually like on the i...more

  • 333-Q&A: How to Lower Work-Culture Costs Without Being Perceived as a Grinch, Should I Take Out a TSP Loan or Student Loans for Grad School, Should I Take a Year Off To Try a Business or Go Directly to Grad School, How To Profitably Invest Paternity Leave

    May 16 2016

    Today on RPF, I answer your questions: How to Lower Work-Culture Costs Without Being Perceived as a Grinch? Should I Take Out a TSP Loan or Student Loans for Grad School? Should I Take a Year Off To Try a Business or Go Directly to Grad School? How To Profitably Invest Paternity Leave? Enjoy the show! Joshua Do you need a financial advisor? Start here! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/paladin  Support RPF on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 332-Q&A: How to Sell Whole Life Insurance to Buy Term & Invest the Difference People, How to Help People Get Experience So They Know What Kind of Work to Do, Joshua's System of Marginalia, Savoring Books vs. Gulping Books

    May 11 2016

    Today on RPF, I answer your questions! How to Sell Whole Life Insurance to Buy Term & Invest the Difference People How to Help People Get Experience So They Know What Kind of Work to Do Joshua's System of Marginalia Savoring Books vs. Gulping Books Enjoy the show! Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  You Need a Budget! Try the same software I use: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/YNAB 

  • 331-Financial Independence with Real Estate Starting With No Money! Interview with Chad Carson

    May 10 2016

    My guest today is Chad Carson. Chad is a real estate investor and financial freedom pursuer.  I've invited him on today's show to share his story of how he began investing in real estate with no money and how he's built his empire to a place of financial freedom today. Enjoy! Chad's site: www.coachcarson.com Support RPF on Patreon: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 330-How to Live Super Cheap and Earn Your Income Selling Stuff Online! Interview with Nate Dodson

    May 05 2016

    Today on Radical Personal Finance we dig into the topics of living cheap and well! My guest is quite the radical guy and he's here to share with us what he's learned regarding: figuring out how to live a great life on very little money figuring out how to build an income from selling things through an online shop Enjoy the show! Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 329-Boost Your Investment Returns with Marketplace Lending: Interview on Current Opportunities with Peter Renton, Founder of Lend Academy and the LendIt Conference

    May 02 2016

    Marketplace lending (a.k.a. peer-to-peer lending) is steadilyadvancing in impact and popularity. Although it's certainly not yeta dominant form of cashflow for borrowers nor is it a dominantinvestment choice for investors, it is on the steady growth and itsimpact is being felt. My guest today is a front-seat commentator and active investorin this marketplace. Peter Renton is the founder of LendAcademy.com and the LendItconference. He's here today to bring us up to speed on the peer-to-peermarket...more

  • 328-Friday Q&A: the Language of Marginal Tax Deductions, Volunteering as an Income Tax Preparer for Low Income People, and Are Cash Value Life Insurance Policies a Good Place for an Emergency Fund

    Apr 29 2016

    On Fridays, we do a live Q&A call. If you'd like to join the call, sign up here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  Today we discuss: The Language of Marginal Tax Deductions Volunteering as an Income Tax Preparer for Low Income People Are Cash Value Life Insurance Policies a Good Place for an Emergency Fund Enjoy! Joshua

  • 327-How to Save Money on Medical Expenses Without Accidentally Killing Yourself From Foolish Decisions: Interview with Dr. Mohammad Ashori

    Apr 27 2016

    Medical expenses represent a large percentage of our lifetime expenditures. But do they need to? My guest today is a practicing physician and he's here to share with us where we can rationally cut back and scrimp and save when it comes to medical expenses. This area of thought is one of the most taboo areas when it comes to frugality. Many people who are otherwise quite frugal have an immediate, visceral reaction of condemnation when someone announces they're making different medical decisions i...more

  • 326-An Immigrant's Path to Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned with Dan Lok

    Apr 26 2016

    Immigrants to the United States are much more likely to become millionaires than are natural-born citizens. And although my guest today lives in Canada, the parallel is clear. Dan Lok had a challenging beginning to his career, not the least of which was that he had to begin with learning and improving his English language skills! His foray into the world of employment came as a 16-year-old earning minimum wage. He quickly realized that he needed to go into business for himself and he hasn't look...more

  • 325-How to Invest in Guns for Maximum Profit and Diversification: Interview with James Wesley, Rawles from SurvivalBlog.com

    Apr 25 2016

    I love to explore interesting financial markets which are accessible to the common person who demonstrates a little bit of interest. Today we dig into one such market: guns. I've invited James Wesley, Rawles onto the show today to discuss how you can intelligently invest in guns as a means to wealth. We cover: Speculative approaches and non-speculative approaches. How to leverage small amounts of money by buying specific firearm components. Interesting little wrinkles in the marketplace. Etc. ...more

  • 324-Friday Q&A: How to Invest $1k to 10k, How to Prioritize Competing Goals, Should I Stay in my Current Job Until I'm Vested, What Kind of Retirement Plan Should Middle-Age Hotel Owners Establish

    Apr 22 2016

    On Fridays, we do Q&A! Today we cover: How to Invest $1k to 10k? How to Prioritize Competing Goals? Should I Stay in my Current Job Until I'm Vested? What Kind of Retirement Plan Should Middle-Age Hotel Owners Establish? If you'd like to participate in these Friday calls, become a patron of the show at www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Enjoy! Joshua 

  • 323-How to Teach Your 8-Year-Old To Earn with Job Skills, Build Businesses, and Invest Wisely

    Apr 21 2016

    One of our primary charges as parents is to raise our children from dependency to maturity and independence. One major component of this task is to teach them to be economically self-sufficient. How do we do this? Where does it start? Well, I believe we need to tackle this at a very young age. The earlier the better.  In today's show, I'll tell you my ideas on the topic. Enjoy! Joshua Support RPF as a Patron of the show! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 322-How This Teacher Has Gone from Deep in Student Loan Debt to Financially Independent by Age 40: Interview with Nicole Bryan

    Apr 20 2016

    My guest today is Nicole Bryan. Nicole began her career as a schoolteacher with a pile of student loans. Today, she is on track to be financially independent by her 40th birthday. Her story will be incredibly valuable for you as it will demonstrate the feasability of achieving financial freedom for almost all of us! Listen and enjoy! Joshua Nicole's FB group: http://facebook.com/financialfreedomlovers   Support Radical Personal Finance as a Patron! http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 321-The Trend Following Investment Strategy (and What It's Like to Build Your Own Investment Management Firm from Scratch) with Michael Melissinos

    Apr 18 2016

    My guest today is Michael Melissinos. Michael is a trend-following investment manager who has systematically built his own firm over the past few years. Michael's story presents both a case study of entrepreneurship (how to go from jobs that are poorly suited to you to an entrepreneurial venture) as well as insight into various aspects of trading from a trend-following perspective. Enjoy the show! Joshua Michael's blog: http://www.michaelmelissinos.com/ Michael's firm's site: http://www.melissi...more

  • 320: Breaking all the Rules to Succeed in Podcasting: Recording of My Speech to the South Florida Podcasting Meetup Group

    Apr 15 2016

    RPF is on Spring Break this week so I'm posting some different content than my normal show. This is a speech that I gave to a local podcasting meetup group here in South Florida called "Breaking all the Rules of Podcasting." It contains my advice to a roomful of new and aspiring podcasters. The speech was delivered on 09/12/2015. Here's a link to the PowerPoint presentation I was presenting to my audience while speaking: http://traffic.libsyn.com/radicalpersonalfinance/South_Florida_Podcast_Mee...more

  • Out and About: Control the Risk of Failure with Joshua Sheats - Youversation Episode 035

    Apr 14 2016

    (RPF is on Spring Break this week, so I'm sharing some interviews with you where I've been featured on other shows. Enjoy! -Joshua) “I don’t think failure is a mark of shame. Failure and mistakes are inevitable.” Things Joshua talks about in this episode: Why a “hunch” helped him move into his podcast career Why he had to ignore the advice of people around him to start the podcast Why he had to quit his job to start his podcast How he “mitigated” the details of failure When we do fail, let’s fa...more

  • Out & About: Sales From The Street-"Shh, Just Listen Man" The Sales Evangelist Episode#224

    Apr 13 2016

    (RPF is on Spring Break this week so I'm posting some interviews where I've been featured on other shows. Enjoy my comments on sales in this interview with The Sales Evangelist! -Joshua) How well do you listen to your clients? Well, our guest today illustrates the power of listening! By the end of the show, you’d most likely figure out why it does help to just shh… Our guest on today’s Sales From the Street episode is Joshua Sheats, host of The Radical Personal Finance Podcast. Coming from a six...more

  • Out & About: Self-Education Plan Review with Joshua Sheats (Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast Ep.62 )

    Apr 12 2016

    RPF is on Spring Break this week so I'm publishing some podcasts where I've been interviewed on other people's shows. This episode is a follow-up appearance on Nick Hazelton's podcast wherein he solicited my advice and comments on his self-education plan. Joshua My original appearance on Nick's show: http://an-yak.com/?p=193  The original link for this episode: http://an-yak.com/?p=422 

  • Out and About: Investing to BE Dave Ramsey (with Joshua Sheats) - Stacking Benjamins

    Apr 11 2016

    (I'm on Spring Break this week, so I'm posting an episode of Stacking Benjamins which featured my advice on how to invest to be Dave Ramsey. -Joshua) How do you become Dave Ramsey? You invest a certain way…and it isn’t the way Dave Ramsey tells you to invest. We welcome Joshua Sheats to the show from Radical Personal Finance to talk about becoming wealthy. What does it take? What does that mean for concepts like diversification, risk and insurance planning? We’ll cover all of those. Of course, t...more

  • RPF is on Spring Break!

    Apr 05 2016

    Hey Radicals! RPF is on Spring Break for the next few weeks. (I do promise to go to the beach at least once--but no bikini pictures on Facebook for me!) I will release a few sporadic shows including some interviews with me which have appeared on other shows. In the meantime, if you're looking for something to listen to, I encourage you to check out the archives of the show! I do my best not to repeat topics, so if you're a new listener, you'll find a wealth of topics in the archives of the s...more

  • 319-Friday Q&A: Should I Switch from Employment to Self-Employment to Save Money, How do I Decide Between Model Portfolio Asset Allocations

    Apr 01 2016

    On Fridays, we have a live Q&A show. Today we cover these two questions: Should I Switch from Employment to Self-Employment to Save Money? How do I Decide Between Model Portfolio Asset Allocations? If you'd like to join a call like this and have your question appear on the show, simply become a Patron of the show here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  Enjoy! Joshua

  • 318-How to Get the Best Possible Mortgage: Advice from Casey Fleming, Author of "The Loan Guide"

    Mar 31 2016

    For most people, housing decisions are the largest financial decisions that they will make. And the mortgages usually associated with housing are the largest debts most of us will take on. And yet how much time and energy do we actually invest into researching these decisions?  For most of us, the answer is not much. My guest today is Casey Fleming and he's here to help us navigate the waters of the mortgage market with some clear, up-front advice. Enjoy the show! Joshua Casey's book: Th...more

  • 317-Living in a Bus and a Tiny House With 7 Kids! Interview with Shane and Julie Good from www.GoodNewsBus.com

    Mar 30 2016

    I love to discover unique people who embrace an unusual lifestyle. My guests today are a perfect example of such a lifestyle! Shane and Julie Good live part-time in a converted school bus and part-time in a tiny house that they built themselves. That's impressive. But, even more interesting...they do it with their seven young children! Many people let their children get in the way of their adventures. Not the Good family! Their family is fully integrated in everything they do! Enjoy the inte...more

  • 316-Friday Q&A: Should I Stay At A Job to Get Student Loan Forgiveness, When is the Ideal Age to Buy a Single Premium Immediate Annuity

    Mar 25 2016

    On Fridays I do a Q&A show for Patrons of Radical Personal Finance. If you'd like me to answer a question for you, go here for information: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  Today I answer: Should I Stay At A Job to Get Student Loan Forgiveness? When is the Ideal Age to Buy a Single Premium Immediate Annuity? Enjoy! Joshua

  • 315-Is Mortgage Acceleration (Replacing Your Traditional Mortgage with a HELOC) Really a Good Idea? Interview with Bill Westrom from www.TruthInEquity.com

    Mar 24 2016

    On Episode 133 of the show, I had a listener ask me for my opinion regarding the concept of "mortgage acceleration." Basically, it's the idea of taking out a HELOC on your house instead of (or in addition to) a traditionally amortizing mortgage, putting all your income against the HELOC and then paying your bills out of the HELOC. The key idea with this strategy is that the average daily balance of your account is lower, reducing your interest payments. In Episode 133, I was critical of the i...more

  • 314-How You Can Get More Money For Early Retirement By Using an IRA or 401(k) Even if You Have to Pay the 10% Penalty!

    Mar 24 2016

    Have you ever wanted to invest through an IRA or 401(k) for the purpose of early retirement but found yourself stymied by the thought of paying a 10% penalty tax to gain access to your money? Well, on today's show I've got good news! If you invest through an IRA or 401(k) but later take the INCOME from the account to pay for an early retirement, you may still come out ahead of the taxable account, even though you need to pay the additional penalty tax! Check out the show and attachments for d...more

  • 313-unWorking: Exit the Rat Race, Live Like a Millionaire, And Be Happy Now: Interview with Author Clark Vandeventer

    Mar 23 2016

    What would you do if you left your big-shot corporate gig to pursue an entrepreneurial venture which then fell apart? And then you ran for public office? And lost. And then wound up living in your in-law's garage completely flat broke. Would you then go back, admit defeat, and rejoin the corporate grind? Or, would you continue pursuing your dream lifestyle in a systematic way? My guest today went through that exact process of life. And he's systematically worked to build his dream lifestyle...more

  • 312-Q&A: What's It Actually Like to Start a Career as a Financial Advisor with a Big Insurance Company? My Own Experiences from the Trenches!

