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  • 319: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 30th Anniversary Edition

    May 19 2020

    What an honor it is to be asked to participate in the launch of the 30th Anniversary Edition of the #1 business book of the 20th century! And what a treat it is to talk to the son and namesake of the author himself, Mr. Stephen M. R. Covey. I can honestly say, if the Read to Lead Podcast were to come to an end after today, I would be at complete peace with that. Why? Because today I am privileged to conduct what is arguably the single most important interview of my 30+ year career. Not only is ...more

  • 318: 5 Steps to Kill Busyness with Garland Vance

    May 12 2020

    A couple of years ago, I had the tremendous opportunity to speak at a conference attended by about 500 authors from around the world. One member of that audience was a man named Garland Vance. According to Garland, he decided right then and there that, once his book was finished, he would make it his goal to appear on the Read to Lead Podcast. Well, here we are. It is my pleasure to welcome Garland to Read to Lead and it’s an absolute treat to tell you with 100% sincerity that GarlandR...more

  • 317: No One’s Listening and It’s Your Fault with Pam Marmon

    May 05 2020

    When I first chatted with today’s guest for this week’s episode, a very specific phrase kept coming to my mind. She is a ‘breath of fresh air.’ Hopefully, it won’t be the last time she and I talk. Her name is Pam Marmon, and if there’s anyone who should know what it takes to successfully navigate change and transform an organization in the process, it’s her. After all, at age 12, she and her family moved to the U.S. from Bulgaria. Can you imagine moving...more

  • 316: Could You Survive Shark Tank?

    Apr 28 2020

    One of my favorite things about creating content on a regular basis is the people I’m able to meet along the way. Often times, those people I meet and I become friends. Occasionally, I get to invite those friends onto the show. Such is the case with today’s guest, Pierce Marrs. Pierce has been hosting his own podcast longer than I have and, in it, covers the ins and outs of a popular TV show called Shark Tank. His new book, written from his experiences covering the show for so long ...more

  • 315: Thinking Like a Boss with Kate Crocco

    Apr 21 2020

    I often field requests from publishers and publicists pitching books intended for, mostly, women (or, mostly men). Almost universally I find that I get just as much, personally, out of books intended for the other gender (women in my case). Such is the case with today’s featured book by Kate Crocco. One of my favorite topics to read about these days is the area of mindset, and this is ground Kate’s book covers extensively. This brand new book is called Thinking Like a Boss: Uncover ...more

  • 314: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments with Stefan H. Thomke

    Apr 14 2020

    When I think back to my time in college, I can’t help but think about how much of that time I wasted. So much so that I ended up dropping out of college after about two years in (Sorry Butler, it’s not you…it’s me). I would eventually return, studying a different discipline and, interestingly, did far better the second time around. There were many reasons my next attempt at school would turn out far better, not the least of which was now I was paying the bill. All that w...more

  • 313: Building a Compelling Subscription With Robbie Kellman Baxter

    Apr 07 2020

    It’s true. While working out the details in booking today’s guest for the show, I found another email exchange we’d shared nearly five years ago. In this brief exchange, we talked about her coming on to the show. That visit NEVER materialized! Why? Because I completely lost or forgot about the email. Well, it’s time to right that wrong. Thankfully, she had no recollection of that first email and agreed again to come on. Her latest effort is a book called The Forever Tra...more

  • 312: The Vision-Driven Leader with Michael Hyatt

    Mar 31 2020

    As I say in today’s podcast, I buy this author’s books before I even know what they’re about. There are only a few of these kinds of authors on my list, but Michael Hyatt is one of them. His latest effort is a book called The Vision Driven Leader: 10 Question to Focus Your Efforts, Energize Your Team, and Scale Your Business. It is, in my estimation, a book that EVERY leader needs to read, especially now, what with all that is going on in our world today (I’m looking at ...more

  • 311: The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself

    Mar 24 2020

    Today’s guest is one of my favorite people to interview. She always brings her A-game. This marks her third appearance on the podcast, and for good reason. She brings her A-game to all her books as well. Her name is Margie Warrell and her latest is a book called You’ve Got This: The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself. Margie asserts that we all have moments when we succumb to doubt and let our fears call the shots. Each time they do, we limit our lives. It’s why learning to tr...more

  • 310: Leading with Gratitude with Adrian Gostick

    Mar 17 2020

    When I first became aware of today’s featured book, I wasn’t convinced an entire book on the topic was necessary. The idea of showing gratitude seems, well, pretty straightforward. We all know what it means, and most of us can recognize the value of showing it on occasion. The problem is most of us aren’t nearly as effective at is as we think we are (kind of like our assessment of our own driving skills). And, as it turns out, there was much for me and, I think, you to learn a...more

  • 309: Discussing the Art of Doing Nothing with Celeste Headlee

    Mar 10 2020

    Today’s guest wins the prize – if there indeed were a prize – for fastest repeat appearance on the show. That’s right, we first heard from Celeste Headlee when we chatted about her last book. Her new book, out today, is called Do Nothing: How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, and Underliving. Wow, is […]

  • 308: Cracking Complexity with David Benjamin

    Mar 03 2020

    When I was first presented with the idea behind today’s featured book, I’ll admit I was skeptical. It seemed hard to believe that an actual formula could be applied to – and help solve – truly complex business problems. My guest today, David Benjamin, along with his co-author David Komlos, have turned me into a […]

  • 307: 30 Hacks for Bringing Joy to Your Job with Bruce Daisley

    Feb 25 2020

    It’s easy to fall into the mistaken belief that the way we work today is the way it has sort of always been. In reality, what we know as work today has only been practiced for the last 200 years or so; a mere drop in the ol’ history bucket, if you will. My guest […]

  • 306: The Successful Speaker with Grant Baldwin

    Feb 18 2020

    My guest today has been a friend of mine for a few years now. I’ve learned a ton from him just watching him and picking up on how he does what he does. What makes him special? In my opinion, he’s one of the best there is at his craft: the fine art of public […]

  • 305: Ditch the Me Mindset and Change the World

    Feb 11 2020

    At first, I wasn’t convinced I could learn a lot about business from a book written by a physician. Well, let’s just say that fortunately – without yet realizing it at the time – I followed one of the key tenets of this doctor’s new book. I opened my mind to the possibility he may […]

  • 304: Discover How You Contribute to the World with Tom Rath

    Feb 04 2020

    It was more than a dozen years ago when a colleague of mine at the time, Teresa White, first introduced me to the work of today’s guest. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I hadn’t already been studying his work. You might say Teresa’s introduction makes this interview today possible. I’m talking about Tom Rath, author […]

  • 303: Riding the Next Wave of Disruption with Paul Estes

    Jan 28 2020

    I have long considered myself a recovering perfectionist. So much so that I’ve often fallen victim to the fallacy that I need to do everything myself in order for it to be done right. I still struggle – almost weekly – with effectively delegating certain aspects of my business, but I’m trying to get better. […]

  • 302: Never Go With Your Gut with Gleb Tsipursky

    Jan 21 2020

    Nothing drives a business toward disaster as fast as poor decision making. Behavioral economics and cognitive neuroscience studies reveal that our flawed mental patterns — what scholars call cognitive biases — trigger the poor decisions at the root of countless business disasters. And that chestnut advice to “go with your gut” is actually a strategic […]

  • 301: Delivering the Ultimate Customer Service Experience with Micah Solomon

    Jan 14 2020

    Today’s guest is a fireball of personality. He is a joy to talk to and possesses what you might call Automatic Positivity (more on that concept inside the show). His name is Micah Solomon and he is the world’s leading authorities on customer service, the customer experience, consumer trends, hospitality, and company culture. He is […]

  • 300: Sharpen Your Marketing Message and Cut Through the Noise with Bill Cates

    Jan 07 2020

    I am fortunate to be able to meet a consistent amount of pretty incredible people. That’s partly because of other incredible people who are thoughtful enough to make the effort when they know someone I need to know. Such is the case with today’s guest. I have to give a big thanks to William Wright over […]

  • 299: Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want

    Dec 31 2019

    Regardless of where you are in your career, today’s guest says, how you show up matters. Your intentions, energy, and presence as a leader set the tone, creating a positive – or negative – culture and results. In her follow up to Contagious Culture, Anese Cavanaugh offers the tools, and inspiration we need to become […]

  • 298: Master Your Code with Darren J. Gold

    Dec 24 2019

    A few weeks ago, I summarized what I considered to be my favorite book of the year. That book is The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek. With respect to Simon, after reading the book by this week’s guest, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d made that declaration too soon. Suffice it to say, Darren […]

  • 297: A Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Strategy

    Dec 17 2019

    I love it when a guest from the past makes a return visit to the podcast. That’s a pretty good indication they brought plenty of value the first time around. Today’s featured author is just such a guest! His name is Dr. Chuck Bamford, and he first appeared back in July 2015. His new book, […]

  • 296: Earning a Debt-Free Degree with Anthony O’Neal

    Dec 10 2019

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that my guest on this episode of the podcast has probably been told at least a few times that his views just might border on the extreme. After all, he’s not only suggesting the idea of college without loans, he actually encourages you to pay […]

  • 295: The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

    Dec 03 2019

    Some days I am fortunate to read a book that completely changes the way I think and view the world. Today is one of those days and I am excited to tell you about it. The book in question was the featured book in my online book club just last month. Even though I hadn’t […]

  • 294: Exceptional Presentation Delivery with Tim Pollard

    Nov 26 2019

    Today’s guest, you might say, takes what he does very seriously. Another way to say it might be that he’s a little extreme. However, no one can deny that he is very good at what he does. That’s why I love talking to him so much. His name is Tim Pollard and his new book […]

  • 293: Attract Top Talent and Build a Thriving Culture

    Nov 19 2019

    There’s the saying that goes ‘Nice guys finish last.’ Then there’s the nice guy who proves he’s the exception to the rule. And in the world of mortgage brokers, nice guys can be an anomaly. But today’s guest is trying his best to change that, starting with sharing about his own leadership style. His name […]

  • 292: Transform Your Business Through Meaningful Engagement

    Nov 12 2019

    My guest today brings a ton of knowledge around the topic of developing true engagement both internally and externally. She also brings with her a lot of excitement and downright fun. Make no mistake. Amanda Slavin (pronounced SLAY-vuhn) is definitely right where she is supposed to be doing exactly what she was made to do. […]

  • 291: How to Have Conversations That Matter with Celeste Headlee

    Nov 05 2019

    Over the years, I have been asked numerous times to recommend books on helping to improve communication skills. My go-to list is a short one but includes my favorite and most effective books on the topic. There is now a new book and a new author topping that list for me. Her name is Celeste […]

  • 290: Build Your Business, Quit Your Job, and Live Your Ideal Lifestyle

    Oct 29 2019

    I’ve never met today’s guests in person, but from the moment I began talking with them, I felt like I’d known them for years. It is obvious from the get-go that they sincerely are all about helping others realize their lifestyle dreams. Their names are Tom and Ariana Sylvester and their brand new book is […]

  • 289: Taking the Work Out of Networking with Karen Wickre

    Oct 22 2019

    My guest today has spent time at both Google and Twitter. So, to say she knows a bit about networking is a gross understatement. Now, she’s a senior consultant at the global advisory firm Brunswick Group, and shows no signs of slowing down. Her name is Karen Wickre (WICK-ree) and her book is called Taking […]

  • 288: The High Achiever’s Guide with Maki Moussavi

    Oct 15 2019

    One thing I am truly passionate about is helping others break through limiting beliefs and realize dreams they never thought possible. That’s why I’m excited about today’s podcast guest who specializes in just that. Her name is Maki Moussavi and her new book officially releases today! That book is called The High Achiever’s Guide: Transport […]

  • 287: How to Grow Your Business Like Amazon

    Oct 08 2019

    It’s not often I can say that I’ve had the privilege to dine at the home of my podcast guest. I can today, however. I’m talking about Steve Anderson. His wife Karen is his co-author (she also makes a fine dinner host). This brand new book is called The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grown […]

  • 286: Escape the 9-5, Create a Life You Love, and Still Pay the Bills

    Oct 01 2019

    You know when you go outside on a pleasant day and there’s that perfect breeze in combination with just the right amount of warmth from the sun on your face? That’s pretty much the same feeling you’ll get from hanging out with my guest today. Delightful, effervescent, fun, and cool (yes, cool) are all words […]

  • 285: The 10 Laws of Trust with JetBlue Chairman Joel Peterson

    Sep 24 2019

    Every so often I get to have a conversation with someone I never dreamed I’d be talking to. Today is one of those days. Several years ago he released a book with a publisher that has since been acquired. This new publisher decided today’s guest’s book needed a rerelease and we are the beneficiaries of […]

