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Radio Cherry Bombe features interviews with the coolest, most creative women in the world of food. Each week, host Kerry Diamond, co-founder and editorial director of the indie magazine Cherry Bombe, talks to the chefs, bakers, pastry chefs, stylists, writers, cookbook authors, and others making it happen. Follow @cherrybombe on Instagram for show news, giveaways, and more. Thank you to Tralala for our theme song, "All Fired Up." Hosted and Produced by Kerry Diamond / Associate Producer Jess...more


  • Advocating for Accessibility with Lakshmee Lachhman-Persad

    Sep 18 2020

    “I’m not sure what it is with society where people with disabilities are always an afterthought,” says Lakshmee Lachhman-Persad. For Lakshmee, a digital marketer with 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, the issue hits home. Her sister Annie was born with cerebral palsy, so Lakshmee knows firsthand how difficult it can be for a person with disabilities to navigate a city, even one as major and modern as New York, which they call home. In response, Lakshmee launched Accessible Travel N...more

  • Food + People’s Sicily Sierra and Mavis-Jay Sanders

    Sep 04 2020

    This dynamic duo is taking the food world by storm. Sicily Sierra and Mavis-Jay Sanders, partners in life and in business, are the founders of Food + People, a packaged goods company poised for growth that focuses on quality food, great flavor, and simplicity in the kitchen. They’re also the hosts of the IG Live show Drink Tank on @blackfoodfolks, where you can find them serving up candor and cocktails every Monday night. On today’s show, hear Sicily and Mavis-Jay share the story behind their co...more

  • From a Commune to Zoom: Party Planner Extraordinaire Marcy Blum's Fascinating Journey

    Aug 28 2020

    Goodbye, buffets. Hello, Zoom. Marcy Blum is one of the premier event planners in the country, having organized weddings and various shindigs for the likes of LeBron James, Nate Berkus, and Katie Lee. But before she reached the pinnacle of party planning, Marcy had quite the journey, with stops at Performing Arts High School, a commune in Vermont, Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, the emerging New York City food scene in the 1970s—and more. Marcy was among the first female students admitted to the Culina...more

  • Full Heart & Full Bellies with Millie Peartree

    Aug 22 2020

    Chef Millie Peartree has a simple code that she lives by: “If you can do something to help someone else, you do it,” she says. Millie is a chef, restaurateur, and recipe developer, but most importantly, she’s a humanitarian who’s spent the past several months making sure others don’t go hungry. This summer, Millie’s been working on her Full Heart Full Bellies initiative to provide thousands of meals to schoolchildren and combat food insecurity in the Bronx, and during the darkest days of the cor...more

  • Dorie Greenspan and Joy the Baker Make Some Magic

    Aug 14 2020

    “I just want to tell you how I feel about baking in case you don't know,” says Dorie Greenspan. “I feel that baking is magic.” Bake your day with this episode from the Radio Cherry Bombe archives. Tune in to hear beloved cookbook authors Dorie Greenspan and Joy Wilson AKA Joy The Baker chat about life, Julia Child, birthday cakes, and more from last year’s Jubilee NYC. It’s a conversation you don’t want to miss, whether you love baking, baked goods, or both. Introducing Dorie and Joy is Christin...more

  • How to Launch an Ice Cream Business with Malai’s Pooja Bavishi

    Aug 07 2020

    Pooja Bavishi knew she wanted to be in the dessert business, but she never envisioned herself as an ice cream entrepreneur. Then one year, during her annual Friendsgiving celebration, she broke out an ice cream maker her parents had given her and made two ice creams: ginger and star anise. Her friends raved and Pooja knew it was her a-ha moment. Fast forward: Pooja’s Malai ice cream is a growing brand with national distribution through Goldbelly and its own scoop shop in Brooklyn. Malai speciali...more

  • Padma Lakshmi and Madhur Jaffrey in Conversation

    Jul 31 2020

    Don’t miss this wise, warm, and wonderful conversation between Madhur Jaffrey and Padma Lakshmi. As Padma put it at this year’s Cherry Bombe Jubilee Conference, Madhur “is the greatest living writer on Indian food—ever.” Padma, the star of Top Chef and Taste the Nation and a best-selling author, interviewed Madhur at Jubilee and it was a riveting exchange that touched on a wide range of topics: protesting with Mahatma Gandhi, working with the legendary cookbook editor Judith Jones, facing discri...more

  • The Afros + Knives Miniseries: Devita Davison of FoodLab Detroit

    Jul 29 2020

    “When I think about the movements that Black women have given us and have sustained just in this generation, I have to wonder why is it that people don’t listen to and follow Black women?” asked FoodLab Detroit Executive Director and co-founder of FoodLab Sydney Devita Davison, citing Black Lives Matter, Black Girl Magic, Free Our Girls, Say Her Name, Me Too, misogynoir, self-care, and intersectionality. Devita joins host Tiffani Rozier for the final episode of the Afros + Knives miniseries. Tun...more

  • Chef Dominique Crenn on Finding Love, Fighting Cancer, and Saving the World

    Jul 24 2020

    “I’m an immigrant, a dancer, and a dreamer,” says Dominique Crenn, the world-renowned chef behind Atelier Crenn in San Francisco and author of the brand new memoir, Rebel Chef: In Search of What Matters. Dominique shares her journey from scrappy tomboy to holder of three Michelin stars, to her breast cancer diagnosis last year and the love story that helped her through it. Dominique also talks about the current state of her restaurant group and her thoughts and concerns for the industry she love...more

  • The Afros + Knives Miniseries: Qiana Mickie of Just Food

    Jul 22 2020

    “Food became more and more a revolutionary tool, opposed to what I just put in my body,” says activist Qiana Mickie, the special projects consultant for Just Food, the New York City-based pioneering food justice organization focused on community-driven solutions to inequities in the system. Qiana, who was most recently executive director of the organization, views food as a driver of enterprise, innovation, and equity, and she’s made it her mission to empower community members of color to lead t...more

  • From the Kitchen to Congress with Dirt Candy’s Amanda Cohen

    Jul 19 2020

    “I’ve been incredibly surprised by where my career has taken me,” says Amanda Cohen, chef/owner of the vegetable-focused Dirt Candy restaurant in New York City. “I never would have expected it would take me to Congress.” Earlier this week, Amanda testified before the Small Business Committee of the House of Representatives on behalf of the Independent Restaurant Coalition. Amanda is part of the leadership of the IRC, which is  working to get Congress to pass the $120-billion Independent Restaura...more

  • The Afros + Knives Miniseries: The Okra Project with Ianne Fields Stewart

    Jul 15 2020

    “I have for a very long time seen that the world was unjust,” said Ianne Fields Stewart, actor, activist, and founder of The Okra Project. “To me, the solutions seem simple.” Ianne, a Black queer nonbinary transfeminine New York-based storyteller, wanted to do something about Black Trans People experiencing a lack of community, family, and food insecurity. The result was The Okra Project, a collective that pays Black Trans chefs to make home-cooked, healthy, and culturally-specific meals. “The j...more

  • Natasha Pickowicz on the Plight of Pastry Chefs

    Jul 11 2020

    Award-winning pastry chefs around the country have been furloughed or let go from their positions as restaurants struggle to deal with the ramifications of the coronavirus. “It doesn’t matter if you won a James Beard Award. It doesn’t matter if you are the most visible figure on a restaurant staff,” says Natasha Pickowicz. “At the end of the day, I think pastry in restaurants and fine dining restaurants is at a critical juncture.” Natasha, one of the most celebrated and visible pastry chefs in N...more

  • Afros + Knives Mini-Series: Jocelyn Jackson of People’s Kitchen Collective

    Jul 08 2020

    Welcome to the first episode of the Afros + Knives mini-series on Radio Cherry Bombe, hosted by Chef Tiffani Rozier. Afros + Knives is a weekly podcast and media platform created by Tiffani that features Black women who work and lead in food, beverage, hospitality, food justice, and food media. “I launched Afros + Knives because I wanted to hear the stories of women who worked in food and look like me,” said Tiffani. “Over the past 15 years, I had always noted the absence of their voices.”For th...more

  • Catina Smith Says Just Call Her Chef

    Jul 03 2020

    Catina Smith was looking to create a sisterhood of Black chefs in Baltimore when she had the idea to launch a calendar to raise money and awareness. The photographer came up with the name and a movement was born. Today, Just Call Me Chef is a close-knit group that highlights and uplifts Black women chefs through professional networking, mentorship, and more. We sat down with JCMC founder Cat to hear about her plans for expanding nationally, her vision for a “historic” Just Call Me Chef conferenc...more

  • Top Chef All-Stars Winner Melissa King

    Jun 27 2020

    Top Chef recently crowned Melissa King the winner of Season 17 after an epic showdown in Italy. As a returning finalist from Season 12, Melissa competed among the fiercest group of All Stars yet. She snagged both the $250,000 prize and the Fan Favorite award. It was a powerful moment for Melissa, a freelance chef and proud representative of both the LGBTQ+ and Asian-American communities. Melissa joins us to talk about her win, how she’s changed in the six years between her two Top Chef appearanc...more

  • Bakers Against Racism With Co-Founder Paola Velez

    Jun 19 2020

    The restaurant industry almost broke Pastry Chef Paola Velez during the early days of her career, but her passion, drive, and sense of self worth have won out time and time again. Over the past two weeks, Paola, on furlough from her job at Kith/Kin in Washington, D.C., has channeled her energy and optimism into a project called Bakers Against Racism. This humble bake sale, founded by Paola, Pastry Chef Willa Pelini, and Chef Rob Rubba, was meant to give professional and home bakers a way to join...more

  • Cheers to Cha McCoy, Trailblazer and Globetrotting Sommelier

    Jun 13 2020

    Today, we’re celebrating Cha McCoy, Cherry Bombe’s new Beverage Director. We’re dipping into the archives for Cha’s two appearances on Radio Cherry Bombe. First, you’ll hear her powerful talk from our 2019 Jubilee conference, titled “I Am More Than Moscato,” which covers discrimination in the hospitality and beverage industry. For the second half of the show, we’re revisiting her 2018 Radio Cherry Bombe appearance, which was our number one show of that year. Cha was named to the Cherry Bombe 100...more

  • Black Lives Matter. Black Voices Matter.

    Jun 06 2020

    We’re not airing an episode of Radio Cherry Bombe today. Instead, we’d like you to take the time you spend listening to our show and seek out new voices, in particular food podcasts by Black women. Some suggestions: Afros + Knives by Tiffani Rozier, The Food Truck Scholar by Ariel Smith, the Pro Food Maker Podcast by Mercedes Gosby, A Hungry Society by Korsha Wilson, and Dinner for One by Sutanya Dacres. There are many, many others and we’ll be seeking them out and listening as well. If you know...more

  • Top Chef Champ Kristen Kish Makes It Personal

    May 29 2020

    “I know that when I go back to ‘working normally,’ I will not live the same way that I used to,” said Kristen Kish, reflecting on the past few months. “I’ve learned an incredible amount… just by being still.” Kristen is the winner of Top Chef Season 10, author of Kristen Kish Cooking: Recipes and Techniques, and the executive chef at Arlo Grey in The Line Hotel in Austin, Texas. Radio Cherry Bombe host Kerry Diamond caught up with her to hear how she’s doing, what she’s cooking up, and her takea...more

  • From Stephen Colbert to Camembert: The Journey of a Cheese Board Queen

    May 22 2020

    Marissa Mullen loves cheese plates so much that she quit her job with Stephen Colbert and dedicated herself to sharing her enthusiasm for all things fromage with the world. Her brand new book, That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life, was just published and it shows how you can create a gorgeous cheese plate or board using Marissa’s Cheese By Numbers method. Marissa chats with host Kerry Diamond about her crazy journey, getting rejected by 20 cookbook publishers and dropped by her agent, and find...more

  • Baked Goods and Gratitude with Grandbaby Cakes

    May 15 2020

    “Being in the present has totally changed so much of my perspective,” says Jocelyn Delk Adams, founder of the Grandbaby Cakes blog and author of the cookbook Grandbaby Cakes: Modern Recipes, Vintage Charm, Soulful Memories and several e-cookbooks. The busy entrepreneur has stayed focused through the current crisis by reminding herself what she’s thankful for, taking care of her young daughter, and tending to the business she started as a hobby back in 2012. Today, Jocelyn is known for her luscio...more

  • Inside the Smitten Kitchen with Deb Perelman

    May 08 2020

    “When I see these perfect pantries, I’m like… ‘This isn’t how real people live,’” laughs Deb Perelman. “This is a real-life overstuffed kitchen.” Deb is the cook, writer, and photographer behind the much-loved Smitten Kitchen blog and the two companion cookbooks. Tune in to hear what this down-to-earth personality is up to and why she’s loving things cooked low and slow right now, from sweet potatoes to broccoli, why she’s not baking sourdough bread, and why you can never go wrong with Rice Kris...more

  • Meet The Craftswomen

    May 06 2020

    “If you don’t see representation of someone who looks like you, it’s difficult to see yourself in that position,” said Emma Walker, the master blender responsible for Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker and a panelist at the Craftswomen event hosted by the spirits powerhouse Diageo earlier this year to celebrate the makers behind some of the world’s best spirits. We’re bringing you the panel, recorded live at the High Line Hotel in NYC earlier this year, as a special episode of Radio Cherry Bombe. The...more

  • Amanda Nguyen: The Baker Behind the Quarantine Cakes

    May 01 2020

    Meet Amanda Nguyen, the owner and baker behind Butter&, the San Francisco bakery that’s become famous for its Quarantine Cakes. Amanda came up with the idea for these mini cakes decorated with a PSA out of necessity. Her custom cake business relied on weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations, and all of her orders were canceled almost overnight due to the COVID-19 crisis. Tune in to hear how Amanda went from Facebook data analyst to bakery owner and why ethical employment has been such a big ...more

  • Top Chef’s Karen Akunowicz On Pivots and Pasta

    Apr 24 2020

    Karen Akunowicz, the chef/owner of Fox & the Knife in Boston and a James Beard award winner, has been dealing with a lot of highs and lows as of late. She’s a contestant on the current season of Top Chef All-Stars, but at the same time, was forced to furlough most of her restaurant team due to the current crisis. Karen quickly pivoted to takeout and delivery and has focused her offerings on homemade pasta and sauces, pantry items, “Spritz Kits,” and the most craveworthy hits from the Fox & the K...more

  • Is Restaurant Takeout Helping Or Hurting?

    Apr 17 2020

    When you support restaurants with takeout or pickup, are you putting restaurant workers at risk? Tejal Rao, the California restaurant critic for The New York Times, asked this question in a recent column and it struck a chord with many of her readers. Tejal calls in from Los Angeles to talk about this issue, as well as what it means to be a restaurant critic during a global pandemic.Thank you to Ecole Ducasse and the Wines of Rioja for supporting our show. Find out why recipe developer Alexis de...more

  • Ruth Reichl & Chef Ruth Rogers from Jubilee

    Apr 11 2020

    It’s a double dose of Ruth Reichl! We dipped into the Cherry Bombe Jubilee archive to bring you two great moments with the legendary editor and author. First up, Ruth reads from her most recent book, Save Me The Plums, a memoir of her time at the helm of Gourmet Magazine. In the second half of the show, Ruth talks to Chef Ruth Rogers of the iconic River Cafe in London, as well as head chef Sian Owen, from one of Jubilee’s keynote conversations. Plus, find out why Kristin Nelson of the Ardent Hom...more

  • Four Chefs We Love

    Apr 03 2020

    On today’s show, we’re celebrating some of our friends in the chef community and airing a panel from our Jubilee Seattle conference with Chef Rachel Yang, Chef Renee Erickson, and Chef Makani Howell. These pillars in the restaurant community talk about leadership and navigating an ever-changing city. Chef Angie Mar of The Beatrice Inn in New York City and author of the new cookbook Butcher + Beast (and who happens to be a Seattle native!), moderated the panel, and Lara Hamilton, owner of the com...more

  • Food For Thought: Bakers Gotta Bake

    Apr 01 2020

    It’s the best of our baker talks. Since many of you are home right now and doing a lot of baking, we thought it would be nice to dip into our Food for Thought tour archives and bring you some of our favorite bakers from around the country. Get ready to hear from these amazing folks about their love of all things sugar, flour, and butter. At our Atlanta, Georgia, stop caker Amanda Faber shares her thoughts on the future of baking and the importance of the baking community. In Dallas, Texas, Sam C...more

  • Our Cookbook Crushes: Alison Roman and Aran Goyoaga in Conversation

    Mar 27 2020

    Two of our favorite cookbook authors, Alison Roman of Dining In and Nothing Fancy, and Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle et Vanille: Nourishing, Gluten-Free Recipes for Every Meal and Mood, sat down to chat for the final keynote conversation at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee Conference in Seattle this past November. Alison and Aran talk about the freelance hustle, California vibes, the cookbook creation process, and their least favorite word. (Spoiler alert: it’s “influencer.”). Don’t miss an engaging exchange...more

  • Food for Thought with Claire Saffitz

    Mar 25 2020

    Claire Saffitz fans, you’re in for a treat. We’re excited to bring you one of the most in-depth interviews that the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen star has ever done. Host Kerry Diamond sat down with Claire at the Bon Appétit offices in New York City to talk about her wildly popular videos, her upcoming cookbook, and life with her test kitchen colleagues. Claire also answers questions from the Bombesquad about her biggest inspirations, videos on her wish list, and what baking rules you can break. Than...more

  • A Talk with Norma Kamali, Fashion Icon and Wellness Advocate

    Mar 21 2020

    “For me, being the most famous or richest designer in the world was never my priority,” said Norma Kamali. “I wanted my creative life.” During New York Fashion Week, this trailblazing fashion designer sat down with host Kerry Diamond in front of a live audience at Spring Studios in Tribeca. A fashion designer since 1969, Norma’s entrepreneurial spirit has kept her in business and at the cutting edge all this time. She also has been a wellness proponent for decades and shares her self-care tips a...more

  • Food For Thought: The Julia Child Episode

    Mar 18 2020

    Radio Cherry Bombe went on tour to find out what’s on the mind of food folk across the country, Once we finished our tour, we realized that three of our talks centered around one very iconic person in the food world: Julia Child. We know Julia’s pioneering spirit, culinary talent, and sheer joy in the kitchen inspires everyone in the Bombesquad and we wanted to share these stories with you.At our San Diego stop, Diane Rocha, a retired school teacher and enthusiastic amateur baker in California s...more

  • Superstar Food Stylist Susan Spungen

    Mar 13 2020

    From working as the first food editor at Martha Stewart Living to styling the food on Julie & Julia and It’s Complicated to writing cookbooks, Susan Spungen always has a lot on her plate. Her biggest project of late? She’s released her new cookbook Open Kitchen: Inspired Recipes for Casual Gatherings. Susan sat down with host Kerry Diamond to talk about her journey in the food world, the freelance life, and her beloved banana bread recipe. Plus, Jodi Liano, the founder of San Francisco Cooking S...more

  • Food For Thought: Portland, Maine

    Mar 11 2020

    It’s Radio Cherry Bombe on the road! We brought the “Food for Thought” tour to Portland, Maine, for a live recording at the Press Hotel. First up, we hear from Jacqueline Dole founder of Parlor Ice Cream Co. about what it means to live one’s dream and Briana Warner of Atlantic Sea Farms tells us how she became a seaweed farmer.In the second half of the show, we hear from Chef Erin French of The Lost Kitchen, Pastry Chef Briana Holt of Tandem Coffee, Chef Cara Stadler of Tao Yuan and BaoBao Dumpl...more