    Mar 22 2016

    Today, I respond in detail to this question from a listener: Hi Joshua, I have been really into personal finance for about 5 years now and am considering becoming a financial advisor, specifically with a large company like you used to work for. I am currently a 31 year old physician making around $150,000. I have spent a long time preparing for my career, but I am always drawn to becoming a financial advisor. The medical field is becoming increasingly draining with charting, liability, decr...more

  • 311-Friday Q&A: Can US Americans Be Transformed Back Into Savers, Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early, Should I Rent Out My Backyard as a Lot for a Tiny House, the Prospect of Creating Radical Personal Finance in Spanish

    Mar 18 2016

    On Fridays, I do a Q&A call-in show which is open to Patrons of the show. Today we cover: Can US Americans Be Transformed Back Into Savers Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early Should I Rent Out My Backyard as a Lot for a Tiny House The Prospect of Creating Radical Personal Finance in Spanish If you'd like to participate in a Q&A call like this, please become a Patron of the show here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 310-From a Plumber's Assistant in a Rural Farm Town to a Wealthy Businessman: Interview with Warren Prescott, One of My Former Bosses!

    Mar 17 2016

    I've been wanting to bring lots more "brick-and-mortar-type" entrepreneurs and success stories on the show. There are tons of incredible people out there that we can learn from. But, I've learned that it's actually tough for me to get them on the show! Generally, people with money who have nothing to sell don't seem to want to talk publicly about what they've learned. But, even though it's tough, I'm still working on it. And today, I get to bring you one of this type of interview. My guest ...more

  • 309-Practical and Actionable Advice for How You Should Respond to Doomsday Financial Predictions and Warnings in a Rational and Intelligent Manner

    Mar 16 2016

    I've featured several doom-and-gloom guests on recent shows. I like to give people an opportunity to make their case to me as convincingly as possible and I always enjoy challenging myself with catastrophic predictions. But I struggle with a lot of the advice from those who predict global chaos in short order. Frankly, much of it is impractical. So, in today's show I tackle the subject the way that I would tackle it if I were asked for my practical advice on the subject. I hope it's useful fo...more

  • 308-Charitable Giving Strategies to Maximize Your Lifestyle and Your Impact: Interview with Patrick Renn, author of "Finding Your Money's Greater Purpose"

    Mar 15 2016

    I like to share as much "behind the curtains of the financial advice industry" stuff as possible. But I like to do it from a diverse perspective. If you like seeing how good financial planning can dramatically impact a real-life scenario, this is a show for you. My guest is Patrick Renn, a 35-year veteran of the financial planning industry. Patrick runs a wealth management firm in Atlanta, GA and specializes in helping his clients develop well-designed charitable giving programs. If you enjoy...more

  • 307-Friday Q&A: Thoughts on Giving Unsolicited Advice, Average Rate of Return vs. Real Rate of Return, Group Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability Insurance Decisions, and More!

    Mar 14 2016

    On Fridays I do a Q&A show for Patrons of the show. www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  Today, we cover these topics: Thoughts on Giving Unsolicited Advice Average Rate of Return vs. Real Rate of Return Group Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability Insurance Decisions and More! Enjoy the show! Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • 306-Interview with Robert Kiyosaki: the Life, Career, & Predictions of the Man Behind the Best-Selling Personal Finance Book of all Time (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)

    Mar 11 2016

    I recently had the opportunity to interview Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which is the top selling personal finance book of all time. The concepts of Rich Dad, Poor Dad are well known in the personal finance circles.  Rather than trying to get Robert to outline the content of his 20 books, I sought to unwrap a little bit of the man behind the story. You can judge how I did! Enjoy the show, Joshua Kiyosaki's website: www.richdad.com  Need a financial advisor? www.rad...more

  • 305-Mortgage Credit Certificates: The Coolest Mortgage Interest Credit You've Never Heard Of

    Mar 10 2016

    In January 2013, I bought a house, proceeded through the whole process really carefully and thought I'd made some pretty good decisions.  But a couple months after closing, I found out that I'd missed an awesome tax credit and kissed $2,000 a year goodbye. How frustrating! I hate missing out on free money, especially when I can get it out of the coffers of the US Government! So, I want to help you do better. And I want to teach you about the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program. Enjoy! ...more

  • 304-Friday Q&A: The Value of Full-Time Mothers and Fathers as Compared to Full-Time Wage Earners

    Mar 04 2016

    On Fridays, we do a Q&A phone conference here at Radical Personal Finance. Today's call was unusual in that we only had one caller, so we spent a lengthy amount of time discussing one particular issue. Today's caller was responding to a previous podcast about how my wife and I handle our finances, specifically with regard to my role as a husband and her role as a wife. We had an excellent conversation on the role of earning money versus the role of being a parent and how to work that out withi...more

  • 303-Roth IRA vs. Traditional: Which One Pays Less Taxes?

    Mar 03 2016

    Will you pay less taxes when investing in a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA? Do you know? Are you sure? If you're not sure, the answer may surprise you. Let me know if you're surprised! Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

  • Announcement re: Email: If You've Ever Emailed Me and Didn't Get a Personal Response, Please Try Again

    Mar 02 2016

    Hey Radicals! If you have emailed me (especially through the contact form on my website) and I haven't personally responded, please assume that I simply never received your message. I'd love to hear from you, so please write again! From July of 2015 until February of 2016 the contact form had a technical glitch that prevented emails from coming through. That means that I missed hundreds of your communications. I'm sorry! We've fixed the problem now, so please try again. I'd enjoy communic...more

  • 302-Q&A: I Make $200k/yr. and I'm 30 Years Old and Single. And I'm Miserable. Please Help!

    Mar 02 2016

    Today on the show we answer this question: "Hey Joshua,"I'm a fairly new listener and have been going through some of your older podcasts to absorb as much info as possible. I think you could potentially provide some good advice that I'd love to hear answered in an upcoming podcast if possible..."Since discovering your podcast I've completely changed my thoughts on savings and consumption. I've always lived pretty frugally (I thought) but it turns out I was making poor decisions all along. I bo...more

  • 301-Careers, Entrepreneurship, and Raising Entrepreneurial Kids: Interview with Dan Miller from 48 Days to the Work You Love

    Feb 25 2016

    I'm up here in Nashville, TN at the moment and had the opportunity to connect with Dan Miller from 48 Days to the Work You Love. Dan is a legend in the career advice business. He has helped many, many people transition from work that paid the bills to work that they love. Dan has a lifetime's experience as an entrepreneur and in today's interview he shares his advice with us on: Should everyone be an entrepreneur? Is entrepreneurship risky? How can we teach our kids to be entrepreneurs? ...more

  • 300-Thirty Podcasting Lessons Learned From 300 Episodes and 2,000,000+ Downloads

    Feb 25 2016

    When I began podcasting, I was looking for information and advice. Although I found some good, there was a real paucity of advice from people who had done something like I wanted to do.  I've been satisfied with a lot of the progress that I've made with Radical Personal Finance, and I want to give back to the podcast and community.  So, in today's show we do not discuss personal finance or money at all. Rather, this show is all about podcasting. It's simply contains the lessons I have learned ...more

  • 299-The Philosophy of Modern Survivalism and Permaculture as Applied to Financial Planning: Interview with Jack Spirko, Host of The Survival Podcast

    Feb 22 2016

    I've long admired Jack Spirko and his show "The Survival Podcast" as a voice of reason in an industry fueled by hyperbole and fear. He does a great job of teaching people how to systematically build a lifestyle of resilience and freedom. And, most important, he teaches that everything you do to build a prepared life should make your  life better if times get tough...or even if they don't. Enjoy the interview! Joshua The Survival Podcast www.thesurvivalpodcast.com Get an extra $100 bonus ...more

  • 298-Friday Q&A: How to Practice Stealth Wealth, How to Locate Assets in a Tax Efficient Manner, Refinancing a HELOC to an Amortizing Loan, and How My Wife and I Handle Day-to-Day Money

    Feb 19 2016

    On Fridays I do Q&A. If you'd like to participate in a show like this, please become a Patron of the show and you will gain access to the information to call in for these shows. www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron  Today we cover: How to Practice Stealth Wealth How to Locate Assets in a Tax Efficient Manner Refinancing a HELOC to an Amortizing Loan How My Wife and I Handle Day-to-Day Money Enjoy! Joshua NYT article mentioned: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/14/fashion/i-now-pronou...more

  • Meet Up With Me in Nashville, TN Next Week 2-22 to 2-25.mp3

    Feb 19 2016

     I will be in Nashville, TN next week for a conference. If you're in the area, I would love to meet up with you. Please reach out to me on Twitter and let me know that you'd like to connect. www.twitter.com/joshuasheats

  • 297-From Writing About Personal Finance To Becoming Financially Independent: Lessons Learned with Jim Wang, Founder of Bargaineering and Wallet Hacks

    Feb 19 2016

    Can a hobby of writing about personal finance lead to becoming financially independent in a very short time? It did for Jim Wang, my guest on today's show. Jim founded the site Bargaineering as a part-time hobby. It quickly became a leading voice in the world of personal finance websites.  Ultimately, it led to Jim's becoming financially independent in a shockingly short amount of time. In today's interview, we seek to go behind the story a bit. To learn about the personal story and lessons l...more

  • 296-The Collapse of MF Global, Breakdown of Trust in the Financial Systems, the Prospect of Global War, and What It's Like to Be a Tax Protester on the Lam: Interview with Ann Barnhardt

    Feb 18 2016

    My guest today is Ann Barnhardt. I first became aware of Ann in late 2011 after she published a letter detailing the closure of her firm, Barnhardt Capital Management. At the time, this letter troubled me. Many people make strong statements and publish strongly worded essays. But when someone follows through on their word to the point of closing a functioning firm, I pay attention. I never could quite wrap my head around what happened at MF Global in 2011. Frankly, I still can't. But I though...more

  • 295-You Don't Know What to Do Simply Because You Don't Yet Know What You Want

    Feb 15 2016

    Over the weekend, I was reading the book "unWorking: Exit the Rat Race, Live Like a Millionaire, And Be Happy Now" by Clark Vandeventer while sitting in a tire repair shop, waiting for my tire to be patched. When I came to this page, I stopped. And then I had an epiphany. When you're very, very clear on what you want, it's simple and easy to decide what to do. But when you don't know what you want, it's almost impossible to decide what to do. So, do you know what you want? Enjoy the show! J...more

  • 294-Friday Q&A: Liability Insurance, Life Insurance for a Stay-At-Home Mom, Real Estate Financing and Entities, And More!

    Feb 15 2016

    Friday Q&A show today! Is an umbrella liability insurance policy a good idea? Should I buy life insurance for my stay-at-home wife at my job? How do I finance real estate? What type of entity should I choose for real estate investment? Enjoy! Joshua www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/ynab www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 292-Personal Branding and Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Lifestyle Design as CEO of a Company: Interview with David Hancock, CEO of Morgan James Publishing

    Feb 10 2016

    I'm delighted to have David Hancock on today's show. David is the founder and CEO of Morgan James Publishing. David has a fascinating business history and you'll benefit greatly from hearing his story. He's also an expert at personal branding and marketing. Most importantly, he's figured out how to make an excellent living on his own terms while doing work he loves! Enjoy! Joshua www.morgan-james-publishing.com  Get a $100 bonus when you open an account at www.tradeking.com/radical Che...more

  • 291-Friday Q&A: Real Estate, How Much Money is Too Much in Qualified Accounts, Bank on Yourself and Infinite Banking, Stocks vs Bonds

    Feb 05 2016

    I've decided to start doing regular live call-in shows as part of our Friday Q&A. Today we cover these questions: How much leverage/risk is appropriate when building a real estate portfolio? How much money is too much to have inside a qualified account? How do you get money out of a qualified account for early retirement? Is Bank on Yourself life insurance a good idea? What's the right asset allocation between stocks/bonds? Enjoy! Joshua If you have student loans, make sure to get ...more

  • 290-Stop Chasing Influencers: The True Path To Building Your Business and Living Your Dream: Interview with Co-Author Kimanzi Constable

    Feb 04 2016

    Do you have some excuses as to why you can't be successful? Well, get ready to get your excuses kicked in. My guest today is Kimanzi Constable. He started his career as a bread delivery driver and hustled his way into becoming a highly paid, internationally-recognized author, speaker, and coach. Along the way, he lost 170 pounds, paid off $180,000 in debt, and learned a thing or two about business. Enjoy the show! Joshua Stop Chasing Influencers: The True Path To Building Your Business an...more

  • 289-The Impact of Your Behavior on Your Financial Results: Interview with Carl Richards, author of The Behavior Gap and The One Page Financial Plan

    Feb 03 2016

    What makes a bigger difference on your financial outcome: the behavior of your investments or the behavior of you, the investor? Today I have an awesome interview for you with Carl Richards, author of "The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money" and "The One-Page Financial Plan: A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money." Both books are well worth your time. In addition to being a financial advisor, Carl is the awesome dude behind the Sketch Guy column in the New York ...more

  • 288-A Perfect Buy vs. Rent Case Study and Analysis

    Feb 02 2016

    This weekend a friend of mine asked me for my input on whether they should continue renting their townhome or buy an equivalent unit.  It's almost the perfect, real-life case study to consider: practically identical units current market prices real numbers to analyze. I seized the opportunity to talk it through and run the numbers. Enjoy! Joshua www.studentloanshow.com/radical www.tradeking.com/radical https://onlineinvestingconference.com/online-investing-conference-content8292j...more

  • 287-Drive for Free by Fueling Your Car with Wood: Interview with Chris Saenz and Wayne Keith from DriveOnWood.com

    Jan 28 2016

    Low gas prices have you cheering? Good! But what about when they go back up? Do you have a plan for that? How cool would it be if you could use a fuel other than gasoline in your car? You can! You can run it on wood. My guests today are experts on exactly that. Chris Saenz and Wayne Keith run the website www.DriveOnWood.com Wayne holds a number of world records of driving entirely on woodgas including fastest speed, longest distance, etc.   Enjoy learning how to drive for free! Joshua C...more

  • 286-My Review of the "Building Wealth One House at a Time" Seminar by John Schaub

    Jan 28 2016

    I had the opportunity to attend John Schaub's "Building Wealth One House At a Time" seminar in Sarasota, FL on January 16 & 17, 2016. I've been a fan of Schaub's work for quite a while. After reading his books and many others, I decided that his approach and plan is the approach to real estate that's right for me. So I went to the seminar. I was extremely impressed with the seminar. It was exactly what I hoped it would be.  In the show today I share with you: the fundamentals of John's app...more

  • 285-What Does Financial Fraud Smell Like?