  • 284: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life

    Sep 17 2019

    Every so often, someone reaches out to me and says, “You’ve gotta talk to so-and-so.” Sometimes I’m skeptical, but when it’s a good friend that is doing the talking, my ears perk up. That was the case when it was suggested I chat with today’s guest. His name is Nir Eyal and he did not […]

  • 283: Creating a Remarkable Culture with Chick-fil-A Veteran Dee Ann Turner

    Sep 10 2019

    During my last stint in radio, which spanned a 14-year period, a Chick-fil-A restaurant was eventually erected less than a mile down the street. I wasn’t yet familiar with the phenomenon that was the chicken sandwich, but I soon would be. To say that my interactions with this establishment’s staff were the best I’ve ever […]

  • 282: Theodor Geisel and the Making of an American Imagination

    Sep 03 2019

    I love biographies. As it turns out, so do many listeners to Read to Lead. Other than an audio summary once or twice, I’ve never featured an interview with a biographer on the show before. That is about to change as, today, I welcome author Brian Jay Jones. His latest book, released earlier this year, […]

  • 281: How You Too Can Find a Business Within You

    Aug 27 2019

    For the last six years, I’ve worked for myself. The transition wasn’t planned, per se, but was long overdue. I’d desired to do my own thing for such a long time but had allowed myself to get complacent because I had a “safe and secure” job. There is no “safe and secure” when working for […]

  • 280: Why Your Customers Hate You and How to Fix It

    Aug 20 2019

    When it comes to seeking out authors to consider for the show, one of the first things I look at to gauge my own interest is their book’s title. So, when I was introduced to the book being featured on today’s episode, needless to say, it immediately got my attention. It’s called Nincompoopery: Why Your Customers […]

  • 279: Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business

    Aug 13 2019

    What can I say about today’s guest but that he’s one of the nicest (and most successful) guys you’ll ever meet. In other words, Pat Flynn is proof positive that the saying nice guys finish last is a myth. In his latest book Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build […]

  • 278: How to Become the Leader You Would Follow

    Aug 06 2019

    More than in recent memory, I have a ton in common with today’s guest on Read to Lead. That’s the fact that we both have learned many valuable leadership lessons the hard way. His name is Scott Jeffrey Miller of FranklinCovey, and his new book is called Management Mess to Leadership Success: 30 Challenges to Become […]

  • 277: How to Succeed in a Project Driven World

    Jul 30 2019

    Today’s show and guest is the result of an introduction by another, much-loved guest. This former guest is Dorie Clark. Dorie has appeared on Read to Lead twice before. Recently, though, she introduced me to the man who sits in the guest chair today. His name is Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez. Antonio is the world’s champion in project management, recognized […]

  • 276: 50 1/2 Ideas to Become a Digital Leader

    Jul 23 2019

    If you run a business, at one point or another you’ve probably said to yourself when facing some obstacle ahead of you, “What would Amazon do if they were in this situation?” Or maybe, “What would Jeff Bezos do?” One person who is uniquely qualified to answer that question is my guest on the show […]

  • 275: Get Better Work, Take More Time Off, and Finance the Life You Want in the Gig Economy

    Jul 16 2019

    If you’ve followed me even for a few months, you probably know that one of my favorite topics is the changing world of work. In fact, in late April, I hosted an online conference called the Boss-Free Virtual Summit, an event whose purpose was to help as many as possible discover all that is available […]

  • Encore Episode: 5 Killer Books on Public Speaking and Effective Communication

    Jul 09 2019

    As I take some time off to visit with family, I decided to create this special encore episode just for you. If you’re new or relatively new to the podcast, chances are good you’ve not experienced Episode #200 before. And if you’ve missed Episode #200, you’re even less likely to have heard the five interviews […]

  • 274: An Audio Summary of Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

    Jul 02 2019

    Every month for the past two-plus years, I’ve been meeting with members of my online book club to talk through the most recent book we’ve gone through together. Last month, that book was one whose focus is on productivity. But not just any kind of productivity system. No. This productivity book gets right what so […]

  • 273: Applied Empathy with Michael Ventura

    Jun 25 2019

    When a publicist recently reached out to me about the book I’m featuring today, I almost passed on it. I was in a hurry (and I get a lot of requests). But then I reread the email and realized who the author and his company have worked with. Folks like GE, Nike, Warby Parker, and […]

  • 272: The Daily Decision That Changes Everything

    Jun 18 2019

    I’ve known today’s guest for a number of years. I actually can’t remember where and how we first met. But one thing that has stuck with me over the years is how, every time I see him, I always end up walking away with so much more clarity toward my life and business. This mystery […]

  • 271: 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life

    Jun 11 2019

    Since I began the practice of running a few times a week beginning in August of 2016, I’ve managed to work in a few local 5K races here and there. Today’s guest, a self-described recreational athlete, set her sites just a little bit higher; deciding she was going to find a way to get to […]

  • 270: 7 Simple Actions to Get the Right Things Done and Achieve Your Goals

    Jun 04 2019

    I first met today’s guest at a conference I was keynoting back in 2016. She was one of those rare folks who immediately put me at ease with her friendly demeanor and positive attitude. Her name is Mridu Parikh and now, three years later, she has written a brand new book called Accomplish It: 7 […]

  • 269: The All-New Second Edition of Same Side Selling

    May 28 2019

    How valuable would it be for a seller to have the buyer’s perspective? How many books about selling are co-written by a sales expert and a professional buyer? As far as I know, there’s only one, and it’s the one being featured on today’s episode of the Read to Lead Podcast. Same Side Selling: How […]

  • 268: How to Use Productive Conflict to Get Your Team Back On Track

    May 21 2019

    My guest today is Liane Davey, a New York Times bestselling author, and a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review. Liane has worked with executives at companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Aviva, 3M, TD Bank, and Sony.  She says that, in the workplace, “conflict” has become a dirty word. Most believe it to be antithetical to […]

  • 267: Making Your Company Fit for Human Life

    May 14 2019

    My guest today is Moe Carrick, a consultant, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and author who is passionate about the role work plays in creating meaning for our lives. I believe she offers a fresh, honest, and direct roadmap for leaders everywhere who seek to make their workplace “fit for human life.” And, she offers advice for workers and encourages […]

  • 266: 6 Energy Habits to Master the Business Travel Life

    May 07 2019

    I first met today’s guest just less than three years ago at a podcast conference taking place, that year at least, in Chicago. His name was Bryan Buckley, and he was as energetic a 40-something guy as I’ve ever met. Lucky for me, Chicago is his hometown. Otherwise, who knows if we would have met that […]

  • 265: Ryan Levesque on the Single Most Important Decision Before Starting Your Business

    Apr 30 2019

    One of the most generous people I know is the guy who makes a return visit to Read to Lead nearly four years after his first stop. His name is Ryan Levesque and he’s the kind of guy that, on the day his new book releases, he decided to GIVE IT AWAY along with a […]

  • 264: Life Is Too Short to Do Things You Can’t Stand!

    Apr 23 2019

    Back in 2016, my friend Jeff Goins shared some strong feelings on Facebook about complaining when it comes to your job. I’ve included an excerpt of that post below: I’m sorry, people. But you can’t hate your job and do nothing about it. Either change your circumstance or stop complaining. Your employer deserves better—and so do you. […]

  • 263: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, And Live Your Best Life

    Apr 16 2019

    Some people just seem to have it all together. Others actually do. Today’s guest is in the latter category. I’m talking about Laura Gassner Otting, a highly sought after speaker, consultant, and executive coach. Laura brings both tough love and wisdom and offers a no-holds-barred look at what it really takes to get out of your own […]

  • 262: How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself

    Apr 09 2019

    One of the things I love about hosting Read to Lead is the wonderfully talented and interesting people it enables me to meet. Today, that person is former trial lawyer Heather Hansen. After 20 years of winning trials in the courtroom, Heather teaches us how to use those skills (asking questions, mastering objections, building credibility […]

  • 261: Great Leaders Have No Rules with Kevin Kruse

    Apr 02 2019

    Today’s guest is a New York Times bestselling author and has written over a half dozen books. How then could this be his first visit on the show? I’m not sure I can answer that. But, I’ve decided to make the most of my time with Kevin Kruse and squeeze not one but TWO interviews […]

  • 260: How to RESET Your Mindset

    Mar 26 2019

    I’m excited about today’s guest for two reasons. One is she’s here sharing her experience and expertise about mindset. The other is she’s one of 32 speakers worldwide who’ve accepted my invitation to join me for my upcoming online conference called the Boss-Free Virtual Summit. Her name is Natalie Eckdahl and her new book is RESET […]

  • 259: Nurturing the Crazy Ideas That Transform Industries

    Mar 19 2019

    If you’ve ever wondered how I get some of my guests to come on the show, you can thank, well, my guests. As I’ve progressed through this journey called a podcast, I’ve had the opportunity to network with some of the smartest people on the planet. One of them is bestselling author, Dorie Clark. Dorie […]

  • 258: Dead End Job? Do This Next!

    Mar 12 2019

    Today, I want to share with you some crucial career advice, at least one element of which has taken me longer to learn than I’d like to admit. These are the next three steps you need to take if your current job is no longer fulfilling you and you’re not sure what to do next. Now, […]

  • 257: Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins

    Mar 05 2019

    Today’s guest is someone whose work I’ve admired from afar for quite some time. I never knew that one day another guest would, out of the blue, make one of those “Hey, you guys should meet!” introductions. Thank you, Steve Woodruff! His name is Mark Schaefer. Mark has more than 30 years of experience in […]

  • 256: 3 Reasons to Leave Your Day Job and Go Boss-Free

    Feb 26 2019

    Are you unhappy where you’re at in your career? Did you dread getting up this morning and driving to work? If so, then today’s episode is especially for you. Recent studies show you’re not alone. An Inc.com article from last year pointed out that over 70 percent of workers say they are dissatisfied in their jobs. […]

  • 255: How to Gain an Authentic, Dedicated and Diverse Audience From Scratch

    Feb 19 2019

    Would you believe that over 60 billion online messages are sent on digital platforms every day? So says my guest today, Brendan Kane. If that’s indeed the case, then it’s no surprise that only a select few succeed in the mad scramble for customer attention. This means that the question for anyone who wants to […]

  • 254: Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Earn Your Freedom and Do Work That Matters

    Feb 12 2019

    Are you living for the weekend? Are you dissatisfied at work? Are you itching to do something that is important to you? Wondering how to explore whether entrepreneurship is right for you without giving up your day job? It’s okay. You’re secret’s safe with me. And my guest, Steve Glaveski, promises to remain mum too. Steve’s new […]

  • 253: Vocal Leadership: 7 Minutes a Day to Communication Mastery

    Feb 05 2019

    This, for me personally, is one of the most fun conversations I’ve had with a guest. I so identify with the power of one’s voice to influence and impact. Arthur Samuel Joseph has an incredible background training world-class athletes, actors, and politicians in the discipline of Empowerment Through Voice. I’m fascinated by his work. It […]

  • 252: Cultural Brilliance is the DNA to Organizational Excellence

    Jan 29 2019

    Don’t be tempted to underestimate the power of culture. Even if its primary impact is to make a profit, every business impacts its workforce, the community in which it resides, and society at large through its branding, products, or services. My guest today, Claudette Rowley says, take the iPhone for example. Although it’s only one […]

  • 251: How Lasting Change Can Happen in an Instant

    Jan 22 2019

    If you read my About page, you’ll see that one of my goals is to help you transition from the things you’d like to do, to actually doing them. As the page reads, “to help you go from intention to implementation.” In today’s featured book, author James Fell desires to help you do the same, […]

  • 250: Redesign Your Business to Work Less, Earn More and Be Free

    Jan 15 2019

    This week on the podcast, I’m fortunate to again welcome a returning guest, someone I think is simply an awesome individual. Her name is Natalie Sisson, and you’d have to go all the way back to Episode #023 to hear our first chat together. Hard to believe it’s been over 5 years. Natalie’s new book […]

  • 249: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth – and How You Can Too

    Jan 08 2019

    Today’s guest is making his second visit to the guest chair, and I’m thrilled to have him back. Why? Several reasons. Not the least of which is he has a knack for bringing a ton of value to any conversation in record time. And today is no exception. Chris suggests our culture feeds the lie […]

  • 248: 3 Books You Must Read to Make the Most of 2019

    Jan 01 2019

    Today’s episode, the first of 2019, is special. I’ll be sharing three books I believe you must read if you want to make the most of 2019. All three of these books have been featured selections in my members-only online book club – more on that later. Two of these books have been featured right […]

  • 247: Hospitable Leadership with Terry A. Smith

    Dec 25 2018

    When I agreed to interview today’s guest, there were two key things I didn’t know about him and his new book. As I cracked it open I learned that not only was he the pastor of a large church in a suburb of New York City, but that Jesus (yes, that Jesus) would be at […]