  • Resy CMO Victoria Vaynberg on Menus, Marketing, and Motherhood

    Mar 06 2020

    If snagging a hot restaurant reservation is your favorite competitive sport, you need to know Victoria Vaynberg. As the chief marketing officer of Resy, Victoria is helping expand what the reservations platform is all about. She and host Kerry Diamond talk about Resy’s Women of Food dinner series, marketing advice for small businesses, and her life with one-year-old twin daughters. Fun fact: Victoria is a member of a podcast club. Think book club, but with podcasts. Plus, find out why Nat Paull ...more

  • Food For Thought: Baltimore

    Mar 04 2020

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Baltimore, Maryland, as part of its Food For Thought tour for a live episode at Bar Vasquez.Jessica Grosman of With Health & Gratitude, Chef Catina Smith of Just Call Me Chef, and Chef Cindy Wolf of the Foreman Wolf restaurant group spoke about what’s on their mind when it comes to the food world.They are followed by a panel featuring Jasmine Norton of Urban Oyster, Chef Donna Crivello of Cosima restaurant, Chef Amanda Mack of Crust By Mack Bakery, and Radio Cherry ...more

  • Pastry, Politics, Pivots, and More

    Feb 29 2020

    We’re airing three very special moments from our first-ever Jubilee Seattle. First, we’ll hear how pastry chef Crystal Chiu went from working for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to making beautiful desserts at Seattle hot-spot Canlis. Then, we will hear about Chef Emme Ribeiro Collins amazing journey with a special introduction from Cherry Bombe cover girl Sophia Roe. Last, an insightful conversation between Radio Cherry Bombe host Kerry Diamond and biohacker Van Nguyen sheds light on keto diets, intermitt...more

  • Food For Thought: Houston

    Feb 25 2020

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Houston, Texas last year as part of its Food For Thought tour for a live episode at Nancy’s Hustle.Zay Gamez and Cat Janda of Finca Tres Robles, Rebecca Masson of Fluff Bake Bar, and Anita Jaisinghani of Pondicheri restaurant spoke about what’s on their mind when it comes to the food world.They are followed by a panel featuring pastry chef Julia Doran of Nancy’s Hustle, coffee expert Ecky Prabanto of Greenway Coffee Company, bartender Alba Huerta of Julep, and Radio...more

  • James Beard CEO Clare Reichenbach

    Feb 21 2020

    The James Beard Awards have been called the Oscars of the food world, and most chefs and restaurateurs hope to snag one in their lifetime. But who is James Beard? And who is behind the awards? James Beard Foundation CEO Clare Reichenbach sat down with host Kerry Diamond to learn more about the awards process, the namesake gourmet behind the operation, and what Clare and her team are doing to make the Foundation a more vibrant, modern organization. Clare also gets personal about her life as a sin...more

  • Future of Food: Asheville

    Feb 18 2020

    The Radio Cherry Bombe Food For Thought tour stopped in Asheville, North Carolina, for a live episode during the city’s inaugural Chow Chow food festival. Chef Ashleigh Shanti of Benne on Eagle, chocolatier Jael Rattigan of French Broad Chocolate, and Dr. Cynthia Greenlee spoke about what’s on their mind when it comes to the food world.They are followed by a panel featuring Chef Katie Button of Katie Button Restaurants in Asheville, Chef Vivian Howard of the award-winning TV program A Chef’s Lif...more

  • Good Bread, from Poilâne to Zingerman's Bakehouse

    Feb 15 2020

    Travel with us in pursuit of the perfect loaf, from Paris to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to a classroom at the Food & Finance High School in New York City. First, Apollonia Poilâne shares the story of her legendary family business and her first English-language cookbook, Poilâne: The Secrets of the World-Famous Bread Bakery. Later in the show, we have a special interview with Amy Emberling, a managing partner at Zingerman’s Bakehouse and co-author of the bakery’s cookbook. Our interview with Amy was re...more

  • Food For Thought: Philadelphia

    Feb 11 2020

    It’s Radio Cherry Bombe on the road! Join us for our live Food “For Thought” tour stop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at Triple Bottom Brewing. First up, we hear from tea expert Alexis Siemons on the pre-Internet joy of “pre-eating,” and restaurateur Jill Weber of Sojourn Restaurant Group talks about her culinary and cultural experiences as an archaeologist. In the second half of the show, we hear from restaurateur Ellen Yin, Philadelphia’s dynamic duo restaurateur Valerie Safran and Chef Marcie...more

  • Secrets to Success from Chrissy Teigen’s Literary Agent

    Feb 07 2020

    “It’s alchemy, but it’s also the right person with the right message at the right time,” said Andy McNicol, a literary agent at entertainment giant WME. Andy’s stellar client list includes Chrissy Teigen, Lin Manuel Miranda, Alicia Keys, Sophia Amoruso of Girlboss, and even Cherry Bombe. Andy stopped by Radio Cherry Bombe to share her thoughts on how to find an agent, what cookbook publishers are looking for today, and how much a social media following matters. If you’ve got a project in your br...more

  • Crystal De Luna Bogan on Anxiety, Motherhood, and Grilled Cheese

    Jan 31 2020

    “My identity was completely lost,” said Crystal De Luna-Bogan, the chef and co-founder of The Grilled Cheeserie in Nashville, who struggled with post-partum anxiety after giving birth to her daughter last year. With the help of family, friends, and professionals, Crystal was able to get to a healthier place and is now learning how to balance motherhood with the chef life and the realities of being an entrepreneur. Today, she and her husband Joseph Bogan have three locations of The Grilled Cheese...more

  • Food For Thought: San Diego

    Jan 28 2020

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in San Diego, California, last year as part of its Food For Thought tour for a live episode.Retired school teacher Diane Rocha, Monica Maccioni of Bobboi Natural Gelato, and Laura Johnson of You & Yours Distilling Co. each spoke about what’s on their mind when it comes to the food world.They are followed by a panel featuring farmer Mai Nguyen, Chef Claudette Zepeda, baker Crystal White of Wayfarer Bread, and Radio Cherry Bombe host Kerry Diamond.    Thank you to Kerryg...more

  • Vegging Out With Wen-Jay Ying and Amy Chaplin

    Jan 24 2020

    Are you a proponent of plant-based eating? Love farmers’ markets? Then you’ll love this episode with Local Roots founder Wen-Jay Ying and cookbook author/chef Amy Chaplin. Wen-Jay shares how the lead singer of The Flaming Lips inspired her career path and led to the founding of Local Roots, a CSA based in New York City. In the second half, Amy joins us to talk about her new cookbook, Whole Food Cooking Every Day, and reveals her plans for a restaurant in Tribeca that she’s opening with her siste...more

  • Food For Thought: Kansas City

    Jan 21 2020

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Kansas City, Missouri, last year as part of its Food For Thought tour for a live episode at Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room.General Manager and Co-Owner Christina Corvino of Corvino, sommelier Caitlin Corcoran, and Aasma Tufail & Katie Curk of Chai Shai each spoke about what’s on their mind when it comes to the food world.They are followed by a panel featuring Marissa Gencarelli of Yoli Tortilleria, Chrissy Nucum of KC Pinoy, Megan Garrelts of Bluestem and Rye re...more

  • Camilla Marcus Wants to Change the Restaurant World

    Jan 17 2020

    Camilla Marcus is one of the most dynamic women on the food scene. Not only is she the founder of west-bourne, the rule-bending, community-minded all-day eatery in SoHo, but she is a change agent pushing the industry to confront the challenges faced by working families. Camilla, who became a mom recently, has partnered with a local child care company and is providing her employees with subsidized access to daycare and nightcare. Tune in to hear how Camilla is making it happen. Also, learn why bl...more

  • Food For Thought: Columbus

    Jan 14 2020

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Columbus, Ohio, last year as part of its Food For Thought tour for a live episode at the headquarters of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.Paula Haines of Freedom a la Cart, Chef Cara Mangini of Little Eater, and Faith Durand of The Kitchn each spoke about what’s on their mind when it comes to the food world.They are followed by a panel featuring Chef Catie Randazzo of Preston's and Ambrose & Eve, Badisha Nag of Create Your Curry, Ms. Ena of Ena's Caribbean Kitchen, Jeni B...more

  • Behind the Scenes with Little Women Food Stylist Christine Tobin

    Jan 11 2020

    From pink peppermint ice cream to raspberry jam and a holiday ham, Christine Tobin had to bring the food of Little Women to life on the big screen. As the food stylist for the highly anticipated adaptation by writer-director Greta Gerwig, Christine immersed herself in the life of author Louisa May Alcott and mid-1800s Massachusetts, where Louisa lived and where the book and film are set. Christine is a different kind of food stylist, who avoids movie-magic food tricks in favor of food that actor...more

  • Food For Thought: Savannah

    Jan 07 2020

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Savannah last year as part of its Food For Thought tour for a live episode at Cheryl Day’s Back In The Day Bakery.Natalie Freihon of the Fat Radish, Julia Levy of the Peach and Prosperity podcast, and Kate Dowdle of the Savannah Bee Company each spoke about what’s on their mind when it comes to the food world.They are followed by a panel featuring baker Cheryl Day of Back in The Day Bakery, alchemist Jovan Sage of Sage’s Larder, Chef Mashama Bailey of The Grey, and ...more

  • The Unstoppable Chef Susan Feniger

    Jan 03 2020

    Nothing can slow down Susan Feniger. She’s been a pioneer in so many regards, from food television (Two Hot Tamales, anyone?) to food radio to being one of the few female chef/owners on the Strip in Las Vegas. She’s also had an enduring and endearing relationship with her business partner, Mary Sue Miliken, who she met on the line in Chicago in the ‘70s. The two recently opened their newest restaurant, Socalo, an all-day California eatery, in Santa Monica. On top of all of this, Susan is on the ...more

  • Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest

    Dec 27 2019

    With one million Instagram fans and counting, Tieghan Gerard knows a thing or two about food—and social media. But it wasn’t always that way. Tieghan launched Half Baked Harvest as a teenager and taught herself how to cook, style food, and take pictures. Today, she’s known for crave-worthy recipes, like her Creamy French Onion Pasta Bake and Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole with Sweet ‘n’ Savory Bacon Pecans. (Hello.) Host Kerry Diamond sits down with Tieghan to talk about her journey from fashion...more

  • Follow The Leader: Building a Business That Lasts with Tren’ness Woods-Black

    Dec 24 2019

    These days, everyone is hungry for more advice, especially about being an entrepreneur or finding smarter ways to run a business. For Follow The Leader, our special mini-series, we’re talking to four women at different stages of their careers about how they handle key aspects of their business. On this episode, host Kerry Diamond sits down with Tren’ness Woods-Black, the vice president of communications for the historic Sylvia's in Harlem. Tren’ness’s grandmother Sylvia Woods opened the business...more

  • Finding One’s Voice Through Food

    Dec 20 2019

    Sonoko Sakai’s life changed when she started teaching her friends how to cook. Her classes grew in popularity and now those lessons can be found in her new cookbook, Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic Flavors. Sonoko stopped by Radio Cherry Bombe to talk about her interesting life, from her childhood spent moving to various cities with her airline executive father and housewife mother, to her time as a producer in the film industry. Today, Sonoko champions simplicity in her food, gre...more

  • Follow The Leader: Company Culture with Dianna Daouheung

    Dec 17 2019

    These days, everyone is hungry for more advice, especially about being an entrepreneur or finding smarter ways to run a business. For Follow The Leader, our special mini-series, we’re talking to four women at different stages of their careers about how they handle key aspects of their business. On this episode, we’re talking about company culture with Dianna Daoheung. Dianna is the head baker and a partner at Black Seed Bagels in New York City. Dianna has been with Black Seed since day one and s...more

  • Just Like Honey

    Dec 13 2019

    Honey Butter Fried Chicken in Chicago and Honey & Co. in London have a lot in common. They’re making crave-worthy food, have cult followings, and are working hard to be mindful businesses. In the first half of the show, host Kerry Diamond talks to Christine Cikowski, co-founder of Honey Butter Fried Chicken. Their menu alone is a reason to visit them in Chicago, and so is her story of building an employee-focused business. Then, we’ll be talking to Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich of London’s H...more

  • Follow The Leader: Expanding Your Business with Amelie Kang

    Dec 11 2019

    These days, everyone is hungry for more advice, especially about being an entrepreneur or finding smarter ways to run a business. For this series, we’re talking to four women at different stages of their careers about how they handle key aspects of their business. On this episode, we’re talking about empire-building with Amelie Kang. Amelie is one of the founders of Málà Project and Tomorrow in Manhattan. After opening her first location of Málà Project, Amelie knew that she wanted to expand, bu...more

  • Sofia Coppola on Food and Film

    Dec 07 2019

    Sofia Coppola, the trailblazing director behind such films as The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, and Lost In Translation, is our kind of gal. She loves restaurants, recipes, and cookbooks, and even has her own signature wine collection. She stopped by to talk with host Kerry Diamond about the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, the family wine business started by her father in the 1970s, as well as her upcoming film for Apple TV+, her favorite places to eat in New York City, and what she makes her ...more

  • Follow The Leader: Raising Money with Umber Ahmad

    Dec 04 2019

    These days, everyone is hungry for more advice, especially about being an entrepreneur or finding smarter ways to run a business. For Follow The Leader, our special mini-series, we’re talking to four women at different stages of their careers about how they handle key aspects of their business. On this episode, host Kerry Diamond sits down with Umber Ahmad, the founder and financier behind Mah Ze Dahr Bakery in New York City. Before she was a baker, Umber worked as a finance executive and she’s ...more

  • The Wanderlust Episode

    Nov 27 2019

    This show is going to make you want to grab your passport and go! In this special double episode, Cherry Bombe Culinary Director Kia Damon interviews two cookbook authors whose new works will make you want to cook and travel. First, Chef Whitney Otawka shares the inspiration behind her first book, Saltwater Table: Recipes from the Coastal South. They talk oyster roasts, mangoes, and why Floridian food traditions need more love. And in the second half, we cover a very different destination. Kia t...more

  • Raise A Glass To Wine World Trailblazer Dini Rao

    Nov 22 2019

    When Dini Rao discovered her passion, there was no holding her back. She went from hosting wine tastings in her dorm room to working in the wine department at Christie’s to launching her own company, Life In Vino. Dini has a lot to teach us about following your bliss, breaking down boundaries, and being an entrepreneur. And as a bonus, she shares her picks for what to drink with your Thanksgiving meal. Also, joining us for the speed round is the newest member of Cherry Bombe, Maria Sanchez. Disc...more

  • The Pastry Pro's Pastry Pro, Claudia Fleming

    Nov 14 2019

    The Last Course is back! The influential dessert cookbook from 2001, by pastry chef Claudia Fleming and writer Melissa Clark, has been reissued. For years, The Last Course was one of the most coveted out-of-print cookbooks around; now it’s here for a new generation to discover. Claudia, who today runs North Fork Table & Inn in Southold, N.Y., stopped by Radio Cherry Bombe to talk about her beloved book, her unexpected career trajectory from dancer to world-class pastry chef, what desserts she’s ...more

  • Books and Baking with Adeena Sussman and Sarah Owens

    Nov 08 2019

    It’s a two-parter! First up, a treat for all of you sourdough and fermentation fans out there. Baker Sarah Owens is here to talk about starters, starting over, and her new book, Heirloom: Time-Honored Techniques, Nourishing Traditions, and Modern Recipes. In the second half of the show, Bombesquad member Lauren Goldstein sits down with cookbook author Adeena Sussman to talk about her new book Sababa and how she fell in love with Israeli food. It’s a delicious episode, so don’t miss it. Plus, sta...more

  • Rachael Ray Has A Lot On Her Plate

    Oct 31 2019

    “I suck at doing nothing,” admits Rachael Ray, the TV trailblazer who makes her Radio Cherry Bombe debut today. This woman has a killer work ethic and more projects than we could even count, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Tune in to hear why she’ll never retire, how she got her start, and what led to her new cookbook, Rachael Ray 50: Memories and Meals From a Sweet and Savory Life. Stay tuned to hear who Kelly Barnhart, the owner of Vibrant in Houston, thinks is the bombe!Thank you to L...more

  • Alison Roman At Home

    Oct 25 2019

    Alison Roman’s bestselling books aren’t about entertaining. They’re “having people over” books, as she explains. So, what better way to celebrate the release of her new book Nothing Fancy than by stopping by her Brooklyn apartment for a chat. She and host Kerry Diamond talk about what’s in her pantry, what’s in her future, and what’s on her mind. Get your tinned fish, chickpeas, and natural wine and get ready. Stay tuned to hear who writer Ashley Elizabeth of Sweet Pea Lifestyle in Asheville, No...more

  • Chef Angie Mar is a Star

    Oct 17 2019

    If anyone knows how to hustle, it’s Angie Mar. She took over the reins of the Beatrice Inn and turned the West Village spot from ho-hum to white hot, becoming a celebrated chef in the process. Angie just released her first cookbook, Butcher + Beast, and it’s as lush, creative, and contemporary as she is. We should also mention, like the Bea, it’s very, very carnivorous. Host Kerry Diamond sits down with Angie at the Beatrice Inn to talk meat, fashion, family, and hard work. Don’t miss their talk...more

  • The Thoughtful Influencer

    Oct 11 2019

    Aran Goyoaga is the much-loved creative behind the blog Cannelle et Vanille, and her new cookbook of the same name has just launched. It features Aran’s lush signature photography and beautiful gluten-free recipes. Aran stopped by to talk about her new book, her adopted hometown of Seattle, her unlikely career, and her thoughts on being an influencer. Stay tuned to hear who writer Austa Clausen thinks is the Bombe!  Thank you to Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Schools and Emmi Cheese from Switzerland fo...more

  • Can’t Get Enough Carla Lalli Music

    Oct 04 2019

    It’s time to get in tune with Carla Lalli Music, mom, Bon Appétit food editor,  YouTube star, and author of the hot cookbook, Where Cooking Begins. Carla’s had quite the career, and has gone from Shake Shack to Martha Stewart to the halls of Condé Nast. Host Kerry Diamond stopped by Bon Appétit HQ for a chat with this food media phenom about galettes, working moms, farmers’ market secrets, and more. Stay tuned to hear who Ali Banks of Chopt Creative Salad Company thinks is the Bombe! Thank you t...more

  • Chef Missy Robbins & Laura Brown In Conversation

    Sep 26 2019

    What happens when the Queen of Pasta and the Queen of Fashion get together for a chat? You’re about to find out. This week’s show is a special conversation between Chef Missy Robbins of Lilia and Misi restaurants in Brooklyn, and InStyle Magazine Editor-In-Chief Laura Brown. These two powerhouse personalities took over the Jubilee 2019 stage to discuss Missy’s culinary journey, her battle with breast cancer, why she’s done with “female chef” awards, and more. It’s a can’t-miss conversation packe...more

  • Dorie Greenspan & Joy The Baker In Conversation

    Sep 19 2019

    Bakers: Stop everything you’re doing! Beloved cookbook author Dorie Greenspan sits down with Joy Wilson AKA Joy The Baker about life, Julia Child, birthday cakes, and more. These two baking superstars were recorded at Jubilee NYC 2019 this past spring and it’s a conversation you don’t want to miss, whether you love baking or just love eating baked goods.Introducing Dorie and Joy is Christina Ha, co-founder and co-owner of Macaron Parlour and Meow Parlour in New York City.Stay tuned to hear who c...more