    Jan 26 2016

    When I was younger I was easily duped by the financial fraudsters that seek to build their empires by deceiving people. Thankfully, I never had any major financial losses, but I was definitely hurt when I discovered how gullible I was. Since then, I've developed some slightly better skills for sniffing out fraud and questionable advice. And in today's show, I share some of my tips with you. I hope that together we can continue to develop our own skills of critical thinking and spread those ski...more

  • 284-Job Free: Four Ways to Quit the Rat Race and Achieve Financial Freedom on Your Terms-Interview with Jake DeSyllas

    Jan 25 2016

    Most of us in the Radical Personal Finance community are pursuing our own financial independence. And most of us want to get there as quickly as possible! But, most of us only have one idea of one way to get there. Did you know there are a bunch of different ways to go job-free and gain financial freedom! I'm excited to bring you my interview with Jake Desyllas, author of "Job Free: Four Ways to Quit the Rat Race and Achieve Financial Freedom on Your Terms." If you have any interest in ever b...more

  • 283-Nine Benefits of Having a Job!

    Jan 22 2016

    I talk a lot about business, entrepreneurship, and freedom on Radical Personal Finance. But I probably give short shrift to the incredible benefits of having a job! Our jobs usually provide the foundation we need to support our families, satisfy our responsibilities and obligations, and save the money we need to invest! Today, I share with you 9 benefits I came up with for having a job!  Enjoy! Joshua Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream Build a business bas...more

  • 282-How to Effectively Handle Money Together as Husband and Wife: Interview with Talaat and Tai from His and Her Money

    Jan 19 2016

    Managing money by yourself can be a real challenge. But managing money with your spouse can feel so much harder! But does it have to be that way? Today I have Talaat and Tai from www.HisAndHerMoney.com on the show to discuss the topic with me. They have some deep experience and insight to share with us. Enjoy the show! Joshua Talaat and Tai's website: www.HisAndHerMoney.com Join their www.SmartMoneyCouples.com community! Get clear on your goals by meeting with a financial advisor! www.r...more

  • 281-Why I've Chosen to Invest in Real Estate

    Jan 18 2016

    There are three things we control with regard to wealth building: how much we make, how much we spend, and the rate of return we earn on our investments. Those are the only three things you can change and affect. And they're the three things that will make the difference in how wealthy you become. My personal investment strategy has changed and developed over the years. But, going forward, I've decided to invest in real estate. In today's show I share with you some of the back story and some ...more

  • 280-Making the Transition to Retirement: Interview with Fritz Gilbert from The Retirement Manifesto

    Jan 15 2016

    Tonight I'm pleased to bring you an interview with Fritz Gilbert from the website: www.TheRetirementManifesto.com.  Fritz is an awesome guy who is just a couple of years away from an early retirement! He's here today to share with us his wisdom and perspective on making a successful transition to retirement. Enjoy the show! Joshua Refinance your student loans and get a $200 bonus! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/sofi  Make this the year you write your book! Contact publishing coach Patrick...more

  • 279-Get Paid To Adventure Travel the World With Your Family and Still Save a Ton of Money! Interview with Sara Miner

    Jan 13 2016

    Many people dream of saving enough money to travel the world. But what if there were a way to get paid to travel the world? There is. It's not a pipe dream.  In fact, there's not just one way. There are many, many ways! In today's show we speak with Sara Miner. Sara is a longtime listener and supporter of the show and she and her husband get paid handsomely to do work they care about in adventurous locations around the world. I invited her on to the show to share her story and advice. Enjoy...more

  • 278-What Do You Do When You're Trapped in an Upside Down Car Loan?

    Jan 12 2016

    Today, we cover this question from a listener: Joshua, I know you get a lot of questions, but I was wondering if you have a radical way to get out of an upside down car loan. I do financial coaching for people in our church who have requested benevolence, and most of them have large car payments - e.g. Someone owes $25,000 on a car worth $15,000. I cannot find a solution that is good (and maybe there is none). Dave Ramsey says borrow the difference so you have a smaller loan, but by the t...more

  • 277-Early Retirement FAQs: How Do I Plan For Inflation? Interview with Joe, AKA. Arebelspy (who just retired at 30 on a schoolteacher's salary)

    Jan 08 2016

    Today we continue with our "Early Retirement FAQ" series with Arebelspy by tackling the topic of inflation! How do you manage inflation risk in retirement? And, even more important, how do you manage inflation risk in very early retirement? This topic is especially important to Arebelspy because he and his wife just retired at the age of 30 and are now traveling the world together! (Even cooler, they did it while earning schoolteacher salaries!!!) Enjoy! Joshua Save money on your debt paym...more

  • 276-Why This Financial Planner Refuses to Save Money for His Kids' College

    Jan 07 2016

    Recently I received this personal note from a personal friend of mine: "My wife suggested I reach out to you for advice as we plan to start saving for our soon-to-be-born-son's education.  Hard to believe it's going to be just a few weeks now.  I've looked into our state's 529 plan, but wasn't sure if there were better options.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated."  My advice in response was simple: don't set up a college plan for your young child. It's a bad idea and a poor use of money i...more

  • 275-Selecting a Brokerage Company for Your Stock Ownership & Trading: Intro to Our New Sponsor TradeKing

    Jan 05 2016

    I'm excited to launch a brand-new sponsor here in the new year! Our new sponsor is TradeKing. You should be familiar with the TradeKing name--I previously interviewed the CEO, Don Montanaro, on Episode 240 of the show. I sat down with Don in his Ft. Lauderdale office and we talked about the brokerage business and business model. We discussed:  TradeKing's history The competitive landscape of the brokerage business The value proposition for brokers If you'd like to open a trading accou...more

  • 274-You Can Become and Stay Wealthy If You Focus On Systematically Developing and Perfecting the Simple Skills of Wealth

    Jan 04 2016

    One of my major breakthrough moments in life occurred when I learned that success skills were simply that: skills. The same applies to wealth. Success and wealth are not accidents. People are not wealthy by chance, happenstance, or accident. People become wealthy because: 1. They unconsciously learned the knowledge and applied the skills of wealth; or,2. They self-consciously learned the knowledge and applied the skills of wealth. For me, that concept was incredibly helpful. As we begin a ne...more

  • A Brief Christmas Card from Me to You

    Dec 18 2015

    Hey Radicals, I'm in the process of shutting the show down for 2015 and heading off for the holidays. Before I go, I simply want to share a personal greeting with you and a few quick, encouraging thoughts. Listen to the episode! Merry Christmas to you and yours. May you and your family be richly blessed this holiday season and may 2016 be your best year ever! Love, Joshua

  • 273-Three Budgets You Should Establish for 2016: Time, Money, and Food

    Dec 17 2015

    The skill of budgeting is one of the major skills that drives the level of success you achieve in life. But it's a skill that's not only applicable to money but also to other areas of life. In today's show I share with you my ideas on budgeting: How budgeting is applicable to many areas of life, not only money. The three major stages of budgeting. Big ideas on concepts that are applicable to all kinds of budgeting. Three types of budgeting tools. Enjoy the show! Joshua Do you have ...more

  • 272-A Proven Strategy to Increase Your Income in the Next Year

    Dec 15 2015

    I was honored with a very cool mention in a New York Times article yesterday (link below) and I thought it a perfect time to build on the subject of how to increase your income! In today's show, I share with you my complete framework for increasing your income. The show is heavy on strategy--you'll have to fill in the specific tactics appropriate for your situation. We cover: The only 3 ways to increase your income. Which to focus on in the short-term and which to focus on for the long-ter...more

  • 271-Achieving Financial Independence at a Crazy Young Age! Interview with Mike and Lauren from www.MikeAndLauren.com

    Dec 11 2015

    I enjoy YouTube. But it's tough to find a good personal finance YouTube channel! Thankfully, there's at least one! My guests today are Mike and Lauren. They are awesome personal finance and early retirement YouTube personalities. We were able to connect for an interview at #FinCon15 so that I could bring you their story. Why should you listen? Well, perhaps you'd like to know how they're on track to retire by the age of 30 even though they never made a ton of money or sold a business. It's ...more

  • 270-Myths & Facts: 9 Things I Used to Believe (and Teach) About Home Ownership That I No Longer Believe

    Dec 09 2015

    Following up on yesterday's show, I share with you today 9 myths surrounding the topic of home ownership. These are things that I used to believe and I learned (through the process of owning my own home) that I was wrong. Learn from my mistakes and consider how many of the things we commonly believe about home ownership might not be quite so true as we wish! Enjoy! Joshua Do you have student loans? I strongly recommend you sit down for a consultation with Jay Fleischman, host of the Stude...more

  • 269-Why We Sold Our House and Moved Into a Rental Apartment!

    Dec 09 2015

    This past Friday we closed on the sale of our house. We owned it for just under three years. When we bought it we had intended to own it for 40 years. Why did we sell? The full story is here in this episode of the show! Check it out and learn from our successes and our failures! Joshua Are you interested in working with a financial advisor? Start your search here! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/paladin Get a budgeting plan in place before 2016 arrives! Download a free copy of YNAB: www.r...more

  • 268-Training Your Kids for Financial Responsibility: Interview with Rocky Lalvani from Richer Soul

    Dec 04 2015

    Many of us have made mistakes on our way to financial stability. Hopefully we've learned from those mistakes--but wouldn't it be fantastic if we could help the next generation to avoid some of those mistakes? My guest today is Rocky Lalvani. He's a long-time listener of the show, contributor, and Patron. We connected in-person at #FinCon15 and sat down for this interview! Rocky has an awesome immigrant rags-to-riches story that you'll enjoy. He also has a depth of experience in training his ch...more

  • 267-Automate your Spreadsheets and Simplify Your Accounting with Tiller: Interview with Peter Polson

    Dec 02 2015

    While I was in Charlotte for #FinCon15, I connected briefly with a man named Peter Polson who told me about a new tool he had built to automate the creation of financial spreadsheets. After I got home I signed up for his service and started testing it. I like it! And I think some of you will find it very useful. The Tiller service is a way to automate the import of financial data to your spreadsheets. This eliminates the most time-consuming part of creating spreadsheets and opens up a world of...more

  • 266-Financial Independence in Your 20s Without Missing a Party! Interview with Martin Dasko from Studenomics

    Nov 25 2015

    Does being frugal and building financial independence mean that you can't have any fun? And, is it possible to get through college on a budget and still have fun? Today we have a fun discussion with Martin Dasko from the personal finance blog Studenomics. Martin has an awesome approach to teaching young men and women how to build financial independence without missing a party! Enjoy! Joshua Martin's site: http://studenomics.com/ Need a financial advisor? Start here: www.radicalpersonalfi...more

  • 265-Why Passive Investing and Index Funds are the Only Right Way to Invest: Interview with Rick Ferri from Portfolio Solutions

    Nov 24 2015

    It's easy to jump into holiday mode, but don't jump just yet! Let's keep our work boots on and learn just a little bit about investing today before we get into the Thanksgiving holiday. My guest today is Rick Ferri, founder of a company called Portfolio Solutions. Rick is a really great guy and a real expert at investing and portfolio construction. You'll hear his detailed background in the show and I think you'll come away from today's episode with a deeper sense of respect for what he's doin...more

  • 264-How to Cut the Interest Rates on Your Student Loans by Refinancing with Sofi: Interview with Dan Macklin, Co-Founder of Sofi

    Nov 24 2015

    Today on Radical Personal Finance I'm pleased to introduce you to a brand-new sponsor! And, it's a sponsor who will help you save some cash! I've been aware of SoFi for quite awhile and they were high on my list of brainstormed potential sponsors for the show. I was finally able to connect with them at #FinCon15 in Charlotte this year and to hammer out the terms of a sponsorship agreement. SoFi is a very cool new company that is bringing real innovation to the lending space. They got their sta...more

  • 263-Q&A: Recording of the Live Patron Q&A Conference Call

    Nov 21 2015

    During October and November I've been doing a weekly conference call with Patrons of the show.  We've been talking about all kinds of interesting subjects! On today's call we chatted about: disability insurance (including disability overhead expense insurance and cash indemnity long-term care policies) investment planning the politics of money and more! Enjoy! Joshua Have student loans? Before you do anything else with your loans, sit down for a review with Jay Fleischman. www.stu...more

  • 262-How Risky is Your Income? Applying the Concepts of Diversification to Wages and Profits

    Nov 19 2015

    We talk a lot about diversification within the context of investments. But what about diversification of your income? After all, how risky is it for you to depend on a single source of income to fund your life and lifestyle? The paradox is this: the more specialized you become in your career, the more you can earn. But the more specialized you are, the riskier your income is! The challenge is for us to figure out how to reconcile these two things. Today, I share my thoughts on the subject wi...more

  • 261-Getting Rich with Real Estate...and Then Getting Richer With Business! Interview with Josh Dorkin, Founder of Bigger Pockets

    Nov 17 2015

    BiggerPockets.com is the largest real estate resource online--perhaps in the world. Today we have Josh Dorkin, the founder of Bigger Pockets, on the show to share the story with us. The story is a classic case of an entrepreneurial endeavor gone well.  Sit back, pay attention, and learn the lessons and themes of how one person went from struggling real estate investor to become king of a real estate empire. Enjoy! Joshua Bigger Pockets: www.biggerpockets.com Do you have student loans? Co...more

  • 260-An Introduction to Trusts in the Context of Estate Planning

    Nov 16 2015

    The word "trust" has a bit of a mystique in the modern financial world. It's a word that everyone knows (we all know a "trust fund kid") but few people understand and even fewer understand accurately. Trusts are both simple and complex. They're simple in concept but can be quite complex in application. Today I share with you some basic background on trusts and trust planning.  I also share with you some thoughts regarding the use of a revocable living trust within the context of your personal...more