  • 246: Leader by Choice? Yes, says Andres Valdes

    Dec 18 2018

    Imagine growing up and being surrounded by more negative influences than you can count. Do you resign yourself to your circumstances or do you believe you have the power to change your life’s trajectory? Today’s guest is the perfect example of someone who defied the odds mostly by choosing a different story for his future. […]

  • 245: The Path to Mastery with Thane Marcus Ringler

    Dec 11 2018

    I tend to approach personal growth books written by 20-somethings with a fair amount of skepticism. My thinking is, what could someone who’s spent less than half as much time on earth as me possibly have to teach me, much less the rest of the world? Well, while I can begin my journey as a […]

  • 244: Building a Successful Business Through Faith in People and a Culture of Hospitality

    Dec 04 2018

    I was reluctant at first when I became aware of the book I’m featuring on today’s show. I wasn’t convinced there was much for me to learn about business from someone running a successful restaurant company. Call me narrow-minded, but I had doubts about whether the success traits in what I see as a cutthroat […]

  • 243: Success in Business Begins with Clarity

    Nov 27 2018

    Just a few weeks ago, I’d never even heard of today’s guest. It’s amazing how fast you can take to someone else’s message when it’s delivered in the right way. That is certainly the case for Steve Woodruff, the King of Clarity, and my guest today on the show. In a world filled with noise […]

  • 242: Building Atomic Habits with James Clear

    Nov 20 2018

    I first met today’s guest in September 2015 as he and I sat together on a panel at the first-ever Tribe Conference put on by mutual friend Jeff Goins. His name is James Clear, and he is best known for his ability to distill complex topics into simple behaviors that can be readily applied to […]

  • 241: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation

    Nov 13 2018

    Making a return visit to the show this week is three-time author Dan Schawbel. Dan last made an appearance a long, long time ago. In fact, it was Episode #010 when Read to Lead was barely two months old. This time, Dan is here to teach us how to better create team and organizational connections in […]

  • 240: The Serving Mindset: Stop Selling and Grow Your Business with Farnoosh Brock

    Nov 06 2018

    Several of my guests this month are authors who are making return visits to the show. Today’s guest is one of them. Farnoosh Brock first appeared on Read to Lead on episode #039 all the way back in April of 2014. In her brand new book out today called The Serving Mindset: Stop Selling and […]

  • 239: How to Master Content Strategy with Pamela Wilson

    Oct 30 2018

    My guest today, Pamela Wilson, has been helping people get their ideas out into the world since 1987. She started her career as a marketing consultant and graphic designer and began her online business – bigbrandsystem.com – in early 2010. At BIG Brand System, she helps ambitious people build online businesses based on their hard-earned […]

  • 238: 8 Surefire Ways to Dramatically Grow Your Business by Becoming the Obvious Choice

    Oct 23 2018

    In today’s solo episode, I dive into what I’ve learned over the last 10+ years about standing out as an organization or personal brand. A complete grasp of these concepts is what allowed me to successfully navigate leaving my traditional job and venturing out onto my own over five years ago. I’ve given talks on […]

  • 237: How the Disruption of Education Helps Lifelong Learners and Experts with Something to Teach

    Oct 16 2018

    I’m not sure why, but if you’ve written a book and your name is Dan or Danny, you have a greater likelihood of appearing on Read to Lead. It must just be a name that parents of sons who are also fans of books just happen to like. In the case of today’s guest, I’m […]

  • 236: Managing Talent Risk in a High-Stakes Technical Workforce

    Oct 09 2018

    My guest today is a former Microsoft and Expedia employee. He has also founded his own knowledge transfer and consulting company. I’m talking about Steve Trautman. His previous books include Teach What You Know: A Practical Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Transfer through Peer Mentoring and The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management, a book co-written with David DeLong.  […]

  • 235: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of Mouth

    Oct 02 2018

    Today marks the return of a two-time guest and the appearance of a first-time guest, all in one show! One of my favorite authors, Jay Baer, is here, and he’s brought with him his co-author Daniel Lemin. Their new book, out today, is called Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of Mouth. […]

  • 234: How the Smartest Companies Use Learning to Engage, Compete and Succeed

    Sep 25 2018

    Keeping our skills in sync with fast-changing markets is the biggest challenge of our time So says my guest today, Kelly Palmer, and her co-author David Blake. Kelly and David have written a brand new book called The Expertise Economy: How the Smartest Companies Use Learning to Engage, Compete and Succeed. They say that, in […]

  • 233: Stretched Too Thin with Jessica N. Turner

    Sep 18 2018

    My guest today has been writing for years, first as a blogger via The Mom Creative and, more recently, as an author – including a Wall Street Journal bestseller. I’m talking about Jessica N. Turner, author of the brand new book, out today, called Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter, And Thrive. Jessica […]

  • 232: Adopt These Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life

    Sep 11 2018

    Today’s guest is a great example of someone who should have been on the podcast before now, and numerous times to boot. To make up for my oversite though, Arlene Pellicane and I will touch on several of her books in our conversation today. We spend the majority of our time discussing concepts from her […]

  • 231: How to Go From Overwhelmed to Highly Efficient and Reclaim Your Life with Kris Ward

    Sep 04 2018

    Today’s guest knows how to get attention. In a good way, of course. She reached out to me recently with her compelling story that included a personalized video she created. Kris shared with me that she was inspired to write the book when the cards life had dealt forced her team to move forward without […]

  • 230: How Collaborative Advantage Beats Competitive Advantage with Paul Skinner

    Aug 28 2018

    The history of business strategy, so says my guest today, has been built on the idea that businesses must compete to win. But what if the competitive model of business is now broken? In today’s interconnected world, could strategies to create competitive advantage actually be holding your business back? Paul Skinner, a strategic consultant and […]

  • 229: Design Your Business to Run Itself with Mike Michalowicz

    Aug 21 2018

    By age 35, Mike Michalowicz had launched two multimillion-dollar companies. Today he is the co-founder of Profit First Professionals, a membership organization of accountants, bookkeepers, and business coaches who teach the Profit First method. He is also the co-founder of the Provendus Group, a consulting firm that utilizes his business growth methodologies. He is the […]

  • 228: The Most Important Meeting of Your Life

    Aug 14 2018

    If you’ve achieved any amount of success in your business, then you may be among those who realize it’s not come without sacrifices. Sacrifices that affect your relationship with your spouse and your children. As you no doubt realize, it doesn’t have to be that way but, unfortunately, it can often seem to be easier said […]

  • 227: How to Revolutionize Your Career and Make Big Things Happen

    Aug 07 2018

    Three years ago this month, I had the privilege of appearing on The Art of Adventure podcast. The host, Derek Loudermilk interviewed me about reading and podcasting (surprise!). Fast forward a few years and he’s leveraged what he’s learned interviewing fellow adventurers, and has turned that knowledge into a new book. Derek has lead a […]

  • 226: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership

    Jul 31 2018

    If you work in a traditional office setting but have coworkers who work remotely, you’re probably a bit jealous from time to time. They don’t have to commute all the time. They can work in their pajamas. The list goes on and on. Funny thing is, if you’re the one working remotely with coworkers who […]

  • 225: How to Reinvent Yourself as a Leader (Because Eventually You’ll Need To)

    Jul 24 2018

    As much as I didn’t want to admit it at the time, I’ve been at a point in my career when I realized I had “stalled out.” Not only was I no longer growing in my skills and abilities, I’d gradually become less and less useful to my company as a result. I’d come to […]

  • 224: 7 Simple Steps to Doing Work You Love

    Jul 17 2018

    It’s here! It’s actually here! With this episode, Read to Lead officially turns FIVE! I’m delighted to say that today’s guest is worthy of such a special episode. 🙂 Her name is Christine McAlister. Christine is the founder of Life With Passion, a company that helps high-achieving and motivated entrepreneurs use their unique gifts in […]

  • 223: The Key to Your Future Freedom Lies in Freelancing

    Jul 10 2018

    Vincent Pugliese was living a photographer’s dream; traveling the world, photographing amazingly successful people in politics and sports, and winning accolades and awards while doing it. The only problem was, despite all the hard work he was putting into his craft, it made not one bit of difference in his income. Working for a newspaper […]

  • 222: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing with Dan Pink

    Jul 03 2018

    Today’s guest makes a return visit to the podcast, and I’m very excited about it because he is one of my all-time favorite authors. I’m talking about multiple New York Times bestselling author Daniel Pink. Dan first appeared on Read to Lead over four years ago for Episode #028 to talk about his last book […]

  • 221: Your Guide to Personal and Financial Success as a Creative Entrepreneur

    Jun 26 2018

    I’ve known today’s guest for less than two weeks. That’s just how fast this young woman can make a fabulous impression. Lisa Robbin Young says that if you’ve been struggling to “make it” as a creative entrepreneur, if you’ve been thinking about turning your passion into your career, if you’ve been trying to figure out […]

  • 220: Communication Secrets to Get From Good to Great

    Jun 19 2018

    This week’s guest is the kind of guest that makes other authors go all giddy. Seriously. Last time he was on the show, Carmine Gallo had one New York Times bestselling author telling every speaker he knew about one of Carmine’s past books. In his new book called Five Stars: The Communication Secrets to Get […]

  • 219: How Successful Leaders Turn Innovation Challenges Into New Value Frontiers

    Jun 12 2018

    Whereas last week’s guest just published his fifteenth book, this week’s guest happens to be a first-time author. It has been a lifelong dream and about three years in the making for Alice Mann, and her new book is an amazing accomplishment! (Want to publish your own book in less than 90 days? Keep reading.) […]

  • 218: Revolutionize How You Work with The Fun Formula

    Jun 05 2018

    I’ve known of today’s guest for several years. In fact, he’s now written 15 books in all. How, then, has it taken me 5 years into the show to invite him on? So many books, so little time I guess. But, better late than never. Worth the wait? Absolutely! Not only is Joel Comm a super-fun and […]

  • 217: How the World’s Leading Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, and Cultural Icons Achieve Success

    May 29 2018

    Today’s guest has specifically addressed an issue that I’ve longed to see tackled but was never sure how to go about. I’m talking about how to take a classic and loved-around-the-world book, and update it for today’s generations while still maintaining the integrity of the original. Somehow, James Whittaker has managed to do just that […]

  • 216: How to Cope with the Changing World of Work

    May 22 2018

    My first chat with today’s guest came roughly a year ago. That’s when I was invited to appear on his podcast. His name is Stephen Warley, and he blogs at Life Skills That Matter. Stephen and I have kept in touch off and on since then, so when he emailed me about a topic idea […]

  • 215: The 5-Step Blueprint to Getting a Seat on the Executive Team

    May 15 2018

    I first met today’s guest just a few weeks ago via Skype. He was looking for a podcast coach and mentor, someone who could help him take his show to yet another level. His name is Greg Layton, and I immediately liked his drive and his demeanor. I also appreciated that, when scheduling our meeting, […]

  • 214: How to Break Free From the Trap of Success

    May 08 2018

    Imagine starting your day thinking you were going to close a deal that would net you $1 Million, only to see the deal fall through in the eleventh hour, costing you $3 Million. In 2010, that very thing happened to today’s podcast guest. His name is Gene Hammett. Since that time he’s managed to not […]

  • 213: How You Can and Why You Should Consider a Sabbatical Soon

    May 01 2018

    I believe this episode may represent the first time I’ve ever featured a memoir on the podcast. There are so many valuable lessons contained in this book that the decision to feature it was an easy one. That book is written by the former CEO of Take-Two Interactive (now with Tencent). If that company sounds […]

  • 212: Grow Your Business, Attract More Clients, and Make More Money

    Apr 24 2018

    I love a good story. Some of my favorite business books are filled with compelling and thought-provoking stories. Then there area handful – books from the likes of Andy Andrews, Bob Burg, Pat Lencioni and others – that don’t just include a few good stories, but are themselves told in narrative form from beginning to end. […]

  • 211: How Hidden Networks Can Transform Your Life and Career

    Apr 17 2018

    Not many people can claim to have delivered a TED Talk that’s been viewed millions of times. Today’s guest, however, can do exactly that. His name is David Burkus, and this episode marks his second appearance on the podcast. Here’s hoping David’s TED Talk mojo will rub off. His new book is called Friend of […]

  • 210: 8 Steps to Launching Your Own Mastermind Group

    Apr 10 2018

    Someone once said that, in the years ahead, you’ll be the same person you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet. That could not be more true for me and my life. You’re well-acquainted with my love for books and my belief in the dramatic impact intentional and consistent […]

  • 209: Take Control and Be More Optimistic About the Future

    Apr 03 2018

    My guest today is someone I’ve had the pleasure to get to know a bit over the past few years. He’s a fellow podcaster, a relatively new author, and is adamant in his belief that the financial planning industry is in dire need of some change. His book is called Rock Retirement: A Simple Guide […]