  • Climate Change, Food, and You

    Sep 12 2019

    Is your favorite food headed for extinction? Climate change is causing farmers around the world to rethink what they grow and how they grow it, which is going to impact what you eat in the very near future. This climate change-food connection is the subject of Amanda Little’s important new book,The Fate of Food: What We’ll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World. A mom, journalist, and Vanderbilt University professor, Amanda breaks down this scary subject in her no-nonsense way. Spoiler alert: We...more

  • Madhur Jaffrey & Padma Lakshmi In Conversation

    Sep 05 2019

    Madhur Jaffrey is more than an icon. As Padma put it at this year’s Cherry Bombe Jubilee Conference, “She is the greatest living writer on Indian food—ever.” Padma, the Top Chef star and best-selling author, interviewed Madhur at Jubilee and it was a riveting conversation that touched on a wide range of topics: protesting with Mahatma Gandhi, working with the legendary cookbook editor Judith Jones, facing discrimination as an Indian actress, and cheering on the young women championing both India...more

  • Chef Iliana Regan Burns It Down

    Aug 30 2019

    One of the most unique chefs in America, Iliana Regan of Elizabeth Restaurant in Chicago, stops by Radio Cherry Bombe to talk about her searing new memoir, Burn The Place. She and guest host Jordana Rothman, Food & Wine magazine’s restaurant editor at large, talk identity, failure, and the power of memory. Iliana shares the reasons she closed her second restaurant, Kitsune, and explains how her newest venture, the Milkweed Inn B&B in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is an exit strategy of sor...more

  • A New Start For Two Cool Moms

    Aug 22 2019

    Erika Nakamura and Jocelyn Guest are true triple threats: butchers, business women, and new moms. The former butcher duo behind White Gold just launched J&E Smallgoods, their new delicious, responsibly-sourced sausage company. Stay tuned to hear how they’ve built their business while raising their new baby Nina as they stop by Cherry Bombe to talk meat, money, and more. Plus, hear who Allison Morisano of The Grey in Savannah, Georgia thinks is the bombe! Thank you to Le Cordon Bleu Culinary ...more

  • People Love Priya Krishna

    Aug 15 2019

    Is there such a thing as too much Priya Krishna? We certainly don’t think so! The journalist, Cherry Bombe contributor, and author of the hit cookbook, Indian-ish: Recipes and Antics from a Modern American Family, visits Cherry Bombe HQ to catch up with host Kerry Diamond. They discuss favorite recipes, Bon Appétit YouTube videos, and how Priya’s life has changed since her book was published this past spring. In the second half, we’ll hear Priya’s talk from our Jubilee 2019 Conference with an in...more

  • How To Be A Better Boss

    Aug 08 2019

    For Valerie Rubin, it’s all about being a teacher, not a boss. Valerie is a culinary innovations consultant for US Foods in Los Angeles and she works to help mom & pop eateries throughout the city be successful. This guardian angel of small eateries shared some great advice on developing your company culture, helping your employees succeed, and explaining the “why” not the “how.” (You’ll definitely have an a-ha moment when you hear her explain that one.) It’s advice that can benefit everyone...more

  • Eat & Travel Like an Italian

    Aug 01 2019

    Chef Missy Robbins of Lilia and Misi restaurants is the pasta queen of New York and writer Katie Parla knows Italy better than some Italians. These two sat down for a special conversation at The Wing in SoHo in New York City to talk all things Italy. They also discuss Missy’s career, need-to-know travel tips, and Katie’s new cookbook, *Food of the Italian South. * Who does Katie McCall of Two Wild Seeds in St. Charles, Illinois, think is the bombe? Stay tuned to find out! Thank you to Le Cordon ...more

  • Steak and Cake

    Jul 25 2019

    Meet the original Grill Girl: Elizabeth Karmel, chef, tamer of flames, baker of cakes, and super taster. Elizabeth joins host Kerry Diamond to talk about her new cookbook, Steak and Cake: More Than 100 Recipes To Make Any Meal A Smash Hit, and her culinary path, which has taken her from North Carolina to the beach town of Amagansett, New York, with lots of stops in between. Learn the real secret of good grilling (spoiler alert: It starts with the “will to grill,” says Elizabeth) and find out wha...more

  • A Pastry Chef Talks Paris, Career Pivots, and Patisserie

    Jul 18 2019

    Michelle Hernandez of San Francisco’s Le Dix-Sept Pâtisserie has had a fascinating career that’s taken her from start-up to corporate fashion to the food biz. From her college dorm to the top restaurants of Paris, this talented pastry chef has had quite the professional—and personal—journey. Join Michelle and host Kerry Diamond as they talk about her path and what’s next for her and her business. And bonus: learn how to pronounce nougat like the fancy foodie you are. Curious who Cheryl Day of Ba...more

  • Ruth Reichl & The River Cafe’s Ruth Rogers In Conversation

    Jul 11 2019

    Tune in to hear two legends—author Ruth Reichl and Chef Ruth Rogers of The River Cafe in London—In conversation at the 2018 Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference. They talk about running a mindful restaurant, motherhood, and the early days of Chef Ruth’s legendary restaurant. The two women are joined by Sian Wyn Owen, head chef of The River Cafe. At the end of the show, photographer Samantha Parquette tells us who she thinks is the Bombe. Thank you to Le Cordon Bleu and Traeger Grills for supporting R...more

  • The Baked Episode: Donuts & CBD

    Jul 03 2019

    Sometimes life leads you in a direction you don’t expect. Pastry Chef Amanda Bankert never thought she’d be an American in Paris, turning out the tastiest donuts in the city. And Creative Director Joline Rivera never thought she’d launch the world’s first print magazine dedicated to cooking with cannabis. But here they are, running their respective businesses--Boneshaker Doughnuts and Kitchen Toke. The two women join host Kerry Diamond to talk about their paths and their pivots. Allison D’Aurizi...more

  • Living Bold and Cooking With Soul

    Jun 28 2019

    Lazarus Lynch is a new kind of chef. He’s not attached to a restaurant; instead, the world is his kitchen. He’s a cook, author, performing artist, entrepreneur, and Food Network Digital host. He’s also the talent behind the colorful new cookbook, Son of a Southern Chef: Cook With Soul. Lazarus stopped by Radio Cherry Bombe to talk about his book, his father, and what’s next as he blazes his own trail in the culinary world. Give a listen! At the end of our show, Eliza Loehr of the Food Education ...more

  • Live With Samin Nosrat!

    Jun 20 2019

    The Salt Fat Acid Heat star joined us for a special screening of her Netflix hit at the Wythe Hotel earlier this spring as part of the Cherry Bombe Jubilee weekend. Following the viewing, Samin sat with New York Times journalist Jazmine Hughes for a conversation about the show, working in professional kitchens, her acting abilities, and more. Tune in for their chat and the audience questions. Plus, find out who Maia Welbel thinks is the Bombe! Thank you to Handsome Brook Farm Pasture Raised Eggs...more

  • Women Changing The Wine World

    Jun 14 2019

    Think the wine world is old fashioned and stuffy? You need to hear from today’s guests. First up, Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal, the founders of Yes Way Rosé. What started as an Instagram account is now a full-fledged business that includes a signature rosé, sparkling wine, and canned wine, plus a brand new cookbook. In the second half of the show, we’re airing sommelier Cha McCoy’s talk from this year’s Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference titled “More Than Moscato.” Tune in to hear Cha’s chall...more

  • Gabriela Cámara’s Mexico City Kitchen

    Jun 06 2019

    The industry dynamo Gabriela Cámara talks to us about her recipes and convictions not just for the food world, but for the world at large. Gabriela is the force behind Contramar in Mexico City, Cala in San Fransisco, and the upcoming Onda in Los Angeles, which she opening in partnership with Jessica Koslow of Sqirl. Gabriela has just published her first cookbook My Mexico City Kitchen, a collection of her top recipes, advice, and observations. Gabriela also shares her latest work outside of the ...more

  • Rookie of the Year: Chef Kia Damon

    May 30 2019

    If the restaurant world was a baseball league and we had to pick our rookie of the year, Cherry Bombe’s money would be on Kia Damon. This young chef is mindful, stylish, and hilarious, and she cooks like a dream at her restaurant Lalito in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Tune in to hear what Harry Potter has to do with Kia’s career trajectory, her early days in Florida, and what icon Edna Lewis means to her. Plus, Natalie Popkave of The Bee And The Baker tells us who she thinks is the Bombe! Thanks to Ha...more

  • Meet Cult Cookbook Author Hetty McKinnon

    May 23 2019

    One of our favorite Australian exports? Hetty McKinnon! She’s a champion of salads, an indie magazine publisher, and one of the nicest people in Cherry Bombe’s hood. She’s also written and produced three cookbooks that beautifully illustrate what’s important to her: Community, Neighborhood, and her newest one, Family. Tune in and hear about Hetty’s early years in Australia as the daughter of immigrants, the journey that led her to Brooklyn, and some easy salad dressing recipes. Plus, find out wh...more

  • Seasonal Eating Is Sexy

    May 16 2019

    What’s better than enjoying produce when it’s meant to be enjoyed. Today’s guest totally agrees. It’s Anna Jones, the London-based champion of farmers markets and seasonal eats. Her beautiful new book, The Modern Cook’s Year, walks us through more than 100 recipes that highlight ingredients at their peak. We’re excited to welcome this British Bombesquad member back to Radio Cherry Bombe. Tune in to hear about everything from rhubarb to the unlikely way her brilliant career got off the ground. Pl...more

  • The Ice Cream CEO

    May 09 2019

    What’s the scoop on Coolhaus? It’s the largest female-founded and -fueled ice cream brand in America. CEO and co-founder Natasha Case stopped by Cherry Bombe HQ to take host Kerry Diamond from origin story to today. Who ever thought a brand launched in a busted-up postal truck at Coachella offering ice cream sandwiches inspired by architects (Mies Vanilla Roh, anyone?) would be a contender for supermarket domination. Watch out, Häagen-Dazs. Natasha says the journey has required conviction, confi...more

  • Carla Hall Does It All

    May 02 2019

    When Carla Hall first appeared on Top Chef, it was clear she was a star in the making. An accountant and model turned caterer, Carla stole the show, even though she ultimately had to pack her knives and go. Today, Carla is a force in the industry with TV gigs and multiple cookbooks, including her latest, Carla Hall’s Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration. We talk highs and lows with Carla, from interviewing First Lady Michelle Obama onstage in Cleveland for the Becoming tour to opening and closing...more

  • Rescuing Grandma's Recipes

    Apr 25 2019

    How do you save family recipes when your grandmother never writes them down? Anna Francese Gass tackles this culinary conundrum in her new cookbook, Heirloom Kitchen: Heritage Recipes and Family Stories from the Tables of Immigrant Women. Anna spent time cooking with matriarchs who immigrated to America and learned the secrets behind their greatest hits. The cookbook is based on Anna’s blog, which she launched after years of testing recipes for the likes of Martha Stewart and Food52. We talk eve...more

  • Matzo Ball Soup and Beyond

    Apr 18 2019

    In honor of Passover, we’re talking everything from matzo to schmaltz. Alana Newhouse, the editor in chief of Tablet, stops by to discuss her new book, The 100 Most Jewish Foods, with Cherry Bombe Special Projects Director (and matzo ball soup aficionado) Lauren Goldstein. In the second half of the show, Radio Cherry Bombe Associate Producer Jess Zeidman talks to Liz Alpern of Queer Soup Night and The Gefilteria about all things gefilte fish and why she’d invite Oprah to her seder. Plus, Executi...more

  • Samin Nosrat & Nigella Lawson

    Apr 11 2019

    A special episode featuring a conversation between Nigella Lawson and Salt Fat Acid Heat’s Samin Nosrat taped in 2018 at the 5th annual Cherry Bombe Jubilee NYC. These culinary game-changers discuss everything from what it means to be a home cook, the differences between American and British desserts, and which women in the culinary world inspire them. Plus, Radio Cherry Bombe Associate Producer Jess Zeidman guest hosts and we get to find out who Kerry Diamond thinks is the bombe! Thank you to ...more

  • Taking Care of Business

    Apr 05 2019

    Joey Wölffer did not want to join the family business. Her father had founded Wölffer Estate Vineyard, the pioneering winery located in the Hamptons, but Joey was interested in the world of fashion. After tragedy struck, she changed course and has been a big part of the brand’s evolution, from the new label design to the expansion into non-alcoholic options. In the second half of our show, we’re joined by Adele Nelson, director of Chefs Cycle, the annual 300-mile endurance ride benefitting No Ki...more

  • It's Our 200th Episode!

    Mar 28 2019

    Can you believe? We’ve interviewed hundreds of women in and around the food world since Radio Cherry Bombe launched in May 2014 and host Kerry Diamond takes a look back at the special moments. Hear an interview with Ina Garten by our original host, author and activist Julia Turshen. We’ve got an exclusive Jubilee recording from Sharon Richardson of Just Soul Catering, a viral recipe confession from Sarah Kieffer of the Vanilla Bean Blog, and a hustle how-to from Ellen Bennett of Hedley & Ben...more

  • Snap, Crackle & Pop with a Cereal Entrepreneur

    Mar 21 2019

    Jessica Siskin has one of the most unlikely careers in the food world. She is a Rice Krispies artist. Working under the name Mister Krisp, she makes lifelike portraits of people like Oprah and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, fake fast food, and store window displays using the basic Rice Krispies Treats recipe and a few add-ins. Jessica, who makes a living through custom creations and brand collaborations, shares her advice for handling this part of the creative process. Find out how she does it on the late...more

  • A Cake Influencer’s Recipe for Success

    Mar 14 2019

    Chelsey White is an accidental baking star. She worked in accounting and various corporate gigs, and started baking as a creative outlet. Soon she was making homemade cakes for all her colleagues and friends of friends, documenting her baked goods on social media along the way. Today, she has over 700,000 instagram followers along with thousands of YouTube subscribers and Facebook fans that love watching her make creative cakes. How did she make the leap? Chelsey thought about quitting her day j...more

  • The Future of Food: Detroit

    Mar 13 2019

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Detroit last year as part of its Future of Food Tour for a live episode at Good Cakes and Bakes. Amanda Saab, owner and baker at the Butter Bear Shop in Livonia, Michigan, and the co-founder of My Muslim Neighbor, speaks to us about her vision for the future. Amanda’s talk is followed by a panel featuring baker Lisa Ludwinski of Sister Pie; Molly Mitchell, owner of Rose’s Fine Food; Dorothy Hernandez, the writer, editor, and founder of Sarap; April Anderson of Good ...more

  • The Future of Food: Denver & Birmingham

    Mar 12 2019

    For this episode, we're spotlighting two very different cities: Denver and Birmingham. The Cherry Bombe team stopped in Denver for an event at The Source and then traveled down to The Essential Birmingham for a panel discussion. In Denver, Jen Griggs Sebastian of Rebel Girl Bakery and Sara Brito of Good Food Media speak about their vision for the future of food. In Birmingham, we recorded a panel featuring Kristen Farmer Hall, co-owner of The Essential; Courtney Pigford of Honeycreeper Chocolat...more

  • Up In The Air

    Mar 07 2019

    When Deborah VanTrece and her fellow flight attendants were on strike, she decided to go to culinary school. For 20 years, Deborah worked on flights and in food before making the full-time leap into the chef world. Today, Deborah has her own place, Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours in Atlanta, where she serves up her global soul food to a happy, diverse clientele. Deborah’s patience and dedication are starting to pay off, as everyone from The New York Times to Guy Fieri has their eyes on her. W...more

  • The Future of Food: New Orleans

    Mar 06 2019

    "Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in New Orleans last year as part of its Future of Food Tour for a live episode at The Ace Hotel. Baker Joy Wilson aka Joy The Baker, food writer and Cherry Bombe contributor Lauren Garcia, and Tales from the Cocktail Executive Director Caroline Rosen speak about their vision for the future of food. They are followed by a panel featuring Chef Nina Compton of Compere Lapin and Bywater American Bistro; Chef Kristen Essig of Coquette; Caroline Rosen of Tales of the C...more

  • The Future of Food: Dallas

    Mar 05 2019

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Dallas last year as part of its Future of Food Tour for a live episode at The Adolphus Hotel. Cake artist Sam Cade, and Chef Uno Immanivong & her daughter Emma Immanivong speak about their vision for the future of food. They are followed by a panel featuring Aliza Kilburn of The Farmers Wife, Nardello’s, and Comeback Creek Farms; baker Lo' Michelle of Sweet Thangs by Lo' Michelle; Chef Janice Provost of Parigi; Chef Anastacia Quinones of Tacos de Tacha; Chef Mis...more

  • Let’s Escape to Jamaica

    Feb 28 2019

    Need a little sunshine? Don’t we all. Thank goodness Michelle and Suzanne Rousseau are here. Sisters, chefs, writers, and restaurateurs, the dynamic duo stop by to talk about good vibes and their newest project, Provisions. This unique cookbook features 150 vegetarian recipes inspired by the cuisines of the Caribbean, as well as special chapters on the history of Jamaican food and the forgotten women on the Rousseau family tree, including their trailblazing great grandmother. Tune in to hear abo...more

  • The Future of Food: Portland

    Feb 27 2019

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Portland last year as part of its Future of Food Tour for a live episode at The Nightwood Society. Naz Sahin of Motherland, Chef Naomi Pomeroy of Beast and Expatriate, and Vivian Zhang of On She Goes speak about their vision for the future of food. They are followed by a panel featuring Michelle Battista, co-owner of The Nightwood Society; Chef Arlyn Frank of Platano Rising; Kim Malek, co-founder & CEO of Salt & Straw; Nong Poonsukwattana, founder of Nong’s ...more

  • The Future of Food: Seattle

    Feb 26 2019

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Seattle last year as part of its Future of Food Tour for a live episode at Book Larder. Deborah Balnit of Rainy Day Bites and Kari Brunson & Autumn Martin of Frankie & Jo’s speak about their vision for the future of food. They are followed by a panel featuring Linda Derschang of the Derschang Restaurant Group; Chef Emme Ribiero Collins of Alcove restaurant; Linda Miller Nicholson aka Salty Seattle the innovative pasta artist; Molly Moon of Molly Moon’s Homem...more

  • It Ain't Easy Being A Small Business Owner

    Feb 21 2019

    Entrepreneur is a glamorous occupation these days, so it’s easy to forget the blood, sweat, and tears that go into running a small business. Michelle Mannix is on her third round of entrepreneurship and she joins us to shed some light on the process. Today, Michelle is the creative force behind a unique culinary studio in Brooklyn called Cook Space that features classes, events, and more. She is also the author of a workbook called Seize Your Days that is designed to help people become the fulle...more

  • The Future of Food: Minneapolis

    Feb 20 2019

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Minneapolis last year as part of its Future of Food Tour for a live episode at The Lynhall. Leensa Ahmed of Green Garden Bakery and baker Sarah Kieffer speak about their vision for the future of food. They are followed by a panel featuring Melissa Coleman of the The Faux Martha; Chef Lachelle Cunningham of Chelle’s Kitchen; Chef Jamie Malone of the Grand Cafe; Pakou Hang, co-founder and Executive Director of the Hmong American Farmers Association; Diane Moua, the Ex...more

  • The Future of Food: Chicago

    Feb 19 2019

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Chicago last year as part of its Future of Food Tour for a live episode at The St. Jane Hotel. Chrishon Lampley of Love Cork Screw and journalist Maggie Hennessy speak about their vision for the future of food. They are followed by a panel featuring Ellen King, co-founder and head baker of Hewn Bread in Evanston; Chef Beverly Kim of Parachute; Adrienne Lo, co-owner of Fat Rice; Christine Cikowski, co-founder of Honey Butter Fried Chicken; and Radio Cherry Bombe hos...more

  • Do What Feels Good

    Feb 15 2019

    So says Hannah Bronfman, the entrepreneur, DJ, and founder of the HBFIT wellness website. Do What Feels Good is the title of her inspiring new book and it encapsulates her feelings and philosophies about body positivity, mindful eating, and following your own path. Hannah joins host Kerry Diamond to talk everything from mean grandmas to head tattoos to hydration routines. Yes, head tattoos. Tune in! Thank you to Handsome Brook Farm for supporting Radio Cherry Bombe. Radio Cherry Bombe is powered...more

  • The Future of Food: Nashville

    Feb 13 2019

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Nashville last year as part of its Future of Food tour for a live episode at Noelle. The trio behind Dirty Pages (Erin Murray, Jennifer Justus and Cindy Wall), dietician Alexandra Reed, and poet Caroline Randall Williams speak about their vision for the future of food. They are followed by a panel featuring Chef Robyn Butsko, Food Network star and Nashville restaurateur Chef Maneet Chauhan, Chef Sarah Gavigan of Otaku Ramen and Bar Otaku, and Chef Margot McCormack o...more

  • The Future of Food: Atlanta

    Feb 13 2019

    Radio Cherry Bombe stopped in Atlanta last year as part of its Future of Food tour for a live episode at Star Provisions. Baker Amanda Faber, mixologist Tiffanie Barriere, and Yasmeen Salaam of Carver's Produce speak about their vision for the future of food. They are followed by a panel featuring Chef Anne Quatrano of Star Provisions, Chef Deborah VanTrece of Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours, Jamila Norman of Patchwork City Farms, Jen Hidinger-Kendrick of The Giving Kitchen, and Radio Cherry ...more

  • Hummus & Humanity

    Feb 07 2019

    Yasmin Khan believes we have more that unites us than divides us—and that nothing unites us more than food. The travel writer and former human rights activist has brought that philosophy to life in her two thought-provoking cookbooks—Saffron Tales: Recipes from the Persian Kitchen, and her latest release, Zaitoun: Recipes from the Palestinian Kitchen. She explores the cuisines of each region to bring her readers a better understanding of the people and the places. Yasmin talks about her experien...more

  • Happy Birthday, Ina Garten!