  • 259-What's It Like To Actually Hit Financial Independence at a Shockingly Young Age? Interview with Brandon (the Mad Fientist) and Jill

    Nov 13 2015

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could work really hard for a few years, save aggressively, and then quit your job and travel the world? Today's guest has done just that. Today I have Brandon, the Mad Fientist, and his wife Jill on the show! Brandon recently hit his Financial Independence number and he and Jill hit the road for some long-term travel. Enjoy this interview where we dig into what's great about financial independence and what ain't so great. Enjoy! Joshua Brandon's website: http:/...more

  • 258-Do You Have Student Loans? Here's What You Need to Do! Interview with Attorney Jay Fleischman, Host of the Student Loan Show

    Nov 10 2015

    I'm thrilled to bring Jay Fleischman back on the show. Jay was a guest on Episode 214 of the show and it was a popular show and I received a lot of great feedback. Most importantly, I learned a ton from the interview! Today, Jay and I tackle the actual process of analysis. If you have student loans, Jay gives you the step-by-step action plan for what you need to do in order to analyze your options. We're also launching Jay as the newest sponsor of Radical Personal Finance. He's a perfect fit ...more

  • 257-The Four Major Estate Planning Documents that Everybody Needs: a Will, a Living Will, a Medical Power of Attorney, and a Durable Power of Attorney

    Nov 06 2015

    Ever wondered about the basics of estate planning? Today's show is a simple overview of the major estate planning documents. We talk about wills, living wills, and powers of attorney and discuss what they mean and why they're important. This is not a technical deep-dive; this is a light and friendly overview. Enjoy the show! Joshua Do you have a question you'd like me to answer about estate planning? Ask me here! http://rpf.link/1RBBZIW Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! http:/...more

  • 256-Escaping a Lifestyle of Drudgery for a Lifestyle of Freedom as an Itinerant Writer: Interview with Jeff Goins, Writer

    Nov 05 2015

    Many of us are focused on the primary goal of transitioning from work that doesn't suit us to work that does. After all, if we can solve the work conundrum, our lifestyle can be massively improved even if we're not yet rich! My guest today is Jeff Goins and he has blazed the trail ahead of us and has successfully made the transition to a career he loves. Even better, he's written a book on how you can do the same thing! Enjoy the interview and the learning! Joshua Jeff's site: www.GoinsWr...more

  • 255-How To Decide if You Should Repair Your Car or Replace It

    Nov 04 2015

    It happens to so many people: your car breaks down at an inconvenient time and you're facing a massive repair bill. The stress starts to mount and you find yourself wondering--should I just go out and buy a new one? Or, sometimes worse, you feel like every other week you're flushing money down the drain to fix your car and you're getting tired of it. Feeling totally frustrated, you're tempted to trot out and assuage the headache with a new car. Should you do it? How should you try to assess y...more

  • 254-Get Rich Slowly and then Get Rich Fast: Interview with JD Roth, the Godfather of Financial Blogging

    Nov 02 2015

    I had the opportunity to connect with JD Roth, one of the most well-known personal finance bloggers in the industry while I was in Charlotte, NC at #FinCon15. We had a great interview.  We talked in detail about JD's personal story with finance and how he set out to Get Rich Slowly--and wound up getting rich fast. We also talk about the great things and not-so-great things that resulted from the journey! Enjoy the interview! Joshua JD's current project: www.MoneyBoss.com You Need a Budg...more

  • 253-Q&A: Recording of the Live Patron Q&A Conference Call

    Oct 27 2015

    Today I'm sharing with you the audio from the live conference call I recently hosted for all the Patrons of Radical Personal Finance.  This was a super-fun experience for me! Having the live interaction was fun. Topics included: social capital entrepreneurship long-term care insurance investing career development and more! Enjoy! Joshua Sponsor: Interested in publishing a book? Call my publishing coach, Patrick Snow, the Publishing Doctor! Start at http://thepublishingdoctor.com ...more

  • Out & About: "Radical Thoughts on Life Insurance" (Joshua's Appearance on Martinis and Your Money with Shannon McLay)

    Oct 26 2015

    Shannon McLay from the "Martinis and Your Money" podcast invited me on her show last month to talk about life insurance as part of "Life Insurance Awareness" month. Enjoy this interview with me where I share all of my advice and thoughts about how to approach the life insurance situation. The original interview with Shannon appears on her site here: http://financially-blonde.com/radical-thoughts-on-life-insurance/ Joshua

  • 252-Market Yourself with the World's Greatest Marketing Tool: Your Own Book! An Interview with Patrick Snow, the Publishing Doctor

    Oct 22 2015

    Have you ever thought about writing a book? If you have, you're part of the 80% of Americans that dream of doing just that! But how do you go about it? And, perhaps more importantly, why should you consider it? Today I present to you an interview with my personal publishing coach, Patrick Snow. Patrick is an international best-selling author, professional speaker, publishing, speaking, and book marketing coach. He's already been tremendously helpful to me as I work on my first book and I loo...more

  • 251: Annuities: An Intoduction to the Types and Uses of Annuities

    Oct 20 2015

    Let's put our work boots on today and dig into some of the science of financial planning. We've been doing a lot of fluffy, motivational-type stuff on Radical Personal Finance recently. That stuff is really valuable but it needs to be tempered with some serious knowledge. Today, let's talk about annuities. Annuities get a bad rap in the financial marketplace. And rightly so. They've been shamefully misrepresented, oversold, and abused by many insurance agents. But do they have a place? Can th...more

  • 250-How the Wisdom of Chess Can Make You a Grandmaster of Investing: Interview with Douglas Goldstein, author of Rich as a King

    Oct 19 2015

    We've generally been trained how to think about finance by the financial services industry. Their plan for your finances? Well, each step involves a financial product of some sort or another. But what if we think a little more strategically? Could we get better results? I think so. After speaking with today's guest, Doug Goldstein, I think that the metaphor of chess is a good way to train our thinking. Doug is the co-author of a book titled: Rich as a King: How the Wisdom of Chess Can Make Y...more

  • 249-How Dual-Income, High-Earning Couples can Lower Their Income Taxes

    Oct 14 2015

    One of the benefits that $200/mo. Patrons of Radical Personal Finance get is being able to choose a topic of the show. Here's the note that prompted today's episode: Joshua, Double income medium- to high-earning couples frequently ask me how to lower their taxes (the second income is at a higher rate of >28%, plus state 3.75% and social security 7.65 or 40% all in). I don't have a lot to tell them:-calculate whether it's worth it for second spouse to work ('Money or Your Life' style-after tax...more

  • 248-One Great Way to Start Your Search For a Financial Advisor: Interview with Jack Waymire, Founder of the Paladin Registry

    Oct 06 2015

    The most challenging question that I get asked on Radical Personal Finance is this: "Joshua, how do I find a great financial advisor?"  It's hard because there are great advisors at most (all?) firms and there are terrible advisors at most (all?) firms. More importantly, there are different advisors for different stages of life and different levels of need. Unfortunately, all these get lumped together under the term "financial advisor," which is, itself, a non-specific and mostly useless term...more

  • 247-Friday Q&A: Online Savings Accounts, Commission-Free Life Insurance, Why Don't I Have a CIMA Designation, Would I Do A Daily Podcast Again, Should I Max My 403(b) or Save for a Down Payment, 529 Plan for Myself, and Thoughts on Leveraged Index Funds

    Oct 02 2015

    After a way-too-long hiatus, Friday Q&A is back! On today's show, we cover: Online Savings Accounts Commission-Free Life Insurance Why Don't I Have a CIMA Designation Would I Do A Daily Podcast Again Should I Max My 403(b) or Save for a Down Payment 529 Plan for Myself, and Thoughts on Leveraged Index Funds Enjoy! Joshua If you don't already use the YNAB budgeting software, download a 30-day free trial and try it! I think you'll love it. http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/YNAB If ...more

  • 246-You Need a Budget and Here's the Best Way for You to Make One! Interview with Jesse Mecham, Founder of YNAB

    Oct 02 2015

    Sometimes you discover something that's been out there for years and you want to smack yourself in the head for not tuning in to it sooner. That's how I feel when it comes to YNAB. (For the uninitiated YNAB stands for You Need A Budget.)I used YNAB years ago and my response at that time was, "ho-hum." I then proceeded to ignore it for the next 6 years to my own detriment. Bummer. I wish I'd paid more attention! I was reintroduced to YNAB by my own listeners (the full story is in this episode) a...more

  • 245-Achieving Financial Freedom With Hard Work and a Good Plan! Interview with Scott Alan Turner, a Financial Rock Star

    Sep 25 2015

    I love to talk with people who have achieved financial independence. But I especially love to talk to those financially independent people who have achieved it in a very accessible way! Frankly, it's hard to relate to a tech titan who sells their latest greatest app company for a billion dollars. But I can relate to someone who has simply worked hard, saved aggressively, invested conservatively, built an entrepreneurial side hustle and achieved their results over time! My guest today is Scott...more

  • 244-Vending Machines as a Path to Wealth and Passive Income: Interview with Matt Miller from School Spirit Vending

    Sep 24 2015

    When I was younger my brothers and I spent lots of time talking about how to make our millions of dollars with passive income. Two businesses seem to be prominent when you go down that line of thinking as a young person: car washes and vending machines. We didn't pursue either of those businesses. But much later I did wind up working with some clients who had a vending business. And I was intrigued by their business. My guest today is a vending expert. Matt Miller started his vending business ...more

  • 243-Mastering the Art of Charm so You Can Navigate More Easily Through Life: Interview with Jordan Harbinger, Co-Founder of The Art of Charm

    Sep 23 2015

    Interpersonal skills of relationship are a huge deal and your mastery of them will massively impact your level of success in life. All else being equal, people would rather do business with people they know, like, and trust. All else NOT being equal, people would STILL rather do business with people they know, like, and trust! So, this is an area that we should give attention to. My guest today has devoted years to studying, mastering, and teaching interpersonal skills. Jordan Harbinger is ...more

  • 242-One Bed, One Bank Account: Interview with Derek Olsen from Better Conversations on Money and Marriage with Derek & Carrie Olsen

    Sep 22 2015

    Money in marriage is an extremely challenging area of life. Researchers often say that money fights and money problems is the number one cause of marital stress. My guest today is Derek Olsen. He and his wife Carrie have written a book called "One Bed, One Bank Account: Better Conversations on Marriage and Money." I was able to catch up with him at Podcast Movement 2015 where we dug into the major questions of how to handle money together. Make sure to stay tuned at the end of the episode. Th...more

  • 241-Setting and Achieving Financial Goals: Interview with Casey Lewis

    Sep 21 2015

    I had the opportunity to sit down with Casey Lewis while I was in Fort Worth, Texas a couple months ago. Casey has worked his way through his own money transformation and he has a lot of experience and wisdom to share about the process. Along the way, we discuss: Debt freedom Goal setting and goal achievement Personal financial management And more! Enjoy! Joshua Casey's website: http://casey-lewis.com/ Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! http://radicalpersonalfinance.com...more

  • 240-From the Mail Room to CEO of a Trading Company: Interview with Don Montanaro, CEO of TradeKing (Live Show from #FinCon15!)

    Sep 20 2015

    I'm here at #FinCon15 in Charlotte, NC this week and I had the privelege of interviewing Don Montanaro, the CEO (and co-founder) of TradeKing! We recorded this episode live on the #FinCon15 podcasting stage on September 18, 2015. We cover the details of: Don's career progression from the mail room to CEO What makes a difference in how quickly an employee gets promoted How the securities market works And way more! Enjoy! Joshua TradeKing's website: http://tradeking.com Support Rad...more

  • 239-Making a Bundle of Cash by Marketing Physical Products: Interview with Andreea Ayers from Launch Grow Joy

    Sep 18 2015

    It might seem like the only way to make money in today's world is to create and sell a digital product. It's not. Frankly, the physical product world is probably much less crowded than the digital world! My guest today is Andreea Ayers. She is awesome. She created a business that made and sold yoga-themed tshirts. Then, she created a business that sold soaps. Now, she's taken her success and experience with her own brands and turned it into a consulting business where she helps others to dupl...more

  • 238-What's Different About Giving Financial Advice to Gen X&Y vs Everybody Else: Interview with Katie Brewer, From Your Richest Life

    Sep 17 2015

    I love to bring financial advisors onto Radical Personal Finance in order to break down the barriers of communication between advisors and the general public. Katie Brewer is a financial planner based in Texas. She specializes in working with Gen X and Gen Y clients. I invited her onto the show to dig into what's different about planning for Gen X and Gen Y clients as compared to the general public. Also, I grilled her on the reality of what it's like to actually build a financial planning pr...more

  • 237-Become a Master Marketer: Interview with Anthony Tran, Founder of Marketing Access Pass

    Sep 14 2015

    My guest today is Anthony Tran. Anthony is the Founder of Marketing Access Pass, an All-in-One Online Marketing Training and Services website. He's a master internet marketer and he shares some of his experience with us. Also, he's built a successful lifestyle business for himself in the process! Enjoy! Joshua Anthony's website: http://marketingaccesspass.com/ Anthony's podcast: http://marketingaccesspass.com/podcast-episodes/ Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! http://radicalper...more

  • 236-Another Financial Advisor Turned Podcaster! Interview With Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins

    Sep 11 2015

    I'm not the only former financial advisor who became a podcaster. My friend Joe Saul-Sehy has trod the same path! We had the opportunity to catch up at the Podcast Movement conference and we were able to talk shop about the financial advisory business. Enjoy! Joshua Stacking Benjamins http://stackingbenjamins.com Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 235-Living a Life of Significance: Interview with Aaron Walker from View From the Top