  • 208: How to Stay In Love With Your Entrepreneur

    Mar 27 2018

    If you are an entrepreneur – whether you’ve launched a company, a lifestyle business, or are working as a freelancer – or you’re the person married to one, today’s episode is one you do not want to miss. My special guest today is Dorcas Cheng-Tozun and she has over a decade’s worth of experience living […]

  • 207: How to Take Your Startup From Idea to Empire

    Mar 20 2018

    You no doubt know that I read. Like, a lot. At least a book a week anyway. You may not know, however, that I spend time not just reading books, but also a handful of trusted sources in the magazine world. My favorites include Success, Wired, Fast Company and Inc. Today’s guest, in fact, is […]

  • 206: How to Take Charge of Your Brain and Program More Happiness Into Your Life

    Mar 13 2018

    If no one ever told you, you may not have realized what a tremendous networking tool hosting a podcast can be. Especially an interview-driven one like Read to Lead. It’s thanks in no small part to a young gentleman named Clark Buckner that you’re hearing this episode today. Clark was kind enough to recommend, and […]

  • 205: How to Achieve Success, Create Balance, and Experience Fulfillment

    Mar 06 2018

    Later this week, the world will celebrate International Women’s Day. What’s that you ask? In short, it’s a “strong call to #PressforProgress motivating and uniting friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive.” What better way to celebrate and observe this day than to welcome to the show two internationally successful businesswomen, each […]

  • 204: Finding Happiness, Focus, and Productivity No Matter How Busy You Are

    Feb 27 2018

    It wasn’t that long ago that today’s guest found himself in the ER wondering whether he’d just suffered a heart attack. This despite the fact that he was a marathon running, healthy eating, 32-years-young man. What in the world?! The good news for Jeff Sanders is it was actually something relatively minor (an esophageal spasm, […]

  • 203: How to Leave a Legacy (a Tribute to My Father)

    Feb 19 2018

    Monday, February 12, I got the phone call everyone dreads. My father, aged 81, had passed away in his sleep that morning. What I’ve learned since my father’s passing was the incredible impact he had on everyone he encountered. I knew him as a generous, kind, compassionate and loving man. What I failed to realize […]

  • 202: How to Think Like a Superconnector, Not a Networker

    Feb 13 2018

    If you’re anything like me, you struggle with networking. I’ve maintained a long-held disdain for these, often, after-work events. I’ve recently realized that one of the reasons I’ve detested it so, is because I was mostly doing it wrong. Thankfully for you and me, today’s guest is here to help us understand the ‘right’ way […]

  • 201: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future

    Feb 06 2018

    I’d heard the name before. In fact, we are even “connected” – whatever that means – on several social media platforms. But, when former Read to Lead guest Kary Oberbrunner asked if I’d like an introduction to Skip Prichard, I said “absolutely!” I mean, I knew Skip, but I didn’t really KNOW him. That introduction led […]

  • 200: A Look Back at 5 Killer Books on Public Speaking and Effective Communication

    Jan 30 2018

    Wow, what a road this has been. Over 4 1/2 years after the podcast began, episode 200 is here. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey. I’ve decided to take a look back over the last 100 episodes and feature 5 episodes that centered around one of my favorite topics. These episodes each touch on […]

  • Episode #199: Hiring, Firing, and Creating an Amazing Team Culture

    Jan 23 2018

    Today marks a first in at least two ways. My guest appears on the show for the first time. And it is – to my knowledge – the first time a guest has appeared whose book came about, in part, by my personal encouragement and prodding. Chris Mefford has been a long time friend, and […]

  • Episode #198: How to Be the Leader Creative People Need

    Jan 16 2018

    Today’s guest joins a rare group of people. He’s now one of only four people to have appeared on Read to Lead three times. It is an honor and a delight to welcome back Todd Henry as he celebrates the release of his fourth book! Todd has appeared previously to talk about Die Empty: Unleash […]

  • Episode #197: The Secrets of Effective Leadership

    Jan 09 2018

    I’ve known today’s guest by reputation (it’s a good one) but our paths, until recently, had never crossed. But who would discover the Read to Lead Podcast while searching through iTunes attempting to find a few decent leadership-based podcasts? Yep, that’s right. Brad Lomenick. After skimming past shows, Brad realized he and I had a […]

  • Episode #196: 5 Steps to Achieving Your Most Important Goals

    Jan 02 2018

    To say I’ve been anticipating sitting down with today’s guest for a long time would be a major understatement. Since Read to Lead began back in mid-2013, Michael Hyatt has been on my short list of people to seek out. If you’ve ever read my About Page, you know his is among the names I’ve […]

  • Episode #195: Eight Keys to Achieving Your Goals

    Dec 26 2017

    Today’s guest on the podcast has an amazing story. In fact, his writing a book was directly impacted by two previous Read to Lead authors. His name is Mark Schinnerer, and an amazing leader I’ve had the chance to get to know over the last year or so as Mark is a member of the […]

  • Episode #194: Leadership from the Inside Out with Kevin Cashman

    Dec 19 2017

    My guest today has been involved in the leadership space for the better part of 40 years now. It’s a wonder I’ve taken this long to get around to having him on. Please join me in welcoming Kevin Cashman to the podcast. He’s the author of the award-winning The Pause Principle: Step Back to Lead […]

  • Episode #193: The Best Book I’ve Read This Year

    Dec 05 2017

    If you’re anything like me, you enjoy reading business and personal growth-type books because you understand the value of lifelong learning. You’re dedicated to your personal and professional growth. I shudder to think that much of my 20s was spent spinning my wheels as I put a halt to learning. Really. I remember thinking when […]

  • Episode #192: Learning to Embrace Your Imperfection

    Nov 21 2017

    Today’s guest is another one of my favs, and is making his third appearance on the show. Only two other guests have enjoyed that many appearances (Liz Wiseman and Jeff Goins if you’re keeping score). I’m talking about New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jon Acuff. Jon is a guy after my […]

  • Episode #191: How to Lead with Gratitude

    Nov 14 2017

    I first met today’s guest just about two months ago at a conference in my hometown of Nashville. Little did I know that our lunch together would turn into an ongoing discussion that would lead to learning more about his amazing life, business, and book, a conversation that would eventually lead me to invite him […]

  • Episode #190: High-Stakes Leadership with Constance Dierickx

    Nov 07 2017

    Prior to interviewing her for this episode, I’d never interacted with Constance Dierickx before. I learned during our time together that, not only is she a master of her craft, she’s also a hoot! That’s right. I don’t remember the last time I laughed during an interview as much as I did this one. I’ve […]

  • Episode #189: How to Monetize Your Expertise

    Oct 31 2017

    When you look at her body of work, there seem to be few things she hasn’t done. It’s one of the many things I like about her. In addition to authoring what is now her third book, and the one we’ll dive into today, Dorie Clark has done something few have been brave enough to […]

  • Episode #188: How to Lead When You’re Not In Charge

    Oct 24 2017

    Sometimes when I come across an author whose book I’d like to feature on the show, I’ll just reach out on Twitter inviting them on. It’s a great way to attempt to connect with an author I have no prior relationship with. Still, sometimes there is a response and sometimes not. In the case of […]

  • Episode #187: Live Your Startup Dream Without Leaving Your Day Job

    Oct 17 2017

    I was first introduced to today’s guest well over a year ago by former Read to Lead guest Amy Whitaker. Amy joined us back in episode #134 and, soon after, made the introductions via email. Unfortunately, it was an intro I completely dropped the ball on. Patrick and I exchanged pleasantries, and that’s as far […]

  • Episode #186: Ending the Unconscious Habits that Hijack Your Business

    Oct 10 2017

    If you’ve been a member of the traditional workforce for any length of time, you’ve no doubt have come face to face with…ego. Truth is, we all have. It’s just that sometimes, it’s our own. Ego, Shayne Hughes argues, is single-handedly working sabotage our businesses every day. Shayne and I discuss this topic in depth along […]

  • Episode #185: Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller

    Oct 03 2017

    Late last decade, I had a blog where I often wrote reviews of some of my favorite reads. Big surprise, right? One of those reviews was about a book by a guy named Donald Miller. That same Donald Miller, or Don as I sometimes refer to him, is my guest this week on the podcast. […]

  • Episode #184: Alan Alda on The Art and Science of Relating and Communicating

    Sep 28 2017

    Over the course of my life, I’ve had the opportunity to interview and meet a lot of interesting and amazing people. It’s one of the many reasons I love it so much. But if, when I started this project, you’d have told me I would one day interview today’s guest, I wouldn’t have believed it. […]

  • Episode #183: Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months

    Sep 19 2017

    I read, like, a lot. And though many of the books I read (and the authors who write them) wind up being featured on the podcast, there are plenty that don’t (and not because they’re not worthy). Sometimes it just comes down to scheduling or any other number of issues. Suffice it to say there […]

  • Episode #182: The Top 10 Ways to Be a Great Leader

    Sep 11 2017

    I first met today’s guest at a conference and immediately suggested he needed to be a guest on the podcast. That was 2 years ago! Well, better late than never, as Dr. Hans Finzel, president of HDLeaders joins us to talk about what he’s learned from over 30 years in positions of leadership. His latest […]

  • Episode #181: How to Achieve the Success You’re Wired For

    Sep 05 2017

    If you’re anything like me, your childhood included hearing about the need to be “well-rounded”, a mantra that often came from a well-meaning parent or teacher. My guest today, though, says we weren’t wired to be well-rounded. She says that, in order to achieve the success you’re wired for, you need to focus on your […]

  • Episode #180: How to Start a Business While Working a Full-Time Job

    Aug 29 2017

    If you’ve ever desired to start your own business, you may have toyed with the idea of saving up some money, quitting your job, and going all in. My guest today, though, has a better model he calls overlap. It’s just like it sounds. It’s possible to leverage the margins of life outside your job […]

  • Episode #179: How to Become the Person Others Follow

    Aug 22 2017

    There is no shortage of books that talk about leadership. Few, though, actually help you learn how to lead. Fortunately for you and me, our guest today has not only taken on the challenge of solving this problem, he’s done so quite successfully. I’m talking about Joshua Spodek, author of Leadership Step by Step: Become […]

  • Episode #178: How to Market Your Book with Joanna Penn

    Aug 15 2017

    The Creative Penn is a moniker I’d heard before. Until recently, however, I wasn’t familiar with the person behind that name. That person is Joanna Penn, author of a number of fiction books and a specialist in inspirational books for authors, including How to Make a Living with Your Writing, The Successful Author Mindset and Successful […]

  • During August, Try My Members-Only Book Club for Just $1

    Aug 01 2017

    My 16th wedding anniversary was last Friday and, apart from some nasty weather Friday afternoon, Annie and I had a wonderful weekend celebrating. So much so it’s put me in a generous mood. 🙂 Yesterday wrapped up month six of Read to Lead University. In that time, members and I have read AND met live to […]

  • Episode #177: How to Turn Fear into Health, Wealth and Happiness

    Jul 25 2017

    Recently, and out of the blue, I had a friend and former client introduce me via email to today’s guest. As I studied up on him, I decided to check out his book. The main title was, initially at least, lost on me. But when I read the subtitle, that’s when it all came together. […]

  • Episode #176: How to Find a Mentor and Why You’ll Benefit from Being One

    Jul 18 2017

    Today’s guest was first to appear on the show around three years ago. But then, she abruptly canceled. More on the details surrounding that story inside today’s episode. The woman I’m referring to is Claire Diaz-Ortiz, probably best known as one of the earliest employees at Twitter, as evidenced by her first-name-only Twitter handle (@claire). […]

  • Episode #175: The 4 Best Interviews from the First 4 Years

    Jul 11 2017

    After 175 episodes, it’s safe to say I have a few favorites that stand out. That said, it’s tough narrowing down such a list to just four interviews. Why four? Well, this weekend marks the 4th Anniversary of the Read to Lead Podcast. I’ve decided, therefore, to celebrate by picking my four favorite interviews during […]

  • Episode #174: How to Energize People Every Day

    Jul 01 2017

    Today’s guest first came on the scene with the release of her first book back in 2011. Her name is Kristi Hedges, and that book was The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others. The book experienced a bit of an inflection point in 2014 and Kristi’s career has been a […]

  • Episode #173: Busting Through the Starving Artist Myth

    Jun 22 2017

    Today we’re joined by the guest who now holds the distinction of appearing on Read to Lead more than anyone else.  That nod goes to one of my favorite authors, Jeff Goins. His latest book is also probably my favorite of the five he’s written to date.    (photo of the author by Ashley Goins) That new […]