    Jan 31 2019

    It’s the Barefoot Contessa’s birthday and we have a present for you! We dipped into the Radio Cherry Bombe archive for this funny and insightful interview with Ina from the 2015 Jubilee conference in New York. Author and activist Julia Turshen talks to the food world icon about luck, dinner party advice, and what she looks for in members of Team Ina. “You can teach people about cheese,” she says. “But you can’t teach them how to be happy.” Tune in for more Ina wisdom! And be sure to check out he...more

  • Are You Stressed All The Time?

    Jan 24 2019

    Ugh. Even that question stresses us out! On today’s show, we talk to two women who tackled their stress-related health issues by taking matters into their own hands. First up, Katrine van Wyk, wellness coach and author of the new book, Super Powders: Adaptogenic Herbs and Mushrooms for Energy, Beauty, Mood, and Well-Being. Katrine was feeling run down all the time when a wellness practitioner introduced her to the world of adaptogens. Katrine joins us to explain what an adaptogen is and discusse...more

  • Being Jamie Oliver

    Jan 17 2019

    Are you ready? Today’s one of those rare episodes of Radio Cherry Bombe where we interview… a guy! But not any guy. It’s Jamie Oliver, philanthropist, dad, and one of the world’s most recognizable chefs. We couldn’t pass up the chance to speak with Jamie about his work fighting childhood obesity, his female mentors, and his wildly practical new book, Five Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook looking for some inspiration, a kitchen newbie, or just a Jamie Oliver...more

  • Food & Feelings With Sophia Roe

    Jan 11 2019

    “When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I’m a resource,” says Sophia Roe, the wellness advocate, personal chef, and newest Cherry Bombe cover girl who joins us for today’s show. Sophia, who has done a lot of living in her 30 years, shares the challenges that have shaped her and how she faces adversity head-on. We talk everything from resolutions to stress solutions to her favorite pantry items. If you’re looking to reset, restart, or re-evaluate, we have you covered. “All that I’...more

  • The Lost Episode

    Dec 27 2018

    It’s our final episode of 2018! We won’t go into the long story of how we lost—and found—these interviews, but we’re happy to share them with you because they represent two very different facets of the food world. First up, Jen Agg, the Toronto restaurateur who penned the autobiography titled I Hear She’s a Real Bitch. Jen’s a fantastic writer and she’s always fighting for the industry to be a better place for women—and for everyone. Jen joined us in April and discusses the #MeToo movement, her ...more

  • Time For a Change

    Dec 20 2018

    Are you ready to dig in and make a change--literally and figuratively? On this episode, author Sara Bliss talks about her new book, Take The Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life. She interviewed 75 career changers to find out how they did it, and joins us to share what she learned. In the second half of Radio Cherry Bombe, we look at a restaurant group bringing positive change to the food world. Taylor Lanzet and Elizabeth Meltz from the fine fast casual restaurant group Dig Inn stop by to...more

  • Where Passion Can Take You

    Dec 13 2018

    As a child, Elisa Marshall was quite the homebody, thanks to a doting stay-at-home mom. Elisa loved Martha Stewart and setting the family table, and went on to study fashion and event planning. It’s no surprise she channeled all her passions into maman, the indie coffee shops in NYC and Toronto that are some of the prettiest and most pleasant around. She joins us to talk about her journey, her baked goods, and her plans for the future. In the second half of our show, Linda Thatch of the Little S...more

  • Serenity Now - Cooking As Meditation

    Dec 06 2018

    “I feel cooking is my zen practice,” says Jun Lee. “My meditation.” Jun is the surfer, cook, and environmentalist who founded the beauty line Eir NYC. Several years ago, while recovering from a surfing injury, she started cooking in a monastery in Upstate New York and learned how to be present and still in the kitchen. During her time there, she started making healing oils and balms and came up with the idea for Eir. Jun talks about her monastery experience; her childhood, which took her from Ko...more

  • How To Cook Like A Genius

    Nov 29 2018

    Kristen Miglore spends her days searching for genius—genius recipes and genius cooks, bakers, and pastry chefs. As the creative director of the Food 52 Genius franchise, she’s responsible for sussing out the most brilliant stuff around and sharing it with the Food 52 community via her Genius column and her two cookbooks, Food 52 Genius Recipes and Food 52 Genius Desserts. Kristen was hired by Food 52 founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs as the media start-up’s very first employee in 2009, a...more

  • Did Someone Say Pie?

    Nov 20 2018

    On this special Thanksgiving episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, we are skipping the turkey talk to discuss something a little sweeter: Pie. Guest host Jessie Sheehan chats everything from childhood to cream cheese with Lisa Ludwinksi, the founder, owner, and head baker of Sister Pie. After years of living in New York City, Lisa decided to take her skills back to her home in Detroit to pursue her passion for pie and sustainable business practices. Today, Lisa runs Sister Pie, a pie shop in Detroit’s ...more

  • Take A Coffee Break With The Chocolate Barista

    Nov 15 2018

    Michelle Johnson, aka The Chocolate Barista, wants to change the coffee world. She fell in love with the caffeinated beverage as a child, sneaking snips from her mom's mug of Maxwell House, and today she is the leading voice for inclusion and diversity in the specialty coffee scene. She shares everything from her professional experiences to her Barista Jam playlists on her blog, and earlier this year launched Black Coffee: A Dialogue on Race and Coffee Culture. This live podcast event brings ind...more

  • The Perfect Bite

    Nov 01 2018

    As a child growing up in Okinawa, Natsume Aoi, the executive pastry chef at Morimoto in New York, was a picky eater interested only in dessert. Her cooking lessons began at the age of four, watching her grandmother make red bean paste and mochi dough. She went on to become a classically trained pianist who taught and performed throughout New York City, but found herself at a professional crossroads and headed to Le Cordon Bleu in Tokyo to study pastry. Today, she’s creating beautiful desserts th...more

  • Crunch Time with the Granola Girls

    Oct 25 2018

    Julie Mountain and Dana Noorily call themselves the Thelma and Louise of Granola. (Minus the driving off the cliff part, of course). After the two left their high-pressure New York City careers to start families in the Connecticut suburbs, they found themselves craving something more. They wound up launching a granola company that today has expanded into a thriving business that includes six “modern diners” and a food truck. Julie and Dana are not your typical business people. They are funny, ca...more

  • You Can’t Help But Love Molly Yeh

    Oct 18 2018

    Molly Yeh is one of the most upbeat people we know. She collects sprinkles from around the world and creates some of the most joy-filled fusion food we’ve ever heard of, like scallion pancake challah bread. Need we say more? The Food Network loves all her positivity, too, and tapped her as its latest star. The second season of her show, Girl Meets Farm, will begin Nov. 11th. Molly joined host Kerry Diamond at The Wing in Dumbo to talk about her adventures and to share what she’s loving food-wise...more

  • Put It in Your Bag and Pipe It!

    Oct 11 2018

    How does one go from women’s studies major to baking the cutest cakes imaginable? You’ll have to ask Lyndsay Sung, also known as Coco Cake Land. After she was gifted a KitchenAid as a wedding gift, Lyndsay’s baking obsession was born and she started working her way through the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. Today she spends her days making magic out of buttercream. Best known for her cakes with cute animals and gorgeous flowers in her signature bright pastel palette, she doesn’t shy away from m...more

  • From The Caribbean to New Orleans: Chef Nina Compton & Island And Spice's Rochelle Oliver

    Oct 04 2018

    Chef Nina Compton is heating up the New Orleans food scene with her two hot spots: Compère Lapin and Bywater American Bistro. She competed in the New Orleans season of Top Chef, fell in love with NOLA, the country’s most colorful city, and decided to stay. Journalist Rochelle Oliver interviews Nina for today’s Radio Cherry Bombe and they talk about Nina’s native St. Lucia, Caribbean cuisine, and life in New Orleans. For the second half of the show, host Kerry Diamond and Rochelle talk about Nina...more

  • Elle Macpherson Makes Her Own Nut Milk

    Sep 28 2018

    Yes, she does! Elle Macpherson woke up a few years ago and realized she needed to update her wellness routine. "I said, 'I’m doing what I’ve always done and its not working anymore,'" she recalled. "When I think about that, I'm like 'Duh!'" The revelation led to the founding of WelleCo, a wellness brand specializing in plant-based elixirs packed with vitamins and nutrients. The supermodel partnered with super entrepreneur (and friend and fellow Australian) Andrea Horwood to l...more

  • Girls Gone Wild

    Sep 20 2018

    Is an adventurous spirit something you’re born with? It is nature, nurture, or a little bit of both. Today, we talk to three women going boldly through life. First up, Sarah Glover, the author and chef behind Wild Adventure Cookbook, a gorgeous new book that is a gutsy celebration of life, food, and the outdoors. Joining her is Luisa Brimble, the photographer responsible for all the lush photography. In the second half of the show, host Kerry Diamond talks to Sarah Schneider, the owner and resta...more

  • From Food Truck Fail to Fashion

    Aug 30 2018

    When the universe handed Jenny Goodman lemons in the form of a failed food truck in Brooklyn, she didn’t sulk for very long. Instead, she realized she needed more business acumen and decided to get her MBA. Today, Jenny is the cofounder and COO of Tilit NYC, high-quality workwear for chefs and civilians alike. Jenny joins us to talk about her early days in the industry as a waitress at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, her life as a new mom, and the hot new jumpsuit that Tilit finally brought t...more

  • Beauty Inside and Out

    Aug 23 2018

    We don’t talk beauty advice very much on Radio Cherry Bombe, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to speak with Ayurvedic expert Shrankhla Holecek. She’s the founder and CEO of beauty startup Uma (and janitor, too, says the hands-on exec). Shrankhla is also part of a family that’s been farming and crafting the world’s finest organic oils for almost 800 years. She believes that a beauty practice goes way beyond products; for her, it’s the food she eats, and her daily practices, which include y...more

  • Eat Happy!

    Aug 16 2018

    Melissa Hemsley and Anna Jones want you to eat happy. What does that mean? It’s cooking for yourself, not beating yourself up about what you eat, and indulging in seasonal produce. Melissa and Anna, two of the most beloved members of the British Bombesquad, join us to talk about everything from royal weddings to marriage proposals that never happened to their joyous new cookbooks. Melissa’s is called Eat Happy and focuses on healthy food you can make in 30 minutes or less, and Anna’s is The Mode...more

  • Bake, Jessie, Bake!

    Aug 09 2018

    Everybody who meets Jessie Sheehan wants to be her friend. She’s a brilliant Brooklyn-based baker, mom, and runner who makes some of the best treats you’ve ever tasted. (Have you tried her chocolate rugelach? Then you know what we’re talking about.) Jessie’s newest cookbook, The Vintage Baker, is out now and it’s a celebration of the vintage recipe pamphlets she has collected over the years. Jessie didn’t set out to be a baker. She ditched her career as a lawyer and talked her way into a job at ...more

  • San Francisco Superstar Traci Des Jardins

    Aug 02 2018

    She started cooking at the age of 17 and now runs her own restaurant empire in one of the most competitive markets in the country. Traci Des Jardins joins us to talk about her illustrious career and how things are going at her–count them–seven spots in San Francisco: Jardiniere, Mijita Cocina Mexicana, Public House, The Commissary, Arguello, TRANSIT, and School Night. Traci has been cooking for decades, but she loves what’s new and next, and fills us in on her sweet collab with ice cream phenom ...more

  • Health, Happiness, and How to Meet Oprah

    Jul 26 2018

    Christine Barone and Daina Trout represent a new kind of CEO: one who cares about the bottom line as much as she does her customers’ well-being. Christine is the CEO of True Food Kitchen, a “conscious casual” restaurant chain featuring a menu of tasty, healthy fare based on Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory food pyramid. Oprah Winfrey recently invested in the fast-growing company, which today includes 23 restaurants in 10 states. Christine, a former Starbucks executive, joins us to talk about ...more

  • Home Away From Home

    Jul 19 2018

    They’re the daughters of immigrants and the daughters of chefs. So it’s no surprise that Maiko Kyogoku and Emily Yuen got into the restaurant business. These two women are the team behind Bessou, one of the most charming restaurants in New York City. Maiko, whose family had a Japanese restaurant on the Upper West Side for 30 years, is the owner, and Emily, who hails from Vancouver, is the executive chef. Maiko chose the name Bessou because it means home away from home, which describes the atmosp...more

  • How to Raise Money

    Jul 12 2018

    Jen Pelka wanted to open a Champagne bar in San Francisco, but first she needed to raise $650,000. So she came up with a unique investment strategy: organize an all-female investment group. Thirty-three women wound up taking part and The Riddler Champagne Bar opened its doors last year. Hear how Jen went about finding her investors and what advice she has if you’re looking to fund your next project or big idea. When Jen’s not sparkling things up at The Riddler, she’s taking care of business at M...more

  • Have Her Cake and Eat It Too

    Jun 28 2018

    Laurel Gallucci wasn’t going to let an autoimmune disease hold her back when it came to baked goods. She was on a restrictive diet and decided to start experimenting with ingredients like almond flour, coconut oil, and maple syrup. She shared a chocolate cake creation with her friend Claire Thomas of the blog Kitchy Kitchen and the two decided to launch Sweet Laurel, a specialty bakery and blog. Today, they’re working on their first location and just launched their first cookbook, which features...more

  • Remembering Anthony Bourdain

    Jun 21 2018

    So many of us are still grappling with the loss of Anthony Bourdain, writer, TV star, and globetrotter. He touched so many lives as he showcased the world and its humanity through the lens of food. Helen Rosner, contributing writer at The New Yorker, shares her experience interviewing him over the years and explains what inspired the title of her article, "Anthony Bourdain and the Power of Telling the Truth." Cha McCoy, wine professional and tourism consultant, tells us why she admired...more

  • The Splendid Lynne Rossetto Kasper

    Jun 14 2018

    The most iconic voice in food radio, Lynne Rossetto Kasper hosted The Splendid Table for 21 years, bringing us conversations with everyone from Anthony Bourdain and Julia Child to listeners who would call in for advice about baking, Thanksgiving turkeys, farmers market ingredients, and more. Lynne shares her journey from Jersey girl to public radio personality, and explains how her best-selling cookbook about Northern Italy was the basis for her popular program. "When there's genius in the ...more

  • New York Bites

    May 31 2018

    Imagine having to stay on top of the entire New York City food scene? That's only part of Nikita Richardson's job as a staff writer at New York Magazine's Grub Street. Nikita also has to track the trends and issues shaping the food world as a whole. She's tackled such subjects as why there are so few black restaurant critics to empowering immigrant restaurant workers with English language classes. Host Kerry Diamond talks to Nikita about these issues and more, and finds out her favorite places t...more

  • The Legacy of Edna Lewis

    May 24 2018

    Edna Lewis changed the perception of Southern food and remains one of the most influential American chefs ever. A new book, Edna Lewis: At The Table With An American Original, celebrates her life and contributions through essays written by important figures on the Southern food scene, including Chefs Mashama Bailey and Vivian Howard. Three friends of Cherry Bombe gathered at the recent Charleston Wine & Food Festival to discuss Edna Lewis and her impact: Edna Lewis editor Sara B. Franklin; a...more

  • Wonder Woman

    May 21 2018

    Chef Stephanie Izard has been a Top Chef, an Iron Chef, and a Food & Wine Best New Chef. She runs three of Chicago’s hottest restaurants: Girl & the Goat, Little Goat Diner, and Duck Duck Goat in Chicago. She’s a mom, wife, dog owner, and sunny human being. And now she’s author of Gather & Graze, a new cookbook filled with craveworthy recipes, from Pork Belly Frittata to Miso-Butterscotch Budino to Sweet Corn Frozen Nougat. She stopped by to talk about her book and the ingredients sh...more

  • Dreaming of Italy

    Apr 26 2018

    Gelato, risotto, pistachio butter, anchovies, Prosecco… ? Welcome to the life (and grocery list) of Skye McAlpine, who has called Venice home since the age of 6. She joins us to talk about Venetian cuisine, her love for this magical city, and her first cookbook, A Table in Venice, which is out now. Skye shares her typical food day and walks us through the delicious customs of her city, from gelato time to the tradition of getting a late afternoon spritz with your friends. Our second guest is Cha...more

  • Chef Ruth Rogers of The River Cafe London

    Apr 19 2018

    One of the most acclaimed chefs on the planet, Ruth Rogers has spent 30 years at the helm of The River Cafe London, the restaurant she and Rose Gray opened in 1987. Chef Ruth talks to us about her passion for Italian food, her famous chocolate cake, her perseverance, and her approach to running a humane restaurant. We also talk about Rose, Ruth’s friend and business partner, who passed away in 2010 and left a strong mark on both the restaurant and Ruth’s life. Ruth’s new cookbook, River Cafe Lon...more