    Sep 11 2015

    I met Aaron Walker at the Podcast Movement Conference in Fort Worth last month. After listening a bit to his story, I immediately invited him onto the show to share some of his experience with us. Aaron is a serial entrepreneur. He's developed pawn stores, built homes, and run coaching groups. Interestingly, he's a long-time member of a study group with Dave Ramsey, Ken Abraham, Dan Miller as well as some other notable Nashville businessmen. This leads to some interesting insight into some of ...more

  • 234-Investing in Rare Coins With Numismatic Value: Interview With Bryan Norris, Professional Numismatist and Coin Expert

    Sep 02 2015

    I met Bryan Norris at the Podcast Movement conference in Fort Worth, Texas. I'm glad I did. Brian is a professional numismatist and a real expert in rare coins and money. Numismatic coins are an interest of mine and I was thrilled to bring him on the show. We cover: Numismatic coins vs. bullion coins The history of inflation and hyperinflation as told through money How to get started with coin collecting And a ton more! Enjoy this one! Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance on Pa...more

  • 233-I'm Richly Blessed by the Social Economy

    Aug 31 2015

    Happy Monday, Radicals! This morning I want to share a few experiences I'm grateful for and use it as an opportunity to encourage you as you begin your week. I've been tremendously blessed over the past weeks by many friends and family members who have volunteered their time and talents to help me in my time of need. I'll never be able to repay them.  And yet, if an opportunity arises, I will work to repay them because I now have social debt. And, I'll be happy to work to repay them. In toda...more

  • 232-Building a Rich Life By Climbing the Corporate Ladder: Interview with Lee Cockerell, Retired Executive from Walt Disney World Resort

    Aug 27 2015

    Climbing the corporate ladder is time-tested and proven path to income and impact. And the cool thing about this approach to career success is that you can begin where you are and simply start working the process. My guest today did just that. Lee Cockerell started with few advantages. After a stint in the military he took a job as a waiter in a Hilton hotel and went to work. He finished his 41-year corporate career as the Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World responsible...more

  • 231-How You Should Respond to the Recent Stock Market Gyrations

    Aug 25 2015

    Over the last few days global securities markets have been rocked with massive losses.  Naturally, times like this should cause us to seriously consider our investment strategy and take a look to see what the appropriate response might be. Many of us have a significant amount of our life savings invested in public securities markets and it can be frightening to see the impact of the declines in market prices. But what should we do? In this episode I share with you some ideas and ways of thin...more

  • 230-How Being Debt-Free Enables Entrepreneurship: The Financial Journey of the Podcast Answer Man, Cliff Ravenscraft

    Aug 13 2015

    I love hearing entrepreneurship stories because they speak to me of people who clarify what they want and pursue it aggressively.  Vision is required for you to be willing to leave the bed of employment where things are comfortable and warm and pursue the rocky world of entrepreneurship. The road isn't easy. But it can be easier if you will build a financial foundation underneath you before you launch. My guest today is Cliff Ravenscraft, best known as the Podcast Answer Man. Cliff has an ama...more

  • 229-Think Slow, Move Fast, and Prioritize Your Life (a.k.a. Why We're Moving!)

    Aug 12 2015

    Effective tomorrow, 8/13/15, the global headquarters of Radical Personal Finance will be moving! I'm about to start unplugging my computers and microphone but I wanted to make sure to ship today's show before doing that.  So, I decided to share with you how I've approcahed this decision to move. I think it will be helpful for you to consider how to Think Slow, Move Fast, and Prioritize Your Life. Now, time will tell if it worked for me or not!  :) Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance! h...more

  • 228-How and Why to Buy a Car for Cash: Interview with James Kinson from the Cash Car Convert Podcast

    Aug 12 2015

    At the recent Podcast Movement conference in Fort Worth, Texas, I had the opportunity to connect with James Kinson, host of the Cash Car Convert podcast.  James has a fun story to share and some great lessons to teach. He's a long-time car guy who got the debt-free religion and changed his car-buying habits. To his delight, he's wound up a good deal richer than ever before! He's got some great lessons to share and in this show we discuss: The impact a cash car can have on your wealth Leasi...more

  • 227-The Five Benefits of College and Radical Ways to Exploit Them

    Aug 11 2015

    As we head into the back-to-school season in the United States, I've been thinking a lot about the value of college and I've come up with a framework that I think will be useful to you. I see the 5 major benefits of college as these: Fun Personal Growth Certification Education Connections It's helpful to identify these benefits. But it's more important to understand how to manipulate the system to maximize your opportunities with each of them. Once you understand, you can design your...more

  • 226-Making a Living From Video Games: Interview with Danny Peña, Hall of Fame Podcast Host of Gamertag Radio

    Aug 07 2015

    I recently returned from the Podcast Movement Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. While I was there I had the opportunity to interview Danny Peña the day before he was inducted into the Podcasters Hall of Fame. For the last ten years, Danny has built Gamertag Radio into a major voice of influence in the video game industry. And, he's built a business out of a passion. Listen to the interview to hear: How to build a business from a passion How video games can tremendously  The impact of video...more

  • Book Review: Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time" by Brian Tracy

    Jul 31 2015

    "Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time" by Brian Tracy is an absolute goldmine of a book. Without question, this is a 5-star book. Before you read it though, it's important for you to understand what it is and what it isn't. It's not a deep-dive treatise of productivity systems; rather, it's an overview of the core principles of productivity that you need in order to organize your life around accomplishing more, meaningful things that will move you...more

  • Out & About: Pt 2 of Joshua's Interview on "The Voluntary Life" Podcast with Jake Desyllas

    Jul 30 2015

    I'm not able to record and release a show for you today so I'm releasing an interview that I gave on the Voluntary Life podcast with Jake Desyllas regarding Tax Strategies and Financial Freedom. This is Part 2 of a 2-part series. The interview was originally released on June 21, 2015. Enjoy! Joshua Jake's site: http://www.thevoluntarylife.com/2015/06/210-tax-strategies-and-financial.html

  • Out & About: Pt 1 of Joshua's Interview on "The Voluntary Life" Podcast with Jake Desyllas

    Jul 29 2015

    I'm not able to record and release a show for you today so I'm releasing an interview that I gave on the Voluntary Life podcast with Jake Desyllas regarding Tax Strategies and Financial Freedom. This is Part 1 of a 2-part series. The interview was originally released on July 14, 2015. Enjoy! Joshua Jake's site: http://www.thevoluntarylife.com/2015/06/209-tax-strategies-and-financial.html

  • Announcements: Have Breakfast With Me On Friday in Ft. Worth, TX on Friday, 7/31/2015

    Jul 29 2015

    Good morning, Radicals! Two quick announcements for you this morning: If you are a listener of the show, come have breakfast with me this Friday morning at 7am at the Cast Iron Restaurant at the Omni Hotel in downtown Ft. Worth! I'll be attending the Podcast Movement conference and would love to see you! Please register here: http://bit.ly/RPFatPM15 (If you aren't able to come on Friday but can come on Saturday or Sunday morning, let me know on Twitter and I'll try to be there at 7am for brea...more

  • Short Book Review: How To Make People Like You In 90 Seconds Or Less by Nicholas Boothman

    Jul 24 2015

    (audio from a video book review)Nicholas Boothman’s book “How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less” is a great introduction to the skill of intentionally establishing rapport with new acquaintances. This book is a broad, useful introduction to the topic. All else being equal, people would rather spend time with, work with, buy from, and help those that they like. The skill of being likeable and helping people to like you is thus a very useful life skill and can be an important componen...more

  • 225-Rich Habits and Raising Rich Kids-The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals: Interview With Tom Corley

    Jul 24 2015

    I've got a very special interview for you today with Tom Corley. Tom is an accountant and financial planner by trade. He began interviewing his wealthy clients to try to understand what they do differently than other people. Over time, his research expanded to additional interviews with poor people in an attempt to understand their lifestyles and habits. This research formed the foundation for his first book, "Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals." After a slow start, t...more

  • 224-Frugal Tips for Fashionable Financial Independence: Interview with Steve from Steveonomics.com

    Jul 21 2015

    My guest today is Steve from Steveonomics.com. Steve is a long-time listener to the show and he and his wife are aggressively pursuing their own plan for financial independence by 40.  I invited Steve on the show because he is also a lover of fine mens' fashion. He's able to integrate the principles of wise and careful shopping to build a luxurious wardrobe for himself without damaging his prospects for wealth accumulation. Steve shares: The story of his $1,000 wedding His tips and strateg...more

  • 223-1-Year Anniversary Show and Changes to the Show Format Going Forward

    Jul 20 2015

    We've hit a huge milestone in Radical Personal Finance history! We've reached 201 patrons and $2,001.50 of monthly support for Radical Personal Finance! This is super, super thrilling and I thank each and every one of you for your support. I'm going to be changing the format of the show a bit going forward. I'll be doing fewer long-format shows so that the long-format shows I do release are much deeper and more comprehensive.  In their place, I'll be releasing more short-format content into t...more

  • 222-Why You Should Commit Yourself Wholeheartedly To Getting Out of Debt: Interview With Steve Stewart From MoneyPlan SOS

    Jul 16 2015

    My guest today is Steve Stewart. Steve's story to me is very interesting because in many ways he was the archetypal American financial story. A normal guy with a normal financial life. However, inspired by Dave Ramsey's influence, he decided to get serious about getting out of debt. Tune in to the interview to hear the incredible impact of that decision on his life! What most intrigues me about Steve's story is how his decisions to get out of debt have had a massive impact on the rest of his l...more

  • 221-How to Budget When You're Behind On Your Bills and Stuck in the Middle of a Financial Emergency

    Jul 15 2015

    There are many ways to budget. All of us need to find a solution that is effective for us. And that solution will probably change as our situation changes.Today, I want to share some advice on budgeting for people who are in a financial emergency.  Here is a very simple method of budgeting. It requires only: a checkbook register a notebook and pencil a stack of all your bills a calculator Details are in the show!  Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! http://radicalpe...more

  • 220-The Intersection of Relationships, Health, Energy, and Money: Interview with Joan Sotkin, Author of Build Your Money Muscles

    Jul 14 2015

    My guest today is Joan Sotkin. Joan has a fascinating story of avoiding money, then embracing business and earning massively, then losing it all, then rebuilding again.In today's interview she shares her perspective and insights on: The meaning of money Rich vs. poor The development of the money coaching industry Life satisfaction Enjoy the show! Joshua Joan's website: http://www.joansotkin.com/ Joan's podcast: http://prosperityplace.com/category/podcast/ Joan's book: Build Your M...more

  • 219-Hacking Audiobooks and the Audiobook Marketplace: Pro Tips for Advanced Learners

    Jul 13 2015

    I love audiobooks. I find them to be an incredibly efficient way to learn and an incredibly productive way to use my time. In today's show I share with you my pro-tips for how to effectively integrate audiobooks into your educational plan. I also share with you my analysis of the audiobook marketplace and how you can get the best deals for yourself.  I analyze: Your library YouTube Overdrive Hoopla AllYouCanBooks.com Downpour Scribd Audiobooks.com Audible Enjoy! Joshua Get a...more

  • 218-The Morning Coach's Guide to Success: Interview with JB Glossinger, Host of the Top-Ranked Morning Coach Podcast

    Jul 07 2015

    I'm thrilled to share with you an interview with JB Glossinger, the Morning Coach. I met JB at a Podcast South Florida meetup event and immediately invited him on the show. JB has a really unique background. After building a career in the corporate world and finishing his MBA and PhD he realized that he was in the wrong field to fulfill his personal happiness. He pivoted and established MorningCoach.com, a top-ranked personal development community. With Morning Coach as his foundational platfo...more

  • 217-A Simple Decision Framework: Costs vs Benefits and the Ben Franklin Close

    Jul 06 2015

    I used to think that everyone knew how to make decisions. Since starting Radical Personal Finance I've come to learn that some people don't have a clear decision-making framework. Today, I share with you a dirt-simple framework of costs vs. benefits, plusses and minusses. In sales, it's called the Ben Franklin close. Use it. Write it down. Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 216-Pay Attention to Your Little Habits; They Can Make or Break You

    Jul 02 2015

    Much of our life is lived on autopilot. We generally handle most things by habit. One powerful way to improve the likelihood of achieving your goals is to focus on establishing some simple little habits that will automatically help them to happen! Enjoy. Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 215-Are You Confusing Your Goals With the Means of Their Achievement?

    Jul 01 2015

    I spend a lot of time talking to people about their goals. But I notice that many times people confuse their goals and the means to the goals.  This could be a serious setback to your plans. You might spend years chasing a goal that really isn't the true goal.  Get clear! Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

  • 214-Radical Strategies for Dealing with Student Loans: Interview With Jay Fleischman, Attorney and Host of The Student Loan Show

    Jun 30 2015

    Student loans are a way of life for much of the US American population. Often considered to be "good debt" because the college degree can lead to higher earnings, they are, nevertheless, still debt. And they're debt that must be dealt with! My guest today is Jay Fleischman. Jay is a bankruptcy attorney who specializes in handling student loan issues. He's a world-class expert in this space. You're going to love listening to this show. I took pages of notes during our conversation and I recomm...more

  • 213-Overcoming Financial Ignorance: Interview with Lauren Bowling from LBee And The Money Tree

    Jun 29 2015

    Today I'm pleased to share with you an interview with Lauren Bowling from LBeeAndTheMoneyTree.com! Lauren has a really interesting story surrounding personal finance: After getting her degree in theater, and racking up thousands of dollars in credit card debt in college, she moved to New York City with $300 in her pocket. While there she landed a sweet job on Wall Street which sparked her interest in personal finance and helped her kick her bad money habits for good. Three years, three cities,...more

  • 212-We Had a Baby Girl! Comments on Preparing for Child Birth with Mrs. RPF herself!