  • Episode #172: Achieve Focused Success in a Distracted World

    Jun 06 2017

    I read, like, a lot. And though many of the books I read (and the authors who write them) wind up being featured on the podcast, there are plenty that don’t (and not because they’re not worthy).  Sometimes it just comes down to scheduling or any other number of issues. Suffice it to say there […]

  • Episode #171: How to Make Your Next Career Pivot

    May 23 2017

    The only move that matters is your next one! So says today’s guest on the podcast. That would be none other than Jenny Blake, author of Life After College and the book we’re diving into today called, Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One.   Her five part framework for planning your next pivot […]

  • Episode #170: The Science of Succeeding with People

    May 16 2017

    I just learned that, earlier this month, this week’s guest became a bestselling author. We sure know how to pick ’em.  I’m talking of course about Vanessa Van Edwards who finds herself at #4 on the WSJ list, ahead of folks like Sheryl Sandberg and Tony Robbins.  Like I said. We know how to pick […]

  • Episode #169: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

    May 09 2017

    Only one guest has ever appeared on the show three times. Until today, that is.  Guest Jeff Goins can no longer claim sole possession of “most visits on the Read to Lead Podcast” as Liz Wiseman returns to talk about her first book Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.  It’s been revised an […]

  • Episode #168: Tame Your Inner Critic and Conquer the Fears Holding You Back

    May 03 2017

    As a highly sought after keynote speaker, today’s guest is making an impact on people all around the world. I am delighted to welcome back to the show a returning guest. Her name is Margie Warrell. Margie first visited the show back in Episode #091 as we discussed her then new book Brave.  This time she’s […]

  • Episode #167: Why You Really SHOULD Sweat the Small Stuff

    Apr 25 2017

    When a New York Times bestselling author visits the podcast, I consider it a pretty big deal. When one agrees to do it a second time, I begin to wonder what’s wrong with them. I’m kidding of course. And, I’m delighted that, nearly four years later, New York Times bestselling author Andy Andrews is back for […]

  • Episode #166: How Companies Like Facebook, VMware and 5-hour Energy Dominate Markets

    Apr 11 2017

    When multiple people in my life, otherwise unrelated to one another, are recommending I read a particular book, I pay attention. I’m pretty smart that way. So, when I was unable to get away from one recent recommendation, I finally decided to give it a go. And I’m glad I did.   The book I’m talking […]

  • Episode #165: Becoming a Pro at Live Video Streaming

    Apr 04 2017

    I can point to a couple of people who were super influential in my desire to launch this podcast. Today’s guest is one of those people.  Luria Petrucci was making a splash and breaking new ground when she launched her own video podcast called GeekBeat.tv over 11 years ago back in late 2005.  Not long after that, […]

  • Read to Lead University Registration is Open!

    Mar 30 2017

    I’ve got some great news. My exclusive book club, created especially for listeners of Read to Lead, has officially re-opened for only the second time. I call it Read to Lead University. There are only 50 spots available, and several of those spots have already been snagged by those who were on the standby list […]

  • Episode #164: Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose

    Mar 28 2017

    My guest today, despite his relatively young age, is a leadership expert. I should know. I’ve been following his work for several years and he never ceases to amaze me with his consistent and excellent work.  His name is Paul Sohn and it’s one I believe you need to get to know.  A little over […]

  • Episode #163: How to Fuel a Lifelong Love Affair With Your Customers

    Mar 22 2017

    According to today’s guest, as brands “we must dedicate ourselves to becoming a facilitator of the transformations people want to make in their lives.” The reason, according to Tara-Nicholle Nelson, is because of the number-one factor limiting your company’s success. Disengagement.  She dives into this and more in her new book, The Transformational Consumer: Fuel a […]

  • Episode #162: Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined with Scott Sonenshein

    Mar 14 2017

    I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I seem to have a soft spot for books written by college professors. They’re some of my favorites in fact.  Going all the way back to some of the early episodes of the show back in 2013, Wharton School professors like Jonah Berger and G. Richard Shell […]

  • Episode #161: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Great Success

    Mar 08 2017

    I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with today’s guest, author Angie Morgan.  What I appreciated most about our conversation was how she succinctly and effortlessly articulated her ideas. I encourage you to listen through the first time as you would normally…to learn more about how leadership can and should be exercised at all levels of an […]

  • Episode #160: How to Outsmart Your Instincts and Drive Your Company Forward

    Feb 21 2017

    We are all descendants of risk-averse ancestors. That, according to my guest this week, Adam Hansen, and his co-authors Edward Harrington and Beth Storz. What does this nugget mean for you, you ask? Well, these same self-preservation instincts that helped your great, great, great, great, great, great (and so on) grandparents avoid threats and evade […]

  • Episode #159: How to Beat Your Competition by Becoming the Obvious Choice

    Feb 14 2017

    The word disruption gets thrown around a lot these days. After all, there seems to be few industries not impacted by some sort of disruption, whether by the internet, changing business models, new customer expectations, or all of the above.   This phenomenon is behind the passions of Julie Williamson, PhD, co-author of the book Matter: Move […]

  • Episode #158: Living a Life of Significance with Aaron Walker

    Feb 07 2017

    I’ve crossed paths with today’s guest more times than I can count. I knew who he was and was familiar with his work, but just never worked up the nerve to introduce myself.  Dumb right? It wasn’t until an event called Tribe Writers put on by Jeff Goins, that Aaron Walker decided to approach me […]

  • Episode #157: Mastering the Art and Science of Exceptional Presentation Design

    Jan 31 2017

    I’ll be the first to admit I have a soft spot for books on messaging. For me, it’s just a subject area where I feel as if there’s always something more or new to learn. And if my writing in the margins, and all the highlighting and underlining I’ve done inside my copy of today’s featured […]

  • Episode #156: How to Consistently Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

    Jan 24 2017

    If you’ve ever heard phrases like, “the ‘magic’ is in the comfort zone” and others like it, then you’ve been exposed to some of the myths associated with successfully stepping outside your comfort zone. In the myth above, the reality is the “magic” can happen both inside and outside your comfort zone. If only there […]

  • NEW: Read to Lead University Book Club

    Jan 19 2017

    First, let me thank you for being such a loyal listener and fan of the Read to Lead Podcast. It means more to me than you know. Really! You may recall that at about this time last year, I was in the midst of planning a spring launch of something called Read to Lead University. […]

  • Episode #155: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity

    Jan 10 2017

    Today’s guest is a favorite among her students. She’s a Professor of Management Practice at the London Business School where she teaches on the Future of Work and directs an executive program on Human Resource Strategy.  She was also named best teacher at London Business School in 2015. I’m talking about Lynda Gratton, co-author of […]

  • Episode #154: How to Find Success and Significance as a Leader

    Jan 03 2017

    Today’s guest has had success at just about every turn. Lucky for you and me, she’s chosen to share all she’s learned over the years in a brand new book.  Her name is Elise Mitchell. And though you may not have heard of her, she’s on a first name basis with Walmart, Procter & Gamble, […]

  • Episode #153: The 12 All-Time Best Business and Personal Development Books

    Dec 13 2016

    My recent blog post where I curated the 12 most-recommended books from my nearly 150 author interviews has been a big hit. I decided then that I should turn it into a podcast episode so that more people can be exposed to it, hence this podcast-specific post. If you’d like to read about the complete list instead […]

  • Episode #152: How to Go from Blank Page to Published Author with Chandler Bolt

    Dec 06 2016

    I am always delighted to welcome a previous guest back for another line of questioning.  This time we get to hear again from Chandler Both. Chandler first visited us in Episode #070 of the show when we talked about his then new book called Book Launch. This time around, Chandler is again out with a […]

  • Episode #151: 3 Ways to Be a Leader Others Can’t Help But Follow

    Nov 29 2016

    I’ve worked for my share of bad bosses. Truth is, I used to be one of them.  Hard as it is to admit, my idea of leadership was once predicated on the idea that, as the leader, there was no one smarter on the team than me. Therefore, it stood to reason, the organization was […]

  • Episode #150: Leadership Lessons from the Marines

    Nov 22 2016

    Whether it’s a layoff, a fender bender, or a typical Monday, we’ve all had our share of bad days.  I’m going to go out on a limb though and assume your worst day didn’t include being shot in the head by a sniper and nearly dying. But that exact scenario was indeed the worst day ever […]

  • Episode #149: 4 Business Books Every Leader Should Read

    Nov 15 2016

    I relish the opportunity to appear on other podcasts.  I enjoy sharing from my personal experiences – warts and all – and would like to think there are valuable lessons in those stories for others. As you might imagine, a question I’m asked in virtually every interview I say “yes” to, centers around what books for […]

  • Episode #148: Master Content Marketing with Copyblogger’s Pamela Wilson

    Nov 08 2016

    The career trajectory of today’s guest has been nothing short of amazing.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Pamela Wilson for about two years now, right about the time she began working for Copyblogger, serving as executive vice president of educational content. Funny thing is, just six short years ago, she didn’t consider herself a writer. What […]

  • Episode #147: Discover the Science of Adventure with Jon Levy

    Nov 01 2016

    Today’s guest says being intentional about the planning adventurous moments in your life is just as important as practicing intentionality in your life in general.  Jon Levy’s new book is called The 2am Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure. In it he argues that adventures don’t happen by accident. Jon shares his EPIC Model of Adventure, a […]

  • Episode #146: Be Obsessed or Be Average with Grant Cardone

    Oct 25 2016

    Today’s guest is unlike anyone I’ve ever had the chance to interview.  Grant Cardone suggests that everything we’ve been told since we were young about success and wealth is essentially bunk. That burnout, and the need for time off and balance are all myths. He addresses this and more in his new book called, Be […]

  • Announcement: My New ‘Get Unstuck’ Coaching Program

    Oct 18 2016

    If you’re like most Read to Lead listeners, you’re trying to take your skills to the next level. That might include becoming a more valuable employee where you currently are by expanding your knowledge and increasing your current skill set. It might include launching or growing a side business with the hope of either creating […]

  • Episode #145: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale

    Oct 11 2016

    I’ll be the first to admit it. I missed the boat when the first book from today’s guest was released.  It was (is) called Lead with a Story. I say “missed the boat” because I remember the book coming out and wanting to make time to dig into it for consideration for the show. But, […]

  • Episode #144: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want

    Oct 04 2016

    My guest this week is as effervescent and ‘glass half full’ as the come.  Her name is Rachel Cruze, and she’s the daughter of one of the most respected and, in some circles, reviled money experts of our time. That would be Dave Ramsey. I happen to think he’s brilliant but, I’ll admit, he’s not […]

  • Episode #143: How to Lead, Sell, and Innovate with Your Visual Mind

    Sep 27 2016

    This week’s episode features a guest who made his first appearance when Read to Lead was in its infancy.  Dan Roam is the author of no less than three of my favorite books. Back of the Napkin, Show and Tell (featured in Episode #041), and this week’s featured book, Draw to Win.    In short, Draw to Win […]

  • Episode #142: From the Head to the Heart

    Sep 20 2016

    In the opening of his latest book, my guest today says “the journey to heart-led leadership covers only 18 inches, but it lasts a lifetime.”  That is, the distance from the head to the heart is just 18 inches. New York Times bestselling author Tommy Spaulding divides his new book, The Heart Led Leader, into […]

  • Episode #141: The 4 Cornerstones for Strategic Living with Brian Holmes

    Sep 13 2016

    I had the chance to meet Brian Holmes at a recent 3-day event put on by former guest Ray Edwards called Copywriting Academy Live.  I was immediately impressed with Brian for many reasons, not the least of which was his friendly and inviting demeanor, his quite confidence, and his better-than-average listening skills (I always notice […]

  • Episode #140: 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Business and in Life

    Aug 23 2016

    My guest today has a track record of success at nearly every turn. From being the youngest member of Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad her freshman year in college, to seven promotions in eight years working for a Fortune 500 firm, Kelly Roach contends that it all starts with mindset. Mindset though is just the beginning. […]

  • Episode #139: Navigating Your Midlife Launch

    Aug 16 2016

    When I quizzed members of the Read to Lead Facebook group a while back asking about the topics they’d most like to learn more about, at the top of the list was venturing out into the world of self-employment and personal brand building. Today on the show, my guest Kingsley Grant, is here to talk about […]

  • Episode #138: Public Speaker Secrets with Michael Hudson

    Aug 09 2016

    Today, my guest is someone who’s been on my radar for quite some time.  His name is Michael Hudson. I’ve never met him face-to-face, however, because of a number of mutual connections, we’re “friends” on Facebook.  Michael stood out to me in part because I saw him as someone who consistently contributed within my community. He’s […]

  • FREE: Get My Presentation Toolbox Ebook

    Aug 02 2016

    I’m excited to share with you what I think will be a valuable resource the next time you begin preparing for an important presentation. I call it My Presentation Toolbox. I created it to help remove the headaches of gathering and organizing your content, and to help you more easily design and deliver your slides. There […]