  • On the Tightrope with a High-Wire Chef

    Apr 12 2018

    Chef Elizabeth Falkner was once described as a “high-wire artist,” and it’s no surprise. Throughout her career—and her life—she’s never been afraid of taking risks and trying new things. But she’s also been wise enough to know when she needs a break. Chef Falkner stopped by the studio to talk to us about her career, her early restaurant days, grilled cheese (hey, it was National Grilled Cheese Day), and more. Allison Lacey, the Marketing Brand Manager of Emmi cheeses from Switzerland, also came ...more

  • Good Vibes with Melissa Clark and CAP Beauty

    Apr 05 2018

    We always feel good when we talk to Melissa Clark, the cookbook author, New York Times writer, and home cook champion. Melissa chats with us about California chefs, her love for the Instant Pot, and her new Times column about unsung chefs around the country. (She wants you to DM her with some chef suggestions. Ping her @clarkbar.) Our second guest is Kerrilynn Pamer, co-founder of CAP Beauty, the wellness brand and boutique. Her new cookbook, High Vibrational Beauty: Recipes and Rituals for Radi...more

  • Brooklyn's Hottest New Chef

    Mar 29 2018

    Libby Willis (@libbylark) is the chef and co-owner of the hottest restaurant in New York City, MeMe’s Diner (@memesdiner). In an interview with Jarry magazine, Libby and her business partner Bill Clark described MeMe’s as a “very, very gay restaurant,” and with that one quote, MeMe’s Diner became not just a foodie hot spot, but part of the queer culinary moment that’s sweeping the industry, one that’s being shaped by the likes of JaynesBeard, Queer Soup Night, Chefs Ora Wise, Preeti Mistry, Ange...more

  • The Passionate Pastry Chef

    Mar 22 2018

    Natasha Pickowicz represents the new breed of pastry chef--they’re busy, curious, creative, and political. Natasha oversees the teams at not one, but two acclaimed restaurants in Manhattan: Flora Bar at the Met Breuer museum and Café Altro Paradiso, where she turns out beautiful desserts and baked goods, from her grey salt sticky buns to her bombolini alla crema. She contributes her work to cool happenings around town, like the Wifey cafe-gallery pop-up in Brooklyn last fall, and she helps organ...more

  • Cynthia Wong is a Genius

    Mar 19 2018

    Everyone is obsessed with Charleston pastry pro Cynthia Wong. (Okay, maybe everyone is just us.) But everyone should be obsessed! Cynthia, the executive pastry chef at Butcher & Bee, is crazy talented when it comes to sweet stuff and baked goods and she’s made a name for herself on the smokin’ hot Charleston food scene with her crave-worthy creations. Cynthia talks about great dairy, seafoam candy, bakewell tarts, and more. Joining host Kerry Diamond are our friends from Effinbradio: Lindsay...more

  • Int’l Women’s Day State of the State

    Mar 08 2018

    How are things for women in the food world? Eater Editor in Chief Amanda Kludt stops by the studio to give us her state of the state. She talks about chefs and restaurateurs to watch, food media and gender parity, and the impact of #MeToo. We also talk to Amanda Cohen, the chef/owner of Manhattan's award-winning vegetable restaurant Dirt Candy, about RestaurantHER, a special Grubhub project to support female-led restaurants. Be sure to visit restauranther.com to discover how you can help raise m...more

  • You Had Us at Cake and Cocktails

    Mar 02 2018

    Caroline Schiff (@pastryschiff) is a self-taught pastry pro whipping up gorgeous layer cakes, glazed donuts, countless cookies, and more for The Greene Grape in Brooklyn. She talks to host Kerry Diamond (@kerrybombe) about her mentors, like Chef Sohui Kim of The Good Fork and Insa; why she’s birthday cake obsessed; and what she’s doing with browned butter these days. We also talk about her awesome Instagram account and her equally awesome head of hair, which is part Kate Bush, part Anne of Green...more

  • Get Physical with Hannah Bronfman: Super Women, Super Foods

    Feb 23 2018

    Hannah Bronfman (@hannahbronfman) is an entrepreneur, the founder of HBFIT.com, Adidas global ambassador, D.J., master multi-tasker, and more. She is not afraid to follow her passion and get moving. “The best time to start something is today,” she says. Physical fitness is a priority for Hannah, and it helps to clear brain fog and keep her functioning like “a well-oiled machine.” Hear what motivates Hannah, how her family has inspired her, what she DIDN'T do to prepare for her wedding, and why h...more

  • Take a Breather with Noella Gabriel: Super Women, Super Foods

    Feb 23 2018

    Noella Gabriel (@noellagabriel) is a wellness trailblazer and co-founder of the Elemis skincare brand. As a young woman, she and her sister opened the very first health food shop in their small Irish town. Noella later left Ireland to study shiatsu, reflexology, and aromatherapy in New York at a time when those were still considered fringe New Age practices. She shares her story, plus her relaxation tips, her favorite things (like a good cup of tea, long walks, and singing), and why she believes...more

  • Create Rituals with Athena Calderone: Super Women, Super Foods

    Feb 23 2018

    Athena Calderone (@eyeswoon) is a celebrated interior designer, entertaining expert, and founder of the lifestyle site EyeSwoon. Her lush debut cookbook, Cook Beautiful, combines her love of food, family, mealtime, and visual storytelling. Hear all about Athena’s favorite chefs, how she built the EyeSwoon brand after years of searching for her true path, and how she’s trying to instill rituals into her daily existence. “Super Women, Super Foods,” the very first Radio Cherry Bombe miniseries, is ...more

  • Eat Beautiful with Wendy Rowe: Super Women, Super Foods

    Feb 23 2018

    Wendy Rowe (@wendyrowe) is a cookbook author, top makeup artist, and artistic consultant for Burberry Beauty. She’s worked with everyone from the Spice Girls to Cara Delevingne and Nicole Kidman to Vogue, Gucci, and Chanel. Her favorite beauty secret is “be kind to yourself” (although she believes in the power of concealer) and her magic formula is mood + food + sleep + exercise. She outlines this and more in Eat Beautiful, her hybrid cookbook/beauty book filled with gorgeous recipes and great a...more

  • The Cast Iron Chronicles and Conscious Coupling

    Feb 22 2018

    Chef Deborah VanTrece (@chefdeborahvantrece) is the owner of Twisted Soul Cookhouse and Pours in Atlanta, and executive chef and owner of The Catering Company with VanTrece. Tiffanie Barriere (@thedrinkingcoach) is a freelance mixologist who actually made drinking at the airport cool when she was working at One Flew South at the Atlanta Airport. Deborah and Tiffanie are part of a project called The Cast Iron Chronicles, which aims to bring attention to the accomplishments of Black women in the f...more

  • Black Girls Who Bake and Kale Couture

    Feb 15 2018

    Nothing in your closet? How about a banana peel jumpsuit? Or a frilly fennel frond frock? The artist Gretchen Roehrs set the Internet on fire when she started mixing her Funny Face-era fashion sketches with fruit, vegetables, even oyster shells. She’s here today to talk about her unique works of art, why her veggies went viral, and her new book, Edible Ensembles. Our second guest is Jerrelle Guy, creator of the blog Chocolate for Basil and author of the brand new cookbook, Black Girl Baking. Jer...more

  • Sharon Richardson & Angela Garbacz

    Feb 08 2018

    Sharon Richardson is an activist and advocate for the formerly incarcerated. She is the CEO and founder of Just Soul Catering in Brooklyn and the re-entry coordinator for Steps to End Family Violence in Harlem. In 2015, she launched Re-Entry Rocks, a small non-profit organization that helps formerly incarcerated individuals who were victims of domestic violence. Angela Garbacz is the owner, creative director, and head pastry chef of Goldenrod Pastries, a boutique pastry shop in Lincoln, Nebraska...more

  • Smitten Kitchen Confidential

    Dec 21 2017

    “I really didn’t know how to cook anything,” swears Deb Perelman, founder of the Smitten Kitchen website. The self-taught home cook and photographer explains how she created one of the most popular food blogs around and talks about her new cookbook, Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy New Favorites. We also chat about her most popular recipes, hummus, monetizing a blog, and her kids. (Her son Jacob makes a guest appearance.) It’s the final show of 2017, so tune in! This episode is ...more

  • The Harassment Culture and How to Move Forward

    Dec 14 2017

    In response to recent allegations as reported by The New York Times against Ken Friedman and involving our current cover subject, Chef April Bloomfield, we present a special episode dedicated to addressing the issue of sexual harassment and how we can move forward as a community. We talk to chef/restaurateur Preeti Mistry of Navi Kitchen and Juhu Beach Club, restaurateur Martha Hoover of Patachou Inc., and Ovenly CEO Erin Patinkin about the culture at their organizations and the policies and pro...more

  • Who Wears the Pants?

    Dec 14 2017

    Maxine Thompson does, that’s for sure. The London-based, Australian-born chef and former fashion executive couldn’t find work pants that were appropriate for women so she created her own. Polka Pants have now become a cult favorite among women in restaurants, kitchens, and beyond and Maxine shares her story, spots and all. Amanda Frederickson, meanwhile, tells how she changed careers, went to culinary school, and wound up in the Williams Sonoma test kitchen. Today, she creates videos and recipes...more

  • Life, Loss, and Caramel

    Dec 07 2017

    Lily Diamond had a bohemian upbringing in Maui, thanks in part to her mother, who was an aromatherapist, herbologist, and author. Her mother’s untimely passing led to a spiral of sadness, and Lily channeled her grief into writing and cooking and eventually into her blog, Kale & Caramel. Lily shares her story, her wellness advice, and some wisdom from her new book, Kale & Caramel: Recipes for Body, Heart, and Table. For “The Cookbook Call-In,” we talk to Impatient Foodie blogger and autho...more

  • Bunnies, Cookies, and Saffron

    Nov 30 2017

    It’s a curious combo, right? It reflects our three distinct guests. Yasmin Khan is the human rights activist turned food writer who is “challenging stereotypes of the Middle East, one pomegranate at a time.” She’s the author of The Saffron Tales and co-host of the online series The Perfect Dish. Diana Yen is the food stylist and founder of The Jewels of New York, the creative studio. She came by to talk holiday entertaining and even brought her famous bunny, Cleo. And for this week’s cookbook ca...more

  • The Hercules of Food

    Nov 22 2017

    Ukrainian cook Olia Hercules isn’t related to the Roman god, but she’s clearly strong. After the financial crisis of 2008, Olia quit her reporting job in the UK to pursue her dream of cooking for a living. She trained at the renowned Leiths School of Food and Wine, and went on to work for chefs including Yotam Ottolenghi. Her first book Mamushka celebrates her family recipes, from Ukraine and Moldova to Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. British Bombesquad correspondent Hester Cant interviews Olia about...more

  • Cooking Solo, Cooking Yolo

    Nov 16 2017

    When Sam Davis decided to change careers from cancer researcher to chef, she never looked back. With equal amounts planning and dreaming, she made it happen and today runs her own catering and consulting company, Savor by Sam, and is part of Chef Joseph “JJ” Johnson’s team at the Chefs Club in New York. Our second guest, Tieghan Gerard, launched her popular blog, Half Baked Harvest, when she was a teenager. Tieghan got her start at the age of 15, cooking for her six siblings. Her first cookbook,...more

  • Mom’s Meatballs and Beyond

    Nov 09 2017

    What happens to family recipes if they’re not written down? Anna Francese Gass decided to preserve these treasures by celebrating grandmothers and their culinary creations via her website, Anna’s Heirloom Kitchen. Joining Anna is her sister Luciana Francese DeCrosta, a real estate developer with Acadia Realty Trust, the company behind the DeKalb food hall in Downtown Brooklyn. The sisters talk about their mother’s meatballs, how Anna’s project has become a family affair, and how they keep their ...more


    Nov 02 2017

    Stacey Rivera is the digital content director for food for Time Inc. and reads 1,000 headlines a day. We can’t even imagine. Stacey joins us to talk all things food media and how her fascinating career has taken her from Hallmark to Playboy and beyond. JJ Goode is the co-author of more than a dozen cookbooks, including the new State Bird Provisions book and the latest Pok Pok book. When the sexual harassment scandals started to break, JJ sent us a very specific email, which is why he’s on the sh...more

  • A Hygge Hug from Copenhagen

    Oct 26 2017

    Nadine Levy Redzepi is an enthusiastic home cook, mother of three daughters, and author of the fab new cookbook, Downtime: Deliciousness at Home. She has spent most of her adult life working at the restaurant Noma in Copenhagen with her husband Rene Redzepi, waiting tables, taking reservations, and much more. Her new book explores her personal family recipes, a collection of modern comfort food classics with international flair and a few Danish touches. Radio Cherry Bombe is powered by Simplecas...more

  • Secrets of a Pasta Princess

    Oct 19 2017

    Okay, maybe she’s not a royal, but Colu Henry certainly knows a thing or two about pasta. Her cookbook, Back Pocket Pasta, is a celebration of the stuff we love so much. The former director of special projects for Bon Appétit, Colu is a writer, recipe developer, and occasional PR maven. She’s joined by special guest host Jane Larkworthy, longtime journalist, beauty editor, and the blogger behind The Fraudulent Chef. Jane is also a contributor to Elle Decor, Coveteur, and Wealth Simple. In additi...more

  • How to Eat Like a French Girl

    Oct 12 2017

    Two of our favorite Parisiennes stop by the studio to talk about France, feminism, the environment, and… granola? Agathe Lerolle is the founder of She is French, a line of delicious, nutritious granolas. (She’s also the founder of Sur Mesure Search, a boutique executive search firm focused on the fashion and luxury industries.) She’s joined by her friend, Chloe Vichot, the founder of Ancolie, the environmentally-minded eatery in Greenwich Village in New York City. Everything at Ancolie is packag...more

  • Daniel Patterson and Mandy Aftel

    Oct 05 2017

    Do you smell good? We don’t mean body odor. We mean your sense of smell! Chef Daniel Patterson and perfumer Mandy Aftel are authorities on fragrances, flavors, and aromas and are here to share their wisdom. They are also co-authors of the new book, The Art of Flavor: Practices and Principles for Creating Delicious Food, a compilation of recipes and advice. Daniel is the Oakland-based award-winning chef, author and restaurateur behind Coi, Alta Group's Alta at Mid-Market, the newly opened Alta at...more

  • Alison Roman

    Sep 28 2017

    One of the coolest girls in food, Alison Roman has gone from Momofuku Milk Bar to Bon Appétit to The New York Times, cooking up a storm all along the way. She talks to us about her career and her debut cookbook, “Dining In,” which Samin Nosrat, author of Salt Fat Acid Heat, describes as “a treasure map.” Find out what Roman means by a “highly cookable recipe” and what you can learn from her beautiful book.

  • Lidia Bastianich & Krystal Mack

    Sep 21 2017

    Lidia Bastianich is a Queen of Italian cuisine. Through her TV shows, eleven cookbooks, and four New York City restaurants, the legendary chef is responsible for teaching countless people about the country’s traditional dishes. We catch up with Lidia to hear about her new book, Lidia’s Celebrate Like An Italian, and what she’s cooking up these days. Also stopping by the studio is Krystal Mack, legend in the making. This self-taught baker, writer, and creative consultant lives in Baltimore where ...more

  • Grace Ramirez

    Sep 14 2017

    Meet the tenacious chef, author, and TV personality, Grace Ramirez. Born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, Grace is the author of La Latina: A Cook's Journey Through Latin America. When her proposal for a book about Latin food was rejected, Grace worked around the system and found a way to get La Latina published. She also hustled to get her TV career off the ground and today hosts Destino Con Sabor on the Food Network. Host Kerry Diamond talks to Grace about her resilience, her family, and her ...more

  • Roads & Kingdoms + Swale Farm

    Sep 07 2017

    Cara Parks and Nathan Thornburgh join us in the studio to talk about their work at Roads & Kingdoms, the independent online journal of food, politics, travel, and culture. Cara is the executive editor of Roads & Kingdoms and previously the executive editor of Modern Farmer magazine and deputy managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine. Nathan spent much of the last decade working at TIME as foreign correspondent and editor before founding Roads & Kingdoms with Matt Goulding. We later...more

  • Rebecca Masson, Ashley Stanley & Katie Quinn

    Aug 31 2017

    We check in with Rebecca Masson, one of Houston’s most celebrated pastry chefs and founder of Fluff Bake Bar, to hear how she’s doing and what we can do to help her city. Also stopping by is Katie Quinn, the YouTube personality known as QKatie. and author of the Short Stack Editions cookbook on avocados. Ashley Stanley will join us as well. She’s the founder of Lovin’ Spoonfuls, an organization that has rescued more than 7 million pounds of food and distributed it to Boston-area homeless shelter...more

  • Ora Wise

    Aug 17 2017

    Ora Wise’s professional journey has taken her from community organizer to food politics blogger to Brooklyn chef, and she’s always pushing to do more. Choose your battles, embrace your imperfections, but don’t ever back down from trying to make a difference, she counsels. Today, you can find Ora at Harvest & Revel, the mindful catering company in Brooklyn that she co-owns with her partners. She also helps coordinate FIG, the Food Issues Group, which looks for creative and practical ways to a...more

  • Zoe Adjonyoh

    Aug 10 2017

    Zoe Adjonyoh is a fearless force on the British food scene and has hosted supper clubs, served up street food, and even opened a restaurant in a shipping container, all in the name of promoting Ghanaian cuisine. Born to a Ghanaian father and Irish mother, the writer and cook from South-East London deepened her understanding of West African cuisine after a trip to visit her extended family in Ghana. Today she runs Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, located at Pop Brixton in London, and recently published her f...more

  • Judith Jones

    Aug 03 2017

    Host Kerry Diamond is joined by guests Sara Franklin, Julia Moskin, Madhur Jaffrey, Lidia Bastianich, and Joan Nathan to celebrate the life of the legendary Judith Jones. The literary and cookbook editor passed away on August 2nd at the age of 93. Judith discovered The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank and later went on to edit, shape, and champion the likes of Julia Child, Edna Lewis, Lidia Bastianich, Madhur Jaffrey, Marcella Hazan, and more. She clearly prized diversity when it came to peop...more

  • Yes Way Rosé & Marissa Ross

    Jul 27 2017

    Today’s show is all about Women & Wine. We’re talking to Marissa A. Ross, founder of the “Wine. All the Time.” blog and the new book of the same name. Her second gig is wine editor at Bon Appétit and her reviews are quite unlike any you've ever read before. We also chat with the founders of Yes Way Rosé, the lifestyle brand that’s all about...rosé! Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal have been friends since 8th grade and now they get to celebrate everyone’s favorite wine. (Well, ours at least...more

  • Samin Nosrat

    Jul 20 2017

    Samin Nosrat is a writer, teacher, and chef. Called a “go-to resource for matching the correct techniques with the best ingredients” by the New York Times and “the next Julia Child” by NPR’s All Things Considered, she’s been cooking professionally since 2000, when she first stumbled into the kitchen at Chez Panisse restaurant. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Bon Appetit, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among other places. She lives, cooks, and gardens in Berkeley, California. Sa...more