    Jun 26 2015

    Hey Radicals! Just a quick announcement show for you--our little baby girl was born early Friday morning. Baby and momma are both doing great and we are enjoying transitioning to our larger family! We're super thankful and beyond excited that she is here. I also thought it would be fun to invite my wife to chat a little bit about her childbirth experience. This isn't related to personal finance--it's just related to the RPF life! If you'd like to hear some of her comments on how we prepared ...more

  • 211-How to Effectively Use New Media To Promote Your Financial Planning Practice (Or Any Type of Business): Interview With Bill Winterberg from www.FPPad.com

    Jun 25 2015

    One of the most fundamental transformations of our modern time is taking place in the field of communication. Although it might feel like we're far into this change, we're really not. It's only just begun One of the most important effects of this change is that very small businesses--like financial advisors--can effectively market to the broader market at a very low cost. My guest today is an expert in this field. Bill Winterberg is the founder of FPPad.com. Bill founded FPPad in 2008 to be a...more

  • 210-An Intelligent Person's Guide to Self-Education

    Jun 24 2015

    Our value and contribution in this world will be directly impacted by the level of our education. It's impossible to create more value without more education. (Yes, there are many kinds of education. I'm using the word inclusively.) But, under what system and whose goals have we been educated? Unfortunately, many of us have been educated under a system that promotes someone else's goals over our own. Too few of us know how to sit down and design an educational path that will take us closer to...more

  • 209-The Insider Secrets of Angel Investing! (Or What Angel Investing is Really Like): Interview with Doug Nordman (And, Should I Rent or Buy?)

    Jun 23 2015

    Today, I welcome Doug Nordman back to the show! Doug is an early retiree (he retired at 41) and his hobby is helping other military personnel improve their financial lives. One of the more interesting aspects of Doug's financial life is his involvement in private business as an angel investor. He's not only involved with the community of investors near him in Hawaii, he's also committed a substantial amount of his savings toward his investments. In this interview you'll learn: Why Doug inve...more

  • 208-Three Ways To Increase Your Income At Your Job

    Jun 22 2015

    Many people would like to earn more money. But, few people know how to actually look at their situation to assess their opportunities to actually do so. In today's show I share with you the framework that I use to think about money. It's simple but effective. And, most importantly, it's exclusively focused on the things you can actually do and change. It's practical and immediately actionable. Listen to the show to hear: The only three variables that affect how much money you earn in a fre...more

  • 207-Joshua's 30th Birthday Message To You (via the Voice of Jim Rohn!)

    Jun 18 2015

    Hey amigos! Today is my 30th birthday! I'm having an incredible day celebrating with my family and friends.30 is a big milestone for me. I've been reflecting deeply on the last decade and looking forward to the next decade.I thought about creating a "30 Lessons Learned from 30 Years of Living" for you, but I decided to simply share one of my favorite messages with you instead. This audio is a short clip from a Jim Rohn speech. I keep it on my desktop and listen to it at least a couple of times...more

  • 206-A Few Quick Announcements and a Quick Summer Break for the Show!

    Jun 08 2015

    Hey Radicals! Just a quick announcement episode to share that the show will be taking a quick summer break for a few days. I have some show-related work to handle and I can't get it done and still continue producing content this week. Also, please expect the shows to be slighly more sporadic during the month of June...details in the audio! Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon: http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Get your tickets for FinCon15 with my affiliate link here:...more

  • 205-Friday Q&A: Are the Advertisements Re: the Value Of Tax Loss Harvesting a Scam, Hacking the Child Labor Laws, What's the True Purpose of the Accredited Investor Rules, and Is My 401(k) The Best Way to Build Massive Wealth?

    May 29 2015

    Q&A today and I handle these four questions! Does tax-loss harvesting really offer the kind of benefit that companies like Wealthfront, Betterment, Personal Capital, et al claim? And can a person do it on their own without relying on a firm to do it for them? Thought you should know something I recently found out. California child labor laws no longer apply once you have graduated from high school.  In addition, California has a method to graduate by exam (similar to a GED, but GEDs are only...more

  • 204-A Behind-the-Scenes Look Into High-Risk Life Insurance Underwriting: Interview with Todd Simpson CLU, ChFC from The Stamm Agency

    May 28 2015

    One of my goals for Radical Personal Finance is to bring more transparency to the world of professional finance. Today, I'm glad to shine the light on the life insurance industry. I've invited a friend of mine onto the show to discuss his 30-year career as a life insurance broker. Todd Simpson CLU®, ChFC® is a veteran of the life insurance business. His specialty is high-risk underwriting, so he brings not only a long career's worth of experience but also a unique perspective to the difficult-...more

  • 203-Ideas to Help in Caring for Your Older Parents' Financial Well-Being

    May 27 2015

    Many of find ourselves in a situation where we are concerned about the financial well-being of our parents. Obviously, we'd like to help, if possible. But, this is rarely easy. There are many, many challenges that can emerge. In essence, to truly answer these questions you'd not only have to have all of the skills of a financial planner, but also the background of a relationship counselor, a life coach, and more! It ain't easy! I created this show as an overview of ideas that may be able to h...more

  • 202-"Get Yourself a 30-Footer and Go!" How To Build a Lifestyle of Freedom Through Sailing, Self-Publishing, and TEOTWAWKI Escape Plans: Interview with Matthew Bracken, Author of "Enemies Foreign and Domestic

    May 26 2015

    My guest today is a author named Matthew Bracken. Matthew is a sailor, writer, and former Navy Seal. He's the author of four novels (all of which I've thoroughly enjoyed.) Most importantly for our purposes, he is an expert on the topic of achieving a lifestyle of freedom through sailing. He wrote an excellent essay called "Get Yourself a 30-Footer and Go!" which advocates a quick entry into the sailing world as a way to build economic opportunity for yourself. During the course of the intervi...more

  • 201-Friday Q&A: My Parents Just Bought an Annuity...How Do I Help and How To Invest An Extra $20,000

    May 22 2015

    Q&A show today and I answer these two questions for you: Joshua, My parents just moved to Florida last year and got wooed by an advisor that bought them dinner, gave them a free round of golf, etc. and now they're in an annuity and I can't figure out how badly they are getting screwed (not because there's anything inherently wrong with annuities but because the advisor is sadly not a fee-only advisor so I imagine he's taking a big cut of the action). I'm trying to convince them to find a good...more

  • 200-My Podcasting Equipment, Workflow, and Lessons Learned From 200 Episodes

    May 21 2015

    From time to time, I receive questions from listeners about the equipment that I use to produce my show. I also get questions about the mistakes I've made and what I would do differently if I were to do it over again. Today, I share the workflow that I use to create my show and some of the lessons I've learned in 200 episodes of podcasting. This show does not contain any specific financial planning or personal finance content. It does include a discussion of my thought process in creating the ...more

  • 199-Whole Life Insurance

    May 20 2015

    Today, we continue the life insurance series with the valuable background of whole life insurance. Exciting stuff! This show is an introduction to the various product features and design ideas. We cover: Ordinary life insurance Limited pay life insurance Cash values Policy loans Nonforfeiture or Surrender Options: Surrender for cash value Reduced amount of paid-up whole life Paid-up term Annuity or retirement income Policy conversion Participating versus nonparticipating poli...more

  • 198-What Would I Do If I Won the Lottery?

    May 19 2015

    I received a question from a listner which I decided to answer for you on today's show: Joshua: So, this is a "fun question" that everyone loves to fantasize about. I hope it will be fun for you to answer, but it could have a really boring answer, but I'm sure you'll surprise me somehow!  What would you do if you won the lottery? As a financial planner, what advice would you give to a client who had won the lottery? What would the most optimal tax strategy be? Do you take the payments or t...more

  • 197-How Big of an Emergency Fund Should I Have? What Percentage of My Income Should I Owe In Debt Payments?

    May 18 2015

    Today, I have a tightly focused show for you with a few key points from the CFP® Board curriculum. You will need this information on the CFP® Board exam and it will be useful for you as an individual. First, I share with you how to choose between needing a 3-month emergency fund and a 6-month emergency fund. Next, I share with you the manageable percentages of your income which you can allocate to debt payments. Enjoy! Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon: http://radicalpers...more

  • 196-Friday Q&A: Other Student Loan Ideas, Helping Kids Without Enabling Them, Consolidating Accounts, Maxing Out a Spousal IRA, Retirement Distribution Strategies, and Help With Goal Planning

    May 15 2015

    Today, I'm cleaning out the voicemail inbox for my Friday Q&A show. Here are the questions for today: What strategies for student loan payoff did I forget last week? How do we help our young kids without enabling them? Thoughts on consolidating retirement accounts. What are the limits on retirement accounts for a stay-at-home spouse? Thoughts on various retirement income distribution strategies. Do I have additional services and options to help with coaching individual people? Enjoy! ...more

  • 195-Double (At Least) Your MPGs: 109 Hypermiling Tips from Ecomodder.com

    May 14 2015

    How much do you spend each year on fuel costs for your car? What is your current mileage per gallon? Before you rush out and buy a new hybrid to save money on gas, consider improving your driving techniques. It doesn't cost you anything except attention and focus and it can make a substantial difference. As an example, check out this guy who got his 3/4 ton pickup truck from an EPA estimate of 15 mpg to almost 60 mpg! In today's show I feature 109 tips for more efficient driving. These tips c...more

  • 194-You Just Got Laid Off. Here's What To Do Next!

    May 13 2015

    Today, we finish out the 3-part series on preparing for layoffs in the coming recession. Today's show will be useful to you, even if you just got notice of your layoff and didn't do anything to prepare for it beforehand. The major theme of today's show is that you need to take appropriate action with appropriate speed. If you're stuck with little savings and no preparation, that means take massive action, now! If you've planned a bit better in advance, it means be strategic and thoughtful. We...more

  • 193-Make a Backup Plan In Case You Get Laid Off In The Coming Recession: Simple Action Steps For You To Consider

    May 12 2015

    Yesterday, we talked about ways to avoid losing your job in the coming recession. But obviously there are factors beyond your control which might result in your being laid off, even though you've done everything "right." So, you need a backup plan. Don't wait and wonder what you'll do. Make a simple plan now for what you'll do. Think about some different scenarios and play some mental games with yourself. That way, you'll be able to better respond to events instead of being shell-shocked by t...more

  • 192-Recession is Coming: How to Not Get Laid Off In the Next Recession

    May 11 2015

    For most of us, our jobs are the economic engine that drive every aspect of our financial plan. One of the worst things that can happen is to lose a job. If the engine on your car dies, you're going to be stuck by the side of the road for a while. That's not pleasant for anyone, even if you're stuck in a safe area. But, if you're driving up a mountain (paying off debt and digging yourself out of a hole), having your engine die can be disastrous. And, if you have a destination in mind (financial...more

  • 191-Friday Q&A: Invest or Pay Off Debt, Rent or Buy Calculations, Double Tax Credit for Multiple 529 Accounts, Roth Conversion or Not

    May 08 2015

    Today, I handle these four questions: 3:02 Joshua, I just started listening to your show and I've learned a lot already. I originally started listening because I have an interest in one day becoming a personal finance consultant, but that's a long way off, for now I just need help with a crazy student loan issue! I am currently paying almost $600 a month for a $102k student loan at 7%, couple of key things, credit is shot due to bk filed last year, the loan is with the nelnet through dept of ...more

  • 190-Learning To Trade Stocks: Interview With Steve Burns, Founder of New Trader University

    May 07 2015

    Today we dig into the topic of trading stocks. And who better to speak with than the guy who started a "university" to teach the subject? My guest today is Steve Burns, founder of www.NewTraderU.com.  Here's some background about Steve, directly from his About page:  "After a lifelong fascination with financial markets, Steve Burns started investing in 1993, and trading his own accounts in 1995. It was love at first trade. A natural teacher with a unique ability to cut through the bull and ma...more

  • 189-Term Life Insurance

    May 06 2015

    Today we continue our life insurance series dig into the topic of term life insurance. Term life insurance is an incredible financial product and extremely useful. It also has some options that are not commonly understood or explored. We discuss: What is term life insurance useful for? Normal life insurance policy designs: level term insurance annual renewable term insurance decreasing term insurance increasing term insurance Key policy features: renewability convertibility ...more

  • Out & About: Joshua's Interview on the "Work Strong America" Podcast with Rick Seigmund

    May 06 2015

    I'm not able to record and release a show for you today so I'm releasing an interview that I gave on the Work Strong America podcast with Rick Seigmund. This interview was originally released on Rick's show on February 4, 2015. Enjoy the show! Joshua Links: Rick's Work Strong America site: http://workstrongamerica.com The original post of this interview on Rick's site: http://workstrongamerica.com/wsa-episode-005-joshua-sheats-interview/ Support Radical Personal Finance! http://radicalp...more

  • 188-Avoiding the Sunk Cost Fallacy by Applying Zero-Based Thinking

    May 05 2015

    Years ago, I learned an extremely valuable thinking process from Brian Tracy called Zero-Based Thinking. Today, I share it with you. Here's the question: Is there anything in your life that, knowning what you now know, you wouldn't get into again today if you had to do it over? If the answer is yes, then you follow up with these questions: How do I get out? How fast do I get out? By consistently applying this question to every area of our lives, we can avoid much of the impact of the sunk cos...more

  • 187-Friday Q&A: Special Needs Planning, Podcast Feedback, 15-Year Old Son's College Account, My Investment Strategy

    Apr 30 2015

    Today, we continue the Q&A blitz! Here are the questions I cover today: Do you have any tips or feedback about how to factor a special needs child  when planning for retirement, college, etc?. The typical advice usually is that, typical, once you have a special needs child things change as you dwell into the wonderful world of early intervention, therapies, IEPs, tax planning, etc,  I used to think I would just need to change my assumptions in terms of planning for our son to be with us long...more

  • 186-Q&A: Real Estate Investing and the Financial Planning Process

    Apr 29 2015

    I'm continuing my Q&A blitz today. I set out to answer five questions and wound up answering two. Oh well. At least I think you'll enjoy them! Here are the two questions I cover: What are your opinions regarding real estate investing? Should people invest in real estate? What percentage of the portfolio should it be? Thoughts on wholesaling? Flipping? Etc.? My question is can you walk us through your typical financial planning process with an average client of yours. From the initial conver...more

  • 185-Q&A: Effective Journaling, Where to Invest First $100, Investing Like Your Money Or Your Life, Families Investing Together