  • Episode #137: Change the Way You Lead Forever

    Jul 26 2016

    Today, my guest is the founder of a company called Box of Crayons, so you know it’s going to be fun.  His name is Michael Bungay Stanier, and he’s the author of several books including Do More Great Work and End Malaria, a book that has raised more than $400,000 for the cause.  Michael’s latest […]

  • Episode #136: Developing Your Exit Strategy with Ellory Wells

    Jul 19 2016

    This week, my guest is a guy with experiences that are probably not much unlike your own. He used to be in a job he hated. Is that where you are? Are you stuck in what seems like a dead end and aren’t sure what to do to change it? Then you need an exit strategy. […]

  • Episode #135: 18 Income Streams From a Single Book

    Jul 12 2016

    I am supper excited about this week’s episode, mainly because I’m convinced it can change your life! Former guest Kary Oberbrunner is back. Not only is he speaking today on the 18 streams of income you can generate from writing a single book, but he’s also agreed to share even more in a FREE 90-minute […]

  • Episode #134: How to Carve Out Creative Space

    Jul 05 2016

    Up until a few weeks ago, I’d never heard of Amy Whitaker or her new book. It’s awesome publications though like Success Magazine (I’ve been a subscriber since 2013) that have introduced me to new books and up-and-coming authors I might have otherwise missed.  Amy’s new book is Art Thinking: How to Carve Out Creative […]

  • An Encore and Ad-Free Presentation: One CEO’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity

    Jun 28 2016

    August Turak is a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, award winning writer, and author. His book, which we discuss at length, is Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity (Columbia Business School Publishing). He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Selling Magazine, the New York Times, and […]

  • An Encore and Ad-Free Presentation: A Conversation with Seth Godin

    Jun 21 2016

    This is an encore and ad-free presentation of my conversation with Seth Godin, originally released in January 2015. It has been edited since its original publication and is better than ever. If you’ve never heard it, you must. But even if you have, I think you’ll agree it’s worthy of a repeat listen. Not because […]

  • Episode #133: Breaking the Trust Barrier with JV Venable

    Jun 14 2016

    Today’s guest, JV Venable, has done some pretty amazing things during the course of his life. He is a graduate of the USAF’s Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun anyone?), and he’s flown fighter aircraft all over the world. He has led individuals, teams, and organizations as large as 1,100 people at the highest ends of […]

  • Episode #132: Self-Help for the Rest of Us with Terry Lancaster

    Jun 07 2016

    My guest today lives in my town, but we’ve never met. His name is Terry Lancaster. Suffice it to say it won’t be long before we do meet face-to-face. He’s pretty awesome. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and #1 best selling author. He helps salespeople and entrepreneurs create better lives and build better businesses one step at […]

  • Episode #131: The Startling Effect Others Have On You…And What to Do About It

    May 31 2016

    Most leadership coaching focuses on helping leaders build their skills and knowledge, and close gaps in their performance. That’s great, but not enough. Clinical psychologist, author, and international speaker Dr. Henry Cloud believes that the best performers draw on another vital resource: personal and professional relationships that fuel growth and help them surpass current limits. […]

  • Episode #130: Success at Work Through Improv

    May 24 2016

    The relatively new science of Performative Psychology is one with which I’m quite fascinated. It is, according to EastSideInstitute.org, “a shift from a natural science-based and individualistic approach to understanding human life, to a more cultural and relational approach.” For 20 years, today’s guest has been creating custom workshops that artfully blend techniques from theatrical […]

  • Episode #129: Creating Extraordinary Change

    May 17 2016

    I am pleased to present to you today my conversation with Adam Braun, founder of Pencils of Promise. This was the interview that at one point was feared to be lost forever. Thankfully, the computer and internet Gremlins smiled upon us and saw fit to return to us what was rightfully ours. Pencils of Promise […]

  • Episode #128: The Mindfulness Edge with Matt Tenney

    May 10 2016

    Over the last several years, I’ve heard a lot about the concept of Mindfulness. What it was I couldn’t say for sure as, anytime I came across the topic either in my reading or in conversations with others, I lost interest and changed the subject. The reasons why are a mystery really. I’d concluded somewhere […]

  • Episode #127: The Ultimate Guide to Leadership Development

    May 03 2016

    Since 1971, when I was five, today’s guest has been helping organizations design and implement human capital solutions to create business value, build high-performance teams, drive change, manage organizational effectiveness, and improve return on investment in people. And, if that weren’t impressive enough, he’s worked from the C-suite to the plant floor with both national […]

  • Episode #126: Ask Me Anything

    Apr 19 2016

    For a few days, I’ve been asking those in the Read to Lead Facebook group to Ask Me Anything, whether about books, reading, leadership, business, me personally, or anything else. Several responded via the feedback button to the right (and near the bottom of this posts like this one), and I’ve included a few of […]

  • Episode #125: How to Find a Job, Career and Life You Love

    Apr 12 2016

    Today’s guest has enjoyed a broad set of experiences in his relatively brief time on earth. Louis Efron’s career credits include Head of Global Employee Engagement for Tesla Motors, International VP of HR for JDA Software, VP of HR for the Fortune 300 medical device company, Stryker and Broadway theatre. He is an award winning human […]

  • Episode #124: The Secret to Solving Your Toughest Sales Challenges

    Apr 05 2016

    Prior to sitting down with Tim Sanders for the first time, I knew very little about him. An earlier book he’d written, Love is the Killer App, was one I’d heard good things about but had not yet read. In the case of Tim’s new book, Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales […]

  • Episode #123: How to Effectively Lead Through Change

    Mar 29 2016

    Since the Read to Lead Podcast debuted back in July 2013, it has been a goal of mine to one day welcome author Nancy Duarte to the show. I have long been a fan of her book Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations and, more recently, Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform […]

  • Episode #122: 9 Simple Practices for Real Leadership

    Mar 22 2016

    In addition to reading books, I have a handful of favorite magazines I subscribe to. My short list includes Fast Company, Wired and Inc. However, my absolute favorite, and the one I only began subscribing to just three short years ago, is Success (hat tip to Dan Miller for recommending it). Our guest today was recently […]

  • Episode #121: How Leading Organizations are Upending Business as Usual

    Mar 15 2016

    If you’ve ever found yourself banging your head against the proverbial wall trying to convince those in positions of power where you work that it’s time to bust out of the norm, then I have found the ammunition you’ve been looking for. It’s a new book called Under New Management: How Leading Organizations Are Upending Business […]

  • Episode #120: How to Live Forward and Get the Life You Want

    Mar 08 2016

    If you were to ask me to name a single person who has impacted my life more in the last 8 to ten years than anyone else, my selection would be easy. Michael Hyatt. Funny that we often don’t think about the people we admire, the ones pouring into our lives so effectively, as having coaches […]

  • Episode #119: How to Write Copy That Sells with Ray Edwards

    Mar 01 2016

    I always felt it was one day destined to happen. What’s that you ask? Why, a Ray Edwards sighting on the Read to Lead Podcast of course. You see, Ray is someone I’ve admired for quite some time, so it was a delight to finally have the opportunity to share the Ray I’ve gotten to know […]

  • Episode #118: Build Your Business and Live Your Dream

    Feb 23 2016

    In the past 12 months since we last heard from Kimanzi Constable (Episode #069), he’s had some pretty amazing things happen. He continues to write for ever more mainstream publications like The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, MindBodyGreen, Success and The Good Men Project. This, more than anything, has afforded him the opportunity to do more speaking […]

  • Episode #117: What It Takes to be Successful That Nobody’s Teaching You

    Feb 16 2016

    I subscribe to blogger and author Chris Brogan’s weekly emails for many reasons, not the least of which is they’re always packed with tons of valuable info. A new email Chris recently launched is one he calls Shine Friday. Each week he shines the spotlight on someone in the community he serves. In his very first […]

  • Episode #116: My Experience with Anxiety

    Feb 09 2016

    Recently, I learned someone I know – and who is hugely successful – suffers from anxiety to the point it has necessitated him canceling as many as twelve upcoming speaking engagements. His name is Lee Cockerell, a former Disney executive and a previous guest on Read to Lead where we talked about his book Time Management Magic. […]

  • Episode #115: Pat Flynn Helps You Validate Your Business Idea

    Feb 02 2016

    Pat Flynn calls himself the “crash-test dummy of online business.” He’s also extremely successful at it. But that wasn’t always the case. After losing his job as an architect in 2008 as the U.S. economy struggled, Pat turned to the internet for a possible new career path. In the months and years that followed, learning all he […]

  • Episode #114: Repeating Success Through People, Products and Profits

    Jan 26 2016

    Ever wonder how some people seem to always hit it out of the park? Sure, they may occasionally miss the mark but, more often than not, you can’t help but notice how those around you are having one success after another? So, what’s their secret? Why do they seem to have many more hits than […]

  • Episode #113: How to Crush Your Next Media Interview

    Jan 19 2016

    There was a time when a stage or platform was strictly borrowed by the one with the talent. To sing for a living meant you needed a record deal. To write for a living meant you needed a publishing contract. In my case, to talk into a microphone for a living meant you first had to […]

  • Episode #112: How to Hug Your Haters with Jay Baer

    Jan 05 2016

    If you answer customer complaints at all, chances are you at least “pick your spots.” In other words, you choose to engage your customers through only the handful platforms you prefer, whether that’s email, phone, social media, or something else. Jay Baer, however, author of Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers insists […]

  • Episode #111: Read to Lead’s 5 Best Books of 2015

    Dec 22 2015

    Though I don’t read as much as some, it’s safe to say I read more than most. Chance are, so do you. That’s why you listen to a show like this one, after all. I’ve presented around 50 books to you this past year and there are 5 that really stand out to me. These are […]

  • Episode #110: Project Management for You with Cesar Abeid

    Dec 15 2015

    The key to reaching any goal is understanding the importance of breaking down the steps necessary to reach it, and implementing those steps in a methodical way. In others words, it’s a lot like Project Management. Cesar Abeid is my guest today. He is the author of the bestselling book,Project Management for You: How to Turn Your Ideas […]

  • Episode #109: Retire Inspired with Chris Hogan

    Dec 08 2015

    What do you think when you hear the word retirement? For me, I picture my extended family gathering to celebrate my grandfather’s retirement when I was a teenager. He would go on to live for almost another 30 years after that. I will always remember him biding his time sitting in a recliner watching television, and […]

  • Episode #108: Choosing a Life That Matters with John Maxwell

    Dec 01 2015

    Every one of us wants our life to matter. We each have an innate need, a longing, to be significant, to make a contribution, to do something noble and purposeful. We often, however, doubt that these things are within our reach. So says the man most know as the #1 Leadership Expert in the world, and […]

  • Episode #107: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast with Jeff Sanders

    Nov 24 2015

    I first met Jeff Sanders in the spring of 2013, right about the time both of us were set to launch our podcasts. Since then, a lot has happened. Both Jeff and I have seen our shows nominated for multiple awards, we’ve both had the chance to speak at a number of conferences, and quite […]

  • Episode #106: How to Guarantee a Standing Ovation for All the Performances in Your Life

    Nov 19 2015

    Whether you realize it or not, you are a performer. That’s right. We all are in fact. We’re performing every day of our lives: at work, at home, online, at dinner, and in virtually every other scenario in which we find ourselves. For most of us, we do it without thinking. We naturally play our […]

  • Episode #105: The Four Secrets of Passionate Organizations

    Nov 10 2015

    The latest research suggests that only 29 percent of employees are truly engaged in the work they do. That’s like an engine running at less than one third its power. How an your team reach its potential with that level of engagement? Imagine your company instead with eight out of ten people truly engaged. What […]

  • Episode #104: How to Be Present and Productive When There is Never Enough Time

    Nov 06 2015

    Today’s guest is co-author of what you might call a “power” book. If implemented, it has the power to literally transform the relationships of those you love the most and help you become a significant leader at work and in your community. If you can admit to the areas in your life where you tend to […]

  • Episode #103: Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life

    Oct 30 2015

    If you believe that an unlimited life, an unstoppable business, and perpetual happiness are all part of the “impossible dream” you haven’t met today’s guest. Ever since she was a little girl, Dixie Gillaspie’s least favorite word was “can’t.” It still is, and she’s on a mission to prove that anything is possible, for anyone. […]

  • Episode #102: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms

    Oct 22 2015

    Chances are, everything you’ve learned about introverts, or what it means to be one, is wrong. My guest today, Beth Buelow (pronounced BEE-loh), says that you don’t need to be loud and brash be be successful in business. In fact, the strengths and traits of the typical introvert lend themselves well to entrepreneurship, as well […]