  • Jane Larkworthy

    Jul 13 2017

    What does it mean to be a fraudulent chef? We’ll find out when Jane Larkworthy, writer, legendary beauty editor, and the occasional blogger behind thefraudulentchef.com stops by. She'll be talking to us about kitchen confidence, careers, and how to fake it till you bake it. You might recognize Jane's name from the pages of Cherry Bombe. She wrote a moving essay about her late mom for us, she interviewed Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein, and she even loaned us her dog Remy to model for our Pet Proj...more

  • Anita Shepherd & Yossy Arefi

    Jul 06 2017

    Yossy Arefi is the author of Sweeter off the Vine: Fruit Desserts for Every Season. She is also food photographer, stylist, and the creator of the award-winning blog Apt. 2B Baking Co. We talk to Yossy about the best seasonal fruits for baking, her love of galettes and we have a surprise visit from Sarah Jones, founder of Miss Jones Baking Co. Host Kerry Diamond is also joined by Anita Shepherd of Anita’s Yogurt. Anita was a self-taught pastry chef when she decided to go vegan for health reasons...more

  • Julia Sherman & Izy Hossack

    Jun 29 2017

    Izy Hossack, superstar blogger talks about her new book, The Savvy Cook. It's filled with budget-minded recipes that emphasize maximum flavor and minimum effort. Izy, who started her blog Top With Cinnamon at age 15, is now at university in England. She joins host Kerry Diamond at the studio in Brooklyn to talk about how roommates, her studies in nutrition, and "uni"–the school not the seafood–are impacting her approach to food. Kerry's second guest is the Queen of Green, Julia Sherman...more

  • Immigrant Heritage Month with Hot Bread Kitchen

    Jun 22 2017

    Jessamyn Rodriguez of Hot Bread Kitchen and Renée Beaumont of Radical Mindset join host Kerry Diamond to talk about their inspiring partnership for Immigrant Heritage Month. Together, these two enterprising Canadians are working to raise funds for the Hot Bread Kitchen Bakers in Training program, which helps prepare women facing economic insecurity for careers in the food world. Through the end of June, donations of $100 or more to HBK will be matched by RadicalMindset.org and donors will receiv...more

  • Bonjour Kale and Great British Baking Show Martha Collison

    Jun 15 2017

    On this week’s Radio Cherry Bombe, host Kerry Diamond talks with Kristen Beddard, author of Bonjour Kale. When Kristen moved to Paris with her husband, she couldn’t find kale or “chou kale” for sale anywhere. Bonjour Kale is a memoir of how Kristen began “The Kale Project” to bring her beloved vegetable back to the country of croissants and cheese. Also on the show, our British #BombeSquad correspondent, Hester Cant, speaks to one of the stars of The Great British Bake Off, Martha Collison. Mart...more

  • Lani Halliday and JaynesBeard

    Jun 08 2017

    On this week’s Radio Cherry Bombe we talk with Lani Halliday, the creative baker behind Brooklyn's Brutus Bakeshop. Lani's been making a name for herself with her delicious, colorful creations--including her fabulous snake cakes. We also speak to Sabrina Chen and Alana McMillan, the founders of JaynesBeard, a new initiative that intersects the culinary and lesbian/queer communities with pop-up events that feature up-and-coming, mostly queer and female chefs and bartenders.

  • Elettra Wiedemann

    Jun 01 2017

    Elettra Wiedemann's had quite the life. She's modeled for the likes of Vogue magazine, earned a master's degree from the London School of Economics, and worked as the food editor of Refinery29. Elettra joins host Kerry Diamond to discuss her latest achievement–Impatient Foodie: 100 Delicious Recipes for a Hectic, Time-Starved World–a fun, lively cookbook for those who want to eat well and not spend all day in the kitchen. Listen in for a lively conversation about food, fashion, and life. And why...more

  • Martha Stewart at Jubilee 2016

    May 25 2017

    Ever wonder how Martha Stewart stays inspired? How she relaxes? And how she enjoys her success? The queen of divine domesticity shares all of this and more in her funny and emotional keynote interview from the 2016 Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference. We're rebroadcasting this special talk in honor of our latest issue of Cherry Bombe, which features Martha on the cover.

  • Linda Appel Lipsius

    May 18 2017

    We speak with Linda Appel Lipsius, the co-founder of Teatulia, a progressive tea company based around a community-forward organic tea garden in Bangladesh. Linda tells us how Teatulia sustainability sources its teas while providing education and healthcare for its employees. She also gives us tips for brewing the perfect cup of tea.

  • Kendra Aronson + Andrea Nguyen

    May 11 2017

    Andrea Nguyen is one of the most respected experts on Vietnamese cooking. Her newest book, The Pho Cookbook, celebrates her lifelong love of the aromatic comfort food, which she first tasted as a child in Saigon. Andrea, who was born in Vietnam and came to the United States at the age of six, has authored several books about her native cuisine, including Into the Vietnamese Kitchen, Asian Dumplings, and The Banh Mi Handbook. Later we chat with Kendra Aronson, the food writer, photographer, and s...more

  • Food Book Fair & Kate Williams

    May 04 2017

    Chef Kate Williams worked under Wolfgang Puck before returning to her hometown of Detroit and finding her style of cooking–Nordic food with a little more romance– while in Copenhagen. Now she's about to open her first restaurant, Lady of the House, which Eater already named one of the most anticipated openings of the year. Kate works with local farms to spotlight the beauty of #uglyfood that would otherwise be thrown away. We talk to her about her sustainable philosophy when it comes to nose-to-...more

  • White Gold

    Apr 27 2017

    Today’s guests are two boundary breaking women in the food world—butchers Erika Nakamura and Jocelyn Guest. They are the co-owners of White Gold Butchers, a new hot spot on the Upper West Side of New York that’s both a butcher shop and a cozy neighborhood restaurant. Erika, who was born and raised in Tokyo, got into butchery after working in some of New York’s top kitchens. Jocelyn, meanwhile, is an Army brat who moved every summer until she was 13. Prior to finding her calling, Jocelyn was a co...more

  • Joan Nathan

    Apr 20 2017

    It's all about kings and queens today as Joan Nathan stops by for a visit. Known as "The Queen of American Jewish Cooking," Joan has written a new cookbook called King Solomon's Table and she's here to tell us all about it. The book and its recipes were inspired by Joan's travels to Israel, Italy, India, and beyond, and by King Solomon's passion for discovery. The pages are filled with historical details and personal history, plus delicious and intriguing recipes like New Old-Fashioned...more

  • Jami Curl

    Apr 13 2017

    We’re live today with Jami Curl of QUIN, the cult candy company based in Portland. We'll chat about her new book, Candy Is Magic, how she creates her happiness from scratch, and what it’s like to live with the world’s cutest cat. We'll also talk about running a modern candy company. When she was getting QUIN off the ground, Jami wanted to make great handmade treats, but without the yucky ingredients found in conventional candy. Today, she uses Oregon-grown fruit, fresh cream and butter, and all-...more

  • Chef Angie Mar of The Beatrice Inn

    Apr 06 2017

    The boss behind The Beatrice Inn in New York City, Chef Angie Mar is one of the hardest working chefs we know and 100% an original. A late bloomer in the food world, she was in the real estate business for years and realized being a chef was her true calling. After culinary school, she worked for Chef April Bloomfield, then helped turn around The Bea, as she calls it. Not only did she garner rave reviews for the place, but she bought the restaurant from its owners last year. Tune in to hear more...more

  • Kim Malek

    Mar 30 2017

    Salted Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough? Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Cracked Black Pepper? Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons? With flavors like that, it’s no surprise Salt & Straw Ice Cream has legions of fans in Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles. We talk to co-founder Kim Malek about what it takes to get an ice cream company off the ground. She joined forces with her cousin, cashed in her 401(k), and now they helm one of the fastest growing ice cream brands in America. Kim, who’s got a gre...more

  • Butter & Scotch + Jody Adams

    Mar 23 2017

    One legend and two legends-in-the-making join us for this show. Chef Jody Adams of Boston's Porto, TRADE, and Saloniki is a trailblazing chef and restaurateur–and a humanitarian, which happens to be our favorite kind of human. Then we’ll be talking to Keavy Landreth and Allison Kave, the founders of Brooklyn’s Butter & Scotch, which they call the Bar & Bakery of Your Dreams.

  • Melissa Clark

    Mar 16 2017

    The cookbook queen with a good appetite is in the studio today! Melissa Clark has written 38 cookbooks, many of them in collaboration with some of New York’s most celebrated chefs. Her latest cookbook, Dinner: Changing the Game, proves she isn’t stopping anytime soon. Dinner was designed to help anyone figure out what to make any night of the week, without falling back on what you’ve eaten before. Melissa is a favorite around our office and her effortless work ethic a inspiration to food writers...more

  • Trash Talk and Cat Ladies

    Mar 09 2017

    Imagine fitting four years worth of trash into a 16-ounce mason jar? Lauren Singer, founder of The Simply Co., an organic cleaning product company, tells us how she did it. Her zero-waste blog, Trash is for Tossers, has empowered millions of readers to lead greener lives. We also talk macarons and meows with pastry chef/baker/entrepreneur Christina Ha and her business partner and husband Simon Tung. Christina co-founded the popular patisserie Macaron Parlour before opening New York’s first cat c...more

  • Top Chef’s Brooke Williamson and Shirley Chung

    Mar 02 2017

    One of these women is America’s new Top Chef champion! We talk to Brooke and Shirley right before the big reveal about their experience on the cult cooking competition and how they bonded during this latest season, filmed in Charleston and Mexico. So who are these two women? Both were on Top Chef in previous seasons and returned for another chance at victory. Brooke is the co-owner and co-chef of Hudson House, The Tripel, Playa Provisions, and Da Kikokiko in Los Angeles, while Shirley is the che...more

  • Our 100th Episode with Ruth Reichl, Nancy Silverton, Stephanie Danler, and Ellen Bennett

    Feb 16 2017

    Listen to our first live radio event! We taped this show in front of an audience at Hedley & Bennett headquarters near downtown Los Angeles. Editorial icon Ruth Reichl and Chef Nancy Silverton of the Mozza restaurant group talk friendship, food, and feminism with host Kerry Diamond. Author Stephanie Danler reads a steamy excerpt from her bestselling novel Sweetbitter, and Hedley & Bennett founder Ellen Bennett shares her pep talk titled "The Art of the Hustle."

  • Susan Spungen

    Feb 09 2017

    How do you become an A-list food stylist? Susan Spungen, one of the most in-demand food stylists around, shares the details of her fascinating career. She was the founding Food Editor of Martha Stewart Living and co-authored Martha's Hors D’Oeuvres Handbook; she frequently contributes to Bon Appétit and Food & Wine; and she brought delicious dishes to life in the films Julie & Julia, It’s Complicated, and Eat, Pray, Love. Patrick Diamond, a member of the Surfrider NYC executive committee...more

  • Bon Appétit Editor in Chief Adam Rapoport and Food52’s Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs

    Dec 01 2016

    What’s going on in the food media today? We talk to three leaders in the space to find out. We’ll chat with Adam Rapoport, editor in chief of the iconic Bon Appétit, about what it’s like to lead the iconic magazine and what chefs and restaurants are on his radar. And Food52 founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs stop by to talk about the much-loved website they started from scratch, plus their latest cookbook, A New Way to Dinner, and their NYC holiday pop-up.

  • The Thanksgiving Episode with Joy the Baker and Chef Nancy Silverton

    Nov 24 2016

    It’s our Thanksgiving show! We talk to Joy Wilson, aka Joy the Baker, the popular blogger and cookbook author based in New Orleans, and Nancy Silverton, the acclaimed chef behind the Mozza restaurant empire in Los Angeles and Singapore. Joy tells us about the “Friendsgiving” that she’s hosting and her newly formed cookbook club, while Nancy shares the story behind her new cookbook, “Mozza at Home,” and what’s on her Thanksgiving table.

  • Katrina Markoff and Gretchen Holt-Witt

    Nov 17 2016

    Love chocolate? Learn how chocolatier Katrina Markoff found her calling and went on to launch the brands Vosges Haut-Chocolat and Wild Ophelia. Also, hear how she’s helping high school and college students who dream of being entrepreneurs. Our second guest is the inspiring Gretchen Holt-Witt, founder of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Hear how the loss of her son Liam spurred her to create the organization, which has raised more than $10 million for research.

  • Post-Election Coping Strategies

    Nov 10 2016

    Oh, Bombe Squad. What happened? We've put together a panel for today's Radio Cherry Bombe to talk through how we're feeling and shed light on some of the issues resulting from Tuesday's shocking results. Joining us is author Charlotte Druckman, Erin McKenna's Bakery founder Erin McKenna, Hot Bread Kitchen founder Jessamyn Rodriguez, and food policy expert Marion Nestle. We'll get through this.

  • Doria Santlofer and Nicole Ponseca

    Nov 03 2016

    Doria Santlofer is the New York and Los Angeles based stylist whose genius vision has featured in Teen Vogue, Lula, Allure, Self, Wonderland, Oyster, New York Magazine, Bon Appetit, Cherry Bombe and i-D and she has worked with clients including Nike, Mansur Gavriel and Gap. Her first book, 50 Contemporary Designers You Should Know, was published in 2012 by Prestel/Random House and Food City: Four Centuries of Food-Making in New York, written by her late mother, Joy Santlofer, but finished by Dor...more

  • Dorie Greenspan and Alex Prudhomme

    Oct 27 2016

    The author of twelve cookbooks, Dorie Greenspan has been called a “culinary guru” by The New York Times and inducted into the “Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America.” Dorie’s latest book is Dorie’s Cookies, a celebration of everyone’s favorite dessert. A three-time James Beard Foundation award-winner for her cookbooks and magazine articles, Dorie has collaborated with many celebrated chefs, among them Julia Child (Dorie wrote Baking with Julia), Daniel Boulud and Pierre Hermé. Her book, Baki...more

  • Chefs Katie Button and Preeti Mistry

    Oct 20 2016

    Chef Katie Button is a Southern chef with a scientific mind who honed her craft at some of the world’s best restaurants, including elBulli. She is the executive chef and co-owner of Cúrate Tapas Bar and Nightbell in Asheville, North Carolina, where she has earned world-wide recognition and accolades. Chef Button is devoted to high-quality, sustainable cuisine and excellent service. Born in London and raised, chef Preeti Mistry’s innovative cooking is inspired by her multicultural background, Ind...more

  • Laurie Woolever and Ashley Christensen

    Oct 13 2016

    Laurie Woolever is a freelance writer and editor, and works for Anthony Bourdain under the catch-all title of "gatekeeper." She has written for the New York Times, Food & Wine, Lucky Peach, Saveur, GQ, Wine Spectator, Los Angeles Times, and more. She previously worked as an editor at Wine Spectator and Art Culinaire. Woolever co-authored the new cookbook Appetites with Anthony Bourdain, and previously collaborated with him on Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook. She is a graduat...more

  • Hawa Hassan & Molly Yeh

    Oct 06 2016

    Hawa Hassan is the founder of Basbaas, the only line of Somali hot sauces and chutneys available in the U.S. The products are all natural, gluten free, and vegan. To create Basbaas, Hassan participated in the incubator program at Hot Bread Kitchen, the bakery and social enterprise initiative based in East Harlem. Molly Yeh is a baker, blogger, writer, and farmer living in East Grand Forks, North Dakota. She is the voice behind the popular blog, My Name is Yeh, and has built a following for her u...more

  • Martha Stewart

    Aug 25 2016

    Martha Stewart joins us for this episode of Radio Cherry Bombe. The show was recorded at our Jubilee conference this past spring when Martha sat down with Cherry Bombe co-founder Kerry Diamond for the keynote conversation. As only Martha can be, she was wise, emotional, honest, and hilarious. We're honored that she joined us and hope you enjoy this big moment as much as we did. Today’s outro is read by Grace Ramirez, author of the cookbook La Latina.

  • Padma Lakshmi

    Aug 18 2016

    Padma Lakshmi, author and Top Chef star, reads from her bestselling memoir, Love, Loss, and What We Ate, as recorded at this year’s Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference. Listen as Padma recounts some childhood adventures with her beloved grandparents in India. Introducing Padma is the writer Priya Krishna. This week’s outro is read by Lauren Guptill, founder of Rococo Ice Cream in Maine.

  • New York's Next Wave

    Aug 11 2016

    Melissa Clark of The New York Times talks with five of the hottest up-and-coming chefs in New York City as part of the “New York’s Next Wave” panel from this year’s Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference. The panelists include Chefs Emma Bengtsson of Aquavit, Adrienne Cheatham of Red Rooster Harlem, Chloe Coscarelli of By Chloe, Angela Dimayuga of Mission Chinese Food, and Alissa Wagner of Dimes. Learn why this is a great moment for female chefs in NYC and hear how these rising stars got where they are...more

  • The Way It Was

    Aug 04 2016

    So what was New York like for female chefs back in the 1970s and '80s? As part of our continuing coverage of the Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference, we're sharing a talk titled "The Way it Was" presented by Mimi Sheraton, the pioneering journalist and author of 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die. Mimi, as many of you know, was the first female food critic of The New York Times during that era, so she has some great perspective on the city and its chefs.

  • Feeding the Beast

    Jul 28 2016

    Kat Kinsman, author and editor, is taking on the subjects rarely discussed in the food world, namely depression, addiction, and burnout. In her talk entitled "Feeding the Beast," presented at this year's Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference, Kat shared her thoughts on helping, healing, and finding a way forward. Kat was welcomed to the stage by her friend, the writer Jordana Rothman. We're sharing both Kat's talk and Jordan's heartfelt introduction on Radio Cherry Bombe today. Kat is doing ...more

  • So You Want to Be a Farmer?