    Apr 28 2015

    Today, I do Q&A and answer these four questions: Joshua, I absolutely cannot get enough of your show. Thank you very much for the effort you put in and the thought provoking product you create! It is worth the voluntary money!I've got a very open ended question: You often talk about journaling and writing to help develop thoughts, ideas, and plans. How does one get started doing this? What should your listeners focus on when getting into the habit of journaling? How often do you write in your j...more

  • 184-Financial Freedom Afloat: Lessons We Can Learn From the Long-Term Sailing Community

    Apr 27 2015

    I enjoy looking for financial planning tips from odd corners of the world. Recently, I stumbled across the book Financial Freedom aFloat: How to Pocket a Paycheck in Paradise by Charles Tuller as I was browsing the finance section in my local library. Written for the cruising community, the book lays out some specific ideas and strategies for sailors who either need or want to earn some money to be able to afford to stay out on the water for the long-term. I'm most intrigued by the challenge o...more

  • 183-Friday Q&A: Response to Ep. 181, Dividend Strategy in 529 Plans, Group Life Insurance vs. Individual, Lowering the Cost of Home Ownership, and Exceeding 401(k) Contribution Limits

    Apr 24 2015

    Today I handle your questions and comments. Right off the bat, I respond to some of the sharp criticism of Episode 181. Perhaps it will be useful to clarify my intention with the show material. Then, I answer these questions: 35:48 Dear Joshua, I have a question regarding a specific method for paying for my children's college education.  Putting aside the merits of a college education in general; and putting aside thoughts that I have no obligation to pay for my children's school....let's a...more

  • 182-Asset Protection Planning: A Practical, Introductory Primer

    Apr 22 2015

    I'm fascinated by the topic of asset protection planning. It engages my personal enjoyment of complicated, intricate planning. It's in important area of planning. But it's also one of the most over-hyped areas filled with sleazy marketing and sleazy business practices. How do we work through this? Today, I introduce the topic to you in a down-to-earth, accessible way. We'll keep a healthy sense of paranoia and a healthy sense of reality firmly together as we traipse through these topics. En...more

  • 181-Why We Need More Discussion of Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Morality, and Ethics in Finance, Not Less

    Apr 21 2015

    Every single aspect of personal finance is influenced politics, religion, and philosophy. Every law and every decision has a moral and ethical component to it. In modern conversation, we're unaccustomed to talking about philosophy and ethics. We steer away from discussing politics and religion because we're uncomfortable with how we can have a positive relationship with another person even when we disagree. Or, we might feel unequipped to battle in the world of philosophical or religious ideas...more

  • 180-How Life Insurance Policies Actually Work

    Apr 17 2015

    Today, I share with you the framework knowledge of how life insurnace policies actually work. Once you understand these basic concepts you'll be able to look at any type of insurance policy and more easily understand its use. Topics include: Assessment life insurance Yearly renewable term life insuance Level premium life insurance The factors that affect life insurance policy pricing The five types of life insurance policies Enjoy! Joshua Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreo...more

  • Out & About: Joshua's Advice For Young People: Interview on the Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast with Nick Hazelton

    Apr 13 2015

    I'm not able to record and release a new show for you today due to the rather pressing deadline of the April 15 tax filing date. I'm finishing up my return today so I'm releasing an interview I gave on the Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast with Nick Hazelton. Nick is a young man who raises yaks and pigs on his farm in the Pacific Northwest. He is 16 years old. I shared a bit of my story with him and gave him a bit of life coaching on how I think about financial planning and life planning for young p...more

  • 179-Friday Q&A: Where to Keep An Emergency Fund, Should I Make a 50% Down Payment, How to Pay For a Master's Degree, How To Prepare For An Overseas Trip

    Apr 10 2015

    This morning, I put out a note on the Patreon page for questions from the patrons and I received four: 02:38 I'm currently in the "Financial Stability" stage of building wealth. Where do you recommend keeping an emergency fund &/or savings for large purchases? 17:36 My only major financial goal is to buy a small condo in Hollywood in about 6-7 years. I am 33 years old, single and don't plan on starting a family. I have about $170K in investments/retirement and am on track to have an addition...more

  • 178-How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? A Simple Tutorial On How To Calculate A Life Insurance Needs Analysis For Yourself

    Apr 08 2015

    Today's show gives you the tools you need to sit down and calculate an appropriate amount of life insurance coverage for you to own. On Episode 173, I discussed the three primary ways of calculating an appropriate amount of insurance: Human Life Value approach Needs Analysis approach (the best) Rule of Thumb approach This show teaches you how to calculate a Needs Analysis. The process is simple: What You Want - What You've Got = What You Need In order to figure out what you want, sim...more

  • 177-Interview with Meb Faber of Cambria Funds: Investment Process for Normal People

    Apr 07 2015

    By popular request, I've invited Meb Faber on the show for an interview. Meb is well known in the investment world for his contributions on tactical asset allocation and trend-following. In the interview we cover: Meb's background and accidental path into the investment world The philosophy of business behind Cambria Funds How to construct an investment process for individuals True historical rates of return for various asset classes The impact of asset allocation over the long-term How...more

  • 176-Practical Asset Allocation and Asset Location for Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term Goals

    Apr 07 2015

    Today I want to share a very simple concept with you regarding practical asset allocation. If you plot your goals on a simple matrix and plot all of your investments on the same matrix, you'll more easily be able to select an appropriate investment to fund each goal. Here's the matrix:  home-run dollars aggressive dollars safer dollars -------------------> short-term -----> mid-term -----> long-term Enjoy the show! Joshua Support the show as a patron: http://radicalpersonalfina...more

  • 175-Friday Q&A: Can Financial Advisors Increase Your Returns, How to Prepare For the CFP Exam, Fastest Way to Become a 1%er, How Do You Trust Insurance Agents, What is the Role of an IPO in an Investment Portfolio

    Apr 03 2015

    Friday Q&A shows are fun and today is no exception. Today I answer five questions: Is there any academic support for the value of financial advisors? What is the best way to prepare to pass the CFP exam? What is the fastest way to become a 1%er? How do you learn to trust insurance people? What is the role of an IPO within a broader investment portfolio? Enjoy my answers! Joshua Links: Research on investors' actual returns with DFA funds. Vanguard's paper on the value that an advi...more

  • 174-The Stages of Financial Independence: A Useful Roadmap to Help You Navigate from From Broke to Financial Freedom

    Apr 02 2015

    You can’t go from broke to rich in a single step. There’s no magic fairy who will suddenly transform your financial life for you. You have to do it yourself. But you can work your way through a path that leads to financial independence and complete abundance. That path has stages and you should celebrate your progress at every stage! In today's show, I share with you my ideas regarding the stages of financial independence. I believe this is a useful roadmap to help you navigate from where you ...more

  • 173-Economic Basis of Life Insurance and Individual/Family Uses of Life Insurance

    Apr 01 2015

    At long last, we enter into the oft-requested topic of life insurance! Today's show is an introduction to the economic basis and justification for life insurance and it's also an outline of some of the uses of life insurance for individuals and families. (We'll cover business uses another day.) You also get the joy of a bit of a sales pitch on why I love life insurance planning so much. It's truly an incredible financial product. Life insurance is founded on the economic value that each of us ...more

  • 172-Retirement Planning From The Financial Advisor's Perspective: Interview with Roger Whitney, Host of the Retirement Answer Man Podcast

    Mar 31 2015

    Retirement planning is at the core of the financial planning profession. But, it's a very complex subject and it's tough to wrap your head around the process. I've invited Roger Whitney, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, AIF®, financial advisor and host of the Retirement Answer Man Podcast on the show today to chat about retirement from his perspective. Roger specializes in working with retirees and prospective retirees in a formal financial planning capacity. I think you'll be intrigued by some of his pers...more

  • 171-Constantly Adjust the Scale of Your Budget Numbers for Maximum Mental Impact

    Mar 31 2015

    One of the challenges of personal finance math is the relevance of a particular scale. Sometimes you can get a massive benefit by switching to a different scale. One famous example is the daily latte. $4 for a latte sounds about right in today's world. But if you do it every day, it adds up. To fully appreciate the impact of the seemingly small expenditure you can change the scale from daily to annual. $4/day x 5 days per week x 52 weeks per year is $1,040/year spent on coffee. That's a lot of...more

  • Out & About: Joshua's Interview on the "Dough Roller Podcast" by Rob Berger

    Mar 25 2015

    I've got a double problem this week that is keeping me from releasing shows: No internet at my house. Launching the new site. So, I'm releasing a couple of interviews that have been recorded with me in the past. This one is very good. Rob is a great interviewer and he was able to get very in-depth. This show has an in-depth discussion of the benefits and problems of financial advisors.  Rob was also able to pull some pretty personal stuff out of me from my past! Joshua Links:  The...more

  • Out & About: Joshua's Interview on "Side Hustle Nation" with Nick Loper: Tax Savings Tips for Side Hustlers

    Mar 21 2015

    I'm not able to record a normal show today, so I'm releasing a copy of an interview I conducted with Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation. This interview was released on February 19, 2015 on Nick's show, just in time for tax-time! This show is a good overview of some general tax tips: When and why you should incorporate your business, and why most beginning side hustlers should NOT. How to set up a business name even as a sole proprietor. The types of expenses you can deduct as a side hustl...more

  • 170-The Voluntary and Forced Transitions of The Financial Industry: Interview With Fred Gabriel, Editor of Investment News

    Mar 19 2015

    My guest today is a veteran of financial reporting. Fred Gabriel has spent the last 17 years reporting on the financial advice industry. He began his career as a mutual fund reporter and progressed to be named the editor of Investment News in 2012. I spoke with Fred at the Technology Tools for Today Conference and we focused our conversation on the changing landscape of financial advice. Due to the nature of his job, Fred has a front-row seat on all of the changes happening in the industry. Th...more

  • 169-If You Understand and Apply Opportunity Cost to Every Decision, You'll Coach Yourself To Your Ideal Life

    Mar 18 2015

    On Monday, I released the show on new cars vs used cars. It became clear to me while doing that show that I really needed to do an in-depth discussion of the concept of Opportunity Cost. If you understand Opportunity Cost you can easily help people to make better decisions. All of us make decisions based on what we value. Every transaction is based on each party involved preferring what the other has more than what he/she has. Good decision making is largely based on simply understanding all ...more

  • 168-The Profit Potential of Niche Industry Conferences: Interview with Philip Taylor of PTMoney.com and FinCon

    Mar 18 2015

    I've brought you some shows on the concept of advancing your career by attending industry conferences. But what about getting a double bonus by organizing the conference yourself? That way you get all the benefits you would get from attending but you get the added bonus of becoming an industry leader. Plus, perhaps you can make some money on the event! My guest today is Philip "PT" Taylor, founder of http://ptmoney.com/ and http://finconexpo.com/. PT started working as a CPA, transitioned to ...more

  • 167-Used Cars vs New Cars: The Great Debate

    Mar 17 2015

    Ahhh, the great debate over cars! Should I buy new or should I buy used? In reality, the answer is simple: What are the needs and wants you're trying to satisfy? Which option meets those needs for the lowest total, lifetime cost? Choose the option that fits best. But, of course, there are as many ways to answer those questions as there are people in the world. Regardless of the decision you make, here are some ideas for you to consider to lower the total cost and enhance your results: ...more

  • 166-Why I Host a Daily Podcast and Why You Should Model Me (But Not Necessarily Copy Me)

    Mar 13 2015

    I'd like to share with you a look behind-the-scenes of the business of Radical Personal Finance. I want you to know why I host a daily (or at least almost-daily) podcast and why I've stuck with that, even with many people suggesting less frequency. To be clear: I don't think you should copy what I'm doing. But perhaps if you understand why I'm doing what I'm doing you may be able to apply it to your own endeavors. I'm creating this show for a few reasons: Some listeners are concerned about ...more

  • Out & About: Part 2 of Joshua's Interview on "Family Adventure Podcast" with Erik Hemingway: "Build a Budget for Travel"

    Mar 11 2015

    This week I'm focused single-mindedly on the new version of the Radical Personal Finance website. So, I'm releasing some alternative content to you for your listening pleasure. This is Part 2 of an interview I gave on the Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway. It was released in November 2014. The interview is an introduction to a bunch of concepts on how to focus your budget so that you can afford long-term adventure travel. It's super fun. Erik has a great podcast that my wife and I ...more

  • Out & About: Part 1 of Joshua's Interview on "Family Adventure Podcast" with Erik Hemingway: "Build a Budget to Live Free!"

    Mar 11 2015

    This week I'm focused single-mindedly on the new version of the Radical Personal Finance website. So, I'm releasing some alternative content to you for your listening pleasure. This is Part 1 of an interview I gave on the Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway. It was released in October 2014. The interview is an introduction to a bunch of concepts on how to focus your budget so that you can afford long-term adventure travel. It's super fun. Erik has a great podcast that my wife and I e...more

  • Out & About: Joshua's Interview on the "Create My Independence" Podcast With Kraig Mathias

    Mar 09 2015

    This week I'm focused single-mindedly on the new version of the Radical Personal Finance website. So, I'm releasing some alternative content to you for your listening pleasure. This is an interview I gave that was released on September 4, 2014 on the Create My Independence Podcast with Kraig Mathias. It was the first podcast interview I ever gave after starting my show!It has a good bit of my story as well as some various bits of advice on finance. Enjoy! Joshua The original post on Kraig's...more

  • 165-Friday Q&A: Handling Aging Parents Finances, Roth Rollovers, Thinking More Broadly About Investing, How to Pay for Your Body to Be Frozen Until You Can Be Reanimated and How to Be Rich When That Happens!