  • Episode #101: Master Personal Transformation with Jay Samit

    Oct 08 2015

    My guest today is a digital media innovator and pioneer in the music, video distribution, social media, and eCommerce space. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on disruption and innovation. He launches billion dollar businesses, transforms entire industries, revamps government institutions, and for over three decades continues to be at the forefront […]

  • Episode #100: The Top 10 Leadership Lessons Learned After 100 Episodes

    Sep 30 2015

    First off, let me say that the only reason I’ve been able to make it to 100 episodes is because you choose to listen. Thank you for being here each and every week. It has been a real honor to have reached this milestone episode, but trust me when I say that narrowing this list […]

  • Episode #099: Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

    Sep 25 2015

    Today’s guest is serial entrepreneur and DuckDuckGo founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg. Gabriel, along with Justin Mares, has co-authored the brand new book Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth. In it, he and his co-author lay out the 19 traction “channels” they’ve identified and a framework for testing the one that’s right for […]

  • Episode #098: The 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success with Bob Burg

    Sep 19 2015

    Even if you don’t recognize today’s guest by name, chances are the title of his book is one you’ve heard mentioned again and again the last several years. Bob Burg is the author of a half a dozen books! He is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences. He regularly addresses audiences ranging […]

  • Episode #097: Finding Your Balance Point with Brian Tracy

    Sep 04 2015

    I’ve had more requests about interviewing today’s guest that anyone else I can think of. Brian Tracy is the author of more than 50 books! In addition to author, he is a speaker, and entrepreneur, business coach and a CEO. His goal is to help  you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than […]

  • Episode #096: How to Hire the Right People with Jim Roddy

    Aug 28 2015

    In my work in the corporate world for over 25 years (most of it in radio), one thing I feel I never quite got the hang of, let alone mastered, was the hiring process. Now, I’ve hired my share of employees over the years but, for reasons I don’t fully understand, I received little if […]

  • Episode #095: The End of Jobs with Taylor Pearson

    Aug 21 2015

    If you’ve listened to Read to Lead for any length of time, you’ve likely gathered that I’m a bit fascinated by a couple of topics in particular. One is what I like to call the evolving world of work. The work landscape is changing rapidly. Studies show that, in the future, those working in traditional […]

  • Episode #094: My Best Presentation Tips and Tools

    Aug 11 2015

    Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at the Podcast Movement conference. It was easily one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. Hard to believe it’s only in its second year. It was an honor to share the stage with some pretty big names! And though I’d like to believe I bring my “A” game […]

  • Episode #093: Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice

    Aug 06 2015

    Easily one of my favorite authors of the last few years is the gentleman who is our guest today. Todd Henry’s first book, The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice, hit the scene in 2011, making a sizable splash in the process. His next book, Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every […]

  • Episode #092: The Strategy Mindset with Dr. Chuck Bamford

    Jul 28 2015

    This week’s guest is a man who, a week ago, I’d never even heard of (that’s one of the awesome benefits to hosting a podcast. I’m always meeting and getting to know new and exciting people). His name is Chuck Bamford; Dr. Chuck Bamford to be exact. After 12 years in industry, he’s spent the […]

  • Episode #091: 50 Everyday Acts of Courage to Thrive in Work, Love and Life

    Jul 21 2015

    If you desire to live with purpose, speak more confidently, work with more passion, increase your resiliency, bravely pursue your biggest dreams and ambitions, or all of the above, you’ve got to get this book. In Part I of Brave: 50 Everyday Acts of Courage to Thrive in Work, Love and Life (which by itself is worth the […]

  • Episode #090: How to Take Control of Your Destiny with Clay Clark

    Jul 14 2015

    Clay Clark has to be, hands down, one of the funniest people I’ve ever interviewed. His attitude and approach to life are about as positive as anyone I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around. It makes sense then that he would carve out a niche for himself, helping every-day people and business owners learn […]

  • Episode #089: How the Best Teams Deliver Results with Alan Foster

    Jul 07 2015

    Today’s guest has co-authored the book that I wish I’d had when I was in the position to hire new employees. Chapter 3 alone is worth the price of the book and includes a plethora of information on how to conduct effective interviews. Alan even wonders aloud why this isn’t covered in detail at the college […]

  • Episode #088: Dana Perino on Sharing the Credit, Taking the Blame and Exercising Forgiveness

    Jul 01 2015

    Former White House press secretary, Dana Perino, is one of my favorite human beings. Known as “the voice of reason,” Dana has built a reputation as a woman who is able to find the bright side in nearly every situation. In her new book, And the Good News Is: Lessons and Advice From the Bright Side, […]

  • Episode #087: REEL Leadership: Five Leadership Lessons from Jurassic World

    Jun 15 2015

    I am excited to be a part of a summer 2015 Leadership Lessons from the Movies series along with a number of other bloggers and podcasters I consider friends. It’s called REEL Leadership. Pretty clever, right? Each of us in the group has agreed to view one of the summer’s big blockbuster films and extract some of […]

  • Episode #086: Leading with Intention with Mindy Hall, PhD

    Jun 09 2015

    I am delighted to welcome today’s guest. Mindy Hall, PhD, has over 25 years of successful results and experience working with leaders in Fortune 50 companies. In her new book, Leading with Intention: Every Moment is a Choice, Mindy says that leadership begins with self-awareness. You have the power, she says, to choose the impact you want […]

  • Episode #085: Beat Fear and Slay Rejection Once and For All

    Jun 02 2015

    Today’s guest, Jia Jiang, has carved out quite a niche for himself. In a relatively short period of time, he has become known simply as the “Rejection Guy.” If you’ve ever had to deal with fear, rejection, failure or all three, then this episode is especially for you. Jia’s brand new book is based on […]

  • Episode #084: Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want to Buy

    May 29 2015

    Today’s guest, Ryan Levesque, is a guy who, a few years ago at age 30, nearly lost his life. This event spurred Ryan to share his trade secret. After his near-death experience, Ryan realized more than anything that he wanted to share what he calls his Ask Formula with as many people as possible. And, […]

  • Episode #083: 5 (Author-Hosted) Podcasts You Should Be Subscribed To

    May 19 2015

    Today, I’m delighted to bring to you the 5 podcasts I believe you must listen to if personal and professional growth are important to you. As I finished putting this list together, I realized all five happen to be hosted by authors. Go figure. It honestly wasn’t intentional on my part, but it doesn’t surprise me one […]

  • Episode #082: One Bed, One Bank Account with Derek and Carrie Olsen

    May 12 2015

    My guest today is one half of the Olsen team otherwise known as Derek and Carrie. These two have a very unique story; one that includes going through a short sale on a house in order to avoid foreclosure, while at the same time planning their wedding. Yikes! Just a few years removed from that experience […]

  • Episode #081: Smartcuts with Shane Snow [Podcast]

    May 05 2015

    The new book from today’s guest is one of my favorite to come along in a while. I honestly had no idea I would enjoy it as much as I did. It wasn’t until after I’d read Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators and Icons Accelerate Success, the first but most certainly not the last book from Shane Snow, […]

  • Episode #080: Time Management Magic with Lee Cockerell

    Apr 28 2015

    For about as long as I can remember, I’ve been an early adopter. Remember those things called PDAs? No, not that kind of PDA. Personal Digital Assistants. I was one of the first people I knew who had one. I got the strangest looks when I came into meetings tapping away on my new toy with […]

  • Episode #079: The Best Career Book Ever Written? Seth Godin Says YES!

    Apr 22 2015

    Is it true? Could Do Over, Jon Acuff’s new book, indeed be the best book ever written on the topic of careers? Popular author and blogger Seth Godin says it is. Seth goes on to say, “I’m not even sure what book comes in second. This is practical, human, touching, urgent, vulnerable, universal, actionable truth, all in […]

  • Episode #078: How to Book Yourself Solid with Michael Port

    Apr 07 2015

    Ever since I launched the Read to Lead Podcast, I’ve wanted to have Michael Port on the show to talk about his latest book. The original version of Book Yourself Solid was first released in 2006. Then, in 2010, it was updated with additional content. However, it was the illustrated version – released in 2013 – […]

  • Episode #077: How the World’s Best Marketers Get Us to Believe

    Mar 24 2015

    Today, my guest is author and popular speaker Tom Asacker. Tom writes and teaches about radically new practices and ideas for marketplace success in times of uncertainty and change. He has lectured on marketing, innovation, and marketplace trends to corporate, association, and  university audiences around the world. He’s written six groundbreaking books that redefine business […]

  • Episode #076: Art of Work Author Jeff Goins Answers Listener Questions

    Mar 17 2015

    It’s only been a few weeks since he was last here and he just won’t leave us alone. But seriously… After his guest spot on Episode #071, Jeff Goins asked if there was anything he could do especially for you as a listener and fan of the Read to Lead Podcast. Well, after seeking feedback on the show, […]

  • Episode #075: Cultivate Enduring Customer Loyalty with Noah Fleming

    Mar 10 2015

    My guest today says loyal customers are the beating heart of of every great business. In his book Evergreen: Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving, Noah Fleming asks why so many companies act like adrenalin junkies, chasing after new customers at the expense of creating deeper, more profitable relationships with the […]

  • Episode #074: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It

    Mar 04 2015

    If you’ve ever assumed, as I once did, that the best ideas are meant for those who get the breaks, who are smarter than you, have more money than you, or attended better schools than you did, then my guest today is about to challenge those assumptions. In her second book called, Stand Out: How […]

  • Episode #073: How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide with Susan RoAne

    Feb 25 2015

    If you’ve ever walked into a roomful of people at a business or social event and felt uncomfortable, you are not alone. That’s probably one of the reason why Susan RoAne’s bestseller How to Work a Room has sold over 1 million copies in 13 countries. Today, Susan shares with us her message of connection and […]

  • Episode #072: Get BIG Things Done Through Connectional Intelligence with Erica Dhawan

    Feb 17 2015

    I have the pleasure this week of welcoming Erica Dhawan to the show. Erica is the Founder & CEO of Cotential, a global consultancy that accelerates the connectedness of employees, teams, customers and clients. Through keynote speaking, training and consulting, she teaches business leaders and companies innovative strategies to create increasing value for customers and […]

  • Episode #071: Discover What You Were Meant to Do with Jeff Goins

    Feb 10 2015

    Today my guest, Jeff Goins, wants to encourage you to abandon the status quo and live a life that matters. His new book, due out March 24th, is designed to help you do just that. And when you add in the fact you can pick it up for nothing more than the cost of shipping […]

  • Episode #070: Chandler Bolt on Launching Your Bestselling Book in 90 Days or Less

    Feb 03 2015

    If you’ve ever desire to write and launch your own book, then you’ve come to the right place. Our guest today, Chandler Bolt, was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at an early age when he saw that he could make a lot more money working for himself. So, while his friends were off searching for jobs, […]

  • Episode #069: Author Kimanzi Constable Asks Are You Living or Existing?

    Jan 27 2015

    In 2011, Kimanzi Constable was $180K in debt, his marriage was falling apart and his children barely knew him. Oh, and the icing on the cake? He was 170lbs overweight. Skip ahead less than four years later, and he’s an entrepreneur and author, having recently pulled up stakes in Milwaukee, WI and moved to Maui, […]

  • Episode #068: Hal Elrod Shares How Changing Your Mornings Can Rock Your Life

    Jan 21 2015

    I have heard the name Hal Elrod so many times in the last few weeks, I’ve actually lost count. So much so that I decided I had to find out what all the fuss is about. Simply put, he’s written a book that has done what many books are unable to do: convince you to […]

  • Episode #067: Dan Miller, author, 48 Days to the Work You Love (10th Anniversary Revised and Expanded Edition)

    Jan 13 2015

    You may recall that Dan Miller was the first ever author to appear on the Read to Lead Podcast. Episode #067 marks his return; this time to discuss his first book (which is also his latest). In the 10th Anniversary Edition of 48 Days to the Work You Love, there’s plenty of new material, including […]

  • Episode #066: Seth Godin Shares Wisdom from His New Book: What to do When it’s Your Turn

    Jan 06 2015

    You might have to pinch me because, as hard as it is for me to believe, Seth Godin is indeed appearing on the podcast today. He is easily my favorite business book author of all time and to have him here is nothing short of a thrill for me. Seth is the author of 17 […]

  • Episode #065: Entrepreneur on Fire’s Kate Erickson offers 16 Steps to Successfully Launching Your Business

    Dec 16 2014

    My guest today, entrepreneur Kate Erickson, has an eclectic background. There’s extensive experience in marketing and advertising, an English degree thrown in for good measure, and a passion for entrepreneurship. She is the now content creator and community leader for EntrepreneurOnFire, a website and podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas. John, by the way, was […]

  • Episode #064: Multiply Your Time by Procrastinating on Purpose with Rory Vaden

    Dec 11 2014

    Today my guest is Rory Vaden, New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success. His new book is Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time. Unlike most productivity books, this one is not based around tips and tricks, tools and technology, or calendars and checklists. For […]

  • Episode #063: Read More in Less Time: My 5 Favorite Reading Apps

    Dec 02 2014

    Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to read as much as you’d like? Chances are, it’s one of the reasons you listen to a podcast like this one. It’s not just about reading more in less time, mind you. It’s also about smartly leveraging what might otherwise be wasted down time. Today’s episode focuses […]

  • Special Programming Announcement!