    Jul 21 2016

    Have you ever fantasized about having your own farm? On today's show, five fierce female farmers dish the dirt on their profession as part of the "So You Want to be a Farmer?" panel from this year's Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference. From a fashion editor/orchard owner to a leader in the food justice movement, our panelists are as inspiring as they are hard working. Moderator Erin Fairbanks, Heritage Radio Network executive director and host of The Farm Report podcast, talks with Katie B...more

  • How To Be The Boss

    Jul 14 2016

    Ellen Bennett of Hedley & Bennett joins us to moderate the latest panel in our Cherry Bombe Jubilee coverage, focused on how to be be the boss of others or just yourself. This panel was part of our third annual Jubilee conference, which was held earlier this year at the High Line Hotel in New York and featured interviews and talks with some of the most interesting women in the world of food. More than 300 guests attend the sold-out conference each year to network, hear the speakers, and enjo...more

  • Hemsley + Hemsley's 10 Tips for Happy Living

    Jul 07 2016

    Hemsley + Hemsley kick off our special Cherry Bombe Jubilee series with their Top 10 ways to have a happier, healthier life. Sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley presented this talk as part of the third annual Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference. Held earlier this year at the High Line Hotel in New York, Jubilee features interviews and panels with some of the most interesting women in the world of food. More than 300 guests attend the sold-out conference each year to network, hear the speakers, and e...more

  • Arianna Huffington and Sierra Tishgart

    Jun 30 2016

    Arianna Huffington is the co-founder, president, and editor-­in­-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, and the author of 15 books. In May 2005, she launched The Huffington Post, a news and blog site that quickly became one of the most widely­-read, linked to, and frequently­ cited media brands on the Internet. In 2012, the site won a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. She has been named to Time magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people and the Forbes Most Powerful Women ...more

  • Soa Davies and Nina Clemente

    Jun 23 2016

    Soa Davies leads menu development and drives the culinary vision for Maple, the delivery-­only food service with rotating daily menus prepared by New York’s best chefs. Soa, as executive chef, brings almost two decades of culinary experience to the company. Previously, she spent over six years working alongside Eric Ripert as the head of menu research and development for his three­-Michelin­-starred Le Bernardin restaurant. Davies was the founder of Salt Hospitality, which focused on helping eme...more

  • Emma Straub and Emily Murphy

    Jun 16 2016

    Emily Murphy of Baldor Specialty Food grew up infatuated with the cooking world, watching episodes of Two Fat Ladies and Julia Child’s The French Chef religiously at a young age. After studying baking at the Institute of Culinary Education in 2006, Emily made the move away from the kitchen into buying and selling specialty foods for her family business, Baldor Specialty Foods. She worked with Baldor founder Kevin Murphy, who evolved the company from a warehouse full of fruits and vegetables into...more

  • Meaghan Dorman and Dianna Daoheung

    Jun 09 2016

    Meaghan Dorman is bar director and partner at The Bennett, an elegant new cocktail bar in Manhattan’s Tribeca. Together with partners Alberto Benenati and Yves Jadot, the trio is creating a relaxed, glamorous experience for their guests. Meaghan is responsible for creating the bar’s menu and its cocktails; hiring, training and managing the bar staff; bartending; and organizing special events. At the same time, Meaghan is bar director at Dear Irving in Manhattan’s Gramercy Park neighborhood. She ...more

  • Yvette Leeper-Bueno

    Jun 02 2016

    Yvette Leeper­-Bueno owns Vinatería, the charming Harlem neighborhood restaurant and wine bar. A lifelong New Yorker, Yvette maintains longstanding roots in Harlem­­from her parents first meeting on 122nd Street in the 50s, to the renovated townhouse on 112th Street she has shared with her husband and sons for 12 years. Before opening Vinatería in early 2013, Yvette owned a clothing design/manufacturing business and children’s clothing boutique, Leeper Kids. Eventually her entrepreneurial spirit...more

  • Missy Robbins and Katie Stagliano

    May 26 2016

    Missy Robbins is the celebrated chef behind Lilia, the hot new Italian restaurant in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She is known for creating classic Italian specialties with a contemporary twist. After training at Peter Kump’s New York School of Cooking (now The Institute of Culinary Education), she worked in the kitchens of various notable restaurants at home and abroad, learning from the likes of Chef Anne Rosenzweig. Missy served as executive chef at the A Voce restaurants in Manhattan from t...more

  • Ana Ros & Tasting Rome Authors

    May 19 2016

    Ana Ros is widely considered the best chef in Slovenia, and will soon be featured on Season 2 of the Netflix hit show Chef’s Table. She runs Hi a Franko, a countryside estate and restaurant that has been in her husband’s family for decades and happens to be the location where Ernest Hemingway wrote A Farewell To Arms. Ana never intended to be a chef — she was an international studies and diplomacy student when she met her husband, Valter, and they took over running Hi a Franko together. Ana taug...more

  • Allison Robicelli

    May 12 2016

    Born in Brooklyn, Allison Robicelli of Robicelli’s Bakery started out in the food business more focused on the savory side of things, working as a catering chef for several years. But she was no stranger to sweets. While learning how to be a chef, Robicelli ran a cake business out of her parents' house. In 2005 she met Matt, a fellow food industry veteran. The pair started dating and soon got engaged. Allison and Matt married in October 2006 and have since welcomed two sons, Atticus and Toby. In...more

  • Sara Moulton & Bertha González Nieves

    May 05 2016

    Sara Moulton kicked off her fifth season as host of public television's Sara's Weeknight Meals in October of 2015. It was the latest milestone in a storied career that stretches back more than 30 years. A protégée of Julia Child, Sara was the founder of the New York Women's Culinary Alliance, executive chef of Gourmet magazine, Food Editor of ABC‐TV's "Good Morning America," and the host of several well-loved shows on the Food Network during that channel's first decade. A teacher at he...more

  • Anna Newell Jones & Food Book Fair

    Apr 28 2016

    Anna Newell Jones is the creator of AndThenWeSaved.com, a blog that offers scrappy, down-­to­-earth advice on getting out of debt. She is relentlessly committed to showing how getting out of debt and living a debt­-free life doesn’t have to suck, and has been featured in Forbes, Self, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, and the Chicago Tribune. She and her husband own Newell Jones + Jones Photography and live in Denver, Colorado, with their young son. Her new book, The Spender’s Guide to Debt-­Free Livi...more

  • Hemsley Sisters

    Apr 14 2016

    Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley’s London­-based family business, Hemsley + Hemsley, has been the international behind­ the­ scenes go-­to food service for celebrities and those in the health, beauty and wellness industry since 2010. Focusing on the importance of eating natural, unprocessed foods, Jasmine and Melissa combine ancient eating principles with the latest research on diet and nutrition. Following the success of their international bestselling cookbook, The Art of Eating Well, the Hemsley s...more

  • Jodi Berg & Ellen Bennett

    Apr 07 2016

    Jodi Berg, the great‐granddaughter of William G. Barnard, is the President and CEO of Vitamix, a fourth‐generation family‐owned company. Before joining Vitamix in 1997, she held management positions with hospitality companies, including Marriott Corporation and The Ritz‐Carlton Hotel Company. She received her bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University and her masters of business administration from Washington State University, and is pursuing a doctorate in Organizational Behavior. Vi...more

  • Olivia Kim & Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin

    Mar 31 2016

    Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin are the co­-founders of Ovenly, an award-­winning bakery based in New York City known for inventive flavor combinations that thoughtfully meld sweet and savory with a touch of spice. They are authors of the best­-selling cookbook Ovenly: Sweet and Salty Recipes from New York's Most Creative Bakery. Inspired by the Eastern European flavors of their youths, they create recipes that are complex but not complicated, and that play on tradition (think currant­ rosemary ...more

  • Emily Hyland & Marta Freedman

    Mar 24 2016

    Emily Hyland is the co-owner of the eponymous Emily restaurant in Brooklyn with her husband, Matt. When she’s not running a restaurant and taste-testing Matt’s newest pizza creations, she’s a yoga instructor who teaches vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga and especially enjoys working with beginners, those recovering from injury. Emily is also a published poet whose work has appeared in the Brooklyn Review, Sixfold, and Stretching Panties. Her most recent manuscript, “The Storming Year,” is based...more

  • Mimi Thorisson and Jessie Kanelos Weiner

    Mar 17 2016

    Mimi Thorisson is the author of A Kitchen in France, and Manger, her blog devoted to French cooking and life in the French countryside. Though she grew up in Hong Kong, Mimi developed a love of French cooking early on while visiting her grandmother in the South of France. She is the host of the French cooking shows La Table de Mimi and Les Desserts de Mimi. She lives with her photographer husband, their seven children, and a band of smooth fox terriers in an old château in St. Yzans, in the Médo...more

  • Klancy Miller

    Mar 10 2016

    Klancy Miller is a writer and pastry chef deeply fascinated by all things French. After graduating from Columbia University and working in international development in French Polynesia, she earned a Diplôme de Pâtisserie at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Klancy stayed in Paris to apprentice in the pastry kitchen at the Michelin­-starred Taillevent restaurant, and was later hired by Le Cordon Bleu Paris to join the recipe development team. During this time, Klancy was featured on Food Network’s Recipe for...more

  • Celestine Maddy

    Mar 03 2016

    Celestine Maddy is the founder and publisher of Wilder Quarterly and the author (with Abbye Churchill) of the new book A Wilder Life (Artisan, 2016). She was named one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative in Business” for 2012, and is also a Cannes Lion winner. Before founding Wilder Quarterly, she was the Director of Emerging Media at global agency StrawberryFrog. She is currently Vice President of Marketing at Reddit and she splits her time between New York and San Francisco.

  • Chef Chloe Coscarelli

    Feb 25 2016

    Chloe Coscarelli is the chef and co-partner of N.Y.C.’s vegan hot spot By Chloe, located in the heart of the Village. She is also the author of three best-selling cookbooks — Chloe’s Kitchen, Chloe’s Vegan Desserts, and Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen. Chloe first earned national attention after taking the top spot on an episode of the Food Network’s hit reality-competition series “Cupcake Wars,” becoming the first vegan chef to win a culinary competition on national television. Chloe is a graduat...more

  • Emshika Alberini & Chef Sohui Kim

    Feb 18 2016

    Emshika Alberini Emshika is the chef/owner of Chang Thai Cafe and M-ZO Tea & Co, both located in Littleton, New Hampshire. She’s been a generous supporter of Radio Cherry Bombe and Heritage Radio Network, so we invited her to join us as our first-ever guest host. Emshika grew up in Bangkok and learned to cook from her mother and grandmother. She moved to New York in the early 2000s and earned a master’s degree in organizational management from Russell Sage College in Troy, N.Y. She then move...more

  • Margaret Braun

    Feb 11 2016

    Margaret Braun, the author of Cakewalk, is a New York‐based artist who has redefined the art of cake decorating. In the 1980s, Margaret worked her way through various New York bakeries developing a distinctive, boundary‐breaking style that fuses the food arts to the fine arts. Her various projects have included creating 2,000 wedding cakes for a royal wedding in the Middle East and Marilyn Manson's wedding cake in a castle in Ireland; making a sugar mosaic sculpture at a Venetian palazzo; decora...more

  • Caviar Dreams and Drake on Cake: Alexandra Du Cane and Joy Wilson

    Feb 04 2016

    Alexandra Du Cane is the co‐founder of Pointy Snout, a sustainably farmed U.S. caviar company. A self‐studied expert, Du Cane personally grades each tin, ensuring both quality and transparency. Pointy Snout has been featured in luxury lifestyle outlets such as Travel + Leisure, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, Departures, Town & Country and dubbed "black gold" by W magazine in 2014. Before starting Pointy Snout, Du Cane founded one of the world's premier fashion and advertising phot...more

  • Danielle Chang & Suzanne Cupps

    Jan 28 2016

    Danielle Chang created LUCKYRICE to follow her passion for creating a platform for Asian culture. Her career has always revolved around pop culture, storytelling, and entrepreneurship. She began her career at The New York Times and later founded and published the lifestyle magazine, Simplycity. After earning her master’s degree in Critical Theory from Columbia University, she was a Professor of Contemporary Art History as well as a curator of emerging art. Most recently, she was CEO of Vivienne ...more

  • Avery Ruzicka, Baker/Partner Manresa Bread

    Jan 21 2016

    Avery Ruzicka is the force behind Manresa Bread, the celebrated bakery in Los Gatos, California. She studied politics, international studies, and creative writing at college in North Carolina, but her interest in food led her to culinary school in New York City. She focused on bread baking and after graduation worked with master baker Ben Hershberger at Per Se. She first crossed paths with Manresa Chef David Kinch as a student and eventually made her way out west to work at his celebrated restau...more

  • Mandy Aftel

    Jan 14 2016

    Mandy Aftel is world renowned expert in the natural fragrance field and is the founder of Aftelier Perfumes, a Berkeley-based company. She creates bespoke fragrances for her clients and also has a line of culinary essences and sprays for use in professional and home kitchens. Mandy has written several books on fragrance and co-authored a book of food and fragrance recipes with Chef Daniel Patterson called Aroma. She also has contributed her work and expertise to a number of museum exhibits and l...more

  • Christina Tosi

    Dec 22 2015

    Christina Tosi is the chef, founder and owner of Milk Bar, called “one of the most exciting bakeries in the country” by Bon Appétit magazine. Christina founded the dessert programs at Momofuku restaurant in New York and went on to build a culinary empire of her own from the ground up. She opened Milk Bar’s doors in 2008 and since then, hundreds of people flock to her stores daily to try one of her highly addictive and genius creations, including Cereal Milk ice cream, Compost Cookies and Crack P...more

  • Andie Mitchell & Yana Gilbuena

    Dec 10 2015

    Andie Mitchell is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, It Was Me All Along, which shares her heartbreaking and inspiring journey to lose 135 pounds and find balance with food, weight, and body image. Today, she is a health and wellness writer, weekly contributor to Yahoo Health, speaker, and recipe developer who has been a guest on Good Morning America and Dr. Oz and many other outlets. Her second book, Eating in the Middle: A Mostly Wholesome Cookbook, will be published March 2...more

  • Nigella Lawson

    Nov 26 2015

    Nigella Lawson, food enthusiast, television personality, and journalist, is the author of nine bestselling cookbooks (Nigellissima, Nigella Kitchen, Nigella Fresh, Nigella Christmas, Nigella Express, Feast, Nigella Bites, How to Be a Domestic Goddess, How to Eat), which together have sold more than 12 million copies worldwide. These books, her host role on ABC‐TV’s “The Taste,” along with her Quick Collection apps, and her successful television shows have made hers a household name around the wo...more

  • How To Bake A Pie And Build An Indie Business

    Nov 19 2015

    Emily Elsen was born and raised in the rural farm town of Hecla, South Dakota. Her mother and her mother’s sisters owned the popular Calico Kitchen restaurant for which their Grandmother Liz made all the pies. In 2010, Emily and her sister Melissa founded Four & Twenty Blackbirds, the cult pie shop in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Four & Twenty Blackbirds has been featured in a variety of food media including the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, in the New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, an...more

  • Madhur Jaffrey

    Nov 12 2015

    Regarded by many as the world authority on Indian food, Madhur Jaffrey is an award-winning actress and bestselling cookbook author. Her first book, “An Invitation to Indian Cookery,” was published in 1973 and her series for BBC television, “Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cookery,” made her a household name. She has appeared in over 20 films, including Merchant Ivory’s “Heat and Dust,” and written more than 20 books, including ‎”Madhur Jaffrey’s Ultimate Curry Bible” and “Curry Easy.” Her newest book is...more

  • “Burnt” with Dominique Crenn

    Nov 05 2015

    Dominique Crenn was raised in France and trained in top kitchens around the world. She opened her acclaimed restaurant, Atelier Crenn, in San Francisco in 2001, where she transforms her experiences living in France, California, and Asia into culinary art. Named “Chef of the Year” by Eater in 2012, Dominique makes frequent media appearances, including Today, Top Chef, and Iron Chef America. She is also the first female chef to have been awarded two Michelin stars. Dominique recently released her ...more

  • Garance Doré

    Oct 29 2015

    Garance Doré is a photographer, illustrator, author, and founder of the eponymous influential style blog, garancedore.com. Winner of the CFDA Eugenia Sheppard Media Award, Garance has contributed both as a writer and photographer to publications including American, British, and Paris Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, T Magazine, Elle, The Guardian, and New York magazine. Originally from Corsica, she currently lives in New York City. She just released her new book Love x Style x...more

  • Yotam Ottolenghi, Nopi Restaurant, and Taco Talk

    Oct 22 2015

    Jordana Rothman is the co-­author of the new book Tacos: Recipes + Provocations with Chef Alex Stupak of New York’s Empellón restaurants. She was the food and drink editor of Time Out New York for six years. Rothman is a frequent contributor to print and digital publications such as Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, New York Magazine, Cherry Bombe, MadFeed, and Conde Nast Traveler. Rothman also once challenged competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi to a hot dog eating contest. She lost. Yotam Ottolenghi...more

  • Alice Waters and Fanny Singer

    Oct 15 2015

    Alice Waters is the chef, author, and food activist who founded the legendary Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, California. She has been a champion of local, sustainable agriculture for over four decades. In 1995, she founded the Edible Schoolyard Project, which advocates for school lunch and a sustainable food curriculum in every public school. She has been a Vice President of Slow Food International since 2002. She conceived and helped create the Yale Sustainable Food Project in 2003 and th...more

  • Beauty From Within: Bobbi Brown and the Hemsley Sisters

    Oct 08 2015

    Bobbi Brown is the founder and chief creative officer of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Bobbi first arrived on the beauty scene in 1991 with the launch of Bobbi Brown Essentials, and changed the face of makeup with 10 brown­-based lipstick shades created to fill a void in the market of simple and flattering makeup. Bobbi’s philosophy was simple: “Women want to look and feel like themselves, only prettier and more confident.” Today, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a global color cosmetics, fragrance and skincar...more

  • Kelis, Nomiku, and Guittard Chocolate: From Sweets to Silicon Valley

    Oct 01 2015

    Lisa Q. Fetterman is a cofounder and CEO of Nomiku, the at-home sous­-vide machine. She was recently named Forbes and Zagat 30 Under 30. Lisa’s culinary sensibilities were honed at the best restaurants in the world like Babbo, Jean Georges, and Saison. She has a writing and editing background with a BA in Journalism from the NYU Arthur L. Carter of Journalism and worked for the Hearst Corporation in their digital media department. Born and raised in Harlem, Kelis Rogers, better known by just her...more

  • Darra Goldstein & Amanda Freitag

    Sep 24 2015

    Darra Goldstein is the Willcox B. and Harriet M. Adsit Professor of Russian at Williams College and Founding Editor of Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture. She has published widely on literature, culture, art, and cuisine and has organized several exhibitions, including Feeding Desire: Design and the Tools of the Table, 1500-2005, at the Cooper­-Hewitt, National Design Museum. She is also the author of A Taste of Russia, The Georgian Feast, The Winter Vegetarian, and Baking Boot Camp a...more

  • Karma and How To Find A Job In Food

    Sep 17 2015

    Alice Cheng is the Founder and CEO of Culinary Agents, a professional networking and job matching website designed for current and aspiring professionals in the food, beverage, and hospitality industry. Having spent years working in a restaurant and then working for IBM for 13 years in cross-­industry innovation, Cheng brings her knowledge of technology into the food and beverage industry to solve inefficiencies and gaps around talent sourcing and career development. Cheng is passionate about he...more

  • Kim Floresca of [ONE] Restaurant

    Aug 09 2015

    Kim Floresca is co-­executive chef of [ONE] Restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. [ONE] is an innovative spot that “brings the art of microgastronomy” to the South. Floresca has an impressive resume and has worked at Per Se in New York and El Bulli in Roses, Spain. Most recently, she was executive sous chef at Meadowood in Napa, California. Floresca talks to us about her childhood, her career, and her passion for her craft. As she says in her Twitter bio: “I cook for life, I cook for love.”...more

  • Elly Truesdell of Whole Foods Market & Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir of Yes Way Rose

    Aug 03 2015

    Elly Truesdell has one of the coolest jobs in food. As Northeast Regional Local Forager for Whole Foods Market, she “forages” for new brands and talent to spotlight. Truesdell spends her time visiting production facilities and farms, offering guidance to small wholesalers, and helping to launch their brands. She curated the Snack Break networking session at this year’s Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference. Yes Way Rosé is the dream project of Erica Blumenthal, a fashion editor, and Nikki Huganir, an ...more

  • Jordan Salcito of Momofuku and Bellus

    Jul 26 2015

    Jordan Salcito is one of the hottest young wine experts in America. She chats with Cherry Bombe’s Claudia Wu about working as beverage director of the Momofuku restaurant group; launching Bellus, her indie wine label; and studying to become a master sommelier. Tune in to hear this and more. Wine not?