    Mar 06 2015

    It's Friday and on Fridays, I answer your questions. If you'd like me to answer your questions, please email them to me or call them in on the website. Question #1: Joshua, My father, who is 60 years of age, has become a victim of numerous scams over the last year or two. Generally, they involve him receiving calls that he won some prize and needs to wire some money (usually in $500 increments) to the West Indies, Jamaica, etc. His decision making with his finances is not good, to say the lea...more

  • 164-An Introduction to Hackerspaces and Makerspaces: Interview with Jessica Fong, President of the South Side Hackerspace in Chicago

    Mar 05 2015

    Years ago I heard of the concept of a hackerspace/makerspace. In essence, a hackerspace is a community-operated physical place where people can meet and work on their projects. But, the work that can come out of those spaces is far more impressive than that description makes it sound like. I've wanted to bring you the concept but since I'm not an expert, I needed to do it in the context of an interview. I was thrilled when a listener of the show recommended that I interview Jessica Fong, presi...more

  • 163-The Impact of Your Savings Rate on Your Time to Financial Independence (A Tribute to the Value of "The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement")

    Mar 05 2015

    I spent years consuming personal finance literature and the idea of saving 10 to 20% of my income was hammered into my head. That is the standard percentage that is recommended to be saved by prudent, diligent people. I took that number with me into my foray into the financial planning world without ever questioning it. But, somewhere around 2011 I had my world rocked by reading Early Retirement Extreme by Jacob Lund Fisker.  The most useful concept I took from that book was the huge connectio...more

  • 162-Teaching Financial Planning as an Undergraduate College Curriculum: Interview with Dr. Nathan Harness, Assistant Professor of Finance at Texas A&M University

    Mar 04 2015

    Traditionally, the knowledge and skills of financial planning were learned by financial advisors on the job. Most financial advisors started as either stockbrokers or insurance salespeople and then moved into financial planning simply as an extension of their career. A common educational path was to simply take the state-required insurance licensing courses and the state-required securities licensing courses and then to take further courses (such as CLU, ChFC, CFP, etc.) only after getting start...more

  • 161-A Tribute to Tom Stanley: 10 Major Finance Lessons I Learned From The Author Of The Millionaire Next Door

    Mar 03 2015

    I was very saddened to hear on Sunday night that Dr. Tom Stanley, author of the famous book "The Millionaire Next Door" and many others, died in a car accident near his home in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon. As I reflected on the impact that he and his work had on my life, I came to realize that he probably had a greater impact on my way of thinking than any other personal finance author I can think of. Not only did he impact my way of thinking, he impacted me personally. I reached out to him i...more

  • 160-Friday Q&A: Career Planning For Ideological Changes and How To Budget for an Irregular Income

    Feb 28 2015

    Today on the show, I answer these two questions: Joshua, The reason why I am writing has nothing to do with finances, but career advice.  Did you (or do you) provide career counseling?  If not, can you at least recommend someone you trust?  I thought I heard you mention on a previous show that you were involved in that line of work, unless I am mistaken and it was a guest.  Brief intro: I am 32 years old, a recent MBA graduate, and have a really unique professional background that makes caree...more

  • 159-Financial Planning Isn't Just For Boomers Anymore: Interview with Alan Moore, Co-Founder of XY Planning Network

    Feb 27 2015

    The financial planning industry faces many challenges. One of the major challenges has been how to effectively serve younger generations of clients. My guest today has some ideas on how things can be done better. He set out originally to develop a different model of financial planning practice for himself and wound up creating a company dedicated to bringing the model to the world. Alan Moore, MS, CFP, is from Bozeman, Montana. He runs a financial planning firm called Serenity Financial Consul...more

  • 158-Masterclass on 529 Plans a.k.a. Qualified Tuition Programs - Part 3: Pre-Paid Tuition Plans

    Feb 26 2015

    Today, we dive into the details of Pre-Paid Tuition Programs. I'm generally not a fan of these programs and you get to hear why! (I do acknowledge that they have their uses).  This opinion (my non-fan-ness) has always been a bit challenging since I do financial planning the state of Florida...and Florida has the most popular pre-paid tution program in the country! But, I still believe I'm right and today, I defend that belief. Listen to the show to hear: Why pre-paid tuition programs are i...more

  • 157-Raising Six Kids On The Road: A Long-Term Travel Lifestyle Interview With Greg Denning From Discover, Share, Inspire

    Feb 25 2015

    I'm fascinated by long-term travel stories. After all, some people have to wait until they're retired to travel but some people are able to do it long before? How? Why? What can we learn from them? My guest today is fascinating. Greg Denning and his wife, Rachel, are living a long-term travel lifestyle. Currently, they're driving from Alaska to Argentina via Europe. Impressively, they're doing it together with their six kids! Why are they doing it? How are they paying for it? Tune in to the ...more

  • 156-Applying Compound Interest To Your Goals: Lessons Learned From the Magic Doubling Penny

    Feb 24 2015

    Most of us have heard the example of the magic penny that doubles every day in value for a month. But, have you sat down and looked at that example to really understand what lessons you can apply to your own life? Today, I share with you 5 lessons I've learned from that example: 1. Rate of return matters 2. Time matters 3. In the beginning, it's easy to spend. That's what most people do. 4. In the beginning, the amount you save matters more than the interest rate. 5. In the end, the intere...more

  • 155-Bringing Financial Planning to Gen Y: Interview with Sophia Bera, Founder of Gen Y Planning

    Feb 20 2015

    https://www.patreon.com/radicalpersonalfinance I don't think it's unfair to say that the financial planning industry is known for being a bit stuffy at times. If you ask an average person what they think of when they think of a financial planner, it's more likely to be an old, white guy in a suit and tie sitting in a mahogany-lined conference room than a young, vibrant lady with a theater and women's studies  double-major. But, perhaps that's changing! My guest today is Sophia Bera, CFP® and s...more

  • 154-Masterclass on 529 Plans a.k.a. Qualified Tuition Programs - Part 2: Savings Plans

    Feb 19 2015

    http://Patreon.com/RadicalPersonalFinance We continue our Masterclass on 529 plans today. If you haven't heard part 1, Go back and listen to episode 138 first. http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/138-masterclass-on-529-plans-a-k-a-qualified-tuition-programs-part-1/ You'll need it for context on today's show. Today we dig into more of the how-to regarding savings plans. I also spend a good bit of time explaining the state income tax benefits for you. Depending on your situation, these may or may ...more

  • 153-The Massive Impact of Conferences on Personal Career and Income: Interview With Michael Kitces

    Feb 17 2015

    http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron I had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Kitces while I was in Dallas last week for the Technology Tools for Today conference for financial advisors. Michael is, in many ways, a conference king. He speaks at 60 to 70 conferences per year. He also writes the most influential blog focused on financial advisors. What fascinates me is the development of his career. Michael's career developed from very humble origins. He found an area of interest and ...more

  • 152-Measuring Your Biggest Asset: The Lifetime Value Of Your Income

    Feb 16 2015

    http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron You've probably heard that your income is your biggest and most important tool in your wealth-building toolbox.  It is. But it's hard to see and feel that when you simply sit down and look at your net worth statement. Today, I want to share with you a technique that has been useful for me. It's primarily a framing technique: it allows you to actually see the value of your income as compared to your current financial condition. It's been incredibly use...more

  • 151-Travel Announcement - Flying to Dallas Tomorrow - RPF Meetup?

    Feb 12 2015

    Hey amigos, I've decided last minute to fly out to Dallas, TX tomorrow morning to attend the "Technology Tools for Today" conference for financial advisors. There may not be a show for the next couple of days. I will do my best to release some shows while I'm there but no promises! If you're interested in what's happening at the conference, please feel free to connect with me on Twitter https://twitter.com/JoshuaSheats or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/joshuasheats.  If any of you listner...more

  • 150-Building a Career for Yourself By Wearing a Nametag Every Day: Interview With Scott "The Nametag Guy" Ginsberg

    Feb 10 2015

    Today's show is a fabulous interview about career creation. My guest is Scott Ginsberg. Scott is most well-known for his love of name tags. He's worn a name tag every hour of every day for 5,241 consecutive days! This decision was, in many ways, the foundation of his empire. It formed the story for his first book. Since then, he's written a total of 27 books on a variety of topics. I'm utterly fascinated by Scott's career. You'll hear that in the interview today. We discuss: Scott's utter ...more

  • 149-A Brand-New RPF Crowdfunding Campaign! And A Brand-New App For The Show

    Feb 10 2015

    http://RadicalPersonalFinance.com/patreon Today, we launch our brand-new crowdfunding campaign! I've closed the old Irregulars membership program and am replacing it with this new campaign. Tune in to the show to hear: What worked well in the Irregulars version 1.0. What didn't work at all. Why I've felt guilty every time I've recorded a show for the last few months. Why I'm launching the new crowdfunding campaign. Also, we're launching our brand new app! Go get it from the app store ...more

  • 148-Save Money By Establishing a Non-Profit Corporation For Your Business Instead of a For-Profit Corporation: Inerview with James O'Neil from Training For Safety

    Feb 06 2015

    Have you ever thought about the money you could save if you didn't have to pay taxes on the profits of your business? Might be nice, eh? Well, have you ever considered establishing a not-for-profit corporation instead of a for-profit company? Perhaps it might have some advantages for you! My guest is James O'Neil. James is a former police officer and now is involved in a company called Training For Safety. Having run both types of companies, James is a great guest to introduce the topic. En...more

  • 147-Overcoming Investment Anxiety: Interview With Dr. Alice Boyes, Former Clinical Psychologist and Long-Term Traveler!

    Feb 05 2015

    My guest for today's show is Dr. Alice Boyes, former clinical psychologist from New Zealand. She is an expert on overcoming anxiety (her new book "The Anxiety Toolkit: Strategies for Fine-Tuning Your Mind and Moving Past Your Stuck Points" comes out next month). She also happens to be quite tuned in to the financial independence and early retirement lifestyle! She's here today to give us some practical ideas and tools for how we can overcome anxiety about investing. The conversation includes: ...more

  • 146-Intro to Business Bookkeeping Systems: Interview with Ryan Marquez CPA, MSAT

    Feb 04 2015

    Good data is incredibly important to making good financial decisions. If you don't know where you are or where you've been, it's hard to know if you're on track and making measurable progress towards your goals. Today I've invited Ryan Marquez CPA, MSAT on the show to give an introductory overview. Ryan is an instructor in the Masters of Taxation program at Boise State University. He also runs a bookkeeping and tax business. Enjoy this introduction to business bookkeeping systems! Joshua Sho...more

  • 145-Brilliant Market Timing or Pure Serendipity? Interview With Nick O'Kelly, Co-Author of Live On The Margin

    Feb 03 2015

    My guest today is Nick O'Kelly. Nick is the co-author of Live On The Margin, a book about taking a different approach to regaining control of your time. (We previously interviewed Pat Schulte, his co-author, in Episode 50: "From an $8/hr Job After College to Financial Independence at Age 30 to 10+ Years of Global Travel With Family! Interview With Pat Schulte From Bumfuzzle.com") Nick is a meteorologist, a pilot, a captain, and an adventurer. He's also a writer, producer, and voiceover artist. ...more

  • 144-Friday Q&A: Can I Retire With $1.4M, What Do I Do With Too Much Cash, and Should I do a Roth 401(k) or Traditional 401(k)?

    Jan 31 2015

    Today, I bring to you three very fun but straightforward questions. Here they are: Question #1: @01:56 Dear Joshua,  My wife and I are well read in the areas of index fund investing, frugal living, early retirement, and financial independence (including your podcasts).  We have been on the path to early retirement for many years and we think we are there.  We both have high stress jobs and want to quit to raise a child and do whatever interests us whether it brings additional income or not.  ...more

  • 143-Intro to Self-Directed IRAs: How to Invest In Real Estate, Tax Liens, Physical Gold and Silver, Structured Settlements, Horses, Livestock, Farmland, Timberland, and More In Your IRA

    Jan 30 2015

    I've been looking for an expert on self-directed IRAs to bring on the show and I was thrilled to meet Kirk Chisholm at FinCon last year. Kirk is an expert in both the self-directed IRA niche and the alternative investments world. His firm, Innovative Advisory Group, helps serve clients in this space with advice. Self-directed IRAs can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Just think of the magic of Mitt Romney's $100,000,000 IRA! When you combine an IRA with alternative investments, you might r...more

  • 142-One Possible Business Model For an Ethical Financial Planning Practice Serving Middle-Income Families

    Jan 29 2015

    I designed a potential financial planning practice structure a year or so ago. It has been my backup plan if Radical Personal Finance were unable to be financially productive. (It's probably still a backup of a backup.) In light of the Episode 139: "My Advice for People Interested In Getting Into Financial Planning," I decided to follow up with some specific ideas for a practice I considered creating. Here are my ideas.  The show includes a discussion of: The problem of providing planning ...more

  • 141-Establishing a Success Mindset In Preparation for Urban Farming: Interview with Curtis Stone

    Jan 27 2015

    The most popular episode--by a long shot--of the Radical Personal Finance podcast is Episode 40: "Making $80k on 1/3 Acre With an Urban Farm Without Owning Land? Yes, Please! Interview With Curtis Stone." Today, Curtis is back for another appearance. We set out to record a show with a basic overview of how to get into urban farming with some practical steps lined out. The first step is to get your mindset right. Although our interview got stuck on step one, it wound up being a fascinating dis...more

  • 140-Friday Q&A: Planning Steps When A Spouse Is Planning to Stay Home, Borrowing On A Paid-For House For Real Estate Investment, Pension Plans in an Asset Allocation Plan, and How To Plan Your Life Together After Divorce

    Jan 27 2015

    On Fridays, I answer your questions! And, even though this is going out on Monday, I still answer your questions! :) Today, I handle these four questions: What practical steps can a couple take when planning for one spouse to stay at home? Is it wise to borrow money on a paid-off house to fund a real estate investment? How should I factor a defined-benefit pension plan into my asset allocation plan? How should I set my personal financial goals and pull my life back together after a divorc...more

  • 139-My Advice for People Interested In Getting Into Financial Planning

    Jan 22 2015

    At this point, I'm honored to get about an email a week from someone asking about how to get into the financial planning business. Sometimes, I get multiple emails in a day! Here are four examples that I mention on the show today: Hi Joshua, I consider personal finance and financial planning a hobby and I dole out my amateur advice to friends, colleagues and family. A little bit of background -- I'm 25 years old and currently working as an auditor in big 4 in my third year and I've just been