    Nov 25 2014

    First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! I’m traveling to visit family this week, hence the lack of an interview episode. I did, however, want to bring you into the loop on some very exciting developments. The next few weeks are shaping up to be some of the most exciting since the launch of the Read to […]

  • Episode #062: Rookie Smarts Author Liz Wiseman on Why Learning Beats Knowing

    Nov 18 2014

    Liz Wiseman teaches leadership to executives around the world. She is the President of the Wiseman Group, a leadership research and development firm headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Some of her recent clients include: Apple, Dubai Bank, Nike, PayPal, Salesforce.com and Twitter. Liz is the author of several books including The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius […]

  • Episode #061: Achieving Success by Living with Purpose with Jairek Robbins

    Nov 11 2014

    Jairek Robbins is a decorated performance coach and lifestyle entrepreneur who has applied his innovative methods to living a life of adventure, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. At the age of twenty-three, he was awarded the Congressional Award Gold Medal from the United States Congress. By twenty-five, he gained international renown as the creator of a revolutionary […]

  • Bonus Episode: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson [Audio Summary]

    Nov 07 2014

    Today’s bonus episode features our third in a series of audio blinks; audio versions of written book summaries found inside the Blinkist app. The key insights from Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson are brought to you by Blinkist, a mobile learning company that transforms outstanding nonfiction books into 15­-minute reads made for your mobile device. If you’d […]

  • Episode #060: How to Solve Unsolvable Problems with David Niven PhD

    Oct 31 2014

    David Niven, Ph.D., bestselling author of the 100 Simple Secrets series, is a psychologist and social scientist and has taught at Ohio State University and Florida Atlantic University. David is known internationally for translating powerful research findings into practical advice anyone can apply to their daily lives. Published in more than two dozen languages, David’s […]

  • Bonus Episode: Fascinate by Sally Hogshead [Audio Summary]

    Oct 24 2014

    Today’s bonus episode features the second in a series of audio blinks; audio versions of written book summaries found inside the Blinkist app. The key insights from Fascinate by Sally Hogshead are brought to you by Blinkist, a mobile learning company that transforms outstanding nonfiction books into 15­-minute reads made for your mobile device. If you’d like […]

  • Episode #059: A Conversation with Business in Blue Jeans Author Susan Baroncini-Moe

    Oct 17 2014

    Susan Baroncini-Moe is a business and marketing strategist, and a Guinness World Records® titleholder. She regularly speaks to audiences of all sizes and has shared the virtual stage with business giants like Michael E. Gerber, David Meerman Scott, Bob Burg, Larry Winget, and Chris Brogan, among others. She and her businesses have been featured in […]

  • Bonus Episode: Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull [Audio Summary]

    Oct 11 2014

    Today’s bonus episode features the first in a series of audio blinks; audio versions of written book summaries found inside the Blinkist app. The key insights from Creativity Inc. are brought to you by Blinkist, a mobile learning company that transforms outstanding nonfiction books into 15­-minute reads made for your mobile device. If you’d like […]

  • Episode #058: The 7 Day Startup with Dan Norris from WP Curve

    Oct 09 2014

    Dan Norris is a passionate entrepreneur with an obsession for content marketing, writing 250 blog post in the 12 months that led up to his launch of WP Curve. Last year, Dan was voted Australia’s top small business blogger by Australia’s largest business magazine, Smarter Business Ideas. Dan is the co-founder of WP Curve, one […]

  • Episode #057: Improve Your Focus, Boost Your Energy and Make the Most of Your Time with Erik Fisher

    Sep 29 2014

    To say today’s guest and I have a lot in common would probably be an understatement. Erik Fisher is a podcaster (check), speaker (check) and coach (check). In the past year, he has added Productivity Author to his list of accolades (maybe author will be something I too can add one day). Erik’s speaking gigs include Podcast […]

  • Episode #056: Mike Michalowicz on the Profit First Formula that will Transform Your Business into a Money-Making Machine

    Sep 22 2014

    By his 35th birthday, Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies. Confident that he had the formula for success, he became an angel investor…and proceeded to lose his entire fortune. Ouch! Then he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies. Among other innovative strategies, Mike […]

  • Episode #055: Finding the Quest that Will Bring Purpose to Your Life

    Sep 11 2014

    If I could live my 20s and 30s over again, I think I’d live those decades the way Chris Guillebeau has his. For starters, he visited every country in the world (193) before he turned 35! He’s built an amazing tribe of fellow non-conformists through his blog and first book, he followed that with writing […]

  • Episode #054: Author Jared Easley on the Power of Podcasting

    Sep 04 2014

    Jared Easley is the co-founder of Podcast Movement, the first of its kind, podcasters-only, national conference. In fact, the very first edition of the conference took place just a few weeks ago. He is the president of PodMov University, a membership site that grew out of the conference and is designed to provide community-based learning […]

  • Encore Episode: The 5 Most Powerful Moves You Can Make with Beverly Flaxington

    Aug 26 2014

    For most of us, when we think change, we resist. There are things, it seems, that begin happening inside our body that tense up at just the idea of it. Change is something we all have to face from time to time, but the word change sounds so abrupt, doesn’t it? What if we could […]

  • Encore Episode: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds with Carmine Gallo

    Aug 19 2014

    If you’re anything like me, you love learning about how the brain works and why we behave the way we do. It’s one of the reasons why I love Carmine Gallo’s new book Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds so much. Carmine digs into much of the neuroscience behind how we […]

  • Encore Episode: The Passion that Drives Apple’s Success with Ken Segall

    Aug 12 2014

    Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of all things Apple, it’s impossible to deny that the company has improved virtually every category they’ve chosen to enter. From products and packaging, to marketing and advertising, the hits seem to far outweigh the misses. But what is it about Apple that has them firing on all cylinders more […]

  • Encore Episode: Surviving Job Loss with SPI’s Pat Flynn

    Aug 05 2014

    The first time I heard the name Pat Flynn he came up three times in a single week. There was a friend, a blog and a podcast all referencing this guy. I had to find out who he was and why he was so important. If there was ever the perfect example of an individual honestly and […]

  • Episode #053: Beat Your Anxiety, Build Your Confidence, Change Your Life with Fearless Speaking Author Gary Genard

    Jul 30 2014

    If you suffer fear and anxiety from just the idea of having to speak publicly in front of others, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m excited to share with you a brand new book called Fearless Speaking: Beat Your Anxiety. Build Your Confidence. Change Your Life. by Gary Genard. As an actor and speech coach, […]

  • Episode #052: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less with Essentialism author Greg McKeown

    Jul 22 2014

    Today, I have the pleasure of bringing you one of my new favorite books. In fact, the author collaborated with Liz Wiseman several years ago on one of my top five favorite books of the last five years. I’m talking of course about Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. As the inside […]

  • Episode #051: From Day Job to Dream Job with Kary Oberbrunner

    Jul 15 2014

    I am thrilled to introduce author Kary Oberbrunner to you on this 1-year anniversary of the Read to Lead Podcast! His latest book is Day Job to Dream Job: Practical Steps for Turning Your Passion into a Full-Time Gig. Simply put, I loved it. If you’re dissatisfied with the current state of your career (and […]

  • Episode #050: Pamela Slim, Author, Body of Work

    Jul 08 2014

    Whether you desire to one day strike out on  your own, or create more diverse work options in your present job, Pamela Slim’s recently released book Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together, is for you. The reality is, these days, it’s getting harder and harder to have a stable career in […]

  • Episode #049: Mark Satterfield, Author, The One Week Marketing Plan

    Jun 25 2014

    A highly effective marketing plan executed in just five days and for as little as $300? Is it really that simple? According to Mark Satterfield, it can be. In his new book, The One Week Marketing Plan: The Set It & Forget It Approach for Quickly Growing Your Business, Mark lays out a step-by-step blueprint […]

  • Episode #048: Robert Bruce Shaw, Author, Leadership Blindspots

    Jun 17 2014

    A blindspot is another word for a weakness you don’t know you have. In his new book Leadership Blindspots: How Successful Leaders Identify and Overcome the Weaknesses That Matter, Robert Bruce Shaw defines it as “an unrecognized weakness or threat that has the potential to undermine a leader’s success.” He goes on to say that they also […]

  • Episode #047: Lewis Schiff, Author, Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons

    Jun 03 2014

    I don’t know about you, but I love to have my traditional way of thinking challenged. One of my favorite things about this episode, is that nearly every bit of conventional wisdom I learned growing up is turned on its head. When it comes to carving a path to wealth, there is a major difference […]

  • Episode #046: Sunni Brown, Author, The Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently

    May 29 2014

    Sunni Brown, simply put, is a breath of fresh air. When we first connected to bring you the chat you’re about to partake, we immediately hit if off. You always know you’ve created magic when the official interview is over but the conversation just keeps going. I eventually wrapped it up, but only because I was […]

  • Episode #045: Lauren Maillian Bias, Author, The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms

    May 21 2014

    Your definition of success is unique to you – and so is the path that leads you to achieving your goals! So says Lauren Maillian Bias, author of The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms. Success, she says, is not about climbing the corporate ladder, but about rising to your full […]

  • Episode #044: Bev Flaxington, Author, Make Your SHIFT

    May 13 2014

    For most of us, when we think change, we resist. There are things, it seems, that begin happening inside our body that tense up at just the idea of it. Change is something we all have to face from time to time, but the word change sounds so abrupt, doesn’t it? What if we could […]

  • Episode #043: Simon Sinek, Author, Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t

    May 06 2014

    In his new book Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t, Simon Sinek asks why only a few of us get to say “I love my job?” It seems unfair that only a few lucky ones get to feel valued by their organizations, to feel like they belong. But what if we […]

  • Episode #042: My 5 Favorite Leadership Books from the Last Five Years

    Apr 29 2014

    Today’s episode is special. There is no guest! Wait?! What?! How is that special you may ask? There’s rarely an opening on the schedule like today so, rather than toss the week aside, I thought now is as good a time as any to share something with you I’ve wanted to share for quite some […]

  • Episode #041: Dan Roam, Author, Show and Tell: How Everyone Can Make Extraordinary Presentations

    Apr 22 2014

    One of my favorite books from the last decade is The Back of the Napkin (Expanded Edition): Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures by today’s guest Dan Roam. I was fascinated by Dan’s assertion that a simple drawing on a humble napkin could be more powerful than the slickest PowerPoint presentation. According to Dan, everyone […]

  • Episode #040: Ben Carpenter, Author, The Bigs: The Secrets Nobody Tells Students and Young Professionals

    Apr 15 2014

    Today, we steer a slightly different direction than we have of late on the podcast. We’ve talked at length recently about how the nature of work is changing and the emergence of the “portfolio lifestyle.” But in today’s episode, we talk with a man who is all about the benefits of climbing the corporate ladder, […]

  • Episode #039: Farnoosh Brock: Author, Digital Media Entrepreneur and Expert Green Juicer

    Apr 08 2014

    I first heard Farnoosh Brock as a guest on the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast around a year ago. I can distinctly remember being mesmerized by her demeanor and her outlook on life. Little did I know that I too would be chatting with her on my own podcast one day. Farnoosh is an author, a digital media […]

  • Episode #038: Jaime Tardy, Author, The Eventual Millionaire

    Apr 01 2014

    The nature of work is changing. Simply put, it is my belief, and the belief of many, that the future of work will look nothing like it does today. Meaning, the days of going to college, studying a field and landing a job will no longer be the norm but, rather, the exception. Don’t believe […]

  • Episode #037: Bill McGowan, Author, Pitch Perfect: How to Say it Right the First Time, Every Time (with Alisa Bowman)

    Mar 25 2014

    Today more than ever, your ability to communicate effectively and command attention when necessary is critical to your success. Unfortunately, if you’re like most, you’ve picked up some bad communication-related habits along your journey and, worse, you may not even be aware of many of them. That’s where a communications coach like Bill McGowan comes […]

  • Episode #036: Chris Brogan, Author, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth

    Mar 18 2014

    Welcome FREAK! That’s right! I’m calling you names. But I mean that in the kindest and most generous way possible. Come on, you listen to podcasts for Pete’s sake. You have to be a little weird, right? This week we have plenty of firsts. For starters, we welcome our first-ever return guest. Chris Brogan last joined […]