  • The White Moustache

    Jul 19 2015

    The White Moustache’s Homa Dashtaki sits down with Cherry Bombe’s Claudia Wu to talk about how she went from California lawyer to New York cult yogurt maker. With flavors inspired by her Persian roots and techniques learned from her yogurt making (and white mustached) father, Dashtaki makes each batch lovingly by hand in Red Hook, Brooklyn. She’s recently expanded the business and launched a line of whey drinks, making use of the byproducts of yogurt manufacturing. Tune in to hear her story. ...more

  • Emily Elsen of Four & Twenty Blackbirds

    Jul 12 2015

    How do you build a pie business from scratch? Cherry Bombe’s Kerry Diamond asks that and more of Emily Elsen, co-founder of Four & Twenty Blackbirds, the celebrated pie shop in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Elsen talks about working with her sister Melissa, their cookbook, the Four & Twenty shop at the Brooklyn Public Library, and the art of making sour cherry pie. Tune in to hear more from this funny and fearless pie-o-neer. This program was brought to you by the International Culinary Center.

  • Jamie Schmones Erickson

    Jul 05 2015

    Jamie Schmones Erickson is the owner of Poppy’s Catering and Events, which is breathing new life into the idea of what it means to be a catering company. Poppy’s has worked with the likes of Stella McCartney, J. Crew, Madewell, and Vogue, providing beautiful, seasonal food and drink for their parties and fashion events. On today’s episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, Erickson talks about starting up her company and the values that she brings to her Brooklyn-based business. This program was brought to ...more

  • Jubilee 2017 Bonus Content

    Jun 28 2015

    This episode of Radio Cherry Bombe features special bonus content from our Jubilee conference. Erin Fairbanks of Heritage Radio Network made the rounds and spoke with some of our attendees and speakers about their roles in the food world and the importance of supporting women. Hear from Caroline Randall Williams, Jordyn Lexton, and many more in this special segment. These interviews were recorded at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference in March 2015.

  • Ina Garten: The Jubilee Q&A

    Jun 21 2015

    “The Barefoot Contessa” Ina Garten speaks with writer Julia Turshen about her amazing career, her passions, and the motivating forces that have guided her along the way. Ina is introduced by Bobbi Brown, the beauty industry pioneer and editor in chief of Yahoo Beauty. This talk was recorded at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference in March 2015.

  • April Bloomfield: The Jubilee Keynote

    Jun 14 2015

    April Bloomfield: The Jubilee Keynote Chef April Bloomfield talks with Gail Simmons of “Top Chef” about opening The Spotted Pig, wanting to be a police officer, and learning from her mentors, Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray of The River Cafe. April is introduced by Mimi Sheraton, the legendary journalist and author of “1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die.” This talk was recorded at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference in March 2015.

  • Being a Leader

    Jun 07 2015

    In this episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, we hear from Karen Kelley, President and COO of Sweetgreen, as she reveals her key principles for being an authentic leader. This talk was recorded at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference held in March 2015. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

  • The New Food Revolution

    May 31 2015

    In this episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, we hear from a panel of women, all cookbook authors and food activists, who are changing the way we eat today: Caroline Randall Williams, author of “Soul Food Love,” Michelle Tam, author of “Nom Nom Paleo,” and Danielle Walker, author of “Against All Grain.” The moderator is Michele Promaulayko, editor in chief of Yahoo Health, and the panel is introduced by Andie Mitchell, author of “It Was Me All Along.” This talk was recorded at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee ...more

  • Vibrate Your Way to Success

    May 17 2015

    In this episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, we hear about the secret of Erin McKenna’s success. The founder of BabyCakes NYC and Erin McKenna’s Bakery, McKenna credits meditation with changing her life and shares her journey from lost soul to baker/author/business owner/mom. This talk was recorded at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference held in March 2015.

  • Meet the Modernists

    May 10 2015

    In this episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, we bring you “Meet the Modernists,” a discussion with four chefs breaking rules and running kitchens their own way: Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn, Elise Kornack of Take Root, Iliana Regan of Elizabeth, and Anjana Shanker of Modernist Cuisine. The panel was moderated by Aki Kamozawa of Ideas in Food and introduced by Charlotte Druckman, journalist and author of “Skirt Steak.” This talk was recorded at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference in March 2015.

  • Ina Garten

    Dec 15 2014

    This week’s guest is Ina Garten In 1978, Ina Garten found herself working in the White House on nuclear energy policy and thinking, “There’s got to be more to life than this!” She saw an ad for a small food store for sale in a place she’d never been: the Hamptons at the end of Long Island. She and her husband drove up to investigate and made the owner an offer on the spot. Two months later she found herself the owner of Barefoot Contessa, a 400-sq. ft. specialty food store. Twenty years later, B...more

  • Dorie Greenspan & Christine Muhlke

    Dec 08 2014

    This week’s guests: Dorie Greenspan & Christine Muhlke Over the past 20 years, Dorie Greenspan has written 10 cookbooks and won six James Beard and IACP awards for them, including Cookbook of the Year … twice! She won the IACP Cookbook-of-the-Year Award for Desserts by Pierre Herme and for The New York Times Bestseller, Around My French Table. She’s also been named to the James Beard Foundation’s Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America. Dorie’s latest book is Baking Chez Moi, Recipes From...more

  • Phin & Phebes

    Dec 01 2014

    This week on Radio Cherry Bombe, Julia Turshen is joined by Jess Eddy and Crista Freeman, owners of Phin & Phebes Ice Cream and makers of delicious, all-natural ice cream. Jess and Crista talk about their inspiration to the art of ice cream making, from their beginnings growing up with different ice cream flavors, to dropping their day jobs to delve into the ice cream business, and finally the production and influence behind starting your own ice cream company. Learn more about the process o...more

  • Janine Booth & Leah Cohen

    Nov 24 2014

    This week’s guests: Leah Cohen & Janine Booth New York native Leah Cohen is no stranger to good food. Growing up as a half Filipina and half Russian-Romanian Jew, her childhood culinary background was eclectic to say the least. Cohen draws inspiration from this worldly knowledge and translates it on the plate at Lower East Side restaurant, Pig and Khao, her first solo venture and the new and exciting center of Southeast Asian food in New York City. “Culinary school is great for the resume ...more

  • Amanda Kludt & Amanda Chantal Bacon

    Nov 17 2014

    This week’s guests: Amanda Kludt & Amanda Chantal Bacon. This week on Radio Cherry Bombe, host Julia Turshen welcomes Amanda Kludt and Amanda Chantal Bacon to the show. Kicking off the show talking with Amanda Kludt who is the Editor-in-Chief of Eater. Eater is a website dedicated to providing food news and dining guides from across the country. Talking to Julia about the nuances of running a website with a great deal of forums and open ended comments, and the other moving parts of Eater, ...more

  • Jessamyn Rodriguez & Gail Simmons

    Nov 10 2014

    This week’s guests: Jessamyn Rodriguez & Gail Simmons. After devoting herself to a career promoting Human Rights, Jessamyn Rodriguez landed in New York in 2002, earning a master’s degree in public administration from Columbia University, and then had an idea. She would start a baking coalition that would empower immigrant, low-income women by teaching English and business management classes alongside technical baking skills. The now thriving Hot Bread Kitchen makes over $2 million a year i...more

  • Mimi Sheraton

    Nov 03 2014

    This week’s guest on Radio Cherry Bombe is Mimi Sheraton, a pioneering food writer and a former restaurant critic for The Village Voice, Time, Condé Nast Traveler, and The New York Times. Her writing on food and travel has appeared in such magazines as The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Smithsonian, Vogue, Town & Country, New York, and Food & Wine. She has written sixteen books, including The German Cookbook, first published in 1965 and never since then out of print, and a memoir, Eating My Wo...more

  • Dana Cowin

    Oct 27 2014

    This week’s guest: Dana Cowin. Dana Cowin, FOOD & WINE’s editor in chief since 1995, has been covering the world of food, wine, style and design for more than 25 years. Cowin oversees the FOOD & WINE brand, including a monthly magazine with a circulation of 925,000; digital products including the website foodandwine.com, mobile applications and iPad editions; and a books division, which publishes Best of the Best Cookbook Recipes, the FOOD & WINE Wine Guide, FOOD & WINE Cocktai...more

  • Ruth Reichl

    Oct 20 2014

    This week’s guest: Ruth Reichl. Ruth Reichl is the author of Delicious! a novel published by Random House in May 2014. She was Editor in Chief of Gourmet Magazine from 1999 to 2009. Before that she was the restaurant critic of both The New York Times(1993-1999) and the Los Angeles Times (1984-1993), where she was also named food editor. As co-owner of The Swallow Restaurant from 1974 to 1977, she played a part in the culinary revolution that took place in Berkeley, California. In the years tha...more

  • Martha Hoover & Chef Nira Kehar

    Oct 13 2014

    This week’s guests: Martha Hoover & Chef Nira Kehar. Having never waited tables, never cooked professionally or in any way worked in a restaurant, Martha Hoover has created a successful group of dining establishments—Cafes Patachou, Petite Chou by Patachou, Napolese Artisanal Pizzeria and Wine Bar, GELO Dolce Bar, Public Greens Urban Kitchen Garden and Grill and Patatruck Mobile Patachou Kitchen. The restaurants reflect her lifelong passion for food and ingredients of excellent quality, ...more

  • Erin McKenna & Brooks Headley

    Oct 06 2014

    This week on Radio Cherry Bombe, host Julia Turshen welcomes Erin McKenna of Babycakes Bakery and Brooks Headley of Del Posto Restaurant in NYC. Starting off the show, Erin shares her story with Julia about how she began to bake, specifically gluten free, treats, and now has bakery locations in NYC, LA, and Orlando. Similarly, Brooks, the Executive Pastry Chef at Del Posto, recalls his background and how he found himself working in one of the best restaurants in the city. Both guests relate on t...more

  • Cynthia Hill, Director of A Chef’s Life & Private Violence

    Sep 29 2014

    This week on Radio Cherry Bombe, Julia Turshen sits down with director Cynthia Hill for an intimate and insightful conversation. She’s the director of PBS’s Peabody Award winning series, A Chef’s Life. A Chef’s Life plunges audiences into the kitchen of a high-end restaurant located in the low country of eastern North Carolina. It follows the trials and travails of Chef Vivian Howard and her husband, Ben Knight, and their farm-to-table restaurant, Chef & the Farmer, exploring both traditiona...more

  • The Home Cook Hero: Sara Moulton

    Sep 22 2014

    Sara Moulton is currently the host of “Sara’s Weeknight Meals,” on public television. After graduating from the CIA, she worked in restaurants for 7 years, followed by 25 years at Gourmet Magazine. She hosted shows on the Food Network for almost 10 years and was the on air food editor for Good Morning America for 15 years. Sara is also the author of three cookbooks, the most recent is “Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners.” She also co-founded the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance. Tune in to...more

  • Women Power: Women Chefs Cooking For a Cause

    Sep 15 2014

    This week’s episode of Radio Cherry Bombe is all about A Second Helping of Life, a benefit for SHARE – a 38-year-old survivor-led organization based in New York City that provides support, information, and resources to women affected by breast and ovarian cancer. Its mission is to help women and their families address the emotional and practical issues that arise from a cancer diagnosis and to provide the support these women need to feel less isolated, better informed, and more empowered as heal...more

  • The Modern Vegetarian

    Sep 08 2014

    Welcome to Season 2 of Radio Cherry Bombe! Julia Turshen is joined by Amanda Cohen, the chef and owner of Dirt Candy, her award-winning vegetable restaurant in New York City. The first vegetarian restaurant in seventeen years to receive two stars from the New York Times, it has been recognized by the Michelin Guide three years in a row, and won awards from Gourmet Magazine, the Village Voice, and many others. She was the first vegetarian chef to compete on Iron Chef America and her comic book co...more

  • Victoria Granof, Kerry Diamond & Claudia Wu

    Aug 20 2014

    This week’s guests on Radio Cherry Bombe are Victoria Granof, Kerry Diamond & Claudia Wu. Today’s program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center. Victoria Granof Classically trained at the famed Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Victoria Granof worked as a cooking instructor, chef, and pastry chef at restaurants in her hometown of Los Angeles before moving into photography. Victoria has been commissioned for editorial shoots and ad campaigns for clients ranging from Bon Appétit to Kr...more

  • Jordyn Lexton, Missy Robbins & Laura Maniec

    Aug 13 2014

    This week’s guests on Radio Cherry Bombe are Jordyn Lexton, Missy Robbins & Laura Maniec. Today’s program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center. Jordyn Lexton, Founder and Executive Director of Drive Change After teaching English on Riker’s Island for three years and witnessing the traumatic effects of adult jail on youth, Jordyn came up with the concept of Drive Change in 2012 and has spent the past 18 months bringing her dream to life by working in the NYC food sector and...more

  • Marissa Lippert & Jasmine Moy

    Aug 06 2014

    This week’s guests on Radio Cherry Bombe are Marissa Lippert & Jasmine Moy. “Our primary focus is beautiful fresh food that happens to be healthy.” [03:00] –Marissa Lippert on Radio Cherry Bombe Marissa Lippert is a registered dietitian in Manhattan and knows great food when she tastes it. Named “Best Nutritionist” by New York Citysearch the past 5 years running, she is the founder of NOURISH, a nutrition counseling and media communications firm where she helps clients live, eat and cook mo...more

  • Anita Lo and Mary Attea

    Jul 30 2014

    Go behind Annisa on a brand new episode of Radio Cherry Bombe. Host Julia Turshen is joined by Executive Chef Anita Lo and her sous chef Mary Attea. Anita Lo is the chef and owner of Annisa and one of the most respected chefs in the country having earned numerous accolades for her inventive Contemporary American cuisine. Lo opened Annisa in 2000, an intimate restaurant in Greenwich Village. In June 2009, a fire destroyed the restaurant entirely and while plans for rebuilding Annisa got underway,...more

  • Marcie Turney, Valerie Safran and Priya Krishna

    Jul 24 2014

    This week’s episode of Radio Cherry Bombe takes us to Philadelphia and dorm rooms across the country as host Julia Turshen is joined by Marcie Turney, Valerie Safran and Priya Krishna! Chef Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran are the pioneering entrepreneurs whose six restaurants and boutiques on 13th Street in Philadelphia have helped transform the once-desolate neighborhood into trendy Midtown Village. Priya Krishna is a food writer and author of Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks: Create Extraordinary D...more

  • Amber Waves Farm and Salad for President

    Jul 16 2014

    Today’s episode of Radio Cherry Bombe is all about women who grow food and are committed to making the world full of great produce! Host Julia Turshen is hanging out with Katie Baldwin and Amanda Merrow, the ladies of Amber Waves Farm and Julia Sherman, an artist who runs SaladForPresident.com. The mission of Amber Waves Farm is to produce organic, healthy, nourishing food for the local community and to provide the public with an educational outlet to learn about the joyful process of growing fo...more

  • Lisa Donovan and Melanie Dunea

    Jul 09 2014

  • Sue Chan & Rawia Bishara

    Jul 02 2014

    This week on Radio Cherry Bombe, host Julia Turshen is joined by two incredible women in food representing totally different sectors and generations of the industry. First, hear from Sue Chan of Toklas Society. The Toklas Society is a network of women in the hospitality industry. Through online content, meet-ups, speaker events, and workshops they create opportunities not just for networking, but also for inspiration, education, and personal and professional growth. Next, hear from Rawia Bishara...more

  • Gordy’s Pickle Jar & The New Potato

    Jun 25 2014

    On another jam-packed episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, Julia Turshen is joined by the couple behind Gordy’s Pickle Jar and the sister-duo behind The New Potato. Since launching Gordy’s in 2011, Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fain & their award winning pickle company have been featured in Esquire, People Magazine, Southern Living, Martha Stewart Living and other notable magazines and blogs. You can find them at Whole Foods Market, Harris Teeter, Mom’s Organic Market, The Fresh Market, West Elm Market ...more

  • Katie Carguilo & Lisa Giffen

    Jun 18 2014

    This week on a new 45 minute version of Radio Cherry Bombe , Julia welcomes Katie Carguilo from Counter Culture Coffee and Executive Chef Lisa Giffen. In the first segment, guest Katie shares her experience as the first US Barista Champion from New York City as well as Counter Culture’s first national title winner in 2012. Katie is in charge of customer support for Counter Culture Coffee which prides itself in educating the world about all aspects of coffee, from growing to buying to brewing. La...more

  • Jeni Britton Bauer & Charlotte Druckman

    Jun 11 2014

    On this week’s Radio Cherry Bombe, Julia Turshen is yet again joined by two powerful women in food. First, meet Jeni Britton Bauer, the multi-talented chef and entrepreneur behind Jeni’s Splended Ice Cream, a burgeoning artisan ice-cream company centered in Columbus, Ohio, with national distribution. Later, meet Charlotte Druckman a journalist and editor whose food writing has appeared in various publications, including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times T Magazine, and Bon Appetit. She...more

  • Elizabeth Karmel & Suzanne Rousseau

    Jun 04 2014

    Travel to North Carolina and the Caribbean on the same episode of Radio Cherry Bombe! Host Julia Turshen is first joined by chef Elizabeth Karmel of Hill Country Barbecue, who talks about her Southern roots and the sentimentality around BBQ and fried chicken. She’s gearing up for the Big Apple BBQ and shares some great thoughts on meat and the culture of grilling. Later on, Julia is joined by Suzanne Rousseau, 1/2 of Two Sisters and a Meal, the brainchild of two Jamaican sisters who are business...more

  • Alex Raij and Molly Culver

    May 28 2014

    Radio Cherry Bombe continues to spotlight some of the most talented, accomplished and forward-thinking women in food – and this week’s episode is no exception. First – we meet Alex Raij. Alex Raij is chef and owner, along with her husband Eder Montero, of several popular New York City restaurants: Txikito, El Quinto Pino and El Comedor in Manhattan and La Vara in Brooklyn. Alex was voted Eater’s 2012 “Chef of the Year” and Bon Appétit named her among six ground breaking chefs in the feature, Wom...more

  • Katy Sparks, Anna Hieronimus & Elise Kornack

    May 21 2014

    It’s a packed house for another star-studded episode of Radio Cherry Bombe. Host Julia Turshen is chatting with three incredibly talented chefs – Katy Sparks, Executive Chef at Tavern on the Green as well as Elise Kornack and Anna Hieronimus of Take Root. First – we hear from Katy, who’s background includes cooking at NYC institutions like The Quilted Giraffe and Mesa Grill. Find out what it’s like cooking at a restaurant that seats 700(!!) and comes with a storied reputation that rivals any oth...more

  • Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food

    May 14 2014

    On the 2nd ever episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, host Julia Turshen is joined by the team behind “Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food”, chef Jody Williams and food stylist Anna Kovel. Jody Williams is the celebrated chef who opened Buvette Gastrotheque, an eatery inspired by European traditions of the trade honoring a history of craft and design in it’s menu where each detail is meant to evoke a sense of story, place and delight. Part restaurant, part bar, part café, Buvette Gastrotheque combines t...more

  • Edible Schoolyard NYC & Diana Yen of The Jewels of New York

    May 07 2014

    It’s the debut of Radio Cherry Bombe! Host Julia Turshen welcomes us to the first episode of Radio Cherry Bombe, which brings the pages of Cherry Bombe Magazine to life via conversation with some of the most interesting women in the world of food. The inaugural guests are Kate Brashares, Executive Director of Edible Schoolyard NYC, and Diane Yen of The Jewels of New York, a multidisciplinary creative studio that combines the love of cooking with the beauty of everyday things. First — Kate gives ...more